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2023.02.03 05:31 virtualpig I hate the term Neurotypical

Over the years I have grown to detest the term neurotypical. I think while it started off as a neat coping mechanism stating that the others were the "weird" ones. It has morphed into this serious thing where some with neurodiversies has come to view them almost as a separate species. I've seen at least one post which seemed to imply that they had some sort of magic powers.
This to me is a problem and completely alien to how I grew up. I, knew I was different from a young age, but it always made sense to me, that I could be like the others, or at least get along with them, if it was something I wanted to do. Nowadays I worry that kids reading up on their differences are going to come to the conclusion that neurodiverse and neurotypicals are completely incompatible, and given my experiences I feel that's detrimental to everyone.
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2023.02.03 05:31 LobsterDarren Building a drone from start to finish, what parts, how to build & program etc

I take you through the process of building a 5" Freestyle FPV Drone, making it accessible for even beginners. To begin, it's crucial to have a shopping list of all necessary parts, including a frame, ESC, flight controller, camera, video transmitter, video antenna, radio receiver, motors, and propellers. Before purchasing components, it's recommended to research and compare to other similar builds to ensure the best fit.
For this build, I used the FlyFish RC Volador DC5 frame and the SpeedyBee F405 V3 Stack. When choosing a flight controller and ESC, it's important to consider compatibility with the frame and other components. The speaker also explains key factors to look for when purchasing a stack, including the amp rating and processor. With these tips in mind, anyone can successfully build their own drone.
For a 5” Freestyle build, the next few components include the video system, radio receiver, and motors. The video system requires a camera and a video transmitter. The size of the camera should match the specifications of the frame, with a micro camera being the right size for this build. I will be using the RunCam Phoenix 2 camera and the SpeedyBee TX800 video transmitter, both of which have been sent to me by SpeedyBee. The antenna I will use is a Rush Cherry MMXC antenna, which is compatible with my goggles.
The radio receiver I will use is the Radiomaster RP1, which is compatible with ExpressLRS. The motors and batteries are important for the power train. The choice between 4S and 6S depends on what batteries I have or want to invest in. If I didn't have any batteries, I would get 6S 1100mah batteries for a 6S setup or 4S 1500mah batteries for a 4S setup. The motors I chose were be determined by the battery setup. Ideally, 2207 motors are better for 5” builds, and 1750kv is better for a 6S setup while 2550kv is better for a 4S setup. T-Motor has sponsored this build and sent me the Velox v2 motors in 2207 1750kv.
With our shopping list and components all selected, it's time to order from your favorite FPV store. It's important to buy from a dedicated FPV store for better customer service instead of websites like Amazon. There are great FPV stores available both in the USA and Australia. If you want to go for a more affordable option, you can order from AliExpress but be prepared for slow shipping.
When buying parts, don't forget to also grab the necessary tools for your build. You will need a soldering iron with extra tips, 60/40 Flux Core Lead Solder, Solder Wick, Solder Pig, Electrical Tape, HEX Drivers, Hook Up Wire, Smoke StoppeMulti-Meter, Cable Ties, and Helping Hands.
If this is helpful, you may want to watch the video which goes on with how to solder all the components, setup betaflight and tune > https://youtu.be/5ed6y2rgaq8
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2023.02.03 05:31 liannaamberx anyone know where people are getting these brows? when i go onto their look book i don’t see any specific eyebrows!

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2023.02.03 05:31 pwni5her_ As It Is Currently, The Game Is Completely Unplayable

