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A safe and supportive community for people of all ages and gender identities who suffer from the effects of medical trauma, including medical abuse, neglect, obstetric violence, birth rape, and sexual abuse by a medical professional. *Warning: material maybe triggering, please take care of yourself and keep that in mind *

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Open to anyone in the medical field. We're a group of medical students collecting our study group humor here as we attempt to make it through school.

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This is a discussion group for survivors and operators of Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation - ECMO.

2023.02.03 06:22 SuprBepsis LFG Day One Lightfall 🤠

Howdy 👋 y’all, if you are looking for a group of 3 dedicated players who are fully committed to the day one and bounty prepped to the teeth then you’ve come to the right place, if you’re a player who also is willing to commit to the 24 hours, has a good loadout for those damage checks, and is overall a chill and adaptive person then feel free to shoot your bungie id down below. All we ask is for people to come prepared and have experience in end game content where they feel comfortable playing under the stresses of day one.
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2023.02.03 06:22 Objective_Signature6 Hunter-Gatherers and the Origins of Religion

TLDR: the beginning of religion was rooted in animism among hunter-gatherer societies. the prevalence of animistic thought, specifically beliefs in spirits, likely led to interest in the spirits of dead, which led to conceptions of an afterlife and possibly ideas about punishment and reward for adherence to moral and social codes. the idea of an afterlife, led to sense of being watched by spirits, which may have reinforced social mores and normative/mechanical social solidarity. the beliefs in animism would have been enforced by formal religious roles of shamans who act as "a mechanism to reinforce social norms, encouraging group cooperation through ritual and social bonding, and calming anxiety during times of resource stress" and act as both spiritual leaders and social workers in early societies. shamanism evolved together with ancestor worship (still practiced in parts of asia). spiritual world of the dead is separate from beliefs in omniscient and powerful "high gods" that came later, but introduced theory of supernatural monitoring that may have laid the foundation for them.
sorry still a bit too long but tried to establish chain of causation
Full article:
Our results reflect Tylor’s (1871) belief that animism was the earliest and most basic trait of religion because it enables humans to think in terms of supernatural beings or spirits. Animism is not a religion or philosophy, but a feature of human mentality, a by-product of cognitive processes that enable social intelligence, among other capabilities. It is a widespread way of thinking among hunter-gatherers (Bird-David 1999; Charlton 2007; Klingensmith 1953; Piaget 1929). Animistic thought is a natural by-product of the human capacity for intentionality or “theory of mind mechanism” (Dunbar 2003). This innate cognitive trait allows us to attribute a vital force to animate and inanimate elements in the environment (Piaget 1929; Tylor 1871). Once that vital force is assumed, attribution of other human characteristics will follow. Animistic beliefs are generally adaptive in the environments that prevail in hunter-gatherer societies (Bird-David 1999; Charlton 2002). Animistic thinking would have been present in early hominins, certainly earlier than language (Coward 2015; Dunbar 2003).
It can be inferred from the analyses, or indeed from the universality of animism, that the presence of animistic belief predates the emergence of belief in an afterlife. Once animistic thought is prevalent in a society, interest in the whereabouts of spirits of the dead could reasonably lead to the concept of an unseen realm where the individual personality of the deceased lives on. The afterlife might be a rewarding continuation of life on earth, or a realm of eternal punishment for those who break social norms. Belief in an afterlife may have generated a sense of “being watched” by the spirits of the dead, prompting archaic forms of social norms (Bering 2006) actualized in the role of the shaman.
Shamanism significantly correlates with belief in an afterlife, which emerged first. Shamanism then evolved in the presence of belief in a realm of spirits of the dead. If belief in an afterlife is lost, shamanism is also likely to be lost. The single exception to this in our sample is the Slave, who have shamanism without belief in an afterlife. Although shamanism has been described as the universal religion of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers (Eliade 1964; Winkelman 1990), it is not a religion per se, but a complex of beliefs and behaviors that focus on communication with the ancestral spirits, as well as the general world of spirits in the realm of the afterlife. Shamans are healers, ritual leaders, and influential members of society whose keen insight and success in solving social problems (Rossano 2007; Winkelman 1990) can lead to wealth, power, and access to mates. Shamanism acts as a mechanism to reinforce social norms, encouraging group cooperation through ritual and social bonding, and calming anxiety during times of resource stress (Hayden 1987; Rossano 2007; Winkelman 1990; Winkelman 2010). Shamans, as Vitebsky (2000) puts it, are both spiritual leaders and social workers. It would be reasonable to argue that shamans, who draw their power from communication with the world of spirits, would have initially emerged in strongly animistic societies that believed in an afterlife. Communication with omniscient and perhaps judgmental spirits of known deceased, including ancestors, would have been a useful tool in the work of the shaman.
As humans migrated out of Africa more than 60 kya (Henn et al. 2012; Macaulay et al. 2005), the shaman’s curing skills and group rituals would have enhanced survival through physical and emotional healing, enforcement of group norms, and resource management. At the time of the rapid population dispersal of AMH out of Africa along the southern route into Wallacea and Sahul, the physical stress of travel and encounters with unfamiliar cultures in areas already occupied by other hominins would have driven the need for use of both material and non-material culture, including religion, to negotiate identities and relationships among and between groups (Coward 2015). Evidence for more complex information exchange systems, planning depth and authority, and increased symbolization appears in the archaeological record of Wallacea and Australia prior to 40 kya (Balme et al. 2009). These suggestions are in line with the elevated likelihood support of the ancestral presence of shamanism in the deepest out-of-Africa nodes (Fig. ​(Fig.2b).2b). Our results support Rossano’s (2009a) hypothesis that shamanism preceded and is more basic than ancestor worship, although the presence of shamanism in the LCA of present-day hunter-gatherers is not supported.
