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2023.02.02 22:09 Trash_Tia Three years ago, I was a research student working on a remote island. We were out of lab rats, so our professor used us instead.

I can’t believe I finally got the guts to post this to social media.
After three years, I’m finally ready to tell our story.
I know I shouldn't. This is a huge risk, and I’m putting both myself and my friends in danger of being caught by some pretty bad people who are currently hunting us down.
My life as I knew it ended in 2020. (I would talk about how ironic it was that it had to be 2020, but I don’t have time to ramble). I was volunteering as a lab assistant for a college professor I was close to. After graduating at the top of my class, I had been offered the opportunity to assist him overseas as a voluntary research assistant. I should have been working in his usual lab at the college, but due to certain ethical issues he didn’t want to deal with on campus, he decided to fly his most promising students to his primary lab on a tiny Indonesian island. He took on six of us.
The top of his class, as well as students who seemed far too interested in what he was really working on. Normally, college professor’s would discourage curiosity when it came to their private lives and work, but he welcomed it, allowing certain students glimpses into the research he was working on under his façade. I can’t say I wasn’t curious about the paperwork I happened to glimpse, paperwork covered in special plastic seals brandishing TOP SECRET in bold lettering which was definitely intriguing.
Sure, I wanted to know what was so special about his research that it warranted that kind of seal, but it’s not like I broke into his lab unlike my colleagues. (You would think biology students would be smart, but those idiots didn’t stand a chance with the amount of security our college had).
I thought that would be a sure fire suspension, and it almost was until the professor himself had pardoned them before inviting the group alongside me to work with him on this secret project. I know I sound crazy for taking a voluntary job, but the job was on a tiny island just off of the coast of Indonesia—which meant I was working in paradise. It was like being on a permanent vacation. We had the beach at our disposal, and the local resort was just up the road. After sweating in the lab on weekdays, we headed to the private resort down the road from the lab.
Professor Quincy was a well-known local, so he had managed to get us free entry. I guess you could say I was living the dream. Three years prior, I was in my freshman year of college and I had no idea what I was doing with my life. Fast forward two years, and I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I was working in literal paradise.
It didn’t last long, of course. I had to wake up from my dream at some point, right? And I did.
March 2020.
I can’t remember which date it was. I just remember that it was right at the start of the pandemic, and I was supposed to be going home to see family I hadn’t seen in almost six months. Professor Quincy had been insistent we live and work with him for a certain amount of time, and then he would grant us permission to return home to see our family.
I couldn’t exactly argue against it. Like I said, and I will continue to elaborate through this post, our professor’s work was pretty private. Cell phones were not allowed, and internet access was limited. If I needed to phone home, I had to sign seven different forms to promise I wouldn’t leak any information on his work, and to declare that if I happened to do so I would be fired immediately and sent back to the US.
If that wasn’t enough, my parents would also be held accountable.
So, yeah. Obviously, I wasn’t going to start spilling our professor’s secrets.
It’s not like we were completely cut off. There was a phone in Professor Quincy’s office, as well as the reception at the dorms.
We were allowed three allocated phone calls a week. After a certain world event had enfolded, however, we were allowed to call our parents pretty much any time we wanted, as long as we signed those release forms. After a full day of none-stop paranoia and too much time skimming news articles on my laptop, I was itching to talk to mom. I just didn’t know how to tell her that I wouldn’t be seeing her in… I had no idea. The US borders were shutting, and I was at a loss what to do. If I am to be honest with you, I was terrified. This kind of thing only happened in movies, and there I was trying to figure out a way to tell my mom I wouldn’t be coming home—and I had no idea if I would ever be coming home again. The dorms were state of the art; a huge glass building with three floors. There was a gym, a swimming pool, and a girl’s and boy’s dorm on the top levels.
There were only six of us, so it was pretty fucking amazing. Sometimes in the summer when it was baking hot, like the kind of heat the human body can’t deal with, they opened the roof, and we would all lie in the reception area, drunk on cocktails from the resort.
But do you know what wasn’t state of the art?
The air-con.
I had grown accustomed to the stupid thing breaking every three days. Normally, I didn’t really care. I’d get a cold shower or stick my head in the freezer. That day, though, I had just been informed via email I wouldn’t be returning home for the foreseeable future. The thing was, I was so used to knowing things in advance. I knew when work was cancelled, or when I was getting sick. Though with this, I had no idea what the outcome would be. Nobody did. The planet was holding a collective breath. I couldn’t even ask for a possible date, because no one knew how this huge, insane, life-changing thing would play out.
Well, it could play out either one way or the other. And I had seen the movies. I knew the basis, or at least the fictional re-enactment.
So, sweating through baking heat, I sat cross legged on prickly carpet, squeezing the phone in my palmy hands. I could glimpse Kaian through the window, slumped on a sun-lounger with his head tipped back. He was frowning at an odd looking bird which was perched on the upper deck. It was early evening, and the sun was starting to set. God, I loved watching the sunset. It was like the sky had turned into cotton candy, streaks of burning red and pink enveloping crystal blue and dimming the sky, making it easier to get a good luck at the sun.
Kaian’s light brown hair exploded into hues of vivid red, and I was momentarily taken-aback by the sight—like the sky had set his hair on fire. Ever since meeting him in my freshman year, I’d had a crush on Kaian. Being half-Thai with striking features and a Hollywood smile, my ass was already on the floor.
However, after living with him for several months, and studying alongside him for years, I had come to realise he was more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Not exactly a dick, but not the nicest either. Kaian was deaf and had become the sort of “jock” of our little research group. He had been the one to stage the break-in attempt into Professor Quincy’s lab. I always wondered if they really had discovered something—and blackmailed Quincy into letting them in on the research.
I wouldn’t put it past my classmates. They were as nutty as our professor. I was half-wishing mom didn’t answer. Then I would have no choice but to tell her through email, which was better.
Still though, I wanted to hear her voice, even if it was going to send me over the edge. When my mom’s voice crackled through the phone, I panicked and said the first thing which came to mind. “I’m... I’m staying here for a little longer.” I said. “I was told this morning I can’t come home.”
Mom was silent for a moment before she sighed. “Yeah.” I was surprised when she chuckled. “I figured that, sweetie.”
“You’re not mad?” I whispered.
She didn’t reply for a moment before sighing. “Why would I be mad? It’s not like you can help it.”
Squeezing the phone tighter, I turned away so Kaian couldn’t see me sobbing like an idiot. “It’s not for long,” I said, or rather lied. I wasn’t just trying to reassure my mother, I was desperate to make myself feel better too. “I think it’ll be late April, or maybe May. I’m not sure yet.”
“Well, I’m excited to see you.”
Nodding, I swallowed a wracking sob. “I’m excited to see you too, mom.”
“Are you eating well?”
“Uh, yeah. The food here is great.”
“How is work?”
She was avoiding elaborating on a conversation neither of us wanted to have, and I didn’t blame her.
“It’s fine,” I said, “We’ve been working in some pretty, uh… intense heat. But I’m fine. I just cool off in the sea.”
“That’s good.” I could sense my mother’s smile, and it made me feel ten times worse.
“How… how are things over there?”
Mom hummed. “There’s no toilet paper,” she laughed, “But we’re all fine. Your little brother is baking cookies. Do you want to talk to him?”
“No.” I said, far too fast. “I mean… I don’t have much time, and I wanted to talk to you.” I swallowed. “If that’s okay.”
“Of course, honey.” Mom’s voice felt like warm water coming over me, relieving my stiff muscles. “Oh! Your father just finished cleaning your room out the other day! You would not believe how much stuff we had to take to a yard sale. Do you remember that dollhouse you had?”
She cut me off. “Well, I’ve given it to Mrs Jason’s daughter. Do you remember Lucy?"
“Lucy.” I said, my mind elsewhere. “She was that kid… umm…”
“You held her at your auntie Christine’s birthday party, do you remember? She’s always asking about you. She thinks you’re a marine biologist.”
“Oh.” I said helplessly. Sensing movement, I twisted around to find Kaian heading up the stairs. Probably to his room.
Usually, Monday nights were reserved for the beach. After lights out, we headed down to the coves which were a three minute walk from the dorms to paddle in bioluminescent plankton illuminating the stuffy night.
It was like dipping your feet in liquid stars. From the look on my colleague’s face however, a sort of not-entirely-there frown, I doubted anyone was in the mood for our usual trip to the beach. Offering the boy a wave, I pulled my knees to my chest. I didn’t realise I’d left an awkward pause until mom cleared her throat loudly, snapping me out of my trance.
“Wren, did you hear what I just said?”
Mom only had to say my name to send my heart into my throat. “Honey, are you crying?”
I had to heave in a breath. “No.”
“You’re watching the news, aren’t you?”
“Mom, I’m fine.”
“Are you sure?” Mom paused. “Wren, I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now, but I’m just a phone-call away.”
I nodded, my eyes burning. “I love you, mom.”
“I love you too, baby.” Mom’s voice hitched, and she was splintering. I could tell by her sharp breaths. “I’ll see you soon, okay?”
That was the last time I ever spoke to my mother.
The sky was dark when I pulled open the door to my shared room and face-planted into my bed. Long after putting the phone down, I sat in the reception area and cried like an idiot. Then I went outside to attempt to read a book on a sun lounger, but with the lack of sun, and the fact that the outdoor light was broken, I gave up and retreated upstairs.
Riss, my roommate, was typing loudly on her laptop when I bothered lifting my head from my snot-drenched pillow.
She had been taking the news surprisingly well, despite her being the one in our group who was over-emotional. She was a natural redhead but had dyed her hair an odd pastel pink colour which was starting to come out. I could see her natural vivid red roots springing from her half-assed ponytail. “How’s your mom?”
Riss didn’t look up from her laptop screen, her fingers dancing across the keyboard. I glimpsed the word doc she had been working on earlier in the lab. We were supposed to type up all the findings from the days experiments earlier, and as usual Riss was the last to submit hers. She was the lazy daydreamer out of our group, often getting chastised for zoning out during lectures and falling asleep. Riss was smart though. Seriously smart. When she felt like it.
“Hello?” Riss slammed the space-bar. “How was the talk with your mom?”
“It was fine.”
“Doesn’t sound like it,” Riss hummed. “Come on, I know when you’re upset—fuck.” She hissed through her teeth, going to town on the backspace key. “Stupid fucking autocorrect.”
I didn’t reply for a moment, suffocating myself in my pillow. The air-con was broken again, so I was left to suffer, stewing in the same clothes I had been wearing all day. I needed a cold shower and something from the downstairs kitchen, but I couldn’t be bothered moving. Besides, Riss’s typing was comforting, lulling me into almost-slumber.
After a while of just basking in the sound of her typing, my roommate sighed loudly. I sensed her jump up from her bed and move to her desk. My roommate had a routine I was used to. After typing up her usually late reports, she jumped up, did some stretches, downed the bottle of water on her desk, and then jumped up and down with too much energy, awaiting the print out. Just as I thought, I cringed at the sound of our printer booting up. I hated the noise. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard. “It’s the end of the world as we know it.” Riss murmured with another loud, exaggerated sigh. “And we’re stuck in paradise.”
