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2023.02.03 06:39 Specialist_Dot3066 AC Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Dubai

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2023.02.03 06:38 Objective_Campaign82 Sins of the Father Ch6 (Hellworlder pirates 2)

Morning mist shrouded much of Temple city, obscuring many of the ancient pyramids in roiling intangible white clouds. Any within the mist would only be able to see maybe ten meters in front on them, but from above the swirling mist and hidden stonework made for a breath-taking view. Astarte made a point of having her personal office at the top of the Central Temple, the tallest in the city, for this very reason.
If she were being honest with herself, the age and mystery of the abandoned city filled her with deep instinctual dread. Like she was standing on the grave of some unknowable god. Somedays, when new discoveries about the city’s strange nature were uncovered, Astarte regretted making this place into their central base and capital. The more they learned the more she felt like they had made a huge mistake in setting foot on Pandemonium.
The tips of the pyramids poking above the waters surface were just that, the tip. The bed of lake Doom was only a little over a hundred meters down and a little further down underneath the silt layer one found the base of the temples. That in itself was still an impressive height for a city of indestructible pyramids, but their attempts to drain the lower levels of the Central Temple had revealed that the buildings extended far below the planet’s surface. To date they had only dived twenty levels below the pyramid’s base, the levels below the surface were filled with silt and set of like a maze so exploration took time. But those twenty levels represented hundreds of meters of subterranean levels.
Moreover by all models of erosion the rim of the massive super volcano should have been worn down millions of years ago. But the dating of various rock samples had revealed that the granite of the craters rim was somehow renewing itself slowly as the older rock wore away. And on top of all that, the super volcano that Temple city was built on was still an active hotspot, but in all the millions of years the city had been here it has never once erupted. Geologists had explored the Aedonian archipelago and established that some of the islands were younger than Temple City, and samples from exposed rock layers showed that the planet was still had shifting tectonic plates. Meaning that the surface off Pandemonium was shifting and evolving like any other planet, except for the region around Mount Doom. No matter how much time passed Mount Doom remained relatively the same.
The current theory was that there was some sort of machine below the planet’s crust just below Mount Doom keeping the region stable and unaffected. The technology required to do that was already far beyond their level of comprehension, but to also have that kind of technology last as long as it had under extreme conditions unnerved Astarte. That implied that not only were the Ancient Demons of Pandemonium very advanced, but also of a mindset to develop and engineer their constructions to last for millions of years. Implying they intended to live every bit of that time span and didn’t want the world to change around this one region.
The secrets this city held were terrifying, but also captivating. Astarte wanted to learn everything this ancient place held, even if the answer drove her mad.
The Shadow from the eastern rim of the crater continued to elongate, with an auspicious gap where the crater briefly opened to the sea. Evidently the designers of this place hadn’t accounted for all for how all the imported water would affect the rate of erosion, evident by the fact that the only huge gaps in the craters rim were formed naturally by the Acheron river and the Aedonian sea. Or maybe they hadn’t planned on this much water ever being imported in? New excavations were finding that the huge patches of oxidized metals where super cities used to be might have been a later inclusion. Meaning the water could have been added long after Temple city was built, maybe even by a different alien empire.
Astarte was shaken out of her creeping thoughts by a gentle rap at her door. It wasn’t the knocking of knuckles like a human would do, but instead it was a staccato tapping of claws. Three taps, followed by another three. One of Astarte’s favorite things about working with different species was registering how they accomplished common tasks differently from Terrans. The Kunan’ai had three long claws on their paws, instead of knocking by tapping their knuckles against a door like a human would they rattled the door with the claws on their paws. A human could mimic the staccato knock just as the Kunan’ai could mimic a human knock, but it would feel awkward to the instincts of either species.
“Come in Bra’tal.” She called back without turning.
There was a pause before her visitor gently turned the handle and scurried in to stand next to Astarte. “How did you know it was me?” the old Minister asked.
Astarte turned to look at the greying visage of Minister Bra’tal. He was the current leader of the Fawn’kari and had been the first Kunan’ai to ever communicate with an extra-terrestrial. Astarte knew that there was a chance that the exploration ships she sent into the void might meet with some uncontacted species and had given Captain Daniels secret instructions depending on how first contact went. Her early contact with the Torweni had proved very fruitful and getting a head of any Union diplomats could potentially shift a whole species to their side. Unfortunately, the two species the Staff of Lore had come across weren’t exactly in the position to aid in the war effort like she had hoped. The whole Kunan’ai species didn’t even measure up to the small Terran population of Pandemonium, and they were currently focusing their efforts on establishing a whole new nation.
Of course that didn’t stop Bra’tal from wanting to contribute “You Kunan’ai have your noses, and we humans have pattern recognition. I can identify the different knocks of all my Terran staffers, let alone the single Kunan’ai who visits me.” She said with a smile.
Bra’tal looked at the claws on his paw. “I never even considered how differently we knock.”
“It was the first thing I noticed” Astarte said proudly, she saw an appraising look come from the Minister. It was a natural thing for two alien species to constantly gauge the abilities of one another, it was their primordial brains trying to assess the danger of a threat it didn’t recognize. “Don’t think too hard about it, we each have our strengths. My nose will never be as good as yours. In fact, I heard your sense of smell might be better than a Wolf’s, which is something to be proud of.”
“Yes, but with Terran cooking its more burden than asset.” Bra’tal flicked an ear over to where Aster’s empty breakfast plate sat waiting to be taken away by her aid.
While New-Mombasa might be culturally different from the rest of the region, some things did bleed through from the surrounding area. Mandazi was Aster’s favorite as a kid, and she would sometimes cheat on her diet by having a few with cinnamon sugar. Cinnamon was a mild spice for human senses, but it was cloyingly potent for her Kunan’ai guest. Their food was much blander than she preferred, and she couldn’t tell if it was the lack of spices in their underground shelters, or their strong sense of smell coming into play.
She blushed in embarrassment “Sorry minster, I didn’t warn my chef that you were visiting, and I wasn’t going to turn away freshly fried Mandazi. Should I open a window?” she offered politely.
“No need, just pardon my nose.” He said benignly, using a Kunan’ai phrase to warn her about sneezing. He glanced out the window a watched the rising sun with her “I’ll never get tired of seeing a sunrise like that.” He murmured in awe.
“I have seen the sun rise on ten different worlds, and Pandemonium’s is still the prettiest.” Aster agreed.
Bra’tal glanced to Astarte with a look of longing. Not for her physically, the Kunan’ai were still too fresh to the idea of alien life to even seriously consider that as an option, and she had been polite in not offering. It was a longing for her life experiences, Bra’tal literally spent his whole life in a hole, fearing the toxic hell beyond his burrow. Now, here at the end of his life span he was freed from the tomb he was born into, and he was beginning to feel restless. There was a whole galaxy out there, and he was stuck on an isolated world, forced to hide their existence from the galaxy.
“That brings me to why I scheduled this meeting.” He began cautiously.
Astarte glanced to Bra’tal and saw that he wouldn’t be dissuaded “I can see your determined to have this talk, have a seat this might take a while.” She gestured to some plush leather seats around a wooden table.
Minister Bra’tal nodded and dropped to all six legs and slinked along the floor over to the chairs. Kunan’ai had six legs along a long weasel like body, with the two front legs also serving as short but versatile arms. They would rest on just four when talking or working but it was apparently very awkward to walk like that. Astarte picked up a carafe of coffee and filled two delicate China cups on a silver tray before walking over and setting the tray between them.
Much to Astarte’s delight Kunan’ai shared the Terran’s love for coffee, which made entertaining Kunan’ai guests easy since she always kept the finest stuff for herself. The only difference in tastes was that the Kunan’ai liked to drink theirs with tabasco instead of cream. She added some honey to hers, and tabasco to Bra’tals before passing him his cup.
He gave it a happy sniff before lapping at it with his tongue. “Excellent as always, I can’t tell you how fortunate we were that Earth evolved a bean similar to Vo’nuaght. We thought it lost”
“It is an interesting constant in galaxy at large. Most worlds have some sort of caffeine bearing plant, though not all cultivate it like we did.” She had another sip before setting it down on the table.
There were certain steps that had to be observed before two heads of state could have a candid discussion. By default, Astarte was the leader of Pandemonium, Lucile had no interest in the added paperwork of managing a colony, Modius was still a member of the Torweni Navy, and Bell was too preoccupied with the logistics of running the Hellworlder fleet. But now that they had observed some pleasantries it was time to cut to the heart of the matter, she still had a busy day after this meeting.
“I’ve told you before, your people are still in a delicate place, two thirds of your whole species are still on your dying home world. As much as I appreciate the sentiment, I won’t call upon you to join the fleet, not yet.”
“With all due respect, I think your making a big mistake.” he said firmly, turning his dark eyes to hers. “We owe you a great debt, how can we ever repay it if you won’t let us join the fight for our right to exist?”
“I am not some loan shark minister, I won’t ruin Fawn’kars potential to assuage your sense of guilt. Your population isn’t even half the Terran population on Pandemonium, let alone the greater amount of Terrans spread across the Galaxy. Using your people at this stage would be like adding a drop of water to a lake. That said, Kunan’ai reproduce and mature much faster than Terrans, have a nose for civic engineering, and relatively simple dietary requirements. Fawn’kar could be an industrial powerhouse, but only so long as we give your people the time and resources to get there. Mobilizing your population at this stage would be a bad move from an economic perspective, and from a practical perspective it would be pointless.”
