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Independent Freeform Radio broadcasting from Jersey City, NJ through 91.1 in East Orange, 90.1 in Mount Hope, and at 91.9 in Rockland County. Broadcasts and Archives at

2010.09.24 21:44 everfine Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights are the moments that catch our eyes, the things that make us look twice, think twice, and inspire us to create our own vision of beauty.

2023.02.03 06:35 TheBlindSeeAll Modern Fantasy

I'm a dude and I want a modern fantasy that takes place in the USA. But nothing relating to current events please. I'm looking for an organization that helps deal with paranormal things like fairies, elves, and dwarves. Something like the Men in Black or the Magnus archives if you want something more mysterious.
(PS I live on the east coast of the USA and I'm not usually awake around the time of posting)
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2023.02.03 06:12 ebradio Fuji Rock 2023 Lineup

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2023.02.03 05:39 SquirrelGirl1251 Strokes Confirmed for Fuji Rock, July 28-30, 2023

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2023.02.03 05:37 welp007 DOJ Fraud Unit is looking into Silvergate Capital bank dealings with fallen FTX & Alameda Research the same day as SEC announces Citadel investigation. Ken Griffin invested in Silvergate Q1 2021 during GME sneeze. Silvergate handled 10% FTX deposits & is on the verge of collapse stonk way down 88%🔥

DOJ Fraud Unit is looking into Silvergate Capital bank dealings with fallen FTX & Alameda Research the same day as SEC announces Citadel investigation. Ken Griffin invested in Silvergate Q1 2021 during GME sneeze. Silvergate handled 10% FTX deposits & is on the verge of collapse stonk way down 88%🔥 submitted by welp007 to GME [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:27 Tiny_Ad3739 Go show Jay some love Forever2️⃣3️⃣💔🕊️

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2023.02.03 05:25 thunderwhenyounger Got put on a PIP for my annual review today

I work in IT and managed in this space several years except for the last 3. I moved to an individual contributor role 3 years ago after a new Director came in who brought his own manager in as well. The writing was on the wall that if I didn't, I may not have a job. After 2 years of working for the manager and doing things to make our company more world class but not being recognized, I thought reporting to my peer, a senior manager, may be better. He was more technical and gave me the impression he recognized my contribution level. After a year of working my ass off to single-handedly get our region out of using home folders, folder redirection and PST files into cloud based technologies (OneDrive, Exchange Online Online Archive) end-to-end as well as supporting and growing the KTLO staff, I thought I did really well. However, I did feel no one was taking the time to know the amount of work I was doing and let him know I felt like I was quietly quitting (disengaging) as a result just in December after our FIRST one-on-one that I asked for, this was his solution. Imagine telling your boss you don't feel seen and the next thing he does is put you on a PIP! Add to this plot that when I moved under him, he found out I was making more than him since I lived in SoCal and he in Missouri. Not sure what to do at this point, but I definitely will be seeking legal help.
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2023.02.03 05:23 KentaArchives Xedena the Nexon Banshee

Xedena the Nexon Banshee

![img](8ro7ynas6wfa1 " This character is heavily inspired by an armor set from the Adventure Quest Worlds game. ")
Xedena, the Nexon Banshee, is created by Genomix, the Nexon Akuma, by combining a Nexon Nightwalker and using dark magic to haunt the forests within the "Falling Marsh," a land filled with swamps radiated by supernatural beings where Denaud, the Tribra Necromancer ruled. Throughout the years in Diversia, Xedena consumed the souls of many adventurers and creatures that dared explore the forests, turning their bodies into dark shades that roam around the "Falling Marsh." Xedena played a significant role during the Void War by killing many soldiers from the Valixiar and Tribiz Tribe that attacked her domain and combining all the souls she absorbed to create a blast that decimated half of the "Falling Marsh" but eradicated all the radiation within the land. Xedena was later killed by Denaud and Calico, the Tribra Light Seeker, using their combined abilities, and Denaud absorbed her soul as a result. Xedena's abilities consist of unleashing a loud shriek that can melt enemies from the inside out, shooting out acids, levitation, imitating many voices of all beings that she killed, can see enemies from far away, sensing other beings' emotions, taking control of any beings body, using her sharp claws for piercing damage and invisibility. Xedena's ultimate ability, "Sonic Showers," allows her to absorb all life energy around her, creating an energy ball that she shoots up in the sky, unleashing many soundwaves of her screams that can destroy the minds of any beings.
To give you a gist of what Nexar is, they are soulless warriors that live in the darkened caverns of Diversia called the "Nexus Cross." To extend their lifespan, they aim to consume many souls to learn about the Diversia, including artifacts, histories, and secrets. Originally they were adventurers that desired to discover more about the world, including the secrets behind Nexar. Still, for those who dare contact the Nexus Cross, their soul is ripped from their bodies and transferred into armor consisting of obsidian and ashes from their bodies. The protectors of the Nexus Cross are called the "Valiants of Nexon," which comprised warriors that desired power through knowledge and using psychological influences to their advantage.
Instagram:… ArtStation: Twitter: Tumblr:
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2023.02.03 05:21 smitha22raghu Maurizio Gucci - The Name That Evokes Luxury and Sophistication

