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The exchange was denied
Hey, Siri - play “Aura” by Lady Gaga
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2023.02.02 20:10 ImADudeDuh 2022 Ultimate Rate (RENAISSANCE vs. Midnights vs. SOS)


2022 was a crazy year. Will Smith slapped Chris Rock, we all played a single word game every day, The Queen died, the internet exposed themselves as still being Try Guys fans, Pink Sauce allegedly killed people, Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine while wearing ugly outfits, Jack Harlow got a 2.9 from Pitchfork, Lea Michelle still couldn't read, people threw soup at a painting, Rihanna RELEASED NEW MUSIC??, Liz Truss lost a race to a head of lettuce, Kim Petras got a #1 hit, Ticketmaster might finally be coming to an end, Britney was freed, being a fan of 'Running Up That Hill' made you a basic bitch, nepo babies got offended at being called nepo babies, we all had to #BeReal, Heidi Klum dressed as a worm, Twitter was ruined by it's new owner, Normani still has the name for her album y'all, and wildest of all: Meghan Trainor somehow made a comeback.
Oh, and 3 ladies released music we'll be rating.


written by u/impla77
I’m that girl It’s just that I’m that girl
A Beyoncé release is always going to feel like an Event, a solo Beyoncé album, the first since 2016’s colossus Lemonade, exponentially more so. Of course this album was massive, especially since streaming was not shackled to Tidal (perhaps the Monkey’s Paw curled, however, as Renaissance also differs greatly from Lemonade in its current quantity of visuals).
Renaissance is a post-lockdown explosion of expertly crafted dance music, with songs seamlessly flowing all throughout the album, transporting the listener to a club with a fantastic live DJ (even someone like me, who seldom ventures into a club). Taking inspiration from decades of black and queer pioneers, Renaissance is a indulgent celebration of the freeing nature of dance music, filled with apt samples, superstar production and an unrelenting energy throughout. This is not to say Beyoncé herself is lost in this lush mix- far from it- as her presence dominates on every track.
This seems to be a great time to be part of the Beyhive, with this album being only act 1 of a trilogy that will hopefully be prime Ultimate fodder for the foreseeable future. But will Renaissance be sitting ‘COZY’ on top of this rate?
  2. COZY
  4. CUFF IT
  10. MOVE
  11. HEATED
  12. THIQUE
For a more detailed look at Renaissance on a track by track basis, I highly recommend checking out the brilliant AOTY writeup by u/darjeelingdarkroast

Taylor Swift- Midnights (3am edition)

written by u/impla77
Please note that Hits Different is (still!) not on streaming, so check it out HERE. If this link has gone down, please let us know!
Best believe I’m still Bejeweled When I walk through the room I can still make the whole place shimmer
In between rerecording her old albums, racking up frequent flier miles, releasing way too many remixes, and perennially neglecting evermore (something popheads rates is also guilty of), Taylor has found time to bless us with another 20 songs of slick production, catchy melodies and enough lyrical content for Swifties to sink their teeth into until Speak Now TV comes out. Turning back from her pandemic albums that comprise significantly of less autobiographical songs, Midnights is a loose concept album focusing on the reasons for Taylor’s sleepless nights. Whether this is reflecting upon past relationships, current relationships or Taylor’s image with the media and fans, Midnights is consistently reflective, pondering topics from a more distant time perspective than usually seen in her previous albums.
Taylor is inarguably the most talked about artist in popheads at this point. Whatever you think about her, any pophead can’t wait to bring her up, no matter the context (I am very guilty of this). Whether it be seemingly innocuous threads being locked, history being made, or the infamous leak thread, Taylor Swift truly remains the it girl (as she remarks in Karma ‘Ask me why so many fade, but I’m still here’).
The release of her 10th studio album may be a feat that many other artists want to emulate, due to its huge commercial success. Announced in a awards speech around two months before the release date, a conventional single release before the album drop was not needed, as all Taylor needed to do to build unbelievable amounts of hype for was dripfeed song titles and reveal lyrics on billboards around the world. This strategy paid dividends, with Midnights receiving both commercial and critical success. However, the final ‘Question…?’ remains to be asked.. can Midnights pull through a rate win up against other titan albums of 2022?
  1. Lavender Haze
  2. Maroon
  3. Anti-Hero
  4. Snow On The Beach
  5. You’re On Your Own, Kid
  6. Midnight Rain
  7. Question…?
  8. Vigilante Shit
  9. Bejewled
  10. Labyrinth
  11. Karma
  12. Sweet Nothing
  13. Mastermind
  14. The Great War
  15. Bigger Than The Whole Sky
  16. Paris
  17. High Infidelity
  18. Glitch
  19. Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve
  20. Dear Reader
  21. Hits Different
Make sure to check out the AOTY writeup by u/CarlieScion for deeper analysis, as well as highlighting a few personal favourites!


