Puff cuff sizes

Croissants: what should I do differently next time?

2023.02.03 05:13 JesW87 Croissants: what should I do differently next time?

Just tried to make croissants from scratch for the first time and they came out better than I expected but still a failure. I followed Joshua Weissman's recipe, and they came out looking like spiral bread inside. Delicious though. This album is photos of my croissants, specifically the photos I could get of the layers, maybe that could be some indication of what I did wrong? It does look like the butter layers are a little segmented, I don't know if that's not supposed to happen.
Other things I noticed are that they didn't puff up or increase in size as much as id expect during proofing, so I extended the proofing time by like 2 hours and they still hadn't quite doubled in size. Maybe I need to do it somewhere warmer next time. I also noticed a lot of butter leaking out while baking, so maybe I need to refrigerate the proofed croissants prior to baking the next batch. Any ideas what went wrong here?
I used Kerrygold butter if anyone's wondering.
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2023.02.03 04:27 Kapples14 DR fanganronpa concept and cast

Danganronpa Fan Idea: City of the Lost
Across the world, young and bright students who have excelled in certain fields will be recognized by their countries as Ultimates. These Ultimates will then be sent to the Buchanan Institute for Growth and Development: considered by many to be one of the most revolutionary academies in human history. With funding and support from numerous nations' governments, Ultimates will be placed into Student Bodies of 16-20 in order to form close bonds with one another in order to collaborate and hone their crafts.
This hypothetical story would follow Charlie Cabot, the Ultimate Diplomat, who was placed into the 25th Student Body who are to be sent to Buchanan's Institute via a luxury cruise ship. However, this all changes when Charlie and his class mysteriously wake up on the shores of a large city stranded in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, the 25th Student Body have been sent to the smog-coated city of iron and stone pillars, Vongerlach City. Here, under the many piercing eyes of a mysterious masked individual known as Mr. Jupiter, the class will now be forced to participate in a game show known as the Killing Game Extravaganza, where the only way out of the city's cold clutch is to kill one of their own and get away with it. With little chance of escape, Charlie has gone from becoming a rising star and into one of many poor souls who may be snuffed out in an instant.

Ultimate Economist: Aina Masayoshi
The world of finances has never been more lively and energetic since Aina came to the scene with her hit teen magazine, Wow, Money!, that has brought economic insight to her peers and friend groups. After saving her father's multi-million dollar company from bankruptcy, Aina has become an iconic economic prodigy thanks in part to her energetic and bubbly personality. This sunny, flirtatious, fast talker is someone who is always looking to bring the best out of every situation, even if it comes from very minute or exaggerated details. She is always trying to find the best opportunity in each situation, seeing the world's darkest corners as being the untapped wells for something truly fabulous.

Ultimate Scuba Diver: Ringo Egawa
The deepest depths of the seas and lakes hold untold mysteries, but no mystery can escape the reach of the Ultimate Scuba Diver. Ever since his youngest days, Ringo's been on a personal journey to find a supposed "Great Treasure" he is certain is out there. While not the sharpest tooth in the shark's jaw, he's as loyal and sincere as they can get. Ringo's beloved in the oceanic world for his easy-going and mellow personality, but this very same lax attitude has gotten him into many bizarre and precarious situations whenever he's left to his own devices. Despite this, Ringo has been able to perform many complex activities and operations while underwater, having a keen sense of problem-solving skills whenever he puts his all into whatever he finds most important.

Ultimate Mathematician: Tora Ito
The top of the top, Tora Ito is someone who will ensure that you remember his importance. Ito's computer-like intellect is only matched by his sheer vanity and pride. Ever since he was a child, Tora has been considered by many to be the next successor to his family's research company, Ito Scientific Developments & Technological Advancements. Ito, having lived his entire life among the upper crust of Japanese society, has fallen into a strange territory within the 25th Student Body of Buchanan's Institute for Growth and Development, considering the diverse body of students ranging from his more familiar brand of upper-class citizens, as compared to those from much more modest and rural communities. Ito often prefers to remain in solitude, only socializing with those who are either on his level, or can offer something of value to him.

Ultimate Saucier???: Yoshi Yamamoto
The life of the Ultimate Saucier may be shocking to some, but Yoshi Yamamoto is a living testament to how intense the food world can be. The son of a mafia's personal chef, Yoshi has honed his craft to the absolute peak within the culinary world. Hardened to the core through his time cooking for the mob, Yoshi has long since left his criminal upbringing to share his skills with the world. Despite this, many rumors have spread that his acceptance into Hope's Peak University wasn't for his cooking skills; however, Yoshi will fiercely defend his title against any skeptics. This intimidating giant may come off as unapproachable, but deep within lies the heart of a true artist and connoisseur of culinary arts.

Ultimate Escape Artist: Aldo Adesso
From the great Pavarotti Family Circus, Aldo Adesso is the latest in a long line of experts in the performing arts that has dominated Italian culture for the last 500 years. Aldo has conquered over 100 different forms of traps, puzzles, and death-defying challenges for adoring audiences, all without suffering as much as a scar on his body. This suave and charismatic star has left the circus life to pursue a grander path in life to reshape the world of entertainment. This pursuit has enabled Adesso to adopt a wide array of skills and resources that will provide him all the opportunity he needs to ensure that his mark will be burnt into history.

Ultimate Filmmaker: Ruth Weine
After entering the film world with her dramatically intense psychological-thriller, Dreaming While Awake, Ruth has managed to create several award-winning films with a modestly-sized crew and budget. Despite her humble upbringings, Ruth was still able to find an avenue into the complex world of cinema. She is often very quite, cold, and strictly professional in all relationships, but can become quick to light up when people around her show interest in her works. She is often focused on following a strict and meticulous routine, but often tries to break free of this lifestyle to avoid falling into the same tragic fates as many great artists. Ruth can be rather strict in what she determines as good cinema, having an astute knowledge of all aspects of the filming process after working extensively in each of those positions.

Ultimate Diplomat: Charlie Cabot
It's not easy living under your parents' shadows, but it's an even greater challenge when you've outshined them. Being the son of two Hope's Peak alumni, Charlie went from being a top student to a world-renowned sensation for his incredible skills in diplomacy and gift for foreign policy. Charlie may not be very certain on whether or not he believes that he is meant to change the world, but is determined to do so for the sake of the world. As a result, he's become much more ambitious in his pursuits to unite the world, even if he's not the most passionate about it.

Ultimate Figure Skater: Nikita Sugiyama
With the grace of winter's snow, and speed of a chilling wind, Nikita Sugiyama has become a top recruit for some of Serbia's greatest trainers and coaches. This quiet and melancholic poet has made a name for themselves not only for their talents, but also for the shocking contrast to their jolly blowhard father, a well-known military hero and ambassador who has worked extensively to aid his daughter in their journey to one day compete in the Olympics. Despite being one to prefer staying out of petty conflict, Nikita has been caught up in some controversies where they spoke out on issues often bigger than what they're more capable of handling. Regardless, the Ultimate Figure Skater is still recognized for their graceful and resilient spirit in the face of adversity.

Ultimate Gardener: Blaire Bouchard
The beauty of gardening has become far more abstract under Blaire's hands. With a supposed connection to the mystical arts, flowers and plantlife seem to thrive only days after she tends to them. After years of serving as the president her school's gardening club, she has developed a reputation of strict perfectionism in order to ensure the peak level of natural performance. However, many members of her club have left under mysterious circumstances, with rumors circulating that Blaire has created a harmful and abusive environment within the club that has led to many leaving in either protest or fear of Blaire's influence. Those who doubt her self-proclaimed connections to the mystical are often the most likely to see Blaire's true colors.

Ultimate Fashion Designer: Izumi Shima
The fashion scene fired up with a new sense of beauty when Izumi Shima, the Baroness of Boutiques, hit the scenes. After rising from poverty, Izumi Shima became the apprentice to one of Japan's top fashion designers. With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of the needle and thread, this determined fashionista has taken the internet by storm with her direct, but eloquent, personality. With legions of fans and patrons clamoring for her every word and action, the Baroness' Hall has reached international levels with Shima's clothes and accessories being shipped to some of the most high end department stores in the world. It's not often that Shima does interviews or exclusives, so there is some rumors to the history of this young designer and just who she really is underneath the layers of chique fabrics.

Ultimate Football Player: Carlos Barbaroza
Tragedy has followed the Barbaroza family for as long as Carlos can remember, having witnessed the woes and losses of many close relatives and loved ones. This has left Carlos determined to bring fame and fortune to his family as a skilled athlete, hoping that this would alleviate and mitigate the constant heartbreak and misfortune that has plagued his loved ones. With a heavily goal-focused mindset, Carlos has quickly lead his team to national levels through his athletic capabilities, winning several consecutive championships throughout his tenure. However, this career has turned him into a fiercely competitive, hostile, and materialistic diva more focused on the benefits he can gain from sports.

Ultimate Paintball Captain: Warren Kutsuki
As leader of the Fisheye Fighters, Ryu has turned a ragtag high school team of paintball players into an online sensation with their revolutionary strategies and close bonds. With his crew, paintball rifle, and lucky binoculars, Ryu has been able to led his team to complete international challenges and competitions with flying colors. This confident commando has been considered by his peers to be a brilliant strategist who could potentially reach the same heights of leadership as some of history's strongest military leaders. There are few challenges that the Ultimate Paintball Captain will back down from, because for as long as his ambitions lie forward, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Ultimate Mountain Climber: Mei Takayama
A natural survivor, Mei has become the inspiration to many after conquering both life-threatening illnesses and treacherous mountains. With passion, undying perseverance, and a hardy grin, she has shown that true strength comes to those who work the hardest for it. After climbing numerous mountains most would consider too intimidating for even the most daring of adventurers, Mei has built up a legendary status and brand to inspire young children to never give up and to always reach for the top. With both natural grace and raw strength, she has developed a genuine belief that no challenge will ever go unbeaten, even when the sacrifice begins to feel just as insurmountable.

