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Skyrim Alchemy

2018.09.11 10:28 CMDR-Droslash Skyrim Alchemy

Tips for Alchemy builds, Recipes and more...

2013.02.22 15:28 WhatsHeBuilding Urban Druids

Pictures of Urban Druids. Druids suited to live in our time, in our cities.

2013.12.24 16:34 Trees of Tamriel

Trees of Tamriel: for all your tree related stuff in the Elder Scrolls games.

2023.02.02 20:00 TwitchyTheBard Every Time I Create a New LO…

Something bad happens. In this case, Belathor has zero inventory and everyone is using the clap/dance idle animation. And the Khajiit camp outside Whiterun is there but there are no Khajiit.
LO as follows:
Skyrim AE and all CC
RW2 Resources
Cheat Room
Misc & More
Hunter’s Dialogue Edit
Hunters not Bandits 2
Sovngarde (light)
JaySerpa’s Quest Expansion
Heart of Gold
Thieves Guild for Good Guys
Poison Love Letters
Witcher Dual Swords on Back
Classic Classes and Birthsigns
Wear Multiple Rings
GET Overstocked and Rich Merchants
GET Better Potion Recipes
Improved Bandits
Mojo Grass
Landscape fixes for Grass
Happy Little Trees
Mari’s Flora AIO
Hyperborean Snow
Northern Shores SE 1k
3D Collection - No Pine Grass
David’s Dirt Cliff Variation
Dave’s UFHD Mountains (darker) 1k
Mari’s Deathbells white
LucidAP’s HPP 1k
CleverCharff AIO V3
Wet and Cold
Elsopa - Quivers Redone
Blended Roads Redone
Blood and Bubbles (darker)
BRR Bridges
AI Overhaul 1.8.2 Scripted non-USSEP
Luminosity Lighting Overhaul
The Great Cities, Towns, and Villages
Bella of Skyrim
Lampposts of Skyrim
Stump Stash
Serana Dialogue add-on
Serana Combat
Loverboy Rugged 2K
CBBE Curvy
Nephilim Body v8
Pb’s Soft Musclemaps (cbbe) 1k
Xp32 BFQ patch
DAR NPC & Player Animations
Gritty Animations Requiem
KS Hairdos Lite Lighter
Bijin AIO
Pandorable Mega pack
The Kids are Alright
Auto Updated
Refined Auri
Thogra Agra-Mugur
COrc - Cute Orc Followers UUNP (they’re stand-alone)
GoT&HotD Dragons 1k
Bellyache’s Choice
ZzJay’s Horse Overhaul
Unicorns 1k
Skyrim Horse Renewal Animation
Tasheni’s Winter Dogs
Sea of Spirits - Xbox Edition
Cats-In-Skyrim-SSE Xbox1
Wolves of Skyrim
Flying Crows
Furrow the Kitty & House Cats
Raccoons and Skunks
Cannibal Draugr Replacer
Fairies (lite edition)
Return to Helgen
Smooth Water - RW2
Underwater Visibility Fix - RW2
Misc & More-GDO PATCH
Serana Dialogue add-on RDO patch
IA92’s Cheap Training
Ralph or Hadvar
I have no idea what’s causing the issue is listed above. I’ve used almost all of these mods before and the ones I haven’t shouldn’t make those kinda of changes. I’ve tried leaving and coming back. Save/Quit/Load. Go to cheat room and come back. Nothing works.
Another thing worth noting is that I can’t purchase Night Eye potions in Whiterun. There should be 5-10 available.
Aside from these issues, the game runs smooth as butter and all meshes/textures look as they should.
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2023.02.02 19:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.02.02 06:18 SCARaw How to level in Morrowind to have no Regrets:

Greetings Ladies and Gentleman

one of my biggest problems when i started playing was leveling
i do not think its bad or anything, i just don't wanna have weak character because of the improvised decisions
Please don't panic if article looks scary or serious, its get clear and easy at the end

How leveling works?

Morrowind have a class system that unlike Oblivion's is actually functional and rewarding
and unlike Skyrim's actually exist and can impact your character in some ways
You have 5 major skills - fast to level
and 5 minor skills - okey to level

How should you level:

Usually when you can level up game assign Attributes to your progression
Good leveling usually involve +5 endurance +1 luck +5 attribute used to level up
however its not mandatory nor is it something you must tryhard to achieve

Attribute leveling - aka use trainers if you struggle!

Attribute level thresholds:
so yes if you wanna get +5 in good Attributes just use trainers

How to check:

in inventory panel take cursor over your current level
You will see Numbe10 to level up and it can go to 20
This also show you Attribute progression

Endurance leveling

Endurance use this skills to determine its growth:
Good trainers:
Why is endurance leveling important:
Damage resistance limit in the game is 75%, after that you can only have more HP
Endurance Gives HP per level
Formula is Endurance / 10 = Max HP increase
100 endurance people get +10 HP max every level (just like skyrim xD)
Once your endurance is 100 you can ignore any need to increase speamedium/heavy armor unless you use/value this abilities

Luck leveling

luck always level by +1
luck is worth it (imo) because some of my levels are done by jumping or talking or making potions
getting +1 luck out of levels makes me a little bit better at everything
Luck is Attribute you might not get to 100 if you ignore it for too long
its hard for me to imagine people getting luck 100 before anything else

Dirty levels, regrets and potential stress/tilt

For me personally i can not stomach not getting endurance +5
i think +5/+2/+1 levels after endurance reach 100 is more than fine
+3/+1/+5 level ups when endurance is +5 is also more than okey
i also would be mad if i would start leveling luck too late and could not get 100
However this is not as important because:
When you leveling right game gets progressively easier after level 25
Average player can easily have their max level around 64 and max possible level up is 78 so don't worry about it too much

How to level to have fun:

Agility - leveling up this will make your attacks hit something
Willpower - leveling this will make your spells fail less
luck - +10 here should always help with 2 above and everything

Overleveling and is it bad?

Overleveling is when you advance minomajor skills more than 10 times per level
11th skill up does not give attribute bonus, but gives level bonus
i think as long as endurance get +5 and luck get +1 you don't need to care
my final levels ware 18/10 a lot of the times with +0 as everything was 100

Should you grind for level?

i did that, but i would say no
(and after saying no i would still do it because it gives me fun xD)

Leveling like madman +5/+5/+1 does not make you stronger exactly
it for sure make you more durable

Attribute +5/+5/+1 vs +5/+5/+5 leveling

if you wanna go on adventure faster you can take +5/+5/+5 levels early
i personally prefer and consider more optimal to go 5/5/1, but if you play with level cap or wanna be stronger for your specific things early +5/+5/+5 is fine
a lot of my levels ware +5/+2/+1 after endurance 100 and i ended with all 100 before luck 100

This is pretty much it, TLDR:

play to have fun
Use Trainers
level up endurance to have tons of HP
level up Agility/willpower to have "more fun"
submitted by SCARaw to Morrowind [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 04:23 victoriachiang [H] Games [W] Offers, Steam Wallet

Looking for Steam Wallet, PayPal, or Offers
Survival Instincts Chernobylite: Enhanced Edition SCUM State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition The Long Dark: Survival Edition Volcanoids SurrounDead Starsand
Fighting Farmers: Len's Island Spirit of the Island Re: Legend Serin Fate Kitaria Fables Forager Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands
Dec 2022 Choice Backbone Blade Assault First Class Trouble GreedFall Super Magbot TOEM Wasteland 3 Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Black Friday VR Voyagers Pack Cook-Out Acron: Attack of the Squirrels Until You Fall The Wizards - Dark Times Sairento VR Superhot VR Car Mechanic Simulator VR I Expect You to Die Shooty Fruity The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets A Fisherman's Tale
Fanatical Mystery Bundle Cook Serve Delicious Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered Cook Serve Delicious! 3?! Pumped BMX Pro Dark Fall: Lost Souls Safety First! Slain: Back from Hell Beholder 2 Viking Sisters Rune Lord Blackguards - Deluxe Edition Those Who Remain Viking Brothers 6 Valfaris STAR WARS Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy Lightmatter Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow Fractured Minds The Suicide of Rachel Foster Pumped BMX Pro Safety First! Deadly 30 Sparklite Cook Serve Delicious! 3?! Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition Conarium Slain: Back from Hell Darkwood Morkredd Blazing Chrome Fire: Ungh’s Quest Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Caves and Castles: Underworld Tunnel of Doom Going Under Viking Brothers 5 Felix The Reaper SoulCraft Monster Slayers - Complete Edition Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered Fractured Minds Going Under Hidden Object Bundle 5 in 1 Embr Safety First! Felix The Reaper Beholder 2 Everhood
Train Bundle: All Aboard NEC: Washington DC - Baltimore Hamburg - Hanover Route Add-On BR Regional Railways Class 101 DMU Chatham Main Line - London-Gillingham Route Add-On DB BR 407 'New ICE 3' EMU Add-On Hudson Line: New York - Croton-Harmon Route Add-On Amtrak P42 DC 'Empire Builder' Loco Add-On Semmeringbahn - Murzzuschlag to Gloggnitz Route Add-On LNER Peppercorn Class A2 'Blue Peter' Loco Add-On Amtrak E8 Loco Add-on Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Dunfermline Add-on Mittenwaldbahn: Garmisch-Partenkirchen - Innsbruck Route Add-On DB BR 605 ICE TD Add-On Train Simulator Classic BR Class 170 'Turbostar' DMU Add-On Thompson Class B1 Loco Add-On DB BR 648 Loco Add-On Grand Central Class 180 'Adelante' DMU Add-On Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - Gilroy Route Add-On
Twin Sails Collection: 7 Tabletop Classics Bundle A Game Of Thrones - A Dance With Dragons DLC A Game Of Thrones - A Feast For Crows DLC A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition Blood Rage: Digital Edition - Gods of Asgard DLC Blood Rage: Digital Edition - Mythical Monsters DLC Blood Rage: Digital Edition - Mystics of Midgard DLC Ticket To Ride - France DLC Ticket to Ride - United Kingdom DLC Ticket to Ride - Germany DLC Ticket to Ride - Pennsylvania DLC Ticket to Ride - Nordic Countries DLC Ticket to Ride - India DLC Ticket to Ride - Legendary Asia DLC Ticket to Ride - Switzerland DLC Ticket to Ride - USA 1910 DLC Ticket to Ride - Europe DLC Carcassonne - The Princess & the Dragon Expansion DLC Carcassonne - Traders & Builders DLC Carcassonne - Winter and Gingerbread Man DLC Carcassonne - Inns & Cathedrals DLC Carcassonne - The River DLC Mysterium - Secrets & Lies DLC Mysterium - Hidden Signs DLC Splendor - The Trading Posts DLC Splendor - The Strongholds DLC Splendor - The Cities DLC Small World - A Spider's Web DLC Small World - Royal Bonus DLC Small World - Be not Afraid DLC Small World - Grand Dames DLC Small World - Cursed DLC Blood Rage: Digital Edition Ticket to Ride Carcassonne - Tiles & Tactics Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game Splendor Small World
The Complete 11 Bit Collection South of the Circle Moonlighter: Complete Edition This War of Mine: Complete Edition Beat Cop Tower 57 Anomaly Game Collection Spacecom
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Melee Mayhem Bundle Chivalry 2 Mortal Kombat 11 Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl Song of Iron Mordhau Chronicon
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Prestige Bundle The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Legendary Edition
Savior Bundle AVICII Invector AVICII Invector - Magma Track Pack AVICII Invector - TIM Track Pack Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Danger Scavenger Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Survivalist: Invisible Strain Terrain of Magical Expertise Those Who Remain Tower of Time
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Tier 0
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Project CARS 2 Deluxe Edition
Project CARS 2
NBA 2K22 x
Spyro Reignited Trilogy
F1 2020 (will prob keep)
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F1 2012
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Kingdom Come Deliverance
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Academia : School Simulator
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Farming Simulator 2017 Plat Edition
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F1 2015
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Cities Skylines - After Dark DLC
Cities Skylines - Snowfall DLC
Cities Skylines - Green Cities DLC
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The USB Stick Found in the Grass
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Dungeon of the Endless
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Peppy's Adventure
Red Faction®: Armageddon™
Steam Inventory Gifts
Unknown package 34641 This is a restricted gift which can only be redeemed in these countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Republic of, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russian Federation Includes 4 items: Lords Of The Fallen™ 2014, Lords of the Fallen Soundtrack, Lords of the Fallen™ Artbook, Lords of the Fallen™ Map
ibb & obb
FlatOut 2™
Crash Drive 2
Dirt Showdown
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2023.02.02 04:04 Random3x (FHM) A Gauntlet once thrown: (Round 3) Plastic Deformation v.s Elastic Deformation

