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They have good connections I promise
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2023.02.02 20:36 peaceman14 Humans Don't do magic. Chapter 4: The Orcs

The Elven empire has capitulated, the remnants of their militaries which did not join the Human Empire scattered across the planet, some stayed on the Archipelago continuing their fight as small unorganised bands of terrorist cells targeting mostly civilian human convies and infrastructure coming into the islands.While others slipped through the grasps of human patrol ships and sought refuge amongst the Dwarves and Orcs, rejoining the fray as volunteer corps.
In the North, human forces pushed steadily now partially unbound by the needs of a terrestrial supply chain.While In the East, forces saw tremendous progress at first, enchanted power armour combined with flamethrowers, incendiary rounds from artillery and reliable close in air support ensured that the undead hordes, Orc, animal or human alike stayed dead. It was so successful to the point where high command had to change kill count quotas in the east for field promotions. As infantrymen that were averaging 10 to 20 kills before, were now hitting closer to 100 to 120 kills per engagement with their new enchanted equipment. With artillery crews and pilots having kills numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands.
That was until the liberation forces began to reach the outskirts of their first major city of Guangzhou. Only to find nothing, but lush green plains. Large open plains that were, before flooded with waves upon waves of never ending undead were now empty. The 40th Terran Armoured regiment was the first to contact this anomaly.
“Do you see anything Commander?” Driver Sam called from below the armoured hull.
“That’s just it, There’s nothing” Tank commander Eric replied,scanning the forest in the distance with the periscope of their tank. It was a standard MBT, equipped with a standard 7.62 MG5 as a coaxial machine gun, and a 125 mm cannon which was capable of loading High explosive as well as armour piercing ammunition types. Both of which are fully automated, allowing all the crew to be stationed in the hull. 50 more were parked alongside them, forming a long line of steel elephants perched atop a hill, ready to decimate any undead attempting to approach. They were of course escorted by powered infantry behind them, armed with flamethrowers and the new standard issue for powered infantry, a 50 calibre machine gun.
“Heh, maybe they gave up.” Chimed Gunner Don.
“I doubt it” He dismissed, Scanning the area once more, he spotted something peculiar. A bush in the distance, just moved. A puff of smoke, a distant crackle,followed by a streak of light rocketing towards his vehicle. Slamming into the enchanted turret, the glyphs burned to life, but quickly fizzled out. Allowing the enchanted depleted uranium dart to promptly embed itself into the coaxial machine gun.
“Holy shit!” Eric yelled
“ Gunner! AP!”
“ Ready!”
“ Dial in my azimuth”
“ Send!”
Deafening booms echoed across the hill, as the line tanks rocked back from the recoil. Releasing a volley of depleted Uranium Shell projectiles at Supersonic speeds at the estimated target. Penetrating through the thin foliage the glyphs of the shells glowed as it slammed into the enchanted steel hull of the other vehicle, Fizzling out quickly the shells penetrated the the target’s turret and hull, turned their crew into a splatter of blood and entrails, A few others penetrated the steel blast door, slamming into their ammohold.
The gunner watched, through his scope, as 2 large fire spouts burst out from the back of the target’s turret.
“ Target destroyed ” Don announced.
“ Holy crap! You guys ok?” A voice crackled over the radio.
“ Yea! The coax is down and our enchantments are fizzled out. But we’re ok ” Eric answered,
“ Wait… Shit… Contact Front!” The voice yelled, leaning forward the commander looked through the Periscope, watching as hundreds of outdated human armoured vehicles poured out of the forest,Their front line was made up of hundreds of T34s and Shermans from the second World War, with more modern MBTs from the cold war and early information era being spotted in the backline taking aim on their position, all sporting glyphs on their hulls.
Loud booms and crackles echoed throughout the vast plains, cannons fired, shells hit, munitions exploded, and radios crackled to life as The 40th battalion attempted to keep a tidal wave of steel from crashing upon them. The frontline made of ancient equipment climbed the hill with breakneck speed similar to the undead hordes that normally assaulted human positions, but now ever more resilient, strengthened by the engineering, and craftsmanship of our very own ancestors.
These old but resilient machines of war would ram themselves into advanced vehicles that made up the line,their enchantments redirecting the collision energy into our own creating a feedback loop. Though their enchantments were weaker and would fizzle out far before ours another would ram into the back of the depleted enemy tank to continue the loop. Quickly fizzling out our enchantments and stunning the crew. After which the undead crews of these tanks would exit their vehicles and begin to board the disabled human tank killing the crew inside when they finally breach the armoured hatches, All this while the still outdated but more advanced early information era and cold war vehicles poured fire on the human position from a distance. The powered infantry, stationed behind the line of heavy armour, had scrambled back to their armoured fighting vehicles and had begun assisting the MBTs however they can with their autocannons.
“ Pull back! We’ve lost- ” The raucous sound of bending and tearing metal interrupted the transmission “ Shit!,” A deafening Crack, “ Get back, you-” Gunfire, “AAhhh, fuck you” a gun shot. “ retreat…they’re coming round…The sides…”He ordered breathing now heavy, Undead groans could be heard in the background. “Commander…Nick… Signing out” A thunderous boom echoed both over the radio and across the battlefield, A vehicle encapsulated by both the hulls of old human tanks and the bodies of long dead soldiers exploded, disintegrating the undead and sending its turret flying high into the air, The shockwave flipping the few vehicles.
Whilst another vehicle was hit by a round, causing its turret’s blast panels burst open propelled by a sprout of pure flame, but still it continued to reverse back down the hill. Alongside the many other armoured vehicles that were now in a fighting retreat, attempting to outmanoeuvre the swarm of outdated AFVs that had taken advantage of the chaos of battle and had begun to sweep round the sides of the unsuspecting battalion. AFVs that had pulled ahead of the retreating MBTs have engaged the flanking forces and are attempting to hold a retreat corridor open, The corridor did not hold for long as many of the retreating human forces were being taken out or disabled by either swarms javelins and tow-missiles fired from the flanking AFVs or the AFVs themselves ramming into them.
Once the Encapsulation was complete, the slaughter began. The swarm of older AFVs now positioned behind the surrounded human forces began unloading swarms of undead infantry, all armed with the equipment of their time, Rifles, Javelins launchers or grenades. Quickly pulling the battlefield into chaos, as powered infantry engaged undead soldiers in the open whilst being fired upon by the autocannons of the wall of armour that now encapsulates them.
“ Gunner! Hit that- AHh” Eric cried as his tank was rammed by a 25ton WW2 era vehicle, which had instantaneously crushed his vehicle’s gun barrel and knocked out his driver. Another deafening bang, as the hatch above his head was torn open. Pulling out his pistol, he aimed upwards and shot, killing the undead soldier instantly. He climbed out of the tank and shot 4 more rounds around him killing 4 more. Before a shot tore through his chest and punctured his lung. Holding the entry wound Eric collapsed onto the back of his vehicle
The world around him is a blaze, soldiers screaming in pain, lying on the ground in a mess of bloodied entrails and broken metals. Tanks and other vehicles lay ablaze or buried beneath a tide of steel. Coming down from the hill they had once been stationed on, standing atop a Centurion MBT was a 2m tall figure, it wore a tailor made recreation of a human general’s uniform. Its skin was green,and its shoulders were wide . The smoking barrel of its chrome 1911 was aimed at Eric. The relentless tide of ancient warmachines parting around him like an ocean around an island. Its centurion parked alongside Eric’s tank, and he hopped aboard. Gasping heavily and holding onto his chest, Eric watched in terror as the Orc grabbed the radio headset from his head, and with a perfect imitation of his Commanding officers voice, mannerisms and character spoke into it’s mic.
