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TIAGAFM (This Is A Grown Ass Fucking Man) is a sub for all those videos and photos for adults acting like 5-year olds.

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2023.02.02 22:14 TheDizzleDazzle NC State Deferral Help

I was deferred from NC State (and outright rejected from UNC lmfao) as an in-state student. It’s my #1 school.
I was wondering what their position of sending letters of deferral is; I’ve seen someone advising against it, stating that the school explicitly says to not send these letters; however, all I’ve seen is, “sending a letter of continued interest/ deferral is not necessary.” Nothing stating you shouldn’t do it; just that you don’t have to. I’ve slightly improved my GPA, became captain of the track team, and joined and become a head lawyer on a Mock Trial Team in the mean time, as well as a few other things.
Also, my grades for my first semester were certainly subpar; one A, like 4 B’s, and a C. However, to provide some context, my partner of 1.5 years father recently passed due to breast cancer, and my mother was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer, though she is doing well. There are also a couple of other things that may have impacted my grades. I was seeking advice on whether to inform the admissions office on this; not to inspire pity, but to provide context. I don’t want it to look like I want pity.
Also, I was thinking of changing my second choice major (first choice is Psychology) to education. Both to help my application, and also because I do enjoy helping people and teaching, and think it’d be a worthwhile career path.
Any advice would be appreciated.
(For reference: 4.16 GPA (now 4.2), 3.63 GPA unweighted (formerly), 33 ACT, roughly ~30% of class last I checked (something like 158/525), and a good amount of ECs, club in sports, though it isn’t super coherent).
Thanks guys.
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2023.02.02 22:14 nepatscam1 26m New to fire. Advice and target age

Chances of and tips to fire 26yo
Hello. I'm a 26 year old male who recently discovered fire and am wondering what my chances are at my age income etc.
I live in British Columbia, I'm 26. Gross last 5 years: 147k,147k,153k,168k, 190k
Net after deductions last year: 122k Savings: 30k Home equity(purchased oct.2022): roughly 333k
My income rises around 3% per year base. Working more I can make more but last year was about as much as I would want to work so I use that as a top line. I also have a pension plan that should pay 10 k a month when maxed out ( 26 more years ) lol. less if I retire earlier
Expenses between 4-4500 per month
My saving habits were mid in my early 20's I was able to put down 250k on my property but I definitely spent way more than I needed to on travel and fun things etc. have smartened up in the last few years for sure. I was going to save another down payment and buy a rental property but now looking into fire im curious what the best options for someone in my position are. What I should be doing. What I need to be doing better etc. as well as what investment vehicles are the best for my situation. And what age I can realistically expect to fire
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2023.02.02 22:13 Seeker_Of_Toiletries 21 year old looking for a True Friendship

Hello, everyone I am looking for a committed long-term friendship. So, no casual 1 day conversations. I am willing to put in the effort to building a friendship by reaching out regularly if you would do the same.
Some background on myself: I’m a 21 liberal college student close to completing my business degree. If you are in similar circumstances, I’d love to talk more about it like my hopes and fears about it all. As for my entertainment choices, I like watching movies and anime along with the occasional book. Right now, I’ve been taking a little break on anime since I’ve overloaded my system with it. Better Call Saul is my antidote. I think it’s a great show with amazing acting and plot lines.
I think the best friendships are made over doing mutual activities. Chess is just one idea I had about things we can do together. Let me know if you have any other ideas!
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2023.02.02 22:13 jasedontlie The different ERAs of Styx

