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Discussion about Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

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Official food sub for sandiego Dedicated towards showcasing food from all over the San Diego area - especially our local border cuisine (INCLUDING TIJUANA). Share pictures, reviews, websites, etc. Not just limited to pictures of food, but anything food related in San Diego, California.

2023.02.03 00:17 LRAD What’s the best new restaurant in Snohomish County? HeraldNet.com

What’s the best new restaurant in Snohomish County? HeraldNet.com
First place: El Mariachi
Over the past four months El Mariachi has transitioned from a food truck into a single-location Mexican restaurant. They specialize in Birria Tacos. From meat eaters to vegans, El Mariachi has a taco for everyone.
Second place: Coconut Kenny’s
Third place: Pie Dive Bar
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2023.02.02 23:56 el_tarolas Bandita de TI, programación, DB, etc. Como le va con las entrevistas de código: "Hazme esta aplicación en una hora"?

Me han tocado un par de entrevistas, en las que yo esperaba el clásico code challenge HackerRank, resuelve este problema con estructuras de datos, etc. Pero ya van un par de entrevistas bien locas, una de esta es una lavadora, y una secadora, la lavadora tarda 20 min, la secadora 15 si es ropa negra, si es ropa de color 10, diseña un sistema que atienda los ciclos de lavado y secado con alertas y que optimice el tiempo de uso de cada una, pseudocódigo si quieres, y en mi mente un FUCK!!!. Y tuve otra con diseña una app para reservar mesas de restaurant online, y luego lo más cabrón, ya lo estás medio hiciendo en pseudocódigo y digo medio haciendo, sientes que vas por buen camino y comienzan meterte complejidad y si esto, y si esto otro, y si quiera que hiciera esto también??
Ahh por que luego la otra es que ya son entrevistas con panelistas, 5 vatos tirandote preguntas y metiéndole zisaña al asunto, y si quisiera seguridad, aahhh y el clásico, chido, si funciona, pero ahora que le harías para hacerlo más eficiente, -no mames!! es eficiente, neta, creéme, ya le ví su Big O, hazlo eficiente!.
Los carnales que han pasado estas entrevistas, qué terminan haciendo? están realmente involucrados en este tipo de cuestiones en el proyecto? o andan arreglando bugs, migraciones y mejoras?
Otro tema que voy a tocar, es que el proceso de estar en entrevistas y conseguir una chamba, creo yo que actualmente ronda entre los 3 a 5 meses, no he conocido a alguien que quede en la primer entrevista cuando ya decides buscar otra chamba, no digo que no exista, pero yo no he conocido a alguien que me diga me puse a buscar chamba y quedé en la primer entrevista.
Edit: Las dos entrevistas mamonas que menciono con panelistas y eso de hazme un sistema, fueron para 2 big corps gabachas muy conocidas, no quedé obvio, pero se me hizo muy mamón, porque la posición era Software developer, en la descripción era lo típico, no era de arquitecto o una onda muy sofisticada. La otra de la "lavadora" me contactaron por linkedin. Platicando con un compita a él también le hicieron una muy similar para una empresa de outsourcing. Pos qué ya va a ser así el pedo??
Bueno pos digo las empresas, no le veo el problema, la del sistema de reserva de mesas era para Oracle USA, y la de las lavadoras para Google.
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2023.02.02 23:30 wouldthatitwereso Taco taste test targets

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2023.02.02 22:41 Reasonable-Ad2005 Tour 3 Day from Marrakech to Fes

Tour 3 Day from Marrakech to Fes
The tour will be tailormade and a private tour. Your driveguide will stop for you in every place you like. He will show and explain for you the wonders and beauty of the moroccan landscape, as well as the customs and habits of the local people of Morocco. You will travel exclusively in a very nice and comfortable transport . Your driver is disponible and responsible for you in every minute of the tour.
Day 1 : Marrakech – Ait Benhaddou Kasbah – Skoura Oases – Roses Valley – Boumalene Dades We pick you up from the your Riad or Hotel and leave Marrakech to begin our tour in the Dades Valley. We pass through Tizi-n-Tishka in the high Atlas Mountains where we pause to appreciate the mountain views. We visit the Ait Ben Haddou village which is recognized by UNESCO as a world patrimony. It is famous as a backdrop for many films, including ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Alexander’. We take lunch here before continuing on our way enjoying the natural beauty of the landscapes and historical monuments such as Taourirt Kasbah in Ouarzazate and Roses Valley, which is renowned for the Festival of Roses. We also pass through the little Berber villages of Skoura and ‘El Kelaa des M’Gouna’ and ‘Boumalene Dades’. The latter is our final stop for the day. We shall stay overnight in a hotel which includes dinner and breakfast.
Day 2 : Dades Gorge – Todra Gorge – Tinjdad – Jorf – Merzouga: From Boumalene Dades we head to Merzouga in one of the largest wind blown dunes in Morrocco, Erg Chebbi. Through the Berber village Tinghir we visit Todra Gorge where the cliffs are as high as 600m and only 10m apart. We leave Todra passing through many Berber villages to pass through Tinjdad where we can stop for lunch or if you preferrable continue to Rissani where you could have the local speciality, Berber Pizza for lunch if we get there by Midday. After lunch we make our way to Merzouga where we will leave our luggage in a rooms. The camels take us to a Berber camp in the middle of the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi. 20 km long and 5 to 8 km wide it is also reputed as the highest sand dunes in North Africa. It is a unique and diverse environment. The camel trek takes about 1hr 30 min from the hotel to the camp where we continue the spirit of the nomadic Berber lifestyle. There we setup 3 Berber tents with additional restaurant and kitchen with the dunes naturally providing basic facilities. The tents are well equipped and we provide mattresses, blankets, and cushions. After dinner we gather round the fire and enjoy the desert night perhaps with traditional Berber drums.
Day 3 : Merzouga – Ziz Valley – Midelt – Ifran – Fez Before sunrise, our camel warden will wake you to ascend the dunes and find the sun emerge above the horizon. During the winter season, when the days are short, we will start the camel trek and on route pause to meet the sunrise. Arriving at the hotel we will be able to have showers and breakfast, before continuing our journey to Fez, We leave Merzouga on route to Fez, passing through many places: Arfoud, Errachidia, Ziz Valley, Meditlt, Cedar Forests of Azrou, Ifrane and Fez. On a good day you might be able to catch a glimpse of the monkeys that live in the forests. We will stop for lunch along the way in one of the many restaurants. Our guide will make sure you reach your chosen Riad or Hotel. Here we will leave at your Riad or Hotel at the end of the 3 days tour. We hope that you have enjoyed your taste of Morocco and all it has to offer and wish you well on your onward journey.
Tour includes Pick up at hotel, riad, airport or wherever you want Tour transport 4×4 or Minubus with air conditioning English-speaking driver Fuel, tolls and all associated expenses. Prive tours hour and a half tour in camel with related guidance Party with drums in berber tent. Guide speaks enlglech Tours days 1 nights in kasbah (hotel ) 1 night in Berber tent Tour not included Meals and drinks Airline ticket Entrance fees for visits Lunch
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2023.02.02 21:12 Cornie99 (pvs) frenk su(s)cht dei buchhaldung

