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2023.02.03 04:53 RiverSuch4815 Please Read (tw: mention of murder, rape, death)

Sorry this post is going to be kinda long but I just need to rant about my toxic/crazy family and get any support I can from losing siblings at young ages. So my name is Rylee and im 17 years old, and I have 9 other sisters and 1 brother. Our family is extremely toxic and weve gone to the point of inflicting harm onto each other and resorting to violence. But the main part of my story is talking about me, my older sisters Ellie (23), Liz (21), and Riley (18). So this all started because all of us are competitive swimmers, and Ellie and Riley became very jealous of Liz because she was so successful in the sport. So one day Riley decided to trip Liz on the wet slippery floor and Liz hit her head where her injuries were a lot more severe then Riley was planning on it being. Liz ended up becoming concussed and unable to compete in swimming anymore, but she also ended up getting sick from an infection with a surgery she had on her brain. Liz ended up flatlining but was then brought back to life. Riley was very angry at Liz that she survived, and during this time Liz met someone who she got very close with while Riley and Ellie were both talking to him as well. Ellie and Riley got so jealous and mad at Liz for being close with the friend, that they did many bad things to her. This was a couple years go so we were all living together at the time, but Ellie would randomly hurt Liz or “kidnap” her and take her to random places where she would hurt her. Ellie and Riley even kept Liz somewhere where the rest of us had no idea where she was, and she was raped and almost beaten to death. Thankfully Liz was found but she got pregnant and then gave birth to twins (Aria and Oliver). Nothing legal wise was taken against Ellie or Riley since there was no “proof” on what was going on and Liz didn’t want to talk about it from being traumatized (which is understandable.) Liz decided she was going to go back to the UK and live there by herself with her kids (that’s where shes originally from shes a step-sister) and wanted to leave Ellie and RIley behind. However, Liz was stil talking to the friend that started this whole mess, which made Riley and Ellie jealous. So they decided they wanted to find Liz in the UK, and they eventually did from another friend of Liz’s. Now I dont know the whole story but apparently Ellie and Riley showed up to where Liz was staying, and Liz just went completely crazy and killed both Ellie and Riley. I don’t think there was any cases of self defense, but we believe it was because of trauma from her past with Ellie and Riley. During this time before Ellie was killed, Liz, Ellie, and the friend were in a group chat together, because apparently Ellie and Riley showed up to her home on separate occasions. Once Ellie was killed Liz pretended to be Ellie on her phone while lying to the friend. Liz was eventually caught and she is currently in jail waiting for her court date. Now i know this whole things sounds crazy, im just conflicted on how to feel. Because on one end im grieving over my two sisters who I lost, and they were killed from another one of my sisters (Liz) who I was very close with growing up. Now Liz had no right to kill Ellie and Riley for no reason, but I do feel bad that Liz had all this trauma and PTSD from the pain that Ellie and RIley caused. Please someone respond if you’ve gotten this far and any support I could really use and I just wanted to share their story. Im so sorry Ellie and Riley, I miss you.
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2023.02.03 04:52 DisastrousFarmer4961 Поправь меня, если я ошибаюсь. Russian prepositions:

Usually, nominative has no prepositions, but there are several cases where some scholars believe it has:
(что) за - (what a) в - into, as a (plural denoting new state)
в(о) - to на - to с(о) - approx за - for о - against (physical contact) под - under по - up to, as far as про - on the topic of сквозь - through, across через - in, after, by
без - without близ - near, close вдоль - along вместо - instead of вне - outside of внутри - inside, within возле - by, near вокруг - about, around впереди - ahead of для - for до - until из(о) - of, outside of, from из-за - from behind из-под - from below кроме - except (for) мимо - past (movement) накануне - on the eve около - around от(о) - off, (away) from после - after (на)против - against, across from ради - for the sake of с(о) - (down) from (по)среди - among у - at, close to. Equivalent to the French "chez"
The following prepositions are also used in genitive plural:
мало - few, little много - a lot, many, much несколько - a few, not many ско́лько - how much? how many?
к(о) - to, towards по - many meanings in English; no direct translation благодаря - thanks to вопреки - contrary to, despite наперекор - in defiance of (more intense than вопреки) согласно - according to, in accordance with
над - above, on top of под - under, beneath за - behind, before перед - in front of между - in between с(о) - with
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2023.02.03 04:52 JVSMRS theory behind blocking apps' access to contacts

I want my contacts to be backed up. I've recently started really trying to be more privacy oriented from the big tech globalist communist cabal. I see lots of discussion here and across different forums about denying access to contacts. Aside from having a "well why do they need that?! I don't want to give them any more than they need!" sort of mentality, why is it so bad that these censorious, nosey companies have access to our contacts? What harm can be done with this knowledge? What's the theory behind it? Tim pool has reported many times that Facebook has "ghost profiles" of everyone and is basically tracking you whether or not you have Facebook, and they're doing it by getting access to people's contacts. They see that person A and person C both have person B in their contacts. They see the phone numbers and whenever relocation info shows person A, B, and C's phones are all together they know that indeed these people are all friends and hang out.
Is this the reason to deny access to contact info? Is there more? Again, just looking for the theory of the case here, so I can really buy in. Right now- aside from what I just laid out with the FB example- idk why there's a strong opposition to giving these companies access to our contacts.
In this post the Facebook story is used as one example of why I have heard we should block these apps' access to our contacts. The post is not about Facebook or any other particular site. I'm asking for the logic behind blocking contact access and why it's so critical. Please explain.
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2023.02.03 04:51 Strength-InThe-Loins Counting cars in the bike lane, day 15: a comrade, and a confrontation

