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A community to discuss the music and performances (past, present, and future) of the mighty trance duo from Finland, Super8 & Tab and their label Scorchin' Records.

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2023.02.02 22:39 ConfuseableFraggle Advice please: how to discuss possible canine dementia concerns with overbooked/hurried vet.

Hi, new-ish to Reddit, hoping to find some help.
TLDR: very unstable Mutt is making things tricky at home, and only available vet care is not seeming to cover all concerns adequately. Please help with ideas for communication with vet and ideas to redirect/contain outbursts from Mutt.
Situation: We have a 12-ish year old male neutered Mutt (fake name), 60-ish pounds. We suspect he is mostly Boxer and some kind of Lab but we never DNA tested or anything, so that's just a guess. Our primary concern right now is that in the last month a few incidents have made us very concerned how to handle him. In our area there are very few vets and most are booked out for 3-4 months for appointments, and a few are refusing new clients altogether. Our existing vet is very good, but is very very busy. The practice used to have 3 vets, but one retired and the second moved 2 hours away to start her own practice, leaving only the founding doctor of this practice. The second doctor was the one we primarily dealt with regarding our mutt, and even though she left notes in his file I am having trouble communicating clearly with the remaining vet about the behavior that is concerning us. He seems to barely hear and then say something along the lines of "when it gets worse we'll look into it". My question is how do I address this? I will put specifics in the next paragraph so if you don't want to read you don't have to. Basically, Mutt's behavior has changed for the worse and I'm looking for advice what phrasing to use to get through to the vet, who is currently our only option for care, as well as ideas to handle the behavior issues without endangering the rest of the household.
Background circumstances: Mutt was acquired as a literal stray, having been found out in the country on a friend's property (southern US). At the time, he had a collar but no tags/chip and based on his attitude/body condition we assumed he had been dumped. My vet at the time said he was basically healthy and estimated him to be about 2 1/2 at the time (Fall 2013). She also tested his blood for everything she could think of, and discovered that he is infected with Erlichiosis. She said it was dormant at the time, and he wasn't showing any symptoms, so her recommendation was not to treat it at that time but only if a "flare-up" caused him trouble. She also warned me at the time that this could lead to issues down the line, as she explained that in several dogs she had treated, the parasite affected the dog's central nervous system in various ways. Some simple training and decent diet got him in fairly good shape, although he is headstrong and difficult to train. A couple years later I moved to upper midwest USA and am now working with our current vet, who has told me he has seen very few Erlichia cases here, and one of the office techs even stated that she had never heard of it. The vet that left the practice was very informative about canine dementia, and told us she had worked with a couple cases before. Unfortunately she is now too far away to be helpful. Mutt has had several "flare-ups" of Erlichiosis symptoms since moving here, and has been treated each time with 30 days of doxycycline (yes I know there's risks there too). Treatment seemed to work up until the last flare about a year and a half ago, when it hardly seemed to help at all. I refused to add more doxycycline at that point and just gave pain meds until the flare went down. In the past month, the old food aggression issues have come back far worse than he ever had them before. Over the last 8 months or so he has become extremely territorial about strangers in general but especially men he does not know coming on our property. The informative vet said that in his previous behavior, she saw signs of the beginning of canine dementia, such as being protective of "his" things even when there was no reason or shoving other animals/people away from "his" spaces in the house, when previously he had been a very peaceful (if high-energy) dog. She said it wasn't the only possible cause, but definitely with his medical history something to watch for. She also had recommended to watch for any changes in relationships between all the members on the household and watch for any type of "regression" to behaving more like a raw puppy than a senior dog. We have seen a sharp increase in this type of problem over the last 6 months or so. Mutt is now bouncing up and down in seeming excitement every meal time just like before I trained him, only worse, and getting up out of his "sit" several times before permission is given (we always send him back to his "sit" and do not continue dishing his food until he complies). He barks, growls, snaps, and nips at the other animals (1 other dog who is largeyounger and 2 cats) regularly, but unpredictably. This is frustrating as we try to identify triggers. First example: Mutt hates the snowplow with a passion, and a few weeks ago when it went by he went tearing into the living room to bark at it, only to stop and change focus to snap/snarl at the other dog for a few seconds, then go back to bounding into the bay window to bark at the plow. Second example: last week, the larger of the 2 cats walked by and casually (like only cats can lol) sniffed Mutt's food bowl. Mutt went ballistic for about 10 seconds, then dropped himself on the floor and rolled over sideways without any noticeable "guarding" behavior at all. I was very confused, my spouse was at work at the time and said it sounded super strange for Mutt to behave that way. Third example: we have 2 kids under 7 who were both playing with matchbox cars and Legos in the living room. Mutt was on the sofa. I was cooking dinner and suddenly heard Mutt rumbling. I hollered "hey that's enough!" as I was heading into the living room to investigate. What I found was that one of the kids had shoved a couple cars under the edge of the sofa and was trying to retrieve them, but Mutt apparently disapproved. I escorted Mutt to a different area and told the kids to be extra careful of the "cranky old man" since it was possible he wasn't feeling good that day, and he might bite if they don't respect the rumbles. (I am aware that having to tell my kids the dog may bite even them is already on the wrong side of things, but under current circumstances I'm doing my best to keep them safe by telling them that Mutt rumbling is equivalent to human saying "I don't like that/don't do that".) Last night there was a major altercation while I was at work between the two dogs which happened to trap a cat in between, and the cat sustained a small puncture wound which will be seen by the vet in an hour or so. All this to say, Mutt's behavior is obviously escalating, and the limited in-person resources in our area are making this difficult. Can anyone point me to useful online resources? I'm aware there are many websites, I just don't want to fall prey to fakes/pretenders vs useful/true info. Does anyone have any experience with this kind of personality change in a dog? What things helped you? Did anything make the problems worse? And perhaps the worst/hardest question of all: at what point do we draw the line (which I don't even want to think about but can't help it at this point)?
Thanks for reading my ramblings!
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2023.02.02 22:26 JoseLunaArts Plutón en tránsito

