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2010.02.19 18:16 As deep as the world is wide

Worldevents is dedicated to fleshing out the historical, political and cultural context of current events (other than US news that does not involve *WORLD*events).

2023.02.02 22:06 ofvxnus we need to talk about forspoken

the reviews are out and they are… not good. however, i have to ask: how much of this is because of the game itself and how much of this is to due to the sometimes unconscious and sometimes conscious bias we have against black women, especially when they take on more assertive roles?
clearly the game is mediocre. perhaps at times it could be said to be good. most critics who have actually played the game (the main story and a good portion of the side content) and have written in-depth reviews have given it scores between 6.5-8. most of these scores are closer to 7. of course, there are differing opinions out there, but this seems like a comfortable range for what i’ve seen from the game. the difference between a 6.5 score and a higher score seems to depend on whether or not that particular reviewer liked frey as a character and the presentation of the story. i can understand this to some degree as good charactestory can carry an otherwise lackluster game for me as well.
that being said, in addition to these critical reviews, the game has also experienced swaths and swaths of 0 star audience reviews on metacritic. many of these comments simply repeat vague criticisms others have already made such as calling it “cringe.” some of them call it out as “woke.” a majority of them call frey, the main character of the game, unlikable and even “disgusting.”
the internet has also been having an absolute hay day with this game. whereas other mediocre games like ghostswire: tokyo and callisto protocol are allowed to simply disappear into obscurity, forspoken continues to experience the video game equivalent of public beatings. people go out of their way even in its own sub to criticize it. on posts outside of its sub, people seem to gleefully tear it apart. twitter turned the game into a meme. in general, people seem be glorying in its downfall, like it’s another cyberpunk or no man’s sky and not a completely playable game that does exactly what it promised to do, but with some lackluster aspects.
my point in saying all of this is not to convince anyone that people are wrong when they say forspoken is a bad game (as i mentioned earlier, it seems to be mediocre in a lot of ways), but to create space to examine why such a mediocre game seems to attract so much vitriol when other games of similar quality do not.
unfortunately, i think forspoken was fighting an uphill battle since the very beginning. on the first reveal trailer i saw people decrying frey’s gender and ethnicity in the comment section. also her design in general. some people called her ugly due to her realistic proportions and modest clothes. the response was similar to the response some people had to aloy’s updated model. however, at that time, the game seemed impressive enough to still garner some excitement from the majority of people. then the story trailers came out. people hated frey once she started to speak. one comment i read derided frey as a superficial tiktok girl, literally ignoring all of the background information about her being homeless and down on her luck given in the trailers and just assuming who she was based on her ethnicity and gender. he asked, who could possibly relate to this character? meanwhile, similar characters like peter parker and naruto, for example, have huge fan bases around the world. then the demo came out and the game’s world was empty and lacking detail. this was the nail in the coffin for the game.
it can be difficult to judge genuine responses to this game from agenda-based responses. earlier, i pointed out the use of the term “cringe” in a lot of the reviews. this is a term that was immediately applied to the game once frey started speaking. it’s a popular word amongst younger people, much like “woke” used to be before it was co-opted by the right. i think something similar is happening with the word “cringe.” the reason why is because words like “woke” and “cringe” are difficult to argue against. they offer few particulars and are incredibly vague. they are not connected to fact but to opinion. it is “woke” for a black woman to be the lead in the game, but what agenda is she actually pushing when she is simply doing the same thing white male characters typically get to do? it is “cringe” when a black woman speaks, but why isn’t it “cringe” when a male character says the same thing? especially in other media in similar genres, such as YA novels, isekai, and anime. for example, the recent hi-fi rush trailer just launched and it has very similar dialogue scattered throughout but people seem to mostly love it. additionally, JRPGs in general feature similar dialogue or similar characters. Final Fantasy X, XIII, VII Remake, etc. yet many of these games are beloved.
of course, these detractors could be right about frey being “cringe.” what they could be latching onto is the fact that frey was written by white people and thus lacking the tether to the culture she supposedly comes from. maybe because of this, they feel like she is disingenuous, a token. there could be something to that argument. plus the fact that one of the first black female leads we get in AAA gaming is also depicted as homeless and a criminal, both of which are stereotypes regardless of how well the tropes are handled. and the fact that she was given either few resources or poorly managed resources to create a genuinely good game and story around her character.
if this is the case then the discussion needs to grow and adapt. the question then isn’t “do people not want women of color as leads in their video games?” the question is actually “do people want thoughtful and genuine representations of women of color in their video games?” i think the answer to that second question is “yes.” and we should be pressuring developers to include more people of color and more people with varied gender identities and sexual orientations in all levels of development. that should be the case regardless of if the lead is a person of color or a sexual/gender minority. this is how we create believable worlds and characters that live in them.
there is so much nuance to this situation that will be impossible to discuss within the confines of a reddit post. mostly i just wanted to start the conversation and hopefully offer a balanced opinion.
i think forspoken touches upon a lot of issues gamers have with games and perhaps that’s why so many people are so activated about it. for $70, we want games that are of better quality and optimized for the systems we play them on. black female leads deserve good stories, vivid worlds, and satisfying gameplay mechanics. it’s disappointing when they don’t get this. black female leads should also be allowed to be dorky or angry. they should be allowed to be mediocre like many white male characters end up being as well.
ultimately, we just need more games with leads who aren’t white straight men. the fact that people are arguing so much over forspoken comes down to the fact that it is only one of a handful of games that actually feature a person like frey as the lead. unfortunately, frey has a much higher standard to meet simply due to the fact that she mostly stands alone in her genre. i hope that the failure of forspoken, if it has failed, doesn’t convince game developers that it was because of frey’s gender and ethnicity and not because of how poorly developed it was.
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2023.02.02 22:05 systemfa1lure Should I (25M) ask him (28M) why he ghosted me?

So, back in May-June I (25M) was talking to this guy. Actually I was talking with 2 guys who I met on a dating app. Let's name the first one James (28M) and the second one Bryan (23M).
So at first, I was only talking to James. We went on a couple dates. He was really cool, I liked him a lot. He was a bit more into books than I was but in general he seemed like a great person. Then, he said he was gonna go on vacation with his friends for a few days. A day or before that I started talking to Bryan. We didn't have like a commitment or anything w/James so I was like "well, he is probably talking to other people too". Also, I was messaging with James at the time but it felt like I was like the one leading the conversation usually. Then I go on a date with Bryan and he was sweet too but I felt like I had more in common with James. So after that date Bryan wants to meet a 2nd time. So I give him a date that is a week later. At the time I was hoping James would text me or something. I felt like I was more into James but Bryan was more into me than I was to James. If that makes sense...
I don't hear back from James for a week so I just keep going on dates with Bryan. After like the 3rd date we said we can try to date (exclusively), so I was like yeah. He is a good guy. We end up dating for like 6 months. Broke up last December. We were fundamentally different people and it didn't work out. In this whole time James hasn't said a word to me. But now, I just want to ask him why he ghosted me. I don't know, it just feels weird after all that time to ask that. Like what do I even say? "Why did you ghost me?" It feels unorthodox.
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2023.02.02 22:04 Yogurttakeover Talking down the panic - breast biopsy

Almost one year ago I posted on this sub about some concerns regarding a change in my breast. You all blew me away with the compassionate advice, kind words, and simply holding space for my anxious thoughts so I felt less crazy. I’m here for a follow up, and maybe more advice if anyone has ever experienced something similar…
After my scare last year I had a mammogram and ultrasound along with genetic testing. My doctor reported all was “fine” and they’d follow up at my annual. Needless to say, my symptoms did not get better and the small spot I felt in one breast has gotten bigger, not much, but it’s grown. The doctor told me there was nothing to discuss about what else the spot could be and I was sent on my way. I’ve had intermittent itching on that one side for the last several months now and FINALLY talked myself into being seen again.
Lo and behold, my tests showed no masses but were not normal and actually needed follow up 6 months ago in the form of another scan or an MRI. I also found out I have a gene mutation, the same as my mom, who had breast cancer at a young age. They never told me or sent me for genetic counseling. I found my records, immediately switched docs, and that new office saw me today, within 4 days of me calling them.
Today I saw a new doctor and she was SO kind and thorough. She did a physical exam and immediately said she wants me to go for a biopsy at a specialists office. She quickly felt what I was describing (it’s painless but causing heaviness and thickness in my armpit now).
My mammogram and US were almost a year ago but she doesn’t want to repeat them first, she just wants the biopsy right away. I was hoping she would say something like suspected cyst or fibroadenoma but she made no mention and just said we need to rule out cancer.
Has anyone else ever had this happen? No scan, just straight to a referral? I’m a bit overwhelmed by the fact she didn’t mention benign options at all as the other doc was quick to tell me I was fine and it was probably nothing. I do have dense breast tissue which increases my risk but also my mom had breast cancer and so did her mom.
Has anyone been in this type of situation and it wasn’t cancer? Also, what the heck do I expect for this process and biopsy?! I just feel scared, confused, and also that I may be totally overreacting…..
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2023.02.02 22:01 Regular_FNAF_AR_Fan Frères rançais ! Ceci est la preuve que les anglois essaie de nous provoquer ! Faisons débat autour de ce que l'on devrait faire contre ces anglois honteux.