Refusing to lift my head from my pillow despite the heat, I scoffed into the material. “Stop saying that.”
“Stop saying what?”
“That it’s the end of the world.”
“I mean, it is. Certain events aside, have you seen the state of the ozone layer? Dude, we’re on a one way ticket to extinction.”
I really didn’t need Riss’s “comforting talks” right then. Her idea of reassuring was reminding me how many species were dying out.
“Uh-huh.” I said, cutting into the slightly manic polar bear rant. “Can we talk about something else.”
“But it’s true.” Riss chuckled. “The world is falling apart, and here we are trying to do the impossible.” She paused. “In one of the most beautiful places on the planet.” When I lifted my head to frown at her, my roommate was sprawled out on her bed, her ten page report awkwardly balanced on her chest. Riss’s eyes were somewhere else, delving into oblivion.
I couldn’t tell what she was feeling. She was smiling, but her eyes were sad. It had taken me a while, but eventually, after weeks and then months had gone by, I had gotten used to Professor Quincy’s research. It was hard to take in at first. Like, you have this huge secret and you can’t tell anyone—if you do you’re risking your own career. I imagined it as a neutron star collision going off in my head, an explosion of colours nobody else could see but us.
Locked away on this tiny island, we were the only ones who knew Quincy’s goal. There was one rule in the lab.
No emotions. We weren’t allowed to have emotions once stepping through the door. We had to stop being human for the sake of achieving successes and moving onto a different age. A better age. That’s what Quincy said, anyway. I wondered if Riss was thinking about the work we did earlier. She had broken down three times since starting, though she was getting better. Riss didn’t speak much after an awkward conversation we had about the end of the world, which bled into a conversation about The Walking Dead.
It fizzled out after I reminded her I was yet to finish it after dumping it halfway through season four. There’s not much to do in the dorm. I had my laptop and several dozen movies downloaded onto it, but I wasn’t in the mood to delve into fiction. I was falling asleep when our door flew open, and Riss almost catapulted her laptop across the room. My gaze flicked to the doorway, where Kaian stood, a scowl carved into his lips. It wasn’t unusual that my colleague was scowling or standing in our doorway. He was always the first one up on a morning, quick to wake everyone else up despite the sun not being up yet.
“Kaian?” Riss signed, her eyes glued to our damp-looking colleague. “What the hell?”
Looking at him, I could tell that Kaian wasn’t there willingly. His hair was a soaking mess plastered to his forehead, a plaid shirt clumsily buttoned over ratty shorts. He looked like he’d just gotten out of the shower. No, he didn’t just look like it.
I was sure Kaian had just gotten out of the shower. When he held up one hand, and started to furiously sign, the jingling noise brought my attention to the cuff attached to his left wrist. “Jem.” He signed his roommate’s name, and I resisted the urge to collapse back into bed. Nothing was good when Jem was involved. I loved my colleague, but the amount of stupid shit he had done since starting work on the island, he could make his own sitcom.
Riss groaned, shutting her laptop. She quickly signed, “What has he done now?”
Kaian’s expression twisted with fury. “What HASN’T he done?” He held up his wrist, signing manically. “He cuffed me to my bed!”
“Kinky.” I shot him a smile, and seeing his expression, I quickly regretted my words when his gaze flashed to a stuffed animal on the floor.
I had no doubt he wouldn’t aim for my face.
“What? Why did he cuff you your bed?” Riss was already pulling on her jacket. I jumped up too, slipping into my sandals.
“Rabbits.” Was all Kaian had to sign with wide eyes, before we were following him back down the dorm hallway, and down the stairs. I was practically falling over myself to keep up. Kaian ran in front, Riss stumbling beside him. If Jem was in the lab after hours, it wasn’t good. Ever since we made the switch from rats to rabbits, Jem had been very vocal that he was against it. But like Quincy said, we had to give up our humanity in that room. Our morals. Anything we thought, our opinions and emotions. We had to suppress it all.
Because once we started to give into them, our professor had proclaimed—that was when cracks would start to form. According to him, the first step in turning your back on science was giving into your humanity. I wasn’t quite there yet. It’s not like I didn’t have intrusive thoughts about saving the poor things, but Quincy had planted a very specific thought in our heads. If we rebelled, if we leaked information and went against him—our families were at risk of getting involved despite having nothing to do with it.
Jem had already submitted multiple complaints, and I didn’t blame him. But it’s not like we could all band together to stop Quincy’s experiments. Like I said, we were walking on eggshells around him and he was already a fairly paranoid man already. And morals and humanity aside, his work was pretty fucking incredible. Disgusting and inhumane? Yes, of course. But truly incredible. The lab was a five minute walk from the dorms. Riss was out of breath as we ran, and I glimpsed a full moon light up the darkening sky, illuminating oblivion in milky white light. “What I don’t understand,” she panted, “Is why cuff you to your bed?”
She turned to Kaian, who signed, “He knew I was going to tell someone. When I got out of the shower, he grabbed me and cuffed me to the frame.” The boy scowled. “I’m going to kill him.” By the time the three of us were throwing ourselves through the doors of the lab, pressing our identity badges over the mechanical lock, I was sweating. Bad. I think all three of us wanted to collectively murder our colleague. The lab was usually out of bounds after work hours, but sometimes Professor Quincy made exceptions if we needed to finish reports or collect data.
Riss was stabbing in the eight digit code to get into Quincy’s office, and I was struggling to catch my breath, keeled over with my hands on my knees. The building was usually lit up, even at night. I had spent countless after work hours typing up research reports and listening to music, comforted by the warm glow from the lights overhead. But that wasn’t the case on that particular night. A coil of dread began to unravel in my gut as we bound down the main hallway which was swamped in darkness. Riss made a joke about failed experiments lurking around us, and I elbowed her sharply in the gut.
Thankfully, Quincy’s main lab was lit up. When the door swung open with a loud beep, the three of us bound straight into a startled looking Jem—whose expression almost matched the ones of the dozen baby rabbits cradled to his chest. If Kaian resembled a Hollywood star, then this guy reminded me more of a punk kid—maybe a theatre kid too. Jem was the wildcard in our group. He wasn’t the smartest, and he struggled sometimes. But Quincy had admired the boy’s curiosity in his research. Jem’s hair was always a mess of dishevelled curls, and his outfit choices were… odd. For example, Jem had opted for wearing pajamas to his rabbit heist.
It was almost like he had an epiphany in his sleep and hurricane thoughts had led him right to the lab. For a moment, I was unsure whether to laugh or start yelling at him. Jem peeked at us under his hood, his eyes almost cartoonishly wide. Like he was a kid being caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar. The subjects he was holding seemed to cling onto him, and I had a moment—just a moment—where I cracked slightly. Especially when the largest one’s tiny eyes found mine.
It was frightened, its claws digging into his sleeve. “I can explain.” Jem finally spluttered, pressing the rabbits closer to his chest. “This is animal abuse.” He said in a hiss. “You’re not really going to stand there and watch that bastard hurt these little guys, are you?” I was sure Jem was convinced he could get away with it by showing us the power of cuteness.
I can’t say it wasn’t working. God, the one in the middle with large floppy ears and a brown smudge on its fur was really looking at me.
Like it was staring into my soul.
Next to me, Kaian’s expression was easing a little. He leaned against the door with his arms folded.
“They’re kind of cute.” He signed, smiling for the first time since earlier that morning when Riss spilled orange juice all over herself.
“See?” Jem’s smile was soft, and he gestured to them. “Look at them! They’re adorable. I’m not going to let him hurt them.”
Riss, however, seemed unfazed. She took a step towards him, her eyes darkening. “Are you fucking insane?” she gritted out. “So, what, you want to let Quincy’s test subjects go?”
Jem’s lip curled. “He’s got rats. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” He backed away, clutching the rabbits tighter to his chest. “You’ve seen what he’s done to them,” he whispered—and his gaze flicked to me, and then Kaian. “What WE have done to them. It’s not fair. They’re living creatures, and we’re… we’re hurting them.”
This was what I was afraid of. Ever since the six of us started on the island, and Quincy’s lecture on suppressing our humanity for the sake of science, I knew one of us was going to break when we saw what exactly he was doing to his subjects.
I’m not going to go into detail, because again, I am already putting myself at risk by writing this. But I will say that Quincy’s experiments weren’t.. normal. I’ve already told you they were inhumane and immoral.
But it didn’t end there. You see, our professor was sure—positive that he could ignite a certain part of the human brain with simple stimulation, a hell of a lot of drugs, and psychological tactics. He believed he could find that missing part that is missing in all of us which stops us from being the apex predator.
Abilities way beyond our comprehension.
Professor Quincy had been working his whole life to create a serum which would hack into the mind, and switch on that part of us we cannot find on our own. Rats didn’t give him the right results, so we moved onto rabbits.
So far, I had witnessed a rabbit which could teleport from one cage to the other, after several surgeries, and serum injections directed into its brain.
I thought it was impossible, and yet somehow I was watching it with my own eyes. A living thing disappearing in one place and reappearing in its cage. Through research, we had come to realise the cage was the rabbit’s safe place. Whatever ability it had (and there were many), it would always return to its cage, no matter where we placed them. The serum wasn’t perfect, however. I had witnessed a rabbit interfere with the electronics in the lab, playing with the lights, before exploding into large fleshy chunks painting the metal prongs of its cage a startling gory red.
The rabbit’s in Jem’s arms were our only proof that the serum worked. They were our last surviving four. Subjects 2, 6, 10, and 15. I have to admit, subject 15 freaked me out. Fifteen’s ability was not yet known, but Kaian was sure that it was developing heightened intelligence. I didn’t know much about Fifteen, but from what I did know, there was no fucking way we could let Jem let the little guy run free.
Knowing what they were capable of, and what we could possibly lose if my colleague got his own way, snapped me out of my, “Aww they’re so cute,” trance. I stepped forward, cringing when I glimpsed remnants of the metal headset which had been drilled into Six’s skull.
“Give them here.” I said, and when Jem started to shake his head, I snapped. “Do you want to get fired?”
He wasn’t letting up. “They’re living things, Wren!”
I nodded, trying to keep my cool. “They are.” I said. “But they’re also valuable subjects—one of which can fucking teleport. I wouldn’t exactly say they’re normal rabbits.” I held my breath. “Look.” I gave up acting like I knew what the fuck I was talking about. “I don’t like it either, okay? It’s disgusting and immoral, and findings and psychokinetic abilities aside, I would be totally on your side if we didn’t have results.”
“But we do have results.” Kaian signed. He seemed to have snapped out of it too. “Give them back, Jem. They’re research subjects.”
“They’re rabbits! Have you guys lost your minds?”
“Yes.” Kaian signed. “It’s part of the job description, asshole.”
“You have a dog!” Jem shot back in a manic hiss. His expression was feral. I had never seen that kind of desperation, almost unbridled lucidity let loose. “It’s no different to your dog, right? Would you seriously put him through this? Would you stick a needle inside his skull?”
Kaian didn’t reply, his jaw clenching.
“No. You wouldn’t. So, why these guys, huh? Why are you willing to be cruel for the sake of science for these guys, but you wouldn’t fucking dream of doing this to your pets?” Jem took another shaky step back, so I figured hitting him with the hard truth would snap him out of it.
“It’s not the same,” Kaian seemed to be struggling, his hands trembling as he signed. “It’s… it’s different—”
“What’s different?” Jem demanded. “There’s no difference! If it were a rat I would feel the same way! We’re hurting living animals.”
