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Stone fruit! Such as peaches, plums, almonds, coffee beans, olives and cherries.

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2023.02.03 05:59 whoisthismuaddib It didn’t take long for this post to devolve r/fuckyoukaren

It didn’t take long for this post to devolve fuckyoukaren
Any attempt to differentiate between one horrible woman and Israel was met with downvotes.
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2023.02.03 05:59 Slight_Ingenuity_114 Do ppl almost always perceive you as being monoracial?

Ppl comment on my appearance a LOT, to the point where I've developed body dysmorphia partially bc i received sm conflicting feedback on my appearance, and no longer even trust my own self perception.
I've noticed that white (and South Asian ppl for some reason) pretty much always think I'm fully asian, whereas East Asian ppl usually think I'm fully white. I've had so many ppl tell me that I "don't look mixed" (whatever that means), even tho I think I look pretty 50/50... DEFINITELY not fully white and fully asian also seems like a bit of a stretch.
It kinda feels shitty when ppl always assume I'm different from whatever they are, it feels very othering even tho ik that's not anyones intention. Tbh I wish ppl would j keep their thoughts ab my appearance to themselves. Weirdly, the only groups of ppl who view me as being their race/ethnicity are SE asians and Latinos, and it always feels rly nice to be accepted by them :) Anyways, ig i just want to know if other hapas experience the same thing, or if this is just a me problem?
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2023.02.03 05:58 EspressoToImpresso The New Season Of Great Food Truck Race Started Filming Today!

In Los Angeles today, filming for the 16th season of The Great Food Truck Race began. Last year’s season was an absolute joke but I’m really excited about this year!
We stopped by filming to try out the food and see who’s competing this year. I was so happy to see it was all pre established companies. All the food coming out of these trucks were top notch! And ticket times were so speedy (last year I waited for 45 minutes for terrible Mac&Cheese).
These teams are the real deal! They all have restaurants, food trucks, or permanent pop-ups at famous events. Some have already been featured on Food Network.
The teams this year are: 4Hens Creole Kitchen (St Louis)
D’Pura Cepa (Puerto Rican Street Food from Miami)
The Block Bistro & Grill (I’m not sure what their overall food theme but they had the best chicken ever. From Indianapolis)
Paisani (Italian Food from Boston)
Da Bald Guy (Hawaiian Food from Kahuku, Hawaii)
Khana (Pakistani Food from Detroit)
2 Girls Cook Shop (Jamaican Food From Brooklyn)
Lisa’s Crêperie (Crepes from Senoia, GA)
The Easy Vegan (Vegan Food from Denver)
It’ll definitely be an exciting season with real cooking and less unnecessary drama (cough Salsa Queen).
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2023.02.03 05:58 josuem_23 Anyone else got this problem?

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2023.02.03 05:57 Other_Est Misleading listing

Bought two tickets on stub hub and it was advertised as possible restricted view. I looked up the seat compared to the last concert set up there of the artist I’m seeing and felt very confident I’d be able to see, so bought them. I get the tickets and they say on them partially restricted. Well that’s not what the listing said. It said possible. And judging from pictures I felt good about taking the chance because possible doesn’t mean that it IS so and the view looked good. Possible is printed on my receipt as well. But now that my ticket says definitive partially obstructed I’m annoyed. Was a lot of money. Should I let it go or?
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2023.02.03 05:56 Cheap-Decision5688 On my 4th playthrough. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this game. Definitely loving the new update! 😎

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2023.02.03 05:55 olddicklemon72 Jade Cargill: Ratings liability?

