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The do-it-yourself, machine-free tattoo community dedicated to educating and participating in the art of stick’n’poke tattoos. They may not be good looking, but they are also not well done. And that’s fine.

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China houses many of the companies that produce components and build the phones and tablets we use daily. In recent years, the quality of Chinese brands has increased by leaps and bounds, while keeping its prices low. This subreddit aims to inform newcomers and foster helpful discussion in choosing one's next Chinese device.

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Red pocket, prepaid cellphone on ATT, Verizon, T-mobile and Sprint

2023.02.02 22:24 m80mike The Sinder App

"A cursed dating app haunts a frat boy"

The Sinder App
It was only four days ago that I woke up, groggy and hungover to find that I must have installed a new app on my phone in the midst of my binge drinking. The app was named Sinder. Its icon was a large eye with a fiery cupid-style angel firing an arrow in the shape of the letter “i”. I ignored it most of the day as I nursed dry heaving and a pounding headache from Saturday night. The boys took me out after my breakup. Well, I guess I am being a bit dramatic. I actually did the breaking up and I'm getting ahead of myself here.
Becky and I dated for about six weeks and well, it wasn't working out. I just wanted to have fun and I think that towards the end, she wanted someone to help her with her issues and I guess that person wasn't me. I met her at this house party on the west side of campus and we really hit it off, well, I mean, now that I think about it, it was mostly because she really liked to party. She had a ton of pills, like the good ones, and she was always down to get down. But after awhile, I realized I was kind of dumb because all of those pills ended up being her actual prescriptions and most of them were to treat her chronic depression.
So, like I, tried being a nice guy, and listening to her, but all of her issues were just beyond me. She was messed up all the time because she was messed up all the time, if you know what I mean. And like I said, I wasn't the right person for her so I dumped her on Friday and the boys and I went on a weekend bender. Thinking about it now, I got shot down a lot Friday and Saturday and I must have installed the app sometime after getting rejected and blacking out.
It was Sunday when my head started to clear that I started my search for my new partner in crime. Tinder and Plenty Of Fish were predictably disappointing so I tried Sinder. It asked me some basic questions and I filled out a profile as usual and added some of my photos. I was pretty skeptical of the app, its UI was very spartan and drab using white and gray backgrounds and blocky text. I wasn't sure exactly if the app was for a particular type of dating – like for chicks who are into nostalgia for 90's internet dial up noise and Geocities websites or what. I guess boredom got the better of my skepticism as I thumbed down through the block of text to OK the user agreement.
I finished the set up by answering a few questions about my location and preferences. Then it took me to the first page. It had no instructions on how to use it so I tried swiping left and right like Tinder. I swiped off the entry page and on to the first profile. I almost dropped my phone in shock. It was a pretty standard selfie pose of a young woman with the profile name of Cind(y)er_98. Honestly I felt I had seen her before on Campus and I think that was the most disturbing part of it. I couldn't be sure though because while the right side of her face was normal, as I said, almost recognizable, the left side of her face was burned. Burned like cheek flesh black and white exposed spiderwebs of muscle and tendons. Her forehead and chin was swollen and puss filled bubbling and oozing. It looked like someone had pressed her face to a griddle and held it there and yet, she was smiling on the other side. Her left eye, to the extent she kept it open, was black and red with white and yellow obstructing the bit of her wide pupil she had left, it sagged like an old partially deflated balloon.
I swiped left immediately to get off of the image and I was taken to a white screen with black text “see more hot singles in your area?” I exited the app with my jack hammering thumb and put the phone in my pocket. The image was branded into my mind, singed on my eyes, even though it was only a glimpse I was utterly mortified. I started racking my brain to figure out what I had just seen. It occurred to me that maybe I had seen a woman in an elaborate Halloween costume or in makeup from a play. And I kept thinking about the normal side of the face, I starting thinking I recognized it. She vaguely resembled a girl I dated last year for a couple of months. Her name was Jamie and she pulled some nasty shit on me, including for a time, telling everyone she was pregnant and that I was the father. Of course that wasn't the case and I had come to find out that this was a routine she pulled regularly. Either way, I was thoroughly turned off and away from the hunt for the rest of the day. I wanted to delete the app but I had too many questions about it so I didn't.
Monday was a pretty boring Monday. I found myself checking the apps again especially after Bryan start bragging about hooking up with Trish, a smoking hot blonde that was at the bar with us on Friday or Saturday. I wasn't too jealous of Bryan, at least he wasn't hooking up with Alexandra from this class, the dark haired petite girl with the black dress. There something really classy about her, so classy and I don't know, I can't describe it, just something I couldn't touch, I couldn't even talk to. I had a mental block on it, I froze when she glanced in my direction. I wasn't like this to any other woman except for her and it was weird. Anyway, we were waiting outside of the classroom door and Bryan wouldn't shut up so I took out my phone and got to swiping again.
After I exhausted the prospects on standard apps, I was just shook off the image from yesterday and activated Sinder again. The same screen asked me the same question, so I decided to start. The first profile up was Try(A)sh_Smash. The first image was of an arm, like a someone was trying to take a picture of a tattoo but instead of a tattoo it was a very nasty sprawling purple, yellow, black bruise. I scrolled down, this time, the profile had multiple photos of the same person and my mouth almost hit the floor. It was Trish and in every photo of her, she was making normal poses. She was throwing out peace signs, hugging her besties, and doing duck face but in every image she appeared bruised and battered like she was tossed off a motorcycle to a freeway. The injuries were entirely out of place with the scene and they were inconsistent from photo to photo, as if there were multiple incidents in which she was just injured to hell. The thing was, the photos were dated and they were from last week and I don't recall seeing Trish at the party with any wounds whatsoever, and especially not the kind of wounds you would get like from being in a high-speed roll over collision or getting stuck on a spin cycle in an industrial washing machine.
I swiped off of her profile. The app asked me if I wanted to “reconnect with old friends?” I struck with morbid curiosity and I said “Yes”. It showed me Cindy's profile again and again, her face was hideously burned on side but it had changed sides somehow and the realism of the burns were making me sick again, almost as sick as yesterday's hangover. I immediately swiped off of the page again and to the next. It was Becky, I didn't need to know the profile name or anything in the description, it was her face, specifically, her head but in this photo, she was decapitated, her head ripped clear off of her body with a splatter of blood and a strands of her neck like torn rags dangling away. The expression on her face was of total and utter calm though. I immediately turned it off and held back full blown revolt from my stomach. I held my lunch down as I uninstalled the app.
I woke up Tuesday and the app was back on my phone. I felt haunted at this point and a quick search of the app stores and Google, turned up nothing on the app. I didn't know where it came from. And started to think maybe somehow my phone caught a virus, maybe from a porn site or something like that. I did some more sleuthing about what it was and how to permanently uninstall it. Eventually, I did find an old dot text file on a Reddit site about the app. The text was vague but informative when I started thinking about it and what I had seen on it. What I believed to be some kind of curse, may well have been, to someone, but to me, I came to realize that this app was a gift. The file told me that the app promised to show me my desires “as they are”. I figured it out! I had the ultimate guide to prevent myself and others from “putting my dick in crazy”. I could look up anyone around me and see what kind of emotional baggage and damage they had manifested as graphic but honest depictions of physical brutality upon them.
I had to tell Bryan. I had to tell all the bros about this. No, I thought to myself at the time, I could charge my dudes for this information. This eerie app was something to be capitalized upon. So, on Wednesday, it was Spanish class again and Bryan and I were standing outside of the lecture hall again. I didn't have a particularly artful way of drawing attention to my new found asset so I just decided to navigate to Trish's profile and shove it in his face.
“Dude, that's absolutely disgusting what is?” He threw his head to the side and shut his eyes.
“You don't recognize her?”
I nodded in the affirmative slowly with a growing grin. “I don't know what this is or how I got it, but its like a window into crazy bitches. If they're freaking crazy, they're in his app and we can see how crazy there are.”
“Dude that is some crazy stuff.”
“Think about what this can do for the Frat.”
“How much are paying a month for this?”
“Huh?” I asked.
Bryan persisted, “How much are you paying for this information?”
“I'm not paying anything.” I said, “You, on the other hand.”
“But seriously, how can I get it.”
“I don't know. I don't even know how I got it.”
“That's whack.” Bryan said.
I fell asleep in Spanish class. When I woke up, I was getting nudged gently by someone. I saw a hand and I thought immediately it must be the professor. I was immediately over apologetic for falling asleep and rattled off a slue of excuses I had on tap for these occasions. Long after I finished the fusillade of falsehoods I looked all the way up at my nap assassin. It was Alexandra, clutching her bag and text books. A red bow tied her hair high and back. She gazed at me softly with her green eyes. She cut to the chase. “Do you want to get coffee in an hour?”
I opened my mouth to reply but she cut me off, “I know you have a little crush on me and I wanted to get to know you before I decided if I wanted for you to get to know me. All of me.” I stammered and she put her raised pointer finger to my lips and shushed me, “I'll see you in an hour, the coffee shop at Goodwin and Wind.” I checked the app for her. She wasn't on it. So I went home and put my books and laptop away and went to meet her.When I got there, she was sitting alone with two cups of coffee in a small cozy corner booth with a fake candle lamp protruding from the wall. Out of all of the coffee shops near campus, this was the most date worthy. I slid into the booth as she played with something on her phone. I cleared my throat once, maybe twice. It was like she didn't notice me and I became insecure after I sat down. I gripped the handle of the coffee mug and drummed my thumb at the side nervously. I felt my grip on the ceramic slip on my sweaty hands.“I'm surprised you showed up.” She said without looking up from her phone.
“Oh?” I said, trying to be nonchalant, “Do you get stood up often?” I gritted my teeth, I shouldn't have said that but I went for the smoothest recovery I had on tap in my brain, “Because that would be a big mistake for the other guy I'm sure.”
“Are you sure?” Her eyes shot up from the phone to meet mine. “How would you know? Is it because I'm not in the app?”
“How do you know about the app?” I jumped a little and the butterflies in my stomach were stirred into frightful frenzy.
“Well, you were bragging so loudly to your douche bag friends I'm surprised the whole college of language studies doesn't know about it right now. But beyond that, let's just say there are a few apps floating around that seem to come from...” She smirked and held down a laugh, “seem to come from some place else...” Her voice trailed off.
“Oh?” I said pausing for something to add, “Well, wouldn't you want to know about a guy, you know if he was like an asshole or had like PTSD or something like that ahead of time? Aren't I just like providing a service?”
“The app isn't quite what you think it is. And either way, you're wrong. Everyone has some pain, some trauma that if manifested physically would range from appearing painful, to ugly, to down right disfiguring. And it doesn't make them bad people or unworthy of attention or love or human contact. Just as people with actually disfigurements don't deserve to be blacklisted or cut off. No, the app is for their protection, from you, and like I said, everyone is in pain from something, the images of violent injury superimposed upon these women are the wounds you have inflicted on their people or the wounds you would inflict upon them should they ever have the misfortune of becoming too close to you.”
I scuffed a bit, I wanted to launch into a tirade about how typical, how anti-men, this all was, and how wrong she was, she no idea about the app, unless she wrote it, which I'm pretty sure she didn't or even couldn't. But I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of proving her right with that reaction, so I bite my tongue a bit and I pressed on as I do, “So, I guess we're the perfect couple, right, I have done nothing to hurt you or would hurt you I suppose. I mean, if you're right about the app, that is.”
She let got a hiss, “You know, sometimes, pain and suffering and trauma is relative – not just between the physical and emotional types but in general. And I think this app, picks up on that. Because I don't think you're getting my point.” She said turning her phone my direction. “Like I said, there are number of apps out there that seem to defy physics and reality as we know it. And they are curses to some and gifts to others.”
I looked at what she was doing on her phone. She had an app open called “VooDont” it looked like a simple enough interface, it was stereotypical voodoo doll with a slot to put anyone's image she choose at the head and then some pins she could drag across the screen and poke someone with. I was not surprised nor amused when she featured my face on the doll with all of the pins more or less stuck around my crotch and one on my right hand for good measure. I shot my eyes slowly between the screen and her eyes. She finished her coffee without saying anything else and then put the phone in her jacket pocket, stood up, put her jacket on and started to leave.
I just kinda smirked and said, “So, no second date?”
“Let's put a pin in that.” she replied while briskly marching towards the exit.
“Eh screw her.” I said to myself as I drank the coffee she bought me.
Well, it was whiskey Wednesday and I went out with the boys for some shots. I pitched the app to them and one by one I took shot after shot, not paying a dime as I exchanged my cursed-turned enchanted dating app insight for each shot as thanks for helping my bros dodge crazy girl bullets. At some point I blacked out hardcore and apparently I stepped into traffic and I got smashed by a car. I woke up here, in this hospital bed, with two broken legs and metal pins and a body cast holding my ravaged pelvis together. My phone was crushed in my pocket and I can't prove any of this now. I don't know how long I will be here, in recovery, yet. I don't know what I will say to Alexandra if and when I see her again but I do know this, if you wake up one day with a new app on your phone and you don't remember downloading it, don't look at it, don't try to delete it, don't use it, just leave it alone.
Theo Plesha
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2023.02.02 22:09 eriochromatic (Spoilers Main) Chinese Translation Covers (Bunkobon version)

