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2023.02.03 06:20 jeenrogers Dusit Thani Hotel In Dubai, UAE

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2023.02.03 06:19 Wheatpoo first time since you've been gone

I imagine he'll want to sleep together, it'd be dumb to think otherwise, but it's not something that's been said. The idea is that he's visiting and wants to meet. That when we stopped talking before, that he was a little saddened we didn't keep it up. I had stopped talking to him shortly before I met you, or around the same time. He had sexuql preferences that I didn't feel good enough with because of old stuff. Could have come here, but we both agreed hotel. He'll be in town early to explore.
I haven't so much as been on a date since you've been gone. It's not like it's been a long time, but yeah. Haven't sent a single nude(well, with sexual intent. The one guy you always worried about and I sent pictures to each other of our weight gain.) That one's sent me d*ck pics but I've made jokes at them. Because that's what I've always done.
He and I almost got coffee, but he's predictable and will never want to meet in person. Think he just wants attention when he's lonely and is a horn dog in general.
Almost drunkenly had sex with a guy. Thankful that didn't work out. I wasn't ready. It was pretty early on.
I got my drinking back under my thumb. Very rarely, and one tall boy at a time when I do.
I think about you often. I think of both good and bad. I think about how unhappy both of us were at the end. I miss your friendship, and sometimes miss the safety of you.
I would apologize for some things if we spoke again, I think. Lots of "water under the bridge", too though. I still get angry at some of it.
In many ways, I'm still glad you're gone. I wish you could have been a more honest person, but I also know you probably resented how honest I was.
Neither of us were making much sense at the end, there.
I guess we're done. I love you still even though I hate you. It wasn't a quick and easy over it, and you're lingering made it harder, just like I think you wanted it to.
You spoke on how my honesty and kindness were faults, and allowed me to be a target. You're right. Too many people are crappy.
But I define what I'm doing with my life. I have many things that I'm not quick to admit to, but I admit to it still.
Because I know I don't want to treat someone the way I know I've been treated.
So, for that, I do want to apologize. For all the times I unintentionally treated you like I have been treated.
In many ways I've waited for an apology, and that is by far more of a fault than my kindness and honesty.
But you were wrong. I wasn't dating. I still haven't. Tomorrow would be the closest thing to it. We'll see.
I hope you're doing well, C. I mean it.
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2023.02.03 06:19 1961tracy Hotel gets their revenge on influencer Karen.

In short, Karen complains that a hotel won’t comp a room for her in exchange for free advertising. Hotel turns the tables on her by billing her for the publicity she received while bad mouthing them. The article.
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2023.02.03 06:18 InDenialEvie 1992 but Dems and Republicans Run Literally the Worst Tickets Possible

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2023.02.03 06:18 lonleyhumanbeing Anyone with me?

I was so pumped to go to the concert. I live in the PNW, so would have to travel and get a hotel, but I was ready for that. I wasn’t ready for the ticket prices being that expensive. It made it impossible for me to go. I was super pumped too, as I’ve been following this release since November. Anyone in the same boat?
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2023.02.03 06:16 Chubbysloot Will roaches get into my fridge when the power has been out?

I’ve currently been without power for 2 days, the temp in my apartment has been around 50-60 I think, and I’m wondering if I make a trip to my apartment to toss the food. I’ve been staying at a hotel so I haven’t been home to really look at it andI left the fridge closed to try and keep the food from stinking. I don’t have an infestation either; I’ll see a stray roach every once in a while but I also live in an old building with a lot of other people.
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2023.02.03 06:15 Chubbysloot Will roaches get to my food in my fridge when the power has been out for a few days?

I’ve currently been without power for 2 days, the temp in my apartment has been around 50-60 I think, and I’m wondering if I make a trip to my apartment to toss the food. I’ve been staying at a hotel so I haven’t been home to really look at it andI left the fridge closed to try and keep the food from stinking. I don’t have an infestation either; I’ll see a stray roach every once in a while but I also live in an old building with a lot of other people.
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2023.02.03 06:11 Poofpy MEPS Different Hotel

Hello everyone,
I have finally been able to get the approval from SG after 2 months of documents being sent back and forth. On Sunday I am supposed to be going to a hotel for meps on Monday. However, after my last few trips to meps that I’ve had to stay in a hotel, the hotel I am assigned to now is a different location.
Does meps have multiple hotels to stay? I’ve only ever been informed about the first hotel I stayed at and even doing a quick google search shows me the first hotel is the designated hotel. Even the briefing pamphlet from meps and recruitment only mentioned the first hotel.
Just a bit confused, I will call my recruiter to clear up the details in the morning but is anyone else familiar with this?
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2023.02.03 06:09 Intrepid-Scientist85 healthy lifestyle changes

