Popular entrance wedding songs

Any good hidden gem wedding songs?

2023.02.03 06:06 Amazing_Succotash_28 Any good hidden gem wedding songs?

I’m looking for any country wedding songs that aren’t the obvious choices! I do admit I really love the lyrics to you make it easy except I wish literally anyone else sang it.
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2023.02.03 06:01 evil-and-toxic Why do Air signs dislike people who are introverted and socially awkward?

They think quiet loners are uncool and stupid. They like to judge quiet people who are nerdy or unfashionable. Why are Air signs so mean and shallow?? They tend to be obsessed with social medias and celebrities. They judge the songs you like to listen too. Even the ones who are NOT teenagers are like that. They like people who are charming, outgoing, and charismatic. Air signs only want to make friends with women who are attractive, social, bubbly, popular, and like to dress sexy because they like bimbos. Some of them don't understand about autism, and they have no empathy toward autistic people, laugh at them, and call them weirdos even if they are kind
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2023.02.03 05:52 Exotic-Plantain-2995 Help me find this song, I beg of you

I've been searching for two hours. It was a rap song they played on an intro to an MTV show in like early to mid 2000s. Some docuseries/reality show I think. Not one of the comical ones if I remember right. I believe it's pretty popular. It's kind of a slower rap song but I remember loving the lyrics and the sound. I can't even remember any of the words.
Thank you!
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2023.02.03 05:42 2ndPick Which Dokkan theme would make a great wrestling entrance music?

After Kenny Omega used "One Winged Angel Rebirth" theme as his one-off wrestling entrance theme on NJPW, I'm curious if there's any Dokkan OST that would make a banger entrance song.
My pick would be AGL Metal Cooler theme, with it's unique start and build-up for pyro or crowd chant.
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2023.02.03 05:40 sjpppppp Why were hats so popular in the 90s and why is Andrea wearing a white lace dress to a wedding?

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2023.02.03 05:37 Wendywen312 led shopping mall display, supermarket led display

A few days ago, a spectacular digital display interactive system was successfully installed in Posnania Bosnia Shopping Center in Poznan, Poland. The entire display system is mainly composed of oval transparent LED display, interactive video wall, touch screen, etc., using unified software for system management .
Posnania Shopping Center is positioned as a landmark shopping center and life and leisure area in Poznan City, and will provide customers with the most advanced commercial service facilities.
Merchants utilize the latest technology to realize this concept.
One of them is the multimedia screen system with some innovative solutions.
The project team sent 30 people to complete the project in 12 months, including six months of preparation and six months of integration and configuration of all equipment.
What is particularly eye-catching in the entire display system is the oval transparent LED display hanging in the atrium of the shopping mall. The entire screen area is close to 100 square meters and the transparency is 90%.
The elliptical column transparent LED display hanging in the atrium of Posnania Shopping Center is ATN special-shaped series transparent LED display independently developed by Oreda. It has a strong sense of fashion, a wide coverage of viewing angles, and can play real-time promotional information, which has the effect of creating a good atmosphere without affecting the overall aesthetics of the shopping center.
The good display effect makes it possible to clearly see the content displayed on the screen from all angles of the shopping center.
According to the project team, this is the largest oval LED transparent screen in Europe.
Another feature of the system is interaction.
The special-shaped LED transparent screen will display specific content according to the location of the customer. At the same time, multiple interactive video walls placed in the lobby also form a synchronous display system with the LED screen. The display system allows customers to take selfies through the video wall and then display them on the LED screen synchronously. superior.
Not only that, besides the video wall, a motion controller is installed at the parking entrance of the shopping mall, so that you can see the scene inside the shopping mall in real time, and this system also has the popular augmented reality function.
Of course, the operators of Posnania Shopping Center are very satisfied with this, and said that this is the multimedia system they want.
As a diversified commercial space, a large shopping center not only provides customers with shopping and consumption, but also is equipped with advanced commercial service facilities that can gather consumer groups, and ultimately meet the shopping and entertainment needs of consumers.
Therefore, the use of multimedia display systems in shopping malls is not purely for commercial advertisements, but more for creative applications.
Such a concept first appeared abroad. In recent years, with the large-scale development of commercial projects in China and the entry of foreign commercial projects, domestic large shopping malls have gradually built such a demand.
We also look forward to more front-end cases in the industry and truly create value for users.
If you have requirements please contact :[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.02.03 05:32 zestyintestine Asking CFL questions to ChatGPT

