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2023.02.03 05:50 Kind-Breadfruit-1840 Denial or just different?

My mom passed yesterday morning. She was admitted into nursing home 11/3 after hospitalization for worsening dementia symptoms. She fell and broker her arm on 12/24 and never left her bed after that. Even though I had been praying for her relief from pain from a broken arm and peace from dementia I was taken by surprise. On Wednesday, she saw our dead friend, She had not eaten much for about 10 days but on Friday ate a little and drank 3 cups of coffee. She told me she thought my dead brother was there but wasn’t as sure as she had been about our friend, We had a really good visit except for when she was screaming at me about funeral plans- she wanted it PRIVATE. She did fuss with her covers a lot and said it hurt when I touched her. Her hospice nurse had visited and on Thursday and remarked about how she was still so strong.
When I went the next few days she was sleeping. On Tuesday she was sleeping so peacefully and her breathing seemed normal. That was around noon. I didn’t want to wake her in fear of her becoming agitated. That afternoon they started hyoscyamine for congestion and then hydromorphone at 8pm and 9:30pm. By 10 she was ashen and unresponsive and died at 2am.
My questions for those of you who know-
  1. was I in denial about motors or was it just fast?
  2. was Friday her rally- I expected more
  3. i never saw mottling, cold extremities, or anything else- she was still drinking and eating a little.
help me understand- maybe I can’t.
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2023.02.03 05:46 RagingCobraChicken Engaged - worried things are falling apart and failing

Hi people’s, (27M) engaged to a (25F)… so a bit of background we met a long time ago through highschool; her one of those everyone wanted to be her friend type of people, part of the music class, on the sports teams, in school plays etc. Myself quiet, in the art classes, yearbook, sports teams. Funny story how we actually first met (story for another time) anyways we ended up finding one another last year on a dating app, she needed a ride to her home town, ironically headed that way so I offered… ended up staying a week in a hotel with her as we were snowed in hwy’s being closed and all.
Fast forward a few months she moves in the same city as me and we start dating, couple more months go by and she has to work out of town… she says she misses me and can’t wait to come home after 2 weeks, last day there all loving then later in the day she says she wants to be alone (odd right?) now I had this plan I was going to a hopelessly romantic thing as it was going to be a super blood moon I wanted to propose at this hidden beach I had found with a beautiful view of the lake. Nothing from her what so ever after what she had said… a couple days later her ex passes away, she’s devastated. Later in the day I get a call at work and she’s crying and there’s shouting in the background so I leave work early, (siblings fighting, a hospital visit later with stitches)… take care of her for a week and back to being confused and angry with myself not knowing what I had done to be suddenly dropped like I was. Sleeping on the couch just because it didn’t feel right to be sleeping in bed without her. 12 am Canada Day, get a call from her she wants to talk… drive over she tells me she slept with her co worker (guy I met that said I had nothing to worry about - fucking prick coke head, in the literal sense), she had fallen for him emotionally the boyish charm and fun apparently… (me I’m introverted, I don’t drink, or smoke, I don’t like bars or parties, grew out of it and medical reasons aside) while talking she said it wasn’t fair and I’m sorry calling me by this ass hats name… (she’s drunk)
I go home and we don’t talk for a while, I said to her I hope you find happiness and he treats you better than I ever could, (hurting and broken) I bought a 40 of tequila, a 40 of whiskey to drown the voices and impulsive thoughts.. 3 am rolls by can’t sleep, phone flashes - I miss you, 7 minutes later front door opens up it’s her drunk and sit on my lap apologizing… next day we finally have a talk on what happened…
Her drunk, him sober (coked up) took her to see the blood moon and he kissed her and took advantage of her sadness (again from her ex passing) now internally pissed off, gritting my teeth try to work things out.. fast forward another couple months things are going well - I saved enough to finally get a beautiful 1.5 carat diamond infinity loop rose gold ring, bring her out to another beautiful spot to see the mountains and ask her the question and shot down she says she doesn’t believe in that stuff… another month or so having dinner and doing the dishes she says you know if that offer still stands then I do… (make it official) so fast forward to the last couple months.. what a shit show
2 months ago now her mom unfortunately passed very suddenly, 8pm in a coma, 10pm flown out, panicking packing whatever we need to make the 8 hour drive through a winter storm, 12am roll out, white out conditions, stop 3-4 hours later tired pull into her aunts, leave in the morning pick up her siblings 2 hours later - drive the final 2 hours hospital bound to say their good byes. Funeral and services family gatherings away from home for a month. Now in last month no job, due to the circumstances job searching every day, picked up some contracting work with my old land lord but that fell through due to differences. Now worried as all she wants to do is drink, and space, harping on me to get a job, and that she hates it here and has for the last 6 months… (side note she had gotten blackout drunk fought our roommate then wanted to have sex, then slapped the shit out of me because I left earlier due to an argument and as she was drunk I didn’t want to have sex with her in the state that she was… I leave the room and I hear her calling another one of her former coworkers to come over an have sex so I storm back and ask really you’re gonna do that to me and she Denys it and says here look at the conversation throwing her phone at me, telling her it’s not in text you said it on the phone, leaving the room again, let her fall asleep) in the morning I tell her she hit me and fought our roommate as she doesn’t remember. I didn’t tell her about the coworker thing as she won’t more than likely believe me.. now she wants to move back home to take care of her siblings which are mostly adults but have also been drinking due to the circumstances, I hate and despise this town as I’ve lived there and burned a lot of bridges and due to exes starting rumor mills slandered my name (small town problems) have told her I do not want to move to this town where there is no housing or really any jobs, but have been searching anyways because I love her and yet again sacrificing job Opportunities here, have a job lined up there now. She says she feels smothered because I don’t have a job, yet I did, paid for food, bills etc. that I can’t or don’t want to do a job without her (I want to get her out of the house and doing something because all she wants to do is drink) I worry and feel like I am supposed to tend to her while she’s grieving. She feels like we’re drifting apart and I do too, Ian starting to hate the person she becomes while drinking, she feels smothered and that I can’t hold the fort down if she’s ever this weak again… doesn’t feel like things are working out… I’ve started selling my stuff to get by and get her home to her family, now she wants me to stay behind for awhile while she goes back home after I secured this job that’s on a time limit to hold for me. I honestly don’t know what to do or say, drinking now and has been in affectionate all day, like I’m just annoying her…
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2023.02.03 05:42 AutoNewsAdmin [National] - Iowa woman mistakenly pronounced dead 'gasped for air' in funeral home