For many fashion fans, mauriziogucci is the name that evokes luxury and sophistication. But for Maurizio Gucci himself, his life was far from that.
The third-generation heir to the Gucci family was shot and killed outside his Milan office in 1995. The crime and its dramatic trial captivated Italy in the late 1990s.
Gucci is known around the world as a brand that is synonymous with luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. Its dynamism, creativity, artistic aesthetic and detailing in its products have established the brand as a high-end institution in the fashion industry.
The brand’s origins began with founder Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. His work as a luggage porter at the Savoy Hotel in London helped him develop an interest in what high society wanted from luxury items.
After his return to Florence, Gucci opened a saddlery shop at 47 Via Vigna Nuova. He then shifted his focus from horses and carriages to bags and travel accessories. The company’s storied history has since encompassed two sons and a daughter, who have all played a part in the business.
Maurizio, the only son of Rodolfo Gucci, was born in 1948 and was made the majority stakeholder and chairman of the family firm when his father died in 1983. He had a different vision for the brand and he battled with his uncle Aldo, who owned half of the company, over its fate.
He fought for years with his uncle and cousins until they decided to sell their shares of the company in 1993. This ended the actual family’s involvement with the brand and it put the house of Gucci in a state of financial crisis.
Amid a series of dramas, Maurizio married PatriziaReggiani. The couple had two children together and reportedly lived a lavish lifestyle.
As a result, Patrizia started to get suspicious of Maurizio’s motives. She enlisted the help of psychic Pina Auriemma to find out what he was planning, as the pair had a shared connection.
History of the brand
Gucci is a renowned name in the world of luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. Its dynamism, creativity and artistic aesthetic represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Its patrons and designers admire the brand for its products, which have a timeless appeal and are sought after by fashion lovers and collectors alike.
The brand started in Florence, Italy, in 1897 as a saddler by the founder Guccio Gucci. He was inspired by the luggage and trunks he saw carried by the aristocrats staying at London’s upscale Savoy Hotel.
In the late ’60s, Gucci opened its first store in Rome’s Via Condotti. Two years later, it shifted to New York’s Fifth Avenue.
Eventually, the company branched out to other areas of fashion and opened stores in Paris and Beverly Hills. Its product line also expanded, with accessories and footwear becoming more popular.
But the company’s future would be tarnished by a succession of public family squabbles. Maurizio Gucci, who inherited his father Rodolfo’s share in the business in 1985, was at odds with his uncle Aldo and cousins Vasco and Rodolfo.
He tried to buy his cousins out, but he lost millions in the process. He then got divorced from his wife PatriziaReggiani. Eventually, he sold his shares to Investcorp for $120m in 1993.
His daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, were left with a fortune from their mother. They now live in Switzerland with their families and are still very wealthy.
But their relationship with their mother has become strained over the years, as she continues to fight for her rights. It’s been a long battle, but Patrizia is now serving an 18-year prison sentence.
Gucci’s style – from the brand’s founding to the present day – has always been about glamour, opulence and a sense of extravagance. With this, it’s no surprise that its designers are known for their use of luxurious fabrics and a penchant for creating glamorous pieces that are both functional and timeless.
In Ridley Scott’s new film, House of Gucci, we get a glimpse at the styles of the family that has ruled the fashion world since it was founded in 1921. Starring Adam Driver as Maurizio and Lady Gaga as his wife, Patrizia, the movie follows their rise from humble beginnings in Florence to becoming one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses.
While the film takes us through the storied past of the fashion house, it also serves as a portrait of Patrizia and her ambitions to become a world-famous designer like her husband. Throughout the film, she’s portrayed as someone who is highly motivated, despite her inherited wealth and the family name, and her wardrobe shows this.
During her initial days as a heiress, Patrizia chooses vibrant ensembles to match her bold personality. This includes a scarlet, gold-buttoned skirt suit paired with a fur coat.
The outfit is a nod to Patrizia’s Italian roots, as it’s a common style for women in Northern Italy. And she’s accompanied by her psychic friend Pina (Salma Hayek), who advises her to wear green and red — the two colors that have made Gucci so famous — for good luck as she sets out to take over the family business alongside her husband.
But Patrizia’s career eventually falls apart, and her clothing changes to black, an unflattering color for her. But she’s still able to keep her luxury lifestyle, and the movie’s costume designer Janty Yates took advantage of her Gucci archival access by using some vintage pieces to create highlights for her looks. From a blue shearling coat to an elephant cord Norfolk two piece, Yates created a number of memorable looks for the film.
Gucci is famous for its iconic designs and products. The brand has a long history of creating some of the world's most desirable items, from bags to shoes to clothing. Despite its many controversies and ups and downs over the years, the name continues to be synonymous with glamour and luxury.
The house was founded by Italian tycoon Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, and was originally called "Guccio Gucci & Cie." After his death, the company was divided equally among his three sons (Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo) and excluded his daughter.
Aldo expanded the business in the 1960s and shifted the design focus from bags to ready-to-wear. He opened shops on Rome's Via Condotti and in London and Paris. He also introduced the horse-bit loafer for men and the bamboo handle bag, which became a signature of Gucci.
By the late 1970s, it was becoming clear that Gucci needed a new creative director. It was only a matter of time before someone would rise up and take charge.
In 1992, Maurizio Gucci inherited 50% of the business from his father and decided to revamp the label. He brought in Investcorp, a Gulf investment fund, to buy out the other family members' shares.
Investcorp took a stake in the company and invested heavily in marketing, advertising and stores. This helped to reposition the brand and put it back at the forefront of fashion.
He hired Tom Ford as the designer for the women's division of the brand in 1994. He transformed the brand with his sleek and sexy collections, which focused on jet-set glamour.
Gucci's storybook turnarounds continue today under current designer Alessandro Michele. He's reimagined the label's signature look, drawing inspiration from classic pieces like Flora print and bamboo bag to create a unique and androgynous aesthetic. His collection has been a huge success for the brand, attracting a variety of fashion insiders.
The renowned Italian luxury label Gucci is known for its creativity, artistic aesthetic and meticulous detailing. It is a leading brand in the world of leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery.
The brand is a cyclical one, and it has experienced a variety of highs and lows throughout its history. The label has been through family feuds, take-over attempts, a near-bankruptcy, a public listing and storybook turnarounds.
Its dynamism and creative flair make it an extremely popular brand with its customers and designers alike. The label also embodies the notion that fashion can be art and a powerful expression of personality, as well as a means of communicating.
Tom Ford, who joined the brand as creative director in 1994, revived it and put it back at the forefront of luxury fashion. His first collection, for fall 1995, focused on jet-set glamour and was a critical and commercial success.
Another designer whose work at Gucci has been widely recognized is Alessandro Michele. His work for the company reintroduced the GG logo as a central design on various products. He has been responsible for many innovations, including hand-painted logo bags and fur-lined slippers.
His designs often draw inspiration from pop music, religious symbolism, the 1800s and works of fantasy worlds like Alice in Wonderland. He has also used a wide range of textures and materials, such as plush velvet, shimmering satin and gleaming patent leather.
He has also introduced a wide range of styles, including the iconic Gucci bags and shoes. He is a strong proponent of environmental sustainability, and the brand has become entirely carbon neutral.
PatriziaReggiani, Maurizio Gucci's ex-wife, is also a prominent figure in the brand's history. She was married to Maurizio in 1972 and their relationship was marked by a series of highs and lows, including a rift with his father Rodolfo Gucci. The rift was ultimately caused by Patrizia's strong personality and background, which upset Maurizio's father.
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2023.02.03 05:17 Hotel_Earth Jargon, shaming and tripwires - from the perspective of a newcomer (to this subreddit, not to polyamory)

