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2023.02.03 05:52 LegitAndroid The best sounding valved exhausts for 4.0 GTS?

Hey all,
I'm starting my research into valved aftermarket exhausts and so far am debating these two (edit: three):
(edit: capristo) https://capristoexhaust.com/product/porsche-718-spyder-gts-cayman-gt4-valved-exhaust-for-oem-tips-pse/
Reaching out to you all with few Qs:1. What other exhausts are reputable with great sound I should know about?
  1. Do you have any opinions on the above?
  2. If you're someone with a 4.0 or a GT4 with an aftermarket valved exhaust in the San Diego area please let me know.. I would love to setup a coffee meet so I can hear it!!
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2023.02.03 05:49 SIL3NTxK1LL Advice on getting better

I bought the Vault Edition around when it launched and I just haven't been able to get any better at the game, no matter how much I try and having autism doesn't seem to help my case. I try and follow tips and guides at improving, change my weapon load outs, change my perks etc and none of it helps me. Not even training against bots works because I just keep losing focus of what I'm doing and I keep getting killed by some sweaty fat fuck dwelling in his mums basement. I need advice on how to improve at this game so that I can enjoy the game rather than wish I refunded it instead. That's why I'm here. I don't use Reddit for this shit but it just fucking irritates me that I was able to regularly achieve five kill streaks every minute or so in each game in MW19 but stopped playing after Cold War, and I get into MW22 and I'm just back to where I was and cant seem to improve.
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2023.02.03 05:48 gcwyodave [S] [USA-NM] Fuji X-E3, Viltrox 33mm f1.4 AF X-mount, Pentax K3ii with grip, Rokinon 16mm f2 (K Mount), Sigma 17-50 f2.8 EX HSM (K-Mount)

Up for sale:
All photos: https://imgur.com/a/D1DRVYg
Pentax K-3ii with grip. Also included, but not pictured are 3 OEM batteries and OEM charger. Shutter count is 25182.
I love this camera. So much. Pains me to sell it, but it's not getting used enough. I shot a couple JPEGS for the shutter count and the smack of the mirror and manual shutter is just too good. The closet needs to cleaned to make way for some incoming analog impulse buys. Fully-featured APS-C DSLR. Astrotracer and GPS built-in, so you don't need an astro tracker. Pixel-Shift (but not the newer version that works with scenes with movement), HDR composition, etc. This camera was way ahead of its time. Fully weather sealed and pretty indestructible. Honestly a great camera for anyone from beginner to a budget-minded advanced shooter. Been my companion for many an international trip and plenty of wilderness adventures.
Pentax B-DG5 grip is basically unused. I never actually shot with it attached. Includes both the OEM battery and the AA battery trays.
Condition: Well, it's USED. Again, I've dragged this camera EVERYWHERE and it shows. I got most of the dust out of the nooks and crannies with Q-tips, but you might find some in there still. Sensor is clean. Shoots like new, just looks old. There's a reason I stuck Pentax for so long, they're reliable as hell.
Price: $550 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Pentax K-Mount lenses
Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DSM
The workhorse for the K-3ii. Optically great, the exterior shows plenty of wear. Great, sharp, wide all-around lens. Can't ask for much more. Hood included, but no boxes, manuals, cases, etc.
Price: $130 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Rokinon 16mm f2.0 MF
Astro lens. Honestly, didn't use it much. Was dropped at one point, dislodging one of the elements. Repaired professionally at Camera Solutions in Portland, OR in 2018. Comes with hood and soft case.
Price: Can't find a good comparison point, so let's say $90 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.

