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2023.02.03 05:08 Timely_Return7390 Why doesn't my [F20] boyfriend [M27] buy me flowers?

I really like flowers. I have plants in my bedroom, I love gardening, I love orchids, all that stuff. I buy my boyfriend flowers (he likes sunflowers). But he's never bought me flowers and we've been together for a year. I've told him I like flowers and it would make me happy to be surprised with flowers (when I said this he said it would be hard to surprise me with flowers and when I asked what he meant he didn't explain). He knows what kind I like and all that. I want him to get me flowers because he wants to get me flowers. Not because I asked.
I'm kinda sad and not sure if it's something I'm doing wrong? I have autism so I have a hard time understanding
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2023.02.03 05:07 Apprehensive_Gene531 Do I Have POTS?

I am worried I have POTS but have recently been ignored by medical professionals with other ailments and/or because I have anxiety, everything is chalked up to that.
For as long as I remember I have always been on the “higher” end of resting heart rate (89-100). However, I am noticing when I get up and make the bed, or take my dog downstairs to go to the bathroom, my heart rate sky rockets to 145. I started noticing this when I would got to Orange Theory and see my heart rate jump so quick.
I also notice recently when I stand up after sitting for a while, I get very dizzy for a brief second. I also feel shaky when I wake up in the morning. Blood pressure has always been fine.
I am seeing a cardiologist on the 15th. I admit I do have health anxiety and am worried it’s something more serious (like cancer). Any insight is appreciated.
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2023.02.03 05:07 yo_kreuz OH: no plates, 3+ months

Hi, I bought a car, Subaru (from a Subaru dealer) if that matters, and I’ve been waiting for plates for over 4 months. I had been checking in with dealer every two weeks and was told the dmv is slammed, it’ll come when it comes because Covid - I get that. But I just got all of the paperwork back a day ago because it had been rejected due to a missing bill of sale. On the rejection notice the clerk wrote that she had been trying to contact the dealer for the missing bill of sale and never got a response from the dealer. Not sure what to do at this point. Would appreciate any advice
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2023.02.03 05:06 AllTheMedicine All around barrel length? 9", 10.3", 10.5"

Hi all,
I think I am planning to build me a 300 blackout upper and I've been sort of stuck on the barrel length. I already have a 12.5" 556 and I want this 300 blackout build to be an all-arounder with the capability of home defense, a little distance (not too much), and maybe even a dab of hunting. I have a Nomad-30 suppressor on the way.
My heart tells me to go for 10.3 or 10.5 to get good numbers out of supers and for extra handguard length.
8" or 9" would save on length of course and maybe some weight. But I'm unsure about it as I lose some numbers when it comes to supers.
Thoughts? I just like hearing people out. Follow my heart or do I go a little shorter. I doubt I will have regrets in either direction once I use it.
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2023.02.03 05:06 Amissa Always Hungry

I had gestational diabetes about ten years ago and recently my BG got out of control. I have the Dexcom CGM and I am loving it. The numbers help keep me more in line. I haven't met with a doctor about what targets I should keep; I have an appointment next week. I do not have insulin of either kind.
I am always hungry. I usually eat breakfast, 15-30g carbs about 7:45am, and that carries me to 11:15am or so. Then I start to get hungry and typically eat about 11:45am. Lunch is typically 30-40g carbs, a good helping of lean protein and something that sticks to my ribs, like a tablespoon of peanut number, or some celery with spinach dip. But sometimes I am still hungry and go pecking for something else to snack on, like cashews and plain carbonated water.
Dinner is my real problem. Even if I have a 15g snack in the afternoon, by dinner time I am hungry. I typically eat a pretty balanced dinner, trying to cap it at 45g carbs, lean proteins and not too much fat. But lately, I am still so hungry, that I started eating more, such as a pint of Rebel ice cream (38g carb!), or tonight, half of my daughter's peanut-butter-banana-honey sandwich on Hawai'ian bread. : It was delicious, and now I'm paying for it, with a spike of 107 points. (Fortunately for me, my husband ate the other half of the sandwich she didn't want, but I was planning on devouring it. I ended up with Greek yogurt, cocoa nibs and a tablespoon of sunflower butter, which still put me over 45g, but possibly more nutritious than that delicious sandwich.)
I've forgotten almost all of my previous education from when I had GD, so please help me learn again. What am I doing wrong? How can I stop being so hungry?
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2023.02.03 05:06 wordspinnerra I wanted closure.

