Accel spark plugs

Comparison pictures of old stuff compared to them when they were new

2014.02.05 22:44 tindahalx Comparison pictures of old stuff compared to them when they were new


2023.02.03 05:32 Travgoeswest Cars MPG going down

Hi, for starters I have a 2017 Subaru forester at 125k miles that normally gets 31 mpg during my normal driving.
Two weeks ago its mpg slowly was going down and suddenly I notice it went from 31 to 25 mpg. I changed the iridium spark plugs 35k miles ago (my Subaru doesn’t have spark plug wires so no need to change those) changed the oil/oil filter every 7k miles, and changed the engine/cabin filter 2k miles back. The tires psi is normal and oil level is good.
When I noticed my mpg going down it was starting to consistently be below freezing so I tried using HEET gas line antifreeze and water remover but the mpg went down still. I don’t idle my car for more than a minute before starting to drive.
I’m going to try cleaning the mass airflow sensor but was wondering what recommendations you had to improve mpg?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.02.03 05:17 Icy-Event3471 1998 Honda accord 2.3 crank but no start

1998 Honda accord 2.3 crank but no start
Thanks in advance for all of your help! This is a car I just bought a few weeks ago. I know for sure the catalytic converter needs replaced (irony is I was taking it to get replaced this week). We have had cold temps (20 degrees) and suddenly the car won’t start but will crank. It was pretty sudden and random from one day to the next. It’s since warmed up to around 40 degrees in the afternoons.
Here’s what we’ve done: New spark plugs New spark plug wires New distributor cap New distributor rotor I put heet in gas tank (after it wouldn’t start) New pcv valve New air filter Battery is giving 12 volts Tested main relay and it’s good Took off oil cap and looked inside while starting and the arm was moving Checked ignition coil and it had continuity
Anyone have any ideas? I’m at a loss right now on what to do next.
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2023.02.03 04:12 Vlephs Mouse usb shuts off my Xbox after I plug it in

When I try to plug in the usb for my mouse, it just shuts off my Xbox entirely. It did spark beforehand though.
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2023.02.03 04:06 looloofang P0234 advice

2016 Chevy Cruze LT 1.4 any idea what is causing overboost on the turbo? Someone said to change the valve cover. Might do that but any suggestion? Spark plugs and coils were changed recently as well with an oil change :s
Edit: perhaps replace knock sensor?
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2023.02.03 04:03 Icebreaker80 500 RPM in Drive

Sup all,
I have a 2013 G37X and sometimes my RPM in Drive will dip to around 500 which will make the car start shaking. It'll sometimes bounce back and forth between somewhere in the ~600-500 range. In Park & Neutral, the RPMs will sit right around 650 and it's fine.
So far I have cleaned both throttle bodies, changed spark plugs, replaced pcv valves, both maf sensors, and o2 sensors. I've done the idle relearn procedure as well as had a shop do it.
Has anyone else had this issue?
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2023.02.03 03:06 motorplug Reach 12.7mm marine spark plugs E6TC

Reach 12.7mm marine spark plugs E6TC
Marshal Auto Parts Co., Ltd has a variety of product lines for Spark Plugs manufacturing , engineering and technical capabilities and manufacturing capabilities are in constant progress.
In terms of engineering skills, 30 years develop and reverse engineering experience. Electrode has PASS TUV ,CONFORM TO RoHs & Reach. High strength insulator use a 360°Continuous Laser technology.
In manufacturing, it also has a ceramic factory, ceramic Insulators are completely self-produced,high density of insulator, better dielectric strength,thicken design of insulator nose, better mechanical strength which can satisfy modern engine well.Secondly,electrodes have better electrical conductivity, better heat resistance, better heat dissapation, better ablation resistance.Shells have better malleability,better toughness, higher hardness which can reduce shell breaking and help the shell for better heat disappation.
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2023.02.03 03:05 reddit_names_suck111 Car Insurance Question New Zealand

Hoping someone may be able to provide some advice. I bought a used car from a private seller about 6months ago. 2 days in, someone reversed into the front of my car and I had to get the front bumper replaced, which was covered by the other driver's insurance. Some time after this I noticed the car stuttering under heavy acceleration and had this looked into, it turned out a part of a spark plug had broken off and fallen into the engine causing catastroohic damage and requiring a full engine rebuild or replacement. Could I argue that the earlier accident caused the sparkplug to break off and should therefore be covered by the other driver's insurance? There isn't any way of proving this, so I'm not sure if this is a route qorth going down or not?
Any help much appreciated!
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2023.02.03 03:05 QueasyRegister4809 Want to optimize fuel mileage for 2008, 225k