No soy muy de creer en que el sol a mediodía en el cenit me obligue a almorzar de manera mandatoria. Asi que a todo este tema siempre le pongo una cucharada de sal.
Lo que me decía alguien en estos días, es que cuando Plutón entró en Capricornio fue como si la pelona se encontrara con el dios griego/romano comechiquitos, para oscuras maquinaciones, y con eso se vino la crisis de 2008 en el centro de la capital del mundo, es decir EEUU, causada por los comechiquitos a los que les fue extremadamente bien. Claro, esa explicación no alcanza para explicar la crisis de los 1990s que dejó a los japoneses y coreanos viendo para el techo con una generación perdida. Y según esa persona, en marzo será un mal momento para los comechiquitos.
Con esta super explicación mitológica dejo las cosas a tu criterio. Así que sólo por el vacilón de discutir por qué el cielo es azul, posteo esto que fue lo que esa persona me contó.
Plutón en tránsito
Retrógrado significa que desde nuestra perspectiva en la Tierra, por el movimiento relativo entre Tierra y Plutón, Plutón parece ir en reversa. Para los que creen en eso, ocurren "movimientos disruptivos/desventuras transformadoras de índole kármico" donde hablan de "poner distancia, tomarse su tiempo y cambiar perspectivas", lo que quiera que eso signifique.
Normalmente el planeta de mueve en forma "directa" que es lo opuesto a retrógrado en materia de movimiento relativo.
Cabe notar que eso no quiere decir que Plutón de verdad se mueva en dirección retrógrada en su orbita, pues siempre se mueve en dirección progrado, y no hay nada que lo frene como para cambiar de dirección en su órbita.
Como no soy experto en el tema sobrenatural (¿quien lo es?), ni tampoco muy creyente en ess cosas, lo dejo aquí para que el que quiera comentar lo comente. Para mi es meramente entretenido.
Las estrellas se han equivocado. Hoy almorcé tarde por el tránsito del planeta laboral y la casa de la pereza de levantarme de la silla..
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2023.02.02 22:26 TechnicalAd6392 vera vs rigor.

vera vs rigor.
vera granet is literally a better Rosetta, 3 stacks, signature move that reduces one of them + a permanent shield + a super armor and no 8 seconds cooldowm... i know they're different teams and i know no one asked but i felt like simping for Vera.
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2023.02.02 22:24 DullTemporary2121 I HATE the fact my son has homework

