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2023.02.03 06:12 superhotfire23 I'm a (25 M) and My girlfriend (23 F) of 3 years wants a break, but she may as well have said let’s break up!!

I’m distraught and livid. If not for me going to work and going gym and keeping my mind occupied I’d be crying. This shit is eating me up!! Before I start, apologies for the length of the story but I didn’t want to miss any details
So for context me and my girlfriend had been dating for 3 years with year 4 about 6 months away. The relationship was great, tho we had gone through some up’s we also had our downs like any normal couple. I also need to mention, I’m black and she’s white. And so of course the culture/religious differences was another issue. Maybe I took it lightly because I had friends who are in similar relationship and had made it work but she always took it so seriously. We would always argue about certain things like how I can’t sleep over alot but I’d always reassure her that it’s not because I don’t want but because of my culture. And where I’m from it’s not seen as a good thing and it’s shunned upon.
In saying that, we both also were very different. She was always the romantic type, and passionate about the little things, like any typical girl, random flowers, time spent together, little heartfelt messages, etc. She would say she wants a love like her parents, whom I admire, as they always looked so happy with each other. She would always say how perfect they are and how lovely they treat each other, making it seem like they never fought or argued. I would then tell her, some of her expectations were too unrealistic. I would explain that every couple fights but constant fighting is when it’s a red flag. And fighting without a resolution is a problem. I just always felt she had a Disney like fairy-tale of what she thinks Love is. Not to sound like a cynical or anything, But I believe people in relationships will fight and argue but it’s understanding that your relationship/partner is bigger and more important than the argument/problem. Although if you’re constantly fighting then it’s definitely a red flag. I understand that certain arguments if too big, is a non-starter and is a problem. But I just mean regular arguments that most couples go through.
From that you can clearly tell I’m the opposite, I’m a spontaneous kind of person, very logical, and straightforward. Don’t get me wrong, I did do all those other things for her. Maybe not as much as I should but I definitely tried my best to make her happy and did a lot more good things for her than she might care to realise. One other thing I need to mention is I had had two relationships prior to her, whereas for her I was her first everything!!
Anyways moving forward. We had recently just gone away for a week, and had an amazing time. I had even planned a secret date night on the one of the days away and we saw one of her favourite thing, ART (like a lights art museum type of thing). Then afterwards we went out dinner. After the trip was done we drove back home, and I went straight back to work and she went away with her family for a couple days. A week passes by and we hadn’t seen each other. Then we finally got to see each other after she had finished work and I had finished my rehab for my knee (tore my LCL last year but that’s another story) Any who, we meet up for lunch and everything seems to be going great. We both were laughing and saying how much we missed the other person, I went up and ordered the food and paid then sat down. This is where shit hit the fan. In her eyes I could tell she was a bit distant, a bit sad. I asked her what’s wrong and she mentioned how she’s upset because her Grandma had passed away with the funeral coming up in 4 days.
From here she asks about what I see in our future. I say I see us being together. Not sure where but living in whatever country, having our own house and our careers going forward. And of course marriage and kids, but that’s later on. She then hits me with. I’m not sure. I’ve never been alone I’m not sure what kind of person I am. This really took me by surprise, and as she’s saying this she starts crying. I ended up suggesting we move this conversation somewhere private. From here we walk to the car, and she goes on saying she really wants to see the world for herself and figure out what she wants. She says maybe we should take a break for the next year or two, and hopefully after that we can rekindle.
This really broke me down, and I was speechless. To me it felt like the past 3 years were a waste. She then asks how I feel and why I’m not talking. And I say clearly you’ve made up your mind and no matter what I say it won’t change anything. I tell her I just want her I love her so much, and I just want her to be happy. Even if that means without me. I end up wiping her tears away and tell her to stop crying. I then kiss her and walked out the car, and that was it!! Once I get to my car I break down. Thinking of come to spend time with the person I love, Only to end up getting my heart broken!! We haven’t spoken since, and I am torn. It's only been a few days but it's killing me. I feel so lost and completely out of it! Not sure what the next move is! Any advice would be appreciated.
And apologies for the length of the story.
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2023.02.03 06:11 Quick-Sentence1823 I don't know if I'm a good cat owner