Ultimate Engineer: Adeline Charbonnier
Within the streets of Paris, one small building is constantly lit with the sparks of machinery whenever Adeline Charbonnier finds her team on a new project. Whether it's toys, cars, home appliances, solar panels, factory machines, or computers, Adeline will make sure that that she and her team are on the go. You'd be hard to find this fiery thinker doing anything unrelated to her work thanks to her undying sense of humanitarianism. However, this has led to too many sleepless nights, causing the bright star to become overwhelmed with her workload. She truly wants to do her best in helping out her friends, but she's struggling to find the best possible way to balance her work and the rest of her life.

Ultimate Archivist: Setsuko Shimoda
Whether it's history, politics, finances, criminology, or scientific research, there isn't an article or document that Suzume can find. With an analytical mind and a steady heart, this mousy young lady has risen from working with student council and to serving with local politicians thanks to her incredible skills. As the Ultimate Archivist, Setsuko lives by a personal code of utmost transparency and 100% accuracy regarding any and all records that fall under her fingers. She is quite well known by friends and coworkers for her sweet, if somewhat stubborn, demeanor that can leave anyone anyone disarmed. Be sure not to get in her way when she's in the middle of work, however, or else you may end up with a lecture so stern your ears will be left ringing.

Ultimate Fisherman: Ken Sawai
Ken is a simple guy: he likes fishing, good food, and quiet lakes. Ken is somewhat of an awkward, if well-meaning, guy who is relatively new to the idea of Ultimates and becoming a global figure, having primarily worked within his community and limited social spaces due for most of his life. Ken has managed to win numerous fishing competitions, contributed his talents and knowledge towards conservational projects, and has aided in nurturing the populations of numerous endangered species of fish. However, this kindhearted slowpoke can find himself overwhelmed by modern and urban cultures with how fast and energized they are. In such environments, Ken prefers to lean on to those around him who may be much more capable in these times, never being too confident that he could truly survive in such a stressful environment.

Host of the Killing Game Extravaganza: Mr. Jupiter
Dancing like Gene Kelly, charming like Steve Allen, and psychotic as Lee Harvey Oswald, Mr. Jupiter has it all. This mysterious entertainer is not only the host of the Killing Game Extravaganza, but he is also the Mayor of Vongerlach City. In the pursuit of a truly extravagant Killing Game, Mr. Jupiter has managed to construct a masterful plan to psychologically isolate and weaken the wills of his contestants. With a mask of vanity, opportunism, and aloofness, Mr. Jupiter exercises his vast scope of power with a more upbeat and humorous disposition, seeing the various misfortunes and drama presented by the Killing Game as great opportunities to liven up the show. Rumor has it that this mysterious show host has a connection to the Buchanan Institute that may go back many years.

Ultimate Chaperone: Monoleo
Within Vongerlach City's iron jaws lies a small glimmer of hope, a fiery star of guidance, and a self-appointed leader who may be able to help the contestants survive the Killing Game. Monoleo believes he is the last line of defense between the Ultimate Student Body and Mr. Jupiter's sinister desires, although he is far more over his head than he knows. This proud blowhard will stop at nothing to overthrow his cynical rival, Monotora. However, Monoleo often forgets that he is just as powerless as the very contestants he's supposed to protect. Even so, there is nothing that Monoleo won't do to try and be the hero that he believes he can be.

Ultimate Backstage Manager: Monotora
Every good show host needs a manager, and a talent agent, and a producer, and a cleanup crew, and a caterer, and a makeup artist, and just about any job that Monotora will be willing to take.... which is all of them. This sleezy cat will tell you about all the work he does through the puffs of smoke if he has the time. As Mr. Jupiter's backstage manager, Monotora works to monitor the Killing Game and its crew. Why he does this is pretty much unknown considering that a robot tiger has no real need for money, but he seems to be perfectly content taking the credit for the show's success whenever his boss is not in the room.

This is just a hypothetical fanganronpa I was thinking of. I'd love to hear what people think of it. I'm not really looking to turn this into a legitimate game (no skills, no time, no money, etc.), but I still wanted to at least throw this idea onto paper to see what people think.
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2023.02.03 04:08 ariv23 Cableknit Sweater Sizing problem.

Ll bean’s sizing is really weird. I normally wear larges from most stores. Even with LLbean’s chart, I should be a large, but I’m solidly a medium.
I got the green cableknit on sale and the body is slightly big despite being their “slim” fit. But I can live with that, sweaters don’t have to be perfectly fitted. My issue is the arms are about 3-4 inches too long. The length of the cuff give or take.
Is it possible to have it altered since it’s that thick cable knitting? How much is it likely to shrink just by washing it? Is there such a thing as controlled shrinking with drying it?
Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.
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2023.02.03 03:03 Kroacher Week 3: Bite-sized - Cream Puffs

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2023.02.03 01:15 FoodBoxHQ Food Box MEGA-List: Meal Delivery, Meat Delivery, Snacks, Smoothies, Desserts, Drinks, & More!

Tired of buying the same thing over and over at your local grocery store? You're in the right place.
We're curating all of the different types of foods you can purchase on the internet.
Whether you're looking for tastier late night snacks or a very specific allergen-friendly meal delivery service, you'll find it here.
Know of a food box that isn't listed? Let us know in the comments!

Meal Kits

Pre-Made Meal Delivery Services

Meat Boxes

Seafood Boxes

Food Marketplaces

Grocery Delivery

Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

Snack Boxes (Subscription)

Snack Boxes (No Subscription)

Pasta Boxes

Smoothie Boxes (Subscription)

Desserts & Candies



Coffee Boxes

Mushroom Coffee

Tea Boxes


Emergency Foods


\This list is continually being updated. Be sure to come back for updates!*
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2023.02.03 00:33 lovelylillylumps Ootd with my Black everything belt bag and my fave jacket! Sporting my new Wunder puff, size 10 in Everglade green! Review in comments

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2023.02.02 22:17 C4ASH_OV3RRIDE Finally, something I can wear to shoots to show everyone where all my money goes!

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2023.02.02 22:11 C4ASH_OV3RRIDE Finally! Not enough fashion companies cater to the 1800s-religious-cult crowd.

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2023.02.02 19:12 JadedElk Very different gauges

I'm going to be casting on a free-hand sweater, but the yarn/fabric I'm going to use for the body of the sweater has a very different gauge from the yarn I want to use for the neck band and the cuffs. Think 2:3, body: neck. Anyone have advice on 1) if I can make that work and 2) how to get the new yarn to play nicely with the size of the old loops. Or would I have to work the sweater and then sew on the cuffs and neckband after the fact/work the neckband as a faux I-cord edging?
Extra details: I'm planning a folded over stockinette collar in a yarn that's about 30st/9.5cm, and the body of the sweater clocks in at about 18 stitches brioche/10cm. This would not be my first sweater, brioche sweater or my first vaguely feehand project, but the gap in the gauge is Concerning.
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2023.02.02 19:00 paa1605 [FS][UK] AM1RI - Core Logo Sweatpants/Jogging Bottoms - Size 32 - New w/Tags!

Selling these Am1ri core logo sweatpants / jogging bottoms from the brands current collection. Brand new, never been worn, and complete with tags.
Featuring the Am1ri logo on the thigh, 2 front zipped pockets with silver hardware, drawstring waist, adjustable cuffs, and rear pocket. The quality in hand is excellent. Quite heavy and thick. Far better than the E55entials or Repre5ent joggers i also own. Bought from 8billion and they are the top tier 279 Yuan batch.
Labelled as a size medium and they're true to size. Would fit anyone who usually wears a 32" waist. Approximate measurements when lying flat are: waist 42cm, length: 99cm, inside leg: 66cm.
Price is just £22 all in. Will post using Royal Mail first class signed for. Payment via Paypal invoice only. Timestamp and tagged pics can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/XqxWr1G Anyone serious about buying please get in touch.
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2023.02.02 18:53 MjolnirPants Jerry and the Apocalypse: Part 20

