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A place for general discussion of Corrections, including issues in the Correctional System, as well as opinions of prisons (for those looking to transfer), and any general discussion.

2016.01.19 06:11 sunerok Verge Currency

Verge is a cryptocurrency designed for people and for everyday use. It improves upon the original Bitcoin blockchain and aims to fulfill its initial purpose of providing individuals and businesses with a fast, efficient and decentralized way of making direct transactions while maintaining your privacy

2016.06.23 01:45 HighOnGoofballs Things on the backs of capybaras

Various critters riding capybaras. Maybe non animals, who the hell knows what lurks in the backs of these.

2023.02.02 22:32 South_Material_8461 Just Diagnosed.

Just found out i have hsv1 on the 30th on January. Im not 100% sure but im pretty sure i was getting very mild symptoms around the 17th of January but ignored it bc i had no idea what it was, light itching here and there and maybe some tingling cant really remember, it wasnt until the like the 21st to 23rd when i really noticed something was not right.. It was so hard to defecate it felt like i was ripping my anus in half, i didnt eat for the next two days other than a meal replacement shake and some cheetos because i was so scared to defecate, the sores were so prominent i had to get a hand held mirror to actually look.. literally was so traumatic and so confused i just put Vaseline on it because every now and then my cheeks would rub and kinda hurt but i went to work(obviously cleaning my hands) planning on going to the doctors. So i go to the doctors on the 25th and she swabs the sores and she basically tells me it herpes and looks like herpes, but without a proper diagnosis it wasnt to say if i did or not. She did prescribed me Valacyclovir 1GM for 10 days the same day but i didnt start taking it until the next day. Well anyways i pretty much delt with fear anxiety and despression until i got she told me i have it (30th of January). Practically died and still currently dying on the inside and out. Trying to type this is a lot but im in dire need of support and too afraid to tell a friend at the moment. Now that i know i have it they prescribed me 500 mg of Valtrex for 7 days so im gonna start that after Valacyclovir.
I got it hsv1 genitally (my bum) from oral from another man who claimed he didnt have it or had it in the first place until he went and got tested AFTER I had an outbreak and after I told him that he pretty much gave me herpes I asked him if ever had cold sores and he answered YES, which obviously made me think he was lying because he does have a kid and works around kids so I feel like he really should have known about that.
I am gay and 20 years old and never was fully out and never could actually find a man to settle down with, which caused me to be reckless leading me to this never ending situation. Overall since its happened I truly am ashamed of myself and embarrassed that i took my life for granted, my life and what ive caused it I wish i could go back and stay home and have never met him. I never wanted this to happen and never imagined how this is how my life would turn upside down.
Anyways, Ive reading on this page and it helps to see other people in the same boat but all of it just hurts too much, Id never thought id be the one on this page, reading other stories, and now typing my very own story. Everything was hard enough being a young gay male even with this improving generation for the LGBTQ+ and now that im gay and with herpes, just KO me already.
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2023.02.02 22:32 Zombieskank Starter Armies

I was wondering if anyone could give me a list for starter armies around 1000 points to learn the game. I have a bunch of stuff printed (some of it painted too) ,already for Nids, Orks, Chaos Space Marines. Just start with whatever I have already and build lists?
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2023.02.02 22:31 Front-Employee8498 I scored five packs of personal care products at Kroger for just 49 cents each - but the deal ends in just days

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2023.02.02 22:31 O3fz This is the Police - Hunting the Predator