This is a long post. If you read everything, thank you. I am lost right now and don't know where to go.
She was my 17 y/o brother’s cat. He eventually stopped taking care of her. My mother took care of her for a while, but only the very basic stuff. I never really cared about the cat that much.
My brother, at some point, admitted that he no longer wanted her, and so I called the pound where we got her from to see if they’d take her back. I think the cat was unwell at the time, and I had no idea what to do. The woman was condescending… and I understand why she was so cold, but maybe that’s why I didn’t follow through, or maybe I was afraid of loss. Regardless of why, I instead decided to keep the cat and try doing my best for her. I bought her a bunch of cat toys and stuff. She never showed any interest in them.
So I took responsibility for this cat. I called her mine. As time went on, though, I reduced my care for her into a checklist. To this day, I primarily care for her basic needs, give her fresh water frequently, and almost always make sure she has food (she self-regulates, but frankly I’m just terrified of accidentally starving her). I take care of her litter box. I don’t know if I give her the best stuff or the right things.
But there is one thing I definitely fail to do. I do not love her.
I’ve had awful wishes that she’d disappear one day. I don’t actually want these wishes to come true, but I still think those thoughts. Perhaps it’s more so the desire to feel relieved about the cat. To be free of my worry about her.
The cat often rubs up against me and leads me around, and most of the time, all I can feel is disdain for her. I want her to leave me alone and get out of the way. I don’t know why. Maybe I am angry that she does not swallow her loneliness like I do. Maybe I’m actually just angry at my brother. But I also know these thoughts are irrational and unfair. She is a mere tiny animal. I do not actually blame her for anything. The only person I loathe is myself.
She is very social, which I find unusual for a cat, and she actively seeks people out. She is more social than I am. My cat is affectionate, and I do not know what to do with something so affectionate. It troubles me; frankly, I’m terrified of it.
But my household is full of emotionally unavailable people. My brother has issues and the house can get very intense. The cat must feel that tension, too. And my own stupid anxiety helps no one. I don’t mean to be emotionally neglectful, yet that’s what I am, to my cat and to myself. I don’t even really know what’s wrong with me. I just tend to find myself regarding the cat as a nuisance rather than my pet, and I know that’s wrong.
Yet I worry about the cat. I often feel great anxiety for her — I’ve again noticed patches of fur missing for a little while now, and my anxiety for the cat’s health has been steadily increasing. Yet I often act like I don’t care. I don’t jump on these issues if they don’t seem like dire emergencies. Maybe I’m hoping they’ll go away or sort themselves out. I ignore her when she rubs up against me. I don’t pet her often enough. It’s like I’m scared to get attached to her. Or maybe I really don’t care about her and I’m lazy.
She’s losing hair. Patches of it are thinning out, too. The last time we went to the vet for the same issue, he said it was due to stress. Someone recently suggested it could instead be flea allergy related — regardless, I just scheduled a vet visit in March (or I’ll find something sooner if it gets worse). Her coat is still shiny. But if her issue is stress… I’ve been losing hair for a while, and while I still have to check in with my doctor, the fact that there’s new growth suggests it's stress-related. I don’t pull on my hair. It just falls out.
I think I’ve been feeding the cat like I do with my own stress-eating, too — that is to say, I’m either super focused on making sure she always has food (she leads me to her food even if she has food already… probably to just get my attention, now that I’m thinking about it), or I treat her way too often (I give her a half or a third of a deli meat slice sometimes while I’m making a sandwich, though this could occur a few days in a row… yeah, that’s too much). I’ve been using food as a substitute for closeness, that’s how I’ve been seeing it. It's starting to color my perception, oh god.
This whole thing reminds me of another pet I had. I expressed interest in owning a gecko at some point, and for my eighteenth birthday, my sister got me a gecko with everything to start. And I took care of it, I did a lot of research and tried to do the best I could. But I could never get emotionally close to it. I had no attachment to the lizard, and so everything I did for it was completely empty. I eventually gave it back to my sister, and now she and her kids take care of it. It all worked out okay in the end, but still.
I struggle to get close to people. I really struggle to get close to animals. In fact, I’m not sure I’m capable of either. I don’t think I love my cat. I don’t know if I love anything.
I pet her for at least 38 minutes last night, and we managed to soothe each other. She has been hurting, and I’ve been hurting myself. The cat and I… our needs are exactly the same. It is I who cannot reciprocate.
Today has been terrible. I have been anxious out of my mind trying to figure out the best cat food or how I might help her with her hair issues, as well as panicking about if I’m a bad cat owner. I think I am. I think I’m a bad person. I accidentally stepped on her today and I nearly broke down into tears. I probably would have cried if no one had been home. The cat is okay.
My mother wants to keep the cat, but she never pets her. I don’t know what to do. I am 21, a college student. I commute from home. I have a few mental illnesses that I get intensely preoccupied with and I am very lonely. I am afraid I’m not good for the cat. And yet, even despite my terrible wishes to be relieved of my anxiety for her, I cannot bear to think about losing her. Something in my gut tells me if I gave her up, the cat would suffer a terrible fate. Maybe that’s just loss aversion talking, though.
I don’t know if I’m the right person to take care of her. Part of me wants to be, but part of me fears I will never be. I’m afraid that this pattern of caring about the cat will fade again, just like it did after I first declared her mine. Because I’ve been here before. I started to give her a lot of attention, then it faded.