Earlier today Brandon Thurston published the quarter hour ratings for last night’s Dynamite.
In what has become a very recurrent trend, the Jade Cargill title defense was the lowest rated segment on the show, delivering one of the lowest quarter hours in recent memory, and this was a milestone defense against the closest thing she’s got to a rival.
So the question is, why does this continue? Outside of the TBS tournament matches and her first couple of defenses, she’s been a very consistent ratings loser, often times in numbers as great as 70-90k viewers tuning out and this is on the back of having every woman in the low and midcard repeatedly fed to her for nearly two years.
There’s the regular Goldberg comparisons made, which are justified in some ways, but unlike Jade, Bill popped ratings and sold merch.
This reign lumbering into its 13th month, with no reasonable end in site isn’t doing anyone any good at this point. She’s lost a ton of steam in the last 6-8 months, the whole division has had nothing more to do than be her canon fodder, the title she holds couldn’t be less meaningful and viewer tune outs for her segments are negatively impacting the shows overall rating.
She’s a project, and we all get that, but TK needs to see it from a more long term perspective. Don’t burn the whole thing down to try and make her an immediate star, set her on a path to becoming the best possible pro wrestler she can be.
She needs to drop this belt ASAP, take a nice long break from TV and then maybe she can be reintroduced in a bit of a “we have a Hulk” moment as part of the Outsiders vs Originals story.
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2023.02.03 05:54 JWHY1975 Praise for Parable of the Sower by Octavia E Butler

I have read at least a dozen distopian novels and this is the most realistic. Set in the very near future, Butler paints a desolate America with little hope and less compassion. Told from the perspective of a young woman this nightmare reality has a passive, casual tone which makes it even more horrifying. A gripping lesson.
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2023.02.03 05:54 childlikeaversi Flat or huge, love is what matters

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2023.02.03 05:54 heavensomething How long does an attack usually last for you?

I (22F) live in Australia, so the weather is usually very warm and humid - I’ve been suspecting I have Raynauds after a few years of symptoms.
I smoke weed, and notice my symptoms worsen in the air conditioning + when I smoke. The only thing is that generally, my symptoms last for days, even after I’ve stopped smoking and have warmed up. They’re not as intense as they had been during an “attack” but they’re still noticeable and flare up again during anxious moments or cooler temperatures.
I also feel the strange numbness, coldness and tingling/static in other places like my ears, neck and thighs. Most noticeably on my hands, but definitely in those places as well. I don’t really notice any kind of discolouring either.
I take ADHD medication, and occasionally take a clonidine (hypertension medication) to help with sleep. Recently my symptoms have somewhat worsened - in line with an increase in stress, smoking, taking my medication regularly, and drinking more caffeine than normal.
Could this be Raynauds or potentially another similar problem? Do others experience long term “after effects” of an attack?
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2023.02.03 05:54 superogc Set point definition?

I'm confused about the definition of set point/shot pocket. I saw one video on YT referring to this position as Steph's set point:
However, before Steph extends his forearm and loosens his guide hand from the ball, he usually brings the ball further up to about this point:
So, which one is his set point? I guess it doesn't really matter but am just curious.
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2023.02.03 05:52 metal_addict_101 Arsonist Get All the Girls

