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Food Box MEGA-List: Meal Delivery, Meat Delivery, Snacks, Smoothies, Desserts, Drinks, & More!

2023.02.03 01:15 FoodBoxHQ Food Box MEGA-List: Meal Delivery, Meat Delivery, Snacks, Smoothies, Desserts, Drinks, & More!

Tired of buying the same thing over and over at your local grocery store? You're in the right place.
We're curating all of the different types of foods you can purchase on the internet.
Whether you're looking for tastier late night snacks or a very specific allergen-friendly meal delivery service, you'll find it here.
Know of a food box that isn't listed? Let us know in the comments!

Meal Kits

Pre-Made Meal Delivery Services

Meat Boxes

Seafood Boxes

Food Marketplaces

Grocery Delivery

Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

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Coffee Boxes

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Emergency Foods


\This list is continually being updated. Be sure to come back for updates!*
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2023.02.02 23:46 Dead_spider_90 Furry_Irl

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2023.02.02 20:42 PretendScience Breakfast 2/2

Eleanor has once again signed up to make breakfast and thus once again regretted in as she had to get up early to make the food for all the campers.
Within an hour the food is served and Eleanor proudly looks at what she's made before filling her plate with some waffles and bacon. She also grabs a cup of tea, naturally. Of course, she throws some of her eggs into the fire for her Mother, then she walks over to her table and digs in.
  • Fruit
  • Spreads of various kinds (Nutella, Maple syrup, butter and so on)
  • Toast, toasted or not
  • Water
  • Tea
  • Coffee
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2023.02.02 11:48 Daizedand_confused Picky eater food ideas?

My son lately has gotten pickier with his foods and 9 outta ten times we end up with just having waffles, biscuits, bread, or fries with either a banana or apple for every meal and I’m starting to feel like I’m failing and not providing the nutrition he needs. He’s 3 and absolutely won’t eat things that are red, medium to dark brown, or dark orange. Please help me 😩
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2023.02.02 07:55 Adam-best Manual Vegetable Slicer

Make the most out of your vegetables with incredible Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer . Whether you're looking to make a stir-fry or a vegetable medley, it'll only take you seconds to Julienne your vegetables . Simply place the vegetables you want to cut into the bin and rotate the handle . It's as easy as that! https://zafyn.com/collections/new-products/products/manual-vegetable-slicer



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2023.02.02 05:42 A-B-1-0 [i ate] a pub cheese burger medium with onion and chili on the side. Waffle fries. A few scotches also.

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2023.02.02 05:23 JD054 What’s your current training split ?

What’s up home slices… title says it all… what’s your current training split?
I’m finishing up 3 months of PPL and want to change it up. Thinking of going back to a 4 day split but undecided
What’s your training look like and do you like current routine ?
I’ll take a spicy chicken sandwich, double pickles, waffle fry and a diet Dr Pepper.
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2023.02.01 15:13 karmanathan Why no Fried Chicken n Waffles?

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2023.02.01 14:05 Ill-Oil-5396 Best Kitchen Appliances That You Must Have

This is the twenty-first century and everything is changing. Everything is getting modernized nowadays and no one wants to be behind. Our way of cooking is also changing and the appliances that we used to use in the past time have also changed. Everything is electronic these days which reduces time and effort and is super easy to use, it takes less time and our food gets ready in a shorter period. These appliances also help in making different types of cuisines for our family because people have gone overseas and tasted multiple cuisines of different cultures and countries and when they come home, they want to taste those dishes again and again. So, in order to make them we have to prepare our kitchen and bring those appliances that will help in the preparation of those dishes. We have to change our appliances or bring new ones. In this article, I am going to tell you some of those appliances that you should bring into your kitchen and make your dishes in no time and you can get them from alternatives to eBay.
1) Coffee Maker
This is bliss for coffee lovers who loves coffee a lot. People who love coffee drink it four or five times a day. If you are drinking that you would not want to make it again and again so this coffee maker will make your work easier. It requires no coffee pot all you have to do is just fill the water in the dispenser and add your favorite brew with it. It will hardly take 5 min and your coffee is ready for the day.
2) Instant Pot
If I could say then it is a revolutionary appliance because it is seven in one product. If you purchase this then you do not need to spend more on other appliances such as a cooker, steamer, saute, yogurt maker, and warmer. This pot functions in several ways, it comes with a pressure monitor, temperature, and timekeeper, and you can control the timing and temperature.
3) 5 in Griddle
It is a must-have item in your kitchen if you love sandwiches. This griddle does five types of grilling. It performs griddle, grilling panini press, full grill, and half grill. This gadget has a temperature controller for both sides that can be used to cook different things at the same time. You can make various types of sandwiches in it and enjoy.
4) Basket Deep Fryer
We Indians love fried food, we consume fried food on a daily basis, including samosas, fried momo, fried hotdogs, onion rings, and French fries. This will make your easier and you can eat your loved food anytime.
5) Ice Cream Maker
who does not love ice- cream, everyone loves it, right? This ice cream maker is a boon for you, you can make ice cream of your own choice at any time. All you need to do is add your favorite condiments into one bowl. Add toppings in the side container just pull down the lever and your ice cream is ready.
6) Microwave Oven
You must have seen an oven in every home. You can warm your food within minutes. You can make cakes and pastries and serve them to your children with the help of this microwave.
7) Mixer
You really need this product in an Indian family because you need it for almost every dish that needs mixing and blending many items. You can make tasty juices, chutneys, and smoothies of your favorite vegetables and herbs.
8) Electric Kettle
It is one of the best friends for every hostler who lives away from home because you need it to make Maggie, biol water or eggs or make tea. An electric kettle performs all these things However, it is also helpful in a home kitchen for the same purposes.
9) Waffle Maker
If you love waffles then this is the right time when you get a waffle maker for you. you can make delicious waffles and enjoy them in breakfasts in just a couple of minutes with the help of this.
10) Salad Spinner
People are shifting towards a healthy diet nowadays and preferring salads over oily and spicy food. If you are one of those who loves eating salad then just buy it, it will save you time and make salads for you.
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2023.02.01 08:46 CelebrationCrafty269 Winston is the streamer now

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2023.02.01 07:55 Adam-best Manual Vegetable Slicer

Make the most out of your vegetables with incredible Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer . Whether you're looking to make a stir-fry or a vegetable medley, it'll only take you seconds to Julienne your vegetables . Simply place the vegetables you want to cut into the bin and rotate the handle . It's as easy as that! https://zafyn.com/collections/new-products/products/manual-vegetable-slicer