written by u/ImADudeDuh
I don't want none, I just want you If I can't have you, no one should
Solána Imani Rowe is a very interesting musician. First coming to prominence thanks to a feature on Consideration by Rihanna, Solána (more commonly known as SZA) dropped her debut studio album CTRL on June 9, 2017. While acclaimed and successful on it’s debut, throughout the next 5 years it’s acclaim and success has only grown. CTRL is currently on it’s 294th week on the Billboard 200 chart, and has been named one of the best albums of the 2010s by acclaimed publications like Billboard, Pitchfork, Stereogum, and non-acclaimed publications like Rolling Stone. Everyone waited with baited breath to listen to her next project, and on June 9, 2022 we finally got to hear it.
Several deluxe album tracks.
But in reality, that's not fair to SZA, as she's been vocal about her and her label having disagreements when it comes to releasing her music. Plus, she dropped plenty of loosies and features in that 5 years. Notably tracks like All The Stars, Good Days, I Hate U, and collaborations with artists such as Justin Timberlake, Doja Cat, Doechii, and DJ Khaled multiple times for some reason. And finally, after a very long wait, SZA revealed in a Billboard cover story in November 2022, that the album was completed and would officially be titled ‘SOS,’ with release planned for the next month. Fans were ecstatic to get an official album title, and even more ecstatic when SZA confirmed on SNL that the album would be coming December 9, 2022. For real this time!
SOS was a very big step for SZA. The project showed her songwriting in a different angle than in CTRL and saw her dabbling in genres such as alt rock, hip-hop, and country. SZA leans even deeper into her personal writing, sharing more heartbreak than on her last album and dealing with it in ways that range from mature to fantasies of killing their ex. With so much praise and success this album has already received, it's not hard to imagine this becoming a modern classic much like CTRL. However, will the raters greet this album with 'Open Arms' or will they say 'I Hate U'?
  1. SOS
  2. Kill Bill
  3. Seek & Destroy
  4. Low
  5. Love Language
  6. Blind
  7. Used
  8. Snooze
  9. Notice Me
  10. Gone Girl
  11. Smoking on my Ex Pack
  12. Ghost in the Machine
  13. F2F
  14. Nobody Gets Me
  15. Conceited
  16. Special
  17. Too Late
  18. Far
  19. Shirt
  20. Open Arms
  21. I Hate U
  22. Good Days
  23. Forgiveless
For a more detailed look at SOS by analyzing it's major themes, I recommend checking out the AOTY writeup by u/Awkward_King

Bonus Rate

There isn't one! Be glad we aren't asking you guys to rate Hit Different, Beautiful (with DJ Khaled & Future), Carolina, [insert Anti-Hero remix here], Break My Soul (Queens Remix), and Be Alive together.

Rules & Instructions

  • You must listen to and score every song in the main rate. Ballots with missing scores will not be accepted.
  • Your scores must be on a scale from 1 to 10 and can include one decimal place but no more. So 8.2 is fine but 8.25 is not.
  • You may give one song in the whole main rate a score of 11 and one other a score of 0 so, if you want to award these scores, save them for your favorite and least favorite songs in the rate respectively.
  • We encourage you to leave comments of your general thoughts or reasoning behind your scores on any songs you wish. If you choose to do so however, they must be in this format, simply leaving one space after your score:
ALIEN SUPERSTAR: 2 Gonna be UNIQUE and give this a bad score
Any other format such as:
Anti-Hero: everybody is an ugly adult to me (6)
Kill Bill: 9 - I don’t condone violence, unless it slays!
will get your ballot rejected.
  • If you'd like to leave a comment on any of the albums as a whole they must be formatted like this, leaving colon then a space after the album title, for example:
Album: SOS: -. .. -.-. .
  • Your ballot must be formatted exactly like the template in the message link sent to u/ImADudeDuh so make sure you use it or the template in the backup pastebin for your scores to be accepted.
  • Your scores will not be confidential and will be revealed, along with any comments, with your username attached.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SABOTAGE the rate by giving outrageously low/high scores for the sole purpose of skewing the results (example: if you average for one album is a 9.52, and the other two are 3.65) we reserve the right to exclude any ballot we suspect of this. However, as we are in a special situation where this rate includes 3 albums of very different genres, we will understand some overall differences. If you're worried your scores could be mistakenly perceived as sabotage, leaving comments explaining the reasoning behind them will be a big help in beating the sabotage accusations. (Leaving comments for your 11 and 0 are HIGHLY encouraged!)
  • If you want to change any of your scores or comments after you've already submitted your ballot, feel free to message me before the deadline either here on reddit or find me or my cohost u/impla77 in the Popheads Discord.

Due Date

Sometime in March

Reveal Date

Sometime later in March
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Pastebin of ballot
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2023.02.02 20:09 static_int_husp 80s Androgynous Rate (Eurythmics / Grace Jones / Prince / David Bowie)

The 80s were a wild time. From the massive improvements in technology (with the introduction of home computers, consoles and portable phones), to the civil wars that still have an impact today, to the everlasting power of 80s pop culture, this time is well regarded and considered one of the most influential in media, especially within the current time period. Musically the influence of the 80s is extremely noticeable with the synthpop and nu disco revival of the 10s and 20s. Alongside this was a rise in androgyny amongst celebrities. Be it through power dressing, glam makeup & hair or avant garde performance art, there was a small but influential movement that has affected queer history positively. This rate will explore four of these individuals that are synonymous with the word androgyny in pop culture.
Annie Lennox, Grace Jones, Prince & David Bowie. All four of these artists have majorly impacted pop culture and helped move the public perception of gender and sex in a more progressive direction. From normalising a more masculine look for women to defying what is expected from a man, these four artists pushed the button on gender issues. Not only that, their push for progressiveness, be it putting a spotlight on black artists and issues affecting black communities in the US or helping shape the second wave of feminism. The impact of these artists is still felt today in both society and among the current batch of musicians.