This is more an exercise on my own part because I'm thinking about it. A question was asked on another platform which bands had replaced singers - and I started thinking:
Note - this is as the band was named "Styx" and really doesn't go before that to The Tradewinds or TW4 - so those are "Pre-Eras"
ERA 1 - The early days (often referred to the Wooden Nickel days - but goes through the first A&M album) Styx was trying to find its "voice" with JP/CP, JC,JY and DDY - they had a good sound as a band, and had some decent music. I really enjoy this era with JC's influence being a very nice counterbalance to DDY's theatrical arrangements, and JY's straightforward Rock N Roll. 2 gold records in Styx II and Equinox with this lineup The "Best of Sttx" also goes gold
ERA 2 - The commercial success timeframe Exit JC and enter Tommy Shaw (who actually toured in support of the Equinox album). Tommy brought in a less progressive (not still progressive) element than JC. His southern roots mixed with the JY Rock, and the ears of DDY molded a sound that the public (myself included) really loved. 5 Platinum (or multi platinum) and 3 gold records with this lineup* *I include Return To Paradise here even though TS took over for JP Greatest hits and Greatest Hits part 2 both go Platinum (or multi)
ERA 2.5 - Glen replaces Tommy I got to see Glen tour with Styx and really enjoy his contributions to Edge of the Century in this lineup. While short lived - it did produce songs that popped up outside of Styx (since the follow up album to Edge was shelved) that were quite good. I say ERA 2.5, because it was only for one album.
ERA 2.75 - Tommy is back and Brave New World is released I don't call this ERA 2 - because let's face it - this was a bunch of solo songs put together on an album under the guise of STYX. The Tommy Song were Tommy Songs, the DDY songs were DDY songs, and JY seemed present on the Tommy side of the songs, not the DDY side. It also seems like neither cared what the other contributed, or cared to collaborate in each other's songs. Both could have benefited from recording and being in the same room throughout all the songs.
ERA 2.95 - Gowan replaces DDY - Chuck Semi-retires This isn't quite a full 3.0, because while the biggest voice of the band for 27 years was now gone, It isn't the full band that tours today. Glen is back - this time replacing Chuck. There were 1 studio album released (Cyclorama - the Carrot Album) and 4 live albums released during this time. Cyclorama had some very good songs from both Gowan and Glen. This is where the Two Man Band of JY and Tommy really begins.
ERA 3.0 - Glen returns home to NJ (and his numerous musical projects) , Ricky Phillips replaces him. This version of the band was (and pretty much is) the band as its been since 2004/5 timeframe. They were not interested in new songs for the band, but rather were content to tour. They did release a covers album: Big Bang Theory - which was well done. 3 more live albums (including a favorite of mine "The Grand Illusion/Pieces of Eight" but no new music really. This is also when they did the rerecording "Regeneration" EPs
ERA 3.25 - Add Will Evankovich to work on an album of new material While not officially part of the band, and not new to collaborating with Tommy - this is his first real entrance into Styx, as he and Tommy came up with and worked on "The Mission" which was their first album of new material in 14 years. Good songs, well performed, and well produced.
ERA 3.5 - Will becomes a permanent member So here we are with the present lineup of Styx. Tommy and JY, Gowan, Todd, Ricky, and Will. This lineup (to date) has released "Crash of the Crown" and the EP "The Same Stardust" - though you could consider "The Mission" to also be part of this - I made it separate, because the band didn't officially name Will a member until CotC. This latest album (to me) is their best since Paradise Theatre.
I've seen ERA 2, 2.5, 2.95, 3.0, 3.25, and 3.5 (by my own definitions above) live. They are definitely good across all these ERAs. I miss some of the songs they refuse to play today (for example - Best of Times is an all time favorite of mine) or just don't (because they were Glen songs primarily) - but I still love the band throughout all the ERAs and do enjoy the new music a lot.
I'm hoping maybe next cycle they will actually get nominated for the RRHoF (not holding my breath) and maybe a new Album in 2023? I'm also wondering just how much longer they will tour. I see them again next month and am looking forward to that.
17 studio albums 9 live albums (or double albums) 16 different compilation or Greatest Hits type albums 3 EPs
45 releases overall
The point of this post? Nothing really - just reflecting over the career of a band called Styx that happens to be my favorite band.
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2023.02.02 22:12 Shaner41 F7 Battery Life, Solar, & 3rd Party Faces: My Detailed Study

I've owned my Fenix 7XSS for exactly one year. I'm a power user; I've done a lot with it in the past year and it's done well. Anyway, I've heard people claim that 3rd party faces drain the battery more than stock face. I've also heard people claim the solar is a gimmick. In my experience, both of those claims are untrue. I've actually made some charts and did own small studies about these things.
NOTE: since we all use our Fenix's differently, our battery life will be different. If you interact with your watch a ton and have all the options on, your battery life will be lower than those who use their watch less and without options on. Also, some 3rd party watch faces do drain the battery quite a bit, but they certainly all don't drain the battery more than the stock faces.
NOTE: I have a 7XSS, which has a slightly bigger battery than the other Fenix 7s. Likewise, the regular Fenix 7 has a larger battery than the 7s. This means that out of the box, the battery life will be different for these variants of the Fenix 7.
FIRST: The solar ring on my F7XSS does slow down the battery drainage rate. One day this week I had 55lux hours of sunlight. On this day the average drain was .154% per hour compared to .188% drain per hour without any sunlight. In that 24-hour stretch, the battery dropped from 59.2% to 57.1% compared to a regular day earlier this week (without sunlight) which dropped from 62.9% to 59.2%. Bottom line: even with some sun, the drop on my watch was 3% per day instead of 4%. It could be better, of course, but I'll take it! (The watch face I use has battery percentage like this: 45.3, so I can really watch it closely. It really doesn't drop when in full sunlight.)
SECOND: I've used these 3rd party watch faces Enduro, SHN TXD, and SHN TxD II-E. None of them have more noticeable drain than the stock faces I've used. Granted, I do keep screen movement to a minimum (no HR, no seconds constantly counting, etc.). This is based on a full year of usage and experimenting with various faces. I always use 3rd party faces and I have excellent battery life. (And as a side, a good watch face like the ones mentioned above are worth paying for.)
For more info, here's how recently I tracked my battery drain for 11 days, The use corresponds to what I observe on the helpful "Battery Widget" by dsapptech. Day 1: 85.2 Day 2: 81.3 (indoor workout 35 minutes using HRM) Day 3: 78.2 Day 4: 73.3 (1 hour treadmill run using HRM) Day 5: 70.9 Day 6: N/D (out of my office - 25 minute outdoor walk using "Auto" GPS) Day 7: 63.9 (35 minute workout using HRM) Day 8: 59.2 Day 9: 57.1 (50k lux hours) Day 10: 55.3 (30 minute weights, 10 minute treadmill - using HRM and Running Pod) Day 11: 53.2 (30k lux hours)
I only have the touchscreen on during an activity. I don't keep SP02 on, and I rarely have BT on. But I do use the flashlight a little each night and check my training status, HRV, and sleep info every day. It's winter here so I'm not doing long outdoor runs or hikes, so these numbers will be different once I'm outside more.
Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for kind responses or questions/comments.
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2023.02.02 22:12 Adreadon50 Mouse freezes up