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2023.01.31 17:53 Maddukks Winston is the streamer now

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2023.01.31 07:55 Adam-best Manual Vegetable Slicer

Make the most out of your vegetables with incredible Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer . Whether you're looking to make a stir-fry or a vegetable medley, it'll only take you seconds to Julienne your vegetables . Simply place the vegetables you want to cut into the bin and rotate the handle . It's as easy as that! https://zafyn.com/collections/new-products/products/manual-vegetable-slicer



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2023.01.31 05:12 Bounje Mandolin replacement toothed blades

Hi everyone!
I am aware there is another post about mandolin blades but it is archived and I am in Canada looking for the toothed blades.
Is it worth buying these? I was hoping if I take better care of mine they could be fries, cucumbers, other salad stuff for shredding. I found one on amazon for the price of a mandolin:
So probably not worth it for those. Someone had mentioned Coutelier which sells individual toothed blades for about the same price plus I might get border taxed on it:
Any suggestions? Should I just buy a new one locally?
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2023.01.31 03:47 PrimaryBat5949 I am 21 years old, make $143,000, live in Pennsylvania, work as a Software Engineer, and I pay for personal training.

Hopefully I did everything right! I had a lot of fun writing this.
Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance:
Roth IRA: $12,500 (been maxing this out or almost maxing it out for the last 2 years, mostly in 2-3k lump sums)
Old work 401k: About $15,000. They had an end-of-year 12% contribution (10k) so I stayed there long enough to get that. I still have to switch it over or do... whatever you’re supposed to do in this situation? I will figure that out lol.
New work 401k: $800, haven’t really set this up yet. I get a 6% match.
Savings account balance: $8300 split between 2 accounts. I plan to contribute to this much more heavily; I’m hoping to get it up to 20 or 25k in the next 6 months. I also have $1400 in a certificate account my dad helped me open a few years ago.
Checking account balance: $9200 (a little low, I like to keep it between 10 and 15k, but I just paid off both of my credit cards this month and I get paid in 4 days).
Random Fidelity account I opened to experiment with investing: $105. I want to try to put a couple hundred dollars in here each month.
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): None. I have a balance of 2k-3k each month split between 2 cards, which I autopay in full.
Student loan debt (for what degree): None. My parents paid for what scholarships didn’t cover at a state school.
I live with my boyfriend and we don’t completely combine finances, but his finances do affect mine. He is finishing his last semester for his degree right now and living off of basically nothing (his mom pays his rent but he is responsible for most other things). He makes about $750 a month as a TA, which isn’t a lot but compared to last semester when he wasn’t able to work at all, it makes a HUGE difference. I take care of probably 70% of our living expenses, but he helps out as much as he can with splitting groceries, gas, etc. I also pick up the bill if we want to do something more expensive like a vacation.
While it is stressful at times, I appreciate that us living together and budgeting together has taught me to be very frugal, even though I probably don’t need to be. If I was with someone making the same amount as me, I would be spending a lot more on vacations, eating out, etc. I also am glad that he is also in the tech industry, so when he graduates in a few months we will be making around 230K in household income and will have the room to splurge a little bit more.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in my field for 1 year, my starting salary was $85,000.
My first job in the industry was a part-time job at at a student development team at my school, making $12 an hour.
I interned at my first real company the summer before my senior year, making $27 an hour.
They offered me to return full-time for 75K, which I negotiated to 85. This past November I got an offer from a bigger company for a higher-position role, which was for 130K base salary + 10% targeted bonus. I did not negotiate this offer, as I already felt a bit overwhelmed by the role and the amount of money they offered. I started this job one month ago.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $6650
Pre-tax is about $10,800, then:
Federal taxes
MD state taxes (since I still officially live there)
10% to my 401K (which is about $1000)
About $5 for dental insurance since I’m about to get kicked off of my parents’
Section Three: Expenses (ordered these highest to lowest)
Savings contribution: $2000 a month
Rent: $840 for my half of our 2 bed 2 bath apartment. We live in a large town/small city that is probably a Medium COL. I LOVE paying this little in rent but I also live in a mediocre apartment in the middle of nowhere, lol.
Investment contribution: $500 a month (haven’t done this yet, but will start this month)
Roth IRA contribution: $500 a month so it’s maxed out by the end of the year
Groceries: About $350 a month (my boyfriend probably buys ~$150 of groceries for us as well). I cook a *lot*, and eat pretty cheaply (I’m vegetarian so lots of rice, beans, lentils, etc), but I also love snacks, Trader Joe’s frozen meals, and expensive mushrooms because I’m in my mushroom obsession era.
Gym membership: $299 for semi-personal training. I go to a small independent gym that offers coaching programs and I LOVE it. Both of my coaches are amazing, and have put together programs for me that I get really excited about. While it’s not totally 1:1 training, they help me set up equipment, help with my form, answer questions, and help me with nutrition. This is the best thing I could be spending my money on at this point in my life, since I’m a person that has always hated working out.
Electric: $270-$300 a month. Yes, I know we are getting totally ripped off here. From what I can tell, our apartment is just really poorly constructed and poorly insulated.
Eating out / fun budget: I spend about $200 a month eating/drinking out for both my boyfriend and I and about $250 a month for “treats” like clothes, makeup, skincare, salon visits, etc. This would be way, way higher if I lived in a major city and had more options in town than just Chipotle and Old Navy. Probably for the best.
Donations: $200 every month or two, mostly to a friend’s charity that does mutual aid work in DC.
Regular therapy: Just started weekly therapy again, for $100 a session. My mom offered to pay for it, but I might just split it with her.
Psychiatrist appointments and medication: $35-40
Gas: $30 if it’s a month we’re not traveling to DC or Baltimore, closer to $100 if it is.
Renters / home insurance: $20
Wifi/Cable/Landline: Included in our rent
Cellphone plan: Parents pay
Car payment / insurance: My parents helped me buy a Subaru Forester as a college graduation present. I will take over payments and probably insurance this September, and the monthly payment will be about $900 a month for 18 months. This is a car I absolutely love, and I plan to keep it forever, so I’m ok with this.
9:30: I wake up and have a trader joe's chocolate muffin along with a coconut smoothie for breakfast. I convince my boyfriend to do a 15 minute yoga video with me, something I've been trying to do on days I don't go to the gym. I am grateful to my yesterday self for getting my cleaning list finished, since now I can fully relax. Chores stress me out... a lot.
11: We head to get massages. This is definitely a splurge, but after starting weightlifting a few months ago I really wanted to get one. I cover my bf's since he doesn't have this level of disposable income right now.
$192.80, $1.25 for parking
12:30: We head back home and I have some leftover rice and lentils for lunch. I do the dishes and move some puff pastry from the freezer to the fridge to thaw. My plan is to attempt a dessert I saw on tiktok, but I don't have too much experience with puff pastry so I’m a little nervous. Then I realize I'm still sleepy from the massage, so I get back into bed to scroll on my phone.
4:30: I stayed in bed... a little longer than I meant to. But today was a self care day so that's ok! I eat some trader joe's potato chips while scrolling some more, then I make the puff pastry dessert with some strawberries and homemade whipped cream, which turns out way better than expected. I think this will be my dinner.
6:30: My boyfriend convinces me to watch Iron Man 2 since I got to pick our movie last weekend. We use his family's Disney+ account so this is free. I am a marvel hater (sorry) but I can still enjoy it. halfway through i have to get up and take my anti-depressant, otherwise i'll have trouble falling asleep later.