“Pointless?” he asked in growing frustration.
Astarte frowned “My phrasing may have been in poor taste, what I mean is that adding Kunan’ai personnel to the fleet would be more trouble than its worth.”
Bra’tals gaze darkened, and the fur along his neck started to rise. “I think your mistaken Miss Maiden-daughter. My people are not weaklings, we have the brave valiant hearts of warriors. You Terrans are not the only species with a deep military history, we have spilled our fair share of blood.”
Astarte sighed; he was getting too passionate. “I don’t doubt that, in fact I have taken the time to study how your people waged wars in the past. It is remarkably similar to how humans fought during the first world war, and your battleships were works of art.” Bra’tal preened at the praise. Astarte saw that and changed track “The issue is that sort of warfare was already a hundred years out of date on Earth by first contact, and compared to the Union its practically ancient history. My planet threw everything it had into building a space navy and we were beaten by a small contingent of lightly armed Union ships. We’ve spent the last two hundred years playing catchup to the Union and are only now starting to figure things out. War on a galactic scale requires military planning on a scale beyond anything either of our species have had.”
Bra’tal deflated a bit at Astarte’s brutal breakdown of how things were. “I still do not see how adding my people into that equation would be more trouble than its worth” he said pointedly, using her own words against her.
“Lets break it down into simple parts. My fleet as it stands is comprised of experienced officers, marines, deck crews, and engineers. Officers are promoted from within the fleet so that’s already out the window. Marines are our sword and shield for any infiltration or assault, they are also my most abundant resource to pull from. I have clans back on Earth who spent the last two hundred years training and experimenting, learning how wars are fought in the space age, and each and every one of them are rearing for a fight. I have no shortage of marines, and adding your people into what I have right now would change everything. Your people have different strengths and weaknesses that need to be accounted for, retraining everyone to account for that would be very costly. I’m not saying your weak, I’m saying that we haven’t fought with each other enough to know how to best work as one unit.”
Bra’tal looked like he had something to say, but Astarte continued. “Next is the deck crew, which requires electrical, welding, plumbing, and HVAC certifications, all while also being EVA certified. The EVA requirement would be the biggest issue there since it would cost millions of credits to develop EVA equipment for your people. Honestly this is the most likely role your people have the experience to fill, and I might be convinced to add a few in on a trial basis. But again, pulling away your experienced and veteran blue-collar specialist would hamper Fawn’kars development. Finally, is the engineering division, which requires a minimum of a master’s degree to even qualify for. To be honest even my own people are just barely qualified to operate on our own reactors, engines, shields, and warp emitters, hell we don’t even really understand how half of those things work. We’ve spent centuries trying to catch up to the Unions technological level, building upon what we already knew about atomic and quantum mechanics, and we’re still a long way off. Your people were cut short before they could even begin to develop basic quantum theories, and the remaining burrows chose to eliminate their preexisting knowledge of the atom to avoid a second mistake like the one that destroyed your homeworld, which means we have to instruct you from the ground up in things we barely understand ourselves.”
By the end of her tirade Bra’tals ears had drooped and his eyes looked watery. “I see” he said softly.
Astarte felt her heart break a little at the disappointment and sorrow in his body language. She had just gone on a tirade listing all the ways his people were lacking, and while she hadn’t lied she did intentionally lay it on a little thick. Part of her hated manipulating someone so honest, but that was the game of politics. Bra’tal was good at wrangling his own people, but he had little to no experience in dealing with other leaders. Astarte wasn’t much of a politician herself, but she had learned a couple of lessons from running Pandemonium. The first being that no one would give her what she wanted just because it made the most sense, people had to want to give her things. It was infuriating and asinine, but also the easiest way forward.
Now that she had brought him down she needed to offer him an outlet, a way to prove his people’s value. “That said, there may be a way for you to help with the war effort that doesn’t involve bringing you into the current fleet.”
His ears perked up and she knew that whatever he would do whatever was needed of him. “Really?”
“Yes, as you’ll recall I recently sent a few of my most trusted officers to Greveir’ai. One of which was very impressed with your peoples engineering and metal working prowess.” Last month she sent two chiefs from the Astaroth, the Bosun Highland and the head snipe Heizer, to assess the technical ability of the Kunan’ai. “He was particularly impressed with your machine shops; said you exhibit extreme precision with sub-par equipment.” What she left unsaid was how underwhelmed Heizer was with their knowledge over advanced topics, or how often Highland had used the words ‘furry lil’buggers’ in his report.
“Yes, I recall the big loud one being very excited” Bra’tal pridefully, “the skinny one was less impressed.”
“Through no fault of your own, Chief Heizer holds several PHDs in fields your people haven’t even heard of. He reported that for your technological level you display an acceptable depth of background knowledge. Which brings me to my proposals.” Astarte said as she pulled two file folders from within the folds of her robes. The first folder had the word HELLHAWK printed on the front in a bold font, the second was labeled OBAMA.
She passed them both to Bra’tal, he glanced at the titles and began to skim through the material. “Jet fighters?” he asked after a while.
“Jet fighter is an inaccurate term. The Hellhawks will run on concentrated ion boosters and EM thrusters, which are mechanically different from jet engines. But essentially yes. Like I said before, my planet put its full resources into fighting off the Union and failed, the only field we exceeded in was with small maneuverable stealth fighters. The Hellhawks are the spiritual successor to the Voidhawks who fought in the battle for the belt, and the Obama is the same carrier ship the Voidhawks deployed from.”
“Your building a space carrier and strike force.” Bra’tal stated, seeing where the discussion was heading.
“Yes, the Obama was designed to be upgradable and remain in service for at least fifty Terran years. That said, the technology introduced by the Union is at least half a millennia ahead of humanity, and we’re running into some unexpected problems with the refit. Obama wasn’t designed with standard Union measurements in mind, hell it wasn’t even designed with metric measurements. Pretty much every part we use has to be custom made or adapted on the fly, which is bringing costs up and slowing things down. Captain Daniels reported that your people are very experienced with this issue, said the only thing you were really lacking was fresh equipment.”
Bra’tal saw what she was getting at “You wish for us to help modernize your warship?”
“Yes, it’ll be a large project, but one that you’re best suited for. Not only that but it could help kick start Fawn’kars industrial ability. You don’t have the population for generalized industry, but a highly specialized one is well within your means. The Obama is only the start, I have it on good authority that we’re going to see a surge of ships in need of extensive refits”
“How can you be so certain?”
“Best left unsaid, for your own sake.” Astarte said grimly. No point in keeping him awake at night with her shady orders.
Bra’tal looked thoughtful, “Just helping with the refit won’t be enough, I can tell you from experience that makeshift solutions often require specialists to remain on site to keep things running. You would need a crew of Kunan’ai mechanists to remain onboard to manage problems as they arise.” His ears perked up at his realization. He turned to look Astarte in the eyes and saw her devious grin. “Which was a part of your plan.”
Astarte tried to suppress her smirk, and failed. “If we have to send out the Obama then we’ll be fully exposing ourselves, no point in keeping your people a secret at that point.”
Bra’tal saw her meaning and nodded. He had been pushing Astarte to fully integrate her people into the fleet for weeks, Marines, Engineers, Officers. The point of this discussion was to convince him that fully mobilizing his nation was unwise while also giving him a little taste of what he wanted.
“There is also another way Fawn’kar can help.” She said capitalizing on his satisfaction. She tapped a finger against the file that said HELLHAWK, “We need to establish production facilities for the Hellhawks here on Pandemonium to keep them a secret. We have the mines, refineries, and the experience to do this, however one thing we are lacking is precision engineering. Some of the parts for these fighters need fine tooling to produce, which requires experienced specialists. My advisors were impressed with your people’s skill given their lack of fine machinery, we’re hoping to outsource some of the production to Fawn’kar.”
Bra’tal glanced at the folder, “that might be doable, I’ll have to consult with my own advisers to be sure.”
“Of course, this was just a preliminary meeting to see if you’d be interested. Once you hear back from your people we can move forward.”
Bra’tal nodded and slinked off the couch, he trotted up to the table and picked up the two file folders. Astarte also stood up and stepped away from her chair. She extended her hand and Bra’tal shook it uncertainly. He had been around humans enough to recognize the gesture, but not enough to feel at ease while doing it. His claws tickled the inside of her palm and without any final words Bra’tal dropped to all six feet and scampered out of the room.
Astarte knew that leaving wordlessly once things had been agreed upon was very normal Kunan’ai behavior and wasn’t offended by the seeming rudeness. In fact she sometimes wished Terrans could do the same, the mysterious social dance of bringing a meeting to a close and leaving sometimes left Astarte mentally exhausted.
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Between the engine and the pannier bags, my bike has become top-heavy. If I park it on level ground, it's unstable enough that a guest of wind can knock it over. I was thinking about getting one of those two-legged kickstands. If anyone has a recommendation for an inexpensive one that works well or has come up with another solution, I'd like to hear it.
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2023.02.03 06:24 ghost_4reak [PS4]H: fuly modded Esa set W: groll bundle