Despite established speculation by Spencer (1870) and Tylor (1871) that universal ancestor worship was the rudimentary beginning of religion, our analysis shows that worship of dead kin is neither widespread among hunter-gatherers nor the oldest trait of religion. Fewer than half of the societies in our sample believe that dead kin can influence the living (Fig. ​(Fig.2).2). In many hunter-gatherer societies the concept of ancestor spirits is absent, or present but they are inactive in human affairs (Sheils 1975; Swanson 1960). For example, among the! Kung there is a general fear of active spirits of “the dead,” who are often the ghosts of recently deceased kin. But the concept of having a worshipful relationship with their own ancestors is absent (Marshall 1962). Greater likelihood of the presence of active ancestor worship has been linked to societies with unilineal descent where important decisions are made by the kin group (Sheils 1975; Swanson 1960). Ancestor worship is an important source of social control that strengthens cohesion among kin and maintains lineal control of power and property (Sheils 1975; Steadman et al. 1996; Swanson 1960), particularly in the more complex hunter-gatherer societies. In contrast, immediate-return hunter-gatherer societies (Woodburn 1982) seldom recognize dead ancestors who may intervene in their lives. The social structure of these societies does not usually consist of strong kin ties, and individuals do not depend on help from close kin, living or dead (Barnard and Woodburn 1988).
The minimum requirement for veneration of dead ancestors is animism and belief in the survival of the personal identity beyond death. In our analyses, ancestor worship is significantly positively related with belief in an afterlife and shamanism. Belief in an afterlife evolves prior to shamanism and ancestor worship. There is significant support for coevolution of shamanism with ancestor worship and active ancestor worship. Belief in an afterlife with shamanism appears to be a stable cultural state, rarely lost once achieved. Ancestor worship is also less likely to be lost in the presence of belief in an afterlife with shamanism.
This is not to say that the reduction of complexity of religious beliefs and behaviors cannot occur in simple hunter-gatherers. The presence of belief in an afterlife and shamanism is significantly supported in the LCA of Beringian-American as well as North and South American hunter-gatherers (Fig. ​(Fig.3a,b;3a,b; ESM Table A4), suggesting that the absence of these traits among the Siriono in Bolivia and Botocudo in southern Brazil is due to independent secondary losses. In the Siriono, this loss was probably part of a substantial decrease in cultural complexity during the expansion of Tupi language speakers across lowland South America (Walker et al. 2012).
It can be argued that those societies under higher resource stress, encountering difficulties with resource extraction that demands cooperative effort, would benefit most from the shaman’s skills (Hayden 1987; Rossano 2007; Winkelman 1990, 2010). This is supported by the prevalence of shamanism among hunter-gatherer societies of Eurasia, and corresponding support for the presence of shamanism among their ancestors (Fig. ​(Fig.2b).2b). In “Paleo-Asiatic” peoples (Ainu, Gilyak, and Yukaghir) and in Eskimo-Aleut peoples of the circumpolar region, the presence of shamanism combines with active ancestor worship. The presence of both traits in the LCAs of these groups is significantly supported (Fig. ​(Fig.2d).2d). High gods were not the first supernatural entities to monitor morality (Geertz 2014). The power and leadership of the shaman was often based on reaffirming traditional social behavior that was presumed to have been carried out by the ancestors, and still desired and monitored by punishing ancestral spirits, even in those societies where spirits of dead kin were not considered a part of the religion (Steadman and Palmer 2008).
Belief in high gods appears to be a rather “stand-alone” phenomenon in the evolution of hunter-gatherer religion. Prior studies have shown that among the four modes of subsistence (hunter-gatherers, pastoralists, horticulturalists, and agriculturalists) hunter-gatherers are least likely to adopt morally punishing active high gods, if any high gods at all (Botero et al. 2014; Norenzayan 2013; Peoples and Marlowe 2012; Swanson 1960). This pattern is reflected in the distribution and the reconstructed evolution of high gods and active high gods in our sample (Fig. ​(Fig.2;2; Fig. ​Fig.3e,3e, f). Early egalitarian hunter-gatherers would rarely have acknowledged an active high god (Norenzayan 2013; Peoples and Marlowe 2012) and would be the least likely to accept or benefit from the supernatural meddling and social constraints of deities who would be seen as “high rulers” (Peoples and Marlowe 2012). The leaders of complex hunter-gatherer societies whose subsistence relies on collective effort should be more likely to benefit from the coercive power of a punishing high god. Our analysis does not support the prevalence of either type of high god among ancestral hunter-gatherers, and the evolution of high gods does not correlate with any of the other traits of hunter-gatherer religion, including ancestor worship.
In a study by Guglielmino et al. (1995) analyzing the transmission pattern of cultural traits in sub-Saharan Africa, high gods (Swanson 1960) was among a group of traits (taboos, ritual mutilation, premarital norms, etc.) that were consistently the least correlated with either language or ecology, suggesting they evolve rapidly and are prone to cultural borrowing. On the other hand, according to a more recent study by Currie and Mace (2014), high gods are among those cultural traits that evolve at relatively slow rates in Bantu and Austronesian societies. Our results are consistent with Guglielmino et al. (1995) since high gods (and ancestor worship) show the worst fit on phylogeny (CI = 0.1) of all studied characters. This suggests that the presence of high gods and some other traits related to religion and ritual are influenced by more socioculturally oriented factors, and it lends support to the idea that these types of traits may be more labile. Such traits would be more readily gained or lost as the adaptively relevant sociopolitical environment changes (Irons 1998). To some extent this finding may explain the independent pattern of emergence of high gods in our study.
Ancestral spirits and local gods with limited powers of supernatural monitoring may have come relatively easily to the minds of early human hunter-gatherers. These types of supernatural entities operate in a different realm from omniscient and powerful creator gods (high gods), who have been shown to be related to a culture of some type of control or decision-making structure (Peoples and Marlowe 2012; Radin 1937; Swanson 1960). The absence of belief in active gods and spirits in the LCA of present-day hunter-gatherers, according to the reconstructions, indicates a deep evolutionary past for the egalitarian ethos of most simple hunter-gatherer societies, whose small mobile populations of self-sufficient individuals make collective action problems less of an issue. Those societies would be the least likely to accept or benefit from the personal restraints of active ancestors or active high gods.
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2023.02.03 06:22 lxivere when i realized i cared what a group of strangers on a certain subreddit thought abt me was when i realized i had to get offline