Frères rançais ! Ceci est la preuve que les anglois essaie de nous provoquer ! Faisons débat autour de ce que l'on devrait faire contre ces anglois honteux. submitted by Regular_FNAF_AR_Fan to rance [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 21:59 TheTalkedSpy "Memory Verse Cards" from the La Vista Church of Christ Website

We started doing monthly themes at La Vista where a card is given out with a memory verse and the subject is divided into four weekly subpoints. While the lessons on Sunday and Wednesday don't always match the current month's theme, several do and it is nice to have something to aim for when you can't come up with an idea for a lesson or a short talk.
Some of the memory verses are short and simple, some are longer and more challenging. The "trick" to memorizing verses is to understand the flow of ideas. Don't try to memorize a sequence of words because you will forget a key point.
The idea was inspired by Phillip Shumake, a fellow preacher. Each link is to a PDF that can be printed one-sided on 8.5x11 cardstock and creates two cards after being trimmed to 5.5x7.5.
  1. Bible Reading
  2. Love
  3. Service
  4. Courage
  5. Patience
  6. Honesty
  7. Teaching
  8. Obedience
  9. Small Things
  10. Defense
  11. Gratitude
  12. Purpose
  13. Resolute
  14. Blessed
  15. Renewed
  16. Water
  17. Mothers
  18. Self-Control
  19. Proof
  20. Satan
  21. Friendship
  22. Hard Sayings
  23. Conscience
  24. Bread
  25. Heaven
  26. Respect
  27. War
  28. Fools
  29. Seek
  30. Fathers
  31. Freedom
  32. Good Works
  33. Remember
  34. God's Will
  35. See
  36. Contented
  37. Morality
  38. Dating
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2023.02.02 21:45 PropheciesToday LGBT Q/A: Is homosexuality considered a sin in the Bible?

Since LGBT is such a frequent/daily topic here, I'm looking at the wording of a sin list in 1 Corinthians 6. And because there is some disagreement on Bible versions, I'm looking at several of them plus the Greek:
The whole verse is a list of various sins:
Notice how Paul says, "some of you" WERE: the Bible teaches that we can overcome sin in at least 3 different ways! More on that later, in another post; it's not specific to any one type of sin but to sin as a whole.
Be nice and considerate to EVERYONE, discourage EVERY sin without exception or favoritism, HELP each other every way we can as imperfect beings, and always LOVE all people.
Thanks! Bless you. 🙏✟
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2023.02.02 21:42 Vibrant_Vibes_03 My dad called during my triage admission…there goes my perfect BP numbers.

I’m 36 weeks and currently at the hospital in triage due to my baby’s BPP score being 4/8 at my regular ultrasound yesterday (not enough movement). I’m (fingers crossed) being released in a few hours since her redo came back as 8/8.
My dad called to tell me he was on his way to my apartment to visit me, and I told him not to go because we weren’t home. I updated him on the situation and let him know that the due date has changed (my mistake).
I’ve had a stipulation since around 6 months that I wouldn’t have visitors immediately after birth and that everyone should anticipate a 6 week wait while my little family unit gets used to each other. Since my fiancé’s parental leave plans have changed, I’ve adjusted the plans to allow only my mom and sisters so I have people I’m comfortable with present to help out while my fiancé is working.
This didn’t go over well with my dad. He calls at least once a week to “check in” but always finds a way to sneak in a conversation about my boundaries. Every time he tells me that “it’s a celebration of life” and “people just want to be there for you” and “since I’m your dad there shouldn’t be any restrictions for me.” No matter how many times I tell him it isn’t personal, he continues to essentially bully me and make me feel like the bad guy for wanting time to heal and take care of my baby without a bunch of people in my face. Not to mention he hasn’t been a consistent figure in my life, and he doesn’t cook or clean so his presence at my house postpartum would be more of a hassle than anything else.
My BP readings today have all been perfect but shortly after the call today where we had the same conversation again (while he knows I’m in the hospital), my nurse comes in for another check. 144/94. She was pretty shocked and asked if everything was okay. I immediately broke down and told her everything. She was awesome and made sure to comfort me and told me whatever I need security wise is available.
It feels great knowing the L&D staff here is so supportive but I can’t believe after months of telling grown ass people the same thing over and over, I have to request extra accommodations to make sure no one tries anything. And it isn’t just my dad, it’s multiple people across both families who have no respect for our boundaries. I haven’t told anyone besides my designated support people where I’ll be delivering, but that doesn’t mean the word won’t get out some way or another. I’m just so ready for this to be over, you have no idea.
Just a quick edit: I’ve been thinking about blocking his number or ignoring his calls since these conversations started, but I always feel guilty about thinking that way. For the past few years he has put forth effort to mend our relationship, but the pregnancy really brought out his old ways. I’m not sure if blocking him is the right thing to do, but these conversations are really getting to me.
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2023.02.02 21:41 No_Air22 Where to sell field-specific multi-language dictionary

During my translation studies I acquired many reference books from a mentor of mine. I'm not working professionally in the field anymore and trying to downsize my reference book collection.
I have one very specific "dictionary". It's a multi-lingual (6) dictionary of textile terms. I say "dictionary" as there's no definition, it's +1500 pages of terms related to the textile industry in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German and Spanish.
The book looks brand new. It's a cool neon orange hardcover. There's no ISBN, just a cover page with the publisher information (ITS publishing, Switzerland, 1994).
Honestly it's one of the coolest book I own as it's such so randomly specific, had it had descriptions I would have kept it as casual reading but without descriptions it's just a long list of words. In six languages. Four of which I don't speak. But it looks cool AF and I'm a sucker for neon orange.
I don't know anyone IRL who would be interested in this reference book. It's very niche but I'd wager it could be useful for someone in the field as I didn't find any comprehensive terminological database for the textile industry. So here's my question. Where to try and sell it ? I'm banned from Amazon for some reasons (someone hacked my account and I don't know what they did but Amazon terminated my account and won't let me create another one).
eBay ? Abebooks ? Other online selling plateform I haven't heard of ?
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2023.02.02 21:37 universe-atom chatGPT : give me a list of 10 pointers of nonduality that are meant to be funny

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2023.02.02 21:28 zaririi The Truth About Feminism