My wife and I made a decision to have kids as soon as we could, which we did…kinda (one came a few years early) Her parents had her old, mine were kinda old, now that we’re 32 and 33 our parents are in their 70s and aren’t all there anymore.
Our kids are 13, 8 and 6. My 6 year olds teacher is cool, 8 year olds teacher is hella cool, super on top of it, but my 13 year old gets so much homework it’s horrible. 6 and 8 year old get a reasonable amount of hw, 13 year old it’s ridiculous.
Everytime I want to hang out with my kids, ky oldest always has homework to do. All I can do is help him with it, which I do every night and he appreciates it. I gave up the years of my life to “have fun” for this experience, being able to keep up with my kids, and it seems like it’s all for nothing. Not to mention, helping my oldest with his hw is costing me time with my other 2 kiddos.
It’s all from his English teacher. He gives him so much hw. We used to skate together all the time, he’d come home from school, bust out his hw, and by 3:30 he’d say “dad, you wanna go to the skate park?” And I’d say “hell yeah let’s go” both of our boards just sit in the garage untouched now.
I wanted to see the LeBron James movie with him, we were talking about how funny it looks. We were thinking me and him could see it, and mommy and the little ones can see something a bit more kid friendly. NOPE. I just got a text from him saying “sorry dad, I can’t go, my teacher gave us hella homework”
Is 25-30 minutes of homework really not enough? It just sucks, his grade in the class is great, but now I can barely ever do anything with him. I stg he’s sitting at his desk all night working on homework. By the time he finishes we’re at the dinner table. My wife feels the same way. She’s a sahm, and she says she barely gets to see him.
Teacher is a total douche too. He’s younger than me and we tried to write him a very polite email about maybe lowering the workload a bit, because myself along with others are missing out on a lot of time with our kids because of the hours of homework he assigns. He gave me an asshole response about not questioning his methods
My wife and I sat down with our son last night and told him we’re very proud of him, and this is the only time we’re ever going to allow this, but its only 7th grade, not college or even high school, and If he would like, he can fail this class and we won’t be upset. He has straight As and doesn’t want to mess up his gpa.
Sorry, I just had to rant. I love being a dad so much, and my wife loves being a mom just as much, and it’s tough we can’t do that because of homework.
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2023.02.02 22:22 maykololol Zoom65 EE with Zoomcaps. 🔭

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2023.02.02 22:22 thecrgm QBs Eagles have faced this year

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2023.02.02 22:13 Kreest91 Anyone have extra series 2 (2018) beanz for sale or trade? Looking to complete my set

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2023.02.02 22:13 itee203 Long time IT guy looking for some advice

So short background here, I've been in the IT field for 30+ years. I recently left a job that I had been at for the last 27 years. In that time I went from the sole IT guy to manager of the department (8 - 9 people) The company I was working for offered a good buy-out package and I thought it would be a good time to change jobs because I was not super happy for reasons that I will not get into here. I still want / need to work for a while until I get to a place that's ok for retirement (if that ever happens ...) So my question is this, of all the certificate / learning programs that are out there are there any that are good or worth the time? After all these years at the same company I'm thinking learning more about the new stuff that is out there might help out some when searching for a new job? I'm basically a self-taught IT guy (no formal education past high school) and in my last job just never had the time to invest in furthering my education due to long work hours and family stuff. Just looking to the group to see if anyone may have some input? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my long(ish) post and Have a great day!
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2023.02.02 22:08 baldi_863 land of the free

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2023.02.02 22:01 1sae 15.8k+ Prestige, Map 8x5, P3 AW

Rating: 98M
Prestige: 15.8 AW: Tier 3 / P3 AQ: Map 8 + Mods About us:
We’re an alliance with highly skilled players. Everyone is expected to be very active and 100% in AQ/AW every week.
About you:
​We use discord which we find is much more useful than line. Please inquire on discord SuperR#9862.
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2023.02.02 22:00 Ornmw Have these cards in near mint condition