I tried to reach out to the child who abused me when we were children. I didn’t bring up the abuse because the details and memories are foggy, and so much of what happened was coached by his father before he started doing it to me on his own. Either way, he didn’t seem to remember. I tried adding him on Facebook and he declined me, although he messaged me back and was cordial. He still moved the message quickly though, and was short and sweet. I wanted closure, but I believe I may never get it.
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2023.02.03 05:06 aysgamer A couple words of consolation

I've been on an AI spiral lately and I wanted to share some of the thoughts that make sense to me and that ease me out
One is that people were afraid vapor machines, electric calculators, computers, etc would put people out of jobs. It's always been the case and society has always adapted, and for the better
Then even if production is for the most part automated, billionaires don't want the economy to explode. It seems more likely than ever that we'll get free housing, a guaranteed income and general equality and well being.
The second thought is about art. As AI art and music rises, I'm pretty sure it will never replace human art. Because there's is something intrinsic about art, and that is the human component. I personally, and all the people I know, would never listen to AI music over the talent of composers and the heart of the singers.
Things may get strange, but we can hold on to the humanity that says that we want to speak through art and we want to listen through art. Man, reddit drawing communities have existed forever when way better art can be found anywhere. It's knowing that a person drew that, that's cool. It's like "mann how did you do that?".
Maybe we will switch to art sharing means where authenticity is easier to show but I don't expect much else of a change
And remember, no matter how different the world looks in the future, we will always have a human hug to come to
Stay cool guys, take care
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2023.02.03 05:06 AscendentDragon campaign with a pedo

this recently happened so i decided to post it. so recently i started a 3rd dnd group from a local LFG discord group, the new group that i was DMing we decided to go for somethinge else that wasnt DnD for obvious reasons. because of the OGL thing we all decided to sit down and play pathfinder 2e homebrew. i decided to give it a hook, everyone in the campaign were ex bandits trying to get on the straight and narrow. players were.
Arrow: a rogue archer Rick: a paladin Talion: a wizard Loki: a barbarian
all the players had to describe their crimes in the backstory which was very important Arrow, was a bandit scout, who's job was to look out for trade caravans, Rick was a disgraced paladin who had repented for his sins as a part of his redemption arc, Talion was a wizard leader of a bunch of wizard bandits and Loki was a bandit strong man who favored an axe but his character's crimes included violating children. seeing that made me feel uncomfortable but we let it slide because it would be something that bandits would surely do, right?
Loki was on his phone a lot during session 0 and we didnt think much of it, but then session 1 started and he again was on his phone, he however had to use the bathroom and he put his phone down, he told us not to touch his phone and immediately grabbed it because he didn't trust us. as the hours of the session 1 passed he would often excuse himself to use the bathroom and he would return and we noticed his face had a sheen of sweat so we grew dubious of what he was doing. session 2 was the week after and Loki showed up and Paladin had brought snacks in the form of some super spicy Doritos and he brought some other spicy foods. the spicy food didnt sit well with Loki as he made a dash to the bathroom but he had dropped his phone on the floor. the screen of his phone was facing up and we were all horrified at what he had as his wallpaper on his phone plus it was unlocked. we opened the page he had hidden on his phone and we saw folders and folders of images involving minors. in short we called the police one of which was a police officer who was also a player in one of my other groups. when they showed up i invited them in and Loki was arrested and charged. its been a week since that and my cop buddy from one of my other group deiced to join the campaign and session 3 was actually really fun.
however i did learn a valuable lesson from handling Loki, be careful of who you invite to your table from a local LFG site and to do a background check and watch out for possible red flags
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2023.02.03 05:06 DaRealTomBoi My Second Attempt from my titles

When I starting it if I'm doing it correctly, It just deleted my post by itself and A moderator told me to F off at me, Like how am I in the wrong community, I am a bit too concern!
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2023.02.03 05:06 TheUnNaturalist (M27) My fiance (26F) doesn't understand finances and I can't ask about money without her freaking out at me.

