Gingerbread house decorating candy

Salamance and Metagross Hybrid.

2023.02.03 05:35 Independent-Tough-98 Salamance and Metagross Hybrid.

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2023.02.03 05:06 casadecor001 Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are thin flat pieces of wood, metal, or another material put horizontally up against a wall, etc., for holding things or for writing quotes or names. Only Casa Décor offers the best wall shelves from the numerous brands supplied regionally or by well-known businesses. There are only the best things available. They offer the best and most affordable wall shelves on the market. The best painters create stunning pieces of art in their workplaces. Their goods are of the highest quality and have an upscale appearance. They provide the best products on the market with the best materials. Casa Décor is the best to provide house decorative items.
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2023.02.03 04:31 SudoCheese I think I’m leaving my alcoholic fiancée tomorrow

I’ve(28M) been with my fiancée (29F) for 3 years and 9 months. I was aware that she drank a lot but never thought she had a real problem.
Random days she would be blackout drunk on the couch before I would wake up. I’ve bathed her when she’s too drunk to stand in a shower alone.
I’ve taken her to the hospital multiple times at all hours of the night or day. First time was when she was in severe pain for a few days and I finally forced her to the ER. She couldn’t walk straight. I had to carry her to the car. Screaming in pain. She had pancreatitis caused by liver enzymes or something from heavy drinking.
She was hospitalized for 2 weeks sipping broth and eating ice chips. I was at her bedside everyday. All hours. Everything she needed I did.
I moved across the country with her so she could go to the only university that accept her with her felony DUI. I got us an apartment that accepted felons.
She failed one of her classes because she had too many days drunk or withdrawing. She wasted 15k her parents money to have to repeat the class.
More recent:
She’s stolen money from me after she lost her job.
I forced her to choose between detox (5 days) and me leaving her. She finally did detox and was grateful when it was over. I pointed her to AA and joined a group.
She was sober a few days and then relapsed over Christmas. She slept in her car for 5 days while getting wasted. Where we live it was 5F and she was only wearing nursing scrubs. I found her car when it was on empty. She could have froze to death.
She was sober for 2 weeks after that, but then didn’t come home after a meeting. She ended up driving to a house in the next state over and stayed there for a week. She only came home after I threatened to throw away all her belongings. She still hasn’t told me who’s house it was.
She’s currently on her second relapse. She’s lied about everywhere she’s been all this week. She said she was going to a meeting today, but she went to two liquor stores and two bars.
I confronted her at the bar just a few hours ago around 1700.
She was drinking alone, a single beer, without her engagement ring on. I talked with her the best I could, but she kept going between wanting to be independent by staying with a friend. And then saying that she’s excite for our 4 year anniversary and having kids some day.
I had enough of the talk. I took back the ring that she kept in her purse. I gave her mine.
I told her do whatever you want tonight. “You’ve already lied enough today, it won’t matter what you say. But tomorrow you come home and we go to an AA meeting together and work through this shit. If not, her stuff is already in bags and will be thrown out.
I came home and cried. It feels so unfair. I gave her everything I could. I supported her through everything. I pushed her into getting help with alcoholism. And all she said was she has friends she can move in with.
And here I am. In our bed. Surrounded by her stuff. It feels like a nightmare. I want to vomit. I want to sleep for work tomorrow, but I don’t want to close my eyes without her laying on my chest.
Yesterday we celebrated my college degree being approved. We made plans to watch the new last of us show tonight. I bought us tickets to a rage room so she could break stuff.
She’s still out at the bar. She’s turned off our location sharing.
Part of me wants her to not show up tomorrow. Because I know I will want to take her back. And if she doesn’t, it forces my hand.
I don’t want to be in the apartment. We moved in together, decorated it all, bought everything together. This place is me and her. I have to move back to California. But I spent nearly all my savings moving us here.
I still owe money on our stupid bed. We just bought really nice bedding for it too. I’m rambling.
I hate this disease. I’m so broken by her.
I’ve been sober since November 25 2020.
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2023.02.03 03:58 NadjasGhost Woke up to my house being the top rated?? (Thank you 🥹❤️)

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2023.02.03 03:42 UKhotwguy bar stool for kilted men

bar stool for kilted men
A nice decorative item for any house lol
bar stool for kilted men lol #edinburghstyle
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2023.02.03 03:18 Comfortable-Corner51 Landlord does her laundry in my home