Hi mods, I’ve gone over the following with a fine-toothed comb, and I feel confident that it falls well within both the spirit and letter of the sub rules. It is critical and very long, but offered with the best of intentions - I hope you’ll let it through.
TL;DR hidden subreddit norms and highly specified language are causing some problems, especially for newcomers to the subreddit; I talk about these at preposterous length. Some subreddit drama is rehashed in a way that I hope is both constructive and more broadly relevant, but if this sounds tedious to you, consider skipping this post.
Happy Thursday everyone! The following is directed primarily towards curious or distressed people who might land here in the future, and the many posters who generously provide the benefit of their experience to others. If you are new to polyamory and find yourself startled by the apparent ubiquity of some fairly extreme viewpoints on this subreddit, I hope you will find my perspective both helpful and encouraging. I have little hope of changing any minds among the more hard-line contingent, but if any of you happen to have woken up on the right side of the bed this morning, I encourage you to read on.
This subreddit is, of course, composed of many thousands of people, who inhabit a wide range of viewpoints. Many of these people are considerate, and much of their advice is good, or at least well-intended. In a more archival mode, this sub can be a treasure trove of good ideas and useful perspectives. There is, however, a marked culture, one that often creates a minefield around certain topics. One needn't look far in order to encounter an appalling degree of vitriolic shaming, often triggered when new posters unfamiliar with specific tripwires unwittingly stumble across them. It is news to no one that some people are jerks, and that some people are bigger jerks on the internet than they might be in other contexts; at best, careful moderation can calm the waters, nudging discussions back on course when they begin to founder.
Here, the opposite effect is apparent: piety, condescension and a highly specified pseudo-academic lexicon converge to convey the impression that the norms found here are monolithic and widely accepted, when many of them in fact bear little resemblance to those of broader poly contexts. It’s a big world, and this subreddit is a bubble: despite its prominence in search results (many of you, I imagine, will have found your way here in the same manner I did) and the appearance of a fairly authoritative consensus on many topics, this sub contains its share of blind spots. While there are plenty of common poly pitfalls, especially for beginners, and many more wrong answers than right ones, there are also many more right answers than the fairly narrow window of tolerance within this subreddit will often indicate. If you and your partners are happy, secure and communicating well most of the time, you are not doing it wrong.
On the topic of security, I’m certainly not the only one to have found the almost total lack of regard displayed here for the virtues of devotion, loyalty and commitment surprising. While it is true that relationships can only change over time, and with new partners, one could be forgiven for concluding based on the contents of this subreddit that this change can only be one of fracturing, growing apart and letting go - and perhaps that one should not only feel bad about their part in this, but also feel bad about feeling bad about it. This terribly sad, lonely perspective serves to elevate a certain brand of detached avoidance to the status of some sort of fundamental poly axiom, encompassing none of the deep security that foundations of years, built on trust accumulated over time, can provide. Perhaps a little known secret to those less experienced: much of the time, polyamory is kind of easy among partners who communicate well. These are underrepresented here: I imagine many of them are simply living their lives rather than posting, for reasons I am beginning to understand very well.
Don’t let a person deep in the chaos of their own disorganized attachments bully you into doubting your own perceptions because they don’t like the way that their encounters with secure attachment perturb their own self-image! The jargon often runs deep here, and while highly specified language can certainly add clarity and facilitate concision, it is too often employed to the opposite purpose. Notice the rhetorical gymnastics on display. Wherever you encounter an idea that could have been communicated effectively in a plain sentence or two, but which instead inhabits an entire jargon-laced paragraph, you will often find a personal preference disguised as a norm. ‘I don’t like it when couples are too couple-y’ doesn’t sound nearly as authoritative as ‘the unexamined couple privilege on display here is very problematic, and a clear example of mononormative ideology infiltrating poly spaces and implicitly devaluing queerplatonic relationship paradigms.’
The exact same behavior will just as often be lauded or condemned, based only on the terminology employed to describe it. Observe the convolutions: to avoid labeling anything a rule or a hierarchy, even when its function is by any sane definition indistinguishable from one. To cast absolutely everything in the mold of some idealized free-agent autonomy, even in cases where basic tenets of simple decency - often of the sort that pass unremarked between casual acquaintances, let alone lovers - are clearly being violated. Consider that many of the people best-versed in this jargon use it primarily as a tool of manipulation, coercion and abuse - and pass unnoticed - while others who are simply trying to navigate a complex topic openly, in public, become instant pariahs. There often seems to be a sort of lexical ninja task force, waiting in the rafters for a chance to descend in full force upon any likely punching bag at the slightest provocation.
This pseudo-academic jargon serves as a barrier to entry, but also as a movable fortress for those best able to wield it. When operated in alignment with the veiled ideological tides I’ve described, it becomes a source of shifting, infinitely replenishable moral high ground for those in the know, like a force field of smug contempt from behind which they can rain vitriol down upon the uninitiated. It is of course natural for any community to develop its own norms, but some of these ones are toxic, unexamined and unexaminable, or at least needlessly proscriptive. After all, people will be much more likely to let you deconstruct their beliefs and motivations if you can first convince them that they are operating from a place of unexamined privilege!
The selective emphasis on certain types of privilege, and even the axis along which privilege is tabulated, deserve closer scrutiny as well. I find the emphasis on couple privilege particularly myopic, in that many of these so-called privileges are in fact a matter of necessity and even survival for many. If you or a partner haven’t experienced severe illness or injury, immigration difficulties, or threats to your basic safety, that is a very lucky thing. To claim that marriage, for instance, is inherently unethical in a poly context because only one partner can marry, or to suggest that these considerations should even be on the table when a partner’s citizenship, home, safety or access to medical care might be at stake, is to have truly lost the thread. Especially in queer, trans and immigrant circles, these are among the only tools on hand to navigate an often overtly hostile culture and apparatus of state; the true privilege is to not have to worry about these things.
It also strikes me as odd that, at least within this subreddit, those at the furthest extreme of the personal autonomy axis - and I’m primarily referring to self-labeled relationship anarchists here - are often the most vocal in their attempts to restrict the behavior or shame the preferences of others. The tired refrain ‘it’s not my job to educate you’ serves as a poor substitute for coherent argumentation, often bookending some absurd blanket edict (‘there are no couples in polyamory’), delivered without any context or support. I want to be clear that I have nothing at all against relationship anarchy, and have found much there to be of value, both in the literature and in conversation. I am bewildered, however, by the extent to which some among this sub’s RA contingent, who value autonomy so highly for themselves, seem inclined to grant other people so little of it.
The degree to which some of the louder voices in this crowd mistake their own preferences for some kind of universal moral truth is truly surprising: they should be among the least likely to make such a mistake. One suspects a great many relationship objectivists or neoreactionaries, if there can be such a thing, hiding among these self-labeled anarchists. There is a deep irony here: nominally anarchist politics eventuate in effectively authoritarian aims and practices, complete with an eager avant-cop goon squad to enforce them. This doesn’t really look like anarchism to me; the anarchism I know has a whole lot more to do with solidarity, mutual aid and community. My previous entry on this topic was described as ‘pseudo-intellectual ranting’ by a moderator, but I’m genuinely curious: in what sense is this doctrine of total self-reliance anarchist?
In any case, it’s revealing that such uncompromising relational ethics within one subset of interaction can fail so utterly to translate to others: many of these people seem plainly eager for any opportunity to dole out beatings under the guise of tough love. I wonder how many poly novices, having been so badly burnt on this subreddit for crossing an invisible tripwire in a moment of vulnerability, end up turning back to the mainstream again for years, or for good? How many more have at least internalized the careless, toxic ramblings of some overeager poly keyboard cop? That number is certainly not zero; there is real harm being done here.
I am glad to have many friends in the wild, both mono and poly, who when faced with discomfort around other people’s ideas are reasonably capable of producing ‘that’s definitely not for me, but knock yourself out’ as a plausible alternative hypothesis to ‘this person is clearly evil and needs to be punished immediately.’ I wish the same were more often the case here. Instead, the pattern is often that of a purity spiral, or a struggle session. Controversial topics quickly become impossible to discuss. A wire gets tripped, and the subreddit immune system activates: if either total submission or the right lexical credentials are not immediately produced by the offender, the worst possible intentions are assumed. Labels are thrown out until one of them sticks, the public shaming commences, and the conversation is effectively over, regardless of its contents: the heretics are ritually burned, and the community once again made safe.
After all, no one wants to be problematic, or unethical; those are bad things! Why would anyone need to question the terms, unless they’re up to no good? The result is a fractured epistemology, one in which much of the foundational terminology admits of no easy definition, but also brooks no examination. This is an impossible basis for any kind of open discourse.
On the topic of thorny, ambiguous terms, and at the risk of totally derailing this conversation: let’s talk about unicorns, autonomy, and an interesting pattern of reactions I’ve noticed on this sub over the past few days.
To provide a little context: I (a somewhat masc andro AMAB nonbinary) posted my Feeld profile for review a few days ago. I received a number of very sweet comments, a good deal of constructive criticism, some harsh but helpful advice, and a couple of nasty comments which I ignored. (That post is still up; if you’re curious, you can see it here:
My spouse and anchor partner Claire (a femme AFAB nonbinary), who I’m currently staying with, was so excited about how much helpful feedback I got that they asked me to post their Feeld profile, too (they don’t have a reddit account, and after the ensuing fiasco that seems likely to remain a permanent state of affairs). I can’t link to that post, because it was removed by the moderators, but although Claire’s post was very similar to mine, the reaction couldn’t have been more different. With the exception of a few constructive entries, the comments were overwhelmingly harsh from the beginning.