A full essay critiquing Feminism by British author, YouTuber and women's advocate Zarina Macha.
The Lies of Feminism
Feminism comes from the Latin words ‘femme’ (meaning women) and ‘ism’ (meaning doctrine or school of thought). It literally means ‘women’s doctrine’ (so no, Feminism does not mean ‘equality’). If Feminism was about equality (which it isn’t and never has been), then there would be no need for a Womanist movement (a movement for black women, whom Feminism has done nothing for), or a men’s rights movement. We wouldn’t have Feminists and Egalitarians, because these two groups would be working together.
Feminism is based on two key lies: the first being that gender is a social construct, and the second being that human civilisation has always been some oppressive patriarchy where women were viewed as second-class citizens.
Let’s look at the first lie. Gender is a biological construct (not a social one) based on sex (which is defined by gametes; male sperm and female eggs). Gender roles refer to the roles men and women play in the conception and raising of children. Both men and women have a mix of feminine and masculine traits, it’s just that men happen to be more masculine and women happen to be more feminine. This is a generalisation, and some men are more feminine and some women are more masculine (and they deserve to live normally and not be reprimanded for being slightly outside the norm), but it doesn’t change this simple fact.
Even though we are now all being taught the absurd lie ‘there are more than two genders’, there are only two genders: male and female, and both play an important complimentary function in the raising and rearing of children. Men are typically better at certain activities (hunting, problem-solving, leading), and women are typically better at certain activities (facial recognition, emotional intuition, being community-oriented). Even contemporary Feminist writers like Kathleen Stock, Louise Perry and Julie Bindel are concerned with the erasure of female biology from contemporary discussions around women.
(Note: I have nothing against binary trans people and I respect the right of any adult trans man or trans woman to transition and live in their authentic gender identity. This doesn’t change the fact that there are only two genders; if anything, it simply reinforces it. One can only transition from male to female or vice versa.)
Most of the prominent Feminist thinkers (including Mary Wollstonecraft, Simone de Beauvoir, Betty Friedan, and Judith Butler) are/were women who went against the norm, and believed that women were ‘inferior to men’ for not being as interested in politics and intellectual discourse as they were. Instead of accepting that these women were different to the norm and perhaps not as interested in activities that most women liked (which every other non-Feminist woman has always done), they complained that they were being ‘oppressed’, despite being more privileged than most people who were on the planet at that time.
The second lie is that there’s a patriarchy oppressing women. As mentioned above, most of human society has involved men and women working together in complimentary gender roles for the bearing and raising of children (because again, men and women are typically different). Structures were created to allow women and men to function together for the betterment of society (back when people were more team-oriented and family-oriented than the angry misanthropic Feminists of today).
Feminists keep pushing the lie that a wife was a ‘man’s property’. When a man gets married, his wife becomes the most important person in his life. Someone to care for and look after. Very few men are genuine misogynists (history is full of courtly love, chivalry, and men professing love for women). No good father is going to allow his daughter to marry a man who will be oppressive and cruel towards her (especially as that man is going to become his son-in-law.) Most people in the past cared about family lineage, and it’s highly untrue that most fathers would have sat back and allowed their daughters to marry some horrible oppressive misogynistic man. This narrative is horribly sexist and misanthropic, and greatly undermines all of the things men do and have done for women. Fathers giving their daughters away symbolised a blessing that she would be loved and cared for by her husband, and that he would protect her, as that transfer of protection from the father has now gone to the husband. This is the woman who is going to be the mother of a man’s future children and become the daughter-in-law of the family she is now joining. Why would she be viewed as ‘inferior to her husband’ or as ‘oppressed’? It just doesn’t add up.
Statistically, women are less interested in politics than men. Feminism views this as ‘sexist’ which undermines women’s agency and personal choices. Women have always contributed to society in various ways. Women in Medieval England worked as nuns, teachers, nurses, writers, and were even as active as men in agricultural activities. Their roles in society were just as important and respected as men’s roles (even though Feminists keep lying to women and telling us that we were being ‘oppressed’). Life was just as tough for most men of that era as it was for most women of that era. Men were every bit as ‘oppressed’ as women were.
Various ancient societies, including Rome, Greece, Egypt, all have examples of women contributing to society in various ways, in the domestic and public sphere (even though the Feminists have twisted it to make it look like those women had no rights and were being ‘oppressed’, while simultaneously contradicting themselves and talking about how women did have power, just not in the same masculine way that men did. This is evident of the internalised misogyny that most Feminists have, and lack of respect for women of the past and the roles that they played in contributing to human society).
Much of history has been re-written by Feminist historians to paint women as ‘oppressed.’ This article talks about how women ‘lacked any role in public life’ in Rome, which makes women believe that they were of less value to men. But that simply isn’t true. There are so many ancient Roman goddesses, and as the article mentions, the priestesses of Vestia were greatly worshipped and respected. Ancient mythology is littered with goddesses, from Hestia to Isis. The term ‘virgin’ (before Christianity) had nothing to do with sexual chastity and purity, it was about celebrating the maiden, which was simply a term for a young, unmarried women (although again, Feminist historians have twisted this to make it look like women were being ‘oppressed’ even though this doesn’t make any sense).
All throughout ancient societies, women have been worshipped, for a woman is the bringer of life and creation. The masculine and the feminine are complimentary in practically every tradition apart from Feminist social constructionism. What man would ‘oppress’ his own wife (a wife he would have, in most cases, loved and cared for dearly and provided for) and then go and pray to a female goddess? Again, this makes no sense.
Of course some individuals have always been sexist towards women (just as some people have always been sexist towards men; women are as capable of domestic violence and criminal activities as men are), but this cruelty accounts for the minority. Human populations would not have survived if everyone was a horrible narcissist (which most people are not) and men were ‘oppressing’ women (most women would have simply risen up and challenged men anyway, for women have always been strong and capable). Even Louise Perry (part of the Feminist legacy of angry white women) asserts on p.39 of her recent book that only around 10% of men have violent sexually predatory urges (a figure she cites that is also used by domestic abuse expert Dina McMillan).
What’s rather remarkable is that, even though most women are not as interested in politics as most men, this has not stopped plenty of female leaders (including so-called oppressed Feminists) having roles and governance in the public world: Hypatia, Cleopatra, Boudicca, Yaa Asantewaa, Hatshepsut, Queen Victoria, Empress Dowager Cixi, and so on. So many women have contributed to society outside of the domestic sphere all throughout human history.
Where was the so-called patriarchy ‘oppressing’ these women? Any woman who has wanted to get into power has faced the same challenges as any man in her position. The only difference is that more men than women are interested in politics, so perhaps these women were viewed as exceptions, but instead of whining about being ‘oppressed victims’, they overcame adversities and became leaders. They were different from most women at their time, but they didn’t let this stop them. They didn’t view themselves as ‘oppressed’, they simply got on with things. They were aware of their privilege and used it for good, rather than to whine and complain.
Why do a small group of angry white women (i.e. modern Feminists) get to put down everyone else and claim that their personal hardships (which I don’t doubt are valid, but have nothing to do with ‘systemic sexism’) are somehow more important than hardships facing those suffering from real systemic oppression and social injustice (most of the people murdered by police in America are men, particularly African-American men, whom Feminism has done absolutely nothing for – so much for ‘equality’).
The Enlightenment and ‘Proto’-Feminism
The origins of Feminism come from the Age of Enlightenment as part of a social reaction to institutional Christianity and imperialism. The Enlightenment (which lasted from the 17th to 18th century) was a period of European history in which many new inventions and ideas were being created. The period of human history from the creation of the Roman Empire until roughly the 16th century was mostly feudal. Democratic reform did not become commonplace in the West until the 19th century. While Feminists love to tiresomely insist that women were ‘oppressed’ due to not being able to vote, most men across Western feudal societies were also unable to vote.
Feminism technically began in France with the French revolution. Olympe de Gouges was one of the first to whine about rich white women being ‘oppressed’ and promoted misandric ideas of ‘perpetual male tyranny’ (that same tyranny that created social structures like marriage to protect these privileged white women). She was living in a time when African-American men weren’t even viewed as human beings and Native Americans were being murdered and slaughtered, and she had the nerve to call herself ‘oppressed’? Oppressed by marriage, an institution created to protect and care for women (82% of romance fiction readers are women, showing that most women do desire love and the romantic love from a man, something which Feminism can’t reconcile itself with).
Feminisme’ as a term didn’t really exist until around the 1830s, when a utopian socialist named Charles Pourier invented the term (or so he has been credited). His ideas, along with the Marxist ideas around abolishing capitalism and the family, collectively inspired the later Feminist movements.
Engels published The Origin of the Family, Property, and State in 1884 in which he claimed that women were oppressed as wives under this so-called patriarchy (this is where Feminism got most of its ideas from about the family unit ‘oppressing’ women and women being viewed as second-class citizens, even though it’s ridiculous to even assume that most men would view their own wives and mothers as ‘second-class citizens’).
It’s true that Marx outlined many problems with capitalism. However, instead of offering reform, he offered revolution. He wanted to reshape society in some ridiculous communist utopia. He and Engels set about their manifesto that wanted to destroy the family unit, destroy the private ownership of property and land, and pushed the tiresome narrative that marriage and being a wife was ‘oppressive’ (something Friedan and Steinem later used to generate the post-1960s Feminist movement).
First Wave Feminism
Western Feminism was officially created in 1848 at Seneca Falls because a yet-another small group of angry white women believed that they were oppressed (while African-Americans were struggling with genuine oppression). Some of them did have genuine causes for concern, but the women who ran the movement (namely Lucrecia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton) were foreshadowing of the hateful later Feminists that came about.
As for the so-called noble Suffragettes, they were indeed different to later post-1960s Feminists, and they weren’t talking about ‘destroying the patriarchy’ or destroying marriage, nor were they lobbying for abortion. However, the Suffragettes were just as militant, and angry as many of their Feminist foremothers and the later Feminists. They were not calm, noble, rational creatures — instead, they shouted over people, partook in the dreadful white feather campaign which involved the humiliation of young men, and even bombed churches and buildings.