So every time I start playing a game around 5 minutes in my mouse freezes and my monitor freezes and kind of has to catch up to itself. I looked and checked the drivers and they are updated. I thought it could be that the computer is getting overworked but i have only had it for less then 2 years. The CPU temp was at highest 76c so isn’t that. I then looked it up and didn’t find much of anything helpful. Now I ask you for help. What is the problem and how do i fix it?
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2023.02.02 22:12 ViolentPunography Veterinary cardiologist suspects toxic exposure

Samoyed, female, 28kg, 4 years old, previously healthy and very fit (hiking regularly) with no prior medical history except mild kennel cough at 9 months with full recovery. Located in the UK. No travel. No obvious exposure to unwell animals or kenneling. Frequent walks in woodland, coastal and rural areas. Unsure if relevant but avian flu is in my area.
In the beginning of December, my dog developed diarrhoea which lasted 2 days. She was very lethargic but otherwise ok. On the 3rd day, she had a collapse episode while I was taking her out for a pee. 2 days after that, she collapsed again and developed very bloodshot eyes and squinting. No changes in vision or pupil reactivity.
Physical examination was normal both times I attended the vet after collapse. No fever, no abdominal tenderness, pink mucous membranes with normal capillary refill, heart rate reglular at 85 with no murmurs, lungs clear with no tachypnoea or dyspnoea. No coughing, panting etc. Very lethargic but no alteration in consciousness, no neurological symptoms. She had bloods taken on the second faint. She gradually got better after this and was 100% again a week after initial symptoms started.
Haemogram revealed increased MCV and decreased MCH with anisocytosis.
Leukogram displayed smiled stress with mild neutrophilia, leukopenia, monocytosis, eosinopenia and basophilia. Biochemistry was unremarkable except urea at 7mmol/l and hypercholesterolemia at 9mmol/l. Everything else within normal parameters including blood glucose at 5mmol/l. Might be worth noting that this was around 1.5hrs after eating.
No toxicity testing done as vet initially assumed cardiac cause and booked appointment at cardiology vet hospital for me.
1 month after symptoms resolved, she developed lethargy and fainted again. This lasted 1 day and resolved.
Had an appointment at a specialist cardiology veterinary hospital and they found absolutely no cardiac abnormalities. Lymph nodes are within normal limits, no diabetes, thyroid issues etc and the vet has said the symptoms may be related to a toxin exposure.
In the last month, a few dogs in my town have become unwell or died after exposure to rat poison laced meat found in dog parks. The vet doesn't think my dogs symptoms line up with rat poisoning, but mentioned it may have been something like xylitol causing her problems. I have searched everything in the house and nothing contains xylitol, I can't think what could have poisoned my dog.
Since the collapse episodes have happened twice now, I really want to figure out what this could be to prevent it happening again. I am very careful with her and she is a very fussy dog - will turn up her nose at food nevermind random things in the street or out on walks. She has been perfectly healthy/herself in between.
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2023.02.02 22:12 Jamesthatsme Not sure if we should adopt our foster puppy

Hey all,
My wife and I have been fostering a German Shepard/Husky mix. She's 12 weeks old and is really the sweetest puppy I've been around. We're trying to decide if we should adopt her ourselves as we have to take her back soon to be spayed and at that point she'll go up for adoption.
The difficulty we're having is that from what we've looked up, this dog needs a lot of exercise and attention. We currently rent a house with a small yard, so she doesn't have much space outside to roam and we don't know the future of where we'd be staying. Also, my previous job had me working remote, but I was recently laid off and I have no idea if I'll have a remote job or be in office all day(my wife is a teacher). So there's a situation in which the dog will be inside all day and have limited energy owners when we get home. We also have talked about trying to start a family this year, so I get concerned seeing things like 90-120 minutes of exercise a day for the dog otherwise it gets frustrated. That's where we think it might be better for us to allow this puppy a home that can give her what she needs and we'll keep fostering dogs until we find a breed with lower maintenance.
Puppy's Personality:
This particular puppy is quite relaxed. It barks when we're out of the room or crate it at night, but that's it. She's great with people, knocks on the door and if there's workers outside the house. She likes to cuddle up and be cradled like a baby. She gets a little boost of energy when I take her outside, but she's not what I would consider a high energy puppy. I dont know if that'll change as she gets bigger and older.
I guess to sum it up, we love the dog, but we're concerned we wont be able to provide her the stimulation she needs. Ultimately it's our decision on what we do, but does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe things we should consider or ask ourselves? Thanks!
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2023.02.02 22:12 hazel01216 How can I let him know I don’t want to be in this “relationship”?

