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If you are a diy-er that works with alarm monitoring equipment like alarm control panels or accessories, you've come to the right place. If you have an itch to scratch, and want some great home security accessories, we recommend looking at companies dedicated to DIYers like Alarm Grid, GeoArm and Home Security store, all of whom have good competitive pricing and will help you install your system if you need it.

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2023.02.03 05:02 CoByNokiii How To Choose The Right Front & Rear Car Camera For Your Needs

Ok, so let's look over here car camera front and back. Having a car camera system can provide you with greater security and peace of mind when you are driving. The right car camera can help you monitor the road ahead and give you a better view of what is going on around your car. It can also help you with parking and reversing, as well as provide evidence in case of an accident. So, how do you choose the right front and rear car camera for your needs?

Understand Your Needs

The first step in choosing the right car cameras is to understand your needs. Are you looking for a camera system that can help you with parking and reversing? Do you want to monitor the road ahead for added safety? Or do you need a system that can provide evidence in case of an accident? Knowing what you need will help you narrow down your choices.

Consider Your Budget

Once you understand your needs, consider your budget. Car camera systems range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. Think about what you can comfortably afford and find a camera system that fits within your budget.

Look For Quality

Quality should be a priority when looking for the right car camera system. Make sure that the system is easy to use, reliable, and offers high-quality images. Read reviews from other customers to get an idea of the system’s performance.

Think About Installation

You also need to think about installation when choosing a car camera system. Some systems are fairly easy to install, while others require professional help. Consider your own level of expertise and decide if you want to tackle the installation yourself or hire someone to help.

Check The Warranty

Finally, check the warranty. Most car camera systems come with a standard warranty, so make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you buy. Choosing the right front and rear car camera for your needs doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to find the right system for your needs.
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2023.02.03 05:02 Zaphrah It's just my opinion but I think everyone can agree with this.

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Anonymous Cryptocurrencies

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Official website: Download: FAQ: Coinmarketcap: Twitter:
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2023.02.03 05:01 Tilted188 Some thoughts on Andromeda

Just finished my first playthrough and thought I’d share some opinions about it. Overall it was a decent experience missing cornerstones of what made the OT so good, but it doesn’t come without it’s own improvements. Sorry if my takes aren’t the hottest or if these have been heavily disscussed, I went in as blind as I could.
What I liked:
The Ugly:
Bonus: Companions
Vetra: She’s not Tail, but I love my steak-gifting Turian wife anyway shes 10/10. She has a 0/10 Romance cutscene though, I’m tryna see the whole Turian tiddy son. More interactions and cutscenes with her were definitely needed.
Jaal: Had him along for most of the game, my favorite bro on the Tempest. His interactions with Peebee on the Nomad are Hilarious. 10/10
Drack: I thought he would just be a Wrex clone, but he’s a boomer Krogan in his own way and I love him for it. Was very strong in combat. 10/10
Peebee: I liked her arc throughout the game and had some fun with her in Zero-G. Was gonna go for romance but I’m more of a dextro-amino enthusiast. 10/10
Liam: I tried to like him but had no clue what he was going on about like half the time because I honestly didn’t care. I brought him along ONCE on the Nomad and he started fighting with Vetra. He was promptly kicked off and never allowed on the nomad again. He gets a point for movie night though. 1/10
Cora: Asari Huntress/10
Overall I think everyone should give Andromeda a try at least once, it’s not without it’s flaws but it’s a solid experience overall. I recently finished the OT and I think this game served as a good way to process the OT while still remaining in the Mass Effect universe. Honestly this game has a solid foundation and I think they should revisit/expand on the Andromeda galaxy in the future. I think my biggest disappointment is finding out that bioware had a Quarian ark DLC planned before stopping the updates as I care very deeply for the Quarian people. For that, I will never forgive them.
Jokes aside, what did you guys think of Andromeda? Any specific things you liked? Hated? Should they revisit it somewhere down the line? Share below, I’d love to hear your guys takes!
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2023.02.03 05:00 TroyTheParakeet New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself! Only if you feel like it, of course.
Some examples of things to write about: Who are you? How and when did you find out about Ririka? Who's your favorite Ririka character? What are your other favorite animes? Other fandoms? Do you have any pets?
Here's my intro as an example:
Hi! I'm TroyTheParakeet, known as IncognitoAlbatross on Discord. Troy is actually the name of my parakeet; I'm actually a girl. I love magical girl anime (especially Madoka, Yuki Yuna, Sailor Moon, and Precure), and I found out about Ririka by seeing its opening on a magical girl playlist. I hope to write some fanfics for this fandom, because it's severely lacking in them, but right now I'm working on my own original magical girl story, which can be found here. I also like video games, such as Kirby and Pokemon (especially the Mystery Dungeon series). My favorite character from Ririka is Dewey, because he's just the best one.
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2023.02.03 05:00 Sullengar The Magi's Society - By Sullengar - Chapter 5: The Maw, Part 1