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2023.02.02 21:52 Ancient_Speech8854 DeadPixelSurvivalVanilla+US1PPStam+Loot+Groups Chernarus PC US

Hi there! Welcome to Dead Pixel Survival! We would like to give you the opportunity to play what we think is a well-balanced vanilla experience.
  1. Our loot economy has been setup in a way to promote exploration and travel. We have specific loot spawning in certain areas of the map as well as specific loot being placed only inside Police convoys, military convoys, Heli crashes and Toxic zones.
  2. Base Building? We use Vanilla base building w/ Even More Doors mod. This allows you the opportunity to reinforce an existing house if you choose to do so. these doors still hold vanilla value and provide no additional advantage.
  3. Raiding? Who doesn't love a good raid. Close to being finished explosives can be found inside Tisy, components can be found spread out across the map in different areas so you can build your own explosives. Raid Saws & Raid Drivers can be found ONLY inside Heli Crashes
  4. Storage? We use MMG Storage, these items can be found in specific areas as well, we divided the storage items based off storage size. Bigger storages will be found in higher Tiers or dynamic events.
  5. Plate carries have been removed our server completely... what does this mean exactly? We use our own plate carriers then can progressively been upgraded to Tier 3. You can find "Armor Plates" around the map that will allow you to take your base plate carrier and upgrade it to Tier 3. "TIER 3? that sounds OP" we can assure you it's not. We spent HOURS testing this new system and it is extremely balanced. It allows for 1-2 additional shots from a SVD, Mosin, or .308 rifle. This plate carrier was developed with Vanilla weapons and armor values in mind.
  6. Territories & Groups? We use an advanced group system, as long as you are promoted above "temp" you will be allowed to interact, build, and place base objects. There is a 60m base radius at this time.
  7. Toxic Zones? Tisy is currently the only toxic zone, and it is static. There will be more added in the future as we build custom areas & towns. Inside these toxic zones you can find "toxic crates" inside these crates (if you find them) will have additional loot since you decided to loot up an explore the gas.
  8. Airdrops? Airdrops will only deploy when there is a certain number of players on, this is to prevent the same group soaking up all the airdrops while people are offline. We want everyone to be on an equal playing field.
  9. Survivor Missions? This allows players to interact with dynamic events that spawn around the map, the mission can be super simple such as rescuing pigs from a barn, or it can be a tad more complex such as delivering dried tobacco to multiple locations.
  10. Our community? We have been playing DayZ for years now and we want to take our time that we have invested in the game and invest it back into you. We hope that we can provide an amazing server that you can call home. Links to our community can be found below.
Our Discord:
Our website: Dead Pixel Gaming
Our server info:
Server name: DeadPixelSurvival Vanilla+ US 1PP Stam+ Loot+ Groups
Map: Chernarusplus
Mission: DayZ
80 Slots
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2023.02.02 21:48 flowingmind Feeling Broken-hearted over Everything.... Update.

Original: That's basically the gist of it, I am feeling broken-hearted over everything. My SO and I have been together 4 years now, he has 3. I have 3. It has been a struggle. I feel like no matter what I do anymore I am doing it all wrong or making all the wrong choices. I try and try and try but it never seems to be enough. I understand that kids need to be a priority, that work needs to be a priority, that certain things need to be considered first before thinking about myself especially in such a large family, but when do I get to be a priority? When will someone bring me meals in bed or check on my laundry or text me first or call me first, make plans to eat at my favorite restaurant, make sure I have a cold drink, insist the kids be respectful of me, thank me for anything I do, make things in the bedroom all about me just for one night or countless other things. Not only do I feel like a last priority but I no longer feel like a priority at all. Maybe things have just been too crazy or stressful lately, maybe I am taking things too personally, maybe this is what life is as the mom in a household of 8, I don't really know... I just want to feel cared about, appreciated, wanted, loved.
Update: Well, for whatever reason, after this post things got better over the weekend. We actually had an adult only weekend out of the house, just me and my SO and for the most part he was super sweet, nice, attentive, obviously he was putting forth effort and making me feel like I was important, for the most part. It continued into Monday and Tuesday, I was late coming home from work Monday but when I got home, a warm dinner was waiting for me, everyone waited to eat until I was there, we watched a nice show together, I got to immediately put my feet up, eat and relax, it was absolute bliss. I could hardly have had a better post-work evening at home. But then Tuesday his younger two came back home from their mom's after school and I saw an almost immediate change, he started reverting back. So Tuesday night and Wednesday morning had a few hiccups, not terrible but definitely a far cry from how I was treated over the weekend. Then tonight, Wednesday night, full on reversal back to normal. He just finished yelling at me cause when I found out his 8 year old daughter peed the bed then lied about it not only this morning but again this evening, (now I did not yell at her, I did not fuss at her and I did rub it in all or even raise my voice a little) all I did was say "step-daughter you did pee your bed, I need you to pull off the dirty sheets, put them in the laundry room and put a fresh set of sheets back on" she immediately started crying and yelling at me saying she wasn't going to do it and I needed to leave her alone, considering her extreme reaction I went to tell him what happened and asked him to please tell her to pull her dirty sheets off etc. but I was cut off and he started yelling at ME!!! I DID NOTHING WRONG!!! I had been completely nice, level-headed, calm, I didn't get mad at her or yell or anything, I just asked her to clean up her mess... I was so hopeful after the weekend, but now...
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2023.02.02 21:46 Ambitious-Map8279 They told me it was a luck-based game.