(Spoilers Main) Chinese Translation Covers (Bunkobon version)

1. Jon Snow 2. Arya, Syrio 3. Ned, Bobby B, Lyanna 4. Cersei ??? 5. Jaime 6. Tyrion 7. Sam the Slayer 8. Red Wedding 9. Ygritte 10. Littlefinger, Sansa 11. Melisandre 12. Sandor, Arya? 13. Theon, Jeyne Poole 14. Bran, Hodor, Bloodrave 15. Dany, Drogon
Inspired by Glidus and Schwifty's stream from earlier today, I noticed that the two Chinese language covers they had didn't include the Bunkobon/文库版 versions so I thought I'd share them here! Such a shame because it's rare to see a more anime adjacent art style as official artwork (besides the Japanese volumes of course) as well as all the packed detail in each cover (The castles/locations above the titles switch between volumes, same with the weapons behind the title banner, not to mention the illustrations themselves)
I'm assuming each book was split into 3 volumes, but I haven't gotten around reading all of them yet... some of the covers seem to be illustrating events that happened in different books (volumes 11 and 12). I also for the life of me cannot figure out who is on volume 4 (I'm leaning towards Cersei but I suppose it could be Margaery???)
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2023.02.02 22:04 cesly1987 Die is Gain (partial early writing)

Die is Gain
Chapter 1: Day Out
Author note: * I found this as one of my few surviving stories from when I was like….14…16? Idk but cut me some slack. It's a post apocalypse dystopia written back in 99ish 2001. Matrix and Equilibrium where rad as hell. Anime was just busting everybody's cherry. Christian allegory was all the rage with Narnia and POD.*
A gruff looking man sat hunched with his back to the wall, looking down the bill of his cap at all the patrons sitting at the tables around him. They all had overly powdered faces and wore the most expensive clothing. Some appeared nearly naked, draped only in a few strips of cloth and thin fabrics.
The restaurant hummed with the sound of pleasant conversation and jovial laughter. A darkly beautiful woman played an unfamiliar stringed instrument on the corner stage, and a lavish fish aquarium illuminated the room with a soft glow.
It was all a very different environment than what the man was used to. He spent most of his days hiding from military patrols in the sewers and working manual labor jobs in the tundra. He finally saved enough money to bribe his way past the checkpoints and into the Upper District. He picked a fine restaurant that he could scarcely afford, and he still had to drop a load of credits just to get a table in the back. He scanned the crowd and constantly kept his eye on the glass door and windows that looked out onto the bustling street. He tugged unintentionally on his long sleeves to hide his hands.
He noticed that the waitress was taking her sweet time at getting around to taking his order, and his water glass had been sitting empty for a good ten minutes. But he didn’t care. He had stolen a stray brown jumpsuit from some construction workers down the block, so the waitress knew he wouldn’t be much of a tipper. He was just glad to be in public and eating at a table like a civilized man. Once his food was finally placed in front of him, he began to relax and let his guard down
It was a collection of clams and crawfish, but the main course was a piece of buttered toast. The man was beginning to think that the bread alone was worth the trip. Real bread made of wheat was a delicacy, and he was tired of eating the bread substitutes.
Just as he was beginning to enjoy his meal, he saw three men in flat black armor hovering outside the window. Nobody else inside the restaurant had noticed them yet, but he knew that was about to change. He knew the particular style of armor them men wore made them a part of Central Eden’s anti-terrorist suppression unit.
The three men entered, and the hostess at her podium looked up to greet them, but she quickly bit back her words. People knew the ominous importance of a suppression squad. Their presence meant that either dangerous terrorists were nearby, and people were going to get hurt, or it meant that terrorists were not nearby, and people were still going to get hurt. The suppression squad had a ruthless reputation of treating everybody as “suspected terrorist” and using harsh interrogation techniques to find the truth.
The man at the back of the restaurant resisted the urge to bolt, instead he eyed the closest glass window and wondered how badly it would hurt if he jumped through it.
The armored men approached the first table, and the customers silenced abruptly as one soldier stepped forward to loom over them.
“ Your Wrist!” he demanded in a booming voice, distorted by the face gear he wore. The customers all scrambled to pull up shirt sleeves and expose their individual barcodes. Another black clad squad member stepped up to scan their wrists with a handheld machine.
“All clear,” he said after he scanned the people at the table. He reached out to place out a gauntleted hand and grip the top of a bald headed customer.
“Mr.Showlsky believes because his brother is a Captain in the military he doesn’t have to pay his traffic fee, does he?” The squad member shook the man’s head vigorously in a “no” gesture.
“N-no… I’ll pay it tomorrow, I swear!” the bald man said fearfully.
“Good,” the leader said as they moved on the next table. The same procedure of harassment and barcode inspection continued for a couple more tables until one soldier spotted a man sitting by himself in the shadows in the back.
The soldier called out to his comrades and gave them a series of hand signals. They converged on the man wearing the brown jumpsuit. The leader stood in front on the table and loomed over him. The man gave a piercing stare from under his cap. The leader’s face was unreadable, obscured by face gear and circular red lens goggles. The tension in the restaurant thickened considerably as the rest of the squad shuffled about, just waiting for the stranger to make a move.
The leader finally spoke, “ Your arm!”
“Sure, Officer” the man responded flatly. He stretched out his right arm to reveal the barcode on his wrist. The leader took a couple of swipes with his machine before it beeped, meaning the tattoo had not been updated for quite some time.
The leader read from his handheld monitor the script that slowly filled the screen.
Alert! Proceed With Caution!
Name: Tearrick Ahala Zandal Age: 24-35
Status: Confirmed Terrorist Association: The Radical Christian Movement
The leader fervently read as the last few words loaded, “Other Known Aliases…” The leader swung his head up and yelled in surprise.
“It’s T!” At this exclamation a furry of motion took place. T kicked the bottom of his table with enough force to launch his end upwards, and in one fluid motion he grabbed the edge and flipped it, spraying the soldiers with silverware and dishes. The soldiers were no amateurs and reacted quickly, backing up a few feet and aiming their rifles at the vertical table.
T had anticipated a situation like this even before he risked entering the city. He had planted one of his homemade flash/smoke grenades onto the bottom of the table earlier that evening, so he quickly pulled the pin off the IED and dove backwards.
What followed next was the sound of a few cracks from assault rifles then a deafening explosion, the force of which spun the vertical table like a toy top. If anyone could still hear through the ringing in their ears they would have heard a hissing as the grenade let out a cloud of putrid smoke.
T belly crawled towards the nearest table then stood abruptly, flipping that one too. He scanned the room in search of the best escape route. Most people had crowded near the only entrance, attempting to escape. T only had a few micro seconds to make up his mind as he already saw the first of the stunned soldiers charging through the smoke-enveloped room.
T kept low and ran around the wall towards the opposite side of the restaurant, attempting to keep as many tables and people between him and the armor piercing assault rifles. This was not an act of cowardice on T’s part, but one of strategy, for he believed the soldiers would not fire upon the civilians they were employed to protect.
“Fire! Fire! Kill that bloody savage!” came the cry of anger from the leader.
Shots rang out in rapid fury, tables and people in the general direction of T shuddered and flew apart.
“Jesus!” T gasped and not because he was a Christian, although he knew a few people that would have been cross with him for that outburst. Although, he wouldn’t have minded Jesus’s attention right about then.
T noticed a round had shattered a glass panel and sprinted for it, thankful he didn’t have to see how painful it would be to jump through one today. Automatic fire followed him, shattering the rest of the windows as he exited onto the street. He took a quick glance around to regain his bearing then took off in a dead sprint down the block. He hung a quick right at an intersection, literally plowing through a group of curious onlookers.
T was attempting to make his way towards the industrial district where there were more hiding places and sewer openings. He was making good time weaving between traffic and keeping a steady stride.
He heard the tale-tale “Foom!” of police cruzers taking flight and hovering above the city’s low rooftops. He looked over his shoulder to see two pod-like cruisers closing in on him from down the street. T took a sharp cut left into traffic, aiming for the alleyway across the street. He slowed long enough for a speeding car to zoom by him, the side window smashing against his shoulder and breaking off. This spun T, but he gritted through the pain and continued onward.
Another vehicle slammed on its breaks as T slid across its hood and made it into the alley. The pain in his right shoulder throbbed, and he realized it might be disconnected. But there was no time to deal with it now. He could hear the distorted voices and radio chatter coming from pursuers all around him.
After running through some adjoining buildings and hopping certain fences, he finally found himself in familiar territory. He could now retrace his initial route into the city.
He was creeping cautiously down a garbage filled alleyway that was glowing with the neon lights of street signs, for it was already getting dark. The time was only around 2 in the afternoon, but the light hours were between 9 and 1. All he had to do was cross the walkway that crossed over a wide ditch and separated the Upper City for the Industrial District.
He peeked his head out of the alley to spy on the bridge. It was narrow enough for only one person to cross at a time. He had about a ten-yard run across a deserted street to get to it. But he still froze and waited.
Even if he did make it to the walkway he had another fifty-yards to go before he cross the ditch. In that fifty-yard he would be totally exposed with nowhere to run but back and forth like a character from those ancient games he learned about in his history teachings. He had also been taught that a choke point like a bridge was a perfect place for an ambush. That was a simple rule of warfare that he had been taught at an early age, and he knew his enemies would implement it also.
His mind was made up for him when he heard the barking words, “ Freeze!” behind him.
He jumped and turned to see a man wearing a copper police uniform instead of the heavy body armor of the Anti-terrorist squad. Despite the man’s commanding voice, his face was filled with fear, and his hands shook as he aimed the pistol at T.
T wondered why the man was so scared of him, despite T’s reputation as a wanted terrorist. T was obviously unarmed and injured from the way he nursed his right shoulder, and as the man pulled back the hammer on his pistol, T knew he was about to die.
I guess the man told me to freeze so he could shoot a stationary target, he thought as he braced himself. But T was always a fighter and in a last-ditch effort he let out a roar and flung himself at the man. The pistol made a sharp “PAA!” and T felt the round hit him in his injured shoulder.
He staggered sideways and hit the wall with the bulk of his face and fell into a pile of trash. Dizziness washed over him, and the pain was so intense T fought the urge to vomit. He looked up to see the cop aiming a pistol at his forehead. He drunkenly gazed at his wounded shoulder to see that it wasn’t wounded at all, it was only throbbing and numb.
The Police Officer’s confidence had returned as he said with much bravado, “ Good thing orders came in to take you alive or I would have put a sky roof in the back of your head!”
Anger swelled in T’s eyes as he thought of the dishonor of being taken prisoner, but they would never take him alive. He asked with a pretense of more weakness than he felt, “ You shot me with a dummy bullet?”
“Yes,” the Cop said smugly, “ Hurts doesn’t it?”
T grabbed a bag of trash with his left hand and swung it around to hit the Cop’s weapon, soggy trash flying everywhere. The Cop tried to back up but T shuffled forward on his knees and again with his left hand looped back over his head like a windmill and dealt an uppercut to the cop’s groin. The cop double over with a gasp and found himself at eye level with T. T then lunged forward with a tremendous head butt, splattering the Cops nose and sending him spinning unconscious to the ground.
T Staggered to his feet and looked down at his beaten enemy, forcing his shoulder back into place buy popping it against the wall.
“No, not too much,” he replied. He staggered out into the street, and as if triggering an alarm, police sirens wailed as squad cars approached him for either direction.
T did a double take and ran for the bridge, and at once knew he had fallen into a trap. At the other end of the bridge hovered the cruzer for the Anti-terrorist Suppresion Squad. Three members repelled down to the ground and held what looked like tazers. The lead soldier held a large riot shield out in front of him as they filed onto the narrow walkway and shuffled toward T.
T stopped and looked at them for a while, knowing he wouldn’t be making it any further without a weapon of some sort. He decided to take a chance. He threw up his hands and turned around to walk back the way he came.
“I surrender,” He yelled at the two copper clad officers who had just emerged from either vehicle.
“Hands in the air!” one yelled as he ran up to stick his weapon in T’s face. T thought it was a silly thing to say to someone who was already giving up. T knew what command would come next, Face in the dirt, or something like that. So he had to distract him.
“I will only surrender to you,” he said, “ not them.” He jerked his head backwards to indicate the soldiers behind him, the Cop’s eyes followed. Realization dawned on his face as he figured what that meant.
The Cop pointed at the approaching soldiers and said, “ Stay back, this is my arrest!” T couldn’t tell if they did or not but the Cop’s face slackened and he said, “ This arrest goes to the State police, not you hot shot support groups.”
The cop looked back over his shoulder to he fellow officer, “Call it in,” he told him. The second cop lowered his weapon to handle his radio.
T reacted by bringing his raised knife hands down on either side of the Cop’s neck. He then followed through by pulling the man into his raised knee. He easily took the pistol out of the cops grasp and threw him back into his partner.
The second Cop caught his companion and fumbled with his pistol. T placed a shot in the Cop’s right shoulder and the cop screamed from the pain of the dummy bullet. T then emptied the whole clip on them for good measure.
The soldiers on the bridge stood amazed at what they witnessed as T slowly bent down to retrieve a heavy nightstick from one of the downed whimpering Cops. T stood with his head cocked sideways and sweat glistening on his face. He was completely exhausted from being shot, run over and head-butting people. He stilled himself for he believed that things would become much more painful before the day was over.
Chapter 2: The Two Masters
Captain Kail Vincont was continuing his door-to-door sweep for the terrorist when he heard the rapid snapping of rifle fire.
He held up his fist to signal his team to discontinue the breach they were about to perform on a locked apartment door. “What dumb grunt is firing his weapon?” He demanded as he snatched the radio off his belt. He held down the button to open communications with a squad down the block, but before he could say anything he heard the team leader yelling in anger.
“Fire! Fire! Kill the bloody savage!”
“Team, rally back up in the Vultre, we need to perform some damage control,” Captain Vincont told his three soldiers. Wait till the Dragon hears we violated his law the day it was decreed.
“ Mitchells, cease fire and follow non-lethal means only!” he ordered into his radio. He knew the order was garbage considering the fact that the Anti-terrorist Suppression Squad had worked exclusively with lethal force for the last half decade. And since the new non-lethal weaponry was yet to be issued, the only weapons the Squad had to defend itself were tazers and riot-shields.
“What? Captain, did you not hear that explosion?” replied Sgt. Mitchells over the radio.
“Don’t care Sergeant, you need to learn to follow the Lord Dragon’s order.”
“There’s another thing Captain,” Mitchells interrupted, “ the suspect in pursuit is a big catch, T Zandal.”
Captain Vincont froze as he considered the severity of the situation then finally replied, “ Its only a ‘big catch’ if you catch the man, Sergeant. Alive!”
Vincont hovered his Vultre between the higher buildings of Industrial District, as he peered out his window in hopes of spotting the fleeing criminal. He knew the terrorist had probably entered through the sewers that flowed out of the city’s walls, and would try to escape the same way.
It had been ten minutes since his sister team and local police had lost sight of T. It angered Vincont, but also gave him time to think. T Zandal is an escaped convict and a surviving remnant of an enemy barbarian nation. He is a thief and a murderer that has fallen in with the Radical Christian Movement, Vincont thought as he veered his aircraft between buildings.
Vincont knew many outcasts and criminals had allied themselves with the Christians, because they were both rejected by society and the Christians welcomed sinners with open arms. But what made T different and shot him up on the wanted charts was the fact that he was always in the presence of Clara Winsfield.
Clara Winsfield was the true person the Dragon wanted behind bars. She would make her way into cities and preach on the street corners about the end times and the Lord Rofi’cul being the Devils puppet on earth. She would incite riots and anti-patriotic sentiment.
Every time the authorities went in for the arrest she would slip away, a ghost walker some associates called her. No matter how tight the traps were to apprehend her; she would slip right through them. Some believed it was due to the fact that, T, who would always follow her or be in her entourage, would put up a viscous fight in order to cause a distraction.
But, Vincont knew that these rumors existed before T even came into the picture. In some ways Vincont was infatuated with the mysterious and elegant Clara, and wondered how she acquired the company of the brutish criminal.
Vincont hid his Vultre in the shadow of a building so he could have a bird’s eye view of one of the many walkway bridges that served as a entrance into the industrial district. He listened to the chatter of the dispatch on his radio and realized the State Police had had the same idea and were staking out the area on the other side of the bridge. He hovered his team between the buildings and watched the bridge silently for a while. Behind him he could hear the steady breathing of his teammates as they waited patiently, he was glad that they at least had discipline, and could teach a thing to Mitchells and his crew.
Finally, Vincont spotted his target moving with caution towards the bridge; he pulled the Vultre out of the shadows of the buildings just as he heard the sirens of squad cars cue up.
What happened next still seemed surreal when Vincont would later reflect upon the situation after. His men took the zip-line out of the Vultre and began to converge on the enemy, but the State Police began ordering his men to stand down. The terrorist then exploded like a whip into violent action, dismantling the State Police and then turning to stare at Vincont's men on the bridge.
When Vincont later asked his men how they lost control of the situation, they would all reply “It was like we were moving in slow motion and he was so fast,” or “Everything just got so hazy.”
Vincont watched from above as his men engaged the terrorist on the bridge. He began shoulder blocking them backwards and tearing off pieces of their armor so he could land a punch or knee into their unprotected spots. As his men started to gain momentum and push back, the terrorist jumped to hang onto the outside of the railing, then swing himself up to get in between them.
Vincont gawked as the realization dawned on him that his men were thoroughly losing the melee. Two of his men where sent over the railing to crack against the shallow water below and the last was delivered a double hammer fist across the face that should have crumpled him, but the terrorist seized him and removed the assault rifle that was strapped across his back.
This caused Vincont to snap out of his daze as the terrorist aimed it at his hovering Vultre. The terrorist opened up on the Vultre as he ran towards it at the same time. Vincont veered it to the left and could hear the impact of rounds all down the vehicles right flank. Something exploded and his vehicle took a dramatic dive, scrapping across the edge of a building.
T, having unloaded the entire clip on the looming Vultre, tossed his empty weapon over the bridge and continued running. His body screamed with pain and his head swam, but was amazed that his shots had managed to take down the Vultre and send it smoking into a building’s third story window with a crash.
He was home free and all he had was about a half a mile, then he could find his sewer exit! He didn’t take his chance; he made sure to stick to the shadows and stay concealed by trying to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid being spotted by other aircrafts.
Finally, in one dark outer warehouse he found what he was looking for. A hatch in the ground in a damp dripping room. It smelled of garbage and decay but to T’s nostrils it smelled like freedom. He leaned against its doorway and caught his breath before stepping forward to the hatch.
He leaned over to unscrew the hatches cover when a dark shape descended upon him from above. It connected hard with his jaw and threw him backwards into the wall. Before he could blink he was hit three more times in rapid secession, the last blow landing hard in his gut and dropping him to his knees. T spit blood out of his mouth and waited for the onslaught to continue, but instead only heard a cold commanding voice.
“You’re the piece of trash that hangs around Clara Winsfield, aren’t you?”
T did not answer but only looked up to see a tall man dressed in assault gear with jet-black hair and close cropped goatee. He also notice the man had shiny insignias on his collar, meaning he was an officer of some sort.
“ You are T Zandall, and you are part of Clara’s entourage!” Came the voice again. T notice that when the man spoke that the side of his left side of his face was a unnatural shade of sun burnt red, and splotches of his black hairs were missing.
T smiled to himself, knowing this man was the pilot of the Vultre he downed, and said, “ I don’t recall the name. I’ve been with a lot of the womenfolk in my day, me being a savage and all.”
He expected the blow that followed and accepted it, but he did not expect to hear what the man said. “You show her such disrespect, you heathen?!” The man grabbed T by the neck and swung him towards the hatch. Author Note: I will continue this story if there is interest. Or just tell everyone my planned ending. I found another one of my longer stories too, but I'm pretty embarrassed by that one lol.