Fuji X-E3 with Meike MK-XE3G grip. Includes 2 OEM batteries and OEM charger. Can include one Wasabi Power battery, but it's crap and not worth your time. Shutter count: 2747 (I'm not sure about this. I can find at least 3k pictures I've taken, and I bought it used. I'm just giving you the number it spit out)
Originally bought to compliment the above Pentax, but quickly became my go-to. Fuji X lenses and image quality are just so good. Like the above Pentax this camera has seen some travel, being bounced around Egypt and Europe and being a companion the last few years at work. Has some scratches, especially top and bottom. Nothing that affects operation at all. Works good as new
Edit: Ohhh includes that little EF-X8 flash as well. I never actually used it, but it's there.
Price: $480 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Viltrox X-Mount 33mm f1.4 AF
I dunno, I guess 33mm on APS-C isn't my focal length. This lens really isn't used. Bought new from Amazon last year, but it's only been on the camera a few times. Really love the image and build quality at this price point. Also bought the 13mm AF and I absolutely love it. Hungrily eyeing the 75mm as well. Comes with hood, storage bag, and box.
Price: $200 Shipped within Lower 48. PayPal G&S and I eat the fees. International, Alaska, and Hawaii, feel free to ask.
Again, all photos: https://imgur.com/a/D1DRVYg

Local to ABQ metro area, but can work something out in Santa Fe and Los Alamos as well. Discounts for buying more than one item and/or local pickup. Will trade for bike components, or maybe other Fuji X-Mount lenses, but only locally.
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2023.02.03 05:35 South_Elevator4769 Early 2008 iMac, using Firefox...can't see Linkedin profiles :(

Early 2008 iMac, using Firefox...can't see Linkedin profiles :(
Hi all,
I know the best answer to this problem is to get a new computer (I know, I know....). As much as I would like to, I just can't. This was a graduation gift from my parents who now live abroad... and it does not help that my partner uses a used 2013 MacbookAir lol.
Anyway, so I use the Firefox browser for internet browsing. I can't use web Spotify but I can pretty much do everything else... except Linkedin profiles... I can see all other pages (Job section, news, feeds) but I can't edit my own Linked profile or see anyone else's. It will keep loading and loading....forever.
Again, I know the best answer is probably getting a new computer..........but any thoughts? tips?

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2023.02.03 05:11 Trentm99 Are they legit?

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2023.02.03 05:10 Profile-Ordinary First Eff Up

Hey guys!!
just started an amazon business and ordered my first 3 items to canada from alibaba. Anxiously awaiting the products, editing up my inventory, I notice one of my listings status changes to 'detail page removed', so start doing some digging.

Well genius me decided to order some camping knives from China to resell and apparently its looking like I won't be able to sell them because they are folding and not multi-tool.
I will have 100 knives, and only need to sell each one at 5$ a piece to break even.
Any ideas?

Thanks guys
Learning tip: Do a little more product research BEFORE ordering your items
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2023.02.03 04:56 Berdyie [Update Idea] The Restructurized Update (1.2x) (Structures Section)