Eurythmics - Touch

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart burst onto the scene with the single Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) with a stunning video where Annie Lennox dazzles sporting a bright ginger buzzcut and a mens suit. The video and Annie’s look became one of the most talked about pop culture moments of 1983 with it seeing heavy play on MTV. This androgynous style remains one of Eurythmics signature looks with the ginger short hair being replicated in many tracks throughout the 80s. It broke the mould for what was expected from a female performer and raised the bar for so many other artists. The media went into a frenzy about this new look with Annie becoming the biggest new thing that every magazine wanted to have. This remained the case for Touch, Eurythmics' follow up album with a signature synth pop sound that didn’t shy away from experimentation.
Being the followup to the massive hit that was Sweet Dreams was always going to be tough but Eurythmics hit it out of the park with this album. Continuing the experimental style that Dave Stewart loved, this album contains some of the greatest hits of the duo. Heavily leaning into the new wave sound, Touch remains one of the most consistent Eurythmics albums and a fan favourite.
  1. Here Comes the Rain Again
  2. Regrets
  3. Right By Your Side
  4. Cool Blue
  5. Who’s That Girl?
  6. The First Cut
  7. Aqua
  8. No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)
  9. Paint A Rumour

Grace Jones - Nightclubbing

The impact of Miss Grace Jones on pop culture cannot be understated. Starting out as a model, her androgynous looks gave her plenty of attention, becoming a star in the Parisian modelling scene. During this time, she often performed and attended in gay clubs which was a major influence on her first few singles and albums In 1981, Nightclubbing was released cementing Grace Jones as a multi talented artist, reaching the top 10 and critical praise from critics. Nightclubbing remains one of the most influential albums of all time; it also pushed Grace Jones to new heights as a model, artist and actor. The popularity of this album and Grace Jones’ look paved the way for her within the movie industry. Grace Jones’ influence extends to the modern era with some of the biggest stars of the past 40 years taking cues from her, including Annie Lennox, Beyoncé and FKA Twig. A true trailblazer held to a high regard by everyone.
Unlike her previous albums, the club sound isn’t the main draw of Nightclubbing. Rather, this album pulled from her Jamaican roots alongside the prominent sounds featured in black clubs such as funk to create an album that is still regarded as one of the greatest of all time to this day. It’s full of confidence in the diverse sounds put on display without a drop in quality. It embodied why Grace Jones was so popular in the modelling and club scene and allowed her to shine.
  1. Walking in the Rain
  2. Pull Up to the Bumper
  3. Use Me
  4. Nightclubbing
  5. Art Groupie
  6. I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libertango)
  7. Feel Up
  8. Demolition Man
  9. I’ve Done It Again

Prince - Controversy

One of the most flamboyant artists of all time, Prince is considered one of the most prominent androgynous icons due to his fashion sense and wide vocal range. Considered one of the greatest performers of all time, Prince made a name for himself with his 3rd album Dirty Mind, which showcased his androgynous style and musical talent beautifully. It also showed controversy around his work with a lot of sexually explicit and controversial lyrics, something that is consistent within his work throughout the years. The reception to his looks and lyrics inspired Controversy. This album also began the purple era that has become synonymous with Prince. These two albums alongside 1999 placed the spotlight on Prince, who continued to move from strength to strength throughout the 80s & the rest of his career while maintaining his flamboyant androgynous style. His influence has been felt on the entire music industry from Bruno Mars to Lady Gaga to Lenny Kravitz to Beck; there are countless people who have been influenced by Prince.
Controversy was the much anticipated followup to Dirty Mind and it didn’t disappoint. Leaning more into a ‘political standpoint’ Controversy touched on many topics that were relevant at that period of time. Whether these were about his sexuality, his explicit lyrics, the US political climate or his complicated relationship with religion. It’s sexually charged, envelope pushing music in a way that only Prince could do. Leaning into the funk and new wave sound that was becoming popular, Prince traverses various topics with his signature flair, some creating more controversy than the album that inspired it.
  1. Controversy
  2. Sexuality
  3. Do Me, Baby
  4. Private Joy
  5. Ronnie, Talk to Russia
  6. Let’s Work
  7. Annie Christian
  8. Jack U Off

David Bowie - Let’s Dance

David Bowie is probably the most famous musician that comes to mind when the word androgynous comes up. A powerhouse in the industry, this forward thinker made headlines and captivated the world when the persona of Ziggy Stardust came out in the 70s. Flamboyant with long hair, this canonically alien superstar was one of the key factors in Bowie’s meteoric rise, despite the abuse he received due to looking feminine at the start of this era. It signalled a change in the public perception of gender and remains one of the most iconic personas to come out of the music industry (with a certain lightning bolt portrait being one of the most recognisable symbols in the world). The androgynous look took a backseat as Bowie’s career as he leant more into a pop sound but the flamboyance still remained. Looking into the current stars of the music industry, it’s difficult to find one that didn’t take influence from Bowie’s music, fashion or stage presence.
Following the success of Heroes and Scary Monsters, Bowie looked for inspiration in the pop music scene. Far from the Art Rock he was known for, Bowie enlisted the help of the legend Nile Rodgers to create an album that would stand out as a pop album and it worked. Becoming his best selling album, Let’s Dance brought a new level of fame for Bowie which became both a blessing and a curse for his career. This new wave driven album contains some of Bowie’s greatest tracks.
  1. Modern Love
  2. China Girl
  3. Let’s Dance
  4. Without You
  5. Ricochet
  6. Criminal World
  7. Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
  8. Shake It

The Rules

Annie Christian: 10 Annie are you okay?
Album: Touch: Why does this not have a title track

Use this prepared link to submit. Either complete the ballot there or use the pastebin and copy the scores across. If you need to change any scores or comments message u/apatel27 or u/static_int_husp and tell us what needs changing.