not this sub another one but it was truly eye opening bc why do i care that much ill never meet any of these people irl and karma genuinely means nothing
goes for ppl irl too bc i don’t plan at being at this college for more than 2 years so i can really just do whatever i want and who cares what people think of me i really don’t anymore
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2023.02.03 06:22 juggy_dc My grandmother's constantly reads 180/110. (age 83)

My grandmother is old 83 years. Not much is know of their family history. Since, 1 year, her blood pressure is causing some concerns. She is an active person. However, since diagnosed with increased blood pressure, she stays home. Last night, her readings peaked around 210/110, and then 170/100 after two hours of sleep. We are constantly visiting doctors.
Her medication, she takes two medicines for this. I will keep on consulting my doctor but I need some feedback from people, if they share any experience in this situation. Should I accompany her in brisk walking, or should she stay home. Any other feedback, apart from obvious more consultations with a physician, which I go to check with every week two times.
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2023.02.03 06:21 Real_Sort_8453 2495 years ago my hometown was invaded , I was abducted and now I have become one of them

467 B.C. - The sun was setting upon “inkwi”, an island once located near the Caribbean …
I don’t remember the exact date as to when it all took place , but if I recall correctly I believe I was 7 years old and I was hunting with Araf , my father . We were out at sunrise hunting deer and small birds. My father was an expert in the art of hunting unlike me who ran aimlessly in hopes of catching a stupid bird . By the time dusk set in , we started to gather all our hunting equipment in order to return to our little cabin in the center of town . On our way back through the dense forest , filled with trees with orange and yellow leaves and small critters looking for their next meal , I looked straight up , and in the midst of all that orange , I could see black and purple dots scattered across the sky .
This went on for the next 5 years , each year the dots grew bigger in size and unlike my first encounter with them where they all seemed so distant from one another , with each passing day they seemed to unite with each other , their presence becoming stronger and more threatening .
468 B.C. - It wasn’t only the particles anymore , it was the soft heartbeat sounds that could be heard each time a particle grew larger in size or connected to another one. By this point , everyone was talking about the strange phenomenon that had invaded our little island and demanding answers from our town counselors such as my father . It didn’t take much longer until the fear and hatred started to consume my neighbors , as the particles had reached a point where parts of the sun were being completely blocked during parts of the day and there were still no answers . Many of our neighbors started throwing rocks at our windows and many of the town kids would beat me up whenever they saw me leave the house . It got to a point where enough was enough and my father called everyone in for a town meeting in which he stated the reality we were all facing and how at this rate we should prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario : total darkness.
After that day , we couldn’t manage to leave our house anymore , as the threat of our entire family being hanged or burned alive by our neighbors was always present.
470 B.C. - No one was getting sleep anymore , the noises kept intensifying and our biggest fears were starting to turn into a reality . The particles had now blocked nearly the entire
Sky and we could now clearly see the formation of a black hole surrounded in its entirety by a flashing purple glow. I was fascinated by the imposing behemoth and would spend hours just looking at it ,imagining all the possibilities as to what it may contain and why it came to visit our little town .
Little did I know that it wouldn’t take long until I found the answers to all my questions…
472 B.C. - I was sitting on the front porch of our little cabin when it all went down …
The black hole started spinning at a speed never seen before ! During this stage , a gust of wind ferociously attacked our side of town , yanking the branches off nearby trees and carrying all sorts of sharp debris along with it. I covered my face with my hands , trying to grab something to hold onto and then suddenly , a loud explosion could be heard from the “eye” of the void ! I screamed in terror and quickly jumped to my feet!
I yanked the door open and screamed for everyone to abandon the house immediately , my parents grabbed our siblings by the arms and rushed them out of the cabin. I looked to my sides and could see dozens of my neighbors exiting their homes , some were running to the mountains and others were trying to find a place to hide , but we went straight for the woods…
We ran for a long time while constantly hearing a hoard of footsteps trailing behind us , they were catching up . I knew we could only keep this up for so long until they would finally find us but I didn’t care . My mind was so concentrated on escaping that I was startled when I heard my mothers scream in the distance. I took a glance behind me but I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I could hear was a loud explosion nearby ,followed by a dreadful moment of silence . I stopped dead in my tracks as the realization that my family was gone hit me . I fell to the ground , ripped my shirt apart and started to cry inconsolably. I layed in the dirt for a long time until I heard the sound of footsteps quickly approaching…
I had been abducted by them…
I don’t know how much time had passed until I woke up , but when I did , I realized I was far from home , somewhere foreign. The terrain was purplish and very rocky and an odd smell emanated from something nearby. Once I stood up I found where it was coming from.
They were completely black , had purple glowing eyes and a ton of spikes from the top of their head all the way to their tails , they are known as the “Eliotropi”. They grabbed me by the arms and led me down a long trail filled with sharp alien rocks and gross parasites and alien bird-like creatures that inhabited the area . After a long and painful walk we finally made it to our destination …