Sorry for rant on here but I'm not able to post it on main sub.
Every single raid there are either invisible players, cheaters, server issues, or a mix of all of them.
I am constantly dying to blatant cheaters who shoot me before peeking, shoot me through walls, or just headshot me 15 times in a row with their shitty ammo that can't pen anything. These players will often have names that are just random numbers and letters, or something like "NOTCHEATINGLOL" and they will also often be low levels. I've been playing Tarkov since 2018 and never in my 2300 hours have I seen so many cheaters in this game. Before, I would say *at most*, maybe 1 in 30 raids would have someone who I could say might be cheating. Now, it's *at least* 1 in 5 raids.
Me and my friends are constantly having issues with people being invisible, and even when I play solo I am having "phantom deaths" where I am getting shot but I do not see or hear anything shooting at me. Just me taking damage, and then dying. The raid that I just played that made me decide I am not playing this game until things are fixed, I was with 2 friends. Both of them were invisible to me, and one of my friends couldn't see the other two as well. We both restarted, could see each other, and moved into the map (Interchange). In a parking lot, my friend gets immediately one-tapped by a guy somewhere ahead of us. Me and my other friend take cover for a second, and then see the guy sprinting up to loot our friend. We both shoot at him, completely in the open, as he keeps running around. He could not see either of us, and we killed him. We then push up to the front door (under big window), and I kill a guy in big window shooting at my friend. When I go to loot him, I get a "phantom death" where I just take damage and die without seeing or hearing anyone. My friend pushes up to find him, and he ends up being right next to where I died. I could not see or hear him. This issue is ridiculous.
Although not as common, servers will sometimes just be dead, and you have to wait 10 minutes after first joining the raid to actually connect to it. There is also the issue of the terrible rubber-banding and teleporting, but that is usually just on Streets. There are also many times where I am not sure if I am dying to desync or cheaters, as I can't tell if someone shooting me around a corner is because they have some lag switch (or something similar idk) or because on his screen, he is peeking even though I can't see him at all.
I genuinely can't play the game because of these things. I do not understand what I am supposed to do when 80% of my deaths are completely out of my control and I am at the mercy of cheaters, ghosts, desync, or whatever other garbage plagues the game.
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2023.02.03 05:31 sterneedssleep locker rooms are the epitome of evil

lemme start off by saying i don't hate gym at school . I will admit i am very much the opposite of athletic i am a scrawny human beanpole and my arms are like uncooked noodles so i like that the school is making ""somewhat"" of an effort to keep us in shape , BUT OH MY GOD HOLY SMOKES LOCKER ROOMS ARE THEAWFUL AND I HATE THEM. the design is the first part, instead of having an open lil room where everyone can see everyone they should just have like 10 stalls and then people can go in after one another. I would much rather wait two minutes to change than having like 18 other people all awkwardly changing around me and where are we supposed to look??? I just trying to keep my head down so I dont feel weird as if I'm looking around at everyone, AND ANOTHER THING IT SMELLS LIKE BALLS IN THERE THERES NO WORSE SMELL THAN IN THOSE LOCKWR ROOMS I DONT THINK THEY ARE EVERC CLEANED. . I understand that nobody is really lookin at u everyone is just trying to quickly get dressed but it doesn't take away from the fact that it's incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, I don't even Like people seeing me in shorts and a tshirt why would i want people to see me LIKE 92.1% NAKED WHATSTHEPOINT i refuse to believe there are human beings on the planet that enjoy changing in these little trash dumps, if you do please explain why and i will try not to automatically think ur insanse. im going to bed now
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2023.02.03 05:31 trufruity My boyfriend chooses his mom and family over me

Backstory: boyfriends brother passed away 1 year ago, my boyfriend then being depressed, ended up with a DWI one night shortly after due to sleepless nights and overwhelming attempt at suicide. Totaled his moms car. Put his family through a lot “supposedly” when younger. His brother who passed left behind two babies under 2 years old
Flash forward to now: my boyfriend made clear before I moved in with him, that I needed to decide if it was worth it. As I will never be first priority. I didn’t think much as I hadn’t pieced it all together. I figured how bad could it be. Until living now everyday with him for 7 months, our relationship is beautiful and healthy BESIDES the relationship with his mom, and how he literally chooses them over me, every, single, day. if we have personal plans, he invites mom. If we have plans but the babies get dropped off here, he will leave me in the room and spend the day with them. it’s constant. he tries to include me sometimes but that’s not the point. tonight for example, he was supposed to come home to me and we’d go to the gym and make dinner. but his family decided to go out to eat, (they invited me) but I declined as I had plans with bf. He calls me and asks if I’m going and I explain why not, but he proceeds to say he’s going to go with them. He finally gets home, and he is now sleeping in moms room with mom and the babies. I’ve questioned relationship with mom, as sometimes he goes into the room to talk with her and closes door. Some nights he’s fallen asleep in there. I feel abandoned. But I have to remember, he told me this all before coming.. he gave the warning. In conversations where I bring it up, he exclaims how “THE BABIES WILL ALWAYS BE FIRST. MY MOM WILL ALWAYS BE FIRST.” The thing is can understand this, I will always choose my family over anyone. But I don’t feel the need to let my partner know that every single day? I fear we won’t get married, or be able to have kids, as he will resent me or our children thinking it will take away from how “his mom and those babies are always first.” I can understand why he may be feeling this immense guilt to now be there to make up for his wrongdoings, and take on the babies as his own, after the passing..it’s only a year out. But being a girlfriend, just wanting more alone time without the family needing to be there constantly, this is taking a toll on me. There’s so many more sketchy examples I could give regarding him and his moms relationship but I’ll make another post.. what do I do? What are your thoughts? I know I must simply decide if this is something I can bear forever, or move on. I’ve told him we can coexist. He can love his family but also love me. He can put me alongside them, but know I’m a romantic relationship. He just doesn’t see it that way. I know this may not be forever either - those girls will grow older and not need such attentiveness, and mom will get older as well. There may be room for me to become more of a priority one day. But I deserve to be someone’s priority.
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2023.02.03 05:31 marcove3 Any tips for taking my bike in the metro silver line?

