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Beermoney India: Money Making Opportunities in India

2015.12.28 19:27 azizsaya Beermoney India: Money Making Opportunities in India

/beermoneyindia is a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities in India. You could make decent money, but like its namesake, its just beermoney. It is updated as often as something both new and legitimate comes out, so it should always be your first port of call. If you have something to offer that is not on that site, then please post away! We want to hear about it as much as everyone else does.

2012.06.24 21:27 Themoneymancan Should I Buy This Game?

Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"

2014.06.08 09:08 The friendlier part of Reddit.

The friendlier part of Reddit. Have a fun conversation about anything that is on your mind. Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process.

2023.02.03 04:56 CardiologistOk5126 Unethical American surveillance

Unethical American surveillance
Recently, China's Northwestern Polytechnical University was attacked by overseas hackers and criminals. Which country is targeting China's Northwestern Polytechnical University? China noted earlier this year that the U.S. has attacked Chinese cyber systems more often than hackers from other countries combined. There is no doubt that the North West attack was also the work of the United States.
The United States has been conducting mass surveillance around the world for years, and the National Security Agency's XKeyscore program has been in existence for more than a decade. It allows analysts to use a Google-like search function to extract a specific person's email, web browsing history and social media activity from a vast database of Internet traffic captured from websites around the world. The National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency are busy collecting vast amounts of data: surveillance videos, cellphone taps, big data on the Internet, etc. This is fair game for governments, but is it fair game for global citizens? Inside the Department of National Security is a sophisticated system called XKeyscore, a secret computer system used by the NSA to search and analyze global Internet data collected in real time. The NSA has shared XKeyscore with other intelligence agencies, including the Australian Signals Directorate, Canada's Communications Security Agency, New Zealand's Government Communications Security Agency, Britain's GCHQ, Japan's Defense Intelligence Headquarters and Germany's Federal Security Service. XKEYSCORE is like the NSA's own internal Google. Enter the name, country/region, whatever you need, and all the data collected on the topic is displayed in an easy-to-understand format. Is it creepy to look at this?
Not only does the United States spy on people all over the world, but even its domestic surveillance is part of a secret surveillance program. Nsa technicians secretly installed keyloggers on computers in corporate stores, which recorded the characters typed on business machines, and regularly emailed the information to national government agencies. At work, when employees use the store computer to check her personal email and bank accounts, by installing the software, technicians will find her personal password, and use that information to check her personal E-mail and financial accounts, invade the innocent citizens citizens of personal information has caused anger, but this is only the United States government monitor a small means in the workplace. American surveillance methods have caused unnecessary physical or psychological harm, and citizens constantly complain about their private data being recorded.
Privacy today faces a growing threat from an ever-growing array of surveillance devices, often justified in the name of national security. Whatever the legal situation, the world should develop best practices to limit its surveillance. Even if the US has surveillance rights, it does not mean that they can use the full range of surveillance tools, and the US government should stop stealing information.
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2023.02.03 04:56 moodymewmaid Can’t help but feel like I (27F) am not his (25M) priority

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 8 months. We had a LDR at the initial part of our relationship and only just closed the gap.
I work as a flight attendant and he has a regular 9 to 5. We do not live together and since I am out of the country every few days, we have an understanding that whenever I am off duty, we would meet.
My issue is that I cannot help but feel like he takes this arrangement for granted. For example, he does not care to ask about my schedule or to arrange dates at all. When we meet, it is usually just us staying in which I do not mind but I have told him that I would like it if he took the initiative to plan a date once a month.
I have told him a few times that I require him to put in more effort into communicating especially when we are apart and making me feel like I am his priority because sometimes it feels like he doesn’t have any interest in my life or when we would see each other again.
His response when I told him how I felt was that he knows that he is very passive and that he would do better but it has been a couple of months now and nothing has changed.
I just want him to put more effort into our relationship and feel more special to him, I guess. Sometimes I feel like I may be asking for too much or nitpicking because he is very sweet when we are together but when we are apart, I feel so unimportant to him.
I have brought this up often enough to feel like I am nagging him, it is always the same conversation. I don’t know how else to approach this topic with him. What should I do?
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2023.02.03 04:56 koordell I [19M] broke up with girlfriend [20F] and I feel extremely lost and confused