The arena was awash with a mix of shock and horror at the fight they had witnessed. Everyone in the arena had been left speechless by the sight of Tasha tearing her flesh off to crawl out of the frozen hole and scare Hannah into unconsciousness. The only one who had not been left speechless was Harry, who even the gods gave up trying to shut up.
“I think I speak for everyone when I say that I shall be having nightmares for the foreseeable future… Isn’t that right, Lincoln?” Harry turned to face his referee companion, who just gave a gruff grunt before returning to his referee’s booth.
“I hope you understand why we have done this, Elissa,” Alex said as he spoke to Elissa’s back. The elf, though, could only give a muffled response as she had been tied up in a bundle of blankets and rope and placed in the corner of the VIP booth facing the wall.
“Spend the rest of the tournament in time-out, and we will speak with Tasha to decide if any further punishments are needed.”
“Yes, punishments honey… There is training the kids, and then there is… there is whatever that was.”
“Mhmhmh mhm mhmhm mhmhmh mhm!”
“Not that bad? Hah, Elissa, I will be the first to admit I push them, but I wouldn’t go that far.” In response, Elissa just lowered her head and focused on counting the tiles that made up the wall in front of her.
“Alexander!” Michael said, finally seeing his opening to speak.
“Don’t let this freak accident of a victory go to your head. My students are still far superior.”
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but may I ask who is up next?” one of the visiting nobles asked.
“Of course, my lord… I believe it is my student Ironsides and his student Maxwell. One of the great tragedies that he has sadly corrupted.”
“Corrupted?” The noble repeated.
“Yes, he used to be extremely studious and well-behaved. Since starting as a student under Alexander here, he has been getting odd ideas like his own opinions. Such strange notions are for after you graduate and have been informed by your parents what opinions you should have.”
“Here, here,” a few of the nobles said, raising a glass to toast Michael’s statement.
“Hells, this whole damned tournament is my attempt to free those children from his corrupting influence,” Michael continued.
“Am I a bad influence then, sir?” Sithy asked, looking up at Michael from his seat.
“You Insithrilax? Of course not; my surprise about learning your race is a dragon aside, you were always one of my favourite students. Well behaved and just as well-read. If anything, I wish you could be a professor here yourself,” Sithy began to pale at the notion.
“Of course, I wouldn’t recommend such an action,” Michael added.
“Why not?” a noble asked.
“Young Insithrilax here has a temperament best kept to researching texts then educating classes. It is why I made sure to get the librarians to provide him with the rarer texts that would usually be barred from students because I knew he would treasure them and gain a lot from them.”
“That was your doing? I was under the impression it was the chief librarian?” Sithy asked, surprised by the new information.
“Yes, It was my doing. I assessed your ability with my appraising eyes and could see books were your treasures and knew you would not misuse the knowledge I let you access. The Librarians kindly manage the books, but it is the professors' discretion to expand the access a student can have.”
“Wow, I had no idea,” Sithy muttered to himself.
“I have been an educator for many decades, boy. I have yet to be wrong with my appraisal of a student. Barring outside corruption,” Michael paused to shoot a glare Alex’s way. “Students near all proceed down the path I can foresee for them.”
“What about me then?” Alex piped up as he pointed to himself. “I seem to remember you were rather frosty ever since I first arrived. What did your appraisal of me show?” Alex asked, trying but failing to lean against Michael, who, in the end, let out a resigned sigh.
“I’ll be as blunt as you often are then. I saw a monster of untold depths. The only thing I ever feel when seeing you is death and destruction. That, young man, is why I am so adamant that you should be barred from teaching these children,” Michael said, gesturing to the audience in the seats around them.
“I would’ve had you removed through official channels If I could. But you are Sloth’s apprentice. Any suggestion would either be ignored or delayed indefinitely. When you returned after your graduation, it was even worse as your hold on a spot had exponentially grown. Not to mention you being made a co-regent. This, sadly, is the sole way I have to save these children.”
Alex, at this statement, couldn’t hide his surprise. He had always been under the impression Michael's main reason for hating him was personal rather than professional. Many of the teachers from the old guard, minus a few herbally enhanced exceptions, generally hated him just for being human.
“So it was not because I was human?”
“I won’t deny I find your race distasteful. But while you were a student here, I still did my duty. Now you’re a teacher; I will do my duty despite you.”
“What about my kindergarten class, then?”
“You know as well as I do that role is more bodyguard than that of a teacher. One thing I will willingly accredit you for is your skill as a combatant. If I fought you, I wouldn’t last a second. Those children need a defender like you. Especially as they by tradition reside with their teacher.”
“Yes, my tower has very much become a fun house now,” Alex replied with a chuckle thinking about the time he had the kids animate pair of rocking horses to have an indoor jousting tournament.
“This is why our deal does not include you being removed as a kindergarten teacher, as you sadly are the best suited to the role's requirements.”
“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, PLEASE BRING YOUR ATTENTION TO THE ARENA!!!!” Harry’s voice echoed around the arena. The audience all turned to look and saw the ice rapidly defrosting and the water dissipating from the arena.
“As I’m sure you can tell, Mana Hannah has regained consciousness and dispelled her conjured materials. WE CAN NOW GET ROUND THREE STARTED!!!!!” The audience began to cheer and go wild once more as Alex and Michael returned to their respective seats.
“Boy, do we have a treat for you kids up next!! This will be a fight that you will be telling your grandkids about!” Harry turned to his now ever-suffering companion and watched him gift a stiff grunt.
“How do I know that? I dunno, I gotta keep the crowd raring Linky,” Harry replied, having somehow become fluent in stoic since the end of the second round.
“For Team Alexander, we have MAXWELL, THE MAGICAL MIND MASTER!!!” Harry gestured to the left-hand tunnel out of which Maxwell walked, pulling his collar up to conceal his face from the stares of the audience embarrassed by the pseudonym that Harry had given him.
“For Team Michael, we have IDOMNITABLE IRONSIDES!!!” The crowd went as wild for Ironside’s arrival as they did for Maxwell’s. The two now stood opposite each other, and there was a clear height difference between Maxwell and Ironsides. The armoured giant was slightly taller than Gunter was in his full suit of armour, and that isn't including the frill on top of Ironsides’ helm.
“First off, Ironsides, do you have anything to say to… Oh, sorry…” Harry began before realising his mistake, only to have the device snatched from his hand.
Ironsides proceeded to hold the device to the front of his helm as he gesticulated. The only sound entering the device and being amplified was the sound of his armour scraping against itself. Eventually, Ironsides finished his very physical speech of fist pumps and arm flexes. Finishing with a weird dance involving using your arms and twisting your hips before jumping a full ninety degrees to your right before he handed the device back to Harry.
“Ok… That was very enlightening… Maxwell, how about-” Harry didn’t even finish his question before Maxwell snatched the device from his hands.
“You may boast about being unbreakable, but we have seen that boast once already, and we both know nothing can truly be unbreakable. I need only a gesture to the bite mark in your armour to prove my point. Also, that point about my mother was very vulgar, and I will make you eat those words. But it matters little I will render your armour to scrap with techniques I have learnt about.”
The whole arena was left staring at Maxwell, whose retort had somehow referenced points that he had gleaned from Ironsides’ strange motions.
“You understood him?” Harry asked.
“Well yeah, he was using motion speak from the Gracefield.”
“How in the hells do you know about that?”
“I read about it. I have read a lot of books.”
“Heh, how many?” Harry asked half as a joke and half as a rhetorical question.
“Uh… Roughly eighty-seven… This past week… All memorised, comprehended without rest,” Maxwell said as his gaze began to go distant and his voice trailed off.
“A funny man,” Harry replied with a chuckle, only to recoil when Maxwell grabbed his jacket by the lapels.
“YOU THINK I WAS JOKING?!!! I KNOW A RECIPE FOR A SOUFLE?!! WHY DID I NEED TO LEARN THAT?!!!! SITHY NEVER SAID WHY?!!!! JUST THAT IT IS USEFUL TO KNOW!!!!” Most of the VIP box began slowly turning their attention to Sithy, who retreated as much as he could into his chair, feeling the pressure of their gazes.
“I thought it was a nifty skill to have…”
“Sithy… eighty-seven books?”
“More like ninety… I had him reading three books at a time, and he didn’t finish the last batch before coming here…”
“Without rest? Even I let Kline sleep at the end of the day…” Alex muttered.
“I prepared for this by trying out alchemy recipes and making memorisation potions, high-focus potions and energy potions, so he didn’t need to sleep.”
“Sithy… You do know those force you into sensory overload, right?” Sithy, at this explanation, paled at the very thought of what he must’ve done to Maxwell.
“I’ll apologise when he is done winning, ok!!!”
“Seriously, Sithy… it’s not as bad as Elissa, but it is up there…”
“What training did you put Kline through, by the way, Ali?”Mimi asked.
“That doesn’t matter. The fight is about to start,” Alex said, avoiding admitting the depths of his own sins as they returned their attention to the arena as the gong was rung.
In a near instant, Ironsides vanished and reappeared right in front of Maxwell, his arm already swinging to punch him. Deftly using fast thinking to increase the speed of his reaction Maxwell jumped backwards and dodged the strike.
He watched with his accelerated focus as the fist swung cleanly away from his face. Only as he watched the swing miss, he felt an overwhelming force collide with the side of his face. Flying through the air and falling to the floor, rolling as best as possible to dissipate the force, he came to a stop.
The agony was already shooting down his jaw as he spat a bloody glob onto the arena floor that consisted of too high a ratio of teeth to blood. Worse, he could feel his jaw had been entirely shattered, so he would be unable to chant even a basic spell till the array fixed it.
Ironsides, though, did not pursue Maxwell as he was slow in standing back up from his heavy swing. Facing Maxwell, he stood waiting for something till it dawned on Maxwell what it was. Making a wild selection of hand and arm gestures, he hoped Ironsides would reply.
Much to his relief, Ironsides responded with a mixture of gestures that those not fluent in Gracefield would assume to be something lewd. In fact, many of the crowd were assuming as such, and some of the girls were swooning at the suggestions they were coming to. Grabbing hold of his jaw and snapping it back in place while wincing in pain, Maxwell was finally able to speak.
“You must have an interesting enchantment then?” Ironsides nodded in response to the question.
Seeing a fresh opening, Ironsides wasted no time and once again went for an attack, but this time opting for a sweeping leg strike rather than a punch. Maxwell deftly jumped over the sweeping leg only to find a force collide with his ribs, cracking a few and sending him tumbling to the ground once more.
“Hrnnnggnn… I would call that enchanted gear cheating, but if I learnt anything from my teacher, it’s that in a real fight, there are no rules,” Ironsides nodded in agreement, internally interested in meeting such a teacher.
“Michael, explain what is going on?” one of the nobles observing demanded.
“I am as confused as you are. He told me his armour is a family heirloom, so I respected it and did not press to investigate it any further…” Michael replied.
“I can answer your question,” Yuu said, piping up as she watched Maxwell fling a few manashots at Ironsides, forcing him backwards.
“It is a displaced force enchantment.”
“Displaced force enchantment?”
“Yes… Never seen one not on an industrial tool, though. It is a very novel idea to put it on armour.”
“So it isn’t usually used as a weapon?”
“Gods no,” Yuu replied with a chuckle. “The way it works is that it displaces the force at a set range and direction from the object. Like If I hit here,” Yuu explained, gently tapping her fist into Alex’s stomach. The force may be displaced a foot above my fist so the damage would collide here,” Yuu added, gesturing to a point nearer Alex’s neck.
“Why don’t more people use it offensively, then”? The noble asked.
“Few reasons mainly is it removes all the force from the object itself. I could have a spear and thrust it in your face, and it would only be like I tapped your head while the force would fly over your head. They are hell to get used to using. As I said, they are mainly used in industrial equipment when dealing with hazardous mining setups where being too close to the ore when mining is dangerous.”
“So this is the remote mining Wrath uses?”
“Yes,” Yuu replied with a nod.
“The other issue is it is it can’t be switched off. Anyone using that armour must have monstrous manastores to keep running like that. That or there is something altered about it…”
“Yuu, you are drooling,” Alex warned.
“Ah, sorry,” Yuu hastily said as she wiped the trail of drool away.
“Regardless that is a very difficult enchantment to actually use, especially if you have allies close to you, as it won’t differentiate between friend and foe. What Maxwell needs to do, though, is get in close. If he can get within the range of the active enchantment range, then he will be free to counterattack.”
As if by fate or because Yuu was speaking loud enough to be heard over the crowd's cheering. Maxwell began to do just that and close the distance to hand-to-hand combat rang.
Ironsides, with his heavy armour, was only able to make slow and clumsy swings that Maxwell, with his agility, was able to easily avoid. Transforming his hands into wolf claws, he dived onto Ironsides’ chest and began jabbing the claws into the joints and even the holes from the dragon's bitemark.
Like a terrifying fountain feature, Ironsides began spouting blood from the holes. Maxwell began to feel assured of his victory, only to suddenly feel a pair of metallic arms close around him in a titanic bear hug.
“Nyehhhh…. LET ME GO!!!” Maxwell shouted as he continued delivering strikes to the openings in Ironsides’ armour, failing to get him to loosen his grip.
In his flailing and strikes, Maxwell didn’t notice he had cut the strap used to keep Ironsides’ helmet on. So with a random strike, he knocked the helmet off the armoured giant, finally revealing his face to the crowd. The audience, the VIP box even Maxwell were left speechless by the sight before them.
Eventually, a number of the girls in the audience began screaming wildly while Maxwell, who was literally face to face with ironsides, tried his best to conceal his shock. Right before him was a face so handsome and chiselled that it looked like the gods had crafted him themselves. His elven ears came to perfect points; not a single feature left any bad impression. Even the small scar on his neck and above his eye only added to the mystique of his character. Three words began to cycle through the heads of all observing ’Sexy Buff Elf’.
He was handsome enough that even some of the boys in the audience began to have doubts o their orientation. Despite this, though, Ironsides started to go a deep shade of red as he roughly threw Maxwell away and went to retrieve his helmet.
Groaning on the floor as he felt his ribs mend themselves back into shape Maxwell unsteadily brought himself back to a standing position only to see Ironsides’ chagrin towards him with his arms crossed in front of him. Even with fast think, Maxwell was unable to react in time and found himself being repelled about a foot in front of Ironsides’ till he was pinned against the wall.
With his opponent pinned, Ironsides’ proceeded to keep Maxwell held with his left arm while swinging with his right. Eventually, after half a dozen swings, Ironsides retreated back and gestured to the referee booth.
Lincoln, trailed by Harry, stepped out into the ring and approached Maxwell. Checking him, Lincoln nodded to Harry, who ecstatically held the device to his mouth.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner by an actual battle knockout… OUR WINNER, IRONSIDES!!!!”
The crowd went wild with cheers, especially the female half of the audience, who were throwing their pantaloons into the arena for Ironsides, only for him to pick up and cradle Maxwell before retreating through the centre tunnel gently. This image burnt itself into the minds of the artists in the crowd, who had their imaginations voided by the sight of Tasha. A future artist trend was unknowingly set in motion that day.