It is now the end of the day. And I’ve realized something important — that I cannot bear the thought of losing my cat. Despite my fears and anxieties, I know that losing her will only hurt me worse, and probably hurt my cat worse, too. I don’t know if I love her, but maybe I don’t need to know. Maybe I just have to make a commitment to show up. So I will try to make a habit out of petting her for a good while each day. It will be a start. I don’t want my cat to feel lonely or stressed or hurt. I hope I can do better, even if this is now a second attempt of sorts. I want to be a good cat owner to my cat. I cannot keep running away from the things I’m scared of.
Maybe this is how I put myself back together, too. But I feel like I’ve also made this same realization before. And it obviously didn’t stick last time. Is this time different? What even am I?
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2023.02.03 06:11 kchulaa Just had a baby! I’m in need to rehome these for some extra money!! And space lol UFS

Just had a baby! I’m in need to rehome these for some extra money!! And space lol UFS
Hi friends! I just had a baby and looking to rehome these little guys ❤️ located in San Diego
Brooke, Alandy, Sophie fuzzamallow $15 plus ship 8” planet and 8” Octo $8 plush ship Clips and 5” $6 plus ship Alien, Axo, Dog capsule $5 plus ship Valentine’s Day Stacy $10plus ship MLP Applejack $6 plus ship Wishables $5 each Alien kitty $6 plus ship Ty sea horse $5 plus ship
Axo, Shaun Capsule, and 5” Alien do not have tags Smoke free pet friendly home
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2023.02.03 06:11 sammyb0y16 Excuse me what’s your name??

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2023.02.03 06:11 IndependenceZone The Ultimate Guide to Buy & Hold Real Estate Course – William Bronchick

Here's what you'll learn in The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Holding Real Estate

My ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BUY & HOLD will show you how to profit in today's economy. Given the current economic situation, Buy & Hold offers numerous advantages. You may:
Source By: The Ultimate Guide to Buy & Hold Real Estate Course – William Bronchick
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2023.02.03 06:10 Interesting_Wing_539 Current Stage (Marika and Towa Event)

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2023.02.03 06:10 gmsa77 Confused