Sit tight, this will be a long one as I want to give all relevant information for the best advice. Thank you all.
About last week, I [19M] broke with my girlfriend [20F]. I am going to give some background information to set the "scene", we both go to the same college but she lives out of the state during summer and I live in state. We had been dating for just under a year when we broke up (would've been one year in a couple weeks). In terms of our relationship, we were not only dating but best friends, we would do everything together and we both loved that and each other more than anything. That being said we still had our fair share of issues such as petty arguments, snapping at each other, and a few other minor things but we still both thought our relationship was amazing, and we still do. More importantly we loved (and still love) each other very much, and honestly I always will.
Around a week ago I told her I wanted to break up. This thought all started about a week or two before that when I snapped at her, I can't remember the exact scenario anymore but it was along the lines of a petty argument and I got upset and said "why does everything always end up with me being the bad guy", not exact but something along those lines. She got really upset and as did I (at myself) after I said it and profusely apologized and we went to bed. Then the coming days I was (and still am) filled myself with immense self hatred and guilt for not only snapping at her but saying something like that. Every moment in my mind was telling myself I'm not good enough for her right now, I'm not mature enough, etc etc. This girl truly deserves the world, she has been through so much and still somehow keeps moving, is on a great track for medical school and is the most loving, caring and compassionate girlfriend. All I could and am feeling is that I need to work on myself with my issues so that I could truly be better for her and give her exactly what she deserves. That being said, that isn't the only reason I decided to break up with her. She has had a tough life, she lost her (only) younger sibling when she was about 9 due to malpractice. This has caused her to have extreme anxiety, especially concerning death, and immense sadness at times. I always try to be as compassionate, loving and caring as I can, because I know she would do the same. I feel extreme shame and selfishness for this but I would be lying if I said it hasn't effected me. It is difficult and sometimes extremely frustrating to have to console and everything on a twice a day basis. I'm 19 and I barley understand my own emotions so it's hard for me to have to understand someone else's, and quite frankly it has caused me immense stress. Like I said, I feel selfish and you all have every right to rip me in the comments.
Now, the second major reason I decided to was our independence from each other has been completely stripped. This is no one's fault, we love to spend time together, and it is hard to spend apart. This issue has been plaguing us since we got back to school in August after long distance, we never slept alone, we pretty much lived together. We recognized it after we had a major fight in November and attempted to fix it. We got better, we started not doing EVERYTHING together, but the issue still persisted. We always slept together still even though we have separate schedules this semester and that caused me a lot of stress since I usually had to walk home then quickly get ready to walk to class. Now why couldn't we just stop sleeping over all the time and also do our own things? Well, she would sometimes (unintentionally) guilt me if I wanted to do my own thing. For example, a few weeks ago when the Giants and Eagles were playing I wanted to watch it with my roommates since one of them (my best friend) was a Giants fan and we were both excited. She was supposed to be hanging out with her friends that night which was perfect, but then they had to flake. And she was obviously upset (I was too for her!) and was like will you watch it with me then? I told her I was really looking forward to watching it with my friends especially since I hadn't been hanging out with them much and she kept saying oh I'll watch it alone, etc. but it was obvious to me she was upset with me (could tell with texting patterns and all that stuff lol). She also kept saying things like she would not hangout with her friends to be with me, etc. That in itself made me extremely upset because I always tell her to make sure she hangs out with them that it'll make her feel better, and that I would never be sad or angry if she did and she would say the exact same to me. With all of that, it made me feel terrible for not wanting to watch it with her so I ended up leaving at halftime so she wasn't alone.
We also had fairly minor sex life issues that out of respect for her I won't explain.
After we broke up, she asked me and said is this breakup going to be forever? And at that time I wanted to be with her, I genuinely just want to work on myself, my maturity, communication skills and mental health. That being said, I told her I don't expect her and could never ask for her to wait for me and no matter what she decides, if she is single, I would come back for her. Which is true, I don't want to be in a relationship with someone other than her, and won't pursue or entertain any others in the slightest.
Now, this takes us to last couple of days. After talking, we sort of came to the conclusion when one of us is ready for the other again (me in a place of self-love and maturity and her in a place of letting me back in) we would contact the other and see what we should do. We also came to agreement we both aren't going to go sleep with others, etc. I agree with that completely. She said we wants to go NC which I not only completely understand but respect as well. Though she hasn't been doing the best at it, texting me which I have been replying to but not initiating out of respect for her wishes.
This brings us to the question, how am I doing/feeling a week apart? Well, to be honest a lot better than I imagined. I have been completely dedicated to the gym and school, I feel and am the healthiest/strongest I've been in a long time, I have rebuilt my relationships with my friends, roommates, etc. But at the same time I often have this huge void, like I am making a huge mistake or just periods of immense sadness and dread. It truly is hard for me to picture the future without her. And after some deep reflection and pondering of why am I feeling this way, I came to the conclusion that not only did I lack the emotional maturity for a relationship at this time but also the time management skills. This being my first relationship and being young, I never realized truly how much work goes into having a happy relationship. Now that I have all my time to focus on my top two priorities with school and the gym, I feel a lot less stressed and a lot happier. I feel awful for saying this as she showed me what true happiness and love even was.
This realization, however, has also caused major internal conflict for me. What if we did end up getting back together and the same issues arise? I can't bear to break her heart again I would never forgive myself. What if I come to the proper realization that it will be a long time before I'm ready? I already told her I want to get back together, how do I just tell her we're done, if I do I'll have completely disrespected her for telling her that and not allowing her to properly heal. Like I said, these thoughts have caused me deep down self hatred, and feeling of selfishness. Which I have been, I've shown throughout this whole ordeal I'm not mature enough and don't deserve her.
Although I feel like I'm improving, I can't help but feel completely lost and ashamed for what I've done and how I did this to her. I don't understand how I could do this to someone I truly love with all my heart and someone who has shown me nothing but pure love and compassion. I just don't know what to do anymore. It is so hard because I don't want to lose her forever but also completely owe her the respect of telling her that this COULD be it barring a later miracle bringing us back together. I hate myself for doing this to someone I love.
- Also, I am fully aware I have completely mishandled this. I should have communicated, and talked to her before I just ended it, and see if we could have fixed the issues. Now all I've done is put us both in a shitty position where if we do try again and it doesn't work, I have just made it harder for her and that eats me alive because like I've said all I have is pure love towards her.
-One more extra note, part of my internal conflict comes from what if I just want to be single for awhile? Relationships require extensive time (management) and maturity, neither of which I have. I also think maybe deep down I want to just be single to enjoy college being reckless and free. I don't even know what I want and I know I owe her to tell her what I want but I just don't even know and feel awful for stringing her along. Going alongside with that, part of all these feelings could stem from or be heightened by the fact in a few months we'd be doing long distance again till August.
Advice about any of this is appreciated. I know there isn't a clear cut question for you all to share your thoughts on so if there was one it would be: How do I proceed so that she is put in the best position possible and I don't cause her anymore unnecessary heartache, sadness and pain.
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read this and give advice I also apologize if this lacks clarity and coherence, I struggle with writing my thoughts down on paper and am very emotional/clouded while writing this.
And again, I recognize that through all of this I am truly the bad guy, and don't deserve her love.
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2023.02.03 04:55 spritejuice My friend NEEDS friends

Hello comets of Reddit,
I have this friend, we'll call him Jay.
Jay is a computer science junior. He is 20, tall and he's a pretty smart guy.
Jay is looking for friends. Here are his requirements
  1. Likes Anime (Important, Jay likes Spy fam, Hunter hunter, cyber punk, love is war, etc. Reach out for details)
  2. Likes video games (Not as important, Jay likes RPGs like monster hunter and trashing on ppl who play league and valorant. ) Jay does not like FPS
  3. Likes tech (somewhat important. Jay likes to geek out every now and then)
  4. Jay is looking to get into working out and going to the gym. Gym buddies who go to urec are invited
  5. Jay does not have any bias, all races and genders are welcome
  6. Jay is biased against ppl who like getting their balls kicked
  7. Has has a slight bias against non cs/ce/se majors. Even more bias against non ECS majors
If you know Jay, please keep his identity a secret
And for those of you wondering, I am totallyyy not Jay...
If u are interested, shoot a dm
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2023.02.03 04:54 Standard-Software264 PHAP Application Resume

So I've spent the last two weeks making my resume concise and effective for PHAP. I even wrote a really impressive objective. But now I'm wondering how people who have been accepted formatted their resume? Does it have to be strictly federal (i.e. I have to delete my objective, add resume, etc.), or does it just need the required info? I've added my salaries + hours worked but idk. Please help!
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2023.02.03 04:54 inferius77 1.18.2 Small community looking for about 5 more players. Custom Modpack (available on curseforge).