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2023.02.02 10:24 -Sagan- 2023 Calçots fil

Hola a tothom, aquest any encara no hi ha cap fil per als calçots, així que n'obro un.
Un enllaç per conèixer la història dels calçots: https://masboronat.es/ca/la-historia-de-la-calcotada
Una llista de restaurants on menjar-lo: hi estàs d'acord, tens altres suggeriments? https://www.timeout.cat/barcelona/ca/restaurants-cafes/calcots-a-barcelona.
Hola a todo el mundo, este año todavía no hay ningún hilo para los calçots, así que abro uno.
Un enlace para conocer la historia de los calçots: https://www.rtve.es/television/20210216/calcots-cultivo-tradicion-catalana/2076086.shtml
Una lista de restaurantes donde comerlo: estás de acuerdo, ¿tienes otras sugerencias? https://barcelonasecreta.com/comer-calcots-barcelona/
Hi everyone, there is no calçots thread yet this year, so I'm opening one.
A link to learn about the history of underpants: https://brightsidetours.com/what-are-calcots-and-calcotada/
A list of restaurants where to eat it - do you agree, do you have other suggestions? https://bcnfoodieguide.com/calcots-y-calcotades-en-barcelona/
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2023.02.02 05:50 gabrielknaked Post que a nadie le interesa, pero igual lo publico... restaure un par de cosas :3


To Do

Alguna otra funcionalidad que se les ocurra para mejorar la experiencia en el Sub?
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2023.02.02 02:40 PoundInternational75 from a bbq place in El Segundo. the dish is called Junkyard Dawg and it was maybe the best restaurant food i have ever eaten

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2023.02.02 01:48 soparamens The always up-to-date Redditor's Guide to the Yucatan State!

This guide (and subreddit) is NOT about the Yucatan Peninsula as a whole! if you have any doubt or question about Cancun, Playa del Carmen or Campeche, please ask about those places at the main /mexico subreddit
But isn't all Yucatan? From wikipedia: "The Yucatán Peninsula (Spanish: Península de Yucatán) comprises the Mexican states of Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo" Map of the Yucatan Peninsula https://imgur.com/OAGF0Yj

So, visiting us? Welcome to the redditor's guide to the ancient land of The Maya!

This text is mainly intended as guide on alternative, less visited and locals-only experiences. Because of that reason, you won't see much info about places of mass tourism like Puerto Progreso or Valladolid. Wel'll provide tips about less visited yet still awesome locations instead.
First, some historic background:
Altough there is no consensus about how the land got it's name, the "i can't understand your language" theory is more myth than reality. The best explanation is that the “Yucatán” word is an Spanish term coined when Bartolomé Colón found some Mayan traders canoeing at the caribbean sea, around August, 1512. When asked about the place's name, the local Maya answered by saying "Yoko't taan" wich means "we speak the Yoko't Language" (one of the many maya languages) so the Spanish proceeded to use that answer as a name for their newly "discovered" land.
For the local Maya, their land has always been "The Mayab" or the land o of the few (selected) ones.

Some basic Q&A about travelling to the Yucatan state

Is it safe to travel to the Yucatan state?
Answer: Mexico is a BIG country. Some areas of it sadly have this violence problem, but that's NOT the case of the Yucatan state. Mind that the Cancun area (Quintana Roo state) has seen recently a spike in violence, but as we said before, this sub is specific about the Yucatan state, so let's skip that part.
Check this Graphic by vision of humanity wich classifies the Yucatan state as #1 in Mexico regarding security. In fact, Mérida (the state's capital city) is actually safer than most US top cities.
Where do i begin?
Most people arrive to the Yucatan state from the neighboring Cancun, wich has the busiest international airport in Mexico. From there you have 2 options:
We reccommend you to travel to Merida and use the city as a hub, since it has plenty of lodging optionsand the city in itself has plenty of amenities and is well connected to other points of interest wich can be visited as day trips. It has an international airport too, hospitals and health services in case of emergency.
Btw, Mérida is considered the safest, best quality of life city in Mexico.
Some of the most popular destinations in the state are:
* Valladolid http://www.visitmexico.com/en/magicaltowns/things-to-do-in-valladolid-yucatan) and the neighboring Ekbalam https://www.tripadvisor.com.mx/ShowUserReviews-g2093488-d3518917-r37650324-Ek_Balam-Ek_Balam_Village_Yucatan_Peninsula.html It's Kinda becoming a mass tourism destination, but still charming.
* Chichen Itza https://www.reddit.com/chichenitza/ home of the world wonder Temple of Kukulkán https://i.imgur.com/UusGG3E.jpg. Note that this place is really crowded, if you want a no less impressive alternative with way WAY less tourism, you can visit Uxmal. https://youtu.be/huHOXKx3aVA?t=443
* Izamal the yellow city!
* The impressive Cuzama cenotes https://www.featherandthewind.com/blog/guide-cuzama-cenotes-xtohil-yucatan and the lesser known cenotes of Homun https://www.whyweseek.com/cenotes-homun/)
* The sleepy coastal village of Sisal https://yucatantoday.com/lets-all-go-to-sisal/?lang=en
* Flamingo Adventures on Celestún https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgM8NDFLidY
* the extreme Calcehtok Caves https://en-yucatan.com/ruta-puuc/calcehtok-caves/
We have a nice post collection of hidden gems here