They told me it was a luck-based game.
Just achievement hunting and got goldfish, frilled dragon, and racoon. IG I also got 4 wins in a row but meh.
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2023.02.02 21:45 lawyeredandtired Surgery and 1st day post-op diary

Hi everyone! I decided to make a little diary to tell my surgery experience since it helped me so much to read other people’s story before my surgery.
I had my surgery in Montreal. I arrived at the clinic at 11:30 AM and first did a pregnancy test and changed into a hospital gown.
The nurse first came to take my vitals and ask me standard questions. Then the anesthesiologist’s assistant came to put my IV in and reassures me on my fears on anesthesia (she told me it’s impossible to not wake up at all from anesthesia in 2023, that’s good to know!). She was so nice and so funny, it made me calmer.
The surgeon then came to draw on my boobs. I thought it would take more time but my surgeon is specialized in breast surgeries so I guess she’s used to it. It took a few minutes and it was done.
Finally the anesthesiologist came to explain to me the process of anesthesia. She was the sweetest, told me she loved my tattoos and showed me a picture of her cat 🥹.
I walked in the OR at around 2PM. There were heated blankets on the table waiting for me. The staff was super focused and took me in charge as soon as I laid down. I had an all-women team, which I thought was so cool.
I didn’t realize they gave me ketamin at this point and I started feeling very woozy and high. I don’t remember being put under anesthesia.
The nurse told me I started awaking at around 4:15 PM and that I said non-sense, kept asking if it was Christmas and if I was flying. When I finally came out of it I was super thirsty and felt just a little bit of burning on my incisions. They gave me some pain meds and water.
My girlfriend picked me up around 5:30. When I got back home I called my parents and friends to reassure them, and I started dozing off around 7:30. I went to bed at 8.
It was a weird night. I had mild pain throughout the night and took my pain meds every 4 hours. I woke up every 2-3 hours because I was super uncomfortable from the compression bra and sleeping on my back. I woke up at 6 AM. Thank god I had a pregnancy pillow, it helped a lot.
Since then, I’ve been sitting on my couch playing Stardew Valley (I’ve never been a video game fan but I highly recommend having a console with cozy games for your recovery, it’s very entertaining).
I mostly have dull pain on my sides where I had lipo.I keep it up with my pain meds and it helps but doesn’t get rid of all the pain.
So anyway, that’s my surgery story! Feel free to ask me any question :)
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2023.02.02 21:36 MallowPro Bored as hell so I'm gonna rank all the levels in Banjo Kazooie

As the title says, I wanna rank all the Banjo Levels. This is purely based on my personal opinion blah blah blah. Let's get moving.