Today's count was an eye-popping 76, which I do believe is an all-time high. Perhaps I'll commemorate the occasion by writing a Weird-Al-esque parody of the 76 Trombones song from The Music Man: 76 car brains parked in the bike lane/with 110 crooked cops close behind.
A fellow cyclist shared the route with me for much of the 1.2 miles. One car that was illegally parked in the bike lane started moving right after we passed it, and its driver seemed genuinely offended that a cyclist would dare block his path; apparently he thought that only he was allowed to do that to us. The other cyclist was heroically unyielding; he stayed right in front of that asshole, and did not speed up. I figured it was the least I could do to stay alongside the car, so it couldn't pull out of the bike lane, and we kept it trapped like that for a little while, which I found to be a good bit of fun.
Of the astonishingly high number of cars, not a single one was a cop car; perhaps my weeks of impotent 311 reports are finally paying off?
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2023.02.03 04:50 Strength-InThe-Loins Counting cars in the bike lane, day 15: a comrade, and a confrontation

Today's count was an eye-popping 76, which I do believe is an all-time high. Perhaps I'll commemorate the occasion by writing a Weird-Al-esque parody of the 76 Trombones song from The Music Man: 76 car brains parked in the bike lane/with 110 crooked cops close behind.
A fellow cyclist shared the route with me for much of the 1.2 miles. One car that was illegally parked in the bike lane started moving right after we passed it, and its driver seemed genuinely offended that a cyclist would dare block his path; apparently he thought that only he was allowed to do that to us. The other cyclist was heroically unyielding; he stayed right in front of that asshole, and did not speed up. I figured it was the least I could do to stay alongside the car, so it couldn't pull out of the bike lane, and we kept it trapped like that for a little while, which I found to be a good bit of fun.
Of the astonishingly high number of cars, not a single one was a cop car; perhaps my weeks of impotent 311 reports are finally paying off?
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2023.02.03 04:50 LankyDucky I’m 16, and I still don’t have my license yet.

This post is pretty much me ranting about my frustrations regarding driving. My experience with driver’s ed, my permit, and my license have been pretty negative.
I began driver’s ed in June of 2022, a few days before my 16th birthday. It was some app called Aceable. I was already starting out late by 6 months. Anyways, I had to do 2 hours of Aceable every day if I wanted to get it done by the time I was scheduled for in person driving. The problem was, I hated Aceable. Doing 2 hours of mind numbing videos and walls of text each day was not something I wanted to waste my time on, especially during summer. I rarely ever did my lessons, and only got them done in September. I wasn’t just behind by 6 months now, I was behind by 9 months.
In the middle of all that, I got my permit in July. All I had to do was answer some simple questions about road signs, speed limits, and all that. Sounds easy, right? Well I managed to screw up and fail my first attempt. I was crushed. I honestly felt stupid. I felt like everyone was looking at my and silently judging me when I looked at the lady at the desk and gave her a thumbs down. I came back the next day and passed, but that didn’t change the fact that I failed.
After I completed Aceable and had my permit, I did some in car stuff with an instructor. Luckily, I had some experience driving around town before my visit, the the first 2 hours were easy. The next week, I came back and I had a new instructor. Sure, whatever. I thought it would be easy. Yet again, I got slapped in the face by reality. This time, we drove around in a city environment instead of a small neighborhood. I was scared. I had no clue what I was doing. She kept barking orders at me, while I was still trying to comprehend everything going on. I felt like I aged 10 years during those 2 hours. Yet again, I felt stupid and embarrassed. For the final day, we went on a highway. I had never been in a highway before, and I had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, I didn’t do too bad on the highway part, but I did miss a whole lot of turns and I’m pretty sure I made and illegal turn on the way there. These 4 hours make me happy that I don’t have to drive with instructors again.
Great. I got my permit at 16, which I always get mocked for, by the way. In my defense, I’m literally a year older than everyone else in my class, and I’m getting this stuff done before them. Anyways, at the time of writing this,I’m legally allowed to try out for my license tomorrow. But I don’t feel ready. I haven’t driven in like a month, and not to mention I haven’t done maneuverability since I wanna say October. I’m not ready, and I don’t know when I will be. I was supposed to get my license last year, but I started all my classes when I was 16.
TL;DR; I got my permit at 16, and I feel like I’m not good at driving.
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2023.02.03 04:50 Strength-InThe-Loins Counting cars in the bike lane, day 15: a comrade, and a confrontation

Today's count was an eye-popping 76, which I do believe is an all-time high. Perhaps I'll commemorate the occasion by writing a Weird-Al-esque parody of the 76 Trombones song from The Music Man: 76 car brains parked in the bike lane/with 110 crooked cops close behind.
A fellow cyclist shared the route with me for much of the 1.2 miles. One car that was illegally parked in the bike lane started moving right after we passed it, and its driver seemed genuinely offended that a cyclist would dare block his path; apparently he thought that only he was allowed to do that to us. The other cyclist was heroically unyielding; he stayed right in front of that asshole, and did not speed up. I figured it was the least I could do to stay alongside the car, so it couldn't pull out of the bike lane, and we kept it trapped like that for a little while, which I found to be a good bit of fun.
Of the astonishingly high number of cars, not a single one was a cop car; perhaps my weeks of impotent 311 reports are finally paying off?
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2023.02.03 04:50 50sracism No boys allowed? My much beloved male gudgeon, Him, died a couple weeks ago. He left behind his mate, Her. I added a new male yesterday and Her and my female betta are not happy about it. Should I try reintroducing the new male? The girls never bothered Him and if anything he was king of the tank.