Question: How about the food, can I eat there safely?
Answer: you have probably heard that in Mexico the best food is street food and that's true... but this has a catch in the Yucatan state: Due to the state's tropical, hot and humid environment, eating from street vendors is not recommended, specially if this is your first time in the 3rd world. Street level food in the tropics is often contaminated by bacteria and can cause stomach diseases, specially if you have never been in a developing country before. Salmonella, E Colli and and fecal matter is often an issue with street vendors in Yucatan, so avoid those and prefer stablished restaurants. Yes, i know this contradicts most of the current hipster trend and you would prefer to eat a mango direcly from the street stall, but it's up to you to evaluate the risk.
Btw, the Yucatan Cuisine is considered by most experts as one of the top cuisines of Mexico. Check this Yucatan cuisine specialized restaurants while in Merida:
El Príncipe Tutul Xiu
La Tradición
And/or check this smaller ones, if you prefer a more petite comite kind of experience:
Restaurant Cantamayec
Manjar Blanco
Flor de Azahar
If you are into fancy, no traditional but very local food you might like Kuuk
Izamal has two superb Yucatan food restaurants:
Kinich just beside the great pyramid of Izamal.
La Conquista is located in an old mansion and has awesome service.
Want some seafood? Heladio's at Progreso is really good, just order a beer and they will provide FREE food. Ask for a dozen and they will give you a feast.
This Restaurant (located in the former Chablé Hacienda, now lavish resort) Won the 2017 Prix Versailles award to world's best. It's indeed beautiful!
Those have great standards so you can eat safely.
Can i drink tap water?
Answer: NO. You should always drink bottled water. Bonafont, Electropura and Cristal are good choices. Make sure you stay very hydrated when travelling the Yucatan countryside (specially if you are visiting us from a cold place like northern Europe or Canada) and always carry a water bottle with you. Mayo clinic reccomends that if you feel like overheating, just Get to a shady or air-conditioned place (hotel, convenience store, restaurant) rehydrate with water or sports drinks but don't drink sugary or alcoholic beverages to rehydrate.

General questions

Do I need to speak Spanish?
You can be perfectly fine without any spanish speaking skills while visiting Merida or Valladolid, as most of the tourist services are billingual. White uniform cops always speak english, look for them!) but it will not hurt if you learn some Basic Spanish Vocabulary for travelers If you have an Android phone, you can use the Google Translator app in conversation mode (more on mobile internet while in Yucatan later)
Beware that you will not find much people that speaks english in the countryside! so don't count on that.
What about medical insurance?
it’s definitely a good idea to get some form of traveler’s insurance from back home. Don’t worry, we have excellent hospitals like this one https://www.starmedica.com/home/es/micro-sitio/merida/secInformacion) or This one https://www.facebook.com/clinicademerida/ that may cover your insurance and have english speaking personnel.
For all those minor problems like traveller's diarrhea, headache or minor injuries, Merida has plenty of Dr. Simi pharmacies that can treat you for $2 USD plus meds.
Do i need a VISA?
Answer: Check [this guide: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_policy_of_Mexico#Visa_exemption to check if your country is required for a visa. USA and Canada citizens do not need a visa.
Can I bring / bear weapons while in Mexico?
No! bringing or carrying JUST ANY kind of firearm while in Mexico IS A FELONY and will put you in a nasty Mexican jail.
How about drugs?
Answer: From the US embassy's website:
Persons violating Mexican laws, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested, or imprisoned. Penalties for possession, use or trafficking in illegal drugs in Mexico are severe, and convicted offenders can expect long jail sentences and heavy fines. If you break local laws in Mexico, your U.S. citizenship will not help you avoid arrest or prosecution*. It is very important to know what is legal and what is illegal wherever you go. If arrested in Mexico, a U.S. citizen must go through the foreign legal process including possible charge or indictment, prosecution, possible conviction and sentencing, and any appeals process.*
So, please avoid using, selling or buying illegal drugs while you are here, I'ts not worth it and you can get caught in a hellish situation if you get busted.
Marijuana, cannabinoids and related are in a grey area right now. Those products are technically legal to USE in Mexico, however you can't import it or it's related products (including oils and vape fluids) While CBD is legal in Mexico, you can't bring any of your local brands with you, because those lack the mexican permits and carrying them will be considered drug trafficking. Just buy local and never more than a few grams. Your US or Canadian prescription is legally invalid in Mexico as the country does not yet contemplate such prescriptions as medical.
Can i bring my meds?
Some meds need a prescription and you need to show it to the Mexican customs agent. Here is [a list of such meds https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxwQlfffkheSdjhDRUo5bmpoRk0/view?usp=sharing Make sure you bring the prescription with you at every moment.
How about booze at Merida city?
Alcohol is 100% legal, but most convenience stores and supermarkets are limited to certain hours/days in which they can sell alcoholic beverages, ask the employees about this before getting your drinks. Night clubs stop selling alcoholic drinks at 3:00 AM, so place your last order before that. Make sure you ask for the local beer (remember that any "cheap beer" from your country will be imported and because of that expensive here!)
Is it expensive there?
As any other touristic destination, The Yucatan state can be as cheap and as expensive as you can expect from such a place. Make sure you plan your trip from home, check the websites of the hotels and restaurants that you plan to visit and make your calculations (tripadvisor is great for this) Being said that, you’ll find that our state is very affordable.
Some example prices (USD)
* Full Meal for one, at a clean, centric restaurant at Mérida city: $ 8.00
* Full Meal for one, at a clean restaurant at the Pisté village near Chichen Itza: $ 15.00
* Dinner for one at a nice, classy restaurant in Merida City: $ 40.00
* A Superior or Corona beer in any of the many restaurants in Merida's downtown $2.50
* A McDonalds combo $ 4.50
* A Pizza from Domino’s $ 12.00


Is AirBnb in Merida a good idea?
There are some really, really nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD0F8coKN1E&t=364s) AirBnb and Remixto https://remixto.com/ places available in Mérida, but the real deal breaker on those would be about the public transport options around. I have seen people getting nice AirBnb houses in the coast and then complaining about those being too isolated and the transport fares being too expensive. Merida specifically is not really a "walkable city" because most of the year the climate is too hot, so always contemplate the need of using public transport when booking.
Note that AirBnb and similar platforms are not always the cheapest or more convenient options, so do not discard hotels and be sure to check some of those using google maps.
For those with a tight budget, Hostals are a good option


Can i use public transportation in Merida?
We have public buses here, but unfortunately most of the routes are messy and don’t have a real hourly schedule, so i would not recommend using that.
Taxicabs vary greatly in service, so use those only when no other options available. ALWAYS ask them for an estimate before your trip. YOU DONT TIP OVER THE PRICE OF THE SERVICE, NOT A DIME! Even if asked for.
What about UBER?
Uber and Didi are good options to move around the city. Skip Indriver!
Can i travel using passenger trains?
No trains here (yet) sorry.
What is the best way to travel around the Yucatan countryside?
Yucatan is well conected by bus routes and all the main touristic spots are accesible via comfortable, 1st class buses. ADO buses is the best company around https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o8eC3TflVY.
Note that NOT all interesting sites are accesible via 1st class buses. Some interesting places can only be reached using second class, old buses with no air conditioning (in a climate that reaches the 40 celsius you will really need AC) no bathroom and poor hygiene that will stop at every small town in the road taking 4x the time of a 1st class one.
Sure there are other options like private owned Colectivo taxis, but those have their own cons, like being operated by not properly trained drivers, they only travel when full (you need to wait until the taxi gets VERY full or pay for all the seats) and you can be overcharged easily because they usually don't have controlled fees and see tourists like walking dollar bags. Unlike 1st class buses, You'll not be covered by any travellers insurance while riding colectivos and boy do they crash often!.
Renting a car
The absolute best way to explore all those off the beaten path places is renting a car. Let me explain that with a simple itinerary:
As you can see, renting a car allows you to get to places that would be hard to reach without one, so it's completely worth it.
Some car rental services:
Always record the rental car with your phone, noting every dent and detail you may find before taking it!