“High Command this is Tango Alpha, Romeo, The Orcish resistance was unexpected but we have crushed them with acceptable losses. All elements are go, for Operation Hammer and Anvil.” Coughing, Eric struggled to shout out, to interrupt him. To somehow let command know of the Orc’s ploy. But all that came from his mouth and muffled gurgles as he began to choke on his own blood.
“Commander? Why aren’t you using assigned comns device” A voice called back
“My device was damaged in battle.”
“Understood commander. Any other updates?” The voice acknowledged
“ None, over and out.”
“Understood over and out.” The voice replied, the Orc then placed the headset back into the vehicle. He walked over the Eric knelt down beside him.
“ You fought well, my friend.” The Orc smiled at Eric placing a hand on his chest. “ So I will give you the warrior’s honour. I will absorb your soul and put it to good use.” The Orc concentrated on Eric’s mind, absorbing his personality, struggles, his memories and experiences and even skills. All of it began to surge into the Orc’s vast mind, which by this time was more of a library filled with the memories, personalities, stratagems and intellect of every single human soldier, scientist, historian,teacher or officer that he had cared to absorb.
“Why do you bother? Is a soldier’s soul not extremely bitter to you orcs?” A dwarf commented, his steel helmet peeking out from the centurion’s driver’s hatch.
“Their experiences may prove useful.”
“Hmph, for a species made up of magicless vermin their experiences should mean nothing.”
“ Careful, Thalgrim, that is the same kind of arrogance that got the Elves destroyed.”
“ My apologies Archmage Talandar.”
“ At ease Thalgrim I took no offence, it was simply a reminder.” Talandar said, watching the distant ambers of battle slowly die. As the final terran soldier fell.
“ Now to bring them all back under my command.” He declared a magical wooden staff appearing in his hand. It shone with green energy as he slammed it onto the metal steel hull. A wave of green energy washed over the battlefield Instantly reviving the fallen human soldiers as shambling undead. The body of Eric comes to life once more along side the countless new shambling husks all still equipped with their respective weapons, armour and most importantly experiences, all bound to the will of the Archmage that had revived them.
“ This enough to get you replicating?”
“Aye, that would do.”
High above the battlefield, on orbital station geneva, Marshall Jean had recovered from her battle with the Elves and now stood ready to lead humanity on to another victory.
“ Marshall, your tactical map has been updated, you would be pleased to note that forces in the west and north have made great progress during your absence. Science division has also made a breakthrough regarding gene soldiers with the help of the captured Elven Archmage’s brain” The voice on the intercom informed her as she entered the tactical board room once more. Her generals have begun leading their campaigns on the ground taking charge of each front as necessary.
A holo display booted up in front of her, showing a 2D map of the continent, and their frontlines. The riots in the Elven archipelago have been quelled, Admiral Nimtz after his successful campaign in the south is being rerouted to support the Northern front. Reports in the north showed liberation forces taking control of many vital cities and have completely liberated the old human nations of Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, parts of Italy, parts of Switzerland are currently pushing up into the City of Bern and retaking the Lichtenstein. While in the east forces have made immense progress liberating grounds all the way up Xian and are attempting to push towards Beijing to cut off Orcish supply routes to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taiwan.
Though forces in the east seem to be some anomalies. It seems that following the liberation of many Orcish concentration camps, many of the people kept in these concentration camps are begging to be put back in, resulting in a drop of morale of the soldiers on the frontlines as these people struggle to reintegrate back into society. These camps were reported to host a sort of deep dive VR system made from the combining captured human VR tech and Orcish spiritual magic. Apparently the people kept at these camps were put into these machines which simulated an incredibly realistic, full, happy and fulfilling life in the span of a few days. Pulling a user out was akin to telling a person that has achieved all their hopes and dreams that everything they have built, everything they have achieved and fought for was fake, and surmounted to nothing. As such many liberated captives, either, begged to be put back in or broke down mentally. A constant repeat of this with every liberated camp has heavily impacted the morale of our frontline troops and generals and commanders are resorting to swapping out soldiers on the eastern front with the northern one.
Jean reviewed the information thoroughly before scrolling over to the siege of Guangzhou, the 40th armoured regiment has encountered slight resistance but has seemingly overcome and is moving into Guangzhou,
The Anvil is in place and now she will drop the Hammer. The orbital strike battalion would drop on the city with the support of low orbital spacecraft to resupply, reinforce and medivac out wounded or liberated.
“ Officer, execute operation Hammer and Anvil.”
“ Yes Ma’am.” The officer acknowledged. Instantly her tactical map shifted showing thousands of drop pods and spacecraft beginning to descend onto the city below. Together with the battalion of tanks and AFVs moving into the city, the force would create a perfect pincer, crushing all expected resistance.
“Uhm Commander? We’re picking up missile launches from Guangzhou,” The officer’s asked through the intercom
“ Multiple patriot missile defence batteries have come online across the city.”
Back on the ground,bright orange streaks punched through the blanket of grey clouds above Guangzhou. Whilst hundreds of white streaks rose from the ground to meet them. Inside one of these pods Ramirez, held on tight to his seatbelt, praying he would at least make it to the ground. Looking through the small viewport above the head of his squadmate Tyrus, he could see another burning through the atmosphere alongside him. Feeling the bumps and hearing the muffled explosions around his pod he could only assume many others were not as lucky as theirs. He looked towards the altimeter on the door, watching as its numbers slowly spun towards 0, Yearning for it to spin a little faster. Hoping to reach the ground.1000, 900, 800, 700, 600,
A Deafening roar echoed through the pod, as the jets activated, slowing their rapid descent, 400, 300. Another deafening roar, but this time from a much more unfriendly engine. Instantly a missile tore through the pod beside him detonating with an ear-splitting boom, tearing apart both his and his neighbour’s metal shell. Sending him and his squad rocketing towards the ground.
“Warning, Su… su.. suit condition critical, eject.Eject” The Ai crackled over his in suit speaker, Ramirez found himself laying on his back. Opening his eyes, he found his pod blown half open as grey cloudy skies greeted him as opposed to the steel shell of the landing pod. Struggling, he pushed open the panel on his suit's right arm, and pushed the ejection button 3 times. Quickly the suit opened up, pushing off the metal suit he slowly got to his feet. Grabbing an enchanted rifle, a pistol and a small earpiece off the suit’s opened shoulder,
Distant gunfire and explosions indicated the battle was still ongoing.Picking up a few grenades from one of the pod’s still intact supply cabinet, Ramirez mounted his earpiece on his ear and gripped his rifle tightly. Cautiously and silently he exited the broken pod and walked out into the ruined streets of Guangzhou. All of his squadmates were dead, their mangled bodies littering the streets. Some died on impact while others died fighting as indicated by the small bullet holes in their power suits.
“Ahh, Shit.” he muttered to himself, slowly making his way deeper into the city. Tapping on his earpiece, he activates his radio to try and contact the command.
“The assault has failed. All forces are to retreat and regroup at Tian he stadium. ” A voice crackled through his earpiece, before repeating itself.