Round Three Result: Victory by battle induced Knockout
Team Alex: I
Team Michael: I
Draws: I

Start of Alex Series
Start of Teacher Series: Lesson 1
Previous: A Gauntlet once thrown: (Round 2) Negative Magic v.s. Blood Magic
Next: A Gauntlet once thrown: (Round 4) Speed of the Enhancer v.s. Speed of the Projector
Royal Road
Alex and Freki Artwork // Class Picture

for more my universe, go to Random3X.
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2023.02.02 03:41 the-phony-pony Pony's Recommended Fics

As I'm working on updating the wiki, I decided to poke around my fanfic tracker and pull out some stories I think are worth reading. Enjoy my list!
Measure of a Man by inadaze22.
To truly know someone is to differentiate between who they once were, who they are now, and who they're capable of being. Hermione realises the duality of one man as she rectifies what she knows of the past and begins to understand the pieces of who Draco Malfoy is now: a father, a son, and a man.
Slow-burn Hermione GrangeDraco Malfoy. Explicit. Heed the tags and warnings!
Saving Connor by Lightning on the Wave
AU, eventual HPDM slash, very Slytherin!Harry. Harry's twin Connor is the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is devoted to protecting him by making himself look ordinary. But certain people won't let Harry stay in the shadows... COMPLETE
Written back in 2007 - an alternate telling where Harry is the WBWL. He is sorted into Slythern but discovers so much more about magic. Note that the tropes haven't aged all that well, but the story-crafting, magical theory, and writing are excellent.
the end of hogwarts by ballerinaroy
Albus Dumbledore knew better than to let the Ministry interfere at Hogwarts.If only Remus Lupin hadn’t missed the train.
The dementors hit the Hogwarts Express, and things don't go as planned.
The Potions Mistress by myrskytuuli
Up at the teacher’s table, professor Quirrell was talking to a teacher with dirty red hair hanging around her sickly pale face like a curtain. Looking past Quirrell, two poison-green eyes, devoid of any warmth or empathy, found Harry’s own brown ones, and he felt a sharp pain on his scar.“Who’s that teacher talking to professor Quirrell?”“Oh, you know professor Quirrell already do you? No wonder he’s looking so nervous, that’s professor Evans, the potions mistress. Don’t get on her bad side, the old hag hates students.“Harry looked again, but the teacher was no longer looking at him. Still, Harry could not escape the nagging feeling, which he had gotten just from a glimpse of her eyes and the cruel twist of her lips, that professor Evans did not like him very much.
Role-reversal - Lily Evans is the potions professor who hates Harry Potter. Very well written AU.
Swiftly Falling Snow by Welfycat
When Rachel Snow - the Girl-Who-Lived - is sorted into Slytherin House her life changes for the better. She makes a friend, and then another, and slowly gets used to the idea of magic. One small problem. She hasn’t spoken in three years and waving her wand around does nothing. Her Head of House, Professor Snape, seems determined that she will speak again and learn to cast magic. Rachel isn’t so sure, but she’s willing to try.
Another Slytherin!Harry re-write, but it's fem!Harry this time. 11 year olds act like 11 year olds in this series and the mentor!Snape relationship is very well written. Currently in year 6.
New Blood by artemisgirl
Sorted into Slytherin with the whisper of prophecy around her, Hermione refuses to bow down to the blood prejudices that poison the wizarding world. Carving her own path forward, Hermione chooses to make her own destiny, not as a Muggleborn, a halfblood, or as a pureblood... but as a New Blood, and everything the mysterious term means. ((Short chapters, done scene by scene))
The chapters are short & easily digestible - much more "slice of life" style. Follows Slytherin!Hermione as she explores magic in Hogwarts.
The Cactus and the Toad by mirrormarie
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom and Severus Snape find themselves in the uncomfortable position of working together.
Such a good post-war Hogwarts teaching fic! The characterization here is spectacular.
The Sum of Their Parts by holdmybeer
For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would become a Dark Lord. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. He should have known that Hermione and Ron wouldn't let him do it alone.
Dark Lord!Harry trope...kind of. I also enjoyed the characterization in this story.
The Assassin Wore White by apAiden
In canon, healers and mediwitches were seemingly spared from the predations of the Death Eaters during both Blood Wars. St. Mungo's would have been a very soft target, but it stood inviolate. One patient was attacked, but the hospital and it's staff were spared. The question is, why? What could have kept mad killers in check? As with a great many other things, Poppy knew.
Badass Poppy Pomfrey. Explores the function of mediwitches and healers during war.
The Eagle's Nest by HeartOfAspen
Hermione's eighth year at Hogwarts is already going to be difficult in the aftermath of the war, but is further thrown into upheaval when Headmistress McGonagall orders a re-sorting of all students to promote inter-house unity. But when the Sorting Hat sends Hermione to Ravenclaw with Draco - and without Harry or Ron - how will she cope? [Epilogue? What epilogue?] Prevalent alchemy.
Some of my favorite headcanons of what the different Houses have to offer to their students. Hermione/Draco ship.
we must unite inside her walls or we'll crumble from within by dirgewithoutmusic
stories for the ladies of hogwarts, who cry, waver, giggle, trespass, and who deserve our respect all the same
This is a collection of 8 character studies that focus on the girls of Hogwarts. Very well written one-shots.
boy with a scar by dirgewithoutmusic
A series of "what if" rewrites of Harry Potter, books 1-7. Cross-posted from tumblr (ink-splotch).
This is another collection by the same author, but this time of various AU/what-if scenarios. There's only one that isn't complete, but they're all little interesting snippets.
Debts of Honor by sareliz
... being a tale of the consequences of a single decision made by a single woman to change the fate of the whole world.There will be plot, there will be so much character development that you'll want to grow as a person just to keep up, and there will be lemons, limes, and beautiful steamy scenes.Come for the plot, stay for Viktor's letters.This is my gift of love to help counterbalance the fear of pandemic viruses.Keep calm and read on.
Amazing characterization! I love this story. Hermione/Viktor with events set in motion by Narcissa Malfoy paying reparations of a sort to Harry and Hermione. Hermione-centric, but has lots of wonderful little side spots to explore.
Stages of Hope by Kayly Silverstorm
“Your robes are…red,” Hermione finally said, strangely accusing.“Burgundy!” Severus protested. Red was tacky. Burgundy, however, had class.“And what did you do to your hair?” she asked in horrified fascination.Snape’s hand rose to his scalp.“Nothing! What is wrong with you? I just washed it and blow-dried it like every morning…”“Ah, I see.” She nodded and stepped back. “Alternate dimension. It must be.”
Harry, Hermione, Neville, and Luna travel to another dimension. Mind the tags. Good little friendship fic with moments of crack (as Harry is literally going crazy).
Draco Malfoy and the Mortifying Ordeal of Being in Love by isthisselfcare
Hermione straddles the Muggle and Magical worlds as a medical researcher and Healer about to make a big discovery. Draco is an Auror assigned to protect her from forces unknown – to both of their displeasure.Features hyper-competent, fiery Hermione and lazy, yet dangerous, Draco. Slow burn.
I have nothing but good things to say about this. Hermione/Draco. So many good things here.
I hope you can find something you enjoy!
submitted by the-phony-pony to HPfanfiction [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 00:18 DiceAddictedDragon Combat Medic Rogue Subclass

Hello! I’ve been working on a combat medic rogue subclass, and would like to ask for some feedback on it!

Medical Training

third level feature
You gain proficiency in Medicine. If you already have proficiency in Medicine, you gain proficiency in another skill instead. You can treat any Wisdom (Medicine) checks as Intelligence (Medicine checks). You also gain proficiency in the Herbalism Kit or Alchemy Supplies. If you already have proficiency in either, you may choose a different tool instead.
Furthermore, as part of your training in combat, you gain the following additional Cunning Actions:

First Aid

3rd level feature
At third level, you've become experienced enough to be able to help even badly injured and get them back on their feet, quickly. You gain a pool equal to your Sneak Attack dice, which you can expend as a bonus action to heal a creature an amount equal to the roll on the expended dice + your Dexterity modifier. The creature then also can expend a number of hit dice equal to half their level and regain hit points equal to those + their Constitution modifier for each of their hit dice. This pool replenishes after you perform a long rest.


9th level feature
You can also attempt to revive a recently diseased creature, as per the Revivify spell. You do not require the spells' material components, but require an healer's kit and 10 uses of it. Make a Wisdom (Medicine) check. The DC of this check is equal to 10 + the number of turns that passed since it reached 0 hit points. You, and if successful, the creature revived too, gain one level of exhaustion. No matter the outcome, this process takes 10 minutes and requires Concentration as if focusing on a spell and physical movement. During the process, you cannot perform any actions. If you are grappled, restrained or otherwise unable to perform the physical CPR, it fails automatically.
Balancing Note Assuming a maxed modifier and expertise in Medicine, at level 11+, the smallest result will be 10 + 2 * 4 + 5 = 23, which is an automatic success, even on the last turn possible, unless the creature succeeded on some death saving throws. This is balanced by the exhaustion level and uses of the healer's kit, which costs 5 GP and weighs 3 lbs. Also consider that taking the healer's kit out of one's bag (as it needs to be unused) requires an item interaction. It's hard to use in combat due to the Concentration requirement and stoppable by grappling the rogue.