There's a lot of problems I have with our landlord who lives in the house next door. But the issue I need help with is the laundry situation. I don't like the situation (obviously) and I'm just wondering if I can legally put a stop to it.
We're in the state of Oregon, and we rent a house next door to the landlord but it is a different property.
My landlord included in the lease that she can come over every Friday and do her laundry at 3pm, whether we're home or not. I was in a really tough spot at the time that I moved in and had no choice but to agree or be homeless. Her son is often there until 10pm or later doing their week of laundry; sometimes after we're all in bed he's still going in and out.
Is there anything we can do?
If it's relevant, the other problems include:
*Giant leaking chasms in 3 rooms of the house for the past year
*Half the bathroom floor is soft and can't be stepped on for fear of falling through
*She won't give us rent receipts because too many people pay rent separately (3) and she can't count on us to communicate what's been paid/when with each other so we have to ask her what we owe
*Last week she wanted to open the laundry room window so she took down the fabric decoration we had blocking the window and took our tacks home with her so we wouldn't put it back up (without speaking to anyone about it)
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2023.02.03 02:43 FlowerChild49 Private Island

Hey everybody…I’m pretty new to the Sims FreePlay(I got started with Sims 2 years ago and loved it!!) I really like designing, not much on builds. I feel like I’m good with small houses/cottages but big lots/houses cause me lots of anxiety 😵‍💫 Any suggestions on how to design my private island. I’ve been looking forward to decorating this-currently working on Fro quest/restaurant build so any decorating ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.02.03 02:37 Kromgal Wealthy merchant paying up to 2.5m to visit a restauraunt/tavern to eat or drink in. Take my money by being a roleplayer. Build your own house in your own private or guild island and get creative with decorations and dialogue/emotes! All honest attempts will get at least 1m silver

Wealthy merchant paying up to 2.5m to visit a restauraunt/tavern to eat or drink in. Take my money by being a roleplayer. Build your own house in your own private or guild island and get creative with decorations and dialogue/emotes! All honest attempts will get at least 1m silver submitted by Kromgal to albiononline [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:08 DaenerysMadQueen My year on reddit, the funny report.