Pulling out his touchscreen device from his pocket, he noted that he was in what was called the HaiZhu district, a district that was surrounded by 2 rivers. If wanted to get to the stadium he needed to go north and cross the Guangzhou bridge. Holding his rifle in hand, he stuck close to the abandoned buildings, Ramirez looked at the wrecked city around him,before letting out a sigh. “Ahh shit, I best get moving.” He muttered to himself before creeping down the road towards the bridges. The area around him was quiet, distant gunfire and explosions a constant reminder of the imminent danger. Creeping through the buildings he spotted shambling corpses in a building across the street from him. They wore old urban camouflage uniforms and had kevlar vests and outdated rifles. He believed they were once called kalashnikovs. These husks still patrolled around the building with purpose minds bound to their training, rifles slung around in front of their chest. Their eyes scanned the surroundings robotically.
Hiding behind a wrecked car, Ramirez just managed to evade the gaze of the undead guard. Peaking, up above the car, Ramirez watched as the undead continued to survey the street. Knowing he couldn’t move from behind this car without alerting the everwatching guard. He slowly and silently took aim with his weapon. Bracing himself for a gunfight, holding his breath he aligned the scope to the undead guard’s head. Only then did he notice a distant roar of ajet engine getting louder and louder. Until it was deafening. Almost instantly an advanced ground attack jet rocketed through the air above the building behind him, crashing into the building he was taking aim at in a fiery explosion.Instinctively Ramirez ducked behind the wrecked car once more. Shortly after an old era F16 blasted past him and the wrecked craft, Quickly climbing up into sky and disappearing the clouds above.
Peeking his head out, he watched as the damaged structure began to collapse on whats left of the grey chassis of the ground attack craft. Its tail was already missing. Its sturdy wings gone, and its cockpit crushed. Its glyph enhanced hull, disappearing into the falling debris of the building. The undead guard which had been there had no doubt been obliterated by the blast. Gripping his rifle tighter Ramirez continued his push towards the bridge.
The distinct crackle and pops of gunfire got louder and louder as he approached the bridge. Realising this, he began to stick close to the apartment block that flanked the narrow and approached. As he got closer to the bridge the sounds of battle got deafeningly loud. The crackle of rifles firing, defeaning booms of cannons going off and explosions landing were paired with the telltale sign of an engine rumbling, getting closer and closer. Hiding inside the apartment block now, he watched the empty street from the window, soon the high pitched screech of a turbocharged engine could be heard. A new generation MBT rumbled down the street. Its turret bore the eagle insignia of the 40th, its paint was heavily scratched and its flat turret had a large hole where the coaxial machine gun should be mounted.The glyphs on its hull were pitch black rather than the dim white shimmer it usually gives off. The high pitched screeching descended into a low rumble once more, the tank slowed but continued on its way towards the bridge.
“Heyo! Wait up!...” Jumping out from the building, and running to the centre of the street Ramirez yelled at the moving vehicle. The low rumbling of the engine wound down, as the vehicle jerked forward, stopping in its tracks. “Finally! You guys cannot believe…guys?!” The high pitched wiring of an electric motor, and the turret began to turn towards him.Its long barrel swiftly turned to face him. Something was wrong, and he knew it. Quickly jumping out of the way, a loud boom echoed through the street, the cannon had let loose a depleted uranium shell, sending it rocketing down the street and impacting a wrecked truck far down the road. The turret turned, its gun training itself on the wreck Ramirez was attempting to hide behind. Jumping and rolling over to another wrecked vehicle, he narrowly avoided the speedy projectile, as it blasted through the steel wreckage and cut through the reinforced concrete wall behind it, before quickly detonating in the apartment it had entered. Wrecking everything that was left behind after the evacuation. Running forward, and towards the vehicle Ramirez took out the grenades from his pockets and tore off a piece of his shirt, quickly stopping dead in his tracks.To Let another destructive projectile blast past him, and destroy another unfortunate ground floor apartment, behind him. Sprinting at full speed he ran parallel to the armoured vehicle. Making sure to strafe unpredictably, so as to make it as difficult as possible for the turret to track him.Tying the grenade together with his shirt to make a bundle. He sprinted towards the vehicle parked vehicle, sliding down, at the last second as the barrel finally met his gaze and let out a thunderous boom, the projectile missed him entirely but the sound of the cannon firing so close to him made his ears ring. Pulling the pin from one of the grenades. He chucked his makeshift explosive over the gunner’s hatch, before quickly dropping down on his belly and placing both his hands over his neck. The bundle of grenades exploded ringing through his ears once more. Getting to his feet. He quickly climbed onto the blown open gunner’s hatch and emptied a few rounds into the tank, before chucking one more grenade into the open hatch. Instantly killing whatever undead crew were left and destroying the controls.
Sitting on the side of the smoking vehicle, Ramirez breathed a sigh of relief, before grabbing his rifle and continuing down the road, thanking his lucky stars that its machine gun had been taken out.
The sounds of battle had died down, walking down the long bridge he heard the distant roar of jet engines.Looking up high above the city, trails of smoke punched holes into the grey cloud blanket,marking the paths of wreckages of aircraft on both sides falling from the skies . The road was still littered with bodies, and wrecked vehicles, their fires still crackling softly. Turning his gaze back forward, he realised he could now see the stadium. Gun fire poured out its sides in rapid, precise yellow streaks towards the ground below, quickly being returned by similar yellow streaks coming from the ground. Seeing this, he began to pick up the pace, breaking into jog towards the stadium. Knowing it is only a matter of time before his final retreat point falls or he gets left behind
Ramirez was in awe when he finally arrived at the stadium, corpses and wrecks created a wall of blood and steel around the stadium. The entrances were reinforced and barricaded. Quietly, climbed over the wall of debris and bodies.
“Halt!” A voice called from atop the stadium. Holding his hands up in the air, looked up at the soldier. His large calibre rifle was pointed straight at him. The Glyphs on his armour varied between a range of dimly glowing, to black and burnt out.
“ Whoa, whoa whoa,I’m Human, I’m human.” Ramirez yelled, the man lowered his rifle, before retreating into the stadium. Shortly after, the reinforced doors let out an ear wrenching screech as it was pulled open. Two soldiers in power armour stood at the doors,closing it once. Ramirez had entered the stadium. Their visors were down so their faces were completely concealed. The room inside was completely dark, turning almost pitch black once the doors were closed. The only light came through the entrance to the open pitch at the centre of the stadium where multiple large spacecraft had landed. they were heavy duty transport craft sent down by command to evacuate multiple tanks at a time.The sound of their jet engines drowned out everything else. But something seemed off; the area around the vehicles seemed awkwardly abandoned. Normally there would be soldiers scrambling round for ammo, medics treating the wounded. Soldiers shouting at others to hurry up and get on, but here there was none of that. Just 4 large spacecraft parked perfectly at the centre of the pitch.
“Corporal Ramirez, you made it.” A commander called. Walking towards him from the stands that were behind him. His uniform was soaked in blood. The emblem on its shoulder was that of the 40th. His rifle was slung round his shoulder. He put a shoulder round Ramriez, and began escorting the man towards the shuttles.
Ramirez bashed the commander's face with the butt of his rifle. Knocking the man to the ground and pointing his rifle at him.