We had both written in our profiles that we were open to dating together or separately, and that we were open to being unicorns for other queer couples. This didn’t really make any waves in my profile review thread, but for some reason Claire’s set people off right away. The thread really caught on fire when Claire used the word ‘throuple’ in a comment (Claire speaks excellent english, among four other languages, but it is not their first language, and highly specific context-dependent terminology can sometimes be a little foggy - can you see another mode of gatekeeping at work here?).
It was clear from the post and our comments that we both have separate long term poly relationships with people of various genders, some of which relationships have endured from well before we met each other, and that dating people separately was in no way new to us. Nonetheless, things continued to heat up. I was criticized for responding, rather than just taking the beating (a favorite tactic of bullies everywhere), and once the label ‘unicorn hunter’ started flying around, there was no containing the flames - the post was quickly removed by the moderators.
I was initially hesitant to dig into this topic, but upon examining some past posts on this sub, I became aware of the likelihood that if I didn’t address it I would likely be written off as a salty unicorn hunter; I don’t want to make it quite that easy. I’m not interested in re-litigating the exact arguments from that post, but I think their outline is a useful lens through which to examine the dynamic I’ve outlined above. There are some terms I want to unpack here, because there are multiple conflicting definitions operating concurrently, and watching while Claire and I were publicly shamed - after being herded into the gap between a narrow, explicit definition and a much wider operational one - was extremely illuminating.
I’ll start with the narrow, explicit definition: that one’s easy, because the criteria are outlined in both the subreddit rules and some of the linked literature.
From the sub rules:
“Personal ads and the like are not allowed. If you post asking for people in your area, or anything looking like a personals ad, it will be removed. Same with commenting anywhere attempting to do the same.
This includes asking [how to find "a third", “a unicorn”, or multiple women to date only you and maybe each other.”
OK! That’s looking pretty good; everything about this seems very sensible. But wait, there’s another link! Maybe this will describe unicorn hunters in more detail? Once again, we’re in luck:
“If you don't know what a "unicorn hunter" is, that's simply an established couple, a heterosexual man and bisexual woman, that's searching for a bisexual woman\* that is open to a relationship with both the man and the woman in the existing relationship (but no one else), who will love them both equally, and agree to the rules that the couple has already decided are healthy for their relationship. She is expected to fit in to their relationship without changing the existing relationship with the couple, and if they feel that she's not following any rule, she's out, to protect The Couple.”
Great! This is looking good too. We’re going to take the asterisk into account and assume this describes any potential triad, regardless of gender and orientation. Obligation to date both of us? Nope. Exclusivity? Nope. Expectations of equal feelings? Rules new partners have to follow? Noooope. Expectations that our relationship won’t change? Rules or veto power from within the couple? No, and no.
Alright - looking good! We aren’t unicorn hunters, by any accepted definition that anyone can point to. We’re interested in dating or playing with someone new together, which we haven’t done much of, and also enjoy playing unicorn with other couples, separately. Anyone who cares to look can easily see that we’ve both been poly and happily partnered in a number of concurrent relationships for many years, even though we’re not up to speed on the subreddit-specific jargon. This should go pretty well, right?
About the strongest reasonable claim anyone made was that any premeditated desire to date another person together was a recipe for heartbreak. While it can certainly go that way, that hasn’t been the majority of my experience with other couples. But I get it - lots of people have been burnt by shitty couples - fair enough. There was a bunch of criticism from people who could tell that we were a couple and didn’t like that - kind of tangential, but under the same umbrella - ok, sure.
The bulk of the vitriol, though, was in regard to unicorn hunting. This is interesting, because by any reading of the narrow, explicit definition above, neither Claire or I are unicorn hunters. None of this should be controversial. What’s going on here?
It seems that there is another, hidden definition of unicorn hunting that comes into play when the unspoken norms of the sub are questioned. This definition is not explicit, and I can only trace its outline by examining the tripwires I triggered around it, but I have a hunch it might look something like this: ‘unicorn hunting is when people I might want to date if they were single or solo are in a couple, and they are talking about dating people together.’ I’m not pulling this out of thin air - most of the more energetic negative comments, especially on Claire’s posts, followed roughly the format: ‘I would totally swipe right if [X], but I’ll pass / you suck / byeeeee because [Y].’
While the impact of our preferences on others' self-conception was a noteworthy feature of those comments, it seemed central to another theme that surfaced later on. Near the end of that thread’s short, messy life, Claire and I received another healthy round of shaming, for saying that we both enjoy playing, solo, with other couples, as self-identified unicorns. Particularly distressing was the implication that a sexually confident femme could not meaningfully determine their own boundaries or needs; that either of us unicorning at all was (from the perspective of the unicorn!) definitionally unethical. I find this deeply troubling. Some of the comments I encountered on this topic seemed to point toward what I can only describe as some kind of victimless breach of an undefined and unspoken sexual code of poly ethics.
Unspoken, and highly resistant to questioning: this line of inquiry led more or less directly to the post’s removal. The proscription of victimless ‘unethical’ behavior doesn’t protect anyone, and indeed can only exist as an instrument of normative enforcement - after all, if no one is harmed by a behavior, who can its prohibition possibly hope to protect? This position seems strangely puritanical, for a poly subreddit: I’m reminded, bleakly, of extremist Christian prohibitions on masturbation as ‘self-rape.’ To anticipate any possible retort that unicorn-hunting couples harm people all the time, I want to emphasize that it was claimed that we were harming ourselves, in some manner we were not aware of, by unicorning with other couples - and that my attempts to point this concern trolling out led directly to the post being removed.
Is discomfort harm? Who, exactly, is being protected here? What are they being protected from? What is it about confident, self-assured unicorns that certain poly identities find so existentially threatening? Why does a community founded on the principles of negotiation and mutual agreement adopt a posture that can be accurately described as ‘do what we say, or else, no questions!’ when certain of its unwritten rules are challenged? The answers to these questions are left as an exercise for the reader.
I expect this kind of reactive posturing from the straight world; it’s disappointing to find it here, too. My experience above is only a single case, but even a cursory inventory of this sub’s contents will demonstrate that the underlying principle generalizes. There are too many examples here of shaming, of vitriol aimed at newcomers over perfectly understandable difficulties. Vitriol delivered with such piety, as though the ultimate poly goal is to burn all interdependence away at the altar of total autonomy. This is a shame. One doesn’t need to completely dismantle the basic machinery of attachment (as though such a thing is even possible) in order to practice ethical polyamory. There is a lot of good to be found in lifelong commitment for those who seek it, even in poly relationships.
It is possible to be married and ethically poly. Don’t mistake the gospel of avoidance from those who are triggered by secure attachment for some bitter but necessary pill to swallow. That is total bullshit. If you truly believe that you can exist alongside other people - let alone in relationship with other people - without anyone ever owing anyone else anything - you are delusional. At best, this mentality is indicative of a thoroughly unexamined lack of personal accountability; at worst, it is a direct instrument of manipulation and abuse. Sometimes pain is something to sit with alone; sometimes it’s a signal that support and co-regulation are needed; and sometimes it’s a sign that what you are doing is hurting you, and you should stop. All that matters, ultimately, is what works well for you and your partners.
I am not convinced that I am right on all counts, but I will offer that I am not anonymous here. I am willing to stand behind, defend and also re-examine my own beliefs. The same, you will find, is often not true of those most assiduously toeing the party line, although I am sure many will be eager to tell you differently. And there is a party line, enforced by group pressure and by unbalanced moderation served with a heaping tablespoon of condescension. An appeal to those I’ve spoken harshly of here: even from a perspective of self-interest, shaming people and tearing them down is not going to get the result you want. You certainly don’t owe anyone kindness, or any response at all, but at least have enough self-awareness to realize when you’re getting yourself off on some human punching bag kink - don’t think of it as helpful.
To those just starting out, or seeking some extra support in a difficult moment, please don’t be fooled by the funhouse mirror effect this subreddit can have, and please, please, please don’t let some internet strangers’ weird hangups prevent you from exploring anything safe, sane, consensual and fun. We’re all still in the early days of building a shared map for the territory of polyamory. I’m reminded of a thought from Brian Eno: “Avant-garde music is a sort of research music. You’re glad someone’s done it but you don’t necessarily want to listen to it. It’s similar to the way I’m very happy people have gone to the North Pole. It extends my concept of the planet to know it exists, but I don’t want to live there, or even go there actually. But it’s a boundary condition.”
The most uncompromising perspectives on personal autonomy are fascinating, but you don’t need to visit the outpost in order to benefit from the research. Polyamory, as a relational framework and social phenomenon, is still nascent. Our shared understandings around this topic are very much a work in progress, and anyone throwing down an extreme viewpoint with a surfeit of confidence is likely trying harder to convince themselves than you. Projection is rampant, especially when one’s own behavior is taken by others as a challenge to their own self-conception. If shame is the primary response you experience to someone’s ‘advice,’ the odds are good that they’re not really trying to help you. Take the best and ignore the rest.
Happily, much of the linked external literature recommended here is excellent, and not nearly so proscriptive or judgemental as you might imagine based on its disjunct and distorted parroting by many posters. I have found “Polysecure” by Jessica Fern particularly helpful, and return to it often. For my part, I am not sure whether I will be back here. It will be interesting to see the subreddit immune system in action, and I’m always ready for a pleasant surprise.
In the meantime, be kind to yourselves, take care of each other, and remember to drink plenty of water.
submitted by Hotel_Earth to polyamory [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:07 throwraanhedonia I (29M) am miserable but can't get myself to break up with my (29F) girlfriend. What is wrong with me?