My fiance and I are both university-educated professionals from lower-income families, and we own a home together and are currently planning and paying for our wedding. I, for one, think our relationship is really strong and healthy. We almost never fight, and when we do, it's always resolved in short order.
The only reliable source of struggle for us is the subject of finances. She makes more than I do since her last raise, which is absolutely fine by me. I want her to succeed and thrive - the problem isn't anything to do with jealousy or control.
The trouble is that - given how tight money is with everything these days - the wedding has put a bit of an extra pinch on our financial situation, and I am trying to find ways to cut costs corners. I have reduced my own spending almost as much as possible. With our mortgage almost double what it was a year ago, my entire paycheque goes into just covering the mortgage payments and buying food.
So, naturally, if money is so tight for me that I haven't been able to justify a trip to the mechanic (in the 5 months since my check engine light came on), I want to figure out how she is paying for the third amazon package that's arrived this month.
But my fiance has ways of doing banking.
These are just a handful of examples of this. And most of these issues have very simple explanations and solutions that would save us money. Every time I bring up the subject of finances, she will (within minutes) be absolutely pissed and furious, often outright leaving the room in the middle of me begging her to just let me explain.
She makes it very clear from how she talks about money that she thinks about money in terms of physical assets that clearly belong to one person or the other. (That is, "I made the money that goes toward X.") But almost all our expenses are shared, with the person who pays those expenses being largely the result of historical accident (I pay for insurance, she pays for internet, etc, etc), and even though she keeps telling me to charge things to our joint account, she refuses to use a higher-rewards joint credit card to keep track of expenses jointly - it's all gotta be debit.

I am a math and science teacher. I worked with troubled teenagers specifically, and I have no idea how to approach this issue. I get that there is probably some kind of childhood trauma around money, or maybe around having trouble with math? But no matter how my times or ways I try to address this stuff, it ends with her in a ball of stress and me just emotionally exhausted.
What the hell do I do?
EDIT - bad poor word choice
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2023.02.03 05:06 VexedHedgehog21 Schedule

I will start by saying I am relatively new to the company, so I'm wondering if this is everywhere or just my store and what I should do...
I get that making a schedule that makes everyone happy and covers the store can be hard, but how hard is it to keep a schedule and not change it multiple times throughout the week? I am getting to the point where I am taking pictures of it every day so that I know my schedule for the current week. It doesn't do me any good when it gets changed on days I have off (for instance, on Thursday and Friday, I'm off and supposed to work on Saturday, but my Saturday gets cut without a call or text)
Today, I'm having problems where they print the schedule and don't post it till after I work. Example I worked the 29th and on the 28th there was a schedule change printed BUT never posted until after I left work on the 29th. I took a picture luckily and it has the picture data showing I took it on the 29th at the end of my shift. I'm lucky I worked today to see that I was added to a schedule tomorrow but today I didn't get advanced enough notice that I worked 3-7 instead of 2-7.
Am I being too picky/unreasonable? Is this something that I need to just figure out and deal with it? I'm at a loss honestly
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2023.02.03 05:06 Big-Earth7093 moving away in a few weeks and I feel anxious