“Your dad,” I said quickly, “Do you want to drag him into this?”
“Again.” Kaian started to sign, Riss elbowing him to shut up. It was no secret Jem and his father had been under fire back home after discovering a document he shouldn’t have. All he did was read it. According to the boy himself, he had the Men In Black In Black trying to crash through his door at 4am. Jem was lucky Professor Quincy decided to use his curiosity as a tool instead of sending his family to jail.
Jem blinked, like he was waking from a trance. “No.” He said, quickly, his resolve crumbling. My colleague allowed Kaian and Riss to take the subjects and put them back in their cages. I expected him to fight back, but the guy seemed weirdly fine with us taking the rabbits back, stumbling away from them like they were contagious.
With all subjects accounted for, we headed back to the dorms and ate dinner—and I remember running my hands through Jem’s hair, a little bit drunk on cocktails, and promising him that once Professor Quincy was finished with his research, he would let the rabbits go. I wasn’t completely sure of this myself, and it was just a friendly lie to make him feel better, considering he’d been acting weird all night. I had been lazily sipping water to sober myself up when the thought hit me.
It didn’t really make an impact, more of a passing thought. Did subject Fifteen have any influence over Jem’s mind?
Fifteen had already proved it could type a single sentence on a keyboard and tap on a tablet screen to identify certain fruits.
Was if possible that it had developed the ability to influence the brain? I wasn’t sure I wanted an answer to that. Anyway, we all headed to bed, and I made Jem promise he wouldn’t do something like that again. I still remember the way he’d looked at me, slightly confused, mouth open, like he had no idea what I was talking about. I figured he was just tipsy, and after frowning at me for way longer than necessary, Jem saluted me with a “Yeah, course I promise.”
Yeah, that promise lasted maybe six fucking hours.
I was spooning dry cereal in my mouth the next morning, trying to ignore the news bulletin on the TV, when we got the first call. Jem had broken into the lab two hours ago, and let the subjects run free. By the time I’d thrown myself into the lab, barely dressed, the others were already getting screamed at—and I mean SCREAMED at by Quincy. I glimpsed my colleagues through the glass window as I threw myself into a run towards the lab. It looked like they had been dragged out of bed.
Rissa was in her robe, Kaian and Jem half dressed. The three were sitting in the communal area looking like they wanted to sink into the earth, while Quincy’s voice reverberated back down the hallway.
When I stepped through automatic doors, our professor turned to me, his expression thunderous. “Wren!” He passive aggressively gestured to the others. “Why don’t you take a seat, hm?” His British accent was easy to tolerate usually, but that morning he sounded like a fucking Bond villain. I nodded and practically dived next to Risa, who looked like she was ten seconds from wrapping her hands around Jem’s neck. Kaian was glaring at his lap, ignoring the professor’s ASL, and Jem looked—well, he looked kind of confused.
“You’re late.” Quincy turned his piercing gaze to me.
“I’m five minutes early, Professor Quincy.” I said, glancing at the clock to make sure I was right.
The man didn’t respond, turning back to Jem. “As I was saying, I was just letting your colleague know that he has thrown quite a wrench in our plans. But no matter, we can fix this.” He cleared his throat. “Mr Saeueng.” Professor Quincy nodded to Kaian. “There are several research subjects in storage that I have been saving for these kinds of emergencies, “ He said. “Please retrieve them so we can continue working on this project. And hurry up."
Kaian paled. For a moment I thought he was going to barf. “Professor Quincy,” he started to sign, before pausing, “You ordered me to dispose of them two weeks ago,” He shot me a look, and I remembered the two of us loading a cage full of rats into a truck. “We don’t have them.”
The professor’s expression contorted, and he smiled. He… smiled. Like he thought it was funny. “Right.” He said in a breath. “You’re telling me,” He lifted his arm like he was going to strike each of us. And I sensed the four of us collectively wince. “You’re all telling me—all four of you, that our current research subjects are nowhere to be seen, our backup subjects have been disposed of, and I am supposed to be doing a presentation next week?"
His voice cracked. “Next week!” He repeated, beginning to pace, and I was starting to regret choosing my curiosity over my wellbeing. Sure, psychokinetic abilities are cool, right? Cracking open the human brain and discovering something magical, something out of this world, was a dream come true. We were witnessing history being made. What could fundamentally change the world.
But I was sitting inside a lab with a man who was clearly unhinged, thousands of miles from home, and no guarantee I would ever return home. A shiver slid down my spine when our professor stopped pacing up and down, and something seemed to light up in his eyes.
I saw it. Something in his brain… snapped. It was like seeing a real-life light bulb moment. “We’re okay.” He said, after a moment of silence. Quincy seemed to gather himself. “You’re dismissed. I will.. I will get my hands on new research subjects, do not worry about that.” His smile was far too big, and I nodded, relieved, and jumped to my feet, eager to make a quick getaway.
Jem stood up, grabbing his bag. “Will we have time?” He asked. “I mean… the presentation is next week, and we need to start over.”
“That’s right,” Riss was frowning. “Professor, where exactly are you going to get new subjects? Didn’t the college stop funding the project?”
“Hm? Oh, I have subjects,” he chuckled. “I have always had subjects, don’t worry. They have always been my last resort.”
I nodded. “So, do you have spare rats?”
“Makes sense.” Kaian signed. “I bet he has a secret batch somewhere.”
“Precisely, Kaian.” Professor Quincy nodded, a wide smile splitting his lips apart.
“So, rats?” I pressed. He still was yet to answer my question and I was growing anxious of what these subjects were.
It must have been rabbits, surely. Rabbits were our best shot at getting results. Rats worked well, I guessed. But not as good as rabbits.
He caught my eye, and something cold slipped down my spine when the man’s grin didn’t waver. “You could say they’re rats.” He seemed to be drinking me in, his gaze flicking up and down, from my head to my toes. “And don’t worry. They will be ready for the presentation. I will make sure."
“Well, that’s great.” Jem’s expression brightened. “So, we didn’t have to use rabbits after all, huh? Who would have thought.”
To my surprise, the professor was in unusually high spirits. After a lecture repeating his insistence that we had to supress our humanity for the sake of science (which was mostly aimed at Jem) He flocked to his desk, sorting through paperwork, and leaving the room several times to take part in phone calls. He must have really been pushing to get new living materials. I noticed his hands were quivering. Was it fear?
Without a word, Quincy left the lab with an armful of paperwork. When Riss asked what we were supposed to do, he told us to stay exactly where we were, while he retrieved new research materials. Great.
With the professor gone, it didn’t take long before Riss was trying to strangle Jem, acting like it was playful, but the look in her eyes definitely had a more nefarious intent.
Kaian, being the smartass of our group, was already sorting through our day’s work, as if we hadn’t just lost our subjects. The lab was pretty much our playground (The professor’s words, not mine) but there was a specific room which was out of bounds. Quincy called it the FAIL room, where all of his failed experiments were. Living or dead, or preserved in some weird solution, the exact reason I was convinced he was unhinged, was in that room. I didn’t realise it was unlocked, until a crashing sound sent me jumping up from my chair, my heart catapulting into my throat.
Jem and Rissa looked up from their work, and I noticed Kaian’s seat was empty.
“That sounds ominous.” Jem shot me a look. “Did he…”
“He didn’t.” I muttered, my gaze flicking to the other side of the room, where, to my surprise, the room which had always been out of bounds, was in fact open. Before I could hesitate or think of the consequences, I hurried to the door, coming to a grinding halt on the threshold.
I was aware of my colleague’s shadow several feet away from me. I was aware of the petrified look of fright carved into his face, and his eyes, wide, like he was staring into oblivion. Like the darkness had already taken him.
Instead of finding Kaian, I was seeing what I can only describe as several lumps piled on top of each other. When I got closer, forcing my feet into submission, those lumps bled into very human-like figures wrapped in see-through plastic. For a disorienting seconds, while my head spun around and around, a slithery paste crawling up my throat, I saw them as nothing but lumps of naked flesh bulging through plastic.
But then I was recognising faces, faces I knew--faces which had been mutilated, stained a startling scarlet like they had been dipped in the reddest paint available. I knew the first lump. Sara. She went home two weeks earlier due to illness. The following fleshy lump with its face ripped off, which I could no longer call human, was Thomas. He too went home for a family emergency and never came back.
Quincy said they had both requested to leave. He said they would miss us, but it was too much. Seeing what we were doing was too much for them. They couldn’t suppress their emotions. Sara and Thomas had never left. They never went home—they were right in front of me, reduced to chunks of flesh and bodily organs.
There was a white strip of paper attached to both of them, a single word written in bold lettering.
That word sent my stomach heaving, my feet stumbling back, and my body erupting into fight or flight.
Kaian twisted around, his face illuminated in dim light flickering from a bulb above.
“Out.” He signed, and it was the desperation in his eyes, the heaving breaths struggling from his lips, which got me moving. I was pressing my hand over my mouth, muffling a sharp scream ripping from my throat, when Kaian grabbed my arm and dragged me back. I was barely conscious of getting out of that room before the alarms started, sending me to my knees.
“What the hell is that?” Riss was next to me, her voice shrill.
Jem had his hands planted over his ears, his hand wrapped around a hysterical Kaian. “Wren, what is it? What’s in there?”
I couldn’t reply. Instead of trying to speak or explain, I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the door. Kaian and Jem were already on the hallway, and I was barely slipping back through the automatic doors, before they slammed shut, and a familiar voice crackled over the speakers. “Stay where you are.” Professor Quincy said. “We will be returning to work very soon. By the grace of god, I have found subjects.”
My blood ran ice-cold in my veins.
He was talking about us.
"What the fuck?!" Jem yelled. "What are you talking about?"
I didn’t think. I just ran. And sprinting down that hallway, which was familiar, which had always felt like a second home to me, I had no idea it would become my prison.
It would become the very hallway I would wish to die on.
The hallway I would be dragged down, day after day, while my mind was picked apart.
Ahead of us, the doors were shutting, red lights bathing our faces. I remember how scared they were. Jem, who reached the exit doors, slamming his fists into the glass. Riss, trying to override the mechanical lock. Kaian, who had given up, dropped onto his knees, and pulled them to his chest. When gas filled the air, I was still trying to get through the door. Riss had forced Kaian to his feet, and Jem was trying to find any weapon in his vicinity.
But there were no weapons. There was just the four of us against a gas which was quickly disorienting us. When black spots started to dance across my vision, and Jem’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, his body dropping to the floor, I was thinking about Subject Fifteen. I was thinking about its beady eyes when I bit my lip and drilled into its tiny skull under my professor’s gaze. Riss dropped next.
Then Kaian.
I was quickly losing consciousness, my clammy head pressed against glass, clawing at the lock, when the thought hit me.
We deserved it.
For what we had done to those rabbits, playing god, and trying to turn them into something they weren’t—we deserved it.
Whatever my professor was planning to do to us, I had an inkling it would be far worse than what the rabbits had endured. We were going to suffer, I thought dizzily.
For science.
And I can tell you, three years later, as I currently share a hotel room with three murderers, my past self was fucking right.
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2023.02.02 22:03 Ayoor_Moore 27 [M4F] #toronto; 2 raptor game tickets, 1 lucky companion

