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Welcome to MissouriFishing. A place for everything fishing related in Missouri. Feel free to post pics of your catches, big or small, ask questions about where the hot spots might be or not be. If you’re planning a fishing trip to Missouri in the near future you might find this subreddit helpful.

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A subReddit for all the fellow fishermen and fisherwomen in the beautiful state of Indiana. Anything fishing related is allowed, mark NSFW posts please.

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This is a place for those who enjoy fishing in the great state of Minnesota. Here you can brag about your catches, rant about your misses, and compare how much beer you drank on the lake today!

2023.02.03 05:35 yiannagon TSM Twitterverse - LCS Spring Week 2 Day 1 (2023) - TSM vs EG

An unfortunate loss at the hands of EG today but we'll bounce back tomorrow vs 100T. Of note there's been a ton of new content put out for the boys this week, from interviews to a new TSM Legends episode, and a Draw My LCS Life about Bugi by Emily Rand (will include a link when I get my hands on one)!
Have any suggestions on how I could improve these posts or have something you'd really like included? Comment below or feel free to message me; I'd love to receive any and all feedback!


TSM Announcements
TSM Report (@tsmreport)
We hope you have an amazing day, today and always! It's a joy having you with us again, and we can't wait to continue making great memories with you.
Much love from the TSM fam 🎂
K-Pop buff activated.
Let's close out the day with another #TSMWIN
[TSM Report (@tsmreport) reply] I need to know who @LoLChime's bias is

Player (and Coach) Interviews
Neo (@ukpneo)
[via David Szajnuk (@DSzajnuk)] TSM Neo after HOT start to LCS
Chime (@LoLChime)
[via The Game Haus (@TheGameHaus)] TSM Chime Interview "We Shook-Off The Rust & Now We Can Play Like Psychopaths"
Chawy (@ChawyWong)
[via dGon (@dGon)] "Some teams just want to end the day - and it sucks" - TSM Chawy on NA Practice Culture.

TSM Legends

Pre-Game Tweets
Evil Geniuses (@EvilGeniuses)
Time to rest the timeline. #LCS
TSM Report (@tsmreport)
[#TSMLCS] - UNDERDOGS, GET YOUR UNDERDOGS HERE! Snubbed by analysts, feared by LCS teams: the boys are back for another #TSMWIN

LCS Waiting Room
[Community Question] Which 2-0 team is most likely to go 0-2?
[Jatt] I've been a TSM supporter for 10 years, but TSM does have the most difficult opponents in EG and 100T so they're objectively the most likely to go 0-2 this week. That being said, C9 is a dark horse candidate to go 0-2 facing both CLG and FLY.
Talking about the most anticipated matchups of the day
[Mark] TSM v. EG has to be at the top of the list. So many TSM fans are upset with analysts for not believing in TSM yet despite them being 2-0. This is a huge put up or shut up game. If they beat EG, all of us look dumb for still not believing in them because they beat the team a lot of us have at the top of our power rankings. That's a huge game for me just in terms of community sentiment around TSM.
[Jatt] That's fair but if they also win I can just be like "Ah, best of one..." Actually, I don't know what I'm going to do, I'll have to see the game.
After predictions were revealed, the analysts were asked which upset would be most likely to happen
[Jatt] EG v. TSM because I think I myself and everyone else sleeps on Bugi a lot. I think the dude's incredibly good.

Analyst Desk
Pre-Game Analysis
[Work in progress]

Emily Rand (@leagueofemily)
CLG > C9
100T > DIG
Raz (@RazLCS)
C9 > CLG
100T > DIG
MarkZ (@TheeMarkZ)
C9 > CLG
100T > DIG
Jatt (@esportsjatt)
C9 > CLG
100T > DIG

During Game

Runes & Records (courtesy of @LoLEsportsStats)
Community Live Tweets
LCS (@LCSOfficial)
[1 of 2] FBI finds the Quadra kill! @VictorHuang
[2 of 2] It's okay, @Ssumday's got the Nexus!
Evil Geniuses (@EvilGeniuses)
[1 of 3] QUADRA FOR @VictorHuang
[2 of 3] The next #LCS segment: @Ssumday smile cam
[3 of 3] You're on the backline and see this, wyd #LCS
TSM Report (@tsmreport)
Bugi see. Bugi gank.
Maple see. Maple kill.
[1 of 2] .#LCS
[2 of 2] Might be being a bit extreme with my take here but I do fear TSM comp gets outscaled after 1 item in pretty much every lane and they also drafted one of the worst champs in the game (galio).
Treatz (@Treatz)
My Ryze teammates be like