Posting to get an objective opinion!
I (24f) am going through a really hard time lately. Last year was truly awful for me, I was trying to work in another country and then had to come back home because I had to quit my job and couldn’t find anything else. Then my grandfather (who I’m close to) found out he had cancer. And then just this past September my dog whom I loved with all my soul passed away. My dad is having addiction and mental issues, the family company (which we rely on heavily) will probably file for bankruptcy, everything is just such a mess.
After my baby passed away I didn’t talk to anyone for about a month or so. I have always needed time alone and space when I’m really sad, I can’t force myself to be around others because I’m not even “there” if we hang out or something.
Now, one of my close friends is constantly getting mad at me if I don’t reply or go to hang out with them, even if I tell her that I’m simply not okay and not because I don’t want to see them or something. They’re just being passive aggressive, saying stuff like they’re“tired of this phase I have” behind my back and just not empathizing at all. I know this because my closest friend told me. And I don’t even know how to react either, I thought they had my back but apparently not that much?
She sent me a text telling me that she wanted to talk about some stuff that bothers her, and honestly I don’t know what to say. I don’t think I have the energy to deal with this on top of everything else.
I don’t know if I’m just being childish or playing victim and that’s why she feels that way?
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2023.02.03 06:10 Scorpio962016 Positive IUD Insertion Experience: Mona Lisa 5 Standard

Hi everyone
I got my IUD inserted 24 hours ago, so I thought I would share my positive experience in case anyone felt as nervous as I was in the days leading up to the procedure.
For a bit of context, I'm 26 years old, have never been on birth control, only started experimenting sexually in November 2022, and I'm in my first relationship.
I have a regular 28-day cycle, have never been on any form of birth control, and have never had a pap smear performed.
On Monday, during my day off, I finally decided to walk into the birth control clinic and move forward with booking a pap smear alongside the insertion of the IUD.
First and foremost, I consulted with the nurse and answered many personal questions about my relationship, sex life and other details needed.
From there, I moved forward into meeting the Doctor, and she answered my question and gave me knowledge on birth control options before I moved forward with my decision. She also kindly performed a quick exam on me to ensure the IUD was the right choice; it felt uncomfortable as I had never experienced this before, but overall wasn't too bad. I also had to do a urine STD test and a pregnancy test.
From then on, I booked my IUD insertion for Wednesday and began googling others' experiences. I honestly faced many negative experiences, which made me nervous, but I still tried to stay positive.
On the day of the insertion, I took two pills of Naxproxen 275 mg given to me at the clinic and drank lots of water, and overall had a protein-filled breakfast.
Upon arrival, I completed some paperwork and then met with the nurse to answer a few more questions and sign a consent form.
She gave me the rundown on the IUD I would receive, which was the Mona Lisa 5 standard, which will last for five years; then I did another pregnancy and STD test and walked into the room to undress, awaiting the arrival of the Doctor.
The Doctor was pleasant and gave me a run down on how she would perform my pap smear and then move into inserting the IUD, and she asked me if I had any questions.
She offered to numb my cervix with a spray, which I agreed to, and honestly, that was a lifesaver as I felt the speculum's placement. Still, I took a few breaths and felt better immediately after applying the numbing spray.
I did not feel the pap smear; following the pap smear, which lasted a few minutes, she now proceeded to utilize the Iodine to disinfect the cervix, and I also did not feel this because of the numbness.
Following that, she warned me when my cervix would dilate, and I felt this; it was intense pain; I took a few deep breaths, and she asked if she could stop, but I refused and decided to move through with the next intense cramp which was the inserting of the IUD.
The pain lasted a few moments, and she was done and told me to place my two legs together to reduce the pain going through.
After all of this, she walked out, and I stood up slowly, got myself ready, completed the $50.00 payment with the receptionist and walked out, feeling great overall.
I started feeling cramps about 15 minutes later when I sat down, and they would be intense on and off, so I took the remainder of the day off, went home, had some soup, used a hot water bag and laid down.
I also took another pill of Naproxen 275 mg.
Overall 24 hours later, I'm back to work and felt good today, I do feel some cramping, but I have been on extra strength Tylenol, and I did have some brown discharge spotting, but it has reduced immensely as of today, and I'm no longer using a pad.
That said, I will be taking it easy for the remainder of the week and was advised not to engage in sexual activity for 24 hours.
I will check back in with the Doctor in 4-6 weeks, but if anything happens in between, I will also go back, and yes, I'm not looking forward to my first period with the IUD as I have been warned it may be painful, prolonged and overall a bad experience.
However, this was my experience, and I hope it provides insight if you are also seeking some positive stories.
Feel free to ask any questions, and I will provide updates.
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2023.02.03 06:10 ogreatgames Panzer Dragoon: Thrilling Rail Shooter - Sega Saturn Game