Mevi drifted in and out of fitful visions. Ideas, dreams, and memories clouding or crashing together. What was real or what wasn’t could not be comprehended. Only that she was commanded, by a dark-golden god and obeyed. But what was its will? What was she doing floating is the dark abyss of empathic thought? She grasped at her memories, vainly attempting to retain something of herself and what was happening. The ocean of empty, formless, dark was surrounding her, battering her against what little she could recall. The endless void threw her to and fro in its endless waves of chaotic confusion.
In the darkness Mevi struggled, and reached out for anything to grasp and understand. The god-like figure her only salvation of thought and mind. She writhed against the desire to give in and accept her salvation. She didn’t know why, but this shining beacon of black horror felt wrong and she fought against its inky tendrils grasping at her. In her fitful state she reached in all directions hoping for something or someone that wasn’t her proclaimed salvation. A dim light beaming under the inky ocean waves. Away from and without the figure looming, reaching, and strangling her. Mevi strained against her own instinct, knowing that her surroundings were wrong and can’t be accepted. The straining, the reaching, and fighting pushed her away from the salvation. Away from where her mind echoed that she should accept fate. She flew away and through the dark maelstrom spiraling her mind into incoherent thought. Fought to reach and grasp the only source of light in the abyssal plane she lost herself in.
Mevi grasped the light. Suddenly tearing her eyes open, breathing heavy and fitful. Moving to sit up but straining against something. Her eyes blurry, bright beaming light completely blinding her like the Baes sunrises she waited so longingly for. Mevi couldn’t see, and she fought against the binds that held her to something hard and cold. Muffled voices echoed around her, a shout stabbed pain through her ears. She struggled for freedom as her vision slowly adjusted to the blinding light.
Mevi could see, wanting to cry and in a panic. Was she tied to some sort of table? Bright lights filled the room she was held in, golden walls shine with brilliant radiance in the overwhelming light. She suddenly craved the dark again, she could faintly make out figures wearing similar robes of gold, silver, and black, as to the Emissary. Less godly and without covered faces, but her eyes were too blurry to make out features. She was trying to yell, but something was covering her own face and mouth. She looked closer, and tried to inspect her surroundings. As she looked outward she noticed a faint blue haze encapsulated her, she was looking through something. Or she was inside of something?
The realization filled Mevi suddenly, she was inside of some kind of, sarcophagus made of glass and steel. She was tied and unable to move and couldn’t scream for help. Her horror of being led to her death was beginning to be realized. Trapped in her own mind again, and being carried away by the Emissary of death in her own personal grave. Mevi gave up struggling, straining against her bonds would probably only anger her captors and not likely to promise escape. She watched, in the blurred vision and blinding light, as figures moved performing unknown tasks and burdens.
Mevi watched for a while, unwilling to return to unconsciousness for fear of the consuming dark. So she waited, and tried to strain her vision and senses against the light and blue haze.
Mevi wasn’t sure how much time passed, but she felt as if nothing in the world had moved for a long time. Even on Baes she could mostly feel the slow movement of the moon beneath her, as the strong forces in the system and planet tore at the colony at all times. But here, in her demise, all things were quiet and still. An unsettling feeling that alerted her to every insignificant movement and muffled sound. She wasn’t sure how long her purgatory lasted, but eventually a clear bubbling sound reverberated around her. A current downward? Indeed it felt as if liquid of some kind was streaming across her skin and through her robes. Only when she looked up and saw a waving breach in the blue haze did she realize she was submerged.
The blue liquid she resided in started to slowly drain downward. Strangely, as the substance passed over her, she didn’t feel wet or any sensation like there was any residue remaining on her. The liquid drained away, leaving her just as dry as she was at the selection. Her vision cleared all but for the bright lights still shining into her strange capsule. A sudden suction of air as the last of the liquid drained, and a pop when her prison opened. The front glass being pulled upward and revealing an unobscured vision of the outside. A strange circular chamber, with odd cylindrical capsules made from gold, with wires and tubes stretching behind and into the black hull of the room Mevi resided in. Her eyes still adjusting to the overwhelming light, she could see a feminine figure in front of her, bearing a light-born halo as she protected Mevi’s view from the overpowering aura with her form. They seemed to be looking at something, deliberately looking towards the floor with their eyes quickly scanning back and forth as if intently investigating something. Mevi wondered if something was wrong, if this figure was here to sentence her permanently. But the figure soon dismissed their intense investigation and looked up into Mevi’s face and their eyes met.
Mevi was panicked and scared, not sure what was happening and this silent investigator said nothing to her for comfort or explanation. The woman spoke strange words to her, and without understanding their meaning Mevi could only look on confused and concerned. The woman continued to speak, in a slow deliberate way, enunciating carefully and loudly. The sounds rang in Mevi’s ears, and she winced in pain. But as the woman’s voice continued on some of the words began to make some sense. ‘Understand’? ‘Calibrate’? ‘Working?’ The words flooded in fitfully but she could understand them, though not all she could decipher correctly. The woman’s voice continued, and eventually Mevi could understand, “should be working soon. Its calibration takes a few moments after initial application. But soon you should be understanding me. The device should be working soon… Its calibration… Seems to have finished.” With a smile the woman waved her hand in front of her, and with the motion Mevi’s bindings came loose and she tumbled to the ground.
Looking up at her savior, as strange as the circumstances were, Mevi was almost relieved. Despite her black robes, with gold tabard lined with silver sigils, the woman looked normal. If you ignored her orange-red hair.
“Good, you are coherent. Your eyes will adjust to the light soon. You are commanded by his lord, the Magi, to attend to him. I will show you the way. You will follow me.” The woman commanded.
Confused, but still getting up and clamoring after the woman, Mevi asked, “The Magi? What is a Magi?”
The two pass through the chamber filled with, to Mevi’s horror, the children that were given to the Emissary as they sleep in the strange capsules. The both of them pass into a long corridor with a short ceiling and coal-colored walls curving into a sort of tube. The woman’s pace is quick, and with no other people around, Mevi has little choice but to follow as fast as she can behind.
The woman speaks up again as they pass through the corridor, that seems to have no end, “The Magi are our lords and masters. You follow their will and do as you are told. You do not question, speak only when spoken to, and show the utmost respect. If you do this, nothing will happen to you and you may be rewarded.”
Mevi is still confused, “I thought the Barges were in charge?”
The woman scoffs, “The Barges are controlled and operated by the Magi. Their will is absolute, and your survival depends on if you can submit to them as they demand. Whenever they demand.”
Mevi’s realization started slow but soon came to the forefront of her thoughts, “Was.. ‘The Emissary’ a Magi?”
“Yes. He is known as lord Falcier. Fal-si-er. Always address him as, ‘My lord Magi’, ‘My Lord’, or ‘Lord Falcier’. Unless told otherwise by him or another Magi.” The demanding reply ending as the woman turns suddenly and the corridor’s wall stretches to open like a yawning mouth.
Mevi yelps, and stumbles backwards and stammers, “What was that, how did that happen? There was no door there before, no seam or sign!”
The woman waits for only a few moments before rolling her eyes and turning to walk through the opened passage, “Get used to it. Also, control your noises and yells. The Magi do not appreciate outbursts.”
Mevi quickly darts into the gap, “I am sorry. I will do my best not to displease.”
The two were now in a more open room. A hallway of sorts winding around a large open space, held aloft several meters above the floor below. A pulsing light of a dim pink glows all throughout the floor below them. Giving the entire room, and the hallway the pair walked, a strange tint.
As the woman continues their walk, unimpeded by awe or curiosity, Mevi’s temptation wins and she asks, “Ma’am, what is your name? You are… helping me, and I don’t know what to call you.”
The woman stops for a moment to appraise Mevi, “Hmmm… Ma’am is fine, has a nice ring to it. But my name is Kalesi.” Her stride resumes immediately after.
Mevi is emboldened, few have ever given her real responses or conversation, “Kalesi, ma’am, where is everyone else? We wonder these halls and I haven’t seen a single other soul. I remember seeing several figures in the chamber before you retrieved me, unless I imagined them.”
Kalesi seems to pick up her pace as they have made it to the other side of the large pink room, another door opens and they both walk through, “The others are around. Most are below, with the Sentinels, doling out Mana. We haven’t left yet, not until our supply is delivered.”
Mevi isn’t sure of the answer she received. She yearns to talk more, this Kalesi, seems to be mostly pleasant. At least she is respecting Mevi, however firm and commanding she is. Yet Mevi can’t think of any clever conversations or additional questions. The overwhelming nature of the situation has her mind straining to come to grips with her surroundings. Mevi can’t even fathom where they are or how they are there, she can barely comprehend the doors of this strange… building? Could Mevi possibly be aboard the large ship that stopped above the colony?
Before Mevi could gather herself for additional questions, they had already passed through several winding hallways and doors. The appearance of sudden entryways less surprising but each time making her flinch. Suddenly Mevi walks into a stopped Kalesi. Apologizing and backing up, she is steadied by Kalesi’s firm hands grasping Mevi’s shoulders.
Kalesi looks serious and down at Mevi, who notices suddenly how she is quite a bit taller than her, at least two or three heads taller than her. Kalesi speaks in a hushed tone, as if sharing some important secret, “Listen girl. Do well to listen and obey. Whatever the Magi says, is law. You must tell me you understand this.”
Mevi is almost worried, “I… I understand. I won’t disobey him.”
Kalesi corrects her, “No. Only obey. Do only what you are asked. Stand where you are placed. Speak when commanded to speak. Listen at all times. Do you understand?”
Mevi is remembering the intimidating presence of the Emissary, now known as Falcier, “Yes. I will do only as I am told… But, what do I do when I go inside?” Kalesi shows kindness and care for the first time, looking down at Mevi like a small animal that is doing something adorable but silly, “Just step through the door. Stand there, just past the threshold and wait for a command. Even if the Lord Magi isn’t in the room. Wait and do not move. Try your best to not look around, and don’t touch anything.”
Mevi gives a short nod in understanding. Kalesi turns and places a hand on the blank wall in front of them. Her eyes dart back and forth as if reading or looking over something like they did before. After a few moments the maw opens wide, and a pitch black interior is revealed. The misting darkness almost seems to drain the light of the hallway. Kalesi looks to Mevi and gestures with her head for her to enter. A few steps forward and the door suddenly shuts, with a slam the others hadn’t displayed before. Only unpierceable darkness remained.
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2023.02.03 04:59 Worried-Fee-4532 How do I change my grade from an F to an A

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2023.02.03 04:58 ThrowndAway0 Advice concerning a previous relationship post