Originally this post was going to be about a Quality Of Life update packaged in with "new content" in the form of remastering old and mostly forgotten content. Unfortunately there is a limit to the amount of characters Reddit posts can have and also no one wants to read an hour of rambling about every small change to frustrating features. As a middle ground, i wanted to present some ideas for the main section of the new cotent: the structures. I mean the post is still very long but hopefully some people care enough to read it and give feedback. I like opening discussions about this stuff!
To start, it's safe to say there are a lot of Minecraft structures that were added years ago, and then never updated from there. At best, the loot tables of chests were changed a bit to account for some new cool items entering their item pools. That was basically the best we got for all the old structures. The Restructurized Update would be focused around redesigning these classic structures into a new form that feels fresh, even for veteran players, and add far more complexity than they do currently.
While this list COULD include basically every structure in Minecraft (let's be honest, adding complexity to something can go on infinitely), I decided to narrow it down to a few specifically left-behind structures. It's also worth mentioning: despite me talking about the extra challenge of these places, making them more difficult isn't necessary. Even just an aesthetic and layout remaster would go a long way.
For virtually every modern Minecraft player, dungeons are a pleasant discovery and nothing more. They give you the chance to make a mob farm and give you a small bit of loot. That is, quite literally, it. They don't even hold the title of being the only place to find mossy cobblestone anymore, since that stuff now has a crafting recipe.
If I were to redesign the dungeon, I would look for a full-on fantasy angle, because dungeons are (at their heart), an optional challenge. When you find one, it's a promise of loot with the risk of danger.
My design would be this: an actual dungeon fit with rooms and corridors, similar to the current Stronghold but smaller and packed densly with both danger, loot and, most importantly, TRAPS. Currently structures like the Desert and Jungle Temples include traps too, but since they are rarely filled to the brim with monsters, navigating around these traps is usually just time consuming and nothing more. With the threat of monsters and spawners, suddenly traps are an actually dangerous obstacle that could mean life-or-death in a fight-or-flight scenario.
To go even further (though this is definetly more "modded" content than vanilla) they could even introduce a brand new kind of spawner to up the difficulty: one that spawns a set number of named, armoured and armed mobs before breaking. That way you can still keep it to one regular spawner that can be farmed, while still keeping the theme of "endless hordes spawning from some undiscovered room".
These special spawners would guard the best loot, but would only spawn their more powerful mobs when the player gets close (and, being that the mobs are named, they never despawn). A (hopefully) unique challenge where getting even better dungeon rewards makes it feel earned rather than just running into a small 10x10 cube, looting the chests, and then leaving before the single spawner can spawn those 2-3 zombies.
The main thing though for dungeons is not necessarily the challenge, but the actual design itself. The current dungeon is, as previously stated, a small cobblestone cube with 2-3 chests and a spawner. That's the whole structure. Even making it a small cobblestone-and-stone-brick building with 2-3 interconnected rooms would be a gargantuan improvement.
Nether Fortress
Ah, the Nether Fortress. 80% random hallways and bridges leading to nowhere, 15% random hallways and staircases also leading to nowhere but now with loot, and 5% actually useful things (blaze spawners, nether wart farms, etc.). These things were added to the game over a decade ago and, despite being, very literally, mandatory for completing the game, they have barely changed over this entire decade.
While I don't have too many specific ideas for what a new Nether Fortress should look like (I'm not an artist), I think a main take-away should be density. These things are 75% running around, usually looking for blazes, wither skeletons or (on first visits) chests. The long hallways make doing so tedious and genuinely boring for what should be a dangerous mid-game challenge. Even besides their tedium, they are also incredibly ugly and confusing to navigate (probably as a result of their age). The fact that they recieved no changes in the 2020 Nether Update is honestly both surprising and a massive disappointment. It's important to emphasise again, these things are mandatory if you want to go to the end. Make them exciting!
So, in regards to increasing the "density" of these structures, make them smaller but packed with loot and danger. Just because a thing is big doesn't mean it's fun to explore (tedium). Now of course this does introduce a new problem: finding them. After all, a smaller Fortress means it's harder to find (at least those long bridges and halls serve one purpose!). So, to remedy this, I propose a new item to drop from certain nether creatures, the Fortress Staff. In a similar concept to the special maps you can get from Cartographer villagers, these staffs (visually similar to a blaze rod tipped with gold) are either traded for from Piglins or found as a rare drop from Piglin Brutes.
These staffs work by vibrating in the players hand when they look in the direction of the nearest Fortress, with the staff vibrating more the closer they get to the correct direction. It only works for a set number of blocks (I don't know, a thousand or whatever), but it means that you as the player have a way to find these smaller (and denser) Fortresses without having to just wander aimlessly forever. And, not to mention, when you find that first fortress, you will have to move quite a distance away for the staff to point you in the direction of a different fortress.
Main thing to take away for the Nether Fortress is making it feel alive. Right now it's a bunch of ugly halls and tiny rooms made from one material. Even just simply taking the current design (as flawed as it is) and giving it an aesthetic makeover would be so much better.