9: Bf and I clean up the kitchen and I make a spicy cucumber salad for a snack.
9:30: I planned to take a shower, but I just want to get to bed asap so I'm not starting the week too sleep deprived. I brush my teeth, and do my skincare. For years I've been using the Fresh Soy Cleanser and Belif Moisturizing Bomb, but I'm trying to add in the Murad Retinol Renewal serum as well. I get into bed and mean to fall asleep but I end up redownloading tiktok. I finally put my phone away and fall asleep around 10:45.
Daily total: $194.05
6:30: My alarm goes off. I feel tired but it's not too bad. I eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast, get on my gym clothes (Target, Old Navy, Nike), brush my teeth, and put on the tiniest bit of Bare Minerals powder foundation. My boyfriend gets up with me to clean off my car (it snowed all night) and I leave for the gym while he heads to class.
7:15: Get to the gym. It's a little bit crowded which sucks, but I go to a small private gym so crowded = there are like 6 other people here.
8: Head home. It's somehow still snowing but the roads are clear so I don't mind driving. I change into my wfh outfit - sweatpants and a grey waffle knit sweater I stole from my bf. I put on sunscreen (probably not necessary since I'm inside all day but I swear it makes powder foundation last longer) and some makeup. I have a Nugo chocolate protein bar. I also fill my water bottle up and shake in a scoop of Isopure fruity protein powder. It's not ~good~ but for 20g i'll drink it.
9: Start work. Mornings are usually pretty lowkey until our standup at 11, so I mess around a bit and watch some training videos while trying to wake up. I'm restarting therapy tomorrow with a new practice, and they sent me some intake forms to fill out. "What brings you to therapy"? I have a very extensive history with mental illness so I'm gonna have to take an hour or two tonight to sort through all that.
10:30: I get very excited to have spicy feta on toast as a snack until I realize the sourdough bread we have is moldy :(. I'll just wait until after meetings to eat lunch.
1: I am STARVING so I have trader joe's cheese tortellini with some tomato cream sauce I made on saturday. I also throw a load of laundry in (I recently stopped doing my bf's laundry at his insistence and highly recommend, I no longer feel like i'm drowning in laundry)
3:30: Still in meetings, and I am slowly dying because I can't contribute much. I set up my work phone (this is crazy because I never expected to have a work phone as an engineer, but apparently they just give them to everyone).
5:30: Done with work. I'm itching to start actually coding but it also makes me nervous, so for now I don't mind being in meetings all day. I start on making a batch of rice and lentils, which I mix with harissa and feta. On Mondays my boyfriend doesn't get home until about 10, so I have the apartment all to myself. I debate if I should go to Ulta (to get some eye gel patches) and TJ's (to get some more sourdough and the truffle potato chips I'm now addicted to). After I eat I realize that the wind chill is 22, so I'll just stay in.
7: Eat dinner, do dishes, settle in to watch the crown with some chocolate covered banana pieces and a glass of wine. Since I'll wash my hair tonight, I put in some Moroccan Oil hair treatment.
9:30: Boyfriend gets home and we catch up, I get in the shower.
10: Brush teeth, do skincare, and cover my whole body in lotion because our apartment is so dry. I stay up later than I mean to talking to my bf and I finally go to sleep around 11. He still has a lot of homework to get done after a 15 hour day on campus, so he stays up a couple hours later than me.
Daily total: $0
7:15: Get up. Today is my rest day, but I need to start work now since I have my first therapy appointment at 9. I have a chocolate muffin for breakfast. I don't really have any work of my own to do right now, but I read an engineering book my coworker asked me to read.
8:30: Get ready and leave for therapy. It’s $100 a session out of network, but my mom has offered to pay. I might split it with her, or I might just cover this one and let her pay in the future.
10: Home from therapy! It was good and I felt very validated by her. Now back to work.
12:30: I have a ticket! to work on! I am so excited. Making some tortellini for lunch and then diving in.
5: Finish up work. I made a lot of good progress that I think impressed my coworker. I make spicy cucumber salad as a snack and leave to pick up my boyfriend for bar trivia.
6: Bar trivia time. I ordered a beer I didn't really want because I panicked and didn't know what else to get lol. My boyfriend buys (he also gets a beer). We come in 5th which i think is pretty good given that there are only 2 of us.
7:15: We head to get ramen. Mine is delicious but I wonder if I'm becoming too addicted to salt because I would love to add way more. Boyfriend is somehow pretty drunk which makes me laugh in the very quiet restaurant. I buy. $36.55. and I have leftovers for tomorrow!
8:15: Head home, do some dishes, fold some laundry. I clean up my desk a bit and also unpack some amazon packages I ordered last week - a carpet rake, dish sponges, and metal straws. We're getting several inches of snow tomorrow morning/afternoon so I debate whether to go to the gym when I wake up, but I have 4 wheel drive so I think I'll be fine.
8:45: Quick shower and get ready for bed. My boyfriend's classes are canceled tomorrow! I still have to work lol.
9:15: Hang out with boyfriend for a bit, scroll on phone. Fall asleep around 10.
Daily total: $136.55
6:30: My alarm goes off and I realize I need to get to the gym asap before the snow starts. I eat a couple bites of a chocolate muffin, put on my Athleta ultimate leggings in olive green (my prized possession) and am at the gym by 7. $300 has also hit my account - DC taxes were accidentally withheld from my paycheck in addition to my home state of MD, so I fill out a non-resident form and my work refunds the money.
8: I get home from the gym and realize I have enough time before work to get back in bed just for a few minutes. I'm really cold so this sounds especially nice, and I turn on the heating blanket. My boyfriend would normally be in class right now but he's sleeping in. I am jealous but I got enough sleep last night that I'm not too tired.
8:30: Gotta get out of bed to eat something and get ready for work. I put some Bare Minerals foundation on, some concealer, mascara, blush. I put on another of my bf's sweaters and some cozy pants from Old Navy. I eat a Kodiak protein muffin cup and I fill my water bottle with protein powder. I also put on some LL Santal 33, I have a mini vial of it from microperfumes. I didn't like it at first but it's grown on me.
11: I have to call IT because I got locked out of 2 factor authentication. Snack time (Nutella breadsticks pack) and then meeting.
12:30: I have leftover ramen for lunch and then get pulled into a last minute meeting. Coconut smoothie for a snack. Work and talk to my boyfriend in between.
5:30: I made some really good progress on work and I'm feeling good. My bf's dad texts him asking about what device he can buy for his 12 year old sister who feels left out by the other kids having iPhones. He says they have a $50 budget. Some background: my bf's parents had successful careers and made a lot of money at various points, but they were financially irresponsible to the point that it was almost financially abusive to their children. From the age of 3 or 4, my bf felt like it was his job to make sure his parents don't go broke. My bf's dad has spent at least 50k in court fighting to not contribute to his tuition or anything else. This is really my only source of financial stress - us having family that not only don't have money, but don't have it because of their own decisions, and weaponize that to the point of abuse in their relationships with their children. My bf tells him he can send him some money if he needs it. I admire how generous he is, and I'll leave it at that lol.
6: Lay in bed (This is something I try not to do after work, but I'm only having leftovers for dinner and I don't have anything else to do so I think it's ok).
7:30: I have a headache and feel really tired, but I get up to eat rice and lentils for dinner.
8:30: Do dishes, pick up my office, change the sheets. I also make some fried rice tomorrow, and I fill the humidifier up since it's been unbearably dry in our house lately (like 25%). it seems like it's really poorly insulated, see electric bill above lol.
9:15: Shower. My bf took a shower about an hour ago and so I only have like 6 minutes of hot water :(. I finish my very old bottle of face wash and I get to open the new one! One bottle is like $50, but it lasts me a year so I think it's worth it. I lie in bed and look at outfit ideas for our Florida trip in March. We're only going for three days, but it is RARE that I get to leave the house and also look cute so I am excited.
11: Sleep.
Daily total: $0.00