Panzer Dragoon: Thrilling Rail Shooter - Sega Saturn Game

![video](re5wmpc57j591 " Get the chance to ride a flying dragon and save your people! Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#sega #saturn #shooter --
Panzer Dragoon for Sega Saturn. It's time to fulfill your destiny because the future of your people is in your hands. Kill the Dark Dragon and his armies. Use your hand gun, and dragon, which can shoot a homing laser, to perform aerial combat, and help save the falling civilization. While riding the flying dragon, experience the breathtaking ruins, on this dazzling, rail shooting, adventure. Also, complete more than 3 interesting, ground-breaking levels. Experience terrific, multiple views in flight, and be prepared, for enemies in various directions. Overall, if you like dragons or just an excellent adventure this game might be for you. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.02.03 06:10 baytayUser ex employer withholding remaining pay and ROE until I sign termination letter?

Is this normal practice here? I worked from home in Quebec and the company was based in BC.
I signed the papers and sent them in already cause I just want to be done with this already. But it's been 3 days and I haven't been paid yet and they're refusing to say if they sent in my ROE to service Canada. But after some checking online I read that in BC they have to pay me out in 48 hours and that hasn't happened yet. And for the ROE they have 5 days to submit it?
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2023.02.03 06:10 steampoweredfan Sometimes I Forget That I Enjoy Things

The last few years have been really tough on me, especially just these last few months. I tend to stick to myself when I'm having a bad time and just do the same comforting things over and over. I'll play repetitive and simple games, rewatch the same Youtube videos or series, and eat the same foods. I don't think there's really anything wrong with finding comfort in what you know, but I've always loved variety and learning new things. I was stuck at home for about two months recovering from an injury and I really fell into a pattern of doing the exact same thing everyday.
About a week ago, I was on Twitter and an account came up that makes threads giving brief histories on art and different art movements. I read through them every time they pop up. I love art history! Today a post on the Dadaist movement came up and I remembered that I really had a passion for learning about it a few years ago, but never really invested the time. I've been fascinated by art my whole life and loved a unit on art history in high school, but never really pursued it.
Before I was injured I was going to look into finding local dance classes for adults. I love dancing! My injury was that I broke my ankle in two places and needed surgery, so I gave up on finding those classes. Last week, I started looking into places again, and I found a few really good options for when I can comfortably pivot my foot again.
In my opinion, there's way too much stress on people to monetize everything that you do. Play video games? Become a streamer! Like art? Sell it! Are you a musician? Become a performer! And there's nothing wrong with wanting to make a living doing what you love. But you know what? I don't want to be a professional dancer. I don't want to become a professional art appraiser. I just want to enjoy things because they're fun and interesting. I think it's really important to indulge yourself in your obscure interests. I have so many that I want to explore.
What makes you excited?
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2023.02.03 06:09 NashCrash fiancée 24F cheated multiple times on me 25M

