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Join the hunt for the PS5. Here you can ask questions about the restocks, make memes, tell us news, and question your sanity.

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Join the hunt for the PS5. Here you can ask questions about the restocks, make memes, tell us news, and question your sanity. We’re going to be here awhile so why not join now!

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Post info about PS5 restocks or tips on how to obtain one.

2023.02.03 04:39 Tharoburk89 Target Pokémon Vendor put own barcode on ETBs

I went to check my local target for Crown Zenith ETBs and they had just restocked. I went to checkout and wanted price match to Best Buy or Walmart to save $5. The employee wouldn’t price match because she couldn’t find it in their system with the vendor barcode. Has anyone else had this issue and was there a solution? Thanks all!
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2023.02.03 04:38 rockingwing Welcome to Trackmania - A Beginner's Guide

Hi and welcome to Trackmania!
You've just downloaded the game for the first time and now you're wondering how to get started, where to get all those fancy overlays your favorite streamers have on their screen, how to play Bingo or generally just how to become good at the game? Then this guide is for you!
Let's take things slow and start with the basics...
How to get started in Trackmania
Trackmania is available on Steam, Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store and soon available on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series consoles and Amazon Luna.
Once you're booted into the game and selected your region, you want to head into the Play section of the main menu and go to the Training campaign. This special campaign consists of 25 rather basic tracks that are meant to introduce you to the different surfaces and special effect blocks you'll come across in this game. Try to aim for the Gold medal on most of these tracks, that should provide a good challenge for any newcomer. Note: The Training campaign has not been updated since the launch of the game back in July 2020 and some of the tracks in it aren't representative of how certain surfaces actually get used in maps these days. They also do not explain the Plastic surface or interactions with Water. Those got introduced to the game in July 2021.
After you're done with the Training campaign, jump into the Seasonal Campaign (at the time of writing this is Winter 2023) and try to aim for Gold or Author medals on all tracks. If you're a complete beginner to the Trackmania series, going for all Author medals in your first campaign is probably a bit too ambitious, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Wait, what's an Author medal?
Excellent question! Trackmania has 4 different medals that prove your mastery of a track: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Author. The Author medal is set by the track authomapper after they're done building the track. Once you get into community-created tracks, Author times are generally more difficult than in campaign tracks, especially when it comes to tracksthat get featured as Track of the Day.
Okay, I got all Gold/AT medals. What next?
If you haven't already, you should consider buying one of the paid access tiers. Standard Access is the cheapest out of the available options and gives you access to 99% of the content the game has to offer. More on that later. You should also redeem the VIP keys from here and enable the settings option "Always Display Records" from the HUD category to be able to watch streamers'/pro players' ghosts in the seasonal campaign and copying/learning from the lines they take.
With that out of the way, it's time to introduce you to the main attraction of the game, Online Multiplayer.
Trackmania features several game modes for Online Multiplayer, of which the free-to-play (demo) Starter Access can only access a limited subset.
First off we have Ranked Matchmaking, which until Gold rank features the current Seasonal Campaign tracks of varying difficulty (Bronze: White and Green difficulties, Silver: Blue to Black). At the time of writing this is still played in a 3 versus 3 team based format, however this will soon be changed to 2 versus 2. In the Ranked Teams mode, players all start at the same time and depending on how fast they finish, their team gets points. All those points get tallied up and the team with the higher amount of points wins the round. If your team wins enough rounds to win the match, you get Matchmaking Rating (MMR) points based on how well you performed within your team. Bonus points go to the highest scoring player in the match (MVP).
Second, you have Royal, which is a wacky and fun gamemode featuring a team based battle royale style game mode similar to Fall Guys. Tracks in Royal behave different from all the other tracks you'll encounter in Trackmania, they're split up into five stages. The faster your team finishes stages, the higher your team ranks and the longer you will survive. These stages get progressively harder the further you get, so mastery of the car and the game's numerous mechanics is recommended if you want to make it far consistently or even want to be crowned the Royal Champion.