I habe been commuting to work by taking a CB to foggy bottom and then taking another CB in tysons I take another CB because taking my bike in the metro seems like a hassle but I want to save a couple bucks and also use a bike I like to ride.
So any tips to take metro? Are the elevators in good shape? Does the station operator have to let me in? Where in the car is the best place for my bike? Is it a good Idea in general?
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2023.02.03 05:31 AutoModerator [TRADE] I Have AGENCY NAVIGATOR BY IMAN GADZHI Full Updated Course For Cheap On Digitalprovider .store (remove space to access site)

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2023.02.03 05:31 LeadershipMission It’s All About Ratings!

Because the show has made the family a commodity and big tea brings in more ratings, the show is pushing dare I say exploiting story lines because it gets more views, which means more interest, more $ etc. So storylines like the Divorces, the sexuality of the kids, the catfishing, any drama is where the network leans into more heavily because of views. I think that is kinda sad really.
Mykelti recently said flat out on a social media live that the show ruined the family. Gwen has admitted that the show really wants to push the storyline of her sexuality and it’s felt exploitive. At the end of the day the nature of television, their dependency on the $ from the show, the interest in the drama because it sells., when you look at the whole situation that way that it has been monetized for views. It’s almost a cautionary tale not to sell your family out for tv $. It really is. No wonder the older kids are starting to speak out. No wonder many of them are in debt, getting accustom to the $ from the show, relying on it to fund a certain lifestyle then having to depend on it at all costs because if it ends so will your income. It would make you do some things to keep this show going as long as possible and push the drama whenever you can to keep getting a pay cheque. Sad.
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2023.02.03 05:30 alienvsrobot Friend gets scammed at work and ends up getting arrested

This isn’t my story but someone I know. We are seeking advice from multiple resources and are in contact with people but I figured I’d post here for some advice. I posted on the Talesfromthefrontdesk, and was advised to post here too.
TLDR; B gets scammed by fake owner, breaks into the bar (per “owner’s” instructions), then gets arrested for breaking in.
So my friend, “B” (31M), was scammed at work. For context, he is neurodivergent and this is his first job and has been with the company for 2 years. He speaks and understands English but it is not his first language. He is an immigrant and comes from a poor household. He also sometimes gets anxiety over basic social interactions, but once he gets comfortable he tends to get fixated on the task in hand.
The other night, he received a phone call at the front desk from someone who claimed to be the owner of the hotel, we’ll call him Mr. T. The “owner” was apparently very credible, seemed to know “information” about the hotel, and promised B promotion and benefits and raise if he helped him out. B, being the most loyal, nicest, and trusting that he is, complied. Mr. T apparently needed some money to pay off a bill and asked B to get some cash from the hotel. B complied and tried opening the safe but has no access to it. Mr. T then asked to get money from the bar, B complied but the bar was locked. Mr. T said to break in, he said it’s okay and gives him permission because he is the owner. B complied and checked the cash register only to see that it’s empty. Unfortunately, a silent alarm went off when B kicked the door open.
At this point, Mr. T asked B for personal cash. B complied and went to his bank and withdrew money. Mr. T then instructed B to find a BTC atm and send the cash to his bitcoin address. B complied and was out $900 of his own money.
B then gets a text from his coworker, “D”, asking where he is. B said he is running some errands for the owner. D was immediately suspicious and told B to come back to the hotel. B comes back and D asks to talk to the “owner” (at this point they were talking via B’s personal cellphone). D immediately knew that it was a scam and told Mr. T to never call again. That was when it dawned on B that he made a huge mistake and was scammed.
(Please don’t make any harsh judgements on B, keep in mind that he is neurodivergent, but even non-neurodivergent folks get scammed)
Unfortunately, by this time cops came and arrested B. The owner of the bar (different owner from the actual hotel owner) had called the cops when the silent alarm went off and saw on the surveillance camera that someone was in and out of the bar.
B was arrested and detained overnight. Friends and family bailed him out for 50k (we paid 5k for initial payment). He has a court date at the end of the month to prove his innocence even though he is also a victim in this situation.
We are stressed and looking for resources as best as we can… what do you think we should do?
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2023.02.03 05:30 umalabbasibntaymiyya I thought she was trolling but I guess not.

