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This subreddit is dedicated to more musical aspect of Korean pop music by having tabs and chords of those songs as well as covers (acoustic, drums, band covers etc.) of K-pop songs as well as discussion of the actual music of K-pop (talk about who-produced-what etc.) In the comments section, credit the website or person that tabbed the song if you did not.

2023.02.02 23:00 SuperIsaiah Misconceptions about AdBlock

If you want to use AdBlock, I think you should have the right to do so. However, there are some misconceptions - and flat out misinformation - regarding AdBlock, that I often see on this subreddit.
- "Youtubers don't lose any money from AdBlock! YouTube doesn't know that the viewer is using AdBlock, so the creator gets paid and only the advertiseYouTube loses money!!"
No I'm not making this up. People actually say this. It's actually one of the more prominent arguments I here, somehow. If you're one of the people who believe it, please just do the most basic form of research. I genuinely am baffled this idea has gotten remotely as popularly spread as it has, because unlike the other misinformation, this is just so easy to disprove with basic googling. The other stuff you at least have to actually dig a little deep or have friends in the partner program to know, but this? This is just flat-earth levels of wrong.
- "AdBlock barely effects youtubers, even the youtubers who only use ads for profit! Only 12% of people use AdBlock!"
Some people use averages when arguing for AdBlock to try to hide the actual way things work. Yes. on average, only 11-12% of people use AdBlock on YT according to most studies.... But averages don't tell the whole story. If you only look at youtubers who have an audience that's likely to contain AdBlock users, it's a different story. Channels that target young adults and/or discuss gaming and tech-themes, especially in US and european countries, they suffer far more from AdBlock, because that 11% of the average is concentrated heavily into their target demographic. It can be anywhere from just 18% to even a whopping 60% of ad revenue lost from AdBlock for channels catering to certain demographics. Really, it depends on the channel.
- "I'm fighting YouTube! not the creators! Adblock hurts YT more than creators, that's what my horoscope said or something idk"
It hurts YouTubers FAR more. Even with AdBlock, the volume of impressions YouTube has and can commercialize is absurd. They are far from filling them. YouTube isn't losing much of anything when you use AdBlock. YouTube literally intentionally allows AdBlock since they make more money off you just being active on the site then they'd make from your ad views. The amount you cost Youtube by using AdBlock is greatly outweighed by the amount they get from you being there. Same can't really be said for creators. (Well, obviously creators "gain" from you watching them in the sense that, most youtubers are happy you're watching their content, and hence won't tell you to leave if you use AdBlock, but I'm just talking financially)
- "They can just get sponsors!"
You only really have a chance at getting sponsors if you're at the very least at 10k subs, and most of the good paying ones not till at least 100k. And a lot of youtubers aren't comfortable with actively saying they support something they don't.. which is what a lot of sponsorships are, since a big chunk of them are scams.
- "They can just use patreon"
Again, this is another lie that comes from the averages. Getting patrons almost entirely depends on the type of content you make, and what you are able to offer. Several types of content aren't really able to do this effectively. A channel from a very passionate and tightly knit community, say, animators, will definitely benefit from opening a Patreon. Especially if they can offer stuff like the chance to get a commission from them or something if you support them there. But channels that are less personal and more informational, they're much less likely to get them. Video essays, tutorials,

So to summarize, AdBlock does make a sizable impact to specific channels, especially small to mid size channels who have a viewer base that's likely to be using it. It doesn't fight any corporations.
There are only a couple valid reasons to use it in my eyes:
- To avoid seeing harmful or upsetting ads (Because YouTube doesn't do a good job checking what they allow to be shown on ads)
- To listen to music without being interrupted mid song.
- Or heck, even if it's just because you just don't think the money the creator would make is worth your time, you have a right to do it. Just don't lie about things.
If you at least make sure your decision is an educated one and you don't lie to yourself or others about how AdBlock actually effects people and who it effects, then I can respect your stance. But the people who go around spreading blatant misinformation about how this stuff works aren't helping anyone.
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2023.02.02 22:59 H_Real_88_14 The new songs gets better with each listen

I decided to give it a few more listens before sharing my opinion on it, and I appreciate it more and more. I loved it when I first heard it, but it has a certain quality that gives it repeat value.
I heard a few people say it is not for everyone, or treat it as a love it or hate, I in fact saw the opposite, it is a mix of rap, post punk, melodic shredding and heavy breakdowns. It almost revisited every era of FIR and had something for fans of each. The things is the combination was really well done and the transition was seamless.
The rap part was the best Ronnie ever rapped imo. He truly mastered his "alter negro."
The build up to the second half of the song was epic, with the rap switching to an Eminem style and the guitar and drums kicking slightly signaling a transition.
Then when the transition into the metal part finally came it was so cathartic, the transition was so well done and I loved the sweeping arpeggios.
Someone said the breakdown resembles the breakdown on VIMH, but I think it's just the structure of it is similar. That melodic lead guitar on top of it was awesome, and something we haven't had in their songs for a long time.

I'm not one to gush but this song really takes the cake. I showed it to my sister and it completely changed her perspective on modern heavy music.
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2023.02.02 22:58 i_have_jesus_hair_14 My band’s first single of 2023!