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2023.02.03 06:22 Objective_Signature6 Hunter-Gatherers and the Origins of Religion

TLDR: the beginning of religion was rooted in animism among hunter-gatherer societies. the prevalence of animistic thought, specifically beliefs in spirits, likely led to interest in the spirits of dead, which led to conceptions of an afterlife and possibly ideas about punishment and reward for adherence to moral and social codes. the idea of an afterlife, led to sense of being watched by spirits, which may have reinforced social mores and normative/mechanical social solidarity. the beliefs in animism would have been enforced by formal religious roles of shamans who act as "a mechanism to reinforce social norms, encouraging group cooperation through ritual and social bonding, and calming anxiety during times of resource stress" and act as both spiritual leaders and social workers in early societies. shamanism evolved together with ancestor worship (still practiced in parts of asia). spiritual world of the dead is separate from beliefs in omniscient and powerful "high gods" that came later, but introduced theory of supernatural monitoring that may have laid the foundation for them.
sorry still a bit too long but tried to establish chain of causation
Full article:
Our results reflect Tylor’s (1871) belief that animism was the earliest and most basic trait of religion because it enables humans to think in terms of supernatural beings or spirits. Animism is not a religion or philosophy, but a feature of human mentality, a by-product of cognitive processes that enable social intelligence, among other capabilities. It is a widespread way of thinking among hunter-gatherers (Bird-David 1999; Charlton 2007; Klingensmith 1953; Piaget 1929). Animistic thought is a natural by-product of the human capacity for intentionality or “theory of mind mechanism” (Dunbar 2003). This innate cognitive trait allows us to attribute a vital force to animate and inanimate elements in the environment (Piaget 1929; Tylor 1871). Once that vital force is assumed, attribution of other human characteristics will follow. Animistic beliefs are generally adaptive in the environments that prevail in hunter-gatherer societies (Bird-David 1999; Charlton 2002). Animistic thinking would have been present in early hominins, certainly earlier than language (Coward 2015; Dunbar 2003).
It can be inferred from the analyses, or indeed from the universality of animism, that the presence of animistic belief predates the emergence of belief in an afterlife. Once animistic thought is prevalent in a society, interest in the whereabouts of spirits of the dead could reasonably lead to the concept of an unseen realm where the individual personality of the deceased lives on. The afterlife might be a rewarding continuation of life on earth, or a realm of eternal punishment for those who break social norms. Belief in an afterlife may have generated a sense of “being watched” by the spirits of the dead, prompting archaic forms of social norms (Bering 2006) actualized in the role of the shaman.
Shamanism significantly correlates with belief in an afterlife, which emerged first. Shamanism then evolved in the presence of belief in a realm of spirits of the dead. If belief in an afterlife is lost, shamanism is also likely to be lost. The single exception to this in our sample is the Slave, who have shamanism without belief in an afterlife. Although shamanism has been described as the universal religion of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers (Eliade 1964; Winkelman 1990), it is not a religion per se, but a complex of beliefs and behaviors that focus on communication with the ancestral spirits, as well as the general world of spirits in the realm of the afterlife. Shamans are healers, ritual leaders, and influential members of society whose keen insight and success in solving social problems (Rossano 2007; Winkelman 1990) can lead to wealth, power, and access to mates. Shamanism acts as a mechanism to reinforce social norms, encouraging group cooperation through ritual and social bonding, and calming anxiety during times of resource stress (Hayden 1987; Rossano 2007; Winkelman 1990; Winkelman 2010). Shamans, as Vitebsky (2000) puts it, are both spiritual leaders and social workers. It would be reasonable to argue that shamans, who draw their power from communication with the world of spirits, would have initially emerged in strongly animistic societies that believed in an afterlife. Communication with omniscient and perhaps judgmental spirits of known deceased, including ancestors, would have been a useful tool in the work of the shaman.
As humans migrated out of Africa more than 60 kya (Henn et al. 2012; Macaulay et al. 2005), the shaman’s curing skills and group rituals would have enhanced survival through physical and emotional healing, enforcement of group norms, and resource management. At the time of the rapid population dispersal of AMH out of Africa along the southern route into Wallacea and Sahul, the physical stress of travel and encounters with unfamiliar cultures in areas already occupied by other hominins would have driven the need for use of both material and non-material culture, including religion, to negotiate identities and relationships among and between groups (Coward 2015). Evidence for more complex information exchange systems, planning depth and authority, and increased symbolization appears in the archaeological record of Wallacea and Australia prior to 40 kya (Balme et al. 2009). These suggestions are in line with the elevated likelihood support of the ancestral presence of shamanism in the deepest out-of-Africa nodes (Fig. ​(Fig.2b).2b). Our results support Rossano’s (2009a) hypothesis that shamanism preceded and is more basic than ancestor worship, although the presence of shamanism in the LCA of present-day hunter-gatherers is not supported.
Despite established speculation by Spencer (1870) and Tylor (1871) that universal ancestor worship was the rudimentary beginning of religion, our analysis shows that worship of dead kin is neither widespread among hunter-gatherers nor the oldest trait of religion. Fewer than half of the societies in our sample believe that dead kin can influence the living (Fig. ​(Fig.2).2). In many hunter-gatherer societies the concept of ancestor spirits is absent, or present but they are inactive in human affairs (Sheils 1975; Swanson 1960). For example, among the! Kung there is a general fear of active spirits of “the dead,” who are often the ghosts of recently deceased kin. But the concept of having a worshipful relationship with their own ancestors is absent (Marshall 1962). Greater likelihood of the presence of active ancestor worship has been linked to societies with unilineal descent where important decisions are made by the kin group (Sheils 1975; Swanson 1960). Ancestor worship is an important source of social control that strengthens cohesion among kin and maintains lineal control of power and property (Sheils 1975; Steadman et al. 1996; Swanson 1960), particularly in the more complex hunter-gatherer societies. In contrast, immediate-return hunter-gatherer societies (Woodburn 1982) seldom recognize dead ancestors who may intervene in their lives. The social structure of these societies does not usually consist of strong kin ties, and individuals do not depend on help from close kin, living or dead (Barnard and Woodburn 1988).
The minimum requirement for veneration of dead ancestors is animism and belief in the survival of the personal identity beyond death. In our analyses, ancestor worship is significantly positively related with belief in an afterlife and shamanism. Belief in an afterlife evolves prior to shamanism and ancestor worship. There is significant support for coevolution of shamanism with ancestor worship and active ancestor worship. Belief in an afterlife with shamanism appears to be a stable cultural state, rarely lost once achieved. Ancestor worship is also less likely to be lost in the presence of belief in an afterlife with shamanism.
This is not to say that the reduction of complexity of religious beliefs and behaviors cannot occur in simple hunter-gatherers. The presence of belief in an afterlife and shamanism is significantly supported in the LCA of Beringian-American as well as North and South American hunter-gatherers (Fig. ​(Fig.3a,b;3a,b; ESM Table A4), suggesting that the absence of these traits among the Siriono in Bolivia and Botocudo in southern Brazil is due to independent secondary losses. In the Siriono, this loss was probably part of a substantial decrease in cultural complexity during the expansion of Tupi language speakers across lowland South America (Walker et al. 2012).
It can be argued that those societies under higher resource stress, encountering difficulties with resource extraction that demands cooperative effort, would benefit most from the shaman’s skills (Hayden 1987; Rossano 2007; Winkelman 1990, 2010). This is supported by the prevalence of shamanism among hunter-gatherer societies of Eurasia, and corresponding support for the presence of shamanism among their ancestors (Fig. ​(Fig.2b).2b). In “Paleo-Asiatic” peoples (Ainu, Gilyak, and Yukaghir) and in Eskimo-Aleut peoples of the circumpolar region, the presence of shamanism combines with active ancestor worship. The presence of both traits in the LCAs of these groups is significantly supported (Fig. ​(Fig.2d).2d). High gods were not the first supernatural entities to monitor morality (Geertz 2014). The power and leadership of the shaman was often based on reaffirming traditional social behavior that was presumed to have been carried out by the ancestors, and still desired and monitored by punishing ancestral spirits, even in those societies where spirits of dead kin were not considered a part of the religion (Steadman and Palmer 2008).
Belief in high gods appears to be a rather “stand-alone” phenomenon in the evolution of hunter-gatherer religion. Prior studies have shown that among the four modes of subsistence (hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, horticulturalists, and agriculturalists) hunter-gatherers are least likely to adopt morally punishing active high gods, if any high gods at all (Botero et al. 2014; Norenzayan 2013; Peoples and Marlowe 2012; Swanson 1960). This pattern is reflected in the distribution and the reconstructed evolution of high gods and active high gods in our sample (Fig. ​(Fig.2;2; Fig. ​Fig.3e,3e, f). Early egalitarian hunter-gatherers would rarely have acknowledged an active high god (Norenzayan 2013; Peoples and Marlowe 2012) and would be the least likely to accept or benefit from the supernatural meddling and social constraints of deities who would be seen as “high rulers” (Peoples and Marlowe 2012). The leaders of complex hunter-gatherer societies whose subsistence relies on collective effort should be more likely to benefit from the coercive power of a punishing high god. Our analysis does not support the prevalence of either type of high god among ancestral hunter-gatherers, and the evolution of high gods does not correlate with any of the other traits of hunter-gatherer religion, including ancestor worship.
In a study by Guglielmino et al. (1995) analyzing the transmission pattern of cultural traits in sub-Saharan Africa, high gods (Swanson 1960) was among a group of traits (taboos, ritual mutilation, premarital norms, etc.) that were consistently the least correlated with either language or ecology, suggesting they evolve rapidly and are prone to cultural borrowing. On the other hand, according to a more recent study by Currie and Mace (2014), high gods are among those cultural traits that evolve at relatively slow rates in Bantu and Austronesian societies. Our results are consistent with Guglielmino et al. (1995) since high gods (and ancestor worship) show the worst fit on phylogeny (CI = 0.1) of all studied characters. This suggests that the presence of high gods and some other traits related to religion and ritual are influenced by more socioculturally oriented factors, and it lends support to the idea that these types of traits may be more labile. Such traits would be more readily gained or lost as the adaptively relevant sociopolitical environment changes (Irons 1998). To some extent this finding may explain the independent pattern of emergence of high gods in our study.
Ancestral spirits and local gods with limited powers of supernatural monitoring may have come relatively easily to the minds of early human hunter-gatherers. These types of supernatural entities operate in a different realm from omniscient and powerful creator gods (high gods), who have been shown to be related to a culture of some type of control or decision-making structure (Peoples and Marlowe 2012; Radin 1937; Swanson 1960). The absence of belief in active gods and spirits in the LCA of present-day hunter-gatherers, according to the reconstructions, indicates a deep evolutionary past for the egalitarian ethos of most simple hunter-gatherer societies, whose small mobile populations of self-sufficient individuals make collective action problems less of an issue. Those societies would be the least likely to accept or benefit from the personal restraints of active ancestors or active high gods.
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2023.02.03 06:22 Konfidantway Use Valet with Rental Car?