I GENUINELY thought making my bed was a waste of time until I read multiple comments on this subreddit advising people who were trying to clean their room to start with just making their bed everyday. It works.... making my bed every morning has changed me. My room is finally clean and organized and there's the most amazing joyful feeling I have everynight jumping into my bed thats all made up, I feel like i'm in a hotel bed. Its also kinda nice knowing you did something earlier in the day to make things nicer at the end of the day, like a little treat you left yourself. SO i highly reccomend making your bed.
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2023.02.03 06:08 NYCbelle Make Friends in DC Metro Area-30s

I'm sure we have all lamented over struggling to make friends or build community as full grown adults at some point. 33yo Black woman moving down from NYC to DC. Foruth and hopefully terminal move for mt career. Sort of anxious about trying to meet people and make friends and eventually date since I don't know anyone in the Metro area and will mostly be working remote.
Suggestions on popular spots where you've talked to strangers and ended up making friends would be awesome! I am a regular solo diner, patron of the arts, farmers markets and enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather, so suggestions on places to go alone and not feel wildly uncomfortable would be nice as well. Thanks in advance!
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2023.02.03 06:08 pauli_eggclusion "How do you know that euphoria is real and not placebo?" Sometimes it sort of can be, and that's okay.

I saw a post earlier asking whether gender euphoria can be placebo. While I don't believe it can be placebo, I think there's a more interesting case to be made here and I'd like to share something.
I'm MtF. Before I stopped identifying as a guy, I didn't allow myself to engage with any form of femininity. Identifying as NB allowed me to engage with femininity for the first time and I wore skirts and dresses at home constantly. I couldn't get enough of it. Then, gradually, it stopped helping and left this gaping hole behind. To be fair, that hole had always been there. I constantly shoveled toxic masculinity on it in an attempt to fill the void, but it only grew as I became less and less happy with my body and my gender over the years. Covering it with the aesthetic of femininity had been more of the same.
Finally, I found this side of reddit. I cracked. For 3 weeks, before I started estrogen, it felt like my life had ended. I started E and completely stopped dressing fem around the same time. Sure, part of it was the pain of latent dysphoria that I was now VERY aware of, but there was more to it. I stopped caring about gender norms because I knew I was now shattering them. The people who see me as a woman will see me as a woman no matter what. The people who see me as a man will see me as a man no matter what. I should just do what I want.
So, I was a blob for a while. I cried and wore pajamas around the apartment while the hormones slowly went about their business. When I went out, I'd boymode. Around 11 months, I noticed my face was starting to feminize. On a dime, I just sort of... stopped trying to hide my breasts? A lot of the time I look like a guy, still, but I look andro when that happens. Anyone who is paying attention can tell, now.
That change in mentality has meant everything. Now, when I want to dress fem, I do it. I guess I just like presenting masc more? The longer I spend like this, the more I feel like dressing fem was compensation for my dysphoria, but it wasn't a component of the dysphoria itself. I'm happy being a girlfriend, doing girls night, and being the mom friend when life does a number on someone in our friend group. I love my body and actually want to take care of it, now. I'm so much more excited and happy, I don't just want to shut myself inside and waste away all day. Mutual female friends I had strained relationships with as a guy- people I wouldn't blame for having a hard time seeing me as a girl- aren't just playing along, I can tell they can see it.
To all the transfems out there who will never wear jeans again: I'm happy for you! I know people like me aren't the majority and I know about the trans spaces dedicated to GNC transfems. If you're worried that you have to want to wear skirts and be hyper-feminine to be trans, though, you don't. Sometimes the original reason you make a decision isn't the reason you keep making it. :)
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2023.02.03 06:01 Nadian-slap-God 2024 dates? Best Hotels close to TML

Is TML always the last 2 weeks of July? Are dates for 2024 released yet? I’m 45 years old and coming with a big crew from Vancouver Canada. GJ only flys out of Montreal and Toronto so we are thinking of just booking on our own. Any and ALL advice regarding HOTEL accommodations would be greatly appreciated. Too old to camp. We would love to stay in a silver style (3.5-4 star) as close to the venue as possible. Thank you for taking the time with my post. Grateful for the feedback on this thread.
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2023.02.03 06:00 WeAudiHere Aruba on points

Hi all, I have been trying to figure out points redemption for Aruba on points. Firstly I have:
~300,000 AMEX MRP Plat+Gold card ~15,000 Chase UR Points Freedom + Amazon
I looked at amex transfer to Hilton (2x Hilton points) and the redemption value seems awful.
I also looked at paying by points through amex portal and the redemption value seems better but I wasn’t sure if this was the best option.
I want to book a medium priced hotel in Aruba with flight on points for my girlfriend and I if I could. It’s her send off to PA school, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks you beautiful humans!
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2023.02.03 06:00 AbilityBeginning8637 1 night a week accommodation in Dublin for summer?