I (22F) and the guy I am with (22M) have been hooking up the past couple of weeks. We’ve been good friends for a year and recently confessed our feelings. He’s so perfect for me and he told me he loves me. I genuinely love everything about him.
However, he just moved across the country. He said that he wants to be in a relationship with me and has been so caring about my reluctancy to do long distance. I would love to make it work.
The only hang up that I have is that he has 7 years to live. He has a health condition that doesn’t impede his everyday life but is likely to be his cause of death relatively soon. I don’t want to fall madly in love with someone that won’t be here to create a family and grow old with me.
I haven’t told him that’s the reason for my not wanting to be in a relationship with him, I think that would be horrible to say. But it’s the truth. I’ve told him I’m just not ready for a long distance relationship, or a relationship in general. He knows I’m super hesitant about it but he is willing to do anything to make it work. Although I genuinely have so much love for this man and I can’t imagine someone more perfect for me, I can’t continue in this as it’s not what I want for my future.
What’s the best way to let him know that I can no longer do this with him? It’s eating away at me, I feel so bad about it because I care about him so much, but I’d rather end this now so it doesn’t hurt us as much.
TLDR; guy I am seeing does not have long to live but we really love each other and I don’t want to continue to be with him due to his short life span
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2023.02.02 22:12 greenjige My Response to "Our Last Jeffery & Adonis Video (10 WAYS TO NEVER GET NERVOUS AROUND GIRLS)"

Our Last Jeffery & Adonis Video (10 WAYS TO NEVER GET NERVOUS AROUND GIRLS)
I'm writing this here instead my comment on youtube gets deleted.
This video is the best video because it speaks to me although I disagree with some of it since I'm a Christian. I'm only on day 5 and I'm nervous when I'm around girls. I'm very shy. I met this ratchet girl in high school as a friend four years ago. I guess you could call her Jessica and I'm a Jeffrey. I romanticized her too much to the point where it became unhealthy for me and I broke off the friendship because I saw her talking to a guy who used to bully me and he gave him her Snapchat. She never even gave me her phone number. I told her about my PMO addiction and she said that she watched pornography too. She then made jokes about it to me and embarrassed me in public. There is also a white Balkan European girl that I like recently in class in college and I'm too afraid to talk to her. She's very beautiful and my type because I like white girls but I'm ugly because I'm brown, short and skinny fat. I'm also 21 now and I have no chance of getting her because she is way out of my league. She's also not a Christian so I shouldn't talk to her anyway.
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2023.02.02 22:11 greg0525 The Terror of the French Forest: The Story of the Lozere Beast

In 1764, a strange and extremely terrifying creature terrorised the inhabitants of the province of Lozere (then the province of Gevaudan) in southern France for almost three years. The giant beast preyed mainly on women and children, slaughtering them mercilessly, one by one. But the French soldiers sent to capture and kill the beast lurking in the depths of the forest were initially helpless.
The monster was first spotted in June 1764 by a shepherdess grazing her animals in a field at the edge of the forest. The terrifying creature spotted the girl and chased her through the woods, but she miraculously escaped. When she returned to the village she told the story of her encounter. She said the creature was the size of a cow, resembling a wolf, with a striped pattern on its back.
It had a striped pattern and a bushy tail at the end of its reddish fur, like a lion's, and a head like a greyhound's. Its long skull was lined with needle-sharp teeth and its eyes glowed like embers.
The girl, as she told the people, had run and fled from the ferocious beast that was chasing her through the bushes and ditches, and had been very lucky to escape. Although the beast ran fast, it could not catch the poor girl. The attacks continued, however, and the beast began to wreak havoc.
Soon there were victims and when the villagers witnessed the monster attacking and dragging a young girl into the forest, they were certain that the threat was deadly serious.
Some children who had seen the beast said that it was leaping like a mountain goat, while an old man who had seen the creature prowling around the henhouse said that the beast walked on two legs and laughed like a man.
The bishop of the province took the whole circus as a punishment from God, while the population appealed to the king for help. King Louis XV of France, seeing that the population of the province was powerless against the beast, sent out a large number of soldiers to kill the monster. Hundreds of French soldiers and thousands of enraged peasants then pushed their way into the forest in pursuit of the beast.
At first they thought they were dealing with a giant wolf and slaughtered hundreds of wolves in their path. The soldiers and volunteer farmers who entered the dense forest searched and chased the Geavudani monster for several days before they were successful. A huge manhunt with dogs began.
The beast, thought by many to be a dragon of some kind, was tracked down by the soldiers and almost captured when it attacked its pursuers.
But one soldier managed to wound the ferocious beast in the heat of battle, and it fled into the dense forest. The chase was over and the soldiers and peasants celebrated their victory. An evening of revelry, dancing, drumming and wine-drinking ensued. It was believed that the wounded animal had escaped somewhere in the forest. There were no attacks in the area for a few months, except for the attack of an occasional wolf or fox, but nothing else.
But the beast was not destroyed. One night it attacked again and this time three unfortunate women were the preys. It devoured their heads and gutted their bodies. For the next three years, there was not an eastern French province without monster attacks. By mid-1767, the killer beast had claimed no fewer than 68 children, 15 women and 6 men. Despite repeated hunts by locals and soldiers, the creature always eluded them. The nobility were so enraged that they too took up arms, plunged into the forest and killed almost every beast in their path. The king even summoned one of the best wolf hunters in the country and was asked to track down and kill the monster.
The horror was soon over: a certain Jean Chastel chased the beast into the forest and, after a long day's struggle, finally managed to bring it down with a silver bullet. The larger-than-human creature, however, did not resemble any known animal species, but it was found that the strong-bodied male animal had a mane running down its back to its tufted tail. It had the skin and fur of a wild boar, even the point of a spear could not penetrate it, and was indeed a man-eating predator. When it was dissected, the remains of a small child were found in its stomach.
The unidentified creature was attempted to be taxidermied, but it began to decompose. However, as a reward for the monster's trophy, the carcass was taken to the royal court at the Palace of Versailles, where it was shown to the monarch and buried. But was it really the only one roaming the French forests at the time? It is recorded that the male monster had a mate, a female monster, but this too was supposedly shot down years later.
The story of the monster of Lozere remains shrouded in mystery and speculation to this day, with some believing it to be a remnant of a long-extinct species, while others claim it was a spawn of the devil himself. Nevertheless, the memory of the terror it inflicted on the people of the province lives on, serving as a cautionary tale of the dangers that lurk in the shadows and the power of the human spirit to triumph over them. The story of the beast of Lozere will continue to be passed down from generation to generation, reminding us all of the unknown mysteries that still exist in our world, waiting to be discovered.
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2023.02.02 22:11 RarePlatypus1999 Girlfriends dad is claiming my son for taxes can he do that?