What's an Oskee Wee Wee?
"Oskee Wee Wee" is a chant and fight song of the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees football team, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The origin of the phrase is not clear, but it is thought to have been a popular cheer in the 1920s and 1930s, used by fans to show their support for the team. Today, "Oskee Wee Wee" is still widely used by fans of the Gee-Gees and is considered a classic football chant in Canada.
Who won the CFL MVP in 1987?
The Canadian Football League's Most Outstanding Player Award (MVP) for the 1987 season was won by quarterback Matt Dunigan of the BC Lions.
Why are the Argonauts the best?
Whether the Toronto Argonauts are the "best" is subjective and can depend on personal opinion and factors such as team performance, player quality, and coaching staff. However, the Argonauts have a rich history in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and have won a total of 17 Grey Cup championships, which is the most in CFL history. Additionally, the Argonauts have a passionate fan base and a strong organization, and have produced many talented players over the years, including Hall of Famers and CFL All-Stars. These factors contribute to the team's overall success and make them a competitive and respected franchise in the CFL.
Why did the CFLs American expansion fail?

The expansion of the Canadian Football League (CFL) into the United States in the 1990s was unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, including:
Poor attendance: The attendance at CFL games in the U.S. was lower than expected, and many of the American teams struggled to attract fans.
Competition from other leagues: The CFL was competing against well-established American football leagues, such as the NFL, for both fans and players, making it difficult for the CFL to establish itself in the U.S. market.
Lack of media coverage: The CFL received limited media coverage in the U.S., which hindered its visibility and ability to grow its brand.
Financial issues: Many of the American teams struggled with financial difficulties, as the high costs of operating a professional sports team combined with poor attendance and limited revenue streams made it difficult to stay afloat.
Lack of stability: The frequent changes in ownership and management, along with the uncertainty surrounding the future of the league, made it difficult for the CFL to establish a solid footing in the U.S. market.
As a result of these factors, the CFL's expansion into the U.S. was short-lived, and the league eventually pulled out of the U.S. market and focused on re-establishing itself in Canada.
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2023.02.03 05:29 RaccoonSamson Is there some reason Wisdom in Chains - Chasing the Dragon has so many more listens than the rest of their songs? like some pop culture / internet thing or w/e?

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2023.02.03 05:15 Fast_Appearance7624_ Appreciation post for NewJeans and their Achievements so far

I'm a 1-month new fan of NewJeans. I'm still amazed by their continuous achievements. Hence, I wanna list their feats so far.

- 'Ditto' has hit 627 PAKS, and has now surpassed BTS - 'Dynamite'; thus achieving the Song with Most Perfect-All-Kill in History [1] [2]
- NewJeans’ Hype Boy” (5.899M) is the most streamed song on Spotify in South Korea, surpassing BTS’ “Butter” (5.895M) [3]
- NewJeans joins 2NE1 and BIGBANG as the only idol groups in history to have all Top 3 Songs on MelOn's Weekly chart [4]
- NewJeans becomes the First Idol Group in History to occupy the Top 3 of the MelOn Monthly Chart [5]
- NewJeans Becomes 3rd And Fastest K-Pop Group In Billboard History To Chart 2 Songs Simultaneously In Top 10 Of Global 200 [6]
- NewJeans Becomes 2nd K-Pop Girl Group Ever To Spend 2 Weeks On UK’s Official Singles [7]