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I purchased a Liquid Devil 6950 XT new from Amazon in May. Installed it a few months later because of a move. Lasted a week and died. Sent it in. RMA since August. Just got a 6950 XT Red Devil returned to me and a used one at that.
RONAK is a piece of shit and not that it would help, here is his email address.
ronak_[email protected]
Fuck you Powercolor. When the Chinese invade, I hope they wipe you all out, thieves that you are. You must've really needed that $1200?

What trash.
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2023.02.02 21:28 markshillingburg Forced Upgrade: Sidewinder X2 Manta M4P+CB1 (long read)

Forced Upgrade: Sidewinder X2 Manta M4P+CB1 (long read)
Background: The upgrade was forced in the sense that I blew up my main board when I hot plugged the ribbon cable into the extruder and likely shorted the 24V supply to the 5V on the extruder. As a result it blew up every 5V bit on the extruder (BLTouch) and in the path on the way (x-end stop). Additionally, it fried the MOSFETs on the mainbboard that drive the heaters. They failed in such a way that the heaters were always on 100%, so there was smoke coming off the hot end.
Options: I always wanted to run Klipper but since the Raspberry Pi is essentially unobtainium, I started looking at the BTT Manta M4P + CB1. I needed a main board anyway and this option gets me about the equivalent of a Raspberry Pi 3B with it for about the same price as a main board and a Pi3B (under normal market conditions).
Reconstruction: Taking the stuff apart was easy and I made sure to label all of the connectors as I unplugged them. Some are obvious like the x-stepper and the x-endstop since they are red plugs 4-pins and 3-pins respectively, others not so much. This pinout was helpful in identifying what was what.
I then decided on the best location and orientation for mounting keeping in mind that some of the cables coming from the left gantry are on the short side and that there is a case cooling fan right in the middle of the bay. I was able to choose a location that allowed me to mount the board such that the case fan was directly over the CB1 module and the cables from the left gantry would still reach.
I mounted the board with 4 standoffs and M2 bolts/nuts, with three holes being drilled through the top of the case to secure it. The fourth, I could only use a standoff to support the board as it would have been necessary to disassemble the y-axis rails to drill through the case. Also, BTT has a printable mount for the board, but since my printer was down it was a no go for me.
I got busy plugging in stuff using the pinout diagrams in the Users Manual. I used the e-endstop plug for the filament sensor and had to make an extension cable so that it could reach. The only other adapter I had to make was for the BLTouch as it goes from a 4 pin on the Ruby board to a 5 pin on the Manta. Even still only the 2 wires were required to be connected.
Two cables that I left unconnected were the UART (connection between the main board and the touch screen TFT) and the LED [gnd, red, green, blue] connector. Frankly, I don't even know where that LED is because the one on the extruder is a neopixel and it does not need those connections. Maybe in the future I will find a way to make use of the stock TFT display through the UART.
Klipper: Klipper was pretty easy to setup by following the instruction in the Users Manual. I used the basic printer config from the Klipper site and adapted it for the pins and stepper directions for the manta board.
Impressions: I love it and it prints great without any tweaks to the extruder settings (other than pin and direction). I have printed with .4mm and .6mm nozzles from both Prusa and Cura slicers and it works flawlessly. I do miss the Touchscreen a little bit, but in all honesty it was pretty flaky to begin with.
What I learned: I learned a lot during this project about the Sidewinder X2 printer and what I personally think are some of its shortcomings as well as some things i like:
  1. Do not ever hot-plug anything on this printer. Always turn power off if you are going to tinker with something. There are virtually no protections for the circuitry.
  2. I have a love hate relationship with the flat ribbon cables. I love the asthetics and the simplicity of them. They are, however, not designed to be tinkered with. During the process of troubleshooting issues I must have plugged and unplugged the extruder cable a few dozen times. When all was put back together I found that either the BLTouch would not work or my heater on the hot end would not work. I replaced the cable with spare included with the printer and it is perfect.
  3. There parts on this printer that are literally chinese junk and you should have backups for each: x/y-endstops (have circuirty for what should be a simple contact switch), BLTouch (everyone knows the issues here), the ribbon cables (see above), Filament sensor is total garbage (false positives stopping my prints) and in Klipper I just disabled it.
  4. If something on this printer is making loud noises it is likely some loose part or plastic part resonating from the motor vibrations. I found parts on a factory fresh extruder that were loose and making a horrid noise during retraction. I tightened everything up all I here now is the fan(s).
  5. Heat breaks with PTFE near the heater block are total crap. They will jam and cause you all kinds of anxiety. Spend a few $$ on all metal heat break and save yourself some heartache.
I really think this is a great printer. For beginners, the stock version will be great until they get a clog in the PTFE heat break then all bets are off. I am getting used to Klipper but it is growing on me.
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2023.02.02 19:59 GeasLwo [US-CA][H] 70x WS Aurora Clear switches, HyperX Pudding Keycaps, barebones ilovbee 60% hotswap keyboard, and 3x3 hotswap macropad by cgmacropads [W] PayPal