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2023.02.03 05:30 Decent_Negotiation76 Why does my parents keep comparing that their life is much more worst than mine

I used to have high anxiety when it comes to not being able to talk back to my parents of how I’m actually feeling.
They would always scold me whenever I do something wrong but they never given me a chance to listen to my side of the story
And now that I’m a young adult I was able to talk back to them about my side of the story as I was getting tired of it But everytime when I tell them my side of the story they would start comparing it to theirs
One incident that had happen yesterday where there was a promotion hair spa for $18 after the hair spa one of the employee keep pressuring me to buy their package bundle
I’ve said no multiple times I’ve said that I’m just a student I don’t have the money I’ve said that I will discuss with mum And more
Yet the employee keeps on pressuring me and my body starts to shake and my anxiety has start to rise.
Then afterwards the employee said that I would be charge additional $58 for one of the herbs that has applied to my hair
And I didn’t recall any additional charges And that’s when I knew I got scammed
So afterwards I went home Then my mum start yelling at me Said things that I was dumb for falling into their trap Why I never learn my lesson “Your father and I are working so hard to pay off our debt”
(I felt so tired and sick of hearing this cause this past few months I’ve been trying to find a job but I get rejected, i did not fit the requirements and more I am trying really hard and having a hair spa was just one day of me having to rest)
Then when I tried to say that I felt scared and I had anxiety She started scolding and yelling at me that what I’m feeling was bullshit
And that’s when she starts talking about her past life where she keep saying what she had gone through is much more worst
I understand what she gone through is bad and I understand her struggles But that doesn’t change the fact that I felt so scared and my anxiety starts to rise till the point I couldn’t breathe
Now I just felt that talking back or not I’m just going to get scolded and they would never understand how I’m feeling
Even if they understand than I don’t understand why are they making me feel more emotionally damage
I guess I’m done I’ve gone through so much that the scoldings and what they had done to me no longer affect me
As yesterday during the scolding I felt odd because it’s like I no longer care about what my parents said I no longer feel any empathy when they start talking about their past history It’s like now I don’t really care anymore I don’t want to continue looking for a job and they do what they need to do
And I thought by doing something good such as finding a job or try ways to earn money could be a good thing to do but by seeing how they would always treat me I I just don’t bother doing it anymore
And I don’t have any money to see a psychologist
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2023.02.03 05:30 PMoney1417 Passive income nodes

Hey Guys, I've been using the Theta Edge Node for 2-3 months now, and I end up making $2-3 worth of TFuel at current prices ($20-$30 at ATH). My aim is to liquidate during the next bull run. I wanted to know if there are any other nodes like this? Please keep in mind that a Theta Edge node did not require any investment from my side (other than my computing power). I know of nodes where you have to pay upfront, but I'm not keen on those. I've wanted to run a bitcoin node, but I have a 128GB computer, but you need upwards of 500GB for a first time install. So that's out of the question. Please suggest more such nodes
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2023.02.03 05:30 mrkrotpp Kitchen Cabinet Recommendations

I am planning to have Storage Cabinets built for an area of 7*8 in my kitchen. When enquired with Home Depot got a quote of ~5K installation included. Planning to visit Lowes over the weekend. Have you dealt with Big Box store and how was your experience? Are they reasonably priced? How is the installation and cabinet work quality? Any recommendations for private kitchen cabinet studios? Can't afford to spend big bucks and if financing option is available, it's a big help. Home Depot offers interest free period offer.
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2023.02.03 05:29 KarenJoker Best way to store Access token and Refresh token using React?