To make this post less about basic promotion I’m gonna do a tone/mix break down!
I’ll preface by saying this was for some sessions I did last summer for my band, in which we recorded a full length record. I was the head engineer, am the head producer in conjunction with other founding membebass player of the group, and mixed everything myself at the studio I work at.
All of the guitar parts were recorded on a squire classic vibe Jaguar with the rhythm switch activated (I broke all of my other switches during performances!)
I won’t break down the intro noises because I’m simply strumming behind the bridge effected with a phaser and reverb.
The tune starts off with 6 guitars. I’ll make a note that a majority of the guitar parts have a vibrato on them for the duration of the song. On the left and right side I have two glider guitars. Signal chain (pedals on) is crybaby wah>eqd pyramids flanger>zoom ms70 vibrato>zoom reverse reverb patch>mooer r7 x2 reverb standard mod reverb patch. I have them panned from 100% to 20% in a protools routing folder, left and right respectively. Then I have a strummed rhythm guitar (glide picked) in a stereo routing folder at 50% on each side, added a stereo width plugin to add depth. Signal chain for this is pyramids flanger >zoom vibrato. These three base rhythm parts stay the same until distorted. I don’t remember the specific panning for the leads, but similarly to the rhythm down the middle I have each lead panned to a certain degree across the stereo field with a stereo enhancer on. Trem picked lead in running into the pyramids>zoom vibrato>zoom ice delay>mooer mod verb. Slide guitar is boss passive volume pedal>flange>vibrato>mod verb. At the end of the clean choruses/intro (this is the same progression) a third lead (harmonic picking) comes in with flanger>vibrato>mod verb. When the verse hits it goes to just the three rhythm parts, two gliders and strummed rhythm. When we return to the chorus the trem picked lead comes in, no slide this time, and the harmonic guitar comes in at the end. We go to the second verse and it’s back to the rhythm guitars. Here’s where the dirt comes in.
Right before the bridge hits during the vocal lift, two distorted guitars come in, one on the left one on the right. The left one is just my ehx triangle big muff, and the right channel is my danelectro breakdown od>a blues driver clone. These are both fully dry. Once the bridge hits i add my big muff to each glider track making the signal wah>flanger>zoom vibe>zoom reverse verb>muff>mod verb. That rhythm guitar down the middle now has the blues driver, making the signal flanger>vibe>blues driver. At the end of the bridge I add a low octave mixed in with the dry signal of all three strummed guitars, and turn it off for the chorus.
When the final chorus hits all three lead guitars come back in with the three strummed guitars, and the two gliders. The slide guitar is now smashed with two drives, volume pedal>flange>vibe>breakdown>blues driver>mod verb. The trem picked shimmer lead is however not distorted at all, and is now playing arpeggiated lead harmony licks. The lead originally doing harmonics is now doing full on slowdive trem pick leads; flange>vibe>2 zoom tape delays>zoom ice delay>breakdown od>blues driver>big muff>mod verb.
This is the time rundown as best as I remember it! I left put what I was doing production wise to share that in the comments with any questions!
This sub rocks, and I’ll be sharing a rundown of my board soon!
Much love gaze on
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2023.02.02 22:54 Puzzlehead-Pisces2 On January 31st 1996, thirteen year old Rachel Mellon Skemp vanished after spending the day home alone with her stepfather. She has not been seen or heard from since.