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2023.02.03 05:20 Prov15 AITAH for abandoning my friend

I(23f) met Her(30f) at my previous job, since then we’ve become really close friends. I have been struggling with bipolar depression before i even knew about it. Where I live people would rather die than get mental help, rather judge and tell you to snap out of it, cause they just refuse to believe in mental illness, so i only talk about my depression with a therapist. I try to function normally, do fun stuff with family and friends, go to work, but some days it’s so hard, even simple things like eating or keeping my house clean. The past few months have been really hard on me, normally i get bipolar depression episodes for maximum a week then i shift back to feeling “okay”, my current episode started in December and i thought it would be over soon like usually, but I’ve been in that state for longer than 2 months now and I’ve never had an episode this long before. People don’t really notice cause i try to hide it outside but once I’m home it all comes flooding. The past month i notice my friend getting upset with me cause i would make plans, try to function normally but somedays the depression got the best of me and i would cancel last minute, but sometimes i start feeling better the very last minute and go through with the plans. I haven’t told her about my bipolar disorder because she been going through so much the past few months and I felt like bringing this up now will just make me look like an AH, i just want to be there for her as a friend, since I’m her only friend and she doesn’t have any family in this country. She has been going through house problems the past few months and that put her in a depressed state. Yesterday she finally managed to find a house and just as she was about to move, her house caught fire, her 2 year old daughter couldn’t get out and burned. When i heard the news i contacted her, picked her up and tried to comfort her. The company we worked for gave her a place to stay for as long as she wants, she was still crying when i left and I told her i would visit her the next day. I had to go home cause i had to work the next day and i had a splitting headache, I couldn’t sleep, I kept replaying everything in my head. I showed up to work the next day exhausted and absent minded, after I talked to my supervisor they send me home. They could notice i was really not okay… When i got home i took my medicine, decided to sleep a little so i could visit my friend later and see how she’s doing, as promised. When i woke up i felt so drained, everything started playing in my mind again and i could feel myself sinking like never before. I want to be there so bad for her and not make this about me, but at the same time facing her makes me sink deeper into the episode and if i don’t get myself together i might drown. This means I have to miss her daughter funeral and I fear i might lose her as a friend if i let her grief alone. Does this make me an AH?
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2023.02.03 05:13 SnooPineapples116 Please pray for my friend