“How do you know my name?” He yelled. Instantly, Ramirez fell onto the ground, dropping his gun in front of him His legs turning to jelly as the water was drained from them. The commander’s face flickered before revealing his true self, A green faced and large fanged orc. Behind him the 2 powered armour suits opened up to show 2 elven mages, the droplets of water being removed from Ramirez drawn into their hands forming a small ball of moisture.
“ Heh, when you have absorbed as many souls as I have…” The orc began, getting back onto his feet. “ You start to forgot who’s memories belong to who’s” He explained, kicking the rifle away from Ramirez who was crawling to grip on to it. Whilst fighting the immense pain of having one's entire body water content drained from them.
“” he muttered, breathing heavier and heavier, his face shrivelling up, becoming more and more wrinkled as the rest of the moisture left his body.
“ These humans have such spirit.” The archmage commented, absorbing his soul.
“Heh, they have as much spirit as they have mana.” One of the elves added
“ You elves are always so arrogant.”
“ Am I wrong? These soulless automata have less magical abilities than a new born baby.”
“ And yet your nation still lost to them.” The Orcish Archmage retorted, silencing the elf.
“I for one will not make the mistake of underestimating them. They may have no magical abilities but they sure as hell have spirit. Not to mention brains.” He said,picking up the rifle Ramirez dropped. “ The things these humans come up with…” He commented examining the weapon in his hands. “ Incredible, who would have thought they would use you like this my old rival.”He said,Tapping the shimmering glyphs on the gun, before shoving the rifle in the arms of one of the elves. “Take it, you'll need it.”
“Why would I need such an infernal contraption.” The elven mage yelled.
The Orc let out a sigh, “You elves never learn do you.” He muttered to himself, “ It’s up to you, don’t start complaining about honour when they start shooting you up there.”
“Up there?” The elf repeated, clearly confused about what this entails
“ Hais, up there!” the orc pointed at the sky. “ Where the humans are coming from, a station above the clouds, in an area they call space. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed”
“ Proposterous, were these humans not just using their poor imitations of elven gliders?”
“ No wonder your people lost.” The Orc said, before raising his staff in the air, quickly, hordes of undead soldiers began pouring in from the various entrances into the pitch, falling in, in neat boxes in front of the large spacecraft.
“ S…Sir..O..ur s-s-quadron has e-e-entered h-h-hostile a-airspace.” A course raspy voice crackled over the Orc’s earpiece. It struggled to maintain its sentences, each word coming off with some pain in them.
“ Maintain your current heading squad leader, and hit those power plants with everything you’ve got.”
“ Understood sir.” It acknowledged,
Command had gotten one thing wrong about the Orcs: they did not feed on human flesh, they fed on human souls. Making all their experience, their memories and their skills a part of them. They had once done the same with the Elves and Dwarves, this had ignited a long and drawn out war between the Orcs and the 2 other races that had resulted in their defeat. From then on the Orcish population dropped tremendously, as their population starved with no souls to eat. So when humanity had arrived and the Elves and Dwarves united against them. The Orcs wasted no time in getting a share of the spoils. Though unlike the Elves and Dwarves the Orcs treated humanity differently. Since our emotions and memories represented flavours to them, each good memory was sweet, each bad one bitter, with each human emotion representing a different taste. With a combination of our captured VR technology and their souls magic they could have a human live out an entire fulfilling and happy life in the span of a few days before being harvested. But despite this, humans were still not forced into these VR machines. Determined to make as many good memories as possible, the Orcs gave humans under their rule a choice, live a long fulfilling happy life virtually, or live a short but comfortable one in the real world. Humans that chose the latter would be led to what was once the country of Japan. Where the Orcs, having absorbed the experiences and skills of architects, have reconstructed the entire country to be a paradise island. Where one's needs were always met as undead servants did your every bidding. Humans who chose neither and still resisted were harvested immediately.
Similar to the differences in human treatment, the Orcish archmage was unlike the Elven and Dwarven one. He was not a brawler,or a frontline fighter he more resembled a tactician, a general. As the Elven and Dwarven archmage charged to their deaths. He opted to stay hidden, raising legions of undead to push into the humans and absorbing the souls of high ranking officers and captured scientists to learn of our command structures, our cultures and most importantly, our tactics.
Still unknown to high command this looming threat has deceived them into giving him exactly what he needs to bring down humanity. Equipment. Now with these new craft high command was so kind as to bestow upon him. He would strike humanity at the heart, taking control of high commands precious station absorb their souls and make humanity his puppet.
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2023.02.02 19:23 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 33

‘---’ Is passage of time. ‘===’ Is change in perspective.
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The arrow sunk deep into the tree it was fired at and was only a little off target. He had to say, getting Harrow to make a few more of the bows might have taken a while, but it was worth it.
Harrow was the best marksman of the group. Tel wasn’t far behind but apparently complained about the draw weight, which was something they weren’t really worried about with their first ranged weapon. Jax was actually quite proficient with the item, his attempts tending to be the most rapid in sequence, but his shots were somewhat inaccurate at times with only a single eye to aim with. Sahari could operate it in a pinch but made it clear she wasn’t comfortable using one, something about her shoulder after the wolf attack. Finally, Pan couldn’t draw the bow enough to use it as more than exercise, a revelation that discouraged the Lilhun immensely until Joseph pulled her into a hug and scratched the fur behind her ears for a while. After that, she purred contently and promised to practise with it.
Joseph himself was a fairly mediocre shot, the design of the bow was adjusted from his initial descriptions to accommodate Lilhun physiology and felt awkward in his hands. He didn’t mind though, he was already trying to puzzle out what could be done to make a functional crossbow but kept running into issues with ironwood snapping under the extreme pressure while keeping the size of the weapon reasonable. He supposed he could invest the time in a ballista eventually, but it was far from something he wanted to spend the time on.
“Nice!” Joseph patted Harrow on the shoulder after her fourth arrow joined the fairly small branch she was using as a target. “I need to make a sharpshooter medal or something for you.”
Harrow flashed him a grin while running a claw over the profile of the weapon. “I want to make some improvements to it though. That ‘compound’ bow you mentioned sounds like it would be better for hunting.”
He nodded, grabbing his own bow and trying to fix his grip so it didn’t feel so off. “Yeah, it’s great for that since the max weight is felt part way through the draw. It lets off most of the weight after, so it’s easier to hold it and aim for more than a few seconds. Great for lining up shots. The recurve, however, is the best we’re going to be able to make until we get some fine metalworking underway.” He scratched his chin. “Well, we could try with ironwood but i don’t think the release will play well with the pressure we could get away with.”
“The impulse?”
“Impulse.” Joseph confirmed. “It’ll snap. Ironwood is great and all, but... actually, if we slotted a few types of tempering into each other and sealed it with that moss stuff, it might absorb enough to survive.”
Harrow’s ears perked up. “What if we use palm as a buffer?”
The Grand Hunter grabbed her in a loose headlock with her yelping at his enthusiasm. “I love you, you beautiful bitch! That’s a great idea, we’ll start on that next. How’s the ink doing?”
Harrow wrestled her way out of the hold with a pout, her tail giving away her excitement. “Yeah, yeah. You only like me for my brain.” She stuck her tongue out at him, a childish action he was guilty of introducing to her in response to one of Jax’s jokes. Harrow fixed her fur as she reported the progress. “The ink is doing well. I think we should try mixing in a bit of the moss stuff so that it doesn’t wash away so easily in the rain, though. Would make cartography easier.”