these days it’s taking me a long time to fall asleep because i can’t stop overthinking about the fact that i’ll move out to a different city. i’ve always been an anxious person when it comes to new experiences, not no mention i’m extremely shy with people i don’t know, and just merely thinking about simple everyday activities like going to the supermarket make me feel so nervous. adult life is honestly frightening and i’m scared that i won’t be able to get used to it. the only positive aspect i can come up with is that i won’t be completely alone, since i’ll live with a close friend from my hometown, but still i’m afraid that all the progress i’ve been doing about my social anxiety with my therapist will all turn to dust. plus, something that has made me feel depressed for a few months now is that i won’t see my grandpa as often anymore. he’s my closest family member and i feel like going away means wasting time that i could spend with him, since i’m very aware that he won’t last forever. okay haha thanks for listening if you did, i really appreciate it :) talking about this has already made me feel a little less worse.
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2023.02.03 05:05 Morpher21 vent about most of you

I’ve been seeing people complaining about “being thousands of dollars in debt” and “not having their mental health needs met” and “being homeless”, as if it’s not their own fault
First of all, if you can’t afford college then why come here? If you really want a degree, just work a job for a few years first and save up so you don’t have to go into debt. I worked hard at my summer jobs in high school to save up money for college, and I haven’t had to take out any loans. Like yeah my parents are helping me some with tuition payments but it’s not that different.
Secondly, why do people here complain about having mental health issues when we literally have a counseling center? If you still have depression or whatever you’re obviously just not making use of the resources available to you.
I just can’t believe how entitled people are. If you’re homeless and overworked and depressed or whatever you need to take the initiative to fix those issues yourself instead of expecting the university to help you. The reason people like me are successful are because we’re self starters. I founded a tech startup and studied to get a 4.0 while you were fucking around and being homeless or whatever, and that’s why I was able to get into state’s prestigious comp sci program and obtain an internship at Google. If you aren’t willing to take that kind of initiative, stop complaining
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2023.02.03 05:05 TheReaver Weird Carplay Siri Messages bug not sending messages

Hi, Im not sure if its related to the 16.3 ios update but i just recently starting getting a strange bug when sending SMS messages via Siri when using Carplay and was wondering if anyone has any advice.
Normally when driving i would saying say to siri "send a message to my wife" and she would then ask me what i want to send and then i would reply and it would send the message.
just in the last couple of days now when i say "send a message to my wife" it says something along the lines of "i see you normally message/text your wife through messages, ill continue to do this" and then asks what my message is. when i reply it then acts like its sent but the message doesnt arrive and its not in my messages app.
has anyone run into an issue like this before and has any ideas on how to fix it?
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2023.02.03 05:05 RingoRatman [TOMT] [2000s] [Live Action Kids Show] Christian VHS series w/animal puppet