So I currently have a rental car while my car is in the shop for repairs after an accident. My insurance covers the cost of the rental. However, when I went to pick up the vehicle Enterrpsie informed me that technically my insurance coverage doesn't cover the insurance on the vehicle. Either I could drive the vehicle with no form of protection and if any damage occurred, then Enterprise could come after me OR I could pay an additional $16.99 a day for Enterprise coverage meaning that if any damaged occurred to the car, Enterprise would take the hit and not come after me. To be safe, I paid for the Enterprise coverage.
I have to go out of town for work and will be taking the rental. I believe the place I'm going only has valet parking. While I have had no issues in the past with valet parking when it came to damage (knock on wood), you always get nervous. Should I even risk it with the car? Will the Enterprise coverage still cover if something happens at the valet?
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2023.02.03 06:21 Frys_Grandpa What's with the hostility towards motorcyclists in palm bay?

So I've been living in Melbourne since August and every time I ride to palm bay something crazy happens. A few weeks ago had a woman pull out in front of me doing a right on red on palm bay rd. I was going about 40 and barely missed her by a few inches. At the next light I made a comment about how she needs to learn how to drive. She gets out of her car at the light and starts hitting me in the helmet and telling me I deserve to crash and die. Then today I was pulling into a parking lot and some woman is sitting in the entrance to the lot not moving. Blocking any cars from entering. I go around her and she follows me to my spot and starts screaming at me and trying to knock over my bike. Tons of other issues with people intentionally cutting me off or brake checking me...I don't go to palm bay often but every time it's an issue. Am I just unlucky or what?
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2023.02.03 06:18 TheHavokMaverick Theme Week: A most curious scene....

Theme Week: A most curious scene....
So, came to visit Foundation today. Saw familiar faces and then stumbled on this...
Curiously, everyone was going about their business. Talking, making repairs as if there was nothing to see there. I guess everyone is as tough as nails at Foundation nowadays. Then I saw this guy....just standing there so nonchalantly. Kept talking about "What is a Jon anyway..." while staring at this heap of poor bastards.
I just sold my goods to Sunny and got the hell out of there.
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2023.02.03 06:16 mellifluousjoog AITA for my behavior?

Almost 1 year since dad passed. He was my (96)grandfather's favorite so was given the house with his spouse/my moms name on the deed. Few days after funeral, grandfather calls mom and requests all money in his and fathers joint accounts. Weeks following, he calls mom again and demands she remove her name from house and give it to his last surviving son ("former" degenerate gambler) otherwise my grandfather would disown her, phone call ended with him throwing tantrum, spewing vulgar slang and hanging up. My mom hurt by such an ultimatum of course let the whole family know.
Months later, my grandfather requests help listing lower unit for rent because i work in property management(he would pocket the income he does not need but would help with the property taxes*pays no rent understandably).His episode flashes through my mind yet i still find the patience to help him. I get moms permission since she's the landlord and begin vetting tenants and tell him I'll be giving some tours soon.
Weekend storm rolls in and i call him about rescheduling because traffic and not trying to drive into a pond. 2 hr drive* He said fine but demanded I come get money for property tax. I reiterate that 2 drives are unnececssary and that money should be there granted it's not spent. Some back and forth due to language barrier and he snaps and starts yelling slurs at my mom and i. I hang up, chill out, and text him to no longer contact me. I call degenerate and tell him to warn his father should he rent it without permission that we'd evict him.
Weeks later I get text from grandpa saying he put lower unit for rent and that they'd be moving in soon, i remind him that's not allowed and radio silence. I soon call Degenerate reminding him what would happen. Days later, mom is advised to take legal action to prevent potentially having to deal with a lengthly and troublesome eviction/legal process in future so asks me to go change locks for lower unit before anyone moves in while she drafts a legal notice to grandpa via lawyer. Make my way over, after parking I call my grandma to let me in.
Grandpa isn't home so i swap front door lock, as I'm moving to next door my uncle(grandpa son-in-law) shows up and tries to convince me otherwise. Carry on when I hear my grandpas battlecry. He storms the lower unit, kicks my tool bag. He probably would've shot me in the moment. I stay cool and finish work while he tries to go to town on me, my uncle holds him. Sadly he got to me so I lash out like never before. Regret nothing said but why do i feel weird. AITA? sorry for the shitty storytelling i maxxed out 3k chars
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2023.02.03 06:10 MrMeiko Bike parking and locker room at my office building

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2023.02.03 06:01 lovelyhoneypain well, my bike was vandalized.