Part 19
Dylan Boucher, Prisoner, Pawn, Powerhouse
Dylan sat in his chair after Esmeralda left and growled at the threat of tears his eyes made. He would not be a little pussy like Jerry, sitting around crying like a bitch.
He breathed and waited. He had an idea of what was coming. That arrogant bitch, Vindicta, thought she could manipulate him to her heart's content, but he had discovered the worms.
Devious little things that he put inside a person's ear, which would wriggle into their brain and provide him with a direct, magical connection to their senses. He had lied when he said he'd never fucked Vindicta. He'd fucked her dozens of times, always in the body of one of her tributes. With his control over the worms, he could cut off the pain they felt, leaving only the physical sensations. And the words she spoke, of course.
She liked to go over her plans, mumbling them to herself, bragging about them to her tributes. Sometimes, she left them alone for a while as she puttered around her little library, messing with the books or talking to herself.
He knew enough of her plans to take care of himself and his, now. Except he hadn't planned on being stuck in this room. The handcuffs on his wrists had been inscribed with runes that he had been slowly scratching away at, but so far, he still couldn't access the shreds of magic he had left. He put Esmeralda and little Maria out of his mind for the moment and worked on rubbing the cuffs against the little piece of metal piping under the table, where the hole for cables was. There was a reason that police departments used plain, solid tables, and not these repurposed meeting-room tables.
When the building started to shake, he was surprised to feel the magic arising from the earthquake. He hadn't yet destroyed the enchantment on his cuffs. But apparently, he had damaged it. He reached out tentatively and got nothing. So instead of trying to push magic out, he pivoted to trying to draw it in.
It worked.
It hurt to draw it in. He wasn't sure if that was the lingering effects of the cuffs, or the nature of the potent, chaotic magic suffusing the air, but it hurt. He gritted his teeth and pulled as hard as he could stand, filling his battery with power.
There was just so much... He fought through the pain, pulling in power, charging himself to a point that he hadn't reached in years, not since he first stole his power from Astoram. He ignored the creaks and groans and the movement of the floor beneath his feet, greedily drinking up as much power as he could.
When the source of power began to wane, he stopped. He eyed the cuffs and experimentally tried to push some power into them.
The pain was immediate and overwhelming, like a thousand stilettos driving into his body all at once, combined with a cramp that struck every muscle he had. He cried out and fell out of his chair, curling up, gasping and trying to un-clench every muscle in his body.
"Well, that was stupid," he growled when he could control himself enough to do so. He thought about it and went through, trying to spot the exact moment the pain started. It had flickered on, briefly, right before it fully hit him. What's more, what caught his attention, was that there was a certain... Roughness to it. As if the enchantments that caused the pain were damaged.
Dylan remained on the floor where he had fallen. He hyperventilated, bracing himself for what he was about to do. When he thought he was as close to ready as he could be, he gathered up as much power as he could and shoved it into the cuffs all at once.
The pain struck again, this time even worse. He cried out, his scream turning into a growl of determination. He pushed and pushed, but the enchantment was unyielding. Just as he thought he couldn't take it anymore, something snapped. The room filled with humidity and the scent of a old beach. Salt, fish and grass. Random bursts of light flashed around the room and finally, blessedly, the enchantment gave way, crumbling.
Magic once again flowed freely through him. He took a long moment to recover, his teeth chattering and his throat involuntarily whimpering from the incredible pain.
When he could control himself, he let some of the magic slip out to soothe his pain. That helped. He pushed more magic into his arms and wrists, and then broke the cuffs with a brutal snap.
"Finally," he muttered to himself, rubbing his wrists where the bruises and indentations of the cuffs had already faded to nothing.
No longer lost in his own predicament, he paid attention to his surroundings now. He could hear shouting and running feet as the employees dealt with the aftermath of the quake. He knew that someone would be coming for him, so he sat back down and placed his hands in his laps.
Sure enough, the door opened a few minutes later, a pair of security guards, equipped for combat, walked in.
"Are you hurt?" the first one asked him. Dylan looked up. "No, I'm fine."
"Good, come with me, we're taking you back to your cell."
Dylan stood as the man stepped towards him, the other raising his barrel to train his gun on him. The guard reached out for Dylan's shoulder, then noticed the missing cuffs.
"Cuffs!" he shouted, backing up. The second guard opened fire immediately and hot lead ripped holes through Dylan's torso as he leaped forward to grab the first guard. He spun, getting the man and his armor between him and the shooter.
The man was no slouch. He brought his left hand up, a knife clutched in it, slashing Dylan's face open. As the direction of the knife's travel reversed and it dived down towards his neck in a brutal stab, Dylan snapped his head forward, forehead crunching into the man's nose. He shoved, taking them both off balance as the knife missed, carving a furrow over his shoulderblade instead.
Dylan reached out with his own left hand, finding the sidearm at the guard's waist and flicking the retention strap off with his pinky. The man felt it, and slapped his right hand down over the weapon, but it had merely been a distraction. Dylan stiffened his fingers, aimed them at the man's shoulder right where his armor opened up to let his arms through, and stabbed in.
His magically-stiffened fingers drove into the man's flesh, tearing muscle and ligament and drawing out a pained growl as his right arm went limp. Dylan ripped his hand back, and went for the gun again. This time, the man couldn't move his arm and Dylan got it. He pressed the barrel to the underside of the man's chin even as the knife swung back around and buried itself halfway to the hilt in his head.
Dylan heard the bang of the handgun going off at the same instant that everything went black.
Dylan Boucher, Escapee, Pawn, Powerhouse
A million years later, he felt himself impacting the floor. He blinked in confusion at what was going on around him as a man with a giant hole in the top of his head, clutching a bloody knife hit the ground in front of him.
Memories flooded back in. He remembered fighting the man in front of him, remembered pressing the gun to the underside of his chin and pulling the trigger. The hammerblow he'd felt to the side of his head must have been the man's knife, which got yanked out as they collapsed. Dylan glanced down as his shirt danced weirdly to see that he still clutched the gun in his hand.
He looked up, remembering the other guard. The man was firing rounds into Dylan's torso, but Dylan had too much magic in him, and was healing from the injuries as fast as the man could inflict them.
The man's submachinegun ran dry, and he reloaded smoothly and quickly, edging towards the door. He finished reloading as Dylan got to his own feet and slapped a big red button next to the door. Nothing happened, except for a red light coming on above the button.
He began to fire again, but Dylan ignored the impacts, using his magic to brace himself upright. He raised the gun and fired a single round that struck the man below the left eye. He dropped instantly, his gun falling silent.
Dylan bent down to strip the armor and weapons from the second guard. He took extra magazines from the first and geared himself for a fight. He checked both of their feet, and found that the first guard had boots that were just a hair small on him. He pulled them on, ignoring the pinching and laced them up loosely.
When ready, he stepped out of the interrogation room, through the observation room and into the hall. His prisoner's jumpsuit was similar enough to the guards' uniforms that, with the armor on and the gun in his hands, nobody took a second look at him. He jogged towards the stairs and made his way down. In the lobby, another guard grabbed him by the shoulder, and Dylan spun, ready to kill for his freedom.
The man, however, merely nodded to the front doors. "Get outside and see what kinds of assistance is needed out on the streets around us."
Dylan nodded. "Yes, sir," he said, the sarcasm in his voice going unnoticed. He turned to go, but the man turned him back.
"Don't get caught up assisting people, just figure out what's wrong and how we can help, then report back to me in C&C, got it?"
"Got it," Dylan said. The man let him go this time.
Dylan jogged outside and moved north. Past the Tower Life building, he stopped and laughed. That had been ridiculously easy. Far easier than he expected.
"Fucking idiots," he said to the towering monument to Jerry's ego behind him. He was free. He turned back to face north and began walking. It was time to find his wife and daughter.
Jerry Williams, Kinda Like Gandalf, but Nerdier and With a Less Epic Beard
I grabbed a chunk of the siding that had plenty of rebar sticking out of it and few cracks, flipping it to lay flat and then riding it like a magic carpet to fetch the people from the upper floors, where the firefighters could not reach. I could pack six people on it at a time at first, until Gary had me stop, bent up the rebar and produced some paracord which he tied around it to make a sort of low railing.
After that, I could fit thirteen or fourteen people at a time. With each group, I asked about Ishmael. Several people knew him, but nobody knew where he was. He apparently had an office on the second floor of the building.
It took two hours, but I got all the floors the firefighters couldn't reach cleared. I found the one in charge and explained what was going on with the floating floors, and that they would remain in place until demolished. He seemed skeptical, but accepted my word and went right back to work. Oh well. I tried. If they continued to hem and haw in fear of the floors collapsing, that would be on them.
I rejoined the others.
"Did anyone find Ishmael?" I asked. I got three heads shaking in response.
"Couple people told me he was in his office during the quake," Gary said, pointing to a massive pile of rubble. There had been several internal collapses. "Firefighters crawled all over it, but claimed they didn't find any trace of anyone buried under it."
Angie was back down to her normal size, but Michelle was still in hulk mode. I'm guessing she preferred to be ogled over her size over being ogled for being mostly naked.
"Let's look for ourselves," I said with a sigh. "He's probably dead, but we can't be sure until we find the body and have someone identify it."
We walked over, Angie growing big again. We began moving rubble from the top of the pile, working carefully in case someone actually was alive down there. I used magic to float away the smaller chunks, clear out dust for visibility and help with the largest pieces, while Gary worked as a sort of scout, digging into the pile from different directions to find out the structural points, letting Angie and Michelle take it down without collapsing it.
When we had about half the pile shifted away, we found the first body. It was a woman, her head smashed in and mostly missing, her shirt soaked in blood. Angie picked her out carefully, then carried her over to a spot on the sidewalk where the firefighters quickly covered her with a sheet.
We found more bodies; three men and four women. I used my phone to take pictures of the two men with recognizable faces, and then found some of the survivors who knew Ishmael. They looked and told me that neither was him. One identified one of the men as Babu Hassan. He began to weep quietly. I spent a moment trying to comfort him before I went back.
"Jerry," Gary called when I returned. "Check this out."
He was looking down at what looked like a piece of an ornate picture frame, or possibly trim from a richly-appointed office. I looked at it, crouching down to get a better look.
"Those look like runes to you?" he asked. I nodded. "Yeah, along the inside edge, where they wouldn't be visible... This looks familiar... I can't tell what it does from just this chunk, though. I need the rest of it."
When I looked up, Michelle and Angie had joined us. "We found the ground," Michelle explained. "No more bodies."
"See if you guys can find more of this thing," I said, holding up the piece. Angie snapped her fingers, "I saw some. Gimme a second," she went over to the lower piles they had created by moving this one.
She returned a second later with more of the trim. The piece she carried had two right angles in it. By placing them together and finding where they connected, I was able to work out the shape. About the size and dimensions of a full-length mirror. The runes on the backs of the new pieces painted a picture I finally recognized.
"It's a teleporter," I said. "Just like the ones the Group uses."
"You think Ishmael escaped, then?"
"Maybe... He might be one of the bodies, but this suggests otherwise."
"So, can you tell where it goes? Or if it's adjustable like ours?"
"Not adjustable," I said. "Even missing parts, I can tell. But if we can find some wood and a mirror, I could probably repair this and get it working again."
"Hah!" Gary said. "I knew you'd take up woodworking eventually, when I saw you staring at that table saw at the hardware store a while back."
I smirked. "Guess so."
"I dunno, Jerry," Michelle said, dropping to her butt and draping massive arms over her knees. Her position hid a lot of the bungee-cables she'd used to make her 'flexi-panties' and made her look almost naked.
"I always thought you were a pretty fine hand with wood already." She grinned a shit-eating grin at me as I felt the heat rising in my neck. Angie barked a laugh.
"You're just too easy, bud," Gary said with a chuckle. "We can't resist."
"Yeah yeah yeah," I deadpanned. "Well, let's find some wood, I'll start nailing things, maybe a little screwing might happen at some point."
The others chuckled. I didn't. Instead, I looked over at the line of eight bodies on the sidewalk and wondered how many others had died in this earthquake. And then I wondered how many earthquakes had happened recently.
And then I wondered why.
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2023.02.02 13:54 goawayitstooearly WTS (NY/AUS) Aussie Camo - AMCU, AMP, GPU, DPNU