9. Treasure Trove Cove.
Y'know, I feel like I should like this one more? But something about it just never clicked with me. I think the level design is very strong, the same with every other level in the game, but I just never really enjoy playing through this one. Positives first, I really like how open this level feels. I'd argue it's one of the most open levels in the entire game, honestly. There's so many ways to go the second you step off the entry pad, and I think that's absolutely friggin fantastic. On that note, both of the abilities you get in this level are excellent and used in basically every future level (which can't be said about abilities gotten after this level.)
As for the negatives, I find the theme to be rather uninspired. I've never been one for beach levels, and this one doesn't really have anything in it to stick out and make it interesting. I also feel as though some of the objectives are a bit too simple, which is understandable given how early in the game this is, but it's still something to note. Furthermore, while I love the open-ended design, the level can be slightly confusing to navigate sometimes, and certain collectables are hidden in pretty stupid places (both honeycombs are insufferable). This level isn't bad, far from it, just my least favorite to replay.

8. Bubblegloop Swamp.
I was really debating on if I was gonna put this at 7 or 8, and I eventually decided to put it at 8 for a very simple reason. I regularly forget this level exists. I feel bad for that, too! It's not a bad level, but it's sandwiched between two far better levels, and because of that, the swamp tends to get cut out of my memory. Regardless, there's a lot to love in this place. The music is absolutely fantastic and one of my favorite tracks in the game, I feel like most of the objectives are fun and well-thought out, and the transformation is very much appreciated after it was missing from the past two levels. Furthermore, while I'm not huge on swamp levels in general, I love the giant animal heads sticking out of the ground, and the overall energy of the level was far, far more interesting than the boring sandy beaches of Treasure Trove Cove.
Anyways, onto the negatives. The swamp itself can be super frustrating to deal with. In many cases, one slip and you're taking a decent chunk of damage, which can be frustrating when it comes to stuff like the ten second timer jiggy in the wooden maze. On this note, the wading boots tend to be rather useless in the game itself, and I rarely found a use for them outside of this specific level (and Gobi's Valley but shshshhhh.) Furthermore, Mr. Vile is, I think, the closest I have ever come to throwing a controller. Even when I played the Xbox version as a kid, I struggled with this fucker, and to this day I will lose his stupid challenge more often than not.
Jesus christ i hate him.

7. Mumbo's Mountain.
Now THIS is how you do a first level! Mumbo's Mountain is, in my humble opinion, one of the best introduction levels I've seen in a platformer. It lays out all of it's objectives in a neat way, it's easy to follow, everything is contained within a small area, and most importantly, it's extremely small and easy to run through quickly (I used to speedrun this game, so I can absolutely blast through this level in like seven or eight minutes, it's awesome.)
Negatives are pretty short and easy to follow, it's a bit too small and simple, though that's excusable given it's the first level. On this note, it's a bit obnoxious that you don't start with the talon trot, given that you'll be using it 97% of the time for the rest of the game. (the 3% is when you're flying.) Regardless, this is a great introduction to the game and I have basically no complaints. I just think the later levels have a bit more going for it, hence why it's here.

6. Clanker's Cavern.
oh hey look it's the level everyone was waiting for. Yeah, I like this one. Sue me. Clanker's Cavern is a pretty fun level! It might just be my preference for industrial levels talking (if I ever do a Banjo-Tooie ranking people will probably kill me for how high I rate Grunty Industries.), but this level is a fun change of pace from the more naturalistic levels that had proceeded it. Ultimately, Clanker's cavern has a lot going for it. The cavern itself is spacious with a ton of places to go, and the objectives within it are mostly pretty enjoyable to complete. Furthermore, actually going inside Clanker is even more enjoyable, as there's tons of fun things to do and see when you go into his stomach.
Negatives are pretty short and straightforward. The beginning of the level is dull and frustrating with the (admittedly slippery) water controls and trying to manage Gloop's bubbles. I understand the aim, but it feels like a bizarrely strong difficulty spike for the player's first real foray into the water. Furthermore, some of the other objectives can be rather annoying to complete. It's rather easy to fall off of the narrow bridges up above the water, and the honeycombs do not have nearly enough notice to show where they are (a running theme in the game, if you've noticed.) Regardless, this is a solid level and deserves it's place in the middle of the list.