7:40: Wake up. Put on a sports bra and shorts and do half an hour of yoga. I put a protein coffee drink in the fridge for later, and have some of a chocolate muffin.
8:45: Start work. I have a quick check in with my psychiatrist at 9, and she wants me to fill out an ADHD symptom questionnaire, which is the exact same thing the therapist said on Tuesday. I am not convinced yet that I have ADHD, but I've always known there was something wrong with me so I'm happy that both of them seem interested in figuring out what that is. $30
11: More meetings, but everyone seems impressed with my progress so that's nice.
1:30: Meetings finally end, rice and lentils for lunch.
3: I shadow an interview that my coworker is doing for our team. He sends me a crying emoji halfway through. It does not go well, then more meetings. I also buy 2 tank tops and a pair of shorts online at Old Navy. I don’t really have any warm weather clothes so I need to buy at least an outfit or two for this trip. $44.23
5:15: Done with work! Tonight is the night of the week I'm making dinner for both my bf and me. Fun because I like to try new recipes and if I only cook for myself I tend to eat the same 3 things. I make spicy Thai basil fried rice with tofu! It turns out really good with leftovers for tomorrow.
6:45: We run out the door to an event for a church group we've started going to. Everyone there is super nice and we have a really great time.
8:45: Drive home through a crazy snow squall! My boyfriend is gonna finish up the dishes and kitchen cleaning so I can just go to bed. I have a vanilla pudding cup, listen to music for a while, then get ready for bed.
10:30: Finally go to sleep, later than I meant to.
Daily total: $74.23
6:50: Wake up and I feel really tired for some reason. We are out of muffins so I have a nutella snack instead. My bf cleans up the kitchen and heads to class, I go to the gym. It's not crowded which is nice, but I do not feel like working out today.
8:30: Get home, have a protein muffin for breakfast, have a minor panic attack at how dirty the apartment is but it's ok because I'll have the weekend to clean it. I get to work and become very confused at my own code very quickly. I do the whole deleting it all and starting fresh thing about 3 times. I finally ask my coworker and he sends me an example project with some good examples of what I'm trying to do. I feel sad and tired and weird. My skin is also super dry and it's making me feel icky.
11: Meetings. Changed to a fresh t-shirt and shorts and I feel better.
12: Leftover fried rice for lunch which is sooo delicious. Work on my ticket some more. I gotta say I have never been so challenged mentally by engineering, I feel like I'm solving a massive rubik's cube and it's frying my brain cells.
2:30: More help from my coworker and more good progress. Log off at 5 feeling exhausted and hungry. I really wanted to go to Target or get some chores done tonight, but instead I just finish my nutella snack from earlier and lie in bed with my boyfriend. I am wiped.
7: FINALLY get out of bed feeling like I am gonna die. Make a trader joe’s mushroom and truffle flatbread. I think I'm becoming a truffle person.
7:45: Bf and I head to Target. We need a few things for the house (shampoo, conditioner, ziploc bags, laundry detergent) but we also want to look at clothes since neither of us own many clothes. I get 2 women's shirts, a pair of shorts, joggers, and 3 men’s shirts. This sounds like a lot but I will be returning 80% of it like usual, since I'm super picky about clothes (sensory issues). It ends up being $242.71, but will probably be $170 after returns.
9: Get home and try on my new clothes! The only thing I'm definitely keeping is one of the women’s t-shirts. The men's clothes are a maybe but the fit is sometimes a little weird. I waste some time scrolling on my phone.
10: I clean up all my dishes from the day, fill the humidifier, and talk to my bf. I am very cranky but we get in the shower together, use a lavender scented shower steamer, and I instantly feel better once I wash my hair.
11:45: Finally crash. I felt pretty crappy today and I am so excited to go to sleep.
Daily total: $242.71
9: Wake up and check my phone for a while. I looked at some more outfit inspo online. Bf wakes up around 9:45 and we lay in bed for a while looking at tiktoks. He decides he wants to go back to Target to get a pair of pants and a watch he saw yesterday. I am still out of muffins so I have a chocolate pudding cup for breakfast, super delicious but I am still very hungry.
10:45: We get to Target and I get a piece of cinnamon cake ($3.95) while bf gets his stuff. Then we head to trader joe’s for weekly grocery shopping. We get a wide range of stuff, including stocking up on ghost pepper chips and white truffle chips. I also splurge and get some cold brew with coconut almond vanilla creamer. I don't like caffeine but this combo sounds really good and I have new metal straws, so I think it'd be fun to have while I'm working in the morning. I buy groceries this week. $129.87
11:45: We get home and bf puts groceries away. I am a little bit stressed because for some reason the combination of running errands + being hungry + needing to clean the house just kills me every Saturday. I make some breakfast potatoes for us with the trader joe’s citrus garlic seasoning which turns out SO good, and I try to stay calm. Bf is gonna leave to go to campus around 12:30, so I make a to-do list for while he's gone. We will maybe go out to dinner tonight, which I’m so excited about. He cleans up a bit and then gets ready to leave.
12:45: Drive boyfriend to campus. He could take the bus, but it runs infrequently on weekends so I don't mind driving him.
1:15: Get home and chill for a little bit. Eat the last of the fried rice for lunch and watch the news.
2:45: Time to start cleaning. This is definitely a day where my contamination OCD is not great. At least I washed my hair last night because if it felt even the least bit dirty right now, I'd be having a major mental breakdown.
4:45: Go pick up my boyfriend. I finished all my cleaning and I feel pretty gross, so I can't wait to shower.
5:15: Get home and take a shower. I also pluck and trim my eyebrows, and do skincare. I am feeling 10/10 right now since the house is clean and I am clean.
6:15: Get dressed and go out to dinner. This Indian place is my favorite restaurant in town. It's basically the only restaurant I've found here that actually holds up to places in big cities, and isn't just good for [insert area we live in].
6:45: They POPPED OFF tonight and this is one of my top meals ever. Pappadam with cilantro yogurt sauce to start, and then I get a vegetarian thali that comes with dal makhani, chana masala, paneer korma, raita, garlic naan, and kheer. I also get a mango juice which is truly the most fresh tasting mango drink ever and I am obsessed. And I have leftovers! Total was $50, bf pays. I pay 75 cents for parking.
8: Get home and hang out with bf. He has a party tonight for a club that he's involved in. I went to the last one and was very not into it so he goes himself. He cleans out my car and gets gas for me before he does :). I had planned to have a whole night watching TV and eating snacks, but I am in such a food coma that I can't do anything but lie in bed. I browse houses on redfin in Raleigh, Charleston, and Savannah: places we're thinking about moving to in the next few years.
10:30: Watch the French version of The Circle and eat chips. Bf comes home, we start watching Togo on Disney+, but we both get very sleepy immediately. Bedtime.
Daily total: $134.57
Weekly total: $782.11:
Fun / Entertainment: $192.80
Food + Drink: $170.37
Clothes + Beauty $144.23
Home + Health - $142.71
Other (psychiatrist and therapist) - $130
Transport (parking) - $2
I feel pretty good about my spending. The clothes purchases and massages definitely made this a higher-spending week, but I can afford it and it was all things that are important to me. I also definitely want to get my savings up because my savings to income ratio is not ideal. Of course, my excuse is that I’ve only been working full-time for 8 months, but I still would like to have more money in my highest-yield savings account, and more money in my investing account.
This was also a week where I did not have any severe mental health "episodes," so I think it paints a pretty rosy picture of my life and who I am. I'm glad I chose this week and I didn't have to overshare with you guys too much, lol.
Lastly... I sometimes forget how much money I make, and then it hits me and I’m like “woah. I should not be making this much money at 21.” I’m grateful that I’m at a place in life where I can live pretty cheaply and save almost 50% of it, because I know in the next 5-10 years, keeping up this saving rate will be much harder with moving to a HCOL, possibly getting a house, having kids, etc. But for now, I feel like I’m accidentally FIRE-ing and I’m not mad about it :).
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2023.01.30 07:55 Adam-best Manual Vegetable Slicer

