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2023.02.03 05:57 christina_hah General Psychiatry Residency Program Medicine

I feel kind of dumb. Actually ALL dumb. Sorry for my bad English. I went through seven public selective children psychiatry resydency courser in my country. I failed the one I wanted more. I passei The other six programa. I haver bipolar disorder and in the in The Second best programa one people know I have Bipolar. Pretty sure I dont have a shot in a master or doctors degree. Sorry for complaining about that. Just feel like a failure. I know If I stay in the Second best one teachers and other doctors até gonna jugde me. Just like my father say. I am not gpnna get any job as a psychiatryst here. Dont know what tô do. Sorry again for complaining about that. Feels stupid.
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2023.02.03 05:57 678trpl98212 For my Best Friend’s New Beau

Help with my Best Friend’s BF’s nickname
My best friend has been seeing a guy for a few months, so it’s my job to start doing a little light hazing. His name is Carson. I thought this sub would have some fun helping me.
I started thinking of other vehicle/family names. Immediately, I started calling him TruckDaughter.
Some other gems I have come up with are:
Please add to my list!
(It’s all in good fun. I promise it’s okay!)
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2023.02.03 05:57 TheProff212 Blaming me for things I never did !

I have a therapist that told me that my ex had demonstrated traits of borderline personality disorder and had an avoidant attachment style .We have had a rocky relationship for about three years and everything broke down again a few months ago. We had taken a trip to Italy this summer and afterwards we hand some good times celebrating her 7year old sons birthday with him. He and I are really close.
Then afterwards she started to become distant with me. She started to devalue me and started to tell me that I had done things that I had never done. She told me she did not want a relationship with me. After a couple of months passed of us having bad back and forth ,I sent her a message telling her that I was okay with letting her go and it was best for both of us. I told her that I wanted to have a more positive closer with her and her son who looked up to me like I was his stepdad.
Her reaction was to tell me that she was done and she angrily accused me of stalking her by passing by her house and texting her from random numbers and that she would get the police involved . I was knocked off my feet. I did not do either one, whatsoever. All I did was message her to tell her I was moving on with my life and that I wanted to let her go with love.
How do I recover from all this with her? It makes me wonder if I am okay in my own mind?
Have you ever experienced anything like this?
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2023.02.03 05:57 ncl_intp We're now planning to get married. Pray for us please.

My Christian GF is being abused at her home. Her mom insults and yells at her on a daily basis. Her mom even said to her "I'll make your life miserable." She doesn't know where her mom's hatred is coming from.
Now she's with me right now. We've been planning to get married last year but it seems like it's the best plan to get married now. We don't want the "live in" setup since we are both practicing Christians. She doesn't have any place to stay and she's still studying. She'll stay with me for some time and we'll process the documents soon. We've always wanted a holy, Christian family. But it seems like time is not on our side...
Please pray for us.
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2023.02.03 05:56 ObiYoung I'm exhausted

I'm getting married later this year, and last week was my dress appointment. We scheduled for my fiance and I to have lunch with our moms around 12:30. Then my fiance was heading to work, and I was going with both our moms to meet my bridesmaids at the boutique at 3.
Well, at 8:30 in the morning, I get a text from my dad saying he and my mom will be at my house by 10. "We".... Fine, maybe he wants to come to this. Not a huge deal, since he would have to be sober to make the drive. It's a bigger deal that they're going to be at the house two hours early, and I have things to do. At 9:30, my mom called to say she was running early and was on track to be at my house around 11:30 but can pass some time shopping beforehand. I ask about my dad's text. He isn't coming. He's at home. He was trying to make me mad, because he thought it would be funny. (From the convo, I get the idea that he mentioned wanting to do something to make me mad but she didn't know he was actually doing anything) Fine, not my problem.
Then, today, he decided to try again. I assume it's because he didn't get the reaction he wanted last time. For background, a while back he bought something I can use for work. However, it didn't fit within the (outdated) technology policy, which my work is in the process of changing. Fast forward to today. He texted me asking if they changed the policy, because he can sell it on ebay. I told him he's welcome to do that if he wants. He then sent a series of semi-illegible texts that can be summarized as: who do I have to talk to? I want you to have the best. They need to hurry up. I'll find someone to speak to. I want you to have this. I will embarrass you and come into your work. Give me updates.
Uhm, sorry that a tech policy is probably near the bottom of the priority list? I'm sure next week he'll be asking why I don't always respond to his messages.
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2023.02.03 05:56 SueedBeyg There's always that one programmer