This listing is for a series of different Australian camo BDUs. All items are genuine issue and ex-surplus or brand new with tags, see descriptions for more info. No reproduction gear!
AMCU (Australian Multicam Combat Uniform)
Australian version of multicam and current issue to the Australian Army and overseas deployed members of the ADF. Multicam pattern modified slightly with more rounded features and using the traditional DPCU colour palette.
32R Combat Pants (Cc) - $120
Crye Pattern combat pants compatible with Crye kneepad inserts. Zipper map pockets, velcro closures for waist and knee sizing, elastic cord at cuff for blousing.
36R Combat Pants - $100
Standard combat pants with insert pockets for larger kneepad inserts. Zipper map pockets, velcro closures for waist and knee sizing, elastic cord at cuff for blousing.
Medium-Regular Combat Shirt (Cc) - $120
Lightweight Under Body Armour Combat Shirt (UBACS) with lightweight wicking fabric on chest and back to accomodate plate carriechest rig. Accepts Crye elbow pads. As new condition, no damage.
Medium-Short Combat Shirt (Cc) - $100
Lightweight Under Body Armour Combat Shirt (UBACS) with lightweight wicking fabric on chest and back to accomodate plate carriechest rig. Accepts Crye elbow pads. Used condition, no damage, slight sun fading.
AMP-OCU (Australian Multicam Pattern Operational Combat Uniform)
This was a limited issue to deployed units between 2015 and 2017 bridging the gap between DPCU and AMCU. Developed by Crye for the ADF, it contains the standard multicam colour palette with an Australianised camo pattern containing DPCU-like jellybean/bunny features. A rare pattern with no known reproductions on the market. Has the ADF logo printed within the pattern. All photos in title album*.*
32S Combat Pants (Cc) PENDING
Crye Pattern combat pants compatible with Crye kneepad inserts. Zipper map pockets, velcro closures for waist and knee sizing, elastic cord at cuff for blousing. Minor pilling around velcro areas.
M-L UBACS Combat Shirt (Cc) PENDING
Lightweight Under Body Armour Combat Shirt (UBACS) with lightweight wicking fabric on chest and back to accomodate plate carriechest rig. Accepts Crye elbow pads. Used condition, no size tags, minor oil stain on shirt, slight fading.
AFGPU (RAAF General Purpose Uniform)
Standard issue Royal Australian Air Force uniform, AMCU pattern with blue to gray colourways. Has the RAAF logo printed within the pattern.
90R Shirt new with tags - $80
Brand new, never worn, ADA manufacturers tag still attached.
90R Shirt with Air Force patches - $80
Slightly faded, ex surplus with Air Force breast pocket and shoulder patches still on shirt. Owners name tag has been removed from other breast pocket.
90R Pants - $60
Good used condition, Velcro closures for waist sizing, elastic cord at cuff for blousing.
M/56cm Wide brim boonie hat NEW - $40
Brand new, never worn, no tags.
DPNU (Disruptive Pattern Navy Uniform or “Navy Auscam”)
Issued from 2008-2021, DPCU pattern with grey-blue colourways on light grey background. Shirts do up with press studs instead of buttons and have reflective taping on arms for night visibility on ship. Issued to all active navy personnel and boarding parties.
100R shirt - $50
Good used condition.
100R shirt damaged pocket - $30
Good used condition, Minor damage to corner of pen pocket on right sleeve.
75 R shirt - $50
Near new condition.
90 R pants - $50 - have three pairs of these.
Good used condition, velcro closures at waist and cuffs for sizing/fit.
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2023.02.02 10:40 notorious_VIG [WTS] Stio, Mountain Hardwear, Salewa, Chaco, Patagonia

Trying to do some pre-Spring Spring cleaning, so I'm parting ways with a few different layering pieces, gloves and shoes. I've made note of what's new with tags (NWT), new without tags (NWOT) and used (U), as well as colors and sizing. Prices include shipping and fees. Feel free to message me for more pictures, and I'm cool with PayPal G&S or Venmo.
Stio Pinion Down Sweater (NWT) - Mountain Shadow - Size Medium - $110
SALE PENDING: Salewa Ortles Hybrid TWR Jacket (NWOT) - Black - Size Medium - $100
Mountain Hardwear Boundary Ridge Gore-Tex Jacket (U) - Black Spruce - Medium - $150
Chaco Paonia Desert Chukka Boots (NWOT) - Earth Brown - Size 9 - $70
SALE PENDING: Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie (U) - Blue - Size Medium - $100
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2023.02.02 07:59 tuxcomputers Daisy and Goliath

My son lives with us downstairs and has a 35kg (77lbs) dog, Daisy is a 1.5kg (3.3lbs) Min Pin puppy.
We suspect that Luna was removed from the litter too early because she has problems reading the cues of other dogs. When our other dog Timmy snaps at Luna she thinks he is playing. Luna is a gentle giant that just wants to play and loves attention, she just doesn't know her own strength and size.
Today I was just laying down in the lounge room playing with Daisy (instead of working) and Luna was just laying there too. When ended up happening was Daisy was running around like a nutter and coming between me and Luna.
She was reaching out and grabbing Daisy, she was so so gentle, Daisy only whined a tiny bit once, they were both enjoying it for over half an hour until Daisy ran out of puff and lay down. Luna nudged her once but Daisy just ignored her and they both fell asleep.
I knew that if I went to grab my phone to record it that would break the spell so I just lay there and laughed the entire time. I will try and get some footage next time.
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2023.02.02 07:55 highly_uncertain Struggling with flange sizing

I'm a STM and pumped for about 6 months with my first using a Medela pump. Supply wise, I would call it a successful pumping journey (I had to stop because my baby had medical issues). Unfortunately I cannot remember the flange size I used before.
This time I got the Spectra because I hear non-stop good reviews about it. It comes with 24mm and 28mm flanges and I think the 28s might be too small? At the beginning of my pump, it looks like a good fit. But several minutes in, my nips puff up from pumping and rub along the sides. None of the online reference photos I see are particularly helpful. Today I got out of the shower and noticed my boobs were still so full and I had literally just pumped. I don't want to wreck my supply because of poor fitting flanges 😞
Tips? Tricks?
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2023.02.02 07:37 r3vilooof My 30 page Opinion on Constructively Criticizing ALL Gadgets and Star Powers (SP)

