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2023.02.03 05:45 grapeyard_keeper Am I allowed to park my car at the residential street and sleep inside?

Not sure if I'm allowed to post a such question here. I tried to look up but couldn't really find the clear answer.
Long story short I had to leave where I used live with pretty much zero notice (edit:meant I had to pack up and bolt in like few hours) and until find a solid place to stay, I'm intended to park my car in a residential street not far away from my workplace if it's not illegal & break any bylaws. I parked right in front of the house with for sale signs, and seems no one lives there right now. (No light has been on at all).
Is this gonna be a problem? I read some posts about what's happening in the States, and it says the cops patrol around the residential area and kick people off if they found anyone sleeping inside the car.
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2023.02.03 05:20 swagNextTuber Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young welcome son: 'Our baby boy is here'

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2023.02.03 05:11 dmo069 Ant Anstead Congratulates Christina’s Ex Tarek on 1st Baby With Heather

Ant Anstead Congratulates Christina’s Ex Tarek on 1st Baby With Heather An unlikely bromance? Christina Hall’s (née Haack) ex-husbands Ant Anstead and Tarek El Moussa are... https://dallasnewssource.com/ant-anstead-congratulates-christinas-ex-tarek-on-1st-baby-with-heathe
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2023.02.03 05:00 Confident-Editor-455 Rural vs. Urban conundrum

My wife and I are both in our mid-thirties. We have two kids under 3.
Since my wife finished grad school about 10 years ago, we’ve moved around to different cities every 3 or so years, following job opportunities for her career. We own our current home, and owned homes in the past two cities we’ve lived in. We lived in those houses less than three years, but with work we did on them and the housing market as it was, we made money with each sale. We’ve lived in a larger city (1m), two mid size (80,000 and 500,000) and currently live just outside a small town with 20,000 people. Generally, we’ve made the most of wherever we’ve lived - we find something to love wherever we are and are pretty adaptable.
Shortly after our first born arrived, we moved from the city with 1m people to the place with 20,000 people, partially to be closer to my parents while raising our child. My wife’s parents sold their house and moved to be closer to us, as well.
I work remotely so I’m generally pretty flexible with our living situation. My wife is dissatisfied with her current job and recently was contacted by a former coworker from one of the previous cities we lived in about a job opportunity with one of her old employers. My wife is clearly excited by the opportunity; we talked about it, she interviewed, and it sounds like she has a good chance of getting an offer, which likely will include a good pay bump in addition to being more fulfilling work.
We talked about it and I’m basically in the camp that, if this is a “dream job” for her, we should make it happen. I don’t want her to be dissatisfied in her career, and again, we are pretty young still.
However, there are significant trade-offs with the move this time around: we’d be leaving a nice living situation - we have 13 acres and we love being outside working on the garden or other projects and there are perks to country living / not having neighbors. Our oldest child especially loves having that space to roam and explore. We’d be leaving a strong support network (grandparents are doing childcare for us right now and we have close friends outside of family that we like to get together with). We’d also, however, be leaving a community that exemplifies some of the negative aspects of rural life - it overall is pretty closed minded / stuck in the past and racially and culturally homogenous. So that would be nice to leave behind.
The new city we’d be moving to would be a more suburban setting, would have better school district and a more exciting culture that better fits our personal values, and also have some great hiking/fishing/outdoor opportunities (nature is important to us). We wouldn’t be able to afford acreage there, so our living situation would be different. Also, no support network, but it’s only about 2 hours away from where we are now. I also worry about my wife’s parents’ reaction, since I don’t know if they’d want to pickup and follow us on this move. Ultimately, they are adults and we aren’t responsible for their choices in following us, but it’s still a big deal and I’d feel some guilt leaving them.
So if you can’t tell, I’m torn between the two possibilities: there is good and bad to both. I also worry about the pattern of moving so often and worry about the possibility that my wife will become dissatisfied at this new job, as well…on the flip side, I don’t want my wife to be stuck in the status quo in a job she dislikes; I love her and want her to be happy.
What do you think? Not expecting “answers” to this conundrum by any means, just looking for musings from anyone who’s been in a remotely similar situation. Thank you!
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2023.02.03 04:59 jp_1896 [RE4 Remake Coverage Spoilers] I think I figured out about the dog

When the first hands-on impressions with RE4 came out after the showcase, many reporters commented on the fate of our beloved dog, but I think there's more to it.

There's spoilers ahead if you're not following all the coverage RE4 Remake is getting!

Basically, my theory is: Ashley saves the dog. Or rather, CAN save the dog.

First of all: All of the Remakes so far have done one thing exceptionally well: Rework their intros. RE2 added the gas station as a playable scenario that added to tension and gave us an iconic moment reworked (Leon and Claire's first meeting) and RE3 had the apartment escape playable with a very strong intro to Nemesis and new background info on Jill's state of mind, her trauma and her paranoia. I think RE4 will be no different. The reveal trailer already showed off what looks a lot like an Ashley playable section, and by the looks of her surroundings and with the added context of new footage, it looks like she was walking in the forest near the Hunter's Lodge (the house of the First Ganado, or how it's being called in RE4).
Leaving that off for a moment, when the journalists played a short 30-minute demo for RE4, they found that the dog that could be rescued and would help in the El Gigante fight was already dead by the time they found him. At first everyone assumed that was the end of it, a statement to the bleaker world they're building in RE4R and the darker tone. However, the Game Informer coverage recently mentioned in an interview that the devs hinted that the dog's fate "isn't what it seems". So that finally got me thinking...

What if in the new intro to the game, we have a short Ashley playable section where she briefly manages to evade her captors on her way to the village, sneaks around the hunter's lodge trying to find a way to escape only to be captured again. And during this playable section, players have a chance of rescuing the dog, but only briefly. I'd wager there would be some challenge involved too, like having to sneak around some enemies as an intro to the new stealth mechanics, in order to successfully do so. If the player fails, Leon meets the dog already dead. If they succeed, Leon gets helped by the dog later during the fight.
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2023.02.03 04:43 Sintered_Monkey How to sell the house and liquidate everything in it?