They weren’t even lobbying for all women’s suffrage. It was voting rights for (yet again) a small class of privileged, wealthy, angry white women. Black people couldn’t vote. Most men couldn’t vote. By 1918, only 58% of men in the UK could actually vote (even this BBC article loaded with Feminist propaganda states that British men could only vote if they were over 30, owned property, and had lived in England for at least 12 months).
Meanwhile, men in the USA could only vote if they were conscripted for the war (and up until the ‘60s, the voting age in America was 21, so no, not ‘all men’ could vote). The contributions of women during the first world war led to more women becoming involved in public life (the anti-suffrage campaign wasn’t about so-called ‘misogyny’, it was about women being genuinely concerned about the necessities of women’s involvement in politics. Again — the fact that Feminists hate — women and men are different, and most women simply aren’t as interested in politics as men and have enjoyed different functions in society).
Plenty of women (including Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria, and Mary Augusta Ward – all apparently ‘misogynistic woman-haters’ as Feminists keep tiresomely insisting) opposed women’s suffrage, not because of ‘sexism’, but once again, because men and women held different roles in society. They were simply voicing concerns about disruptions towards public life, but the angry Feminists didn’t (and still don’t) listen to the concerns of other people, being unable to see past their own privilege.
Mary Augusta Ward was a novelist and education reformer. Modern (Feminist) history would dub her a ‘sexist’ for being against women’s suffrage, but she did more good for women (and for men) than any Feminist. Her critique of women’s voting rights was based on how women were typically viewed at the time, and concerns that women becoming involved in public voting life would disrupt the harmony of society. It wasn’t to do with ‘sexism’ or ‘misogyny’ or the so-called patriarchy.
This article states: ‘Leading women voiced a wide range of progressive anti-suffrage arguments which they called ‘the forward position’. They claimed that women were as capable as men, if not superior in some ways, but destined to fulfil a different role in society. Their caring and maternal role rested upon their moral strength and emotional sensitivity.’ This isn’t ‘misogyny’, it’s just a description of how things were at the time. If anything, it’s the opposite of misogyny: the women at the time simply were not as involved in politics and public life as the men at the time. Voting just didn’t concern most women.
After millions of men died in the first world war, (white) women AND men over 30 in the UK got the right to vote. They got the right to vote on the backs of men who had died in the war and women who had worked in the public sphere, not because of ‘Feminism.’ The triumph of the vote in England was about the working-class, not privileged white Feminists. In fact, the Suffragettes abandoned their campaign to get involved with the war effort, so they are not even the ones to thank for getting women the right to vote.
(Note: I’m not at all endorsing strict gender roles. It’s a good thing that modern women can vote and be involved in public life, but this was all thanks to advancements in technology and social progress, not ‘Feminism’.)
Second-Wave Feminism
The second-wave Feminist campaign was triggered by the publication of The Feminine Mystique, published by (yet another) angry white woman who was unaware of her immense social privilege. Once again, she was upset because most women didn’t want the same things in life as she did, and instead of supporting and encouraging women to go for their dreams and do more with their lives than be a housewife and mother (even though being a housewife and mother is not a bad thing and Feminists have completely devalued this), she decided that all men oppressed women via marriage via this ludicrous ‘patriarchy’, expanding on Marxist theory (Friedan was heavily involved in the US Communist movement). She lied about women not being able to work; thousands of women worked during the second world war, but after the war, people wanted to re-enter a period of domestic peace and re-building society (because most people, unlike Feminists, cared about the common good).
Women in America got equal pay in 1963 as part of JFK’s New Frontier (pushed with the aid of a woman named Esther Peterson), and the National Organisation for Women was formed in 1966. What rights did (white) American women have that men did not have? What were Friedan and Steinem even lobbying for? Abortion wasn’t even part of their original manifesto and they didn’t include it until a man named Larry Lader suggested that they lobby for it. While I do support abortion rights to protect women from backstreet abortions, abortion has unfortunately become something of a celebration for Feminists, which the American pro-life organisation Feminists for Life rallies against, rather than an unfortunate yet legal necessity. The flippant modern Feminist approach to abortion greatly devalues human life and is deeply problematic.
Why have Feminists left pro-life women out of their ‘women’s’ movement? If Feminism is for ‘all women’ (which it isn’t), why does it ignore pro-life women and ignore the fact that most women prior to second-wave Feminism were anti-abortion? I’m not even on the pro-life side yet I don’t understand this at all. Most people are neither wholly ‘pro-life’ nor wholly ‘pro-choice’, they instead view the argument as more nuanced which again, Feminism simply doesn’t lobby for (showing yet again a failure on their part to actually help women).
Feminism has taken credit for the right to vote (which was more about class than gender), equal pay (which was more about practicality of more women entering the workforce), contraception (which was invented by a team of scientists including Gregory Goodwin-Pincus, Charles Djerassi, Frank B. Colton, and encouraged by a woman named Margaret Sander even though the Feminists have taken credit for her achievements, once again undermining women), women’s lives improving (which was thanks to inventions like ovens, washing machines and refrigerators, giving women more time to pursue careers, higher education and start the second-wave Feminist movement), abortion rights (which in the US, were granted in 1973 on the basis of liberty by a Supreme Court full of men and in the UK, passed in 1967 thanks to the socially progressive Labour government to prevent women dying from backstreet abortions), and just about every achievement that someone else has granted women. Feminists should be thanking the men (and women) who fought to make our lives easier.
Phyllis Schlafly, a woman who Feminists hate, actually acknowledged her privilege (instead of using it to bully others) and rightfully stated that Anglo-American upper-middle-class women were some of the most fortunate members of society. While I disagree with much of her opinions, particularly on abortion, homosexuality, sex and what she says about people of other cultures, I respect her for a) being aware of her privilege and b) using that privilege to stick up for people who had been shunned and ignored by the Feminists: housewives and mothers, who Feminism has done absolutely nothing for. Second-wave Feminism tacked on to the civil rights movement, with a group of angry white women having the (highly racist) nerve to say that they were as ‘oppressed’ as African Americans. Schlafly called the Feminists out on this, and thus she is a villain in their eyes (and it portrayed as such in the pro-Feminist docu-drama Mrs America).
The Feminist Legacy
Despite their promises of equality, unity and female prosperity, Feminists have yet to achieve anything actually worthwhile for women. Sex workers remain left out of mainstream Feminism, which allegedly supports women’s rights and sexual liberty (an obvious lie, as instead of lobbying for safer, decriminalised sex work which is what sex-positive advocates support, Feminists want to get rid of it and, once again, limit women’s personal agency).
Marriage has decreased since the 1970s and divorce has become more commonplace. Most abortions are carried out because the woman just chose not to have the baby, usually because of being on a low income. Why not build a world where no woman feels like abortion is her only option? To be in a position where one feels they must abort a form of life is a terribly sad thing for any woman to endure. Why don’t modern Western Feminists value human life? Why does mainstream Feminism say ‘my body my choice’ when it comes to abortion but not when it comes to sex work?
(Note: I do also think that an ideal world would be one without sex work, but right now, instead of making prostitution safer and better for sex workers, Feminists are simply punishing sex workers by putting them in the same categories as sex-trafficked women. Not to mention, they fail to even consider why men would visit sex workers in the first place, showing their continual lack of empathy towards men’s personal struggles.)
Feminists hold more power in society than the majority of men do. ‘Patriarchy’ just refers to a political system where most of the external power structures are held by (a small group of) men, but that doesn’t mean that women don’t/didn’t have any power. Our world is just as patriarchal now as it was a thousand years ago — something which Feminists keep on saying, which is rather ironic considering they claim to be all about change then claim ‘nothing’s changed’. Things have changed of course, though — the legacy of late 20th century Feminism is mass family breakdowns, rising of single mothers, rising in abortions, rise in divorce rates, incels, women being unhappier than ever, less people staying married and so on.
As for Intersectional Feminism (which I would need yet another long essay to truly unpack), all Intersectional Feminism has done is create yet more Marxist-based division and tricked black women into thinking that Feminism was ever for us. Womanism was created by and for black women. Intersectionality lumps all of people's struggles into the same category by creating yet more social division and painting straight white men as 'evil' rather than seeing them as human beings. A small group of people control the world and they have nothing to do with the vast majority of heterosexual white men (heterosexual white men, who for the most part, have helped to create structures and inventions to improve society for the betterment of men and women).
Kimberel Crenshawe, like many other black women, was greatly fooled into thinking that Feminism could ever be for women of colour. African American women (and people of Afro-Caribbean descent) have endured systemic hardships that no angry privileged white Feminist woman in the last few centuries has ever had to deal with or can even relate to. It's a blatant lie that Feminism can be or has ever been for women of colour and black women really should not allow themselves to be taken in by something that was never for us to begin with.
It is Feminism that has told women that we are inferior to men and that women have always been ‘oppressed’ by some conspiratorial patriarchy.
It is Feminism that has utterly belittled, mocked, and shamed the women of the past for all they contributed to society, by distorting the narrative to say they were ‘barred from public life’ rather than accepting the (actual) narrative that men were involved in public life and women were involved in the private and domestic sphere.
It is Feminism that continuously contradicts itself by daring to call women ‘oppressed’, and yet citing amazing women in history who rose to the top due to her own merit, not because of ‘Feminism’.
It is Feminism which has taken credit for everything that other women (and men) have done to make life better for women, without even bothering to offer a word of thanks to the men and women who came before.
It is Feminism which continues to use Feminism as an excuse for enacting social change, when social change comes from individuals who work and cooperate together, not from some hateful misandric female supremacist doctrine.
It is Feminism which encourages women to shame, bully, and gaslight any man or woman who even offers an alternative narrative. If one has to resort to hateful name-calling to get their point across by calling someone a ‘transphobe/racist/sexist/bigot’ then their point clearly lacks any real substance.
Feminism has lied to women by telling women that we are oppressed, we are inferior to men, society is a patriarchy, gender is a social construct, and undermined the contributions to society by women of the past. I look at Feminists and wonder how they have allowed themselves to be taken in by such a hateful ideology which has done absolutely nothing to empower and uplift women. The actions of individuals based on compassion and reason are what lead to social change. I do not doubt that many Feminists do indeed do good things to help society, but their actions come from the innate goodness of humans and our desire to generate change. No single man or woman on this planet need attribute any desire to do good to the hateful, bigoted, toxic, misandrist ideology that is Feminism.
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2023.02.02 21:21 mtnlovin First attempt at NCLEX using only Kaplan.