Previous/First/Next: Aim for the Head
Special Agent Murray walked into the park at the centre of the Central Investigative Division headquarters. He was pissed at the fact that another government official was assassinated, this time a Department of National Defence Division Director. How that information got leaked was completely up in the air, along with also not being Murray’s problem. He was not BIS after all. He had a new lead however, for the late Director, unlike the rest of his assassinated counterparts, was poisoned instead of shot. The Director was a cautious man so it was unlikely that they would even be able to see him, never mind shoot him. He also only drank and ate at certain locations, so the killer had to have been in one of those locations previously. He was found dead at his desk, no killer in sight with an empty cup of stimulant in the corner of his desk.
Murray sat down on a bench in a corner of the park, next to a man whose face was covered by a snood with Autonomous Judgement Officer written across the side. He had an aura of authority around him, helped by his snood’s markings. The AJO placed a document next to Murray on the bench, before quickly leaving. The document was titled “Prearrest sentencing for the 411 Assassins and all associated parties.”
“Unlucky Fuckers.” Murray blurted as he read the document. “Hand over associated parties to ZEAL for comprehensive data extraction. What a shit way to die.”. Murray himself barely knew about what happened at ZEAL, only that the information he got back was always accurate to the second. And that no inmate sent to the Dental Office left with their mind intact, if they survived at all.
Murray knew he was on work hours, so he head back to his private office on the 9th floor. The 9th floor was by far the second nicest floor as you only had to hear the loudest of the tortures coming from the basement. Only the 10th outclassed it with no tortures being heard, along with the view. Murray walked into his office, finding what he had hoped would be on his desk, the lab report.
“The blood analysis indicated NIZK-34 was used to kill the subject?”. Murray was bewildered, which was fair enough after all, NIZK-34 wasn’t a standard easily made poison, it required at least a comprehensive science laboratory and a lot of experience. It was however known that it killed about 2 hours after being administered, meaning that the Director was poisoned in his office. While the office itself had no CCTV, the rest of the building had them everywhere. Murray rushed to his car, he absolutely needed that footage again.
2 hours later.
Murray watch as the security official clicked through the footage from the CCTV for the kitchen this time, knowing that it was the last room to have its footage checked. Should this fail he would need to find another way to get some evidence. “Stop, go back a second.” Murray ordered. “Do we know who this Btrab is?” Murray pointed to the screen, where a Btrab was seen replacing the stimulant capsules with other ones, something a confirmed employee had done only a few minutes prior.
“Let me check… Em, there appears to be no Btrab employed in the kitchen Sir” The security official had a shake in his voice as those last words came out.
“So how did he get in then” Murray demanded.
“Well if he had ID he could of just walked in an–“ The security official was cut off by Murray, fuming.
“SO YOU’RE TELLING ME THAT ANY OLD BLOKE WITH AN ID CAN WALK IN, MEANWHILE I AM SEARCHED JUST BECAUSE MY DIVISION OPERATES UNDER THE DEPARTMENT OF NATIONAL STABILITY!?” Murray calmed himself, before he could make this worse. “Just because our Departments are at odds does not mean you should try mask your holes from me. Know do you have a scan of his ID?”
“No Sir, our ID readers aren’t built with those features.” The security official was as straightforward and honest as he could be, after seeing Murray’s wrath.
“Right, I am off to the kitchen for some evidence.”
In the Kitchen
Murray had a forensics team take the stimulant capsules for DNA analysis and to be observed for poison. Both came back positive, with the DNA coming back for known criminal and protester, Slarb Orpt. Slarb has served 10 years on a prison station before, which clearly did not cause him to learn his lesson. His address was known so he would be an easy capture.
Next day
Slarb Orpt was sitting in a Criminal Restraint Transport Pod, following his successful capture. Murray waited nervously for ZEAL to arrive to take Slarb. The information collected would be absolutely necessary to find the laboratory that made the NIZK-34. Waiting with Murray was the AJO, also nervous for ZEAL to arrive. Even though the AJO sentenced Slarb to ZEAL custody, he was disturbed by what was going to happen.
“Finally” Murray stated as a black transport shuttle landed. He was ordered to stand away as the AJO told ZEAL what their orders were, but he did hear “finish with the usual applied electro-convulsive therapy.”. Murray ignored the information as the shuttle flew off with Slarb’s pod inside, likely to never be seen again.
That is all for this week. I intend to Special Agent Murray return next time along with what remains of Slarb. I intend on rewriting K-3G-8216-INH once the midterm arrives in a week. Till then.
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2023.02.02 22:31 No_Hunt7394 I don’t think I am related to my “dad”