  1. How to avoid user from being logged out if both are stored in memory?
  2. I am considering storing both as httponly samesite cookies set by Response
  3. Are tokens stored in memory (React state) vulnerable to XSS?
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2023.02.03 05:29 NTRedmage DM with issues

So I was wondering what the community thinks the 5 most terrible things a DM can do in terms of being a less than fantastic Dm(putting it nicely here) As I am trying to come to terms with someone that's not a bad person, but hes very stuck in an edition that really doesn't work well with what we are playing (5th). I will give out a few key examples and let others be the judge.
-Consistently sets every enemy encounter to be lethal and has a "I'm here to kill players" mindset. Examples include a cr24-ish flesh floowall, 42-ish half giant zombies vs a 2 lev 9s, a lev 4 and a lve 3 bard (Each giant has about 48 HP and swing with a +2 and a d12), 25 cr 1 giant-spiders, a bunch of 1/2 cr drow (8?) and a cr 5 cleric. (Party was mostly 4-5, and only 4 of us). 2 cr 15 giant purple worms (400 hp each) a spike giant custom monster that explodes on knockout for 85+ damage AOE with about 300 HP AND regenerates after a couple hours.(against 2 players...).
-Does not call out players for BS rolls. I have watched his wife either poorly add her dice together or intentionally keep fluffing her stealth/pickpocket rolls. I won't say he's playing favs because he killed her (well she killed herself by trying to 1v1 a cr 17 dragon) but this is far from all the bs rolls.
-Allowing players to be aggressively adversarial to one another, even when their alignment would not really permit it. For more context an event happens where it changed everyone's alignment at random and he forced every player to make a decision during a riot that would be matched with their new alignment or he would make it for them(player agency). An example would be killing off a new player 5 minutes into a game with bar room brawl damage, player makes a new character and is bullied excessively by a druid (shop owner), our now dead Cleric "Neutral evil = chaotic stupid" AND the gm (making him roll mental defects/illness for dying so much). Said player has not been back in 5 weeks. Said dead Cleric and druid have made (arguably intentional) decisions that would almost certainly TPK the entire party.
-Mixing up mechanics and spells from different editions. Orc fighter(formerly adversarial cleric) opened a chest nowhere near me, failed his save and has since stopped playing. I am hit with a curse that has not been in the game since 2nd edition; it turns you inside out. Cleric removed curse but now I am a meatpie with no way to actually save myself (Another no win scenario). Both the Bard(his wife) and Druid (shop owner) are planning to sell me to a circus as a freak show. If I die, the curse jumps to another player(starting a cycle of no wins).
-I am not entirely innocent here, but knowing how he was playing adversarial I setup my Rune FighteMastermaker Artificer to be fairly survival based. Taking mostly survival and defensive spells (Meta gaming I guess?) So far they have only saved me against other players, encounters have been set to partially or entirely nullify my spells/feats.
-Story is going nowhere, 6 hours a week for 3 months and the BBEG is not even on the horizon as hes swapped it around at least 3 times. Players that have died are forced to reroll to level 1, making encounter balance a living nightmare and further cementing the fact we will get nowhere anytime soon. He actually saw me out today doing laundry and asked me had I made a new character yet (expecting me to give up on one not technically dead YET) further cementing that he basically wants me dead and when I told him my plan to fix myself (via a prayer to Moradin of all deities) he mentioned it would take effectively 2-3 20rolls with deity intervention to reverse the curse and get back to myself.(further cementing my belief that he literally has a kill players only mindset, very 2nd edition of him).
I would like to point out, hes not a bad person or anything, but I just want others opinions on where to go from here.
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2023.02.03 05:29 Total-Economics1490 Partify

Hey guys we developed an app called partify. It‘s for homeparties-you can either join or host parties.Friday the 10.02 we are hosting one of our first parties. You can download it on the app store or google play store.Just have a look at it and hopefully we will see you friday (location will be in berlin)
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2023.02.03 05:29 loc_nessmonster0 Anyone want to give perspective on wtf is happening between me (24f) and (32m)?