The slightly-less-ugly cousin of the Nether Fortress and just as mandatory for completing the game, the Stronghold has been left in the past in regards to its design. It is better deigned than the Fortress, but that was a pretty low bar to beat in all honesty. And, worst of all, I have yet to find a single Stronghold that wasn't shattered into a thousand pieces by it's bizarre generation. Floating buttons, missing doors, hallways intersected by other parts of the Stronghold (and thus cut off). This thing is bugged from here to Timbuktu.
While most of my suggestions for the Dungeon apply here as well (though on a larger and grander scale) in terms of challenge, density of content and an aesthetic design overhaul, I think the main thing the Stronghold needs is a bunch of bugfixes to its terrain generation. This thing is a mess in the worst ways, and while this isn't usually an active problem for 95% of players, the fact that there is such a large amount of improvement that could be done (but hasn't for however many years) really says something.
It's also worth mentioning that the "unique" mob to the Stronghold, Silverfish, barely play a role in the Stronghold (yes I know they're not unique to the Stronghold but I think of them as one-and-the-same thanks to the Infested Blocks and spawner present there). These mobs could be far more prevelant and, in a less-buggy Stronghold that didn't force you to mine through covered-up passages, they could actually serve as a viable and dangerous deterrant from simply mining through the walls to get to the portal whilst ignoring all the monsters.
As far as I understand it, that was (part of) their purpose, but the Infested Blocks don't spawn often enough or in close-enough clumps to pose a real threat to anyone with above-base-iron gear. The thought of mining through a block and unleashing 8-10 blocks worth of angry Silverfish is a cool concept, and it's genuinely disappointing I have yet to see this happen personally (and I've been playing Minecraft for a long time!).
So to summarise, I would suggest a remastering of the generation mechanics of the Stronghold. Make them much less buggy in generation, and give a reason for players to not just dig their way to the portal room and ignore the rest! Aside from the library and (very) occassional chest (which only the former having good loot for mid-to-late-game players), the rest of the Stronghold doesn't really serve any purpose. It's just a bunch of (mostly) empty hallways and rooms. Making it slightly smaller and with more content (danger and treasure) would really make it feel like the "start of the endgame".
Temples (Desert and Jungle)
Like the Dungeon, both types of Temple are optional (though usually sought-after) challenges offering extra loot with the risk of danger, in this case, puzzles and traps (and the ocassional naturally-spawning mob). Unfortunately, the truth is that the temples just aren't challenging. For (literally) brand-new players, they might be surprised if they trigger the traps (only the Desert Temple would be really lethal, though), but after that first surprise they aren't going to fall for it again. Let's be honest, after that first time, when have you ever been so much as hurt by a temple trap?
There was a fantastic post a little bit ago (sorry I can't find the post or the user who made it, but I'm sure if you care to look you can!) about a redesign for the Desert Temple that laid out a larger temple with multiple layers of puzzles, with the key being that the puzzle changes with every temple. That way you need to figure out the new solution to the puzzle for each one you visit. Sure, anyone who knows how to solve it can merely use their previous experience to work out the new solution way faster, but even just adding this one extra layer of depth through randomness was a massive improvement!
An important detail I mentioned in passing in the Dungeon section was the idea of traps being alongside threats. Currently the traps in temples are a joke not just because everyone knows about them, but because there is, most often, rarely any threat that forces you to rush or navigate around the trap while dealing with another thing, like a mob. The thing with temples, however, is that I don't think they should be combat-challenges. The challenge should be the puzzle, not necessarily the threat of navigating around multiple threats. This is why Jungle Temples are a complete joke. The only traps in there basically can't kill you on their own (even an unarmoured player can survive multiple arrows), and there isn't a threat that forces you to, say, jump over the tripwire whilst fighting a zombie or whatever. I think the Jungle Temple traps should be reworked into an actual puzzle trap (like the Desert Temple), though how such a puzzle trap would work or how it could be made sufficiently lethal with nothing but arrow traps is beyond my knowledge. I'm not a game designer (ie; not smart).
On a slightly seperate and unfortunate note, I don't think there is a way to completely solve the issue of just simply "mining your way around the traps". After all, even a brand-new character can just make a wooden pickaxe and completely ignore all the puzzle traps. While we could do something like "surround the treasure room in obsidian!", that idea is a little too ridiculous. I think a more obvious (though also not-very-original) idea would be to impliment the same system of Silverfish deterrant that the Stronghold has. That way you can still brute-force mine your way through, but new characters might struggle to take on the hordes of Silverfish they are more-than-likely to unleash.
Honestly though, Temples are appreciated for their loot above all else. While I would love to see a fleshed out system of randomly generated temples that each have a new (and different) puzzle-trap challenge, the truth is that most players just want to get the loot and get out. If the dev team did decide to leave temples much the same but still change some things, I would highly recommend an aesthetic overhaul. While the temples aren't nearly as bad as stuff like the current Dungeons or Fortresses, they definetly could be improved, and they are one of the few structures that I think could be enlarged and enhanced in this way without making them more irritating to navigate or what-not. Not making them temple compelxes or whatever, just bigger buildings with more detail.
So to summarise the temples, I would try to make the traps have some depth in their replayability, and offer extra challenge. Stick with a focus on puzzles above combat, but make the traps in them sufficiently lethal so you are incentivised to not fail (or even make them dangerous to the loot, not the player!). In regards to simply mining through the walls, Silverfish might assist that problem, though it may not be necessary. However something that can always be improved is aesthetics!