None of this makes sense to me. My dad is around 120 lbs, 5’ 8” male and my mom is a 180+lbs, 5’ 6” female. Now, this is concerning to me because I’m a 230lbs, 5’10” male who is 16, and my growing hasn’t slowed yet. There are other things including health issues, which I won’t get into. But basically, I’m having issues that no one from my mom’s side of the family, or my dad’s side of the family. I also have central heterochromia, which basically means I have several different colors in my eyes. In my case, it’s green and blue, with a hint of hazel. Neither of my parents have this. Maybe I just got lucky, but it’s more common when your parents also have central heterochromia as well. What makes me even more suspicious of this is the fact that my siblings look nothing like me. Both my brother and sister are thinner than me and are shorter than me and have none of the issues I have. Am I just being paranoid or do you think a DNA test is needed?
TL;DR I’m taller and heavier than everyone in my family, have a rare genetic mutation that gives me more than one color in both eyes, and have more health issues than my siblings, which there is no family history of.
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2023.02.02 22:31 xAustin90x Who has dealt with Pruritus from allergy med withdrawals?

I have been taking 24hr Claritin D for the past 15 years or so. I get withdrawals when It’s not in my system and the results are severe Pruritus.
Recently it has not been working as effectively. I will take a 24hr Claritin D in the morning and 9 hours later I can feel it start to begin to wear off and by around 13 hours the itching and burning flare up overwhelmingly bad…
I will sometimes take a 10mg loratadine and 2 30mg individual pseudoephedrine tabs, quelling 60mg of pseudoephedrine every 4-5 hours. This helps but the itching and burning is still somewhat noticeable. It seems as though unless I’m on the full 24hr dose, I will notice the Pruritus.
The thing is, I’m getting withdrawals it seems from the pseudoephedrine. I’ve had suggestions of weening off and taken lower doses over time but I can’t even tell if I need the meds for my allergies or if it’s all withdrawals.
Anyone has similar issues??
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2023.02.02 22:30 agnvs Twinking at 60 in WotLK (Warmane - Lordaeron - Blizzlike 1x PvP)

Twinking at 60 in WotLK (Warmane - Lordaeron - Blizzlike 1x PvP)
15 months ago I started a new character on Warmane (Lordaeron 1x PvP) with a couple of friends. We've come across a community of level 60 twinks and decided to lock our exp gain. At first we hung around just for fun, getting some cool gear pieces while waiting for others to catch up, but I've come to realise this was the superior way to play WoW for me, and here are some reasons why:
- i really like vanilla pve content - there are achievments to hunt, some of which are a fun challenge on 60 - there are arenas with a bracket just for level 60 - you can trade arena points for honor and earn pvp gear - we can sometimes get wsg to pop - it's a whole new experience because wotlk differs from vanilla in many ways (limited abilities, gems, talents, proffessions, enchants, etc) - there are way less hoops to jump trough than vanilla (like running across the map to your corpse) - 5 twinks killing an 80 is always fun to pull off - there are transmog scrolls you can get randomly from arena games and battlegrounds on this server - there is mercenary mode which allows you to play as the opposite faction, if there are less players on that side
To be honest, I decided to make this post because I wanted more people to come play with us. At the moment, the alliance guild can clear Molten Core, Zul Gurub and AQ20 easily (not sure about horde side). We'd like more people so we can do BWL and AQ40, as well as do some battlegrounds more often. It's been like this for a while. People come and go, but there are people who have stayed for some time. Like I said, I've been here for 15 months and still enjoy playing like this.
If you'd like to come along, the alliance guild's called Vanilla, and horde has Hordemar. You can whisper someone for the /ginvite via who, or just msg me if you see me online. Character name is Gloom. I hope this post will cause some interest in people and turn out to be a boon for the 60 community on Warmane. Cheers!
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2023.02.02 22:30 _ShakenNotStirred Selling: Pentax 6x7, 105mm 2.4 lens, light meter, 97 rolls of film and misc items.