70x WS Aurora Clear Switches $25 shipped
HyperX Pudding Keycaps $15 shipped
Barebones ilovbee 60% i61hotswap keyboard $15 + shipping
3x3 Hotswap Macropad by cgmacropads on Etsy $45 shipped
Hey mechmarket, thanks for looking at my listing.
First: I have 70x WS Aurora Clear switches. These are some nice affordable smooth linears with an UHMWPE bottom housing and are factory lubed. I used them for a few weeks in the ilovbee keyboard.
Second: I have a full set of HyperX Pudding Keycaps. Mounted them once on the WS Aurora switches on the ilovbee.
Third: I have a barebones ilovbee i61 60% keyboard. I've been using this board for quite a few months and it works excellent. I thought I could stand using nothing but a 60% keyboard, but found myself wanting a full size again, so I am selling it. It came with keycaps and some generic red linear switches, but I tossed those a little while back, so now I am just selling it barebones. It is a quite competent generic Chinese 60% with a newer type of hotswap socket installed on the PCB that is more robust than kailh or other commonly used ones out there (I've had awful experiences breaking kailh sockets in the past). If you just want a cheap and easy board to throw some switches in even just to test them or whatever, then this one could be for you.
Lastly: I have a 3x3 (9 switches) hotswappable Macropad by cgmacropads (Listing is here) on Etsy. I bought this over a month ago hoping I could use it to not have to swap between a layer for directional buttons on the ilovbee, but I just couldn't get used to using it. It has a 3D printed housing with transparent trim around the top that allows for RGB LEDs to shine through and is controlled by a simple program made by the creator. If you want a nice lightweight and simple macropad, then this could be for you.
Once again thanks for looking at my listing. Feel free to DM me with any questions or purchase inquiries.
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2023.02.02 19:46 chicken_tendor [SELL/SWAP] [US to US/Ajevie] I still be destashing

What up party people, let me hear some noise. So anyways I'm still offloading stuff. As one does. All prices include shipping, with discounts for buying multiple bottles because I like ya. PayPal G&S, as per the law. Recycled packaging because I simp for Captain Planet. Possibly some stickers or tea or candy, depending on what I got floating around.
I am also willing to swap! The only things I'm actively ISO is WS Jeepers Creepers, BPAL Lemongrass & Coconut and BPAL Love Lay Upon Her Eyes but I'm more than happy to look at your list! 💕 Always looking to smell new smells.
Whoomp there it is:
Alpha Musk Pumpkin Punk 5ml $10 (pulpy raw sweetened pumpkin flesh, brown sugar and buttered, cardamom soaked in heavy cream, carrot seeds, tolu, dry myrrh, touch of sweet potato mush, red amber mist)
Arcana Peaches Crave Cthon 5ml 50% full $12 (Smoked amber, black musk, terrestrial musk, oudh, rich spikenard, and subterranean peach)
BPAL Sheepfold, Moonlight 5ml full $20 (wool and hay)
BPAL We're #1 5ml full $20 (frozen strawberries and sugar syrup)
Cult Fragrance Constrictor 10ml tested a few times $12 (lemongrass, patchouli, and vetiver; with orris root, dry cotton, and earthy woods)
Cult Fragrance Wake the Dead 10ml $12 full (earth, black coffee & whipping cream)
Death & Floral The Great War 5ml $10 (Drying paint, beeswax, frozen carnations blended with fresh strawberries)
Epically Epic Hybrid Tea Rose 10ml TOL $9 _(notes in name)
Hare Witch Shoppe Lost Boys: David 10ml EDP $10 (David is a blend of Cedarwood, Rose and Lavadin. David smells like an old bookstore, a vase of overripe roses and an old journal.)
Hare Witch Shoppe Lost Boys: Paul 10ml EDP $10 (Paul is a blend of palo santo, lavadin, and vanilla. Paul smells like Paul-o santo, an attic, after it rains, earth, and Saturday morning cartoons.)
Laurel & June Countess 5ml EDP $10 (Vanilla bean with sexy white amber and hints of iso E, sandalwood and cetalox, a heavenly breeze of lilacs)
NAVA OP Ammut 5ml $20 (Organic Black Patchouli and Organic Black Vetiver deepen this scent with a little black sugar to entice this OP)
Nui Cobalt Li Hing Margarita 5ml full $18 (Chinese plum, silver tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice, Grand Marnier, and simple syrup.)
Obscura Hortus The Oft Repeated Dream 10ml $12 (amber, patchouli, raspberry, pine)
Poesie Strange Unearthly Thing 5ml above TOL $18 (moss and ivy entwined, an overturned log studded with tiny mushrooms, one ripe peach, a circle of fairy flowers, white amber)
Whisper Sisters Dirty Hippie 5ml below TOL $10 (aged patchouli, cannabis, nag champa, incense, earth)
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2023.02.02 19:34 ulrich106 Still red and warm after a week

Still red and warm after a week
I got this a week ago and it's still a bit red and warmer than I would like it doesn't hurt and it doesn't appear to be spreading. I just want to know if it's normal it's my first hand tattoo and have no clue how rough or easy the healing process is on this part of the body.
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2023.02.02 18:53 Phil33S Sightings and sleep paralysis

I was driving back home from Glasgow on Tuesday 17th Jan. I thought I was looking at a planet in the night sky whilst stopped at traffic lights when I noticed it was moving towards me. It was an Orange orb that looked to be emitting light from all areas of the object (no singular lights). I rolled down the window to see if I could hear anything, which I could not as the object travelled overhead and I finally lost sight as it went over my car. I estimate the object to be at an altitude of 1800ft to 2400ft as it was travelling through the clouds, wind speed was 1w m/s from the North West, the object was travelling east.
I was think is it a satellite or a Chinese lantern as I drove on but as I stopped at another set of lights 1/2 of a mile away the object appeared at rapid speed from the West to East and slowed down instantly. This is when I seen the orb, this time with a rectangular strip of red light at the front travelling through the clouds at the same speed as before. The confirmation of the height for me was that the red light was illuminating the condensation of the lighter area of clouds around it. Now I start to think this is not a lantern or a drone. I lose site again as I start to drive and the object travels overhead. I travel South West on the motorway and 7 miles away from the first sightings I am amazed to see the orange orb once again, travelling from North to South and stopping over the motorway. It sat stationary until I drove below the object and I lost sight as it was above me, that was the last I saw of it.
I have no idea what it was, but it wasn't a Helicopter or a plane. Absolutely no noise from the object what so ever and completely surrounded by and orange colour the same shade as the setting Sun.
I have been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was 14, I often see my room how it is when I'm in this state and the more I try and shout for help or move, the harder it gets. I have seen shadows behind me and faces infront of me. Recently I have started meditating alot asking to see craft or any friendly beings and I get this sighting. Also as I start slipping into slee paralysis I can now accept it when I reach the heavy vibration stage and I have started seeing things that have happened shortly in the future.
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2023.02.02 18:28 SmoothNarrator Looking for the perfect negative prompts [anime]