Before I start, I just want to apologize for not posting last week. Life became busy and it was hard to make time for things. But, I'm back, and with a band I've talked about before a couple of times. I want to make this my definitive post about the band because there is much to discuss, so let's start at the beginning. Hits From the Bow released in 2006 and the whole album sounds like mental breakdown, but in a good way. I mean, the album opens with someone opening fire on kids getting ice cream. Hard to say whether or not that aged well considering what would happen in the following years in America. Either way, this album is chaos. It's mostly deathcore, but with grindcore, mathcore, and jazz influences. It's a strange genre mashup that works incredibly well. Plus they've got some fun synth sounds sometimes too. The drumming is really tight, and the vocals are insanely good and different. Cameron and Remi have such unique voices and it lends well to their screams on this album and The Game of Life. Speaking of which, The Game of Life followed up on Hits From the Bow's sound by going a little more core and little more technical. To me, The Game of Life is their best album hands down. It's where I think the band really nailed down their sound. Everything is dialed up to 11, and the album has the track Shoeshine For Neptune. That song holds up so insanely well and still kicks ass. Unfortunately, though, Remi would quit soon after The Game of Life released, and Cameron left sometime after that. Fortunately, though, another great vocalist would fill their spot. Jared Monette. The Jared era of the band is something special. Portals was the first album to come from this era, releasing in 2009. I consider Portals to be their magnum opus, but I don't think it's their best. While I think The Game of Life is better than Portals, there's no denying that Portals is a more important album. It helped propel the band to a bigger audience and was pretty influential I'd say. Their sound had evolved but still kept all of the previous elements. The whole album is just full of charm, and the hidden track at the end of the album is both hilarious and dumb. It's a wild ride of a record, and their next album, Motherland, would take the same approach. Honestly, as much as I love this album, it kind of just feels like DLC for Portals. I will say, Motherland does has a different vibe going for it, but it still sounds like Portals. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. I still think Motherland is a great album and it is severely underrated. Following this, Jared would eventually call it quits and work in the medical field. And who better to replace him than an old member, Remi. Joining Remi would be Sean, who is and was an important and integral part of the band. Listen to the Color released in 2013 and was kind of a back-to-roots-but-not-really album. It was return to the sound that Hits From the Bow had, but leaned more in the grindcore direction. Personally, I like this album, but I know a lot of people don't, and that's understandable. It was kind of a 180, but it never really bothered me. And it sucks because this was the last thing the band ever put out. A reunion happened in 2016, and talks off a new EP in 2021 were up in the air, but from what I've heard, the band is done for good. If that's the case, then so be it. The band left behind a great legacy and an awesome catalogue of music. They created a fun and unique sound and didn't take themselves too seriously. One can dream of this band coming back. Please give them a listen if you haven't, and keep jamming them if you have. Next week will be a short one as they're a band who have only released 4 songs, but they deserve to be talked about. Until then, thank you for reading, and have a good one.
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2023.02.03 05:52 BetterDays2023 High number of eggs, possibly low quality?

Please remove if not allowed. My post may be a bit longer and I apologize, but I am just very depressed.
I’m not at a point of doing IVF, but I did egg freezing at CNY fertility. I am 34 almost 35. Basically destroyed my life by entering a marriage at 22. I was still so young and to top it off, I’ve always been a slow developer and just wasn’t ready for a marriage. My mentality at 22 was more like a teenager. I didn’t have kids with my ex. He ended up breaking my heart. I went through years of heartbreak and was never able to find love again. I entered into a relationship in 2016 that went on for so long with somebody I just didn’t love. I stayed because I was afraid of leaving. Now I find myself almost 35 and alone.
I decided to get my eggs frozen. I used CNY because I thought they have experience and the price was right. I sort of regret using them because my treatment was not individualized at all. It involved just so much stress to do outside monitoring and coordinate test results between the clinics. There are pros and cons to that clinic. The owner seems like a very kind man who makes himself very available to patients, but they also just have so many clients you are just a number. They oftentimes forget what you are doing and would forget whether I was doing just oocyte banking or IVF.
Anyway, I responded good to meds and I actually think they over medicated me as my estrogen level reached over 2,000 before my retrieval. I definitely had some OHSS after. They retrieved 48 eggs from me and 27 were frozen.
I felt confident at this large number. Note, I was just told the number on the phone. Once I got home, I noticed CNY had never uploaded any kind of report. I pressed them to give me some documentation. For a few days I didn’t check my patient portal or email associated with my portal. I notice they uploaded this document stating the eggs frozen. At the very bottom there is a small note on my medical notes that said “oocytes appeared poor at time of stripping.”
I panicked. I feel I did all this for nothing. I’m so depressed. My life feels over. I also notice there is an egg donor tab on my profile that previously was not there. When I click on it, it shows available egg donors. Maybe this tab was there before my retrieval, but I find it off that I did not notice as I am an extremely observant person.
I would never use an egg donor. I would just not have kids. I respect what other people do, but just something that does not call me.
I am crying nonstop. I’ve had an extremely stressful life these past few years. I have a good profession, but work a dead end job within my profession. In addition, I care give along with my mother for my 90 year old grandmother. It’s not easy to watch somebody so close to you get old. Most of my family do not even know about some of my personal problems I’m having.
tl; dr I just noticed a note on my medical notes that said “oocytes appeared poor at time of stripping.”
This is causing me major anxiety. It’s late and obviously nobody will answer me. Tonight will be a night of anxiety. Has anybody else noticed this on their notes or been told this? Has anybody produced a high number of low quality eggs?
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2023.02.03 05:52 allsace Every Single Precaution Possible

