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2023.02.03 06:09 Intrepid-Scientist85 healthy lifestyle changes

I GENUINELY thought making my bed was a waste of time until I read multiple comments on this subreddit advising people who were trying to clean their room to start with just making their bed everyday. It works.... making my bed every morning has changed me. My room is finally clean and organized and there's the most amazing joyful feeling I have everynight jumping into my bed thats all made up, I feel like i'm in a hotel bed. Its also kinda nice knowing you did something earlier in the day to make things nicer at the end of the day, like a little treat you left yourself. SO i highly reccomend making your bed.
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2023.02.03 06:09 45np 1 Month Health Insurance Gap - 2022 Tax Question

I changed jobs in 2022. Employer A provided my health insurance from January - April. I took 1 month off starting with employer B on June 1 and new coverage from employer B began that day.
My question is about May. I was eligible for COBRA but since you have 60 or 90 days to opt in, I didn't pay the huge premium because I, fortunately, didn't have any medical needs during that 30-day period.
Since I was COBRA eligible am I considered covered? Is there a penalty in 2022 for a 1-month gap? I'm in GA and my income is at a level that I assume I wouldn't qualify for any waivers, etc should there be any.
I cannot find any good, current information. Thank you!
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2023.02.03 06:08 MrPro1- Motivated 18-year old kid looking for Mentor

hello fellow programmers and mentors!
First of all, I am 18 years old, and I am so happy to post this and potentially find a mentor to guide me to become a Software Engineer in top tech company.
I started programming about 4 months ago. I am intermediate in Python (Know the basics, and OOP(built my first project, the Snake Game in Python)). I am also passionate about data and have been learning SQL, relational, and non-relational databases. I am not sure yet whether I should attend a university or not (but most likely, I will).
I need a mentor who has patient with me since I am a slow-learner and guide me to become a software Engineer.
If you are a web-developer, software engineer, or even have mastery of even one programming language (Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++, C#), please dm me as I can't want to work with like-minded people!
Thanks for reading this post, really appreciate it!
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2023.02.03 06:08 KingStryderRules A Tale of Stupidity, Woe, and Hope