I've been with my girlfriend for 5 years. Met in college and did long-distance for several years and now have lived together for a few years. She is understandably wondering and constantly asking when we are getting engaged. I used to be head over heels for her, but once we started living together, her less-than-attractive habits have been amplified, and sadly I've fallen out of love with her. I know a ring will not fix our problems, but can't bring myself to break up with her I think bc deep down I know it would really hurt me to see her broken up and depressed (she has been fighting depression and PTSD for a long time and mentioned previous SI, I worry if I were to end things, she may act on her SI and obviously I would harbor guilt about this). I've tried talking to a therapist but they weren't much help. What is wrong with me? What should I do?
submitted by throwraanhedonia to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:05 human_raisedbyhumans Fuji Rock 2023 Lineup (1st Announcement)

Fuji Rock 2023 Lineup (1st Announcement) submitted by human_raisedbyhumans to fujirock [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 05:00 JoChiCat A complete timeline of Lilith and Satan's relationship, complete with wild speculation and theories

Struck by a toxic feeling of nostalgia, I decided to go through the archives to piece together Lilith and Satan’s romance, and by extension, Lil’E’s past. The less said about watching Tatsuya’s ideological meltdown in time-lapse form the better, because while I could write an essay on the topic, there are limits to my masochism.
So without further ado, here is the timeline as I have managed to piece together:
That’s not even including any speculation about Vainglorious’s paternity, or the timeline implications of Lilith and Kate’s classmate being an elderly grandmother while they’re both clearly pretty youthful. It can probably be chalked up to magic, somehow. Honestly, I’d have assumed that Lilith got knocked up soon after graduation, but with her kid currently being 12 at the oldest, and Kate’s being in his late teens/early 20s, that isn’t possible without tying the timeline into a knot.
Another interesting note: while it’s sometimes implied that both devil people and witchcraft in general face some prejudice in the present, that bigotry was obviously a lot worse in the past. Clearly this society’s views have shifted over time. Not really relevant, but makes me wonder.
So that’s what I’ve got. Lilith and Satan started dating pretty young, lived together for an unknown amount of time, had a kid at some point, and split up when that kid was roughly toddler-aged. Satan obviously wasn’t at all involved in Lil’E’s upbringing after the split, even when Lilith died/disappeared/whatever, so it must have been pretty nasty.
It's fairly easy to extrapolate from this why Lilith and Satan split up; Lilith didn't seem to approve of Satan's behaviour around Lil'E, judging by the events of the picnic, and she certainly wouldn't have put up with his obvious disappointment with their son's lack of powers and softer disposition. It seems likely that she would have decided Lil'E was better off without a father and initiated the split, though I suppose it's also possible that it was a mutual decision, depending on how power-hungry Satan had gotten at that point. He may have decided to cut his losses, as it were.
There's also the theory that Satan cheated on Lilith, which I've seen thrown around this sub. While it's not impossible, I don't like this theory very much. Partly because the only strip that could even vaguely stand as evidence is the engagement one (which as I've mentioned, does not vibe with established lore), and partly because I'm tired of the "men are scum who will stick their dick in anything warm and female-shaped" narrative that Sinfest has been propping up since 2011. Let's give Satan's general failures as a husband and as a father some depth, yeah?
...and that's that on that. Thoughts? Criticisms? Anything I've missed? Please give me feedback, I've spent too much time on this stupid essay and am desperate for validation.
submitted by JoChiCat to sinfest [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:59 ThatK0shurGirl Hellow... I'm 22F , A Kashmere living in Delhi. Any medico(s) over here ?

The title sums it up pretty well. Originally from southern Kashmir but been living here in Delhi for the last 2 Years . My interests are Medicine (PS . I'm a medico :D) , Gaming (i like playing Valorant ) , Badminton , Swimming..... Yeah that's it ! Can anyone recommend me some places to go out to spend some time alone thodi peaceful si jagah Thanks !
submitted by ThatK0shurGirl to TheDelhiSquad [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:58 Responsible-Neck-417 do personal relationships ever become easier to maintain?

I struggle so much with feeling all or nothing when it comes to the people in my life, it doesn’t matter is it’s family, friendship, romantic, or sexual. If i love or care for someone i feel like it completely consumes me to a point where i feel like i can’t function. and it’s not just “positive” emotions either, i can begin to hate them for any little reason and when i say hate i mean i wish they were d*ad, they mean less than nothing to me. i’m tired of it and that chronic loneliness i begin to feel doesn’t help with the habit of self harm and SI. i want to be able to live a life where these things don’t seem like life or death because sometimes i really do feel like ripples in my personal relationships are going to kill me
submitted by Responsible-Neck-417 to CPTSD [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:00 AutoModerator The r/KDRAMA GUIDE -- Info, Resources, FAQs, and More

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2023.02.03 02:37 AnnieLeo Questions thread (2023-02-01 to 2023-02-28)

Welcome to the RPCS3 subreddit!

The questions threads must be used when asking about:
Otherwise our subreddit will be full of threads repeatedly asking the same things.
Of course, questions that encourage wider, interesting discussion should be made in new threads. Simple tech support queries that do not fulfill this requirement generally belong in this thread.