I am about to drive for 2 days to spend a month (I hope) moving my parents into a very nice retirement community, while I take on the task of getting rid of everything in the house and selling the house. I am able to work remotely during this time. I realize that Covid was a truly terrible thing, but one of the few benefits of the pandemic was that it made remote work the norm, and you could do things like work remotely for a month and not have your employer raise a stink, if you work for a good company, which I do.
So the first part of the task is to get my parents physically moved into their new home, and get them comfortable with it. That includes things like using the retirement home's transportation system to get to doctors and grocery shopping so that I don't have to do it. Because I have to work and all.
The second task is to separate the valuable items in the house, which we actually have, from the worthless ones, put them into climate controlled storage, and deal with them later. Maybe when I'm retired. Then I have to get rid of all the worthless stuff in an estate sale.
The third one is to find a realtor and get the house ready for sale. Parts of the house are in amazing shape. Other parts are in terrible shape. My plan is to sell the house, put the proceeds into a High Yield Savings Account, and use the interest as a cushion for their living expenses. As it stands, they are OK financially, but I would like to establish a cushion of interest income for them, since interest rates are so high right now. If interest rates decline during the course of their lives, I will reinvest in some kind of stocks/bond mix to keep the passive income coming in. And if that all goes horribly wrong, they still have the amount that I sold the house for to fall back on. I also have to sell two cars.
Even though I have thought this out, it is still a bit overwhelming, seeing how I still have to hold down a full time, though remote job during this process. I am going to be driving to doctor's offices constantly while attempting to answer emails and take Zoom meetings in waiting rooms. I also have to figure out how to deal with the expenses of this whole endeavor. It is going to cost money to rent a storage space and have the truly crappy parts of the house fixed in order to sell it. I can pay for all of this, fortunately, but what then? Do I keep a spreadsheet of how much I spent, then deduct it once the house sells, or do I just swallow the cost, knowing I'll eventually inherit it back?
And how do I maintain my sanity, let alone my job during this time?
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2023.02.03 04:40 alltherach_ 230203 TXT mentioned BTS during their radio segment on G-Park Radio Show

all trans by translatingTXT; the recording will be uploaded later onto KBS' YouTube channel.
(🐰 = soobin, 🦊 = yeonjun, 🧸 = beomgyu, 🐿 = taehyun, 🐧 = hueningkai)
part 1
👤 soobin, i heard you went to bts rm’s house to get advice; is his house big?
🐰 …it’s really huge
🐧 i’m really curious now!!
👤 what did you guys talk about?
🐰 there was a time last year when i was really doubting myself as an artist and he gave me really good advice
🐰 so going to hyung’s house really made me think “i should work really hard”
👤 you felt that after looking at his house?
🐰 🤣🤣🤣🤣
part 2
👤 are any of the rest of you close to any seniors?
🐿️ mine’s bts sunbaenim too!
🐿️ suga hyung, jimin hyung, hobi hyung..
👤 have you been to their house?
🐿️ i’ve been to suga hyung’s house!
👤 is it big?
🐿️ it’s reallllly big
👤 (like soobin) did you also think “i should work really hard”
🐿️ i did!!
👤 you’re all feeling like this after looking at their house, right?
part 3
👤 you guys ended the initial sales with over 2.16 million sales and you’re at #4, what is ‘initial sales’?
🧸 the number of copies sold in the first week!!
🧸 the tracking just ended yesterday
👤 who is #1?
🧸 bts!
👤 #2?
🧸 bts!
👤 #3?
🧸 bts!
👤 and you’re #4!!!
part 4
👤 your company building is really crazy
🦊 we get really good food there
🐿️ there’s even a gym
👤 a gym??!
🐿️ there’s a separate artist gym
👤 so what’s the difference?
🐿️ it’s the same but when you enter, there’s bts inside
👤 so they’ll kick me out if i go?
🦊 we can invite you!!
👤 but if i go without your invitation, they’d kick me out and be like “who is this dude 🤨”
part 5
🦊 i’m not just saying this but my role model is bts
🦊 i’ve seen them practice since our company was really small and they’ve worked so so hard
part 6 & 7
🧸 my role model is bts too! particularly v sunbaenim
👤 what do you usually call him?
🧸 i call him hyung
🧸 i used to look up his videos for reference and to this day, i still look up his videos to see if there’s anything i can refer to
🧸 i think taehyun has really big eyes but v hyung has HUGE eyes like they’re no joke
trans by serotyunnin
🦊 Once, when we were practicing, Suga-hyung tossed us some chicken and said, “Guys, eat some while you’re at it” and then left. It was so tsundere and it made my heart flutter

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2023.02.03 04:36 fitfulbrain Bugs and Insects

You have to do several things:
  1. kill them
  2. ruin their habitat
  3. prevent them from coming back
Killing them is surprisingly easy. Any surfactant will kill or immobilize insects so you can go in for the kill. Anything with suds will do, liquid detergents for handwash dishes, body wash, shampoo, hand soap, etc. It doesn't need to be concentrated as long as there are bubbles when you shake the bottle.
Ants will be killed instantly. With a spray bottle, I'm not afraid of a whole nest of fire ants.
Flies will be shot down and grounded immediately. You have plenty of time to walk to them and give them a drop or two of alcohol, first-aid rubbing alcohol, or vodka (non-toxic) if you prefer. Same for spiders.
It works for big insects. I haven't encountered it myself, but there are repeated reports that cockroaches will be grounded. And if alcohol doesn't work, step on them or use strong acids or alkalines.
There are chemicals on sale that are claimed to prevent ants/cockroaches to come back for months. I don't use them because they must be toxic and you have to keep applying them, month after month.
I suggest a quick eviction. Spray where they hang out with alcohol or at least bubble solutions. If they are not killed they have to move. Once they move, there are better places to hang out rather than coming back to face the suds and alcohol before they are dry.
To make sure they don't come back, make sure that all the cracks in the outer walls are sealed. In apartments, it's the walls dividing units. It's pretty easy if you have ants living outside your home. When they get in, you have a long trail of ants for hours or days. Just follow them where they get in and seal the cracks.
The inner walls or room partitions are not airtight. So you may have bugs living between the walls peacefully for ages, but come out all of a sudden for some reason.
That happens to us. We live on a giant ant hill. When they can't find food or water outside, the whole nest may come out to invade the countertop and the sink. It seems that they are from everywhere, electric outlets, cabinets, floors, and walls. We have terminators who quit our neighborhood. If you don't seal the outside of the house, there's nothing you can do. They can spray whatever organic pesticide around the yard. But we live on a giant ant hill.
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2023.02.03 03:55 DewboyReviews [US][Selling] Various Steelbooks and arrow Boxsets