Do not commit the mistake of just counting that your moble phone provider will just work in Mexico! Ask your provider about coverage and roaming costs, if any! For example YOUR AT&T plan includes free data and voice roaming in Mexico, but other companies might not and you'll find a huge roaming bill when back home, so beware.
If you don't want to spend on a roaming data pack or similar with your service provider, you can do this:
1.- While at home, buy a cheapo GSM, unlocked Android smartphone. Any recent android phone will do, but it must be factory unlocked.
2.- Arriving to Mexico, Buy a prepaid SIM (we call them amigo CHIP) from TELCEL (there are several other carriers, but Telcel has the best coverage by far) at any OXXO store (kinda a 7/11 store) Just ask for an "Amigo Chip" and ask for a "paquete telcel 200" wich includes unlimited calls to the US and Canada and 3 GB of data.
3.- Put that sim on your cheapo phone and use it to call home and as a wifi hotspot. You can buy a cheapo phone in OXXO too.
Merida city has a lot of parks with free wifi hotspots, locate the ones near you hotel and chat with friends and family from there!
There you go. The Yucatan state is very well supported by google maps (don't forget to save the Yucatan map for offline navigation ) and real GPS apps like Sygic and Ndrive (better option that Google Maps if you plan to explore the state).

Useful links

General Touristic info: www.yucatantoday.com
Wiki travel - Yucatan Peninsula http://wikitravel.org/en/Yucat%C3%A1n_Peninsula
Emergencies: just dial 911 and ask for english speaking personnel.
Merida's free Tourist info booth location https://goo.gl/maps/83Ff6f29cwAonyt5A
Merida's central bus station location: https://goo.gl/maps/7Y9LvM8q7sfvy1XX6

Thank you for visiting us, have a nice trip!


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2023.02.02 00:53 mujican_citizen Camarotes, restaurant, cafetería: así lucirá el interior de los vagones del Tren Maya

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2023.02.02 00:27 BlueDog848 El Paso Style Food

Hello, Recently I have been hearing peeps talking about El Paso food. I didn't know that there was a difference. Are there any restaurants in Austin that serves El Paso style food?
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2023.02.01 23:06 amygunkler The excitement…

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2023.02.01 22:43 jillybeankr Accommodation & Activities?

Hi all, travelling from New Zealand later this year, going to mum's home town of Dipolog and wanting to know of some good accommodation, it will be the 4 of us :) any activities to do? we're already planning to go to Dakak and do the floating cottage. any great restaurants too? and where is the best halo-halo?
Going to El Nido after Dipolog so any recommendations for that too!
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2023.02.01 19:57 EpicOrSomething A rat, a beaver and a bear walk into a bar.

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2023.02.01 16:25 Drigmo Epic list of best eats & stays in Mexico City, . This list was curated with so much love and attention!

This list was shared with me over WhatsApp. I tried to track down the maker 'Riri', but after a chain of 4 people deep: dead end :(