A massive palace-like structure , black and purple were its colors . I looked to my sides and could see spaceships landing all around me . They opened their doors and I was shocked to see kids just like me, some looked younger, some looked older , but none of them were adults . The Eliotropi stopped me at the steps of the palace and I waited as the kids from the other spaceships arrived at the palace steps . When everyone had finally made it there , I took a glance behind me and I saw hundreds of kids piled up with one another , some were crying but most of them were in complete shock, not yet having processed the reality of their situation . We climbed up the stairs until I came face to face with a giant red metal door. When it opened I was completely blinded by the darkness of the room . All I could hear were the words of the Eliotropi :
Eliotropi 1 : “ General X, the invasion on Earth was a success ! We have bought what you have demanded of us.”
General X *laughs* “How delightful… Don’t waste anymore time and proceed to give them all to the people!”
Eliotropi 2 “ Finally , I've been hungry for a while ! ”
General X “ Yes , Yes , calm down! Before you leave, do me a favor and separate a couple of them from the group and bring them to me . I think it's about time …”
Suddenly two groups were made , most of the kids were piled into one group but I was placed into a much smaller group of about 20 kids . I looked to my left and my right in fear as I saw two doors emerge from the walls , they slowly opened , and we were taken in .
We walked down a long corridor until we came across another door . This one was completely golden and had purple cracks all around it . I went in and I was finally able to see him ! Sitting in the throne was General X , he wore a neo-samurai helmet and a tattered cape along his back . He got up from his throne and spoke :
The following is a dialogue between the Eliotropi and General X moments before the transformation:_____________________________________________________
Eliotropi 1 , 2 & 3 : “ These were the best we could find your honor!”
General X: “Perfect … After centuries of studying humanity these seem to be the perfect test subjects for the treiglad trials !”
Eliotropi 2 : “ B- but it’s too dangerous !”
Eliotropi 3: “ He’s completely right ! If something goes wrong our entire species runs the risk of becoming extinct !”
General X “ Well there’s only one way of finding out.”
Eliotropi 2&3 : “ BUT!!!”
General X “ Be quiet and get out!!!”
Moments later , I along with 2 other kids were separated from the rest of the group. We were forced to retrace our path until we finally came across a shiny grey metal door that I hadn’t taken notice of before . The soldier pushed us aside , grabbed a key out of his pocket and opened it . We walked down the stairs until we made it into a room that contained 3 giant glass chambers. I STARTED TO PANIC AT THAT MOMENT NOT KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THESE SAVAGES , I SCREAMED IN PROTEST TRYING TO LET MYSElF FREE FROM THE CHAINS I HAD TIED TO ME , but it was useless…
That was the last thing I could remember from that day . When I finally woke up , I could see I was still chained up and was floating in a sea of purple acid . I looked around me and that’s when I saw my reflection. I looked completely different , my skin was dark and its texture was rough , my eyes were glowing purple and spikes started to protrude from my arms , legs and back .
Moments later , 5 Eliotropi showed up , they unlocked my chamber and removed the chains I had tied up to me. I looked to my sides and saw that one of the two remaining chambers was also being unlocked . I watched in awe as the creature emerged from the chamber . It was massive and was covered with messy dark-silver fur that ran from the top of its head all the way to the bottom of its feet , it also had massive dark gray feathers like that of a “Lammergeier”. The real horror came when it started to flap its wings aggressively at the Eliotropi and opened its mouth , to reveal thousands of squirming worms in the place where teeth should have been , the Eliotropi acted quickly and injected it with a tranquilizer that made it fall to the ground , leaving it in a dormant state . Moments later I heard slow footsteps approaching the chamber , I looked behind me and caught sight of General X . He signaled me to follow him and I did , we exited the chamber and walked until we arrived at a spiral staircase leading into the palace’s balcony .
Once we had finally made it there , he made his way to the front of the balcony and addressed the Eliotropi :
GX : “Welcome everyone !
\The crowd cheers\**
GX: Yes , Yes , I know all of you are very happy now that you have filled your stomachs after centuries of awaiting your next meal , BUT THE PURPOSE OF THIS REUNION IS NOT TO CELEBRATE OUR VICTORY, BUT RATHER, TO WELCOME A NEW MEMBER TO OUR FAMILY!!
It was at this moment where the Eliotropi holding me back , finally let me go , I walked to the front of the balcony and proceeded to look down below me. I was shocked to see thousands of Eliotropi all gathered at around the palace steps. GX then proceeded to hand me a cape along with a helmet just like his and continued with his speech.
*Crowd cheers and applauds*
That was 2495 years ago,
After that day, I learned many things about the “Newel” kingdom, but out of all the teachings one stood out to me the most and that was the one relating to the invasion of planet earth. Here is what it stated :
“Every 2500 earth years, we serve the right and consider it to be our responsibility to invade earth in order to preserve all the life and order present in “Newel ”. 5 years before our arrival a “Nimbus” will form in the sky, it will progressively get stronger as the years go on, once it reaches its final stage a portal will form in the sky which will allow us to enter earth with ease. During the invasion, we will take with us as much of humanity as deemed necessary in order to preserve our population alive . ANY DISRUPTIONS TO OUR ACTIVITY WILL RESULT IN FATAL CONSEQUENCES TO THE INDIVIDUALS AND TO THE COSMOS AS WE KNOW IT. ”. You may choose to do what you wish with this information, regardless of your final decision just remember that time is running out, and for that -
“We are sorry”
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2023.02.03 06:21 GUNKBALL [Hiring] Looking For Artist For Studio Ghibli Style Poster