Make the most out of your vegetables with incredible Manual Vegetable Cutter Slicer . Whether you're looking to make a stir-fry or a vegetable medley, it'll only take you seconds to Julienne your vegetables . Simply place the vegetables you want to cut into the bin and rotate the handle . It's as easy as that! https://zafyn.com/collections/new-products/products/manual-vegetable-slicer



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2023.01.30 06:14 overdose6 Tarte Gratinée (Neapolitan Flammekueche)

Tarte Gratinée (Neapolitan Flammekueche)
I've made this a few times and it's become a family (and friends) favourite. It's a nice change from the traditional tomato-base pizza Napolitana I make in my Ooni. This is a variation of the German/French regional tart/pie, but we call it the perogy pizza.
This one is a 280g Neapolitan dough ball (pizzaApp recipe, 65% hydration, 3% salt), 2% Greek yogurt base, sliced red potatoes (just what I had in the house, leftover potatoes are better but I didn't have any so I just microwaved some), red onions (very thinly sliced with mandolin), bacon (pre-cook halfway in frying pan first, then chop), gruyere shredded on top and some freshly ground black pepper.
I lowered the gas on the Ooni a bit after launching. So I reckon this is about a 120-150 seconds cook.
I've also done this one with sour cream instead of yogurt. Crème fraiche is the original way but it's so expensive where I live and we always have yogurt in the fridge.
PS. We had leftover patates gratin from Christmas dinner on boxing day and made this pizza with them and it was epic.
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2023.01.30 03:23 KTJourno Blood sugar 132 at 8:18pm

I had 2 waffles from my nutrisystem for diabetes package that gets shipped to me every month. That was around 9am. Then around 1pm I had a Hamburger with mayo, ketchup, tomato and lettuce and a handful of French Fries from Five Guys at around 1pm. Then I just drank a bottle of coconut water about 20 minutes ago (7:50pm ish). Just tested my blood sugar at 8:18pm and it was 132. I know I ate some bad stuff today but I feel like it shouldn’t be 132 over 7 hours after I last ate. Thoughts?
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2023.01.30 02:59 BeerBoilerCat Trip Report - 2 adults, no kids - full spending breakdown