No boys allowed? My much beloved male gudgeon, Him, died a couple weeks ago. He left behind his mate, Her. I added a new male yesterday and Her and my female betta are not happy about it. Should I try reintroducing the new male? The girls never bothered Him and if anything he was king of the tank. submitted by 50sracism to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:50 blumpkinspicecoffee I started watching Love Between Fairy and Devil and OH MY GOD

By "started" I mean binged in a manic state for the past few days, ready to quit my job, emancipate my child, and temporarily leave my spouse so I can do nothing but WATCH THIS SHOW SDFHSIDF. My first intro to Cdramas was The Untamed, which set an extremely high bar (as I'm sure most on this sub would agree with, given the banner pic lol) that no drama has been able to clear since. Until... this one!!!
This post will be 95% gushing and like 5% complaining about one part of it that is still leaving befuddled. Also, I'm on ep 32 so plz no spoilers for after that!
There is SO MUCH going on and I love it. In addition to the main romance, there are about 3-4 other romances/romantic storylines that could be the MAIN romance in a series. And yet they're all together here! So epic. Much drama. Much crying and squealing from me.
This is actually a good love triangle?!?! I haaaate love triangles but I was ALL IN on this one (until I finally joined team DFQC). Like, it made sense, both stories were moving and heartfelt in their own ways, and both love interests were extremely hot.
Speaking of which. Dylan Wang. WOW WOW WOW. I didn't know who he was before this and now I'm kind of obsessed. It's weird because the first time I saw him I was just like, "oh ok, very striking face, not necessarily hot per se" but then like...he just sucks you in. I was mesmerized, hypnotized, stupefied lol. Would 100% propose to DFQC with a grass bracelet and have his moon babies.
Did anyone else get strong Lan Wangji vibes from Changheng?? Not only in appearance and bearing but also backstory?!
I feel SO bad for Lady Chidi. She has the most tragic and fucked up story out of everyone in the show, and honestly it kind of messes with the vibe a little lol. All of her scenes feel so weighted with heartbreak and horror. That said, I dig how Ronghao was kind of a gray villain who was self-aware, with motivations that we could empathize with.
Orchid and DFQC's love is ... SLDJFLSDJFLKSDJF. Oh god. I have cried and produced so much snot this past week. So beautiful. Also, my two ABSOLUTE favorites scenes (so far), which I've rewatched like CRAZY, are 1) when he appears, fucks everyone up, and rescues her from the "fairy graduation" day; 2) when she kisses him in order to switch their bodies back so CH and RH can't kill him. OMG. CHILLSSSSS for both scenes. The music is topnotch, too.
And finally, one complaint: Did anyone else find eps 28 and 29 kind of .... weird? And by weird, I mean completely WACK? I spent all of 28 and part of 29 convinced there was an extended dream sequence or hallucination thing happening because everything felt so off. The pacing, the characterizations, even the cinematography and directing was just all wrong. And it SUCKS because so many of the things that happened in those episodes (DFQC taking those spikes so he can meet Orchid for the moon festival, him declaring his intention to marry her, her PROPOSING TO HIM(!!!), her enduring the torture cave, etc) are incredible plot points with MAJOR potential to generate angst, intrigue, and emotional reward and could have been carefully set up over the course of 3-4 episodes. But instead this happened. It was a rare low point in what has otherwise been an amazing series.
Anyway, would love to chat with you all about this! And does anyone know of anywhere else that would be good to discuss this show? Is there a forum or Discord server or anything like that?
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2023.02.03 04:49 saxophone_solos Ep 3. is NOT irrelevant to the plot--it's ESSENTIAL to it