This is surreal, embarrassing, shameful, and just plain gross.
As many of you, and apparently an estimated 300 million people a year, my family was infected with scabies.
In early December 2022, our daughter had a bunch of bug bites on her thigh in an odd looking almost uniformed pattern. Perhaps a spider or some other type of bug got into her PJs and bit her in the middle of the night, we thought. The first morning she didn’t complain of itching. When evening came though, she complain they were itching and appeared to have more bug bites. There were so many that you could feel the heat coming from her inflamed leg. We rubbed hydrocortisone cream on it and gave her Benadryl. I then changed her sheets for good measure.
Her large amounts of bites faded eventually, but she constantly had a few itching and irritating bites.
My husband starting getting bug bites about a week or two later on his torso. He thought we had fleas perhaps as we have a lot of dogs and cats and live in a warmer area. I wasn’t convinced of this as I didn’t have any bites and am highly sensitive to flea bites while our daughter and he are not. In fact, our son, who is also sensitive to flea bites, had no bites either.
Fast forward another week and now I had bites all over my torso. This time, I was convinced that it might be fleas. As we treat the dogs with 3 month flea medicine, we figured it might be the cats and bought medicine to prevent fleas in them. However, we did not find any fleas when we inspected them, but we applied it anyway. I also vacuumed the couch and treated the couch and carpeted living room with flea spray.
The bites persisted. They were on my waste line and in my arm pits at this point.
My husband finally said that he thinks we have scabies. I honestly had never really heard of it and thought it was a disease you get from sleeping with prostitutes I was completely wrong and had no idea. We read up on the symptoms and my husband, a biologist by trade, did a skin scrape to confirm it.
In retrospect, we think our daughter, who broke out first, gave us this and probably picked it up at school. We were all sharing a bathroom at the time as our second bathroom was under renovation and she would always forget her towel and nick our towels. No one in the house shared towels so we think that’s what kept them safe.
At first we attempted to treat with 10% sulfur cream. While it helped relieve the itch, it didn’t cure us. It also made all of us smell like we lived in a sewage treatment facility and made our sheets and clothes smell something awful. We were too ashamed to go to the doctor at first. After a week and a half of failures, we buckled down and called the doctor.
We were told to treat the whole family with 5% permethrin cream twice a week apart. We did our first treatment and everyone’s bites went away fast and suddenly. The only negative side effect I noticed at the time was a mild headache after the first use. Within a few days though, I had new spots forming. My husband assured me that I was fine, though I didn’t think so, and that it was likely post scabies.
He was so wrong after my spots, he got spots, and then our daughter got new spots. We treated the second time and their spots vanished and mine seemed to get better. Though a few days later, I was reinfected. This was confirmed with a skin scrape and the microscope. We can only hypothesize that as I stay home and was the one charged with the daily wash and cleaning that I was reinfected from actually cleaning and never really leaving the house.
We treated for a third time with permethrin. My husband and daughter seemed to have a lasting cure. At this point, everyone was sleeping alone and I was fumigating the house and beds every morning around 7 AM. Everyone had marked improvements then it happened again. I got more spots and showed mites in another skin scrapping.
I alone received a fourth round of permethrin and was prescribed 19.5 mg of ivermectin (I’m tall and weigh 99 kg) to be taken thrice at weekly intervals. At first, I wasn’t sure it was working as about 2 days after the fourth treatment and ivermectin, I had all sorts of new bumps on my torso and right arm. Then my left side was also engulfed after that. The doctor prescribed an antihistamine and I used a huge amount of topical anti-itch sprays and creams as well as 5% tea tree soap mixed with neem soap when showering. That helped with the itching but not with the mental anguish.
My husband was able to confirm for the doctor that there were no mite fragments found in my scrapings. I’m now on my second dose of ivermectin and still getting bumps, but feeling better. I would say that my night time itching is finally feeling reduced, though not completely gone. The only true comfort I have is knowing that there are no mites under the microscope and that no one else in my family is getting spots.
My skin still itches and new bumps are finally reduced but do appear and we check almost each one. The big difference between when I know I had an active infestation and when we think it’s post-scabies is that I no longer have the pin-prick feeling that would occasionally happen with live infestations.
I plan on taking my third IVM dose, but have some mental comfort. Though I refuse to sleep in a bed with anyone (husband or helping the kids fall asleep) until I have my third treatment and wait a week.
I hope this helps someone suffering and I hope I have no updates on a failed third treatment of IVM.
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2023.02.03 06:08 SnooAvocados5460 how do u start ur solo sesh beers first or straight lines need inspiration

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2023.02.03 06:08 sjpppppp Why would Kelly forgive John Sears so easily?

Why would Kelly forgive John Sears so easily?
I started to find her so dumb after the whole situation with John. He sweet talks her a little and suddenly it doesn't matter that he treated her like shit and she was bullied because he told everyone they had sex. I cringe so much during the episodes where she's falling for John's shit.
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2023.02.03 06:08 Already-read-it2 Personal Trainer Worth It?

Hi! I’ve recently started on my weight loss journey and am wondering is a personal trainer is worth the money? I’m willing to try it if anyone thinks it’ll benefit me. For reference, I’m 5’ even, weigh 250 lbs and I plan on staying in a calorie deficit along with working out 30 minutes 4-5 times a week. I’m not completely new to the gym but I don’t know a whole lot about weight training. Is it more worth it for me to do research or to pay for a trainer to give me hands on experience? TIA!
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2023.02.03 06:08 -en- @Reuters: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said #SBLVII will have added significance with two Black quarterbacks starting for the first time, while his Philadelphia Eagles counterpart Jalen Hurts called it a meaningful moment

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2023.02.03 06:07 Basketball_Lover1023 My Height concerns

I am a 5’6-5’7 8th grader, I love basketball and want to play d1 basketball when I get there. I practice hard everyday, I go to a top basketball school in the Country (Same one Beal, David Lee, and Tatum went to) and I am one of the best in my grade with a class of about 100. The only thing I’m worried about is my height, I’m worried that if I’m not 6’0, I won’t start and I won’t get many opportunities or maybe be overlooked for someone taller. My dad is 6’1 but my mom is 5’1
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2023.02.03 06:07 Junior-Goat2298 Film recommendations based on my fav movies?