Still reeling from finding this out so apologies. Fiancée is out of state at college and has a roommate with a husband. Husband called me today and told me about how my Fiancée has been cheating on me for months. Started in SeptembeOctober where she slept with one guy 6 times (at least) and lied to my face about it. Went home from the bar with another guy and then drove home to see me and slept with me the same day after waking up at this guy's house naked. Then find out this past week she has fucked this other guy 3 times at least and was falling in love with him and the first guy.
After this started, we moved into our first apartment together which I have been paying for both of us and she never even told me.
She has been making me feel like I am the problem in this relationship and we did couples counseling today before I found out. She has broken my heart, we were 4 months from our wedding date. And all I ever did was trust her. The few times I called her out on shady behavior she would tell me I was crazy and being ridiculous when in reality I was right all along. I feel so lost right now.
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2023.02.03 06:09 Responsible_Ruin_552 How do You Get Yourself to be Happy When Your Life isn't What You Planned?

28F, bisexual. I'm in law school on a full ride scholarship, rent a house with some good people, and have food on the table. I realize that I should be happy and feel a lot of guilt about the fact that I struggle with depression and a feeling of hopelessness.
But the reality is, my life has been nothing that I hoped or planned for. I was physically and sexually abused by my college boyfriend for 3 years before I finally got up the nerve to leave. The woman I loved after that cheated on me and left me for the other woman, the next woman I was with just never quite felt like "the one," and the woman I fell in love with after that was my best friend who didn't feel the same way. I wanted to join the Peace Corps since I was 12 but was diagnosed with PTSD and became ineligible. The year I thought about applying again after a man jumped from my apartment complex and died in my arms, I was rediagnosed after a relapse in symptoms. I love to travel but never have the money for international trips and can't drive due to a disability. All of my friends are getting married, buying homes, and having kids, and I'm miles away from having any of that. I've been actively dating for 2 years now and haven't met anyone where feelings went both ways. I hate law school and don't want to practice law, but am also facing the reality of about 80k in debt.
I thought my 20's would be spent traveling, falling in love, and finding my passion, but I feel so far away from finding any of that. My entire day is basically spent either working or sleeping. I'm so depressed. I'm in therapy but I don't even feel like myself anymore. How do I find joy in life again?
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2023.02.03 06:09 Ambitious_Heart6105 Advice needed

I’ve been in the business for a year and 8 months and I really need some advice. I feel like I’ve been busting my ass between cold calling, door knocking and social media trying to get business. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it’s just not happening for me. Thus far I’ve sold 8 homes, which I’m thankful for it. It’s just a bit discouraging when I’m putting in all the work and not seeing results. I prospect pretty much everyday and I get people who tell me they are planning on doing something, I follow up and things seem to be going well. Then out of nowhere I get ghosted. I’m not at all pushy, I just try to understand where they’re coming from and work with what they give me. My broker is disappointed because he said I haven’t been successful and that makes me feel even worse because I know I’m putting in the work. I know it’s not personal, I’m very much beyond that point, all I want is to have some business.Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.
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2023.02.03 06:09 Mundane_Civilian [PC][Gaming] Run Cold War without admin or Disable/Hide UAC prompt. Possible?

*Goal of this post*
Get a home PC to be able to launch COD Cold War Zombies with using just a Xbox controller from Logon to Exploding Heads.
KB= Keyboard , Ctrl = Controller
\I use a keyboard w/track-pad])
Current Process:
KB - Wake computer
KB - Hit Enter
KB - 4 Digit Pin (Logon)
Battle & Steam auto-load
Ctrl - Power-ON controller
Ctrl - Home Key to open Steam
Ctrl - Home Key again to open Big Picture Mode
Ctrl - Select game
Ctrl - Select Play
Transfers over to Battle
It's fine until I get here
KB - Select Play **(Ctrl if using Gopher360)**
KB - Select Yes on UAC Prompt **(UAC stops Gopher360 so only a physical KB/M can be used)**
Play game
I've been browsing the interwebs in search of a way to be able to either launch Cold War without admin rights and it actually pass the "Checking Files" step on launch or Disable/Hide the UAC prompt when launching the game (Still grants the admin rights, just no prompt to select an option)?