There are so many posts here that have this extremely literal and linear relationship to storytelling. Everything viewed in a story must have some kind of immediate ACTION-BASED outcome in the physical progression of the plot. But the episode was about establishing the worldview of the story; its core thesis about love and life as **essential foreshadowing** for Joel and Ellie's storyline. Think of it as worldbuilding but for the show's THEMES and projected character arcs. EMOTIONAL action rather than LITERAL, PHYSICAL action (which we associate more with plot).
Bill and Frank's story is about how love makes life worth living, yes; but also more essentially how love is so often rejected because it opens you up to the terror of heartbreak and loss. But, the Frank and Bill episode argues, despite those risks, it's INFINITELY richer to love and risk pain than to close yourself off to everyone and everything. Risking pain is essential to LIVING instead of just surviving.
This makes an exact parallel to what Joel is going through--the letter was the show's emotional thesis, the core worldview that it establishes once with Frank and Bill, and will establish again with Joel and Ellie. Joel reads the letter and it prompts an essential fork in the road for him emotionally--he has been cold and distant to Ellie, and the episode literally begins with Ellie pointing this out and telling him not to blame her for Tess' death. He's going to anyway, though, isn't he? Because he's emotionally shut off due to his daughter's death. That's been Joel for 2 whole episodes.
But what happens when he reads the letter, when he hears Bill's gauntlet thrown? He HEARS this: We are protectors--that's what we do. Find just ONE person to protect--for the love of god, even if it hurts, just DO it, or you might as well be dead.
Bill threw down a challenge. Joel's going to take it up and the result is going to be that major game-end decision. After the letter, we have the seatbelt scene--the first time he's actively been somewhat kind or caring towards her. The letter had an IMPACT on him, even if he hasn't fully accepted it.
I can't understand how anyone could say this episode doesn't contribute anything to the story--the story isn't the physical movement of Ellie and Joel across the landscape, it's the EMOTIONAL journey that's just been modelled for us.
The Frank and Bill story shows us what Joel is missing, what he has been refusing, in infinitely tender detail. It emphasizes the coldness and tragedy of the way he's currently living his life, because BY CONTRAST, we see how rich Bill's life was and how cold Joel's is. Bill had love and accepted the risk that came along with it. Joel, reading Bill's final letter, becomes the carrier of that message, the new embodiment of the themes established by the Frank and Bill story.
"Why couldn't they just do that with Joel and Ellie?" Because a theme is more powerful when it recurs--it means the takeaway isn't just individual, it's universal. The Bill and Frank narrative also serves as a tragic parallel to Tess and Joel--Joel never let Tess in. She says this before she dies: "I never asked you to feel what I feel." He's so emotionally closed-off he doesn't even hug her or say anything to her before leaving.
And then the letter. Joel quietly buckling Ellie's seatbeat. The slow shift as he realizes that he's lost one person he refused to let in; he is now at least allowing himself this small moment of kindness. He's not fully there yet, but the emotional journey ENTIRELY began in earnest in this episode.
All of this is important because, in comparison to every relationship Joel has, this episode shows us what is POSSIBLE for Joel: a life of fulfilling love, even in the apocalypse. Joel is forced to reflect on it too due to the letter, the challenge thrown his way by Bill in the wake of two dead relationships, so different in their capacities for love and vulnerability. Now we know what he stands to GAIN. Every element of this episode is screaming out a goal for the Ellie and Joel plotline, albeit in a romantic context rather than a platonic one--"I was never afraid before you showed up."
EMOTIONAL action (theme) is not secondary to PHYSICAL action (plot); they're not frills only English profs care about; they are the heart of any work of art. They're why you care at all when the characters get to the end of their physical journeys.
TL;DR: Sorry for this novel but I want to discuss the thematic richness of this episode forever and posts that seem to be entirely dismissing this episode because it's not *literally* about Joel and Ellie--it's ENTIRELY about Joel and Ellie y'all!!!!!
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2023.02.03 04:48 grated_testes Leslie's "Pros" from her TV ad - Why does Pawnee have anti-Korean sentiment?

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2023.02.03 04:48 startledchalupa Shuttercount concerns for Canon R5

I got my R5 in October 2020 and recently, I used the Shuttercount Mobile app to check my shutter count as I've pretty much exclusively used the mechanical shutter on auto. I got a reading of 191k which might even be a significant under-count since I use continuous shooting a 'lot' to take pictures of my kids who won't stand still. I'm thinking about only using the e-shutter going forward as my picture rate likely won't slow down the next few years as my kids are small and we take a lot of trips (and that's when I easily average thousands of shots per day on continuous). However, I noticed my photos are overly bright when shooting on e-shutter in-doors (and I've done the comparison with mechanical on Scene Intelligent Auto settings). I'm just using Program AE with everything auto when on e-shutter as I'm trying to capture my kids in the moment. Is e-shutter better for natural light vs. artificial? Appreciate any insights. Thanks.
Tldr; is it better to restrict electronic shutter to natural light settings and use mechanical for in-doors?
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2023.02.03 04:48 ThisGuy-NotThatGuy It Do Be Like That Tho

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2023.02.03 04:48 Edge-The-Fiend A Week-By-Week Analysis on How I Would Book AJ Lee If She Never Retired, Part One: Assistant AJ