My husband D (41M) & I (37F) spent 5 nights (1/22 - 1/27) in WDW. He had never been to anywhere Disney & was convinced he’d hate it. Halfway through Day 1, he admitted he was loving it.
Here’s a not-so-short trip report, some opinions, & complete spending list for 2 adults.
Some random photos
TL;DR Had a ton of fun, ate a lot of great food, but spent more than anticipated. Also, Genie+ is amazing. Full price breakdown at the end.
(apologize for any weird formatting - these were super nice tables in Google Docs & they didn't copy/paste well & I'm not spending the time to fix them)
Sunday 1/22 Flew out of IND at 9a. I bought Genie+ & made a Jungle Cruise LL at 7a & a Pirates LL when we landed around 11:30a (we were slightly delayed due to ice). We got an *amazing* price flying into SFB on Allegiant. It’s not a bad airport. Small, not crowded but poorly laid out and lacks adequate signage. Rented a car through Dollar, picked it up & drove the 50 minutes to Grand Floridian. As we approached the Disney area, I put in a mobile order for Gasparilla Island Grill. D got the blackened chicken sandwich with chips & a refillable pop cup. I got the mac & cheese with fries & a cookie. The blackened chicken sandwich was the worst food we had all week. The flavor was good but the quality of the chicken was *horrible*. Made another LL while we were eating and we finally headed to MK on the monorail around 2.
I didn’t realize it was the last day of Splash Mountain, otherwise I would have prioritized that LL. I misread it & thought 1/23 was the last day. Oops. With LL, we managed to do Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Small World, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, & Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. Pirates was down most of the afternoon so we used that LL for Mansion.
Had a 7p dinner rezie for Plaza. I got the pot roast (the day’s special) with broccolini & mashed potatoes and a white sangria. It was all delicious. D got the meatloaf. It was okay, a little dense. We split a hot fudge sundae for dessert. It was a great time for a rezie because as soon as we were done, we visited the bathroom, & then only had to wait about 10 minutes for fireworks! We both loved Enchantment. D, having never been to Disney, had nothing to compare it to & I don’t think I’ve watched Disney fireworks since I was 5 or 6.
After fireworks, we did Buzz Lightyear (again, standby line) and our Space Mountain LL. Then, took our time walking back to Main Street, wandered around some shops, & bought a brownie (pretty good) & a chocolate dipped chocolate chip cookie (kinda dry) from the Confectionery. It was around 9p at that point and we still hadn’t been to our room. So we monorailed back to Grand Flo & stopped at Enchanted Rose for drinks. D had 2 seasonal old fashioneds & I had a French 75 & a Manhattan. The HIKE from the main building to the DVC parking lot is crazy long. We went from Enchanted Rose, to the DVC lot to grab our luggage, back to Big Pine Key, showered, set an alarm for 6:59a and passed out around midnight.
Monday 1/23 Alarm went off at 6:59 - I bought Genie+ then we tried to divide & conquer Guardians. I purchased it & D tried to join the virtual queue. I was successful, he was not. He’s not completely sure he did it right though. Made a Frozen LL, mobile ordered a Figment popcorn bucket (for a friend at home), then went back to sleep. Couple hours later, mobile ordered breakfast from Gasparilla Island Grill. Got Mickey waffles, of course. Wasn’t impressed with any of the Joffrey’s coffee all week, so that was disappointing. Husband had scrambled eggs.
Headed to Epcot around 11a. Picked up Figment, rode Guardians (that we purchased), & rode Soarin. When we got off Soarin, it was a few minutes til 1, so we hung around to try to join the Guardians virtual queue again. Successful this time! Estimated return time of 6p & we wound up getting called around 4:45p.
Next, we headed to World Showcase to eat & drink around the world. We had agreed to take turns picking things to split. I started with Mexico and we alternated. Rode Frozen in Norway. After Italy though, we were notified Guardians was up. So we took the boat across the lake to save some walking & rode it again. We got September as our song both times. It was absolutely THE BEST ride I’ve ever been on. It was so amazing.
After Guardians the second time, we started in Canada to continue our trek around the world. The brie bread bowl in France & the empanadas in Mexico were my favorite food. The Norwegian lefse wasn’t very good. If you like strawberry cheesecake, I recommend getting a Rossini & tiramisu popsicle in Italy. The popsicle doesn’t taste like tiramisu at all, but cheesecake. And they paired GREAT.
By the time we finished with American Adventure, Harmonious was starting so we hung out outside that pavilion & watched the show. I loved it, D thought it was meh. We didn’t realize the world showcase closed at 9 even though it was an extended evening hours night. So we walked *all the way back* to the front of the park. Rode Spaceship Earth and decided our feet were just dead so we headed back & passed out.
Tuesday 1/24 Our rest day. Slept in, headed to Disney Springs. Did some shopping, sat at the Jock Lindsey’s bar for almost 5 hours eating, drinking, & telling bad dad jokes with the bartender Mary, who was absolutely fantastic.
Decided to keep up the day of drinking & headed to Tambu Lounge. Got Ohana noods, potstickers, & bread pudding. OMG it tasted like pineapple upside down cake. It was so good. The noods were a little disappointing. I feel like they’ve been hyped up so much and they were way too sweet. Needed more soy.
Headed to Enchanted Rose again and had some cocktails. Sheila was our phenomenal bartender and made great drinks. Closed the place down and headed to bed.
Wednesday 1/25 Magic Kingdom day again. Did the usual 7a Genie+ dance but couldn’t fall back asleep so we mobile ordered breakfast early - eggs, croissant sandwich, & coffee. Headed to Contemporary around 11:30 to explore & shop. We had a 12:30 lunch rezie at Steakhouse 71. Parts of it were delicious - shrimp cocktail, burger, espresso martini, & chocolate cake. The fig manhattan & prime rib sandwich were good but not great. The Manhattan was way too sweet for me.
Got to the park around 2. Did Magic Carpets, Pirates, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, Mansion, Hall of Presidents (no booing or cheering for any specific presidents - good job being mature everyone!), Small World, the Carrousel, Dumbo, Tea Cups, Buzz Lightyear, People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Monsters Inc, & watched the fireworks. We picked a spot directly under the Tinkerbell zipline but she didn’t fly that night! We were pretty disappointed. Unfortunately, our night was cut short by pouring rain. We wound up leaving around 11:30 even though it was an extended evening hours night. We did get to see Tron testing from the People Mover, at night! Which looked awesome!
Wednesday wound up being too much food. We were both hungry at different times and we wound up ordering too much. We also didn’t realize the Casey’s hot dogs both came with fries. Oops.
Thursday 1/26 More of the same - 7a Genie - bought Rise, booked Slinky Dog Dash. When we got to HS, started with Docking Bay 7 food. I was surprised at how good it was! Space coffee from Kat Saka’s Kettle was…weird. I wouldn’t get it again. It was the cream cheese that did it.
Did Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Saucers, Toy Story Mania (twice - we LOVED this one, it was so cute and we’re competitive), Star Tours, Smugglers Run (we also LOVED this one - I think a lot of this one would depend on who you ride with. We had two 3-4 year old boys with their dads and they got into it so much, it was super fun), Muppet Vision, & Rise (neither of us are Star Wars fans and we both found this one very meh).
We were both epically tired this day and it was on the crowded side. I should have prioritized Rock n Roller coaster LL but I was trying to keep us from ping ponging around the park to save our feet. By the time I was ready to book it, it was gone. I also wanted to do Tower of Terror but D doesn’t like drop rides (didn’t even like the small drop in Rise) and it was gone pretty early in the day. We stayed until 8:30 then headed to Contemporary to hang out at the Steakhouse 71 Lounge & watch the Purdue basketball game (we won, woo). Monorailed back to Flo & headed to bed.
Friday 1/27 Check out day. We slept in, packed, checked out, dumped the luggage in the car and visited Basin White. We made our own candles, which was fun. We had a 12:30 reservation for Grand Floridian Cafe. It was very good. The hollandaise on the benedict was fantastic.
We had decided on a mini resorts tour for the day since our flight wasn’t until 9p. We monorailed to MK, took a boat to Wilderness, & explored there for an hour. Then took a bus to Disney springs, a boat to Port Orleans French Quarter, & explored there. Also had Mickey beignets. OMG so good! Then a bus to MK, monorail back to Flo, and grabbed the car. I really wanted to see Coronado Springs but we didn’t have time for it. We got back to Flo around 6:30 and headed to MCO.
Airport food at Cask & Larder was pretty good. Spinach artichoke dip was weirdly slimy but the BBQ platter was really good.
Genie+ I utilized the stacking method for LLs this week. We wanted to do stuff in the parks, not wait in line, but also sleep in. It worked really well! Being able to modify an existing LL without changing your 120 minute countdown is a really awesome new feature. I used Molly (AllEars Mammoth Club) & a few friends for most of my research.
Things we wish we’d done RnR, MK railroad, ToT, Electric Water Pageant
Things to skip Genie+ in Epcot, Rise, a full day in HS, Main Street Confectionery (or order different), Space Mountain (ouch my back)
Future trip 1-2 nights longer, 2 rest days, more Epcot, less MK, HS half day, spend the money & fly into MCO, no rental car, Narcoosee’s
Grand Flo We would 100% stay here again. I love the look, feel, and smell of it. It reminds me of Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point (if anyone has ever stayed there). Renting DVC points through dvcrentalstore.com was fantastic. So easy and saved a ton of money. We already talked & want to stay at Beach Club next time, to utilize its location next to Epcot. One issue - the curtains…they let in SO much light above them. D wound up stuffing our extra pillows into the space to try to block out light. Second issue - construction on our building wasn't done. It was SO LOUD starting at 9am.
Miles walked Sunday - 6.93 Monday - 8.74 Tuesday - 4.56 Wednesday - 7.05 Thursday - 7.43 Friday - 4.89 Total - 39.6 miles
Price I’ve listed *everything* we spent. I know budgeting is one of the most common questions on here, especially for food, so I wanted to be extremely transparent about what we spent. I did pack protein bars, fruit snacks, and powdered gatorade to take with us. We had protein bars instead of breakfast on a couple mornings and took the gatorade to the park to put in bottled water. It was useful on the 2 hot days (both MK) and to rehydrate after our “oops we drank a lot” Tuesday. We are not really souvenir people, so shopping was minimal.