Post Game Breakdown (courtesy of @LoLEsportsStats)
Analyst Desk
Post-Game Analysis
[Work in progress]
Solo (@SoloLCS)
[Nothing yet]
Bugi (@yeopbugi)
[Nothing yet]
Maple (@TSMMaple)
[Nothing yet]
Neo (@ukpneo)
[Nothing yet]
Chime (@LoLChime)
Swam with the fishes today but we will bounce back tomorrow 🌊
Chawy (@ChawyWong)
[Nothing yet]
TSM Report (@tsmreport)
Only loss of the season, don't sweat it.
Back tomorrow for our rightful dub.
Evil Geniuses
Ssumday (@Ssumday)
[Nothing yet]
Inspired (@Inspiredlol)
[Nothing yet]
Jojopyun (@jojopyunlol)
hahahahahaha whooooooops
[Vulcan (@VulcanLoL) reply] Bozopyun
FBI (@VictorHuang)
[Nothing yet]
Vulcan (@VulcanLoL)
The rumors of EG’s death have been greatly exaggerated
Evil Geniuses (@EvilGeniuses)
Good ending timeline has been restored, TSM is no longer undefeated *saluting face*
Rest of the Community
LCS (@LCSOfficial)
Well, that was fun while it lasted. #LCS
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2023.02.03 05:35 dycable Before doing the repairs on your GHD you will need to get yourself cable housing

After you charge the Covert Key Chain Hidden Camera for outer cable , you are ready to start recording. The device has a built in vibration mode that will tell you when you when the unit is turned on, and when it starts taking video, and still photographs. It won't tell you when you stop filming video, so you have to trust that it works.

The device is laid out like a regular automobile key for late model cars, a black device about 3 inches x 1.5 inches x ½ inch, with several buttons to lock and unlock an automobile, only with the DVR Key Chain Video Recorder, you are turning on or recording video when you push the buttons.

The best exercises are the ones that involve a number of muscle groups in order to create a big pushing movement and also isolation exercises that completely target just the chest. To get the best chest growth perform both types. This will make sure you aren't getting muscle imbalances and that you are successfully activating the chest muscle fibres.
We all dread the day, plugging our appliance in the socket and flick the switch and nothing, a deadly silence, not a hum nor a beep. Our GHD is dead, or so it would seem. You may have one lying in a bottom draw or under the bed or in a tatty old box in the attic. Well pull that old GHD out and bring it back to life! Did you know by spending only a few pounds on a new cable could have your old GHD working as good as new? Get your screwdriver at the ready and listen how to do your own GHD repairs service.

Before doing the repairs on your GHD you will need to get yourself cable housing . These can be picked up by doing a quick internet search and bought online. They should only cost you a few pounds, a fraction of the price of a new pair of GHD's.

Once you receive your new compatible GHD power cable you will need to perform the GHD repairs service to you hair straighteners. Now, you don't need to be an engineer or a brain surgeon but you will need a fine screw driver, they are know as micro-screwdrivers and most guys have a set them in their tool box. Now if your faulty GHD is over 2-3 years old then follow these repair instructions;

a.) Hold your GHD together with a hair or elasticated band so the plates are pushed together, this will make it easier for you to carry out the rest of the GHD repair service.

b.) Now at the back of the GHD straighteners near the cable end there is an elastic rubber band, gently ease this band off the back of the iron, it may help if you use the micro-screwdriver to help you do this.

c.) Next to where the rubber band was at the cable end of the conduit , if you look closely you should see two small screws hidden in the small gap.

d.) With your micro-screwdriver remove these two screws.

want to know more, click
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2023.02.03 05:34 OldAssociation1397 Waterspiders

I know it can't just be my site YHM1, but here the waterspiders I swear hide all day and jerk each other off. Haven't been able to stow anything cause they hide in bathrooms and such for an hour plus at a time. Sorry and cheers
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2023.02.03 05:34 ForeignBox6668 21- Looking for a chill wholesome friend☄️

Ghost Free Zone!
I feel like everyone's so isolated now, im just looking for a chill person to game with and talk to from time to time.
Im big into gaming, I play pretty much anything on xbox gamepass + Fortnite, GTA and minecraft, im also pretty good from what random people tell me😭
Me personally, im super chill and very nonchalant about most things also not judgemental at all since i like to mind my business.
Im really into music like everyone else who makes a post but i hate country💀
We can trade spotify accounts👏
I haven't watched TV or anime in years so if you have any good show recommendations ill take them. I used to do a ton of writing but I've stopped over the years and have refocused my energy elsewhere.
Oh and im black 😂
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2023.02.03 05:34 Wonderpineapple Not feeling much of anything. I am not expecting anything crazy, but I just don't feel anything at all.