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2023.02.03 05:56 Traditional_City_908 Where to Buy Bravecto for Dog at the Best Price Online across USA

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2023.02.03 05:55 normancrane Weird posts by a girl I used to follow on social media

I hope this is the right kind of thing to post here. Basically, a few years ago I started following a girl on social media. When her life took a really weird turn I started taking screenshots to document it. I don’t even really know why. I didn’t know her in real life. I’d come across her randomly on YouTube (she had a vlog for a while.) The content she was posting just got so bizarre. I can’t post the actual screenshots here, so I’ve typed out most of the relevant messages. NOTE: It’s all accurate except for one instance when I took out someone else’s username.
So like some random sent me a link to a band on bandcamp called judys tomorrow and their lead singer sounds exactly like me, weird right?
Apparently theyre from canada and theyve been around for like six years
They have three albums but its all indie stuff so i dont listen to that stuff so thats probably why ive never heard of them
Anyone heard of them before?
Its actually really freaky how much the singer sounds like me. I mean i dont listen to myself all the time or anything but im kind of used to how my voice sounds because of my lifestyle vlogs and she sounds like exactly like me…
So I played some of their songs for chris and my mom and theyre both like “jude this sounds exactly like you!!!” and im like “i know right?”
WTF!! jt has a new song called “mirror mirror” where the singer says “i know right” and its actually me saying “i know right”, like actually my fn voice
I get it, its a joke. haha very funny chris. my stepdad has a really fd up sense of humor
I know you were recording me chris
I appreciate all the messages guys, but i dont mean he like records me records me, but just he must have been recording me then
Chris says it wasnt him but i dont believe him
Hey are any of guys like not able to say certain stuff?
I dont mean not allowed to say them like the n word but like cant physically say them bcz you know whats fd? like really really fd… i cant say “i know right”, i cant say those words AT ALL, i can write them but when i open my mouth literally nothing comes out
No we never
Sorry that last message was just a reply to someone didnt mean to post it
I can say “I” and “know” and “right” but not together
OK now im totally freaking out because theres way more i cant say. i tried telling someone “i love you” and couldnt
So “i love you” is another lyric in a jt song this one called “slut”
Seriously dont know what to do guys. I cant say any of the lyrics to “slut”, like nothing they sing i can say. I cant say anythin in “mirror mirror” either
I think im having a mental health
So had a huge meltdown with chris. We were together and i accused him of a doing a bunch of stuff including spying on me and he denied it and i think my mom overheard and now its this big thing
Thanks to the friend (you know who you are) who told me to reach out to bandcamp and ask about judys tomorrow
Bandcamp said jt is legit and theyve been on the site for six years but they dont have any more info other than whats on the band page
Bandcamp got me in touch with the company that owns jt
I wrote them so well see what they say
There are so many things i cant say anymore. I want to say them but i cant something is seriously fd with me
Will the person who sent me all that stuff about trauma and ptsd please contact me i deleted your messages by accident
I keep listening to jt
So looks like jt company is ghosting me, no response at all maybe ill try the band directly
Mom and chris are fighting all the time and i hate it
They had their seven year anniversary this weekend and it was the absolute worst, like we all barely talked to each other
I cant stop
Jt sent me an email thanking me for my interest in the band but they wouldnt send me any pics of themselves
Theyre not on youtube, like what kind of band isnt on youtube?!
Jt has a new one out “last chance lullaby”
Mom is pissed at me for no reason again, im so gd sick of her shit im seriously thinking about moving out
You guys are the best but i would have a place to stay
Sorry for not posting for a while but life with a capital L. For everyone who knows me irl im doing OK, got a date for when im getting it done across the border (hes going to help pay) and for my virtuals thanks for all the support
Im having so many second thoughts. Im in a dark fn place right now
I feel empty
Do not listen to jts “scrape tape”!! PLEASE
Hows it even possible/?!
Sorry for all the cryptic shit lately but things are serious and im thinking of getting the police involved. I honestly dont know if im safe
Im trying to get bandcamp to take the jt page down. More soon
Massive thanks to [username] for pointing out that all jts lyrics were made up of stuff i said on my vlogs, like literally took the sound from the vlogs cut it up and put it to music for like six fkn years
Bandcamp page down. Copyrite
Chris left mom. He didnt even say good bye to me. Moms been crying all night and i dont know what to do. Ive never seen her like this before, shes always been so strong
Im seriously worried about mom bcz she stopped going out, going to work and like we how are we going to have any money?
Thanks guys. Appreciated
Mom finally went out, maybe things are getting better?
Its been two weeks. Chris is ghosting me
It was in my body in my fkn leg there was a mic under my gd skin!!! This is sooo fucked i cant even believe it, like who would even do that
Im so fkn scared and mad and
UPDATE: I showed mom and were going to the police tomorrow morning
UPDATE: Mom made dinner for us for the first time in weeks, she really does seem better and i missed her cooking. I wish i could tell her “i love you” but thats one of the things jt took from me :(
When I wake up tomorrow im going to take the first step in finding out who the psycho is who did all this to me
That’s the last message she ever posted. Her account’s still active but there’s been nothing new in years. I’ve read the whole thing dozens of times, and every time it gives me absolute chills…
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2023.02.03 05:55 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Full Updated Course On (INSTANT DELIVERY) 15% OFF COUPON AVAILABLE