I have done quite a bit of maintenance on this vehicle and am still only getting about 39-40 on a 60mi commute, all interstate @ 70MPH. It has new spark plugs, brakes, MAF and throttle body cleaned, and not that it would affect fuel mileage, but it has a new used brake actuator. I run the tires at about 40PSI.
It does not burn any oil between oil changes, literally none.
It gets decent mileage in the city, I have seen up to about 45MPG. But it's just not great on the highway. If there is a headwind, I have gotten as bad as 35mpg. Is that completely normal?
One possible clue is that when it's cold, it has a pretty good engine tick. I don't know if it's an injector, coil, or something else. Is there a silver bullet with something like this or should I just keep running it?
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2023.02.03 03:04 tee_see_3 "Get your hands off of me Potato head!" Yuri, Katinka, and an Engineer's Perspective

Love that scene. Why? Because Yuri is right. Sometimes "bad noises" ARE "good noises". Regardless that he was in fact trying to sabotage the mission. Looks like he just removed a spark plug, but, yes, sometimes bad noises are good noises.
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2023.02.03 02:58 Kev-in26 Torque specs???

Does anyone know the torque specs for the valve cover and the spark plug tube seals on a 2014 2.4L Honda Accord? It’s my moms car and the valve cover is leaking bad, gonna do the job this weekend for her I just can’t find the torque specs anywhere online. TIA
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2023.02.03 02:57 No_Tone1600 No start, Slow turn over, B&S OHV 15.5

So I've got a dixon ZTR mower with a 15.5 briggs and straton vanguard OHV engine (28q777 ) and I'm running out of ideas on it. It started and ran fine as of September then I tried to fire it up in early December and got nowhere. I ended up burning up a starter or possibly just the solenoid. So fast forward to now. It has a new starter, new solenoid, new spark plug fresh oil and filter. It turns over but turns VERY slowly. The battery is less than a year old but it does seem to go a little faster with a jumper box. I just tried some starter fluid and got a crazy loud backfire from it. Only thing left I'm thinking i that the gas is older than I thought. But that wouldn't affect the slow turnover, so I'm looking for ideas here.
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2023.02.03 02:46 baccycones__ Code P0303

Just my luck i got this code after havent even owning my golf r mk7 2017 for less than few months. I tried changing spark plug 3 and 4 around but still got p0303, also tried carbon cleaning the air intake and topped up some engine oil. Code went away for a day or so and now it just came back. Any ideas ? 😭
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2023.02.03 02:41 Accomplished_Cup_312 need help diagnosing misfire

Car is stalling and shutting off at idle when driving (pulling up to lights etc) One of the spark plugs was only sparking every 2nd crank so I replaced all the ignition leads and throttle position sensor but problem persists. Perhaps coil pack or maybe even a fuel filter or something? But pretty sure it has something to do with spark. No CEL on the dash. Cold starts are perfect, just when you get driving the problem seems to kick in. Sounds like a Harley Davidson due to the misfire. Oil level/pressure are good Timing was done about a year ago. Haven’t done any compression tests or anything yet as I don’t have the kit.
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2023.02.03 02:41 KryptonicKarma Foxbody Engine Rebuild

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2023.02.03 02:19 Shortygaming_100 Feel good to reorganize your work bench and have it all clean. or it's just me, to me though it's satisfying.

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2023.02.03 02:05 CosyCosmo115 Changed the plugs, now it wont start??

Hope everyone's doing well, cause I'm def not.
So I changed all 4 plugs on my 09' GTi (TSI Motor incase you may need to know). I went to start it after a lil bit, and it just cranks over but doesn't start. I've checked and made sure I have Oil, Gas, the plugs and coils are in correctly. However, there is no Spark, and all the connectors look good. I don't have a meter to test them atm but the car ran fine before. I've also tried the Old plugs, and swapping coils around and still no luck. When I turn the key ahead and crank it, the power steering light will come on yellow, and when cranking sometimes it'll turn red and the car will Beep at me. I never had this issue on my 08 GTi (FSi) that I used to own so I'm not sure what to do. I've tried leaving the key ahead to "reset it" after so while, left the battery unhooked for over a day. I can't see it being the starter, as the car has never had issues starting before. Could it possibly be a bad ground? or could I have frayed or messed up a wire around the area of the wiper linkages to stop it from starting?
Any insight or suggestions on what I could do would be great. However my options are limited as theres snow on the ground, the car doesn't start, and I do have to work outside on it lol
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2023.02.03 01:28 pencilpushin 2005 Tacoma TRD Sport - 205xxx