“You got the map done?” He asked, placing the bow on a table they had Mama make for them. It was more of a workbench with all the cubicles and pockets they had to store things in, but it was a flat surface he could reach, so there the bow went.
“The immediate surroundings, yes. I want to make a finer map and move it to the production building. Put it on the wall or something for people to reference.”
Joseph placed a fist to his lips. “True. Maybe turn it into a hunter’s lodge for animal processing and the like. Let them place warnings for wherever they find predator activity and the like. It’s nice in the hub, but i agree it’s a bit big right now. We’d want something of a meeting hall anyway, so it would be best to start clearing all the extras out.”
Harrow cocked her head. “Expecting guests?”
“Eh.” He waved a hand dismissively. “Hopefully Atrox starts making semi-regular runs, so it’d be nice to have somewhere set up where we could actually receive people. Even if not, it wouldn’t hurt to fix up the place. Its been a bit of a mess since we had Mama cut up all those trees.” Harrow nodded thoughtfully.
“That sounds fair. Anyway, I’m done here for today. I’m going to go hang out with Jax before me and Tel check the snares.”
“Any luck?”
She shrugged. “It’s been pretty hit-or-miss but we do get some on occasion.”
“Gotcha, you go chill out. I’ll drop down and see how Mama is doing with the newest work stations. Maybe convince her to give me a haircut.” He dismissed her, watching as she gathered the few finished products before she walked into the dorm’s outside door.
Mama was in the workroom cutting some logs to size for the future stations. They had settled on a fairly universal design like the one outside, deciding that it would be better if they could set them up for whatever task needed them rather than specializing and having one sit around for a while. She seemed to be teaching Violet the trade, the Atmo child taking the time to cut out the smaller pieces that her blades were more suited for.
“Hey Mama. Hey Violet. How’s the tables going?” He called from the doorway, noting that Pan wasn’t in there to work on whatever garment she felt needed at the time. He had given her free reign to make whatever she wanted since he wasn’t really one to know much about clothing. She had commandeered all but one of the sheets he had brought from the pod to make loose cloaks for the rescue mission and it looked like her latest project was salvaging them into something new.
Mama laid down her work and gave him a rumbling hug that he returned. He really should put some more time aside for them. He had been pretty much flat out since the pack joined. Violet, not to be one to miss out on skin-ship, dropped her work with less care and almost knocked him off his feet when she joined the embrace. “Vi, watch the blades! I don’t want to end up as Harrow’s experiment. There are way too many medicines that neither of us can identify and she’s itching to try them out on me.”
Violet backed off, making doubly sure her blades were folded before renewing her assault and actually taking him down this time, the den-daughter chittering away as he lay under her while Mama chuffed her own amusement while looking down at him.
“I thought you’d be heavier.” He commented. “While I’m here, do either of you want to help me with a haircut? It’s getting to the point where a ponytail would be reasonably possible and the beard needs to be trimmed if not just gone.”
Violet snuggled into him while he spoke, relenting once he patted her base for mercy. She wasn’t as heavy as her size would suggest but she weighed enough to make breathing uncomfortable. Mama tilted her head as he described what he would like them to do, briefly seeming alarmed that he would cut anything off until he explained that it was a regular thing humans did to keep it out of the way. She seemed to consider doing it until agreeing with a resigned nod under the condition that he would let her know if she hurt him. It may have taken a few attempts at finding a solution she would accept, but he figured it was better to ask the craftsman to use her tools than Violet. At least until she got the fine precision down.
The process was a bit of a toss-up until she got comfortable with the idea, the ineffectual prodding serving to mostly just muss up his hair. Once she got used to it though, she started cutting it down to a fairly rough cut that she wouldn’t be satisfied with until it was fairly uniform. It looked like a bowl cut. His laughter at the style prompted her to attempt again, this time managing a fairly respectable result. It wasn’t top of the line or anything, but it was on par with anything he would expect from a random barber.
The beard was a bit of a different story as Violet insisted on being the one to do it. She stopped once it was trimmed somewhat close after a few accidental nicks on his throat threw a stick in the spokes before she got it low enough to really shave it off. He did manage to convince Mama to hold her blade out for him to dry shave around his throat though, so overall the experience left him feeling much more civil than before. Clean up was a bit of a pain though since they had yet to make cleaning supplies beyond swapping out damp towels to mop the floor. Maybe they could use some heated palm? That might work for a broom. They could use some wrapped in old cloth for a proper mop as well.
It was a little surprising that they were getting along well enough for him to think about making new janitorial supplies, but it was a needed change since he landed. A few days to simply spend time with his family and worry about things less severe than starvation or survival was certainly welcome in his books.
Once he was all touched up and Violet was properly reassured that he wasn’t mad at the small cuts, mentioning that he had done it to himself a number of times helped, she was willing to show off her work and accept suggestions as well as any measurement corrections that he noticed. Mama used her own measurement system, often being that she would line the item up with her blade and cut to some memorized size, but it worked well enough that he had started adapting some of the sensibilities involved. Humans used to measure some things using their body as reference, so this wasn’t much of a departure from the realm of the reasonable. Hell, he still measured things with assorted body parts. Usually his leg or palm for times when the exact measurements were more of a suggestion.
Once the show-and-tell portion of their work was done, he made a point to bring in some jerky for them and spent a few hours simply enjoying their company. Mama had pretty much pulled him into her when he went to sit on the floor, his back rested against her torso. The familiar warmth and gentle purring they defaulted to was rather soothing, especially once Violet received the message that they were doing a cuddle pile, regardless of what Joseph thought the rest of the day was going to consist of, and laid across his legs. He wasn’t about to complain, the soft give of her shell actually relieved some of the pressure on his muscles that had built up and the purring was doing wonders as well.
He stirred after a while, the warmth that covered him had decided that it was time to do other things and had left his legs comparatively cold, Violet choosing to leave for something or other. He was about to ask when he remembered that today was supposed to be the first mixed class of his CQC training and Violet was either excited to watch or hoping to get a few rounds of sparring with the new combatants. With a minor protest from Mama, apparently having dozed off while they were occupying the floor, he set about collecting the hair off the ground and depositing it in the fire outside to burn off. It smelled terrible and the cold quickly started to sting the newly naked flesh on his throat but not having to brush hair out of his face every so often was a reasonable compromise.
He didn’t see Tel in the kitchen nor lounging in the hub near any windows, so he figured that her and Harrow were still out checking the snares. It seemed like it had been a while since they left and decided that he would gather the rest and have them warm up before the duo returned. Sahari was the only one in the central section of the base, having taken a seat to test the first batch of ink.
“It’s working pretty well, all things considered.” She commented, likely hearing him approach from behind. “I think using those quills would be preferable to manufacturing a dedicated writing implement right now, though.”
Joseph placed a hand on her shoulder and leaned in to observe the results. The ink didn’t bleed outside of the strokes by much, they could reduce it further to thicken it up later, and it stained a deep purple colour on the silver plank of wood they had set aside for the testing. “We can do that. I’ll get Mama or Violet to cut them to shape some time, right now we’re just getting the ink down pat.”
She nodded, turning an eye to look at him. Her face shifted from contemplative to mildly alarmed. “What happened to your fur?”
He furrowed his brow until it clicked. “Nothing happened,” He started chuckling while he responded. “I got Mama and Violet to help me trim it. How’s it look?” He framed his face several ways with dramatic flair until Sahari couldn’t hold her laughter.