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2023.02.03 05:55 gloryarenax The System by Todd (Updated Program)

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2023.02.03 05:54 makingmyway174829 AITA for naming my daughter after my friend?

I have three children (28F, 26M, and 7F). I had my first two when I was quite young during my first marriage. My husband and I raised them to adulthood before we decided that a divorce was the best thing for us. We had just fallen out of love. Occasionally he would come back into town to see me but we never really had any romantic interactions outside of some hookups.
This changed one time when he came back into town. He came over and we drank wine and watched movies like we were in our 20s. I won’t get into the whole rekindling of our romance here, but soon we decided to get remarried.
Around the same time I found out that I was pregnant again, I got the news that a friend of ours was dying. The doctors said she had anywhere from six months to a year to live.
As you get older, it’s harder and harder to watch your loved ones die. We were not the closest of our friendgroup, but I still loved her very dearly. She was the first to know I was pregnant.
As soon as I found out I was having a little girl, I knew I wanted to name her after my friend. My husband was very on board and my friend loved the idea.
She lived just long enough to meet my baby two days after she was born.
Fast forward to today. For our daughter’s whole life, we’ve called her Ally, which is a nickname for her full name. It was easier and hurt less. But recently she’s become angry at this. She wants to go by her full name and gets mad that we don’t want to call her that. She’s started to believe we hate her which is not true at all.
It just hurts so badly to say that name. I don’t regret naming her that but I wish she would give me a little more time. I love her so much and I love my late friend too. AITA?
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2023.02.03 05:54 theproaffiliate r/best_movies_to_watch Lounge

A place for members of best_movies_to_watch to chat with each other
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2023.02.03 05:54 teriaavibes Updates to the Ultimate Certification Guide and other Important information