Raw, April 13, 2015: AJ Lee is at the commentary desk for the Divas Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal, which was won by Paige. However, Naomi, who was the last person Paige eliminated, attacks her. This leads to AJ helping Paige, fighting her off.
Raw, April 20, 2015: Stephanie McMahon makes an announcement that she wants to make a full commitment to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. With the continued chaos throughout the weeks between Paige, Naomi, AJ Lee, The Bella Twins, Natalya, Alicia Fox, and Cameron, she would need to look for an assistant to the Chief Brand Officer of WWE. Throughout this episode of Raw, as well as this week’s SmackDown, people like Rosa Mendes, Lana, and even Layla tell Stephanie that they would be perfectly qualified for the job. Later in the night, Naomi defeats AJ Lee before The Bella Twins attack the both of them. At Extreme Rules, Nikki Bella will defend the Divas Championship against Naomi because Paige is unable to compete.
Raw, April 27, 2015: After Naomi is unable to beat Nikki for the title at Extreme Rules, she is successful in defeating her sister Brie. Stephanie McMahon comes out to introduce the official ‘Assistant to the Chief Brand Officer’, AJ Lee! AJ skips down to the ring to Naomi. She tells her that if she wants another shot at Nikki Bella, she has to defeat both of The Bella Twins in a Handicap Match on SmackDown. That is her first order of business in this position.
SmackDown, April 30, 2015: Twin Magic helps Brie pin Naomi while Nikki is the legal woman. Naomi calls bullshit, but AJ will allow it. It’s clear by this point that AJ is using The Authority Abuse of Power card on Naomi whenever she can.
Raw, May 4, 2015: Naomi takes the mic to display her displeasure of AJ’s corporate bullshit. The Assistant arrives to make this match for Payback: The Bella Twins vs Naomi and a partner of her choosing.
Raw, May 11, 2015: With a distraction by Naomi, Tamina defeats Brie Bella. Nikki goes face to face with Naomi, but Tamina sneak attacks her. When AJ comes to break the fight up, Naomi announces that AJ’s former bodyguard is her partner for Payback. This leaves AJ confused, flummoxed, perplexed, and dumbfounded that her former partner is aiding the enemy.
Payback 2015: Assistant AJ is on commentary for the tag team match between Naomi and Tamina and The Bella Twins. The ending is this: Naomi tackles Brie out of the ring, allowing Tamina and Nikki to be alone. When Nikki begs for mercy, Tamina headbutts her before hitting a Superfly Splash for the win. AJ Lee comes to the ring to shake Tamina and Naomi’s hand. She hesitates for Naomi, but still extends her hand. Naomi smiles and walks away. Later on, AJ is in The Authority’s area with Stephanie. The McMahon daughter lets her know that after every Divas PPV match, the winner or winners must shake AJ Lee’s hand. Because of Naomi’s unsportsmanlike act, as well as Tamina pinning the Divas Champion, it will be Nikki Bella vs Tamina for the title tomorrow night on Raw.
Raw, May 18, 2015: Backstage, AJ Lee walks up to Naomi and Tamina and tells them what Stephanie told her last night. She also adds the rule that if Naomi interferes in the match, then Nikki retains. If Brie interferes, then Tamina will win the championship. In the match, Tamina is just dominating NB. After a headbutt and two superkicks, Tamina climbs the top rope. The crowd stands up in anticipation as the Snuka daughter prepares for her big moment! Cue a damn fox! Alicia Fox climbs up the ring apron and stares Tamina down. Tamina’s confused, but still jumps for the Superfly Splash that put Nikki away last night… SPLAT! Nikki just moves out the way, still dazed, but it buys her some time to collect herself. She picks Tamina up and hits the Rack Attack for the three count. AJ Lee races down the ring to restart the match, but Stephanie tells her that technically neither Brie or Naomi interfered in the match, so the win is sanctioned.
Raw, May 25, 2015: Stephanie is walking down the corridor when AJ comes up to her. AJ tells her that she’s been thinking for the past seven days about how the WWE can #GiveDivasAChance. She whispers in Stephanie’s ear and McMahon smiles and immediately points and gives a clear ‘YES’. We don’t hear what AJ said until she comes down to the ring to make the announcement. “For the past few months, the WWE Universe have been blowing up Twitter with the hashtag #GiveDivasAChance. And as Assistant to the Chief Brand Officer, it is my duty to inform you all here tonight, that I’ve heard you. I’ve seen the tweets, the signs every single week, everything that you have done, I have acknowledged you! And after the debacle that happened last week here on Raw, I believe that it’s about time that the divas get the same opportunity as the male superstars. Which brings me to my point. As many of you know, there is a pay-per-view coming up called Money in the Bank.” She slows down those last 24 words to build up excitement. Once she said ‘Money in the Bank’, the crowd knew what the deal was. “There is also a specific match entitled ‘the Money in the Bank Ladder Match’.” Absolute pop. “The only issue with that is that it’s only available to men. Not anymore. I spoke with Stephanie McMahon and the match is official! Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the inaugural Divas Money in the Bank Ladder Match!” The crowd gives a standing ovation for Assistant AJ. The qualifying matches start this week on SmackDown.
SmackDown, May 28, 2015: The schedule is set for the qualifying matches: tonight will feature Tamina vs Alicia Fox. The next Raw will have Cameron vs Naomi and Brie Bella vs Natalya. Abuse of power gives Paige the first spot in the match. AJ will be on commentary for all of the matches. For tonight, Tamina. Whoops. Alicia’s. Butt. As revenge, Tamina dominates her to qualify for the match.
Raw, June 1, 2015: For the next two qualifying matches, Naomi and Brie Bella win, making the current lineup Paige, Tamina, Naomi, and Brie Bella. That’s too little for a MITB match, isn’t it? As a solution, AJ has created another slot because she’s found a fifth person… “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the fifth diva!” AJ says as she points to the titantron. Her music plays and she takes off her business jacket and heels to reveal her wrestling shirt! Smirking, the Assistant is now part of the lineup. The sixth diva will be determined in a battle royal on NXT.
NXT, June 3, 2015: The battle royal is won by the newly-turned heel Alexa Bliss. AJ Lee extends her hand, but Alexa walks off. Not taking this disrespect from a rookie, Lee stops her in her tracks, demanding a handshake. Bliss slowly shakes her hand and walks off.
Raw, June 8, 2015: The six competitors sit down at Miz TV to tell the world why they will win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. This historic contest will put every single diva in the history books, but especially the winner. This will be AJ’s first match since becoming the Assistant to the Chief Brand Officer. Stephanie will surely be watching.
Money in the Bank 2015: It is now time to make history! Naomi vs Brie Bella vs Tamina vs Alexa Bliss vs Paige vs AJ Lee is officially on! I will now give every diva a beneficial spot.
  1. Brie Bella is about to get powerbombed by Tamina from an outside ladder to the announce table, but is able to get out of her grasp after she picks her up. She then tosses Tamina behind her back, leading to Tamina falling through the table.
  2. Paige is able to fight off Naomi in the middle of the ring. She grabs a ladder and dumps it on her. She grabs Naomi’s arms through that ladder and puts her in a PTO while the only thing between them is that ladder! Great pain is given to naomi!
  3. After a while Paige, Brie Bella, and AJ Lee are fighting on the outside of the ring where the ramp is. It gives enough time for rookie Alexa Bliss to hit the Twisted Bliss off a ladder onto the three.
  4. Naomi tries to grab the briefcase, which is extra work thanks to the PTO. Paige catches up to her and attempts to push her down. Naomi, however, highkicks her in the face and gets her off the ladder. Paige pushes the ladder down, but Naomi grabs on to the cable holding the briefcase. After a minute, Naomi is able to drop down into a hurricanrana to Paige.
  5. Being an Assistant comes with perks, and AJ used it before the doors even opened. While the crew were setting up the ring, AJ put a pair of handcuffs under it. In the match, she gets it and handcuffs Naomi to a ring post so she couldn’t move.
  6. Just after this spot happens, AJ is met with a superkick from Tamina. She leans the ladder on the ropes and lays AJ down on it. She climbs to the top rope and hits a Superfly Splash on the Assistant.
With all the damage done, the ones left standing in the last few minutes are Tamina, Brie Bella, and Alexa Bliss. They all climb the same ladder to grab the briefcase. Tamina has a plan: suplex both Brie and Alexa off the ladder and then win the match. This backfires, however, as Tamina only suplexes Alexa off the ladder. Brie was able to keep hold of it and grab the Money in the Bank Contract! Brie Bella has made history tonight!
Raw, June 15, 2015: The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox come out, now using the name ‘Team Bella’. Nikki tells the WWE Universe that she is proud of her sister for winning the first ever female Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Brie says that she was the absolute best scenario for winning, because she’s never cashing in that briefcase! The only way that she will cash in is if Nikki loses the Divas Championship. To the three, there’s no point in cashing in. Nikki officially starts The BellaTron (the amount of days she has left to break the record for longest reigning champion). She is at 204 days, meaning there are 92 days left. This prompts AJ Lee to make sure that Nikki doesn’t break HER record. She puts Nikki in a match against Tamina for the title tonight. If anybody interferes on Nikki’s behalf, Tamina will win the title. Nikki Bella then successfully retains the championship without any help.
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2023.02.03 04:47 CliffordAnth Got hired for a new cooking job after a long job search, but manager now requires me to buy black non-slip shoes to start, days after hiring me!