Hey all,
I am selling my trusty Pentax 6x7 medium format camera. It was CLA’d by Lezot Camera in 2021, and has new seals and a new film door. The body has only minor marks from regular use. No scratches to the prism or mirror, and there’s no fungus.
Together with the body, is a 105mm 2.4 lens, in near perfect condition except for some minor dust that does not have any effect on the image quality. There is no fungus or any visible scratches on the lens. I am also including 4 filters for it.
Additionally, I have 97 rolls of 120 film that I’ve kept frozen for years now, which are in perfect shape and sealed and ready to be used, including slide, C41 and B&W film from Kodak and Fuji.
I’m also including in the bundle a Minolta Light Meter IV-F, plus some other items.
Looking to get $1300 for everything OBO. I’ll also include a camera bag so you can carry it around. Pickup only. I’m located in the Francisville/North Central area close to the Girard BSL stop.
Selling because I’m deploying with the military and would rather pass it to someone else instead of collecting dust for a year or more.
Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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2023.02.02 22:30 JKUAN108 Kylie Minogue on Dawn Shadforth (director for Can't Get You Out Of My Head music video)

This is from Kylie's 1999 book, "La la la":
The director of the accompanying clip for 'Spinning Around' was also a woman, Dawn Shadforth. Her video provided a contrast to the voyeurism often evident in male directors' work, as in 'Put Yourself in My Place', for example, wherein the viewer is given a fly-on-the-wall perspective as space vixen Minogue's hot pink spacesuit is lifted from her body by the gravitational void of deep space. The sexiness that Dawn captures in Kylie is delicately different in that it offers the viewer participation. As a woman, she knows what woman find attractive, confident in her own sexuality, and offers a much more rounded performance than those directed by and immortalized by men, who have a tendency to interpret Kylie as an image stereotype, a projection and manifestation of male fantasy.
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2023.02.02 22:30 redditBEgey brothers car got repoed

he was current on all his payments but dragged his feet to get plates. can they do this?
the car itself was around $22,000 of which he put $9,000 down and is currently more than $12,000 into. with zero warning and he was actually calling them about registering because he is between states and wanted to register it in Illinois which is the state of purchase instead of Michigan where he was staying at the time of purchase. they asked for his address when speaking about the registration and came and took the car.

luckily he was able to outright buy the car but they cancelled his loan out of the blue. this makes no sense to me and doesn't sound legal, if he didn't have that kind of cash sitting around they would of blatantly robbed him. the only payment he was technically "late" on was in January where they didn't take his autopay for some odd reason, he had the funds in his account, his tags didn't expire till today.
now he is out an extra $700 on top of the cars total cost and he had to go through a ton of crap to hustle up all the money at once.
any information on this would be nice since all i can find on repossession is being behind on payments which was not the case.
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2023.02.02 22:30 Fantastic-Sir8 What are the odds my male cat wasn't properly fixed.

He's 4 now, and I adopted him from my local humane society at a couple of months old, just after he was fixed. Ever since i adopted him, I found his behavior to be striking and unusual. I have a second cat, a female , and she's always been a perfect angel, despite any eccentricities. He, on the other hand, has been a crack head since day one. Feral to the core. He has always exhibited male dominance behavior over the female, and is usually unable to keep his attention off of her while hes awake. He used to bite my blankets while kneeding, which would tend to lead to erections and humping. Unfortunately, i never got a good look at his penis for spikes, and he no longer does that... while im around. I've also caught him trying to mount my female cat against her will, of course. He's had UTI's despite constant access to water, which certainly isn't conclusive of anything on its own. He generally has an ungodly amount of energy, and marches to the beat of his own drum, meaning Jackson Galaxy is nothing to him. Yes-no simply doesn't work, and if it does, he just participates in undesirable behavior when im not looking.
I understand cats are all different, and i love the guy, but he's terrorizing my other cat and seemingly unable to change behavior with training. I know for a fact her mood is negatively affected by his crap, as is my home. Not to mention, if his fixing was botched, i assume it's important that it be corrected, despite any behavior issues. If you think i should talk with a vet, do you have any estimations of costs. Im not exactly swimming in cash at the moment. Unfortunately, the place i adopted him from is across the state.
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2023.02.02 22:30 jacalawilliams Can I just leave the Stellar Devourer alone?

Relatively new player here and just got the Leviathans DLC. I came across the Stellar Devourer pretty early in my game, but 150ish years later, it's still just chilling in its original system (I've claimed/colonized every other system around it). I'm playing as a xenophile empire, so I'd prefer not to kill it if I don't have to. Can I just leave it alone indefinitely? Or will it eventually start rampaging through my empire unprovoked?
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2023.02.02 22:30 Dr_Macunayme With a bottle of whiskey on a rainy afternoon, I decided to try One Piece. 300 days later, and I'm past episode 500.