So I'm not sure if my first dose was just placebo, I did feel like my anxiety was lessened and some nice feelings but it quickly went away. I had tried red Bali I believe with too much - I took a teaspoon - which I realized was a bit too much for me as I did get some nausea but nothing that wasn't solved with some ginger. I tried again two days later with some white in the morning, I took less than half a teaspoon and really didn't feel much of anything. So another two days later I tried my last strain which was a gold one. Again I took I think a bit less than half a teaspoon and didn't really have any effects. All three times were on an empty stomach. I ordered from a reputable source I believe (obviously can't name them) which I've read about but I'm still pretty new to this. Any tips/advice would be appreciated. Also if I'm totally fucking up anything please be gentle hah I'm new and learning.
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2023.02.03 05:34 lilredrightngood Am I (28F) being emotionally held hostage by my boyfriend (28M)?

My boyfriend and I have been together for well over a year now. Our relationship was moving very fast...until it wasn't. We moved in together almost immediately. He asked my dad for for his blessing to marry me about six months in. A month or so later, we met with a jeweler to build my engagement ring from family diamonds. Since we were making a custom ring, they said the process could take up to 8 weeks before the ring would be ready to pick up. So in early November, they began work on building the ring. In the meantime, we began making wedding plans because we were hoping to get married soon.
We grew up on opposite sides of the country; I moved to the east coast, where he's been all his life. Since we both live here now, we decided it would make the most sense to get married here. One day in December, I expressed to him that I was sad that so many of my friends and family wouldn't be able to attend the wedding. I realize that nothing can be done about this reality; I was merely expressing how I felt about the situation and was hoping for comfort from him. However, he was very angry that I said this because he felt like I was ruining the plans we'd been working on. We talked about it more over the next few days and, so I thought, we came to some kind of resolution.
Fast forward to early January, and it has been well over eight weeks since my ring started being constructed; I know the ring is finalized, yet, he still hasn't proposed. So a few weeks ago, I asked him about this. He told me that he no longer trusts me because of the conversation we had in December about me feeling sad about so few of my friends and family attending our wedding. He says he needs time to decide if I'm the kind of person he can spend his life with because he'll never be sure if any plans we set can be relied upon. (Again, I never tried to change a plan; I was expressing an emotion).
I'm unsure what to do now. I feel like he's trying to teach me a lesson or make me pay for expressing a feeling he wasn't happy with. It feels like I'm being held emotionally hostage. All the excitement about getting engaged has completely gone away; now I just feel so disappointed and deflated. And frankly, I feel like I can't trust him now because he led me to believe something all this time, and now he's gone back on his word. It doesn't feel like love to me; you don't withhold to prove a point with people you love.
Any advice on what I should do next, or thoughts on the situation, would be greatly appreciated.

TL;DR - my boyfriend has halted our engagement/wedding because I told him I was sad that my family couldn't make it to the wedding.
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2023.02.03 05:34 Geek-Haven888 Tennessee introduces bill to dump Columbus Day as a holiday in favor of Super Bowl Monday

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2023.02.03 05:34 bring-on-the-spooks How to make my SO understand?

So I (25F) was recently diagnosed with celiac, about two weeks gluten free now. I feel better, but also am wondering if it’s just a placebo effect or if I am actually feeling better?
Anyway, I am being extremely careful with food, mostly cooking myself and have been to two restaurants, one an excellent experience and the other I felt sick to my stomach nauseous and vomiting a few hours later. Long story short, I am in the period of figuring out what my glutened symptoms are and how sensitive I am and where to draw the line.
My stepmom that lives across the country has celiac so I already knew the basics and have a great support system. She has terrible symptoms when glutened, like in bed for days sick and has to be extremely careful.
I was experiencing brain fog, diarrhea, and bloating before diagnosis, but had gotten tested only because my maternal grandmother found out she had it at 70 years old and half my family is positive now, thinking I was fine. My TTG IGA test was a 24 and I was a 3A on the marsh scale.
My live in boyfriend (25M) has been for the most part supportive but at times is extremely dismissive of my celiac, trying to get me to go places like dominos that have gluten free options, but are not celiac friendly and cross contamination central. I have explained multiple times that I am not comfortable going these places and to be respectful of me not wanting to purposefully make myself sick. Restaurants are making me so nervous, if I cook, I can control it.
Because of this number 24, my boyfriend it’s convinced that I have ‘mild’ celiac and that I don’t need to be careful, citing my grandma’s food choices while she was in town and that I’m not as bad as stepmom. I don’t think my grandma is taking it seriously and have told him this. I know I’m not as bad as my stepmom, but I don’t know yet how sensitive I am yet.
How do I get my boyfriend to understand? This is making me feel like i’m crazy and I don’t want to get sick.
Any advice for getting this through people heads?
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2023.02.03 05:34 AutoModerator [SHARE COURSE] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator + More courses by Iman Gadzhi

Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Full Updated Course
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Agency Navigator is the culmination of everything I’ve learned along the way. Painstakingly created over an entire year, this course includes everything you could ever want to start your own agency. Drawing from my own experience as a mutli-six-figure a year agency owner, as well as my team’s collective experience of multiple decades, we’ve refined the original SMMA course, and made it better. ‍ I had one purpose in mind when I created Agency Navigator: to make it as easy and accessible as possible for anyone to start and grow their own agency. See you inside!
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2023.02.03 05:34 peacelovejoy4all MAC Cosmetics Limited Edition Valentine's Day Lip Collection Matte, Retro Matte Glow Play Lip Balm & Prep+Prime Lip $22-23 (in Petal Pink Reflective Heart Embossed Packaging)

MAC Cosmetics Limited Edition Valentine's Day Lip Collection Matte, Retro Matte Glow Play Lip Balm & Prep+Prime Lip $22-23 (in Petal Pink Reflective Heart Embossed Packaging) submitted by peacelovejoy4all to MUAontheCheap [link] [comments]


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2023.02.03 05:33 jdeck320 New Fresh Water Aquarium Feedback

Looking for advice on a new tank setup. 29 gallons, it’s been up and running for about 1.5 weeks. I haven’t had a tank in 17 years so re-learning it all. I’ve added api quick start once, and ghost feedings. Any advice is welcome.
Long term for the community I was planning: 6 tetra 6 turquoise guppies 2 angelfish 4 rainbow fish 1 pleco
Picture in additional post
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2023.02.03 05:33 csomething42 Is cycling a scam?

Almost ALL discussions about aquariums start with cycling cycling cycling. Get this bacteria supplement, wait this long, test these parameters, wait some more, etc. WHY?! Plants suck up ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Why is the most common answer to "when can I put fish in?" not "as soon as you have plants"? Is it all just a racket to keep selling "cycling" products? Even seasoned vets seem to spend so much time explaining the nitrogen cycle to an audience of mostly children that are just getting in to the hobby. Why not advocate for planting every aquarium?
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2023.02.03 05:33 ReroReroRayquaza [H] Paypal (US) [W] Under Night In Birth Exe Late

Feel free to leave an offer in the comments!
My IGS Rep: IGS Rep Page
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2023.02.03 05:33 TurnoverOfEvents Booking Flights in Advance

Hey everyone!
I’m sure like many of you, when the 2023 concert was announced, I started to try to set up plans to once again make the journey across the country to LV. I’ve so far been able to secure a great hotel, however plane tickets have been absolutely absurd. For just 1 round trip ticket is over $500 and I cannot justify ever spending $1000 for something like that. I’m planning the trip regardless and try my luck at getting cheap tickets the day before or a few days before like I was able to in 2022 when I was unable to get waitlist tickets but still went to LV for the experience.
This has quite literally been my only experience with traveling as last year was the first time I have ever been on a plane or traveled outside my state. Basically, I’m just asking for those who have more flight experience if the flight tickets would hopefully get lower as the date comes closer or am I just SOL and have to spend crazy amounts of money for 2 plane tickets? I’m really hoping to make it to the festival again this year, this has just been my one major hurdle. Any help from fellow emos please?
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2023.02.03 05:33 Ok-Bike-1912 this insane AI ad of old people for "fasting"

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2023.02.03 05:33 Fragrant_Dream99 Farewell - Shifted Permanently

If you're reading this it means I have shifted permanently to my Waiting Room and will never be coming back here.
Final Note:
I received a lot of messages based on my recent posts. I do not believe in over-complication of the Law, I only went in depth because I was genuinely interested in it. Everything you need to know is already there.
I always made the most progress in my journey alone. However, the past few weeks as I started posting on this subreddit, interacting with people here and their bubbles, I may have unwisely and unwittingly impressed my consciousness with the idea that SATS may be hard, it may not work, etc. I fell into that state unknowingly and unconsciously and bore the fruits of my impression. I tried to be level headed but the more time I spent here it got worse. I noticed this first one day where I avoided the subreddit and any other such communities that supported that state, I read only Neville and the Bible that day and went to bed imagining my desire. It was as if I fell out of that state (of failure) and got into this new one (of success). It was so easy to re-enter into this state of success and now I realize it is only my attention that was keeping that state of failure alive as all other things in the world including this world itself.
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2023.02.03 05:33 axespresso Herniated Discs and Scoliosis