Rachel Marie Mellon Skemp was born on October 13th, 1982 to parents Amy and Jeff Skemp in Melrose Park, Illinois. At the age of 3, her parents divorced; her mother remained living in Bolingbrook, Illinois while her father relocated to Dallas, Texas. In 1985, Amy began a relationship with a man by the name of Vincent Mellon. Vince moved in with Amy and Rachel and together the couple had two children: Jason in 1988 and Ashley in 1990.
Rachel was a bubbly and bright young girl, always smiling in spite of her unstable home life. In 1990, Vince pushed Amy down a flight of stairs during an argument, prompting her to file a restraining order with the police. She later dropped the order and reconciled. The police were periodically called to their home for domestic violence, and there was one instance where Vince angrily threatened both Amy and Rachel. In the spring of 1995, Rachel ran away from home, citing that she was afraid that she would be blamed for something that her siblings did. She slept outside of one of her friends' house and the next day called her step-grandparents to take her home. In the summer of 1995, Rachel went to spend one month with her father Jeff in Dallas, Texas. While there, she begged her Uncle to help her move to Texas, believing that she would be better off in the custody of her father than with her mother. Rachel returned to Bolingbrook later that summer. The last day that Jeff heard from his daughter Rachel was on December 25th, 1995.
By the fall of 1995, Rachel was a cheerful and smart 7th grader at B.J. Ward Middle School where she'd been an honor student. She was popular at school, described as being jubilant, joyful and with an amazing sense of humor. Rachel had a best friend, Carrie, whom she remained close to until the time of her disappearance. She was passionate about recycling and the environment and had taken up an interest in music, dancing and singing. She babysat children in the neighborhood and aspired to one day become a teacher.
On January 30th, 1996, a day before her disappearance, Rachel was seen crying by her locker, which was extremely uncharacteristic of the usual upbeat and happy teen. She told her friends that she had been feeling unwell and had a problem which she would "take care of" herself.
The following day, January 31st 1996, was a day of strange circumstances. 13 year old Rachel decided to stay home from school that day due to a sore throat. Accompanying her at home was her unemployed stepfather, Vince, and their German Shepard, Duke. January 31st was a particularly frigid day; -20 degrees Fahrenheit and snowy with gusty high winds. At 10:45am, Rachel, wearing a pink sweatshirt with yellow pants and red slippers, phoned her paternal grandmother Lucy Skemp to thank her for the Christmas gifts she'd sent. Lucy stated that the phone call lasted about 5 minutes and towards the end of the phone call Rachel got very quiet. Her grandmother asked, “Is he there?” referring to Vincent, and Rachel replied, “Yes,” before stating she had to go. According to Vince, after the phone call ended he and Rachel played Nintendo for roughly an hour or so before she returned to her bedroom to take a nap. He states that the last time he saw her she was in her bed "wrapped in a blue blanket".
At 2:30pm, with Rachel still napping, Vince claims that he, during a -20 degree blizzard, took the family dog Duke out for a walk. He left the front door unlocked. During the 30 minute walk, Vince claims that Duke slipped out of his collar and began chasing a rabbit in a nearby field. Vince then left the dog, believing that he'd find his way back to the family residence, and returned home at roughly 3:00pm. He claims that he did not check on Rachel when he returned home. At 3:15pm, Rachel's younger half-sibling Ashley returned home from school, noticing that Rachel was not home. A real estate agent who saw Duke running up and down the street recognized that the dog had belonged to the Mellon-Skemp residence and returned the dog between 4:30pm and 5:00pm. It was not until 5:00pm when Amy and her son Jason got home that the Bolingbrook police were called.
When the police arrived hours later and searched Rachel's room they were stunned to discover that her coat, shoes, wallet, purse and Walkman were all still in her room during such a brutally cold snowstorm. Her blue blanket that she'd slept in was missing as well as the two pillows she had on her bed. Police checked the door and found no signs of forced entry. They questioned Vince about the multiple scratches and cuts that were on his arm, to which he replied that he was doing car work earlier during the day. An extensive search of the area was done on ground, air and water using geothermal images and drones, but still no sign of Rachel turned up. Her bank account had been untouched and the airports were checked to make sure that she hadn't ran away to Dallas to be with her father. Still, no sign of Rachel.
A notable item that was uncovered during the police raid was Rachel's diary which contained a haunting entry from August of 1995 in which she described how her stepfather Vince came into her room and began kissing her and touching her inappropriately in order to warn her about "how predators behave" and what characteristics she should look out for to be safe. They also uncovered a steak knife stashed underneath Rachel's pillow.
At 6:00pm, Rachel's 13 year old best friend Carrie along with 4 other friends trekked around the neighborhood in the cold, wet snow calling out for Rachel. They spent an hour outside with their flashlights checking the local park and going up and down the streets until it had became completely dark outside. Carrie states that at that point they had all huddled together and began crying, realizing that there was no sign of their friend. Jeff Skemp, Rachel's father, had received a telephone call from his father stating that Rachel had gone missing from her home. Jeff quit his job in Dallas and moved to Bolingbrook Illinois, hoping to aid in the search of his daughter. When he went to the Mellon-Skemp residence he went into Rachel's room and laid down on her bed in disbelief of what had happened to his daughter. He put on her Walkman and the song "Hand in My Pocket" by Alanis Morrissette had begun playing. He smiled as he remember that Rachel stated during her visit to his house last year that Hand in My Pocket was her favorite song and that she was now listening to alternative rock instead of her usual pop music. Jeff cites that while at the Mellon-Skemp residence, he confronted Vince about what happened to Rachel, to which Vince replied "someone must've snatched her while I was out walking the dog". Jeff has kept the same phone number since 1996 in hopes that one day Rachel will call him. The case had gone ice cold, with no sign of Rachel and no leads or tips in the case.
In January of 2000, four years after Rachel's disappearance, a grand jury obtained a warrant to receive Vince's DNA samples. On January 29th, the cops picked up Vince from his home and held him for nine hours at the Bolingbrook police station. During that time, Vince pled the 5th Amendment when questioned over what happened on the day Rachel disappeared. He then surrendered samples of his blood, saliva and hair as part of a first-degree murder investigation. He also took at least one lie detector test, which he failed. Amy was also questioned by police down at the Bolingbrook police station, but maintained her theory that her husband was innocent and that she believed Rachel was still alive. She passed a lie detector test and since then both Amy and her husband Vince have refused to cooperate with law enforcement regarding Rachel's disappearance. Amy and Vince also refuse to hold any memorials in memory of Rachel and do not make any efforts to bring awareness to her case. The grand jury investigation ended in 2000 without any indictments handed down.
Amy states that she got rid of all of Rachel's belongings and donated it to a Goodwill in 2001. She, Vince and their two children moved to Tennessee sometime in the mid-2000's. Vince has since then had run-ins with the law, including domestic violence charges for fighting his son as well as drunk driving charges. In May of 2002, the city of Bolingbrook planted a tree and plaque at a park right across the street from Rachel's house in her memory. Bolingbrook PD has stated that they believe without a doubt that Vince killed Rachel, but they cannot prosecute him due to a lack of evidence.
Rachel's father Jeff and her best friend Carrie continue to bring awareness to Rachel's strange disappearance. In 2021 Rachel's friend, Carrie, wrote:
"25 years....I can't wrap my head around it. How is this possible? I feel like I say this every single year, but 25? January 31st will be that long since you just vanished. This date will forever be the day that changed me. It will forever be the day that I have had to learn to live without answers. Live with questions and doubt. Live life raising my own kids without you. I pray so hard constantly for answers. For closure. For the doubt to go away. And for you to be brought justice. Rachel, you are forever in my heart! I can still hear your voice when I see pictures. I can still remember your smile that lit up a room. I can still remember how smart and beautiful you were inside and out! Please take a moment and think about if your best friend just vanished. Or your own daughter, sister or anyone! And to have no answers!?!? NO ONE should have to live with this. SOMEONE KNOWS SOMETHING! Please keep Rachel in your hearts and prayers as we approach yet another anniversary... 25 years. Rachel, I will NEVER give up. Love, Carrie"
The police still consider this an "active case" and are open to any new leads. If you have any information in regards to the January 31st, 1996 disappearance of Rachel Mellon Skemp, please call the Bolingbrook Police Department at (630) 226-0600.
Here's a video of Rachel 11 days before her disappearance on January 20th, 1996 at Carrie's 13th birthday party. This is the last video Rachel has ever been in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM_035Cwshw
Here's a video of Rachel playing guitar for a end-of-the-semester project for her music class on January 11th, 1996. As noted earlier, she loved music and had been learning how to play the guitar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY8ncuphxQQ
Vince and Amy Skemp in 1996, shortly after Rachel's disappearance:
Rachel's father Jeff on ABC News Chicago:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYKc_rjpR8Q
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2023.02.02 22:52 typicalBACON Can I add an issue form's field as a project field?

