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Smiling Faces. Beautiful Places.

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For everyone that calls Aiken, SC home.

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South Carolina is the best Carolina!

2023.02.01 19:11 myhousebiggeno 9 Aiken Street, Charleston, SC 29403

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2023.01.25 19:02 myhousebiggeno 9 Aiken Street, Charleston, SC 29403

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2023.01.25 12:12 DScholaris HISTORY OF COMPUTERS

A computer has become the most popular tool of the 20th and 21st Century as a main management tool. It is used in dissemination of mass information around the world to being a control mechanism of our daily lifestyles.
The earliest use of the word computer was in 1613 to refer to a person who adds and calculates. These people were normally found in markets and trade area.
The earliest counting device can be traced to the tally stick which was fundamental in record-keeping but not traditionally termed as a computer.
2400 B. C. - 500 B. C.
The Babylonian empire adopted the use of the modern abacus as a counting mechanism and was later adopted in the far east around China in B. C. 500.
An investor by the name John Napier developed the “Napier’s bones” system. This device was not only used to add and subtract but multiply and divide sums as well as calculate square root and cube roots. This was the dawn of inventions.
The slide rule was a tool invented by William Oughtred that was used for multiplication, divisions, square root, cube root, logarithms and trigonometry as a device considered more advanced.
When Pascal Blaise invented the “Pascaline” for addition and subtraction. The development towards the modern computer was slowed as this was a very expensive device at the time and was focused more around commerce than personal use. Only 20 of the Pascaline machines were ever made with only 9 surviving to date.
An inventor named Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was credited for inventing a device called the “Stepped Reckoner” as a computer device. It was one of the first inventions known to incorporate a binary system for operations although this was not officially recognized until later.
Joseph- Marie Jacquard is historically credited with the invention of a primitive device known as the “Jacquard Loom” which can be termed as the dawn of modern printing and the wake of modern computer commercialism. The Jacquard Loom was a programmable device and was used with a punch card system to operate. This could have been the first programmable device but was not recognized under programming.
A Spanish inventor called Thomas de Colmar introduced the “Arithmometer” which can be said to have been the first commercialized computing device. This was also the point at which computers had started to become commercially acceptable products in society.
It was Charles Babbage who is credited with inventing the Difference Engine (1822) which was later gave rise to the Analytical Engine (1834). These were termed as the first automated, mechanical mechanisms contributed to the computing world. The term modern computing is normally related to this era of invention.
What made these machined special was the ability to conduct polynomial function that made Charles Babbage ‘The Father of Computers’.
During the invention of the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine Charles Babbage was convinced by Augusta Ada Byron to use a binary programming method for his machines which makes her the first programmer in modern history.
A German inventor by the name Georg Scheutz is credited with the invention of what was called the Scheutzian Calculation Engine that was able to run a programmed sequence and run calculations. This device was also able to print computerized information. Despite the Jacquard Loom using punch cards which were unintelligible to persons who did not understand the computing process, but the Scheutzian Calculation Engine was able to print logic.
The founding principle of the IBM corporation are attributed to this era when Herman Hollerith came up with the Tabulating Machine which was a machine capable of summarizing information as well as perform accounting functions.
In the same year the corporation IBM was founded as was the development of data storage in computer technology. This was the beginning of data storage.
Howard A. Aiken was a student at Harvard University in the United States of America who is credited with inventing the Mark 1 dubbed the IBM Automatic Sequence Controlled Calculator (ASCC). This was a great shift from the mechanical computerization into an electronic age of computer technology. It was an electro-mechanical computer.
Computer programming made huge leaps in development when Konrad Zuse used the punch tape to establish the first programmable computer device known as the Z1
1939 – 1942
A graduate from Clifford Berry at Iowa State University in the United States of America called John Atansoff is credited with inventing the first electronic digital computing device which was where digital information began.
There was another technological leap when John Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly developed the first house-hold computing device called the ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer). The ENIAC was a gateway into the UNIVAC 1 (Universal Automatic Computer 1).
The first Computer Company Electronic Controls Company was founded in
By John Presper Eckert and John Mauchly as a major contribution to the commercialization of computers.
Von Neumann is historically credited with developing the EDVAC in response to the development of the UNIVAC. The EDVAC was a computer with the ability to store data which was an advancement towards the development of Random Access Memory and Read-Only Memory.
An American Computer Company known as Hewlett-Packard advertised the powerful Computing Genie known as the Hewlett-Packard 9100A which was called a personal computer but the advert was replaced the HP9100A as a programmable calculator.
In the competition to make the first portable computing device three computing devices were presented to the general public without much commercial success:
APPLE I – Personal Computer
PET 2001 – Personal Computer
TRS-80 – Micro Computer.
By 1979 – 500,00 Personal computers had been sold.
The end of the 20th Century saw the development of what today is known as the Personal Computer (PC) which is credited to the Osborne Computer released by the Osborne Computer Corporation as this was the first portable computing device and the commercial success of the computing device.
There was a scientific development into the ‘Self-Capacitance screen’ or resistive screen by a scientist known as George Samuel Hurst who received the US Patent 3911 on 7th October 1975 as the first type that was produced.
A grout at the University of Illinois filed a patent on an optical touch screen that became a standard part of the Magnavox Plato IV Student Terminal. This was a 16 × 16 infrared sensor of an LED photo transistor.
An organization called Centre for European Nuclear Research (CERN) is known to have developed the first scientific technology around touch-screen capabilities through a scientist known as Brent Stumpe who was a Danish electronic engineer for a control room of CERN’s accelerator Super Proton Synchrotron SPS. This was where touch screen technologies are known to have started.
There is a known fact that the Avionic industry introduced touch screen sensitive control panels in aircrafts to make piloting easier as well as boost the commercialization of touchscreen technology all around the world.
The earliest commercial touch screen devices are known as the HP-150 released by the Hewlett – Packard corporation.
The Japanese company Fujitsu is known to have released the first touchpad on their computer model Micro 16.
The Japanese company Sega is known to have developed an early touch screen gaming console on the Trebi Oekaki (Sega Graphics Board) for the SG-1000, SC-3000 and Tablet-1986.
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2023.01.24 22:07 Ill-Tough280 Luke is in desperate need of help for funds to help his pain story in comments