I haven't watched movies all my life, recently I started and now I'm addicted.
Basically, my favorite movies so far are Fight Club, Primal Fear and Seven.
Movies that are different to them but I enjoyed are for example Pianist, Face off (Nicholas cage, travolta), Prestige, The Game
I like a movie with like a lonely individual, feels like he is against the world, drama/thriller, some mental disorder lol, and like movies for men. Taxist was good also.
And please no romantic comedies
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2023.02.03 06:07 fireswater Extreme fatigue upon trying resveratrol?

I have HSD/POTS/MCAS but suspect that something else is going on with me and curious about chronic Lyme as I realized I had a tick bite around the time my symptoms started getting worse, although I didn't get noticably sick at the time. I have most of the symptoms, although they could be explained by other things.
I started taking resveratrol because I'd heard it was beneficial for vertebral artery dissection patients as it's a natural anti-coagulant and anti-infalmmatory (I've had two, not currently dissected but my health permanently worsened after each one), and I'd also heard it could help with chronic lyme. The pill I'm taking is Country Life Resveratrol Plus, which contains 200mg trans-resveratrol from Japanese knockweed extract. It also contains grape seed/skin extract and pine park extract. When I first took it last night, I had almost a euphoric feeling. I woke up feeling really good and for the first time in a long time, had no sinus pain/pressure around my nose area and could breathe fully through my nose. That went away after a few hours (returned to regular) and then I got really extreme fatigue. I took a 4 hr nap and I almost never nap.
I'm curious if the resveratrol could cause something like this, or if anyone has had similar results so quickly after taking it? It's weird because I felt both a lot better and a lot worse after taking it. I also had a flare-up from mold exposure earlier yesterday (inspecting a water-damaged attic), although it had pretty much calmed down by evening when I took the pill. It could be a delayed reaction to mold I suppose.
I have chronic fatigue, but I haven't felt it this extreme in a long time. Just looking for hints about what could be going on.
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2023.02.03 06:07 Primary_Technical Sorry ! But DCA is not always the way

I think almost everyone in this sub must have heard about the DCA strategy. Most of the successful investors hailed this strategy to be the most important factor that has contributed to their success. What i think is that DCA is overrated and has many flaws.
I have been DCAing for years and recommend mostly to others to do the same but there are some issues associated with DCA that needs to be talked about .
Some issues with DCA :-
✔️DCA strategy has been mostly recommended due to the assumption that the market is overvalued . At some point of time it will start diving and touch the rock bottom before a bounce. So people investing at higher prices bring there average down by investing consistently with the falling market but what if the market doesn't fall and keeps climbing ? We will be waiting for it to turn directions but what if that doesn't happen ?
So a lump sum investment would have been really beneficial for this scenario .
✔️The worst problem i have faced is calculating my average price , the sheer amount of transactions if you are DCAing daily and that too manually , is a pain in ass. This makes analysing the true return a difficult job .
✔️One important thing that a lot of people have to realise is that DCA cannot save you from LUNA,FTT and whatnot. Yeah DCAing eliminates the worry to a significant level but it cannot be thought as a substitute to DYOR. You will still loose money if DCAing in bad projects.
✔️ Although it ia related to the 1st point but we can say the amount of time your money spends in the market is very less compared to a lump sum investment since e dollar-cost averaging method encourages people to hold a significant amount of their investments in cash. A lot of times i have witnessed that a significant amount of money rarely goes into the market if it changes directions and ends up going opposite to your expectations .
⚡Now comes the big reveal - I have been DCAing and using my own strategy for as long as my money has been in the market. Something that i would recommend to fellow users is to practice patience as it is a key part of my strategy. So when market is going down , hovers at a point for long enough and reddit is filled with suicide hotlines i invest a lump sum. It would be like 50% of my DCA cash goes all in at once. It has really been beneficial to me atleast.
This was a constructive argument against DCA and i am a fellow DCA-er. Thank you
No financial advice ❗
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2023.02.03 06:07 hobanwash1 How high is high mileage?