I’m 18 and I have a son thats 1 year old my girlfriends dad is claiming her and my son even though he doesn’t pay for anything. I payed for the hospital bill and for all of his necessities and more but he sleeps over at their house because my girlfriend still lives there. I work overnight so I can’t watch him during the night. He already sent the papers what should I do?
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2023.02.02 22:11 cheeternolyfe The two things that are stopping me from just ending it all. Not wanting to hurt my family and scared of what afterlife I'll end up in.

I just can't take it anymore. I've been fighting so hard for so long for over half my 28 years of life that it's just not worth it anymore. I can't feel much if any enjoyment from videos, games, eating, jacking off or petting my cat. I don't know if my pills are even helping me anymore, did they even work in the first place?
I hate my autism, it makes me so resistant to change that therapy barely- if at all helped
But I don't want to hurt my family. I love them all so much but I just don't want to be on this earth anymore, every day is now just a never ending mix of crippling anxiety and depression that overwhelms all of my old attempts to quell the thoughts. I'm trying like hell to fight these dark thoughts to end it all but I'm just so tired of trying.
I had a somewhat good state of mind a week ago until i caught a cold and it all just went * poof * like a fucking fart in the wind and now I've relapsed into how I felt 14 years ago where I constantly felt like my time was running out, like I'm at the mercy of some malevolent cosmic deity that sends misery my way in many different forms like stepping on a nail, making it storm around my area for days on end and making one of my cats fall so ill that we had to put them down.
I'm so terrified, terrified of what will happen to my soul, ironic that I'm not religious but I'm scared of what afterlife I'm going to end up in. I don't want to reincarnate, I don't want there to be just a void of nothingness, I don't want to go to Hell, I don't want this to be a torture simulation where I'll be thrown right back in to, I don't want to lose my memories. I just want to go to Heaven.
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2023.02.02 22:11 Helena-Handbasket89 Help! The Druid has main character syndrome

So a few months back, I joined a DnD group that I found on Facebook. We’re playing Drakkenheim and all started from lvl 1. It’s been great for the most part but I wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t an issue.
Just to set it up, there is me, an oathbreaker paladin, a ranger, a monk, a wizard, and the Druid. For the most part, most of us pull together and approach it like a team which I personally believe is a huge part of playing trrpgs.
Except the Druid.
At the very first encounter, he started combat before anyone had the chance to rp or anything so I was worried we had a murder hobo on our hands. Turns out, he’s just a “shoot first, ask questions later” kind of person. Fair enough. But as time went on, things got a bit…frustrating.
Now to be clear, I have nothing against the guy personally. He’s actually pretty nice and I also have played in a couple one shots he ran. Out of game, I really enjoy him.
Anyway, almost every week we have some kind of major encounter which is great. I love the balance of RP and combat. Early on, Druid was definitely playing like he was a team all on his own and that irked me because I personally believe that dnd should be about team work. But I was fine to keep that to myself as everyone plays dnd differently.
Now, before I go on, I think it’s only fair to mention that he and I are the only two with healing powers as we are both Aasimar. I don’t mind being a healer but I don’t want to be the only one healing either.
A week or so back is when things really started to reach a boiling point. We had to get into a cave to collect some flowers for a mission. We got into the city via the sewers and found several zombies, some kind of lizard thing, and the dreaded gelatinous cube. I got stuck in the cube so I lost a chunk of HP. No problem, I can heal myself. I also healed another PC who had gotten consumed by the cube. So my healing pool was down to 5 by the time we exited the sewers. It’s worth mentioning that we were level 4 so spell slots were limited for me.
We have to go through an empty garden and come across some baddies guarding the entrance to the cave where the flowers were. Druid takes one of his invisibility potions and then proceeds to RP going around the garden to collect the delirium (worth money) in the garden. This took a good 20 minutes of game time which irked me but again, to each their own. Finally we were moving again and he cast pass without a trace on the party to sneak past the guards. We descend into the cave and for the most part, everything is going smoothly.
We come across the former queen who was imprisoned and out of her mind. When she heard us, we kind of froze. Druid then says to me, “what do you say we put her out of her misery”. Really bro? As someone with mental illness, that hit wrong but that’s my issue. I was able to convince him to let me try a more….diplomatic approach. It ended up in combat in the end but it was worth a try.
The queen was some kind of Medusa creature and if you looked at her when she looked at you, it is an immediate 22 points of radiant damage. So I got the brunt of it. Thankfully I am resistant to radiant damage so it was only 11 but I had 32 hp so it was still pretty bad.
Now, Druid had taken another invisibility potion and snuck behind her at a distance. We went a couple rounds and he mainly prepared a big attack. A few rounds in, I was still in melee with her and took two massive hits that put me on 5 hp. I was also out of spell slots. So when the round started, I was in desperate need of healing. Yes I did have a healing potion, but I kept forgetting to use it. No healing that round. Her next attack knocked me out cold.
The monk went next and said something to the effect that she’d leave the healing to Druid since he had spell slots left. He told her that he wanted to “do a thing” so she should probably shove some healing potions down my throat. So the monk, who had been taking out minions this whole time, had to run across the room, risking taking a big hit, to shove her potion and mine down my throat. Keep in mind, the Druid was still invisible.
Druid took his turn and did his big “thing” which was to come at her from behind and attack, trying to gouge out her eyes. He only landed two attacks and did less than 20 damage so only poked out one eye. I know you can’t help it if an attack is successful, but the frustration was real as I was one of the people doing hella damage. We got her soon after and Druid got the death blow. I know it’s petty but the ranger, wizard and I had gotten her to nothing so it sucked that he got the kill but that is me being petty.
We returned to the village and leveled up then went shopping. Well Druid did. I was looking at my new spells so I wasn’t paying attention to what he bought.
The next day he Dms me and brags about his new half plate armor that gave him a 21 ac. I mentioned it to my partner who had been playing and dm-ing for 4 years and is currently playing a Druid. He told me that druids can’t wear metal so he couldn’t use the half plate. I passed that on to Druid and he said “I haven’t seen that rule before” It’s literally on the character page and probably on his sheet. So I sent him a screen shot of the rule. His response was a gif of someone saying “shhh”. I didn’t want to snitch but it really bugged me that he was asking me to be dishonest and trying to get away with being OP’d. I told him I wasn’t going to tell the Dm but that it wouldn’t be in the spirit of the game to keep it. Besides, I said, the character is pretty OP as is. He just responded with a “yeah he’s pretty powerful” and that was it.
I’m not sure what to do now. I’m not trying to police anything but it doesn’t feel fair to the rest of us for him to cheat. I don’t want to narc but I also don’t think he will be honest. If he doesn’t tell the dm, what should I do?
Also, I know that dm should have been on top of that but she’s got a lot on her plate and can be kind of spacey.
Any advice?
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2023.02.02 22:11 kernelrider For a moment I thought this was an invitation to their visit days... F*** me. Schools should really stop sending spam to people.