Your scores aren’t private and will be shared during the reveal (or earlier by yourselves if you want).
Sabotage will not be tolerated. If we feel malicious intent or want clarification on some low score, we will ask for comments to explain them.
Due date and reveal will be updated in due time.

Listen here

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Link to submit Pastebin backup

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2023.02.02 19:53 caelussideralis [AAI4+5 spoilers] Was this character based on Lady Gaga?

I'll be honest right from the start and say that I only realised Calisto Yew and Shih-na were the same person when she burst out laughing. Nonetheless, it was an excellent, unexpected twist, and she was by far the best villain in that game.
However, I couldn't help but notice one thing. In both her designs, she really looks like she could be played like Lady Gaga. Her Calisto Yew persona looks a lot like Stefani Germanotta's normal hair colour and style, while the white wig is just like Lady Gaga's hairstyle in the first album, just shorter.
The game came out in 2009, which meant that it was when Lady Gaga really became a thing. Do you think she could have been inspired by her?
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2023.02.02 18:08 JoyfulSpite Should we embrace the new wave of Bloody Mary fans?

So as we all know Bloody Mary blew up as a TikTok trend because of the Netflix show Wednesday is extremely popular. This is causing a huge influx of new fans and listeners.
These new fans might not know every word to Bloody Mary, they might not know how big of a controversy Poker Face was, or the meat dress, ARTPOP's cult following, etc. They might even remix Bloody Mary into a way that you're not personally a fan of.
And that is OK! I welcome new fans with open arms; it is great to see younger people listening to Lady Gaga. She has deticated so much love, creativity, and hard work to her career, and it's really nice to see new generations appreciating it.
Welcome, new Monsters! Please stay a while, if you liked Bloody Mary, you might like the rest of Born This Way, The Fame Monster, ARTPOP, or Chromatica.
View Poll
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2023.02.02 18:02 Squishyface2020 What’s your go to songs and why?

Hi! We all know that for many people music can be…almost transcendent. What are your favorite songs and why? Here’s my list 😁.
Permanent-JHart and Kygo - just gives me the feels This is Me- The Greatest Showman - unapologetic in its declaration of self acceptance! Always Remember Us This Way- Lady Gaga - reminds me of my past and present relationships.
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2023.02.02 17:56 YTLinkerBot Lady Gaga - Bloody Mary [Medieval Bardcore Style Instrumental Cover]

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2023.02.02 17:37 indie_fan_ Album of the Year #33: Brent Faiyaz - Wasteland

Brent Faiyaz - WASTELAND
Release Date - July 8, 2022
Wasteland is just what I felt like we living in with this post-pandemic cluster-fuck of emotions... There’s just so much shit going on in the world at large. But I still get caught up in the vices.
- Brent Faiyaz on Rolling Stone Interview


Apple Music


Christopher Brent Wood - more widely known as Brent Faiyaz - is a unique figure in the world of modern R&B. Raising eyebrows as early as late 2016 when featured on the Goldlink single "Crew", which is certified 6X Platinum and had Brent receive a large amount of praise for his smooth, soft vocals on the track.
It was only about a year later after releasing several EP's that he dropped his official debut album titled Sonder Son in late 2017. While not replicating the same commercial success as he previously had with Goldlink, he caught the eye of several R&B circles for his somber sound as well as vulnerable, yet honest lyrics revolving relationships with his family and partner and desire for more despite having a disdain for the world for the struggles that he's experienced in his life. Since then, Brent's released a number of EP's independently, slowly building a name for himself and often being compared to the likes of Future and The Weeknd, especially for his lyrics that can often be viewed from an unhealthy or "toxic" standpoint.
It was later in about 2020 when Brent released his EP titled Fuck The World that he started to have a more notable amount of commercial success, with the project being certified Gold and peaking at #12 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and having several Gold singles from the record. Fuck The World received majority positive reviews while speaking on trauma and depression as well as unapologetically partaking in infidelity and not believing in repercussions for his actions. As more time passed, fans wondered when they were going to receive a more robust body of work. As such, Brent released his sophomore LP titled Wasteland in 2022, nearly 5 years after his debut album. The album managed to peak at #2 on the Billboard 200 and is certified Gold.