This is my first time actually posting on reddit, and I don't typically like posting on forums in general, but this has been bugging me for the better part of fifteen years.
When I was a kid, my grandparents would go to church every sunday, and often my cousin and I would spend the night with them on saturdays, accompanying them to church in the morning. One summer, our parents and grandparents thought it would be nice for us to join the church’s sunday school; we didn’t mind it, it was actually kinda fun as we would watch a short film/episode of a show, and then do an activity that related to that day’s episode. I believe there were many seasons of this series, each one with an overarching theme and biblical/religious lessons.
The biggest part that I remember is the main character: a puppet that was some sort of small mammal/rodent. I’m fairly certain he was a groundhog, but he could have been a beaver or gopher. His design was very simplistic, a fluffy brown creature – maybe with rodent teeth – and eyes, so he could have been any animal that is the size of a cat or small dog. I will attach a shitty sketch of what I think he roughly looked like. The puppet’s name may have been an alliteration with his species, like Greg the Groundhog or Barry the Beaver, but I’m not certain.
The puppet had a friend co-main character played by an irl young lady who joined him in his biblical-themed shenanigans. I don’t remember any specific characteristics of the lady, tbh; but one scene of this show is so damn vivid in my mind, that it’s stuck out in my mind for well over a decade.
The scene I remember is a short transitional scene: the groundhog and lady were about to enter a wild west like town in a desert, and they exchange some lines I can’t recall – likely something along the lines of “oh i’m worried about this!” and the lady responding with “it’ll be fine!” because as they go to walk off the right side of the screen, towards the town, a wanted poster of the groundhog is stapled to the pole the main characters were standing in front of while talking.
This series was, what I believe to be, a straight to VHS show. Each episode probably wasn’t more than half an hour, and I’m pretty sure it was serial with episodic elements; an overarching storyline over the season, but a mini plot in each episode. Probably similar to recent kids’ shows like Gravity Falls or The Owl House, where an episode on its own could be watched standalone, but watching each one in order reveals the bigger plot of that season.
This series would have been made in the early 2000s, I don’t think it was quite ‘90s quality, but it very well could have been produced in the late late ‘90s. Estimated years that I probably saw this is around 2006-2009, probably closer to the former as I don’t think I had started elementary school yet, but was likely just about to. The kids in the group were probably around my and my cousin’s age, so the targeted audience of this series was likely 5-9 or so.
The theme of the season we watched that year was in some way or another related to sea creatures. I think, at least lol. Because each class they would give us a little rubbery-plastic toy of the sea creature that related to that day’s lessons. I specifically remember a crab, but in all honesty this bit about sea creatures actually relating to the series is a bit of an assumption on my part, because I don’t remember much about the show. It could have been
I am not sure if this next bit is entirely relevant, but because it was the mid 2000s, and I haven’t been able to find any information on this series, it was likely not a widely watched show across the country. I grew up in central pennsylvania and the branch of the church was the “church of the brethren” which are like two steps away from amish (it goes amish, then mennonite who use some electricity and cars but they have to be utilitarian and plain colors like beige or black. Then it’s The Brethren who are still very religious, but allow electronics and other modern luxuries at a family’s own discretion, but still live very “plain” lives, typically dressing modestly with the women sometimes wearing those sheer head coverings that look like tiny bonnets.) So needless to say, this wouldn’t have been some very progressive christian or extremely strict catholicism; probably more in the middle of religious potency, more chill than a lot of christians in the middle of bumfuck nowhere pennsylvania, but likely very focused on empathy and turning the other cheek, as The Brethren share those values with the amish. The church is christian and honestly very lax, which is why we could have a little tv cart and vhs player, even if we were close to toeing the line of mennonite.
Thank you to anyone willing to give suggestions or comments on this!
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2023.02.03 05:05 kaseyade everyone is so heartless

t;w suicide mention

somedays i think i'm doing better and moving on from everything that has happened to me. but then shit will hit the fan for whatever reason, and instead of coping in my old self destructive ways, i try to reach out to friends and family and people who i thought cared. it has always been ending in the same way. listening to a couple people's voicemail boxes. unopened text messages. ignored. this shit really pushes me so far back. it just rips open the wound even more and i can't deal with it anymore. i don't know how these people in my life can be so cold and heartless. i don't know how people can truly not care about those they claim to be loved ones to. then people act so shocked and saddened when people commit suicide. as though that person wasn't crying for help only to be rejected over and over again.
it's so hard for me to recover when i have nights like these. because it feels like i'm dying and nobody cares about me. it makes me feel like a little kid again trapped in my bedroom alone. it feels like every wound i've ever felt happening to me all over again. it makes me wonder if my life will ever be different, or if i will just be in this hell forever. it makes me question if i really can trust people, or if i ever will meet someone who cares about me. it makes me think that maybe i was right the first time, maybe i am worthless and maybe i am horrible. maybe i deserved everything i've been through. maybe i am annoying and nobody will ever want me. i'm just so tired. i'm so so so tired. i wish for once, things would work out and i would have the dogs and the significant other, and the friends and family. but i have never had anything and i don't see myself getting any of it soon. i'm just so tired.
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2023.02.03 05:05 Longjumping_Air6226 Booted out from five more GCs...and I don't feel like something was lost from me...