So in case the title isn't very clear (which it probably isn't), GitHub added the issue forms feature which I believe is still in Beta.
Basically it allows you to create an Issue Template in yaml instead of md. This is very useful as it makes it very easy and clear for new people what they need to fill in when creating a new issue as instead of writing down a text they have an actual form to fill in.
I would like to use this and have been doing some work to make it work and it's working just fine, however I would like to show some of the filled out fields of the actual issue as a field in the project's tab, this way it would automatically be filled in when you create the issue instead of setting it twice and having the risk of setting different values on both places.
Is there any way I can do this?
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2023.02.02 22:51 HyperGengar7 Lucki's Lyrical Ability

I listening to Lucki and realised he's pretty underrated as a storyteller or poet (by the general public). Lucki's ability to hit home with simple one liners or really make you resonate with him of a verse is crazy. He really conveys emotion and relatability in his music Some examples are on incoming like "I believe in white lies, they look perfect to me". The entire song of Go Away. He says "tatted my name all on your skin, that was a spell that got me stuck". On 2 Easy / Give Up he says "too much feeling, too much love, its too easy to trust" and on 4 the betta he says "off this red, it got me dead but they want me deader". on Nascar dashcar "Treat the 30s like a cure, it kick in im really saved" and "on my life these niggas jealous and i love em boy its sad". These were just ones i thought off the top of my head I think Lucki's way with words combined with his ability to sound out of it or melancholy makes Lucki goated
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2023.02.02 22:49 LockandVoid I made an industrial metal song using all synth and no guitars! Let me know what you think? Does it work?

I made an industrial metal song using all synth and no guitars! Let me know what you think? Does it work? submitted by LockandVoid to InMetalWeTrust [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 22:42 PapaStalinLovesYou [TOMT][SONG][1980s?]

Looking for a song that I overheard on the radio that I wasn't able to Shazam in time. It sounds very 80s New Wave with a prominent lyric that I think was saying "days go by...". Most of the song also includes an electric guitar that follows the melody. Googling this lyric has only turned up Talking Heads and Keith Urban, which I know it is neither, lol.
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2023.02.02 22:37 BTaylor946 Songs for learning how to use a guitar pick

Well, here i am, 13 years after picking up a guitar, getting myself to at least intermediate level into guitar without learning the proper technique. *sigh* I have really thick fingernails so I've made it work for 13 years but I'm reaching the point where I cant play the songs I want without a pick. So I need some help developing the right muscle memory. I've found some exercises but what are some good songs I can use as daily exercises for getting comfortable playing with a pick? I think especially upstrokes are a bit of a struggle. I'm so sick of Sweet Home Alabama I could scream lmao but that's been the reference song that tells me I still suck at using a pick. As far as genre preference, anything but country and 80s. I love 60s 70s 90s and on. My goal would be able to play fast skate punk like early Blink 182, but again, any catchy good guitar parts that won't drive me crazy to play day in and day out or even just advice while i get this muscle memory down will be much appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.02.02 22:29 Federal-Radio [TOMT][SONG][Maybe 2000's?] Intro to the song "If I'm on the Late Side" by Faces reminds me of a guitar riff from another song I cannot think of