Honestly, I remember when I was a kid in the early 2000s, and I hated the anime block that Cartoon Network put out. When Naruto, One Piece and the others would come in, it was time for me to turn off the TV and go play outside. Gosh, how the turn tables! Today, as an adult, I watch a lot of anime shows and read manga too.
To my defense, Luffy's old voice was terrible here in S. America, it was very manly and stuff ( It has been since redubbed to be closer to what you lads have over here ( Besides, we also had the same level of censure, which made it look silly.
Although I'm sad that I made the wrong choice and ignored this show for so long, starting it in 2022 allowed me to binge the show at my own pace and not have to wait for episode released :) Honestly, I loved the old animation and when you binge the show, you can really see the changes.
One Piece is a great show and I'm glad I gave it a shot.
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2023.02.02 22:30 p1nkie_ My school has blocked command prompt, powershell etc bit i found a way to have unlimited powershell access. what should I do.

Using the python plugin named OS, I can open powershell and have unlimited access to every powershell command. I stumbled upon this after making a file that opens an image of shrek 500 times when opened. Then I thought I could do any command, however, I can't do any command and there are a few restrictions, such as an inability to do the ipconfig command. Then I opened powershell via the PowerShell command and could do IpConfig and every blocked command from the OS plugin.
Anyway, I want to do some stuff that wouldn't get me in too much trouble. What should I do?
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2023.02.02 22:30 StoreBrandWaffle I had a very weird experience at the vet today…

We brought our floof in for his annual check up today. He’s a good boy and he was doing great when we got there. We set him on the scale for the nurse (vet tech?) and he sat there like he was posing for her. She left and went to get the doctor and we assumed she would just come back and give him his check up in the room with us, because that’s how every other appointment has gone with our other cats at the same place.
So the nurse comes back in and said sorry they need to take him back to the doctor. I was like okay, I guess? She puts him back in his carrier and takes him away. Not TWO minutes later the doctor comes in and says “I can’t handle Bagheera today.” I say, what? I genuinely didn’t know what she meant. So she says again, “Bagheera is unhandleable and we need to sedate him.” So I ask if we can bring him back to the exam room so I can try and calm him down, because we know he didn’t even have any shots to get today, and he HATES them. Giving him a shot of something would have made things drastically worse.
A few minutes later they bring my boy back and he looks TRAUMATIZED. he wouldn’t even come back out of the carrier. When we finally get him back out he runs to me and I pick him up. She loudly tells me not to get him near my face, I said he’s fine. He cuddles up to me and we finish the rest of the check up within 1 minute. No problems after that.
WHY did they take him away for the appointment? We were already in an exam room. Am I just a helicopter cat mom??
He’s a good boy. I call him my stuffed animal because all day he either wants me to hold him or let him ride on my shoulders. Strangers come into my house and pick him up and he loves it. He runs to them! And he was totally fine with the nurse.
Should I switch vets or is my cat really just a demon when I’m not around? I feel weird about how mean she acted after interacting with him for less than two minutes. She’s a vet for gods sake. I used to work with bite risk cats at the SPCA and even they are definitely “handleable” with the right attitude. SEDATE him for an ANNUAL check up? He was doing fine!
Floof in question (black floof)
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2023.02.02 22:30 SavingsSyllabub7788 [LF Friends, Will Travel] Collateral damage - Part 3