Hi guys,
Here are the promised updates and other important information.
First of all, probably the most important one and I have already mentioned it before:
Please don't share content in this subreddit directly to the AzureCertification. I was specifically told this by their moderation team that it is unwanted. I wasn't able to get a reason why this is an issue so this is just my personal assumption and understanding. The only information I got from the conversation is this:
This post was referenced DP-203 for free : AzureCertification ( as an example why it is an issue. Further questions from my side didn't really give me any clarification so what I personally understood from it:
It is better to give misleading/incorrect answer (that being the other post reply (DP-203 wasn't given away in cloud skills challenge since over 2y ago) than to directly reference this subreddit because the free voucher opportunities are posted here. I was told this isn't the only example but wasn't provided with others.
So, yea, I am as confused as the next person reading this but me or others trying to help out being banned is not going to help anyone so, please don't do it. The certification guide and the free voucher posts are directly under my profile and referencing those (and by that indirectly referencing this subreddit) hasn't caused any issues. So, this is a possible workaround to not cause any issues.
About the Virtual Training Days:
The fact is that Enterprise Skills Initiative members have received an email saying that VTDs will stop giving out free vouchers from March. This information wasn't stated anywhere else and not even Microsoft support has any idea about it. Also, ESI members have 100% off vouchers so they don't need the VTD discount (they have their own VTD events) so my assumption is that this is only related to them because I don't believe Microsoft would do this. This is insane marketing and sales for them and they don't even have to try.
Other relevant stuff: The clause about free vouchers has started disappearing from marketing emails and from some VTD registration pages. Also, the fundamental VTDs are not on every VTD page anymore.
So, If I were you, I would rather be safe than sorry and start attending them and redeeming vouchers.
And now to the better stuff.
Exam voucher posts:
To make it easier, I have put all the free/discounted voucher posts into a single collection and created a shortener So now there is an easy way to access it all. What I wasn't so sure about and could use some feedback:
The CLX and 30 days to learn it challenges are continuously changing. Does it make sense to make a new post about it every time or edit the last one? For now, I am making a new one, since this then makes its way to people's feed with the updated information but I want to avoid unnecessary spamming.
Also, I have realized that people following me won't see the posts in the subreddits if they didn't join them, should I also cross post into my profile?
Updates to the certification guide:
By the time I have finished all of this tons of stuff have also changed so I will update those continuously. All feedback is still welcome, or other information you are interested in.
Subreddit updates:
This will go for all 3 subreddits.
And lastly:
The last couple of months of my life being absolute chaos has showed me that I can't do everything (day has only 24h after all), So I could really use some help.
If anyone is interested, it would include moderating the 3 subreddits, helping create/update posts and trying to make this community even better.
I can't really offer much other than the great feeling of contributing to the community. If I have extra vouchers, that can be transferred, I will throw them your way (doesn't happen often but can't offer much more, I am a volunteer just like everyone else in this community).
As for qualifications, just have a discord where we can chat (communication over reddit DMs is less than optimal). Everything else can be easily learnt along the way (even I don't know everything). For anyone interested, you can use mod mail or my DMs to contact me.

Also, thanks everyone for their support and be sure to share this information around so it can help as many people as possible!

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2023.02.03 05:54 childlikeaversi Flat or huge, love is what matters

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2023.02.03 05:54 MayorBryce Best Place for Splatoon Fanart?

Title. Caught the fanart bug and need some good fanart to look out. Nothing NSFW please, maybe some artists or a good place to just look at fanart. Thanks!
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2023.02.03 05:54 matilda_faleiro Best Way to Prepare for SAP C_LCNC_02 Certification Exam

Are you ready to take your SAP skills to the next level? 💻✨ Get prepared for the C_LCNC_02 certification exam with our comprehensive study guide! 📚 Join the ranks of certified SAP professionals and excel in your career. 💼 #SAP #C_LCNC_02 #CertificationExam #Success #StudyGuide 🌍

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2023.02.03 05:54 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator Full Updated Course On

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2023.02.03 05:53 Worth_Possible3216 What's your opinion on Velanna