I met this girl online and she went to Venezuela for her mother’s funeral. The last time we spoke was two weeks ago and she said she was boarding a plane home in 45 minutes. After days of silence, I got a text today saying from her. It was someone else who got to her phone and said that she was a victim. I don’t know what that is yet but I’m afraid something really bad has happened and I don’t know if she’s alive, dead or injured. So please pray for her
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2023.02.03 05:08 fortunately_here My life of late is a never-ending cycle of loneliness, depression, isolation, and despair (and of course: drinking!)

I’m 27 male. Live in a fair-sized city—not a metropolis but certainly not a small city. I recently managed to graduate college with a degree in English Lit and a 3.5 cumulative GPA to boot but it feels meaningless. The school I went to is a highly ranked state university. This all after dropping out of college when I was 20, re-enrolled when I was 23. Worked my ass off to transfer to said school, all while sober…
When I moved here I was sober, I had a pretty good head on my shoulders. And while I’m not trying to dump the blame onto someone else, I met a girl while attending college who only up until recently (finally managed to cut contact after many breakups, trust me the situation was complicated to mind-fucking proportions, a 2+ year mindfuck of a situation…) caused me a lot of trauma. She was very bad for me and it has been an enormously destructive road. Tons and tons of drinking along the way.
Now I am graduated and am working the same shit job I have been working throughout college. Meanwhile I have lost everyone that was previously in my life. And I just keep drinking. I even tried dating again recently, showed up to every date buzzed and then drank more on the dates. It’s pathetic…
I tell myself that it’s worth pushing through. I come from a family line of rampant alcoholism. I never even met my dad’s dad, they had his funeral “get together” in the dive bar he frequented. Then on my mom’s side, my uncle has a ton of DUI’s and is on his third, fourth? marriage, his children (my cousins) long-since estranged…
I’m just so desperate. I know I shouldn’t complain because things could be a lot worse in many ways, but I am just so miserable drinking my life away. People tell me I am an attractive guy, that I am smart, etc. I have a major insecurity over my height that I try day in and day out to get over but it always crops up, I’m a short dude. I’ve destroyed damn near every relationship I have ever had. And now I just have…nothing, nobody. I used to have hobbies: reading and movies being the big ones, apart from music. Reading a book nowadays? I can’t!
How did this happen? I’ve drank the last two-three years of my life away, had both fun and misery along the way, and suddenly…nothing. Where do I go from here? The drinking definitely has played a part I feel. I come home from work, pound beers, blast music, stare at the wall, rinse and repeat. I just can’t live like this…
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2023.02.03 05:04 RolandDeshane The Ivy Restaurant (Was a remodeled funeral home)

My partner's Uncle just told me about a restaurant called The Ivy from the early 80's that a rich guy remodeled from an old funeral home. He apparently spent a lot of money and it only lasted 8 months because the customer base had all buried their loved ones in the building and didn't want to go to a fancy meal there.
He brings it up everytime we meet and I always wondered what happened to the building after that. Does anyone know how I might find anything more about it?
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2023.02.03 04:38 _bobbykelso Looking to change careers, is this a bad format for jobs with identical responsibilities?

I've been a funeral director for the past 6 years. I am hoping to leave the funeral profession entirely. Where I'm going, well I haven't really reached that part yet, but I want to get a resume ready for when the right opportunity arises. Realistically, the responsibilities rarely change from place to place. There isn't really any type of metric that's recorded to make something like "increased amount of sales by %" make sense in my resume. Even if I said something with quantifiable numbers, such as I saw an average of 120 families a year, the markets by city vary so much, it would mean nothing.
Recently, when looking around for inspiration, I saw this resume on a website (it does not include my own information) and it caught my attention. Instead of me having to repeat myself in different ways with extremely similar responsibilities, I could simply layout my skills first and list employment after. However, I also have no idea if this is a good idea or not, especially when I am looking at a career change.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
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2023.02.03 04:36 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - Woman presumed dead was found gasping for air in body bag at Iowa funeral home NBC