I sold my 2014 5.0 at 160,000 km. It only ever asked me for brakes and a water pump. Now I’m kicking the tires on a 2018 with 210,000 km.
What is the “there be dragons here” mileage for the F-150? When does it start to ask for more and more parts, or just fall apart?
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2023.02.03 06:07 Sufficient-Hyena2247 How is Charlottes creative/tech scene?

I’m a freelance motion designer and my partner is finishing medical school, so we’re starting to look at different cities for residency. Charlottes on the top of my list, but I’m wondering how good the creative scene is? I don’t need it to be San Fran or Denver worthy, but I’d love to be able to find local businesses to connect with if/when we move.
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2023.02.03 06:07 FloppaShill [QUESTION] In order to get a Nirvana-esque tone, should I get the Fender Champion 40 or the Fender Champion 50xl amp?

Hello I'm just starting out on guitar and I'm looking for an amp to buy and decided on either the Fender Champion 40 or the Fender Champion 50xl. I plan on playing Nirvana songs on it across all their albums and singles. Nirvana isn't the only thing I plan on playing but it's the main music I plan on playing. I was browsing YouTube comments and found a comment saying their Fender Champion 50xl was making a hissing noise so they'd decided to buy a 40 and they had a better experience. Has anyone else had issues with a Fender Champion 50xl? Is it worth buying or should I just buy a Champion 40?
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2023.02.03 06:07 rudochefra Lost on what to do

Hi, I think I have had a one sided kundalini awakening. With K rising up pingala nadi. My right nostril is always unblocked and never gets blocked. My left nostril is sometimes blocked and recently I've noticed it's starting to be unblocked like the right nostril. So, I think my ida and pingala nadi is becoming balanced. Now, I'm not sure what to do..I feel energy all over my body from the root to neck and possibly third eye. Also, I feel prana/energy in my head at times as well. Most noticeably a kind of knot on my right temple when I do pranic breathing. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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2023.02.03 06:07 63horses [WTS] World Silver Sale--Cubans, Imp. Germany, British India, denarius, Fat Man Dollar, Cheap lots

Hi All,
Happy (almost) Friday, start the weekend off with some nice new (old) coins!
Proof: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Option 1: British India Rupees--$17 each-- Imgur: The magic of the Internet --Nice large silver of the British Empire, please specify coin number when making a selection ***4 and 5 are sold**\*

Option 2: 1920 "Fat Man" Dollar --$75 -- Imgur: The magic of the Internet --Unfortunately holed but still a nice coin w good surfaces IMO

Option 3: 1784 20 Krajczar Hungarian silver coin--$20--Nice big old 18th century silver coin-- Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Option 4: French Silver Lot -- $25-- Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Option 5: Commonwealth Silver Lot-- $32 Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Option 6: 1872 British shilling --$8-- Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Option 7: Ancients
Faustina I Danarius (RIC 382a) -- $55 -- Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Option 8: Imperial German lot -- $95-- Imgur: The magic of the Internet --A couple rarer states for three marks and a variety of marks

Option 9: Viva La Cuba!--5 au/unc pre-Castro silver pieces-- Imgur: The magic of the Internet
20 cent: $10 each (4 available)
25 cent--$15 (1 available)

"The Fine Print"
Payment Methods
Currently accepted payment methods are PayPal friends and family (no notes please) or venmo. If you would like venmo please send me your info and I will request total to ensure no issues with selecting the correct person.
Shipping is via USPS unless otherwise requested. I make an effort to have all items shipped out within two business days, but an additional delay of a day or two is possible depending on when I can make it to the post office. Tracked USPS shipping is $4 in continental U.S. or for active duty US military APO up to 8oz and at cost above that. "Risky shipping" is available for any item under 2 oz for $1 at buyer's discretion, but I may try to talk you out of it if it seems particularly risky. Risky shipping is via plain white envelope with no tracking. I tape very well and have not lost a risky shipped delivery yet on here out of many many packages sent this way. All shipping, regardless of method, is at buyer's risk. that being said I have not had any issues with 100+ packages.
I am not a professional numismatist, and sell on here as a hobby. Please judge all coins by the photos. If you need more photos feel free to ask. Any grades mentioned are my opinions only. All coins are authentic to the best of my knowledge unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or with anything else you are looking to purchase
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2023.02.03 06:07 kuriouskittyn I am so ANGRY at you right now...