Did I miss something?
aiart, ai art, yes to ai art, ai, ai generated, ai generated art, ai generated drawing, generated by ai, drawn by ai, ai trained, trained by ai, influenced by artificial intelligence, influenced by ai art, drawn by non humans, image compression, distorted, JPEG artifacts, noisy, shaky, pixelated, unclear, artifacts, low detail, low quality, low resolution, distortion, amateur, low res, low-res, cropped body, cut off, basic, boring, botched, unprofessional, multiple views, draft, failure, fake, image corruption, irregular, uneven, unnatural, contorted, twisted, unappealing, blurry, haze, worst quality, normal quality, bad shadow, poor quality, amateur, tasteless, tacky, lacklustre, simple, plain, grainy, out of focus, fuzzy, cropped, uncentered, out of frame, body out of frame, split image, truncated, disjointed, incoherent, disorganized, jumbled, floating, objects, unreal, deformations, kitsch, unattractive, opaque, boring pose, plain background, boring, plain, standard, average, uninventive, derivative, homogenous, uncreative, ineffective, drab, amateur, censor, censored, censor_bar, text, font, ui, error, watermark, username, signature, QR code, bar code, copyright, logos, tattoos, HUD, tiling, label, watermarks, calligraphy, kanji, hanzi, hangul, hanza, chu, nom, latin, arabic, cyrillic, symbols, alphanumeric, unicode, script, artist name, logo, censor, high contrast, low contrast, High pass filter, watermarked, monotone, smooth, blur, vignette, filter, writing, oversaturation, over saturation, over shadow, gaussian, weird colors, weird face, weird fingers, blurred, grain, bad art, black-white, posterization, colour banding, grayscale, monochrome, b&w, oversaturated, black and white, no color, greyscale, poorly drawn, messy drawing, bad proportions, gross proportions, imperfection, dehydrated, misshappen, duplicate, odd, erased, morbid, hideous, smudged, double, clones, twins, sisters, same face, repeated person, bad anatomy, anatomical nonsense, malformed, misshaped body, uncoordinated body, unnatural body, long body, liquid body, deformed, mutilated, mutation, mutated, tumor, deformed body, lopsided, mangled, skin defect, disfigured, conjoined, connected, intertwined, hooked, bad body, amputation, siamese, cropped head, bad framing, out of shot, awkward poses, unusual poses, smooth skin, misshapen, gross proportions, poorly drawn face, bad face, fused face, cloned face, big face, long face, dirty face, long neck, warped face, loose face, crooked face, asymetric jaw, asymmetric chin, fake face, deformed face, extra heads, big forehead, head cut off, ugly hair, poorly drawn hair, bad drawn eyes, asymmetric eyes, unaligned eyes, crooked eyes, closed eyes, looking_away, fused eyes, poorly drawn eyes, extra eye, cross eyed, imperfect eyes, cataracts, glaucoma, strabismus, heterochromia, woobly iris, square iris, weird eyes, distorted eyes, deformed glasses, extra eyes, bright blue eyes, cross-eyed, blurry eyes, poorly drawn eyes, fused eyes, blind, red eyes, bad eyes, ugly eyes, dead eyes, bad drawn nose, fused nose, poorly drawn nose, extra nose, bad mouth, fused mouth, poorly drawn mouth, big mouth, mouth cake, cracked mouth, crooked lips, dirty teeth, yellow teeth, ugly teeth, liquid tongue, colorful tongue, black tongue, bad tongue, tongue within mouth, too long tongue, crooked teeth, yellow teeth, long teeth, bad teeth, fused ears, bad ears, poorly drawn ears, extra ears, liquid ears, heavy ears, missing ears, asymmetric ears, big ears, ugly ears, bad collarbone, fused collarbone, missing collarbone, liquid collarbone, missing limb, malformed limbs, extra limb, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, extra limb, amputee, extra limbs, different limbs proportions, decapitated limbs, mutated hands, poorly drawn hands, malformed hands, bad hands, fused hands, missing hand, extra hand, mangled hands, more than 1 left hand, more than 1 right hand, less than two hands appearing in the image, cropped hands, out of frame hands, thousand hands, mutated hands and fingers, missing hands, distorted hands, deformed hands, imperfect hands, undetailed hands, fused fingers, mutated fingers, (tentacle finger), missing fingers, one hand with more than 5 fingers, disfigured hands, one hand with less than 5 fingers, one hand with more than 5 digit, one hand with less than 5 digit, extra digit, fewer digits, fused digit, missing digit, bad digit, liquid digit, extra fingers, too many fingers, disappearing arms, short arm, missing arms, extra arms, less than two arms appearing in the image, cropped arms, out of frame arms, long arms, deformed arms, short arm, different arms proportions, multiple belly buttons, missing belly button, broken legs, disappearing legs, missing legs, extra legs, more than 2 legs, huge thighs, disappearing thigh, missing thighs, extra thighs, more than 2 thighs, deformed legs, bad thigh gap, missing thigh gap, fused thigh gap, liquid thigh gap, poorly drawn thigh gap, huge calf, disappearing calf, missing calf, extra calf, fused calf, bad knee, extra knee, broken legs, different legs proportions, mutated feet, poorly drawn feet, malformed feet, bad feet, fused feet, missing feet, mangled feet, more than 1 left foot, more than 1 right foot, less than two foot appearing in the image, cropped feet, thousand feet, mutated feet and fingers, missing feet, distorted feet, deformed feet, imperfect feet, undetailed feet, ugly feet, extra foot, long toes, extra shoes, bad shoes, fused shoes, more than two shoes, poorly drawn shoes, fused cloth, poorly drawn cloth, safety panties, safety knickers, dirty panties, fused panties, poorly drawn panties, bad panties, dirty pantie, multiple breasts, fused breasts, bad breasts, huge breasts, poorly drawn breasts, extra breasts, liquid breasts, missing breasts, more than 2 nipples, missing nipples, different nipples, fused nipples, bad nipples, poorly drawn nipples, black nipples, colorful nipples, unnatural nipples, without form nipples, withered nipples, unerect nipples, extra nipples, more than two nipples, imperfect nipples, poorly drawn vagina, bad vagina, missing vagina, hidden vagina, poorly drawn cameltoe, poorly drawn clitoris, bad clitoris, missing clitoris, hidden clitoris, animal ears, poorly drawn hairs, fused hairs, bad hairs, bad buttocks, poorly drawn buttocks, fused buttocks, missing buttocks, huge haunch, chibi, child, loli, small person, futa, male, boy, man, 3D render, photography, poorly drawn clothes, unstylish clothes, generic clothes, unsophisticated clothes, unrefined clothes
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2023.02.02 18:17 letstalkaboutbras [SELL][US] 💘 New products and bundle deals added! Drugstore to high end & limited edition makeup, palettes, skincare & more

Hello again!
Payment via PayPal G&S. Shipping starts at $4.50 for a small item depending on zip and increases with weight (USPS). Shipping from the East Coast. $10 min before shipping preferred. All item conditions are noted and pictured best as I can. Most are brand new.
Please don't ghost. It's okay if you change your mind. NIL based on timestamps. Note that I have some of these items listed on other platforms as well and will adjust the availability accordingly.
I'm very careful to keep my makeup clean and protected, keeping original packaging where I can. Smoke- and pet-free home. Always masking. See this wonderful feedback from previous buyer 1 and 2 as references 😊
Swaplist: ISO BN Dior Popeline quint. May consider BNIB ND mini blush & glow duo.
Eyes - Bundle all for $43 shipped
Face - Bundle all for $17 shipped
Brand New
Light Use - $19 shipped for all
Bundle deal: 1x Estee Lauder serum + everything else in the skincare section for $54 + shipping
Clinique Bundle Deal
All items listed and linked by category above: $20 shipped
Tarte Beauty Bundle Deal
All items listed and linked by category above: $25 shipped
Thanks for looking!
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2023.02.02 17:50 eggo Violence (A Formal Apology)

Master Wuzu Yan (五祖法演) said to an assembly,
Yesterday I went into the city and saw a puppet show. I couldn't help approaching to watch, and saw some exceptionally fine looking, others unbearably ugly. Having seen them individually moving around, walking and sitting, blue, yellow, red, and white, when I looked closely it turned out there was someone behind a blue curtain. Unable to restrain myself, I asked the puppet master's name. He said, "Old monk, just watch - why ask for a name?" At this remark of his, I simply had no reply, no reason to give. Can anyone speak for me? Yesterday I lost my reserve over there; today I pay back the principal here.
He also said,
Baiyun (白雲善藏) doesn't know how to explain Chan. The three gates open out to both sides. There is someone moving the mechanism: two sides - east flap, west flap.
He also said,
Lingyun's (霊雲志勤) verse on awakening on seeing peach blossoms says,
For thirty years I've sought out a swordsman;
how many times have the trees shed their leaves and again sprouted twigs!
Ever since seeing peach flowers once,
right up till now I've never doubted anymore.
Xuansha (玄沙師備) said,
"Right, quite right, but I daresay the elder brother is not yet through."
What 'right' is he talking about? It'll take thirty more years of study to get it.
Treasury of the Eye of True Teaching
Even the master couldn't help himself. Caught up in forms. Wrapped in rapt attention. Lost his reserve, needing to pay back the principal (or principle?). To whom can this debt be re-payed? Why was he gambling in the first place? What did he stand to win?
Q: But what if in previous lives I have behaved like Kaliraja, slicing the limbs from living men?
A: The holy sages tortured by him represent your own Mind, while Kaliraja symbolizes that part of you which goes out SEEKING. Such unkindly behavior is called lust for personal advantage. If you students of the Way, without making any attempt to live virtuously, just want to make a study of everything you perceive, then how are you different from him? [This passage is sufficient answer to those critics of Zen who affirm that Zen disregards the necessity for virtuous living. It does not disregard it at all, but does deny that Enlightenment may be gained by it-which is quite a different thing.] By allowing your gaze to linger on a form, you wrench out the eyes of a sage (yourself). And when you linger upon a sound, you slice off the ears of a sage - thus it is with all your senses and with cognition, for their varied perceptions are called slicers.
Q: When we meet all suffering with sagelike patience and avoid all mind-slicing perceptions, that which suffers with resignation surely cannot be the One Mind, for that cannot be subject to the endurance of pain.
A: You are one of those people who force the Un-becoming into conceptual molds, such as the CONCEPT of patient suffering or the CONCEPT of seeking nothing outside yourself. Thereby you do yourself violence!
Q: When the holy sages were dismembered, were they conscious of pain; and, if among them there were no entities capable of suffering, who or what did suffer?
A: If you are not suffering pain now, what is the point of chiming in like that? [This curt reply may also mean: 'Why join this assembly to study Zen-liberation, unless the frustration set up by samsaric life is painful to you?']
On the Transmission of Mind
How is it when the eyes do not linger on form? What has "virtue" to do with enlightenment? Place your bets.
The Boatman said in verse,
A thousand fathom line is let directly down;
As soon as one wave goes into motion, myriad waves follow.
The night quiet, the water cold, fish don't bite;
The full boat, empty, returns carrying the moonlight.
Xuedou (雪竇重顯) said,
"This old fellow labors without accomplishment. Or, as Yunmen (雲門文偃) said,
a single phrase of appropriate words is a myriad-eon donkey-tethering stake.
And how is this error avoided?"
After a silence, he said,
"Don't say the water's cold and fish aren't biting - right now you've come back with a full load you've hooked."
The Measuring Tap
If the bait attracts a fish that can not be hauled into the boat, what is there to do but dive in and wrestle it to the shore? If it drags you under, thrashing and wailing won't help; just drown peacefully and thank the fish for the fight.
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2023.02.02 16:47 xameca Red Boost Reviews – Ingredients That Work or Just Hype? 2023 Update

Red Boost Reviews – Ingredients That Work or Just Hype? 2023 Update
Red Boost is a nutritional supplement designed to support blood flow, making it easier to get and maintain an erection.
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Red Boost
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How Blood Flow Impacts Erections

Blood flow and blood supply play a crucial role in erection quality and overall sexual performance.
Your arteries and veins carry blood to and from the penis. Here’s what happens to blood flow when you get an erection:
During an erection, your arteries expand to increase blood flow to the penis
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When you increase blood flow – say, by taking blood flow supporting supplements or exercising more often – you make it easier to get and maintain an erection. Conditions that restrict blood flow can make it harder to maintain an erection, as can high blood sugar related conditions, high blood pressure, and other issues.

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Red Boost Ingredients

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Horny Goat Weed: Horny goat weed is rich with a natural chemical called icariin that appears to be linked to blood flow, libido, and sex drive. Used for centuries as an herbal sexual health booster, horny goat weed lives up to its name by boosting libido. It’s been proven to work in multiple major studies in humans. Some researchers believe horny goat weed also has antioxidant effects to support healthy blood flow and inflammation, which could provide further sexual health benefits.
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Fenugreek: Red Boost contains fenugreek, a root extract found in many sexual health supplements marketed to men. Used since ancient times for its purported effects on fertility, libido, and testosterone, fenugreek can rejuvenate the body and improve sexual performance in various ways. Some studies have shown fenugreek can genuinely raise testosterone levels. Although fenugreek may not work for everyone, it’s one of the most science-backed natural testosterone boosters available today.
L-Citrulline: Citrulline is an amino acid found in many preworkout supplements for its ability to support blood flow and “pump.” If you want to maximize blood flow and performance during your workout, then you might take an L-citrulline supplement. The makers of Red Boost extend that concept to sexual performance. By taking L-citrulline before sex, you can widen blood vessels and support blood flow throughout the body, making it easier to get and maintain an erection.
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Horny goat weed is one of the most important ingredients in Red Boost. Some studies show icariin, the active ingredient in horny goat weed, can help with erectile dysfunction. In fact, it’s been used in traditional Chinese medicine for that purpose for thousands of years. In this 2010 study, researchers found horny goat weed led to a significant improvement in erection quality in rats when taken at three different doses and compared to a placebo. Rats had greater erection quality based on cavernous nerve stimulation testing and assessment of intracavernous pressure (ICP), two common measurements of erection quality.
Tongkat ali is a popular natural testosterone booster that has shown some evidence it can work as advertised. In this 2013 study, researchers found tongkat ali could impact stress hormones and improve mood in a group of moderately stressed subjects. If your erection dysfunction issues are caused by stress, then tongkat ali may be able to help. A separate study on tongkat ali found it specifically led to significant increases in free and total testosterone in men and women.
Red Boost also contains fenugreek. In this 2016 study, researchers gave fenugreek or a placebo to a group of 60 healthy male subjects. Participants took 600mg of fenugreek extract per day for 8 weeks. Researchers found participants in the fenugreek group had significant anabolic and androgenic activity compared to the placebo group, suggesting fenugreek could increase free and total testosterone while stimulating overall testosterone production.
L-citrulline may the most science-backed ingredient in Red Boost. L-citrulline has been shown to improve blood flow in multiple studies. In this 2017 study, for example, researchers examined the effects of L-citrulline on a group of older adults. Researchers found L-citrulline improved blood pressure and improved muscle blood flow during exercise, which validates L-citrulline’s effectiveness as a preworkout.
It’s also true that stinging nettle can support prostate health, as advertised by the makers of Red Boost. In this 2013 study, researchers found stinging nettle extract could help patients with benign prostate hyperplasia, reducing symptoms and improving outcomes. However, there’s limited formal evidence that stinging nettle can significantly improve sexual performance.
Overall, Red Boost contains a blend of ingredients linked to blood flow, libido, testosterone, and sexual performance. Although we have little information about the dosages or concentrations of these ingredients, it’s possible Red Boost can support its advertised benefits to relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

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You can contact the makers of the Hard Wood Tonic system and the Red Boost customer support team via the following:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing Address: 1140 Highbrook Street, Suite 400, Akron, OH 44301
The company also does business under the name Jetpack or Claro Media. Claro Media is a Toronto-based ecommerce company.