[First] - [Prev] - [Next]
[Chapter Start]
“Found her!”
The file was slammed onto the desk with a great amount of force, causing Jan to jump as his train of thought was broken, looking up in shock and annoyance at the rude intruder who had just burst into his office unannounced.
“What the hell are you doing…”
His annoyance trailed off as he looked up at the person who had barged in, a shock turning to worry as he took in the sight of the now disheveled diplomat.
“Claire? Are you ok?”
“I am now sir. I mean Jan. I know who we’re looking for now. Amander Blake!”
The previously nervous and quiet demeanour was gone, replaced with the caffeine driven monster in front of him, bags under her eyes and a manic energy permeating her entire core. Jan had last seen Claire 50 hours ago, after the entire diplomatic team had gone all hands on deck trying to find who this mystery Terran was.
“Have you slept since we last talked?”
“Couldn’t. Annoyed me I couldn’t work out who was on the video. Most time I’ve ever spent researching someone is two hours and that guy was in witness protection!”
There was an animated energy to Claire, even through her obvious exhaustion, that universal force of someone very good at doing something explaining how they did said thing after finally cracking something difficult.
“She wasn’t on any of the major facial recognition databases. Sythen, Gretoian, Kirken. Moved to private databases, Riven Conglomerate. Yazzak Corporation. MediaSplat limited. Nothing. We’re basically already at about 97% of the known galaxy at this point, so whoever this was was clearly making an effort to hide. But everyone leaves an impact somewhere, and I found a picture of her in a Zorthian news article of all things.”
That was an unexpected name to be brought up. The amphibians are a minor one planet member of the Terra Alliance who had only recently joined the galactic community.
“It referred to the group evacuation of their failed colony: Mountain stream. One Amander Blake, captain of the trading Vessel Texas Forever. It got easier now I had a name, but at that point I was thirty hours in, and finding Blake’s past wasn’t easy.”
“The last seventy years she’s continually had genetic and physical facial reconstruction every five years, in addition to the standard military reflex and stamina upgrades she had before, but more about that later. Nothing major, but enough specifically to mess up facial recognition. Uses a different place each time, with places that only report the barest of legally required information. But in the end I found everything!”
With a flourish Claire pointed at the thick folder of information on Jan’s desk. He looked at it for a moment, flicking through the tomb of information he’d been given. He could read this in his own time, but Claire’s expression told him that she was waiting for him to ask the obvious question.
“So who is Amander Blake then? Who are we looking for?”
“Amander Blake, Born in Lubbock, Texas, United States of America on February 16th 2197. Oldest of three children, no currently known relatives. Entered the United states military at the age of 21 in 2218, when they were offering free regeneration and uplift facilities for all members. Of course three years later the great colony rebellion happened.”
Jan remembered that shit show. Rising tensions between Earth and her colonies had resulted in a full out war in the Sol system. People had always assumed that nuclear weapons would be the armament of choice for humanity's next great war, but it turned out that once you reach the scale of planetary warfare just dropping lumps of rock and metal on each other from orbit was far easier and far more destructive.
“Involved in both the invasion of Mars and Titan, highly decorated in both campaigns and bonded with the military AI Drake during this time, back when the laws around the hashing of AI were a little more sketchy. Both of their records get kinda… spotty after this. Partly because of the collapse of the previous power structures and transitory governments, made record keeping a bit all over the place. Partly because everything I do find after this is censored past recognition.”
Which meant Amander has training. Lots of it. Jan thought bitterly.
“Officially both Drake and Amander were involved in every conflict from then to the end of standard time. The Conglomerate Wars, Alpha Centauri, the Sagittarius Anarchy. Most of it redacted: if we ever run out of black ink it will be because of this document.”
Claire’s demeanour turned more solemn, the energetic movements dissipating as she continued.
“She was on Orion-3 when the God Plague happened. Looking that up, the situation looked bad.”
Bad was an understatement. The God Plague had an average 50% mortality rate over the entirety of humanity. Averages are deceiving however: Sol had plenty of time to prepare stasis chambers and the logistics of freezing every Terran Human, ending up with a 5% casualty rate. The Orion sector was patient zero, with some planets ending up with a 95% casualty rate.
“Was released from stasis and cured in 2 New post-Stasis Time. Nothing major to report until the Hatil war, 7 NST. Similar redacted records as before, but this one ends with a court martial for treason of all things. Not guilty, probably because her last station was the T.C Odin”.
T.C Odin. The planet cracker. The Terran Conclave had found the galaxy full of life, and one of the first things they’d done was destroy an entire planet in response to a minor provocation.
Jan could remember exactly where he was when the news of the destruction of Tavairis broke. He remembered all the rage and anger he’d felt, at the God Plague, at the Hatil’s first move on Terrans entering the galactic community and declaring a war. He remembered all that melting away to be replaced with the horror of what had been done.
Sure the Hatil had started it, but a year into the war everyone knew they were so technologically behind Terrans that they were no real threat. Not enough of a threat to wantonly kill millions. The public backlash had been immense.
Many have theorised that the destruction of the Hatil colony single handedly calmed Terrans down, showing what happens when you go too far: As if the current Terran aversion to getting into a full scale engagement again was an overcorrection to what they had once done.
“After that, Amander and Drake spent their time doing various jobs, everything from courier service to bounty hunting. The main thing they have in common is their lack of interaction with Terrans. Most recent line of work is as a independent surveyor of unmapped areas of the galactic map”
Claire gave a yawn, finishing off the summarization of fifty hours of straight research.
“Amander has a simple, if worrying profile. Strong willed and motivated by ethics, distrust of authority, no real long term goals. Is willing to bend the rules but since doesn’t seem the type to be actively criminal. Probably in this situation because the Raha did something they shouldn’t, not that I expected anything else.”
“So basically we’re looking for someone who isn’t going to come to us for help due to a distrust of the government, who has enough training and knows how to stay hidden if they don’t want to be found?”
It could have been worse. Not by much though.
”All we can really do is put out a Alliance wide notification to look for Amander and her ship.” Jan said. “Hopefully the Raha also have just as much difficulty in finding her as we will.”
Jan gave a deep sigh, knowing how bad this was.
“Go get some sleep Claire, I’ll get the notification out”
“Waay ahead of you sir.”
Jan watched incredulously as Claire just slumped down on one of the chairs, collapsing in exhaustion and falling asleep in seconds.
“That is not what I… nevermind.”
Jan couldn’t help but think back to the destruction of Tavairis. If that was how far Terrans were willing to go against a mostly harmless enemy, how far would they go against an actually dangerous foe? If this spiraled out of control, what would a war with the Estorian empire actually entail?
The diplomat desperately hoped he’d never have to find out.
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2023.02.02 22:30 QuestioningSibling Sibling Refuses to Move Out