This is definitely a long shot but I feel like I have nowhere else to turn. The guitar that comes in at the 9 second mark sounds just like the riff to what could possibly be an early 2000's alt rock song to me. The progression of the riff I'm looking for is slightly different than the sample but the tone sounds exactly the same which is what sparked this thought.
I believe the song I am looking for opens with the riff that I am thinking of. I think it could be an alt rock song, possibly from the 90's or 00's, although not 100% positive. I'm fairly certain it is not a hard rock/metal song.
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2023.02.02 22:19 Stock-Information606 realized i was acting normal at work.

this was weird because this morning i was feeling like myself and as soon as i got to work, it's like the mask automatically put itself on. i felt normal and every social interaction was so easy. eye contact, no interruptions, understanding the cues, getting the jokes.
i hate it. i don't feel like me, i didn't even get to choose to put the mask on. and now it's chaotic at work, super busy and my predetermined mask is slipping. i feel more like me but now it's harder to socialize and get shit done.
now i'm in the back rooms with a song on repeat. i was enjoying being myself at work this past week...
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2023.02.02 22:16 werewolfbarmitzvah69 Singer/vocalist needed for a Post-rock/spacey/math-rock/heavy band.

We're a pretty new band that started earlier last year. 2 guitars, bass and drums. So far we have almost 10 songs completed and we're looking to find a singer to join us. We're all in our 30's and have full time jobs so we usually practice in the mornings on weekends. We've all been part of touring bands before about a decade ago and want to get back into the scene again.
We're a pretty collaborative band, not afraid to tell each other we don't like that part they're playing, how can we change this, etc. Very open to change and trying out new ideas. We don't even have a name yet because we want it to be something we all (including you) like.
We want a strong lyricist, so please share any of your songs or lyrics. We practice at Treehouse Studios in Belmont Cragin
Bands we like: Gates, Moving Mountains, Delta Sleep, Astronoid, All Get Out, Hotelier, Spanish Love Songs, Gifts From Enola, Wolves and Machines, Manchester Orchestra
Here's one song: https://youtu.be/oIhZcTEofys I can send you more songs privately
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2023.02.02 22:16 TransportationSad918 I tackled my dad on fake acid(i think it's fake) story/rant/asking for tips

(Hello im 17! First reddit post)Last summer I took 3 Dr.seuss tabs and about a g of shrooms around 7 30, the trip was going fine in My bedroom untill I ripped a fat bong bowl of tobacco and weed then the trips high changed completely and the bowl wouldn't go out and felt as if water went in the bowl and turned into vapor, I was stuck in a loop of that, then ran to my dad telling him I'm on acid(bad idea wasnt thinking, hes done 100 tabs before thought he could help) then I went in the bathroom and my face was melting and I was teleporting, then dad made me get a drink of powerade(cant look at one today without flashbacks) and I couldn't stop coughing and hacking and felt my dad knew all that was happening and kept asking is all this supposed to happen amd are we gonna die, I went outside couldn't handle it so Came back inside for a movie, we watched ready player one and I was driving the car for the first key(if you seen the movie than tripping it was way worse) it all felt completely real, then he changed it to the jungle book live action, I felt yogie was my dog and I was the kid having to move out😭(after this i dont rember anything wrather than waking up in the hospital) Then dad went to his room bc I was acting wierd, he came out to me jerking off covered in piss on the couch and told me to stop it, The I got up and tackled him knocking over bookshelfs while he's saying "I love you stop it son" while I'm screaming about dead family members and life and animals, then I passout in his room and he calls the cops outside the house, they take me to a hospital and I wake up with the nurses saying pee or we are putting a catheter in, they did and i RIPPED it out, i fell back asleep while I was playing with my dick for 30 mins the nurses said, finally I wake up at 3:40 dead sober with no memory of what happened, I started crying about being in a empty hospital thinking I was literally in another dimension and couldn't get home all I wanted to do was be in my room and see my guitar again, the a nurse told me I took acid and it all came back except for after the movie, I went home and felt fine for month's while still smoking a oz every 2 weeks, untill I went back on adhd medicine and tried vyvanse for a week, the whole week felt droopy and wierd and emotions were really sensitive. Then one night my dad asked me are you tripping on acid threatening to kick me out(i dont know why he could have just been joking ) then I had a panic attack and started acting like I was on acid then dad believed I took it again but I was having a flashback and he doesn't believe in those bc he didn't get any from 100 tabs back in the day, he made me call my mom as i put my shoes on bc he was going to bring me to a mental hospital, he never did just made me freak out more and I was wayy higher than that night on the 3 tabs, I then told my mom on the phone about me taking acid bc she never knew and I gave the phone to my dad where he's screaming at her about how he cant handle it and complaining about me to my mom, I then calm down crying to dad trying to talk sense into him i felt like a baby. I then felt fine for another 2 months after that until I got off weed for 4 days and the stress was so bad I smoked then went back on it, I've been off for a week now but have been stuck in a trip for so long I lost track and i am starting to forget who I am or how to function I can't even play guitar anymore without sweating anxiety attacks, I also haven't been to school in 2 weeks and sitting in my room I feel dad's always listening to me and watching me and I'm slowly going crazy and I can tell I'm losing social skills like I can't talk right and I can't even tell my parents about my problems because I feel ill start tripping again, I told my doctor about the trouble with adhd medicine and anxiety so now hes prescribing me zoloft(schizophrenia theory if interested) and also these flashbacks Remind me alot of nightmares I had as a kid they were deathly scary and i would wakeup in a sweat and I always feel fake afterwards maybe I have signs of schizophrenia
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2023.02.02 22:08 chasonreddit Just on Season 6 but have a stupid question about the "Ex-factor"