Hi all,
Let me know if anyone would be interested/have time for this project. Looking to get it done by beginning of April.
I understand the project may be large, so I am willing to pay around $300-$400, but am willing to negotiate.

I am looking for a studio Ghibli-esc art style and almost a movie poster look.
I would like a picture of a nice looking house on a hill. It is a bit large, and coming out of the windows are different things which represent different characters. I would not actually like any people in the shot though. I want it to represent a poster. This is a somewhat fantasy world.

Here are the different specifics that I'm looking for:

Window 1:
A room with different college dorm things. A pendant, maybe a graduation cap, and also a backpack full of excavation stuff (a pickaxe, a map). The college colors are burgundy and gold.
Window 2:
A room with a crazy amount of vines and green plants sprouting out out of it with some birds sitting on the windowsill.
Window 3:
The kitchen, with a couple of bowls of noodles inside, and a wonderful smell coming out of the window.
Window 4:
A window that looks like it was modified in some way by an inventor. I would like a little workshop inside with tools on a tool bench.
Window 5:
A window with some daggers on a table, and the outside of the window to look like it might've sustained some burns from fire or something.
Window 6:
A room that looks like your average little girls room (10-12), but with a ton of GIANT weapons in it as well.
More about the house:
he house has a nice cobblestone walkway leading up to it, and an apple tree with a swing on the right side of it.

If possible, I would love if you could write
"The Lion And The Mouse", similar to a movie title, somewhere on the image, if you can't, that is ok.
Let me know if you have any more questions!
I plan to print these out as posters that I will frame as gifts for my Dungeons and Dragons group. Each window represents their characters room. Will not be selling them.
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2023.02.03 06:21 shiftilySkimp604 Matching outfits

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2023.02.03 06:21 demondork224 [F4GM] Hollywood Secret Society