Hey, all! I'm really struggling with this one and it feels like an impossible decision to make, so I was hoping for some help here. Names will be changed and on a throwaway so the wrong person doesn't see.
I'm 31f, Alice, and I have a 20m brother, Sam. Through my life at home, Sam was coddled a bit- largely by his grandparents and father, largely because it seemed like they believed women should do the house work and take care of the men- and only started really being taught life skills after his father died around 5-8 years ago. Sam has been resistant to this teaching, to say the least, and refuses to ask questions about things they don't know even though support has been offered multiple times and in different ways. (To give an example, Sam claims to not know how to heat up food in the microwave and insists our mother still do it. My mother takes the time to explain the process, and then an argument ensues because it becomes "well, you just do it better" or "you never taught me how to do this, so how would I know?". As a note, Sam has been caught in lies multiple times about things like this.)My mother is moving across town for work and wanted to use this as a way to help push Sam to take more personal responsibility and work toward moving out.
She (Caitlyn) told Sam a year ago of her plan to move, and also told Sam that she would not be able to take him to the new house she moves into. She plans to move around the end of March, so by the time she actually moves, Sam will have had over a year to prepare for this. Since Caitlyn told Sam about her move, he has gotten a very part time job (with much help and pressure from Caitlyn, and with much lying from Sam about having put in applications where there were none and then later saying "well, I didn't know how to do it" after myself and my mother had asked if Sam needed help or information on how to do this. He also refuses to keep looking for a job with more stable hours and pay.) Sam refuses to work toward a driver's license, save money, or look for housing as they're assuming they'll move in with another family member. When asked, Sam says that they're not able to save money because "It's Valentine's Day coming up and I need to treat my girlfriend to a trip" or "I'm sure my grandmother will want me to move in after my grandfather died so she isn't lonely." Well, his grandmother just told him that she's not able to have him move in and now the move date is coming soon. I've previously told him that I'm not able to afford to care for him. On asking him what he'll do, he kind of just waves it off and says "Well, mom probably won't move". I've spoken to our mother, and neither of us are sure if Sam fully doesn't comprehend what is happening and the consequences of it, or if he's willfully doing this and just expecting that someone will take care of him- our mother has tried to put Sam in therapy, has tried to give him space, has tried to be somewhat "overbearing" and forceful, but nothing has seemed to work.
I talked to our mother about a year ago and advocated to give Sam a longer time to get things together because of issues with inflation/economy and covid making things very tough right now. She ultimately agreed, and since then has been touching base every so often with Sam to attempt to talk about the move and we have both tried to offer help, information, resources, etc. although Sam is resistant.
If my mother does not make space for him in her new house, Sam will likely not have anywhere to go. We're unsure if forcing the issue would help to make Sam more responsible and would make him actually engage in his life, or if it would just serve to put him on the street with little way to rebound.
What would you do in this situation? I'll be watching the comments and will be happy to give more information if needed. Thank you for reading this far and for your input.
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2023.02.02 22:30 Ok_Caregiver_8730 Men always bait and switch me emotionally