As said, I just picked up the series again, and am working through Season 6. I loved the Ex-factor, and particularly the 70s punk call out of the Buzzcocks. (old punk fan here)
Now I know asking about continuity with DC characters or plot holes on this show is fruitless, they don't really work that hard at it. But one thing is just sticking in me.
They are on the finals of the most popular show on TV. This punk looking guy in black, who on an interview has identified himself as "Johnny Con... Johnny C" walks onstage playing guitar in all black. They sing an old 70s punk song. And NO ONE recognizes Johnny Con-Job, the lead singer of Mucus Membrane. They weren't big, but come on. Yeah, he should be 70 years old, but still, Jagger still looks good.
New to the sub, but enjoying the show.
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2023.02.02 22:08 _KEYS- 30 EST - FFXIV - Fortnite - DMZ and other stuff!? / Drawing and Guitar Music learning buddies!

Some about me!
What I'm looking for:
For Drawing/Art
I'm learning the fundamentals of drawing and looking for a drawing buddy. I draw almost every day now, and I'm just here working on the fundamentals.
For GuitaMusic
I can play by ear already, pretty much every song I play tend to be by ear, same as for exercises, mostly focused on OST. I want a partner to play or learn together with!
In general
Contact on my Profile
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2023.02.02 21:46 2pull Some wholesome tips to make learning shuffling easier

Shuffling surely is not easy, but with consistent practice and a little studying.. anything is possible!
Make time for shuffling - When you get out of work, you just slaved to the man for 8 hours! You can't make money for other people and not focus on your dreams, too. If you want it bad enough, you'll make time and dedicate those minutes each day (or every other day) in search of your flow!
Search for other styles - You have your favorite dancers who you tune into frequently, but there is 20 years of shuffling that happened before today. Hop on youtube, check out shuffling and how it has evolved over the years. Maybe ask your favorite shufflers who their inspirations are. There has been so many influential folks that have shaped shuffling to what it is today - and every dancers contribution to this dance is valid and worth reviewing! Over the years I consistently searched out who was pushing the envelope on style and form, learning the pieces that I thought looked best and mastering them to fit into my own style.
Beats per minute MATTERS - Forget about your form, or how wide your t-step is or how smooth your spins are. If you are not hitting the beat, it doesn't matter. Think of shuffling as "Riding the beat", if your steps are not hitting along with the bass, you really do lose the shuffling illusion that makes it so appealing to the eye. This should be #1 priority, and if you are having trouble hitting the beat, try a slower track! Shuffling to a 120bpm song leaves room for you to be more creative with the rest of your body once you become comfortable, and looks just as cool as if you were shuffling to house at 126, techno at 130 or hardstyle at 140. Once you have mastered shuffling to a slower beat and learning your rhythm, you can start to move to faster tracks!
Be your biggest critic - If becoming a monster shuffler is your goal, its absolutely attainable. I suggest taking videos of yourself during practice, looking back at them and seeing what you liked about your moves and what could look better. Compare and contrast to your favorite dancers videos.. and slow them down if you have to using iMovie or InShot to get a better look at foot placement and such.
CLUBLIFE - If you live in an area that is blessed with having events, and often - Take full advantage of that. Use the nights out as a night to exercise and get your practice in. Release your inhibitions and get your groove on. You will learn your true form on the dancefloor. You have the music as loud as it can be so you can actually FEEL it. There is a chance you meet other shufflers and learn a thing or two from them, or inspire others to want to join this journey with you.
and last but not least... ENJOY THE JOURNEY! I was NOT good at shuffling when I first started. I usually pick up on anything that used hand eye coordination or anything that used my feet at all (Skateboarding, rollerskating for example) really fast. Shuffling was not so easy for me and my frustrations really are what motivated me to want to get better and better. It just felt so good to "Ride the beat" to my favorite songs, and the better I got - the better it felt to BE the music as opposed to just dance to the music.

I have taken almost a 2 year hiatus from making videos, but never stopped shuffling. I dance when I want to, when the music hits me to the core - I can't help myself :) This year I want to make a few videos again and get back to the roots. As always, keeping shuffling as genuine and cool as can be is the goal - I always wanted folks to see that it was the dance and the music pushing me, not monetary gain, status or popularity. It's always been about the music, and always will be!

Cheers! -2pull
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2023.02.02 21:42 mat42441 Will using several NPN transitors work to control where a PWM signal goes?

I am building a circuit to control several motors and the motor control IC I plan on using will alow for control of the motor with a PWM signal. The micro controller I plan on using to supply the PWM signal only has six PWM pins and I need to supply signal to around twelve components. I was wondering if I could use twelve NPN transitors with the PWM signal going into the collector, the motor controller ICs hooked up to the emitter, and a control signal to open the transistor hooked up.to the base.
I know that I will need a base resistor hooked up I just haven't gone through and done the math on the size I need yet. Along with that if you guys have any better ideas on how to do this it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
(P.S. this is my first real electronics project that's not flashing some LEDs with an arduino or wiring up an electric guitar off of schematics off the internet so please go easy if it's a stupid idea)
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2023.02.02 21:28 MoonWun_ My Review of Periodic Audio Carbon V3

DISCLAIMER: This is my first real review on reddit, I have done quite a few audio reviews on my (now deceased) YouTube channel. So sorry if some details are left out or I don't explain something too well. I preface my reviews with the notice that everything I say hear is my opinion and I am not expecting to have my review be the new gospel, it's just my thoughts on a product.