Third, there's Track of the Day and the thrice daily Knockout event held on that track - Cup of the Day. Note: This feature requires Standard or Club Access. These tracks are built by the community and chosen after being reviewed in the Map Review server of the game. A new Track of the Day releases every day at 7PM CET (CEST from like March to October) and the Cup of the Day starts at the same time with two re-runs of the event happening 8 and 16 hours later respectively. In Cup of the Day, you have 15 minutes to get familiar with the track, while trying to improve your time. Based on the time driven within those 15 minutes, you will be assigned to a division of 64 players each against which you will then face in a Knockout event. Try to survive as long as possible to be eventually crowned the Cup of the Day winner for your division.
Last but not least, there's the Arcade servers. Note: This feature requires Standard or Club Access for unlimited access. Free-to-play (Starter access) has access to a rotation of Arcade servers and the official Seasonal Campaign server. This is regular online portion of the game that many players that might have played previous Trackmania titles are very familiar with. Here you will find a multitude of servers with playlists of tracks curated by the community. Some even feature so called server controllers with additional features like server records, a track voting system to show how populagood a track is, etc.
Okay, cool, but how can I build my own map?
Welcome to what makes Trackmania so great - the map editor.
In the Main Menu, clicking on Create lets you jump into the Map Editor, of which there are several variants.
There's the Basic and Advanced Mouse + Keyboard editors and the Gamepad editors. For ultimate track building freedom, I recommend the Advanced Keyboard + Mouse editor. Note: The Advanced KB/M editor currently requires Standard or Club Access. This restriction will be lifted with the launch of the console versions.
Since Mapping is a very subjective and creative process, I won't delve into what you should and shouldn't build. Just remember to add exactly one start, numerous checkpoints along your route and one or several finish blocks at the end of your route.
Got it, now how can I get all those overlays, Medal windows, play RMC/RMS or Bingo?
May I introduce you to Openplanet? Openplanet is THE modding platform for Trackmania games. Created by the talented Miss, Openplanet has been around since 2016 and has since become a staple in pretty much every regular Trackmania player's must haves. It lets you easily install plugins that add quality of life features and additional functionality to the game.
Couple suggestions for plugins, in no particular order: Ultimate Medals, Dashboard, ManiaExchange, Tweaker.
For more information, check Openplanet's website and join their Discord server.
Can you explain the payment model of the game to me? I'm confused with all these access tiers and subscription costs. Do I have to pay monthly for the game?
First of all, no, the subscription costs are not monthly. They're an upfront cost for 1 year or 3 years and support the ongoing development of this game. If there were no subscriptions, we'd probably have a Trackmania 2022 or Trackmania 2023 by now. And no, the game will not feature microtransactions for the foreseeable future, the developers have been very clear on this. Now, here's a breakdown of the features of Starter, Standard and Club access in a concise manner.
Starter Access Free version of the game. Gives you access to the Training and current Seasonal campaigns, the rotating Arcade server, Matchmaking, Royal and the Simple Editor. No access to other custom maps, public servers, in-game chat, skins, in-game ghosts, club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms) or the Advanced Editor.
Standard Access 10€/year or regional equivalent. Gives you access to custom maps and public servers (incl. TOTD and COTD and previous campaigns). Unlocks the Advanced Editor. No access to skins, leaderboard ghosts or club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms).
Club Access 30€/year or regional equivalent. Gives you full access to all of the game's features including skins, leaderboard ghosts, club features (hosting your own rooms, organizing events, creating campaigns, uploading skins, and much more).
My question wasn't answered here/I'm still confused.
Don't fret! Trackmania's community is rather helpful and welcoming to new players, we get a ton of questions all the time and are always happy to help. If you still have specific questions, feel free to post them as response to this thread or join the Official Trackmania Discord where you can interact with the community and answer as many questions as you want. The Discord server also has a community-run support section that is targeted towards people having very specific questions or technical difficulties.
Thanks for reading and see you on the track - welcome to the club!
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2023.02.03 03:28 jvahle3 AX Support Ship Wishlist