I was inspired by OG's tweet and Frank's reply on constructive criticism for sharing on gadgets and SP. So here is my 30 page opinion piece on all the brawlers.
I think this is a very relevant topic to discuss. Gears and Star Powers. Now that we have so many Brawlers and Gadgets as well as Star Powers. It's a good discussion to go through every single brawler's kit to discuss (from a competitive angle, if any one of them are good or bad depending on my own playing experience. It's going to be a long one, so, here I go. (Caveat: I'm going to go down the line of this using information at Brawler.gg so if I miss out on anything, please remind me in the comments!
  1. Carl
Heat Ejector vs Flying Hook.
I think in MOST situations, Flying Hook is preferred competitively. Mainly because of how immediate the impact can be in terms of changing the game. In competitive where you would usually poke and exchange blows at range, having the ability to gap close when you have your super can be very beneficial. That being said, imo, I think Heat Ejector does have it's use where you can zone and at some moments, you would be able to cover an area and cause a burn over multiple targets. My gripe with it mainly is that there would be fewer ability to make game changing plays and the effects aren't as immediate.
In this instance, is there a dominant gadget? I think so, but I don't think it's completely one-sided in this instance. One just has more immediately utility than the other.
Protective Pirouette vs Power Throw.
These are two very balanced star powers in my opinion. Protective Pirouette has a very strong offensive SP that enables you to be very aggressive when you have your super! I think it pairs very fantastically with the Flying Hook. However, if you were to do a comparison, having Power Throw allows you to have more attacks over the course of a game with higher frequency of "regular attacks".
Both have their plus points in competitive, I think potentially Power Throw allows you to play more conservatively. I personally am more aggressive and am more in favor of one moment of game changers. So it's Protective Pirouette for me. But, if you ask me, these are two balanced star powers.
Overall Opinion: Carl's kit is very balanced imo. Heat Ejector will seem like it's comparatively weaker but I think it does have it's own impact granted, it might not be very big or instantaneous. If something were to be changed, I would suggest allowing the axe to phase through walls while leaving a heat trail... That would allow for more playmaking and potentially kill threat.
2) Sprout
Transplant vs Garden Mulcher.
For the longest time, I preferred Garden Mulcher because I am horrible at timing the transplant gadget use for maximized impact. BUT, I realized where some maps where you want to play Sprout to allow for yourself to block off a lane with Sprout's super, having transplant is very useful! An example of this is Dueling Beetles on Hotzone. I think that map you'd be trolling to bring Garden Mulcher over Transplant (notice the word Over. SO if you only have Garden Mulcher, my comment does not apply to you). The two gadgets have their uses and I think it depends on the playstyle. I think Transplant has a lot of team utility. Garden Mulcher is more useful if you don't have a map that requires a shut down and requires more survival. An example I'd think of is Layer Cake on Bounty where I'd prefer Garden Mulcher over Transplant.
Therefore, there is no one gadget better than the other in my opinion.
Photosynthesis vs Overgrowth.
I think Sprout's two SP are also very balanced. For players who prefer to poke with greater safety, Photosynthesis works better. For those that are more confident about their juking and would prefer a greater range, Overgrowth would work better. As an example, would on Layer Cake, you could argue for Overgrowth or Photosynthesis. It's really a conservative vs aggressive playstyle (Photo vs Over respectively) preference.
Overall Opinion: Sprout's kit is extremely balanced and you could probably argue for any permutation. You probably need to decide based on your map and style.
3) Mortis
Combo Spinner vs Survival Shovel.
I think this gadget comparison is very skill dependent BUT competitively, I don't foresee Combo Spinner being used because Survival Shovel allows for more attacks and even more importantly, it grants more mobility to Mortis. Having said that, I think Combo Spinner has more utility in lower ELO where your impact is more instantaneous. Is there are a case to be made for one gadget over the other? I believe you can argue for either. I feel both are offensively oriented gadgets but there is a greater likelihood of you wasting Survival Shovel over Combo Spinner if you use it at a wrong time. But Survival Shovel has more flexibility to be used in more various situations whereas Combo Spinner is usually for the kill instance.
Coiled Snake vs Creepy Harvest.
Since the change of Mortis' basic mechanic, I think it changed the dynamics between the SP. In the past, it was purely Coiled Snake because having that additional distance for the first ammo was a game-changer. If you ask me, I am not sufficiently experienced to understand which works better. Because being able to obtain the long distance hit earlier makes it stronger offensively. I'm not a huge Mortis player, so I think my opinion on this might be inaccurate but from what I see, Mortis players should be more conservative and not dive in too quickly for an attack, if your team mate helps to chip a little health before you go in, it will be more effective. Therefore, if you ask me, Coiled Snake may not be necessary, I'd prefer Creepy Harvest. Please share if you have a different opinion in the comments!
Overall Opinion: I do not think there is a distinct better SP or Gadget, I think it varies with the comfort or skill of the player. However, imo, if you're a pro competitive player, regardless of the map I would think Survival Shovel with Creepy Harvest would be the play. (Again, I could be wrong!)
4) Rico
Multiball Launcher vs Bouncy Castle
This is probably the most one-sided gadget up to this point. I think without a dispute, Bouncy Castle just provides greater utility simply because it's an instant health regeneration while using a regular attack. The only times where I can think that perhaps MultiBall Launcher would win out is if you have a Mortis that is DIRECTLY on you (I think it used to be that way?). But in all other scenarios, this is similar to Combo Spinner for Mortis where you have an instant damage without consuming 1 ammo. However, the damage usually is negligible and the balls don't exactly go infinitely far away, so most of the time you end up tickling opponents. This gives far less "kill pressure" as or "disengage threat" as I think it was intended.
Robo Retreat vs Super Bouncy
This is situational and probably varies from person to person if you ask me. Where I see the impact of these two SP is the questions:
a. How good am I at Juking shots?
b. How good am I at bouncing shots?
If your answer to both questions is good, most likely you'll find more value in Super Bouncy because your shots have more weight to them. BUT if you're more about survivability and are more "Poke" type of a player, then probably you're going to fancy Robo Retreat better. I think competitively (I could be wrong because I've stopped actively watching tournaments), Robo Retreat would have greater pick rate simply because I think most players lean towards surviving longer.
Overall Opinion: Rico has a more "one-sided" kit in most instances. Competitively at least, I don't see Multiball Launcher having utility until the value of the shots can be increased (perhaps the balls he multi-launches are phat balls that deal fairly respectable damage that can travel infinitely for 2-3 seconds? Then, that would have an impact.
5) Dynamike
Satchel Charge vs Fidget Spinner
This is similar to the Rico gadget problem. Fidget Spinner is now a "disengage" option but given that usually Dynas are played at a distance, so if you are under a "gap-close", usually the spinning will not help you get too far even with the speed increase (Not to mention that like Rico's gadget, it "tickles" the opponent in damage). Satchel Charge has utility even if it might not hit.
Demolition vs Dyna-Jump
Competitively, I think there is little case to be made for Dyna-Jump. Not that there is no use for it but I don't think most players COMPETITIVELY, have the right composure during games to consistently hit the jumps (can consecutive jumps occur anymore?) enough for it to be worth picking. In the first place Dyna is in a very difficult spot for throwers when you have Tick, Sprout, Grom and even Barley (who I consider to be in a very awful position in the meta).
Overall Opinion: Dyna definitely has a lop-sided Gadget and SP because the damage output or utility of the gadget is unrealistic and for Dyna-Jump, it just does not bring the same level of utility for it to be consistently usable in competitive. Having said these, I don't want to see a change in Dynajump simply because I feel that for casual players, it brings an element of fun to the kit *Unless SC wants to make it part of the base build of Dyna in which case, sign me up\* . As for Fidget Spinner, I think it could be fixed in either of 2 ways. Instead of spinning and throwing random spots, he'd do 1 quick spin to land an area of bombs (instantaneous area of bombing) and a speed increase OR the bombs really really hurt with the current gadget mechanic, i.e. you increase the damage to significant.
6) Squeak
Residue vs Windup
Residue has a clear upper hand here. The effect of Windup is now similar to Mandy's Super (long shot) but it gets stopped at the first obstacle and also it does not guarantee anything even if it hits (you just hit a shot, that is it). On the other hand, with Residue you get vision in a bush plus a slow field that can allow you to better hit multiple targets if they get trapped (Pun attempted)
Super Sticky vs Chain Reaction
FOR ME personally... Super Sticky brings more utility to Squeak's kit and again because there is a slow you can hit more shots. To be very honest I don't even know what Chain Reaction does... I had to look it up and still I had no idea when I would have activated it. It gives more damage but not an amount significant enough to warrant taking it over the slow.
Overall Opinion: There was a time when Wind Up was useful (mainly in situations where you know the opponents are definitely coming down a certain way (think Bridge Too Far on Heist) but personally, the lesser loved gadget and SP do not get sufficient utility to warrant contemplation. This is where I struggle a little, I think Residue is too great a gadget that I can't think of an equally good gadget idea to replace Wind Up... maybe a gadget that allows for your next attack (instead of reveal and slow), a healing zone for your team mates. As for the SP replacement, I think instead of Chain Reaction, they can do one of 2 things, increase the bubble size or speed up the bubble explosion.
7) Max
Sneaky Sneakers vs Phase Shifter
I believe from a gadget perspective, Phase Shifter has more Play Making potential. Meaning you can gap close and you have an immunity bubble. That can allow you to block shots/damage or even move forward to close down on an objective. On the other hand, I think Sneaky Sneakers in theory should allow for some useful play making and perhaps zoning. BUT my huge caveat here is that, I think in competitive, that "sneakings" should allow for opponents to decide quickly, either they are able to kill the Max or they can just hang back to heal to avoid engaging onto a Max that's going to instant heal. So competitive wise, I think Phase Shifter has the edge. How I think Sneaky Sneakers can be improved... is if there is a rework that does not allow the opponent to SEE the gadget being used. That I think will help the gadget gain increase the utility without really touching other aspects of it.
Run N Gun vs Super Charged
Basically it's increase in basic attack potential vs charging super quicker through movement. In Brawl Stars, Supers generally change the game, but you also have the other school of thought where you can do more and still get the supers if you are able to fire off more bullets and harass the enemy more. So between these two, things are pretty balanced.
Overall Opinion: Max has a kit that is very similar to that of Sprout or Carl. There will be some pros who will advocate for either one of the SPs, I believe we rarely see Sneaky Sneakers in competitive play but overall, still a pretty balanced kit.
8) Mr. P
Service Bell vs Porter Reinforcement
Between the two, what you get is an assistant that works well against fellow long range snipers in the same way (forces them to waste bullets). However, one helps you win trades early one helps you to win trades late. I think in game modes where you can get an edge getting mid control first could be better served with Porter Reinforcement but I think an argument can be made on how Service Bell can create more value as the buffed Porter is pretty thicc
Revolving Door and Handle With Care
I'm surprised that they are still named the same thing on the website because they have both been changed. The difference here is how Revolving Door is essentially now a buff to your porter and Handle With Care creates a "Mortis" like situation where your flip explosion is more impactful. Naturally I'd think Handle with care has more impact because it'd probably be more of threat and help you zone or obtain your super faster although Revolving Door allows your super to be more impactful.
Overall Opinion: I think Mr.P is in a terrible spot especially with the release of brawlers like Gray, Mandy and even Chester who can offer so much more. None of the Gadget / SP seem very much better than the other, so in that way, I guess the design is the most balanced here. Ultimately though, the brawler is not in a great spot at the moment.
9) Piper
Homemade Recipe vs Auto Aimer
I don't think there will be much of a dispute, in competitive, both of these gadgets are usable. Range vs close-range engage on your opponent side.
Snappy Sniping vs Ambush
Again, this is very balanced, I can see an argument for both SPs depending on the game mode, your opponent and your play style!
Overall Opinion: I think Piper is fairly balanced in terms of gadget and SP. They created a very good kit for a sniper-class brawler that has been around for a long time (been pretty much relevant since 2019 when I first started following competitive Brawl)
10) Byron
Booster Shot vs Shot in the arm
For this one, I think they are both pretty useful but from what I've seen, I think most pros prefer the use of Shot in the arm for competitive games. Mainly because it allows them for one shot like Crow that gives the same "bush vision" vibe. Personally I think they are both usable. Booster Shot gives you a quicker and more instant heal so you can perhaps play more aggressively.
Injection vs Malaise
This is where I think there is a superior SP in this instance where Injection allows for too much of a boost of the basic attack. Even though in theory, stopping the opponent's healing is so impactful, but usually for Byron, when you toss your super, you are expecting a near kill. The only time you'd use this and it is a huge caveat, is if you're playing against maybe a Poco Pam comp. So I think that is not very practical.
Overall Opinion: Byron does not have very lopsided gadget, but he does have a largely better SP. The pros have a overall inclination to one of the gadget but I believe that is due to their confidence in handling healing and aggression so the other gadget is more useful to them. For the Malaise SP, I would suggest potentially one of two things... Increasing the super damage + heal OR (and this is a rework) when the super lands, it's like a Barley splash, it lingers a little bit. That would make this a "Super" vs "Basic Attack" debate for SP and I think that would be fine.
11) Shelly
Clay Pigeons vs Fast Forward
The comparison between this two gadgets is pretty straight forward. Clay Pigeon alleviates and gives a greater kill threat to Shelly's biggest weakness which is range. At the same time when we compare Fast Forward from Shelly with Sneaky Sneakers for Max which is essentially the same type of gadget (a gap closer), the lack of invincibility makes it pale in comparison and largely unappealing. The consolation to me is that if you are able to time your use of the gadget, Shelly's Fast Forward is actually not too bad a playmaking tool. It's just a matter of do you mind that in comparison with Max's Sneaky Sneakers, it does kinda stink. The question is, do you remove that invincibility for Max or give an invincibility to Shelly? My personal preference is the latter because I don't think that would bump Shelly up to the upper echelons of the game instantly although it probably might make the gadgets too obvious a copycat.
Band Aid vs Shell Shock
Let me start off by first saying that Band Aid used to be OP. Shelly could basically be unkillable if the player can juggle the healing... Now that it's changed, unfortunately I do think that Shell Shock has way too much utility in comparison. Band-Aid's original intention is to allow for more aggression and as we know, Shelly is kind of a Glass Cannon, so having her be able to heal allowed for more aggression. But if that aggression was only 1 time, we have to weigh it with the other SP which allows for greater potential for chain supers because the slow is quite significant. IN Brawl Stars, slows have a huge impact on the game. You realize the biggest problem is hitting someone with your attack (regardless of super or basic), so if you can slow the enemy to a crawl for them to be a sitting duck, you're basically much preferred. My solution for Shelly is actually very basic and I'm not sure if it is that good, rework Band-Aid into one which her Super covers a larger and more impactful radius without the slow. That would do 2 things, make her more stunning and dangerous and force people to choose between that and a slow.
12) Nita
Faux Fur vs Bear Paws
A shield vs a stun... I think in recent times, the shield has the edge simply because staying alive is favored as opposed to the delayed stun which might not hit. IN theory, they should be both have utility but the stun is too hard to hit.
Hyper Bear or Bear with me
There really is no comparative between the two. You either choose to heal or you choose to attack quickly. I think there is a good case to be made for either depending on your personal preference.
Overall Opinion: I think if SC wants to get creative and "balance" or "buff" Nita to make her meta... they can do one of the things. They could rework Bear Paws into a Berserk mode where Nita's Bear grows larger (gain HP) and each hit is 10% harder. They could rework Bear with me's mechanic to be a basic mechanic of Nita's Super AND change Bear With Me into a small radius of slow around Bruce OR change the thickness or length of her basic attack.
13) Sandy
Sweet Dreams vs Sleep Stimulator