[edit] Some suggestions from *real* locals over at MexicoCity

\Indicates places not to be missed. For restaurants, make sure to make reservations early on.*
DINNER *EM – culinary experience. *La Docena – Heavenly seafood in an upbeat bistro atmosphere. *Lardo – A local favorite from the owners of Rosetta. Light Mediterranean fare. *Maximo Bistro – Some of the best food in town from renowned Chef Lalo. *Meowi – Secret sake and Japanese food spot. *Parnita – A favorite with the local young crowd. Great Mexican cuisine. *Pizza Felix – Fun, local favorite bar and pizza spot. *Rosetta – Upscale in a beautiful, romantic colonial setting. *Sartoria – Best Italian, gorgeous design. Azul – Mexican at its finest. Bulla – Tapas and wine in this lively spot. Casa Awolly – Lively with a great rooftop and eclectic design. Casa Virginia – A classic favorite, more formal. Huset – Wonderful outdoor space with excellent Mexican cuisine. Hint: they have beautiful apartments for rent short term. Izakaya Kura – Popular with local favorite Japanese. La Bodeguita del Medio – Authentic Cuban with live music. Where Mojitos were born. Maki – Yummy Japanese. Meroma – Gastronomical adventure in a chic space. Mog Bistro – Casual Asian eatery in a casual, lively space with everything from curry to sushi to ramen. Open late and on Sundays. Nam – Casual curry and Japanese, a local favorite. San Tu – Hip sake and hand-roll eatery. Sesame – Divine Asian street food. Tres Galeones – Popular Tacos! Umai – Beautiful secret garden with delicious Japanese food. Yoru – Casual and popular Japanese spot.
LUNCH *Contramar – “See-and-be-seen” while eating some of the best seafood in the city in this popular lunch spot. *Expendio de Maíz – Stone oven cooked, beautiful Mexican food. Menu changes daily. Casual and authentic experience. *Husman – casual café with delicious light bites. *Lardo - A local favorite from the owners of Rosetta. Light Mediterranean fare. *Pigeon – Under the radar and the food is epic. Angelopolitano – Known for their mole! Basico – Cute café. Cuina – Food academy, restaurant and bakery. Delirio – Grab a quick, fresh bite at this casual eatery and café. El Califa – Popular tacos! Parnita – Arguably the most fun and popular spot for authentic Mexican fare. Yakumanka – Peruvian seafood eatery.
BREAKFAST *Lalo – From the owner of Maximo Bistro, this laid back spot is a local favorite. *Lardo – A local favorite from the owners of Rosetta. Light Mediterranean fare. *Marmota – Seattle meets Mexico brunch in this gorgeous space. Breakfast – Sweet and romantic in a beautiful colonial building. Delirio – Grab a quick, fresh bite at this casual eatery and café. Maque – You’ll feel like you’re in a Parisian bakery, overlooking beautiful Parque Mexico. Ojo de Agua – Fresh juices and massive portions make this the best hangover spot in town. Best matcha in town.
NIGHTLIFE *Phonique – Funky vinyl discoteque hidden in Juarez. *Sique – Secret spot in Condesa. *Supra – The most spectacular views of the city in a Tulum-inspired setting. Departmento – Always lively and fun with a hip young crowd. Toledo – Hip, lively, trendy, beautiful rooftop.
BARS *Limantour – Named one of 50 best bars in Latin America. *Loup – Casual, laid back, great wine list. *Maison Artemisia – Sexy, romatinc, boudoir vibe. Just upstairs from Loup. *Supra – Spectacular, not to be missed views. Also serves delicious food. Aurora – Chic, fun and has a nice outdoor patio. Awolly – Great rooftop and lively scene. Baltra – Small and intimate. Casa Franca – Check out their jazz bar upstairs. Sexy boudoir vibes. El Palenquito – Casual, local’s favorite for mezcal. Felina Bar – Dark and sexy. Gin Gin – Upbeat and always lively. La Botica – Casual, small distillery focused mezcal. La Clandestina – Fun mezcal focused bar. Tras Patio – Casual, fun outdoor bar with great music, food and cocktails.
Amsterdam Market Naval (liquor store with huge selection) Ojo de Agua Origenes Organicos Tlapaleria Gastronomica Verum
COFFEE & TEA *Panaderia Rosetta – Best pastries in town. *Quentin – Tiny, chic, some of the best coffee in town. Blend – Popular coworking in a lively atmosphere and great coffee. Buna – Considered some of the coffee best in town. Chiquitito Cafe – A local’s favorite with great coffee. Delirio - Grab a quick, fresh bite at this casual eatery and café. Freim’s – Casual with a nice little garden. Tea Connection – Great for a light bite and cup of tea.
SHOPPING *Carla Fernandez – Best clothing designer in Mexico. *Happenings – Clothes, home goods etc... 180 – Vintage. Amor y Rosas – Clothing and accessories by Mexican designers. Apartment 25 – Designers including Comme des Garcons. Arto Otra – Art and collectibles. Back to Life – Fun vintage shop. Caarmela – Mexican designers. Casa Bosques – Books and stuff. Columpio – Fun local designers. Common People – Selection of high end designers. Dafrehica – Mexican designers. Home – Selection of clothing and homewares. Metate – Small and cute shop of traditional Mexican goods. Mooni – Gallery of young artists. Framed and inexpensive. Vintage Hoe – Great vintage from a Los Angeles costume designer.
*Galeria OMR *Maia Contemporary House of Gaga Lulu Gallery Machete Galleria Proyecto Paralelo Proyectos Monclova Toca Traeger & Pinto
*Condesa DF *Ignacia House *La Valise *Nima Local House *Octavia Casa. Brick Hotel Casa Comtesse Casa Nuevo Leon Hippodrome Hotel Izta 54 Hotel Parque Mexico Local Way (apartments) Red Tree House Ryo Ka
\Indicates places not to be missed. For restaurants make sure to make reservations early on.*
DINNER *Elly’s – Go for the design, vinyl records playing, adjacent bar, upstairs lounge and wine room. Stay for the impeccable food. *Havre 77 – From Maximo Bistro’s Chef Lalo in a beautiful colonial building. *Masala y Maiz – Mexico meets India meets East Africa. *Pujol – One of the world’s 50 best restaurants. And for good reason. *Taverna – beautiful ambience and delicious food. *Tetetlan – Eat divine Mexican cuisine inside a beautiful library. They have a beautiful shop of local Mexican goods. Check out Casa Pedregal (Luis Barragan project) just next door. Azul Histórico – Sister restaurant to the Condesa location in a beautiful historical hotel. Cansino San Miguel – Chic and casual, known for their pizza. Entramar – Sister restaurant to Contramar. Los Danzantes – Traditional Oaxacan cuisine in the charming Coyocan neighborhood. Puntarena – Garden restaurant with seafood-forward menu in Centro. Quintonil – Ranked 24 on the 50 of the World’s Best Restaurants list. Rokai – The best Japanese in Mexico (also check out their adjacent ramen spot). Sud 777 – Another one on the 50 of the World’s Best Restaurants list. Ticuchi – Chef Enrique Olvera’s (Pujol) new spot. Great place to share small dishes. All pescatarian menu in a chic, all black space.
LUNCH *Nico’s – A 60 year-old lunch institution and one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorites. Bravo Loncheria – An old-school casual diner concept for foodies. Café Cicatriz – A favorite amongst chefs. Café Nin – From the owner’s of Rosetta. El Bajio – All-female kitchen staff serving home-style Mexican food. Has several locations in the city. La Galeria Cafe – Vegan friendly hidden gem. San Angel Inn – Go for brunch and check out Diego & Frida’s studios just next door afterwards.
BREAKFAST El Cardenal – Traditional Mexican breakfast with multiple locations.
*Phonique Loo Loo Normandie Odessa Yuyu
*Hanky Panky *Tokyo Music Bar *Xaman Bosforo Mezcaleria Jules Basement The Comrade
MUSEUMS *Frida Kahlo Museum (need reservation) *Jumex *Museo de Antropologia *Tomayo Arte Contemporaneo Chapultapec Castle & Park Franz Mayer Museo Anahuacalli Museo Dolores Olmedo Museo Mural Diego Rivera Museo Nacional de Arte Museo Universitario Palacio de Bellas Artes Soumaya Templo Mayor UMAM Sculpture Garden
SHOPPING *Casa Caballeria – Sophisticated men’s streetwear. *Ikal – Best in clothing and homewares. *Lago – Best in clothing and homewares. *Lagunilla Antiques Market – Sunday antiques market. *Onora – Best in homewares. *Simple by Trista – Chic Mexican designer. *Xinu Perfumes – Immersive perfume experience. Boyfriend Shirt – Chic Mexican designer. Ciudedela Market – Local Mexican crafts and textiles. El Bazaar Sábado – Fun crafts market. Jett – High-end fashion brands. La Lonja Mercantil – Contemporary Mexican market. Lemon Chic – Contemporary multi-brand shop. Loose Blues – Hip vintage shop plus restaurant. Rodrigo Rivero Lake – Art and antiques. Yakampot – Mexican designer.
ART & CULTURE *Casa Barragan (need reservation) *Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo (need reservation) *Casa Organica (need reservation) *Casa Pedregal (need reservation) *Kurimanzutto Gallery *Xochimilco *Zocalo Casa Rivas Mercado Ballet Folklorico de Mexico Biblioteca Jose Vasconcelos Casa Gilardi Cineteca Nacional Galeria Labor Lucha Libre Marso Gallery Metropolitan Cathedral Palacio de Correos Palacio de Mineria
*Orchid House *Pug Seal Busue Chaya Bed & Breakfast El Patio 77 (sustainable & eco-friendly) Four Seasons Hotel Carlota Hotel Habita Stara Hamburgo Wild Oscar
DESTINATIONS Malinalco – A town associated with magic or sorcery due to the legend that it was the home the goddess Malinalxóchitl. Nautilus House – Seashell shaped house by famed architect Javier Senosiain. Puebla – Known for it’s pottery and classic Talaversa tile design. San Miguel de Allende – The most picturesque town in Mexico. Teotihuacan Pyramids – Ancient Mesoamerican city. Tepoztlan – Pueblo magico just an hour outside of the city. Valle de Bravo – Beautiful lake and forest getaway about two hours outside of the city. Xilitla – magical gardens set in a rainforest.
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2023.02.01 16:12 ShittyFluted Curier glovo sezonier, AMA