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2023.02.03 04:29 AutoNewsAdmin [Top Stories] - Woman presumed dead was found gasping for air in body bag at Iowa funeral home

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2023.02.03 04:27 thabhshsh my childhood best friend took her life

my mom called me yesterday and said she ran into the mother of my childhood best friend. we haven’t seen them in 7 years since they moved out of state. they moved when i was 14 years old so they could escape her abusive father. he was a monster of a person who would beat both of them mercilessly. she would always have bruises on her arms and legs and had a scar on her ribs when he hit her with a broken beer bottle when she was 11. this went on for years until one day they disappeared. we didn’t hear from them for two months until we got a letter from them. her mom caught him sexually abusing my friend one night so the next morning she packed their things and moved two states over. her mother didn’t give us their address because she was afraid of him finding them and hurting them. we lost contact with them as a result and did not hear anything else from them until yesterday. her mother came back because she was getting her sister and father to bring them to the funeral. she stopped by my parents house to tell them what happened and cried in my mother’s arms for three hours.
i got the call while hanging out with some friends and i went straight home after getting off the phone. my roommate was home and i broke down in front of him when he asked why i was home so early. i’m not a person who cries but losing someone i care about who i haven’t seen in half a decade and will never see again completely broke me.
my friend overdosed in her dorm room back in december. she left a note saying she couldn’t live with the pain and trauma she endured as a kid. she was diagnosed with severe depression when she was 16 and it got progressively worse when she moved out for college. she was able to last the first three years of college but she met a guy last summer who took advantage of her and she reached her breaking point.
she was 21 years old. she was my best friend until 8th grade. we did everything together. losing her was the worst part of my childhood. i couldn’t find her on any social media because her mother was scared of her father finding her, which i completely understood, but there was not a day that went by where i didn’t think about her. i miss her beautiful long black hair and black eyes and dimples that would light up my world when she would smile. she drew the best portraits of people and could turn anything into art. i still remember holding her when she was crying about a night where her father beat her more than usual. i should have said something to someone but i did not. i thought people could see what i saw but they were oblivious to the abuse. i failed to take care of her. my heart breaks for her mother. she was the sweetest person in the world and i pray she finds peace one day.
i’m so sorry abigail. you were a beautiful person who deserved so much better. i love you so much. rest in peace.
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2023.02.03 03:44 TheBlazeBot Iowa woman pronounced dead was sent to funeral home where workers found her 'gasping for air' inside cloth bag

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2023.02.03 03:39 LovelyThingSuite Cringe…

I’m on my second watch-through of ER and I’ve made it to S9E20. This is the episode right after John Carter’s grandmother, gamma (always thought about how silly it sounded for John to call her that hehe), has passed. This is also the episode right after Abby gets her brother back to Chicago after he was missing for awhile.
I’m honestly having a little trouble getting through the episode due to the ENORMOUS amount of second-hand embarrassment I’m facing lol. Eric essentially escapes from a voluntary psych program and breaks into Abby’s apartment, despite her being home which causes her to show up late to the funeral at the cemetery. Abby doesn’t want to leave Eric by himself so when John sends a car to pick her up from her apartment, she brings Eric along with her, assuming he’ll sit and wait in the limo.
Eric being Eric decides to break open the minibar in the limo and gets drunk along with already being off of his meds. Dude gets out of the limo to break the seal and piss on a tree right in front of the funeral party😐 THEN he crashes the funeral while the minister is giving a speech which causes Abby, John, and John’s father to step away from the funeral to deal with him. He proceeds to knock over Gamma’s beautiful flower arrangement and then fall into the open grave!!
The embarrassment I currently feel is terrible lol. I know it’s just a show but my god was that awful to sit through.
EDIT - I’m loving the different responses I’m getting. I really appreciate everyone else’s perspective (:
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2023.02.03 02:53 Gkammo Guys is this bio any good? 🙈

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2023.02.03 02:47 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Authorities: Woman sent to Iowa funeral home was alive Toronto Star