Hi everyone, hi Naath, how are you ? I would like to share with you some anecdotes and feelings about my reddit experience. It's a very personal post, I'm going to talk about the DmQ reddit account, from its creation to today, its successes and blunders.
It's been almost a year since it was created, originally to share and exchange ideas on the Internet. This nickname is provocative, anonymous and displays its unconditional support for the end of GoT and its creators. Daenerys Targaryen's latest title, fate and destiny together.
It is her my motivation and my insurance to speak about the series of GoT. I have read the books, of course, but that is not necessary. I have some knowledge of history, art and film history, theatre, literature and audiovisual techniques, and I loved the scene of Daenerys destroying King's Landing, I loved The bells. I loved that GoT left me without immediate answers, in a state of confusion, of melancholy, with mysteries and intrigues to complete. It is the perfect and minimalist synthesis of this whole saga. It's a great satire. Daenerys is the perfect tragic heroine.
That's the beginning, wanting to defend this character a little on the Internet. This character deserves a little more admiration.
I see the series again, I take screens, I listen to scenes again, I do additional research on the internet... and sometimes I forget what I'm doing and I watch an entire episode without realizing it.
It's long, but I'm slowly learning to speak English better.
My first posts are chaotic, I have things to say but it's limited to Daenerys and protesting that the ending isn't badly written or rushed. It's large blocks of text, images already but no quotes. The second post is shorter, more effective. There are ideas and screens in these first posts that I kept.
I had seen this one the first time. The eyes do not look at the Red Keep.
The character's psyche, The shock, the realism, the picture, the climax, the finale, the crossing of the Rubicon, the consequences of everything. Pictures speak in GoT.
I see the series again, and I begin to discover things that I had never seen.
Like the first shot at Winterfell. The first main characters framed. It's very symbolic.
And I try to debunk the most common arguments on the internet. What a mistake. It's a wall, the wrong path, an illusion. I understand that reddit likes images, but that's not really enough.
So I understand that I have to tell a story.
I discover this moment, the moment when Dany becomes the Mad Queen. It's an exaggerated title but still fair. This scene is a base in the understanding of Daenerys. Today I would rather say that it is the moment when she is no longer just a nice young princess, she also becomes her character, her legend.
I try to explain why the only solution to the mystery of Drogon and Jon is that Bran intervened. Without having found the eye that I had tried to find in 2019. It's still a nice sequence analysis.
But incomplete.
My posts are not rejected, but they never make the buzz, and rarely exceed 10 likes. On average it is a few hundred views. It is also the period when I discover the word "copium", and when I start to receive some unfriendly messages. The idea is not to make the buzz to be an internet game star, clearly not, it rather scares me as an idea. The objective was just to share, discuss, exchange, find out if I was the only one to have seen this, etc... If you are ten to follow me and appreciate my opinion, I am already very happy. It's just that it's a shame that it remains invisible while the creators are still being harassed today. It's just sad.
I decide to really come up with something. Daenerys, told without illusion, in a cold and rational way. Four parts, four long posts with screenshots and quotes. It's 3 days of work during my vacation, the computer that remained on at night, the four pages open at the same time. Everything was posted all at once. That's good, success is inevitable.
And that's a few hundred views, about thirty likes, and a few nice comments.
Lots of screenshots and quotes retrieved during searches. Each new post fills my library.
I post on the HBOgameofthrone subreddit at first. And one day someone tells me about Naath. And I discover the Branwinsthethrone sub.
My last post before migrating, Daenerys the Princess of Rome. For me, this is a reference post for the character of Daenerys, it is her relationship with Rome and Lucius Vorenus.
The asoiafcircleofjerk sub is fun, but not suitable for my posts. I'm try to convince the Branwinsthethrone sub, a few more hundred views and a dozen likes. And I see season 5 again, and I see the black arrow again. Which I saw the first time, but now I can relate to Daenerys' ending.
This is my first post on Naath.
And so I think back to that eye that I never found. Proof that Bran stopped Drogon. If there's a black arrow for Daenerys, and it was Bran who saved Jon, there's proof somewhere. I did the sequence analysis, I inspected every eye the whole scene where Drogon attacks Jon and the throne. I never found. There are clues, but no proof. "You were exactly where you suppose to be."
So I hang out on the stage, I see the end with Jon and Daenerys, I let myself go and contemplate the tragic end of the Targaryen dynasty. It's really beautiful, it's a game with the decor and the light, with the dialogues deeper than you might think the first time. It's not punchlines, it's literature.
Her death was inevitable, it was fate, she had never wanted to think about her death...
The scene is calm, melancholy, poetic, it's the great mythology that ends, before the dragon comes to remind us of the world of magic and fantasy in which we are and... what was that ?
Well, I was so happy to have found it. And I was very surprised, a few hundred more views, a few likes, a few waves of dislikes, a few dubious comments, others aggressive. No bim badaboum, no cheers, no more consideration than other posts.
Am I crazy ? It's a legitimate question. Let's say that my girlfriend, friends and co-workers understood my point of view. I have support and help sometimes for my posts. I work in the audiovisual sector, I have a few contacts, and for the record, I was on a pro film shoot in September, a small friendly team, a good atmosphere and an evening with a few beers and stories of cinema. I captivated even the most disappointed when we talked about GoT. Cinematographer, cameraman, 2nd ass cam, prod, etc... They have totally joined the cult of the white horse god.
So for me, my family, my friends, and my professional connections, I'm not crazy. It's something else.
It's to solve the question of buzz and bad buzz on the internet. I understand then that it's stories of karma farmers, teenagers, trolls, social context, etc... I have to adapt, try things.
I then do a little study of the staging of crazy characters in the cinema. I'm not looking to make the buzz, it's a period where I'm disappointed with reddit, the internet and people. The indifference of this discovery depresses me. I console myself by watching GoT. And I think of another mystery that this eye has brought to light. Arya and Nymeria, and Theon's question during the Long Night. Go Where ?
Of course he went back in time, of course he went looking for something to defeat the Night King, and of course it's Arya, and of course it's during this mysterious, calm and different scene with Nymeria. But we see nothing. Where's the clue, where's the proof ?
So I stop searching in the scene of Nymeria in season 7 and I search in the scene with Nymeria in season 2... And it's annoying, I can see that there is something to understand, to find.
Too much symbolism, clues everywhere.
And I review the scenes, I know that logically, Nymeria should have eaten Arya, that Bran necessarily saved her, but where is the element that proves it. And then, during this scene...
"I thought you might go to King's Landing."
Okay. Stop. He thought she was going to King's Landing. He didn't see her go into the forest.
He's supposed to see everything, all the time.
"I need to learn to see better."
Ok, so he didn't see her, because he wasn't powerful enough.
And so he couldn't save her in the forest. Not him. But the Bran from the future of the Long Night yes.
"When the Long Night comes again, I need to be ready."
And there is the revelation, there are clues everywhere, and very few entry points. It's a hidden construction on dozens of scenes over several seasons. There is no absolute proof, it is an atmosphere to understand. The hidden crow is blurred, in the background, it is not him the element which must prove anything. It's a clue like any other. The reward for whoever solved the mystery. This is the story of Arya, Nymeria, Bran and the mysteries of the Long Night.
Time is invisible, so they staged the invisible.
And we start again, I discovered a great thing, I share it, and a few hundred views, a few dozen likes, a few insulting comments, and the discovery of a new kind of protesters, the followers of the script. I'll say something about that in the conclusion.
I repost memes, I do variants of Arya and Bran's story. Very few exchanges, and reaction.
And here comes House of the Dragon.
Back to ancient tragedy in the magic world. I posted almost nothing before the end of season 1. Admiring and satisfied to see the continuity of GoT.
"There is no power but what the people allow you to take."
It's too nice, it's tutorials to understand the end of GoT. Easy symbolism for beginners.
In the same theme, there is this one too.
Also with sentences.
"He'll have to close an eye."
"When the Long Night comes again, I need to be ready."
The best thing is to read my big top 10 of big anything. There is good and less good, it is still today my biggest project.
Then I started to manage to post some stuff on the main sub, and the House of the Dragon sub, but it's very childish, it's hard to discuss the ending seriously.
I had a small reaction, but I can't explain everything with two images and a quote.
"The next time we see each other, we'll talk about your mother. Mmh...? I promise."
114k views. It impresses me so many people. Yen even had one to say "D&D, so it was luck."
So I make posts from time to time, with no real motivation, waiting until one day I can start a conversation with one or more people who understand all my observations. I like the one I did on the dragons. I no longer find any mystery today, I see small elements sometimes.
I was offered to be a moderator on the HotDgirls sub, it's a quiet sub with courteous exchanges. I posted two three ideas that I had, I am rather satisfied with these posts.
I need a break from reddit. And every time I think I can, I find something else. I understood from the eye and Nymeria, that GoT is a puzzle, an enigma built to withstand millions of viewers, an investigation game that had to be solved by the public on the internet. The last part didn't work well, people were a little too pissed off, and there were too many youtube videos to produce and watch for youtubemoney, so no time to think.
If I had to keep only one post, the one I would like to share is this one on the tragedy of Daenerys. It's easy to read, has good commentary, and is generous in its information.
I still have this assumption that probably somewhere in GoT Bran saved Sansa, that would make sense. But I have no clue, no proof. Maybe one day someone will complete the picture with me. I don't want to look for color codes in HotD, I want someone to tell me about it in a video or a reddit post. Candles too, although I think I found a quote from Shakespeare that intrigues me.
Ah yes, I forgot to mention the script. There are no answers in the books, there are no answers in the D&D interviews, nor in the script. The only answers to the mysteries of the series are in the series. And there are no errors in the series.
The Starbucks cup, yes, but no. Illusion. It's the peon who looks like Jon Snow/Clegan who dies during the battle at the end of season 7. It's a 4th wall trigger.
"We were so focused on Daenerys and Jon Snow that we just didn't see that coffee mug, right in the middle," Benioff said. "At first I couldn't even believe it, and then I was quite ashamed, because how could we miss a cup of coffee in the middle of the shot ? And then finally, sooner or later, it just ended up being funny. It's just a mistake, and we prefer to laugh about it." The series' co-creator compared the mistake to making a Persian rug, which tradition has it always has a little flaw because "only God can make something perfect." "I imagine it was a bit like our own Persian rug,"he added. "That's exactly why I put a cup of coffee there", added, amused, his sidekick D. B. Weiss.
"That's exactly why I put a cup of coffee there"
The interview is the answer to the forgotten Starbucks cup. The goblet was visible in the series. He was removed immediately, like the King's Landing cameraman. Two realities, one erased. Wait a minute... The irony of D&D interviews. I always said that GoT was a satire of the consumer society...
Do you know the cult of the white horse god ?