Before asking any support questions:

Check the RPCS3 CPU Tier List if you have performance related questions

Always include the log file

Always include the full log file as explained on the How to Ask for Support guide linked above
You MUST upload the log file to one of the following file hosts:
Note: Uploading something other than the log file, uploading a compressed archive inside a compressed archive (like .gz.7z), or using a file host besides the ones whitelisted above will invalidate your support request
Thank you for your comprehension.
Of course, for faster answers to your questions join our Discord Server's #help channel where you can get live support.
submitted by AnnieLeo to rpcs3 [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:28 Thick-Mousse-2049 I accidentally created 125 characters

I had this idea to create some vague character hooks that got way out of hand, ending up with one idea for every single official subclass (as well as some UA stuff) and the Blood Hunter class. I feel like sharing them, and if this inspires anyone I would be really happy. I have applied genders and races to all these characters although that is just how they are in my head, for a lot of them the race and gender is flexible. While some of these characters have larger ideas attached to them these are simply my brief prompts and hooks for each one. Here we go.
Artificers Alchemist: Earth Genasi She's a plague doctor, her father was a vicious genie who spread plagues to one day conquer the world, she was created to be his agent but she turned against him. Armorer: Reborn Dwarf A great warrior who fell in a massive battle, for reasons unknown to him he was returned to life, now stuck inside the armor he wore in his final battle. Artillerist: Kobold He's a mad inventor who seeks to harness the true might of dragons in ways not yet conceived with his somewhat insane ideas and concepts. Battlesmith: Human She's the guardian of a simple village, alongside her iron companion, she believes her life would simply consist of defending them for most of her life.
Barbarians Ancestral Guardian: Goliath She's a bounty hunter and gladiator, she left her clan to seek glory among humans but now she believes her ancestors have forsaken her for it. Battlerager: Dwarf The inheritor of an ancient bloodline, the armor and weapons of his family are said to have been granted to them by a god ages ago. Beast: Human He was taken as a prisoner of war, he was badly injured and became the experimentation subject of a wizard, transforming his body into what it is now. Berserker: Beasthide Shifter A simple family man who wants to live an easy life, the curse of lycanthropy runs in his blood however and he fears what it might lead to. Giant: Orc She grew up orphaned, when playing games with other children she came across a lone giant who taught her about his ways before he disappeared. Storm Herald: Dragonborn They are believed by their people to be the avatar of a mighty storm dragon that once ravaged the lands in ancient legends. Totem Warrior: Centaur The last of his tribe, he travels to find a purpose, make sure his people are forever remembered and hone his skill to feel worthy of the elk totem. Wild Magic: Human She was once part of a mercenary band but a mission went wrong that left several of them dead and her permanently changed. Zealot: Dwarf The lone follower of an old powerful god, he spreads his gods influence through the world, not through worship but through his actions.
Bards Creation: Changeling She has lived as a hundred people and she wants to understand life at its fullest, her deepest wish is to hear the son of creation. Eloquence: Elf She is a great philosopher from a fine noble house, her true passion however lies in the creation of poetry and art, something her family don't want to hear about. Glamour: Tiefling The legitimised bastard daughter of a noble and a prostitute she is a controversial figure at court, often finding herself the centre of attention. Lore: Human A composer and musician with a deep love for stories and fairy tales, her goal is to learn and spread as many tales as possible. Spirits: Fallen Aasimar She was once a protector who sought to save the living, but the cries of the dead were deafening and eventually led to her fall as only dead would take her protection. Swords: Hadozee Her past is a revolving door door of stories, each more spectacular than the last, the truth of her past is a story she keeps only for herself. Valour: Dwarf Once a wardrummer who marched into many battles, she is now jaded and tired of war and would rather observe the beauty of the world. Whispers: Human A spy acting as a diplomat in court, she revels in the games of politics and have often taken up work as an assassin as well as a spy.
Blood Hunters Ghostslayer: Reborn Human When he awoke after his own death he killed his killers, since then he has been wandering not knowing who he really is but would rather focusing on the future. Lycan: Dwarf A criminal who made enemies in the wrong places, to escape his debts he became a blood hunter and turns out he was really good at it. Mutant: Scourge Aasimar She was meant to be a powerful force of nature but her powers were uncontrollable, she became a blood hunter in hopes that it would cure her insatiable hunger. Profane Soul: Tiefling The child of a devil, he made a deal with his own father who he considered a lesser evil, in order to fight the greater evils of the world.
Clerics Arcana: Gnome The granddaughter of an old wise gnome cleric, living in the shadow of her grandma and mentor she simply tries her past. Death: Duergar He lays the dead to rest, he is respected but also feared among his people, he cares more about the dead than the living. Fate: Owlin A carefree lover of life, tragedies changed her outlook but not much of her behaviour, she thus became a loyal servant of fate, Forge: Dragonborn The apprentice of a great blacksmith among their people, forging the mind, body and soul of other is according to them the greatest form of art. Grave: Dhampir The spawn of vampires, she is on a journey to cure the curse of undeath, the final undead she will turn would thus be herself. Knowledge: Gnome A great matriarch and priestess who has mothered many children, she is a strict and stern but caring maternal figure. Life: Human A temple orphan, she was raised by the temple caretakers and it has always been her goal in life to become just like them. Light: Tortle Outside the temples in the central squares sits this tortle, offering healing and prayers to anyone who seeks him out. Nature: Human Long ago she discovered a shrine dedicated to a long forgotten god of nature, she is the only follower and will make sure it is remembered. Order: Dwarf The world is chaotic and hard to follow, hard of master, he considers himself an agent of the great wheel of balance who will make sure the chaos doesn't get too far out. Peace: Human A soldier who witnessed horrific things on the battlefield, he now seeks and escape from what he's seen and what he's done. Tempest: Elf A healer unsure about her faith, she feels like a tool to the gods and she isn't sure if she can even trust them or their agendas. Twilight: Human A travelling cleric who lost her family when she was very young, she uses her magic to protect people from what lurks in the darkness. War: Elf He has lost many friends, in and outside of battles and he considers it his sacred duty to make sure they will be remembered.
Druids Dreams: Hexblood The daughter of a hag she believed herself to be a regular elf until she had dreams of her true coven, feeling drawn to eventually join them. Land: Plasmoid Some swamp goo ended up gaining sentience by a misfired spell, convinced it is a human it is a very kind and curious little guy. Moon: Swiftstride Shifter Animals are easier to understand than people, he spends a lot of his time in animal form and it is affecting his human behaviour. Primeval: Human She lost her home to a great catastrophe, she was left alone but a spirit which was also the last of its kind reached out and rescued her, becoming her eternal companion. Shepherd: Human A caretaker of nature, she can't protect all of it, but she can make sure her forest and home is safe from the harm other humans may cause. Spores: Kenku She is a strange wanderer who is fascinated by the decay of the world and the rebirth that it brings after it is done. Stars: Firbolg He lived a peaceful life in his home until he grew old, often worried about the outside world he decided to leave, to help those who have none. Wildfire: Lizardfolk A bringer of destruction, an enigma to his folk, respected and feared, from his fiery destruction new life will grow.
Fighters Arcane Archer: Orc An old mercenary veteran of a hundred campaign, he is an unmissing marksman and loyal soldier with little personal ambition. Banneret: Human A knight of the realm, proud warrior of her order, she is always vigilant, never resting and eternally fighting. Battle Master: Human Trained since childhood to be the greatest warrior her house have ever seen, it's exhausting but her house comes before her personal comfort. Cavalier: Human Born a peasant for whom becoming a knight would've been impossible if he hadn't been taken in as a squire by a kind old knight, Champion: Triton The champion of the arena, a popular gladiator and quite boastful, he was put through a personal crisis after his first ever loss. Echo Knight: Protector Aasimar He has always been protector by a guardian angel, his shadow, who watches over him and protects him when need be. Eldritch Knight: Human Everyone always expected greatness from him, but he was never enough, neither in magic, finesse nor might, yet he never gave up. Gunslinger: Goblin He has a talent for making things explode, always curious about explosives he blew up his home leading to his exile. Psi Warrior: Human The former bodyguard of a powerful sorcerer she stole some artifacts upon leaving his employ and she hasn't known rest since. Rune Knight: Dwarf He grew up near the giants' ruins, he studied their remains, endlessly fascinated by them he seeks to learn their secrets. Samurai: Elf The eternal student, travelling to master his skills in the arts of combat, practicing under a dozen different masters.