Tl;dr man does all the right things but won’t say them. We’ve been together for a year and a half and he won’t say I love you. I’m extremely frustrated and trying to figure out wtf he’s thinking.
I’ve (24f) been in a relationship with (32m) for a GOD DAMN YEAR AND A HALF NOW. And he hasn’t said I love you. I feel like we are playing chicken for Christsakes. It’s like the opposite of what they tell you to look out for….saying all the right things but not acting on them? NOPE with him, he does all the right things but doesn’t say them. I’m fucking FED UP.
He plans future events with me including non refundable trips (been doing that for awhile now), we talk everyday and have all weekends set aside to spend together (been that way for at least a year, probably more), he’s introduced me to his bosses at work and his family all know about me, he’s met some of the most important people in my life, he has comforted me when I’m falling apart and lifted me up when I have a win etc etc etc
I messed up my last relationship by saying it first so I will admit a little of it is on me for not just bucking up the courage and saying it but god damnit, be a fucking man and SAY IT ALREADY.
I know him, as I’ve said we’ve been dating a year and a half so I know him pretty well…….and he’s not gonna say it unless I force him and we get in a fight about it and I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT SHIT. I do it when I have to and I don’t need him to say it but I want it and after a year and a half I’ve fucking earned it.
He pulled some shit the other day where he put me on his story (which he never does…:that’s not like him at all) and was smiling like crazy at his phone and blushing. So I asked him what he was smiling at and this motherucker says “oh you know. All my friends messaging me asking if I’m in love and stuff.”
WHAT IN THE EVER LIVING FUCK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!? are you testing to waters so you can finally get the balls to say it or are you trying to passive aggressively tell me you’re never gonna say it?!
He does all the right things and says all the wrong ones. What am I supposed to believe?!
I know i just need to have a conversation with him, I get that, but but god damnit for once I’d like him to just man the fuck up and say it already. At this point we’re gonna grow old together and our graves will be side by side reading “they liked each other till the end”
AND FUCKKKKKK IM PISSED. Whyd he have to make that shitty little comment and make me feel even worse?
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2023.02.03 05:29 MetsFan3117 90 Day Season 6

I’m rewatching season 6 right now. It’s one of the most infuriating seasons I think I’ve ever watched and I’ve watched them all.
Steven and Olga: I literally want to reach through the screen and strangle Steven. It’s ALL about him. Has to be his way. Him threatening to take their NEWBORN back to the US while Olga is scared and freaking out is just unreal.
Larissa and Colt: “Who is against the Queen will die”! Colt actually came off as slightly sympathetic in this season. We all know he is not. Who has a car in without AC, period, forget in a desert?!
Fernanda and I Forgot His Name: Whatever. He’s an asshole. He was an adult preying on a young girl, buying her tits and mentioning it constantly, gaslighting her. He sucks. Imagine your first night in a new country— the power is out and you find a woman’s thong in one of the few pieces of furniture.
Jay and Ashley: she never should have brought him to that racist shitty town she lives in. Acting surprised when they received threats.
Leida and Eric: I could go off for DAYS about them. Honestly they are one of the most disgusting couples ever. If she was so rich and had so much money, why the FUCK didn’t she come with her own bank account?? Eric is the OLDEST looking 40 year old I have ever seen. If he is 40 I am 20. I hate them both, but Eric gave her shitty expectations. How much can a two bedroom in Bugaboo middle of nowhere America cost? Like 1k? And he MADE HIS 19 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER SPLIT THE BILLS THEN KICKED HER OUT? He has no furniture, lives in a walk up, and chooses his daughter over a woman he barely knows? Yes, Leida is an asshole for questioning and crying over child support. However, Eric kept mentioning it as an excuse for everything. Can’t get a bed? Child support. Can’t buy a couch? Gotta pay child support. Can’t have a wedding anywhere but a budget hotel’s meeting room? Child support.
I think they’re one of the worst couples ever.
That said I would love a “where are they now” episode about them. Just one episode.
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