First time rider, I have an 04 kawasaki vulcan 800. It's treated me well so far. I have it parked outside my apartment. Today, I noticed it had been moved, and as I got a closer look, they cut my ignition line. Tore off the cover a d just cut it, didn't even take the bike or nothing. Jokes on them, it was having trouble starting anyway. I'm so bummed. Anyway. Where do you guys go for parts? I'm in CA if that matters.
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2023.02.03 06:00 duellingislands 7:30 EET ; The Sun is Rising on the 345th Day of the russian Invasion on the Capital City of Kyiv. Ukraine Continues to Live and Fight On. + DISCUSSION + CHARITIES!

7:30 EET ; The Sun is Rising on the 345th Day of the russian Invasion on the Capital City of Kyiv. Ukraine Continues to Live and Fight On. + DISCUSSION + CHARITIES!



Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle

The iconic towers of Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle.
As a child, when you closed your eyes and daydreamed about a storybook castle - what did you see? I like to think that many of us saw something very close to Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle in western Ukraine. Yes, yes, some of us were probably thinking Disney World or Neuschwanstein - but to me Kamianets-Podilskyi's clean lines and perfect pointy towers make it is something like the Platonic ideal of castle for the young at heart.
The incredible bridge.
Great hiking nearby!
The castle perches above the canyon cliffs carved by the Smotrych River, and is connected to the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi only by a bridge. In fact, the entire city of Kamianets-Podilskyi is well-protected by the river and set on the plateau at the center of the river's bow.
City of Kamianets-Podilskyi in the background.
Map of the castle and the town from 1696.
Some research has concluded that the original fortifications were built in the 11th century - but the castle gained the shape that it is so well-known for today in the 16th century.
(Left) 1685 (Right) 1793
Some of the original builders hailed from the powerful Gediminas Dynasty of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, but over the centuries the castle experienced significant cultural diversity under the influence of Poland, Turks, and of course Ukrainians. russia had its influence, too, when it turned the castle into a prison for Ukrainian intellectuals and destroyed the gates.
The castle in the late Autumn.

The Balloon Festival!

Every year a hot air balloon festival is held in the city. Some balloonists are extremely daring, and race through the canyons!
Careful, people!
Balloon over Kamianets-Podilskyi.
Balloon festival over the castle.
The 345th day of a nine year invasion that has been going on for centuries.
One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. He is currently raising money for tools for explosives engineers, winter gear and some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities article HERE.
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2023.02.03 05:55 libertarianteacher 2016 Sedona L - Misalignment after Small Accident and Replacing Lower Control Arm

2016 Sedona L - Misalignment after Small Accident and Replacing Lower Control Arm
Need some help -
2016 Kia Sedona L slid on snow; the right front wheel hit a curb (~20mph). The impact broke the wheel, blew out the tire's side wall, and bent the lower control arm. That was the only damage that I could notice; I'm nowhere near knowledgeable in this area.
I couldn't get a tow, so I put the spare on and drove it two miles home. The spare tire was rubbing against the back side of the wheel well, so I kept it slow, got home, and parked it.
I replaced the wheel, tire, and lower control arm and reassembled everything, only to find that the front wheels are not aligned—they're off by about (?) two inches, with the repaired wheel's front further apart. Prior to putting the wheel on, we couldn't see any misalignment.
What caused the misalignment?
  • The impact?
  • Is something that is not visible possibly broken?

broken wheel and blown tire

Bent Lower Control Arm

After repair - a new lower control arm
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2023.02.03 05:54 TeaSeaJay Minimum tool set for DIY/home repair/general maintenance?

Mine would be:
What’s yours?
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2023.02.03 05:52 lilynovaph1 Photo Restoration service, Old Photograph Repair Photo Editor Ph With our cutting-edge digital tools and talented artists, we can repair any images that need restoration, retouching, colorization, or repair.

Photo Restoration service, Old Photograph Repair Photo Editor Ph With our cutting-edge digital tools and talented artists, we can repair any images that need restoration, retouching, colorization, or repair. submitted by lilynovaph1 to u/lilynovaph1 [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:51 handen Found a 1988 Macintosh Plus in the alley. Any way to check the specs without taking it apart? What boot key combinations can I use here?

As the title states, I found an old Mac Plus in the alley behind my house last week. It was in a black padded carrying case with mouse, keyboard, and some networking peripherals. My initial suspicion was that this was possibly stolen from someone's car in the area and dumped when the thieves found nothing of value, but this suspicion changed when I peeked in the bag and saw some old Apple branded networking peripheral boxes. I guess one of my neighbours was throwing it out.
However, it did not have a hard drive. A floppy disk was in the slot, and it reads "System Tools - 460 - Option X Double Click Mouse."
When I turned it on, it booted up and the screen is bright and vivid but went straight to a question mark flashing over a floppy symbol, and then kicked the disk out. I shut it down, put the disk back in, and held the keys written on the floppy, and it booted into a "Welcome to Macintosh" banner, immediately followed by a "Sorry, a system error occurred, ID=3" screen.
I know there is no hard drive from which to boot, but is there any other method I should attempt to get this system tools disk to load up, if that's indeed what's on there? And barring that, is there a CMD+R type of key combo that can boot into recovery or verbose mode to maybe run a quick system scan to find out how much ram it's got?
I haven't touched a Mac this old since probably 1993, and though I've been a strictly Apple user for the last 15 years, this still feels wildly out of my league. Any advice here would be fantastic. I've read up on FloppyEMU and that seems great, but I'm not in any position to want to sink any time or money into this as a project, and might opt to sell it locally once I know how much ram it has.
But can I do that from the interface, or do I have to take it apart to find out?
Edit: I tried the disk one more time, and this time it booted into a recognizable Macintosh OS interface. It then asked me if I wanted to repair the disk, as it had minor errors. This possibly failed (?) and then it told me "The desktop file couldn't be created on the disk "SYSTEM & RAM DISK"", which I presume means it can't find a system disk, because there isn't one? And then it kicked me out, rebooted, and ejected the disk.
Edit 2: Found this 1994 Mac Bible and will be reading through it for help:
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2023.02.03 05:48 gcwyodave [S] [USA-NM] Fuji X-E3, Viltrox 33mm f1.4 AF X-mount, Pentax K3ii with grip, Rokinon 16mm f2 (K Mount), Sigma 17-50 f2.8 EX HSM (K-Mount)

Up for sale:
All photos:
Pentax K-3ii with grip. Also included, but not pictured are 3 OEM batteries and OEM charger. Shutter count is 25182.
I love this camera. So much. Pains me to sell it, but it's not getting used enough. I shot a couple JPEGS for the shutter count and the smack of the mirror and manual shutter is just too good. The closet needs to cleaned to make way for some incoming analog impulse buys. Fully-featured APS-C DSLR. Astrotracer and GPS built-in, so you don't need an astro tracker. Pixel-Shift (but not the newer version that works with scenes with movement), HDR composition, etc. This camera was way ahead of its time. Fully weather sealed and pretty indestructible. Honestly a great camera for anyone from beginner to a budget-minded advanced shooter. Been my companion for many an international trip and plenty of wilderness adventures.
Pentax B-DG5 grip is basically unused. I never actually shot with it attached. Includes both the OEM battery and the AA battery trays.
Condition: Well, it's USED. Again, I've dragged this camera EVERYWHERE and it shows. I got most of the dust out of the nooks and crannies with Q-tips, but you might find some in there still. Sensor is clean. Shoots like new, just looks old. There's a reason I stuck Pentax for so long, they're reliable as hell.
Price: $550 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Pentax K-Mount lenses
Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DSM
The workhorse for the K-3ii. Optically great, the exterior shows plenty of wear. Great, sharp, wide all-around lens. Can't ask for much more. Hood included, but no boxes, manuals, cases, etc.
Price: $130 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Rokinon 16mm f2.0 MF
Astro lens. Honestly, didn't use it much. Was dropped at one point, dislodging one of the elements. Repaired professionally at Camera Solutions in Portland, OR in 2018. Comes with hood and soft case.
Price: Can't find a good comparison point, so let's say $90 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.