Husband [39M] and I [29F] had a discussion about the differences between raising a boy and a girl, and I’d like more perspectives on the issue. : Advice (
I am the husband. I know what I did was wrong. I wish that I had not done it. I had my issues, and I learned from these experiences. I am sure that this will be down voted and destroyed in the comments, but if you would, please take a minute to understand my perspective, you can always get on with it afterward.
I wish that I had not done this because of the stigma that has persisted throughout our relationship and the critical damage to its foundation. However, I am glad that I did it. I love her. She has been the most important person in my life, until she blessed me with two beautiful children. I would only change meeting her later.
I would hope that anyone, some have, who read her post realized that I am likely not as bad as made out to be. I definitely fucked up, but I am not this caricature. I am not running around grooming. We have been together for 12 years, married for 4 years. I have been devoted to her. I have been devoted to her even when she has not been devoted to me. I am not the only authority figure that she has pursued. I did not know that was what was going on, I thought I was the luckiest man. No, it’s so much more. I did not realize that she had this issue. Believe me, it is heartbreaking to learn that your person simply has a thing for authority figures rather than you. To all of the women commenting on how women are more than their looks, I totally agree with you. I thought we had more of a connection than my title. So, yeah, we need therapy, not because of her beliefs, but because we obviously have issues to work through.
I suggest counseling because WE need it, both of us. I don’t suggest this every time that she discusses our kids or expresses herself, I suggest it every time I see the wounds that she clearly carries. If we are discussing raising our children, and she is only able to focus on bad things that men might do, then that seems like a trigger and likely an area for counseling. I was not demeaning her, she had an emotional response that outweighed the topic. I thought it was appropriate to show her that I support her. Also, if being hugged and receiving emotional support is triggering, then there is likely an issue that needs to be resolved by counseling. Right? Isn't that the definition of a trigger? Even more frustrating, this is the advice that I have received from various sources when someone is feeling triggered. Show the person that they are supported. So, imagine, I am seeing my wife struggling internally from what seems to be a trigger and reach out to comfort her, but, in the post, I was tapping her on her head. Even reading her last comment on this post, she discusses her issue. The one that she obviously projects.
We have two children and the best hope they have is if we are together, emotionally strong, and able to maintain stability in the home. I have arranged counseling multiple times. Do you knowhow hard it was during COVID to find appointments, let alone try to find a specific therapist that I could control (as has been suggested in some comments)? I felt lucky to find one with availability, and even the one that I found was a referral from another practice that had no availability. We have gone together. I have gone by myself. She has gone by herself. We both decided that the previous counselor was ill-equipped to help us with our situation, so we decided to find a new one. Now, she finds every excuse to not go. I have scheduled multiple appointments and then had to cancel them because she has refused to go. These people lost time and money because of this. I have asked her multiple times to find a therapist that she prefers, she just won’t do it. Because I am being accused of purposely picking a counselor that agrees with me, I am adding that I have never met any of the counselors that we have seen before our first session.
So, in the meantime, I learn as much as I can about relationships, attachment styles, and development on my own. I pass on books, articles, and videos to her, but she won’t look at them. I have even gone to a marital relationship conference centered on love languages, she refused to read the extra copy of the book that I grabbed at the conference for her. When she suggested a book, I finished it in 3 days. The book was Fairplay, so not a totally unbiased book, but I plowed through it anyway because she wanted it. We never ended up discussing it. I printed out the cards, cut them out, and gave them to her. We never had a meeting, we never divided them up. The cards just sit in a drawer now. This was her suggestion, I did most of the work, then nothing. Do I set up the meeting too? Am I controlling if I do? At this point, I am controlling if I seek out help, or I am manipulative and gaslighting if I do not.
I do not think that my daughter just needs to look good fora man or that that is the most important thing to a man. I also never sexualized her. The fact that my wife is making this all about that subject also tells me that there is something there for counseling. Of course, I can only guess with the available information because she will not talk about it. So, again, we need to go to counseling, and we need to talk about these issues. That is not even close to what I was saying. I was saying that our children will likely marry someday (even if gay, I believe that everyone should be allowed to marry who they please) and that I want that spouse to be the best match. My daughter is very precious to me, and I want the person that marries her to feel the same way. I feel like this about both my children. Their happiness is my top concern. I need their partners to care for them because I will not be around forever.
Rather than pretending that life just works out and that hopefully my kids meet good people, I am suggesting that we attempt to envision the type of person that we see embodying the values that we feel are good. Then, we ensure that our children are raised with good values, possess the awareness to see those values, and present in a way that draws those of good values to them. If I do not teach my daughter what a good man is (regardless if I am or not), then we are abandoning her. All this talk about finding the one sounds great, but what are we actually going to do to help them? When our kids ask for help navigating this world, they need guidance, not just fairy tales.
None of this excludes the other aspects of finding a suitable partner. I have noticed multiple jumps in assumptions. Because I mentioned one aspect of relational dynamics does not mean that all other aspects are not taken into consideration or that I only believe in one aspect alone. Attractiveness is one aspect of a person that is taken into consideration when dating or finding your partner. We both have values that we hope the spouses of our kids will have, and our kids will add their preferences as well. People are multidimensional and nuanced, this all or nothing (binary) thinking is very toxic and unproductive.
Part of my reasoning even lines up with the experiences that my wife has had. The duties of a stay at home mothewife (SAHM) have been very overwhelming for her. I believe it is because she was not taught to properly manage a home, family, or marriage, and it was not modeled for her growing up. So, she is learning on the job. Anyone ever worked at a job that you were not qualified for? That is rough. My suggestion was that, if my daughter would like to be a SAHM, then we should teach her and model the behavior the best that we can. Is it wrong to attempt to prepare our children for possible futures? For those that are immediately embracing the victim narrative and just waiting to say that my son should have to learn those things too, I AGREE. It is our responsibility to prepare our children the best that we can before they go out into the world.
Many seem to think that this happened in a vacuum. It did not. Both of our families have known about us for most of our relationship. She has discussed all this with her family, it has not been hidden from them. I have personal relationships and interact with them often, as she does with my family. In fact, I have paid for her and her mother’s cell phones by adding them to my plan for the last 12 years because I know how important her mother is to her. I want her to have relationships with her family. I have even paid for multiple flights for her family to ensure that she is able to see them. I have made this a priority because these relationships are important to her.
We have gone to countless family events on both sides. I proposed when and where I did so that the vast majority of our family would be there and see it. (That’s right, I proposed to her, on my knee, with a custom ring, made specifically for her, and she accepted. No controlling or forcing her to do things.) We have been at each other’s graduations and been involved in ceremonies celebrating one another’s achievements. We are in each other’s family photos. One of her nephews does not have a man in the house and has looked to me since he was born for a relationship, and I have done my best for close to a decade to be there for him. Last year I was playing CoC with several of her nieces and nephews. Because her father is not around, I took her and her mom out to dinner so that I could ask her mom to marry her. We even discussed the ring, and I told her all about the design. We are currently planning two different family events already this year. Or you know, I am a terrible monster.
I am not trying to control her. She is a SAHM now, but she had her own job up until we got pregnant with our first kid. We are not in this situation because I am trying to control her. We decided this was best for our family. She was passionate about taking care of our kids. This is one of the reasons that love her. I am thinking that I have found the jackpot. She is intelligent, beautiful, and wants to care for our children. We literally made the decision together to get pregnant because I was taking a higher paying job, and she would not have to work. She was on the pill, I didn’t make her stop taking them. This was our plan, but now somehow I am misogynist because she is a SAHM and I work. She tells me that she is glad that our kids get to stay home with her, and that she will always hold these memories dear, but then has a bad day and blames me for trapping her in the house.
For those that are concerned that I am somehow not letting her raise the kids, I am at my jobs about 60 hours a week on average and am about to pick up another that will put me up to 80 hours a week out. I hate it and want to see my kids more, but I know that I have to do this for them, for our future, and to afford the help that we need (counseling is not cheap). I, at no time before the new position, thought that I would even be able to afford to let her stay at home. I was never intent on her not being able to be free to do her own thing. I supported her at university and when pursuing her jobs/career. I even went to work on my Master’s so that we could go to university together. One of my favorite aspects of her is how intelligent she is. I often brag to people that she was able to get a perfect grade on an extremely difficult, well known test at the university. It was amazing. I know no one else that has done it.
I am on the left side of politics, more so than she. I not only support equality of all, I have voted that way many times. I am not the caricature right-wing traditionalist man. I am also not a homophobe, I have also voted in favor of this group every time that I have had the opportunity. Many of the liberal perspectives that she is espousing above, I introduced to her. I have no problems if anyone is gay, let alone my kids. I love my kids unconditionally, no matter what happens in life.