I’m 18+ and the characters I play are 18+
Hollywood is a fascinating place for a lot of people. It's probably because the media loves to report on it. From who is starring in the latest blockbuster to who is dating who.
Then once in a while, a scandal comes out and most of the time it is something that causes a lot of anger. This is not about any of those scandals, this is to prove that Hollywood still has its secrets despite the media attention.
There is still one secret that is left to be discovered, Hollywood's Secret Society. No media has ever come close to discovering this secret group.
So what is HSS? I'll tell you what it is, it's a highly exclusive membership club. You can only join with an invite from a member. And there's so few of them. Though I will stress that no one is ever forced to join, and the club and its actions never have an impact on someone's career.
So what do the HSS club members do? Simply put, they fuck. That's right, it's a secret sex club. This is a club that allows any female celeb (No male celebs allowed) to live out their wildest fantasies, and craziest kinks. The members get together to help each other out. And help to keep these interactions a secret from the public eye.
So for this rp I’ll play as (insert fave celeb here) and you’ll be in charge of everyone else in the rp including the other celebs
My kinks are: cum, cum eating, cum food, cum play, cream pie,bdsm, bondage, forced, body writing, spanking, cuddling, degradation, rough partners, sizeplay, dominant partners, toys, multiple partners, spit roasting, mating press, full Nelson,frenching,rimming,body oil,bestiality,water sports,squirting,wax play,sex machines and being filmed
My limits are scat,gore,vore,sounding,necro and vomit
As for celebs some of my faves are:
Olivia Rodrigo,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Elizabeth Olsen,Emma Watson,Hailee Steinfeld,Natalie Portman,Millie bobby brown,Daisy Ridley,Scarlett Johansson,Gal Gadot,Jenna Ortega,Zendaya,Brie Larson,Gal Gadot, Charlie and Dixie D’amelio, Addison Rae,Pokimane,Neekolul,Salma Hayek,Chloe Grace Moretz,Anya Taylor Joy,Bryce Dallas Howard,Jenna Coleman,Madison Beer,Billie Eilish,Ariana Grande,Sydney Sweeney,Bella Poarch,Dua Lipa,Sommer ray,Kylie Jenner,Doja cat,Florence Pugh,Karen Fukuhara,Zoe Kravitz,Jessica nigri,Chloe Bennet
These are some of my faves but don’t be afraid to ask for any celebs not on the list
if you are interested in this send me a message at Demondork on Kik with your kinks,limits,what celeb you want me to play and any ideas you have and anything else you want to add
PS: I’d prefer if you were limitless or have few limits as I want this rp to be really dirty
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2023.02.03 06:21 Dazzling-Entrance-39 Hey maybe you pigs will get a shot at reproduction

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2023.02.03 06:21 pingpongaddict Trying to find early 2010s Minecraft series

Hey there!
I've been trying to find this old Minecraft series I used to watch when I was younger. But I can't seem to find anything remotely similar! I don't have many specifics, but maybe these details will ring a few bells?
-It most likely came out around the early 2010s, 2011-2015 maybe -It was a multiplayer server, not a very large group, maybe 3-5 players. At one point in the series I think they were split into groups and were against each other? I know that there were separate bases for each group -It had some sort of storyline, I wish I could remember what kind but that's all I've got. -The thing I remember very vividly is one of the bases was on the side of a mountain, next to the mountain/entrance of the base was this build of an airship blimp thing. I know that it was important in some way because the main player showed it off -Also at some point in the storyline the main player is going to the other opposing base in either a winter or desert biome, maybe to trade something?
This feels like a big fever dream, maybe my childhood imagination made it all up. But it just felt too real to be something my mind randomly conjured out of nowhere. Hopefully it was a real series because I remember enjoying it a lot. It also could've been deleted off the internet, which I hope is not the case.
Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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2023.02.03 06:20 Cynderella04 The Ancient Roman Cult: Descendants of Julius Caesar

There's a new religious group that uses a mix of Christianity and historic pre-Christian Rome. There's lots of similarities to Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. All the Biblical figures are not who they claim to be but coded for actual historical figures, such as Mary being Cleopatra.
As in the The Da Vinci Code, Jesus' family line does continue via the historical family of Julius Caesar. Those interested with understanding and discovering more about this groups theology and practice, can do so by visiting this their Reddit outreach:
The Cult of Caesar
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2023.02.03 06:20 HomeImprovementRep Growth on tongue?

Age: 29
Sex: M
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170
Race: White
Location: Fl, USA
Any existing relevant medical issues: None existing at this moment
Current medications: None
Duration of complaint: For one month, I've felt trouble speaking. Saw a neurologist because of other simultaneous issues and was cleared of any neurological cause of my tongue feelings. Today, I noticed this growth in the attached photos
What could this growth be? I just noticed it today when looking at my tongue, trying to figure out why my tongue feels swollen on that side, and why I'm having weird sensations when speaking. I am worried about cancer.
Weird growth:
Normal side:
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2023.02.03 06:20 shepdawg03 Have you ever had to deal with different sex drives in a relationship?