Selling Various Steelbooks and Arrow Boxsets
Hi all, come up on some hard times again and it’s time to let some more movies go. Looking for PayPal, Venmo, Cash or Trade for these.
Thanks for looking!
Arrow Boxsets: - Giallo Red Essentials (DAMAGED SLIGHTLY) $30 - Giallo Yellow Essentials $35 - Yokai Monsters Collections Limited edition OOP SOLD
Give me an offer if you’d like, Willing to ship! Thanks for looking!
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2023.02.03 03:54 DewboyReviews [US-NV][H] Various steelbooks and Arrow Boxsets [W] Paypal, Cash, Venmo, or trade

Selling Various Steelbooks and Arrow Boxsets
Hi all, come up on some hard times again and it’s time to let some more movies go. Looking for PayPal, Venmo, Cash or Trade for these.
Thanks for looking!
Arrow Boxsets: - Giallo Red Essentials (DAMAGED SLIGHTLY) $30 - Giallo Yellow Essentials $35 - Yokai Monsters Collections Limited edition OOP SOLD
Give me an offer if you’d like, Willing to ship! Thanks for looking!
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2023.02.03 03:37 jpiecka99 Letters From Federal Prison: Post #2

The Crime
10 years ago, to say I was a different person is a massive understatement. I was living in the suburbs of Michigan with 2 young kids and was in a very bad marriage. My wife at the time and I were just 2 personalities that clashed more than got along. One of the most consistent clashes was about me needing to make more money NOW. Were the bills paid? Yes, but there seemed to always be a need for something--newer car, upgrades to the house, better house in better city, etc. I was a manager at a Bank and desperate for a solution to save something that should have just been allowed to end naturally.
In Justin Papperny's book Lessons from Prison, he talks about The Fraud Triangle.
The first prong in The Fraud Triangle is pressure. I felt tremendous pressure to instantly make more money so my wife would be happy and proud of me. Pressure--Check!!
The second prong is opportunity. As bank managers, we would often keep an eye out for accounts with larger balances in checking and savings accounts to use as warm leads to hand to our in-house Financial Advisors. I came across an account that had a good size balance in the checking account. The notes on the account said the customer had been deceased for years. There were no beneficiaries listed and the U.S. Government continued to deposit Social Security into the account every month. This was the definition of "Clerical Error". Opportunity---Check!!
The third prong of The Fraud Triangle, and in my opinion the most dangerous, is rationalization. The money in the account was not being missed by anyone. I would never steal from a family or organization/charity that deserved this money and MAYBE the government would never even notice!!! Rationalization--CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
To be clear, nobody ever even hinted at me to do something illegal to save my marriage. Also, to be as clear as possible, I stole that money from that account. I stole from the account multiple times telling my wife I received bonuses at work. Eventually when we did get divorced (shocker!!) and I was no longer at the Bank (I hated the job and went into Sales), I again felt pressure to provide more than required by the courts because I did not think it was fair for my kids lives to change drastically just because their parents were not together anymore. Therefore, I gave my paychecks to my x-wife and I used the other account to pay my bills (used car payment, cheap 1 bedroom apartment, food, utilities). I never used the money for anything but necessities.
Eventually, I met the love of my life (my wife to this day) and moved away from the stolen account. For several years my life was fantastic!! Until a normal Tuesday morning in May 2021 between 6 and 7 am when my wife woke me up and said someone was pounding on the front door. As soon as I opened the door and saw the crowd that was waiting, I knew they were there for me and I knew a new phase of my life was about to begin.
Conclusion--PLEASE---Recognize the signs of The Fraud Triangle and do not let IT lead down the wrong path...
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2023.02.03 03:36 bog_witch-official My partner's neighbors were replaced

This takes place in central Oregon.
I (17nb) hadn't been to my partner's (16nb) house in a while, but when our school had an event a couple hours after our last class I decided to go to their place while we waited instead of going all the way to my house which is about a half hour drive away.
I don't personally know their neighbors but they do have an outdoor cat which my partner frequently has to remove from their garage because he's a little shit who likes to engage in trespassing but we forgive him because he's adorable. We see the cat trying to get in the garage as we're walking to the house from my car and I don't think anything of it. We get in the house and settle down to play games and do homework. About an hour later my partner's guardian gets home from her job and comes into the room to say hi and get the dog. While we were talking my partner brought up that we saw the neighbors cat.
Their guardian then tells me about the weird stuff that's been going on at the neighbors. According to my partner's guardian the neighbors left on what looked like a week long trip, we're guesstimating the actual duration of the trip from the amount of luggage the family was packing in their car. The next day a new family seemingly moved in, but none of the original family's belongings had been moved out of the house. The pets stayed, the new family's children played with the toys in the backyard, and there was no for sale sign prior to the neighbors leaving.
This usually isn't weird, a normal person would just assume that this family was house sitting. Except for the fact that the original neighbors left around 2 months ago in the family car. They definitely did not pack enough luggage for that long of a trip. The new family also brought five cars with them, 2 commuter cars, and 3 different pickup trucks.
Normally I would chock this up to the family taking a long road trip or something but not everything is adding up. Why did they leave their dog behind? Why did the new family bring so many cars if they're just house sitting???? I might just be overthinking but this whole thing seems really weird.
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2023.02.03 02:57 shynailgirl Heather Rae El Moussa Welcomes First Baby With Tarek El Moussa

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2023.02.03 02:40 shynailgirl Heather Rae Young Gives Birth: She Welcomes Baby Boy With Tarek El Moussa

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2023.02.03 02:37 Careless_Bad_3365 Heather Rae El Moussa Welcomes First Baby With Tarek El Moussa

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2023.02.03 02:36 shynailgirl Tarek & Heather Rae El Moussa Welcome Their First Child, & It's a...