Immunology Skills

13th level feature
At 13th level, you've spent a lot of time around disease. You are immune to non-magical diseases, and have advantage on any saving throws against other diseases. If the disease does not involve any saving throw, the duration is either doubled or halved; if the disease is fatal, it is doubled. If the disease is temporary, it is halved.
You can use your Alchemist supplies or Herbalism kit to make a vaccine against a disease over the course of a long rest, as long as you have a creature infected, a body of an infected creature, or another form of example of the disease. If the disease is magical in nature, the DM may require you to obtain more ingredients before you can do this.

Medical Miracle

17th Level feature
At 17th level, your medical skills have surpassed what man may think is possible. You can replicate the effects of the raise dead, regenerate, or greater restoration spell by spending 1 hour for the duration, and expending 10 uses of a healer's kit as material components. Afterwards, both you and the target of the effect gain a level of exhaustion.
submitted by DiceAddictedDragon to UnearthedArcana [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 23:12 DamienHelgrave D100 Rooms for an adventuring Guildhall

1: Central hall: will probably have a quest board, might have a tavern area
2: Offices: to manage
3: Member's Quarters
4: Training Quarters
5: Arena
6: Banquet Hall
7: Marketplace
8: Training Dungeon
9: Altar
10: Bank
11: Clan Center
12: Hall of Champions (Hall of Statues of Prominent Members)
13: Guildmaster's Office
14: "Tourism" Office (Basically a place to point out fun distractions for questing parties)
15: Tailory
16: Holiday Plaza (For Special Occasions)
17: Housing Units
18: Map Room
19: Game Room
20: Surveying Room
21: Armory
22: Teleportation Circle
23: Crafting Room
24: Kitchens
25: Wildergarden (Area of preserved wilderness out back)
26: Smithing Room
World Of Ideas
27: Airship Dock
28: Archery Range
29: Cells for bounties and criminals
30: Chapel
31: Dock
32: Dovecote for messenger pigeons
33: Garden for (alchemy ingredients, animal feed, medicinal herbs, poisons, spell components)
34: Guest rooms for clients
35: Leather Working shop
36: Library (ancient civilizations, Bestiaries, famous criminals, famous inventions, famous legends, famous magic items, laws, monsters, etc)
37: Obstacle Course
38: Stables
39: Trophy Room
40: Vault for valuables and treasure
41: Vault for dangerous artifacts
42: Artificing laboratory
43: Demiplane gateway
44: Monster pit (don't worry, they're well cared for)
45: Decoy treasury
46: Panic room
47: Meeting room
48: Private study
49: Psychiatrist office
50: Daycare for familiars
51: Infirmary
52: Planetarium displaying the planes of existence
53: Race Track
54: Bathroom
55: Swimming pool
56: Mundane item deposit
57: Spell testing area
58: Theatre
59: Gym
60: A dim common room with a large fireplace and comfortable chairs for returning Adventurers to have a quick nap.
61: A magically sound damped room for Elves and Psions to trance in peace.
62: A veterinary room with plenty of beds of different shapes, sizes and configurations to assist in healing animal companions and familiars.
63: A Summoning circle where extraplanar creatures are contacted for bonding or information about the going ons in different planes.
64: Teleportation Circle
65: Bunkhouse/bunk bay hall
66: Independent Adventurer Hostel
67: Toolshed
68: Mage's Tower
69: Lookout Tower
70: Guard Tower
71: Cannon Tower
72: Fountain
73: Art Gallery
74: Museum/Curiosity Displays
75: Fighting Pits
76: Sterile Surgery Room
77: War Room
78: Wine Cellar
79: Brewery
80: Vineyard
81: Meat Smokehouse
82: Clan Majordomo Suite (coveted by all members of the adventuring clan; furnished with the comfiest furnishings and increased privacy)
83: recruitment center: a couple offices for desk workers who design and hand out pamphlets to potential adventurers and host tours of the complex
84: tinker room: where adventurers dump interesting but unwanted items they’ve found for others to peruse and invent with
85: alchemy lab
86: Nursing Room
87: Egg Incubation Room
88: Sauna Room
89: Barber Shop
90: Temple
91: Tattoo Parlor
92: Wardrobe Room
93: Magic Enchantment Room
94: Star Observatory (Circle of Star Druids rejoice)
95: Most Wanted Bounty Room
96: Cistern
97: Scrying Room
98: Summoning Room
submitted by DamienHelgrave to d100 [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 22:44 FuzzyFurrBoy77 [FO4] Game Crashes Suddenly At Night In Sanctuary And I've Been Playing The Game For At Least An Hour Or So And It Seems To Be A New Thing.