I was gifted two tickets from work to see the Raptors play Spurs next week in Toronto and I'm looking for someone to join me in experiencing the excitement of the game! I'm looking for someone who's ready to bring their A-game, not just in terms of basketball knowledge but also in humor and quick wit. we'll laugh, we'll shout, we'll high five and maybe even create a new celebration dance. about me 6'0, 170lbs, black straight male based in downtown toronto. recently finished my masters degree and working in technology; pretty good looking (if you're into that). interests; music, photography, basketball, formula 1, cycling along harbour-front, eating lol So, if you're looking for a fun and exciting evening, hit me up! would love to get to know you before we go to the game. send me a message with interesting facts about yourself including what you do in your spare time. feel free to send a pic if you're comfortable and l'll reciprocate!
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2023.02.02 22:03 throwawayhit Prive in New Orleans? Seems really upscale and nice smaller setting, but not finding much info about it at all.

It's the first club I couldn't find anything about in the search for the subreddit.
Their site makes the application only place look amazing, but I'm not going to apply/potentially visit a place without some word of mouth. So anyone ever go? How's the clientele? Is it as nice as the pictures look?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.02.02 21:46 lwoworjen Anyone have a size medium they wanna trade??

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2023.02.02 21:46 particlewhacks 3M 1870 vs 9320 for long haul flying

I have a work trip to a conference in a couple of months that involves flying from New Zealand to LA and staying at a Disneyland hotel. I've got a good supply of 3M 1870 and 9320 masks and I was wondering which is better on the plane and in airports. These masks have served me well on short local flights and an international conference where there were people with covid and no masks, as well as when covid went through my office in December and people were coughing unmasked.
I've looked into P3 masks, but we can't get them here in NZ (they are illegal to sell - something about the P3 standard requiring eye protection, so they have to sell full face masks rather than just respirators).
I'm super nervous about this trip, tbh. I spent most of the pandemic in places where things were managed pretty well (Singapore and New Zealand, though they have given up in NZ now). Last time I travelled internationally, it was in 2021 when there were like 20 people on the plane and everyone had negative PCR tests. I also haven't eaten in crowded indoor areas since omicron hit - at work, I don't eat in our cafeteria. Instead, I eat outside or at my desk (we have excellent HVAC and my desk is away from others) or I go home for lunch.
If anyone has any other travel tips, I would be very grateful to hear them! Particularly if you can recommend a portable air purifier I can take on the plane or a CO2 meter. I can get things from Amazon easily, but other outlets tend to be trickier.
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2023.02.02 21:46 RonixTrader Let’s Go!!

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2023.02.02 21:46 ijackwemm Why are Canes games no longer on espn + . I am out of market.

Every game I have watched this season I have watched on ESPN+ the past two have not been available on there for me ? Anyone know why? Thanks ! I’m located In New Orleans
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2023.02.02 21:34 newmusicrls Beatport Deep House Top 100 February 2023
RELEASE DATE 2023-02-02 CHART DATE 2023-02-01 AUDIO FORMAT MP3 320kbps CBR 44.1 kHz SIZE 1.37GB WEBSTORE
Oscar Barila – Miles (Original Mix) 05:04 125bpm Cm The Blessed Madonna, Fred again.. – Marea (we’ve lost dancing) (Original Mix) 04:45 123bpm Fm Black Alien, Gabe, Viot – Como Eu Te Quero (Remix) 06:36 126bpm Abm Oden & Fatzo – Lauren (I Can’t Stay Forever) (Extended) 06:36 128bpm Em Mallin – Set Me Free (Extended Mix) 06:04 122bpm G Clover Ray, Sam Dexter, Mallin – Thick Of It (Extended Mix) 05:56 124bpm Fm Bross (RO) – Faith (Original Mix) 06:51 123bpm Gbm Shiba San – I Wanna (Tchami Remix) 05:04 127bpm Fm Mochakk – Sombrero Sam (Original Mix) 07:38 128bpm C Saison – The Riff (Ross Couch Remix) 06:14 123bpm Abm Hannah Wants, Clementine Douglas – Cure My Desire feat. Clementine Douglas (Extended Mix) 06:38 122bpm Ebm Craig Knight, Tom Caruso – The Truth (Extended Mix) 06:24 125bpm Fm Chloé Caillet, Mikhail Beltran – NYWTF feat. Mikhail Beltran (Extended) 05:46 126bpm Dm Prunk, RUZE – Incredible (Original Mix) 06:39 126bpm Am Dilby – Addicted (Original Mix) 06:35 124bpm Am Matt Masters – Worlds Collide (Original Mix) 06:56 122bpm Bbm Jesse Jacob – Push It (Original Mix) 06:41 130bpm Cm Joe Vanditti, Alex Bohemien – Play This Game (Extended Mix) 06:24 127bpm Dm Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (James Cole Remix) 06:58 126bpm A Pornbugs, Leeni, Danilo Kupfernagel – Samtoscha (Leeni / Danilo Kupfernagel Remix) 06:12 125bpm Gm AJ Christou – Gory Love (Original Mix) 07:24 128bpm Dm Tuccillo – Let’s Do It (Original Mix) 05:56 120bpm Gm Dilby – Remember Me (Extended Mix) 06:19 124bpm Ab Capeesh Society – Subculture (Extended Mix) 06:27 126bpm Ebm Daphni – Cloudy (Kelbin Remix) 05:36 134bpm Bm Sebb Junior – As One (Saison Rework) 05:58 124bpm Fm Eddie Amador – House Music (Robosonic Remix) 06:47 123bpm G#m Dilby – Soul Vision (Original Mix) 06:28 125bpm Fm Robin Schulz, Oliver Tree, Marten Lou – Miss You (Marten Lou Remix) 05:40 125bpm Dbm Sam Dexter, Gianmarco Limenta – La Vida (Extended Mix) 06:12 125bpm Dm Prunk – New Genesis (Original Mix) 06:11 126bpm Gm Prunk – French Toast (Original Mix) 05:40 126bpm Fm Dilby – Connect the Dots (Oliver Schories & Gorge Remix) 06:43 124bpm Dbm Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith – Slow Down (feat. Jorja Smith) (Vintage Culture & Slow Motion Extended Remix) 05:15 124bpm A Gruuve – Cloud (Extended Mix) 06:12 126bpm Fm Dennis Cruz – Poke Bowl (Original Mix) 05:20 126bpm Gb AVAION, Goodboys – Numb (Extended) 04:06 125bpm Em Nick Curly – Island Letters (Original Mix) 05:39 125bpm Dbm KOKO.IT – 7 Days In The Hotel (M-High Remix) 06:25 127bpm Db Mr. V, Prunk – Friday Night (Original Mix) 07:08 126bpm Gm Jesse Jacob – 90’s On A Thursday (Original Mix) 06:16 130bpm Dm Prunk, Dennis Quin – Drive (Original Mix) 03:59 126bpm Cm Dilby – Restless (Original Mix) 06:21 126bpm Am Butane – Whatcha Doin (Original Mix) 06:19 125bpm Db Matt Masters – Moon Rise (Original Mix) 06:22 123bpm Bbm Dam Swindle – More Love (Original Mix) 06:30 124bpm F Oliver Dollar, Jimi Jules – Pushing On (Original Mix) 06:57 122bpm Bm Joplyn – CIRCLES (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) 05:21 124bpm Cm Dazed, Chela (CO) – Feel The Vibe (Extended Mix) 05:08 126bpm G Sonny Fodera, SHELLS, Vintage Culture – Nightjar feat. 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Diamondancer) (Original Mix) 05:48 122bpm Fm Marten Lou – My Love For You (Yebba’s Heartbreak) (Original Mix) 05:47 122bpm Abm Maya Jane Coles – What They Say (Original Mix) 06:40 125bpm Bbm Pablo Bolivar, Sensual Physics, bdtom – Moonshine (Bdtom Remix) 07:47 116bpm Gm Robert Owens, Momento (AU) – Set Fire To It (Franck Roger Dub) 06:05 124bpm Em Thierry Tomas, Dmitry Bobrov – Everyday (Original Mix) 06:28 124bpm Gm 
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2023.02.02 21:28 tpjv86b Mixed marriages in 1939 Korea: a Korean teenage girl left home and married the brother of her Japanese best friend, a Korean husband and Japanese wife met at a Tokyo music school and overcame 'persecution' from friends and family to become 'pioneers of Japanese-Korean Unification'