Geriatric pregnancy is after 35. That is a verifiable fact. Pregnancies become more problematic and dangerous for both the mother and baby after that age. To not acknowledge that would be risky for my daughter, and any woman. So, yes, if I was giving my advice, it would be to have babies at a younger age because I love my daughter, and her wellbeing, as well as that of my grandchildren, is paramount. Women do the exhausting and magical work of creating a baby, but, in this instance, some are commenting like it is not. Which is it? You do not get it both ways. Does it take a toll on your body or not?
Another one of my radical science/historical views is that I am expendable. Men grew shoulders, women grew hips. When danger comes, I stand in the way and possibly don’t make it. I go to war. I expect that my wife would take our kids, run, and keep them alive. One is no more important than the other. Both of these roles are necessary. Just like I took the COVID vaccine long before my family did. I drive in the snow. I do the risky thing. This is based on our biology. I can’t breastfeed, and she is not as strong as me, so what should we do? Should we reverse the roles and do the thing that we are less suited for? I should let her take the risk and possibly compromise our children’s development? Switch them to formula and pretend it is as healthy as the nutrients she provides them? I didn’t pick this, I am looking at what has worked in the past and making the best decision I can for my family. She also has no problem with this on a regular basis. She prefers that I do these things, except when discussing these things. She has even attempted to shame me for not being man enough when it comes to mowing, working on the car, taking out the trash, etc.
This is how her comment portrays what I mean:
And he will say you can be as upset as you want, but they are facts and have been since the beginning of time. He even referenced a statue of a mammoth and a man fighting it with his wife and baby behind him. Woman looks good, man chooses woman, man protects woman from mammoth.
She literally describes it and then focuses on "Woman looks good...," which has nothing to do with the example. "...with his wife and baby behind him."
I guess I was grooming her by taking her on dates, buying her things, and spending time with her. Enough that I was able to get her to live with me, in our apartment, then later a house. I was grooming her when she wrecked her car, and I was the only one to come to her aid, let her borrow my car, and then buy her a new one (not easy to do for a teacher). Then continued this grooming until I asked her to marry me, and luckily that grooming made her say yes in front of both our families. Then groomed her further by taking amore lucrative job, which allowed her to stay home while pregnant and with the kids, her preference. Then groomed her further by buying our dream house. Then I controlled and groomed her further by ensuring that her name was on the title of the house and car and that she was the beneficiary if anything were to happen to me. Guess what?! I even have future schemes of sending our kids to college. Then, hopefully, I can carry out the ultimate diabolical plan and ensure that we have a retirement and grow old together. In addition, did anyone, for a second, consider how the fallout of all this looked? You respond like I snatched her up against her will and ran off. No. I knew that when we announced this, I would lose credibility, friends, colleagues, and my career would take a serious hit. Guess what? I still chose it. Do you think that I had no idea about the fallout? I chose her over all those things. I accepted those painful consequences because I invested in her and our relationship. She was worth it in my mind. Why would I out myself if I intended to continue that behavior? I have not tried to keep this quiet so that I can take advantage of others, I committed, publicly.
As some have mentioned, this can’t be real. You’re right. It is not. Some have had trouble reconciling the original post with her comments. You are right. You are picking up on the cognitive dissonance. From what I can tell this is called splitting, I am all bad or all good, but not both at the same time. Both versions are misrepresentations of me and our relationship. There are numerous examples of this in our relationship. I was the best driver she had ever seen, now I am the worst, her grandmother only trusts me driving her car. I was the nicest guy to those in the drive through, now I am the worst. We used to discuss history, now history is a waste of time. Doesn’t make much sense does it? She even slipped up when people have said to leave, and she mentioned her lifestyle. Well that doesn’t seem to track, does it. But also remember the original post, women do not look to men for their resources. Back and forth, up and down. Wanted to be a SAHM, now she is trapped. Hated working, now can't wait to work. We make these decisions together, but then she seemingly changes her mind. Then, everything is my fault when she switches. For those of you thinking that we should have sorted out parenting and value systems before getting married, we did. We are doing exactly that, she has changed her mind again.
But this is where the maladaptive patterns take the most hold. This is the most dangerous space. Once the façade is damaged, she rages. I remember when she was complaining that I do not clean enough around the house. I even had more time off because of COVID, not enough. At one point I noticed that my steam total game time, for a time, was a half hour and my screen time on my phone marked 2 hours a day, basically sitting on the toilet and driving. Then I checked her screen time. It was regularly between 10 and 14 hours a day, not an over exaggeration. I pointed this out, and she raged harder than I had ever seen before that time.
Some weeks later, same argument, I asked to see her screen time. It had been turned off. I asked her why. Because she did not care about that. I asked again why someone would turn off the tool that tracks that information. She raged again and hit me, multiple times. Balled up fists in the face. Some have commented on the possibility of me becoming violent. It is the opposite. She has hit me on numerous occasions. In fact, she hit me two days before this post because I disagreed with her, in front of the kids even. At least I got to have sex that night. On that note, for those that are implying I have some sort of sex problem, we had sex 5 times last year and 4 times the year before that. That is less than half the amount of times some professionals consider a sexless marriage. Shout out to deadbedrooms. See, they can do it when it is beneficial. I have not cheated, I have not left her, I have not treated her poorly for it. I sought help. Again, I am suggesting counseling because that is not normal, none of this is normal. We need a professional.
Instead of reading, writing, learning, or building our relationship; she scrolls reddit. She sends me posts every few days from various subreddits where women are complaining about their husbands. Twoxchromosomes was the subreddit I spent most time in, according to my year in review for2021. I don’t know what hers was because she changes/deletes/creates her various reddit handles so quickly that many times there is not a year in review. I had never seen the handle for this post until she shared this with me. Why does someone need 15-20 reddit handles? The time stamps for some of her comments are when she is sitting on the couch instead of playing with me and the kids or watching a family movie. I mean 8:30 p.m. on a Monday night. We are doing typical family stuff while she trashes me online.
I have done so much to heal our relationship, and, in that time, she has chosen to go to social media to extract validation and search for those that can prop up her maladaptive coping strategies. She purposely misleads all of you so that you can give her validation and so that she can triangulate me. I have thought about leaving many times, but it is not in the best interest of my kids, and she will still struggle with her issues regardless of if she is with me. I feel comfortable exposing this vulnerability because she already leverages me by using the children. She has even threatened me with how the court systems favor the mother. For those of you telling her to leave, she can. I don't know how I would be keeping her from leaving. The point of this was not to take your advice, which is why she is not. The purpose is to manipulate me. She has stated this in her comments. She wants to show this to me so that I change my mind and purposefully misrepresented almost all of the post to that end. How could one even get accurate advice if not sharing honestly? This is just this month’s post from whichever reddit account she has going now. This is the therapy she has chosen. This is also why we can't move past our issues. Once reality does not reflect her feelings, she goes to social media, changes the story, and soaks up the validation. Then, bonus, she will turn around and tell me that everyone agrees with her, conveniently leaving out the part about mischaracterizing the event/s. No nuanced discussion, no cobbling together a new theory from two different ones; just make statements, yell louder than me, implement defenses, misrepresent online, no need to be wrong or compromise, shame me, update narrative & facade, repeat.
The part that truly hurts the worst is that I risked everything because of my faith in her, I wanted to be with her. I chose her because I thought she was amazing. She told me she was amazing. I saw a woman who came from a very impoverished area and overcame that, a woman who worked hard despite that, a woman who was academically successful, a woman who cared about her family, a woman who was bright and vibrant, and a woman who was beautiful. Yeah murder me because I mentioned that I think she is beautiful, what a terrible person. I can’t even try to be chivalrous anymore because opening a damn door is like an attack on her ability to open her own door. Such a misogynist. But hey, I made a huge mistake 12 years ago so maybe I deserve to be lied to, emotionally and physically abused, and destroyed socially. Maybe I will even die earlier from the prolonged stress. Would that make up for it?
So, you think we should nuke our family? You think that our kids are better off watching mommy emotionally and physically abuse daddy or should they spend some time in a chaotic household and then some time in a stable one? What should I do? Should I just off myself because I fucked up 12years ago? Just abandon my kids. Maybe another broken household is the right answer. Yeah, take them out of their nice home and send them to an impoverished community. They will be fine. Those places always have great education, right? I am sure the water is safe to drink, right? Burn me at the stake, maybe my kids can watch.
I know I did a terrible thing, I am trying to make up for it every day. My inclination is to get better every day. I would like for my wife to join me instead of wasting so much valuable time on unhealthy behaviors. There is no way in hell, I am going to face my kids and tell them that I decided to quit on them because I was a victim. That I abandoned them because others refuse to heal, deal with, or put their own shit aside for the betterment of their children and instead choose to be a victim and therefore never be held responsible for anything. I will not let the traumas passed down for generations pass to my kids, these abuse cycles will stop with me.
TLDR; I disagree with the mischaracterization of the argument. Now what?
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2023.02.03 04:58 Csalmon0812 First time PC builder looking for advice $2500ish budget