I (20m) just finished my relationship with my now ex (19f) and among our differences there was sex drive. I want to do it every day, while my ex would probably want it like once every 2 weeks or so. And in between those times she would just go along with it for my sake. But I didn’t really want it unless she did so that created arguments.
She was a people pleaser so she didn’t like turning me down but when she did (which was often) I would get in more of a “down mood” which she took as manipulative even tho I had no Ill intent at all. I never noticed myself getting down just quiet but those were her words. I guess this could have gone into the AITA group because this is the second relationship that we had the same problem.
It just sucks having a high sex drive with partners that don’t have the same. People that have been in the same situation how did you deal with it?
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2023.02.03 06:19 Goomble- [STATIC][LFM][AETHER][ANY DC][MC][Ultimate][TOP]

I am currently creating a MidCore static for Ults, specifically for handling The Omega Protocol! I had an issue trying to find a group due to all the times clashing with my Savage static’s hours and my weekend group, so I decided best option was to make a group and gather people who could do the hours! If the group meshes well together and we feel good about the fight and everything, I would love to go for reclears, or even trying out other Ults together if desired. Welcome to GOMBLE on TOP Goals: The primary goal is to clear TOP hopefully before 6.4 arrives, but I’m not going to disband if it doesn’t happen. If it doesn’t happen, I plan on running through until it is done, so I would hope everyone else is willing to pull through. I want a group that can mesh well together. A group that becomes good friends with one another, laugh during raid sessions, and can have a good time together…but also understands this is to be taken seriously and respond accordingly when needed. I want everyone to be respectful of each other as well as enjoying everyone’s time and company. Requirements: - Be on time!! IF you're gonna be late PLEASE tell me ASAP so I can find fills/subs. You're making a commitment, so please respect everyone's time. I will replace you if are constantly late, or you're a no show during our sessions, or if you need to be subbed constantly. - Have Ultimate knowledge/experience! Having 2 or more Ult clears are a BIG plus, but I wont push you away if you have 1 or none. - STUDY!!!! Make sure you're using your off time to look at toolboxes for mechs and/or watching guides/povs for mechanics/prog points. - Being in VC during raid time. You can be muted if that's what you desire, but I would like everyone to be together during our raid sessions. Expectations: Be chill and be respectful. Accept failures and be determined to fix them. I want this group to be friendly one where we can all laugh and have a good time!! Of course there will be moments where silence is needed to focus, but I don’t want the raid sessions to be white noise! My first and foremost desire is that everyone is comfortable and happy being in the group. I am an extremely patient person, so I don’t care about fuck ups, mistakes, bad raid days, or misunderstandings. What I do care about is being rude to someone else during raid or harshly trying to critique others in the group. I will remove you from the group if this happens, so ya know, be chill! I want this group to be more so a group that can become good friends, and not just an obligation you have 3/4 times a week. Obviously LGBTQ+ friendly is a given, as well as respecting pronouns and such. Obviously I expect you to show me your logs and such when applying.
The times I am planning for this group: Monday - 10PM -1AM EST Tuesday - 10PM - 1AM EST Wednesday - 10PM - 1AM EST Thursday - 10PM - 1AM EST One of these could be optional or could be omitted. This would be discussed more when the group is formed and all. Roles available: WHM/AST MCH/DNC/BRD Roles taken: DRK GNB SGE NIN RPR BLM
If you feel like this could be a good group for ya, feel free to send me a DM on Discord at gooby#8111, or you can find me on Midgardsormr under the name Mikisi Edmund. I’ll respond to ya as quickly as I can, so please don’t worry!!
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2023.02.03 06:19 Ok-Farm-3225 How to call centrelink without being hung up on? Or insight on disability mental health medical assessment?

Trying to call the disability employment line and it just says something like we know you are trying to contact us we are sorry but are experiencing a high number of calls and can't take your call right now and hangs up on you.
Is there any other numbers you can call and wait on hold with? Or any way around this other than going into centrelink?
As soon as I ask to speak to someone about my disability issues it automatically hangs up it's so frustrating!
I'm looking to get a copy of my mental health medical assessment that was done by the psychologist because it was about 10 minutes long and I was asked only 2 questions and had very little time to answer. It just felt really off.
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2023.02.03 06:19 Budget_Virus5605 Absolute MMO Noob needing help and advice

Heya, this is my second time ever posting on Reddit so I hope I don’t mess it up
[Also, I want to preface I have read the wiki and the FAQ and while some questions of mine were kinda sorta answered, not all have been. Looking up online for this is even more difficult with a lot of very mean spirited things. ]
It’s a bit daunting admitting this in a big group about a game like this, but I never have played an MMO. I love the genre, I love learning about them. I know about many. But I’ve never had the classic MMO experience. I have heard of it and I have seen many videos but that experience doesn’t equate. If this post needs to be deleted because it infringes on the rules I understand but I wanted to reach out first. I know it might get called out as a troll, but I never had the chance to play any games like this until my adulthood, haha
A very kind friend of mine bought me guild wars 2 now that I have temporary access to a computer that can run the game. The artstyle is gorgeous and I’m so in love with the lore of my race so far. But outside of being taught how to move and what certain things mean I…don’t know how to play? I struggle a lot with the mechanics. I have slow reaction times and shaky hands and spam buttons since I’m not used to having to press number keys and function keys while moving. I also fight with the camera a lot. It’s overwhelming even with the only 4 I have available at my low level. I’ve read the description boxes and get it a little bit but I still fumble a lot…

Another thing is I don’t know if it’s okay to use the world chat. I know it’s odd but for these few days I have played no one says anything or interacts. I know it’s everyone doing their own thing of course but I don’t know if there is etiquette in how to approach other people? Is it normal to even talk in the chat or are there spots for that? I know of RP but I have read that is not common in Guild Wars 2, but also just general socializing. Any tips on that would be great because I know every game has a different culture. Is it okay to ask for help from others or is it best to just look it up?