I've been struggling to get a new job practically anywhere, but especially in the food industry for almost two months now. I finally got hired at a local place and I am supposed to start on Saturday, so just another day or so from now.
But then I received a call just recently from my manager who tells me that I'll need to buy black non-slip shoes and it's required for me to start. They will not be providing these shoes for me.
This puts me in a bad situation because non-slip shoes aren't cheap and my boss KNOWS I had been applying everywhere (I told him after I was hired and he didn't say anything about the shoes for days after the interview) so this request is out of nowhere.
A pair of the cheapest non-slip all black shoes I can find is at Target for $50(49.99) no one else in my area has them any cheaper except a thrift store ($36) but those are light-brown, not black, and I'm not sure of their condition either, but it's the wrong color.
This is the only job I've been able to get in forever, and I need this to be able to pay the bills I'm falling behind on, and pay for food and other necessities, but how can I buy these non-slip shoes if the money isn't there? He knows it too, and he didn't mention the shoes until earlier today, days after the hiring interview. How can I buy something for a job when I am getting the job so I CAN pay for something?
Is there anyway for me to get shoes another way? I know this is a longshot since I only have about a day to get the new shows, but I figured this would be the sub to ask if there was a solution.
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2023.02.03 04:47 LivelyWardrobe mini biography 😎

I'm Ana, a 19 year old girl who was born in Spain but now lives in Los Angeles, California. I am a kind and loving person 🥰 , and I love talking to people online 🌎 . I like meeting new people and making friends💞 , especially with those who share my interests, but if you don't share my interests we can get to know each other better and still have a connection🤠

One of my biggest hobbies is anime and Japanese culture😳 . Since I was a child, I have been a big fan of cartoons and anime movies, and I have spent many hours watching my favorite shows. I love the art and animation behind each character, and it has always inspired me to imagine fantastic and adventurous worlds 💘💫💫

Despite all this, sometimes I feel sad because I don't have many friends here in Los Angeles🙄😭 Sometimes I feel lonely and I wish I had someone to share my interests and thoughts with😔 . But I'm sure that in time I will find the right people and make new friends🥺
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2023.02.03 04:47 deadrail let's have some fun write a few scenes about where certain characters are now. where has fate led them.