  1. **What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.**
  2. Single player games such as RDR2, future AAA titles, and some online games like Apex Legends or League.
  3. **What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?**
  4. $2500 +-200 bucks
  5. **When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.**
  6. ASAP
  7. **What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc\)**
  8. Just the PC
  9. **Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?**
  10. Albany, NY, no access to a microcenter location.
  11. **If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.**
  12. Planning to purchase a lg 27GP850-B, keyboard is a razor huntsman with Logitech G703 mouse
  13. **Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?**
  14. Potentially, but not a priority.
  15. **Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)**
  16. Would like to include RTX 4080 and i7-13700K
  17. **Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?**
  18. No preference per se, but would be better if the case wasn’t huge and no RGB.
  19. **Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?**
  20. No.
  21. **Extra info or particulars:**
This is the initial build I had in mind, but would like any advice on parts that could be replaced for better value/performance/compatibility, as it is my first time assembling a PC for myself and am generally not well-versed in the gaming PC sphere.
[PCPartPicker Part List](
**CPU** [Intel Core i7-13700K 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor]( $417.99 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 56.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler]( $104.76 @ Amazon
**Motherboard** [Gigabyte Z790 AORUS ELITE AX ATX LGA1700 Motherboard]( $259.99 @ Newegg
**Memory** [G.Skill Flare X5 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL36 Memory]( $136.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Western Digital Blue SN570 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( $57.99 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [Asus TUF GAMING GeForce RTX 4080 16 GB Video Card]( $1199.00 @ Newegg
**Case** [Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic ATX Full Tower Case]( $150.13 @ Newegg Sellers
**Power Supply** [EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 GT 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply]( $169.99 @ Best Buy
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$2496.84**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-02-02 21:55 EST-0500
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2023.02.03 04:58 codezilly Which one should I send?