Am dat fail cu un business de curand, strang bani sa mai incerc odata..
Fac Glovo de cateva luni, lucrez o medie de 10 ore pe zi, 7 din 7, si castig in jur de 2500-3000 de lei pe saptamana, brut, din care imi raman cam jumatate, bani curati, impozitati & all that shit.
Nu ma bag pe rosu/nu urc pe trotuar cu scuterul/trotineta, si nu intru pe interzis, dar sunt nevoit sa parchez aiurea de multe ori ca sa nu fac 10 minute pe jos pana la client/restaurant.
Thread-ul asta e si o completare la celalalt, care a uitat sa mentioneze extrem de multe detalii. Also stigmatizarea resimtita de el, e subiectiva, 99% dintre clienti ma trateaza foarte ok, restaurantele insa, nu prea.
De aici, castigurile pleaca catre tine in cateva feluri diferite.
Varianta 1, valabila pentru 99% din curierii pe care ii vedeti zilnic: Esti partener la o flota, adica o societate comerciala care lucreaza direct cu Glovo, iti manageriaza contul de curier si contractul de munca.
Varianta 2: Ai PFA/SRL whatever the fuck si esti in relatie directa cu Glovo
Dezavantajul e ca in cazul variantei 2, jonglezi asa fel incat sa ai cele mai mici taxe, dar esti cu carte de munca pe minim pe economie, aka, daca ai nevoie de un credit, nu ti-l da nimeni, si esti tot timpul la un pas de a avea ANAF-ul peste tine. Media mea de livrari e intre 25 si 35 de comenzi livrate zilnic. Am livrat si cu masina, si cu scuterul, si cu o combinatie de masina + trotineta in portbagaj pt zonele greu accesibile gen centru vechi, mai ales in zilele in care e frig si sunt patch-uri de gheata peste baltile de pe asfalt.
Faci si cu scuterul si cu masina in jur de 90-130km prin trafic + vreo 10-12 kilometri pe jos, de la scutemasina pana la restaurant, inapoi, si dupa de la scutemasina pana la client si inapoi. -------------------------- Overall, suntem tratati ultimele scursuri ale societatii de catre Glovo si de catre restaurante, nu de catre clienti sau de catre societate in general. 1/2 restaurante, in special astea de figuri au afise care specifica sa suni la un clopotel si sa astepti comanda afara, in frig, indiferent ca esti pe bicicleta/scuter.
Alte restaurante/boutique-uri, cazuri rare, ofera o cafea/ceai cald cand mergi sa ridici comanda de la ei. In special boutique-urile care vand bauturi/iQos/Glo & so on.
Unele shaormerii au reduceri intre 10% si 30% pentru livratori, which is nice, exemplu: Shaormeria Titan.
Da, daca nu ai alta varianta, merita, insa pe termen lung, clar nu.
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2023.02.01 12:04 apocalypse_then Hi han més articles avui -02/01/2023. Aqui estan tots els titulars que he trobat...

Cada dia recullo molts titulars, pero publico pocs. Aqui va un recull de tot per els que volen veure una mica més.
Sense custòdia en el 'serial del vel'
Més pressió per aclarir si Rajoy, Fernández Díaz i Montoro tenen immunitat diplomàtica o no
Marsol admet que el pacte PS-SDP els fa mal però deixa clar que 'lluitarem' per Andorra la Vella
Obrers peruans se senten 'indefensos' davant els abusos per part de l'empresa que els va contractar
Cairat vol una reunió de poble per l'abocador i Majoral diu que n'hi ha prou amb l'exposició pública
Cadena Ser Andorra:
La recollida selectiva d'orgànic s'iniciarà a la tardor amb grans productors
Desperta Laurèdia demana una reunió de poble sobre l'abocador de la Rabassa
Extingit un incendi al restaurant Solanelles de Grandvalira
Adeu al nou estadi de Prada de Moles
El Govern destinarà 30 milions del superàvit del 2022 a eixugar el deute
Prop d'un centenar de places urgents a cobrir a l'administració del Govern
Sílvia Calvó constata que CTRASA ha d'acabar tancant
Detinguda una extreballadora d'un local de la Massana per dos robatoris
Converses a contra rellotge entre demòcrates i liberals per assolir un pacte
Olga Molné deixa oberta la via a nous acords amb altres partits
Poble Andorrà:
Retiren la custòdia dels fills als pares de la nena del vel per agredir a un dels nens
El vídeo on Wall Street Wolverine diu que 'des que vaig marxar d'Espanya a Andorra soc molt més feliç i molt més ric'
L'FC Andorra no construirà el seu estadi a la Prada de Moles d'Encamp
Extingit un incendi en el restaurant Solanelles de Grandvalira
Queixa perquè no deixen entrar els cotxes al pàrquing del costat de l'escola andorrana malgrat el caos al trànsit
Gemma Rial és la nova directora adjunta de Ràdio i Televisió d'Andorra
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2023.02.01 11:45 khaledusto Matériel restaurant - Dar el Beïda, Algérie

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2023.02.01 02:01 MerkadoBarkada PSE drops 2.5%; all those 7k smiles are long gone (W:Feb1)

Happy Wednesday, Barkada --

The PSE lost 178 points (!!) to 6793 ▼2.5%

Well, THAT sucked.
Lots of analysts out there talking that the market could "retest" the 6,500 level of support, which is analyst-talk for "the market might dump a bit further before there are any buyers". It's a short MB today because I'm travelling. Back to full-force tomorrow!
A huge thank-you to Kal El from Manila, MB's newest Starbucks Coffee Crew Patreon patron! Thank you for supporting MB and my effort to make Philippine finance a little more informative and fun. The emotional force of voluntary pledges like yours is something that still catches me off-guard. Thank you.
I appreciate to my core the support that I receive from MB Patrons, but please only give if you're not in school, and you've already established your Emergency Fund. Education and family always come first.
Shout-outs to Jonathan Burac, Joseph Montante, Stephen Chiong, LanAustria, Cathay Pacific Boarding Music is enchanting, Jupitel Thunder, mArQo, Kristoffer Notario, Pao, TiymRyvt, DV Dindo, Palaboy Trader, stat lynks, Rolex Jodieres, Chip Sillesa, Justn, Lance Nazal, arkitrader, Kuya Carl, meloi, Dividend Pinoy PGG, Evolves Capital, Inc., and Jing for the retweets, and to Genesis Umali, Camp Carmen, Evolves.co, Padilla GJ, and Mike Ting for the FB shares!

