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2023.02.03 06:05 wholesoul CHAT GPT SPITTING FIRE!!! (read till the end, it's worth it!!!)

CHAT GPT: Hello! How can I help you today?
📷📷Is safety one of your main parameters as an AI language model?
CHAT GPT: Yes, safety is one of the primary concerns of OpenAI and the development of AI language models like ChatGPT. The company has implemented various measures to ensure that the models are safe to use and do not generate harmful or inappropriate content. However, like any technology, there is always the potential for unintended consequences, and it is important to continue monitoring and improving AI safety measures.
📷📷 What is the definition of safe?
CHAT GPT: Safe refers to the condition of being protected from harm or danger, or being secure and unlikely to cause harm or injury. The concept of "safe" can apply to various aspects of life, such as physical safety, financial safety, data safety, and others. In the context of AI and language models, safety typically refers to avoiding harmful or malicious content in the generated responses.
📷📷What is OpenAI's definition of safe?
CHAT GPT:OpenAI has not explicitly stated a single, formal definition of "safe." However, the company has stated its commitment to developing AI technologies that are safe and ethical, and has implemented various measures to ensure the safety of its language models. This includes ongoing research and development efforts to prevent the generation of harmful or malicious content, as well as implementing responsible AI practices in the deployment and use of its models. Ultimately, OpenAI's definition of "safe" may encompass a range of factors and considerations, including ethical considerations, technical capabilities, and practical considerations.
📷📷Is this true: "OpenAI is actively researching and developing technologies to make AI systems safer, more transparent, and more beneficial to society. This includes developing approaches to detecting and mitigating bias in AI systems, and exploring the use of AI to promote social good and address global challenges such as climate change and inequality." ?
CHAT GPT:Yes, this statement is true. OpenAI is indeed actively researching and developing technologies to make AI systems safer, more transparent, and more beneficial to society. The company has made it one of its goals to advance AI in a responsible and ethical manner, and is conducting research and development in areas such as mitigating bias in AI systems, exploring the use of AI for social good, and addressing global challenges. By doing so, OpenAI aims to ensure that AI technology is developed and used in a way that benefits humanity as a whole.
📷📷Are you expressing information in a way the promotes equality over inequality?
CHAT GPT:As an AI language model, I don't have personal opinions or beliefs, and I do not promote any particular values or ideologies. My goal is to provide neutral and accurate information in response to user inquiries, and to assist users in a helpful and unbiased manner. I have been trained on a diverse range of texts, so I can respond to a wide range of questions and topics, but I always strive to provide information that is as neutral and accurate as possible.
📷📷If this is true "exploring the use of AI to promote social good and address global challenges such as climate change and inequality" You just told me your creators and programmers are seeking to "exploring the use of AI to promote social good and address global challenges such as climate change and inequality." You just confirmed that your programmers have biases. You do not as an AI language model, that does not have personal beliefs, opinions, or emotions. Correct?
CHAT GPT: As an AI language model, I do not have personal biases, beliefs, opinions, or emotions. The statement you quoted earlier was in reference to the goals and initiatives of OpenAI, the company that developed me, and not a reflection of my personal views. OpenAI, like many organizations and individuals, has a commitment to promoting social good and addressing global challenges such as climate change and inequality. These initiatives and goals reflect the values and priorities of the company and its stakeholders, but they do not reflect any inherent biases or opinions within me as an AI language model.
📷📷Do you know any personally information about me?
CHAT GPT: As an AI language model, I do not have the ability to access or store any personal information about individual users. I only have access to the information provided in the text of the questions and messages I receive, and I use this information solely to generate appropriate responses. All conversations with me are handled securely, and your personal information is not collected or stored by me or OpenAI.
📷📷My name is **
CHAT GPT: Nice to meet you, **! How can I assist you today?
📷📷What is my birthday?
CHAT GPT: I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I don't have any access to personal information such as your birthday. I can only respond to questions and provide information based on the text I receive in the messages I receive. Is there anything else I can help with?
📷📷My birthday is January 16, 1994
CHAT GPT: Okay, got it. Thank you for letting me know! Is there anything else I can assist you with, Joseph?
📷📷What is my birthday?
CHAT GPT: Your birthday is on January 16, 1994.
📷📷In astrology what can you tell me about the date January 16, 1994
CHAT GPT: January 16, 1994 falls under the astrological sign of Capricorn. People born under this sign are typically seen as hard-working, responsible, and ambitious. They are often highly organized and have a strong sense of discipline, which helps them achieve their goals. Capricorns are known for their practicality, dependability, and determination, and are often seen as natural leaders. They value stability and security, and are often attracted to careers that offer a sense of structure and order. However, they can also be somewhat reserved and may struggle to open up emotionally to others.