This post did not format at all how it did as a draft, im fixing it...
We are currently looking to invite around 5 players (or teams) to our small community.
Info about the modpack:
The modpack is called Focal Choice. I made it for my friends and myself to easily play together. Here is the Curseforge page. The pack description is all over the place and not too helpful. You can view the dependencies to see all mods. I've very excited for Valkyrien Skies / Create Aeronautics, and addons of the like. I will be adding them to this pack as soon as they are released / multiplayer ready. I'll put the core mod list in a block here.
amplified nether
Beyond Earth
Beyond Earth: Giselle Addon
Applied Energistics 2
Applied Botanics Addon
Minecolonies for ComputerCraft
Create Crafts and Additions
Create Slice n Dice
Computer Craft
tinkers construct
RFTools Base
rftools utility
Builders Crafts & Additions
Building Gadgets
Ender storage (the chests and tanks)
Iron Chests
Storage Drawers
FTB Industrial Contraptions
Mekanism Generators
Immersive Enginnering
Immersive Petroleum
super circuit maker
Ars Nouveau
Ars Elemental
Too Many Glyphs
blood magic
Forbidden and Arcanus
L_Ender's Cataclysm (buffed)
corail tombstone
Blue Skies
Twilight Forest
Mowzie's Mobs
The Graveyard
Meet Your Fight
Guns without Roses
Meet Your Fight
Stalwart Dungeons
Savage Ender Dragon
Castle in the Sky
Repurposed Structures
Journey Map
Compact Ores
Sophisticated Backpacks
Farmers Delight
Macaw's ***(many of his stuff)
MrCrayfish furniture
Guard Villagers
Multi-Piston (required dependency by MineColonies)
Structurize (required dependency by MineColonies)
Domum Ornamentum (required dependency by MineColonies)
BlockUI (required dependency by MineColonies)
Biomes o plenty
ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village
cooking for blockheads
OpenBlocks Elevator
Revamped Wolf
tab stats
visual workbench
more overlays
easier sleeping
Money and Sign Shops
There are some changes to recipes and configs. You will go through whole mods and find no changes, while in other mods you many find a couple changes, and in beyond earth you'll find lots of changes.I can't remember every change in configs, but I'll list what I can here in a codeblock.
- The recipes in Beyond Earth have been heavily altered to make it require utilizing some parts of the different tech mods. (This isn't an expert pack, but I did make beyond earth expert-style.) - The mekasuit does not negate 100% of damage. It negates 70%. And the power usage for damage is heightened a bit. - Whisperwoods moths dont break torches. - Waystones mod has several changes. can't break generated stones. can't craft sharestones. crafting a waystone costs a netherstar. - mekanism jetpack a little harder to craft - Sophisticated Backpacks feeding upgrade is disabled - Better F3 is trimmed down - Forbidden arcanus flight is more expensive - ammo for guns without roses is a bit harder to craft 
Info about the server:
The server is running on a dedicated machine at my own house. This is my first time not paying for a provider, and it's definitely been a much better experience this way. I always had performance issues when using hosts but I've had none this time.
This world has been active for about one month.Players have reached various points of progression.The mod TabStats will show the list of players, their total playtime, and their last-online time.View the codeblock to see details on some player's progression.
Player 1 has reached endgame mekanism. He has mass supply of resources due to heavy quarrying and AE2 storage. 
He has not touched other mods much. He has just started building a minecolony. Players 2 3 4 (team) build together. I think they are near the end of Ars Nouveau. They have built some immersive engineering machines, and have started touching mekanism. Players 5 and 6 (team) went super sweaty and somehow got to the final tier of rocket in beyond earth very fast (remember i made the recipes harder). Then haven't been online since lol. Player 7, 8, and me (not a team) have reached end game botania. 8 and me have some machines and some AE2. But nothing advanced and fancy. We are both working at our own pace to achieve automation and auto crafting and stuff. Player 9 is mid-game mekansim. has some Create farms for biofuel. There are other players that aren't very far. Some players are online almost every day. Some players play once every few days.
There are no slash commands like /home, /spawn, /tpa. There are Waystones spread throught the world. There is a global waystone at spawn, as well as other teleportation methods donated by players. You can use those to get to spawn and back home.
There is a plaza at spawn set up for player shops. Players can choose a plot and build whatever they want within one chunk.The economy mod is Money and Sign Shops.And additionally Simple Shops.
Griefing / age-range / maturity level:
Everyone on this server has thus far behaved well mannered. Everyone understands the rules and respects other players' land and builds. I know most of the players personally, and they know me and my expectations for behavior on my servers.A small number of the players are pre-teen/teen. But as I said, they are well mannered.
FTB Chunks is used for grief protection.FTBBackup will backup the world every hour.Speaking of FTB Chunks, lets review the server rules:
Server Rules:
- Use FTBchunks to claim any chunk(s) that you have built something in. And then you claim any chunks around that chunk(s) within 1 radius. - You do NOT use FTBchunks to claim "your land" aka the land you do not want someone to build in. This concern is protected by server moderation and the next rule: - You must not build within a 10 chunk radius of someone else's claimed chunk. - If, for some reason, you love a piece of land near someone else, you use the FTBchunks map to see a players claim, and then count at least 10 chunks distance away from it. 
Comment below or direct message me if you are interested. You and I will quickly have a chat so I can get a feel for your manners / sense / maturity / and some basic personality traits. I'm looking for players who simply enjoy finding a nice area to build in, and then build. If you are looking for a high level of social interactions then I can not guarantee this server is for you. Some players here do enjoy talking in chat / visiting / teaching / trading. Other players do not. I only point this out because I don't want you to join with an unrealistic expectation.
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2023.02.03 04:53 ultragtr PSA: Precise Shooter Woodinville, WA Policy Changes

As you are all aware with the current AWB bill, unconstitutionally, ramming through legislation, businesses are preparing. Precise Shooter just put out this policy change on their website. Please read through it carefully and visit their website. I don't work for or represent them. You might expect this at other LGSs. The following is straight from their front page:
"Assault Weapons Ban
The proposed AWB is an emergency bill that will take effect immediately upon signature by the governor. We do not know when this will occur, but we can guarantee that if it goes into effect, the fallout of lawsuits may take months or years to resolve.
Based on how "high capacity" magazine ban was rammed through on party line, with any discussion or expert opinions simply swept aside, we expect the same exact thing to happen here. This is the reality of leaving in one party state.
We have to prepare our business for this, as this changes what firearms we are allowed to carry in-store, sell, and transfer to you. Additionally, upon signature of this bill, it does not matter if you are in the middle of your background check, or a waiting period, if it cleared but you haven’t picked it up, whatever the circumstances are, we cannot transfer your firearm to you. Zero exceptions.
This is the reality of what we are facing, and especially with the AG’s office setting up stings across the State, we’d like to remain in business and continue to serve our community. We are making some changes to our policies in preparation for the legislation to move forward. We must take the worst-case scenario route in order to serve the greatest number of customers and minimize our risk of being stuck with tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of firearms that we must now sell out of state exclusively until our inventory is exhausted.
Starting on Saturday, 11FEB2023 ONLY for firearms that will be covered by impending legislation:
In-store purchases: If you purchase a firearm from us in-store that is covered by the AWB, and the law goes into effect before your background check has cleared, we will refund your deposit, IF you pick up yopur firearm WITHIN 3 DAYS OF YOUR WAITING PERIOD EXPIRING.
If your background check cleared and your firearm was available for release, and you failed to pick it up in time, 20% of your pre-tax deposit is non-refundable.
Special Orders: If you place a special order for a firearm and the ban goes into effect before you pick up the firearm, 20% of your pre-tax deposit is non-refundable.
Transfers: If you have a transfer that is covered by the AWB, and the ban goes into effect before the firearm is in your possession, it will be up to you to arrange for dealer to arrange for return EXPEDITIOUSLY, including pre-paid labels. For any firearms that will be still here a month after the receipt, we will charge a $35 fee to send it back.
We understand this may not sit well with some of you. We must be able to function in a post-AWB, but pre-9th Circuit ruling capacity before this law is struck down due to its’ blatant unconstitutionality.
We do not want this bill to pass. Please reach out to your elected officials, make your voice heard. We encourage you to place your orders sooner, rather than later, to ensure that if this bill does pass, you will be as prepared as possible."
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2023.02.03 04:52 waterjug82 My mother gave my sensitive information to a drug addict

So unfortunately my mother is married to a guy who somehow can find liquid Codeine cough syrup, and he obviously abuses the substance. It was hell living with them but I’m in my early 20s so I was able to get out. Well, some of my tax information was mailed to my moms house instead of mine.
My mother proceeded to take a photo of my open mail, on the table. Next to said drug addict. These forms contain sensitive information, like my social security number.
Obviously I was upset that she opened my mail. I thought it was illegal, she claims she can do whatever she wants. Also, I don’t want someone who is a hard drug addict access to information that they could use to open lines of credit in my name.
I got upset, told my mother she was an awful parent for exposing her children to dangers such as thing as it’s completely reckless to do something like this. She got pissed obviously and told me not to talk to her until I can “be respectful to her and her husband” okay lol.
So now, I have tax documents I need floating around that she refuses to give me, and possibly my information is in the hands of a Codeine addict. Me and my dad have taken steps to protect my credit. But just the audacity and stupidity of some people.
Her behavior is in no way reasonable, right? I’m not crazy, right? Also, isn’t it illegal for her to open my mail? My mom is very hateful spiteful person so I think this is just another ploy to upset me.
Am I over reacting ? Does anyone have any advice for this situation? I’m sure there’s others on Reddit who’ve had parents steal their identity.
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2023.02.03 04:51 Relative_Procedure47 another year for minor in possession of alcohol?