- "OMG" surpassed 1 million copies sold on Circle Chart [8]
- NewJeans is now the fastest Kpop group in history to have a Million-Seller album on the Circle Chart (178 days) [9]
- "New Jeans" has surpassed 820,000 copies sold on Circle Chart, becoming the Best-Selling Debut Album by a Group on Circle Chart [10]
- NewJeans’ “New Jeans” now holds the highest first day sales for a girl group debut album on Hanteo with 250,000 copies sold [11]
- “New Jeans” becomes the girl group album with highest 1st week pre-orders on ktown4u with 127,495 orders [12]

- Daesang(Performance of the Year) at the Asia Artist Award [13]
- 3 Rookie of the Year Awards [13]
- Best New Artist and Top 10 Artist Awards (MelOn Music Awards) [13]
- Digital Song Bonsang(Golden Disc Awards) [13]
- Next Leader Award(The Fact Music Awards) [13]
- Hot Rookie Award (The-K Billboard Awards) [13]
- 15 music show wins [13]

- NewJeans' "Ditto" rises to 85 on the Billboard Hot 100 [14]
- ‘OMG’ reaches a new peak of #79 on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 [15]
- “Ditto” has entered the UK’s Official Charts (Singles Charts) at #95, becoming the first 4th generation girl group to enter the said chart [16]
- 'NWJNS(EP)' by NewJeans has reached a new peak of #7 (+4) on Billboard World Albums [17]
- "Hype Boy" by NewJeans now breaks the record of Longest Charting 4ᵗʰ Generation Group Song on Billboard Global 200 History with 25 weeks, surpassing IVE's "LOVE DIVE" (24 weeks) [18]
- 'Ditto' by NewJeans ties with 'Shut Down' by BLACKPINK as 2nd Longest Running Kpop Girl Group Songs in Billboard Global 200 Excl. US Top 10 [19]
- NewJeans rises to new peak of #2 on Billboard Emerging Artists chart [20]
- Their 3 songs currently occupy the top 3 spot at Billboard South Korea Songs chart [21]
- NewJeans has reached a new peak of #7 on Billboard Japan Artist 100 [22]
- NewJeans' “Ditto” (1,075) surpasses “Rollin’” (1,074) as the Longest #1 Female Song in History on the MelOn TOP 100 [23]
- Multiple Crowns on Circle(Gaon) Weekly Charts for the month of January 2023 [a] [b]
- Topped(Rank #1) on all January 2023 Brand Reputation Rankings [c] [d] [e]
- ‘Ditto’ by NewJeans now holds the record for 4th Generation Group Song with Most Weeks at no.1 on Genie Weekly Chart [24]
- NewJeans' "Ditto" now holds the record for 4th Generation Group Song with Most Weeks at no.1 on Circle/Gaon Digital Chart, currently at #1 for 5 weeks [25]
- NewJeans' "Ditto" becomes The First and Only 4th Generation Kpop Group Song, in history, to spend 40 Days at no.1 on MelOn, Bugs and Genie Daily Charts [26]
- NewJeans as #1 Most Searched Girl Group on MelOn in January [27]
- NewJeans' "Hype Boy" is now the 3rd Idol Girl Group Song with most weeks on MelOn Top 10, surpassing (G)I-DLE's "TOMBOY" and NewJeans' "Attention" [28]
- NewJeans' "Ditto" has won this week's MelOn Popularity Award (1st win) [29]
- NewJeans' 'OMG' tops Oricon's 'Weekly Single Rankings' chart, the first for any K-Pop girl group debuted after 2016 [30]