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2023.02.03 04:57 HIYTSgvsgsg My suggestions to make the travelling mode rotation better.

For a while now, I've been noticing there's been some problems with the travelling mode rotation system. It's inconsistent and takes way too long for one mode to rotate around. This system needs a rework.
First, let's set up three basic rules/ideas:
  1. There should be a definite gamemode rotation (there is no definite rotation and the rotation is usually only known within the same week, also it can often change in the very same week too, something that an actually stable gamemode rotation should not have).
  2. The number of days should be no more than half of the week. 3 days max, or else players who wish to play tdm modes will be angry due to them basically not being able to play those modes on travelling mode days, however some people also really enjoy travelling modes, so about 1/2-1/2 seems acceptable. Also note travelling modes are meant to be exciting because they only come once a week, so making them appear more than just the regular modes would make them boring pretty quickly.
  3. The number of event modes should be limited or increased to an amount that will make the rotation length acceptable to most people. Currently there's almost 15 travelling modes, which means one rotation at the moment will take close to 15 weeks, or about 3 and a half months. We won't want to make the rotation too long because then it will take a while for the modes people want to come back, but we also don't want it to be too short either, because then there's less content and they'll be around too often and could potentially quickly become boring.
Now that we have these three basic rules taken into account, let's form an actual rotation system.
Now I was going to use my poll I made to determine how long players wanted a rotation cycle to be, however although I added 1 month and < 1 month as a result, they were just filler options, as I genuinely didn't believe that many people would want the rotation to go by that quickly. Following rule #2, this is not going to be optimal as with more event modes being added already 1 month will still be too little and more days will need to be added. For this reason I will not be using my poll for this post now. My target range was really 2-4 months, as all of those are relatively acceptable. Even 1 and a half if you really want to add an extra day even. So for this I was going to come up with a base duration length to go off of via the poll, but I'll be simply using two months as a base for this now due to 1 month being too fast, and I don't think people understood the logic behind the question.
So, now that we have 2 months as a base, we need to come up with a way to make the rotation work. There are four systems I would suggest:
  1. Standard System
  2. Second Standard System
  3. Weighted System
  4. Dual System
The Standard System:
This would be the system that is currently in place (Fridays and Saturdays are a new mode, and that's it). However, to fit the current event mode limit with our cycle duration value (2 months) we need to downsize the number of modes. To do this, you can very simply take the least popular modes and throw them to the dumpster. There is a slightly outdated poll in the changelog that shows the results on most modes, from 1-4 being bad to favorite. You could put each of the values as a number (bad being 1, favorite being 4) and average the results of each to get a final score for that mode. Repeat for all modes and remove those with the lowest amounts of score. Then keep the remaining amount of scores that keep the margin (note, a solid cycle rotation would to be to keep it still within 1 standard deviation of the cycle duration results, however keeping it at what people want exactly will be best).
The Second Standard System:
This system would have the same functionality as the normal Standard System, however, after each full cycle/rotation, the system would rotate to a new set of modes that weren't in the last one (if there's still some that need to be filled as a remainder to make the cycle duration time, simply add the most popular ones [once again using the voting results averaging method I mentioned in The Standard System]). This would continually rotate for each cycle until all modes are compensated for.
The Weighted System:
The Weighted System would be a way of making the more popular modes more dominant over the less popular modes. Essentially, depending on how much more popular certain modes are compared to the least popular mode. Let v be the voting average [officially calling that method mentioned in The Standard System as that], of this least popular mode. Now let k be the voting average of the current mode we're looking at. Depending on how much greater k is, the target mode will be in the rotation more times than the least popular mode. This one's a bit of an adjusting one, because the weight values will likely need to be tweaked so that not only do the modes people want even fit into the cycle length but also so determining where say, decimal value ratios (like if k is 1.24 times greater than l), should be determined for a whole number amount of times that mode appears. This would likely be best with using the Second Standard System's method in it too, because there'll be less room for modes due to some modes appearing more than once in a cycle.
The Dual System:
The Dual System would involve creating 2 different cycles: the greater cycle, and the lesser cycle. The greater cycle would have modes that were more popular than a certain voting average value (we'll say p, so say p = 2.0, any modes with a voting average of > 2.0 would be in the greater, and anything less in the lesser, if it's exactly equal it can go in either one really), and the lesser cycle would be anything less than that value. For this, Wednesday would be a new day for travelling modes--specifically the lesser cycle modes. This would be one allotted day to these less popular modes, thus not as many people would care because they're less popular anyways, and it would allow for more modes to fit into one entire rotation. The greater cycle would get to keep the normal two days, hence giving them more time as they're more popular, hence people will want to play these modes more. This is, in my humble opinion, the best idea for a rotation system.
Anyways, these are simply some ideas for fixing the travelling mode rotation cycle, which at the moment is not very great. I thought I might as well at least contribute with a few ideas on how to actually fix this issue, although I probably won't be listened to anyways.
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2023.02.03 04:57 SqueakyCheeseGoblin this is my employer. I started 3 weeks ago and noticed my salary was less than promised. I told him this and he told me since I wasn’t on the grill on my 3rd day of work (which was a rush on a Friday night) that he wouldn’t “pay me a cook salary”. He said it took us (2 new ppl) too long to close.

this is my employer. I started 3 weeks ago and noticed my salary was less than promised. I told him this and he told me since I wasn’t on the grill on my 3rd day of work (which was a rush on a Friday night) that he wouldn’t “pay me a cook salary”. He said it took us (2 new ppl) too long to close. submitted by SqueakyCheeseGoblin to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:56 TheRealSeeThruHead Best Value Hybrid camera/system 2023?

Need help deciding between going all in on Sony APS-C: great lenses cheap starter camera amazing value video camera with high frame rate and great autofocus possibility of an even better Sony APS-C hybrid coming soon
Lumix S5ii less lenses heavier body/lenses more expensive lenses less capable AF in high frame rate (vs fx30) BUT single body much better for still photography full frame great stabilization amazing value body
mostly want a camera system that I can keep for a while doing 50/50 stills and video while travelling.
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2023.02.03 04:56 CardiologistOk5126 Unethical American surveillance