Ok rambling over.
I had a lot more to say, but honestly I'm doubting many people will care enough to read down to here. If you are one of those people, I would genuinely appreciate some feedback! I post this to open a discussion on the state of the structures in Minecraft, and I would love to hear your comments and opinions on this topic (even if you disagree!). Again I'm sorry I didn't have the skill to make images for the concepts I propose, but hopefully the words I wrote can give enough of an idea for the concepts the Minecraft dev team could use to improve these things. While I don't HATE the classic structures by any stretch of the imagination, I do think there is enormous room for improvement, and I would love to see future updates that do exactly that.

Edits: Spelling.
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2023.02.03 04:54 TheOnlySir_Scribbles Player has issue with the way I run combat.

Ok, so this isn't necessarily a horror story, nor is the title 100% accurate. Sorry, but I didn't know who to ask. Basically, I'm DMing a 5e game for my friends in a homebrew world. Currently, they are at level 10 and consist of a Warlock, a Bard, and a Sorcerer (yes, they pass almost every social check).
Here's the juice: I was reading some DM tips, and one of them was to ask players for feedback. Great, I'm open to criticism. So I ask, and the general consensus was, "we're enjoying it for the most part, but in combat, we're either getting our asses kicked or breaking skulls." Now, to be completely fair, I'm not entirely amazing with balanced combat. However, at the same time, they're all pretty squishy. There have been a few fights where I fudge the difficulty because of story reasons, but it's always clear in those fights from the get-go who is going to win.
So my question is: How do I make combat difficult for my players while still making it doable? Every time I try to give them something a little more tame, they destroy it in a round. If I don't, they get beat within an inch of their lives. Help me out Reddit!
Edit: decided to add this. Last session I did introduce an NPC War Cleric because they really needed a healer. She can fight but I'm not planning on making her a fighter, strictly healing focused. So far they really like her (they've told me) because she's super optimistic despite it being a mildly gritty campaign.
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2023.02.03 04:52 thyrixsyx [SW] Small Lads offering 521 Bells

Comment your favorite artist/band and I'll DM as I can. 3 at a time. First time opening my island. Tips greatly appreciated.
Edit: Only one visit per since it is only 45 mins till mine close and I want to get to as many as possible:)
Edit: Please leave through the airport.
Edit 22:39: closing new entrants. Will try to get to everyone already here. Thanks all.
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2023.02.03 04:36 Commercial_Check8310 How can I change my grades?

How do you change your grades online?

When you understand everything that your academic record, score, personal information is hosted. Then you can change the result or you can hire a hacker to change the result. There are two ways to change grades online.
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You can hack your grades permanently. But for this, you need to hack the school server system, firewall and the necessary LMS software installed in your school web interface.