5. Gobi's Valley.
Gobi's Valley is a really good level that unfortunately has to be pushed down to the middle of this ranking because the levels immediately after have a lot more going for them. Not to say this level is bad, of course! Personally, I think it's one of the game's strongest. The sands of Gobi's Valley have so much more personality than almost every other desert level I've played, and because of that, it makes the level far more memorable than most other desert themed stages in games. Along with that, the objectives you're doing IN the desert are consistantly enjoyable. I love the matching tile minigame, and basically anything that involves the speedy step shoes is a total delight to play through. Along with this, I really like how this level ties into Freezeasy Peak. You need the speedy step shoes to fully complete that level, and you need the beak barge to fully complete this one. It's a neat little idea that ballooned out into Banjo-Tooie two years later. It's appreciated!
As for the negatives... honestly there isn't many? The sand can be rather annoying in the same way that the swamp water can in bubblegloop, but there's significantly less of it and it's a lot less of a problem than it is there. There's also some obnoxious note placement, and the last honeycomb can be rather confusing if you're not paying a ton of attention. Overall, this level is excellent and is well deserving of praise.

4. Mad Monster Mansion.
This and the next one were probably the absolute hardest to nail down for me. I knew that the top two and the bottom entry was for sure, but these two absolutely fought it out in my brain, and because of that, I can really go either way with them.
On that note, Mad Monster Mansion is absolutely fantastic and the ideal Banjo-Kazooie level for me, personally. There's just so much to love here. Every room of the mansion itself has boatloads of personality and fun characters, the jiggies are all placed extremely well and have their own fun and unique objectives to collect, the music is absolutely excellent and really adds to the overall tone of the level, and on top of that, the animal transformation is fun and adds a ton of really engaging puzzles to the level overall. So yeah! This one's pretty great!
All that aside though, there is a lot of stuff that I do take issue with. The ghost enemies that roam around the level can be rather annoying to deal with (on occasion), and I feel like some of the notes are just a bit too well hidden. But overall, this level is utterly excellent and has so much to love that I can't help but smile every time I get to it.

3. Freezeasy Peak.
I feel like I'm gonna get stabbed in a dark alley for not putting this at Number 1.
This level is ALSO excellent in most of the same ways Mad Monster Mansion is. For me personally, however, what puts it above that level is the theming. I love Halloween levels as much as the next guy, but Freezeasy Peak feels like a childhood Christmas Movie, and I love it for that. In many respects, this is the level with the most personality in the entire game. Along with that, the music is so damn festive and peppy that I almost always get in a good mood when I hear it. (I AM a cringy Christmas lover, how could you tell?!)
Furthermore, I feel like the objectives here are just the right amount of complex for nearly everyone. They're fun to find and explore, but don't require a ton of setup in the same way that later levels do. In this respect, the level has an absolutely tremendous pace, as the player is almost always collecting something or other. Because of this, I often spend 20-25 minutes here, but it almost always feels like five. The beak barge is also a great move that is extremely fun to pull off.
Negatives are short and easy. The snowmen are rather annoying on occasion, as they keep pelting you with snowballs until you take them out, and the one jiggy in the Snowman's pipe is way way way too easy to miss. Even still, those minor gripes aren't nearly enough to not make me love this place.

2. Rusty Bucket Bay.
If you're a banjo fan reading this (which I'm assuming is most of you, considering this is the subreddit for Banjo), you've probably been wondering where this one was, and why it wasn't at the bottom. Did I go insane? Well, I'm here to confirm your suspicions that, yes, I am insane, and I love this level to hell and back.
Getting the negatives out of the way quick, because there's not many of them and I want to focus on the positives here. Yeah, the engine room sucks. It's a bizarre difficulty spike and it's way too easy to fall into the void.
Ok awesome, negatives out of the way.
I love this place. I think the industrial vibe that the level gives off is absolutely unmatched, the music is great, and the difficulty is perfectly suited for the second to last level. On that note, all of the jiggies are really well thought out, and several puzzles are an absolute blast to solve, (shout out to the whistle puzzle in particular.) and almost every collectable is hidden in a really fun place. I also love how you can weave in and out of the ship itself, discovering little hidden rooms and fun little places to get notes and jiggies. It really does make the place feel like an actual ship and less like a giant floating block with a ship painted onto it.
Away from the ship, I think the oily water provides a really strong challenge, and you only really need to swim in it for the one jiggy and two jinjos. Everything around the ship is also fun to explore, providing the player with a lot of fun industrial enviroments to poke their head around in. Perhaps it's just me, but I've always adored this level and thought it was an absolute highlight of the game. As a kid, it was my favorite, but these days it's been beaten by...