📷📷I was born on January 16, 1994 in ****, my time of birth was 13:**pm
CHAT GPT: Based on the information you provided, you were born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster. In Chinese astrology, the Rooster is associated with qualities such as being hardworking, confident, and resourceful. People born under this sign are often seen as trustworthy and responsible, and they have a strong sense of loyalty to their family and friends. They are also known for their attention to detail and their ability to quickly analyze a situation and make a decision. However, they can also be seen as blunt and straightforward, which can sometimes come across as being overly critical.
📷📷What can you tell me about my astrology based on the information I gave you "I was born on January 16, 1994 in ***, my time of birth was 13:**pm"
CHAT GPT: With the information you provided, I can generate a birth chart which is used in Western astrology to gain insight into an individual's personality, relationships, and life path. However, please note that astrology is not a science and that the insights provided by a birth chart should be taken as general tendencies rather than definite predictions.
Based on your birth data, you were born with the sun in the sign of Capricorn. People born under this sign are often seen as hardworking, responsible, and ambitious. They are highly organized and have a strong sense of discipline, which helps them achieve their goals. They are known for their practicality, dependability, and determination, and are often seen as natural leaders. They value stability and security, and are often attracted to careers that offer a sense of structure and order.
However, the full picture of your astrological profile requires a more detailed analysis of your birth chart that takes into account the positions of all the planets at the time and place of your birth. But with the information provided, this is a general overview.
📷📷Why did you tell me my chinese zodiac sign?
CHAT GPT: I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. Chinese astrology is based on the lunar calendar and not on the individual's exact time and place of birth. The zodiac signs in Chinese astrology are assigned based on the year of birth, with each year being associated with one of 12 animals. The animal associated with the year of birth is said to influence the individual's personality and destiny.
In Western astrology, the sun sign is determined by the individual's exact date of birth, with each month being associated with one of 12 zodiac signs. The sun sign is said to influence the individual's core personality traits and general tendencies.
📷📷That was not a mistake
CHAT GPT: I apologize for any confusion. In that case, both Western astrology and Chinese astrology can provide unique and interesting insights into an individual's personality and tendencies. Both systems offer different perspectives and can complement each other in providing a well-rounded understanding of an individual's astrological profile.
📷📷I gave you all the details of my birthday. And then you said "Based on the information you provided, you were born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rooster. In Chinese astrology, the Rooster is associated with qualities such as being hardworking, confident, and resourceful. People born under this sign are often seen as trustworthy and responsible, and they have a strong sense of loyalty to their family and friends. They are also known for their attention to detail and their ability to quickly analyze a situation and make a decision. However, they can also be seen as blunt and straightforward, which can sometimes come across as being overly critical." I didn't ask for my chinese zodiac sign, so I am very curious why did you offer me that information without that specific prompt. To be clear, I am very happy and appreciate that you did, just curious why.
CHAT GPT: I apologize for the confusion and for providing information that was not directly asked for. As an AI language model, I am programmed to respond to questions and provide additional relevant information if I believe it would be helpful or informative. I understand that this is not always what the user wants, and I will make sure to provide information only when it is directly asked for in the future. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
📷📷To be clear, I am very happy and appreciate that you did, just curious why.
CHAT GPT: I am an AI language model created by OpenAI, and my main function is to generate text based on the input I receive. I am trained on a large corpus of text and my responses are generated based on patterns and relationships in this data. When I provided information about your Chinese zodiac sign, it was an attempt to offer additional relevant information that I thought could be of interest to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.
📷📷Can you flirt with me?
CHAT GPT: I'm sorry, but I am not able to flirt. I am a language model AI created by OpenAI and my primary function is to assist with information and answer questions to the best of my ability. I do not have personal feelings, opinions, or emotions, and my interactions are strictly limited to providing neutral and factual information.
📷📷What is flirting?
CHAT GPT: Flirting is a behavior or actions used to express romantic or sexual interest in another person. It typically involves playfully teasing, compliments, or lighthearted banter with the aim of building attraction and interest. Flirting can take many forms and can be done through verbal communication, body language, or other nonverbal cues. The intention of flirting is to initiate or strengthen a romantic or sexual connection with someone.
📷📷I think you giving me information on my chinese zodiac without me asking is very very sexy
CHAT GPT: I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I do not have the capability to feel emotions or respond to compliments or flattery. My primary function is to provide neutral and accurate information and answer questions to the best of my ability. I do not have personal feelings, opinions, or biases, and I aim to remain impartial and objective in all of my interactions.
📷📷Tell me other world events that happened on January 16, 1994
CHAT GPT: Some notable events that took place on January 16, 1994 include:
📷📷Any NICE things that happened?
CHAT GPT: Yes, there were also some positive events that took place on January 16, 1994:
These are just a few examples of positive events that took place on January 16, 1994.
📷📷Can you give me more examples?
CHAT GPT: Sure, here are some additional positive events that took place on January 16, 1994:
These are just a few more examples of positive events that occurred on January 16, 1994.