How to hack blackboard

Hacking blackboards, canvases and other LMS should be the same. What is your password for entry? Here is some methods for hacking password.


It is a form of attack. Steals usernames, passwords and other important information for the purpose of providing information. When a user tries to gain access to a phishing link to view shared information, he or she becomes a victim of hacking. After receiving the information, the attacker enters the website and uses this information to change the required school grade. This type of attack is a primary level attack to hack your grades.

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2023.02.03 04:28 the_yackster77 Audio editing slightly off grid to find nice groove/pocket

Does anybody have any good editing tricks for getting a nice groove to their song? I know every song is different, but a lot of the time I don't really want a robotic perfectly-on-the-grid sound.
If the musicians are good and there aren't many timing issues, then I'll just make slight adjustments by ear (usually pushing things closer to the grid). But, if the musicians are bad (or if it's badly programmed midi) and the session is riddled with timing issues, then sometimes I have to manually adjust parts but slightly keep it off the grid to create a "faux-groove"- which is super tedious and annoying when you have to go one bar at a time.
Anyone have some good tips or resources I can read up on?
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2023.02.03 04:17 981209 Question about editing Witcher Horse Expansion meshes

Hi y’all! I was wondering if anyone knew how to edit the mesh from Witcher horse expansion SSE to make the tail carriage like the Witcher? I’m personally not a fan of the high tail carriage and I was hoping to edit it for my personal game but I don’t know how! Does anyone have any tips on how to do so? Is that possible to do in nifskope?
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2023.02.03 04:16 Comprehensive_Ad2919 radiant heat panels

does anyone have any tips of where i'd be able to find a radiant heat panel for my bp's 4x2x2 enclosure? I can't seem to locate the right thing.
Edit: located in the US, if it matters!
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2023.02.03 04:10 Trentm99 Are they legit?

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2023.02.03 04:09 Elrunningtigre Ok, anyone else notice that people treat you different when you have the Gold amex card? I’m sure platinum members get the same treatment.

For context, I qualified for the Gold amex a couple weeks back ago… i make around 55k a year, but was able to finesse around and get a lot of good credit cards. I’ve noticed that people treat me different when i give that card up. It’s funny, fun, and interesting. I love to use it, but also should tone it down lol. Anyone else have similar stories?
I’m at a local bar and this one bartender would always take forever to serve me. Today, I came in and he poured my drink without me asking. I didn’t want that drink, but I took it because I didn’t want to be rude… I’m like surprisingly shocked and thankful. Last time I brought a friend who also has a good credit card, but we tipped 100 percent. Is it the card or the tip?
Edit: will mention, I never directly went in to apply for this card. I got an offer in the mail. Definitely not the same. Harder to come by… I’d think
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2023.02.03 04:02 A33Bot [Opinion] how to remove activate windows @ 2023-02-02 18:02

The overall impressions of how to remove the "Activate Windows" watermark are:
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2023.02.03 03:48 BlamThrower Newcomer looking for tips and advice

A while ago my mum bought a betta fish to place in a decorative bowl she bought but a a few weeks ago the bowl broke, fish unharmed. He's since been shifted to proper tank with filter and light. The light has a white and blue setting setting, I've been running it on white light 8 hours a day and feeding with "tetra betta 3-in-1 select-a-food". I've been running into some issues with orange algae and I want to make sure I'm not overfeeding as the instructions are pretty vague. He's visibly a lot happier since shifting into a proper tank and I'd like to help keep it that way, any advice and tips is much appreciated.
edit with some tank details: The tank is about 11 litres and I add API Betta Water conditioner
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2023.02.03 03:43 jellyfishcasserollin dear god- tax season nears, and i have a question...