“You look different.”
He pouted as hard as he could with faux offence. “You’re supposed to call me beautiful. I worked hard for this perfection you see in front of you.” She burst until she struggled to breathe, holding up a claw while he waited for her to speak with a smirk on his face.
“Pardon me, Grand Hunter. You look divine.” The sarcasm oozed from her like thick honey. The slightly french accent adding even more emphasis to the disagreement in her voice. Normally the accents fade away after a few days but Sahari’s had stuck for some reason. Not that he minded, it suited her rather well and was far from unpleasant to listen to.
“Ow, my feelings.” He chuckled to himself, absentmindedly reaching to flick a stay hair that no longer existed. “I thought it looked fine. Better than anything i could do.”
“It’s fine.” She nodded, giving it a quick once over. She frowned for a moment before licking a pad and using it to flatten a patch that had decided to defy gravity during his posing. Confirming that the fix had stuck, she gave a second nod, this one far more confident. “There.”
He patted down the area with a half cocked smile, mildly caught off guard with the help. “Thanks. We’re doing cross training tonight. You can start getting ready in a minute while i gather the rest up. Tel and Harrow should be back soon but we’ll start without them for now.”
Sahari gave him a curt confirmation and started putting away the ink and tablet while he entered the dorm wing. Jax and Pan are probably sleeping or working on things in their rooms and Nalah had spent the last day or so using a bit of the ink to draft out rough guidelines for future expansion of the base. Nalah was quick to find, her door ajar and her humming clearly audible as she mused out potential avenues they could work on. He had tried following along with her thought process before but lacked much of the required background to really do more than approve of her initiative.
Her ear twitched in his direction as he pushed the door open, the Lilhun turning in her chair to reveal that she was indeed drafting the next proposal for expansions. She did a double-take when she notice his hair, making a point to gesture towards the anomaly. “What hap-”
“Haircut.” He stopped her with a raised palm. “It’s normal. Mama helped. I’m not getting any prettier but it beats having hair in the way.”
Nalah lowered the claw pointing at his face. “I see.”
“Joint training tonight. Take your time getting ready. Sahari is gone ahead first to warm up.” He thumbed towards the facilities wing and left the room to the sounds of a rushing Nalah while chuckling to himself.
With those two down, he moved down the few doors to retrieve Jax. He had taken to napping throughout the day to accommodate his patrols and fire watch shifts, so it wasn’t too surprising to see that he had his door closed to drown out some of the noise from the rest of the building and its occupants. He gave the door a quick knock and leaned into the knob, resting one arm on the door frame as it swung open. “Hey Jax, wake up. Joint train... ing.” His voice faltered as his eyes widened.
Joseph, apparently, had the worst timing for trying to rally everyone. He also learned far more about both Lilhun biology as well as the particulars of two of his pack than he ever expected to when he was simply trying to wake his friend up.
Jax laid on the bed, two paws resting on Harrow’s hips as she was positioning herself. Her back was facing the door as she was bent over, giving Joseph a far more in-depth familiarity with her and Jax’s anatomy than he was expecting. Loose leathers lay strewn about the room from an obviously hasty disrobing. Harrow snapped her head to see who was entering the room, surprised that someone had intruded before turning to point to his head with a questioning look. More information that he didn’t want to know was given to him until he managed to blink and shut the door before she could speak. “Joint training tonight. Take your time.”
He made sure the latch engaged and rested his back on the wall as he struggled to process what he walked in on, his stare with furrowed brows burning holes in the floor.
“What’s with his fur?”
“I didn’t see.”
“It’s shorter.”
“Human thing?”
“I guess. Should we get ready?”
“He said to take our time.”
“Mmm, that sounds like a good idea. Where were we?”
Joseph took an exaggerated step towards his room while he fought back the burning redness on his cheeks, wishing for all that he was worth that this wasn’t going to be something he was going to get shit for and that he could get his hands on bleach to burn that from his retinas.
He paused outside of his room, muttering under his breath. “It’s a lot closer than i expected...”
He sighed.
Yeah, he was going to get shit for that.
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The strike to the head left her dizzy for a moment, the punch slipping over her guard and landing cleanly on her temple.
“Nalah, Hands up! Sahari, keep it light! No need to knock someone out in a spar.” Joseph called from the bench. The rest of the pack were dispersed around the edges of the room and cheering for whoever was in the lead at the time, switching as the momentum shifted.
Nalah shook her head and bright her arms back to their positions, her feet gaining back the placement that used to burn at her calves but now felt more comfortable than standing normally. She felt the bleed over of guilt from Sahari but shot her a grin to reassure her that she was fine. Sahari returned the smirk and reached out with a fist to signify a continuance of their spar.
The moment the wraps touched, both fighters pulled their fists back. Nalah braced her weight forward to allow her core to absorb the high kick to her arms and threw a low cross with the intent to strike her extended core muscles. Sahari pulled backwards, her tail pushing on the ground to support her weight as she narrowly avoided the contact and reset her footing before feigning a straight and using the flinch of Nalah’s block to get to her side. Blind to the approach, Nalah felt the impact as Sahari’s follow-up kick landed into her side and causing her to buckle slightly. It wasn’t a full-power kick, but it had caught her during her exhale and drove more air out than she had intended. She spun with the hit and threw a few jabs to cover herself while she caught her breath with two hitting past the guard. Seeing an opportunity, she rolled herself low towards where Sahari had been showing a preference to dodge and threw her weight into a heavy body hook, having to call it as it would have likely broke a few ribs.
“Alright! Set to Nalah! Good job, dude! That was a great read.” Joseph clapped a hand on her shoulder as she relaxed and let her heart rate catch up to the lull in activity. “Need to keep your guard flexible though. Her job is to mix you up, get you used to something harmful so she can line up something devastating. If she didn’t stop at that cross-counter, it would have been one hell of a head kick.” He pointed a finger at her with a concerned frown.
“Yes, Grand Hunter.” She gave him a smirk, her mouth too dry to give him more sarcasm. He patted her shoulder.
“Get a drink, you look like death. Have some fun watching someone else get their shit rocked.” Joseph grinned and gave her a light push towards the benches where she allowed herself to slump against the wall with heavy pants. Pan offered her some water.
“You did well.” She complemented quietly. Nalah accepted the water and nodded in thanks before dousing her throat.
“Yeah, not bad.” She polished off the rest of the water, using the empty cup to gesture to Joseph. “How would i do against him?”
She glanced to where the cup was pointing before pondering her answer. “In a spar or a fight?” She finally asked.
“Both.” Nalah replied instantly, more than a little curious at the response.
“I think you might get a few points in a spar. I don’t like your chances in a fight though.” She decided with a nod. Nalah shrugged, that was fair. Joseph might be weaker than some of them, but the way his muscles worked was just different. Sahari, Jax, and herself could lift more than he could, sure, but Joseph was built to punch things. He has said on several accounts that Lilhun legs were better for kicking but were limited in power due to the ankle breaking up the mass distribution and more fragile point of impact. Having goaded him into kicking her, Nalah agreed. Joseph’s kicks were more limited once started but hit much harder. A few tests after the fact had Joseph devising a training routine to even out their kicks and it was starting to show results, assuming Sahari was anything to go by.