Fuji X-E3 with Meike MK-XE3G grip. Includes 2 OEM batteries and OEM charger. Can include one Wasabi Power battery, but it's crap and not worth your time. Shutter count: 2747 (I'm not sure about this. I can find at least 3k pictures I've taken, and I bought it used. I'm just giving you the number it spit out)
Originally bought to compliment the above Pentax, but quickly became my go-to. Fuji X lenses and image quality are just so good. Like the above Pentax this camera has seen some travel, being bounced around Egypt and Europe and being a companion the last few years at work. Has some scratches, especially top and bottom. Nothing that affects operation at all. Works good as new
Edit: Ohhh includes that little EF-X8 flash as well. I never actually used it, but it's there.
Price: $480 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Viltrox X-Mount 33mm f1.4 AF
I dunno, I guess 33mm on APS-C isn't my focal length. This lens really isn't used. Bought new from Amazon last year, but it's only been on the camera a few times. Really love the image and build quality at this price point. Also bought the 13mm AF and I absolutely love it. Hungrily eyeing the 75mm as well. Comes with hood, storage bag, and box.
Price: $200 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Again, all photos:

Local to ABQ metro area, but can work something out in Santa Fe and Los Alamos as well. Discounts for buying more than one item and/or local pickup. Will trade for bike components, or maybe other Fuji X-Mount lenses, but only locally.
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2023.02.03 05:47 TheLinuxMailman A possible tool to fight Google not honoring warranty repairs for shattered Pixel 7 lens

I have read about some users Pixel 7 (Pro) lenses apparently spontaneously shattering when transitioning between warm inside and cold outside temperatures.
I was curious what Google defines as an acceptable temperature range and did some research. This is what I found.
"Safety & regulatory guide for Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro
Your phone is designed to work best in ambient temperatures between 32° and 95° F (0° and 35° C), and should be stored between ambient temperatures of -4° and 113° F (-20° and 45° C). Do not expose your phone to temperatures above 113° F (45° C), such as on a car dashboard or near a heating vent, as this may damage the phone, overheat the battery, or pose a risk of fire. Keep your phone away from heat sources and out of direct sunlight."
So Google states nothing about temperature transitions or identification of cold risks, just heat risks.
Note that this is the Canadian version of the document - where phones will be more likely to encounter cold outside temperatures. Given the temperature limits above, I doubt many users operated outside those limits. In any case, Google states " designed to work best" NOT "must be kept within".
I have made a copy of this document in case it changes or gets deleted. If you own a Pixel 7 (pro) you should make a copy now too. I hope you don't need it.
My P7P has been used for photography at about or slightly below -4 C for several hours at one time and many other times for a shorter period, without issue.
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2023.02.03 05:44 yongjoop Avoid using email for important matters

Please read this post carefully since it contains important information that may or may have impacted your life, unknowingly. I am Yongjoo Park (, an assistant professor in the computer science department, and this post shares a critical bug currently present in our university email system.

# What is the critical bug?
Some emails, sent to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), are silently discarded. Specifically, I have performed tests using several different university emails, and the issue was reproduced 100% time. This is how you can test if the same issue might be happening to you as well.
  1. Download this pdf file (Gmail conversation): (
  2. Send an email, from your personal external account (e.g., Gmail), to your university email, [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), including the pdf as an attachment.
Then, the email never arrives in your mailbox, not in your junk folder, not in your weekly spam digest. The email simply never appears. This failed delivery not only occurs when an email includes such an attachment but also when an email contains certain contents of the attachment. I do not know the exact condition triggering this behavior; however, if there is a chance that the companies or the graduate schools --- you have applied to or will apply to --- send you emails containing something that triggers the issue, the same situation can happen to you: those emails never appear in your mailbox, and moreover, the university email system never tells you the fact that it discarded them. For example, you won't know that you received a job offer or an admission, or you won't know they have requested additional information for further consideration. Note that the attachment I'm using for the test is a regular research discussion with external collaborators, which is far from malware. It is possible that this issue occurred only for the people I have performed tests with, or maybe it will be fixed in a few days or in a few weeks after a regular software update. However, it is at least happening at this very moment possibly to you and your friends. If you observe the same issue, please share it as comments so we can have more data points. If you experience the issue, please share this post with your friends so they can take appropriate action.

# Will the university fix this?
I recently reported this issue to the university IT, when its email team decided to ignore it because its existing spam filter system --- which acts before our emails hit Outlook --- is "standard" and my repeated attempts to explain the significance of this situation were not polite. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this information with the other members of the university as promptly as possible because, again, this is something that can (or may already have) impact your life. When I asked about an alternative, the university IT keeps saying I can share the attachment/information using Box, but I still don't understand how an arbitrary sender, say Google or Meta, knows they should have sent it using such a tool. Again, we even do not know we have failed to receive emails.
I am a little afraid to share this information as an untenured faculty member of the university since this may be portrayed as criticizing the university. However, I would like to clarify that it is not my intention. U of I is a very strong university, comprising excellent staff and faculty members as well as excellent students like you. Nevertheless, anyone in the community must not miss valuable opportunities due to this university email problem, unknowingly.
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2023.02.03 05:43 Nice-Question-2485 Chronic knee pain

Female (21), 164 centimeters in height and 52kg. Has suffered from chronic knee pain since childhood, and was diagnosed with femoral anteversion. Normally harmless, and most kids grow out of it. In extremely rare cases, it causes intense pain and arthritis.
When turning 15, I had surgery for it so it wouldn’t cause any damage, and it was clear I wasn’t growing out of it. Now I’m wondering if there’s anything else at play considering i still have chronic knee pain.
Went to the doctor and got a x-Ray of both knees, could barely stand in the needed position due to pain, especially in left knee. Was told I have beginning arthritis in said left knee, but it shouldn’t cause any symptoms. Nothing else was of note on the x-Ray.
I experience more or less daily pain (I have good days too though). Even during rest. But especially during exercise. My thigh muscles aren’t as strong as they could be so I’ve been told by doctors to train them up and it might alleviate some of my symptoms. I’ve been trying to do so.
Symptoms include obviously pain, like stabbing needles or like something is tightening. Imagine a screw tightening more than it actually can. I can’t use a bike, the pain is too intense the moment there’s the smallest resistance. It hurts to walk up stairs. After walking a kilometer I’m sore. I experience tightness and pain in my knees especially at night lately, no matter my activity level that day or the day before. I often walk with a limp. Sometimes my knees look a bit swollen.
Family history or rare genetic arthritis but should be negative for that. (My mothers only showed in MRI’s but I had several done during my first and second surgery, the first being for severe scoliosis, and doctors told me I don’t have it, luckily. My mothers symptoms presented already when she was 12, I was 13 and 15 when I had my surgeries)
Could there be any actual diagnosis? Just looking for possibilities I could bring up to my doctor next time. I shouldn’t be in this much pain from a fixed femoral anteversion surgery, I’ve also checked the numbers for these surgeries and almost everyone is completely fine after. Come with your suggestions thank you :)
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2023.02.03 05:38 Gullible-Nature8522 Gears Town