This is my load order and if needed I also have the Buffout crash logs as well.
0 0 Fallout4.esm
1 1 DLCRobot.esm
2 2 DLCworkshop01.esm
3 3 DLCCoast.esm
4 4 DLCworkshop02.esm
5 5 DLCworkshop03.esm
6 6 DLCNukaWorld.esm
7 7 Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
8 8 WorkshopFramework.esm
9 9 XDI.esm
10 a ArmorKeywords.esm
11 b HUDFramework.esm
12 c Homemaker.esm
13 d SS2.esm
14 e SS2_XPAC_Chapter2.esm
254 FE 0 BetterCoastalWaves.esl
15 f ResourcesExpanded.esm
254 FE 1 BasicMining.esl
16 10 Commonwealth Buff-Et.esm
254 FE 2 DiamondCityAmbience.esl
254 FE 3 LushAmbience.esl
254 FE 4 Ketaros_NewMags.esl
254 FE 5 RealReadableBooks.esl
254 FE 6 Turnonthedam.esl
17 11 FrozenValley.esm
18 12 CWPointLookoutFO4.esm
19 13 TheWilderness.esm
20 14 SomberMountain.esm
21 15 TheForest.esm
22 16 TheSewers.esm
23 17 ProjectZeta.esm
24 18 Darlene.esm
25 19 TheMarshland.esm
254 FE 7 Resources Expanded - Recipes.esl
254 FE 8 FalloutInstrumentPack.esl
26 1a TheMoleratTunnels.esm
27 1b ProjectMojave.esm
28 1c Games.esm
29 1d BarstoolGames.esm
254 FE 9 BlairResidence.esl
254 FE a CWOutfitPackPart2.esl
254 FE b TheHouseOnTheLake.esl
254 FE c BeanAuthor.esl
254 FE d CWPointLookoutFO4Patch.esl
254 FE e NPSShopping.esl
254 FE f RunningWithHandsAnim.esl
254 FE 11 CWGaussRifle.esl
254 FE 12 ExplosiveBarrelsLight.esl
254 FE 13 HoloDisplay.esl
254 FE 14 Retro Radio Replacer.esl
254 FE 15 SS2WorkshopHUDOverride.esl
31 1f SettlementKeywords.esm
254 FE 16 LARGE_Immersive_Molotovs_FlamerESL.esl
33 21 TacticalReload.esm
254 FE 17 SombreMountainPatch.esl
254 FE 18 SS2CityPlanContest_Abernathy_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 19 SS2CityPlanContest_BostonAirport_GwenstheName_S3.esl
254 FE 1a SS2CityPlanContest_BostonAirport_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 1b SS2CityPlanContest_BostonAirport_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
254 FE 1c SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHIll_Karvoc_S2.esl
254 FE 1d SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHill_Ausplat_S2.esl
254 FE 1e SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHill_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 1f SS2CityPlanContest_BunkerHill_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 20 SS2CityPlanContest_CoastalCottage_Cessori_S3.esl
254 FE 21 SS2CityPlanContest_CoastalCottage_CryingCube2_S3.esl
254 FE 22 SS2CityPlanContest_CoastalCottage_PhilTCasual_S1.esl
254 FE 23 SS2CityPlanContest_CountryCrossing_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE 24 SS2CityPlanContest_CountyCrossing_SimSatan_S3.esl
254 FE 25 SS2CityPlanContest_CountyCrossing_TTG_S1.esl
254 FE 26 SS2CityPlanContest_CountyCrossing_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 27 SS2CityPlanContest_Covenant_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 28 SS2CityPlanContest_Covenant_harkness13_S2.esl
254 FE 29 SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_Gavman_S3.esl
254 FE 2a SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE 2b SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE 2c SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 2d SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_alan0n_S3.esl
254 FE 2e SS2CityPlanContest_CroupManor_reina_S3.esl
254 FE 2f SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_Choochoo1_S3.esl
254 FE 30 SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_KezzDaddy_S3.esl
254 FE 31 SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_NDCowdy_S2.esl
254 FE 32 SS2CityPlanContest_DaltonFarm_veelynnlove_S3.esl
254 FE 33 SS2CityPlanContest_EchoLakeLumber_KynthiaBarnes_S2.esl
254 FE 34 SS2CityPlanContest_EchoLakeLumber_NDCowdy_S2.esl
254 FE 35 SS2CityPlanContest_EchoLakeLumber_aSemioticGhost_S2.esl
254 FE 36 SS2CityPlanContest_EgretToursMarina_Blackbelt_S3.esl
254 FE 37 SS2CityPlanContest_EgretToursMarina_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 38 SS2CityPlanContest_EgretToursMarina_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE 39 SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_Gavman_S3.esl
254 FE 3a SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE 3b SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE 3c SS2CityPlanContest_FinchFarm_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 3d SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_Cessori_S3.esl
254 FE 3e SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_CodeNamed1_S3.esl
254 FE 3f SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
254 FE 40 SS2CityPlanContest_Graygarden_tate1066_S3.esl
254 FE 41 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_Cessori_S3.esl
254 FE 42 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_MadGax_S3.esl
254 FE 43 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 44 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
254 FE 45 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_altasilvapuer_S1.esl
254 FE 46 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_tate1066_S3.esl
254 FE 47 SS2CityPlanContest_GreentopNursery_veelynnlove_S3.esl
254 FE 48 SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_FenPhile_S3.esl
254 FE 49 SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_Freddrick_S3.esl
254 FE 4a SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE 4b SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_Phil_T_Casual_S1.esl
254 FE 4c SS2CityPlanContest_HangmansAlley_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
254 FE 4d SS2CityPlanContest_JamaicaPlain_Gavman_S3.esl
254 FE 4e SS2CityPlanContest_JamaicaPlain_NiGaud_S3.esl
254 FE 4f SS2CityPlanContest_JamaicaPlain_harkness13_S1.esl
254 FE 50 SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_Carinth_S3.esl
254 FE 51 SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE 52 SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
254 FE 53 SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 54 SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_altasilvapuer_S1.esl
254 FE 55 SS2CityPlanContest_KingsportLighthouse_harkness13_S1.esl
254 FE 56 SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_Ausplat_S2.esl
254 FE 57 SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 58 SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_Kharon93_S2.esl
254 FE 59 SS2CityPlanContest_LongfellowsCabin_KynthiaBarnes_S2.esl
254 FE 5a SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_Karvoc_S2.esl
254 FE 5b SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_LouAshfield_S3.esl
254 FE 5c SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 5d SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
254 FE 5e SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_tate1066_S3.esl
254 FE 5f SS2CityPlanContest_MechanistsLair_veelynnlove_S3.esl
254 FE 60 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Blackbelt_S3.esl
254 FE 61 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Carinth_S3.esl
254 FE 62 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 63 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE 64 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE 65 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_Niguad_S3.esl
254 FE 66 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_PyrateLV_S1.esl
254 FE 67 SS2CityPlanContest_Murkwater_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 68 SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_Blackbelt_S3.esl
254 FE 69 SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_Carinth_S3.esl
254 FE 6a SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_FEAROFCAPS_S3.esl
254 FE 6b SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_Myrmarachne_S2.esl
254 FE 6c SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_NDCowdy_S2.esl
254 FE 6d SS2CityPlanContest_NPVCenter_pedertl_S3.esl
254 FE 6e SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_Cessori_S3.esl
254 FE 6f SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 70 SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE 71 SS2CityPlanContest_NordhagenBeach_Phil_T_Casual_S1.esl
254 FE 72 SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE 73 SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 74 SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_Skywise_S3.esl
254 FE 75 SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_UNDRCVRGmrLdy_S3.esl
254 FE 76 SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_tate1066_S3.esl
254 FE 77 SS2CityPlanContest_NukaRedRocket_veelynnlove_S3.esl
254 FE 78 SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_CryingCube_S3.esl
254 FE 79 SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE 7a SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 7b SS2CityPlanContest_OberlandStation_RowanNightstalker_S3.esl
254 FE 7c SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_Ausplat_S2.esl
254 FE 7d SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 7e SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_Karvoc_S2.esl
254 FE 7f SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_PhilTCasual_S2.esl
254 FE 80 SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 81 SS2CityPlanContest_OutpostZimonja_zhinjio_S3.esl
254 FE 82 SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE 83 SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_Niguad_S3.esl
254 FE 84 SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_Rudy_S3.esl
254 FE 85 SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_Tagyrit_S3.esl
254 FE 86 SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_moonracer_S3.esl
254 FE 87 SS2CityPlanContest_RedRocket_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
254 FE 88 SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_Karvoc_S2.esl
254 FE 89 SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_Myrmarachne_S2.esl
254 FE 8a SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_SimSatan_S3.esl
254 FE 8b SS2CityPlanContest_SanctuaryHills_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 8c SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
254 FE 8d SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE 8e SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE 8f SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 90 SS2CityPlanContest_Slog_xMoridarx_S1.esl
254 FE 91 SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_Ausplat_S1.esl
254 FE 92 SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 93 SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE 94 SS2CityPlanContest_SomervillePlace_tate1066_S3.esl
254 FE 95 SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_Blackbelt_S3.esl
254 FE 96 SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
254 FE 97 SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE 98 SS2CityPlanContest_SpectacleIsland_WaningGibbous_S3.esl
254 FE 99 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Carinth_S3.esl
254 FE 9a SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Cessori_S3.esl
254 FE 9b SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_CryingCube2_S3.esl
254 FE 9c SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_FenPhile_S3.esl
254 FE 9d SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Fredderick_S3.esl
254 FE 9e SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE 9f SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE a0 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Myrmarachne_S1.esl
254 FE a1 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Reina_S3.esl
254 FE a2 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_Rudy_S1.esl
254 FE a3 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_tate1066_S3.esl
254 FE a4 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_veelynnlove_S3.esl
254 FE a5 SS2CityPlanContest_StarlightDrivein_zhinjio_S3.esl
254 FE a6 SS2CityPlanContest_SunshineTidings_Carinth_S3.esl
254 FE a7 SS2CityPlanContest_SunshineTidings_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE a8 SS2CityPlanContest_SunshineTidings_NigauD_S3.esl
254 FE a9 SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_KynthiaBarnes_S1.esl
254 FE aa SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_NDCowdy_S1.esl
254 FE ab SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_SimSatan_S3.esl
254 FE ac SS2CityPlanContest_TaffingtonBoathouse_xMORIDARx_S1.esl
254 FE ad SS2CityPlanContest_Tenpines Bluff_Carinth_S3.esl
254 FE ae SS2CityPlanContest_Tenpines Bluff_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE af SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE b0 SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Karvoc_S2.esl
254 FE b1 SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE b2 SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Tarkkh_S3.esl
254 FE b3 SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_Tori_S2.esl
254 FE b4 SS2CityPlanContest_TheCastle_veelynnlove_S3.esl
254 FE b5 SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_Choochoo1_S3.esl
254 FE b6 SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_GavMan_S3.esl
254 FE b7 SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_Myrmarachne_S2.esl
254 FE b8 SS2CityPlanContest_Vault88_harkness13_S2.esl
254 FE b9 SS2CityPlanContest_Warwick_Karvoc_S3.esl
254 FE ba SS2CityPlanContest_Warwick_Tarkh_S3.esl
254 FE bb SS2CityPlanContest_Warwick_xMORIDARx_S3.esl
254 FE bc Ladder.esl
254 FE bd ClimbableLadders.esl
34 22 FlirtyCommonwealthMM.esp
254 FE be VisibleWeapons.esp
254 FE bf LOST Visible Weapons Patch.esp
254 FE c0 SS2AOP_VaultTecTools.esp
254 FE c1 LOST Vault-Tec Tools SS2 Patch.esp
254 FE c2 LOST Sim Settlements 2 Patch.esp
254 FE c3 LOST Workshop Framework Patch.esp
254 FE c4 LOST SS2 Chapter 2 Patch.esp
35 23 BTInteriors_Project.esp
36 24 BTITIP.esp
37 25 PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul.esp
38 26 Phase4DLC.esp
39 27 NukaWorldPlus.esp
40 28 Armorsmith Extended.esp
41 29 PH_HighwayProject.esp
42 2a 3DNPC_FO4.esp
43 2b Ketaros_Treasures.esp
44 2c KetPatch01.esp
45 2d LootableCrates.esp
254 FE c5 BTInt_Optimization.esp
46 2e LootableCrates MergedDLCs.esp
47 2f 1ECHO.esp
48 30 RPD.esp
49 31 FunctionalDisplays.esp
254 FE c6 FogOut - Interiors - All DLC.esp
254 FE c7 Alchemy-ForBotanists.esp
254 FE c8 PRPFX-Financial.esp
51 33 MojaveImports.esp
52 34 subwayrunnnerdynamiclighting.esp
53 35 The Train.esp
54 36 FaceMaxson.esp
55 37 GlowingSeaEXPANDED.esp
254 FE c9 PRPFX-Corvega.esp
56 38 TU3SD4Y'S Fallout 76 Watchtowers REDUX.esp
57 39 Eli_Armour_Compendium.esp
58 3a CHEF.esp
59 3b 3dscopes.esp
60 3c Realistic Reverb and Ambiance.esp
61 3d FarHarborStory.esp
62 3e Pipsy.esp
63 3f SS2Extended.esp
64 40 Vault4.esp
254 FE ca StoryWealthLocation-CrabShack.esp
65 41 Vivid Weathers - FO4.esp
66 42 3DNPC_FO4_DLC.esp
67 43 Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Quest.esp
254 FE cb WET.esp
254 FE cc Wetness Shader Fix.esp
254 FE cd BasicMining.esp
68 44 WZWildWasteland.esp
69 45 W.A.T.Minutemen.esp
70 46 WerrsAppHouse.esp
71 47 CSEPAllAmericans.esp
72 48 SalemEXPANDED.esp
73 49 AtlasSummit.esp
74 4a SwampsEXPANDED.esp
75 4b Reinforcements.esp
76 4c HagenEXPANDED.esp
77 4d DCGuard_Overhaul.esp
78 4e Stm_DiamondCityExpansion.esp
79 4f MaxwellsWorl.esp
80 50 GlowingSeaApartment.esp
81 51 Pulowski Shelter Save Point Balanced.esp
82 52 Flashy_PersonalEssentials.esp
254 FE ce PRPFX-BostonCommon.esp
254 FE cf F4llout76 - Mutations.esp
83 53 SailboatAbode.esp
254 FE d0 Fusion Energy Drink.esp
84 54 More Smarter Companions Mod.esp
85 55 Ketaros_World.esp
254 FE d1 SRO - Syringer Overhaul.esp
86 56 1WAIT.esp
87 57 Children of Ug Qualtoth.esp
88 58 KellyManor.esp
89 59 TU3SD4Y'S Camp Cochituate V2.0.esp
90 5a PrivateContract.esp
91 5b Flashy_CrimeAndPunishment.esp
254 FE d2 Vivid Waters.esp
92 5c Flashy_CrimeAndPunishment_GunForHire_Addon.esp
93 5d Skb_RiflesRebirth.esp
94 5e Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp
95 5f RadiumInc.esp
96 60 Blazkowicz.esp
97 61 M2_Flamethrower_2.2.esp
98 62 F4 Death Tunnel.esp
99 63 3DNPC_FO4Settler.esp
100 64 Flashy_Infestations.esp
101 65 Mk41GyrojetHMG.esp
254 FE d3 HalfwayRockLighthouse.esp
102 66 TheBackrooms-ThePoolrooms.esp
103 67 SS2_FDK_TinyLiving.esp
104 68 AA 50 Ways To Die.esp
105 69 Lore Notes.esp
106 6a Teddies 76.esp
107 6b ABundleofTape.esp
254 FE d4 RansackedRelay.esp
108 6c InGameCollectibleMaps.esp
109 6d Rsiyo'sLocationPack.esp
110 6e cVc Dead Wasteland 6.esp
254 FE d5 Nightmare_Raiders.esp
111 6f Vertibird Faction Paint Schemes.esp
112 70 SubmersiblePowerArmorRedux.esp
113 71 CSEPBountyMod.esp
114 72 InsideJobs.esp
115 73 bbprepatch.esp
116 74 Ak5C.esp
254 FE d6 PC-DCGaussRiflePatch.esp
Ultimate M4 Pack_No TR_LLInjector.esp
117 75 1918bar.esp
118 76 ChineseRemnants.esp
254 FE d7 FunctionalDisplays-Collectibles.esp
254 FE d8 FunctionalDisplays-MISC-Weightless.esp
254 FE d9 FunctionalDisplays-MISC-Vanilla.esp
120 78 OldTimeReligion.esp
121 79 His Kingdom Come.esp
122 7a MREs.esp
123 7b AR_DLC01.esp
124 7c HandmadeSMG.esp
125 7d LAER.esp
126 7e CSEPBIARedux.esp
127 7f SS2HappyTrails.esp
128 80 TheTunnels - BasicMiningPatch.esp
129 81 BH_StG44.esp
130 82 AmbientTunnels.esp
131 83 PigTwinEagles.esp
132 84 MakeshiftCMG.esp
133 85 VaultTecStory.esp
134 86 [SS2 Addon] SimSettlements SuperStructures.esp
254 FE da SS2_GunForHire_Patch.esp
135 87 CWCreateABot.esp
136 88 SS2WastelandVenturers.esp
137 89 Miami Misadventures EP1.esp
138 8a vftfromprydwen.esp
139 8b WilkesEstate.esp
140 8c FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
141 8d DeathRift.esp
142 8e LR_Pizza.esp
143 8f Marmo1233 - PowerArmorAirdrop.esp
144 90 His Kingdom Come - Radio Station Addon.esp
145 91 Zanthir_TasteOfBlues.esp
254 FE db VanBuren_223.esp
146 92 HandmadeMac.esp
147 93 CSEPHomeSick.esp
254 FE dc XR92_Rifle.esp
148 94 HuntingShotgun.esp
254 FE dd NV_LMG.esp
149 95 EnclaveRemnants.esp
254 FE de BostonAirport_WorkshopFix.esp
150 96 FCOM.esp
254 FE df InsideJobs_UFO4P.esp
254 FE e0 OldTimeReligion-UgPatch.esp
151 97 HuntingRevolver.esp
152 98 GreaseGunSMG.esp
254 FE e1 RemoteExplosives.esp
254 FE e2 LOST Remote Explosives Patch.esp
153 99 pulsecarbine.esp
254 FE e3 LOST PulseCarbine Patch.esp
154 9a Mosin.esp
254 FE e4 LOST Mosin Patch.esp
155 9b MercenaryOutfits.esp
254 FE e5 LOST Merc Outfit Patch.esp
254 FE e6 LOST Homemaker Patch.esp
254 FE e7 LOST Darlene Patch.esp
156 9c Atomic Lust.esp
254 FE e8 LOST SCDO Patch.esp
254 FE e9 LOST Phase4 Patch.esp
LOST Beantown Interiors Patch.esp
254 FE ea LOST Nuka World Plus Patch.esp
157 9d More_Clothes_Textures.esp
254 FE eb LOST More Clothes Patch.esp
158 9e InfiltratorSMG_NoMunitions.esp
254 FE ec Homemaker - Streetlights Use Passive Power.esp
159 9f SS2_CityPlanPack_RiseOfTheCommonwealth.esp
254 FE ed LOST Tales Commonwealth Patch.esp
254 FE ee LOST Echo Patch.esp
254 FE ef LOST See Through Scopes Patch.esp
254 FE f0 LOST Alchemy Botanist Patch.esp
254 FE f1 LOST Eli Compendium Patch.esp
254 FE f2 LOST Huntress Manor Patch.esp
254 FE f3 LOST Vivid Weathers Patch.esp
254 FE f4 LOST SS2 Extended Patch.esp
254 FE f5 LOST Pipsy Patch.esp
254 FE f6 LOST Fourville Patch.esp
254 FE f7 LOST CHEF Patch.esp
254 FE f8 Vivid Weathers - Natural Bright.esp
254 FE f9 Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Far Harbor.esp
254 FE fa LOST Vivid Weathers QUEST Patch.esp
254 FE fb LOST Wild Wasteland Patch.esp
254 FE fc LOST WATM Patch.esp
254 FE fd LOST Maxwell's Patch.esp
254 FE fe LOST Diamond City Expansion Patch.esp
254 FE ff LOST Bleachers Patch.esp
254 FE 100 LOST Syringer Overhaul Patch.esp
254 FE 101 LOST Wait Patch.esp
254 FE 102 LOST Ug Qualtoth Patch.esp
254 FE 103 LOST Kelly Manor Patch.esp
254 FE 104 LOST Rifles Rebirth Patch.esp
254 FE 105 LOST Radium Patch.esp
254 FE 106 LOST Backpacks Commonwealth Patch.esp
254 FE 107 LOST Flamethrower Patch.esp
254 FE 108 LOST Settlers of the Commonwealth Patch.esp
254 FE 109 ValentineCases.esp
254 FE 10a LOST Valentine Cases Patch.esp
254 FE 10b LOST MK Gyrojet Patch.esp
254 FE 10c LOST Ransacked Relays Patch.esp
254 FE 10d LOST 50 Ways to Die Patch.esp
160 a0 [ARR] FallEvil - Palehead.esp
254 FE 10e LOST FallEvil Patch.esp
254 FE 10f LOST Bundle of Tape Patch.esp
254 FE 110 LOST HR Collectible Patch.esp
254 FE 111 LOST CSEP Killer Patch.esp
254 FE 112 LOST Ak5C Patch.esp
254 FE 113 LOST HandmadeSMG Patch.esp
254 FE 114 LOST Grease Gun Patch.esp
161 a1 VltSec10mmSmg.esp
162 a2 Explosives Expanded.esp
254 FE 115 LOST Explosives Expanded Patch.esp
254 FE 116 ExplosiveExpanded_LLInjector.esp
BBD_Combined_Death Squad and Enviro.esp
163 a3 PIP-Pad.esp
254 FE 117 eXoKetarosBoardGamesShelf.esp
254 FE 118 eXoKetarosPostCardRack.esp
254 FE 119 Ambient Wasteland.esp
254 FE 11a PC-TD64.esp
254 FE 11b Mk41GyroHMG_LLInjector.esp
254 FE 11c ChineseRemnants_CWOutfitPackII.esp
254 FE 11d ChineseRemnants_TD64.esp
254 FE 11e HumanSuperMutantArmor.esp
164 a4 CriticalHitsOutsideofVATS.esp
254 FE 11f BodyTalk3-LooksMenu.esp
254 FE 120 LooksMenu.esp
165 a5 ohSIM_Sim2_Settlements_Scrappers_Addon.esp
166 a6 ImmersiveVendors.esp
254 FE 121 Elzee Jolly Item Sounds.esp
254 FE 122 CBBE.esp
254 FE 123 RLG.esp
254 FE 124 RLG-AWKCR.esp
167 a7 AnimatedRadaway.esp
254 FE 125 Better Vertibird.esp
254 FE 126 Better_Notes.esp
168 a8 Crackle.esp
169 a9 CROSS_GoreCrits.esp
254 FE 127 LOST Crit Gore-verhaul Patch.esp
254 FE 128 CROSS_GoreCrits_FarHarborPatch.esp
170 aa Classic Combat Armor.esp
254 FE 129 LOST Classic Combat Patch.esp
171 ab Commonwealth Captives.esp
254 FE 12a BattleRifle.esp
172 ac Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture.esp
254 FE 12b dD-Enhanced Blood Basic.esp
254 FE 12c FunctionalDisplays-Patch-DLC-ALL-Weightless.esp
173 ad DarkerNights.esp
254 FE 12d Vivid Weathers - No snow under the roof-Patch.esp
254 FE 12e DarkerNightsDetection.esp
174 ae ZombieWalkers_Lite.esp
254 FE 12f Leah's Partial Chems.esp
254 FE 130 C.E.C.S - Combat Enhancing Chemical Substances.esp
254 FE 131 ImmersiveAnimationFramework.esp
254 FE 132 LOST IAF Patch.esp
254 FE 133 C.E.C.S. - IAF Patch.esp
254 FE 134 C.E.C.S. - Jolly Item Sounds Patch.esp
175 af AnimChemRedux.esp
254 FE 135 LOST Anim Chems Patch.esp
254 FE 136 FunctionalDisplays-Patch-DLC-ALL.esp
176 b0 BarstoolGames_NW.esp
254 FE 137 MaxwellsWorl XDI Patch.esp
254 FE 138 Companion Fall Damage Immunity.esp
254 FE 139 LegendariesTheyCanUse.esp
254 FE 13a BetterSettlersNoLollygagging.esp
177 b1 BetterSettlers.esp
254 FE 13b CHEF - WastelandImports Patch.esp
254 FE 13c FunctionalDisplays-AID-WI-Weightless.esp
254 FE 13d FunctionalDisplays-AID-WI.esp
179 b3 Cannabis Commonwealth.esp
254 FE 13e Enhanced Commonwealth Wardrobe.esp
254 FE 13f LOST Enhanced Wardrobe Patch.esp
254 FE 140 Clothing Of The Commonwealth.esp
254 FE 141 CollarsForHumans.esp
254 FE 142 Danse GTFO Power Armor.esp
180 b4 Explosives Expanded Leveled List.esp
254 FE 143 FogOut - Exterior - All DLC - Darker Nights - Level 0 - Dark Sky - No24-7.esp
254 FE 144 Fusion Energy Drink - IAF Patch.esp
254 FE 145 PushAwayCompanions.esp
254 FE 146 OMEGA - IAF Buff-Et Patch.esp
254 FE 147 IcebreakerCDO-Settlements.esp
254 FE 148 Fusion Energy Drink - Jolly Item Sounds Patch.esp
254 FE 149 Leaf Piles Improved.esp
181 b5 Locky Bastard.esp
182 b6 Locksmith.esp
254 FE 14a Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp
254 FE 14b More Where That Came From - Classic.esp
254 FE 14c More Where That Came From Diamond City.esp
254 FE 14d NPC Accuracy Revised.esp
183 b7 Northland Diggers New.esp
254 FE 14e AzarPonytailHairstyles.esp
184 b8 Binoculars.esp
254 FE 14f LOST PreWar Binoculars Patch.esp
254 FE 150 Binoculars_FireSupport.esp
185 b9 Prisoner Shackles.esp
186 ba Publick Occurrences Expanded.esp
187 bb Realistic_conversations.esp
254 FE 151 dD-Realistic Ragdoll Force.esp
254 FE 152 roadflare.esp
254 FE 153 SCDC_v0.5.esp
188 bc SKKFastBOS.esp
254 FE 154 Northland Diggers.esp
254 FE 155 ShellRain.esp
254 FE 156 SimHomestead2.esp
254 FE 157 AlexSleevePatcher.esp
254 FE 158 SimSettlements2_AddOnPack_ApocalypticAdditions_SirLach.esp
189 bd Tactical Thinking.esp
190 be InstituteReformation.esp
191 bf SurvivalSaving_Holotapes.esp
192 c0 TacticalMods.esp
193 c1 TopShelfWetterWasteland.esp
254 FE 159 Throwing Knife.esp
254 FE 15a True-Frags_v1-2_HiDmg_Knockdown_LongRange_NukaDLC.esp
194 c2 UGO_PlayerModule.esp
195 c3 EFF.esp
254 FE 15b Vertibird Loadout Overhaul.esp
196 c4 PD_VisualReload.esp
254 FE 15c WAVE.esp
197 c5 Extended weapon mods.esp
254 FE 15d Don't Shoot the Nuke (All DLC Edition).esp
254 FE 15e SS2Extended_OutfitInjectionPatch.esp
198 c6 F4CW10mmSMG.esp
254 FE 15f LOST F3 10mm SMG Patch.esp
254 FE 160 PC_ClassicCA.esp
254 FE 161 YangtzeRedux.esp
199 c7 ZaZOut4.esp
254 FE 162 SS2_XDI Patch.esp
200 c8 Fleshsmith.esp
254 FE 163 OMEGA - IAF Partial Chems Patch.esp
254 FE 164 OMEGA - IAF CHEF Patch.esp
254 FE 165 Ketaros_Treasures_DLC01.esp
254 FE 166 Elzee Have a Seat.esp
254 FE 167 Project Reality Footsteps FO4.esp
201 c9 DarleneDLC.esp
202 ca SS2WastelandReconstructionKit.esp
254 FE 168 PC-10mmSMGPatch.esp
254 FE 169 MojaveImports - Combat Addon.esp
203 cb GunnerHitSquad.esp
254 FE 16a CHS-PC_Patch.esp
204 cc BarstoolGames_FH.esp
205 cd QuazTelevisionReplacer.esp
254 FE 16b SS2_BleachersDCStory_Patch.esp
206 ce SS2-Jampads2.esp
207 cf HaxRPG7.esp
208 d0 Cho1_ss2_Barmod_Conversion.esp
209 d1 SS2_ruined_simsettlement_addonpack.esp
210 d2 SS2_Addon_FHE.esp
211 d3 Enclave-X02.esp
212 d4 JunkTownTwo.esp
213 d5 cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC.esp
214 d6 cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC2.esp
215 d7 cVc Dead Wasteland 6 DLC3.esp
254 FE 16c cVc Dead Wasteland 6 AWKCR-VIS_Patch.esp
254 FE 16d Vivid Weathers - Nuka World.esp
254 FE 16e Covscript.esp
254 FE 16f SS2_DLCSettlerPatch.esp
254 FE 170 SailboatAbode_PtLookoutPatch.esp
216 d8 Follower Revive System.esp
254 FE 171 RussianStimpack.esp
254 FE 172 StartMeUpShaunDefaultAppearance.esp
254 FE 173 RPD_LLI.esp
254 FE 174 BH_StG44_LL.esp
254 FE 175 IAF - Far Harbor & Nuka World.esp
254 FE 176 Wet Effects.esp
254 FE 177 LOST Old Time Religion Patch.esp
254 FE 178 LOST MREs Patch.esp
254 FE 179 LOST LAER Patch.esp
254 FE 17a LOST Vault494 Patch.esp
254 FE 17b LOST Wilkes Estate Patch.esp
254 FE 17c LOST SS2 Wasteland Venturers Patch.esp
254 FE 17d LOST NPC Travel Patch.esp
254 FE 17e LOST Hunting Shotgun Patch.esp
254 FE 17f LOST Jampads 2 Patch.esp
254 FE 180 RedShiftPowerArmor.esp
254 FE 181 LOST Red Shift PA Patch.esp
254 FE 182 LOST Hunting Sequoia Patch.esp
254 FE 183 LOST RPG Patch.esp
254 FE 184 Crossbow.esp
254 FE 185 LOST Crossbow Patch.esp
254 FE 186 LAER-Armorsmith_Patch.esp
254 FE 187 LAER Automatron Weapons.esp
254 FE 188 FOMiami_Uzi_LLInjector.esp
254 FE 189 ChineseRemnants_RedShiftArmor.esp
254 FE 18a ChinaCommando.esp
254 FE 18b ChineseRemnants_ChineseCommando.esp
254 FE 18c Hunting_LLInjector.esp
217 d9 Thematic and Practical.esp
218 da Thematic and Practical - DLC.esp
219 db FHSBonus.esp
254 FE 18d NoBoSHostility.esp
254 FE 18e AutomatronCountyCrossingFix.esp
220 dc GetDirty.esp
221 dd GreaseRatGarbs.esp
254 FE 18f LOST Grease Rat Garbs Patch.esp
254 FE 190 OMEGA - IAF Pizza Patch.esp
222 de SS2_Addon_R2R.esp
254 FE 191 GreaseRatGarbs_RaiderPatch.esp
223 df PlayerMarriage.esp
224 e0 Viper6610.esp
254 FE 192 OMEGA - IAF MRE Patch.esp
254 FE 193 EnclaveRemnants_DC-MercOutfits.esp
254 FE 194 PC-RSeries.esp
254 FE 195 SS2-Jampads2_ImportsPatch.esp
254 FE 196 EnclaveRemnant_CW-X02.esp
225 e1 Journal.esp
226 e2 MentalHealth.esp
227 e3 SS2-PraRandomAddon.esp
254 FE 197 SS2-PraRandomAddon-VIS.esp
254 FE 198 PowerLinePhysics.esp
228 e4 LureEnemies.esp
229 e5 StartMeUp.esp
254 FE 19a LOST StartMeUp Patch.esp
230 e6 PlayerComments.esp
254 FE 19b PlayerComments_PiperCaitCurieDialogueOverhaul_Patch.esp
254 FE 19c PlayerCommentsStartMeUpPatch.esp
254 FE 19d PlayerComments_UFO4P_Patch.esp
254 FE 19e PlayerComments_IcebreakerCDO-Settlements_MainVersion_Patch.esp
231 e7 StartMeUpFarHarborPatch.esp
232 e8 StartMeUpNukaWorldPatch.esp
233 e9 EnhancedLightsandFX.esp
254 FE 19f EnhancedLightsandFX - Automatron.esp
254 FE 1a0 ELFX-PreVis.esp
254 FE 1a1 ELFX-3DNPC.esp
254 FE 1a2 Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
254 FE 1a3 PIP-Pad_Pip-BoyFlashlight.esp
254 FE 1a4 ELFX-Phase4DLC.esp
254 FE 1a5 ELFX-PointLookout.esp
254 FE 1a6 WorkshopFramework_ScriptOverride.esp
submitted by FuzzyFurrBoy77 to FalloutMods [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 21:02 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
submitted by Mizzno to indiegameswap [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 18:38 thebowedbookshelf [Bonus Read] So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish by Douglas Adams, chapters 1-19