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2023.02.03 02:24 Grayhome Got an advertisement in the mail for $550,000 houses for sale. It was riddled with misspellings and errors.

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2023.02.03 02:12 Ogre_Squatch Power Tool Opinion

I do a TON of residential installs, my impact driver of choice is a Makita 18v. I’ve had it for around three years now. A supply house near my shop has a Milwaukee 12v combo kit on sale for 100 dollars. I have always loved the look of the 12v impact with the handle battery. Do y’all think 12v is good enough to send zip screws into trunks and 26/28 gauge sheet metal?
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2023.02.03 02:03 AlphabirdsHorsies What's the font used on Sesame Street promotional material?

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2023.02.03 02:02 TheCCP [WTS] Spyder Infestation at Critical Levels. Exterminators needed.

Howdy friends, an honor to post as always! I’m gonna take a temp ban for at least a month, because I need to try to unaddict myself from this awesome hobby and focus on more important things in life - like sharpening knives haha. Freehand sharpening is not that hard with a lil bit of training and decent stones, and it’s not that expensive. Plus with credit card bills from this past month’s spending and my carnal desire to get a TSPROF, it’s time to kiss some of these sweet children goodbye.
I am open to trades but I am pretty picky at this point. Trade interests/my WTBs are listed near the bottom. I will do my absolute best to try to get these out Saturday, but given the winter storm in my area (and related loss of power) it’s possible the PO might not be open until Monday when the effects of the storm clears.
If you’re new, welcome to the swap! If you’re feeling lost, check out the buyer’s guide I put together here :) and if you’re not so new, check out part 2, featuring a purchasing logging template and other great tips I wish I was told earlier! Oh, and if you don’t know anything about the steels I’m talking about here, check this out!
Boilerplate: “Yolo” is king, Prices are OBRO PP F&F (I can accept G&S + small fee upon request). CONUS USPS shipping is included in prices and packages over $69.69 in value will be insured. “Add-on” items (under $35) must be added to another item for free shipping - otherwise I would be happy to split the shipping cost with you. I usually ship same or next day and try to package as sustainably as possible. Please see the fine print here for more detail about my terms and responsibilities as a seller.
I am open to bundling deals and trades (but would prefer to sell). Show me whatchu got! Questions, Trades, or Haggling? I prefer Chat, but I can do PM as well. Know your local knife laws. Let’s get on with it!
C&R means catch and release - hardly handled by me. You can claim a knife at asking price by saying “yolo [item name]” or “yolo [item number]” e.g. “Yolo Silverax” or “Yolo 6”. “Dibs” or “I’ll take [item]” is also acceptable.

Table of Contents

2. Cruwear Stretch 2 XL Gray G10, Unnested liners - SV: 250
4. Para 3 LW SPY27, Cobalt Blue FRN - SV: 110
6. Chopped Silverax (Gecko Customs) w/MXG Clip - SV: 169.69
8. Stretch 1 FRN (VG-10)- SV: 65
11. Sage Collection (1-5) BUNDLE - SV: 900
12. Assist Black FRN VG-10 (discontinued variant) - SV: 95
13. Native 5 LW S30V in a salt yellow body - SV: 90
15. Para 3 (G10 model) Bronze Ti hardware + LNW clip kit - SV: 50
16. AWT Para 3 LW Sunflower Grip Kit - SV: 85
18. Para 3 Black G10 factory scales - SV: 15
19. Para 3 Fat Carbon Lava Flow Aramis Scales - SV: 150
20. Spyderco Gunting with no blade - SV: 50
21. Ikuchi Stock Scales - SV: 15
23. Benchmade Crooked River S30V/Dymondwood Full Size - SV: 180
25. Benchmade Mini Griptillian 154CM User - SV: 69.69
27. Really shiny custom fixed blade - SV: 69.69
I also still have a Tropen (from my last sales post) if anyone is looking to try one.