So this has happened with almost every guy I’ve been interested in and it’s made me afraid to date men. It’ll start off with us getting close and everything goes well, we start going out, having sex, all that. He buys me flowers or does other romantic gestures. He compliments me and says he cares about me. Then out of nowhere, and I do mean out of nowhere, he suddenly says he’s not interested anymore and cuts ties or wants to just stay friends. And I’m … confused. He says he loves me and the next day, without any reason, he doesn’t love me.
An example is when this one guy bought me flowers and asked how I’d feel about changing my last name, as in marriage, and even asked if I’d be okay with a name like his. This was back in college. Then a week later I show up to a party of a mutual friend and… the guy has a girlfriend.
In high school, guy kept saying he liked me and even invited me over. His friends were there but I didn’t care, it was nice he invited me over after flirt texting so much. Except he was holding hands with a girl and a mutual friend informed me that was his new girlfriend.
Most recently, a guy and I went on multiple dates that seemed to go super well. After our last date he was still being very loving and flirting and looking like he wants to introduce me to his family, even makes a date for it. A day before he suddenly says we’re two different people and that we’re done.
I don’t understand how men can proclaim love and shower affection at someone and then the very next day be suddenly not into them without a proper reason. Hell, even if he had a reason, if he loved me last week and something happened to make him not love me, wouldn’t that previous love feeling compel him to at least try to explain and work things out with me?
But this happens so often to me, men saying they love me only to drop me without warning the next day, that I’ve gotten whiplash and I’m honestly scared that all men are lying to me. I can’t take a compliment from a man without being suspicious and thinking he’s lying.
Does anyone else have this experience?
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2023.02.02 22:30 Pasghettipourn Application Audio Capture Help

Hey there, OBS community! I recently discovered the Application Audio Capture source option and set it up for Spotify so I can listen to some tasty jams during stream. I'm running into a few barriers though that I can't seem to work around, and am hoping someone better versed in OBS can help:
1.) I ran into the issue last night that while having the Spotify source set as my Twitch VOD Track and only having the source set to that same track number, that my viewers couldn't hear the music. In a quick band-aid solution I just enabled all the tracks for the source, but now that has also made it so the music in on the VOD (which I didn't want because DMCA.) Any help adjusting the settings to make it so stream can hear Spotify but the music isn't on the VOD would be a huge help!
2.) Is there a way to now have Spotify not come through my desktop audio? I rely on Desktop audio for a few different things, including Triggerfyre clips; however, if Spotify is coming through that defeats the purpose of isolating it for not being in VODs. If I have to choose between one or the other though, I'd rather have Spotify than Desktop Audio.
Thank you so much for your time!
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2023.02.02 22:30 This-Company-8612 Why is the E-75 so bad

So for context I’ve been playing for around 8 years and have progressed a bunch of the lines… so I was working down the E-100 line and just finally got to the E-75… so I just gotta ask, who decided to make it SIGNIFICANTLY worse than the tiger II stock. Like I know the 12.8 is gonna be sweet but really? The 8.8 from the tiger 1? And no more armor than the tiger II… what do you all think about this POS?
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2023.02.02 22:30 Character_Clothes390 Gpu and cpu help

Needs - 240fps competitive gaming
Games im going to be playing at 240fps
Will need around 100+ frames on games such as
BUDGET IS £600 for the gpu and cpu
Any suggestions would be great!
Other parts i will be using in this build
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