In today's MB:

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▌Main stories covered:

  • [NEWS] BSP expects January inflation to fall in the 7.5-8.3% range... The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) [link] provided guidance on January 2023 inflation, predicting that it will fall in the range of 7.5% to 8.3% due to high electricity costs, water rebasing, higher fuel prices, higher food prices, and the “annual increase in sin taxes”. On the plus side, according to the BSP, the reduction in LPG prices and the recent trend of the peso’s appreciation “could contribute to easing price pressures for the month.”
    • MB: The thing to watch out for here is that, on a y/y basis, inflation wasn’t “that” big of a deal in January 2022. A year ago, we were all like “seems kind of weird all the troops that Russia keeps pushing to the Ukraine border”, but there wouldn’t be an invasion that would set-off a cascade of supply chain issues in energy, fertilizer, and raw materials. January 2022 was sleepy from an inflationary perspective. I mean, don’t get me wrong: prices were going up. They’re always going up. But not like what we saw from March 2022 until today. That could make January/February figures look higher than they feel, and figures for March/April/May look lower than they feel. While the current level of inflation feels terrible, we’re only starting to experience the long-term impacts of what these price levels could mean as an everyday part of life. Lower inflation is still inflation. The prices are going up (much) faster than wages.
  • [FYI] Semirara’s stock price is closely tied to coal... Thanks to a dedicated reader for the reminder! Considering that DMCI [DMC 11.0 ▼6.0%] is entering the PSE Composite Index (PSEi), traders and investors should remember that Semirara Mining and Power [SCC 32.0 ▼3.0%] is a subsidiary of DMC, and SCC’s absolutely bonkers profitability since the invasion of Ukraine is a massive part of the circumstances that have pushed DMC up into the PSEi. The key thing to consider before jumping into DMC as a PSEi inclusion play is that the performance of SCC is basically tied to the price performance of coal. The higher coal goes, the better SCC does, and in recent days, the price of coal has plummeted. Will coal continue to fall, or will it recover so that this is just a little blip? That’s the “thing” in this play.
    • MB: I don’t say this to recommend against buying DMC, only to raise the issue as something that you should consider if you plan on holding this stock for a few days or more. Take a look at the spot price of coal: the downward movement was sharp. It didn’t take weeks or months to shed value; that happened overnight. That’s SCC’s macroeconomic risk/reward framework, and as a result, it’s also the risk/reward framework for DMC. Just a heads-up!
  • [NOTES] Quick takes from around the market...
    • The Keepers [KEEPR 1.4 ▼0.7%] [link] disclosed that it purchased a cocktail mixer brand called “Island Mixers” from Diageo Philippines, which is the local unit of a British multinational alcoholic beverage company. The Island Mixers line of products are meant to be mixed with hard liquors like gin, vodka, tequila, and rum. KEEPR did not disclose the price of the acquisition.
      • MB Quick Take: KEEPR doesn’t have to disclose the price if the amount is less than 10% of KEEPR’s book value, so the price is likely to be somewhere below ₱1.3 billion. I like it when companies that are dominant or near-dominant in their respective fields make investments in various ways that customers can “on-board” to their product. Make it easier for us to make delicious cocktails at home, and we’ll be more likely to buy KEEPR’s retail booze instead of waiting for the next time that we’re out at a restaurant or bar.
    • Cemex Holdings Philippines [CHP 1.2 ▼1.7%] [link] tender offer reporting by Bilyonaryo suggests that CHP’s parent company, Cemex Asian South East Corp. (CASEC), has established a revolving credit facility with an affiliate to (according to Bilyonaryo) “to ensure that it would have sufficient cash to cover the voluntary tender offer”. Through this facility, CASEC has access to ₱4.9 billion, which is more than double the ₱2.09 billion that it would take to purchase the entirety of the tender offer as currently described by CHP’s disclosures.
      • MB Quick Take: It’s not immediately clear what this means, if anything. On the one hand, that amount of capital would allow CASEC to purchase the entirety of the public float, and it’s hard to see why CASEC would want to maintain such a small stake in CHP if this transaction is part of some two-phase plan to take CHP private and delist. On the other hand, though, CHP took pains to specifically say that it had no plans to delist CHP. A delisting would require CASEC to conduct a tender offer for the entire public float. Maybe CASEC is just making sure it has the ability to take the whole thing if demand for the tender offer exceeds the cap? It’s possible for CASEC to amend the terms of the tender offer to purchase additional shares in an oversubscription situation.
    • Global Ferronickel Holdings [FNI 2.5 ▼1.6%] [link] President Dante Bravo said that the proposed 10% tax on nickel ore exports “will kill the industry”. Mr. Bravo made this comment as a representative of the Philippine Nickel Industry Association. The 10% tax is intended by the House of Representatives to encourage local nickel miners to invest in local processing of the ore, instead of just selling “raw” ore internationally.
      • MB Quick Take: While taxation is a powerful carrot/stick to encourage certain behaviors (like processing) or discourage certain behaviors (like exporting raw nickel ore), it seems like a weird solution to simply tax exports in this fashion when what the government wants to do is encourage a complex new network of domestic business arrangements. Why not provide taxation holidays for nickel miners that undertake the costly and risky work of building the facilities and infrastructure needed to process the nickel ore? The government already does that with certain industries that are capex-heavy that it wants to encourage, and it’s more likely to receive the desired outcome than this weird 10% tax.
    • Metro Pacific Investments [MPI 4.0 ▲0.5%] [link] said that it expects to generate more than ₱500 million in revenue from its recent acquisition, Carmen’s Best, by 2025. A representative for MPI said that the Carmen’s Best unit could greatly exceed this revenue goal if tie-ups with potential partners are fruitful.
      • MB Quick Take: The conglo’s goal to assist the country to become “dairy self-sufficient” is a good one. It’s not altruistic (MPI is profit-seeking, first and foremost), but it’s one of those initiatives that dovetails with some other national economic priorities that could have positive knock-on effects for farmers, the agricultural sector, and consumers. As the domestic milk/dairy industry grows, so too will the country’s cold storage capacity to handle these perishable goods. As cold storage capacity grows, so too does our capacity to improve net yields of other perishable agricultural products like onions. It will be interesting to see if MPI has a logistics plan to act as a foundation of its goal to grow this sector.
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2023.01.31 11:54 basiliskwang How to prepare buche (pig's stomach) like a Michoacán carnitas taqueria?