Welcome to book 4 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe series. Let's see what Arthur and company are doing.
There's a brief summary of how it's been going on Earth. A girl in Rickmansworth discovered the meaning of life before Earth was destroyed by the Vogons.
A small spacecraft lands on a planet and releases a passenger. Rob McKenna is a grumpy truck driver. He has listed 231 types of rain and hates all of them. He splashes a giant puddle all over a hitchhiker. Rob doesn't know that he's a Rain God. Someone finally picks up the hitchhiker. They are all on Earth, which Ford Prefect wrote in the Guide as "Mostly harmless."
Speaking of Ford, he's on another planet trying to pay his huge bar tab with an Amex credit card. An intimidating barman, a big bird, and a disembodied hand and forearm almost beat him up until Ford offers to write about the bar in the Guide. Han Dold City is a gritty place. Ford tells a girl he is owed back pay for his two words he wrote about Earth. It might get revised away. He looks at the entry again and sees there's more than two words on the entry for Earth. The planet is back! He steals a helicopter and trades it for a ticket on the next ship out.
Arthur Dent was the hitchhiker in the rain. A man named Russell and his sedated sister Fenny picked him up. Arthur falls in love with her. Russell is unsympathetic and says that she is a nutter with delusions. She cracked up in a cafe. There was a dead CIA agent and a mass hallucination about ships destroying the planet in this timeline.
Arthur walks the rest of the way to the village in shock. It's only been five months since the Earth was destroyed in this timeline. He stands outside the bar, and a friend's dog barks at him. He realizes he looks too raggedy to be seen in public and hides. His house still stands. There's a mountain of junk mail. His phone rings but stops when he reaches it. His room is still a disaster area. The only thing different is a box with a bow on top. Inside is a fishbowl and when held up to the light the words "So Long and Thanks…" show up. He fills it with water and plops the Babel fish into it. He can't sleep, so he climbs onto the roof, well groomed and with a new power: he can sense other minds. He senses Fenny. He notices he's flying and drops to the ground.
In the morning, Arthur cleans the house and calls work to tell them he went mad. He tells the people at the pub that he was on vacation in Southern California. He blathers on about alchemy that turns body fat into gold. The patrons are skeptical.
Ford pilots the ship as we hear a computer voice telling the time. Someone is in a suspended animation chamber. A signal is beamed from a faraway planet.
Arthur drives and is shocked to see Fenny by the side of the road holding an umbrella. Rob runs it over with his truck. She wonders why he knows her name. Is he a creeper? She needs a ride to Taunton to take the train to London. He tries to explain how he knows her name and how she's important to his life. They stop at a pub near the station where a woman interrupts them twice trying to raise money for a raffle. Fenny's full name is Fenchurch. Only her jerk half brother calls her Fenny. Her parents named her that because she was conceived in Fenchurch station. She gives him her number.
Arthur won a bagpipe music record. The winning ticket had her phone number on it and was taken from him! (It wasn't number 42 but 37.) Meanwhile in California, a forlorn man named John Watson watches the sun set. He has a gray glass bowl like Arthur's.
Arthur can't find the ticket stub with the number on it. He talks to Rob again. The rain seems to follow him everywhere. He kept a diary as proof. Arthur throws himself into a new project: finding whatever became of his cave. He buys a computer and software to triangulate the location. The cave was at Fenchurch's door! She lives in a carriage house and has him help her hoist a cello up to the second floor with pulleys. She goes to her gallery bedroom to change, and Arthur can't help but watch. She tells him there's something wrong with her.
Ford is still on the Xaxisian ship in the midst of a battle. He ignores it and uses a memory dump module to download the Guide and add it to the ship's data banks.
Bingo card: 1980s, Bonus Read, Sci-fi, and Romance maybe?
Questions are in the comments. Join me next week, February 8, for Chapters 20-Epilogue.
submitted by thebowedbookshelf to bookclub [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 18:22 goodnewsjimdotcom [Long/Verbose/Colorful/Experienced/Deep/Philosophical] I disliked Oblivion's design where enemies leveling with you so I did not buy it or Skyrim... I am faced with employing a similar system. Judge not Lest you Be Judged.