I'll start. First scene involves a cop, young black he pulls over a couple driving out from a drug corner he pulls them tries to shake them down, but they got nothing cop starts to flex until the girl breaks down. Girl starts sucking off the cop while her boyfriend watches. Camera pans up and we see the name tag.... Wagstaff. Randy has become the next Walker...just a cold cop preying on people.
Second scene involves Poot it's a pta meeting, (there with his wife and daughters) he's voicing an opinion and basically gets laughed at by the committee Scene mirrors his scene with stringer.
Third scene involves Donut, he's getting ready "getting correct" singing along to the radio cruising, we see his view of the city. He picks up his boss Slim Charles. The two talk about food as they pull up to a familiar greek diner, Slim tells Donut to shut up and wait outside.
Fourth scene involves Cutty he's talking in Spanish to a whole ton of Hispanic kids eager to learn. Avon painted on the wall along with other community leaders. As his gym has made it.
Fifth scene involves Naymond he's at a bar sees a gorgeous woman he approaches her and as the two chat he slips her his business card he's a lobbyist for big pharma. Jokes about being a drug dealer with her.
Last scene is a homage to a scene between stringer and Avon. This scene involves Nick Sobotka now a mall cop he spots two black kids fucking around and follows them around the kids steal surfboards and Nick chases them out the mall.
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2023.02.03 04:47 ch3rry_b33dl3s I’m not sure how to interpret a friends response

i feel confused, and i am wondering, how would you suggest i go about this situation??
today at lunch -insert friend name- and i were kidding around and i got a bit carried away, i typed something inappropriate into the computer, and someone else hit enter without realizing what it said. obviously this situation is my fault, and i won’t deflect the blame elsewhere. i apologized about 2 hours later, saying “i’m sorry about lunch i got carried away” and i can’t seem to figure out the meaning behind his response. it was over text, and i struggle with interpreting peoples emotions as it is, but texting makes it nearly impossible. he said “i don’t forgive you :(“ if you knew -insert friend name-, you’d know he never uses emojis like that, but i can’t tell if he was kidding or not. after i responded “i understand you don’t have to” he said “i hope you feel really really really guilty.” i can’t tell if he’s kidding or not bc he sent me a word game like 30 minutes later. i don’t know how serious the situation was to him, bc it could get him sent to the office if caught, but it could also just be viewed as a joke that went too far. the thing with -insert friend name- is he’s always laughing and sarcastic. so i don’t know if he was teasing me and didn’t view it as an issue, if he’s only a little upset, or if he’s angry at me. How do i find out how he’s really feeling, and how do I fix the situation??
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2023.02.03 04:47 future_wave Family guy mandela affect?

im posting this outside of the comment thread to reach more people, but i advise you recollect this scene before clicking the link. its a family guy scene where stewie has a time machine, and goes back into time to save kurt cobain from killing himself. stewie hands kurt cobain the one essential item to save him. what item does he hand kurt?
from my memory stewie had handed him a pepsi and said "have a pepsi"
it could just be shitty memory but i was 11 (21 now) and i had no knowledge of the "have a pepsi" slogan. if somebody remembers it the way i do then i believe it applies, but let me know what you remember and your age if you will, thank you!
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2023.02.03 04:47 ThRoWaWaY_KidGone Need Advice - 5 year old left school property unnoticed during recess

In a situation where some advice would be appreciated.
I received a call from my kids school, in which I was informed that my 5 year old (kindergarten) left school property with another 5 year old, and it was not noticed by staff at the time. The school received a call from a good samaritan that noticed two small children playing by themselves at a nearby park, after which the school retrieved both children and took them back to school. At that point the parents of both kids were called. We currently do not have all details, but I am also trying to keep as much information as I can withheld unless more is necessary to help in my seeking for advice. I am not looking to sue, make a scene on social media, or call the local news stations.
What I am looking for is advice on what I need to do on behalf of my child. Do I need to make a police report? Make a complaint with the school board? Is there some other action I haven't thought of that might help in this situation? My goal is to make sure that the issue is rectified, to prevent this from happening again to anyone else at the school. I also want to make sure that in the future, if it does happen again and something worse happens, that everything was done this time around that could be done. Also, if it is more helpful to post this somewhere else, please let me know.
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2023.02.03 04:47 Worried-Fee-4532 How can I change the grades in my college transcripts?

Changing or Correcting Bad Grades In College: A Guide ([email protected])

How to change grades on college transcript

How to change grades on college transcript when studying on college, grade is a vital part of your days in school. Essentially, student requires grade change and how bad is D on a college transcript? it is important to know the process to change grades and we will guide you on how to change grades on college transcript.
How to change grades on college transcript, successfully changing a grade on your college transcript is not an easy task, nor should it be taken lightly. Of course, mistakes are sometimes made on these important documents, possibly endangering your chances of being accepted to the graduate school or other higher-education program of your choice. It’s in your best interest to address these issues before they become a hindrance to the progression of your career, and setting the record straight will prevent the possibility of heartbreak later on.
How to change grades on college transcript. Examine your transcript to see which, if any, of the grades are questionable. Sometimes it’s easy to spot, such as a D in a class where you know you had completed all tests and papers with at least a B. Others are more subtle, such as a grade-point average that’s one or two points off.
How to change grades on college transcript. Gather the necessary data to support your claim. If you suspect you might have a lower grade than you deserve in one or more of your classes, try to find as many tests and graded papers from that class that are still available to you. If possible, contact your professor from that class and ask if they have any material to help back up your statement.
Many colleges are trying to attract past students back to the classroom, so “academic amnesty” programs (sometimes called “second chance” programs) have been progressively gaining more popularity in recent years. Most of these types of “amnesty” programs seem to apply only to past students, and there can be many stipulations and even steep eligibility requirements for them.
In many cases the professor is the person you need to speak with directly to have your grade changed, since the transcript office needs a voice of authority to assert that your grade was written incorrectly.
Now How to change grades on college transcript. If the professor is unable (or unwilling) to speak with you regarding this matter, move to the next step up the ladder and speak to the department head. If the professor in question is the department head, consider speaking to the dean of students or other similar faculty member.
Talk to your college’s registrar or transcript office about the necessary procedure for disputing something on your transcript. For most universities, there’s an official form to fill out, so you can list exactly what you’re contesting and the evidence you have to support your claim. Obtain a copy of the form before handing it in for consideration.
For hacking of college grades so it reflect on your transcript reach out to our team of experts on email [email protected]

What Are College Transcripts?