Di ba minsan, kapag very important sa iyo ang isang group...halimbawa, mahilig ka sa mga sasakyan, tapos marami ka na naging kaibigan sa Auto Group na yun...tapos inalis ka nila, eh manghihinayang ka kasi nga, shucks...sayang naman yung mga naging kaibigan mo at nakilala mo dahil sa interest niyo, yung sasakyan.
Recently, I logged in to my account and checked my messages (naka spam rin kasi sila), and then when I saw all the GCs I was in...inalis nila ako, kasama na yung parang group and such.
Wala lang. I don't feel na may naalis sa akin or nawala sa akin. I don't feel like I was thrown out on a shelter or a lovely home.
In fact, even better. Because I don't want to associate myself with what they're doing, lalo na yang mga ginagawa nilang pangtotoka ng tulungan.
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2023.02.03 05:04 Chaselc18 What do I do?

It really seems like my ex doesn’t want to talk to me at all. We were together for 4 years and she dumped me because of a lot of arguments our last year. We grew apart and we’ve both said stupid things during our arguments. Hurtful things. It’s only been a month since we broke up. I’m trying to contact. It’s only been a few days since we’ve talked. But when we did talk she was very short. She’s mentioned she has no feelings for me anymore. Do I wait during no contact for a text saying she might regret leaving? Will she ever love me again? When I do know it’s okay to finally try contacting her again?
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2023.02.03 05:04 AracnidHannah Thoughts on Adam, Check Please (Full Release)

So i just got done listening to ACP, and i actually do enjoy it. I understand if others don't and its cool if you don't, but please don't direct hate at Adam its unnecessary and a bit trashy. Its not everyone's cup of tea, but Adam wrote a pretty entertaining song about his experiences working retail, i myself work retail so maybe I'm biased but i do enjoy it a fair bit, not as much as Kelly Time and probably wont enjoy as much as Vitamin Sea when that releases, but i do dislike other songs more. I can appreciate Adam is trying something new and i for one am appreciative of what we're getting, please be good people to eachother and Adam. 💟💟
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2023.02.03 05:04 Standard_Delay_1182 [F4A] Look, I have made this post pretty for you. You should read it.

<< Hi hello, I prefer 3rd person & long-term rp, I’m Semi-Literate and open to your ideas, and playing as multiple characters/background characters! Also, fair warning, I’m immature, and late replies are common, so I’m sorry about that. I’m also okay with just talking and sending random shit to each other.>> ((+ = Prefered Roleplay(s).)) >> ROLEPLAY IDEAS<< \*Cursed.* Best way to explain it is uh.. [Person] What do you want for breakfast? [Curse] The souls of the innocent [Cursed] A bagel- [Curse] NO! [Cursed] Two bagels. \*Cryptid/monster hunters roleplay:* Two randos in a small town meet each other, one secretly part monster, the others just some randos trying to have a good time. They become friends and make a club dedicated to hunting monsters, etc. (Or your or my character hunts down youmy monster character, etc.) \*Classic Highschool roleplay:* Roommates, prom, bullies, etc. \*Fantasy Masquerade roleplay* A thief turns up at the royal family's masquerade party for their kids’ birthday, reeks havoc- well, tries to, before being stopped by the guard/Royals’ child. \*Average stalker love story. Need I say more. +* \*Sci-Fi thing,* youmy character crashes their ship on some random planet, ;oh fuck’ vibes, the planet is mostly water, so youmy character goes to find recourse in the ocean when they hear a distress signal off their DA. Now, youmy character had been here for a month now, so it’s not like any underwater alien life you’ve heard before. ((Just described Subnautica, but still, pretty badass.)) more info once DM’d + \*Monster Hotel/School roleplay:* Human was dropped into an all-monster school/hotel. Lmao they’re screwed ahahaha \*Fandoms incase you're into that.*\** MHA, Your Boyfriend (YB)+, FNAF+, Subnautica+, Subnautica Below Zero+, Project Hail Mary+, Pokemon, Heathers, SCP Foundation+, and Undertale. \*small little ideas to add to the roleplays;*\** Yandere, canon characters, aliens, space stuff, etc. \*Please DM/Message if interested!*\** (I would appreciate it if you don't just send 'Hi', please state at least one of the ideas I have listed, thank you!) **I DO NOT USE DISCORD*\*
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2023.02.03 05:04 ArcherR132 Pvp is stale