To summarise my experience with her.I maxed out her banner and got her to LVL 170 Eternal. At first i tested her out with my usual units since they had the highest transcendence (a mix of Cloe, Cathrine, Talia,Clara, Vivienne, Mephi, Linzy and Velanna) and later on i tried her in my undead team which consisted of Prim, Petra, Jacqueline, Velanna + 1 other Soul/Healer. After my personal experience i checked out Twitch to see if another player is pulling for her and testing her out. I found a stream from the player Dev. I think his Account CP was over 2 Million and he is a player who mains the undead team and used it throughout his chapter grind. he has many Soul between Origin 1-5 and his Velanna was test once at LvL 200 and Origin 3 and once at around LvL 220 Origin 3. I suggested a similar team to the one i used. I thought i can get a better idea of how Velanna works with a full high lvl Origin team with an even better setup since Dev has Ayame. Ayame is probably the best support unit for Velanna since she is the only Soul that can spread the bleeding debuff on most/the entire enemy team to unlock Velannas maximum potential: guaranteed crit, increased dmg multiplier and a stun. I think his and my findings mostly coincided. She is a warrior class unit. She has high Hp to enable her to stay in the front to take some hits but:
  1. Her Base Atk is really low and her multiplier aren't that high even with the bleed debuff on the enemy.
  2. Because of this she wouldn't even heal to full when using her skills because she would either not be able to hit enough people to lifesteal, her atk was lowered by a debuff which completely crippled her lifesteal, the bleed was cleansed, Ayame couldn't hit most of the the enemy Souls or Ayame died to fast because a Epic + Soul is just to squishy for these Chapters.
  3. Sometimes when all stars aligned and you managed to hit 3-4 people with a bleed debuff it still didn'T deal that much dmg . even a fully bleed debuffed team took little dmg from a origin 3 Velanna ult compared to a Ethernal+ Jacqueline at the time. the impact is just to low you rather ult with someone else.
  4. She also straight up died really often with and without physical/magical resistance buff and if she doesn't hit most of the enemy units with the bleed debuff she literally heals for nothing and isn't able to sustain.
I made these observations under the assumption/observation of using Ayame. A unit that most people don't even have. Because of that my personal experience with Velanna without Ayame was even worse. She needs a straight up dmg increase. Her dmg is really low compared to most dmg dealers and is incomparably lower to the top dmg dealer. With more dmg she would be able to lifesteal more which in turn enables her to be more tanky. It kinda fixes both issues. i am not sure if it is better to either increase her atk or her multiplier. Btw just as an comparison. The Petra that Dev used in his team did comparable dmg, had comparable lifeleach tanked way more and survived way longer.
And yes i considered that a unit that lives longer deals more dmg . He also had successful runs where both these 2 units lived until the end and the result was the same.
But tell me about your experience. I hope that there is more to it than what i experienced and someone else can give some tips on how to use the unit in a bette more efficient way.
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2023.02.03 05:53 agressivechef looking for a slow rpm worm gear motor and battery for a project

im creating a self stirring lid for a stovetop pot functioning with a small slow-rpm motor to revolve the stirrer.
right now im thinking of around 2.5-3 RPM and a worm gear motor for control of this. i dont need much voltage although most sold on amazon, ebay etc are set 12V.
to run the motor i need to coordinate this with the battery and i would assume that would mean i need a 12V battery. it needs to fit within quite small dimensions, so a small rechargable lithion battery would probably be best. is this right?
if anyone can give me some advice or links to good motors/batteries that would be really helpful
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2023.02.03 05:53 Objective-Board9495 Orgo Lab TA

I am taking Orgo 269 this semester (orgo lab) and I am super anxious because I know it is run by McDaniel and I had him for Orgo 1 and did not have the best experience. A lot of people say it is mostly dependent on the TA, so I was curious if anyone has had Yang as a TA and if they could give me their opinions on him.
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2023.02.03 05:52 Dsg1695 Is it strange for the 80’s to be my favorite era for music considering I’m 28?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’d hear 80s music in commercials & something about it appealed. Then I played gta Vice City & I was sold, I’ve been on a 90’s kick recently after rediscovering my love for the Backstreet Boys. I still think the 90s has great music but 80s will always be the best, I always go back to it. My parents agree obviously
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2023.02.03 05:52 FlipSide26 P100s Deck Size

Anybody post some pic's of themself standing on the P100s? Looks like all the video's people have a foot on the backrest, am wondering if it's big enough to fit both feet flat but still one foot forward for when just cruising
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