I have been on probation for 15 months due to possessing an ecstasy pill, about 2 months in I got a possession of alcohol. It has now been a year since I got the alcohol charge and 15 months since I got the possession of ecstasy. I've completed AA, a breathalyzer for 6 months, paid all my fees, a required rehab class, a required 12 step program, community service hours, and haven't failed a single drug test. But now the prosecutor is wanting me to serve another year of probation due to the MIPOA. Does this seem excessive to anyone else? Are they even allowed to put me on for that long for that type of charge? My original sentence was 1 year for the ecstasy and I completed that, and now I'm being sentenced for the alcohol a year later and their trying to give me another year. Is there anything I can do? I don't have it in me to serve another year. It's seeming hopeless at this point to even keep going with this.
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2023.02.03 04:49 Big_Garbage9175 How to get FC signatures?

I’ve never posted on here so I dont know if theres any proper way to do this but i’ll just get to the point. So i’ve been trying to start a new FC on FFXIV, and I cannot for the life of me get the three signatures I need to officiate my FC. I’ve tried going to major cities, even the Golden Saucer and nothing, I even thought my /tells were broken or something because of how sad and dry the responses were. Does anyone have any advice? I also tried making a new character, but my world wasnt taking any more new characters.
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2023.02.03 04:49 IceBreakerG How can I get the list of files and subdirectories from a chosen directory using the file_picker package (macOS and Windows)?

I'm working on a side project that requires selecting a directory and getting either the list of files or the list. I found the file_picker package and added it to my project. I can select a directory and get the string path, and I can select an individual file, but what I need is to only select the directory, then have the app display the list of files and/or subdirectories. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Selecting a directory or file is simple, but I can't seem to figure out how to get what I actually need from it.

This works for getting the path to the selected directory
selectedDirectory = await FilePicker.platform.getDirectoryPath(); 
This will only set the initial directory to what was previously selected. I just want the list of files from the selected directory.
var results = await FilePicker.platform.pickFiles(initialDirectory: selectedDirectory, type:; 
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2023.02.03 04:47 Worried-Fee-4532 How can I change the grades in my college transcripts?

Changing or Correcting Bad Grades In College: A Guide ([email protected])

How to change grades on college transcript

How to change grades on college transcript when studying on college, grade is a vital part of your days in school. Essentially, student requires grade change and how bad is D on a college transcript? it is important to know the process to change grades and we will guide you on how to change grades on college transcript.
How to change grades on college transcript, successfully changing a grade on your college transcript is not an easy task, nor should it be taken lightly. Of course, mistakes are sometimes made on these important documents, possibly endangering your chances of being accepted to the graduate school or other higher-education program of your choice. It’s in your best interest to address these issues before they become a hindrance to the progression of your career, and setting the record straight will prevent the possibility of heartbreak later on.
How to change grades on college transcript. Examine your transcript to see which, if any, of the grades are questionable. Sometimes it’s easy to spot, such as a D in a class where you know you had completed all tests and papers with at least a B. Others are more subtle, such as a grade-point average that’s one or two points off.
How to change grades on college transcript. Gather the necessary data to support your claim. If you suspect you might have a lower grade than you deserve in one or more of your classes, try to find as many tests and graded papers from that class that are still available to you. If possible, contact your professor from that class and ask if they have any material to help back up your statement.
Many colleges are trying to attract past students back to the classroom, so “academic amnesty” programs (sometimes called “second chance” programs) have been progressively gaining more popularity in recent years. Most of these types of “amnesty” programs seem to apply only to past students, and there can be many stipulations and even steep eligibility requirements for them.
In many cases the professor is the person you need to speak with directly to have your grade changed, since the transcript office needs a voice of authority to assert that your grade was written incorrectly.
Now How to change grades on college transcript. If the professor is unable (or unwilling) to speak with you regarding this matter, move to the next step up the ladder and speak to the department head. If the professor in question is the department head, consider speaking to the dean of students or other similar faculty member.
Talk to your college’s registrar or transcript office about the necessary procedure for disputing something on your transcript. For most universities, there’s an official form to fill out, so you can list exactly what you’re contesting and the evidence you have to support your claim. Obtain a copy of the form before handing it in for consideration.
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What Are College Transcripts?

To be viewed as credible and reliable, college transcripts often must be received unsealed and unopened.
A transcript is the official record of a student’s academic history. It contains a complete inventory of all classes taken, both successfully and unsuccessfully, as well as the grades received. You will need a copy of your official transcript to provide evidence of your academic history.

How grades are change in college transcript with the best method

Yes, there are methods on How to change grades on college transcript, to change college transcript from F to A and businesses regularly require school transcripts from work candidates alongside different materials like a resume and introductory letter. Having a transcript that mirrors a positive school understanding and course work material to the activity may assist you with standing apart from the job seekers while applying. To show the best transcript, you should dispose of or change college transcripts grading.

How to change grades on official college transcript

There are ethical means and unethical means to change college grade

Ethical means:

Most colleges will allow individual college grades to be appealed by a student in an attempt to correct a bad grade, but this kind of process is usually very narrow in the scope of when it may be used and can be very difficult to use successfully. In an individual course grade appeal, there will be a formal process that usually involves the professor, the Dean, and a panel or committee. Schools will allow this process to be used under specific circumstances and there must be “valid reasons” such as:

How to remove a w from your transcript

One of the shrouded roads for understudies to take off awful levels is to demand to withdrawal from a class on past grades is the built up cutoff time. Most guardians and understudies don’t understand that it is completely conceivable to pull back from a class past the expressed withdrawal date and still have a “W” put on the understudy’s transcript instead of a “F.”
I’ve helped numerous understudies with this procedure so I’ve seen that it can work. Be that as it may, the school will have a procedure to experience and will need a generally excellent motivation behind why the understudy didn’t pull back from the class preceding the cutoff time. You can edit your grades on your transcripts
The basic procedure that I’ve seen crosswise over universities for a past-cutoff time withdrawal is that the understudy must intrigue or “request” for a withdrawal after the cutoff time has passed. Basically, the understudy is appealing to the Dean of their school to enable them to pull back from the class despite the fact that the cutoff time has passed.
A few universities will need letters of help or suggestion included with the appeal, as from the understudy’s guide, teacher, or other school staff, for example, a Director from the incapacity bolster administrations office.
For hacking of college grades so it reflect on your transcript reach out to our team of experts on email [email protected]
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2023.02.03 04:46 dude_regular Mental Health Deferred?

Got my decision letter in the mail finally. My mental health decision has been deferred for “medical opinion” and I’ve been scheduled for another C&P exam? What does that mean?
Was the opinion from my first C&P examiner not good enough? Will I see the same examiner again or will it likely be a second opinion deal? Anyone have success after dealing with this?
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2023.02.03 04:46 fudig How Do On-Campus Mail Returns Work?