Thanks for reading this thing. I sincerely believe that the end of GoT needs time, benevolence, and a little help from HotD to be considered as it should be, a masterpiece of creativity and intelligence.
I leave a compilation of screens, I give a big award to whoever gives the theme/keyword that unites these images together.

"We're all astronauts, really, aren't we; interstellar astronauts,
travelling so far into the blackness we can never return."
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2023.02.03 01:29 YourLadyWaits 20 [F4M] #Knoxville, TN - Feeling that Valentine’s Day Countdown

There is something mildly terrifying about stores putting out all of their pink decorations and chalky heart candies. Maybe it’s because there’s an unspoken pressure to find a date and reserve a table before all of the restaurants are full. Maybe cuz most of the greeting cards are geared towards couples.
I like Valentine’s Day. I’d you check my photos, you’ll see I’m a fan of pink. I like a good box of chocolates and a plush new teddy bear. I just don’t have anyone to give chocolate to.
I’m J, age 20. I’m a sophomore in college studying political science and possibly about to add history to the list. I love books so much that I recognize the workers at two different stores, and I’m pretty sure they recognize me too. Walking out of a bookstore without a book is unheard of for me. If you like someone that gives off eccentric librarian vibes, I’m probably the girl for you. If you like someone that has the wit of a Gilmore Girl, I am also probably your girl.
I just have three rules: -Must be between the ages of 20 and 40 -Must not have children or want children -Be in the US or Canada. Timezone differences are fine (I’m EST), but US or Canada is a must.
That’s all! I prefer Discord, but again, just a preference.
Selfies, selfies, selfies:
And a bonus dress pic:
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2023.02.03 01:28 YourLadyWaits 20 [F4M] Knoxville, TN - Feeling that Valentine’s Day Countdown