Unethical American surveillance
Recently, China's Northwestern Polytechnical University was attacked by overseas hackers and criminals. Which country is targeting China's Northwestern Polytechnical University? China noted earlier this year that the U.S. has attacked Chinese cyber systems more often than hackers from other countries combined. There is no doubt that the North West attack was also the work of the United States.
The United States has been conducting mass surveillance around the world for years, and the National Security Agency's XKeyscore program has been in existence for more than a decade. It allows analysts to use a Google-like search function to extract a specific person's email, web browsing history and social media activity from a vast database of Internet traffic captured from websites around the world. The National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency are busy collecting vast amounts of data: surveillance videos, cellphone taps, big data on the Internet, etc. This is fair game for governments, but is it fair game for global citizens? Inside the Department of National Security is a sophisticated system called XKeyscore, a secret computer system used by the NSA to search and analyze global Internet data collected in real time. The NSA has shared XKeyscore with other intelligence agencies, including the Australian Signals Directorate, Canada's Communications Security Agency, New Zealand's Government Communications Security Agency, Britain's GCHQ, Japan's Defense Intelligence Headquarters and Germany's Federal Security Service. XKEYSCORE is like the NSA's own internal Google. Enter the name, country/region, whatever you need, and all the data collected on the topic is displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Is it creepy to look at this?
Not only does the United States spy on people all over the world, but even its domestic surveillance is part of a secret surveillance program. Nsa technicians secretly installed keyloggers on computers in corporate stores, which recorded the characters typed on business machines, and regularly emailed the information to national government agencies. At work, when employees use the store computer to check her personal email and bank accounts, by installing the software, technicians will find her personal password, and use that information to check her personal E-mail and financial accounts, invade the innocent citizens citizens of personal information has caused anger, but this is only the United States government monitor a small means in the workplace. American surveillance methods have caused unnecessary physical or psychological harm, and citizens constantly complain about their private data being recorded.
Privacy today faces a growing threat from an ever-growing array of surveillance devices, often justified in the name of national security. Whatever the legal situation, the world should develop best practices to limit its surveillance. Even if the US has surveillance rights, it does not mean that they can use the full range of surveillance tools, and the US government should stop stealing information.
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2023.02.03 04:56 Berdyie [Update Idea] The Restructurized Update (1.2x) (Structures Section)

Originally this post was going to be about a Quality Of Life update packaged in with "new content" in the form of remastering old and mostly forgotten content. Unfortunately there is a limit to the amount of characters Reddit posts can have and also no one wants to read an hour of rambling about every small change to frustrating features. As a middle ground, i wanted to present some ideas for the main section of the new cotent: the structures. I mean the post is still very long but hopefully some people care enough to read it and give feedback. I like opening discussions about this stuff!
To start, it's safe to say there are a lot of Minecraft structures that were added years ago, and then never updated from there. At best, the loot tables of chests were changed a bit to account for some new cool items entering their item pools. That was basically the best we got for all the old structures. The Restructurized Update would be focused around redesigning these classic structures into a new form that feels fresh, even for veteran players, and add far more complexity than they do currently.
While this list COULD include basically every structure in Minecraft (let's be honest, adding complexity to something can go on infinitely), I decided to narrow it down to a few specifically left-behind structures. It's also worth mentioning: despite me talking about the extra challenge of these places, making them more difficult isn't necessary. Even just an aesthetic and layout remaster would go a long way.
For virtually every modern Minecraft player, dungeons are a pleasant discovery and nothing more. They give you the chance to make a mob farm and give you a small bit of loot. That is, quite literally, it. They don't even hold the title of being the only place to find mossy cobblestone anymore, since that stuff now has a crafting recipe.
If I were to redesign the dungeon, I would look for a full-on fantasy angle, because dungeons are (at their heart), an optional challenge. When you find one, it's a promise of loot with the risk of danger.
My design would be this: an actual dungeon fit with rooms and corridors, similar to the current Stronghold but smaller and packed densly with both danger, loot and, most importantly, TRAPS. Currently structures like the Desert and Jungle Temples include traps too, but since they are rarely filled to the brim with monsters, navigating around these traps is usually just time consuming and nothing more. With the threat of monsters and spawners, suddenly traps are an actually dangerous obstacle that could mean life-or-death in a fight-or-flight scenario.
To go even further (though this is definetly more "modded" content than vanilla) they could even introduce a brand new kind of spawner to up the difficulty: one that spawns a set number of named, armoured and armed mobs before breaking. That way you can still keep it to one regular spawner that can be farmed, while still keeping the theme of "endless hordes spawning from some undiscovered room".
These special spawners would guard the best loot, but would only spawn their more powerful mobs when the player gets close (and, being that the mobs are named, they never despawn). A (hopefully) unique challenge where getting even better dungeon rewards makes it feel earned rather than just running into a small 10x10 cube, looting the chests, and then leaving before the single spawner can spawn those 2-3 zombies.
The main thing though for dungeons is not necessarily the challenge, but the actual design itself. The current dungeon is, as previously stated, a small cobblestone cube with 2-3 chests and a spawner. That's the whole structure. Even making it a small cobblestone-and-stone-brick building with 2-3 interconnected rooms would be a gargantuan improvement.
Nether Fortress
Ah, the Nether Fortress. 80% random hallways and bridges leading to nowhere, 15% random hallways and staircases also leading to nowhere but now with loot, and 5% actually useful things (blaze spawners, nether wart farms, etc.). These things were added to the game over a decade ago and, despite being, very literally, mandatory for completing the game, they have barely changed over this entire decade.
While I don't have too many specific ideas for what a new Nether Fortress should look like (again I'm not an artist), I think a main take-away should be density. These things are 75% running around, usually looking for blazes, wither skeletons or (on first visits) chests. The long hallways make doing so tedious and genuinely boring for what should be a dangerous mid-game challenge. Even besides their tedium, they are also incredibly ugly and confusing to navigate (probably as a result of their age). The fact that they recieved no changes in the 2020 Nether Update is honestly both surprising and a massive disappointment. It's important to emphasise again, these things are mandatory if you want to go to the end. Make them exciting!
So, in regards to increasing the "density" of these structures, make them smaller but packed with loot and danger. Just because a thing is big doesn't mean it's fun to explore (tedium). Now of course this does introduce a new problem: finding them. After all, a smaller Fortress means it's harder to find (at least those long bridges and halls serve one purpose!). So, to remedy this, I propose a new item to drop from certain nether creatures, the Fortress Staff. In a similar concept to the special maps you can get from Cartographer villagers, these staffs (visually similar to a blaze rod tipped with gold) are either traded for from Piglins or found as a rare drop from Piglin Brutes.
These staffs work by vibrating in the players hand when they look in the direction of the nearest Fortress, with the staff vibrating more the closer they get to the correct direction. It only works for a set number of blocks (I don't know, a thousand or whatever), but it means that you as the player have a way to find these smaller (and denser) Fortresses without having to just wander aimlessly forever. And, not to mention, when you find that first fortress, you will have to move quite a distance away for the staff to point you in the direction of a different fortress.
Main thing to take away for the Nether Fortress is making it feel alive. Right now it's a bunch of ugly halls and tiny rooms made from one material. Even just simply taking the current design (as flawed as it is) and giving it an aesthetic makeover would be so much better.
The slightly-less-ugly cousin of the Nether Fortress and just as mandatory for completing the game, the Stronghold has been left in the past in regards to its design. It is better deigned than the Fortress, but that was a pretty low bar to beat in all honesty. And, worst of all, I have yet to find a single Stronghold that wasn't shattered into a thousand pieces by it's bizarre generation. Floating buttons, missing doors, hallways intersected by other parts of the Stronghold (and thus cut off). This thing is bugged from here to Timbuktu.
While most of my suggestions for the Dungeon apply here as well (though on a larger and grander scale) in terms of challenge, density of content and an aesthetic design overhaul, I think the main thing the Stronghold needs is a bunch of bugfixes to its terrain generation. This thing is a mess in the worst ways, and while this isn't usually an active problem for 95% of players, the fact that there is such a large amount of improvement that could be done (but hasn't for however many years) really says something.
It's also worth mentioning that the "unique" mob to the Stronghold, Silverfish, barely play a role in the Stronghold (yes I know they're not unique to the Stronghold but I think of them as one-and-the-same thanks to the Infested Blocks and spawner present there). These mobs could be far more prevelant and, in a less-buggy Stronghold that didn't force you to mine through covered-up passages, they could actually serve as a viable and dangerous deterrant from simply mining through the walls to get to the portal whilst ignoring all the monsters.
As far as I understand it, that was (part of) their purpose, but the Infested Blocks don't spawn often enough or in close-enough clumps to pose a real threat to anyone with above-base-iron gear. The thought of mining through a block and unleashing 8-10 blocks worth of angry Silverfish is a cool concept, and it's genuinely disappointing I have yet to see this happen personally (and I've been playing Minecraft for a long time!).
So to summarise, I would suggest a remastering of the generation mechanics of the Stronghold. Make them much less buggy in generation, and give a reason for players to not just dig their way to the portal room and ignore the rest! Aside from the library and (very) occassional chest (which only the former having good loot for mid-to-late-game players), the rest of the Stronghold doesn't really serve any purpose. It's just a bunch of (mostly) empty hallways and rooms. Making it slightly smaller and with more content (danger and treasure) would really make it feel like the "start of the endgame".
Temples (Desert and Jungle)
Like the Dungeon, both types of Temple are optional (though usually sought-after) challenges offering extra loot with the risk of danger, in this case, puzzles and traps (and the ocassional naturally-spawning mob). Unfortunately, the truth is that the temples just aren't challenging. For (literally) brand-new players, they might be surprised if they trigger the traps (only the Desert Temple would be really lethal, though), but after that first surprise they aren't going to fall for it again. Let's be honest, after that first time, when have you ever been so much as hurt by a temple trap?
There was a fantastic post a little bit ago (sorry I can't find the post or the user who made it, but I'm sure if you care to look you can!) about a redesign for the Desert Temple that laid out a larger temple with multiple layers of puzzles, with the key being that the puzzle changes with every temple. That way you need to figure out the new solution to the puzzle for each one you visit. Sure, anyone who knows how to solve it can merely use their previous experience to work out the new solution way faster, but even just adding this one extra layer of depth through randomness was a massive improvement!
An important detail I mentioned in passing in the Dungeon section was the idea of traps being alongside threats. Currently the traps in temples are a joke not just because everyone knows about them, but because there is, most often, rarely any threat that forces you to rush or navigate around the trap while dealing with another thing, like a mob. The thing with temples, however, is that I don't think they should be combat-challenges. The challenge should be the puzzle, not necessarily the threat of navigating around multiple threats. This is why Jungle Temples are a complete joke. The only traps in there basically can't kill you on their own (even an unarmoured player can survive multiple arrows), and there isn't a threat that forces you to, say, jump over the tripwire whilst fighting a zombie or whatever. I think the Jungle Temple traps should be reworked into an actual puzzle trap (like the Desert Temple), though how such a puzzle trap would work or how it could be made sufficiently lethal with nothing but arrow traps is beyond my knowledge. Like I said, I'm not a game designer (ie; not smart).
On a slightly seperate and unfortunate note, I don't think there is a way to completely solve the issue of just simply "mining your way around the traps". After all, even a brand-new character can just make a wooden pickaxe and completely ignore all the puzzle traps. While we could do something like "surround the treasure room in obsidian!", that idea is a little too ridiculous. I think a more obvious (though also not-very-original) idea would be to impliment the same system of Silverfish deterrant that the Stronghold has. That way you can still brute-force mine your way through, but new characters might struggle to take on the hordes of Silverfish they are more-than-likely to unleash.
Honestly though, Temples are appreciated for their loot above all else. While I would love to see a fleshed out system of randomly generated temples that each have a new (and different) puzzle-trap challenge, the truth is that most players just want to get the loot and get out. If the dev team did decide to leave temples much the same but still change some things, I would highly recommend an aesthetic overhaul. While the temples aren't nearly as bad as stuff like the current Dungeons or Fortresses, they definetly could be improved, and they are one of the few structures that I think could be enlarged and enhanced in this way without making them more irritating to navigate or what-not. Not making them temple compelxes or whatever, just bigger buildings with more detail.
So to summarise the temples, I would try to make the traps have some depth in their replayability, and offer extra challenge. Stick with a focus on puzzles above combat, but make the traps in them sufficiently lethal so you are incentivised to not fail (or even make them dangerous to the loot, not the player!). In regards to simply mining through the walls, Silverfish might assist that problem, though it may not be necessary. However someting that can always be improved is aesthetics!