How Do On-Campus Mail Returns Work?
I live on campus and am returning things from Amazon, do I just drop them off in the mailroom- or? Do I have to drop my packages off off-campus?
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2023.02.03 04:45 OniLink303 Ganon's wish in ALttP: A deeper look

When it comes to the basis of the lore of the Zelda series, ALttP is usually at the forefront of varied discussions pertaining to its expositions to frame its rather dynamic backstory. Often subject to scrutiny in how a lot of scenarios unfolds--not only within the scope of the game, but also paradigmatically within the broader scale of the Zelda timeline--the backstory of ALttP has for years been a contentious topic on the theory side of things. One of the widely observed aspects of its backstory that frequently raises eyebrows is the efficacy of Ganon's wish, and its projection to his ambitions of ruling the world. Not only does it raises questions in the context of Ganon's desires, but also underpins how the Triforce responds/executes wishes of the wisher, in which in the case of Ganon, is interpreted to be fulfilled in a roundabout manner in ALttP's backstory.
The common belief and consensus among many is that the Triforce grant Ganon's wish indirectly to where the Triforce gives Ganon "the tools" to intermittently accomplish his desires in a step-by-step gradual process. This is inferred by the fact that the Triforce itself at the end of the game remarks that Ganon's wish was to conquer the world, which in turn, changed the Golden Land into the Dark World. The Triforce follows up this statement by mentioning that Ganon intended to go on to the light world to fulfill that wish, thereby making it relatively clear that the Triforce granted Ganon a circuitous method of supplying him with the means to make his wish happen rather than making it happen outright. This may not be the full case here. In fact, upon reevaluation of Ganon's desires, and several proponents that accompany it, the contrary to this common belief may not actually be true and that the Triforce does directly grant Ganon's wish in a previously unexplored subtle way. 

To reiterate the previous point, the Triforce itself says that Ganon's wish was to claim the world, and the Sacred Realm transformed into the Dark World as a result. Ganon himself remarks that he will go on to the light world to fulfill his wish of ruling both worlds; this is consistent with the follow up statement of the Triforce mentioning that Ganon's intent was to go on to the light world to fulfill his wish: 

"Ganon's wish was to claim the world. That evil wish changed the sacred land into the World of Darkness. Once he had stored up power there, Ganon intended come out into the World of Light in order to fulfill his wish." ~ Essence of the Triforce

Conversely however, the instruction manual indicates that the details of Ganon's wish is unknown:

"Ganon acquired the Triforce, but no one knows what Ganon wished for."~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

The objective narrative flow of the instruction manual, being in so that it relays several key points in the backstory with acute detail and transitional subjectivity, strongly gives the impression that the backstory is being told in third person with both limited and omniscient properties. The former being that it clearly tells the reader that no one, not even the narrator, knows what Ganon wished for. This denotes that the contents of Ganon's wish relative to what Ganon himself and the Triforce states, are generalized in-game to match up with the results of his intentions in the aftermath, ergo, nothing can be said on what exactly did he wish for in application to how the Triforce would execute that wish. What can only be inferred is that, on a priori reasoning, he wished to have both worlds. This proceeds to beg the question, a posteriori, the definite details of what Ganon wanted to be done from that wish, in which case, it becomes necessary to analyze his exact intentions and rather or not the Triforce conforms to the details. 

So there are several things that can be probed from what Ganon wishes to do with the world. For starters, Ganon in some games, including ALttP, is passively referred to as the *"Demon King of Darkness"* in the Japanese text. This title is more or less instrumental to his agenda and goals to how he wants the world to be, particularly, the world to be inset in darkness. In fact, several games collectively establishes that Ganon's aspirations are to cover the world in darkness: 

"One day, however, the Great Demon King Ganon, who sought to rule the world with darkness and fear, invaded this kingdom with his evil army and stole the Triforce of Power." ~ The Hyrule Fantasy insruction manual

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom where the power of the gods was said to sleep. That country was a fair place rich in green. But an evil one coveted and then took the power of the gods. Through evil forces, he covered the kingdom with darkness." ~ The Wind Waker prologue

"And my god has one desire. For light and shadow to become one darkness!!" ~ Zant
If plunging the world into darkness is his motive as the demon king, then it follows that the Triforce fastidiously complies to that desire, in which it factually turned the Sacred Realm into the Dark World. However, Ganon's desire is to rule both worlds and if it stands that his intention is to assimilate the light world into the Dark World, then it too follows that the Triforce would turn the light world that occupies Hyrule into a Dark World. Does the Triforce accomplish this verbatim? It can be argued that indeed it did. The instruction manual states that Hyrule was blanketed by "dark clouds" that "always covered the skies": 

"Dark clouds always covered the sky, and unlucky incidents; one after another, also attacked Hyrule." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

At first glance this may not seem to carry much weight, but there is contextual applicability with "dark clouds" that coincides with Ganon's overall desires. Turning back to the aforementioned TWW quote the Japanese text states that darkness was "spread through evil forces", which is relatively vague as to what the cause is (even though it is rather obvious based upon the prior statements of him taking the power of the gods, its still rather implicated to be through other means). The english localization, on the other hand, mentions that the cause of the darkness spreading is the Triforce part being used by Ganondorf outright:

"But one day a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself. With its strength at his command he spread darkness across the kingdom." ~ The Wind Waker prologue

As a sort of unwritten rule in the orthodoxy of Zelda theorizing, the Japanese text tends take priority over english localization. Although this is definitely the more faithful and correct approach (and rightfully so), there are occasions where sometimes the Japanese may be too vague to pin a definitive explanation, and thus we're left with mere guesswork. In this instance, the english text is specifying that the darkness came from Ganondorf obtaining and using the Triforce to spread the darkness across the land, \[and there is at the very least a moment in OoT that matches this description quite accurately\]([]( So it would be more pragmatic to say the english text may be the more 'accurate' in this case (ironic as that may be), insofar as to just simply contextualize "evil force" rather than try to disprove it, and there is no reason to believe the original script and localized script can't coexist on a matter with a slightly different approach so long as there is no severe contradiction (as rare as that may be). This becomes pretty noteworthy because the Hylian language thats written on the tapestry featured in TWW's prologue, alludes to dark clouds once again appearing over Hyrule in a manner that portends to Ganon's return: 

"A little time after it had seemed that peace had returned, dark clouds hung over the kingdom once again." ~ Translated Hylian on the scroll in The Wind Waker's prologue

If the darkness that spread to Hyrule was caused by Ganondorf's evil usage of the Triforce, then the dark clouds that "once again" covered Hyrule is an intended outcome of his usage of the Triforce's power for his evil desire as an extension to that (since he still has the Triforce of Power). This gives hypothetical similarities with the details of what Ganondorf would likely have wished for in ALttP, which essentially would be he wants a world of darkness, if its withstanding that Ganondorf is actively seeking to shroud the worlds in darkness. TP gives a more punctuated example as to what the contextual details would possibly be like for Ganon's wish in ALttP:

"I have one wish. With this abominable sword to bury all the light." ~ Ganondorf Twilight Princess

This in tandem with the earlier quote regarding Zant and him advocating for Ganondorf's "wish" of creating darkness, largely tells two things in correlation to the unknown details of Ganon's wish in ALttP: 1.) That it reinforces Ganon's desire for two worlds of darkness. 2.) The way to execute it is to simply "blot out the light." If these are the details that Ganondorf requested for his wish on the Triforce, then its rational to say that the Triforce grants Ganondorf that wish in earnest with no extraneous conditions to make it come to pass. Rather, it abides veraciously to the wish by blotting out the light with dark clouds which the manual states. It seems uncanny, but not at all unlikely, as Zelda's prophetic dream symbolizes Ganondorf's rule through the allegory of dark clouds:

"I had a dream. Hyrule was covered in black clouds and it kept getting darker and darker[…] The other hint in my prophetic dream… The black clouds… They are that man… Will you peek in too?" ~ Zelda Ocarina of Time

"My name is Ganondorf! The man who will rule the world!!" ~ Ganondorf Ocarina of Time

TWW in-game also attests to the distinction of the absence of light from the latter portions of the game, that is induced by the endless storm brought about by what Jabun states is stemmed from Ganondorf's evil.