*Streaming - Spotify
- Most Streamed Kpop Girl Group on Spotify for the month of Janurary 2023 [31]
- NewJeans joins BTS and BLACKPINK as the only K-Pop Groups to have multiple songs Enter Top 20 of Global Spotify [32]
- NewJeans is the Fastest Kpop Act to reach 700 Million streams on Spotify [33]
- NewJeans joins BTS and BLACKPINK as the only Kpop Groups to accumulate 200 million streams on Spotify in a Single Month [34]
- NewJeans is the fastest Kpop group to surpass 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify [35]
- NewJeans' "New Jeans(1st EP)" is now the 3rd Most Streamed Debut Project by any Kpop Act on Spotify, surpassing "R" of BLACKPINK's Rosé [36]
- ‘Attention’ by NewJeans surpasses "STAY" by THE KID LAROI & Justin Bieber, and becomes the 3rd most streamed song on South Korea Spotify Chart [37]
- NewJeans' "Ditto" is now the 2nd Most Streamed Song of 2022 by a Kpop Girl Group on US Spotify, surpassing BLACKPINK's "Shut Down" [38]
- “New Jeans” (4 songs) by NewJeans is the First 4th Generation Album to have all songs reach 50 million streams on Spotify [39]
- NewJeans is now the 4th Most Streamed Fourth Generation Kpop Girl Group on Spotify with 700M+ streams, surpassing IZ*ONE 690.2M [40] [33]
- 'Ditto' by NewJeans becomes the 4th Most Streamed Song on US Spotify by a Kpop Girl Group surpassing BLACKPINK's 'Kill This Love' [41]
- NewJeans' "New Jeans(EP)" has surpassed aespa's "Girls", and is now the most streamed album by a 4th Generation Girl Group on Spotify [42]
- NewJeans' "OMG" debuts at #12 on Spotify Daily Viral Songs Global Chart [43]
- NewJeans' "Ditto" and "OMG" are the Fastest Songs by a 4th Generation Group to reach 50 million streams, in 17days and 20 days respectively, on Spotify [44]
- NewJeans' "Hype Boy" now becomes the 8th Most Streamed 4th Generation Song on Spotify [45] [46]
- NewJeans is the only Kpop Group charting in the Top 100 of 'Spotify Daily Top Songs Global' on January 19, three songs currently charting [47]

*Streaming - Apple Music
- ‘Ditto’ by NewJeans has now spent a full month inside the Top 10 of Apple Music Global, the longest for any girl group song in history [48]
- NewJeans' "OMG" and "Ditto" reached a new peak of #29 and #46 respectively at Apple Music USA (Pop) chart [49]
- Their 3 songs currently occupy the Top 3 spot on Top 100: South Korea Apple Music Chart [50]
- NewJeans' "Ditto" reaches a new peak of #2 on Apple Music Japan Top 100. "Ditto" is the First and Only 4th Generation song to Enter Top 2 at the said chart [51]
- “OMG” becomes NewJeans’ 4th #1 song at the Top 100: South Korea Apple Music Chart [52]

*Streaming - Others
- NewJeans' "Ditto" surpassed 15 million streams on Genie [53]
- NewJeans - 'Ditto' becomes the fastest girlgroup song to reach #1 on MelOn TOP100 (2 hours) [54]
- NewJeans' 'Attention' becomes the first debut song by an Idol Group to hit #1 on MelOn TOP100 Chart [55]
- "Hype boy" is now NewJeans’ best selling single in the US, surpassing "Attention [56]

Apologies if I forgot something. Feel free to add to the comment section. Thank you. Again, congratulations to NewJeans and to us, Tokkis.
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2023.02.03 05:13 ny2803087 [TOMT][Song][Early 2000s] French band but popular on the charts.

This song used to play all the time on vh1 in early 2000s. I don’t remember the lyrics. But the video went something like this - the band is playing in a room and someone is building a wall around them. By the end of the video they are surrounded by the wall on all sides.
I’ve been trying to find it for soooo long but no luck.
Edit: Music genre is rock.
Edit: The song lyrics are French not English.
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2023.02.03 04:47 Jeepod [TOMT] [Music - Videoclip]