To be viewed as credible and reliable, college transcripts often must be received unsealed and unopened.
A transcript is the official record of a student’s academic history. It contains a complete inventory of all classes taken, both successfully and unsuccessfully, as well as the grades received. You will need a copy of your official transcript to provide evidence of your academic history.

How grades are change in college transcript with the best method

Yes, there are methods on How to change grades on college transcript, to change college transcript from F to A and businesses regularly require school transcripts from work candidates alongside different materials like a resume and introductory letter. Having a transcript that mirrors a positive school understanding and course work material to the activity may assist you with standing apart from the job seekers while applying. To show the best transcript, you should dispose of or change college transcripts grading.

How to change grades on official college transcript

There are ethical means and unethical means to change college grade

Ethical means:

Most colleges will allow individual college grades to be appealed by a student in an attempt to correct a bad grade, but this kind of process is usually very narrow in the scope of when it may be used and can be very difficult to use successfully. In an individual course grade appeal, there will be a formal process that usually involves the professor, the Dean, and a panel or committee. Schools will allow this process to be used under specific circumstances and there must be “valid reasons” such as:

How to remove a w from your transcript

One of the shrouded roads for understudies to take off awful levels is to demand to withdrawal from a class on past grades is the built up cutoff time. Most guardians and understudies don’t understand that it is completely conceivable to pull back from a class past the expressed withdrawal date and still have a “W” put on the understudy’s transcript instead of a “F.”
I’ve helped numerous understudies with this procedure so I’ve seen that it can work. Be that as it may, the school will have a procedure to experience and will need a generally excellent motivation behind why the understudy didn’t pull back from the class preceding the cutoff time. You can edit your grades on your transcripts
The basic procedure that I’ve seen crosswise over universities for a past-cutoff time withdrawal is that the understudy must intrigue or “request” for a withdrawal after the cutoff time has passed. Basically, the understudy is appealing to the Dean of their school to enable them to pull back from the class despite the fact that the cutoff time has passed.
A few universities will need letters of help or suggestion included with the appeal, as from the understudy’s guide, teacher, or other school staff, for example, a Director from the incapacity bolster administrations office.
For hacking of college grades so it reflect on your transcript reach out to our team of experts on email [email protected]
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2023.02.03 04:47 Rexis12 If Syndicates reacted to Warframes

Red Veil, with Harrow.
"You don the garb of the great priest, a shame that he is no longer with us. But his ways will be carried."
"Greeting great priest, an honour to serve even one that resembles you."
Perrin Sequence, with Nidus
"Ahh, the Myconian Warframe. I see you've built it, say hello to them if you ever have the chance."
"I see... Truly to see the Infestation controlled is a harrowing sight. But a fascinating one at that."
New Loka, with Titania
"The Groove's protector graces us with her presence. We welcome you."
"Silvana's pride and joy, perhaps we were wrong about Warframes."
New Loka, with Nidus
"You are everything that is wrong, with Warframes."
Cephalon Suda, with Octavia
"Ahhh, Octavia. Will you play me a song, I am curious to what you will play."
"To use music to signal such an act, truly there are things to learn even now."
Cephalon Simaris, with Khora
"I see you've managed to draw out this... Intruder in my Sanctuary. Do what you will with it."
Cephalon Simaris, with Chroma
"I see you've brought this Warframe t me regardless. It is useless to me, and Sanctuary now."
Cephalon Simaris with Octavia
"What use is music to a Warframe? Do not bring me such useless things."
Father, with Lavos
"You know, this guy used to be a prison warden. I guess you never know where life takes you huh?"
"I'd like to know about the real alchemist, though the Tenno behind him is probably long gone."
Grandmother, with Xaku
"Oh if only Balas could see you, I imagine that Executioner would have a fit over this."
"The Void flows strong through this Warframe, I wonder how it is for you Tenno."
Grandmother, with Yareli
"Oh Yareli! It's been quite so long since we've seen each other. Normally I'd invite you to a race, but as you can see I'm rather bound at the moment."
Konzu, with Gara
"Well well, if it isn't the Unum's old friend. Trying to get special treatment, eh Tenno?"
"Hah, to think I'd see the Eidolon killer herself. Good way to start the day Tenno."
Nakak, with Revenant
"Ah the Lost One stands before me! Hmm... He truly does look like an Eidolon doesn't he?"
"Onkko's mask looks very much like him, I'd ask how'd he know how the Lost One looks like. But the Quills have their way."
Kahl, with Caliban
"So this. Not Archon? ...Hmm Tenno Archon then?"
"Tenno wear suit, made by worm? Strange..."
Bonus, Lotus with Caliban
"Caliban... You are what remains of my brother. Tenno, can you tell me what is within him? What remains of Erra."
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