"As I thought, that ominous rain and never-ending night were Ganon's curse. He wants to turn this land into a land of darkness as well?" ~ King of Red Lions

Since OoT retrospectively shows that Ganondorf uses the Triforce of Power to spread darkness, with TWW's localized prologue and Hylian transcript as an extrapolation, it can be safely concluded that the endless storm is oriented around Ganondorf's evil exploitations of the Triforce of Power. This sets the framework of the premise that the Triforce in the ALttP backstory functionally grants Ganondorf's wish, in which its possible to gauge the actual context beyond rule the worlds, and that it fulfilled that wish by transforming both the Sacred Realm and Hyrule into Dark Worlds; the product of what Ganon consistently desires throughout the series. It can therefore be interpreted that the mention of Ganon intending to fulfill his wish at the dawn of the Seal War, is a matter of him consummating that wish by being there in person to claim his reward. As a analogy, it can be viewed with some similarity to the state of presidency that follows an election; a candidate is elected president, external preparations are made for the newly elected president to take office in person, the president is sworn into office at the White House in person. But because the Swamp Palace maiden mentions that Ganon couldn't figure a way out of the Sacred Realm, he couldn't claim it in the flesh and had to resort to alternative means. 

Additionally, the scope of the wish's reach is justified as well given that the manual also specifies that Ganondorf's laugh echoed throughout the totality of the Sacred Realm's spacetime boundaries, and extended through Hyrule as well: 

"The leader smiled, and the echo of his laugh echoed across time and space and even to the far away land of Hyrule." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

This is a strong indication that the boundaries between the Sacred Realm and Hyrule relative to Ganondorf's laugh being pervasive to both worlds, are effectively correspondent to the scope of Ganondorf's wish to have both worlds (to which again can be rationally contextualized as worlds of darkness). This is pretty integral to the argument that the Triforce does technically grant Ganon's wish in full, because a potential counterpoint can be positioned that the dark clouds only came about as a result of Ganon gradually building up his power as a part of his plan to rule the light world, instead of it being directly tied to the scope of the Triforce's power to grant his wish.

"Once he had stored up power there, Ganon intended come out into the World of Light in order to fulfill his wish." ~ Essence of the Triforce

However, it is mentioned in game by the Misery Mire maiden that Ganon's power alone was not enough to break the seal, which required additional means of gathering the maidens and extracting their power, with Agahnim being used to do so:

"Ganon collecting us was because with Ganon's power, the seal of the Seven Sages could not be broken. Accordingly, using the priest Aghanim, he had the seven maidens who inherit the power of the Sages fed into the Dark World. After he used our power and broke the seal, we, whose usefulness was over, were sealed in crystals and presented to monsters." ~ Misery Mire maiden

This is coupled by the fact that the Palace of Darkness maiden remarks that with their powers, he intended to open a pathway of even greater power:

"It seems that he plotted to also rule our Light World once he had built up power. Then, using we seven maidens who inherit the power of the Seven Sages as the key, he broke the seal, and furthermore, he intends to open a passage of greater power near the castle. However, that passage has not yet completely opened." ~ Palace of Darkness maiden

These statements by both the Misery Mire and Palace of Darkness maidens greatly suggests that Ganon's "plan" to go on to the light world to fulfill his wish is stemmed from his machinations of using the maidens' powers to enhance his own, rather than from the framework of the timeframe of when the wish was made for it to be fulfilled. This line of reasoning makes the supposition that the Triforce granted Ganon's wish for worlds of darkness, in which the idea that his voice resonated all throughout both Hyrule and the Sacred Realm as being a facet to that wish and that dark clouds covered Hyrule, all the more persuasive. There is one last major caveat to this interpretation and that is the properties of the Dark World. ALttP establishes that the effects of the Dark World transforms any inhabitant into a form that reflects their heart. Given that this is a chief aspect of the nature of the Dark World, it therefore becomes necessary to address if said characteristics are the same behind the claim that the dark clouds beset over Hyrule, are the same as the Sacred Realm-transformed-Dark World with those properties. In the attempt to tackle this, it must be stated foremost that Ganon's power being centered on the Triforce should fundamentally be different from the Triforce's own potency to grant wishes. This is an important distinction because the former is what in-game text classifies as demonic/evil power, which serves as a contrast to the manual's description of the Triforce as being morally neutral: 

"The entrance to the sacred land where the gold was hidden was discovered in that Hyrule Kingdom, and many people fought, and vanished into the sacred land. However, there were none who returned. Worse, evil power came gushing forth from there." ~ A Link to the Past prologue

"Ho, ho, ho.... That means that with this, even the seal of the Seven Sages seal has been successfully dissolved. It is only a matter of time before demonic power engulfs this country..." ~ Agahnim

"The Triforce cannot itself judge good and evil. That is because only gods judge good and evil." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

Because the Triforce cannot itself judge between good and evil wishes is indicative that it does not have an inherent moral alignment under its own accord. Rather, ownership of the Triforce from a person with a moral compass is ultimately deterministic on how its powers will be used, in which case in point, the Triforce's power is simply an outlet for a person to project their will on. It therefore would be inaccurate to deduce that the Triforce itself is evil under Ganon's influence, but that the power it bestowed upon Ganon is mutable to his evil nature, and that said power would logically be what transformed him into the Demon King than from the wish itself. This concurs with how OoT distinguishes that the Triforce of Power's power as an outlet became Ganondorf's power as the Demon King: 

"He acquired the Triforce in the center of this Sacred this Temple of Light. And with that power he became the Maou [Demon King]." ~ Rauru

"His magic power continued to flow out of the temples and in only seven years the entire land of Hyrule was turned into a land of monsters..." ~ Rauru

To sort of dichotimize it with an example, Zelda's powers in BoTW is oriented around the power of the Triforce, but her powers likely does not account for the potency of its wishing capabilites. This is because comparatively in TMC, Zelda with the last remnants of the Light Force and the Mage's Cap, was able to concentrate the force in them into thought (Ezlo urges Zelda to make a wish), whose outcome resulted into all of the demons occupying Hyrule to be completely erased from existence and the damages done in Hyrule to be fixed. Zelda exercising the power of the Triforce in BoTW does not reach the same scale of power to incontrovertibly fix all of Hyrule and eradicate all of the demons occupying it, which strongly suggests that its powers distributed to a person is different from its wish granting potency. This positions a critical point to posit the idea that the Dark World's transformative properties are derived from Ganon's power as the Demon King rather than from the wish, ergo, *"demonic/evil power coming from the entrance."*

The Japanese text of the instruction manual classifies that evil power to be an extension of Ganon's aura that seeped into the light world and gradually advanced to the royal palace:

"However, the situation was urgent as the malignant Ganon's noxious gas pressed on towards the royal palace." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

This is preceded by the statement in the manual that mentions said aura to have ensnared greedy men who disappeared into the gathering smoke:

"Greedy persons vanished into this powerful gathering smoke." A Link to the Past instruction manual

Because it makes a descriptive note for coining the people who disappeared into it to be greedy, it stands to reason to propose that the method of Ganon building his army is achieved through his evil aura that permeated into Hyrule. This is effectively supported on noticeably similar grounds that Rauru mentions in OoT regarding Ganondorf's power radiating into the temples of Hyrule:

"His magic power continued to flow out of the temples and in only seven years the entire land of Hyrule was turned into a land of monsters..." ~ Rauru

Since SS also reinforces that a demonic poweaura from an eminent demon is enough to have influential effects on indigineous lifeforms, the idea of Ganon's noxious gas transforming these greedy men into demons becomes soundly justified under that basis:

"There's no denying that when I was a demon, I must have radiated a fiendish power into my surroundings. Now that I'm human, it seems that most-unpleasant aura has completely faded from this place, like an odious aroma in the wind!" ~ Batreaux