2. Cruwear Stretch 2 XL Gray G10, Unnested liners - SV: 250
C&R. The Cruwear stretch 2 XL is one mother of a knife and is easily one of those you could have as the “single knife” since it can really do it all. It feels authoritative and ergonomic - the handle is really well shaped imo. The handle is slightly larger than a Stretch 2 yet the blade is significantly larger so it carries quite well. I love that it has a choil and the full unnested liners add the weight and rigidity that make it feel like an absolute tool. The blade is pretty much the same shape as the pm2/millie but much thinner so it’s a better slicer. Action is solid and boy is it sharp. I got this thing new, direct from Spyderco, and did some very light work (boxes, paper) and carried a couple times. There’s a hairline scratch on the show side of the blade but it’s hard to notice if you aren’t just staring at the blade to prepare it for a sales post. Save quite a bit off retail ($288) with me here and grab a fantastic knife. Comes with og box!
4. Para 3 LW SPY27, Cobalt Blue FRN - SV: 110
For context about SPY27 - it’s an evolution of VG-10 which features added cobalt (hence the “27” as a reference to its atomic number) and is made exclusively for Spyderco (hence “SPY”). Despite the relative mediocrity of its predecessor VG-10, SPY27 is a very nice steel, about analogous to S35VN in performance but is far easier to sharpen. The emphasis on Cobalt in the steel also is the reason for the FRN color!
This knife is a light user from prev owner and the action was a bit off when I got it so I disassembled, lubed, and tuned it so the action is really nice again. I’ve never used or carried it, I don’t know why I like to buy spares of knives I rarely carry in the first place. I will also say, a Para 3 LW in SPY27 was the very first knife I’ve ever gotten off the swap and even though I’ve cycled through hundreds of knives and dozens of Para 3s, I still have that first one. It’s an awesome knife. Comes with og box.
6. Chopped Silverax (Gecko Customs) w/MXG Clip - SV: 169.69
C&R. Man this thing is one of a kind! Super cool little piece, now even more pickle shaped! This is like if you took a Mantra 3 and crossed it with a Dialex Junior. Pretty fidgety too since you don’t have that problem where the flipper tab hits your finger despite it being a compression lock, similar to the Mantra 3 but better. Absolutely genius design, one of my favorites. Technically the smock is the only other comp lock flipper that doesn’t have the nub bump problem but that has a button and doesn’t count. This thing has solid ergos and that inset hand guard thing so there’s no chance you’d slip and cut yourself, like the Junior. Obviously it’s a bit smaller and more sheepsfoot-y than pointy now, and the flipper tab has been reduced down to something almost vestigial. To open with the flipper, you’ll have to use some wrist. It also has a very tasteful MXG clip attached that makes this thing a more compact and legal-friendly silverax (depending on where you live). Comes with og box.
8. Stretch 1 FRN (VG-10)- SV: 65
C&R. Sold to me as a Stretch 2 but I’m pretty sure it’s a Stretch 1 based on the subtle diff in ergos to my K390 Stretch 2. Some folks erroneously call the Stretch 1 FRN the “Stretch 2” since they thought it was an evolution of the Stretch instead of a variant, so maybe that’s what happened. Things were a bit confusing back then after all. I got this thing as a spare or potentially a gift for a friend but then I took my pills and all my friends disappeared and I was left with a whole bunch of knives, including two too many stretches. The drop point blade is really neat, back when Spyderco was trying to replicate more standard blade shapes with an added hump for the hole. It looks more unique, like an elf shoe or something, so I kinda miss that shape. I love the Stretch family so much, but I don’t really use my stuff and I would rather buy more sharpening stones!
11. Sage Collection (1-5) BUNDLE - SV: 900
Here I am again with impossible to sell bundle deals, but this time a bit cheaper, cooler, and rarer so hopefully someone bites! It could take months to track down a Sage 3 or 4 and weeks to get a Sage 1 or 2. So why not let me simplify that process for you with an instant collection of some of Spyderco’s best work?
11a) Sage 1 Maxamet (Liner Lock)
I’ve carried this once or twice, maybe used once. I used to use it as a talking point to show off why Spyderco is the coolest cuz they have exotic steels but talking about steel to friends too much is a good way to make steel the only friends you have left, so I don’t really need this anymore. As you’d expect from Taichung, this has great build quality, super smooth and is a treat to hold. As you might expect from Maxamet, it has a little bit of patina around the hole and has a bit of wear on g10 but is otherwise in great condition. Comes with og box.
11b) Sage 2 Ti - heavily Modded (Frame Lock)
C&R. Very cool mod job on this one - acid washed blade, added choil, lightning ano show scale, and a brushed and bronzed lock side with a Blacksmith finish LNW clip. Sage 2s are very collectible, so this took me a bit of time to get. Not too much else to note off the top of my head.
11c) Sage 3 CF (Bolt Action Lock)
C&R. No, it’s not a Ball Bearing Lock. You can see the diff on the Edge-U-Cation site - they are very similar and operate in roughly the same way though. I don’t think they’ve used the Bolt Action Lock on any other model, so that also adds to the historical and mechanical significance. This was also back in the era where Spyderco was using their iconic checkerboard CF, which has now been replaced by the newer more coarse style of CF scales like you’d find on a Smock or Ikuchi or Sage 5 G10. This model also does not have an exposed back in the handle, so it’s kind of like an integral handle which looks awesome. This particular one has been used a fair amount and shows some nicks on the blade and some scratches, but it is a tool after all and I’m glad it was used and respected like a proper tool. They’re also pretty hard to get, so at some point I just decided beggars can’t be choosers haha. Comes with og box.
11d) Sage 4 (back lock, this is the rarest one)
C&R. The Al Mar tribute Sage. This thing is a damn work of art. The titanium bolsters, though a little scuffed, are gorgeous when contrasted with the genuine Arizona ironwood and the satin S30V blade. It has perfectly fitted full unnested liners that gives this thing an authoritative weight and it just feels amazing to hold and looks gorgeous. Unlike the Delicas and Enduras (but like almost all new back lock models) this does not feature a Boye dent in the lockbar. This is certainly a knife I will regret selling, but sometimes it takes sacrifice to get what you truly love in your life - for me, it’s the Schempp Rock, among the greatest discontinued Spydercos ever conceived. This knife also showcases a few of the traits I treasure about Spyderco. They give credit where credit is due, they’re not afraid to experiment, their designs feature elegant lines, great ergos, and they use outstanding materials and craftsmanship. Similar to what I was raving about for the 52100 P/S PM2, the Sage series is also highly collectible because it still maintains the exact same profile and character despite having significant material and mechanical changes - after all, it was designed as a “showcase” kind of series where each iteration would show off a different kind of lock. Each one of these knives also uses different handle materials, which is also a great way to showcase to your buddies the variety of cool materials you can find on Spydercos.
11e) Sage 5 LW (Compression Lock)
C&R. This is potentially the most underrated knife in Spyderco’s lineup. Most people who want a Para 3 would be better off getting a Sage 5. I’m sure you already know about the high build quality out of Taichung already, but the detail that made it clear to me is the lock tab. On the PM2/Para 3, the part of the leaf spring you touch to unlock the knife has edges and corners that look mostly unrefined. I didn’t really pay it any mind, they’re totally functional and I had zero issues with it. However, on the Sage, the first thing I noticed was that the lock tab had filleted (rounded) edges, so it did not dig to your fingers at all. Now, if you’ve never tried a sage comp lock before you might think that’s a con because it’s easier for your finger to slip right off, but that’s not much of an issue for me. After you discover how pleasant and comfortable the lock tab is, you then discover how smooth the action is. I don’t just mean that the movement is fluid, I also mean that when the blade hits the stop pin, it’s more of a soft tap than a clack you’d be used to on a Golden-made model. You may have also heard rumors about Taichung having soft detents, but I can say this is not a problem with the sage 5s from my experience. Oh, and the Sage 5 also features a leaf shaped S30V blade with a thinner blade stock than the Para 3/P3LW so it has a much tougher tip (a big complaint for Para users) and it’s an even better slicer. If you compare it to the (partial-semi linered) BD1N Para 3LW, the advantages are even more clear since S30V is a much better blade steel and this has full nested liners so it’s super rigid and you can scale swap it. The jimping is also a lot less aggressive on these models so it won’t dig into your skin and as a result you get a very comfortable and pleasant cutting experience, even when working it. As an added bonus to it all, the Sage ergos are much better (for me, at least) than the Para-series. I love my Paras and all, but when I hold them, I still know I’m holding a knife. The Sage 5 feels so comfortable and a natural fit that it’s just an extension of my hand. At this point, you might be wondering why I have almost 30 Para 3 and Para 3LWs. I wonder why I do too. I think it comes down to there only being 3 variants of the Sage 5 - the standard, M4, and TiCN M4. Not particularly exciting when we get a new Para 3 every other week in a new steel and color. This is also what I mean by the Sage 5 being better for most people - it’s just so quietly perfect that it just naturally fits into your life that it’s hardly even noticeable. Yes, the appeal of the Sage may not be for everyone, but anyone can appreciate the attention and care poured into this subtle and incredible series of knives. So, please buy my $900 set of knives and fall in love as I have with the genius of Sal and the wondrous craftsmanship of Taichung, Taiwan.
12. Assist Black FRN VG-10 (discontinued variant) - SV: 95
C&R. This is a really cool knife, and I think it really embodies one thing that makes Spyderco so special: they make specialist tools. This thing has had so much thought and care put into the design that it feels like it has a soul, if that makes sense. Firstly, this is the fattest FRN knife i’ve ever had and it goes to show the significant advantage of complex and ergonomic handle geometries you can achieve with injection molding. It fills up the hand and when you hold the thing, even with gloves, it’s not moving anywhere. Plus, with the “cobra hood” on the blade around the hole, that thing is guaranteed to open up when you want it to, plus it’s a nice place to rest your thumb. Secondly, the “crocodile” cleavesheepsfoot blade shape has an important function where the blunt tip prevents any unintentional piercing or cuts AND it also activates the glass breaker when you squeeze the blade into the handle when closed. Thirdly, in addition to the glass breaker, the Assist also features a small but effective survival whistle in the handle. Additionally, the wavy spine of the blade makes it easy to cut something like rope in/around flesh in a scissoring fashion, so there’s no risk of exposing the live edge to whatever fragile thing you’re rescuing. This thing is really friggin cool and I would not mind keeping it, but I’m not an EMT or a medic and I’ll never be using or carrying this thing so I should pass it on. Second owner, still in practically new condition but no box.
13. Native 5 LW S30V in a salt yellow body - SV: 90
Blade is a user from before I got it and I have hardly used it, maybe once or twice. It’s obviously a blade swap - this practically new salt body once contained the Magnacut blade which I have now mounted in a G10 model. I was also careful to switch the lockbars since they are mated to the blade. Most of the time it doesn’t really matter, but in the case of Magnacut the lockbars are made of a different material than the others are. The blade has that nice dull polish Spyderco doesn’t do anymore (sad!) and has a few scratches on it. It’s a cool little piece with a solid action and it would be an awesome candidate for a dye job. If you look at this and think “ew, a back lock”, I implore you to give the native a try, it was what changed my mind from disliking backlocks to admiring some of their strengths. I still consider them quite fidgety since they have a nice tactile feel and are ambi so I can fidget with my off-hand. Or if you’ve tried a native and don’t like it, the Stretch 2 and RockjumpeLeafjumper were other backlocks I have grown to love. No box on this one.