Mixed marriages in 1939 Korea: a Korean teenage girl left home and married the brother of her Japanese best friend, a Korean husband and Japanese wife met at a Tokyo music school and overcame 'persecution' from friends and family to become 'pioneers of Japanese-Korean Unification'
This is my translation and transcription of two articles with accompanying news photos from Keijo Nippo, a propaganda newspaper and mouthpiece of the government of Japan-colonized Korea. They have never been republished or translated before, to the best of my knowledge. Ever since someone dumped these old newspaper issues in the Internet Archive in October 2021, I have been slowly translating and posting select articles at various subreddits to share my findings with the wider community.
The following two articles from 1939 profiled two mixed Japanese-Korean families: the first one had a Japanese husband and a Korean wife, and the second one had a Korean husband and a Japanese wife. In both cases, the Korean spouses took on Japanese last names, but in different ways. In the first family, the Korean wife simply Japanized her old Korean last name, Yim, into Hayashi, without adopting her Japanese husband's last name, Se'o. In the second family, the Korean husband decided to adopt his Japanese wife's last name, Suzuki.
These stories were presumably published to encourage Koreans to adopt Japanese last names in the wake of a November 1939 ordinance that was issued to require the creation of Japanese family names for all Koreans. Japanese-Korean intermarriages were actually relatively rare, since they were generally looked upon with disapproval by the vast majorities of both the Japanese and Korean people, so the articles may have also been published as a way to reduce the stigma of intermarriage in the public consciousness.
Unfortunately, the newspaper page was too faded on the second article to make out parts of the first paragraph, so I indicated the omitted sections with […].
Gyeongseong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo) November 11, 1939
A hopeful start toward the unification of the "family system" [1]
She will first change her name, and then join the Women's Occupational Front with excitement
Marrying into her husband's family is also Japanese-Korean Unification
"Hello Sir, my last name is Yim (林). What Japanese last name should I adopt? Would it be all right if I just went with Hayashi (林)?"
Mrs. Yim in the main photo, and sister-in-law Kazuyo in the inset photo.
This was the question suddenly posed by a beautiful Korean woman as soon as she entered the room accompanied by an ethnic Japanese woman. This was the police counseling center in Jongno's Whashin Department Store. She was so enthusiastic about getting rid of her old Korean name that she jumped into the counseling center, riding the whirlwind of joy caused by her freedom to change her last name.
The subject of this story is 19-year-old Yim Chang-shin (임창신, 林昌信), who lives at 2-57 Asahimachi, Seoul. Her companion was her sister-in-law, 29-year-old Se'o Kazuyo. Chief staff member Mr. Maruyama looked surprised as she related her story, her cheeks flush as though she were enraptured by her rosy future. She was born in Pyongyang. Her father was a renowned painter named Yong-hwan (용환, 用煥), who also went by the pen name Ochiyama. She was a commoner, but she had a happy family. Ever since she was little, she had a very close relationship with Kazuyo which exceeded any familial relationship. She has practiced Japanese-Korean Unification for a long time through her family.
"I graduated from elementary school, and then later on I began staying at Kazuyo's house in Seoul when I was 17. Now we have forged an alliance as sisters-in-law. Since Kazuyo is a hairdresser, I have been learning the art of hairdressing from her. I long to become a professional woman as soon as possible," said Mrs. Yim. Her first hope is to leave the Anbang) behind and join the Women's Occupational Front.
"My sister-in-law is helping me get settled into married life. My father wanted me to marry a Japanese man".
Her second hope is to achieve Japanese-Korean unification through marriage.
She said, "That's why I want to change my name to Hayashi Nobuko. This morning, I received a letter from my father in our hometown, and he is also determined to change his last name to Hayashi".
"Hayashi Nobuko, Hayashi Nobuko". She said it over and over again, and then she and Kazuyo looked at each other and smiled, their pure eyes narrowed in anticipation of the future that they both hoped for.
On the evening of November 9th, the day the news of the ordinance was announced, they held an early feast, unable to wait for the New Year's holiday. [Photo: Yim Chang-shin, who will adopt the name Hayashi Nobuko. The inset photo shows her sister-in-law Se'o Kazuyo.]

Gyeongseong Ilbo (Keijo Nippo) November 12, 1939
A hopeful start toward the unification of the "family system" [2]
He will humbly borrow his beloved wife's last name
Now is the time to forget the disapproving eyes of the public!
Rejoice little boy, spring has arrived in our family!
"[…] we went to Tokyo, […] and we stayed at Kinshi Kaikan Hotel. I wrote my name in the guest book along with my husband's, but the hotel owner did not think we were husband and wife at first, because our last names were different. It was understandable though," calmly recalled Mrs. Suzuki Misaho, a 32-year-old teacher at Jinmyeong Girl's High School who lives at 133 Gye-dong, Seoul.
In 1930, upon graduating from the Japan Music School in Nakano, Tokyo, she and her classmate, Lee Jong-tae (이종태, 李鐘泰), who is now 29 years old, joined their souls together and encouraged each other saying, "We will keep fighting. We will refuse to succumb to whatever kinds of persecution society throws our way. Let's dedicate our hearts and souls to become pioneers of Japanese-Korean unification!" Mrs. Suzuki is the eldest daughter of Suzuki Nagahide, a retired military medical captain from Ōdate, Akita Prefecture. After graduating from Akita Teachers School, she taught at Ōdate Elementary School in her hometown for a while. However, wanting to further develop her talent for vocal music, she soon became a student of the vocal music department at the Japan Music School. Back when she was still a child in the fifth grade of elementary school, her teacher in geography class told her, "Koreans and Japanese are peoples who share a common ancestry. They came together following annexation, so they have completely become one body". Thus, the spirit of Japanese-Korean unification was instilled into her young mind early on. Over the ten years or so that followed, this spirit had always remained alive in Mrs. Suzuki's mind, even as a music school student.
At that time, Mr. Lee Jong-tae, who hailed from Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province, happened to rise up in opposition to a school strike. It was at that time that their souls first came into contact.
"There are lots of women in Korea. Why did you have to bring a woman from Japan?" Mr. Lee was subjected to an unbearable barrage of persecution from friends and relatives alike. Needless to say, this persecution only made the couple's determination grow stronger. Soon, Suzuko-chan was born. She is now nine years old and in the second grade at Seoul Teachers School-affiliated Elementary School. The couple are now good parents to a total of three children. They also have another daughter, Etsuko (seven years old), and a son, Tōru (five years old). Moreover, Mr. Lee is in charge of music courses at Ewha Women's College and Buddhist College.
"Considering our children's future, we decided to give them Japanese names, but I wonder if I can replace my own last name with a Japanese last name".
This was the question that had never left Mr. Lee's and Mrs. Suzuki's minds. The long-awaited day finally arrived. With the ordinance issued on November 9th, spring suddenly came to Mr. Lee's household. On the third day of the cheerful family discussions, he said, "I am thinking of humbly borrowing my wife's last name and calling myself Mr. Suzuki …" Mr. Lee was in a great state of exuberance. [Photo: The family of Mr. Lee Jong-tae, who wants to take his wife's last name.]
Family of Mr. Lee and Mrs. Suzuki

京城日報 1939年11月11日
『家族制度』一体へ希望の門出 【一】
京城日報 1939年11月12日
『家族制度』一体へ希望の門出 【二】
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2023.02.02 21:26 alexandormitch Roots of Music Crusaders (New Orleans, 01.28.2023) IG: @alexandormitch

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2023.02.02 21:25 HoneyBearHayden Netflix is testing my patience.

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2023.02.02 21:21 Potential-Pirate-784 The client

I was running late for work and had a very important presentation to get to. I was an accountant and I had been expecting a client to come in for the Lebowski file, a contract that could mean millions of dollars in revenue for my company. My boss had been breathing down my neck for weeks, preparing for this critical moment in my career. But my alarm clock ran out of batteries and I overslept, putting me in a frantic rush through the parking garage.
As I turned a corner, I collided with a woman who was shopping at a nearby store. She fell to the ground with a thud, knocking her out for a moment. The parking garage was dim and chaotic, with concrete walls and floors, metal columns, and the sounds of car engines and honking horns all around me.
When the woman woke up, she looked disoriented and asked, "Where am I?" I recognized her immediately as the client I was supposed to meet. I saw an opportunity in her memory loss and took advantage of it.
"You're my client," I lied, trying to sound calm and in control. "We have a meeting scheduled for the Leboski file." I took her arm and led her to my office, fabricating a story about a thief trying to steal her purse and how I saved her life.
Inside my office, I sat her down at the conference table and handed her the contract. "Just sign here," I told her, pointing to the dotted line. She signed the agreement without hesitation, still confused about what was happening.
As I walked her out of my office, a feeling of unease washed over me. I had taken advantage of her vulnerable state and made a calculated decision to deceive her. The weight of my actions hit me like a ton of bricks. What had I done? Was the potential financial gain worth the guilt and remorse that now plagued me?
The thought lingered as I sat in my office, staring out the window at the bustling city below. I had made a grave mistake, one that could have far-reaching consequences. The only question was, what was I going to do about it?
I could feel my heart racing as I led her back to the parking garage, trying to calm my nerves and come up with a plan. As we walked, the dim light of the garage seemed to be closing in on me, heightening my sense of unease.
"Are you sure everything is okay?" she asked, looking up at me with suspicion in her eyes.
"Of course," I lied, trying to keep my voice steady. "Why do you ask?"
"I don't know," she replied, furrowing her brow. "It just feels like there's something you're not telling me."
I knew I had to keep up the act, but I was running out of ideas. My mind raced as I tried to think of a way to keep her from remembering the truth.
"Look," I said, trying to sound convincing, "I understand that this must be confusing for you, but you have to trust me. The agreement you signed was for your own benefit, I promise you that."
She seemed to hesitate for a moment, and I held my breath, waiting for her response.
"Okay," she finally said, still looking uncertain. "I trust you."
But as she turned to leave, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. The weight of my guilt was heavy on my shoulders, and I knew that I had to come clean before it was too late.
"Wait," I said, grabbing her arm. "There's something I need to tell you."
She turned to face me, her eyes wide with fear. "What is it?" she asked, her voice trembling.
"The truth is," I said, my voice shaking, "you're are my client and You are here for the Leboski file. But I took advantage of your memory loss to get you to sign an agreement that was going to benefit me. You see you and your company didnt exactly agree to sign…..yet"
Her eyes went wide with shock and anger. "Why would you do something like that?" she asked, her voice rising.
"I was desperate," I replied, feeling the weight of my actions crashing down on me. "I was running late for an important presentation, and I saw an opportunity to close the deal."
The silence between us was heavy with tension as she processed what I had just told her. And then, without another word, she turned and walked away, leaving me alone in the dim light of the parking garage, surrounded by the echoes of my own guilt and shame.
I couldn't believe what was happening. My heart was pounding in my chest as I watched her walk away from me, her back rigid with anger. But then, she suddenly stopped, as if something had just dawned on her. She slowly turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder, a small chuckle escaping from her lips.
"You know," she said, her voice low and husky, "I never did get a proper thank you for saving my life."
Her eyes were wide and intense, and her smile was awkward and unnatural, showing all of her teeth. It was as if she was trying to hide something behind her facade.
"How about we go out to dinner tonight?" she suggested, still smiling that creepy smile. "You can tell me all about this Leboski file and how you stopped that thief."
I was frozen in place, my mind racing. Was this some kind of trap? Was she going to use the information I gave her against me? I felt like I was in a nightmare, trapped in a situation I couldn't escape from.
"Sure," I said, trying to sound casual. "That sounds great."
She turned away, her chuckling echoing through the parking garage. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off, that something wasn't quite right about this situation. But I had to play along, to find out what she was really after. I was in too deep, and there was no turning back now.
"Oh, and one more thing," she said with a chuckle. "Meet me at Charlie's diner off of North Boulevard at 8. I want to go dancing afterwards at Chez, that vibrant club downtown."
As I walked back to my apartment, my mind was racing with the events of the day. I couldn't believe that I had taken advantage of a woman's memory loss to get her to sign an agreement that was going to benefit me greatly. The guilt was gnawing at me and I felt a creeping sense of unease that I couldn't shake.
When I finally made it back to my apartment, I was hit with a wave of déjà vu. The walls were adorned with monochromatic paintings, giving the space a sterile feel. The furniture was minimalistic, all in shades of grey, and the hardwood floors gleamed under the soft glow of the overhead lights. The TV was on in the background, playing a news report on the latest stock market trends.
I headed straight for my closet, wanting to get dressed for my dinner with the woman from earlier. I had to be careful about what I wore, I didn't want to give her any reason to suspect that anything was wrong. I flipped through my clothes, trying to find something that would make me look professional, but also make me feel comfortable. I finally settled on a black button-up shirt and a pair of dress pants.
I took my time getting ready, thinking about what had happened earlier and trying to make sense of it all. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was.
As I made my way to Charlie's diner off of North Boulevard, I was filled with a sense of dread. I didn't know what was going to happen or what this woman was going to do, but I had a feeling that tonight was going to be the start of something very dangerous.
I felt trapped, as if I had no choice but to go along with whatever she had planned. I looked down at the table, noticing for the first time just how dirty it was. Stains dotted the surface, and a sticky residue had accumulated around the edges.
"Why are you doing this?" I asked her, my voice barely above a whisper.
She took a slow sip of her whiskey, never taking her eyes off of me. "I like to play games," she said, her voice dripping with amusement. "And you, my friend, are just another pawn on my board."
I couldn't help but feel like I was in over my head. This woman was dangerous, and I had a feeling that I was about to find out just how far she was willing to go to win her game.
As I sat across from her, I could feel the tension slowly dissipating. She was joking and her playful demeanor was putting me at ease.
"I'm just messing with you," she said with a grin. "I'm actually really interested in getting to know you better."
I found myself relaxing, and the dirty table and dim lighting didn't seem so oppressive anymore. We talked and laughed, and I soon forgot my initial feeling of unease.
We discussed our favorite music and movies, and I learned that she was a huge fan of jazz. After finishing our drinks, she suggested that we go dancing at Chez, a vibrant club downtown.
I hesitated for a moment, still feeling unsure about this mysterious woman. But then, I decided to take a chance. I agreed to go dancing with her, and we left Charlie's, ready to start a new adventure together.
After finishing our drinks, the woman suggested that we walk to the club instead of taking a taxi. I agreed, but my unease returned as we stepped out into the dark street. The alleyways were narrow and poorly lit, and the sound of our footsteps echoed off the brick buildings.
"You seem nervous," she noted, with a hint of amusement in her voice.
"I just don't know why we had to walk," I replied. "It doesn't feel safe."
"Oh, don't be such a baby," she teased, looping her arm through mine. "I just wanted to enjoy the night air. Besides, I won't let anything happen to you."
As we continued to walk, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was making a terrible mistake. I glanced around at the empty streets, feeling like someone was watching us. The woman seemed oblivious to my concerns, chatting away about her life and her interests. But I couldn't focus on her words, as my mind was consumed with fear.
As we walked towards Chez, a vibrant club downtown, I started to feel uneasy once again. The sounds of bass and laughter could be heard from blocks away, and the flashing lights illuminated the dark street.
Just as we were about to enter the club, the bouncer called out to her. "Hey Jackie!" he said, a big smile spreading across his face.
She turned to the bouncer with a warm smile, "Hey Max! How are you doing tonight?"
I looked between the two of them, confused. I didn't know her name was Jackie.
"So, what's your name?" I asked her.
"I thought you knew," she replied a hint of amusement in her voice. "My name is Tina Ferguson."
I furrowed my brow in confusion.
She chuckled. "Jackie is my middle name. I thought that might have confused you when Max called me Jackie.”