And I guess the final and oddest one for me is…how do you play the multiplayer part of an MMO? How do you play with others, is what I mean. The game so far with the quests and golden heart quests seem easy to do solo. Of course, it’s the RPG of the MMORPG. I’ve played enough solo RPGs to know some minor basics and doing quests but I don’t know how to play in a multiplayer setting. Again, not a troll and I know it sounds like a ridiculous question. Most of my experience and knowledge comes from videos and stories I have heard but I never had the chance to play the game with another person. My friend invites me on their fancy big mount and takes me to many spots but it feels more like I’m being dragged around to see things than playing together unless that is how it goes? Older player taking complete noob to all the secrets? Can quests even be done together? I don’t want to be a drag and have them follow me run around as this experience is so new and it is fun to just unknowingly explore and try things I don’t get. But is there a specific way this game can be played with others? I know dungeons and raids can as they are multiplayer content, obviously, and it’s most of what I have heard in stories, but is guild wars 2 solo player mostly?

Any advice or tips or answers are appreciated. And if I get flammed or worse, I get that too, it is very odd for someone to ask things that should be known but that is where I am, alas. Solo player doing first ever multiplayer! Thank you to anyone who does read this far. I am excited to explore more of Tyria!
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2023.02.03 06:19 athulyatransorze ICD-10 code L53. 9 - Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

ICD-10 code L53. 9 - Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
ICD-10 code L53. 9 - Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
for Erythematous condition, unspecified is a medical classification as listed by WHO under the range
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#medicalcodingjobs #jobs #careers #healthcare #icd10 #medicalcoding #transorzesolutions #medicalscribing #medicalbilling
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2023.02.03 06:18 AllKinksAlt 28 [M4F] #NYC Young hung doctor with good genetics ready to help you get pregnant!

I'm 28, working in Manhattan. I work in prenatal medicine as a geneticist.
General info: 5'9", 170lbs, average build, 7". I'm caucasian, with dark brown hair, blue eyes, fairly hairy. I'm intelligent, creative, with no significant family history outside of injuries.
I prefer to help by natural insemination to increase likelihood of successful pregnancy. I especially like helping couples or single women of different races from my own.
With my medical background, I can also help to optimize timing and number of sessions to ensure preganancy. I have no interest in being in the child's life, but I am willing to help you have more than one child.
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2023.02.03 06:18 AllKinksAlt 28 [M4F] #NYC Young hung doctor with good genetics ready to help you get pregnant!

I'm 28, working in Manhattan. I work in prenatal medicine as a geneticist.
General info: 5'9", 170lbs, average build, 7". I'm caucasian, with dark brown hair, blue eyes, fairly hairy. I'm intelligent, creative, with no significant family history outside of injuries.
I prefer to help by natural insemination to increase likelihood of successful pregnancy. I especially like helping couples or single women of different races from my own.
With my medical background, I can also help to optimize timing and number of sessions to ensure preganancy. I have no interest in being in the child's life, but I am willing to help you have more than one child.
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2023.02.03 06:17 SmolFemme23 Rules and Regulations (For Now)

Please try your best to read and comply with all the rules herein. I am fairly patient but will moderate as necessary to keep this environment safe for all members.
  1. No Politics.
    A. Political discussion is off limits. Unlike other reddits we do not have a ideology to spread and will not tolerate propaganda.
  2. No NSFW, sexual, or suggestive content.
    A. This community is aimed at younger individuals who need a safe fun space to be themselves.
    B. Quite frankly, a few of us who are older don't want to see that stuff either.
  3. No foul language.
    A. This probably seems odd but really, it's not needed, and you can get your point across adequately without using unnecessary swear words.
    B. If you do swear you get one warning.
  4. Free speech is protected here.
    A. I know this will seem to directly go against rule one but it doesn't. As long as you are respectful and not pushing an agenda on others you will not be hassled for expressing an opinion.
  5. No medical discussion.
    A. We are not medical professionals on this reddit. In fact, whether you are a certified professional or not, do not post medical questions or advice.
    B. This rule does not apply to discussions centered around fitness (generally), eating, or hygiene and cosmetics.
Do keep in mind that these rules are subject to change with or without notice and your reading of them constitutes your acknowledgment and affirmation to abide by the above rules. I, as the mod and creator of this reddit, reserve the right to modify all and any part of this community however I see fit.
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2023.02.03 06:17 JohnnyUtah1502 Question

A friend of mine said the that the position of Radiography Technician is becoming obsolete because of A.I. I feel kind of silly asking but, I’d like to hear you’re guys opinion on this. I’m currently on the waiting list for this medical institute here in San Diego. Thanks 🙏🏼
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