There is something mildly terrifying about stores putting out all of their pink decorations and chalky heart candies. Maybe it’s because there’s an unspoken pressure to find a date and reserve a table before all of the restaurants are full. Maybe cuz most of the greeting cards are geared towards couples.
I like Valentine’s Day. I’d you check my photos, you’ll see I’m a fan of pink. I like a good box of chocolates and a plush new teddy bear. I just don’t have anyone to give chocolate to.
I’m J, age 20. I’m a sophomore in college studying political science and possibly about to add history to the list. I love books so much that I recognize the workers at two different stores, and I’m pretty sure they recognize me too. Walking out of a bookstore without a book is unheard of for me. If you like someone that gives off eccentric librarian vibes, I’m probably the girl for you. If you like someone that has the wit of a Gilmore Girl, I am also probably your girl.
I just have three rules: -Must be between the ages of 20 and 40 -Must not have children or want children -Be in the US or Canada. Timezone differences are fine (I’m EST), but US or Canada is a must.
That’s all! I prefer Discord, but again, just a preference.
Selfies, selfies, selfies:
And a bonus dress pic:
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2023.02.03 01:27 car0lfr0mhr Themed farm ideas!

I’m sick and trying to come up with some potential themed farm ideas for a future save. Here’s what I thought of so far…. Please give me more ideas!
  1. A witch’s forest farm - the forest farm layout, lots of trees and giant mushrooms, little stone paths, a couple sheds decorated to look like shops (like one for crystals and maybe one with mushrooms/potions and ingredients?)
  2. A beach resort - beach layout, sheds or player cabins decorated like little hotel rooms, maybe some fish ponds to look like pools, sheds to be like little restaurants/ souvenir shops
  3. A cider mill - an apple orchard, a mill, big fields of pumpkins, a shop to sell jellies and cakes, some walking trails and maybe even a petting zoo
  4. A florist - lots and lots of flowers, with a dedicated flower shop shed, maybe also a ton of bee houses to make an apiary/honey shop
That’s all I’ve thought of so far, gimme your ideas!!
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2023.02.03 01:23 aquamarine-arielle Sims 4: Growing Together Features Overview