A 19-track album, Brent tells a story of a man that struggles with his vices while dealing with the current relationships he has, ranging from topics discussing infidelity, lust, escapism, and personal insecurities. As the way it's been with his past work, the main focal point is Brent and his words, as he goes from each song speaking about rough situations backed up by production that can be generally be described as stripped back and bare, yet dramatic and ominous as Brent guides the listener throughout his current disputes and arguments with his relationship and how it's impacted his life.
Toxicity Vs Euphoria
The album starts off with the intro track "VILLAIN'S THEME" where Brent immediately addresses the fact that he's built a reputation for himself as one who makes "toxic" music with Jorja Smith. Brent takes the toxic label he's been tagged with and reframes it as "temporary euphoria" or an escape. Intending to make a short escape from the negativity in his life by putting it into music. He additionally dismisses the term "toxic" and refers to it as simply and internet term where people easily attach to content that makes them uncomfortable. Then there's Jorja, who argues against such claims in a back-and-forth with the singer throughout. Although initially starting the conversation started off simple, production gradually becomes more ominous with clear vocal alterations between the two, essentially setting the mood that the album will bring. As the track ends, Jorja asks the question that finalizes the setting of the tone of the album:
What purpose do your vices serve in your life?
The Cycle
The following track is the first official song titled "LOOSE CHANGE". Largely backed up by cello notes being played throughout, Brent tries to argue what love is and the roles between him and his partner.
I remember when you couldn't tell me a thing
Now you talk so much, it drives me insane
He additionally speaks on the frustrations he's felt in the relationship claiming that she does not make near the same effort in the relationship. While admitting that he's not been perfect in the relationship himself, thinking about making the dispute into a more physical situation but claims that he would never actually take it that far. This can be viewed that although he probably would not go to such lengths, the heat of the moment and tensions being so high can lead to him confessing that his mind would go there in order to make his partner listen. This is one of the most cathartic moments on the album as Brent continues to take out his displeasure and wondering if the relationship will last any longer. As the track continues, the GTA voice line "Here we go again" plays in the background, potentially implying that the man whose viewpoint is singing through has already had a similar dispute with his partner; they're simply continuing the cycle of a relationship where potentially neither person is completely satisfied and end up in the same fight all over again.
Time & Devotion
Up next is "GRAVITY". Accompanied by Tyler, Both reflect upon how their constant traveling has impacted their relationship with their partners, believing they can simply satisfy them by bringing them all types of gifts without having to come back home. This could also be viewed as a direct constrast from Brent's previous material, specifically on his 2017 song "Stay Down", where he sings the following instead
Call me, I’ll be right away (I’ll be there, girl, stay right there)
Tell me if you gonna stay down (Will you stay down?)
I’ll be waitin' night and day
The juxtaposition in the lyrical content between the two songs imply that perhaps there was a time where Brent could be more devoted and loyal to their partner. However, with time passing and having more riches, he is too busy to devote actual time in the relationship and believes his partner is making the situation more complicated, yet simultaneously acknowledging that she supported him at his low points. An interesting song lyrically following what was said in "LOOSE CHANGE" where the near opposite was stated.
"HEAL YOUR HEART" is one of the small instances where there is a glimpse of Brent seeing the positivity and blissfulness in the relationship as well as wanting to find a way to mend his partner's broken heart for the potential hurt he has caused her. The tone appears to be positive and loving at first until paying attention to the slightly ominous production in addition to the first skit on the album that follows afterwards. "EGOMANIAC" has Chris coming back to see his partner expressing her frustration for not having the support from him that she needs as she carries his child, essentially confirming the topics Brent discussed on "GRAVITY". She also brings up his claims that he was the only love and support she needed, alluding to Brent's words in "HEAL YOUR HEART" failing to follow through on his words. This implies not only does he have a tendency to not commit, but also his lack of emotion and care for his partner. One line that's interesting to highlight on "HEAL YOUR HEART" is the following
Fuck the whole front row at the show if you ain't there
On the surface, it can be seen that Brent cares little about the people at the show if his partner is not there. However, the line could also be taken as hinting towards his sexual encounters and infidelity with other woman so long as his partner is not there to catch him in the act or satisfy him the way he wants. These subjects change the tone of "HEAL YOUR HEART" with initially having a glimpse of adoration and dedication, when taking into the context the songs and tracks that surround the interlude give it more of a manipulative tone as Brent uses empty words to convince his partner to stay with him despite being too busy with his career and other lovers to do so. Another thing to note in "EGOMANIAC" is while the expected mother is visibly angry and irritated at Brent, the tone in Chris's voice is rather casual and almost monotone. Instead of trying to reassure her and help her, he says nothing in response and only replies after his partner brings up him cheating and only dismisses it by claiming that she has the wrong idea. After leaving, the expected mother simply makes a rather calm goodbye to Brent. This can imply more than one emotion that she feels at this moment. After not properly validating her emotions in the relationship and denying that he's cheating, the expected mother could potentially tricked herself that her emotions were just rather high and she needs to calm down and forget about being upset about the situation. Something else this could imply is that after seeing how little he reacted and responded to her, she's aware that he has little concern or care for the relationship, realising that there's not much else she could say to make him care, so simply stops trying.
Love Vs Lust
"ALL MINE" is one of my personal favorites on the album. A sensual song Brent dedicates to his partner and reminds her of the good times they had together while claiming that she will come around so long as he doesn't give much attention or care to her.
You come around if I don't do too much
We had our downs but we had way more ups
Let's make love
This part of the album can be seen as one of the moments where there is "temporary euphoria". Instead of resolving the issue where Brent is not reciprocating or giving any actual effort in the relationship, he brings up the positive memories where they made love to one another and tries to engage it once more as a way to resolve the growing tension and keep her loyal to him. All in all, "ALL MINE" summarizes how it feels to be in lust and the usage of sex as the only part that's holding the relationship together.
"PRICE OF FAME" essentially discusses the consequences that Brent has experienced from newfound stardom, with the first portion having a darker, more stripped style of production and having him discuss having to fake emotions while being careful of who may want to manipulate or take advantage. The song then transitions to be a bit lighter in production, with Brent crooning over the need for his partner and insisting that he's the best man for her despite his flaws:
I never said that I was the best in the world
But I'm the best for you, girl, just stay for a while
In a sense, "PRICE OF FAME" can be seen as him trying to excuse his actions and his lack of effort in the relationship. Being so busy with keeping a stable career with others potentially knocking you down as well as how they're no such thing as the perfect lover potentially paint him in a better light to his partner so that she can see the good in him and understand why he is the way he is. After hearing about the dark parts of fame, she then hears about how her partner will try his hardest as long as she stays.
Christopher vs Gatsby
"GHETTO GATSBY" has Brent painting himself as a modern version of Jay Gatsby, a fictional , popular character in literature. This comparison is interesting for a number of reasons. For context, Jay Gatsby initially starts out in deep poverty as a result of the Roaring Twenties, additionally resulting in the loss of his lover. He eventually tries to reinvent himself by getting himself out of poverty by engaging in multiple illegal activities for the sake of making the love of his life happy and returning to how things once were between them, but said pursuit eventually leads to his own death. This juxtaposition between the two is especially significant on the last few tracks on the album, but let’s focus on this specific song for now.
I can't buy you happiness if you ain't got it
Move you to a place, still ain't what you wanted
New new face, still not Lauren London