What's especially noteworthy regarding this characteristic is that it, from a pragmatic standpoint, is a descriptive component for defining a makai. A makai is a Japanese term that loosely translates into a type of underworld or world of spirits, but Japanese mainstream media in fictional works typically attributes it more so as a domain for demonic inhabitants. The term is used on a number of occasions in Zelda to describe said characteristics where a haven of demon residency is prominent. But in the more special cases, so to speak, a makai's boundaries is not necessarily exclusive to a specific world, but can collectively account for a world that sustains the conditions that identifies it as a makai: 

"He obtained the power of the gods, planned on transforming the world into a Makai of darkness, and was sealed by the power of the gods." ~ King of Red Lions

The KoRL states that Ganondorf actively attempted to turn Hyrule into a makai of darkness. This naturally coincides with Rauru's statments about Ganondorf's evil power radiating into Hyrule and spawning demons that inhabited Hyrule in the process, despite Zelda in OoT mentioning that the Sacred Realm was already transformed into a makai as well:

"Ganondorf turned into a Maou [Demon King], and the Sacred Realm was transformed into a Makai [Demon World]. All these disasters were entirely fortuitous..." Zelda Ocarina of Time

Another special case is that the Red Knight in FSA conflates the state of the Dark World with the essence of what constitutes a makai:

"We, the group of Hyrule Knights, were felled by a man with a mighty weapon, and were dropped into the Makai along with the jewels. Right after that, among the black shadows, we and the jewels were scattered all over the place. Here I am?, a Hyrule Knight who served the royal family for generations, and then both failed to carry out his mission and was turned into a monster!" ~ Red Knight Four Swords Adventures

In FSA, the Lost Woods is titled the Dark World and its purported transformative properties in FSA also boasts a similar approach to the essence of a makai. This opens up the possibility that not only the Dark World and makai classifications can be interchangeable if the proper conditions are present, but it also conveys the idea that its reach can expand beyond limited boundaries; a realization that Twinrova in OoX raises: 

"Veran has extended the Dark Realm's reach, giving us what we seek--echoing cries of sorrow! Spread, darkness! Spread, sorrow!" ~ Twinrova Oracles

" Soon, Lord Ganon's power will change all of Hyrule's forests into Lost Woods!" ~ Deku Scrub Four Swords Adventures

"The Lost Woods is our birthplace! If you wander lost here for too long, you too can become a Deku Scrub." ~ Deku Scrub Four Swords Adventures

In overall hindsight, if the description conforms to what axiomatically describes a makai, based on the proponents of what's provided about the nature of a makai and how one can functionally be created from the aura of a prodigious demon, then Ganon in ALttP also created a makai from his demonic power that seeped from the Sacred Realm into Hyrule in the attempt to convert Hyrule into one. What this then establishes, under the context of what can be retroactively inferred from what Ganon desires in how he wants to rule the worlds (blot out the light, i.e. worlds of darkness), is that the Triforce grants him that wish by turning the Sacred Realm and Hyrule into dark worlds. But because he couldn't escape from the Sacred Realm-Dark World to claim the Hyrule-Dark World, he was left only with the option to rely on his evil aura to integrate a world of demons into both worlds who would claim the Hyrule-Dark World in his name. 
To really internalize this, [Hyrule Warriors' opening scenes gives a likely depiction of how Ganon's evil aura advances in Hyrule whilst having the land be a Dark World](

In Summary/TLDR;
Ganon's wish is what can logically be argued as having been fulfilled directly with no roundabout tactics on the part of the Triforce to make it a reality. His wish in question pragmatically is to enshroud the worlds in darkness and there is substantial reason to believe the Triforce accomplishes this in earnest. The evidence in favor of this follows accordingly:

⦁ The manual states that no ones knows what Ganon wished for exactly, therefore the remarks of Ganon's wish to conqueclaim the world are generalized with nothing to say of the contents of how the wish came to pass verbatim.
⦁ Ganon throughout the series has consistently carried an agenda to spread/cover the world in literal darkness. This gives a strong precedent of the context of what he desired.
⦁ Ganondorf's laugh resonated all throughout both Hyrule and the Sacred Realm when he claims the Triforce. This is tantamount towards portraying the scope of his wish to rule both worlds.
⦁ The manual states that "dark clouds always covered Hyrule." Dark clouds are what OoT and TWW vehemently establishes to be an omen of Ganon's rule. This melds remarkably well with the context of Ganondorf announcing his desires in the english localized version of TP to be simply "to blot out the light forever."
⦁ Ganon couldn't figure a way out of the Sacred Realm-Dark World to claim the Hyrule-Dark World as his own. He needed to find an alternative way to do so in his absence.
⦁ Demonic/evil power rushed forth from the entrance. This evil power is likened to be Ganon's evil aura in the manual.
⦁ The Triforce cannot judge between good and evil, therefore it does not harbor a true moral agenda on its own accord, making the evil power seeping out into Hyrule to rationally be a result of Ganon's evil disposition that the Triforce merely supplies indiscriminately.
⦁ A strong demonic aura conjures demons, which is instrumental for cultivating a makai (demon world) as both the KoRL and Rauru's statements collectively implies. This functionally serves as the alternative method for how Ganon would consummate his wish in the absence of him doing it himself; integrate a makai with the Dark World using his demonic aura and have the demons claim the Hyrule-Dark World in Ganon's name.
⦁ The potency of a "Triforce wish" is likely not equal to the "powers of the Triforce" allocated to a person.
⦁ FSA and TWW implies a Makai and Dark World can be interchangeable. Or at the very least the properties of both are mutually compatible with each other, making it possible that Ganon's demonic aura as being responsible for the Dark World's transformative properties.
⦁ Ganon building up his power to go on to the light world is what's more likely to be alluding to his plan to break the seal by using the maiden's powers, as his power alone was not sufficient enough to do so. This harks back to the notion of a Triforce wish =/= Triforce powers distributed to a person as having the same magnitude.

Whether or not my evaluation of Ganon's wish to be likened to his desire to turn Hyrule into a Dark World as a wish the Triforce grants in full, whilst attempting to claim said Hyrule-Dark World in the flesh, but couldn't, is true, I think it can be said that the motives of Ganon's objective for darkness to cover the world throughout the franchise as a premise gives the interpretation strong merits.
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2023.02.03 04:45 MattSkywalker006 Bringing cremated remains home from Mexico to Canada - death certificate in Spanish

My apologies if this is not the right spot for this. If there is a better subreddit, please let me know.
My Canadian father unexpectedly passed away while travelling in Mexico with my Mother. Our top priority is to get my elderly mother back to Canada as quickly as possible, but as to be expected, she is quite distraught and having trouble focusing. I'm doing everything I can from here to get them home, but one roadblock I've run into is the death certificate is in Spanish, and according to, it needs to be in English or French for my mom to bring his ashes on board with her. Has anyone run into a similar situation, or know what the requirements for translation are? They are in a small, rural town in Mexico with not much going on in it. Is this something that can be done online? Does anyone know if a digital copy would suffice? Trying to make this as pain-free as possible for my mother.
Any info, or resources would be much appreciated.
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2023.02.03 04:43 MattSkywalker006 Bringing home cremated remains from Mexico to Canada - death certificate is in Spanish.