Sims 4: Growing Together Features Overview
The Growing Together expansion pack is coming March 16th, right after a base game update containing infants, which will be released on March 14th! There will be an in-depth livestream March 3rd.
I analyzed the trailer and blog posts and compiled a list of new features in the pack and the update! I may miss something, incorrectly group something that comes with the pack as base game or vice versa, or incorrectly infer a new feature. If I wasn't sure about something, I tried to make sure it was indicated.
Base game features:
  • Infants
    • New life stage in-between babies (possibly renamed "Newborns") and toddlers
    • Controllable and able to be created in CAS
    • New features include:
      • High chairs/feeding
      • Sippy cup (unsure if this is a pack or base game feature)
      • Adopting infants
      • Crib
      • Changing diapers
      • Infants can have moods, needs, and sentiments
      • Infant belly time mats? (shown in trailer, but unsure if this is different then the "Play Mats" coming with the pack. May be base game or pack restricted.
  • New moles and birthmarks
  • Losing jobs?
    • Shown in trailer, but I'm unsure if this comes in the pack or update
  • Rocking chairs
    • Shown in trailer, but I'm unsure if this comes in the pack or update
  • New interactions with all life states and infants. Additionally, new interactions in general
    • Parents tossing child in the air
    • Carrying infants, teaching them, playing with them
    • Toddlers kicking parents
    • Toddlers giving infants raspberries
    • Child and infant hugging
    • Likely more
  • More complex family tree relationships
    • Most likely a base game feature, but the blog's wording was confusing.
As seen here, many, but not all, infant clothes are conversions from existing toddler clothes. Infants will not have an athleticwear option, but they will have one of a variety of new traits. They will not have an aspiration.
Growing Together features:
  • Child bikes
    • Learning to ride a bike,
    • Helmet customization,
  • Infants upgrades
    • Baby carriers
    • Infant gym
    • Changing Station
  • Quirks (seem to be mini-traits that are discoverable over time and change an infant's/toddler's behavior)
    • Infant Quirks
      • 3 per infant, 18 in total
      • Self-soother, Early Rise, Messy Eater, Frequently Hiccups, Gassy, Good Appetite, Snuggly Sleeper, Happy Spitter, Free-Air Tinkler and more.
    • Toddler Quirks
      • 18 in total
      • Aggressive, Picky Eater, Early Riser, Little Singer, Good Appetite, Loves Water, Hates Bedtime, Loves being Carried and more.
  • Children’s aspirations
    • Slumber Party Animal, Mind and Body, Playtime Captain and Creative Genius
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Childhood Confidence
    • A new feature that was not really elaborated on
  • Milestones (these seem to be like mini-aspirations or other life events. Seem to be available for all lifestages)
    • overcoming a career obstacle, getting let go from a job, having a midlife crisis, having the family move in
  • Social Compatibility
    • This was translated as "chemistry" from the leaked German information yesterday
    • A sim's preferences and traits will determine who they like and dislike
  • Elder Power Walk
    • I believe this is that odd walking that the elders and one child sims were doing in the trailer
  • Family Keepsake Box
    • Elders can be the keeper of it
  • New elder interactions
    • Give life lessons
    • Reminisce on good times
    • Sneak treats
    • Have a favorite grandchild
    • Puzzling over phones
  • Games
    • Puzzles (playing, messing up the puzzle, group activity)
    • Possibly improved cards
    • Board games
  • Sleeping bags
  • Slumber party event
  • Pillow fight for kids
  • Water bottles
    • May be a new base game feature; was only seen in the trailer a few times
  • Splash pads
    • There will be one included in the new world, but it's unknown if it will be on a lot or not. It may be it's own lot type, where you can build your own, or it may be like the pier in High School Years.
  • Balloons
    • Prank with blowing balloons and popping them to wake someone up,
  • Losing teeth
    • Affects the teeth on your Sims
    • Tooth fairy?
  • New crafts for kids
  • Treehouses
    • Buildable, but may be able to placed fully constructed from BB. May be able to place items in the tree house.
    • Include fun features like Bell, slide, toys, decorations, pole to slide on, interior spaces,
  • Sandbox
  • Baby shower events
  • Hikes
  • Group walking,
  • Improved travel?
    • Carryable suitcases?
    • Both are not confirmed, but shown in the trailer.
  • Barbecues
    • Shown in the trailer, but may be for storytelling purposes only
  • Home video camera?
    • I saw this mentioned in the comments for the trailer, and it makes sense to imply that. However, I think what was shown was only first person mode. Personally, I don't think this is likely
  • Birdwatching/binoculars
  • Rec center lot type
  • Baby shower event
New world coming in Growing Together: San Sequoia
  • Likely San Franciscio inspired
  • Trailer showed townhomes, harbor, suburbs, splash pad, and a bridge
  • Bay town, former fishing village
  • Lots were built by lilsimsie, Deligracy, and dzidziakk86
  • Three neighborhoods
    • Anchorpoint Wharf
      • Has a theater
    • Gilbert Gardens
      • Has a lake
    • Hopewell Hills (residential)
  • Also includes “Urban Park” (where one can hike), playground, fishing spots, pier (where one can eat), library, and a splash pad.
This concept art, shown last year, is likely of San Sequoia
Purchase page on EA (I can't open the BB/CAS overview; if you can, please say so!)
EA pack features tour
SimsCommunity Features Overview
SimsCommunity Infants
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2023.02.03 01:15 FoodBoxHQ Food Box MEGA-List: Meal Delivery, Meat Delivery, Snacks, Smoothies, Desserts, Drinks, & More!

Tired of buying the same thing over and over at your local grocery store? You're in the right place.
We're curating all of the different types of foods you can purchase on the internet.
Whether you're looking for tastier late night snacks or a very specific allergen-friendly meal delivery service, you'll find it here.
Know of a food box that isn't listed? Let us know in the comments!

Meal Kits

Pre-Made Meal Delivery Services

Meat Boxes

Seafood Boxes

Food Marketplaces

Grocery Delivery

Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

Snack Boxes (Subscription)

Snack Boxes (No Subscription)

Pasta Boxes

Smoothie Boxes (Subscription)

Desserts & Candies



Coffee Boxes

Mushroom Coffee

Tea Boxes


Emergency Foods


\This list is continually being updated. Be sure to come back for updates!*
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2023.02.03 00:53 bmay1310 🇬🇧🇨🇦🏁 S15 Vs. The World House of Fashion 🏁🇨🇦🇬🇧

🇬🇧🇨🇦🏁 S15 Vs. The World House of Fashion 🏁🇨🇦🇬🇧

Ladies, I have made my decision...
Janey Jacké, shantay you stay.
Anita Wigl'it, sashay away... (14th)

Episode 5: House of Fashion

After the legendary Reading challenge, the queens must turn home decor into haute couture. Singeactress Janelle Monáe (Hidden Figures) guest judges.