So I'm selling my 05 Tacoma. Absolutely love the truck but have ultimately decided to sell it so I can get a 4x4 4runner. I'll shed a tear when this truck goes but for what I want, a 4x4 4RUNNEGX470 will fit my plans better.
Anyway, it has a new brake booster, U Joints, new Spark Plugs, all fluids have been flushed. And full synthetic oil changes ever 5k. I've kept in the maintenance best I can. It's in pretty decent shape. Few 20yr old truck issues
It does have a valve cover leak. And possible head gasket leak (early models are k in to have a head gasket leak around 150k-200k miles) It's not overheating though and runs fine. But has shown some symptoms.
I listed it for $8k, and have been flooded with people reaching out about it. There aren't many up for sale.
Should I up the asking price? Seeking some advice for it so I can provide a fair deal in this crazy market. What are yalls thoughts?
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2023.02.03 01:26 Master_Scheme_6857 2007 Yamaha yz450f won’t start after rebuild

2007 Yamaha yz450f won’t start after rebuild
I bought the bike and need a top end so I did it, new valves, piston, bore, and head. I also changed the timing chain, spark plug adjusted the valve clearance and cleaned the carb. I have good compression and gas ignites every couple kicks but no start. I've checked my timing a couple times and I think I have it correctly, I have spark. Sometimes it acts like it's gonna start but doesn't, it also kicks back a little bit sometimes. Help would be appreciated idk what to do to get it running at this point. I might be forgetting something.
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2023.02.03 01:16 drongo1210 Poor pickup 2012 honda fit, jumps first when acceleration

Bought a 2012 Honda Fit Sports version with an automatic transmission with 110k miles on it last year. Since day 1, the car drives smoothly on plain streets but struggles to climb freeway ramps and hilly areas of San Diego (engine RPM easily hits 3000). Paddle gears do help but not always. From the Carfax report, I do not see any record of sparkplug changes. I am wondering if new spark plugs could improve the performance.
That brings me to my next question -- How often do Honda Fits need new sparkplugs? Any thoughts or suggestions will be a great help!
Besides weak acceleration on hilly roads, when starting from a stop, my car jumps or jerks before starting to roll. The jerkiness is weak when the car is going downhill after the stop. What could be the problem? Once, I cleaned its mass air flow sensor. That reduced the jerkiness a bit but after 2 to 3 weeks it is back.
Another observation -- this car struggles to make it to 80 mph, unlike my Toyota Camry and all the cars on Southern California freeways where although the speed limit is 65 mph people drive between 70 mph to 80 mph.
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2023.02.03 01:03 docescape 97 4Runner was just serviced - now my shocks squeak.

I just took my 4runner in for an inspection to identify why the washer fluid system didn't work (I need to replace the washer motors). They also replaced my brake pads, machined the rotors, topped off my coolant, and replaced my spark plugs.

After picking my car up, it squeaks like a rusty mattress over the smallest road bumps. This was not the case prior to dropping it off with them. The service tech was not told to touch my shocks (It wasn't mentioned at all, and they were replaced 3 years ago), but they did inspect them. Is this because my brake pads were replaced, or did the tech do something I didn't ask them to?
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2023.02.03 00:33 sonney97 Base 2000 prelude won’t start this is with the old distributor with a new cap rotor and wires and new spark plugs, any ideas?

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2023.02.03 00:26 Jeffdeath23 Franco Moroni 50cc won’t start

I bought a mini quad and it came with a Franco Moroni engine it says olio on the side but I haven’t been able to find this engine anywhere online. There is compression and spark and I changed the fuel lines and the fuel tank I even put a new carburettor. It is 2 stroke so obv fuel is supposed to go under the piston first I turned it over with a drill and took it apart only to find it was completely dry under the piston. I know ther spark timing is good and the compression is good as if I put fuel in the spark plug hole it starts first kick (kickstart btw) why is fuel not going into the engine. Someone please help I don’t want to buy any more parts already spent loads anyone have any idea. Also does anyone know what oil to put into it there is a place for oil to lubricate the kickstart mechanism
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