Throughout the track, Brent describes how he buys all of these luxuries for her partner, yet she doesn’t show any happiness or satisfaction on the things he buys for her. Another interesting thing that the Gatsby comparison implies plus taking into context the lyrical content of this album so far is how Brent potentially received much of these riches through illegal methods. Whether it’s through drugs and alcohol the way Gatsby did or other ways that may be frowned upon so that Brent could satisfy his partner. The Great Gatsby paints the protagonist as someone who is - albeit naive for wanting things to go back the way they were and living in an unrealistic fantasy - still cares deeply for the love interest, even if it’s just an illusion of said love interest. While Brent is still together with his partner unlike Gatsby, Brent still can be seen as naive himself here; believing that his partner will simply be satisfied through sex and riches rather then being there through actual support and care.
Desire and Self-Awareness
The following track is another one of my personal favorites being “WASTING TIME”. It’s reminiscent of a classic Pharrell track and Drake does a solid job at delivering one of his better guest verses in a while. Lyrically, both discuss that while being aware that their partners have their own occupations, they still express the desire to spend more quality time with them. When taking into account the context of “GRAVITY” and “EGOMANIAC”, this can be seen from two ways. One being that he’s indeed remorseful that they do not get to spend as much time together due to their own occupations and wishes they could change this are unable to. The other is that he feels a sense of guilt knowing that he’s still responsible for the lack of time they have together and is mirroring the same sentiments his partner he feels so that he feels less guilty in the process.
"ROLLING STONE" is one of the main moments on the record where Brent takes a more self-aware tone and acknowledges the fact that there is still issues in his life and himself as a person.
Ask my lovers, I'm troubled
First I'm exciting then I'm gaslighting, make up your mind
I'm rich as fuck and I ain't nothing at the same time
With the phrase going as "A rolling stone gathers no moss" referring to a person who avoids any and all troubles can prove detrimental to said person. In the context of the album, rolling stone can be referred to how Brent avoids responsibilities pertaining to his partner so that he continues growing in terms of fame and riches so that he could maintain a stable career. Transition into "FYTB", where Brent likely sings about still having a desire for love. However, Brent states while he's still looking for love, drugs are the only thing that excites him at this point and doesn't want the relationship if she's not able to provide
Lately, I been lookin' for love
But I only come up on the drugs, stall me out
So if you ain't the one
Either find me some money or find me a plug
There is potential that based on the context of "ROLLING STONE" and "WASTING TIME" the character that Brent portrays is starting to feel guilt for the flaws he has as a person. As a result, he reverts to drugs to revert back to temporary euphoria. Now he's stuck between whether the drugs or love matter more to him.
Following up "FYTB" is the second skit on the record "OBLIVION" where Chris is currently with another woman, essentially confirming his partner's suspicions of him cheating. An interesting line to point out is when the expected mother suddenly calls and the side chick Chris is with says the following
It's not a big deal anyway, it ain't like y'all got a baby or nothing
The line not only implies something negative will happen later down the storyline with the two expecting a baby on the way, but also that he has not told woman about the pregnancy. Chris is knowingly playing both women by not being honest with either of them, but continues with his actions regardless to feel a sense of thrill.
Speaking of the Thrill...
The next few songs on the record have Brent engaging in several of his vices for one reason or another. "DEAD MAN WALKING" describes Brent living a debauchery as a night of sex while under the influence, which based on the context of the previous skit, is implied that the woman in question is Brent's same side chick. While there's a sense of pleasure and fun that Brent may feel on the track, there's also a hint of frustration and annoying that Brent feels, more specifically with the state of how current events are happening around him.
these days no "Kumbaya"
N!ggas be blastin'
Livin' in the midst of, this shit might drive you mad
Feeling pretty mixed up, but this life shit ain't all bad
This once again refers back to one of the main themes of the album, that being escapism. Being aware that there's multiple things wrong with the current time - from violence, brutality, and all around hate - and Brent uses this night of pleasure to forget all about that, if only for just a moment.
"ADDICTIONS" continues with the unapologetic tone that Brent carries throughout the album. While starting the song where he acknowledges of the potential of the lust he's felt and drugs he's taken negatively impacted his life, the tone feels almost sarcastic and carefree as with it not only being one of the more upbeat tracks on the album, but Brent stating how he will still revert to his vices and habits even when his partner has given him all he's desired and being frustrated that she won't let him cave in to such vices.
You done gave me all I wanted but I still got
Reasons I should fuck around
"ROLE MODEL" is also one of the highlights on the album for me sonically speaking. Lyrically, the track revisits the themes of Brent trying to buy his partner luxuries but her refusing because he doesn't spend the time with her and dismissing her needs while insisting they can wait for more time.
You say you had enough 'cause my time ain't enough
Girl, it's never enough for you
But you can wait until after tomorrow
Dilemmas and Downfalls
"JACKIE BROWN" follows up as the next track, where Brent states the following:
My new bitch look like Halle Berry
But she don't love me, she too scary
My old bitch fine like Jackie Brown
I don't wanna love her, she too down
Will you be my leading lady?
I want a contract, girl no maybe
Brent's finds the flaws in his current and past partners, with his current partner - in this case the expected mother - not having any love for him out of fear and his old partner having morals too low for even Brent to go back to. As a result, he goes to this new woman - likely the woman in "OBLIVION" if she will be his next, official partner and wants reassurance that nothing bad will happen in the new relationship. As the track progresses, there is a pitched up vocal playing throughout. Said vocal likely implies the thoughts goes on in his head. After the nights thinking about fame, drugs, and lust, he essentially asks himself if what he's doing truly satisfies him and doesn't fully know the answer to that question, further presenting the singer's dilemma with his current relationship as well as if he should continue with his vices.
"BAD LUCK" has Brent in a more heartbroken state of mind as he wonders why she's been so distant lately and not as close as the two of them used to be. As it's been the case for some of the album's previous material, there is also hints of self-victimising and manipulation tactics.
You know I put my all in you
When you not here, I'm calling you
If I die, I'm haunting you
Knowing that he's not given her the time she's asked for in addition to cheating on her, he still claims that he's made his best efforts to keep the relationship functional, claiming that she's the reason for his unfortunate circumstances
Moving on the third and final skit on the record, "WAKE UP CALL". Jarring and dramatic as it may sound, it still leaves a lasting impression and is one of the most memorable moments on the album. Chris calls his current partner, sobbing over the phone and once again expressing her frustrations with him, heavily implying that's she's about to commit suicide due to her depression as well has Chris's infidelity and absence in the relationship. With the expected mother hanging up the phone, the skit ends in a car crash that Brent gets into while trying to reach his partner.
The album with the final song and ballad titled "ANGEL" where Brent is at his most regretful and desperate.
Don't ever leave my side, girl I'll die
But from what I know, you're always here to stay
You're an angel in disguise
The lyrics plus the comparison to his partner being an angel to come and save him before he dies implies that he indeed survived the car crash. However, it also implies that his partner went through with the suicide, along with the baby never being born. And with that, the album comes to an end.
A Shakespearean Tragedy
Brent has explained that his goal for this album was not to create an autobiography, but for Wasteland to be reminiscent of a Shakespearean Tragedy, where the protagonist has this fatal flaw that deeply impacts his character - in this case the fatal flaw being lust - eventually leading to said flaw leading to his downfall, in the context of Wasteland, Brent's flaw leading to the loss of his partner and his child. Going back to the Gatsby comparison, Chris and Gatsby share a fair amount of similarities. Not only did both of them have a good amount of riches, they still felt unsatisfied and unhappy as they did not have the relationship they wished for. Leading to them to think about a fantasy neither can realistically achieve, ultimately leading to great downfalls for both stories. Brent's intention is clearly not to paint him in a positive light, rather share a story that's honest and transparent as it can get.
All in all, Wasteland is a rather impressive and thought out project, from being able to tell a single story from front to back despite its long run time. The bare, dynamic, and powerful production choices that play throughout only further compliment the album as Brent takes the listener on a journey through jarring skits, soft vocals, and cathartic storytelling as you think back of the most emotional moments of your own past experiences.
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2023.02.02 17:09 AdmirableService9376 New performance soon (probably)