The houses are randomly selected as follows:
Baga Chipz Cheryl Hole Icesis Couture
Jujubee Jimbo Janey Jacké
Mo Heart Silky Nutmeg Ganache Lemon
Rita Baga Vanity Milan Pangina Heals
Victoria Scone

Mini Challenge: Reading Is Fundamental
Maxi Challenge: Create a look using home decor materials


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2023.02.03 00:38 CrescentKreatives ISO a loud indoor water fountain

I'd love a water feature in my house. Not only for decor, but because my neighbors are noisy! I'm looking for the loudest water fountain to help block out the noise. I have cats, so it'd be great if it's made from a material that's safe for them.
A very loud fishtank is also acceptable.
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2023.02.03 00:29 meatly Report Universo Parallelo 16 and tips as a foreigner

Hello dear Psy community,
As I went to this year's Universo Parallelo (UP) and there is not that much English information online I thought I would write a quick report about it and give some information that could be useful if you want to go but you are unsure yet. As comparisons I have mostly Boom and Ozora as 2 of the other biggest Psytrance festivals.
In spite of what you might think when you look at the map of Brazil, UP is actually not that close from Salvador, it's closest city. My bus ride took a good 7 hours from Salvador airport, so if you want to arrive when it's bright out to build your camp take a bus in the morning! You can find bus companies to take on the website of the festival. If the site is Portuguese only or you need Brazilian specific information try to find a WhatsApp number, maybe you can book directly over it in English, that's what I did.
The Site itself is on / next to a huge beach on a peninsula. White sand, big waves, no single stone or piece of trash when you go into the ocean. It's amazing. Just be a good swimmer and don't be too intoxicated if you decide to go somewhat far out in the waves (people died this year!). The techno / house stage (UP Club), Chillout Stage, progressive trance stage (303) and 2-3 smaller stages are all located close to the beach. It's awesome to do a quick dip in the heat or listen to a set from the beach. Next to the beach is a swamp area that separates the beach from the main campground area. In the swamp there is also the Hi-Tech stage (Tropikalien). Don't camp too close to it if you are a light sleeper! The main stage is closer to the main campgrounds and the food area and not at the beach. The area is quite sandy and the sand can get hot so flip flops or shoes are recommended. It's unfortunately not as barefoot friendly as Ozora.
The campgrounds are in multiple locations. You can camp close to the beach or in the main camping area. There is not a lot of shade, try to bring some shade with you. There is also a VIP camping area, Villamundo, which also has it's own facilities, and it's own lounge and even a separate connection to the beach. They provide tents and equipment so you can basically go without camping equipment. For me this was a big minus for the festival as I find the idea of VIP camping very unfitting for a psy festival. I didn't use it and honestly it also wasn't really noticeable but just it's existence rubbed me the wrong way.
The toilets are somewhat basic and were not finished in the first two days of the festival or so. They are generally clean-ish but it depends what time you go if there is cleaning personnel. They are little cabins with bags underneath basically. There are very often queues and you'll have to wait. There are no pissoirs which makes no sense, but men usually just pee in nature. There is often toilet paper, but bring your own for safety. The toilets at boom are cleanest (but they have long queues), then Ozora (but short queues) then UP (not really clean and long queues).
There are quite a lot of showers and people there also really love to shower. They pump water out of the ground but the water has a pretty bad smell to it. Honestly I felt cleaner after a good swim in the sea than after the shower.
There were not very many shaded areas to hang out in and no place with hammocks for example for people to hang out in the blazing sun. But you can find some shade.
As someone who likes both cheesy prog and fast psy as well as Techno and House I found the music to be impeccable. Every single place I was at during the week I liked the music. OK, I'm not a Hi-Tech person so I didn't spend much time there but I'm sure for people that like it it would have been good as well. The sound systems were also really good (The big stages had a JBL System). I would place it almost on the same level as Boom and Ozora, but with more emphasis on bass. Especially at the UP Club it was very very loud, bring good earplugs. But the power of the bass was really impressive and the music always sounded crisp.
Besides the pretty main stage design and projections and the well done UP Club stage i found the decoration and random art to be a bit lacking compared to Ozora and especially to Boom. It was not so much of a psychedelic wonderland, more of a beautiful beach paradise, thanks to the location's natural beauty. There was also not such a big Art gallery, but the art displayed was nice, and there were also a few cool big pieces throughout the festival.
All the workshops were in Portuguese and I personally didn't manage to go to Yoga or similar so I can't really comment on this. But there is quite a selection.
The vibe was considerably less hippie than at European festivals. Much more party vibes. That is not to say that the vibe is bad at all, I has great conversations with the people, it just has a much less spiritual vibe to it than Ozora and especially Boom (or other smaller festivals).
There are influencer type people there and Brazilians love to take pictures. Don't be surprised when you see a professional photoshoot with LED lights and big cameras at the beach or, even worse, on the dancefloor at UP Club. I must say I was not used to that at a Psy festival and it honestly caused quite a bit of laughter and head shaking in my group. But the people there love to party and especially during the day the party is ON! Lots of dancing and good vibes all around. I also saw no agressions.
What was a bit negative for me was the sponsoring. There was not a lot of it but you could see Heineken ads in various places. It just doesn't fit a Psy festival well to have ads of a giant corporation. At the Vegas set it was sponsored by Xegue Mate (which is tbh a really good drink) but there was a big branded beach ball in the crowd, also out of place at a psy festival.
There was also not too much trashcon the floor there which I appreciate. Unfortunately still quite a bit more than at Boom but it was acceptable.
Yes you read that right. A whole subsection for chairs. Those godforsaken chairs!!! If you saw Instagram posts or on the website of UP some sentences about chairs on the dancefloor you must have thought, ah it can't be that bad. Yes it is. Worse than I could have imagined. So the Brazilians really love their chairs and gazebos. They carry them around the whole festival and fair, it's nice to sit down once in a while. BUT NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANCEFLOOR! There are literally tons of people in chairs, or even worse, just empty open chairs on the dancefloors. People even take their gazebos super close to the dancefloors or on the dancefloors (albeit not in the front). What these chairs do is make barriers for you to move about on the dancefloor, take a lot of space that people could dance on, you bump in them jumping around, trip over them... You get the gist. My friends even saw someone on the main floor sitting in a chair reading a book. By all means, if you wanna sit and not dance bring the chair, but sit behind a dancers or to the side. This is a trend that can never come to european festivals, else I'm gonna lose my mind. At the Neelix retro set there were so many chairs and gazebos (and people) it took us 20 minutes to cross a small part of the dance floor.
Food / Drinks
I found the food to be quite good and for European standards affordable. But for Brazil the prices are high. There was also not enough choice for Vegetarians/Vegans. I try not to eat too much meat, at Festivals I especially wanna eat vegetarian so that was a bit of a letdown.
The cashless apparently didn't work for foreigners during the day the first day (I only arrived in the evening). As the foreigners don't have a CPF number they had to register with the passport number, which didn't work in the beginning. You can get food and drinks all cashless, for stands and unofficial vendors, bring enough Reais.
I felt very safe throughout the festival and nothing got stolen from me or my group even though we heard there would be lots of thefts.
Many people do not speak English so it's good to have people in your group that speak Portuguese. It is definitely possible to do it without though, many do speak English or you'll have to do it hand and feet style.
I criticized a lot here but honestly I would go again anytime if I'm in Brazil around the time. It was crazy much fun and all the small annoyances are just part of the festival life. I would rank it under Boom and Ozora but I still had the same amount of fun there. And that Ocean just makes for an incredible experience.
If you have questions you can ask, it might take me a bit to answer though but I will :) I might also expand if something comes to my mind.
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2023.02.03 00:27 Rasanack Arthur TV Show- Green Challenge font help, can you find something Similar?