I laughed nervously “It just caught me off guard,” I said.

As we made our way to the bar, I couldn't help but feel uneasy. Jackie's gaze never wavered from me, her eyes fixated on mine the entire time. It was as if she was trying to look into my soul. And what was even stranger, she didn't seem to blink at all.
"So, what brings you here to this club?" I asked, trying to break the awkward silence.
"Oh, just looking for a good time," she replied, still not breaking eye contact.
We reached the bar, and I ordered us both a drink. The bartender was busy, and it took a while for him to get to us. I took the opportunity to glance around the club. It was a vibrant place, with flashing lights and thumping music. People were dancing and laughing, having a great time. But for some reason, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off.
Jackie leaned in close, her breath hot against my ear. "So, what do you think?" she asked, a sly smile playing on her lips.
"I think we should slow down," I replied, trying to back away. "I don't really know you."
She chuckled, her hand reaching out to touch mine. "Don't be so shy," she purred. "I'm just trying to get to know you."
Her touch sent shivers down my spine, and I quickly pulled my hand away. "I think it's time for me to go," I said, standing up from my stool.
But she grabbed my arm, her grip tight. "Oh, come on," she pleaded. "The night is still young."
I hesitated, torn between my desire to leave and my curiosity about this strange woman. In the end, I decided to stay a little longer. After all, what harm could a few more drinks do?
I couldn't help but think about the contract. I had lied to her about it, and I couldn't shake the feeling that she knew. I mustered up the courage to bring it up.
"Jackie," I said, trying to keep my voice steady. "Is there something you're upset about? I feel like there's something you're not telling me."
She raised an eyebrow and took a sip of her drink. "Why would you say that?" she asked, her eyes never leaving mine.
"Well, the contract," I stammered. "I know I wasn't entirely truthful with you about it."
She chuckled and leaned in closer, her hand resting on mine. "It's alright," she said. "I know what you did. And to be honest, I don't really care."
I was taken aback by her response. I had expected her to be angry, but instead, she seemed almost amused by the whole thing.
"But why? I thought you would be mad" I asked confusion etched on my face.
She took a sip of her drink, never breaking eye contact. "Mad?" she said with a smirk. "No, I'm not mad. I think I can use your mistake to my advantage."
Her words sent a chill down my spine. I realized that her agenda was much more mysterious than I originally thought. She began toying with me, playing with my mind and making me feel increasingly uncomfortable.
The club was bustling with people, the bass of the music thumping through the floor. Despite the chaos around us, she never took her gaze off me. It was as if she was trying to get inside my head, to uncover my deepest secrets.
"What exactly is your agenda?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.
She leaned in closer, her lips brushing against my ear. "That," she whispered, "is something you'll have to figure out for yourself."
As we continued our conversation, she kept insisting on buying me more drinks. She told me to stop talking about the contract and that I would look good in front of my boss. I tried to steer the conversation back to her mysterious agenda, but she just shrugged it off and said it was of no concern to me as long as I got the win.
"Just relax and enjoy the night," she said, sipping on her drink and never breaking eye contact. "I promise you, everything will work out in your favor."
Her words were intoxicating and I found myself drawn to her. She seemed so confident, so sure of herself, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of trust toward her.
"Alright," I said, taking another sip of my drink. "But you have to promise to keep your word."
She chuckled, a sound that sent shivers down my spine. "Don't worry, I always keep my promises."
The rest of the night passed in a blur of drinks and laughter. We danced, talked, and she never stopped playing with me, always keeping me on edge. The bar was filled with the sounds of music, clinking glasses, and the chatter of patrons, but all I could focus on was her.
As we finally stumbled out of the club and into the night, I felt a sense of unease wash over me. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but I had a feeling that this was just the beginning of a dangerous journey.
As we stepped out of the club, she turned to me with a smile. "Let's take your car," she suggested. "I don't want to take the risk of walking home while we're both drunk."
I was a little surprised by her request, but I quickly agreed. I handed her the keys and we walked over to my car, the sound of our footsteps echoing through the quiet streets.
As I started the engine, she leaned back in the passenger seat and looked at me with a curious expression. "So, tell me," she said, "what other contracts have you worked on?"
I hesitated, feeling a twinge of unease. I didn't know much about her, and I wasn't sure if I should be telling her about my work. But her gaze was so intense, so probing, that I found me answering anyway.
"Well, I've worked on a few contracts for construction and renovations, some for software development, and a few for marketing and advertising." I said.
She nodded, a small smile playing on her lips. "That's impressive," she said. "You must have a lot of experience and knowledge in these fields."
I laughed, feeling a sense of pride. "I've been doing this for a while," I said. "I've learned a lot and I've made some great connections along the way."
We continued to chat about my work and my experiences as I drove her home. Despite my initial reservations, I found myself enjoying her company and the conversation.
As we drove through the quiet streets, she suddenly turned to me with a bright smile, her eyes wide open and sparkling.
She gazed at me intently, not even blinking, and I felt a shiver run down my spine.
I wondered what she was thinking, but I didn't dare ask. The silence between us was heavy, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was not right.
By the time we pulled up in front of her apartment building, I was feeling more relaxed and comfortable than I had all night.
She continued to stare at me, and I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to get out of the car at any moment. But she didn't, she just kept smiling at me, and I couldn't help but feel drawn in by her mysterious gaze
Jackie suddenly yanked the door open and bolted out of the car, shouting "Goodnight!" I watched in confusion as she sprinted up the walkway and into her house.
A moment later, her head popped out the window and she yelled, "I'll call you tomorrow!" before disappearing inside. I sat in my car, still stunned by her sudden outburst, before finally starting the engine and heading home.
I woke up to a start, finding Jackie in my house, sitting on the edge of my bed and watching me sleep. I rubbed my eyes, trying to shake off the grogginess of the previous night. But the sight before me was unsettling: Jackie was holding a piece of raw meat, taking bites out of it as she stared at me with wide-open eyes, never breaking eye contact.

I couldn't help but feel uneasy, wondering how she got into my house and why she was watching me sleep. But before I could ask any questions, she stood up and walked over to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.

"Good morning, sunshine!" she said, her voice bright and cheerful.
I rubbed my eyes, trying to shake the grogginess of sleep. When I finally opened them, I saw Jackie sitting on the edge of my bed, a grin on her face.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, still trying to make sense of the situation.
"I figured since you brought me home last night, it was only fair that I return the favor," she said, still munching on the raw meat. "Plus, I wanted to make sure you were up in time for our meeting today."
I sat up in bed, my heart racing. "Our meeting? What meeting?"
"The one you have with your boss, of course," she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I know it's important, and I don't want you to miss it."
I rubbed my temples, trying to remember the details of the meeting. "Right, the meeting. But how did you even know about it?"
She shrugged, still chewing on the meat. "I have my ways. But let's not focus on that. We have to get you dressed and ready to impress."
As she continued talking, I couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The way she was acting was far from normal, and I couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. But before I could say anything, she jumped off the bed and started rummaging through my closet, pulling out clothes and throwing them at me.
"Get dressed, we don't have all day!" she called over her shoulder.
I sighed, feeling completely overwhelmed by the situation. But as I got dressed and followed her out the door, I couldn't help but wonder what the day would bring.

As I walked into my living room, I was shocked to see my boss and several other coworkers on my couch and on my floor. And in the midst of them, was Jackie, who was grinning from ear to ear. She was holding a piece of raw meat and had bits of it all over her cheeks.
"Good morning!" she chirped.
I rubbed my eyes, trying to make sense of what was happening. "Jackie? What are you doing here?"
"I just wanted to surprise you," she said, taking another bite of meat. "I hope you don't mind."
I was still trying to wrap my head around the situation, but I couldn't help feeling a little uneasy about the sight of her eating raw meat. But before I could say anything, she jumped up from her seat and headed toward me.
To my surprise, my boss and co-workers had no movement or sound coming from them. The room was eerily quiet, and Jackie's smile seemed to only grow wider as she continued to stare at me, taking another bite of the raw meat.

Then I suddenly realize something horrifying and just before I scream I feel a sharp pain and my vision goes black.
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2023.02.02 21:16 Master_Lawyer_1995 First time handgun purchase, need help deciding between two.