Me and my S.O. are trying to remember a videoclip of a rock/pop band or something of the sort playing inside a moving truck/flat bed where one of the side was like transparent/see through. Probably 90's or early 2000's song.
We can't remember the band/song/style. Just the fact it's different scenes or a moving truck with a popular band/song, probably playing like on MTV in that time.
Any ideas? (Best recollection was something like blink 182 style of band/era and the song was like a ballad rock song?)
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2023.02.03 04:43 macadeIiic MY GUIDE TO GET INTO MAC MILLER

if u just joined this subreddit and/ or u want to get more into mac miller i have this guide for u, this is how i started to get more into mac’s music and it felt not forced at all.
GO:OD AM- i started with this album, since it’s mac’s most approachable album. listen to: brand name, two matches, 100 grandkids, two matches ft ab soul, weekend ft miguel, perfect circle/god speed, ROS.
SWIMMING- pretty much the most popular album he made and one of the best ones, since this is his most known album this is the one u should go with after GO:OD AM. listen to self care, small worlds, dunno, what’s the use, hurt feelings, 2009.
CIRCLES- it’s (for me) crucial that u listen to circles after swimming since these 2 albums are sister albums which means they go one after the other it comes from mac’s phrase “swimming in circles” both albums are connected which is why u should listen this album together for a whole experience. listen to: circles, blue world, good news, hand me downs, surf, everybody, woods.
THE DIVINE FEMENINE- mac always love to include love on his songs and this album is literally how love would sound, every song is a whole experience. listen to: congratulations ft bilal, dang! ft anderson .paak, stay, cinderella ft. ty dolla $ign, soulmate, we ft ceeLo green, god is fair, sexy nasty ft kendrick.
WATCHING MOVIES WITH THE SOUND OFF- if the divine femenine was the angel WMWTSO is the devil in mac’s discography, this is probably mac’s best album and it has a more dark tone than the rest of his albums. listen to: youforia, S.D.S, objects in the mirror, someone like you, red dot music, i’m not real, matches ft ab soul.
BLUE SLIDE PARK- this is mac’s frat boy rap era and his first studio album, it received a really bad review which affected mac but also helped him polish his style and music more. listen to: missed calls, smile back, PA nights, party on fifth ave.
after listening to the albums on this order i recommend go in with the mixtapes ( i have a guide for that too)
with this guide u most likely have a variety of mac content to listen to, again this is the guide i created/ used to start listening to mac in a more enjoyable way and making a smooth way to include him on my playlists. hope it helps :)
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2023.02.03 04:38 rockingwing Welcome to Trackmania - A Beginner's Guide