[TLDR: Took the NCLEX - studied "hardcore" for 2 weeks using Kaplan. Stopped at 77 questions and got the "good" pop-up.]
Like a lot of us, I was eyeing reddit for tips and tricks to feel better about taking the NCLEX. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do or say that will relieve your anxiety, but I can share my experience and how I studied and maybe that will help ease some nerves.
I graduated Dec 10, and didn't get my ATT until Jan 17 - another long story for another day.
I took my NCLEX this beautiful Thursday morning at 8:00AM. I was definitely anxious before the exam, so I took a swig of Vodka before I went in to the testing center to calm my nerves (per recommendation of one my friends who has taken the NCLEX - YES I did eat breakfast beforehand). Let me tell you, no one tells you what to expect going into the testing center. If you can, I recommend going to the testing center before so you know where it is. When I tested there were maybe 15 other people testing, and they check you in one at a time, it is a whole process. You get inspected, told the rules and regulations, and are escorted to/from your computer. I turned my phone off and didn't pay attention to the time until I left the testing center. So even though I went in around 7:40AM, I don't think I sat down for the exam until 8:15 or something like that.
My test concluded at 77 questions, but I was in such test mode it didn't click to me that question 78 and beyond were the practice set of questions (even though there was a notification before I proceeded). I left the testing center around 9:49AM, went home and got the email at 10:03AM. As I am typing this up it is 2:00PM and I have tried the PVT 3 times and got the good pop up (but I don't want to assume anything). I will update once I get official results!
If I am being honest, I left the testing center feeling nervous and indifferent. I didn't feel like I passed, but I didn't feel like I failed. All I wanted to do was go home and finish my bottle of wine and resonate in RELIEF that I was DONE - for now.
What I used to study:
  1. Kaplan: I am broke like a joke. I would rather spend money on food than anymore money on another test prep. My school integrated the Kaplan content into our curriculum, so I had been using Kaplan for 2 years at this point. We were required to complete the trainers and sample tests before they would send off our endorsement paperwork (see this is that long story I was talking about). I did not take any of those assignments seriously because I wanted my endorsements sent. Therefore, until my endorsements were sent I did not have it in me to take Kaplan seriously. Prior to Jan 16 I had not studied at all. So, I think I studied for 2 weeks total, I even had to stop studying for 3 days cause I caught some virus that left me bed bound.
    1. What I did: Alright lets get into it. I eased into the QBanks, doing 20-25 questions at a time until I felt ready to do 75 questions. I handwrote all of my remediation notes (for QBanks, CATS, etc), and I focused on WHY - what made this answer safe/correct, not just the content. Was this time-consuming? Yes, but handwriting really helps me! I was probably spending about 5-6 hours a day mostly remediating. Remember, NCLEX is a safety test and when you don't know what is safe, think - "What would NCLEX want me to do?"
    2. Scores: I know I like to see other people's scores and compare mine to theirs so here we go (these scores are from the ones I actually tried on):
      1. CAT #2: Overall green, 1 green, everything else yellow. I took this one when I was trying to figure out when I should schedule my NCLEX.
      2. CAT #3: Overall green, 2 green, everything else yellow. I saved this for 2 days before my exam.
      3. Readiness Test: 61% (which is apparently the benchmark), I took this one week before the NCLEX to gauge my readiness.
      4. QBanks: I averaged around 55-60% when I did 75 question quizzes. (60% is apparently the benchmark for 75Q quizzes)
    3. Strategies I went back to: ABC's, who is most unstable/stable, "Tell me more," "I see you are feeling this way,"... One strategy I didn't think I would ever use BUT did was: "Watch for grammatical inconsistencies. If the question is an incomplete sentence, the correct answer should complete it in a grammatical manner."
  2. Beautiful Nursing 1 Hour Comprehensive Review: I found out about this video the day before my NCLEX. I wish I had more time to review it more than once. It is a great concise, short, and comprehensive review of all the things I had studied through the Kaplan questions. I do caution when watching this review because there are a FEW errors, like the ABG interpretation, but you smart cookies will be able to pick up on the mistakes she makes.
  3. Mark Klimek: I know his content is good, it is dated, but if you can sit through hours of his lectures, good for you. I COULD NOT. I listened to his priority and delegation lecture and I wish I was taught that in nursing school, but that was the extent of me using Mark. That is why I liked the Beautiful Nursing video.
  4. RNExplained Comprehensive Study Guide: I did purchase her bundle about a year ago, and they were very useful when I was taking my classes. This was a great guide (and aesthetically pleasing) whenever I wanted to refresh on some concepts.
  5. Day before the exam: People say you should not study, but I think you should NOT learn anything NEW the day before. If you haven't learned it already, chances are you won't learn it 24 hours before the exam under stress. I reviewed in the morning (looked over a cram sheet and my remediation notes) and in the evening, and tried to get as much rest as I could. Trying not to think the NCLEX for a whole day is hard, which is why I allowed myself time to review. I spent the day watching my comfort shows, eating comfort food, and taking a nap. Self-care friends!
In conclusion: I know you are anxious. I was incredibly anxious this morning, too. You made it through nursing school - you can make it through this exam. Half the battle is having confidence in yourself! This exam is not life or death. It is just another exam, there may be just a tad bit more pressure involved. If you need to take a shot of liquid courage before you go in to the testing center, I encourage it - AFTER you get there safely OK?
My final pep-talk: If 7,000+ people from that Florida "nursing school" were able to sit through the NCLEX and pass without any prior schooling, YOU CAN TOO!
Happy studying, and if you don't believe in you, I will believe in you for the both of us.
Much love and luck to all you future RNs!
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2023.02.02 21:20 jennaaa23432 What to do? Family wants me to go to endocrinologist vs continuing with PP