One of my ADF’s passed away due to dropsy caused by a bacterial infection after he injured himself. How he injured himself, neither me nor my girlfriend were able to witness, but it happened, and although we treated him, we were definitely too late.
I get super emotionally attached to things, and my girlfriend instilling her love of frogs in me does not help. I bawled my eyes out at several points today and I have gotten to the point where I’ve begun endlessly reflecting on what I could have done or should do better from now on.
We feed them bloodworms, have yet to find an alternative food and someone that sells them. We try to clean regularly, but besides doing scheduled filter and water changes, I’m sure we’re missing a lot of cleanable things. We have noticed the water getting noticeably harder with our test kits and have attempted softening it but we were never able to directly locate the cause.
Please, if anyone could give me their care routines, what they feed their ADF’s, what tools they use to clean their tanks and how. Anything and everything would be appreciated, I never want to see any of my frogs bloat like that again and theres nothing I can do but sit and watch.
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2023.02.03 05:51 bjcoolio27 Fire Emblem 6 HM Ironman Pick My Units Update #1 - Lycia

[See previous post here]
Hello all! I recently finished the first part of Fire Emblem 6 (Ch.1-8x) and wanted to provide an update.
The good news is that I made it through Chapter 7! The bad news is that I lost Treck (meh), Wolt (RIP) and Zealot (which means I can't get the true ending). I experimented with a few different strategies after finishing the chapter (using save states to preserve my OG run) and struggled to come up with a way to cleanly get through the chapter without potentially huge casualties so I'll chalk things up as a win, all things considered.
Unit Breakdown (click name for imgur):
Roy - Solid unit this time around. Blessed in STR, DEF and RES. Fed him the Angelic Robe to help him serve as a fighting unit in Ch. 7.
Marcus - Good old Marcus served me well, especially in the earliest chapters. He deserves a long rest - enjoy the bench, sir.
Wolt (u/InvincibleWeasel) (u/Plinfilore)- Died in Chapter 7 (a sneaky Cavalier managed to slip in and take him out). To be honest, he was struggling A LOT, gaining only HP on multiple level-ups. He got me through the early game so I'm not too bummed but it's always sad to lose a unit. RIP buddy.
Merlinus - He's doing convoy stuff, nothing to see here.
Dieck (discord - Sad Map Bad) - Absolute chad (not the thief). Decided to give him the first Hero Crest but it was a close call between him and Lot.
Wade (u/MinecraftDude761) - Basically Lot's support buddy and nothing more. He's sticking around for the ride at this point but he may not last through the Western Isles...we'll see.
Lot (discord - epic gamer) - Damn! Lot is really impressing me this run. I gave him the Secret Book to patch up his SKL. He's definitely getting the second Hero Crest if possible.
Chad - He's doing thief stuff, nothing to see here.
Clarine (u/AWDnForce) - I've certainly had worse Clarines before. Debating on whether to give her or Lilina the first Guiding Ring.
Lilina (discord - Oswin Fan & Enjoyer 2008) - Lilina is always fun to use and she's turning out pretty well this time around.
Overall I'd say the run is going fairly smoothly (aside from losing Zealot...) I'll provide another update after I finish up the Western Isles. Thanks all!
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2023.02.03 05:50 whateverhappens24 Is it possible he 23m might like me 23f & what should I do