Hi all, I’ve been offered an internship in Dublin for 12 weeks during the summer, it’s hybrid and requires me to be in office Monday & Tuesday.
I’m commuting from Galway city so I think the best plan would be to stay the night on the Monday?
Is there any good way of doing this aside from just staying in a hotel?
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2023.02.03 06:00 spencewatson01 ::HOPPER REFERRAL CODE for February 2023!::

How to Get a FREE Vacation From Hopper App:
  1. Download the Hopper App: or you can download the app and use my code in the friends section. CODE: 4Q6RXAWQ
  2. You'll get $25 for downloading.
  3. Share your link with friends and family. Each person that signs up will get $25. 10 people = $250!! 20 people = $500!! You can achieve up to $5000 worth of credits to use on hotels!!
Deals like this don't last very long! You need to get on this today and get your hotel booked!
I've checked the prices of Hopper against Priceline, Booking and and HOPPER is the same price or cheaper! Plus HOPPER has cool features like Freeze prize and you get rewards for every booking that you can use on future hotel stays.

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2023.02.03 05:59 isrealball 2024 election Prediction Joe Biden and Nikki Haley(yes i do think it will come to a tie)

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2023.02.03 05:55 Homer_J_Fry ChatGPT simulates classic text game Zork, then dynamically alters the game based on my word choice to make me star in an Indiana Jones-themed Zork

Can you be the game Zork?  
AI: Yes, I can simulate playing the text-based adventure game Zork. In Zork, players navigate through a fantasy world filled with treasures and dangers, using text commands to control their character and interact with the environment. I can respond to text-based inputs and provide responses based on those inputs, just like in the original game.  
Would you like to start playing Zork now?
Great! You find yourself in a dark and musty dungeon. The only source of light comes from a flickering torch on the wall. Ahead of you, you see a hallway leading deeper into the dungeon.
What would you like to do next?
take the torch
You grab the torch off the wall and hold it in front of you. The light illuminates the hallway, revealing several doors and passages branching off in different directions.
Where would you like to go next?
open door
Which door would you like to open? There are several doors along the hallway, each leading to a different part of the dungeon. Please specify which door you would like to open by its location or direction.
left door
You approach the door on the left side of the hallway and turn the handle. The door creaks open, revealing a small room filled with cobwebs and dust. In the corner of the room, you see a chest.
What would you like to do next?
open chest
You walk over to the chest and lift the lid. Inside, you find a shiny, silver key.
What would you like to do next?
go out door
  You leave the room and return to the hallway. The door closes behind you with a soft click.
  Where would you like to go next?
do I have the key?
Yes, you currently have the silver key in your possession.
use key
You try the key in various doors along the hallway, but none of them seem to fit. Perhaps the key opens a door in a different part of the dungeon.
Where would you like to go next?
middle door
You approach the door in the middle of the hallway and try the key in the lock. The key turns easily, and the door creaks open. Beyond the door, you see a narrow staircase leading down into darkness.
What would you like to do next?
go down
You begin to descend the staircase, feeling your way in the darkness. The stairs are steep and winding, and you have to move carefully to keep from slipping and falling.
At the bottom of the staircase, you find yourself in a large, dimly lit chamber. In the center of the room, you see a pedestal with a glowing orb resting on top of it.
What would you like to do next?
take the orb like I'm Indiana Jones
You approach the pedestal and reach for the glowing orb. Just as your fingers close around it, you hear a low rumble, and the room begins to shake. The pedestal splits open, revealing a maze of wires and machinery, and a siren starts to wail.
You realize that you have triggered some kind of ancient trap, and you must find a way to escape before it's too late.
What would you like to do next?
run back up stairs
You turn and dash towards the staircase, dodging falling debris as you go. The shaking grows more intense, and the walls and floor begin to crack. You scramble up the stairs as quickly as you can, but you're not sure if you'll make it out in time.
As you reach the top of the stairs, you find yourself in a small room with a single door. Do you try to open the door, or do you look for another way out?
open it!
You turn the handle and push open the door, relieved to find yourself back in the bright, open space of the cavern. The orb is safely in your hands, and you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment wash over you.
You take a moment to catch your breath and take in your surroundings. The cavern is enormous, and you can see the entrance to the temple in the distance. With the orb in hand, you set off in that direction, eager to leave this place behind and continue your adventures.
Enter the temple
As you approach the entrance to the temple, you can't help but feel a sense of unease. The temple is old and worn, and you can't shake the feeling that there is something ominous lurking inside.
However, you are Indiana Jones, fearless adventurer, and you are determined to uncover the secrets of the temple and find what you've come for. With a deep breath, you step inside.
The interior of the temple is dark and musty, and you pause for a moment to let your eyes adjust. As you take in your surroundings, you can see that the walls are covered in carvings and drawings, depicting scenes of ancient battles and rituals.
You follow the path through the temple, carefully making your way through the shadows. Every so often, you pause to examine a particularly interesting carving or piece of architecture, but you are always careful to keep your goal in sight.
Finally, you reach the inner sanctum of the temple, and you can see the prize you've been seeking: an ancient artifact, glowing softly in the dim light. You take a step forward, eager to claim your prize, and you know that you are on the cusp of making a discovery that will change the world forever.
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2023.02.03 05:55 Sad_Career_9604 Credit Card Recommendations for Student