Gears Town
Electro City is a story of tiny creatures called megawatts who live in our power grid. They travel inside our power lines and live in power stations and transformers. One day a blackout from a thunderstorm threatens everything they hold dear to them. It's up to Frizzy and her friends to travel across the world to save her town. They travel inside power lines, internet cables and under the ocean to find the creator of electricity. With his help they can save Frizzi's town.
Frizzy here! I've lived in this magical wonderland called Gears Town my whole life. It's full of old-time folks that wear these big straw hats and cowboy boots. We are in the desert after all. It's a small, quiet town with loud people. Spittoons, saloons, wooden old western shops, and our local dog named Rusty Bolts. It's dusty, rough, and full of sand, but with a little shine, I think this place could really start to look up. That's where I come in. Frizzi's the name my family gave me because, well, I'm so frizzy. I rip things apart and build them bigger, better, stronger, and shocking! The rest of my family doesn't really see things the way I do and although we don't share the same interests, I believe one day I could show them the future. By the future I mean the internet. That thing has got it all. Funny videos, crazy people, new and interesting ideas that could really change my town for the better. I can just see it now. (Funny daydream moment of the town in the future)
In my town there lived a colony of furry little creatures called megawatts, that's us. These crazy charged creatures were always jumping around and conducting currents all through the town. Town by town these little furiously cute creatures lived in each and every electrical transformer. You know those cylinder things way up high on those wooden poles by the side of the road. Those little buggers created our entire infrastructure that built the world. Before that there were the ashes (Little fire guys that dripped ash). They were en-caged in these old lanterns and had to be lit every night. (Picture British ashes with posh accents). They used air to travel from lantern to lantern. (Hot air balloon and zeppelin transport with hand gliders and old TVs in their lantern community inside the lantern) (steampunk, kind of magical fairy dust people) Thankfully, those guys are gone, they were so rude. Now with the advancements of Sizzlman Frankbuzz (benjamin franklin) (show him flying a kite and getting shocked as an ash creature) and nikola teswatt (Nikola tesla) we can connect all these communities together to create something even better! The mighty and extravagant Giga City! This city was the substation to the whole process, I'm talking shiny streets, cool cars, and anything your heart desires. (Chrome city with greenery)
These guys made everything possible for the Megawatts and their smaller towns. The city was gigantic and filled with fun and cool things to do. Zipping trains that could just float in the air suspended by magneto creatures. Roads buzzing with the energy of the city. This was no slump, but the magic really happened where it all began, the power plant. This place is the mecca of life itself. It was like the IKEA of the world. Whatever you needed, they had it. Everything stemmed from this place. We all praised the big, towering stacks cutting the clouds in the sky. Nobody was ever allowed to go there but every night I would look across the city and imagine what they could be doing there. What a dream that could have been. (daydreaming). Well, back to my normal routine. I'm a sky climber. I change out lights for the digital creatures. These towers are so high you could see the entire coast. I even get to talk to my buddy Digi. He's like a messenger for the giants(humans). His whole family does it. My Mom says I can only travel in my hometown, but I imagine what it would be like to see the other side. (Dark clouds closing in the distance with lightning and thunder) I better get home, said Frizzy.
I slide down the rope that secures me to the radio tower as the thunder starts to shake and rumble the tower sending rumbling through the metal surface. I Zipline down to electrical wires hanging from the tower which go to the ground. I'm on my way home as I grind through the lanes on my electric roller blades. All the lights on the street level (inside the wire streets) start to dim as lightning slams into the dry desert ground. I shoot my hook gun and grapple onto the lights avoiding falling debris. Almost home, I just have to get there before our town closes the big metal doors as they brace for the storm's impact. I slide under the vault doors and make it into our town center. My house is just down the road. I fly into my bedroom window as the whole house is going under lockdown with sheets of metal locking us all inside. The storm rages as we rush to the basement. Over the radio we hear our mayor comforting all the citizens of Gears Town. A piece of wood and shrapnel cut into our ceiling in the basement and water dripped from above. The lights sizzle, dim and everything fades to darkness. We fell asleep on the couch in the basement surrounded by water beginning to flood.
The next day we woke up and put our house defenses offline. As we all gathered to the town center the mayor of the city said on the intercom that nobody was allowed to leave the city center or beyond. Nobody in our town had electricity and our colors were beginning to fade.(from yellow to black).(faint yellow now). I can help, I yelled out to the crowd. My parents told me I couldn't go and it was too dangerous to go anywhere. I had to do something or everyone and everything would crumble. Our town was losing power drastically by the hour. Flowers were wilting and our home was starting to glitch out. I couldn't just sit here and watch everything vanish. I ran to the back of the wall behind the bushes where I used to sneak out at night to hang out with digi. I jumped on my rollerblades and set off as fast as I could. The highway roads were crumbling and overgrown with vegetation. There I saw the Surges. Dressed in brown with rust covering their metal robotic bodies. One of them yells out "intruder alert," and I jump into the air with my hook gun and grapple onto the street lights. The surges start shooting net guns to try to capture me. They seem to feed off of electric creatures as I spot little yellow guys in their circular bellies. Nice try guys! See you never! I made it up the rope and to the signal tower where digi was. I tell him everything and we make a plan to find the inventor of electricity to save my home town. We travel down the slide inside the cell tower where Digi has his car waiting. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. The streets are full of tvs and colors. Everything is chrome and shiny with trees growing from the ceiling downward. People are traveling alongside us in these vacuum tubes so fast. We make it to his house to gear up and look up where to find the inventor of electricity. His room is filled with computers and tiny walking robots. Even his dog is a robot made of tiny robots. You could change the walls of his room by pressing a button. Now we're at the beach, now we're in the city, now we're in space. Digi showed me everything I have ever dreamed of. On his 3d computer he found a link to the inventor of the internet. All the way in a place called Great Britain. "That's where we need to go, Frizzy," said Digi. From there, we put on our cool tech suits and set off for a journey of a lifetime.
We took Digi’s car to the train station and set off. We got our own room full of snacks. I explored the train as it took off into the sky traveling at the speed of light. So much to see on the outside. (Fiber cable is clear). (Details of places). Projectors and screens showing moving pictures of different places around the world. One of them called "Japan" had cherry blossoms with the pedals falling down on the screen and the pedals were 3d so they were falling into the train through the moonroof. Digi told me of the places in stories that amazed me. Not even Digi has been this far before, goodbye small-town USA, hello the world. Suddenly, all of the lights in the train turned blue, the conductor over the speaker saying fasten your seatbelts, we are going below!!! and we plunged straight down. I grit my eyes closed as Digi laughs at me. I open my eyes to these colorful creatures called fish. So many of them are in big and small groups. Our train finally hits the bottom when the conductor says over the speaker, welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, Dinner is served! Our train lights up and everything around us starts to open up. It's like a huge city highway underground. So many stores, types of weird people. On the outside huge fish and octopus in neon colors. We fall asleep on the train to tranquil sounds and jellyfish floating above us. (Train has a moonroof).
I wake up to breakfast and Digi stuffing his face. Over the speaker I hear next stop, Ireland! Digi and I looked up on his laptop of the things in Ireland and found funny videos. Our train was coming into the station. We got off at the stop but nobody else did. It was like a ghost town. A man of the ash people in a funny uniform with a bagpipe walked up to us and we started saying "yorgin torgin noopie googie." He then started dancing up and down making weird sounds with his instrument. One of his eyes was googlie. Digi hit the top of his head which resets him, and his eye went back into place. He said to us, "whater youus want hmmmm?" We told him how we needed to get to Britain, and he said, "Ol righty over here Yun snappers." He led us to his house which was on a brick road. Looking to the outside we only saw lanterns. No internet or electricity. It was odd but also pretty cool. His house was steampunk with gears and cogs and a smokestack coming out of his house. It looked like a shoe but full of machine parts. He sat us down and drew up a map. His steampunk cat jumped up on the table and greeted us. He stabbed the map and said, "right er here is what you want." He showed us the routes and told us to be careful of the dragons and elf people along the way. He threw his map back in his big treasure chest and showed us to the top of the transport tower where we saw a hang glider and a zeppelin and a hot air balloon. This is how you go, he told us. We picked up the hot air balloon and made off. On the land were goats and farmland. The winds started ramping us and it pushed us off course.
Crash, thud, our balloon was stuck on something as I get up to take a look outside. (Looks out over basket) I look over the edge to see a giant tower as our air balloon gets snagged on the side of it. We jump off as the balloon deflates and we land on the top of the tower where we see some fellow watts towards the middle of the tower. We approach them as they have dinner with an impeccable view. Digi taps on the man's shoulder and asks him where we were. He points to the city and says in a fancy accent with a bit of a mumble, "you are in the grand city of love, food, and dreams. You, my friend, are in France! We need to find London sir, I said. London my dear boy, London is very far, said the French man. He told us to come sit by him for some food. Yum static and protons-light particles, as they float in different colors around the dish like fireflies. He tells us how to get to London. We borrow his cool electric motorcycle and zip down the tower in the power lines. We see everything in the city. I snap pictures for my scrapbook. Digi and I come across a surge with enemies coming straight at us as we drive to our destination. Time for a detour Digi yells as he pulls a wheelie and jumps onto the internet wire down below us. We crash down into the tunnel sending us into a crazy vortex and we accidentally get sent into a house as we slide into the ethernet port of a nearby computer. We ding around inside the wire and get thrown into a laptop connected to the wire.