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2023.02.02 22:11 spankyourkopita Did Brady start look like a 45 year old QB or did he just lose love for the game?

I guess I'm asking why he retired. The Bucs struggled but I don't think that was because of Brady. He just didn't look like he had that fire or passion anymore. Stat wise he was fine but you just sensed like he wasn't into it. I still think he could've contended for a SB with the right situation.
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2023.02.02 22:11 nitrevino202 Three Months On HRT Update

On October 28, 2022, three months ago, I had the courage to stop obsessively thinking about transitioning and finally do it. For about two years prior, I read many reddit posts about what HRT was like. These posts helped me a lot. I hope this can help someone who is where I just recently was.
  1. Spironolactone 50 Mg, two times a day.
  2. Sandoz .05 mg Estradiol patches 2 times weekly [for 1 month] and then 2 patches twice a week [for 2 months]
Prior to starting HRT I didn’t feel things strongly. I was variously anxious or tired or frustrated, but I didn’t feel passion, except when stoned. I had this mix of nihilism and anhedonia that made it harder to engage with life.
I’ve started to have different feelings more often. Sometimes my girlfriend won’t text me back because she has a demanding job helping people, and I start to deeply miss her. I’m frequently irrationally worried that she's mad at me, despite the fact she hardly ever is. She is unfailingly supportive and kind. I never worried about things like this before starting HRT.
We’ve dated for a while now and I’ve never felt this strongly about her. I don’t think I could have felt this way before starting HRT. I don’t think I understood what it meant to miss someone, because I don’t think I understood what it meant to adore someone. My girlfriend has noticed that I’ve started to care more deeply for her and it’s improved our relationship. It’s easier to care about the people in my life when I’m not spending all my emotional energy hating my body.
I’m feeling new things and having new anxieties, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming. I feel more emotional, but also more in control of my emotions than I have been in other parts of my life. I’m less paranoid and anxious. My mood is on average more sunny. My laughs are brighter.
My mental health has improved these last three months, but it’s not fixed all my problems, nor did I expect it to. I still lean agoraphobic and still have awful anxiety problems, but I'm doing better than I was three months ago.
The pathological hatred I’ve felt for my body my entire life has lessened and I’ve started feeling optimistic and occasionally joyful about my body for the first time in my life. I’m 28 years old.
Body Hair
I have always hated how much body hair I have and how quickly it grows back. Since starting HRT, my body hair has reduced in density in many places, feels softer, and grows at a slower rate. I can’t quantify how much it has slowed, and it still grows faster than for most cis women, but it’s slower than it was three months ago. My leg hair has decreased less than my arm hair, and I still have more arm hair than most cis women. But, it’s significantly moving in the right direction.
Prior to HRT, I started laser on my face, chest and abdomen. This was amazing for my self esteem, but hard financially. I’ve found laser on my face to be deeply painful but the laser on my chest and abdomen have been fine. That said, the hair on my face is decreasing more quickly than my chest and abdomen hair. Part of this may be because I’m using Milan for my face and Laseraway for my chest and abdomen.
Head Hair
I haven’t noticed any changes here, but partly that’s because prior to HRT I had hair that went down to my mid back and I don’t think my hairline had receded at all.
My skin has gotten softer, especially on my face. Is it maybe less oily?
After about the first month, my nipples started to hurt on contact. Around the same time, my nipples and chest started to grow. Everything is still small but noticeably larger. Naked, I look bloated and small chested, but also more feminine than three months ago. I obviously wish everything was moving faster, but I am happy with the differences in my chest.
I don’t want to go into details, but the private parts of my body now sense stimuli in ways that have made me enjoy every aspect of sex significantly more than before. My libido has significantly decreased, but part of that is anti-depressants and dysphoria.
I think my face looks slightly more feminine than it did before. I’m not sure, because I hate looking at what few pre-hrt pictures of me exist. I do feel less self-hate about my body now, and so maybe I’m just projecting my brighter feelings onto the newer images. I’m not sure.
I’m using patches. If you’re also using patches, and my doctor didn’t tell me this, but I would apply a Tagaderm film over the patch. It’s a slightly adhesive plastic film that protects your patch(es) from falling off or losing surface area because of adhesion problems. My Estradiol prescription is still for a low dose and I’m hoping to increase it depending on my diagnostics soon.