Firstly, Periodic Audio is a name I haven't heard before in the audio space and only just recently learned about them through the Bullet IEM Database on HeadFi. Being $300, Bullet style, and also having a detachable cable, they were exactly what I was looking for, however I couldn't find much information on any of their IEMs. After reading their website material and seeing that they used "diamond tuned drivers" in the carbon, and after a little bit of deliberation, I ended up giving it a full send and buying them and I have used them for a few days. And seeing as there are very little reviews and information on this IEM, here's mine to add.

PACKAGING: Usually this isn't a big deal to me, however the packaging for the Carbon's was exceptional, but not in a good way. The box itself is somewhat difficult to open, but what puzzles me is why they decided to include a flapout door on the box with a bunch of, what is essentially marketing material on the inside, plus frequency response graphs on the actual flap itself. This confuses me heavily because why even try to continue selling a product that I have already bought? Marketing material is useless when you've already got me on the hook. After opening the box, you'll find that inside of the box is actually quite simple, which is something that I can commend. However, most of the accessories, including the tips, are jammed into a small metal tin. This is actually quite common from what I've seen with my other IEMs, however it disturbed me more than usual because all the tips were in a super small baggy, which with all the tips compressed together so tightly, the foam tips were mangled beyond recognition. The foam tips were not able to decompress themselves and return to their usual shape like most foam tips I've used. This is a big deal for me, considering that I don't normally like silicon tips (unless they are Final E tips) and all the foam tips in the package were ruined by this small oversight. Overall, I would say it was a negative unboxing experience, which usually wouldn't affect my review that much, but considering it was so uniquely terrible, I felt I had to mention it.

CABLE: A brief description of the cable would be that it feels incredibly cheap. I was initially happy to see that it was so light and flexible, which is something that I really like about cables usually, but the issue with this one is that it is braided with some sort of nylon fabric. No doubt some of you are cringing because we have most likely all had that one extremely cheap pair of buds that had a fabric cable. Fabric cables are tremendously terrible because of microphonics, they immediately send every vibration, or microscopic fucking microdetail into your eardrums so you can basically hear the rotation of the earth through cable noise. This is easily some of the worst cable noise I've ever heard. You may be saying to yourself, "Well the cable is detachable, so just get a new one." Which would be a good point, if it weren't for periodic audio terminating these IEMS in a 2.5mm connection, meaning you would have to get something custom made, or, buy the same cable from periodic audio. Essentially this means, you either pay a butt load, or you fucking deal with it. Not great.

BUILD QUALITY: Being the third thing I experienced after opening the package, the build quality is actually really good. They feel really solid, but not too heavy. One of my complaints of the Moondrop Starfields is that they are too heavy, and often its a tradeoff that you have to make in regards to either being light and fragile, or sturdy but heavy, but the IEM is really light and feels really solid. However, one thing I noticed after disregarding my mangled foam tips is that the nozzle is too big to put on my dekoni tips. I usually use Dekoni foam tips on almost all of my audio gear, and to see that I now had no option to use any foam tips, was really upsetting. I think Comply makes some thicker diameter tips, but I would have to order those specifically for this IEM, which is not something that I like, and usually I would review the tips that come in the box, but as said previously, I always use foam tips, so this is why I won't include a section on the tips. This also meant that I couldn't resort to plan B, which was to use my beloved Final E tips, which meant that I was completely limited to the stock silicone tips, which is always a great way to get me to really not like your IEM. So after putting on the stock silicone tips, I then inserted the IEMs into my ear, and another point off has to be taken for driver flex. I had never really experienced terrible driver flex before this, but I can now say that I know what really bad driver flex sounds like. For $300, I would expect that to be a complete non-issue. I have $30 IEMs that don't have any driver flex at all. Overall, I would say build is decent. Apart from the subjective issues with the tips, and the horrible driver flex, I can tell the IEMs themselves are built really well and a lot of effort went into making these sturdy, yet agile.