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2023.02.03 00:24 turkishWilliams704 Foreboding Christmas decorations at the White House this year

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2023.02.03 00:12 druidicfae Cozy Game Recommendations

Hi! I'm looking for cozy game recommendations, preferably for the Switch, but PS4 would also be okay.
I really like Stardew Valley. I don't like Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons however, I find them to be too repeptitive. I got really interested in Bear & Breakfast, but watched a couple reviews and it seems to have the repetition issues too. Animal Crossing is not for me, as there is not enough to do to keep me hooked. I played Wild World for ages, but never even got beyond having two rooms in my house.
Any suggestions which include farming, interior design, perhaps organising things in a way, or decorating or something? Taking care of animals? Cottagecore, witchy vibes, those sort of things are right up my alley, so anything along those lines! 🌺
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2023.02.03 00:00 Familiar_Chemistry35 New sand for planting cacti. Is this acceptable growing medium?

New sand for planting cacti. Is this acceptable growing medium?
I've learned that play sand ive been growing in is no good. I picked up this black sand instead and im planting cacti in that now. Thanks guys feedback appreciated.
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2023.02.02 23:58 A_1337_Dead_Memelord [PC][2008-2014?] 3D game with playable character who walks around over objects that get stuck onto him making him grow larger

The playable character if I correctly recall is a stick figure made out of many small balls. You eventually arent able to see those as he gets covered with the objects he has walked over.
The playstyle of this game was pretty much that of taste the planet but instead of the character actually eating stuff, they would instead stick on him and make him grow larger.
This game had different maps, the ones I remember are:
Also i believe this game used the RHCP cant stop music or at least something with a very similar beat.
Another minor detail is that you got pushed away and made a silly sound when trying to eat something larger (i think this happened only when the target could also move so like a human or a car)
As for the graphics they were simple 3D graphics with simple 3D models
Don't know if this is enough information, but I really cant remember anything more about it. Its also really possible that the game is older than the date provided, because i used to play it on an old laptop at least 8 years ago wth no real issues.
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