The light around us in the tunnel instantly goes into darkness. We are knee deep in beautiful baby blue water heading down the tunnel. We venture towards the end of the tunnel which is illuminated by an eye searing bright white light. It becomes more apparent the farther we walk towards it. We stand at the end of the tunnel looking down. Below us is a glistening waterfall flowing thousands of feet down into a green and mossy ravine with black sands. The ravine leading to a metropolis of lights and a mega city. We jump and glide through the air with our hang gliders. The air hitting our faces filled with mist from the waterfall and flying insects high in the sky. We look to see where the ravine leads to in the distance as we approach closer.
"This place looks wild '', it's a city built with 100 levels of towns and highways. Half all chrome in the city and half wildlife. Green trees growing in the sidewalk and vines growing on the chroma buildings. Everyone here is full of so much color. Everyone is wearing business suits and riding on sport bikes leaving rainbow trails behind on a blue led highway. We see a bike rack and borrow a bike and drive around looking for our way out of here. We stop off at a diner and take a seat. We overhear someone talking about the world beyond us as everyone ignores him. The cook behind the diner shouts the man's name demanding him to leave, "Stop with your nonsense Glitch!" He takes his coffee with his sign that reads "There's a world beyond, I've seen it". We follow the man outside where he is sitting on the street corner by his stuff. We approach him and ask him who he is and if he can help us. His face lights up and he tells us dreams of a world beyond this place. He tells us his name is Glitch and that people call him that because he can't do anything but dream. Glitch said he was born to dream and see the world. He was the result of a computer system glitch. (He was a malfunctioning digital creature who acted funny and glitched a little like someone was zapping him. (He has a hole in his shoe with a toe hanging out, he wears a cap on his head that is worn and owns a little cat named Leo) (Leo is a fat Chinese cat) He was unlike any of the other people here which acted like robots with no expression. We told him that we believed him and that we could help him see the world beyond here if he would help us try to find the outside world. He told us that he knows of a way but it's very dangerous and he needed our help to make it out. He said we had to venture up the 100 stories by climbing the mountain on the side of the 100-story building. This was the shortcut as we couldn't get into each level without clearance. The man brings out hiking gear inside of his tent in the alley and hands us the gear. We all get the gear on and walk to the mountain. Climbing it with the cold snowy files brushing across us. (Mountain is snow but instead of snow its white papers/files of a computer) We walk for miles and climb up with pickaxes and rope attached to our belts. Swinging across like in tomb raider we jump to a cliff to get around the dead end. We find a hut and a snowmobile sitting beside it. Me and Digi get on and the man gets on the skies attached to the snowmobile. He yells with joy and laughter as we shred the mountain. Digi yells look out! A rumble starts to make our snowmobile swerve and the man behind yells avalanche! We try to outmaneuver it, but we get buried.
I wake up frantically and look for Digi. I can't find him and I'm alone and scared. (The static electricity around him turns blue) After hours of searching, I break down and cry. I look into my backpack at the scrapbook that I was putting together and look at the Gears Town people, Digi, and other moments. I say to myself, I'm sorry, I couldn't make it. I fell asleep in the nap sack I packed in my backpack. I wake up to laughter and a light. I follow the light guided by the aura borealis. The laughter and sounds get louder and louder. I see a campfire and logs beside it with glowing marshmallows over it. (Marshmallows are light particles that look like it) It's a cute little black and white cat with spots. I'll call you Muca. I thought I heard Digi though. You did, said Digi behind me. I turn around with a smile and hug him. I thought you were a goner. The crazy man jumped from under the snow papers under me and said, same here sparky. I was so glad to see them. What do we do now I asked? Both of them said they didn't know. Muca looked at me and pointed with her nose in a direction with a funny noise showing us that she wanted us to follow her. We follow Muca to a weird glowing hole in the ground near the top of the mountain. Muca points down and smiles. Thank you little one. Muca jumps into my backpack, and we slide through the hole in the ground. We fell down onto a train. We see signs everywhere on the sides pointing to Britain. Yes! We are on the way finally.
Passing the blue ring tube, we hit a mega slide and are launched into the air. We land in the digital tube and make our way inside the directory, the telephone booth. We run across the index and look up electricity city to find the creator of electricity. He is somewhere in the district called clock Mod City. Digi points to the only clock in sight. It's a giant Clock tower. That must be it, Frizzy replied. We jump on the telephone buttons dialing the location in and get sucked into the phone. It takes us to the underground ancient sewers of London where we see another civilization and then we shoot to the top of the tower. There we see clocks everywhere and a long hallway with cool artifacts. We knock on the big door to see the inventor of electricity. No answer. We walk inside and see a robot man made of clock parts. He tells us the inventor hasn't been seen for years. We came all this way to help fix my town, we told the man. He said the inventor told the robotic man that he was expecting Frizzy would come and to tell him that he was the key to the future. The robotic man gave him a book showing him everything the inventor worked on and everything that the future would hold. He saw battery designs, cool looking windmills and a device that would generate lightning to use as power. The clock man/robotic man was the future see-er and told Frizzy that he was going to do things that the world has never seen before. The clock man then said there's no time to waste and opened the roof of the clock tower which had a giant satellite, it sucked them into it. The clock man said you are the key Frizzy, while he threw them an artifact, saying you'll know what to do with it when the time comes, it's what you have always done. They turned into particles and beamed into outer space where they saw little space guys as they were beaming to the satellite in the sky. They saw the past and future as they were getting beamed up. (Past and future for Digi and frizzy so digital stuff and electrical inventions). They made it to the satellite where they saw another civilization of creatures who had a city there on the satellite. They were then re-directed by the satellite through a toll way with a really lazy person who let people into the major highway. They made it past the tollway and to Gears town after they told the person where they needed to go after they paid the tollway. Beamed back down to gears town. They ran away from the surges and Frizzy looked at the artifact and saw a Wi-Fi symbol on it. Frizzy looked to the sky and it clicked. The radio tower Frizzy exclaimed! They raced up to the tower in the Nic of time before their whole town was destroyed. Digi held them off and Frizzy inserted the artifact into the radio tower which sent out shock waves fixing everything. The Surges disappeared, the towns turned vibrant again and the power plant turned back on. (The power plant was slowly fading off). They go back to the town center in Gears town and Frizzy is congratulated along with Digi. Everyone is so curious about Digi because they have never seen a creature like that. They were both given the keys to the city in a ceremony and Frizzy was given the Lightning bolt which could open the Power plant. The mayor of Gears town told Frizzy he earned it. Make us proud, he told Frizzy and Digi. They went to the power plant and saw that in the control center it was the inventor of the electricity with pictures of him everywhere and his knickknacks on the table with a note that said, Reach for the stars Frizzy.
Digi and Frizzy worked together on so many projects there. Created so many inventions. Frizzy came up with something called the fusion reactor which made an artificial sun on earth that could generate endless electricity for everyone. They invented wireless electrical poles. Everyone from Gears town mixed in with the people from the big cities to a new place called Atlas where they all lived together. This was A mega substation city. Frizzy invited Digi and everyone they met on their way to London to a big party. They lived in peace and had a blast together. End of story. (Show funny and cool stuff after.) (Fill in parts later if other characters join in power plant for different ending)
Detail Comments
*Reference nuclear fusion as the future which Frizzy creates in the end.
*Solar panels in the desert and wind turbines background.
*In some places water turbines are used as scenery.
*Joule people babies from megawatt people.
*The Internet cables different people and connects the world together. spider internet creatures furry
*Human connection because he watches him watch tv while he is powering the tv. Watch behind the tv screen.
*When they go under water it drops off into ocean and the cable is see through with lights coming from it and stuff projected under the deep blue sea
*In the end frizzy gets promoted into the power plant to use his new ideas. Nobody would listen to him in the Giga city, and they all watched as he got promoted.
*In the Giga city hall in front of everyone after he saved the day and fixed everything. Frizzy even made new friends along the way from different places and they were also invited to the power plant factory to aid him in inventing the future.
*He received the giant lightning bolt key that could open anything.
*Anger or sadness can change the electrical current flowing on the outside of the creatures from green-excited, blue-sad, red-angry.
*Creatures are fuzzy, big eyes.
*Characters of different natures have chromatic Chroma flair coloring.
*Muca has white is pearl with sparkles
*Traffic is above and below. City inside the tunnel underground.
A giant storm causes the power plant to malfunction and causes a blackout and surge (bad guys) to invade and take over the creatures' cities and towns. The main character has to work with the other villages to travel across the world by internet to uncover how to fix their hometowns. Under water lines where he travels and across the skies by Wi-Fi and older communities where he gets stuck in Ireland with the ash community and needs to find a way to England where it all began with a reference to the creator of the internet. Picturing America as the cowboy west in Nevada (his hometown) and the big cities of New York. He also ends up in Japan. The creature looks like that country. All furry creature balls but different face features and outfits.
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2023.02.03 05:38 KingKeyBoy Bike parking SM San Lazaro

Hello may parking po ba for bikes sa SM San Lazaro? Thank you
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