I've tried a couple methods mentioned on the webs that work with normal applications (not games/game launchers) such as registry modifications (Yes I reverted all changes, everything is fine), Task scheduler and Gopher360 (Links the controller to the mouse so you have full time mouse control. *causes game glitches while the system and game fight for control*)

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2023.02.03 06:09 Particular-Disk3602 just in case you are my ex.........

In case you didnt know me...............and if you are my fucked dude on my wasted my hard earned money on stupid shit that you just gave talked shit on me and my family .................set me up for the cops ...........tried to cash out on my life insurance........
my ex.............look forward to me plowing all your friends..........look forward to regretting the rest of your life because i was damn good to you and ask any of our friends...... forward to me beating your ass .............before or after you go back to prison for rape home invasion,.....agg. assault......fraud....... and just general principal..........

people need to learn that the laws of the land apply to even you.
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2023.02.03 06:08 feverkittreav Damn Ja why you have to hurt me like this.

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2023.02.03 06:08 KingStryderRules A Tale of Stupidity, Woe, and Hope

This is surreal, embarrassing, shameful, and just plain gross.
As many of you, and apparently an estimated 300 million people a year, my family was infected with scabies.
In early December 2022, our daughter had a bunch of bug bites on her thigh in an odd looking almost uniformed pattern. Perhaps a spider or some other type of bug got into her PJs and bit her in the middle of the night, we thought. The first morning she didn’t complain of itching. When evening came though, she complain they were itching and appeared to have more bug bites. There were so many that you could feel the heat coming from her inflamed leg. We rubbed hydrocortisone cream on it and gave her Benadryl. I then changed her sheets for good measure.
Her large amounts of bites faded eventually, but she constantly had a few itching and irritating bites.
My husband starting getting bug bites about a week or two later on his torso. He thought we had fleas perhaps as we have a lot of dogs and cats and live in a warmer area. I wasn’t convinced of this as I didn’t have any bites and am highly sensitive to flea bites while our daughter and he are not. In fact, our son, who is also sensitive to flea bites, had no bites either.
Fast forward another week and now I had bites all over my torso. This time, I was convinced that it might be fleas. As we treat the dogs with 3 month flea medicine, we figured it might be the cats and bought medicine to prevent fleas in them. However, we did not find any fleas when we inspected them, but we applied it anyway. I also vacuumed the couch and treated the couch and carpeted living room with flea spray.
The bites persisted. They were on my waste line and in my arm pits at this point.
My husband finally said that he thinks we have scabies. I honestly had never really heard of it and thought it was a disease you get from sleeping with prostitutes I was completely wrong and had no idea. We read up on the symptoms and my husband, a biologist by trade, did a skin scrape to confirm it.
In retrospect, we think our daughter, who broke out first, gave us this and probably picked it up at school. We were all sharing a bathroom at the time as our second bathroom was under renovation and she would always forget her towel and nick our towels. No one in the house shared towels so we think that’s what kept them safe.
At first we attempted to treat with 10% sulfur cream. While it helped relieve the itch, it didn’t cure us. It also made all of us smell like we lived in a sewage treatment facility and made our sheets and clothes smell something awful. We were too ashamed to go to the doctor at first. After a week and a half of failures, we buckled down and called the doctor.
We were told to treat the whole family with 5% permethrin cream twice a week apart. We did our first treatment and everyone’s bites went away fast and suddenly. The only negative side effect I noticed at the time was a mild headache after the first use. Within a few days though, I had new spots forming. My husband assured me that I was fine, though I didn’t think so, and that it was likely post scabies.
He was so wrong after my spots, he got spots, and then our daughter got new spots. We treated the second time and their spots vanished and mine seemed to get better. Though a few days later, I was reinfected. This was confirmed with a skin scrape and the microscope. We can only hypothesize that as I stay home and was the one charged with the daily wash and cleaning that I was reinfected from actually cleaning and never really leaving the house.
We treated for a third time with permethrin. My husband and daughter seemed to have a lasting cure. At this point, everyone was sleeping alone and I was fumigating the house and beds every morning around 7 AM. Everyone had marked improvements then it happened again. I got more spots and showed mites in another skin scrapping.
I alone received a fourth round of permethrin and was prescribed 19.5 mg of ivermectin (I’m tall and weigh 99 kg) to be taken thrice at weekly intervals. At first, I wasn’t sure it was working as about 2 days after the fourth treatment and ivermectin, I had all sorts of new bumps on my torso and right arm. Then my left side was also engulfed after that. The doctor prescribed an antihistamine and I used a huge amount of topical anti-itch sprays and creams as well as 5% tea tree soap mixed with neem soap when showering. That helped with the itching but not with the mental anguish.
My husband was able to confirm for the doctor that there were no mite fragments found in my scrapings. I’m now on my second dose of ivermectin and still getting bumps, but feeling better. I would say that my night time itching is finally feeling reduced, though not completely gone. The only true comfort I have is knowing that there are no mites under the microscope and that no one else in my family is getting spots.
My skin still itches and new bumps are finally reduced but do appear and we check almost each one. The big difference between when I know I had an active infestation and when we think it’s post-scabies is that I no longer have the pin-prick feeling that would occasionally happen with live infestations.
I plan on taking my third IVM dose, but have some mental comfort. Though I refuse to sleep in a bed with anyone (husband or helping the kids fall asleep) until I have my third treatment and wait a week.
I hope this helps someone suffering and I hope I have no updates on a failed third treatment of IVM.
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2023.02.03 06:08 BlackAndRedBot St. Louis City's home opener sells out in 5 minutes