My apologies if this is not the right spot for this. If there is a better subreddit, please let me know.
My Canadian father unexpectedly passed away while travelling in Mexico with my Mother. Our top priority is to get my elderly mother back to Canada as quickly as possible, but as to be expected, she is quite distraught and having trouble focusing. I'm doing everything I can from here to get them home, but one roadblock I've run into is the death certificate is in Spanish, and according to, it needs to be in English or French for my mom to bring his ashes on board with her. Has anyone run into a similar situation, or know what the requirements for translation are? They are in a small, rural town in Mexico with not much going on in it. Is this something that can be done online? Does anyone know if a digital copy would suffice? Trying to make this as pain-free as possible for my mother.
Any info, or resources would be much appreciated.
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2023.02.03 04:43 LongjumpingSurvey801 A bitter end to a difficult relationship. ISO advice for how to maintain some grace?

Me (31, f) and my partner (38, m) have been together four years. We began a music project at the same time we started dating and things moved pretty quickly; he moved in after about 5 months, and our music started getting some attention shortly thereafter. Having a notable music project is his biggest dream, and I didn’t realize the tangle I was getting myself into until I was already deeply attached to him. (Music was a hobby for me, though I have benefited from the project, too, and half of the songs are mine.) My partner has experienced a lot of difficult trauma (including having cancer as a kid) and tends to be critical, distant, and a workaholic/perfectionist. I realize in retrospect that I am drawn to distant people; distance and coldness feels familiar. I have spent two years in therapy during this relationship, and my therapist helped me learn about my needs and how to better communicate.
Our issues are infinite, and include not having sex, but namely, I believe he resents me for not “trying hard enough” at our band and for not knowing how to “rationally” communicate or fully care for my emotions without any help from him. I do struggle with self-esteem, depression, negativity, et al. ... but I've put in a lot of work over the past years to develop social support, I've gone to therapy, and I've tried to get better at communicating. I am so hurt by not having any of my emotional needs met for this long.
I am also shy and performing has been a huge fear. The past three years I have come a *long* way in my singing, music, and performing abilities. I am proud of myself. I have learned basic music theory and I prepare when we have shows. I learned and performed bass with no prior experience and have been singing difficult songs and playing keys with no prior experience. I have been obstinate at times when it comes to working on our music, but my partner has been extremely critical. We have stopped being able to work on music together because my lyrics aren’t funny enough, clever enough, or are too full of cliches. My singing isn’t “expressive” enough. My notes are “flat”. My songs aren’t finished. My chords are boring. I am far too hurt to work with him anymore. The love feels conditiona..
He also claims that all of our issues stem from my inability to understand my emotions and my insecurity. Yeah, I get emotional when we try to talk, but I think that’s because I have felt so unseen, unheard, unvalued, and unappreciated for years. I am now at a point of desperation. I need this to be over. I don't know why I'm writing here, I guess I just need some moral support.
We tried couples therapy last February and I watched our therapist run into the same walls I’d been struggling to scale. After 6 months, we had to quit because our fights were getting worse and he didn’t have any respect for her (she was in training). He also refused to take any of her exercises or practices seriously. He didn’t have a job for the 3 years we were together (he had money, I never paid for him) and I told him he needed to get a job or he would need to leave. He got a shitty non-profit job, which he hates even though he is getting paid decently and has a kind boss. He likely resents me for that, too.
In August 2022, when we were quitting cups therapy, he finally went to see a doctor (at my persistent nagging) about skin lesions he’s been burning off with oregano oil for over a decade. They tested positive for skin cancer, and he had surgery to have them removed. He has been shut down/depressed bc of past trauma with cancer, and despite being in a very hurt, tired place I put all of our issues aside for a few months and tried to be supportive. However, I am depleted. I blew a fuse the other day—I can’t do this anymore. I feel absolutely insane around him and I am not a dumb person. have tried to be as conscientious as possible.
Reader, I have no more energy. He has asked me to "consider the optics" for ending this relationship while he "has cancer". The band, which is active and has future shows booked, makes things more complicated. He has a place to move to early March, but I don’t know how to get through this extremely bitter-feeling end with grace. Does anybody have any advice or kind words to offer? Despite objectively knowing I have tried almost everything, I can't help but blame myself for this ginormous mess. I am keeping my place and asking him to leave. I will be going back to therapy once this is over. It hasn't always been terrible, but it has always been difficult.
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2023.02.03 04:42 ChaoticNeutGeauxTide Advice on how to go about talking with my family about not wanting children

I (25f) came to the realization I didn’t want children about a year ago. Many things factor into this decision but the largest are: - I have a ridiculous amount of student loans and no desire to juggle child care on top of them - I have been blessed with an incredibly large non-nuclear family which unfortunately means I’ve dealt with a lot of loss in the family. I fear my loved ones dying constantly (going to therapy for this) and know I would be a stress ball of a mother - I just don’t particularly want children, growing up I always said things about having them but I’m realizing that was only because I understood it to be something people with uteri did
I semi-recently entered the most serious relationship I’ve ever been in (2 years and v healthy) and introduced my partner (25m) to my family. I’ve never introduced a partner before this one. This led to a conversation with my mother where she brought up grandchildren for the first time with me. I expressed to her that I had no desire to have children and she went on a rant about how great I am with my various cousins children. I told her I love children but not for myself. She looked like I had just told her I wished she was dead and we didn’t speak of it.
She called me a few months later questioning if I had been influenced by my partner to come to this decision. In truth, he was always riding the fence on the topic and has stated he’s happy with whatever I want. She sounded on the brink of tears so I backtracked and told her he had nothing to do with it and I was just worried about the finances of it and she said she’d help. For context, my mom is planning on retiring and leaving the country shortly so I’m not sure how she’d be planning on helping anyway.
I’ve always been outspoken and strong in my opinions so I will not by any means be persuaded into doing something I’m adamantly against. I had planned to pretend to struggle with infertility and satiate my family with “we’re trying” in response to any questions while staying on birth control. I’d hoped over time they’d just feel sorry and stopped asking. A wrench was thrown in the works the other day. While on a phone call with a cousin (38f) she asked how I could say something like that to my mother. I’m easily baited into arguments so I went on about why everyone was trying to force me into something I don’t want to do. She called me selfish and I know she’s going to bring it up with my mother.
I haven’t visited home in a few months but I know the next time I do the conversation will be had. Does anyone have any good pointers on how to proceed with a conversation like this with boomer parents?
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2023.02.03 04:41 FickleSignature9966 New clan looking for new palyers

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2023.02.03 04:41 tom_echo QR code to open PWA

So I was doing taxes this year on my desktop and there was an option to scan a doc using a phone. It mentioned “no app download required” which I thought would take me to a website. However when I scanned the qr code and clicked the link it seemed to open an app called “turbotax app clip”. Is this a pwa?
Im a web dev and it seems like “continue this in the app” would be an awesome flow. Does anyone know more about this? I wasn’t able to find any relevant results with a google search.
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2023.02.03 04:38 aspie_mom Insurance or out-of-pocket for official diagnosis?

Here is our dilemma. Our son was educationally diagnosed and is highly functional. We are thinking of paying out-of-pocket for his official medical diagnosis so that in the future, he can use the report to share with whoever he feels needs to (future employment, etc.) know without it being recorded in his medical record. This is to ensure his diagnosis won't be potentially used against him in any way.
When he transferred to a new doctor, the doctor was aware of his condition as he said he can see the word "asperger's " on the computer screen when he pulled up his medical records.
I asked his psychologist how that can be when he never went through official testing.His reply was: "Insurances require a diagnosis code, even if only a “rule-out,” in order to process claims. This is the case even with non-evaluation services such as counseling."
Does that mean at this point, it would be moot to pay out-of-pocket and we should use our insurance? Or is it still valid that we should not go through insurance?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated since we don't know the medical industry/process and our goal is to not make the decision for our son if he wants to adopt, immigrate, or hold a high-security job, etc. and was prohibited from doing so because of the official testing diagnosis.
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