I really am. Absolutely furious. And it has been this way for so long I worry I am growing to hate you sometimes.
For someone as big on communication as I am, you would think I would tell you. And I have. Over and over. I even threatened to boot your ass out. Every time I pour my heart out over this we bond. We agree - we need to talk things out more. I walk away hopeful things will change. Happy when they do. But it never lasts, does it?
You always start fucking slacking again. Living your do nothing, care about nothing, fuck it all life. Waking up at noon or later. Sighing your way out of bed. Sit on the toilet half an hour. Take the dog out. Call your mom. Call your sister. Watch tv. Play a game or two. Clean the litter boxes. If you are feeling ambitious that day you might clean something else. If I told you to and you feel like it, you cook dinner. THATS FUCKING IT!
Meanwhile I am working my fucking ass off at work. Doing every bit of overtime I can get. Then I come home. I do my own laundry. Most of the time get my own lunch for the next day. I have to make the menu plans. I have to do the grocery lists. Meanwhile dust balls are piling up everywhere. We moved in almost a year ago and no pictures are on the wall. You do nothing except the bare minimum, and I am so fucking sick of it.
Hey, I get it. Depression. Anxiety. Your hips, knees, etc. Fine. But I am so fucking tired of feeling like I am the only one trying to keep things together. You were whining about money so I gave you full control over the finances. And now we are fucking broke. I repeat till I am blue in the face that our problem is eating out. I beg you to take more initiative in the kitchen. You don't. And when I try to add something new to the menu plans I have to make, if I don't get outright attitude then I can still feel your resentment.
Fuck you.
We made the agreement before we moved in together. I make the money. You take care of the house.
And you do JUST enough to get by.
I don't want to just get fucking by. I am tired of that fucking shit.
And let's talk about why I am so fucking angry tonight.
Over a month ago you mentioned your dad asked you to come get our stuff out of his storage building. Then a couple days ago you mention you haven't gone to get it.
"I can't do it alone, I need someone...blah blah blah"
I mentioned your sister, but I am ashamed of that now. It's not her fucking job to go get our shit.
How have we lived here almost an entire fucking year and our stuff is STILL at his house? I am so fucking embarrassed he had to ASK US TO COME GET OUR SHIT! And then after he asks, you do nothing?
Fuck you.
Seriously, Fucking fuck you.
So then I am all...well we gotta do something Saturday. And you are all "we will talk about it when you get home".
I figure you are going to tell me you will get it done, you will get up with your sister, anything but what you actually fucking said.
Apparently your shitty truck isn't much use despite the fact you fucking bought it with money I fucking made when you KNEW I didn't want you to. But you had to have a fucking gas guzzling truck like you are some country girl hauling horse trailers around - and now we can't even make use of it like a truck should be used.
How are you not fucking ashamed of yourself?
Last night I had class. Tonight I worked overtime. Tomorrow I have to go visit my mom. Then Saturday I have to get up and clean my car out. Then go with you and help you do what is honestly your fucking job.
And you are seriously sitting over there in your fucking chair smoking and watching tv like theres nothing wrong.
I fucking HATE you right now, you fucking bitch! You used to be so fucking competent. Now you are nothing but a lazy ass bitch sitting over there letting me work my fucking ass off while you tread fucking water.
Its not me doing stuff at home. It's the fact you give two shits about the fact I am working my ass off and you are fucking treading water. You say you care, that you love me. But I just don't believe you anymore. Maybe you love me like you say you love God. You talk the talk - but there is no action behind those words.
Don't worry. I won't ever kick you out of the house. I seriously thought about it. But I can't. Use me all you want, you fucking cunt. I won't kick you out. You will always have a home as long as I do. But fuck you for taking advantage of me like you are.
"If I ever really NEED to get a job, I will."
No you fucking won't. You fucking liar. And it isn't because you can't. I never have and never will swallow that bullshit. Yeah you got problems. We all have fucking problems. You just let your problems control you.
I wish I could send this letter to you. But I won't. It will make you feel bad. Then I will feel guilty on top of being angry and hurt and isolated.
Nothing will change. I will die being your bank account. Fuck you.
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2023.02.03 06:06 GearLiving6001 Dilema (extensive surgery for 12 y/o tripod with previous traumas and surgeries to area of concern)