“Harrow. Pan. You’re up.” Joseph’s voice boomed out to cut through the chatter. Sahari walked over to take Pan’s place as she joined the centre of the room.
“Good fight.”
“Yeah, my stomach hurts.” Nalah replied while rubbing the new bruise.
Sahari winced.“Sorry, haven’t tested the kicks since Joseph started with us. Well, on him, but he doesn’t seem to care.” Nalah waved her off with a chuckle followed by a wince of her own.
“It was a good kick. I deserved it.”
“So, Pan or Harrow?”
Nalah quirked a brow. “Harrow went under the same training as you.”
Sahari bumped her with her shoulder. Nalah enjoyed the brief contact more than she would care to admit. “Yeah, but i don’t know what he taught Pan.”
“We seen her in action not long ago.” Nalah pointed out, taking the chance to lean on her bond.
Sahari gave her an unimpressed frown. “Yeah but we were all busy. Plus, it was two moves.” Nalah conceded the point with a shrug.
“Harrow. If she fights like you then she’ll have the speed advantage of Pan as well as power since she’s bigger.”
“Pan has more training and spars with Violet.” The argument was valid. No one besides Pan has actually fought with the Atmo, but from what little the rest had observed, Violet was a difficult opponent.
“She has almost no experience fighting other people though. I’d imagine very little carries over.”
Sahari mulled it over for a moment as the two fighters finished wrapping their paws and got ready. Joseph reiterated the rules before raising a hand, ready to start the match. Sahari’s expression matched Joseph’s expectant grin. “Pan.”
The two started by slowly circling each other. Pan held a lower stance while Harrow used one that was closer to Joseph’s than the in-between that Sahari utilized. Harrow felt out the engagement distance with swift jabs and shifted forward quickly to attempt to bait out a reaction but Pan simply stared at Harrow’s chest. It was an odd place to focus. Nalah preferred to see where her opponent was looking to strike so that she could react or tense the muscles to absorb the hits better, but that was a natural habit ingrained into her and refined by Joseph. She was about to ask Sahari what she thought of the choice when Harrow tossed out a short jab and stepped into a second.
The fist met empty air as Pan simply shifted backwards, the two furs touching without any transfer of force into her slightly tilted jaw. Harrow followed it with a straight that Pan slipped by lowering herself under it, using the opportunity to close the distance and slip behind her. Nalah caught a slight twitch that looked like a bit of muscle memory had been suppressed. Harrow spun in place to chase the slip and received a tap on the muzzle from an open palm.
Sahari’s laugh brought a smile to Nalah’s face, even if that interaction had been quick, it was pretty impressive. Pan hopped in place a few times, a habit Nalah remembered Joseph partaking in during his fight with Jax. Joseph explained that it was something he did to work off excess energy or to refocus himself. Whichever reason Pan was doing it for, she held the same placid expression until they touched wraps for the second round.
Harrow took the initiative the second round as well, this time skipping over the range finding and opting to force Pan to block with a barrage focused on her head. Pan slipped or leaned out of range for most of the attacks, only raising her arms to deal with a crescent kick Harrow fired off once she had gotten to the side of her. The kick looked to strike the muzzle from the front and likely be followed up by something else while Pan’s arms were busy blocking or she was otherwise preoccupied dodging. An inhaled hiss from Sahari suggested she had been hit pretty hard by the upcoming combo more than once.
Pan brought up and arm with her palm facing outwards. Just as Nalah was about to question the ability to absorb a hit like that by catching it, Pan’s paw met the kick.
In a lightning set of actions Pan caught the foot on the swing and redirected it above her. The moment the kick left its original course and was no longer a threat, Pan fired out her back foot and landed a straight kick into Harrow’s grounded ankle, forcing it to buckle under the shift in pressure before putting her own weight on it. Catching the still-kicking foot with the opposite paw, Pan rose to her full height and pushed the leg upwards, sending Harrow on her back to the ground. Before Harrow could finish breathing out the air that was pushed from her lungs, Pan had a toe claw pressed to her throat and the rest of her was held at an awkward angle that Nalah doubted many could recover from fast enough to do much of anything useful.
“Point.” The white Lilhun called softly, releasing Harrow’s leg.
“That was awesome Pan!” Sahari called out with a wink at Nalah. Jax winced as Harrow allowed herself to flop out on the ground and catch her breath.
Joseph chuckled and offered her a hand that she accepted before turning to Pan. “Careful with take-downs. It doesn’t take much to cause serious damage.
Pan’s fairly upbeat but quiet posture deflated slightly. “Yes.”
Joseph pulled her in for a sideways hug. “It was fucking textbook though. Good job. Go on now. Match point!”
Pan smiled softly as she rejoined the circle, taking a gap in the action to bounce again, this time rolling from foot to foot with her hips instead of taking to the air at all. Harrow took a moment to stretch out and work the leg that got pressed down on with mild discomfort until she felt it was as good as it was going to get. The two touched wraps and repeated the circling of the first round, though Harrow closed the distance much slower now.
Pan claimed the first strike this time; a close leg kick with the front leg that locked Harrow’s motion for a moment as she checked it. Nalah tensed in her seat as she awaited the next move but Pan disengaged from an uppercut that Nalah had failed to notice. Pan retreated a few steps and maintained her distance with careful prods with her foreleg, occasionally closing the distance momentarily to bait out a strike. Harrow refused to toss out anything she couldn’t quickly withdraw after learning her lesson twice.
Harrow eventually closed Pan into the corner of their little ‘ring’ and forced her to retreat past her, using the chance to block a high exit with a jab that Pan barely leaned back to avoid and followed it with a body hook to the stomach that landed deep, causing her to buckle and cough violently with agony written on her face. Joseph rushed to her side, sliding across the ground on his knees and wrapping her in a protective hug even though Harrow had already distanced herself with a concerned expression
“Hey, Hey. You okay? Did it hit... Yeah that looks about there. Hey, deep breaths.” Joseph took a moment to observe the area of impact and started rubbing her back with his own pained expression as Pan fought to regain her breath.
Harrow crouched next to the two and laid a paw on Pan’s shoulder. “You okay? Is she okay? What happened?”
Joseph shook his head. “She’ll be fine in a second. Big hit is all. You good to keep going or do you wanna call it? It was a nasty blow, no ones gonna say anything if you need to sit the rest out.” He cupped Pan’s face in his hand. Pan took a few shaky breaths before shaking her head and getting to her feet. The Grand Hunter looked conflicted but eventually nodded. “Point to Harrow. Next round.”
“Sorry Pan.” Harrow offered sheepishly. Pan gave her a weak smile.
“It’s okay. I shouldn’t have gotten cornered.”
The response didn’t do much to mollify Harrow, but it was enough to convince her to continue.
They touched wraps again and resumed their positioning, Pan slowly gaining confidence in her footing as Harrow took it easy pressuring her. When Pan gave her a soft smile, Harrow picked up the pace and started mixing kicks to the legs. The first few landed pretty cleanly, Pan failing to judge the distance correctly and taking them to the thigh or calf. A kick slid higher than the check Pan prepared and scored a pretty solid landing on her ribs, causing her to buckle into it. Harrow failed to capitalize on the opening as Pan reflexively kept the area covered with a threat of a straight, circling each other again to find a new opening.