Hi and welcome to Trackmania!
You've just downloaded the game for the first time and now you're wondering how to get started, where to get all those fancy overlays your favorite streamers have on their screen, how to play Bingo or generally just how to become good at the game? Then this guide is for you!
Let's take things slow and start with the basics...
How to get started in Trackmania
Trackmania is available on Steam, Ubisoft Connect and Epic Games Store and soon available on PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series consoles and Amazon Luna.
Once you're booted into the game and selected your region, you want to head into the Play section of the main menu and go to the Training campaign. This special campaign consists of 25 rather basic tracks that are meant to introduce you to the different surfaces and special effect blocks you'll come across in this game. Try to aim for the Gold medal on most of these tracks, that should provide a good challenge for any newcomer. Note: The Training campaign has not been updated since the launch of the game back in July 2020 and some of the tracks in it aren't representative of how certain surfaces actually get used in maps these days. They also do not explain the Plastic surface or interactions with Water. Those got introduced to the game in July 2021.
After you're done with the Training campaign, jump into the Seasonal Campaign (at the time of writing this is Winter 2023) and try to aim for Gold or Author medals on all tracks. If you're a complete beginner to the Trackmania series, going for all Author medals in your first campaign is probably a bit too ambitious, but it doesn't hurt to try.
Wait, what's an Author medal?
Excellent question! Trackmania has 4 different medals that prove your mastery of a track: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Author. The Author medal is set by the track authomapper after they're done building the track. Once you get into community-created tracks, Author times are generally more difficult than in campaign tracks, especially when it comes to tracksthat get featured as Track of the Day.
Okay, I got all Gold/AT medals. What next?
If you haven't already, you should consider buying one of the paid access tiers. Standard Access is the cheapest out of the available options and gives you access to 99% of the content the game has to offer. More on that later. You should also redeem the VIP keys from here and enable the settings option "Always Display Records" from the HUD category to be able to watch streamers'/pro players' ghosts in the seasonal campaign and copying/learning from the lines they take.
With that out of the way, it's time to introduce you to the main attraction of the game, Online Multiplayer.
Trackmania features several game modes for Online Multiplayer, of which the free-to-play (demo) Starter Access can only access a limited subset.
First off we have Ranked Matchmaking, which until Gold rank features the current Seasonal Campaign tracks of varying difficulty (Bronze: White and Green difficulties, Silver: Blue to Black). At the time of writing this is still played in a 3 versus 3 team based format, however this will soon be changed to 2 versus 2. In the Ranked Teams mode, players all start at the same time and depending on how fast they finish, their team gets points. All those points get tallied up and the team with the higher amount of points wins the round. If your team wins enough rounds to win the match, you get Matchmaking Rating (MMR) points based on how well you performed within your team. Bonus points go to the highest scoring player in the match (MVP).
Second, you have Royal, which is a wacky and fun gamemode featuring a team based battle royale style game mode similar to Fall Guys. Tracks in Royal behave different from all the other tracks you'll encounter in Trackmania, they're split up into five stages. The faster your team finishes stages, the higher your team ranks and the longer you will survive. These stages get progressively harder the further you get, so mastery of the car and the game's numerous mechanics is recommended if you want to make it far consistently or even want to be crowned the Royal Champion.
Third, there's Track of the Day and the thrice daily Knockout event held on that track - Cup of the Day. Note: This feature requires Standard or Club Access. These tracks are built by the community and chosen after being reviewed in the Map Review server of the game. A new Track of the Day releases every day at 7PM CET (CEST from like March to October) and the Cup of the Day starts at the same time with two re-runs of the event happening 8 and 16 hours later respectively. In Cup of the Day, you have 15 minutes to get familiar with the track, while trying to improve your time. Based on the time driven within those 15 minutes, you will be assigned to a division of 64 players each against which you will then face in a Knockout event. Try to survive as long as possible to be eventually crowned the Cup of the Day winner for your division.
Last but not least, there's the Arcade servers. Note: This feature requires Standard or Club Access for unlimited access. Free-to-play (Starter access) has access to a rotation of Arcade servers and the official Seasonal Campaign server. This is regular online portion of the game that many players that might have played previous Trackmania titles are very familiar with. Here you will find a multitude of servers with playlists of tracks curated by the community. Some even feature so called server controllers with additional features like server records, a track voting system to show how populagood a track is, etc.
Okay, cool, but how can I build my own map?
Welcome to what makes Trackmania so great - the map editor.
In the Main Menu, clicking on Create lets you jump into the Map Editor, of which there are several variants.
There's the Basic and Advanced Mouse + Keyboard editors and the Gamepad editors. For ultimate track building freedom, I recommend the Advanced Keyboard + Mouse editor. Note: The Advanced KB/M editor currently requires Standard or Club Access. This restriction will be lifted with the launch of the console versions.
Since Mapping is a very subjective and creative process, I won't delve into what you should and shouldn't build. Just remember to add exactly one start, numerous checkpoints along your route and one or several finish blocks at the end of your route.
Got it, now how can I get all those overlays, Medal windows, play RMC/RMS or Bingo?
May I introduce you to Openplanet? Openplanet is THE modding platform for Trackmania games. Created by the talented Miss, Openplanet has been around since 2016 and has since become a staple in pretty much every regular Trackmania player's must haves. It lets you easily install plugins that add quality of life features and additional functionality to the game.
Couple suggestions for plugins, in no particular order: Ultimate Medals, Dashboard, ManiaExchange, Tweaker.
For more information, check Openplanet's website and join their Discord server.
Can you explain the payment model of the game to me? I'm confused with all these access tiers and subscription costs. Do I have to pay monthly for the game?
First of all, no, the subscription costs are not monthly. They're an upfront cost for 1 year or 3 years and support the ongoing development of this game. If there were no subscriptions, we'd probably have a Trackmania 2022 or Trackmania 2023 by now. And no, the game will not feature microtransactions for the foreseeable future, the developers have been very clear on this. Now, here's a breakdown of the features of Starter, Standard and Club access in a concise manner.
Starter Access Free version of the game. Gives you access to the Training and current Seasonal campaigns, the rotating Arcade server, Matchmaking, Royal and the Simple Editor. No access to other custom maps, public servers, in-game chat, skins, in-game ghosts, club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms) or the Advanced Editor.
Standard Access 10€/year or regional equivalent. Gives you access to custom maps and public servers (incl. TOTD and COTD and previous campaigns). Unlocks the Advanced Editor. No access to skins, leaderboard ghosts or club features (e.g. hosting your own rooms).
Club Access 30€/year or regional equivalent. Gives you full access to all of the game's features including skins, leaderboard ghosts, club features (hosting your own rooms, organizing events, creating campaigns, uploading skins, and much more).
My question wasn't answered here/I'm still confused.
Don't fret! Trackmania's community is rather helpful and welcoming to new players, we get a ton of questions all the time and are always happy to help. If you still have specific questions, feel free to post them as response to this thread or join the Official Trackmania Discord where you can interact with the community and answer as many questions as you want. The Discord server also has a community-run support section that is targeted towards people having very specific questions or technical difficulties.
Thanks for reading and see you on the track - welcome to the club!
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2023.02.03 04:27 SonorousProphet Sample route for farming things like junk, magazines, bobbleheads