 Meet Weeshie(35lb hound mix), originally named Wendel Wonky paws by my local animal shelter due to his misshapen legs due to untreated fractures in both his forelegs and carpi. Rescuers suspected it was a failed attempt to severely injure him to leave him for dead and was later confirmed by the veterinarian. So in April 2016 (6 y/o) got the had a pancarpal arthrodesis and stabilization on both forelegs and was with a foster for a year for recovery. In 2017, I was 12 and I was begging my parents to let me adopt a dog and they eventually agreed, but on the condition that we would choose a calm tempered dog. That’s when we met Weeshie in the shelter, he was the calmest dog there. He wasn’t reacting like the other dogs and just ignored everyone who walked by didn’t come up to front of his kennel when we tried to interact with him and then we were told his story. We applied to adopt that same day and the next day we received the call that he was going to be ours. When we arrived to pick him up it was like he knew he was out of there for good and he was everything and anything but depressed and hopeless, Despite being (estimated) 7 years old, it was like he was born again in puppy form. Fast forward February 14, 2019, (9 y/o) it’s 01:00 and my dad is coming home from super late work shift. He sees the gate open then Weeshie at the bottom of the stairs of our front porch. He noticed his right foreleg is super swollen, but since no one saw what had happened we didn’t know what exactly was wrong. We rushed to the emergency 24 vet and they told us it looks like he had been HBC but he was stable but they needed to run test, x-rays, and keep him for monitoring. That same morning the vet called and said he looks to be fine other than the obvious fracture in of his right forearm and other minor scuffs from being dragged after the initial impact. We were told that due to the the plate already spanning down half of his radius to his metacarpals and all the previous trauma, he might not be a candidate for another extensive stabilization procedure(s). We came to agree amputation would yield a better quality of life all things considered so on March 5, 2019 he went in for the surgery and $6,000 later, it’s like nothing ever happened and he recovered in less than a month with no complications. Fast forward September 2022, (12 y/o) Weeshie starts licking his forelegs excessively so we go see the vet and it’s a lick granuloma no biggie, oral and topical antibiotics. Doesn’t heal, so we go back and vet suggest more antibiotics and rimadyl for a month and it doesn’t get better, in facts it now bleeds a lot more. We decide to take x-rays of the leg and sent it to the original surgeon for a consult and comes back with POSSIBLE osteomyelitis the only option left is surgery for hardware removal —even if the hardware is removed it might not even cure the possible osteomyelitis— which is another extensive surgery plus recovery. We tried round after round of antibiotics and nothing and we can’t continue or he’ll become resistant. He’s currently on trazadone for the obsessive licking but you can tell it’s uncomfortable. Weeshie is naturally slowing down with his age thus at risk for complications and has had severe arthritis since his first injuries. He’s not in agonizing pain or to the point where he needs strong meds to manage and it doesn’t seem like he’s anywhere near that point yet. He’s super active, can still out run me when I accidentally leave the door open, and loves to go on any adventure I take him. Still going very strong 4 years after amputation. I seek advice on whether to do the surgery and remove the hardware knowing all the risks that could come with it or treat the symptoms and discomfort as they come and wait it out to see how it progresses and if so how long to wait to take action? I don’t know what to do, I don’t wanna make anything worse but I also don’t want to not try to treat it. And from my own health problems and experiences I know how uncomfortable something like this must feel and feel it progress without being able to do anything. What do I do? 
I don’t know if this will reach anyone but if you’ve read this far thank you for listening. I would include X-rays and photos but I don’t know how if anyone wants to see let me know how I can share it.
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2023.02.03 06:06 anonymouse1572 Guidance needed for difficult employee