Alright, here is the idea for this post. I think it would be good to create a supportive role for AX combat. The reasoning is to give less skilled players a way to contribute to the fight while also being useful to dedicated AX pilots. From a design stance, I want to make it more likely for teams to experience last minute saves, where the support ship saves a AX ship at the last moment.
With that all considered, the current arsenal of modulus for AX support just doesn't seem that useful. Yes decontamination limits and hull repair may be useful at times, but I get the feeling that good Thargoid hunters aren't going to need that very much. Regen lasers for shields would be nice, if sheildless builds weren't so common. So I think we should look beyond what exists already and instead look towards the speculative on this. What would we like to see potentially added to create this niche in AX combat, allowing new players to contribute and get firsthand experience with the Thargoids.
That's what this post is, a wish list. What modules would you like to see added? No ideas are bad here, its brainstorming time.
Here are some of my own to get the ball rolling:
1: Shutdown Field Neutraliser Enhancer
A larger module, maybe size 4 or up, that increases the max protective range of the S.F.N. by 2 kilometers and reduces the sys drain of the utility. A module that a seasoned AX pilot won't really need. And due to the size wont want. But a support ship could make good use of this, extending the protective bubble to help their team.
Of course thats not much, so lets make this even cooler to try and make those game saving plays possible.
On top of this, the Enhancer modifies the field to restore power to a ship already hit by the shutdown field. If a ship gets disabled, the support ship swoops in, activates the Neutraliser, restores the ship and gets out. While the best pilots won't need this, I don't think they would be mad having a safety net via their team.
2: Heatsink Transfer Limpet
I saw a comment from u/potato_in_an_ass which talked about this and I figured it was perfect so lets make this part of the game.
Class 4-6 module more capacity with higher sizes. Maxed out at 20 heatsinks. Still needs Limpets to in cargo to work.
How it works, set a fire control and target a wingmate. Then charge up the Limpet and release to send it. The more you charge, the more heatsinks you transfer at once, up to 5 at a time. Ammo is restocked at stations as normal and can be synthesized.
Pretty simple.
3: Auto Flak Cannons
A turreted class 3 experimental weapon. You probably won't wanna slap one of these on your combat ship, but put it on a support ship to assist in taking out the Thargon swarms and now your helping your team. Not as effective against the swarms as the normal ones, but tracks independently, letting you support your team while it helps chip away at the swarms.
A possible add on could be a manual mode to help teach new players how to kill the swarms. Either give them the option to take full control over the weapon, or just the timing of when the flak detonates. This mode would be a bit more efficient if your good at it, thus to encourage its use and help new pilots practice.

These are just a few ideas, I'd love to hear what you guys think on your own as well. Have fun with this. New players, what would make you feel like you were contributing. Experienced players what would be useful to have in a teammate?
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2023.02.03 01:21 pokethrowawy Nothing local

Trying to get back into collecting but didn’t realize how hard it is to get blisters and boxes now… went to target,Walmart,Fred Meyer,GameStop,bestbuy. Do you just have to know the restock cycles?
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2023.02.03 00:05 businessyndicate Sony lifts outlook closer to record level, raises PS5 sales target

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2023.02.02 23:26 elpresidentedeltoro Sony lifts outlook closer to record level, raises PS5 sales target

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2023.02.02 21:01 420blazeitk Target Pick Up for Gengar worked

Target Pick Up for Gengar worked
Early this morning I was on targets website and they are in fact doing restocks. I saw a couple of stores had the option to pick up the 20 inch Gengar today and tried. I saw other posts saying Target canceled their order, but when I woke up it said it was ready. I drove there and it was true! I’m so happy after searching for him at four Walmarts yesterday and turning up empty handed.
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2023.02.02 19:52 Emilicis check your target app for stores nearby! I think they are restocking

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2023.02.02 19:33 Astice_Pensante PlayStation 5 sales soar as stock issues improve (02/02/2023)