1. Click Clock Wood.
Duh, right? I feel like everyone had some idea that this would be up here, right? This level is, to me, the absolute ideal of what a 3D platforming level should be, and it does nearly everything right. It's got a ton of personality, it has fantastic music, the jiggies are put in really great spots that make you think about how to acquire them more often than not, and all of this is topped off with a wonderful central gimmick.
The season mechanic is a really inventive idea, effectively shuffling the exact same level around four times, keeping it interesting each time. I've never once been bored with this level, and that's entirely because it keeps it interesting and fun with each new season. On top of that, the level itself looks gorgeous for the '64, and I've never once been able to play it without a stupid smile forming on my face. To this point, I really can't think of any negatives here. There most likely IS some, but it's nothing that I can't overlook because of how much I adore this place. To this point, it's also hard for me to write about it, I can't think of something to say that hasn't already been said a million times. So I'll just say that Click Clock Wood is excellent and is hands down the best level in this game.

Hi thanks for reading!!! I wrote this while bored in Psych so it's probably not super well written, but I had fun. Have a nice day!
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2023.02.02 21:34 solasta26 My naps last as long as 6-11 hrs suddenly

My cycle is basically wake up at 5 for 8am class till I reach home at around 6pm everyday. I'd get super tired and nap, I'd wake up around 8/9 usually but suddenly I wake up at 1am, and even woke up the next day at 6. How to fix this? Could it be a condition?
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2023.02.02 21:34 SadTomatillo8022 good stick that works on ps5?

So I bought my stick on ebay for super cheap a long time ago. It's great, sanwa parts, looks cool, the only problem is it only works on PC and ps3. I want to start going to locals, and not to mention tekken 8 is gonna be a ps5 only game, meaning even hitbox as of now wont work on it (hitboc can work on ps4 games being played on ps5 but not ps5 games in general) I was wondering what kind of stick should I get? a stick that's both affordable but decent/good quality (sanwa, octagonal, etc) and where could I find it? right off the bat ebay everything is crazy expensive :/
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2023.02.02 21:32 fidocrust Greatest tournament runs of 202/

Im curious what you guys think are the best runs of last year. For me they are:
  1. Jmook genesis 8 (duh)
  2. aMSa big house 10 (a YOSHIIIII!!)
  3. Mango summit 14 (super dominant)
  4. Cody summit 14 (2 reverse 3-0’s over hbox and Zain
  5. S2J riptide (beat Zain and only lost to the two best sheiks)
  6. Axe at scuffed world tour (THREE last stock game 5 situations in losers from fiction, leffen, and llod)
  7. Slug LSI (beat mango and jmook at super stacked super major)
  8. None genesis 8 (stomp heard round the world, highest placing falcon at genesis)
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2023.02.02 21:29 tooch1226 Any advice on a toolbox?

2014 super crew. Was my daily in Houston and a weekend warrior ranch/hunting vehicle for 8 years, just moved to southwest GA and now spending a lot of time in the woods. Tempted to just get one from tractor supply, wanted to know if anyone here has any feedback on going that route or if I need to find a higher end brand. I’m not really bombing it through the woods, but I want to make sure whatever I get can take the sort of abuse the truck can. The one thing I do want is the rails on top, having those seems convenient to tie smaller items down or put the yeti up there if I fill up the bed. I’m not well versed in the terminology, looking for the type that sits right behind the cab (crossover?).
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2023.02.02 21:27 Personal_Plantain_87 Blood sugar spike after first meal of day

Hi, I am 24F, doing 16:8 (CW: 154 lbs, GW: 135, H:5’4”). How should I deal with a blood sugar spike after first meal at 12 pm and feeling super tired afterward?? I eat between 12pm and 8 pm.
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2023.02.02 21:26 KikiHobbyRepair Honeycomb partly 3D printed garage workshop light

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