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2023.02.03 02:44 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Authorities: Woman sent to Iowa funeral home was alive

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2023.02.03 02:39 BostonBlackCat [TOMT][Music Video] Music video where a middle aged man is running, when he reaches the end of his run he actually is dead in his bed as his wife tries to wake him

This is an instance of my memory lying to me. In my mind this is the music video for Band of Horses' "The Funeral," but when I looked it up on YouTube, their video is completely different. I am guessing the music video I am remembering is a song from the early 2000s from a similar band.
The video is a lean middle aged white man out running, mostly through a path in a wooded area. At the end of the song, I believe he is about to come through some woods into a clearing - it may have been that he was about to arrive back home. Then it turns out that was a dream as he was dying in bed, the end of his run is his death. The end of the video is his wife shaking him and frantically trying to wake him up.
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2023.02.03 02:21 iluvhughjass Doughboy

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2023.02.03 02:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - Authorities: Woman sent to Iowa funeral home was alive ABC

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2023.02.03 02:13 AutoNewsAdmin [National] - Authorities: Woman sent to Iowa funeral home was alive

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2023.02.03 02:09 TTLAAJ Waco funeral home to hold annual luncheon for widowed men and women

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2023.02.03 02:03 ArthurPeabody 'Mountain rain'

Joe tells of his father, a beloved professor, dying in hospital. Joe sees a horrific crash on the street. His father pulls out his IVs and wires. Joe goes to fetch a nurse, finds her copulating with a patient. He hears his phone ring, goes back to his father's room: it's his wife, Darlene (note Darlene was his wife in 'Prison songs', the hostess in 'Obsessions'), angry about missed alimony payments. Joe prays for his father, after which he dies.
5:30: At the funeral a few days later, Joe's mother goes to the coffin, wails, falls dead. They put her in the coffin. A thunderstorm washed out the road to the cemetery, so they take an alternate route and get lost. A bridge collapses under the cortege. The cemetery floods, coffins and skeletons float away. Lightning strikes the church, setting it and the people inside on fire. A traffic helicopter crashes into a mausoleum. 2 shabbily-dressed girls emerge from the underbrush, throw stones at Joe, call him a Jew bastard. Joe decides the universe is malignant.
11:20: Joe has a powerful dream of an angel. Then he starts seeing her everywhere, becomes obsessed with her.
15:10: Joe sees her in a neighborhood restaurant. They spend the evening together: a walk, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, a jazz club, a cabaret, shopping at the drug store. She goes home in a cab that leaves before she gives Joe her phone number.
19:00: Joe recalls being at a resort when a child. His parents were dancing, in love, stylish. After it starts to rain, everyone else flees, but his parents continue to dance. 'It was the happiest most memorable and most deeply moving time in my life; it was the only time I felt truly at peace.'
26:30: Joe recounts a dream, seeing a 'Sicilian Loni Anderson' ( at a restaurant. They leave together in a cab while Joe's girlfriend, Justine (also his girlfriend in 'Justine' and 'The sacred'), leaves in another. His cabbie has to wait to pick up another passenger, a pony. Joe can't wait because he has to get to Justine's, so he gets out, hails another cab, ends up in a bus. Joe sees the woman in the street, on a ladder, breasts exposed, squirting milk.
28:30: Joe recalls when he was about 19. He meets a 29-year-old woman in a club. He goes home with her. They make love.
32:20: Joe recounts his expedition to climb K2. ( Joe recruits a team of completely-unprepared people. They carry the wrong equipment. They don't prepare. They get out of shape. They forgo maps. They bring a marching band. They take LSD and get drunk. Many die. They never climb the mountain but like to think they did. They get together annually to remember the expedition.
Closing credits: 'This is Joe Frank. You've been listening to "Somewhere out there". This program was created in collaboration with Arthur Miller and David Rapkin; recorded, edited, mixed, and music looping by Bob Carlson, with special guest vocalist Judith Owen and sax player David Brown. Thanks also to Jennifer Ferro, Carly Eiseman and Esmé Gregson. "Somewhere out there" will return next week at the same time.'
The music for the opening segments, Judith Owen and David Brown improvising over an excerpt from Rachid Taha's 'Valencia', is my favorite piece of Joe's music.
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