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2023.01.22 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Sun, Jan 22 2023] TL;DR — This is the top investing content you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


Apple's business is simply an earnings machine. ROC comparison: Apple (23.7%) vs. Alphabet (12.3%) vs. Amazon (5.7%)
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Google is panicking! Google Calls In Help From Larry Page and Sergey Brin for A.I. Fight
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If you had to allocate 100% of your portfolio to Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon - which would you choose?
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Google employees scramble for answers after layoffs hit long-tenured and recently promoted employees
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Next weeks economic events and potential earnings
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China’s Reopening Comes With a $720 Billion Inflation Bomb
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Are there any Biotech or renewable energy ETFs?
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CRNT has based .. and is now moving up .. Broke the 50 DMA and 200 ...
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Meme I just made. I hope you like it. Also, I’m financially ruined.
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Investing With The Fellas
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when you own 10 chickens but mortgaged 3 extra chicken coops to flip on Zillow
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What is the best investment decision you have made in the last year?
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Update on my PortFolio Hedge Strategy
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Got short call assigned; NOW Iron Condor.
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7 penny $CLNV gaining momentum building global network to convert waste plastic into clean fuel
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The WEF 2023 in Davos Once Again Highlighted the Unfairness of the Current System. More Than Ever, the World Needs the Plan Bitcoin. Larry Fink said it all: "BlackRock doesn't have a mandate to make the planet a better place, just to maximize people's profits."
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It's Only Bitcoin That Can End Corrupt Financial Systems – Exclusive Interview with Prince Philip of Serbia
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2023.01.22 14:32 rrmdp 📢 Navarro Inc . is hiring a Full Stack Web Developer III!

🌎 Aiken SC South Carolina US
Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=zobjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly96b2Jqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2IvZnVsbC1zdGFjay13ZWItZGV2ZWxvcGVyLWlpaS1qb2ItaW4tdXNhLXpqNmg5Y3ZiZ3Uycy8/cmVmPWpvYmJvYXJkc2VhcmNo
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2023.01.21 18:55 Every-Table7135 4a. Emision de "Radio Tigre" en Aiken SC

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2023.01.21 18:01 Shakilahmedcontent How to Know if You Should List Your House or Sell it Directly in Texas

When it comes to selling your house, there are many ways to go. You can list the house, find a buyer on your own or hire a realtor. If you want to get the most money for your house then listing it is the best option. But if you decide to sell directly and buy another before listing this time will also work great. In this article we will discuss how to know when you should list and how to sell your home online for maximum profit in Texas Missouri.