I've been a newish manager at a pretty big organization for two years now. I consistently have issues with a difficult employee. This employee, lets call her B - B has been with this organization for 9 years, have always been challenging to deal with, but no real documentation from previous managers who have been terrible at documentation and discipline.
When i first started managing this team, B would question why i need to "look at workload", and has indicated that the manager does not need to oversee their work/ vacation. She did not think she needed approval to take vacation. She would call in sick for extended periods when her colleagues have been approved vacation - to avoid work. She has raised her voice at me, slammed the door when something does not go her way, each time these issues have been addressed with her. I did not want to escalate to HR because I'm trying to help rebuild all my teams i've newly inherited, and did not want to sever relationships. My intentions at the beginning was to work with my staff, and build a culture of togetherness, and healthy workplace. I have demonstrated great success with all my other teams, and i have gotten positive feedback all around. I have even turned some "horrible" teams around to one of my best now.
Today B had raised her voice at me yelling, berating me cutting me off - i have asked her to step outside the office to speak, she refused, so she continued to yell at me infront of other staff. She has been saying that i have been no help, and i should know what to do, and that she shouldnt have to ask for assistance, but when I asked at the beginning of the week if she needed any help from me, she had repeatedly saying no. I have maintained composure throughout, but i cut her off when she was yelling because i do not appreciate being spoken to in that manner,.
I have gone to HR with the situation, and she has as well. And all HR is recommending is that we have mediation. I have documented inappropriate behavior with her at each instance. Its quite uncomfortable working with this individual.
But because this employee is coming back from an extended leave from work, it looks like HR will not really do anything to discipline.
What would you do?
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2023.02.03 06:06 Leather-Pound-6375 Silly predators: monkey THROWS rock

Ernek was walking by when he noticed his human watching a "baseball" Match.
Ernek stood behind his friend Bob for a while just watching. Before saying: "it seems like the ball just dissapears"
Bob jumped and Made a gutural noice. Obviously startled. "Hey Ernek You scared me" - "yeah, it's funny to see a predator scared"
Bob sighed and looked around: please stop with the "predator this and that. It's annoying seriously" - "okay! But seriously how come You get scared so easily?"
Bob just shrug "human things I Guess?. Maybe we just like to keep our distance?" - "I Guess so... But now. How does your kind manage to make the ball dissapear in the air?"
Bob did a motion imitating what was in the TV: "we are just really Good at throwing stuff". - "really?"
Bob learned forward in excitement: "of course! Our whole culture is based on throwing shit around!. Baseball? Throw a ball around, Basket? Throw a ball around! Javel throw? Thats self expalanatiry."
"How come throwing things is so important on your culture?"-"the capacity to throw stuff was the only real advantage we had over Any other animal on earth!"
Bob walked to the fridge to get a beer but never stopped his charade: "they got claws? Well... We threw rocks, they got Fangs? Well... We got rocks to throw!. They got speed and strenght? We. Got. Rocks!"
At this point Ernek started laughing at the human
"I'm serious!" Bob was obviously amused "when the first monkey unlocked the skill yo throw rocks. We Made sure it became every body else problem!" Our whole war technology revolves around throwing rocks!"
"Come on! Thats an exageration Bob!" - "Bob took a sip of his beer. Raised his hand and said "hold on! Look! Bow and arrows were just a way to launch Pointy rocks!."
" Guns? Chemically thrown rocks, Railguns? Electromagnétic rocks! Missiles? Explosive rocks! Plasma? Hot rocks! Lassers? Light speed rocks!"
"Hell. We Even threw FTL rocks at the federation!"
At this point the two of them were cackling and Bob had continuing. Gasping for breath Bob managed one last statement:
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2023.02.03 06:06 texamber24 Totally lost

Baby is 11 weeks. Rule is to stop swaddling soon, but then I also read this is irrelevant with Snoo since they’re strapped in. Goal here is to get longer stretches of sleep now but also work toward eventual crib transition without creating a bad habit. I’ve read people double swaddle but some say to start transitioning to sleep sack instead. The latter makes more sense to me so we’re not dependent on swaddling post-Snoo and I want a sack that can transition to the crib. If that’s the way to go, how do they sleep in a sack in the Snoo? Do you put them in a sack, secure the bat wings (what would you do with the crotch wing?), and then zip up the Snoo sack over it all? The more I read the more I’m confused, appreciate the insight.
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