Just wanted y’all to know Madonna is rumored to be the most special “super” guest of Italian music festival Sanremo, which she already attended twice in ‘95 (performed Take a Bow) and in ‘98 (performed Frozen). The night she will be performing is supposed to be Friday 10th, next week, even tho she is yet to be announced - probably being kept as last surprise of the festival; till now she’s only been rumored from Fiorello - one of the hosts of the festival - as “an international female artist of Italian origins, but not Lady Gaga”. Plus Spotify has an official playlist for Sanremo and they put Vogue in it, lol.
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2023.02.02 17:06 GayPalestineLover No… no one DIED at stonewall?!?

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2023.02.02 16:59 aerothan Not to be a bother, but there's one other CD I'm trying to ID

Timeline is roughly around 1999 but definitely prior to September 11 2001.
Like all the edm CDs I had, they were in a case found on the side of the road so I never had cases for them and this, like several others was a burned copy with no proper label. It was similar to DJ Mystik's eternity 4 which I also had, in that all the tracks would blend into the next.
To copy and past from TOMT:
The CD may have been from an indie artist so I don't have much hope learning the title, but it was in a CD case found on the side of the road with a lot of veitnamese CDs and trance/edm, most notably some by Cali artist DJ Mystik, but I've looked up all of the albums I could find by him and none of them started with the same track. It was a burned CD and the printed cover didn't have any information on it, just decoration.
That CD started with a sort of dreamscape sound with rapid snare and a wolf howling. The lyrics include a woman's whispery voice repeating "Dream" "it's just a dream"
And later an electronic voice singing something along the lines of "I knocked on her door she said come inside, I knew from her look she had something to hide [...] She [...] Could have lied [...] She tried to undress me I couldn't decide(something like that) I knew I was dreaming The night the full moon rise"
It was distorted and hard to make out.
Another song later on the CD sampled Darkness from the movie Legend saying "my lady, we are all animals"
The lines sampled from Legend
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2023.02.02 16:50 schlagerkaty TBT - one of my fav ESC mashups. Hero (Sweden 2008) and Lady Gaga’s Poker Face. It fits perfectly.