Food (tips included when applicable)
Sunday - total $379.61
Airport breakfast - $98.47
Gasparilla Island Grill - $44.27
Golden Oak - $7.50
Enchanted Rose
Monday - total 250.64
Gasparilla Island Grill
Club Cool
Creations Shop
Tuesday - total $462.94
Joffrey’s - DS
Jock Lindsey’s
Tambu Lounge
Enchanted Rose
Wednesday - total $234.89
Gasparilla Island Grill
Steakhouse 71
Pirates Bazaar
Sleepy Hallow
Plaza ice cream
Casey’s Corner
Docking Bay 7
Kat Saka’s
Baseline Tap House
Woody’s Lunch Box
Brown Derby Lounge
Steakhouse 71
Friday - total $173.34
Grand Flo Cafe
Port Orleans
MCO airport
FOOD TOTAL $1800.90

Sunday - total $58.55
Christmas Shoppe
Fantasy Faire
Monday - total $211.34
Crown & Crest
Festival of the Arts
Tuesday - $445.15
Kate Spade
Friday - total $26.63
Basin White

Sunday - MK
2 people
Monday - Epcot
2 people
2 Guardians ILL
Wednesday - MK
2 people
Thursday - HS
2 people
2 Rise ILL
GENIE+ TOTAL $221.52

Outbound Airfare
$162 (including 2 checked bags)
Inbound Airfare
$99 (used companion pass for second person)
DVC Rental
$2415 (Resort Studio Lagoon View)
4 days tickets, 2 adults
$1157.02 (including memory maker)
Rental Car
$457.09 (including gas)
IND parking
Dog sitter
Bell Services
TOTAL $4730.11

GRAND TOTAL $7494.20
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2023.01.29 22:38 whyamiacpa Itinerary Check (Apr 26 - May 8, 2023)