Sony seems to be finally solving its PlayStation 5 stock issues, following a bumper Christmas sales period that saw the PS5 record its best quarter to date.
7.1m PlayStation 5 consoles were sold in the three months ending 31st December 2022, up 83 percent on Christmas 2021. Overall, Sony has now shipped 32m PS5 consoles worldwide.
Looking ahead, Sony seems confident it can continue to keep PS5 in stock, too. The company has now raised its annual PS5 target to 19m, up by a million units on what it previously expected. This means Sony expects to shift a further 6.2m consoles before 31st March. Read more
Link to article
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2023.02.02 19:11 era324 Couple questions about the giant target pikachu squish..

So I just got a notification that my target restocked. I placed an order for pickup and it’s ready! I actually got giant chonkachu. I still need to go drive to pick it up. Now it says there’s only 2 left and it’s been an hour. Started at 9 in stock.
I’m a huge Pokémon/squish fan, pikachu has always been one of my favs. So that’s why I got him. But is he worth it??
1.) how is the quality? Is he worth the space he takes up?
2.) since I placed a pickup order for him, it says it’s ready, is it actually reserved for me or is it on the shelf for others to purchase? Just wondering if I need to like, dash out of here or if I can just pick him up after work in the am lol. It says I have until Sunday to pick him up so..
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2023.02.02 17:09 -en- @Reuters: Sony lifts outlook closer to record level, raises PS5 sales target

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2023.02.02 15:40 265586888 Sony lifts outlook closer to record level, raises PS5 sales target

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2023.02.02 14:09 -en- @Reuters: Sony lifts outlook closer to record level, raises PS5 sales target

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2023.02.02 05:21 icecreamhatesme Pokemon Target/Walmart Restocks?

Has anyone heard if the major retailers plan to restock the Pokemon squishmallows? I'm beyond devastated. We went to three Walmarts and checked online for Target after work but they were all sold out. I heard from one of the Walmart managers that the employees and other managers bought them all about right after they went on the floor and he checked that no one had them in stock for a 50 mile radius. None of the Targets near us have any in stock either and apparently each Target only got 2-4 of the 20". I absolutely refuse to cave to the resellers so any news of a restock would be welcome.
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2023.02.02 05:03 GlitteringGem7 Need help finding a good mod similar to 'Apocalyptic Fallout Baby - Weathers and Interiors'

Hi, I have been modding the PS4 version of Fallout 4 for a while and have gotten really into it after learning how to deal with the 0KB glitch. I am having some issues with 'Apocalyptic Fallout Baby - Weathers and Interiors'.
I cannot express how much I love the gritty dusty look of the mod, but indoors it is so dark it is unplayable. The darkness is so oppressive that even with incendiary rounds and 'Pip Boy Flashlight (Brighter)' it is still bad. I quite literally cannot see my hand in front of my face and it makes indoor areas unplayable.
My question is: is there another mod that mimics the look of this mod? Is there a way to improve the interior lighting to allow me to actually play the game?
Load order:
✔ Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch [UFO4P]
✔[PS4] Military Clutter
✔Sane Fusion Cores
✔Apocalyptic Fallout Baby - Weathers and Interiors
✔Pip Boy Flaslight (Brighter)
✔Togglable Targeting HUD for Power Armor
✔1st Person Animation Tweaks
✔Overboss 357 Magnum
✔The Quick and the Dead
✔Craftable C-4 Explosives [PS4/PS5]
✔Captainoob's Handmade Shotgun fixes
✔Captainoob's Improved Anti-Material Rifle
✔Legendary Modifier Framework (LMF) PS
✔Abernathy Farm Overhaul - ps4
✔[PS4] Outfield Retreat - Player Home
✔Featherfall House - Player Home [PS4/PS5]
✔Pineneedle Rest - Player Home [PS4/PS5]
✔Maple Manor - Player Home [PS4/PS5]
✔(PS4) Dr. Mobius Player Home
✔Rickety Restored Sanctuary Bridge
✔Legendary Recon Marine Armour - Full Set+ Ballistic Weave for Wetsuit/Helmet
✔[PS4] Unlock Ballistic Weave
✔[PS4] STS All-in-One
✔[PS4] STS - Extras - Living & Dead - Season Pass Version
✔Character Preset Raiders and Gunners-PS4
✔Kill Everyone
Mod names were typed out verbatim to help anyone trying to find said mods for themselves and do their research. Lmk if you guys find anything as it would much appreciated. Don't let me down Reddit!
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2023.02.02 03:51 ThePrinceOfThorns Can't aim for shit