Monks Ascendant Dragon: Fire Genasi A princess of a small realm, she has lived in self imposed exile over the past years, to live life like her subjects and experience humility. Astral Self: Loxodon A temple guardian, he protects them from harm and makes sure the temple can do what they need to and help make sure they always have the resources they need. Drunken Master: Halfling He is a self taught fighter, a rather calm man who prefers drinking tea over fighting, but will do what he needs to in order to defend his family. Four Elements: Human A dancer from a simple family, she performs fairy tales from her home region, she is much beloved by her community. Kensei: Elf A simple traveller who helps with his weapons wherever he may be needed, always with a happy smile on his face. Long Death: Dwarf He was obsessed with death and dying, how to prevent it and how to make it quicker, as much a master at healing as he's with poisons. Mercy: Human He grew up as a street child in a massive populated city and acted as a thief, however a monastery caretaker caught him, but rather than punishing she offered him shelter. Open Hand: orc A friendly practiced martial artist, with a gruff exterior but a heart of gold, he is a force to be reckoned with when angered. Shadow: Human She is a mercenary assassin, employed in wars to kill key enemies, she has no personal loyalty, only to coin and a good drink. Sun Soul: Human From a great archive, holding the accumulated knowledge of generations, she's one of its few remaining watchers.
Paladins Ancients: Elf At a never-ending war with an eternal enemy, who's also her father, a bright lord who seeks dominion over the world. Conquest: Human He is a powerful tool of expansion, while relentless on the battlefield he never breaks his personal code of honour. Crown: Human His oath was dedicated to a king, but when his king turned against his ideal his oath became conflicted with itself. Devotion: Water Genasi A guardian of a people he doesn't understand, devoted to protect them, but forever a stranger to them and this place. Glory: Human The child of legendary heroes she has always been in their shadow, it's her time now to forge her own legend. Oathbreaker: Elf Once he cared about others, but as time passed he grew apathetic and his good intentions were twisted into something unrecognisable. Redemption: Dwarf An old paladin who witnessed his closest friend break his oath, saddened he now just wishes to save him so he can finally rest, but he worries that neither is possible anymore. Vengeance: Orc As a child a group of paladins destroyed his home, so he swore an oath of vengeance, dedicated to paladins who's oaths ring hollow. Watchers: Dragonborn Orphaned, raised by nuns in a remote temple, they have always been plagued by prophetic nightmares they feel observed and unsure about their fate.
Rangers Beast Master: Halfling Young shepherd lass in a small remote village, preferring to keep to her dogs and sheep, but would do anything to help her village. Drakewarden: Dwarf He was paid to deliver a drake egg but he grew attached to it, unable to turn it in as it would become a weapon of destruction, the drake became his personal companion once it hatched. Fey Wanderer: Human She was once a prisoner of a strange fey and ended up lost in her garden, once she managed to escape something within her had changed forever. Gloomstalker: Warforged He woke up in a dark underground after a long time standing dromant, unsure about his purpose he simply started wandering. Horizon Walker: Air Genasi Growing up in the elemental plane of air he wants to learn about the planes of humans and their like, he lives inside a bag of holding. Hunter: Orc Living in the outskirts of a large city he often act as a guide or tracker for passing adventurers and their like. Monster Slayer: Goliath A skilled marksman from a small mercenary band captained by his older brother, he is determined to prove himself the strongest. Swarmkeepr: Human Out in the woods she lives, observing the nature of magic in its most chaotic forms, in hopes of truly understanding magic.
Rogues Arcane Trickster: Satyr Tangled in a web of lies, she has conned her way into positions of power despite her very humble origins. Assassin: Hobgoblin Raised within a cult dedicated to the god of violent death and murder, she is an outcast of society with a skewed sense of self. Inquisitive: Warforged Created with the purpose of solving unsolvable mysteries, he remained in his hometown longer after it was abandoned. Mastermind: Dwarf A master strategist who's been part of many campaigns, after being framed for a crime he did not commit he had to run away. Phantom: Human The assistant of a necromancer, sent to procure materials, things went wrong one day and she is no longer the same as she once was. Scout: Wildhunt Shifter From a small community that was cursed centuries ago into their current form, she is their scout for their nomadic life style. Soulknife: Thri-Kreen Been serving various warlords for a while, its motivation unclear, scary and silent but at the same time a strangely calming presence. Swashbuckler: Halfling Born from sailors it has always been his dream to sail the open seas on his own ship, now as that dream has been fulfilled he sails the world. Thief: Human At the bottom of society you have to do a lot of things to survive, now she's desperately trying to escape from her past.
Sorcerers Aberrant Mind: Autognome Imbued with the soul and magic of the dying inventor and sorcerer who created her, she is now the last memory of her creator. Clockwork Soul: Human She's a clockmaker who lived a tightly controlled , fully unaware of her powers until they awoke as an adult. Divine Soul: Tiefling The result of of an endless battle between a celestial and an infernal, her soul being both blessed and cursed. Draconic Bloodline: Dragonborn They were the apprentice to the spiritual leader of their clan, they had to leave but plan to return and once again serve their people. Lunar Magic: Elf Raised in isolation, she was endlessly fascinated by the night sky, drawn by the fairy tales she grew up with. Shadow Magic: Human When she was born she died, a skilled healer managed to revive her quickly but she had already been touched by the shadowfell. Storm Magic: Tiefling Born during a great storm. it was viewed as a bad omen and she was abandoned, growing up on the streets she finally found peace on the open seas. Wild Magic: Elf Born as part of a magic ritual meant to create a powerful weapon, she is terrified of her own powers and what she may do with them.
Warlock Archfey: Drow She was tricked into a pact by a powerful fey, her goal is now to find a way to break the pact and finally be free. Celestial: Verdan Once a simple merchant she ended up saving a unicorn from a certain death and it rewarded her with their bond. Fathomless: Simic Hybrid He was the only survivor of a shipwreck, he would've had died but he was saved by something that lurks deep in the abyss of the oceans. Genie: Orc Her family has been in the long service of a genie for generations, it is now her time to take up the mantle to be their guardian. Great Old One: Hexblood She was once human, but the eldritch magic consumed her mind as her old life fades away and all that remains is her research into the old ones. Hexblade: Human He was a treasure hunter, who was proud in his skills and a burglar and a thief, but he was greedy and stole something he shouldn't have. Undead: Human The servant of a cult, under the rule of a lich king of decadence, for a while he had a choice but now he isn't sure he can live. Undying: Yuan-Ti The loyal servant of a powerful spirit bound to the ruins of an ancient realm, she has thus become its eyes and hands out in the world.
Abjuration: Shadar-Kai A self taught wizard who picked up different tricks and books as he travels through the world, looking out for only himself. Bladesinging: Fairy A queensguard of the fey court, she would do anything for the sake of her ward, completely discarding herself to fate. Chronurgy: Human Endlessly fashinated by the ancient ruins he seeks to uncover the past that has been long forgotten to the sands of time. Conjuration: Aaracokra He arrived from a far off land, with a desire to explore the world and escape his duties from his home, simply living a free life. Divination: Human She was the perfect student, but she saw too much and witnessed her own death, she left her studies to uncover the truth of her visions. Enchantment: Human From an ancient noble family he studied magic, as is their tradition, so can one day hold the position of court mage and wield influence as well as magic. Evoctation: Elf Orphaned as a child she was raised by her mentor, a gruff but caring old man who taught her all he knew about magic. Graviturgy: Kalashtar Raised within a secret society, he has always been loyal to his masters, rarely questioning their orders regardless of what they entail. Illusion: Changeling She's an artist obsessed with the nature of beauty and achieving perfection, bending light to create her art. Necromancy: Human After the death of her family she became obsessed with bringing them back to life and restore what she had lost. Runecrafter: Dwarf A proud craftsman, dedicated to his work, he has a hard time with other people preferring keeping to himself and his trade. Scribes: Human He never thought he would be anything other than an academic, intelligent and calm he was eventually for something much larger in life. Transmutation: Gnome He was once a great student of magic and an adventurer, then he put that life behind him to become a simple gardener. War: Human From the dirt he rose, son of farmers, he joined the army and managed to work his way up the ranks through discipline, his skill and clever tactics.
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2023.02.03 02:22 SnooWords9315 Thank god for this subreddit