That's just it. The pvp in this game is getting so ludicrously stale and mind numbingly boring. You load in, you fight somebody, they have more iframes, they win. You load into a different server, you fight somebody, you have more iframes, you win. That's the cycle I've been repeating for the last 6 months in this game. Iframes are so abundant and easy to spam that you can make a whole "combo" out of iframe attacks, and still have 2 or 3 leftover to stall for cooldowns again. The fact that Apol Sand's armor and Shin Ren's clones were taken off of iframe cooldown doesn't help either. Shin Ren's is worse, but Apol Sand's is still 5 seconds of not being able to deal any proper damage to somebody.
For anyone who doubts me, I just fought somebody with Senko's teleport, which gives iframes, Dio Senko's teleport, which gives iframes, Minakaze 3rd, which gives iframes, and an autododge. He also had Senko Kunai so I could never combo him, and Getsuga 1st to get back in and immediately block break me. If I popped my auto, he would just use Minakaze 3rd, which stupidly outlasts autododges half the time. That's all he had. No taijutsu, no elements, no subs. Just iframes. I managed to kill him once, but he used Minakaze's mode for even more iframes. And he could've added more. This game has become so retarded and braindead. And I can already see people commenting "skill issue" and "go play a different game". To those people, I just have to ask, are you okay with a multiplayer pvp game turning into Solitaire? Because that's what's happened. Rell has turned the game into Solitaire, and nothing but Solitaire. You hit first, you win. You have more iframes, you win.
And if people aren't okay with this, FUCKING SAY SOMETHING. I look in rell's YouTube comments, and I only see dick suckers and boot lickers. If anybody else doesn't like what's added, go complain about it. Make suggestions when they ask for them. Go to their Twitter and say that you don't like something. I see others complaining in game, but I never see anybody actually complaining where it matters; to the developers themselves.
I can also see people saying "Just wait for Nindon/Rell Seas, it'll be so much better!" If the same people that fucked Shindo are making those, do you honestly expect their new games to be any better? Of course not, they'll make all of the same mistakes if we let them.
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2023.02.03 05:04 BreadAndButterHog Freaking out about penis damage

18m. Not gonna go into all the details as I've already posted all of them, but essentially I have been masturbating excessively for years. Within the past few years I've done it to where I get occassionally sore, and sometimes I've even done it in spite of being sore which for some reason makes the soreness go away. Then the soreness comes back just a little bit after a few days then fully recovers and returns to normal.
I'm just freaking the fuck out because I'm scared I've been microdamaging my dick this whole time by not paying attention to my body and overdoing it. It was never sore all the time but it wasn't uncommon for me to get myselt sore. I'd try to cut back when it did get uncomfortable but sometimes I just did it anyway, and like I said the soreness actually went away which scares me. The soreness is only when I flex my groin or start touching myself, I never feel pain when I'm fully erect masturbating. It's always before and after.
Now here I am with this sore dick praying to God that my dick isn't going to have any damage or reduced erectile function or peyronies or some shit. I've asked on medical and doctor subreddits and they say that masturbating with a sore dick will only cause a more sore dick and that it's not as serious as I'm making it out to be. I hope they're right. I just felt my flaccid dick, and it doesn't seem very swollen, if at all, but I squeezed the sides of it and it feels stiffer and harder than normal. Doing this also caused some discomfort.
Are my worries founded? I've been trying to cut back recently (apart from the soreness this time around) but now I literally have to quit or severly limit myself. I will never do this to my dick again
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