Final Word

Red Boost is a blood flow supporting nutritional supplement featuring a blend of herbs, plants, and nutrients to support cardiovascular health in various ways, making it easier to get and maintain an erection.
By taking two capsules of Red Boost daily, you may be able to support blood flow and sexual health without the side effects of medication.
To learn more about Red Boost or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website.
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2023.02.02 16:01 Simarphius_Renesans When Qixi festival occur?

Greetings from Poland!
I red that the Qixi festival takes place on the seventh day of the seventh month when both of constellations can be seen. But the question I ask is when that occurs. And yes I know that the Chinese calendar is not constant like the gregorian, but I would like to know when approximately (August or September).
I wouldn't ask if I could find it, but believe me, I can't.
Any help would be extremely appreciated!
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2023.02.02 15:51 OkAd9984 How do I go about this situation?

This is gonna be a long one, so get ready.
I'm 18(M) and he's 23(M)
I graduated high school last June, so I started taking a couple of classes at my community college this semester. I met him, he was flirty and seemed interested in talking to me, and he is in both of my classes, so we started doing homework with another friend, a few days later (both I and our friend) went to his apartment. We just hung out and did some homework. I remember him again being flirty, and he gave me a hug, and not just a hug, an embrace, basically. At this point, I was basically in love lol.
Today, I was running a few minutes late to class, and he texted me, "Wya", I don't know if I was reading into it too much, but it just seemed like he really wanted me to be there. And after our classes, he asked me if I was coming (with them to run an errand or something), and he seemed almost a little sad that I said no. But, about two hours later, I texted him and asked if he could help with the homework (I honestly just wanted to hang out, even though I probably did need help with it lol.) He said yeah, and he said to give him 30 minutes, then I can come over.
I came over, and I said I was hungry, so we went out to eat. We picked a random place that ended up being a nice, sit-down Chinese restaurant. And he was (kind of) joking, saying it was a date. This was a pretty good "date" actually, we talked a lot about our childhood, & growing up. He did mention girlfriends, which was probably a huge red flag, but I just thought he was Bi or something. [he covered the bill as well] We went back to his place, and we got in his bed together, and we actually started watching the new Last of Us show. Mind you, I was cuddled up on him the WHOLE TIME, and the first episode is over an hour long. We finish the episode, and then I ask him this.
"I'm not good at reading these things, but I don't want to make you uncomfortable by cuddling up on you, are you..." He didn't really let me finish.
He said, "no, I like girls. I thought I told you about my past girlfriends"
We started doing homework after this kind of... we talked, and he said, "I really like you, and people always think I'm gay, but I'm just not attracted to boys. I think you are funny and attractive, but I like girls." We talked for probably an hour, and he also talked about his ex again and how he felt heartbroken when she broke up with him. He was also kind of touchy with too when we were talking, but idk, I was too, honestly. We are still friends, too and he walked me downstairs.
I don't really know what my intention of writing this is, I guess it was the first time I felt sexy and wanted by a guy before, and I really leaned into that.
If you have any advice for me that would be amazing! Thank you for reading :)
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2023.02.02 15:29 SkullySkellington Venting about my life

I feel like I've wasted 9 years of my life. I did everything for my soon to be ex-husband. I worked while he stayed home with our dogs playing video games 24/7. He never wanted to work, cook, and clean, so he left me to do it all because he was busy with his friends gaming online. He'd also looked after our dogs while i was at work. I don't drive cause of anxiety(im working on it now), so I would rely on him to pick me up and drop me off. He was always late picking me up cause he would go to sleep really late. Most of the time, he wouldn't even be bothered to come get me, and I had to walk an hour before we moved and after took transportation. We had a polyamory relationship sort of. I gave him permission to sleep with other women because I just wasn't very sexual, sometimes be in pain, and he has a very high sex drive. I wasn't allowed to sleep or flirt with men. He gave me lots of excuses on why I wasn't allowed to talk to other men or be with them. We were doing OK sort of we had our fights and I almost left him twice because of how he just kept treating me and not going to lie I started chatting online with this guy who I knew for 7 years but, only saw him as a friend until we started gaming and I grew feelings.(was couple years ago) My communications skills werent the best, but it was difficult to try and talk to someone who was glued to his pc and would tell me not to bother him. 1st time wasn't because of the guy I wanted to better myself and join the military to get away from my spouse, but I would still support him from far away cause I still cared about him. 2nd time I was just really fed up with him not helping me with anything and he would yell at me and tell me to stop asking him to do chores cause he hates them especially washing dishes, he threated to break all the dishes in the house if i kept asking him. Once I hid his mouse for his computer for not helping me with anything, he went on a rant and yelled at me made me feel like what I was doing was wrong and I was a manipulating him. He said how I wasn't his mom and to stop treating him like he was a child. The only time my spouse would give me attention was when he wanted sex, then would get mad at me for times i just couldn't because I was in pain or just really wanted to go back to sleep. (I work nights) The guy I was chatting with told me how he would help me, and everything would be 50/50. He liked me, but he mostly just wanted to help me out of my situation. Because I loved my soon to be ex-husband, I decided to stay with him since he kept telling me he would change and start to treat me better. Friend and I ended our friendship for good cause my spouse didn't want me to have anything to do with him anymore. Then, a year later, this new girl joined us and moved herself in. There were a lot of problems with her. She kept plotting to get rid of me and just kept breaking all my rules I had and was just so many red flags about her. I've seen the texts that they had on snapchat, but he kept telling me nothing is wrong, and I had nothing to worry about it's just lies, and he's telling her to keep her around longer. Boy, was I wrong. They got matching tattoos of Eevee, a pokemon I have loved since I was a kid and was also the name of my niece, so it was extremely special to me. She told me i wasn't allowed to get it when she knew it was something special, and so did he. They both knew i was planning on getting an eevee tattoo for several months since my older brother and his wife have one. They got it because of a mini aussie she got for replacing another miscarriage she had.(she gets dogs to replace her miscarriages). He just told me to get a different one for now. Some more problems happened between us, which is a lot list. She kept yelling at me, would tell her to stop it, so she called me a fat cow, and I called her some nasty names back, including a homewrecker since she is one. I found out much later that she has done this a few times with other couples. I thought she was polyamory/unicorn, but, nope, it was just some more of her lies that she told. She lies about many things to get what she wants, including sympathy for things. She likes to pretend she's a good person, but she's not. Just like him, both enjoy being manipulative and using others. She had to go away for a while, which won't say cause it's private. My spouse was very upset by it, and i told him to leave her alone because i was hurt too much by both of them. But her mom cried to him for his help. He even would cry to me. She's hit him, called the cops, ice, many racial slurs and cheated on him several times, but he didn't care. He used my car every day to see her, including on my birthday. I took care of her dogs she had 3, but my spouse rehomed two of her dogs because they arent trained what so ever, she loves dogs but, doesnt put in any effort to train them so they would attack two of my dogs so we didnt have a choice. Plus, taking care of 6 dogs, cooking, cleaning, and working is just too exhausting for me to do alone. I told him many times i was done with the open relationship, and i wanted us to focus on ourselves, but he said no, he needs sex and i can't give him what he wants so he isnt allowing it. Took him to get his hair done which cost me about $200+ and then took him to get a tattoo which was about $400+, and even went with him to pay for him to get a massage and happy ending cause he was upset about the girl, so i wanted to distract him and help boost his self esteem, even though they both destroyed mine. They both even ruined the visit with my mom and little brother who i hardly even see because they live in a different state. The day before she came back, my husband broke up with me, saying, "How he's tired of having to rely on me all the time." He also admitted he just doesn't love me the same anymore. He wants to better himself because he's tired of not putting in effort, and he feels like he's garbage. I fell into a huge depression and I'm still dealing with it. Still cry, get angry, have panic attacks, and have many sleepless nights. I did what I could to try and fix the relationship, but nothing worked. They took the house we lived in, and now I'm with my in-laws, which are two houses away from the house they stole from me. He took some of my dogs. I had 3 but adopted the one the other girl abandoned in her room, Eevee. Felt bad for the dog. Poor dog was scared of leaving her room since she had her, until I started to look after it. So they took my aussies since they want to breed them.(which they did and I had to rescue cause she left her pregnant dog outside and the puppies were frozen one didnt make it, but because I was there i was able to turn the heater I have outside on for them and the 2 survived) My two dogs are still with him since I don't have a place to move them in with me. Might have to rehome one of them, which will break my heart but, its hard on me, and I know need to do whats best for my dogs. They still have a lot of my things, but I'm not allowed to ask for it back. I dont have space for it anyway, but it still sucks. I'm still working on trying to move to a new place. I should have listened to everyone. My family, his family, and even our own friend groups warned me about him, but I was too in love and actually believed he loved and cared about me. Before he left, he made sure to have sex one last time. He told me never to tell anyone that it'll be our little secret. He's still working on getting the divorce, while they both still make my life a living hell. They enjoy watching me suffer. By this, I mean they use my dogs against me since I'd do anything for my dogs. He threatens not to allow them to stay anymore. They flirt in front of me and even made sure to have sex with the window open so i could hear it. He keeps telling me that he cares about me and that he just doesn't want to be homeless, so he's using her. How we should still be friends and we don't know what the future holds that we could end up back together. In the beginning, I liked the idea of us getting back together. But now I dont, I regret him so much. I gave him everything, even went homeless for him. I went above and beyond for him to always make sure he was happy while destroying myself. He doesn't think what he's done to me was a big deal. He left me in debt, and since he doesn't work, I'm still paying some things for him. I do know I am to blame as well. I let him get away with everything, I believed he loved me and cared about me, I allowed myself to be used for 9 years by him. Allowed myself to be manipulated by him. I allowed him to treat me like I was nothing. Simp too hard for him, which blinded me.
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2023.02.02 15:27 Bluemoonroleplay My personal headcanon for KR(Pls comment your opinions below)

Given below is my personal headcanon for Kaiserreich by the year 1944. I wrote it just today. Please comment your thoughts down below. I also have a fixed headcanon for the fate of the military and economies of each of the great powers and Russia so thats written down too.