15. Para 3 (G10 model) Bronze Ti hardware + LNW clip kit - SV: 50
No idea who made the hardware, but since it fits great I’m sure it’s from a name brand and those kits usually go for $45 + shipping new, so you’re basically getting the clip for free at this price. The photo is a bit desaturated for some reason but the setup is definitely bronze and includes the 2 pivot screws, 2 standoff screws, stepped stop pin, lanyard tube, and the LNW clip. No bronze screws came with it unfortunately.
16. AWT Para 3 LW Sunflower Grip Kit - SV: 85
I was looking forward to getting one of these for MONTHS! Firstly, the kits are always OOS and also, this Sunflower cerakote color is no longer listed as an option on the product page, so maybe it’s discontinued. I think it’s a little weird that the grips cost as much as the knife itself but it’s like halfway between the LW and G10 models where it’s super rigid and has a perfect action & detent like the G10 model but much lighter. The quality really speaks for itself and you’ll understand when you try it. The first time I tried AWT was a magical experience! I’ve carried my other AWT spydies a fair amount and they still look great with hardly any wear. I think previous owner carried it but I didn’t notice any signs of wear. I’ve never used this set, only mounted then decided I preferred my yellow dyed FRN more so off this goes. The weather and my camera suck so the photos are mega desaturated, check the AWT website for a better depiction of the Sunflower color, it’s a good balance between a bright/loud and warm yellow, kind of like the Native Salt color.
17. Wavy Resilience Scales (tan/black G10) - SV: 35
Not much info on these, they fit well and are pretty comfy. Tan just ain’t my color.
18. Para 3 Black G10 factory scales - SV: 15
19. Para 3 Fat Carbon Lava Flow Aramis Scales (SX Model) - SV: 150
I have spoken at length about the quality of Aramis before. They are the highest quality non-metallic scales you can buy, bar none. The materials are all top notch, machining is incredibly precise, and the ergonomic reshaping is incredible. They fit perfectly and seems to make the action even better, from my limited sample size and opinion. The hype behind these is real. It’s still pretty unfortunate that these remain hard to get almost a year into the “Special Military Operation” in Europe. Even before that, there was a pretty long waiting list for new scales and these do not come up on the secondhand that often, since everyone wants them and hardly anyone wants to let them go. So why not grab these when you have the chance and make all your buddies jealous? The bronze hardware set I have listed would also be a great match with these scales if you put a satin blade in.
20. Spyderco Gunting with no blade - SV: 50
It’s the very first compression lock knife ever made! Super cool. Good for a fan of knife history and mechanisms. Only issue is there’s no blade - maybe would be suitable for a reblade project?! Definitely check the history and kinetic opening option on this model, it’s cool as hell!
21. Ikuchi Stock Scales - SV: 15
Factory Spyderco Ikuchi CF/G10 scales.