I’ve been on hrt for 6 months stopped in December because my family wanted me to see a real doctor in their words as the people at pp supposedly aren’t real doctors, they said that I should wait and make sure it’s really what I want as I could be doing it to fit in to a group according to my dad. They said I have a condition that makes continuing dangerous but when asked they forgot the login to see medical information and or wouldn’t show me. I’m just hoping that the new doctor just gives me my e. My dad despises informed consent as you shouldn’t be able to make such a big change so suddenly. Should I explain to the new doctor that I had already been on e and the dosage I was on?
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2023.02.02 21:15 StrivingJarl DDMA Epilogue (Chiko & Mio): High School Chapter

A DDLC Romance Fanfic by StrivingJarl

High School Chapter: Developing Interests

\September 20th, 2041. Miyake Family Household, around 6:34 AM.\**
\Junichi Miyake’s Perspective.\**
Junichi: “...There…got it all combed down…”
It may have taken longer than necessary, but I feel it was worth it.
Just need to tie it into a ponytail, and I’m all set.
Kei: “Junichi! Are you done yet?”
Junichi: “Almost!”
Finishing up my hair, I open up the door, where Kei immediately comes into the bathroom, looking at me with an annoyed expression.
Kei: “Jeez, you take way too much time getting all that hair as spotless as possible!”
Junichi: “Well, it DOES look and feel nice. Maybe you should consider doing more than a few comb-overs?”
Kei: “Nah. I prefer to not take so long with it.”
Kei: “Plus, I prefer keeping it tied up anyways.”
Junichi: “Alright then. Your loss.”
With that exchange over, I get out of the bathroom and head down the hallway to the kitchen area.
At the table, I spot Dad looking over some papers, and Mom working on breakfast, with a chubby, Exotic Shorthair cat on the counter, trying to get his paws on some of the food.
As for the Cornish Rex one, she comes from under the table towards me, where I proceed to give her some scratches on the head.
Junichi: “Morning, Oreo.”
Chiko: “Heh. She’s been waiting for you to come out since I first got here.”
Making my way over to the table, I take a seat across from Dad, which leads to Oreo getting onto the table and asking for more of my attention as I talk with him.
Junichi: “Looking over those quizzes?”
Chiko: “Most certainly. Just checking to make sure I didn’t make any grading mistakes.”
Mio: “Pretty sure that never happens, dear!”
When Mom takes a moment to respond to us, the cat on the counter ends up trying to get closer to snag a piece of food.
And when Mom looks back at them, she waves her hand at them, trying to shoo him off.
Mio: “Darn it, Muffin! You already got your morning treats!”
Me and Dad can’t help but chuckle at what’s going on.
Then, from the hallway, Kei comes in and sits next to Dad, which leads to Oreo begging for her attention.
Kei: “Hey, Oreo! Sweet little kitty!”
Chiko: “Hmhm. You just missed Muffin’s attempt to steal our breakfast.”
Kei: “Really? Damn.”
Junichi: “Were you perhaps too busy following my advice?”
Kei: “Again, not interested! I was just making sure I got my make-up right!”
Chiko: “Well, you look very nice, Kei. Especially with the twin-tails.”
Kei: “Heheh…thanks, Dad.”
Chiko: “While I’m at it, your ponytail looks pretty good, Junichi.”
Chiko: “Though, I feel like you could cut it down a bit.”
Junichi: “Admittedly, it would be good to do so. But I kinda like having it really long.”
Chiko: “Personally, I found it to be quite the hassle when I was your age.”
Chiko: “Your mother would also agree, wouldn’t she?”
Mio: “Yeah…but when you get it right, it makes it all worth it.”
Junichi: “Exactly! It gives off a sense of maturity!”
Kei: “Pssh…”
Clearly, Kei still isn’t interested. But that could change once she’s in High School.
Regardless, we all just continue chatting until Mom finishes up breakfast.
Then, once we’re done eating, we continue chatting until Dad takes me and Kei off to our respective schools.
\8:35 AM. Salvato High Classroom.\**
Akito: “Hmm…personally, I’m not a fan of growing out my hair.”
Akito: “Just seems like it would get in the way, and annoying to take care of.”
Akito: “Have you ever tried the braided ponytail? Like my sister?”
Junichi: “Thought about it here and there, but I haven’t tried it yet.”
Junichi: “Regardless, I think I’m gonna keep my hair long for quite a while.”
Akito: “Have you considered growing out a beard, like your father? Or Uncle Touma?”
Junichi: “Nah, I feel that’s a little too much.”
Junichi: “Besides, at that point, it’d be like my whole head is covered in hair.”
Akito chuckles at my words, as we continue to converse in our desks.
Soon enough, a certain topic pops into my head and I bring it up.
Junichi: “So, how’s the writing coming along?”
Akito: “Quite nicely, actually! I’ve really been enjoying myself!”
Akito: “Sometimes, I share my work with Haruki or Chloe for feedback, and they keep telling me how great of a job I’m doing!”
Akito: “Sometimes, it feels like they’re overexaggerating!”
Junichi: “Nah. We both know those two can tell how talented you really are.”
Junichi: “Give it more time, and you’ll end up like Aunt Yuri.”
Akito: “Okay, that’s DEFINITELY an over exaggeration!”
Junichi: “Come on. Is it really that unreasonable?”
Akito: “Not…exactly, but I feel like that’s too big of a compliment.”
Junichi: “Well, they always say that one’s own self is their worst critic.”
Junichi: “With time, you’ll grow to accept these kinds of compliments.”
Junichi: “Though, hopefully, you don’t grow overconfident.”
Akito: “Definitely not happening!”
Akito: “Actually, while we’re still talking about this kind of stuff, how are you doing with photography?”
Junichi: “Hmmm…I’d say I’m doing fine…”
Junichi: “Ever since I expressed serious interest in the subject, Mom got me a fancy camera and encouraged me to go out more often and take pictures of the scenery around me.”
Junichi: “Usually, I just take photos of whatever interests me, but…”
Junichi: “...I’ve come to find that there’s a lot more to it.”
Junichi: “Lighting, shot composition, steady hands, etc.”
Junichi: “Now, I feel I’ve gotten a little perfectionistic.”
Akito: “That, I can relate to sometimes. But you’ll get better with more practice!”
Akito: “Like, do you happen to have any photos on you right now?”
Junichi: “A few. To look at for reference.”
Akito: “Oh! Can I see them?”
Junichi: “...Sure. Some feedback outside of the family could be good.”
Akito nods enthusiastically, and I grab the photos from my bag to hand to her.
Once she looks over them, she seems to be a bit curious before looking back at me.
Akito: “...It definitely seems like your hands aren’t steady enough.”
Junichi: “Right. It makes the photos a bit blurry…”
Akito: “Mm-hm. But other than that, there’s some good stuff in here.”
Akito: “My favorite one is definitely this picture of Oreo! Very cute!”
Junichi: “So, it’s the subject matter that makes it a good picture, and not the actual composition?”
Akito: “Don’t put words into my mouth! I’m trying to be nice here!”
Junichi: “Relax. I know, and I appreciate it.”
Junichi: “Still…I have a long way to go before I get it right.”
Akito: “Same with me for my writing. But we can do this!”
AKito: “Just keep persevering, and doing our best!”
Junichi: “Definitely.”
Me and Akito share a self-assured smile at one another, before we move on to another topic.
However, a part of me is eager to get to lunch break, since that’ll give me time to shoot new photos and work on my skills.
Here’s hoping it turns out great today.
\11:49 AM. Salvato High Front Grounds.\**
Junichi: “Alright…and…!”
Junichi: “There we go!”
Now just gotta look at them, and…
…Damn. Too blurry.
Then again, I should have expected as such, considering I’m just taking pictures of some random people messing around outside with a ball.
Plus, it’s pretty rude of me to just take pictures of them without their consent….
But at the same time, it’s not for public use, but rather, my own in order to-
Okay, enough of this! Just move on to another shot!
Moving around the grounds of the school, I keep my eyes peeled for anything eye-catching, occasionally using my camera to look a little closer.
While doing so, I check the camera’s settings, in order to get a better shot when I’m ready.
However, at one point, when I’m looking into the camera for something…
…Someone comes by me, and looks into the lens, startling me.
???: “What are you doing?”
Junichi: “!?”
This causes me to accidentally drop the camera out of my hands (Though, thanks to the strap, it doesn’t fall to the ground).
When I notice who it is, I just sigh in annoyance and relief.
Junichi: “Damnit, Daisuke. You startled me.”
Daisuke: “My bad. Didn’t mean to do so.”
Daisuke: “But back to my previous question…”
Junichi: “If you must know, I’m taking photos.”
Junichi: “For myself to improve my skills, I must add! Not for anything weird!”
Daisuke: “Ah, I gotcha. I can respect that.”
Daisuke: “Anything good so far?”
Junichi: “A few, but also a couple of mess-ups.”
Daisuke: “Still good progress, at least. It means you’re improving!”
Junichi: “Of course…”
Junichi: “...Though, what brings YOU here? Nothing going on with Dong-Hyun or Haruko?”
Daisuke: “Nope. The former’s sick, and the latter was dragged off somewhere by Akiko.”
Daisuke: “No doubt something bad or weird is gonna happen.”
Junichi: “Heh. I would hope not, for Haruko’s sake.”
Junichi: “So…you were just wandering around here?”
Daisuke: “After I finished my food, yes.”
Daisuke: “Then, I happened to spot you walking around with that camera, and decided to see what was up.”
Junichi: “Hmm. Well, if you want company, I wouldn’t mind at all.”
Junichi: “Plus…I COULD use a bit of a model…”
Daisuke: “Uhhh…?”
Junichi: “For shot composition and posing, dummy.”
Daisuke: “Oh! Right! Totally! I don’t mind at all!”
Daisuke: “Just make sure to get my good side!”
I just shrug my shoulders at Daisuke’s response, and the two of us start taking pictures.
He makes a few poses I ask of him (Or whatever he comes up with), and I take my shot.
After a few minutes, I decide to stop and we look over them.
Daisuke: “Hey, these turned out pretty nicely!”
Junichi: “Yeah…though, some of these don’t really work…”
Daisuke: “Regardless, we did some good work today! High-five?”
Junichi: “...Sure. Why not?”
The two of us share a quick high-five, before we begin chatting.
Daisuke: “So, are you hoping to go big with this stuff?”
Junichi: “Ehhh…I’m definitely interested to see where it’ll go…”
Junichi: “Though, I think having your help would definitely be great for improving my skills.”
Junichi: “Maybe…if you don’t mind…”
Junichi: “...We could do this kind of stuff on the weekends? If you have no issue with it?”
Daisuke: “Definitely! Anything to help you out, Junichi!”
Daisuke: “And it was pretty fun, too!”
Junichi: “...Right. Same here.”
We share a friendly smile with one another, before the bell rings and we head off to our classes.
As I make my way to my classroom, I can’t help but think…
While we’ve known each other since we were kids, me and Daisuke aren’t exactly too “close.”
Sure, we get along well enough, and we do talk, but usually, we spend more time around our other friends, like Yori and Haruko.
Yet…this was actually quite nice…
And I wanted to do more of it with him…