Now... again there is a clear favorite here. Simply because Sleep Stimulator has too much of utility in comparison. It has a very good effect and I think it helps Sandy's kit. Unfortunately, Sweet Dreams paled in comparison because your sleep time takes too long.
Rude Sands vs Healing Winds
I think these two SPs have a good balance. You can opt for damage if you want to zone or you can opt for Healing to allow for yourself to be more aggressive staying inside.
Overall Opinion: Sandy's SP is pretty balanced and they both have their uses. However, in terms of the Gadget, you can see that Sweet Dreams does pale in comparison. In my opinion, Sweet Dreams can be solved or improved if the sleep recovery is more instantaneous
14) Colonel Ruffs
Take Cover vs Air Support
I think both gadgets have very good utility! One allows Ruff to hide behind some sandbags and get some safety out and the other creates more zoning potential.
Field Promotion vs Air Superiority
I think I have a huge preference for Air Superiority not because I think Field Promotion has no use but because I feel that in usual competitive, you would not stick around with your team mates long enough for the hp increase to have an impact.
Overall Opinion: I believe Ruff's kit is actually fairly balanced. Most likely, if Ruff's Field Promotion wants to have a change, I'd suggest the HP increase to be increased OR for the SP to be reworked into (Instead of 2 lines, to change to 3 lines of attack***)***
15) Rosa
Unfriendly Bushes vs Grow Light
I think competitively, Unfriendly Bushes has too much of a utility comparatively. Grow light was nice in some maps like Double Swoosh, however with so many wall breakers or bush burners, you really don't have that much utility with the Bushes you sprout. This is not to mention, for modes like Knock Out or Brawl Ball, you also only have that bush for 1 "round"
Thorny Gloves vs Plant Life
I think Plant Life is definitely the preferred SP because of the competitive trend of healing and survivability. Thorny Gloves is not very far from being useful though imo, perhaps having a boost in the damage percentage would be good and create greater parity between the two SP because at the end of the day. When it comes to Super-related boosts vs Basic-related boosts, I feel that the Super related boosts have to be very significant to be worthy of a debate.
Overall Opinion: Thorny Gloves and Grow Light are obviously not very good competitively but they are not comparable in terms of differences. I feel Thorny Gloves can be solved with a more impactful damage amount whereas I feel Grow Light can be reworked to change to have similar in mechanic as Unfriendly Bushes but instead, you heal team mates and yourself if you are in bushes.
16) Buzz
Reserve Buoy vs X-Ray Shades
For this gadget I think it is pretty straight-forward because 1 gadget allows Buzz to instantly have a super although not at 100% (without the stun) while the other gadget allows for 12 second vision in his Super Charging Range. In most maps, you will not be able to fully utilize the value because there aren't enough instances or maps that have so much grass that you can use it.
Tougher Torpedo vs Eyes Sharp
Torpedo is an increased stun and Sharp is an increased charging area. I think at the end of the day, there is no dispute at the moment that the increased charging area benefits Buzz's competitive advantage because of the way Buzz's kit works. You have to play in the safety of walls while remaining a threat. For El Primo, Rosa etc, you can health and you might have the passive of getting super while taking damage but for Buzz, your special charging is critical. In that essence, Eyes Sharp definitely has an edge. That being said, I think Tougher Torpedo is honestly not that far from being usable.
Overall Opinion: Buzz has more or less 1 workable permutation of Gadget and Starpower. For the gadget, competitively, there just isn't enough situation where you need to show everyone the grass around you for 12 seconds. For the SP, I think it's advantageous but not out of the reach of being balanced between the two. Definitely the gadget should be reworked if they want there to be a balance and my suggestion would be a status effect like a slow or burn within Buzz's charging radius. For the SP, I think if the stun duration can be increased to maybe 1.5 or 2 seconds, I would think there is an increased incentive to using it over the charging area.
17) Stu
Speed Zone vs Breakthrough
These are two very balanced gadgets. Speed Zone can be useful and Breakthrough can be useful. These both have their occasions and have their reasons to be used so I think there aren't any issues with both gadgets.
Zero Drag vs Gaso-Heal
The increased Super movement distance vs the heal. I think there isn't an issue, I think we can find pros that argue for both. Increased distance feels like a huge potential for mobility and plays while Gaso-Heal feels like there is a lot of potential for aggressive plays.
Overall Opinion: Stu has a balanced kit with ability to make multiple permutations so there really is not much to dispute in my opinion.
18) Brock
Rocket Laces vs Rocket Fuel
Gadget wise, Rocket Laces help to boost him up while Rocket Fuel opens up the map. Generally, Rocket Fuel works in the most situations but Rocket Laces work specifically with close range threats. But at the same time, having Rocket Fuel blow up terrain can work against closed range threats too because it allows your team mates to also assist to hit the opponents or create more opportunities towards an objective.
More Rockets vs Rocket No. 4
More rockets with super vs more rockets during basic attack. Another super vs basic debate and I think in this instance, the basic again wins out. The increased super damage could be useful but it takes an additional time to hit as well so you have to wonder how many rockets can hit in that situation. Conversely, the additional ammo for Brock with his slower reload speed means that he can have more opportunities to zone and hit the opponents.
Overall Opinion: There is clearly a more preferred permutation for Brock. While I don't think the other gadget and SP are unusable like some of the brawlers, they pale in comparison to the utility of the other. My suggestion would be to rework Rocket Laces that allow for a burst in obstacles around the the jump. For More Rockets, it should be reworked to be an instant super zone, meaning instead of 9 rockets in different timings, you get 9 rockets in 2 waves on the same area.
19) Surge
Power Surge vs Power Shield
An temporary level up vs a temporary shield + reload. I think these two are very balanced ultimately because they achieve the same objective which is to allow for Surge to be more aggressive. The level up helps for the brawler to move up a level which gives him an added edge where it could be more mobility, more range or a more varied threat. The power shield protects damage taken while giving him 2 more ammunitions. Both allow for aggression and playmaking.
To The Max vs Serve Ice Cold
To the max used to be super useful and strong but since the rework, Serve Ice Cold has been the preferred SP because of the Stage 1 upgrade retention. Ultimately because of Surge's kit, the stage 1 upgrade is very useful so ultimately it makes the SP very life-changing for the Surge player because it allows the player to play more aggressively knowing that if they die, they would still maintain the mobility.
Overall Opinion: I think Surge has two useful gadgets that can differ based on a player's preference. But the SP for To The Max is less useful than Ice Cold to which I feel there could be an additional damage boost.
20) Colette
Na-ah vs Gotcha
More damage vs Heal. In all honesty, Colette should love both damage and healing. However, in competitive, healing and survival is usually preferred. This is a trend I've been seeing since 2019. The only time damage is better if there is large difference to the damage numbers. So I think Gotcha as a healing gadget is without a doubt, better.
Push it vs Mass Tax
I think both of these SP have good varied purposes. Where I think there are different purposes, for Push It, you'd love to have it against melee brawlers while Mass Tax you'd find more value when you are expected to use your super for an objective, like Heist.
Overall Opinion: I personally think Colette's kit is not the end of the world, meaning actually it is fairly balanced. It's just that Na-ah does not really fit the norm or fit the context of how Colette is meant to be played. Colette works well against tanks so damage is not an issue, so the damage gadget should work better against non-tanks technically. But if you face brawlers that are more frail or glass cannons, you would not select Colette for the game. I'd not propose a change for Colette because I personally feel there can be moments where this Gadget works.
21) Leon
Lollipop Drop vs Clone Projector
This is pretty one-sided. In competitive Clone Projector does not do enough because it is very easy to see that it is a clone. The clone does not perform any juking, it just runs forward. So ultimately, it does not work much except as a meat shield in some ways. Lollipop Drop provides too much team utility.
Smoke Trails vs Invisiheal
Competitively, I believe only Invisiheal is used. My own personal view, I believe smoke trails works equally well. It is just that healing while under invisibility works fantastic. But I feel that in theory Smoke Trails should be something that works because you are able to gap close a lot quicker to assassinate the opponents.
Overall Opinion: I feel that Clone Projector is the only gadget that does not work very well on the competitive stage. I suggest that the clone projector be reworked not as a clone that is meant to confuse but as a clone meant to be a meat shield and strongly enhance that point by making the clone larger and red with a larger health amount.
22) Emz
Friendzoner vs Acid Spray
I think there really is no dispute here, both gadgets are very useful to Emz and they are just situational dependent. Either Friendzone when it is a tank or melee or Acid Spray when you don't have such a melee threat and you can just fire through a wall.
Bad Karma vs Hype
I think both SP works. It's either you deal a huge damage or you prefer healing. Emz's Hype SP used to be OP when Mr.P first came about and you could even heal from the Porter and the Porter's Bell. When it was nerfed, players gave up Emz. However, I personally still prefer Hype because I feel she already had a kill threat before so healing works well enough.
Overall Opinion: I think Emz has a good enough kit that fits the different occasions.
23) Pam
Pulse Modulator vs Scrapsucker
Another balanced choice. Pulse Modulator is an instantaneous team heal potential gadget. Scrap Sucker could help stop the attacks of the opponents and that could also help the team. It's either help to maintain survivability or boost aggression.
Mama's Hug vs Mama's Squeeze
Healing vs Damage. But this time around, I feel there is some flaw in Mama's Hug (healing) in recent times. Previously there was only Jessie who made it very problematic to stick around each other. Then now there is Belle, there is Squeak etc. In Competitive it is getting harder to stick close around each other, that is what makes Mama's Hug less impactful.
Overall Opinion: Pam is balanced... I'm 23 brawlers into this post and tired, I genuinely think it's balanced so that's it hahaha!
24) Jessie
Recoil Spring vs Spark Plug
One is a Slow, one is a speed shot. I think the speed shot gadget only has one use that everyone knows off... Heist. Other than that, the slow gadget is always better. But at the end of the day, the speed shot does have it's purpose.
Energize vs Shocky
Energize helps to keep the super going longer by allowing Jessie to heal the shooter, also you have to bear in mind that by doing so, you could waste the shots of an opponent. Shocky is a more offensive weapon. Both have their situational use and it is not more of a case where one is better than the other but rather one has a definitely better situational use.
Overall Opinion: In my opinion, with Jessie, you have 2 modes basically, Heist and outside of Heist. Heist, you'd probably prefer Spark Plug and Shocky while outside of Heist you probably should use Recoil Spring and Energize.
25) Meg
Jolting Volts vs Toolbox
Jolting Volts helps to keep your Meg Mecha healthy vs Toolbox which helps to increase the reload speed for the team mates. However my gripe with Toolbox is that it does not make practical sense to stick around. I think it makes more sense to stand in separate lanes.
Force Field vs Heavy Metal
One is a defensive shield while the other is a bust knock back. I had a discussion before with a redditor that felt strongly that Meg should be a Mecha aggro brawler that allowed her to blow back opponents more greatly upon dismantling in order to allow for Meg to play more aggressively without care. I think the difference is really in terms of gameplay. Usually, Forcefield should suit most competitive settings better because usually Meg would not be encroached upon at close range, but attacked at from long range and chipped away. So you usually will find more value with Force Field allowing you to cycle supers easier.
Overall Opinion: I feel that all gadgets and SP works fine with the exception of Toolbox. I think there can be a quick fix to this to be honest... Increase the buff zone to at least something similar to Leon's Lollipop Gadget. This would create a decision of whether the team buff or the mecha super matters more.
26) El Primo
Asteroid Belt vs Suplex Supplement
I feel that between the two, Asteroid Belt has the most utility if you ask me, because it's either a backward zoning or a wall break. Suplex Supplement is more of a casual gadget, I think it is still funny and has some playmaking moments you can use in certain context. BUT..... not in a competitive environment.
El Fuego vs Meteor Rush
El Fuego has flames when you land vs Meteor Rush which allows for speed boost when you land. I think both have their utility and some players prefer the damage, some prefer the speed.
Overall Opinion: I think both SPs work and of course, one Gadget works. However, I don't think the other Gadget should be reworked or something because I think the gadget is more casual oriented and that is fine. IF we want to make a change I would make it such that the brawler that gets flipped would have a slow upon landing
27) Ash
Chill Pill vs Rotten Banana
One is a healing gadget while the other is a damage/rage bar. Initially, I thought the rage bar gadget was pretty good because it is dependent on your current health. But upon review, I feel that Chill Pill allows you to play more aggressively and while you play aggressively, you will also gain rage. So it's a matter of gain rage through aggression, lose health and then regain health OR you lose health to gain rage and then lose health later.
First Dash vs Mad as Heck
One allows him to gain quicker Rage while the other gains more ammo while building rage... My personal take is that Mad as Heck is probably the better SP because with First Dash, you are pressured to ensure your first ammo is hit accurately otherwise you lose value of the SP. But in competitive, usually you do not hold your ammunition too long because you need to give pressure when you're already engaged. Therefore in most situations, Mad as Heck will be the better SP.
Overall Opinion: There is a higher priority for Chill Pill and Mad as Heck if you ask me. Rotten Banana and First Dash would not work as well because of how it affects and seems to insinuate a different playstyle. Wrong play style in my opinion. This feels like both need to be reworked and changed into something totally different... perhaps having the super bots be phat as an SP or have the next attack have a health decay/slow/knockback
28) Fang
Corn Fu vs Roundhouse Kick
When Corn Fu came out, I felt it was an improvement on Dynamike's gadget. Then Roundhouse kick was released and I realized I have no need for Corn-Fu because I can stun everyone around me instead. I feel that Fang is a threat in close range, not far. So it should not be a problem that people are approaching him. Plus the damage from Corn Fu is really very negligible.
Fresh Kicks vs Divine Soles
I think these are 2 very balanced SP between each other. One gives you a buff when you correctly and accurately use your super to kill the opponent and the other gives you a shield consistently. Both are very usable in competitive depending on your playstyle. Fresh Kicks gives you a more playmaking or outplay potential while Divine Soles gives you more comfort and more room for aggression because you can take more damage.
Overall Opinion: Fang's Corn Fu is the only one that is lacking. The rest has value in a match but I feel Corn Fu can be buffed by increasing the damage of the popcorn so that it is a worthy zoning. OR a knock back similar to Ruff's meteor falls.
29) Lou
Ice Block vs Cryo Syrup
One is a invincible bubble while the other is a sped up freeze in the super zone. I think both gadgets have their use but with Ice Block, it allows you to have a short survivability that maybe can work against long ranged brawlers but if you're faced with short range brawlers, you actually might only be able to avoid 1 attack in competitive. You might buy yourself an additional 3 seconds but it won't help you to stay alive for that much longer.
Supercool vs Hypothermia
Rush to freeze or damage reduction. I personally am not very familiar with the competitive meta on Lou. Personally, I'd think damage reduction is equivalent to higher survivability so it would make more sense for this to be used competitively but my experience playing around ladder is that most people prefer the increased kill potential of the super with the faster freeze. So my opinion... both work just fine.
Overall Opinion: Overall Lou's kit has some interesting elements. Both gadgets, truthfully, do not have that much element of game changing if you ask me. But if I can make one element of change to improve the Ice Block gadget is to allow Lou to be mobile when the invincibility bubble is activated. That would allow Lou to have a chance to move away or juke when trying to avoid damage.
30) Gene
Lamp Blowout vs Vengeful Spirit
In general, I feel Lamp Blowout is way better in competitive but, I feel vengeful spirit actually has some advantage in terms of being able to deal guaranteed damage. It's a homing missile in the most accurate sense that you can use to deal a killer blow. That could be very useful in competitive.
Magic Puffs vs Spirit Slap
Magic Puffs is the superior SP here. I think there is no dispute there. Spirit Slap adds damage to the Super. That can be very useful honestly because you could potentially add on a higher kill potential BUT Magic Puff usually has more value because it brings team healing.
Overall Opinion: I personally feel like Gene does not really need much of an adjustment because Gene has always been in the meta. For Spirit Slap though, I feel that it can be improved by performing a rework that allows for Gene's basic attack to increase by x amount when the super is on.
To be continued in the comments
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2023.02.02 06:01 ARadioactivetoaster Broken Hives: Aftermath: Chapter two