TL;DR: I like a guy, bought him a birthday gift, now he’s talking to me more and not sure if he likes me and what I should do.
There’s a guy I work with and his birthday was a couple weeks ago. Before this, we talked a little. Like, we have a mutual friend and we would talk around them and maybe said hi every once in a while. But I noticed the guys birthday was coming up (because they post them in the break room), and I decided to get him something because I’ve always had a little crush on him. I got him candy and a gift card. Nothing huge because I didn’t want to seem crazy. He seemed happy and thanked me and that was about it.
Directly after that, he started paying more attention to me. Every time he sees me, he strikes up some sort of conversation. He asks me some things about myself or we just talk about work. Several of these conversations have lasted like, an hour. Every time he sees me he says hi, or like if he sees me he’ll walk up to me and joke around about something. He’s definitely been trying more to talk to me. Keep in mind, he’s inexperienced in this realm so I don’t think any intense flirting or compliments will really happen unless he’s positive that I like him or something. He doesn’t really seem to talk to other girls very much, so he’s definitely a shy type and I think him even talking to me a lot everyday is a big step. I don’t want to scare him away but I enjoy talking to him so I was wondering if it sounds like I should ask for his number or try to initiate something or what. Thank you in advance.
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2023.02.03 05:50 Local_Buggo hmmm i do wonder

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2023.02.03 05:48 Solid-Public-5759 Dance moms girls

Alright I don’t know if anyone has watched Dance moms, but I’m currently on a binge (as well as a DCC binge) and it had me thinking, so you think any of the girls from dance moms would try out for DCC? Personally I definitely could see Kendal!! Thoughts?
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2023.02.03 05:48 Stenv2 Filler Post: If Ruby was actually treated as a Protag.

I did think about doing some NFG stuff, but I dunno. Would you guys really want me to explain more of that insane world?

Volume 3

Ozpin: Okay so we're picking a maiden.
Glynda: Hmm. Ruby.
Qrow: Wot?
Ozpin: sure?
Glynda: Sir... to be brutally fucking honest, I am sure that's why you got her in this school. Her silver eyes are one thing, but she would still be a child. Surely you picked her because she has a noble heart? And would make a great maiden.
Ozpin:... I mean Silver Eyes go a long wa-
Qrow: Oz... Summer had silver eyes too.. and she died... what the hell man?
Ironwood: If I may. Ruby also proved herself during the breach, it was her investigation that led to it being foiled. Roman is being stubborn in being forthcoming about anything else that could be going on. But Ruby is reliable.
Ozpin: But if something goes wrong... not only would we lose a maiden, we would also lose one of the last silver-eyed warriors.
Glynda: Did you not make her a Huntress, because you believe in her?
Qrow: Who were you going to choose if not her? And was it because you thought they were qualified.. or because Ruby was too valuable?


In the lead-up to the Fall, Ruby was approached with the truth of the maidens, the world as it was. Her beliefs were shaken to their core, as her mentors and Uncle were different from the people she had come to know.
Desperate Ruby tried to think about who she could reasonably turn to. And while she couldn't tell the full truth to Penny, on some level she knew, and vowed to always be by Ruby's side.
So it was that Ironwood arranged things to take Penny out of the tournament, arranging for her to guard over Ruby Rose during the transfer ritual.
And thus Cinder instead of fighting the woefully undertrained Jaune fought the pinnacle of Atlesian Science, and one of the most human noble spirits.
Penny fought as hard as she could, and Ozpin assisted her. Cinder would've been overwhelmed but then she hacked Penny, using the schematics knowledge and her own magic, and though Ozpin was highly skilled, the sudden turn of the battle was enough to blindside even him, leaving him open to a coup de gras from Cinder, taking him out of the fight. But Ruby saw all this, and so... a Maiden fury is unleashed...