I've noticed a few questions regarding how to get ammo, fusion cores, and other items. I posted the below in an old comment and I'm still a believer in farming routes in 76. I don't need as much stuff as I used to so I don't farm as much. New players might consider a route with stops for lead, ballistic fibre, or black titanium. Maybe places like Helvetia for things like wood and salt, depends on what you need.
I invite others to comment with other good stops or examples of farming routes. If I were to come up with a route today I'd include the Cranberry Bog for locations like Lost Home and armour plan spawn points.
"I'm a fan of farming in a big circle around the map. I prioritised magazines, safes (largely just for the technical data), sugar bombs, and, time permitting, fissure sites and popular killing zones such as West Tec, Huntersville, and Whitesprings.
"A route might start in Pleasant Valley (magazines, bobbleheads, robot vendors), SW to NAR (magazines, bobbleheads, safes), possibly detour to West Tec/Huntersville/Whitesprings Golf Club with a vendor stop to sell off loot, the Deep via secret entrance north of the lookout (starlight berries, acid if you don't mind backtracking, magazine, bobblehead), W to Overlook Cabin/Torrence House/Summersville Docks (magazines, bobbleheads, sugar bombs), W again to the capitol building for XP, Charleston Trainyard to run north to kill a Grafton Monster and possibly spawn the Responder vendor near the station, The Giant Teapot (magazines, bobbleheads, quest for booze), Ohio River Adventures (magazine, quest for raider rep), N to the cemetery (magazine, chance for a satisfying mass cultist murder with a grenade), NE to Silva Homestead (magazines, craft station for scrapping, lot of junk, maybe power armour), NE to the ag centre (event) and run to the Red Rocket (Brahmin, sugar bombs) then run to the church (first aid kits, more sugar bombs, you could stop for brain fungus and silt beans*, you could also leave some items for newbies because you're super nice), Alpine Cabins (magazines, a few ghouls, can't recall if there's a bobblehead), Marigold Pavilion (magazine, junk, chance at settler or raider rep), NE to Anchor Farm in hopes of spawning a rare vendor at the campsite to the NW plus there's a ton of safes nearby, N to the fairgrounds (magazines, bobbleheads, aid kits, junk), Darling Sisters (magazines, bobblehead), Aaronholt Homestead (magazines, bobbleheads, cranberries, maybe power armour), the Crosshair (magazines, bobblehead, drugs, maybe power armour), Clancy Manor (mothman eggs, crystal plus other junk including ballistic fibre, a power core, magazine, bobblehead), and then a big jump east (unless you want to hit some Toxic Valley quests) to Hopewell Cave (firecracker berries, brain fungus, magazine), Sons of Dane (magazines, bobblehead, possibly a rare hat, a couple first aid kits, whiskey), and finish in Mosstown (booze, sugar, pretty sure there's a bobblehead, but mainly you're there for the company tea and the sugar bombs)."
*There's also snaptail reed and glowing fungus near Flatwoods.
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2023.02.03 04:19 leqant Things K-Pop Reddit Hates Starter Pack