I am walking home from the meeting. I could fly, but I was not in the mood. Suddenly I started to tear up a bit, damn that meeting shook me more than I expected. I knew some dragons held a grudge, and I can't blame them. But to try and screw over a population like that, now that is just petty. And they're meant to be as unbiased as possible. Fucking hypocrites. Suddenly I feel incredibly angry! I grab a piece of wood and snap it in half while screaming. "GOD FUCKING DAMIT!" I then huck one-half so hard that it shatters when it hits the ground. I then kick the other one and then punch the garden wall. It hurts like all hell but I do it again and again, to the point my claw starts to bleed. Only then do I decide that I have calmed down enough to stop.
I walked into the Silk portion of the city and saw all the houses integrating silk and now felt jealous. They already have gorgeous houses, can we not get just one park? It's just a coincidence. Pht, yeah right! I angrily think. I walk some more and as the houses get more good looking I just start to stare at the floor. Then the road changes material, and I immediately know that I'm in the Hivewing part of the city.
The part that we're from is not like a ghetto or anything, but it is no Silk village. But there is no way in hell would I ever recommend a dragon to vacation here. The houses are not falling apart, but a good few look sad and dejected. And every time I walk in here nothing feels right.
As I was walking to my house I saw a mother and her dragonet going to a park. Seeing them have fun and the dragonet rolling around the park laughing made me hang my head in shame. They would probably never know that I was one of the dragons that sighed it, but it hurt to know that I was hurting my own tribe.
Then I walked into my house, it wasn't huge, but it was nice. It has two floors, and a nice kitchen, but other than that it looked a little dejected. I went and bandaged my hand. After I did that I washed my face, then I opened up a drawer and took out a pack of cigarettes. I try not to smoke, but after that shit show I need a good smoke.
I went and sat on my pouch and lit the cigarette. I took it in my mouth and took a deep breath before sighing deeply and putting my head in my free claw. Why? Why me? Why did I have to get this fucking job? I kick a rock across the floor and watch it tumble.
I just sit there and think before I turn to go back inside. As I stand up I hear "Thatch! I thought you were trying to stop smoking!" in a cheerful voice. I look to see who it was, and as I expected it was Bombardier betel. I roll my eyes and take another puff of the cigarette. "The fuck you want Bombardier?" I say dismissively.
"I heard what happened today." He laughs and then coughs a bit. I size up the red-gray Hivewing, I can take him if needed.
"Then you must have heard what happened." I finish the cigarette and throw it on the ground.
"It doesn't matter man. The signature is a sign, willing or not."
I get turn to leave but he catches me. "Dude! If you have nothing, fuck off!"
His tone changes from faux-friendly to forceful. "I just want to where your loyalties lie!? Whose side are you on?"
"Are you stupid? I'm on the Hivewings side!" I say defensively. Why the hell would I hurt my own people, epistle after what they went through?
'Well, are you gonna bark or bite!? Because you seem to want to do a lot of barking! I wonder what happens behind closed doors?" He says teasingly.
I look offended and forcefully say. "If you are saying I'm corrupted, I want you to look in my eyes and see that I would never do that. Ever."
Now he was pissed. "Then you are a puppet! A fucking stringed toy for kids!"
"YOU DON'T THINK I DID NOT KNOW THAT!" I shout in his face.
Then he pushes me. "THEN FUCKING DO SOMETHING!"
He takes a second to run what I just shouted through his thick skull. "Fuck you! Fuck all you stand for! And when the strings are cut don't come crawling back to me! Ever!" He then through a punch.
I sidestep it easily. In return, I slash his cheek! "Fuck you too!" I shout back. He goes in for a second punch but I throw him to the floor and kick him. I know it was dirty, but I don't care.
He then gets up and screams. "You know what, you're not worth my time!" His jaw bounces a little bit, I think I dislocated it.
"I wouldn't think so especially as it looks like your face fell off." I laugh coldly before walking inside as he storms off screaming profanities.
As I walk inside and sit on my couch and light another cigarette. As I lie down I re-hear his question. "Are you going to bark or bite?" As I did not know. I want change, but am I willing to fight for it? Of course, I was, but was I? Talking is easy, but fighting? In front of all of them? Probably make hatred worse?
I contemplate my answer for a bit. Then I sit up as the answer hits me.
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2023.02.02 05:06 thismapleleaflife Week 3: Bite-sized - Cream puffs