Ruby screamed the glass shattering around her, one eye burned with an orange flame of aura around it, the opposite eye to Cinder's own.
Cinder snarled, and snapped her fingers, commanding Penny, her once warm eyes now turned a crimson dead red, as she rushed toward Ruby, her blades spinning.
Ruby looked down at the floor of the bleeding Ozpin, stabbed through the spine. She barely reacted, adrenaline pumping through her veins, she could feel the rush of her semblance. But it was different somehow, Penny seemed to slow down, her blades moving as though they were sluggish through water.
She moved out of the way, noticing a faint orange glow behind Penny, an arrow that would pierce through Penny and her if she had been there a second ago, Ruby acted, pulling Penny out of the way, grunting due to Penny's immense weight.
Cinder was on her in a heartbeat, firing arrow after arrow. As Penny glowed with an orange hue, and slowly began to get faster.
"Heh, a shame you don't have much experience little rose. Your speed is no match against Magic. And I wonder are you willing to kill your friend, and will you still be able to stop me? Or are you worried about getting Ozpin out of here alive?" Cinder mocked, a vicious smile marring her otherwise beautiful face.
Ruby didn't respond, she knew the situation she was in. It was damn near impossible... but then she felt a warm hand on her shoulder.
It was her...
Ruby thought. The ghostly visage of the girl smiled.
Focus, you too possess magic, I will help as much as I am able to... But I won't be here for long... The dead don't belong in the world of the living.
Ruby exhaled, then she pulled out Crescent Rose in it's rifle form, rapidly putting in gravity dust ammunition, and she fired at Penny point blank, sending the girl soaring past Cinder, and she fired again before Cinder could react, Cinder was closing the gap in speed, but Ruby still possessed a slight edge, she was used to her speed. She fired off one more shot, using plant dust, to ensnare Penny and keep her out of the fight just a bit longer.
Cinder looked back as the Red Glow in Penny's eyes flickered back and forth between Green... and...
"Impossible how could you possibly...? Unless... Amber?" She sneered. "So you did have some fight left in you after all." She chuckled, as fire began to pool around her, the room heating up. "It won't matter though, you're already dead and Ruby will be too soon. And all her little friends too!" Cinder knocked back her arrow, as Ruby shifted Crescent Rose into its scythe mode, her aura flaring around her, rose petals swirling in the room.
Shifting into her stance, she exhaled slowly, remembering what Uncle Qrow taught her. Momentum, precision, and the right time to strike.
Then... Cinder loosed a potent arrow that soared with a high pitch, Ruby however leaped forward, closing the gap between her and Cinder, only for Cinder to leap in the air, smirking as she fired three more explosion arrows in rapid succession. Thinking she had Ruby where she wanted her, but Ruby smiled.
She pulled the trigger, and the head of Crescent Rose, fired out it's high caliber round, moving her to the side, and as fast as she could, she stuck the head into the ground, and then pulled the trigger again, holding the bottom pike end at the end of her scythe, as she launched herself and Crescent Rose at Cinder, stunning the maiden, as the hit connected, landing at Cinder's stomach, her aura flaring, but even then she coughed up blood as the impact broke several bones.
Eyes burning with hatred she snapped her bow, and the ends quickly reformed into blades, as she slashed at Ruby, but with roses still swirling around Ruby, she expertly spun around the pole of her scythe. Nimbly avoiding the blades, like a graceful dancer, her boots then slammed into Cinder's face, sending her flying up toward the ceiling. And notably away from the limping Ozpin, who made his way over to Penny, grabbing ahold of her, keeping her tied up in the vines.
Ruby... give her hell. He grunted, fighting to stay conscious as he hauled Penny over his shoulder, and slowly approached the elevator.
While Cinder crashed against the ceiling, Ruby fired another shot, catching up with Cinder, who snared, and then melted the ceiling around her, forming a giant pool of lava, which didn't harm her, but from which sprouted tendrils that lashed out at Ruby.
A quick shot of ice ammo solidified the tendrils, as Ruby stuck the pike into the ceiling wall to gain traction and Cresent Rose partially shifted midway between scythe mode and rifle mode, giving her a turret of sorts as she began unloading more bullets in Cinder's direction, preventing her from chasing Ozpin.