Pan bounced in place twice, using the third bounce to gain a bit of distance and feign a kick. Harrow fell to a sprinter’s form with her torso low to the ground and tail high to counterbalance for the launch. Nalah noticed Joseph glance down towards Harrow and the subtle blush that flushed his cheeks and was mirrored to Pan. Harrow lunged with the hesitation presented and launched herself into a deep uppercut to Pan’s unguarded chin.
Out of the corner of her eye, Nalah watched Sahari’s fur prickle and her muscles tense. Joseph’s eyes widened as he registered that Harrow had no intention in the moment to call the heavy strike.
The result was instant.
Pan’s pupils dilated, her fur bristled in a millisecond wave from her spine outwards, and her eyes zeroed in on the incoming threat. She slipped her jaw to the side, the skin under the fur pushed with the friction of fur-on-fur. Paw struck the bottom of Harrow’s jaw with the wrist of her paw to offset her followed by a sharp punch to the throat that sent her stumbling a step backwards. In a blindingly fast spin Pan had levelled a full-power high kick to Harrow’s temple with her claws extended. Before anyone in the room could say anything they watched in slow motion as the thick muscles hidden under the fluff unleashed themselves. Nalah closed her eyes in fear of the worst.
The impact was deafening compared to the silent room.
Nalah flinched her eyes open as Sahari flew from her seat screaming his name. Joseph stood between Harrow and Pan with his arm braced against his neck and the opposite arm bracing the elbow. Pan’s foot lay almost embedded into his forearm as the claws had pierced into his flesh to their full depth.
Pan came down from her adrenaline shot, lowering her leg as her mind caught up with what she had almost done. What she did end up doing. She stared at her foot, now tainted by the crimson red of her bond that left prints in the wood below.
Sahari started barking commands at Jax and Tel as Violet, previously content to watch the action, had rushed to his side with a small whimper. Jax crossed the hall to grab healroot while Tel fetched some hot water to wash the wound. Joseph looked to be in pain but kept asking if Pan was okay.
Nalah knew a traumatic experience when she seen one, taking the moments she would be dazed to pull her into a tight embrace. It took a second for the full gravity of her actions to hit Pan, the tears and wailing accompanying the obvious self-hatred. Nalah held her firm as she tried to escape the situation, knowing that she would either do something stupid or irreversible. Hunt Mother knows Nalah has been through it enough times. She cupped the back of her head and held her tight to her breast and eased her to the ground with soft reassurances. Eventually Pan stopped resisting and gripped her with muffled sobs.
“It’s okay. It was an accident. Everything is fine.”
Joseph wrestled his way out of the concerned bombardment of the pack to crouch down with them. “Pan, are you okay? Are you hurt?”
Nalah shot him a venomous glare. “She’s traumatized by what your fucking bond almost made her do.”
Joseph closed his mouth and averted his gaze while looking far more hurt than when he received the gouging blow to his arm. He nodded and left the room with a quiet address to the rest of the pack. “Sorry guys, I’m calling it for today.”
Nalah glared at him as the crying bundle in her arms got quiet. Sahari watched him leave while gripping her shoulder as tight as she could. As soon as he was gone, she stomped over to Nalah.
“What the void did you say to him?” She gripped Nalah’s face firmly and stared into her eyes.
“I told him what he did. His bond caused this.”
Nalah’s head spun from an impact, the sound of the slap registering after. Sahari’s cold voice pierced through the haze as Pan was removed from her arms. “He was scared, Nalah. Terrified. Sleep in your own room tonight. I’m going to go stop him before he beats himself up too badly.”
Nalah’s vision cleared as the emotions hit. Rage, sorrow, fear. Each lingering in her in varying amounts with none of it her own. “He made her do it.”
Sahari stopped in the door way with an arm around Pan. She spared Nalah a single glance. “He stopped her from going too far.”
She walked out of the room, followed by Violet who was more concerned about Pan at the moment than whatever else was going on in the den. Harrow was helped out of the room by Jax. Nalah called out to him.
“He almost killed your mate and you have nothing to say?”
Harrow rubbed her throat as she responded, her voice strained and raspy. “He literally just saved my life, Nalah. Get your head out of your ass.” She dragged Jax out with her, the male giving her a pitiful look on his way.
Nalah sunk against the wall, Tel’s voice being heard from her side. “Well then. I’m going to go see if i can’t get myself some of that. Later.” She skipped out of the room in a chipper mood, tail spinning wildly behind her. Nalah stared at the floor until she noticed Tel peek her head back in. Her expression had faded from childish glee to a cold stare. “And Nalah? What Harrow said.”
Tel left the room again, leaving Nalah alone on the floor.
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2023.02.02 18:29 kathyJarosz paw Patrol lot of toys cars figures preowned

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2023.02.02 16:09 deniss_1996 Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride On Toy $19.75 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on orders $25+

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2023.02.02 15:11 cbvv1992 🔥49% Price Drop – $20.32 Paw Patrol Marshall Fire Engine Ride-On Ride On!!

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2023.02.02 12:31 Plutancatty 2K Scion heavy guard list

I've been spending a lot of time tweaking lists to fit my local meta (where my main problem are the Tau players). We usually play 1000 pts, but since we're looking to expand, I've been thinking up bigger lists. This is what I've come up with after having most of my games be really hard after losing all my scoring units for BotG, IC and Battlefield Data. I'm hoping to push up the board with DKoK to create space for bigger guns, dropping in the Scion Deathball against any super tough infantry units. Psykers are in to have extra killyness vs wound caps (I also have a Ghazghull player) and to slow down melee rush armies (one of the players is planning on getting WE on release). Sentinels babysit the Marshal (or Ursula, depending on whether S6 makes a difference for the mortars) until the scions come in to benefit from the reroll 1s. The rest seems pretty straightforward.
Regimental Doctrine: Born Soldiers
Stratagems: Warlord Trait, Officer Cadre x2, Relic, Imperial Commander’s Armory, Heroic Support
CP: 0
Arks of Omen Detachment:
Patrol Detachment
Total : 2000 points
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2023.02.02 10:14 Sea-Ganache-4414 FA or something else?

FA or something else?
idk if this counts but, it has Bokeh (small), Auroras, Orbs, Text skeumorphism, but sometimes because of how shaded it is, it sometimes looks like Y2K. Is this really Frutiger Aero or something else?
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2023.02.02 07:43 HamuelSayden Bounty so high that they had to send the entire paw patrol after me

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2023.02.02 07:36 Full_Atmosphere_6066 If you are deaf and read lips, can you read animated lips?

I was watching Paw Patrol today with my 4 year old and realized how incredibly accurate their lips looked with the words. Then I wondered if that was just an optical illusion, since I knew what they were saying. It got me wondering just how accurate the new animated cartoon character’s lips are compared to their speech. So if you are someone who can read lips, are you able to read animated character’s lips, specifically with the newer animation?
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2023.02.02 06:20 DrunkUranus paw patrol

is what was playing full blast on the tablet my student brought with when he was dumped in my class to "learn" today. No headphones.
And admin thinks they're being supportive
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2023.02.02 04:43 Gohan_Beast iTunes Pass Question

I am having issues changing my region. I get a notice that I cannot do so because I have an incomplete pass. It appears to be something I bought for my kids "PAW Patrol Vo. 16." What I think to be the final episode was added in November, and sequential Volumes are for sale already, so I am pretty sure it is complete. Is there a way around this? Maybe to cancel the remainder of the pass? I am chatting with support and they are not helpful at all. Thank you.
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