Good luck!!! I hope HRT improves how you feel about your body as much as it has started to do for me.
I haven’t come out to anyone irl except my girlfriend, so I don’t have well-formed thoughts on how HRT will affect my social life, but hopefully I’ll have an update if I write my 1 year post or something like that!
I would also recommend the following books: Nevada, Detransition Baby, and Whipping Girl.
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2023.02.02 22:11 Even-Tension-5490 I feel like I am failing at step parenting

I (40something) have three of my own children, ages (25f, 19m and 17m) and two step kids, ages (20fand 15m).
I want so badly to help my stepson but I am struggling so hard. That sounds horrible because I do like him but I am beyond frustrated with the entire situation.
His dad (40something) and I have been married 4 years, together 7. He lives with us full time for the last two years because and I quote "mom is ready to be living her best life". So cool. Come on buddy you can live with us of course. The only stipulation was that he had to do well in school (passing grades) and he had to eat the meals provided to him (he has the pallet of a 5 year old, imagine nothing but pizza, chicken nuggets and spaghetti, etc. No fruits, no vegetables ever) and until I came along this is the only thing his parents fed him because they in my opinion were lazy parents. I do not cook anything extravagant or "weird" (I am not forcing escargot, more like chicken tortilla soup, beef tips, pork tenderloins, etc. But I do cook dinner every night and lunch and dinner on the weekends because there are so many of us and its more cost effective. I do get input and try to cook something that each person likes at least once in two weeks so no one feels left out. Every single day he refuses to eat or will only eat one thing. For example...I made some kind of melody of chicken, smoked sausage, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and penne pasta along with a very large load of garlic bread (because I was making spaghetti the next day and wanted to use that with it.) Everyone but him ate dinner and I cleaned it all up, putting away the leftovers. Sometime in the evening he wound up eating the entire loaf. Meant to serve 8 more people the next day. And he actually came and told his dad and I how he had just done it. I did not say anything and my husband just shrugged his shoulders. And the reason I didn't say anything is because every time I do my husband does not back me up. How do I handle this? I have brought it up nicely. I have reminded of the agreement. I have cried. I have stopped cooking. I have done everything I can think of besides only catering to his pallet each and every day.
On top of this. I am embarrassed to take him places because to put it lightly...he smells. He does not bath unless forced and I don't believe he is using soap. He doesn't brush his teeth to the point that his gums are swollen over his teeth (he has been to the dentist and they have preached to him as well, I do take him every 6 months for cleaning). His room smells, like we need to repaint, recarpet and throw out the mattress if and when he ever moves out. Which I am so scared that he never will.
He has no diagnosis of any type of disorders. We have done counseling, dr visits, etc. Nothing is chemically, or physically wrong with him. Bio mom does not see him unless we absolutely need her to keep him for a travel reason or something. Dad says let him be and he will figure it out.
I don't believe that. I feel like we are failing him and I can only do so much as the stepparent.
He does not do well in school. Not because he cant but because he won't turn in the assignments, we have hired tutors who have verified that it isn't because he cant but because he wont.
I don't want a 35 year old stepson living in my basement because he failed to launch. But I don't know how to prepare him to launch when no one else is and he doesn't seem to have the desire to.
Please help me.
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2023.02.02 22:11 suffocatingpaws Am I creeping her out?

There is this girl in my Japanese class that is actually pretty cute. I originally used to sit at a different location but on that day, I arrived to class late and had to sit somewhere else which happened to be beside this girl. When she moved her things to allow me to sit the chair next to her, she dropped her things on the table. Then later, I tried to ask her if the homework is due today (actually it's due on the upcoming class). A few minutes later, she dropped her things again. I helped her both times.
Later in class, we had a group activity where we need to converse in Japanese with our partner and she was in my group. From there, I found out her name and when she pulled her mask down a bit, I kinda lost it. My eyes keep wanting to stare at her >_<. And for the 3rd time, she dropped her things again (idk how she managed to do it but it's hilariously cute to see her reactions). When I helped her for the 3rd time, I decided to joke about it and said "This is the 3rd time you dropped your things" where she replied "yeah" with a little bit of smile on her face.
When the class is about to end, I saw her folder which is some anime character and decided to ask her, "Is that some volleyball anime? I think I have heard my friend talk about it before". She responded, "yeah, it's pretty good".
I dont know if I am being creepy or not. I kinda want to sit beside her again but I am afraid that it might make her uncomfortable since I kinda had no choice but to sit next to her that day. I do want to get to know her better but I am concerned about the age gap. I am 27 while I have no idea how old she is but it should be in the low 20s since we both are in university right now. I dont know what to do next as I am so awkward around girls due to PTSD from girls last time :/
P.S: I had to serve 2 years conscription prior to university.
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2023.02.02 22:11 CyberpunkNights My indecisiveness always starts to tax my enjoyment of this game