Good afternoon,
I am a longtime hunter and fisher, so I have plenty of knowledge when it comes to long rifles, but having moved to a downtown area in a relatively unsafe city for a new job, I am looking to purchase a handgun for home defense. I have narrowed my search to two after research into ambidextrous options since I’m left handed.
-Walther PDP 9mm (full size) -Beretta APX A1 9mm (full size)
I am hoping to test fire both options in the coming days, but I wanted to see if there were opinions among the community of which is superior or if either had any major problems.
Thanks in advance for any advice y’all can give me.
Edit: Thanks everyone! I think I have a good idea what I’ll be choosing now!
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2023.02.02 21:10 Smilefukr (Offer) The Menu (2022) HD, Amsterdam (2022) HD, Safety Not Guaranteed HD, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri HD, The High Note HD, Forever My Girl HD, The Good Lie HD, We Bought a Zoo HD, Megamind HD, The Accountant HD, Moonrise Kingdom HD, Superbad HD + More (Request) ISO List Inside

-Requests/Titles I'm Currently Looking For: Violent Night, Ticket to Paradise, Black Adam, DC Super Pets, Prey for the Devil, Lyle Lyle Crocodile & VUDU Credits-
Currently close to 4,000 titles at the moment so I'm mainly looking for my requests or possibly other newer releases not mentioned. Again I do apologize in advance to anyone I'm unable to make a trade with & as always thank all of you for taking time out to look at my list 🙂.
Also to those that may be new to uvtrade sub, All Google Play titles that I have listed will port to Movies Anywhere/Vudu/iTunes if you connect your accounts accordingly.
**All Codes Split Where Applicable*\*
2 Fast 2 Furious *HDMovies Anywhere
2Guns (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
2Guns (Split)HDiTunes
The 5th WaveHDMovies Anywhere
21 Jump StreetSDMovies Anywhere
22 Jump StreetSDMovies Anywhere
42: The Jackie Robinson StoryHDMovies Anywhere
The AccountantHDMovies Anywhere
The Adventures of TinTin (Split)HDVUDU
The Adventures of TinTin (Split)HDiTunes
After EarthSDMovies Anywhere
Aladdin [Live Action] (Split)HDGoogle Play
Alex CrossHDVUDU
Alien: CovenantHDMovies Anywhere
Alien Covenant4KiTunes
All The Money In The WorldSDMovies Anywhere
Alice in Wonderland [1951, Animated] (Split)HDGoogle Play
AlohaHDMovies Anywhere
Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedSDiTunes
Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Road Chip4KiTunes
The Amazing Spider-Man 2HDMovies Anywhere
America: Imagine The World Without HerHDVUDU
American AssassinHDVUDU
American HustleSDMovies Anywhere
American Reunion (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
American Reunion (Split)HDiTunes
American SniperHDMovies Anywhere
Amsterdam (Split) TRADED/GONEHDGoogle Play
Anchorman 2 (Split)HDVUDU
Anchorman 2 (Split)HDiTunes
The Angry Birds MovieHDMovies Anywhere
AnnabelleHDMovies Anywhere
Annie [2014]SDMovies Anywhere
Antlers (Split)HDGoogle Play
Ant-Man (Split)4KiTunes
The ApparitionHDMovies Anywhere
ArgoHDMovies Anywhere
Assassin's Creed4KiTunes
Avengers (Split)4KiTunes
Avengers: Age of Ultron (Split)4KiTunes
Avengers: Infinity War (Split)4KiTunes
Avengers: Infinity War (Split)HDGoogle Play
Bad GrandpaHDiTunes
Bad Grandpa.5HDiTunes
Bad Moms (Split)HDiTunes
The Bank JobHDVUDU
Barbie and Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase (Split)HDiTunes
Barbie and Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Barbie Spy Squad (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Batman BeginsHDVUDU
Beautiful CreaturesHDMovies Anywhere
Beauty & the Beast [Live Action] (Split)HDGoogle Play
Big Hero 6 (Split)4KiTunes
Big Mommas: Like Father, Like SonSDiTunes
The Big Wedding (Split)HDVUDU
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Black Panther (Split)HDGoogle Play
Black Widow (Split)HDGoogle Play
BlendedHDMovies Anywhere
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Book Club (Split)HDVUDU
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The Bourne Supremacy (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Boyhood (Split)HDVUDU
Boyhood (Split)HDiTunes
Bride WarsSDiTunes
Bullet To The HeadHDMovies Anywhere
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The CampaignHDMovies Anywhere
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Captain PhillipsHDMovies Anywhere
Captain Underpants: The First Epic MovieHDMovies Anywhere
The Case For Christ (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Chernobyl DiariesHDMovies Anywhere
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CocoHDGoogle Play
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Despicable Me 2 (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
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The Devil InsideSDVUDU
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long HaulHDMovies Anywhere
The Dictator (Split)HDVUDU
The Dictator (Split)HDiTunes
Disney Short Films Collection (Split)HDiTunes
Divergent (Split)HDVUDU
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The Divergent Series: InsurgentHDVUDU
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The Fate Of The Furious [Extended Director's Cut]HDMovies Anywhere
Fifty Shades Of Grey [Unrated] (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Fifty Shades Of Grey [Unrated] (Split)HDiTunes
Fist FightHDMovies Anywhere
The Flash: Season OneHDVUDU
Florence Foster Jenkins (Split)HDVUDU
Florence Foster Jenkins (Split)HDiTunes
FocusHDVUDU/Movies Anywhere
Footloose [2011] (Split)HDVUDU
Footloose [2011] (Split)HDiTunes
Forever My GirlHDVUDU
Free Willy: Escape From Pirates CoveSDiTunes
Frozen (Split)HDGoogle Play
Frozen (Split)4KiTunes
Frozen "Sing Along Edition" (Split)HDiTunes
Frozen "Sing Along Edition" (Split)HDGoogle Play
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Furious 7 [Extended Version] (Split)4KiTunes
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FuryHDMovies Anywhere
Gangster SquadHDMovies Anywhere
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Get Shorty: Season 1HDVUDU
Get SmartHDMovies Anywhere
Ghostbusters 'Theatrical + Extended' [2016]SDMovies Anywhere
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The Girl On The TrainHDMovies Anywhere
God's Not Dead 2 (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
God's Not Dead: A Light in DarknessHDMovies Anywhere
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Going In StyleHDMovies Anywhere
The Good LieHDMovies Anywhere
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The HeatSDMovies Anywhere
Heaven is For RealSDMovies Anywhere
HellBoy II: The Golden Army (Split)4KiTunes
HellBoy II: The Golden Army (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
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Here Comes The BoomHDMovies Anywhere
Here Comes The BoomSDMovies Anywhere
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The High NoteHDMovies Anywhere
Hitman Agent 474KiTunes
The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugHDMovies Anywhere
Hocus Pocus (Split)HDGoogle Play
Home Alone4KiTunes
Homefront (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Homefront (Split)HDiTunes
Hop (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Hop (Split)HDiTunes
Hope SpringsSDMovies Anywhere
Horrible BossesHDMovies Anywhere
The HostHDiTunes
Hotel TransylvaniaHDMovies Anywhere
Hotel TranslyvaniaSDMovies Anywhere
Hotel Translyvania 2SDMovies Anywhere
The HouseHDMovies Anywhere
Hugo (Split)HDVUDU
Hugo (Split)HDiTunes
The HulkSDiTunes
The Hunger GamesHDVUDU
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Split)HDVUDU
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Split)4KiTunes
The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1HDVUDU
The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2HDVUDU
Huntsman Winter's War *Extended Edition*4KiTunes
I, FrankensteinHDVUDU
Ice AgeHDMovies Anywhere
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursHDMovies Anywhere
Ice Age: Dawn of the DinosaursSDiTunes
Ice Age: Mammoth Christmas SpecialSDiTunes
I'm Not Ashamed (Split)HDiTunes
InceptionHDMovies Anywhere
The Incredible Burt WonderstoneHDMovies Anywhere
Inglorious BasterdsSDiTunes
Inside Man *HDMovies Anywhere
Inside Out (Split)HDGoogle Play
Inside Out (Split)4KiTunes
Iron Man 3 (Split)4KiTunes
Iron Man 3 (Split)HDGoogle Play
J. EdgarHDMovies Anywhere
Jack Reacher (Split)HDVUDU
Jack Reacher (Split)4KiTunes
Jack Reacher: Never Back Down (Split)HDVUDU
Jack Reacher: Never Back Down (Split)4KiTunes
Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake Saves BuckySDiTunes
Jason Bourne (Split)HDVUDU
Jason Bourne (Split)4KiTunes
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum4KVUDU
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum4KiTunes
Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandHDMovies Anywhere
The JudgeHDMovies Anywhere
Jungle Cruise (Split)HDGoogle Play
Jupiter AscendingHDMovies Anywhere
Jurassic Park (Split)4KiTunes
Jurassic Park (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Katy Perry: Part Of Me (Split)SDVUDU
Katy Perry: Part Of Me (Split)SDiTunes
Kevin Hart: Let Me ExplainHDVUDU
Killing Them SoftlyHDVUDU
The King's Man (Split)HDGoogle Play
Knight and DayHDMovies Anywhere
The Last Duel (Split)HDGoogle Play
Last KnightsHDVUDU
Last VegasSDMovies Anywhere
Last VegasHDMovies Anywhere
The Last Witch HunterHDVUDU
Lea To The RescueHDiTunes
The Legend Of HerculesHDVUDU
The Lego Batman Movie: DC Superheroes UniteHDMovies Anywhere
The Lego Movie4KMovies Anywhere
The Lego Ninjago MovieHDMovies Anywhere
Lightyear (Split)HDGoogle Play
The Little Mermaid (Split)4K (Will Port To MA in 4K but only HD in VUDU)iTunes
The Little Mermaid (Split)HDGoogle Play
Little Women [2019]SDMovies Anywhere
Live,Die,Repeat: Edge Of TomorrowHDMovies Anywhere
Lone Survivor (Split)4KiTunes
Lone Survivor (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
LooperSDMovies Anywhere
The Lorax [2012] (Split)HDiTunes
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the RingHDMovies Anywhere
LosersSDMovies Anywhere
Love Actually (Spilt)HDiTunes
The Lucky OneHDMovies Anywhere
Lucy (Split)4KiTunes
Lucy (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedHDMovies Anywhere
Madea's Witness ProtectionHDVUDU
Magic MikeHDMovies Anywhere
Maleficent (Split)HDGoogle Play
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (Split)HDGoogle Play
Mamma Mia! : The MovieSDiTunes
Mamma Mia! : Here We Go Again [2018]HDMovies Anywhere
Man Of SteelHDMovies Anywhere
Marley & MeSDiTunes
The Maze Runner4KiTunes
MegamindHDMovies Anywhere
Men In Black 3SDMovies Anywhere
The Menu (Split)HDGoogle Play
Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children4KiTunes
Mission Impossible 2 (Split)4KiTunes
Mission Impossible 2 (Split)HDVUDU
Mission Impossible Fallout (Split)4KiTunes
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Split)4KiTunes
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Split)HDVUDU
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Split)4KiTunes
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Split)HDVUDU
Monster High: Electrified (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Monster High: Electrified (Split)HDiTunes
Monster High: Welcome To Monster High (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Monte CarloSDiTunes
Moonrise Kingdom (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Moonrise Kingdom (Split)HDiTunes
The Monuments MenSDMovies Anywhere
The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesSDMovies Anywhere
Mr. Peabody & Sherman [2014]HDMovies Anywhere
The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon EmperorSDiTunes
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2HDMovies Anywhere
Neighbors 2HDiTunes
New Years EveHDMovies Anywhere
Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb4KiTunes
Nightmare Alley (Split)HDGoogle Play
Ninja AssassinHDMovies Anywhere
No Strings Attached (Split)HDiTunes
Noah (Split)HDVUDU
Noah (Split)HDiTunes
Nonstop (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Now You See Me (Split)4KiTunes
Now You See Me (Split)HDVUDU
The Nutcracker & The Four RealmsHDGoogle Play
Oblivion (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Oblivion (Split)4KiTunes
Olympus Has FallenHDMovies Anywhere
One Direction: This is UsSDMovies Anywhere
Overlord (Split)4KiTunes
Oz The Great And Powerful (Split)HDiTunes
Oz The Great And Powerful (Split)HDGoogle Play
Pacific RimHDMovies Anywhere
Paper Towns4KiTunes
Paranormal Activity (Split)HDVUDU
Paranormal Activity (Split)HDiTunes
ParkerSDMovies Anywhere
PassengersSDMovies Anywhere
Paul Blart Mall Cop 2SDMovies Anywhere
Percy Jackson: Sea of MonstersHDMovies Anywhere
The Perks Of Being A WallflowerHDVUDU
The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSDMovies Anywhere
Pitch Perfect4KiTunes
Pitch Perfect 2HDMovies Anywhere
Playing With Fire4KiTunes
The Possession (Split)HDiTunes
The Possession (Split)HDVUDU
PrisonersHDMovies Anywhere
Project XHDMovies Anywhere
PrometheusHDMovies Anywhere
The ProposalSDiTunes
Public EnemiesSDiTunes
Pulp FictionHDVUDU
The Purge (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
The Purge: Anarchy (Split)4KiTunes
The Purge: Anarchy (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
The Purge: Election Year (Split)4KiTunes
The Purge: Election Year (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Queen of Katwe (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Rambo: First Blood4KVUDU
Rambo: First Blood Part II4KVUDU
Red 2 (Split)HDVUDU
Red 2 (Split)4KiTunes
Red Dawn [2012]HDVUDU
Resident Evil: RetributionSDMovies Anywhere
Ride AlongHDMovies Anywhere
Rio 2HDMovies Anywhere
RisenHDMovies Anywhere
Robin Hood [2010]SDiTunes
Rock of AgesHDMovies Anywhere
Roman J. Israel, ESQ.SDMovies Anywhere
Ron's Gone Wrong (Split)HDGoogle Play
Run All NightHDMovies Anywhere
Safe House (Spilt)HDiTunes
Safety Not GuaranteedHDMovies Anywhere
The Santa Claus (Split)HDGoogle Play
The Santa Claus 2 (Split)HDGoogle Play
The Santa Claus 3 (Split)HDGoogle Play
Sausage PartySDMovies Anywhere
The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Search Party (Split)HDiTunes
Secret in Their Eyes (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Secret in Their Eyes (Split)HDiTunes
The Secret Life of Pets4KiTunes
Sex TapeHDMovies Anywhere
Sex & The City: The MovieHDMovies Anywhere
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of ShadowsHDMovies Anywhere
Shrek The ThirdHDMovies Anywhere
Silver Linings PlaybookHDVUDU
Single Moms ClubHDVUDU
Sisters [2015] (Split)HDiTunes
Skin TradeHDVUDU
Snow White and The Huntsman *Extended Edition (Split)*HDMovies Anywhere
Snow White and The Huntsman *Extended Edition (Split)*4KiTunes
Spare Parts (2015)SDVUDU
The Spectacular NowSDVUDU
Speed RacerHDMovies Anywhere
Spider-Man 3 (2007)HDMovies Anywhere
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water (Split)HDVUDU
The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water (Split)HDiTunes
Stand Up GuysHDVUDU
Star Trek [2009] (Split)4KiTunes
Star Trek: Into Darkness (Split)4KiTunes
Star Wars: The Clone WarsSDiTunes
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Split)HDGoogle Play
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Split)4KiTunes
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Split)HDGoogle Play
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Split)HDGoogle Play
Star Wars: Rogue One (Split)HDGoogle Play
Star Wars: Solo (Split)HDGoogle Play
Still AliceSDMovies Anywhere
Storks (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
Storks (Split)HDiTunes
Strawberry Shortcake: Dance Berry DanceHDMovies Anywhere
Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Hi-Tech FashionHDMovies Anywhere
Suicide Squad [Theatrical + Extended]HDMovies Anywhere
Superbad [Unrated]HDMovies Anywhere
Super Buddies (Split)HDGoogle Play
Supernatural: Season 14HDVUDU
TakenHDMovies Anywhere
Taken 2HDMovies Anywhere
TammyHDMovies Anywhere
TED (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
TED (Split)HDiTunes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)HDVUDU
"Tyler Perry's" TemptationHDVUDU
Terminator: Dark Fate (Split)4KiTunes
Terminator: Genisys (Split)HDVUDU
Terminator: Genisys (Split)4KiTunes
Terminator SalvationSDiTunes
That's My BoySDMovies Anywhere
Thor: Dark World (Split)HDGoogle Play
Thor: Love and Thunder (Split)HDGoogle Play
Thor: Ragnarok (Split)HDGoogle Play
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,MissouriHDMovies Anywhere
The TownSDiTunes
Toy Story (Split)HDGoogle Play
Toy Story 3 (Split)HDGoogle Play
Toy Story 4 (Split)HDGoogle Play
TranscendenceHDVUDU/Movies Anywhere
Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Split)4KiTunes
Transformers: Age Of Extinction (Split)HDVUDU
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (Split)4KiTunes
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon (Split)HDVUDU
Tron: LegacySDiTunes
Trolls [2016]HDMovies Anywhere
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2HDVUDU
Underworld: AwakeningHDMovies Anywhere
Underworld: AwakeningSDMovies Anywhere
UnforgettableHDMovies Anywhere
VenomHDMovies Anywhere
The Visit (Split)HDMovies Anywhere
The VowSDMovies Anywhere
Walking With DinosaursHDMovies Anywhere
War DogsHDMovies Anywhere
Warm Bodies4KiTunes
WatchmenHDMovies Anywhere
We Bought a ZooHDMovies Anywhere
We're The MillersHDMovies Anywhere
What To Expect When You're ExpectingHDVUDU
White House DownSDMovies Anywhere
The Wolf Of Wall Street (Split)HDVUDU
The Wolf Of Wall Street (Split)4KiTunes
The Wolverine (Unrated)HDMovies Anywhere
The Woman in BlackSDMovies Anywhere
Wonder Park (Split)4KiTunes
Wonder Woman (2009 Animated Movie)HDMovies Anywhere
World War Z (Split)HDVUDU
World War Z (Split)HDiTunes
Wrath of the TitansHDMovies Anywhere
X-Men: First ClassSDiTunes
XXX: Return of Xander Cage (Split)4KiTunes
XXX: Return of Xander Cage (Split)HDVUDU
Your HighnessHDiTunes
Zero Dark ThirtySDMovies Anywhere