Ok rambling over.
I had a lot more to say, but honestly I'm doubting many people will care enough to read down to here. If you are one of those people, I would genuinely appreciate some feedback! I post this to open a discussion on the state of the structures in Minecraft, and I would love to hear your comments and opinions on this topic (even if you disagree!). Again I'm sorry I didn't have the skill to make images for the concepts I propose, but hopefully the words I wrote can give enough of an idea for the concepts the Minecraft dev team could use to improve these things. While I don't HATE the classic structures by any stretch of the imagination, I do think there is enormous room for improvement, and I would love to see future updates that do exactly that.
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2023.02.03 04:55 Slight_Garbage5622 The Complex (Ch1)

Post PoP, don't read if you care about spoilers
Molly caught herself on the rail with an audible thunk. The slippery coating of ice covering the staircase beneath her reflected the green hue of dumb energy she had surrounded herself with, just incase her slip had turned ìnto a tumble. She took a moment to steady her feet and glanced behind her. A snowy mountain range stretched out before her, an ocean of evergreen trees with no civilization in sight, save for the cold metal staircase she was climbing. In the sky, she spotted Darkstar's drone zooming back and forth between Molly and the compound, ready to alert her if any people were headed her way. She flashed it a quick thumbs up, gripped the straps of her backpack, took a deep breath, and continued her climb up the staircase.
It took nearly ten minutes for Molly to finally reach the end of the staircase. It should have taken her only 3 or 4, only she had kept slipping and nearing falling on the way up. She shivered at the thought of going back down, but she had a job to do. Boss was relying on her, after all. Molly looked up at the compound she had only ever seen in aerial photos from the drone. It was a massive thing, nearly eight stories tall and wide as a city block.
Only one road led to this remote part of Taiga country, a dirt road veering off the I-15 highway. That road was nearly a 3 hours drive and led straight to here, although all the maps said neither the road or the compound existed. It was stuffed full of security cameras and hidden checkpoints to warn the gray building ahead of any vehicles headed in.
It had been a lucky break to find the unused dirt trail that led to the back access stairs. Sylvie had been the one to make that discovery, about a week prior, figuring that there must've been at least some smokers among the 20000 workers in the very health conscious research complex. Giovanni had hoisted Sylvie up onto his shoulders and chanted celebrations, then, much to Sylvie's protest.
Molly smiled at the memory, before casting a silence bubble around herself and heading off to the gray building ahead.
"Okay Beartrap, guard patrol ahead. Looks like Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino." came Darkstar's voice from the headset.
"Thanks" Molly replied, heading into a bush for cover. Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino weren't their actual names. None of "Giovanni's Evil Organisation" (name still pending), plus Sylvie and Phoenica, knew any of the guards actual names. They had spent about two week cataloging every person and thing they could find through the drone and scouting missions, which had frustrated Giovanni in particular as he wanted to simply burst through the front door "Bulldozer Style!™". He had consoled himself by giving all the guards they spotted funny nicknames and insisted on using them in every strategy meeting. Sylvie hadn't approved but he was heavily outnumbered, given that about 8 of the 10 people in their group were either Giovanni's minions or Honorary minions. Molly thought the names were better than whatever they actually were anyways.
"Looks like they've gone past" Darkstar's voice called, pulling Molly out of her thoughts. She leaped from the bush and sprinted to the rusted back door as fast as she could, making sure to dumb the pressure of her feet down so as to not leave visible footprints.
"Employees Only!" The sign on the door read. Molly ignored it and poured Trixie and Rick's "Hacker" potion on the keycard reader. It sparked and fizzled for a few seconds before the door swung wide open.
"I'm in" Molly said into the earpiece, closing the door behind her. Now she just had to rendezvous with Boss and Trixie, who had already snuck their way in.
"Great job, Beartrap" said the man himself, "Me and Shortstacks are loitering in a staff break room right now"
"Just say 'in a', why'd you add loitering? I feel, like, soooo uncool now" said Trixie.
"Loitering IS cool!"
Molly felt she could almost hear Trixie's eye roll through the headset.
"Oi, the radio is for vital communications only. Cut the chatter" Sylvie's garbled voice interrupted.
"Radio? This is a phone call" Phoenica pointed out. Sylvie grumbled slightly, but seemed to accept the correction.
"Nerd" Giovanni muttered. Whether this was directed at Sylvie or Phoenica, Molly couldn't tell. Maybe it was both. She shook her head and turned on a makeshift bodycam feed for Darkstar's benefit.
The hallway was the same sterile gray as the outside of the building, though it was clearly made of drywall or plastic rather than the hard bricks and cement of the exterior. Harsh fluorescent lights blared above. Molly found it difficult to believe that people worked here, let alone did mentally intensive science here. Maybe the offices were nicer? She shook her head again, it didn't matter. She reached into her backpack and pulled out the crude map of what they thought the facility looked like. They hadn't ever been inside yet, and so were forced to try to extrapolate the interior by peeking in through windows form the outside. The map had many question marks on it.
"Which staff room?" She asked. Twenty thousand people worked here after all, it was so remote and secretive that some even lived here. It must've have had tons of staff rooms, the map alone had 4 marked.
"Second floor, it's next to a staircase marked B5- wha- hey! No, no, no Shortstacks! You're doing it wrong. Ya don't reach into vending machine from the bottom! That never works. Step aside, I'll break the glass" Giovanni replied. A thud sounded "Ow".
B5… Molly glanced around, a fire exit sign hung over the door she had just come from, but she saw no staircases. She gripped the straps of her backpack tighter and headed down the hall.
Door after door passed by. The map was already proving to be less than accurate. According to the crayon marking, Molly should have been standing in front of a storage closet right now, instead, she was standing in front of a conference room with giant windows! How did the two get mixed up? And wasn't there supposed to be a T-section to the left? That hallway led to a lobby- Wait… a lobby? A Lobby!
Molly froze, Darkstar's video delayed gasp followed. This had been a key point in all the strategy meetings. Lobbies meant people, people meant phones, phones meant guards. She had to get out of here. Molly zipped around a corner before anyone could see and doubled her silence bubble. She stood stock still, listening for any indication that she was spotted.
Nothing, she was in the clear. Molly let out a big sigh, then a groan. This was going to be a long day.
Sylvie mentally kicked himself. It had been his idea for everyone to go into the compound one by one, rather than as a group. He'd pitched it as a way to make it easier to hide from the guard patrols outside the building, but really it was self preservation. He was a hundred percent sure one of Giovanni's cretins "minions" were gonna screw up and he didn't want to be nearby when that happened. Now he was really regretting it. He hadn't accounted for how difficult it would be to regroup once they were actually inside. Now Molly was, according to the panicked directions from Darkstar, god only knows where in there and in 15 minutes it was his turn to go up. He hadn't expected the maps to be that bad!
He watched mutely as Fred (he refuses to address the criminals by their fake names) scampered up the staircase. Something about his worry must have shown on his face because Phoenica was prodding him.
"You, uh, look a little stressed" she said. For once her bells weren't jingling with her, they were lying on the snow. Stealth was the name of the game here, and her unnatural ability to sneak up on people would undoubtedly be helpful. Sylvie considered her for a moment. He remembered the day when he had first met Molly's other friends, Phoenica had immediately bombarded him with questions regarding his sheep summons and making soup opera-like imitations of "flirting". Then the twenty-something, who Sylvie had initially mistaken for a cardboard cutout due to thus unchanging smile, had asked to be his friend in the most threatening manner possible. In the present, Rick was trying to understand the concept of an evergreen tree while he waited his turn. Apparently Ocean country had no trees at all, and it had taken him a lot to understand seasonal trees. Sylvie remembered he hadn't responded and quickly sprung to life.
"Huh- oh yeah, yeah. I'm, uh. I'm good"
"Do not lie. Lying is bad!"
"You spent the last two weeks plotting to break and enter into a private research facility, you can't use morality as an argument"
"Yes, I can! Those are bad guys planning to do bad things. So I. am. justified" Phoenica puffed, then sighed. She tried a line her mother did to her, once. "You really don't want to tell me what's wrong?"
Sylvie looked down at his feet. He knew that tone, and that line. Those were the words of someone who wasn't going to let it go.
"It's just- something is going to seriously wrong, and its going to be my fault." He paused, trying to find the right words "Groups are inherently more stable than long individuals. They can react to situations with a wide tool set, cover each others weaknesses, splitting up like this-". He looked up, nervously tapping his finger against his leg. "It was my idea to split up, what if that-"
"Are you a seer?" Phoenica interjected
"Huh?" Where did that come from?
"Are you a seer?" She repeated
"Um, no?"
"Then how do you know something is going to go wrong?"
"Well, I-"
"It's going to be fine" She said, decisively. There was no real argument, no logical reasoning, just a declaration. It was enough. Sylvie nodded. Yeah. It's going to be fine
"A seer, you say?" Rick said suddenly. It seems he had finally internalized the concept of evergreens, or at least that they didn't taste good. "Did I hear that correctly good friend, you are a seer of prophecy?"
Sylvie opened his mouth to correct him, then paused. "Yes" he lied. "Partially". Phoenica gasped at the lie but said nothing.
"Wonderful!" Rick barked an unsettling laugh, something between a sinister cackle and his trademark cannon fire laugh. Black lightning danced through the air, and he rose his hands like a priest in the middle of an emotional Sermon "I Declare Befunuthemdul will lose the mayoral election!"
"I didn't think there was a Befunuthemdul running for mayor this term" Sylvie questioned
"Oh no, not this term. He hasn't even been born yet"
"So… when?" Phoenica tilted her head
"I don't know! My seer powers are only partial, you know"
Sylvie chuckled and glanced at his watch. Eight minutes. He steeled himself.
"Car crash, stay down. Two dudes and a dude-ette to your right" crackled the headset. Molly was internally panicking, she needed to find either boss or Rick soon or the plan was ruined.
The plan was fairly simple; Sylvie was supposed to make his way to the ventilation system, where he would spread his sleep powder across the entire facility while everyone else would shelter around Rick or Giovanni's Demon Aura Energy while Molly dumbed down the alarm.
Testing (which had consisted of slingshotting moldy garlic onto the rooftop) showed that the vents reached everywhere in the building relatively quickly. Workers and guards quickly leaving the building were complaining about "that horrible smell" within five minutes that day. The problem was, that test had added an extra route to the guards patrol route, with guards taking a detour to the ventilation to make sure no other nasty smelling objects lodged themselves in. That meant that once Sylve made his way up there, he had to enact his part immediately and couldn't wait for anyone.
Molly had crumpled up the map and stuffed it into her bag, it wasn't much use anyway. She was getting deeply frustrated at the lack of any signs or directional markings. Apparently this place expected you to memorize its layout. She must've passed dozens of hallways by now and still couldn't find a staircase. At the very least the walls were no longer that drab gray color. She must've wandered into a different section of the building. Oddly, she found that these hallways occasionally had benches on the side. They were the only thing that had an accent of a different color, splotches of blue over an ocean of white. She took a seat in one of them to catch her breath.
Footsteps rang out. Molly bolted up, her heart hammering as the footsteps drew nearer. She searched for any place to hide, the doors all needed keywords to enter and she only had three "Hacker" potions. Whoever was coming would have noticed the damaged keyword reader anyway. She definitely didn't have time to hide behind a corner, this hallway was far too long.
Deciding that standing was no longer an option, she slid underneath the bench and pulled her hood up, so her colorful and bright marshmallow hair was obscured (as well as the "glow in the dark' phytoplankton she harbored in exchange for a government paycheck). Her stomach churned as a pair of leather shoes came into view, lab coat trailing behind. She meekly held up a hand, ready to knock them out with a wave of dumb energy at the first sign she was spotted.
The shoes kept walking until it turned a corner and disappeared from view.
Molly let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding and slid out from under the bench.
"You alright Beartrap?" Darkstar's voice sounded. Oh right, the body cam would have only had a view of the floor that whole time. Molly nodded reassuringly, before realizing the camera couldn't see that either
"Yeah" Came her own meek voice. She winced at how breathless it sounded.
"I'm in" Car Crash called out. Good, at least everyone else was on schedule. Molly started to feel guilty, she was dragging everyone down again. She stood up, she had a job to do. Everyone else was doing there part so she had to do hers. Molly continued walking the halls.
This is a fanfic rough draft I wanted to get out there before I second guess myself and delete it permanently. Any advice on how to improve my, frankly, awful attempt at characterization would be much appreciated
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2023.02.03 04:55 retroambassador even the cash registers wanted her to leave

Ok so this happened a few years ago. I work in the meat department of a regional grocery store chain. I’m working there part time while I finish up my undergraduate in psychology. Every Saturday we have to stay late to do a deep clean of our entire department. The following story was related to us from the grocery workers up front. Apparently a customer had managed to come in just before they had locked the doors for the night. Company policy was that if a customer entered before closing time they should be allowed to stay until the finish their shopping. the lady finally finished her shopping about an hour after we had closed. As the grocery workers started to check her out about halfway through the registers auto shut off. Apparently they are programed to auto shut off exactly one hour after we close for security reasons and could not be turned on until the following day. No customer had ever been there that late so none of the grocery workers had even known the contingency system existed. It was about an hour and a half after we closed and we had finished up cleaning the department and we were going home. As we left the lady was still in the parking lot arguing with the full time grocery worker in charge of closing that night. I felt bad for the grocery worker but the amount of joy I felt from seeing her not get her groceries was indescribable.
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