23. Benchmade Crooked River S30V/Dymondwood Full Size - SV: 180
C&R. For quite a while I’ve been wanting one of these babies just cuz it’s a huge bm axis lock knife AND it’s gorgeous imo. You know I’m definitely not a BM guy but this one I did like. Unfortunately I like TSPROF more than BM so I gotta say goodbye to this baby. It has definitely been sharpened, I think on a Ken Onion Worksharp, and the rest of it looks pretty great. Deep carry clip too. Hella nice action on this baby - I love bigger blades! Comes in a Custom Crooked River box despite it being a standard version. If you’re wondering if it’s a clone, I went ahead and checked with a BM and BM clone expert friend of mine and it looks legit to him, so it’s good in my eyes. That said, second opinions are welcome if he and I are both wrong.
25. Benchmade Mini Griptillian 154CM User - SV: 69.69
C&R. Got this at the State Surplus Store just to check out what a mini grip was and yup, it’s not my cup of tea. Looks like it’s been used and carried a good amount but has lots of life left in it. I don’t think I’ve even carried it since there are so many fun knives to carry.
27. Really shiny custom fixed blade - SV: 69.69
C&R. I have next to no info on this beyond what you can see. It’s basically a sharpened mirror with a nice wooden handle. Comes with a leather sheath that isn’t the best tbh. Idk what I was thinking when I got this and it was fun for all of 6 minutes so off it goes again.


1. Lum Tanto BHQ Exclusive - SPF in presale
3. M390 PM2 (BBS Excl. w/black G10 scales) - SPF in presale
24. Kershaw Dividend - SPF in presale
5. Para 3 LW BD1N Blackout (CQI) - SV: 110
This thing is almost brand new as far as I can tell, not sure how much it was used by previous owner but I don’t think it was much at all. I’ve never carried or cut with it but I did take the time to tune it. This is a newer one with the black liner CQI change so it’s completely blacked out. The P3LW is such an awesome knife and it’s still one of my favorite knife designs despite being among the most humble in my collection. I’ve talked a LOT about it before and if you’ve seen my p3lw collection it I think the prev owner bought it directly from knivesplus. Comes with og box.

9. ZDP-189 Mule (XXMT04P) Factory Seconds - SV: 88
C&R. These are from over a decade ago, when they were recalled due to an unfixable heat treat issue and were only rediscovered in a box in the factory recently. They do not recommend people to use these things seriously and only have them as collector’s pieces so this is your chance to get one of these rare historical pieces to maybe use lightly around the house or make scales for. These are selling for quite a lot more than I’m asking on Ebay, so I guess you could try to buy it from me to flip, but hopefully you’d just appreciate it yourself. Brand new otherwise, straight from Spyderco HQ when I went in November.
10. [ultra rare] 52100 Combo Edge PM2 Factory Seconds (XXC81CF52100PS2) - SV: 200
C&R. I have been looking for one of these bad boys for AGES. Firstly, it’s the only combo edge PM2 they’ve ever made (weird, since they do make a P/S Para 3) and it’s also just a cool exclusive variant from 2017. 52100 is not a particularly exotic or interesting steel and Spyderco still went ahead and made a series of PM2 variants with it to show off how good the PM2 design is regardless of materials. This is part of what I mean by a knife having a soul - it has a visual and ergonomic identity that remains even though you can swap parts and materials around. Even with aftermarket scales like Aramis or Flytanium Lotus that change the width and silhouette, you can still easy tell it’s a PM2. It’s really no wonder it’s a Spyderco flagship. This particular knife is brand new from the factory seconds sale and as lightly handled as it gets. I couldn’t find the flaw, maybe the action is a bit off but it was fine imo. No box, since it’s a factory second.
26. Reylight Exclusive Blackout Mini Sheepdog (#184/300) - SV: 55
C&R. Frag scales in a blackout colorway. I think it’s a really cool lil knife, but cleavers are not quite my cuppa tea. I do like the nice crisp detent so it flips open reliably every time and the opening hole is a nice touch. I would recommend this if you were the type of person to want to avoid looking threatening with a knife. Tiny cleavers are not very scary and black finishes tend to scare far less than shiny finishes, so this is about as friendly and subtle as you can get to be around timid people. These seem to be somewhat uncommon to find which makes sense if they only made 300 of these guys.
14. APurvis Timascus Spyderco Clip - SV: 100
C&R. I think these were $150ish new and aren’t that common, plus I think they aren’t being made anymore. APurvis clips are very highly regarded for the quality, which is super evident if you stop thinking about the price tag and look at the thing. To help decrease your cognitive dissonance about the cost of beauty, I’m pricing it a good amount under a new RGT Timascus clip.
24. Pena X-Series Cranes Cutlery Exclusive Damasteel w/Blue Dark Matter Fat Carbon CF - SV: 400
C&R. This is something I will certainly miss. It is one of the coolest and best knives I’ve ever had and ever will have. Firstly, look at that gorgeous damasteel! My god… I’m not usually a fan of damascus blades but this was the sole exception in the collection for a long while. Next of note, the Mula is an awesome design - it’s no wonder it’s one of Pena’s most popular models. It has a distinct feeling of “Premium-ness” between the glassy smooth action, solid construction, and superior materials. Plus, you can very reliably open the knife with thumb studs or the front flipper jimping. The weird thing about this is that it’s an “art” knife I actually was comfortable carrying. Sure, I only carried it a couple times and used it on some tape but man I had no guilt at all, which is quite unusual. It’s a pretty magical knife imho. Did I mention only 25 of these were ever made and it’s a 1-time run? Get this sharp work of art out of my hands and into your pocket, or safe! Comes with og box.
7. Purple Endura 4 (VG-10) - SV: 60
C&R. The classic and iconic Endura, but with some really dark purple scales. I think that color can only be achieved by dyeing. I didn’t really notice anything notable about this one, good action, probably used but respected. It looks like it’s been carried a fair amount judging by the clip. Got it as part of a bundle so passing it on.
22. Hinderer XM-18 3.5” Wharnie M390 DLT Exclusive (no choil) - SV: 400
This was a grail of mine for a while! Hinderers have always seemed “cool” to me and I absolutely loved their wharnie blade shape. This thing is such a great knife - ROCK SOLID, smoooooooth flipper action, crisp detent, and comfy yet grippy ergos. You could fidget with this thing in one minute and you could be obliterating some cardboard in the next. It’s just such a damn cool knife and you can always customize the scale if you are so inclined. I’ve only carried this (with a diff scale) a couple times and fidgeted a bit and it’s still in great condition. No flaws as far as I could see. Comes with og box and triway stuff.
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2023.02.03 02:00 ignolex Cognitive dissonance