SOUND: This was the part I was waiting for, to finally hear how these sounded, and to be blunt and forthwith, it is tremendously disappointing. From the few reviews I could find online, I was expecting this full, more bass oriented sound. Which these do have bass, don't get me wrong. I tend to follow a more bass boosted neutral kind of tuning, or a more V shape kind of sound, and these definitely go down that line. The bass is thick and rich, but everything else lacks. The Mids aren't terrible, they are recessed naturally because of a more V shaped tuning, however what really ruins the sound is the upper midrange and lower treble. These IEMs are incredibly shouty. This was easily the worst thing about these IEMs. I listen to a lot of different genres, but my favorite is Rock. Listening to Save Me by Avenged Sevenfold, I can tell that guitar is a little bit more loud and stingy than usual, and moved onto Everlong by The Foo Fighters. I've listened to Everlong about a thousand times and I immediately was able to tell that something wasn't right about the way this was sounding. Typically, the guitars in that song sound rich and very warm sounding, however here they just sounded like they had an unhealthy amount of extra oomf in the upper frequencies. I then switched to Neurotic by Hundredth, which has a guitar track that already almost sounds like white noise in it's own regard, with a lot of filters being put on the guitar, but what is usually a filtered guitar track, just sounded like nails on a chalk board through these IEMs. After this I switched genre's and for most genres it was alright, but the shout was undeniable to my ears. The treble is alright, but that midrange shout is what kills the sound for me. I was absolutely gutted because the bass is nice and full, there is some decent imaging there as well, and it's decently detailed. I haven't really had any headphone that has terrible shout either, so I can now say with confidence that I am extremely sensitive to shouty characteristics. If it wasn't for that shoutiness, this would be a somewhat competent sounding IEM. Absolutely disappointing.

CONCLUSION: These IEMs are hyped up by the small community that love them, and I can kind of see why they like them. Bass heads will love these and I have a little bit of a bass head side to me as well. However some of the choices that they made along the way with packaging and build don't really make much sense to me, but the two things that kill this IEM the most for me is the midrange shout and the horrible cable with a proprietary connector. For $300, I found myself sitting in my chair wondering where all my money went, because it surely didn't go into the packaging or the cable, or the tuning. I've come to the conclusion that my money inevitably went to their marketing and the "diamond tuned driver technology" that is included with the Carbon. I think the lesson that Periodic Audio needs to learn is that gimmicks don't make the headphone. If it sounds bad, it's just bad.

TL;DR: There are a lot of small weird things that this IEM does, but the killshot is a hefty amount of midrange shout that kills the IEM for me.
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2023.02.02 21:19 Cobalt1027 [TOMT][MUSIC]Need help finding the name of this song I know a few bars of

Hello! I'm looking for the name of a song I played on the piano some years ago. I can still remember the first few bars of the song, though it admittedly deteriorates near the end. Here's an unlisted video to help you guys out:
I think it's a Spanish song originally for Classical Guitar that was transcribed to piano (you don't need to find a piano rendition of it - just the name is enough). I'm fairly certain it had a slow middle part, then the third part was largely a repeat of the first. Normally I run random song parts through Google Assistant and get an answer, but it's having trouble recognizing the song.
Thank you!
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2023.02.02 21:10 ArtFraga CARRICKFERGUS instrumental cover - BurnsErnst tab

CARRICKFERGUS instrumental cover - BurnsErnst guitar tabs download as PDF and Guitar Pro on: https://paidtabs.com/search/vSi7ELlP68E
Click here for a free preview of the score (first page)
This score has 9 PDF pages
Credit: this score was transcribed/uploaded by @Niizar
If you cannot find the score, it might be because of a copyright issue. Click on "Request" button at PaidTabs.com to request and get the score.
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2023.02.02 21:09 Zypherside Toshiba's "Sustainability" Program

I'm a IT Systems Administrator at a SPED School. My school switched from Xerox to Toshiba for district-wide copiers. I know recycling was not brought up in contract discussions.
Xerox either provides you a label or ships you a box for free to send back toner and other supplies. We also have HP printers which does the same thing, and they also provide credits when you recycle. When I inquired to my Toshiba rep about their “easy to use” recycling program after seeing this pdf on their sustainability page, they sent back a similar PDF saying I can order a “receptacle” i.e. cardboard box for $49.95 or 3 for $124.95.
Yes, that is for each box we send. No, it’s not for a reusable receptacle. This felt very deceptive.
This would amount to a lowballed cost of $500 per year spent on boxes for recycling. I asked about doing something like Xerox or HP’s programs, but the rep said that the fees are for the recycling process, not the boxes. I feel Toshiba should be responsible for their products’ waste, not have the consumer pay for it.
I don’t want to sour my relationship with the company as we just started working together, but this left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m probably going to ask for a contact on their sustainability team to give my feedback.
Does anyone have a solution to recycling Toshiba toner at a reasonable price?
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2023.02.02 21:07 Zypherside Toshiba's "Sustainability" Program

I'm a IT Systems Administrator at a SPED School. My school switched from Xerox to Toshiba for district-wide copiers. I know recycling was not brought up in contract discussions.
Xerox either provides you a label or ships you a box for free to send back toner and other supplies. We also have HP printers which does the same thing, and they also provide credits when you recycle. When I inquired to my Toshiba rep about their “easy to use” recycling program after seeing this pdf on their sustainability page, they sent back a similar PDF saying I can order a “receptacle” i.e. cardboard box for $49.95 or 3 for $124.95.
Yes, that is for each box we send. No, it’s not for a reusable receptacle. This felt very deceptive.
This would amount to a lowballed cost of $500 per year spent on boxes for recycling. I asked about doing something like Xerox or HP’s programs, but the rep said that the fees are for the recycling process, not the boxes. I feel Toshiba should be responsible for their products’ waste, not have the consumer pay for it.
I don’t want to sour my relationship with the company as we just started working together, but this left a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m probably going to ask for a contact on their sustainability team to give my feedback.
Does anyone have a solution to recycling Toshiba toner at a reasonable price?
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