Things K-Pop Reddit Hates Starter Pack submitted by leqant to starterpacks [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:10 Mary_Pick_A_Ford I was organizing my room and going through old archived Xmas cards and I found a Xmas card with a love letter to my dad by a random woman in 2003. What should I do?

I thought it was one of his co-workers wishing him a Merry Christmas at first but then I found a letter that stated the following:
"We aren't(sic) be able to be with each other as much as we'd like this holiday season. But you're often in my mind-'You are the light of my life. The love of my heart.' I find myself thinking of the little things you say and do that make you very special to me. So it's no surprise that I'm thinking of you warmly this Christmas, and wishing you all the things that make this season such a happy one! Have a wonderful Christmas 'Every time I think of the things that brighten up my Christmas...somehow, my thoughts just seem to turn to you. With all my love at Christmas and always' I love you always & forever!"-Michelle
The card came with an old printed out copy of music lyrics to the song, "Underneath Your Clothes" by Shakira with the date 2/22/03.
The weird thing is my mom's name was Michele(with one L) and when she passed away in 2013, my dad started seeing a woman he met online that he eventually married also named Michelle(two Ls) and had two kids with her. I'm close with his new wife and the two little kids.
This Xmas card is from Dec 2003 though and I have no reason to believe it's his current wife(who would have been in The Philippines or Canada during that time) since they supposedly met online back in 2012(my mom had end stage MS for a few years on life support and we were getting her ready for hospice care) and as tacky as it appeared, I didn't blame dad for wanting to move on and be happy with someone else again.
However, this person from 2003 is not easily forgivable since my mom was totally healthy back then(albeit in a wheelchair). I'm under the impression that this is a woman he may have had an affair with but why would he keep the Xmas card and why would this person have the boldness to send this to our house?
Anyway, since it was so long ago, I don't know why I should care so much but I feel like I've been punched hard in the stomach and I just feel disgusted. Is it okay to have these feelings for something that happened long ago and what do I do about it? Do I tell my mom's family? Do I figure out a way to bring it up with him someday? Do I barge into his house and throw this card in his face in front of his new family and go "WTF dad, did you cheat on my mother in 2003 by some other woman named Michelle?"
submitted by Mary_Pick_A_Ford to Advice [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:05 MadeAmericans That Butt

That Butt

Covid 19

That butt
Calling me
It up
Clap it
I wear
Face out
No acting
Even though
We long
I still
Looking at
You cum
The phone
A month
No limit
Ass up
Balls down
Your toes
Ass'ed out
Balls deep
My bell
Knock knees
Some wed
We gone
On to
The same
I fall
For it
Every time
And I
Don't mind
Super donk
Hitting you
Out early
On you
Pulling up
What you
On phone
Stop playing

North West P Town Pioneers
Twist Master Ink(C)
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2023.02.03 04:00 AutoModerator The r/KDRAMA GUIDE -- Info, Resources, FAQs, and More

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2023.02.03 03:53 mrjanglepockets Newish country song Male singer

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2023.02.03 03:43 A33Bot [Opinion] best op/ed @ 2023-02-02 17:43

The overall impressions of the best OP/ED of 2021 are:
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2023.02.03 03:17 zlenity What happened?

What happened? submitted by zlenity to SeraphineMains [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:05 ConcealedPendent853 What happened from Kreayshawn to Danielle Bregoli (catch me outside girl)

Kreayshawn actually had a popular song or two, she was signed, is better looking. Career tanked, owes all kinds of money, made an OF, still broke.
CMOG is uglier and making more money than kreayshawn just off OF alone, and shes blatantly r slurred.
I might have answered my own question actually.
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