just for some background- i have been a server 3.5 years but last year was the first year of supporting myself on a server wage/tips. claimed earings are around 20k.
i was just wondering what the hell do everyone's refunds/dues look like because as of right now i owe 2.5k?!? i know i won't find a tax expert on here but i was curious as to everyone else's experience with this, especially because, like i said, it's my first year filing when i've supported myself. can't believe i would owe 2.5k because that's s HUGE dent in my money (it's about a month and a half of living expenses for me).
TIA guys :,)
edit: forgot to mention i’m in butt-fuck america
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2023.02.03 03:41 movenine has anyone here tried the new ai tools to generate shorts from existing content?

seems like the youtube algorithm is biased towards channels with a lot of shorts atm—I have a bunch of content I'd like to cut into many shorts, but it doesn't seem feasible to go through and edit everything myself and/or pay someone to do it.
has anyone tried a tool like dumme.ai or w/e to generate shorts from their existing content? is it really "no editing needed"?
any other tips/ideas very welcome!
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2023.02.03 03:04 meeow666 Anaconda Store

Hi lovely reddit people,
I am wanting to know if anyone else has had a similar experience at Anaconda? Or any helpful information/tips? Super disappointed with the service received in store after trying to exchange an item that broke after i used it 2 times. Thanks for any information in advance.
MY EXPERIENCE: I had a very distasteful experience at Maribyrnong Anaconda Store today, after trying to exchange an item I purchased, at this store, that is faulty. I purchased this item under 28 days ago and have used the item only twice. According to Anaconda store policy as written and stated on their website states:
“If there is a problem with an item you have purchased from Anaconda you can return it to us. Upon assessment, Anaconda will offer a full refund or replacement if there is major problem with the item. We may offer a repair or replacement if the problem is not major.
You must provide us with your proof of purchase (e.g. your Anaconda receipt, online tax invoice, credit card or bank statements). Any refund will be provided via the same method of payment as the original purchase”
Knowing and reading this on Anacondas website, i did not keep the receipt, however went in with my bank statement and transaction from the card I used to purchase the item. I was turned away 3 times after eventually being told by the store manager on the day, to call head office so they could find the receipt for me, even though it states on the website, multiple options that a consumer can use that is not a receipt. The store manager advised me they would “get their arse kicked” if they approved the exchange without a receipt. I felt patronised and unheard as its a consumers right to have a faulty item exchanged.
I then called head office confused and hoping they were able to find my receipt so i could make the exchange i am rightfully entitled to. Head office explained that an exchange must be approved by a store manager, however i was not told this by the store manager nor is this stated in your online policies. Head office advised me that they are unable to locate receipts for a consumer that isn’t a member . The store manager had told me only head office could access receipts, and did not specify anything about memberships only, nor does this say anything about it on your website. Head office turned me away and could not help.
Sadly, i had been told 2 completely different things by head office and the store manager.
I have never had such an awful experience, after approaching the situation with respect and good will.
The website states false information about consumer rights, as my rights as a consumer were breached.
I will not be recommending anyone i know to shop at Anaconda, and will be making a formal complaint about the misguided information shared on your website and the breach of consumer rights i have experienced in store.
I hope no one else experiences this after spending money in store on a faulty item, that was denied exchange within the terms and conditions.
EDIT: Thanks everyone. I have now contacted the social media website via private message and posting on their page. I have read many other people experiencing the same breach of rights. I have also sent in a formal enquiry via their website!
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2023.02.03 02:41 Official_JR9 New to Borderlands 3

Hi I bought borderlands 3 ultimate edition and wanted to get some beginner tips because it’s overwhelming me a little because there’s so much stuff? Any help will be greatly appreciated ✊🏽
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2023.02.03 02:26 Kar0ss Playing via the Edge browser on my xbox, it says no controller attached in steam

I haven't had this issue before so I have no idea what could be causing the issue, I can use the controller to move a mouse cursor around just fine, yet it says there's no controller.
I've restarted the browser, refreshed the web page, and restarted the whole console, still no change, has anyone else experienced this or have any tips?
Edit: I figured it out, but I'll leave this up in case it helps anyone else; I just pressed the start and select buttons at the same time and selected "use game controls" while in big picture and it immediately detected the controller.
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