22 female 5’2” 170lbs Medications - gabapentin 300mg three times a day, vitamin d3 2,000iu once a day Previous medications- ibuprofen 800mg, methocarbamol 500mg, and Tylenol 1000mg all three times daily
My back injuries have resulted from back to back car accidents several years ago. I am currently fighting insurance to get an MRI to see the extent of the herniated discs in my L4-L5 and L5-S1. An X-ray showed the herniated disc and a 7° curve in the thoracic-lumbar area.
I’ve been to physical therapy 3 times, tried NSAIDS, and have tried a Radiofrequency ablation from my L3-L5. Nothing is helping.
I get sharp jolts down my legs, leg cramping, numbness and tingling. Gabapentin helps but there are still some days I cannot get out of bed.
What is the likely course of treatment from here? I just need some hope that this will get better as it’s very exhausting.
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2023.02.03 05:33 Nervous_Hat4593 Hey just looking for some chat friends to pass time.

44/m/Midwest hey there just looking for some Chad friends to kill time there in the day and break up the monotony. I am an active person who enjoys all outdoor activities. I love my marvel comics and Marvel movies. Also, enjoy traveling and going to a concerts. Down to talk about anything hit me up if you want to.
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2023.02.03 05:32 twick__ What is my best option?

Background: I am a 23 year old business major who works full-time while also going to school. I am in a position that I no longer enjoy, but it pays the bills (barely).
Here is my dilemma: I am scheduled to graduate in June of 2024. My current position is not directly aligned with my degree, however, I have been told that growth opportunities are coming my way that could relieve a lot of my financial stress (100% pay increase). I still don’t know if I would enjoy going to work if these opportunities were to present themselves. On the other hand, I have been looking at potential internships for this summer that are in-line with my degree. The problem is that they are all temporary and around 60-90 days. I can’t be left without a job at the end of the internship. The pay is the same if not worse than what I make now also.
Should I take an internship, risk losing my position in my current job, and hope that I’m hired on to potentially kickstart a career? Or stay where I have a secure job currently, suck it up and hope for a promotion?
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2023.02.03 05:32 bubbleggumm1219 how to focus on me

basically the title, I don't know how to focus on myself. I keep having these moments where i spiral and cant stop thinking about my ex or me getting back with him. I'm desperately trying to better myself by trying to start meditating, doing some yoga, going to the gym, and journaling...but it's hard for me to start on a task or even stay consistent(my therapist thinks i have ADHD so I'm sure that contributes) but it feels like I'm doing it in hopes of getting him back. We still talk and are good friends tbh and i don t want to mess up our friendship. I am becoming very aware of my attachment issues and it's reallyyyy bad I am very codependent and have an anxious attachment style and I have no clue on how to stop i cant stop and im suffering. I do have moments where i feel okay and im not spirally but then the next day im spiraling.
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2023.02.03 05:32 hurtfulandhurting Newly married, already worried it's ending

I might have made the biggest mistake of my life so far. I've only been married a few months, and I guess I'm not adjusting well.
Nothing is horribly wrong, so it's weird that I'm here. No cheating, no drug use, no excessive drinking. But my advances fall flat and we're already in a dead bedroom. Apparently they're not obvious enough and they generally weren't seen as advances. She rarely reciprocates my touch.
I don't compliment her enough, but she doesn't remember the compliments I do pay her. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
I don't make plans for us, but every time I propose plans they're shot down. Recently I proposed something that was ignored, then brought up a couple days later as her own idea. Cool, let's do it! Maybe I brought it up wrong.
I commit to continue trying. I try doing things differently. I try asking her what she needs, what she wants, but the answer is either she doesn't know or she's too overwhelmed to think about it. If I ask too much, she gets mad that I don't know her well enough. If I assume, she gets mad about any detail that I get wrong.
Sorry I'm venting. I don't want a divorce but I feel trapped and hopeless. We tried therapy for awhile. I'm trying to get her to start with a new therapist, but she's not willing to commit. She suggested I go alone. At what point do you decide that divorce is the best remaining option?
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