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2023.02.03 06:08 More-Ad2267 AITA for being annoyed with my friend, after he (probably unintentionally) blew me off?

I have a friend, let's call him Q. We're pretty close, but we do have some personality clashes. He's always been super nice about giving me rides and helping me when needed, and I've always reciprocated.
I was recently diagnosed with anemia and still getting the help I need to recover medically from it. Tonight, we went to a bar together (he picked me up at a nearby train situation, and drove us there; about 10 minutes away). Had a nice time, then later on, I asked when he was going to be ready to leave (because I was under the impression that we would leave together), and he said he wasn't sure, and it was up in the air. He said it would be maybe a 15 minute walk to the nearest train station.
I felt brushed off for a number of reasons: 1) this is not like him—he's very structured and a planner and definitely not a "go with the flow" person; 2) he KNOWS I have anemia and that long walks, especially in the freezing cold, isn't ideal for me; 3) he was with another friend and kind of seemed not to be taking me seriously.
I ended up Ubering home, but I felt hurt and brushed off/ignored. (I didn't show this to him or say anything rude or anything, just covered up and acted like I was fine.) At the same time, I do acknowledge that it's his car and his right to decide whenever to leave, but I just felt brushed off by his unusual behavior. It's a weird situation, probably exacerbated by the stress I'm feeling about my anemia.
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2023.02.03 06:08 2Questioner_0R_Not2B Where do I find all the people I follow on reddit?

I haven't been on reddit in months all because of stuff that's been happening in my life which not only makes me far behind on stuff but also overdue and man a lot has changed since my last login.
I've noticed that after I clicked on the home tab thing right next to the reddit logo I noticed that I don't see any of my joined subreddits or users and I for one have no idea how I or any other user on this website knows where it go though.
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2023.02.03 06:08 throwaway_993399 Can I re-apply for H1B after 60 day grace period if green card pending?

Here's the story.
I am a tech worker on an H1B and I just got laid off. My wife is a US citizen and we're starting the process of filing a green card for me. I realize that I can stay in the US until it is pending but, can a company sponsor me for my H1B visa even after the 60 days are over? I have 2 years left on my H1B visa. I know that I will be getting an EAD eventually but I would really like the H1B visa to allow international travel (we have a very important event in my home-country this November). AP wait times are getting ridiculous and I don't know if I will ever even manage to get that.
So is this legal to do or am I basically screwed?
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