Germany and her allies fought the Third Internationale led by Sorelian Totalist France, Agrarian socialist Italy and Britain on one side and Boris Savinko's National Populist Russia on the other.
The bloody second Weltkreig has come to a shockingly abrupt end as the victorious Germans have signed a second peace with honour with the Union of Britain whos island fortress the Germans were unable to conquer. Many in the whole Reichspakt including numerous generals of the German high command are complaining of this outcome as going against the ideals of the Pakt. Nevertheless due to casualties being in the millions already and the resulting civilian demands for peace on both sides, this remains the reality of Europe for now.
Despite the one blot, the rest of the war has been a total victory for the Kaiserreich as it has kicked socialism out of mainland Europe. Germany is ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm III. Its all-powerful armies and those of its Reichpakt alliance have swept everything before them and defeated the British, the French and the Russians on two fronts.
The German Reichstag is led by Reichskanzler Julius Curtius of the Nationalliberale Partei.
Notes on the regime
Curtius's regime has always focused on reforming Mitteleuropa in a more fair economic union, and expanding it into the rest of Europe. He sees the ‘attractive’ union as a way to shackle other economies to the German one, furthering Germany by promoting European peace and enlarging its market.
Notes on the victorious German military and its economy
1)The German army and general staff have won the war thanks to the adoption of an infantry focused doctrine laid out by von Hammerstein-Equord which states that the fighting spirit of the infantry and well-trained battalions backed with the highest quality weapons available acting in perfect coordination is the key to success.
2)The German Luftwaffe is stictly organized in the role of close air support and divebombing for ground forces rather than as an independent force. Many military analysts jokingly call it the 'wife' of the army but this wife sure contributed immensely to the total German victories in the brutal 2nd Weltkrieg. The Hansa-Brandenburg company is at the forefront of German aircraft manufacturing.
3)The German Kriegsmarine(navy) follows the doctrine of Mannovergruppen laid out by Patzig and Raeder reliant on mobile airbase, carrier ships and extensive support from the Luftwaffe. Thus maneuverability and air action reigns over heavy blows or large naval encounters.
4)The German industry is dominated by Siemens. The powerful company is undoubtedly the heart of the German economy and the Kaiser's extensive favour and his generous subsidies made the company the architect of the nation's black Monday recovery. The company is responsible for building most of Germany's massive highway system and for improving its railroads with the 'Deutsche Bahn' project.
5)Following black monday, the imperial government bailed out the Junkers and other massive landowning estates to preserve them and also abolished the faulty gold standard for more modern methods.
6)Since the advent of black monday, the German empire has formed a Europakommission of all nations in Mitteleuropa. This body focuses on harmonizing industrial regulations across Mitteleuropa and unifying the economies of its members over time. The new commission has also formed a united allied army called the 'Paktbrigaden' as a peace keeping force.
Russia is a German puppet Republic led by the authoritarian democratic President Pavel Bermondt-Avalov.
Germany has also created the puppet republics of the Central Asian federation, Don Kuban Union and Armenia.
Despite several attempts at cooperation, the Entente failed to achieve common ground with the Reichspakt.
After conquering and establishing their own puppet state in France, Germany found itself at war with National France. This was no contest however as National France fell quickly to German might, Morroccan support and Tuareg rebellions.
In Canada the fall of National France and the German peace with the UOB led to the collapse of the Entente. John Diefenbaker and his Nationalists declared Canadian independence and King Edward now faces an uncertain future.
France is now a German puppet kingdom ruled by King Francois III and its parliament is headed by the German sympathizing authoritarian democratic Prime minister Zinovy Peshkov.
Italy is a federal republic led by the social democratic President Carlo Rosselli of the Lega Democratica Riformista. Ivanoe Bonomi of the social liberal Partido Liberale Democratico party is Prime minister due to being the second largest party in terms of seats.
Notes on the Republican military
1)The army follows the doctrine of Rodolfo Graziani which states that the most agile army is the most successful. Armoured cars and cruiser tanks are used to achieve quick strategic breakthroughs. The Arditi and Alpini elite troops have also been improved and modernized.
2)The airforce is focused on maintaining air support over the battlefield via the use of fighter planes.
3)The navy is focused on taking the fight to the enemy via the use of capital ships and armoured cruisers.
Pope Julius IV reigns in the Vatican. Formerly Cardinal Alfredo Schuster, he is a man renowned for his passion. He has been involved in the running of the Papal State for many years, and, as the former Archbishop of Milan, has declared syndicalism to be an evil he will battle until it is eradicated from the Earth.
The Union of Britain now remains the lone star of socialism and while numerous German treaties forbid it from interacting with socialists on the continent, it remains proud and red. The Union of Britain is a Totalist Sorelian government under Chairman John Beckett of the National Syndicalist League. The Sorelians are anti-Semitic, anti-intellectual, anti-democratic, support the usage of violence, believe in the idea of the general strike as a sort of “social/national myth”, the rejuvenation of the spirit of both the proletariat and the bourgeoisie and are fierce nationalists.
Notes on the UOB navy and airforce.
1)Since before the second Weltkreig, the British Revolutionary admiralty(navy) follows the doctrine of Admiral Edmund Anstice. His doctrine asserted the necessity of controlling the skies above the oceans. The British navy thus rapidly increased its naval aviation and carrier production while also expanding their dockyards.
2)The John Brown and Company's union has the lion's share of British naval production as its the best carrier manufacturer in the union.
3)Unlike most other airforces in the world, the British airforce has always focused almost equally on fighters and bombers alike.
4)The Short company's union has the lion's share of British aircraft manufacturing as its manufacturing is sound and also because its the best its the best light bomber manufacturer in the union.
5)The Marconi Syndicate worker's company has seen much success in the civilian and pseudo-military industrial sectors because of government support and wartime boom.
The Republic of Flanders-Wallonia is ruled by the National Populist President Leon Degrelle of the Rex party. The Rexists are ultranationalists who came to power after the fall of the monarchy and the subsequent collapse of the nation and then the republic of Wallonia. Degrelle then restored Flanders-Wallonia by crushing the Flanderian Syndicalists and further went on to aid Germany in a tense yet firm alliance.
Ireland is led by the social conservative President Frank McDermott of the NCP party.
The kingdom of Netherlands is a German puppet state ruled by Queen Juliana's husband Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld as regent because the queen has been declared unfit to rule. Real power rests with the pro-German military Junta under General Izaak Herman Reijnders.
Notes on Dutch industry
1)Philips electronics is the most successful company in the Netherlands and dominates Dutch industry.
Kaiser Karl I rules the United States of Greater Austria. The nation is a federation of equals ruled by the Austrian Habsburg monarchy and is somewhat modelled upon the USA. The parliament is currently headed by Prime minister Josef Bily of the social conservative Christlichsoziale party.
Some information about the Vienna empire
1)The Austrian imperial army follows the defensive doctrine of Chief of staff Feldmarschall-Leutnant Alfred Janša von Tannenau. He believes that thorough planning and preparation are the best way to conduct a war, wanting to improve communications between commanders in order to limit casualties as much as possible. The Leopold Gasser firearms company is at the forefront of Austrian arms manufacturing thanks to this new doctrine.
2)The Austrian airforce, the k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppen was modernized in the late 30s and also adopted a new doctrine. It follows the doctrine of Generalmajor Alexander Löhr. Löhr is a proponent of strategic bombing and granting the Fliegerkorps further independence from the Army. With heavy bombers, the Fliegerkorps can bring the fight to any enemies of the Monarchy and destroy its military capabilities and morale. The Hansa-Brandenburg company is at the forefront of Austrian aircraft manufacturing thanks to their heavy bomber outputs.
3)In recent years, the Semperit chemical company has emerged as a major player in the empire's industry.
Carlist Spain is an autocratic monarchy ruled by the Carlist King Carlos VIII. Tomás Domínguez Arévalo is Prime minister.
The Kingdom of Portugal is ruled by King Duarte II. He rules as an absolute monarch and has established a 'Monarchy of morals'. Under his rule, centralism has been pursued, royal edicts are supreme, syndicalists are hunted and republican parties have been banned. The navy has also been strengthened to handle the burden of sustaining the vast Portuguese empire.
Since the disappearance of Duke Adolf Friedrich, the United Baltic Duchy is ruled by an eternal regency under the National Populist regent Rudiger von der Goltz of the Baltic brotherhood. Above all else, it is a religious order which pronounces a new reading of the Bible, dismissing the validity of the Old Testament and viewing Christ as a savior from “the Jewish god”. It views the Baltic Germans to be the moral shepherds of Europe - their history is one of religious warfare and crusader spirit, therefore, they have a natural role of spiritual guidance to all other peoples of the continent. It has subjugated the society of the Baltic state under totalitarian control, transformed its economy into a supplier for the Baltische Landeswehr, and is on its way to rapidly industrialize the country. Its soldiers have fought fanatically to death against the Russians and also against the Syndicalists in the second Weltkrieg.
Poland is an authoritarian democratic German puppet kingdom ruled by King August IV, the fourth son of Kaiser Wilhelm II.
The Kingdom of Lithuania is ruled by King Mindaugas III(Albrecht von Urach of Württemberg) and his social liberal Prime minister Stanisław Narutowicz. Having come to power after the assassination of King Vytautas in the late 30s, Narutowicz crowned Albrecht as King and then set about his plan of building a new more democratic regime, based on cooperation between all major establishment parties, and turning Lithuania into a federal country, based on modern western nations such as Switzerland.
Notes on life in the regime
1)The economy has been given a boost with radical land reform, the setting up of trade schools for future businessmen and encouragement of agribusiness. A modern road has also been built connecting Vilnius and Białystok with the help of other RP nations.
2)Socialist radicals have been removed and basic welfare laws have been passed to ensure that they never rise again.
3)Federalism has been fully adopted and the rights of minorities has been guaranteed however the regime has also made Lithuania a firmly Christian nation. Christian values are encouraged and Christian education acts have been passed. All this is being done to redefine Lithuanian culture as a modern self reliant Christian nation. The adoption of mass media and land reform to reduce power of the German Junkers in Lithuania in favor of Lithuanian peasantry has also been done for the same goal of establishing a new Lithuania.
White Ruthenia is ruled by the authoritarian democratic Chairman of the Central Rada(council), Radaslau Astrouski. He rules the country with support from the military and the National Democratic Association.
Ukraine is a German puppet state ruled by the paternal autocratic Hetman Pavlo Skoropadsky of the Soiuz Hetmantsiv Derzhavnykiv(All-Ukrainian Nationalist) party. The regime rules Ukraine in collaboration with and is supported by rich industrialists, landowners, capitalists, German investors and the right wing military. All leftist dissent is swiftly crushed.
Notes on Ukrainian military and industry
1)In the war, Ukraine was at the frontlines against the Russians. It won the war thanks to its army which focuses on Ivan Chernyakhovsky's plan of using armoured tanks and fast motorized thrusts on the steppes of Ukraine and Russia.
2)The Ukrainian airforce focuses on bombing enemy targets whenever possible.
3)In the late 30s, the Ukrainian government launched a massive electrification and industrial expansion program. This was achieved with massive German loans and Reichspakt investments.
Sweden is a parliamentary monarchy under King Gustaf V. Parliament is lead by Prime minister Gosta Bagge of the social conservative 'Allmanna Valmansforbundet' party.
Norway is a German puppet state ruled by King Haakon VII and led by the National Populist Prime minister Bernhard Hjort. Hjort adores the Prussian reactionary culture and has taken harsh measures to crush all remaining revolutionary tendancies in Norway.
The Kingdom of Denmark is ruled by King Frederick IX. Since the late 30s riots, the King has adopted an auhtoritarian democratic loyalist parliment led by Prime minister Victor Pürschel of the Def Konservative Folkeparti. The market liberal Venstre party under Knud Kristensen is given some power in the cabinet as a compromise to keep peace.
Finland is led by the agrarian social liberal President Kyosti Kallio of the Maalaisliitto party.
Iceland is a pro-Canadian republic. The Canadians have fortified the island for their own purposes and established a friendly government under the paternal autocratic President Thor Thors of the home rule party.