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2023.02.02 04:45 dxzdlt Highlight foodie’s “SORRY IM BSCK” livestream (live updates)

TLDR & direct quotes in bold and I will fix mistakes after the live ends.

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2023.02.02 03:29 richi-carmen Full livestock feed pellet equipment available for sale

Full livestock feed pellet equipment available for sale
Cattle feed pellet maker is a expert devices for generating feed. It is another new item established and introduced by the superb technological team of Richi Equipment after years of follow-up on the website of customers as well as absorbing sensible pointers.
Cattle feed pelleting equipment SZLH Series Ring Die Pellet Machine is a new kind of feed processing equipment individually created by Richi Machinery service technicians with independent copyright civil liberties. The equipment is basic in structure, very easy to run, stable in operation, and can function continually. The transmission of granulator device for livestock embraces high-precision gear transmission, and also the hydraulic oil delivery system can automatically circulate oil between the gearbox and also the main shaft bearing.

When the equipment is working, the oil pump remains to work, as well as the machine works under the circulation of oil, which can expand the major shaft and also gearbox gear. service life. The working parts of the livestock feed granulator machine (die plate, pressing roller) are made of alloy steel, and also the solidity after heat treatment can reach more than HRC50, which guarantees the continuous operation of the device and also prolongs the service life of the livestock feed pellet device.
livestock feed pellet equipment is suitable for processing corn, soybean meal, straw, yard, cottonseed skin, peanut shell and various other raw materials into high-density pellets. Feed pellets are used for increasing livestock and are convenient for storage space and transport.
Related post: cattle feed pellet machine
1. Range of application:
cattle feed pellet machine appropriates for huge, tool as well as little tank farming, grain feed processing plants, animals farms, cattle farms, private farmers as well as little as well as medium-sized farms, farmers or big, tool and also little feed processing plants.
2. Why use a cattle feed pelletizer device to procedure feed?
Feed pellets are used for elevating animals, which is convenient for storage space and also transportation. The created feed by livestock feed making device has high hardness, smooth surface and also inner healing, which enhances the nutrition of animals, is easy to absorb and also take in, as well as lowers adverse results on food digestion. Eliminate various bloodsuckers and also pathogenic bacteria, reduce worms and digestion system illness. Boost the nutrient absorption conversion rate, simple to consume, as well as boost the palatability of the feed.

3. Benefits of cattle feed pellet device:
( 1) Scientific as well as reasonable architectural design, dependable quality as well as high performance;
( 2) The procedure is stable, the sound is low, and the operation is basic as well as convenient;
( 3) The livestock feed granulator has high result;
( 4) Simple and also hassle-free operation, reduced power intake. Affordable layout, easier maintenance;
( 5) The creating price of the pellets from livestock feed maker are high;
( 6) The pellet cattle feed equipment can process different type of materials and has a large range of applications;
( 7) International CE certification as well as ISO9001 accredited livestock feed pellet maker
4. Working Principle of livestock feed pellet equipment
The motor of the livestock feed pellet device drives the primary shaft through the hypoid bevel equipment, and also the main shaft drives the pressing roller to rotate. When refining basic materials, the raw products are fed right into the feeding chamber of the ring die livestock feed pellet maker, as well as the materials all fall on the ring die. The primary shaft drives the stress roller to revolve, the stress roller continually rolls with the material layer, as well as presses the product into the die opening. The knife reduces the product to form pellets, as well as the pellets are sent by the throwing disc.
When the machine is functioning, the family member motion between journalism roller as well as journalism die clamps, presses and compacts the product into the die hole, as well as forms pellets with the die hole. The cattle feed pellet device is driven by the electric motor to drive the reducer, the reducer drives the primary shaft, the main shaft drives journalism roller structure to run, as well as the pressing roller rotates while revolving.
More details: https://www.pellet-richi.com/feed-pellet-machine/cattle-sheep-feed-machine.html
5. Safety guidelines for daily procedure of livestock feed pellet maker
( 1) Employees wear tight job clothes, do not open the cuffs, do not use gloves, put on protective caps as well as dust masks, and also must focus when operating.
( 2) Check the oil level of the reducer, the oil level of the primary shaft bearing of the cattle feed pellet maker and the bearing of the stress roller.

( 3) Aware of the working concept of the livestock feed making machine and also the structure and function of each component.
( 4) Examine whether there is any debris in the cattle feed pellet making maker and whether the screws hang, readjust the pin nut with a wrench and then lock it.
( 5) The electric motor of the cattle feed pellet making device needs to be begun without load before it can work, and also the direction is strictly forbidden.
( 6) It is purely prohibited to unlock of the equipment at will throughout the manufacturing process, as well as do not reach into the granulation space.
( 7) The livestock feed pellet machine need to be based securely, and also the major power supply should be detached before examining the device.
( 8) When working, check and also eliminate the metal on the magnetic separator at the entry at any moment, pay very close attention to the working problems, and also closed down in time if any type of irregularity is discovered.

6. Product Attributes of livestock feed pellet machine.
( 1) The seal of journalism roller and also the major shaft bearing of the cattle pellet feed equipment adopts a fully confined design, the bearing and also oil are without pollution, the bearing life is long, as well as the devices upkeep time is saved.
( 2) The overall pressing roller of the cattle feed pellet equipment adopts a three-roller design to boost the pressing job efficiency, as well as the pressing roller is suitable for a bigger variety of raw materials.
( 3) The product of the die plate of the cattle feed pellet device has actually been completely updated, the alloy steel is created and refined, and also after vacuum cleaner warm treatment, the product is wear-resistant, high in firmness and long in service life.
( 4) The die opening of the die plate of the livestock feed pelletizing equipment is refined by automatic CNC exploration, with high processing accuracy and also excellent surface, which can improve the efficiency of the equipment and reduce the manufacturing cost.
( 5 )The reduction box of the cattle feed pellet machine takes on hypoid bevel gear, which has high transmission effectiveness, steady transmission, high bearing capability, reliable operation, small structure, energy saving, material saving, room saving, put on resistance, long life as well as sound little.
For details please contact: Richi Machinery
WhatsApp:86 138 3838 9622
Email:[email protected]
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2023.02.02 01:10 tofts-sk I am a little stuck on a glove.

I am making..
I cannot ask the designer as she has made all her patterns free of charge and is no longer answering questions.
I am making size medium and am doing the left glove first. The cuff went along nicely. And I'm at the beginning of the hand section. I followed the directions exactly, winding up with 43sts on needle 1 and 27sts on needle 2, as per instructions. The pattern uses charts. For this section, chart 3 and 4 are worked on needle 1 and is ribbing. No problem there.
However, I am having a problem with understanding the chart 2, which is a continuation of the cable pattern of the cuff. The instructions say work chart 2 on needle 2. My needle 2 has 27 sts on it. I'm looking at row 1 of the chart and there appears to only be 21 stitches. It is at this point that I'm confused and need help.
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2023.02.01 23:03 Price-x-Field All the different Reese’s I can find

All the different Reese’s I can find submitted by Price-x-Field to PKA [link] [comments]