Just wanted to express gratitude for this subreddit existing and the many amazing commenters in here.
I’m sure without it TSM awareness and practical application would be much lower and more lives would continue to be trashed by AUD.
I’ve posted a few times here over the past year, but have spent many hours digging into the archives of other threads. I’m sure that’s true for many other lurkers.
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2023.02.03 02:22 messymess444 90s Grunge/Rock Tea Thread

A while ago I said that I’d kill for a big thread on grunge and all the tea from that era, so I decided to start one myself! Having been up Seattle’s ass since forever, I thought I’d offer some random tidbits. I invite anyone and everyone to add to the discussion, and to please correct me if my details are wrong.

Xana La Fuente was the girlfriend of Andrew Wood, beloved late singer of bands Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone. Xana – who is six-feet tall, strikingly beautiful, and awful – loves to spill tea on literally everyone and everything from the grunge era. No one knows what’s true and what’s completely made up. If you have ever read anything she’s ever written or said, you’ll know how she is. If not then don’t worry, I have the receipts!
Xana had a website called Xanaland that featured the blog Grunge Story Tellers: Stories of the People That Shaped an Era in Seattle Music & New Artists That Follow, but it got shut down in the last few years. I managed to find the archived version. Let’s just dig into some of the stories:
Finally, I can’t find all the posts, but she was close friends with Demri Parrott (Layne Staley’s late ex and grunge it-girl) and supposedly made a bunch of shit up about her which of course upset Demri’s family and friends. I’m not sure if that’s why Xanaland shut down but she did mention that whole thing one of her last posts.
There’s much more to read and say about Xana but I don’t have enough time to write it all out. Hopefully someone reading this will remember some more about the blog/Xana and fill in the blanks. I will close this chapter with a picture of Xana’s boyfriend and chihuahua.

A brief history of Nirvana’s wh0remanship
Kunt Cobain will always be the gentle teddy bear to me (I can fix him) but he was also messy as hell (pop a slay):
Final tea: It’s rumored that Kurt was secretly in love with Kristen Pfaff, the late bassist from Hole (who I love). Apparently, they had a nice friendship and talked a lot, but some say Courtney didn’t like them being friends. Kurt was also said to have told a friend that he thought Kristen was beautiful. There is a whole full blown conspiracy about this friendship/relationship.

Dave Grohl was and is a wh0re and no one can tell me otherwise. Courtney Love described him as a red-blooded male and we all know that means he is a s!ut. He has dated some very cool and talented women, however, and during his time in Nirvana that included Jennifer Finch from L7 and Kathleen Hanna from Bikini Kill. IIRC Jennifer Finch says that once he had three tickets to Lollapalooza – one standing and two seated – and he gave the standing one to her so he could sit with Kurt lmao.
He then married his first wife Jennifer, who he cheated on after only a few years of marriage with Veruca Salt’s Louise Post. Pat Smear was so pissed at him for cheating on Jennifer, who was his friend, that he quit the Foo Fighters. Later on while Louise was performing, she told the crowd that Dave had cheated on her with Winona Ryder. Louise still posts about Dave and about how Everlong was written about her. Messy.
I won’t talk about Krist because he was married throughout Nirvana. I find Nirvana impossible to watch interviews of these days because I always used to think they were three best buds but now I see Dave trying hard to be edgy and Kurt making passive-aggressive comments about it and it makes me Kringe. I also think Kurt suffered from too-cool-for-school disorder. Someone should’ve thrown a burger at him.

Chris and Vicky Cornell vs. Susan Silver and the world
Susan Silver is a legend and an icon in the grunge world, just read her Wikipedia page fr. She was with Chris Cornell for around 20 years and they had a daughter together. Their marriage had allegedly been failing for a while before the divorce but unfortunately the divorce was filed because Chris allegedly was cheating on Susan, got the side girl pregnant and then divorced Susan so he could marry the new girl. The new girl – Vicky – then became the new wife, and Chris embarked on a legal battle against Susan because he essentially didn’t read the fine-print of the divorce papers, which this comment talks about.
As for Vicky, this comment spills all the tea on Vicky and how awful her behavior has been, especially since Chris’ death. I would say more but the comment really covers it all.

Please share your 90s alt-rock tea. It doesn’t get Eddie Vedder than this!
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2023.02.03 02:09 fixedfree Could someone help me with pica vs elite typeface font sizing, please? I'm hoping for a photo example from a "normal" distance.

I recently got into manual typewriters and I love it, I have two machines with pica (10/inch) and it's easy to read, but I wish I could fit more text per line as I can with an old cursive Royal I picked up at a thrift store (I didn't know to check typeface and chose the one that behaved the best mechanically).
It's not a huge problem, and I should probably stick with pica, but I'm curious...
So my ask is: could someone type up a half page or page of each font, and then photograph them at arms length on a table side-by-side and at a natural reading distance, please?
I'm closer to turning 40 than I'd like to admit, my eyes have never been great, and it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that I should stick with pica, but I haven't been able to find any photos or descriptions of what these two might look like side by side when used in a natural setting -- on a desk, or table, held on one's lap for reading, or held up while reading.
I don't live near any typewriter stores where I could try this out or have any typewriter friends I could ask.
Apologies if this is a repost, I found a nice poll and several small discussions on the sub over the years, but all my searching of Google and Reddit did not yield a side by side photograph at a "normal" distance. Sure I can find text samples, but I'm looking for more like an example of a full page document or "day in the life" with each typeface.
Pica is fine for fiction, but I also type up some technical documents and it would be nice to fit more info into a long line.
Probably I should compromise with a 11pt, lol, but those are hard to find.
Thanks so much and thanks for this sub, it's been a delight to read back through the archives.
ETA: u/temporally_misplaced has swooped in to save the day, thanks! That should do it!
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2023.02.03 02:02 crissthefrog She doesn't know what she's looking for, but if you don't know what you're looking for, forget it. Gotta love the irony.

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2023.02.03 01:56 night672 Questa settimana troverete @Pankekirip live su Twitch secondo la seguente programmazione...

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