I am regretting getting this game on ps5. I can't aim for shit with this controller to target limbs. Are their any options in game I can turn on to make aiming easier, or an auto aim?
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2023.02.02 02:25 jhorsley23 Just started collecting this line in Jan. Did not expect to find this restocked at Target this afternoon.

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2023.02.02 00:23 abcras Let us talk about in Inventory item swapping (specifically for shift-clickable items)

Link to the feedback post:
The feedback post (with some grammatical corrections):
With the new changes to allowing you to hot-swap armour (which is a great feature that was sorely needed), we should really expand on this functionality specifically while in the inventory.
It would be really convenient to be able to switch armor sets while in the crafting or smithing table views, i.e. have the armour slots visible during those views.
Another idea is to allow for switching armour via shift clicking i.e. when you are in the inventory and shift-click on a piece of armour for which you already have that slot filled out it would instead switch it out.
Moreover more shift-click switching would be super neat, in the anvil, you could shift-replace a book or piece of armor via shift-clicking from your inventory, in the enchanting table you could shift-click a book in place of an enchanted book, also for the smithing table with shift replacing the template, armour, and material.
Since most of these item slots already support shift-clicking the feature mostly revolves around making it replace the item currently occupying the slot that would be targeted with shift-clicking! This would be a huge quality-of-life update for the shift-click functionality with the added bonus of making inventory management slightly easier!
End of the original post
Hi, Minecraft suggestions I had a series of suggestions for expanding the shift-click functionality and would like to bring it to your eyeballs. The post made on Minecraft feedback is not exhaustive mainly due to character limits and laziness.
But to sum up, there are a number of different places in the Minecraft game where replacing an item with a shift-click would make interacting with said slot (be it inventory or crafting) easier!
Some that were not mentioned in the original post:
Suggestions from the comments
Most of these things can already be automated with hoppers and the like but are typically reserved for the more technical player and even then most of the original post covers areas where hoppers can't reach so to speak!
This feature would allow for faster menuing which is cool for all facets of the game, be it speedrunning, casual or technical players (and all the rest too!)
We talk a lot about inventory management and how we need to make it easier and I genuinely think this would help a lot so please take the time to write more areas of the game where this shift-swapping idea could integrate to make the experience even smoother for all Minecraft players!
Any ideas I come across will be added to the above-mentioned list so we can all have a clear understanding of ideas and discuss the new possibilities as they come in!
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2023.02.01 21:37 alexswoodprojects First restock of the year for my local Target. Skipped A and B, and went straight to C case. 🤷‍♂️

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2023.02.01 20:08 Accomplished-Fig6037 This is surprising. Target restocks the Splatoon 3 OLED Switch console months after it’s initial release. Nintendo producing more like the Animal Crossing Switch or just old stock?

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2023.02.01 15:40 Jawwaad127 This is surprising. Target restocks the Splatoon 3 OLED Switch console months after it’s initial release. Nintendo producing more like the Animal Crossing Switch or just old stock?
Was surprised to see them restock this. It’s definitely my favorite looking Switch console so far and I wonder if this is just old stock or Nintendo producing more. They either have a lot of them or nobody needs it right now because it’s been up for a pretty long time.
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2023.02.01 05:52 travisthetrue So my local Target had a significant restock today… like Pop Smoke said in “Dior”: “WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS”

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