I have sections with bold so you can read or skip them to get to the good parts of interest to you.
[Establishing credibility/experience] I've been gaming non stop since Pacman in 1980, and when I say nonstop, I mean non stop. I eat, breathe and live for my next video game session: even old boring Atari2600 I forced myself to push beyond the boredom and practice hours every day I could. Video games are my life's passion and they use every art form man has known and some man hasn't discovered yet so they are a very noble pursuit. When someone tells you video game design/coding is for children, they have no clue what they're talking about. Video game development is harder than business software development and business software development is often vastly harder than rocket science. So hats off to my fellow game designers/coders, you endure disrespect from society while doing something more intellectually demanding than anything but enduring pain, which frankly, we sometimes experience mentally as we languish getting things done. This concludes the preface.
[Not dissing Skyrim/Oblivion for attention] I open with a bit of background because it sounds pretentious to say,"I don't like a design in one of the most popular games ever known to man.". In Pittsburgh where I live, there's always sports fans who will trash talk players and coaches if they slip up just a bit even if they're a legend like Ben Roethlisberger. There's a contrarian who will hot take dissing popular things just because it attracts attention. I'm not being a Pittsburgh jag contrarian, and why I established credibility before beginning this long odd odyssey into game design about a journey in space MMO who's seeks to capture and take hold of players's live path for a long time and keep with them something that goes on into the sojourn of eternity. Long>Long>Long>Long>Longcat
[Why I was off put by Oblivion monsters getting stronger by players leveling] The classic RPG we were trained since Ultima 1, Final Fantasy 1, Pool of Radiance Boxed sets, Legacy of the Ancients, Act Raiser, you name it, is to grind to win. If things get tough, just level your character, get more equipment, and you can take on the big bosses.
The idea that monsters leveled at a rate along side the player meant the certainty of powering past their strength is not there.
Is it even worth leveling? I play RPGS in part to get powerful and come beat up the monsters who bullied my hero earlier. *"Remember me? I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school."***
And what about game design laziness? Are there harder dungeon levels, or did the game designers just make the whole world with the same monsters and it becomes challenging because of numbepositioning of them?"*
In the end, I didn't give these games a chance. I should have seen for myself, but I was involved in my own projects at the time(you know the drill, no time for my stuff, so I have less time for your stuff).
[A joke and one thing I liked about Oblivion's leveling system] A few years ago, I saw comedic genius in Oblivion tho. My aunt had it on Xbox and I'm there waiting for New Years with nothing to do so I reluctantly start it. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but it seemed if I leveled jump, it counted as powering up the monsters. As a player, I see that I level up a skill by using it and I like that. It reminices of Wasteland and I have an RPG I never published that friends love that uses leveling up skill on use. It's a surprise grind and players love it. I love it as a player at least.
So I see myself leveling by jumping... So I do the natural thing and start bunny hopping around the world like The Flying Wallendas. I think,"Man how high can I jump? I wonder if it gets ridiculous like Asheron's Call 1 and I can jump over mountains." I started getting stoked about my jump leveling. And again, I'm not sure if this happened or I just thought it happened, but by leveling jump, I feel like the monsters started curb stomping me and killing me faster. At first I thought it was unfair, then I realized I was hopping around the game like The Easter Bunny and decided I deserved to get wacked for it and laughed and started a new character.
[Why I think my hand was forced to monsters getting stronger along side players] Why do I think I must use this system to some degree? Now you must know my game's backstory.
My game is an open ended space trading game like Elite Dangerous.
Space is boring. And I mean really really boring. Unless you spice it with aliens and anomalies and other weird stuff, it's just rocks, gas and waiting to get to more rocks and gas.
I added random events to unborify space. Some aliens attack. Some trade. Some just shoot the breeze. Some offer quests like mail delivery... But some random events are actually... The core story missions. I found it a good idea to put core story missions and quests in random events, instead of on a static location in a million star galaxy... For the odds of finding a quest giver in a million stars with many planets with many meters of exploration... Well you have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack in that one King's Quest game. I say this story line/quest progression INSIDE random events happening every 30-120seconds is one of the core things that leads me to my hand being forced.
So your random events happen anywhere in space, outer space, aeronebula, aquanebula, populated zones, desolate zones,asteroid fields, orbits of planets, different star ages, doesn't matter where you're at, you get events. Now events will be biased on where you're at. You will get attacked by more space whales or sharks with laser beams on their heads in aquanebula. There's more chance for herbs to be harvested in aeronebula where there's plants growing in space. Newer stars are larger more mineral rich for drops like Master of Orion did. Older Stars have more native civilization encounters. The events happen everywhere, but where you're at determines the rolls.
I have some linear progression towards tougher zones and tougher enemies, but lets design as if I didn't: I'd fall into the trap of having to gauge my player's power for the encounter, right? I think my hand was forced but maybe not.
[Discussion on how to go about implementing monsters getting stronger along side players or not at all] My game is soft perma death so you'll be in the starter zone from time to time after your gigundous fleet got destroyed as it failed to conquer the galaxy and crush it under your will by a bunch of yahoo resistance fighters who teamed up. Jerks. Why can't people just let people rule galaxies with a tyrannical grip in peace?
Players can start the game with quite the more power than your average level 1.
So lets examine ways of making things challenging with enemies: 1) Power them up like Oblivion, but not oppressive, so the player's rate of power out strips the enemy so you feel progression... Yet as you get higher level, random chance opens the bell curve of difficulty so you might face overwhelming odds to avoid or overcome... Aka level 1 you're 1v1 ships... Level 30, your fleet of 40 ships might smoke a lot of encounters 40v1 or 40v20... But the bell curve may open up to face 100 ships + a few capital ships in which case you gotta book it or be very tactical in your orders to your fleet to take the interceptors safely before deciding how to bombard the capital ships. So actually that seems like a conclusion I'm satisfied with just thinking on it... Low level is more predicable,but higher level opens up the bell curve of unpredictability in both ways... And you can still have bully monsters go,"OH NO! NOT YOU! Forget everything I said to you when you were weak. I mean, didn't mean to call you weak. Pleaaasse don't shoot me!" because their rate of powering up is less along side a low bell curve roll.
2) Another way to make things challenging with enemies is just have the bell curve and NO powering up of low level monsters. NO Oblivion/Skyrim, just an ever increasing roll table accessible by your player's level and fleet power. I still don't like it because it is hackneyed that they can get more exotic encounters by level/number of ships alone... So maybe I want it so you have things like Magic/Item find in diablo2, but are encounter finds.... Like a rock that attracts a certain alien, or maybe artifacts to peer deeper into the abyss and it peers back at you(harder encounters), hmm, actually its nice to talk about that, I like that. I don't like hackneyed stuff,"OH I HAVE 50 ships in my fleet, now I can encounter Cerebrus to get fire elemental drops!" I like my fantasy magic worlds where anything can happen to make sense, dammit. Ok, so I'm settling on some "encounter find" items,which is awesome since its one more thing too aspire to. Always want to give players to aspire to(rule #1 of very long epic games, look at Archmages in Bard's Tale1, Rings of Jordan in D2, Jedis in Starwars Galaxy, Level max in mmos, housing in mmos, let players know what they want to achieve earlier, and make em chase it, they like this.) Encounter find items, that's a solid conclusion + Bell curved encounters based on level (natural find trouble.. Heck find trouble could be a skill). Good game design session. I hope some of you guys have something to add.
[Super conclusion:satisfaction] Just talking through the game design, I settled on a few solutions.
1) Encounter Find: Items/skills/talents that help you get better or worse encounters depending on type of encounter find it is. Find Trouble, Find Trades, Find Quests, etc,or Find all. Find Trouble might not always be a curse as we know where there is big trouble, sometimes there is big l3vvt.
2) If using Oblivion mobs level up with player level, only scale it slightly so the player feels progression.
3) The Bell Curve is the key... Low level players need the ropes and consistency. High level players love freaky unexpected things happening in space they have to deal with. As players level, have more rare things start to be possible.
My game will have classic linearly increasing difficulty power zones as you head towards the Galactic Core. Each concentric ring of the sphere gets harder. There are radiation zones so you can't warp right to the middle, and there are only certain paths to get into the next zone so you have to find them... They're normally embargoed with a big fleet demanding tribute or will just blast you,so you gotta pay, blow up the boss fight as a sign you're ready or sneak past. If you sneak past it's tricky though because if you get laden with loot, you'll fly slower and might not be able to get your loot home to secure in a stash.
I think those three concepts, combined with some classic linear power zones this is satisfactory. I wrote this for conversation though. Anyone else have an idea for a game about acquiring a huge fleet in space, and how to make challenges that would just get blasted by your 100 ships as you laugh or they die too fast for you to notice?
Thank you, and I'm glad to be a part of /gamedesign. I find the moderators here know what they're doing and have great respect for the art which is uncommon so hats off guys, you do respect the indie, unlike lip service other places give.
submitted by goodnewsjimdotcom to gamedesign [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 12:17 TheEmperorSalad Deepwoken INT Oath idea