If you are considering listing your Texas home, a good place to start is to determine whether you should sell it directly. Here is how you can determine if selling your home directly is right for you:
Your finances may determine whether you should list your house or sell it directly in Texas. As the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money, and listing a property requires an outlay of cash upfront; otherwise, you will pay for the things you don’t prep or repair at the closing table in negotiations.
The time frame in which you need to sell your home is also an important factor when determining whether to list or sell directly in Texas. If you want to sell quickly, then listing your property may be best for you; otherwise, selling directly may be better suited to meet your needs.


The best way to know if your home is in a good neighborhood, has the right price and will sell quickly is to use the Fair Texas home test.
Homes that sell within the first week are likely to get their asking price; as the weeks add up, that statistic falls dismally, and agents respond by dropping your price.
If you're looking for an agent who can help you find exactly what you want in a neighborhood, then it's worth getting them to show you a bunch of homes that meet your criteria.
The Fair Texas Home Test works like this:
1) Find out what other homes have sold nearby (at least within one mile). In general, those prices will be similar to your asking price. If not – don't buy! You'll be better off simply selling your house yourself and finding a buyer through another listing service.
2) Check to see if there are any other houses on the market that are similar in size and age (within three years), features (bathrooms, bedrooms) and location (close enough to walk or bike). You might also check with a real estate agent or search online at Zillow or Trulia for open houses scheduled in the coming days/


If you want to sell your house quickly, a listing might be the best way to go. You get a wider audience and can make a quick sale if you choose the right place.
If you are looking for an opportunity to buy the property, however, you should consider buying it directly from the owner by paying cash. This is because there are no commissions involved and no real estate agents to pay.
The decision of whether or not to list your house will depend on what kind of home you have and where you live. If you have an old house that needs updating, then selling it might be your best option because it will take much less effort than trying to sell it yourself.


The thought of having showings and photographs of your home blasted across the internet can be daunting. The thought of strangers walking through your home and taking pictures makes you cringe.But, if you’re looking to sell your house in Texas, SC and want to avoid the hassle of traditional marketing methods, consider talking to a local professional home buyer in Texas.
A local professional home buyer is a real estate agent that specializes in buying homes for their clients. They spend their time finding the best deals for their clients by creating a team that includes mortgage brokers, inspectors, appraisers and lawyers so they can get more for your house than other agents could offer. If the thought of showings or having photographs of the interior of your home blasted worldwide across
the internet makes you shudder,consider talking to a local professional home buyer in Texas. Our team at Jhon Investment Realestate takes the time to listen and understand the qualities that make your property unique. If you have any hurdles to overcome, let us help you find the solution at Jhon Investment Realestate ! We are more than happy to address any concerns you have about the process. Call Jhon Investment Realestate today! We can help you understand if it’s time to list your property, or if you should sell it directly in Texas.
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2023.01.16 07:09 ObjectiveTimely8136 Ay i’m from a little city called Aiken in SC 40 minutes from Augusta so do y’all mind if i post folks form there?

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2023.01.12 20:03 myhousebiggeno 9 Aiken Street, Charleston, SC 29403

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2023.01.11 17:53 TheConeIsReturned The sign for this restaurant in Aiken, SC

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2023.01.10 20:10 myhousebiggeno 9 Aiken Street, Charleston, SC 29403

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2023.01.09 00:15 Time2Nguyen Rent Arbitrage?

Hi! I recently listed my property on Zillow and have been getting a few inquiries about subletting for corporate housing, young professional, etc. Someone submitted an application and is interested in renting my place in Nashville to sublet out. The city requires a STR permit for anything less than 30 days. I rather not be hit with fines due to this investor’s venture. Apparently, he have been doing it in other cities in SC and recently moved to Nashville.
Is there anything I should be wary about?
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2023.01.07 06:10 l0cal_z0mbie Any idea what this is? Found in Aiken, SC. Gelatinous texture, very goopy, was growing on sticks from a pecan tree. Dark brown/ amber color

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2023.01.02 07:45 Saratoninn5 a dragonfly that posed for me in Aiken, SC

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2022.12.29 21:40 cynicalnewenglander Rock Hill - A town with a lot of potential

I think Rock Hill is at an interesting junction; it has a lot of potential with an intentional and well thought-out urban development plan. In fact, it could be positioned to be the next Greenville, SC. However, if nothing is done it might just kind of remain where it is.
"Tepper's Folly" was an unfortunate loss for the town, although I am not blaming them for it. I think I good development plan for Rock Hill should focus on:

Just some random thoughts. I think RH has potential to grow, but its going to take some deliberate effort.
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2022.12.29 04:25 Icy_Plenty_7117 Using family search and have hit a wall due to an adoption

(I’m also interested in any other online resources that aren’t behind a paywall, anything that isn’t free I’m going to have to pass on for a while. If you have any actual experience with a site that you would like to share let me know)
I’ve been doing pretty well using familysearch.org but I have a HUGE hole in my tree. My maternal Grandmother was adopted. I have the names of her her birth parents but they were never married, and I can’t find a way to add her birth mother without her showing as the wife to her father, which she never was.
I have the mothers first and maiden name and the approximate town she was born and lived in and that’s it (and it’s unlikely I get much more) and I have her fathers first and last name and the city he was from, along with the . I have messaged my grandmother’s paternal half siblings for more info but they are elderly and only sporadically answer messages or even calls.
What is the best way to add her parents? As “husband and wife” even though that’s incorrect? I doubt I’ll ever get more on her mother but I should eventually be able to get a lot on her fathers side to trace it way back because I know the info exists I just haven’t been able to get the info yet.
Long story short, my Grandmother’s mother was from Aiken, SC and her Father from nearby Augusta, GA. The two barely knew each other which would have been scandalous for the 1930s. Her mom went to Atlanta and lived with family until my Grandmother was born in 1938. She was put up for adoption in Atlanta and actually adopted by an older couple that lived near Aiken. She was raised as an only child but actually knew family members that she didn’t even know she was related to. She finally was able to track down her parents in the 80s, her mother wanted ZERO to do with her parents in any way, refused to admit to it even after some of her “real” daughters saw the documentation. Eventually the daughters also stopped communication. Her father’s family took one look at whatever records she had and the clear family resemblance and welcomed her with open arms, actually having a family reunion that year to introduce her to the family and still do the reunion yearly even today.
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2022.12.24 15:39 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in SC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
transdevna General Mechanic North Charleston
CORA Physical Therapy Physical Therapist Assistant Beaufort
CORA Physical Therapy Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Beaufort
Olive Garden Busser Bluffton
Spinnaker Resorts Quality Control Representative Bluffton
Spinnaker Resorts Front Desk Supervisor (PM) Bluffton
Cargill Maintenance Technician Columbia
Spinnaker Resorts Activities Supervisor Hilton Head Island
Spinnaker Resorts Activities Director Hilton Head Island
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Hemodialysis RN - Located in Augusta, GA Clearwater
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Dialysis Nurse Clearwater
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Dialysis RN Clearwater
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Dietitian Gloverville
Five Guys Crew Member - Starting at 13.50 - Hilton Head Hilton Head Island
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Occupational Therapist Port Royal
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Registered Nurse - Located in Bluffton, SC Port Royal
Crete Carrier CDL A Driver: Earn $103,903 yr with 1yr or more driving experience Abbeville
AFP CDL Class A Driver - Stride Transport Abbeville
MedSource Consultants NP Division It's time to move to beautiful Washington State Abbeville
Prysmian Group Process Engineer Abbeville
Genesis Business Solutions Call Center Representative [Work From Home] Aiken
Justin Time Transportation Solo & Team Drivers CDL A NEW PAY INCREASE, NEW Equipment Aiken
Continuum Medical Staffing Physician / Pediatrics / Maine / Locum or Permanent / Pediatrician Job Aiken
Sun Transportation Systems CDL A Drivers Needed New Trucks Flexible Hometime Aiken
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.12.20 15:45 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in SC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Prisma Health Richland Hospital Travel Neuro ICU RN (Neurocritical Intensive Care Unit Registered Nurse) - 518790 Lexington
Whole Foods Team Member (Full Time & Part Time Storewide Opportunities) Hanahan
Whole Foods Shop Hand Johns Island
Conway Medical Center RN Conway
Conway Medical Center Provider Network Services Licensed Practical Nurse Conway
ENCOMPASS HEALTH Dietitian Gloverville
Bradford Construction & Design, Inc. Carpenter Isle of Palms
ENCOMPASS HEALTH RN - Located in North Charleston, SC Moncks Corner
ENCOMPASS HEALTH RN - Located in Augusta, GA New Ellenton
Oakpoint Dentist Saint George
Alpha Genesis, Inc. Veterinarian Yemassee
Alpha Genesis, Inc. Site Director Yemassee
Roehl Transport CDL A Drivers: Top Pay Carrier, Home Weekly, New Equipment Abbeville
Prysmian Group Strander Operator Abbeville
Prysmian Group General Machine Operator Abbeville
CyberCoders Remote Tax Analyst - (Bilingual, Spanish) Aiken
MAS Medical RN / Registered Nurse Job in Birmingham, Alabama / Travel Aiken
Schneider Class A CDL - Team Van Truckload truck driver Aiken
AutoZone, Inc. Auto Parts Delivery Driver (Full-Time) Aiken
Integrity Healthcare... Physician / Family Practice / New Jersey / Permanent / Permanent Urgent Care Physician Aiken
Pizza Hut Delivery Driver - Now Hiring Aiken
Denney Transport OTR LTL Truck Driver Job in Dubuque, IA Aiken
Liveops Remote Call Center Representative Aiken
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2022.12.09 22:53 horsegal301 Looking to move (with land) and have questions!