Hi, I am a student and was looking to get a new card specifically for travel. In the month of March I am spending $1000+ on work travel (~$800 for a hotel and $250 for transportation) that I will be reimbursed for so I think it might be worth to open a credit card with a signing bonus but am not sure which one. The next time I'll be spending this much on travel won't be until OctobeNovember. Does anyone have any recommendations for credit cards or advice if I should even open a new one? I have included some information about me below.
Current Cards
-BofA Visa (choice of 3% on travel, online shopping, or dining) and Discover student cash back (5% rotating categories)
FICO score- 750
Oldest Account Age-1 year and 6 months
Chase 5/24 status: 2/24
Income- $15,000ish
Average monthly expenses-
$50 for groceries
$50 for online shopping
$30 for dining
Everything else is pretty much covered by my parents
Open to Business Cards: Sure? Not too sure what the difference is
What's the purpose of your next card: Cashback
Do you have any cards you've been looking at: Not really
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card: Not really picky but am thinking something travel-related would be the move
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2023.02.03 05:54 Peasyboy 38 [M4F] Sitting on my balcony in Puerto Rico

On travel in Puerto Rico and my hotel closed the bar so I am sitting in my room. I have the balcony door open and staring at the ocean in the moonlight.
Looking for someone to chat will and keep me company. Let’s play a game or tell me about your day, I don’t care what we talk about just be able to hold a conversation and not be monosyllabic.
What would you do if you were me and in a hotel room where the bars are closed? I travel a lot for work and like to explore new places and try new things.
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2023.02.03 05:54 Expert-Tackle1766 Heatilator G420 pilot not staying lit.

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2023.02.03 05:54 Additional_Fly_3205 Feeling bitter about sister getting more attention for basketball than I did for gymnastics.

I’ve come to realize this now in my mid-20’s. I feel silly since it’s been so many years. But as a child (about 7-10) I did gymnastics at the YMCA and I was great at it. Not bragging (it was just a kids class), but I would beat all the girls in my class in the headstand and bars contest during warm ups. I was the only one that the coaches wouldn’t help over the vault. I would charge at it and stick the landing. On the playground at school I would do tricks on the bars and walk across them like it was nothing. I would practice the splits and back-bend kick overs in my back yard all summer. I remember at that age honestly believing I was destined for gymnastics. It became my dream. But then my parents divorced. My older sister by one year had been in basketball longer. She was involved in a competitive team where as my YMCA class was more recreational. Parents told me they couldn’t afford my classes anymore but kept sister on a traveling team all throughout elementary and middle school where they had to pay for hotels and membership dues. She was a great player in high school too, but wouldn’t you know it. She quit the team and completely abandoned any aspirations towards it her junior year of high school. She came out the same time when telling our dad she was quitting. We love and fully support her. My dad even brushed that off completely to focus on why she would be quitting basketball. He still talks about how great she was and how she could have gone all the way even now. Meanwhile I still watch the Olympic gymnastics and wonder what could have been. I assure myself it probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere that serious. But ya know, what if. I would have liked to have the opportunity. I just wonder why my passion didn’t get treated with the same priority. I’ve expressed at times that I wish they would have kept me in it. My dad has said he is genuinely sorry. It’s not like I’m overly dwelling on this. But I just wish that little girl got the chance to pursue her dream too. I did find a lot of joy in theater though which my parents loved to see me in. Anyways, just wanted to get my thoughts out. Thanks for reading.
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2023.02.03 05:54 PkmnTrnr00 23M [Friendship] [Chat] Indiana/USA Looking for Nerdy Friends!

Hey all, my name is Luke and I'm 23 from Indiana as the title suggests! I'm going to be going to sleep soon but I'd like to wake up to some nice chats or comments :) Please use chats or comments and not messsges
I'm a nerd who has a passion for storytelling and writing and as a result I love video games, movies and anime! I'm an aspiring writer as well! Talk to me about your favorite movies or shows and let's bond over them! Music wise I'm a bit all over the place but my go to genres are rock, metal and punk! Some examples are Blink 182, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Green Day, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco (RIP) and Metallica! Share your music with me if you wanna!
If you live in or near Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan or Kentucky and can meet in person, that's preferred but I'll chat with anyone from across the country provided you're 20+ and under 30!
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