Even going back to launch, I can't ever seem to be completely happy with the faction I'm playing. And I'm not one of those people who can just freely bounce back and forth - I like to pick a side in MMORPGs and kind of stick with it.
I've definitely played way, way more heavily on the Sith Empire over the years - I have all four main stories completed, and multiple characters maxed. However, during the last few weeks, I've made a concerted effort to plow through several of the Republic storylines: Trooper and Consular. And, I'll be totally honest - my wandering eye is once again drawing me back to the Sith. But there are things I like better about both factions...
I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I keep trying to push forward on my Republic characters, but I'm not really enjoying them as much as I was - especially the Consular. Really, what I wanted was to be a grey (or even slightly dark) Jedi, but often the dark choices for the class seem to boil down to "complete the mission" (light) and "be an idiot and ruin everything" (dark). And I, being a pragmatist, can't bring myself to be psychotic for no reason.
Anyone else suffer from these kind of hangups?
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2023.02.02 22:11 Valium0 [TOMT][BOOK][2000s]A Creepy children’s book about a girl exploring a labyrinth in her dreams that gives her tasks to carry out when she’s awake

Hi Reddit, I imagine this post won’t gain traction but i’ve been trying to find this possible book for years now. It’s always bothered me and whenever i see the david bowie “Labyrinth” movie or hear the HBO euphoria “Labyrinth” song , i get this horrible gut feeling of uneasiness. This is a book i received around 2014 when i moved to England , it was a book about a little girl living with her mom with an old lady with a cat as a neighbour. The girl was normal by all accounts , and at the very beginning of the book she finds out her neighbours cat is missing (this is important).So i cant remember exact details but after this cat went missing the girl goes to sleep one night and wakes up in a labyrinth - i remember it being almost entirely on a white endless background with neatly trimmed hedges and she would have to search the labyrinth until she’d find a little podium with an envelope that contained a task. When she would complete a task the podium would disappear and behind it the hedge would open up and she would go further into the maze. I cant remember any of the tasks but weeks goes by of her being compliant with the labyrinth until she goes to sleep and within her dream she finds another task , this one telling her to become mute. She finds this ridiculous and i think it’s the first time she refuses a task. The next day on her way back home from school , she finds that hers and her moms apartment had been ransacked and she sits on the stairs of her apartment building waiting for her mom to arrive home. When her mom gets home and she sees the house has been robbed she runs inside only to return back to her daughter to comfort her and ask her what happened , but the little girl doesn’t speak. Months go by of the little girl not speaking , with her mom pleading with her almost every single day to say something , anything. She has a speech therapist at school but again she does not speak. Even more time passes and although the girl went mute , she didn’t find the labyrinth in her dreams . I cant remember it there was a turning point but she decided to start speaking again although it was a long process and she had to get extensive speech therapy. One night she wakes up in the labyrinth once again and the last part of the labyrinth opens up. It’s the very middle of the Labyrinth and there is a trapdoor in the middle of the white floor . She enters the trapdoor and she comes out of the cupboard beneath her neighbours stairs . As she crawls out she sees her mom and the old lady talking over a cup of tea and the old lady thanks the little girl for bringing her cat back. So as the little girl looks down she finds her neighbours cat in her arms. Her mom then tells her it’s time to go home so she leaves the cat and they walk up stairs to their own apartment. That’s the end ? I remember this so incredibly vividly but some of the details may be how i interpreted the setting through my own imagination. I was convinced this was a book for a very long time because that’s how i remember it but i would’ve been around 9 so i can’t be sure. I was sure this was a green book with a labyrinth on the cover that was in a cardboard box under my bed but when i moved and opened up that cardboard box in my new house , the book i thought to be of the labyrinth was actually a book about a dragon-slaying little girl. If this book is a book and not a movie or whatever else, it more than likely is in Polish or available in Polish because i didn’t speak polish back then. Sorry that this is all over the place but i think this is the best i can describe it.
If anyone can find anything i can finally put this to rest- it honestly bothers me that i have this incredibly vivid memory of this story but no search has been successful. Thanks again.
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2023.02.02 22:10 Comfortable_Tough669 My Emails should read like a thesis

This was the feedback from my manager on an email I sent about how an excel spreadsheet formula worked in rating a data field. Before I sent the email my manager and I went through what we were going to say.
The other party wrote back politely saying the were confused, then I get on with my Manager today to be told “My email formatting could be better and that’s why they are confused, you should structure your email like an essay with a thesis…”
Turns out the sheet formula is old and that was the confusion, and my manager didn’t know how the formula was supposed to work to call it out there because they were talking out of their ass.
I’m a professional that has been in the industry for 17 years and have wrote countless emails, sometimes confusion happens…it’s not because I don’t format my emails like an essay…
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