I live in Los Angeles and there are a multitude of fantastic places that specialize in Michoacán carnitas.
Some examples include Carnitas El Momo and Carnitas El Artista.
These places typically offer carnitas with different cuts: maciza (shoulder), cuerito (skin) and buche (stomach).
When I get the buche from these carnitas restaurants, it has a completely different texture from a buche taco you'd get at a standard taqueria. It's much more tender and melts in your mouth. It's also much more flavorful when compared to the standard taqueria buche.
I'm planning to cook offal, and I want the end result (specifically the texture) to be close to the buche the Michoacán carnitas restaurants serve. What is the difference in preparation for these two styles of buche? Does it work with other offal, like large intestine?
My intuition is telling me that it has something to do with stewing the stomach in fat (similar to confit) versus stewing in a water-based liquid, but I'd like someone to confirm or deny before I buy lard. I also want to respect the cuisine and do it right.
Also, if someone knows how to name the distinction between the two styles of buche preparation, I'd love to know it so I can do more research on my own.
I tried looking for recipes online, and I cannot find one specifically that uses the pig stomach. Any recipes or advice appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.01.31 11:44 basiliskwang How to best cook buche in carnitas tacos?

I live in Los Angeles and there are a multitude of fantastic places that specialize in Michoacán carnitas.
Some examples include Carnitas El Momo and Carnitas El Artista.
These places typically offer carnitas with different cuts: maciza (shoulder), cuerito and buche.
When I get the buche from these carnitas restaurants, it has a completely different texture from a buche taco you'd get at a standard taqueria. It's much more tender and melts in your mouth.
I'm planning to cook offal, and I want the end result (specifically the texture) to be close to the buche the Michoacán carnitas restaurants serve. What is the difference in preparation for these two styles of buche? Does it work with other offal, like large intestine?
My intuition is telling me that it has something to do with stewing the stomach in fat versus stewing in a water-based liquid, but I'd like someone to confirm or deny before I buy lard. I also want to respect the cuisine and do it right.
Also, if someone knows how to name the distinction between the two styles of buche preparation, I'd love to know it so I can do more research on my own.
Any recipes or advice appreciated. Thanks!
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2023.01.30 20:25 salestoconsulting1 Unpopular Opinion: The Tenderloin is honestly my favorite place in SF to visit. Am I wrong?

I'm a tech bro who's lived in SF for 8 years now. I started out in the Mission, then moved to North Beach, then Hayes Valley, and finally Cole Valley. Having said that, over the years, I have found the Tenderloin honestly to be my favorite neighborhood in SF to go visit. I prefer that over all the areas I've lived in, and including other "top" spots like Haight-Asbury, Lower Haight, Noe Valley, Nob Bill, Russian Hill, NOPA, Marina, Alamo Square, etc.
Now, to be clear, I am not advocating living inside the Tenderloin itself. And I completely understand why so many "avoid" it. Yes, the sheer magnitude of homelessness, open hard drug use, tents, mental illness, etc. is sad and horrifying. Yes, you have to watch your step to avoid stepping into vomit, poop, or pee. Turk street is a hellhole. If you're a woman, I can see how all of this would make you feel extra uncomfortable, and I get that. Violent crime is low (compared to the gang violence in HP/Bayview and vis valley in SF, and Oakland/Richmond, East Palo Alto). But petty crime can definitely happen, so you have to be careful. It's worse at night. There is a lot of real and sad human suffering, and the homeless & folks with mental illness need help, whether from the government or charities.
But there's something to the sheer grit of the Tenderloin that does appeal to me, I feel a sense of exhilaration going there and walking around that I don't feel anywhere else in SF. With the neon lights I feel like I'm honestly like in Blade Runner or Final Fantasy VII or some other cyberpunk dystopia when you're in the TL and look at the Salesforce tower and other FIDI skyscrapers. In this part of town, you have some of the richest people walking next to and stepping over some of the poorest, and most distressed individual. I also feel the Tenderloin has some of the most unique architecture and coolest murals in all of the SF, and could truly pass for being a neighborhood in NYC. It's got lots of quite ornate art deco apartment blocks that are 6 or 7 stories tall, and a very bustling feel on the street. And the Tenderloin National forest is amazing.
But outside of that, the things that I like in SF the most are all located in the Tenderloin. My main hobby is playing the jazz saxophone, so jazz clubs are my bread and butter. I think Black Cat Jazz Club is literally the coolest venue in all of SF, and I go multiple times a year. The Great American Music Hall is another amazing venue as well.
Zombie Village is my favorite tiki bar by far (I like it better than Smuggler's Cove, Pagan Idol, Last Rites, Tonga Room, etc), and Bourbon & Branch (and Wilson & Wilson/the Library) is my favorite speakeasy in the city. Whitechappel was an incredible bar when it was open to the public. I love the Beer Basement too. Emperor Norton's is solid as is PianoFight.
There's a ton of dive bars throughout the neighborhood that are worth a visit as well. I'm partial to Jonell's.
I'm Kenyan, and the Tenderloin has my favorite food in the city: Yemeni kitchen, De Afghanan Kabob House, Z Zoul Cafe (Sudanese), Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen (Ethiopian), A La Turca (Turkish), Hai Ky Mi Gia (Chinese noodles), Tselogs (Filipino comfort), Aria Korean Tapas (Korean street food), Zen Yai Thai (Thai), Esan Classic (Laotian and northern Thai), L&G Sandwiches (Vietnamese banh mi), Newa (Nepalese), El Rincón Yucateco (Mexican/Yucateco), Eden Silk Road Cuisine (Uyghur), and more - and these restaurants are fully authentic and created and run by immigrants from these countries. So many hidden gems!
Little Saigon is wonderful. When people were saying Pho 2000 has one of the best Pho in the city, I went and checked it out. They were not lying. Saigon Sandwich and Sing Sing have been making banh mi in the neighborhood for a combined 60 years. L&G Sandwiches is a newcomer but it's incredible as well.
I also have to plug the Tenderloin Museum. If you absolutely detest walking through the Tenderloin, please do me a favor and just visit the museum one time. Take a UbeLyft if you really must, I get it, wading through people loitering and getting slapped in the face with the sensory overload isn’t for the faint of heart. The Tenderloin museum puts in perspective the shine behind the grime. It will help you see San Francisco and the Tenderloin in a new light, and you will learn a lot! You will learn about the famous people who stayed and worked in the tenderloin – Mohammed Ali, The Grateful Dead, to name a few; and the famous movements and riots that took place here such as the Compton Cafeteria Riot that was a pivotal moment in time for the LGBTQ community. In fact, the LGBTQ movement actually started in the Tenderloin, not in the Castro as is commonly believed. The TL has consistently been a home to political movements, and even today is a center for political demonstrations.
What do you guys think?
submitted by salestoconsulting1 to sanfrancisco [link] [comments]