Recession? Party on!
I’ve been watching with fascination the financial markets’ turnaround in the last couple of months. It’s as if participants at one point glanced at each other with a knowing smile and said ‘alright boys and gals, it’s time to get back out there and make some money!’. The animal spirits are back in full force.
Tech is roaring. Tesla at 50+ earnings’ multiple again (the Church of Elon’s Witnesses is back in session). Meta added 25% to its value just today (really? you can try to delay it all you want, but eventually Meta will rightfully find its resting place next to Myspace). And don’t get me started with meme stocks and cryptos (I guess there’s never any shortage of greater ‘regards’, as they like to call themselves).
The cognitive dissonance belies in the fact that all of this is happening for seemingly the wrong reasons. The markets got a whiff of a coming recession, which means that the Fed and other central banks will apparently be forced to cut interest rates, no later than at the end of this year to-be-sure, and despite every central banker’s assurance of the contrary. Recession! Yay! Has anyone noticed how the theme of the last few years has been ‘bad economic news = good news for the markets’? It didn’t use to be like that. It doesn’t feel right.
How is any of this related to housing, you ask? Turns out, very much.
The exuberance is spreading to other areas, including real estate. Pending sales, after dropping almost 40% compared to last year are creeping back up. Mortgage applications are up 25% last week (although down 10% this week). Suddenly houses are again going pending within a week.
To be fair, this is nowhere near the prior year’s craziness level. Early 2022 felt more like a bunch of frantic starry-eyed individuals making a last-ditch attempt to hop on a runaway train headed for a cliff. This year feels different, more subdued. I'm sure it's more complicated, but my guess is that some potential buyers, having sat on the sidelines trying to ‘time the bottom’, are thinking along the lines of ‘well, the prices are down somewhat, so are the interest rates. stock market is up and recession is canceled (yes, recession is coming, but also it’s canceled. Reconcile that). spring is almost here… so this is it, this is the opportunity!’
Except for it’s not. Yes, recession is coming and it’ll be a doozy. We haven’t had a real economic downturn in way too long (and I don’t mean that pandemic-induced pseudo slump with money handed out hand over fist left and right) and we’re way overdue.
A recession is like a forest fire: a necessary phenomenon that allows an ecosystem to clear the way for the young and healthy. And it takes a real good burn to have that reset. If you look back at every market crash over the last century (and beyond, I’m sure), a true rebirth didn’t occur until the feeling of desperation was fully entrenched. Until every smirk off of every day trader’s face was been wiped. Until every money manager scratched their head and said ‘well, that sucked ass’. It hasn’t happened yet. And it has to, if the economy to grow again in a healthy way. The craziness has to be eradicated.
I’m sure that folks at the Fed share that sentiment and the only reason they didn’t jack up rates to 10% and burn the whole thing down is because of the fear of the financial markets collapsing after having for years been propped up by cheap money and grown dependent on it. Central bankers are therefore left with an unenviable task of walking the tight rope between runaway inflation and appeasing the markets.
This craziness won’t last. Sooner or later the markets will need to decide whether recession is coming (not good for housing) or the Fed needs to hike more (ditto). Yes, neither of those scenarios is bullish, but what do you expect after a historic runup in such a short time period? Did you really expect price/income ratios to climb to record values in a matter of a few months and happily stay there? Do you really think the entirety of US real estate is suddenly worth 40% more than just a couple of years ago? I humbly disagree.
What goes up…
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2023.02.03 01:41 Re1ativeWea1th Cant come to grips with our high spend.

Fatfire fam.. I need some feedback. I track my spend each month and am struggling to accept it ~ meaning while I can afford it, it just doesnt feel right for how we are living.. It seems very very high yet we live average but comfortable lives. Not flashy at all. First, neither I nor my wife have jobs. We live off of a 40mm+ portfolio which is proceeds from a business sale. Portfolio income is ~850k and I live in a low cost of living city. We are definitely very comfortable in that we eat well, live well, travel well, kids in private school etc. But I just cant wrap my head around how high I think our monthly spend is relative to our lives.. Below is my actual spend for a LOW spend month - ie, no travel (25/week), property taxes (35k) or major gifts (25k) etc. Is it normal or way off? The average of the last 9 months was 55k/month. January is below.

Property Tax & Tax Prep Services ($195.13)
Appliances and Other House Repair ($888.47)
Pool Maintenance ($343.00)
Electricity ($376.95)
Internet & VPN ($100.05)
Lawn Care ($200.00)
Home Security ($95.72)
Home Gas ($196.66)
TV ($89.84)
Water ($41.78)
Housekeeping ($2,346.00)
Auto Maintenance, Repair & Registrations ($1,495.29)
Auto Gas ($761.64)
Auto Insurance (some home insurance in here) ($680.00)
Toll Road ($160.00)

Groceries ($5,242.64)
Shopping ($2,300.91)
Insurance: Medical & Dental & Meds etc ($1,851.85)
Kids Clothes & Kids Related Shopping ($2,029.20)
Wife Personal Spending ($2,666.00)
My Personal Spending ($984.06)
Eating Out ($3,336.31)
Cell Phones ($71.58)
Haircuts & Mani/Pedi/Eyebrows ($640.72)
Life Insurance ($27.13)
Apple & Google ($123.45)
Entertainment (mostly related to kids) ($953.69)
Identity Theft Insurance ($126.20)
Trainers, Subscriptions & Massage Therapists ($1,106.75)
Kids Classes - School, Martial Arts, Tennis etc ($7,765.35)
Gifts ($100.00)
Travel ($3,876.73) I know i said there was no travel this month but it was just some airline tickets.


Im not thrilled with the high spend. Again, I can afford it but my issue is more psychological.. Thanks for the feedback.
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