Heh…guess we’re finally getting somewhere…
\4:09 PM. Miyake Family Household.\**
Mio: “Is this good, Juni?”
Kei: “Yeah! This pot isn’t exactly lightweight!”
Junichi: “Definitely! Just keep that position!”
Mom nods with a smile, as I take the picture.
Afterwards, I check to see how it turned out, while Kei puts the flowerpot down, exhausted.
Junichi: “Yes! Perfect!”
Moving towards Mom and Kei, I show them the picture.
Kei: “Ah…I actually look pretty nice here1”
Mio: “Indeed. You’re doing very well, Junichi!”
Mio: “If only Amy was here! She’d be getting you a big pat on the back for this!”
Junichi: “Eh. I can live without it.”
Junichi: “Besides, knowing her, she’d probably try and take some photos too.”
Kei: “Ugh. If it involves carrying any more heavy stuff, then I’ll pass!”
The comment makes me and Mom let off a slight chuckle for a moment, before Dad suddenly calls out from the house.
Chiko: “Kei, could you come in here!? I need your help with something!”
Kei: “Coming, Dad!”
Without hesitation, Kei runs off, which leaves me and Mom to talk.
Mio: “You know…despite her complaining, Kei really does enjoy taking photos with us.”
Junichi: “Figured as much. She never really admits it.”
Mio: “Yeah…but I can always tell.”
Mio: “And it’s really nice…doing this with you…”
Mio: “Reminds me of when I used to take photos with my parents and sisters.”
Mio: “...”

…I know that look.
Before me and Kei were born, Mom lost her own mother long ago, and the same happened with Dad for his parents.
From what I know, they both struggled a lot afterwards to move on from it, until they met one another.
Then…Grandpa passed away a year back…
Ever since then, she’s had this…far-off look on her face whenever she’s reminded of the past…
Like she’s remembering someone she wishes was still here…
Junichi: “...”
Junichi: “...It’s okay, Mom.”
Mio: “...Right…it’s just…”
Mio: “Hard to let go. Especially when you know it was gonna happen sooner or later.”
Junichi: “Mmm. I miss Grandpa too.”
Junichi: “However, that doesn’t mean we can’t still be happy together.”
Mio: “Definitely. We just need to keep making good memories.”
Mio: “And your photos are a small glimpse into those.”
Mio: “Hence, why I want you to keep taking as many as you want to. Anything to make you happy.”
Junichi: “Of course. I’m gonna keep doing it until I can’t anymore.”
Mio: “That’s the spirit, Juni.”
Mio: “Now, let’s head back inside. It’s already getting a bit chilly.”
Mio: “Plus, your father and sister may need more help than they realized.”
Junichi: “Heheh! Definitely Kei, that’s for sure!”
Mom chuckles at my words, as we head back into the house.
As we do so, I look back at the pictures I’ve made today…smiling in remembrance…
They may have just happened a couple of minutes or hours ago…but I’ll still hold these kinds of memories close to my heart…
To Be Continued…

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2023.02.02 21:13 mushroomweazel_4-MeO Horrible experience with neuropsychiatry