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2023.02.02 16:45 aaneka8 Pc - Srk

This is hearsay but all this came from a source who worked very closely with them.
Priyanka and Srk got close during schedule of Don2. He said “Pc is very strategic with her relationships”. She is also very smart with Pr. Once she tipped Mumbai paps to film her when she was leaving Salman khan pad at 4 am. It was a friendly meet. Extremely ambitious and calculative ( it’s fine - she is talented, non nepotism whatever it takes to survive in this ruthless industry ).
She wanted global domination and she got srk to speak to lady gaga ( when she came to india) to get her album released thru Interscope records. That album was a dud - with no traction. It’s around that time her dad passed away and things became weird - she wanted more, he could only give opportunities.
With Gauri in picture - both were served an ultimatum. Luckily for her she got Quantico and now that’s history ..
That’s the tea 🍵
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2023.02.02 16:35 scheckydamon Poker Face (Lady Gaga) - 1940s Western Swing edition

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2023.02.02 16:25 Acrobatic_Outside_64 Gagy Lada

Lady Gaga
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2023.02.02 15:24 JokerCrimson I made a cosplay of Rain on Me Lady Gaga.

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2023.02.02 14:54 REALCellWaters Lady Gaga - Alejandro (02 02 2023)

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2023.02.02 14:52 ntnwcmb Numb Scottish lady seeks other numb Scottish lady

I'm new around here.
Last year I started looking into SSRI toxicity and PSSD and remember finding a PDF on Google. From what I remember it was a letter written by a woman to either her MP/local government or to the Scottish Parliament itself, about her experience with SSRIs. It was very detailed and went into the misunderstanding she received from her healthcare team and and how it affected her life. She went from high functioning (I think she was an accountant) to basically having dementia as a result of SSRIs. I'm sure she mentioned PSSD and feeling chemically castrated.
I now can't find the paper again and seemingly didn't save to bookmarks. Has it been posted here? Does anyone know of the document I'm talking about?
If you are the lady in question, I would love to hear from you as your story reflected my life very much.
About me: About 5/6 year from SSRI discontinuation.
Originally went to GP for physical condition, was refused access to consultants and blackmailed into taking Citalopram 5mg (ie. lets rule out depression before we acknowledge what's actually killing you). Long story short, after SSRIs I ended up in a wheelchair, left without treatment, suffered dementia for many years (don't recognise family anymore) and will be lucky if I will ever be able to look after myself on a basic level again.
My PSSD story is confounded by another neurological condition. I have all-over neuropathy but the timing of that does not match up with PSSD and is very different in feeling (ie. hands and feet burn like hell, but genital area is ABSOLUTELY NUMB. PSSD symptoms correlate exactly with SSRI period while rest of symptoms occur years before or after). I was infamously romantic and loved men and very sensual before SSRIs, and now I have absolutely nothing left of any of it. All my friends knew I loved love to the point it became a running joke. I was someone with a big personality and a lot of drive, high IQ & creativity and now that has completely gone.
I have found the accounts posted on here of how music impacts people with PSSD very interesting as I have also experienced this. I was formerly a musician studying to teach music. Since SSRIs, music is just not interesting to me, whereas before it was like having a direct channel between me, God and the annals of time. Would also hear the lyrics and always be dreaming about latest love interest etc. Don't have that now. I had been beginning to wonder if it was just an "age" thing (getting older), but after reading all of your stories I do believe this is tied to PSSD as onset ties up exactly with my SSRI use. I don't ever think about family or friends etc and generally have no self awareness.
As a side note, during Citalopram, I had to often be spoon fed in bed because I could not sit up due to very severe POTS (Postrual Orthostatic intolerance). This went away upon stopping Citalopram. Was so curious about this that a year or so later I went back on Citalopram (not have made the PSSD link yet) for a few weeks to test the theory, and guess what - POTS came back and I needed spoon feeding again.
I have been wondering about neurotoxicity (as it relates to my other conditions) from Citalopram. Citalopram, Finasteride, Isotretinoin are all highly lipophilic. From what I have read on here, it does seem like a switch get permenantly triggered as people can get permanent PSSD from just one pill. So ongoing toxicity is likely isn't wholly responsible (as in: the drugs physically persists the body), yet I wonder if these substances do linger in the body seeing as they readily enter the brain and are so highly lipophilic. I have been getting into David Root's work on removing lipophilic toxins in neurotoxicity and will leave these links here for anyone interested in that: (Around the 41 minute mark is interesting. He shows the reduction in symptoms of firefighters treated for neurotoxicity from working during 9/11 in New York. He does not mention sex/libido but the other symptoms show drastic improvement). (On the fence with Dr Amen. However, has anyone from this community ever had a SPECT done by his clinic? That would be interesting. Over the years, I've seen him talk about the damage from drugs of all kinds (pharma & street) that he sees on the brain scans of his patients, and he seems very against alcohol, pot, iboga etc. Wondering if he has noticed anything from SSRIs).
I'll end this here for now. Nice to meet you all.
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2023.02.02 14:49 REALCellWaters Lady Gaga - Alejandro (02 02 2023) - NOTE: I compressed the quality so it would fit on Reddit. For full quality watch the YouTube link.

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2023.02.02 14:49 Beneficial_Unit6403 [For Sale] Kero Kero Bonito, Bjork HMV, Pop Artists, Soundtracks

Hello! I am selling some records, mainly pop. These records have been kept in inner and outer sleeves and in a non smoking home. If you have an offer for any of these PM me! All will be shipped in a vinyl mailer with media mail.
Almost all still have hype stickers!
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2023.02.02 13:17 alreadyreddit105 about why ayesha quit

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