Actual ideas, they should make it so that non-enchanted weapons CAN be enchanted by players, so there will be 2 different enchant types:
The player enchants
The game enchants (Laplace, Chest loots and all)
The player enchants is a thing similar to Alchemy, where one can decide to make his own enchant (similar to Skyrim), the higher INT stats, the better the enchants
It would be fun to have 20 enchants choice and be able to enchant other players weapons TEMPORARLY, actually THIS should be an oath for INT
The player enchants aren't permanent whatso-ever but are long enough.
Then you'll have a mantra similar to Sakuza moves where she throws knives all around her ennemy, however these knives will be each single one of them infused with different enchants, leaving the person getting hit by the enchants to get de-buffs for about 5 seconds, such as getting slown down and slight things like that
Tiny de buff like that but on each other makes it big ngl.
Then you got a mantra, that said, if you press the mantra + F you can store weapons, storing 2 weapons is the maximum you can do, by storing 2 of ur weapons (cannot be legendary + the swing speed will make it so that the mantra's speed depends on it) you can put them behind your back with each of them having a different enchant, the ether cost is incredibely high, however every time you hit a critical, you'll proc one of the enchants with some extra dmg and one of the sword will disappear, tho every m1's there is a low chance that you can proc one of your weapons in the back.
Mantra: Weapon enchantement
You can enchant your weapon with a list of enchant, though each time you try to enchant it will cost a ton of materials and 3 deep gems (Basically master armors but more costy)
Once made, the weapon is soulbound with you and cannot be traded/dropped
You can give people the enchants, however unlike you, they will temporary get the enchant with the same amount of ressources
The enchant will be 2~ hours long (NOTE: When you log you dont loose time)
In the same way of doing a vow, you will ask for the person's consent to give them an enchant
There will be enchants exclusive to the oaths user that cannot be given to others
Tell me if i should add more or remove more, i feel like Int is a weak stat so by giving it an op oath, it would balance things out by giving a reason to get int
submitted by TheEmperorSalad to deepwoken [link] [comments]

2023.02.01 05:22 escobarximenavz [GET] Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit (7.24 GB) Download

[GET] Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit (7.24 GB) Download

Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton – 123 Profit
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7# UNLIMITED, PRIVATE, email based COACHING with Daniel! (16 Business Hour Response Time)
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Course will be via Mega Drive (Size 7.24 GB)
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2023.01.31 21:00 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.01.31 16:01 Brave-Heat3776 I have a sad Skyrim mod request,

Hi guys, I have a request if someone could please make a Skyrim mod of my deceased family dog so I could see his precious face every time I play the game. he was a black Labrador with so many white chest hairs. I would be so beyond grateful if someone could create him as a pet for in game!😭 , a few months ago, he died from old age, his name was Rymer and he was a blessing to our home and he trained as a south eastern guide dog to be a seeing eye dog for the blind, though he failed because the trainers discovered he was "too" friendly, but he became the sweetest and the best family/ therapy dog in existence. My family and I where devastated from this loss and I thought it would be nice if I could possibly play with him even just once more 😔 , but I don't know how to mod, nor do I have the time sadly so I call upon the Skyrim community and modders for help to see if it can be done for me. Rest in Peace Rymer.
submitted by Brave-Heat3776 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 13:25 XOmniverse Training limit mod?

I'm looking for a mod that limits training, preferably by level similar to Oblivion and Skyrim. Apparently such a mod exists, but all links to it seem to be dead:
submitted by XOmniverse to Morrowind [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 10:49 MikeB229 I'm new to Pathfinder, can someone explain this?

I'm new to Pathfinder, can someone explain this?
I played dnd 5e and like many people, are switching over with the beginner box for pathfinder. I don't understand why the Cleric has 2 spell slots per day and the wizard doesn't in the pregenerated character sheets.
Does this actually matter? Is it an oversight? I'm very lost and nothing I google can explain it to me.
submitted by MikeB229 to Pathfinder2e [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 00:33 nimahsn Do you recommend x1 extreme gen 4 with 3060?

Hi there,
The x1 extreme 3060 with 16 GB ram, 512 SSD, and 3840 x 2400 display is on sale now for CAD 1800 / USD 1350. Do you think it's worth it at this price? or do you have any other suggestions?
So I'll use it mainly for programming and machine learning stuff. I don't expect it to train huge models, but I want to be able to run a model easily just for testing. I'm not a gamer but want to casually play some (rdr2, Skyrim, etc.). Again, I don't expect a gaming laptop performance, just something playable.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions/comments.
submitted by nimahsn to thinkpad [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 00:31 BigAside7105 Dragonborn Archmage in the civil War

I am role playing as a Breton mage in Skyrim who will become the archmage of the college of winterhold. My question is, what side of the civil war would the archmage join lore wise? At first I thought the imperials, but in the empire lore, as well as a particular dialogue within the COW questline, magic is pretty heavily regulated as far as what you can and cannot do with magic, even with the mages guild dissolved in cyrodil, the empire still has laws regarding magic. And the College of Winterhold seems to have remained separate from the empire and acts autonomously like the psijics on artaeum do. I also weighed whether or not the archmage would fight for the stormcloaks but given the nords hatred for magic, I highly doubt they would want the college to even exist if they had it their way. I've thought about making a mod that would make the mages guild a faction within the civil war, and with every hold you take, you could build a "magic school" in the capital of the hold, sort of like in cyrodil. That would train mages to help secure Skyrim. As well as having the Dragonborn as the archmage, I feel as if it would guarantee a more lasting peace and more protection from the Aldmeri Dominion than the imperials or stormcloaks could provide. What are your thoughts?
submitted by BigAside7105 to skyrimmods [link] [comments]

2023.01.31 00:30 Mizzno [H] Games [W] Visage, A Hat in Time, Tower Unite, Mega Man 11, CODE VEIN, Offers

For sale, for Steam gift cards (or gifted Steam Wallet balance):

For trade:
*tentatively up for trade, assuming I buy the bundle


IGS Rep Page:
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2023.01.31 00:28 OfficerPantz load order help please

As the title states would any kind strangers a bit more experienced within the world of mods please help to streamline my load order. I've done research to the best of my ability but I would like others opinions and would be highly appreciated.
This will be for the xbox series X.
The mods I intend to run are as follows:
Unofficial skyrim special edition patch
Unofficial skyrim modders patch
Legacy of the dragonborn SSE
Moon and star Xb1
Enhanced blood textures
Immersive sounds compendium 3.0
Remove sneak attack sound
Xb1 lampposts of skyrim special edition
Skyrim at war AE
Paulys bits and pieces bundle no smim required
Dealing with backstories
At your own pace
Real time dragon fast travel
Dragon Wall wisdom readable word walls
There will be blood and bubbles
Obliged a crime overhaul
Dragons fall down
Dragons fall down diverse dragons patch
Dragons fall down immersive airborne death patch
More to say
Ventilate dragonborn shouts reborn
Train and study
Xp32 maximum skeleton special extended plus
After the civil War - siege damage repairs
CW repairs - immersive citizens patch
LOTD inigo follower room patch
Legacy safe house plus
LOTD narrative loot patch
Immersive bend will
LOTD Royal armory patch
LOTD moon and star patch
Simple survival mode tweaks
Auri updated
Inigo bloodchil Manor patch
Lucien anniversary edition
Auri inigo banter patch
Dragon war a dragon overhaul
The jagged crown ulfric and elisif
Graveyards of skyrim
Dovahkriiid the dragon Lords
Economy and crime
Unlimited wood chopping
No animal treasure and more bounty gold
Imperial Post by narue
Carriage stops of skyrim xb1
Authentic legion replacer version 1k by nordwarUA
hearthfires unique display rooms SSE
wear multiple rings
Headtracking fully scripted
Amazing follower tweaks
Wet and cold
Run for your lives
Skyrim reputation
Truly absorb dragon souls
Lucien moon and star patch
Lucien fully voice follower
Touring carriages
Obsidian weather's and seasons
Narrative loot
Bells of skyrim
Bells of skyrim immersive citizens patch
TAOS the art of smithing
Visible favorited gear
Royal armory new artifacts SE xb1
My home is your home
Xp32 maximum skeleton and realistic ragdolls and force
Color patches remover
More draconic dragon aspect
Inigo xb1
A quality world map vivid with stone roads
YOT your own thoughts
Realistic wildlife behavior xb1
Moon and star xb1
Windstad mine xb1
Better combat ai
Diverse dragons collection xb1
Bandolier bags and pouches
Immersive citizens an AI overhaul
Extended stay longer inn rental
Magical college of winterhold
Realistic conversations
Realistic death physics
Populated lands roads paths
Holidays xb1
Apocalypse magic of skyrim
Violens a kill move mod SE
Go away map clouds
The paarthurnax dilemma
Lore based loading screens
Alternate start live another life.
Well damn after sitting here and typing it all out I didn't realise how many there actually is holy hell 😂
Some of these I'm not quite sure what to categorise them as so any help would be super appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
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