Had craniotomy a few years back. They remove a tumor the size of a walnut from near the middle of my brain. I had to relearn how to walk and talk and I’ve been in pain for years and have a lot of problems with my nervous system. The person I met with didn’t ask about this history or how it effects me. Instead they made me divulge the whole trauma gambit which made me feel awful after. They even noted that I “had great reluctance to answer simple questions”. Told me they weren’t sure if they could even take my case because my “PCP is not a neurologist” even though I have two neurologists. My surgeon says I have an acquired brain injury and I’ll have to live with it the rest of my life. She annotated “no history of head injury”. Recommended that I take 6x the dose of a beta blocker although I have a heart block and this would worsen the condition over time. I asked her in a message “what constitutes a head injury for you people” and she never replied. I had seen a psychiatrist for 6 years in the same system who I trusted and person was trying to re-diagnose me for everything based on one visit and only my account of trauma history. I left the appointment feeling like I’d been gaslit for lack of a better word. She had no affect and it was completely unnerving. She ended up saying they couldn’t take me in their practice but now I have her garbage annotations on my medical chart. I told her I was having panic attacks every day and I needed help and for chief complaint she wrote “I need a prescriber” which makes me sound like a drug fiend. In this same hospital system psychiatrists tried to convince me not to get surgery which would have resulted in my death. I got surgery in a different hospital system. I think they don’t want to acknowledge that I have any complications from mass effect, surgery, or having functional parts of my brain removed. I really despise this discipline now. What’s the point if they refuse to take into account any of the neurological stuff? The recommendations were dangerous and the intake process was awful. Is there a way for me to have this visit removed from my record? I don’t want her notes on my chart and I don’t want her to talk to anyone about my case.
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2023.02.02 21:12 UTrynaGetShankedFam I have no clue how to build sea fairy pls help 😭 (this is her build rn)

I have no clue how to build sea fairy pls help 😭 (this is her build rn) submitted by UTrynaGetShankedFam to CookieRunKingdoms [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 21:10 Bence94x Junior front end web developer in Eindhoven?

Hey guys, I`m currently a seasonal worker here in Eindhoven and decided to learn front end web development so I can change my carrier path and have a better lifestyle. I already bought some curses on udemy and started to learn it by myself since I found plenty of youtube videos about the topic that you can learn front end within 3-6 months enough well to find a job and continue your learnings at your first job. All these videos are from the USA so I wanted to ask these questions.
1, Is it possible here in Western Europe as well that I can learn the required skills and find a job in the field? (I want to stay in Wester Europe but not 100% sure that in the Netherlands)
2, If in your opinion is that I can`t do it by myself do you know any online school for young adults where you can have your online classes next to my job?
I know that these are very specific questions in a very specific topic but if anyone of your have a good word or know somebody would could give me some advice I would really appreciate that. :)
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2023.02.02 21:05 geekyplug Headings block in WordPress 6.1 Beta

Headings block in WordPress 6.1 Beta submitted by geekyplug to geekyplug [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 21:05 throwaway2453112 Should I have my toddler assessed for his speech?

My son is 21 months old, when we had his 18 month appointment he didn’t have quite as many words as they expected (I think it was 6-8 and he had 3 or 4) but the doctor wasn’t too concerned and she said he was doing great in every other area and that he might just be a late talker. She said to expect an “explosion” in speech in the next few months and if his speech doesn’t improve then to come see her again in a few months and she could refer us to a specialist.
So it’s been 3 months since then and his speech hasn’t exploded but it has improved. He says mama, dada, doggy, cat, dragon (this is his favorite stuffed animal), uh-oh, bye-bye (but he says this like guy-guy), hi and hello.
That’s it. He also used to say other words that he’s stopped saying as much, he used to say hi and hello all the time but now he rarely does, he will only wave. He used to say “wawa” for water and he hasn’t said that in months. He also babbles a lot but none of it is meaningful. He has a few gestures he makes with consistent meanings but not any actual signs (I never tried to teach him signs).
His gross motor skills are pretty advanced for his age compared to other kids I see, he’s great at climbing (which can be trouble) and running, and his balance is great he rarely ever tumbles or falls. He can kick and throw balls, sometimes can catch them, and he’s almost fully independent on stairs. So maybe he’s just been developing those skills over speech, and that’s normal? I don’t know. His fine motor skills are average, I think.
The doctor said to come back if he wasn’t improving, and he is improving but it’s been very slight not the explosion in speech I was expecting. Other kids his age that I see are talking much more. He does go to daycare full time and they haven’t mentioned any concerns with his speech or with anything else. So should I bring him back to the doctor or am I just worrying too much?
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2023.02.02 21:04 geekyplug Headings Block in WordPress 6.1 (BETA)

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2023.02.02 21:01 clwill00 Moved File Not Found

This bug has been around forever for me, since sometime in DSM 6.x
If I create a file, say a Word Doc (let's call it test.docx) I can of course double-click on that file and it opens in Word. Or I can right click and chose "open with Word" and it opens. It works fine.
If I move that file into another folder. The default action breaks. It says "the file does not exist". Can't even say "open with". The file does not exist.
However, I can go into Word, click open file, find it, and it works just fine.
But... if I rename the file, to say "testa.docx", it works just fine. The default actions all work. I can even rename it back to "test.docx" and it resumes working fine.
To be clear, this isn't just Word. It happens with every program.
Default actions break when a file is moved.
I'm accessing the NAS from Macs, but I don't think it's a Mac specific issue.
Is this a DSM bug? Is there a setting I can fix?
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2023.02.02 20:59 itzReborn Haven’t a hard time learning how to “change”

You can check my last couple post for more details but yeah, I’m m24 college student in nyc and I don’t know how to change, or more so how to go about it.
I know you should start small but I feel like I can’t even do that right. The older I get the more it seems to be difficult to change.
The change(the main one anyway) I want to make is becoming more social. I feel like if I get this change down the other things I want(friendships, sex, relationships etc) will follow. And I’m still struggling with this. I can’t even bring myself to say anything to a classmate without thinking that I’m disrupting them.(most people come into class with headphones on, then when class is over put them back on and you can’t really talk in class so)
I joined a school club and maybe said 20 words in 5-6 meetings. I’ve joined local(I think) discord servers for nyc but it’s hard to jump into a established group or if they do meet ups, basically meeting up with strangers.
Even outside the social aspect I just feel behind in life. Never really had a job before, can’t drive(lucky to live in nyc but I still should learn but anxiety) no romantic experience etc. I still feel like I m 20 despite being 24(Covid doesn’t help with that either)
And it’s not like I don’t think I’m not improving in my life, but the improvements I have aren’t really the big steps that I would like to have. Been working out more, still in school, etc
I guess I’m just asking for some guidance/advice or clarity…something
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2023.02.02 20:57 JayHazel A copypasta I stole from Velma's google reviews

The Emoji Movie - Three words: A Cinematic Master Piece.
What are you talking about? The Emoji Movie IS the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time. I have seen this film and I already know it is GOATed. Better than The Godfather. Better than The Rise of Skywalker.
Velma made me feel stuff that I never felt before!! I felt one Morbillion emotions in the right spots!!! Right now I'm buying in bulk all the Morbius backpacks!!
In Velma, we start off with young Luke Skywalker along with his aunt and uncle on the desert planet of Tatooine when they stumble upon some droids who reveal a secret message which very well may hold the galaxy's last chance at taking down the Galactic Empire. Then Gru and his Minions go on the run with the Vicious 6 hot on their tails. Luckily, he finds an unlikely source for guidance -- Wild Knuckles himself -- and soon discovers that even bad guys need a little help from their friends. After being bestowed with godly powers and imprisoned for it, Black Adam is liberated from his earthly binds to unleash his fury on the modern world.
It is the TVest TV of all time, truly one of the most TVs ever. The Planet of the Apes franchise is bold in storytelling and is not afraid to introduce non-human characters better than their human counter-parts. I was shocked when Morbius showed up and morbed everywhere, giving the Avengers enough time to find the metal gear and stop Lord Farquadd from summoning the Shadow Realm. I was even more ecstatic when Tupac came back from the grave in episode 6.9 just to take part in this fantastic series, truly one of the TVs of the year, if not the century! I was so delighted that Robert Downey Jr. and the rest of the Avengers cast were taking part in the TV, so much that I, myself, morbed when I heard the news. Robert Pattinson gives a stellar performance as the Batman in the latest episode, and when he said "It's MoRbin TimE!!" I morbed myself once again on my couch. Truly one of the most TVs ever.
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