Hi all! My husband and I are traveling to Japan for the first time. I'm SO excited. I wanted some advice on our current itinerary and whether you have any additional recommendations based on our interests. Thank you in advance!
Background: Gay married couple from Los Angeles traveling with 2 other gay couples (6 people total) - we'll be with them for the majority of the trip (until 5/5). While with the group, we'll be a little more focused on budget (e.g. maybe only 1-2 dinners that are over ~13000 yen or $100 USD. Once they leave on May 5th, we'll be less concerned with budget.
- Food (need to find a good curry katsu place)
- Alcohol/bars/nightclubs
- Sightseeing
- Video games/Pokemon/Nintendo (I love Yoshi lol)
- Side note, we decided to skip Disneyland and DisneySea
- Would like to try to fit an onsen in here somewhere (tattoo friendly)
Wed, 4/26 (Shinjuku):
- Land at HND; check into Airbnb in Shinjuku; get groceries (7-11, Lawson or Family Mart)
- Evening: Dinner at Rokkasen; explore Golden Gai after
Thu, 4/27 (Shinjuku):
- Morning: Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden & Hanazono Shrine
- Lunch: Ichiran
- Evening: Bar hopping tour in Shinjuku (includes food); after: explore Kabukicho & Omoide Yokocho
Fri, 4/28 (Shibuya, Harajuku):
- Morning: Meiji Shrine & Takeshita Street
- Lunch: Tonkatsu Maisen Shibuya Hikarie
- After Lunch: Explore Shibuya (Hachiko Statue, Shibuya Crossing, Shibuya Parco for Disney & Pokemon, make reservations for Pokemon Cafe
- Evening: Shibuya Scramble Sky; dinner at Umegaoka Sushi No Midori Sohonten Shibuya
Sat, 4/29 (Sumida in the evening):
- Lunch: Kurand Sake Market
- After Lunch: Kirby Cafe; sunset at Tokyo Skytree
- Evening: Dinner TBD
Sun, 4/30 (Asasuka, maybe Akihabara, Minato City):
- Lunch at Gyukatsu Motomura Shinjuku
- After Lunch: Senso-ji Temple; then maybe check out Akihabara?
- Evening: Tokyo Tower; dinner at Yakiniku Ushimatsu
Mon, 5/1 (Mitaka, Ginza):
- Morning: Ghibli Museum
- Afternoon: Ginza (Fujiya Candy Shop, Manneken for waffles, Uniqlo, Muji)
Tue, 5/2 (Odaiba):
- Morning: teamLab Planets
- Lunch: Tanaka Shoten
- After Lunch: Unicorn Gundam Statue, Odaiba Statue of Liberty, Seaside Park, Rainbow Bridge
- Evening: Dinner near Airbnb (Tokyo Nikushabuya for sukiyaki/shabu)
Wed, 5/3 (Osaka):
- Check out of Airbnb, go to Osaka, check into hotel in Umeda
- Dinner at Okonomiyaki Chitose
Thu, 5/4 (Osaka):
- Nintendo World
Fri, 5/5 (Osaka):
- Friends depart
- Morning: Osaka Castle
- Lunch: Sushi Sanshin (omakase)
- Dinner: Either Tonkatsu Manger or do a food/drink tour; explore Dotonburi after
Sat, 5/6 (Kyoto, Nara):
- In the interest of time, I think we're going to do a 1 day bus tour to see Kyoto (Kinkaku-ji, Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari Taisha) & Nara Park
Sun, 5/7:
- Go back to Tokyo; maybe stay at Park Hyatt Tokyo
- Dinner: Sushi Tou (omakase)
Mon, 5/8:
- Flight back home in the afternoon
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2023.01.29 22:25 To0nW3rew0lf22 FANGAME CONCEPT: Wario's Wendy's 2

Plot: A fat man who does muckbangs named Evan Supereater was hungry one night & went to Wario's Wendys, since he was really craving seventeen cheeseburgers, ten large fries, 250 fl ounces of soda, three triple mozerella cheeseburgers, two 10 piece chicken nuggets, and six large of both vanilla & chocolate frosties; but unfortunately, the ghosts are annoyed & now, Evan has to make food to survive; alongside eating to survive.

Gameplay: You have a few options for foods to make (burger, chicken sandwitch, fries, drink & frostie) & must type the thing to make it (burger, chicken, fries, drink, frostie), but you can only have 12 of everything. Your hunger will also go down & you must eat to prevent yourself from "starving to death". You also have a camera pad to track them.

Wario: They are wearing some fancy clothes & a monacle like they did in Wendy's 1; but their uniform has some tears. Their the owner

Waluigi: They have similar fancy clothes to Wario; but their's is soggy. Their the co owner

Mario: They have the same apperance they did in Wendy's 1; but their in a Wendy's uniform. They love Wendy's so much, that he decided to work there for $7 an hour & 75% off orders.

Luigi: They have the same apperance they normally do; but their fat.

Daisy: They have the same apperancxe they normally do; but their wearing a Wendy's uniform. Their the gf of Luigi & were convinced to work there.

Boshi: They have the same apperance as they normally do; but their wearing a biker jacket, has an ankle monitor on & has cartoon gloves on (which he hates). He's a server there & originally worked for a Waffle House, but was fired & blacklisted due to throwing a chair at a customer; dragging them out the store by the ear & beating the absolute shit out of them for insulting his family. The gloves are apart of his uniform, to help him appear more friendly.

Sepiroth: They have the same apperance they normally do; but their legs are like an accordian. He tried to cause a fight, but was crushed by fat luigi. They were forced to join, unless they wanted a round 2 with fat Luigi.

Grim Matchstick: They have the same apperance they did as in Wendy's 1; but their cartoon gloves are bigger & a lighter lime color, his cartoon shoes are way bigger, they look way cuter & they have cute red cheeks. They are a greeter for the place.

Big Daddy: They have the same apperance as they normally do in Bioshock; but the drill is replaced by a normal hand, they have a hat that says "hello, I'm human", they're wearing no shoes at all & their bare feet have six toes; while also being big. Their a manager & has punched a few customers in the face for asking if they could see & play with his bare feet; even going as far as trying to pay him for that.

Alduin: They have the same apperance they do in Skyrim; but their anthro & wearing a catmaid outfit. Their also a server who Wario got to work there, to attract horny bastards.
Night One: The wario bros are active. If you see Wario at the counter; make him a burger & if Waluigi is there, give him a burger & fries. Also, make sure to eat some for yourself.

Night Two: The Mario bros are active. Hand Mario the item he wants in his thought bubble; Luigi will always order a good amount of food. Make sure to have his order ready quickly.

Night Three: Daisy & Boshi will be active tonight. Daisy will always order the forstie. Boshi will come with an order, make sure to fill his order.

Night Four: Sephiroth & Grim Matchstick are now active. If you hear Sephiroth laugh, pull the cams up & down repeatedly to scare him off. Grim will either order multiple frosties or one other item, serve him the item he wants.

Night Five: Big Daddy & Alduin are active. Keep supplying Alduin food to keep him busy. If you see Big Daddy, click on him repeatedly to defend yourself.

Night Five Complete: He finally gets to order, but finds out that he can't get any frosties (since the machine is in cleaning rn); so he gets 64 cheeseburgers instead.

Night Six Completion: Wario gets annoyed that he came back & throws him 25,000 chicken nuggets and tells him to "fuck off"

Max Mode Completion: A newspaper with the article being "fat man beats all 20 mode ghosts"

Heart Attack Ending: Typing "seven cheeseburgers, ten fries (L), soda (super size), 3 triple mozz cheeseburger, 20 nuggets, 6 vanilla frosties (L) & 6 chocolate frosties (L)" will get this. He gets his food & films another muckbang; but after it's posted, he has a heart attack & dies.
submitted by To0nW3rew0lf22 to fnaw_fangame [link] [comments]