Cinder then got a wicked idea, her magic might have been struggling to overcome Amber's influence, but the coding in Penny. Yes... she could sense it.
"Penny... Head to the top of this tower, and self-destruct. Access Code, Sword of Damocles." Ruby's eyes widened in horror, Ozpin tried to thrust his cane through Penny's head to disable her for the moment, but Penny reacted too fast for the injured headmaster, her eyes shooting forth emerald lasers, making the elderly man scream as the skin of his chest burned. And she tossed him out of the elevator.
Ruby moved to go chase after her, but then Cinder teleported in front of her, grabbing her by the throat. "Ah ah ah, don't interrupt the girl~ That would be rather rude." She sneered, and Ruby grimaced thinking of her friend and then she headbutted Cinder hard, making the woman grunt in pain, her grip only loosening a bit, Ruby was desperate, and then.. looking down at Crescent Rose, and its mixed form, she knew then what she had to do... With a heavy heart, she overloaded Crescent Rose, starting a small-scale explosion that sent her and Cinder back, their clothes singed and their ears ringing.
Ruby soared to the elevator, grabbing Ozpin on the ground, green petals mixing with red petals, as she carried him up to the surface, calling for help from anyone and everyone, and leaving him outside, wrapping her cape around him in quick succession to stop the bleeding.
She was moving faster than she ever had before, panting, her lungs burning her aura being drained to it's limit as she climbed the tower's walls, desperately trying to keep up with Penny, wondering just how she was going to stop her.
She had sacrificed Cresent Rose, she had very little dust crystals, and she could feel Amber fading away as time kept pressing on... yet she couldn't stop moving, she had to save her. She couldn't let her die!
She tackled Penny, right before she entered the tower, causing them to soar past it.
"PENNY STOP!" Ruby shouted trying to get through to her.
"Error. Mission Objective must be completed." Penny said in a cold robotic voice. Devoid of friendliness and compassion.
"Penny I know you're in there! You can fight it! PLEASE!" Ruby struggled with Penny in the air, the wires of Penny's blades wrapped around her constricting tightly. Blood dripped through her clothes, as she punched Penny roughly, tearing off some artificial skin, as she struggled to keep the girl from flying back to the tower, but she was running out of time. "Penny I..." Ruby thought of how much everything meant to Penny, of all her own time at Beacon, her friends, her family... and Summer...
Ruby's breath intensified and then a flash of light blanketed the sky as her silver eyes ignited. And then she lost consciousness.
Ruby woke a few days later, in bed, noticing scars around her arms, from Penny's wires. "...Nn" She rasped, feeling like her throat was dried, and as though she was partially dead.
"Hello Ruby." She was shocked to see Ozpin, in a wheelchair, he looked relieved, but paler than usual. "You did good." He said.
"But Cinder... Amity..." Ruby groaned.
"Cinder got away yes. But you drove the Grimm back, and Miss Polendina is fine... but she had to go back to Atlas. Along with Weiss." Ozpin said somberly.
"...What about everyone else?" Ruby rasped.
"Your sister... was injured grievously and then... she vanished... taken by her mother. Raven Branwen. And Blake left." Ruby was stunned, she had fought so hard, tried to save everyone... had she failed... "Ruby... you saved so many people. The CCT still stands tall, you've prevented Cinder from gaining power. You've done well, but I have to ask what will you do next?" He asked, and Ruby was uncertain for once in her life.
Frightening isn't it?
Ruby felt a cold shiver down her spine, and in the corner of the eye she saw Cinder, smirking at her. She panicked backing away in her bed, terrified, Ozpin's words being drowned out, and she wondered why he couldn't see her at all but Cinder just kept smirking.
You and I are linked little Rose. And this story is only just beginning, and you will suffer greatly before the end. And I will have what's mine.

And that's all folks! Have a good day!

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2023.02.03 05:48 Fun-Check-2915 I’m having a heck of a time figuring out the timing on my DLV. My switch is correct but my game definitely does not follow along with the time of day. Right now it’s dark out (7:45pm PST) but in the game its sunrise. Particularly annoying when I play around noon and it’s dark in the valley. 🤦🏼‍♀️

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