Sony Movie Buff Pass (All Movies Below Available With Single Code, One Title Per Redeem)
The AnimalHDMovies Anywhere
Are We Done Yet?HDMovies Anywhere
Butterflies Are FreeHDMovies Anywhere
Did You Hear About The MorgansHDMovies Anywhere
Guess Who's Coming To DinnerHDMovies Anywhere
A Knight's TaleHDMovies Anywhere
La BambaHDMovies Anywhere
Moneyball4KMovies Anywhere
Reign Over MeHDMovies Anywhere
The Professional4KMovies Anywhere
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2023.02.02 21:05 CorruptMilk Advice on Sportback search

So I’m in the market for a Sportback sedan to be my new daily. I’m a big fan of having the practicality of a hatchback but with a sleeker look. My Husky is getting up there in age and it’s not as easy to tote him around on bench seats anymore, so a Sportback is something of a must have for me. As a 24 year old male with very limited experience with cars, I obviously have googly eyes for the BMW 4 series and the Audi A5/S5. I welcome any opposition to these brands as I wouldn’t mind being convinced to go with something cheapenewer.
I’m in a dual income, no kids type situation and I alone bring in around $80k a year. I don’t have many financial obligations other than cost of living, and I do have some student debt but nothing substantial and I intend to pay that off in full as soon as the student debt relief program is sorted out and payments resume. All that to say, I do have a decent amount of disposable income and I wouldn’t mind putting a little more than usual into maintenance of a car that I loved. My price range could realistically extend all the way up to 35k, but if it’s a high maintenance vehicle I would probably be more comfortable in the 25-28k range. New or used doesn’t matter, but would prefer it to not be too old (6-8 years max). I don’t know too much about how many miles would be too many to buy used, I only put around 5k a year on my car now. I assume that would go up a little bit with a sportier car as I would joy ride more often but it would still be well less than average.
So as stated above, a Sportback is a must have for me. I live in a metro area so I prefer a smaller sedan (no SUVs) but I really need the extra trunk/backseat space. But I would also like something with a little zip, and that feels tight to drive. I already own a 2008 Ford Focus as a beater, so I want something that’s a little more sporty and fun to drive. I also would really like an AWD system like the Quattro or xDrive as I live in the midwest and a RWD is just not really practical with our winters.
Im really in love with the Audi S5, but I would like a bit lower payment than I have seen for most of those in my area. Are the A5s or 430is decently fun to drive even with the 4 cylinders? I have test driven an A5 and had little to no complaints, but I wasn’t able to open it up to see what she’s got as I was on a test drive in a downtown area and being pretty cautious. Any insight into being an owner of these cars, buying them used, and what to expect for maintenance would be appreciated. Also if you have any suggestions that fit my criteria, I would love to hear them. I’m currently looking at a 2018 A5, 66k miles but no accidents and only one owner who took pretty good care of it and had it serviced by Audi regularly for at least the first 30k miles. It is listed at 26; good deal, bad deal?
Sorry for the long winded post, just wanted to be thorough for those of you kind enough to take the time to help a clueless first time car buyer like myself.
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2023.02.02 21:04 Slatpium The Chess Piece 3 bowing to the Brown God

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2023.02.02 21:03 DeafedUpGreaseGuy [Tesla Model S Plaid] New Orleans, LA.

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2023.02.02 21:00 JustinGitelmanMusic [Monthly Thread] New Beer Releases!

This is a monthly release thread for all the latest beer releases in the New Orleans and surrounding areas. Have insight in to a local release coming out? Tried a recent release and want to throw down your opinion on it? This is the thread for that!
Couple quick rules:
Please keep things civil and constructive!
MOD NOTE: This will be a monthly post on the 2nd of every month.
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