The Tsardom of Bulgaria is nominally ruled by Tsar Boris III. Real power is held by the paternal autocratic Prime minister Pencho Zlatev of the Zveno. The Zveno are an elitist clique of ivory tower intellectuals and officers frustrated with what they perceive as internal weakness and inaction, and seeing themselves as the saviors from this disorder. They also desire a moral revival of Bulgaria by encouraging a simple rural life, curbing drug habits and cultural degeneracy.
Initially losing the 4th Balkan war against the Belgrade pact, Bulgaria bounced back by aiding Austria against the pact and reclaimed its greater borders.
Albania is ruled by King Wilhelm I of Wied. It has annexed Northern Epirus from Greece.
After the defeat of the Belgrade pact by Austria, a new order was established in the Balkans.
Greece is an Austrian puppet ruled by King Pavlos I who was restored to the throne by the paternal autocratic ex-prime minister Ioannis Metaxas shortly before the latter's death. Presently the paternal autocrats continue to dominate parliament under Prime minister Alexandros Koryzis.
Romania is an Austrian puppet ruled by King Michael I.
Serbia is an Austrian puppet ruled by the social conservative King Peter II.
The kingdom of Georgia is ruled by the paternal autocratic King Giorji IX. He is an absolute monarch guided only by a clique of ultranationalist and traditionalist military generals called the 'Tetri Giorji association' led by General Kakutsa Cholokashvili. The regime and its secret police have violently purged every citizen suspected of being socialist, enforced state orthodoxy, cracked down on media and heavily militarized the nation. On the economic side the regime has nationalized many foreign investments and engaged in various rural development schemes.
Azerbaijan is a German puppet republic led by the authoritarian democratic President Mehmed Emin Resulzade and Prime minister Suleyman Rustam. The country is riddled with the influence of German oil companies and the black gold flows on!
Morrocco is ruled by the paternal autocratic Sultan Mohammed V. Morrocco is a member of the victorious Reichpakt.
In the middle east, the Cairo pact formed to crush the Ottoman empire succeeded in its ambitions. Following the Ottoman defeat, Egypt and Iran have divided up the middle east between themselves with the Egyptians taking Syria-Palestine and Iran annexing Kurdistan.
Iraq is led by the authoritarian democratic President Yasin al-Hashimi of the HIW party.
Egypt is ruled by Sultan Farouk I while parliament is dominated by Prime minister Ahmed Mahir of the Hizb al-Ahrar al-Dusturiyyin(Social liberal) party. Egypt has turned to pharaonism, an idea that Egypt's golden age was during it's ancient pharaonic past.
Iran is ruled by Sayyed Hasan Taquizadeh and his social democrats who have formed the republic of Iran
Saudi Arabia is led by Emir Abdulaziz Ibn Saud. It dominates the Arabian peninsula and has annexed the lands of the Rashids of Jabal Shammar, Yemen, Muscat and the state of Hejaz.
Following its defeat against the Cairo pact, the Ottoman empire collapsed and the Sultan went into exile. Turkey is now ruled by Ismet Inonu and his authoritarian democratic Cumhuriyet Haik party.
Status of AdenThe port of Aden was granted to the local Yemeni government in the early 1940s in exchange for trade treaties.
The massive Germany colony of MittelAfrika collapsed in 1941 due to widespread corruption and mismanagement. SudwestAfrika is what remains of the once large colony. The colony is now ruled in the Kaiser's name by Statthalter Dr. Rudolf Asmis of the authoritarian democratic Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft party. Being a slight reformist, he has instituted a new policy called 'Bezirksleiterrecht' which legitimizes and formalizes local and tribal law for the native population.
Since there are very few pilots in the colony, it uses foreign mercenaries for the job.
The Republic of South Africa is led by the paternal autocratic President Daniel Francois Malan of the National Party.
Meanwhile India was finally united by the Azad Hind government and is ruled by the Hindutvavadi(Hindu nationalist) National populist President Vinayak Damodar Savarkar who has also renamed the country to Hindustan. To India's northwest lies Pakistan which is ruled by the ageing market liberal President Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
America has recently recovered from the bloody second American civil war. The American Union State is led by the paternal autocratic President General George Van Horn Moseley of the War Powers Committee. The Committe came to power after removing William Dudely Pelly and his Silver Legion from power in a silent coup.New Orleans has been declared as the new capital of the nation.
Notes on the Union
1)Following peace, the various leaders, generals and supporters of the federalist and other 'Old America' faction caught in custody were put on trial. Eventually most of the leadership was hanged or shot while the generals and supporters were discharged and given harsh warnings.
2)Following peace, the various leaders, generals and supporters of the Socialist faction caught in custody were put on trial. Eventually most of the leadership was hanged or shot while the generals and supporters were discharged and given harsh warnings.
3)Following peace, trials were held for various companies which supported tyrants, traitors and rebels. The results are thus.a)All such companies have been pardoned and allowed to operate.
Mexico is ruled by Partido Laborista Mexicano(social democrat) President Manuel Avila Camacho. Woman Soldaderas which were so prevalent during the revolution are no longer allowed or encouraged to serve in the army.
The Mexican army is focused on guerrilla tactics, decentralized command, night ambushes and small unit tactics rather than conventional warfare.
The Central American confederation is a democratic union of Central American states. At present it is ruled by President Juan Baurista Sacasa and his social liberal party.
Cuba is a Paternal autocratic military Junta ruled by President Martin Diaz Tamayo, a right wing general and counter-revolutionary. It is rumoured that he has made secret deals with the American Mafia commission to make Cuba the casino and night life capital for global tourists.
The Dominican republic is led by President Pedro Henríquez Ureña of the Social Democrat Partido Independiente(Independent party).
Haiti is led by the social consevartive Nationalist President Stenio Vincent.
Colombia is ruled by the radical socialist President Jorge Eliecer Gaitan of the UNIR party.
The Socialist Republic of Venezuela is led by the Syndicalist President Gustavo Machado of the Partido Socialista de Venezuela party. Despite his revolutionary rhetoric, there was nothing that the Americans could do to stop his accession to power as they were still busy in the second ACW.
The People's Republic of Ecuador is led by the Totalist President Dolores Cacuango of the MME party. In the late 30s Ecuador focused on rebuilding it's economy by improving its inner Sierra heartland with its villages and mountain plantations.
The Popular Republic of Piruw is a Totalist regime under President Gamaliel Churata and his PTP party. Having enforced a union over Bolivia, it's power is absolute. The regime has an unconventional ideology. According to them, the medieval Incan empire was a perfect model of leftism and thus this party wants to recreate a Pseudo-Incan empire.
Southern South AmericaSouth America is dominated by a strong alliance between revolutionary governments in Brazil and Argentina.
The Argentine Commune is led by the Syndicalist President Severino de Giovanni of the radical anarchist wing of the Union de Sindicatos Argentinos party. With a very harsh stance against religion, inequality and nationalism, the party is trying to sweep out whatever remains of the old Argentina.
Paraguay is an Argentine puppet led by the Syndicalist President Lucas Ibarrola of the Partido Sindicalista de Paraguay party.
Uruguay has been annexed by Argentina.
The United Communes of Brazil is led by the radical socialist President Djalma Maranhão(Rural reformist) of the Confederacao Geral do Trabalho-Federacao Anarquista Brasileira party.
Notes on Autonomist Brazil
1)Since coming to power the Autonamistas have shrinked the state, collectivized all fields and factories, promoted Christian values and attempted to end hunger fully.
2)The concept of banks has been ended entirely in favor of a governmental process.
3)People's militias have been formed to defend each region of Brazil from outside and inside enemies of the revolution.
Chile is led by the Syndicalist President Marmaduke Grove of the Partido Sindicalista Chileano party.
East Asia
Japan is ruled by Emperor Hirohito. Actual politics are dominated by the paternal autocratic Kokumin Domei party under Prime minister Hideki Tojo. International observers note that the party functions like the military establishment allying with elements of the bureaucracy to try and create a total war state, while leaving most of the formalities of the Meiji constitution and the fictions of civilian rule intact (helped by large swathes of the civilian elite being enthusiastic partners in the project).
Notes on the Japanese military and economy
1)Since the mid and late 30s, the imperial Japanese army operates on the principle of total war readiness. Institutions like the Kokumin Giyu Sentotai(Patriotic citizen's fighting corps) ensure that the Japanese army is massive like a human tsunami and fanatically loyal to the emperor. After all nothing beats waves and waves of unending numbers.
2)Since the 30s, the Tokyo Gas and Electric corporation has seen exceptional profits and has gotten the most military tank contracts partly due to imperial favour and because it's the best heavy tank manufacturer in Japan.
3)The Kawanichi aircraft company tops the Japanese airforce market. It's considered No.1 in the manufacturing of light bombers and this coupled with imperial favour has put the company above the rest.
4)For the last few years, the Nippon Electric company has seen much success in the Japanese civilian and pseudo-military industry sectors thanks to imperial favour and decisive political alliances.
Since black monday, the Japanese empire has stagnated immensely and its grand plans of conquests were never carried out.
The only Japanese conquest that has went effectively since the late 30s is that of Hawaii and other American Pacific islands which have been annexed into the empire.
The Socialist Republic of the Phillipines by the Syndicalist President Crisanto Evangelista of the Robolusyonaryong party. Shortly after his takeover, landlords were murdered, farm animals slaughtered, and many fields were put to the torch.
Indochina has secured it's independence as a sovereign nation following a brutal war with the German colonists. After the war, the New Viet Revolutionary party under Totalist President Pham Van Dong has seized power. Van Dong and many old guards of the revolution, influenced by the vanguardist doctrine of French Jacobins, believe that absolute secrecy and iron discipline is the only way to prevent another tragedy like 1926 and formed a vanguard party which now rules Vietnam.
The remaining parts of Deutsch-Ostasien are managed by Grossadmiral Hellmuth von Mucke.
Insulindia remains a Dutch colonial possesion.
Siam is ruled by King Prajadhipok and the authoritarian democratic Khana Ratsadon parliament.
Burma is ruled by the social conservative President Kodaw Hmaing. Though a monarchist, Hmaing was forced to become President after the monarchy referendum rejected restoration.
After a bitter war of annihilation, China and Japan finally signed a peace according to which, China gained all of mainland China(including Manchuria) and Korea(liberated as a puppet) while the Japanese empire has managed to retain its colonial positions elsewhere due to its unquestionable naval superiority.
The United Provinces of China is a market liberal regime under federalist President Hu Shih.
To the east Mongolia and Tibet had defeated and divided the domains of the Ma Clique among themselves in the late 30s.
Mongolia along with Tibet and Xinxiang have been annexed by the Chinese unification government.
Afghanistan is ruled by President Fath Sherkhanzai of the social democratic pro-western party.
Nepal is ruled by the paternal autocratic Prime minister Juddha Shumsher Jang Bahadur of the Rana dynasty while King Tribhuvan, the official leader of the country remains a venerable prisoner in the royal palace.
Bhutan is ruled by the King Jigme Wangchuck who carefully balances the reformist and traditionalist factions with a semi-reformist political doctrine.
Powerful, isolated and aloof. The land down under remains unaffected by the outcome of the wars in Europe and the Americas.The Republic of Australasia is led by the paternal autocratic Prime minister Percy Stephensen of the AFM party.
Puerto Rico is led by the social liberal President Ernesto Ramos Antonini of the Liberal party.
In the Horn of Africa, the delicate peace between Ethiopia and Somalia which had been established during and after the first Weltkrieg quickly fell apart after black monday and the outbreak of the second Weltkrieg. In the resulting war Somalia defeated and occupied Ethiopia. The province of Harar was annexed to Somalia while the rest of Ethiopia remains under an unstable eternal occupation.
The Boqorate of Somalia is ruled by Boqor Maxamud Cali Shire.In the late 30s, the Boqor turned the crisis of black monday and rural famines into opportunity by cracking down upon the power of the various feudal Suldans, tribal warlords and other nobles. His absolutist rule is often described as being paternal autocratic.
In Somalia, the important Khat plant has recently been taxed and exports of the same have started.
Eritrea remains under Somali Ethiopia.
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2023.02.02 14:37 SLUSHBOI69 If you had a gang in the TR universe, what would you call yourselves? What colour would be your uniform and what would be your logo? Lastly, what would you stand for/aim to achieve?

Idk what I’d name my gang but I’d probably be too indecisive anyways and end up thinking of a cringey name. [‘Hades’ sounds cool, like the God of the underworld. Huh maybe I can use that name for my base of operations]
For me idk probably like black, red and accents of gold? Logo would be smth using sharp tribal tattoos (lame am I right?). [Maybe add one dog head on each shoulder like Cerberus and also the symbol of Hades too]
I’d probably intend to try and rise to the top, lose too many friends then leave the life behind 💀
Interested what u guys have in mind!
Edit: thought up more answers to my own post
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