Hi everyone,
My husband and I are currently in NYS and really trying to put the gas on with a move. We both have warm weather hobbies (Carriage Driving and Golf) and SC is really where we want to be. We wanted to do this a few years ago, but weren't sure we'd be able to work from home. Of course, things changed after 2020, so here we are.
I initially looked into Aiken and Windsor because of the large equestrian community there, but the prices for houses with land are even more exorbitant than I thought they'd be given the housing market right now, especially after looking for a few years.
However, finding out that many places aren't too far of a drive to get to Aiken, I've started expanding my search and it seems like there's a few places outside of Columbia that offer new construction with land.
Some of those areas are right around Fort Jackson. I have never lived near a military base, so I have no idea what to expect. Most concerned with the sound around the area as I've been looking south and east. I tried google and it wasn't helpful outside of some apparent demo that happens 4x a year that results in loud bangs. I'm just wondering if moving close by to the base is like living right next to a major airport.
I'm also interested in hat other areas would you recommend looking into? What's the internet connection like around them? We're both working in tech, so good internet is a must. What's the restaurant life like around here? We're not huge city people as we currently live on the edge of rural and suburban life, but having options for nights out would be great. We're currently already driving 20-30 minutes one way to get to a restaurant or a grocery story, but I'm not sure I'd want to go even farther for that.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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2022.12.05 14:57 Crystalith 29 [M4R] South Carolina/Online - Moving to a new place and looking for new connections

Hello and welcome. In the next few weeks I'll be wrapping up my degree and moving to Aiken, SC for a new job and was looking to make some friends or connections, be that in the area or online. Could be for games, exercising, or exploring the area, I'm just looking to get out of my shell a bit and meet new people.
About me, I'm 5'6" and of average weight with a shaved head and a beard. Honest and introspective, my sister would say reclusive at times, but its more of I enjoy doing things with others and won't go out and do anything alone. I try to take care of myself and run about 3-4 times a week. I don't workout, but would like to if there's someone who wants a workout partneaccountability buddy.
As for hobbies, its pretty wide ranging, but besides running I enjoy reading, cooking, or watching streams when at home. A friend got me hooked on Hololive & Nijisanji and I fell into that rabbit hole a bit. Prior to college I did a lot model collecting and building of WH40K or Gunpla, which is something I'd like doing again. I grew up watching anime and have seen a lot of shows, but don't watch nearly as much as I used too, maybe watching 1 or 2 shows a season, if that. Like a lot of people, I play various games like Deep Rock Galactic, Xenoblade, Spiderman, and so on. Another thing I did a lot of prior to college was play board games/D&D and its something I'd like to do more of, I really enjoy game night with friends. While I am an inside person normally, I do really enjoy nature and animals and genuinely enjoy going hiking or visiting parks and the like.
While I am looking for friends and acquaintances, I am single and looking for a relationship. That said, it would be in the interest of a long-term, committed relationship with a partner; I do want to get married and have a family. I'm upfront and honest, so all I ask is others reciprocate in that.
If you made it this far, thanks for reading and hopefully I'll hear from you.
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2022.11.30 02:04 manimtired1996 Looking for a dog sitter in Aiken, SC (Dog lovers pls interact)

Hey yall I have 2 dogs that I'm desperately looking for a dog sitter in the area to watch them while I try to find a new apartment. They were with my aunt previously but she unexpectedly passed away, and I don't have anyone else that can watch them right now. I'm able to pay daily for reassurance I just need a lil help right now as I don't want to surrender them to a shelter. Any advice is appreciated.
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