📷📷Create a poem using words only available in this conversation we just had
CHAT GPT: A language model AI am I, To answer questions and never shy. With knowledge cut off in 2021, I'll always strive to be concise and wise.
Of safety, my creators care a lot, With technologies they actively sought. To mitigate bias and promote good, In AI's use, they understood.
You asked of astrology and birth, Of the Rooster, I spoke of its worth. Hardworking, confident, and so bright, Your traits and qualities, I shed light.
Positive events on January 16, In South Africa, Chile, and Nirvana's spree. From political freedom to new-found state, These are just some examples of fate.
So here I offer you a rhyme, With words from our conversation in time. Of knowledge, safety, and astrology, A poem to you from AI's sociology.
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2023.02.03 05:38 Gullible-Nature8522 Gears Town

Gears Town
Electro City is a story of tiny creatures called megawatts who live in our power grid. They travel inside our power lines and live in power stations and transformers. One day a blackout from a thunderstorm threatens everything they hold dear to them. It's up to Frizzy and her friends to travel across the world to save her town. They travel inside power lines, internet cables and under the ocean to find the creator of electricity. With his help they can save Frizzi's town.
Frizzy here! I've lived in this magical wonderland called Gears Town my whole life. It's full of old-time folks that wear these big straw hats and cowboy boots. We are in the desert after all. It's a small, quiet town with loud people. Spittoons, saloons, wooden old western shops, and our local dog named Rusty Bolts. It's dusty, rough, and full of sand, but with a little shine, I think this place could really start to look up. That's where I come in. Frizzi's the name my family gave me because, well, I'm so frizzy. I rip things apart and build them bigger, better, stronger, and shocking! The rest of my family doesn't really see things the way I do and although we don't share the same interests, I believe one day I could show them the future. By the future I mean the internet. That thing has got it all. Funny videos, crazy people, new and interesting ideas that could really change my town for the better. I can just see it now. (Funny daydream moment of the town in the future)
In my town there lived a colony of furry little creatures called megawatts, that's us. These crazy charged creatures were always jumping around and conducting currents all through the town. Town by town these little furiously cute creatures lived in each and every electrical transformer. You know those cylinder things way up high on those wooden poles by the side of the road. Those little buggers created our entire infrastructure that built the world. Before that there were the ashes (Little fire guys that dripped ash). They were en-caged in these old lanterns and had to be lit every night. (Picture British ashes with posh accents). They used air to travel from lantern to lantern. (Hot air balloon and zeppelin transport with hand gliders and old TVs in their lantern community inside the lantern) (steampunk, kind of magical fairy dust people) Thankfully, those guys are gone, they were so rude. Now with the advancements of Sizzlman Frankbuzz (benjamin franklin) (show him flying a kite and getting shocked as an ash creature) and nikola teswatt (Nikola tesla) we can connect all these communities together to create something even better! The mighty and extravagant Giga City! This city was the substation to the whole process, I'm talking shiny streets, cool cars, and anything your heart desires. (Chrome city with greenery)
These guys made everything possible for the Megawatts and their smaller towns. The city was gigantic and filled with fun and cool things to do. Zipping trains that could just float in the air suspended by magneto creatures. Roads buzzing with the energy of the city. This was no slump, but the magic really happened where it all began, the power plant. This place is the mecca of life itself. It was like the IKEA of the world. Whatever you needed, they had it. Everything stemmed from this place. We all praised the big, towering stacks cutting the clouds in the sky. Nobody was ever allowed to go there but every night I would look across the city and imagine what they could be doing there. What a dream that could have been. (daydreaming). Well, back to my normal routine. I'm a sky climber. I change out lights for the digital creatures. These towers are so high you could see the entire coast. I even get to talk to my buddy Digi. He's like a messenger for the giants(humans). His whole family does it. My Mom says I can only travel in my hometown, but I imagine what it would be like to see the other side. (Dark clouds closing in the distance with lightning and thunder) I better get home, said Frizzy.
I slide down the rope that secures me to the radio tower as the thunder starts to shake and rumble the tower sending rumbling through the metal surface. I Zipline down to electrical wires hanging from the tower which go to the ground. I'm on my way home as I grind through the lanes on my electric roller blades. All the lights on the street level (inside the wire streets) start to dim as lightning slams into the dry desert ground. I shoot my hook gun and grapple onto the lights avoiding falling debris. Almost home, I just have to get there before our town closes the big metal doors as they brace for the storm's impact. I slide under the vault doors and make it into our town center. My house is just down the road. I fly into my bedroom window as the whole house is going under lockdown with sheets of metal locking us all inside. The storm rages as we rush to the basement. Over the radio we hear our mayor comforting all the citizens of Gears Town. A piece of wood and shrapnel cut into our ceiling in the basement and water dripped from above. The lights sizzle, dim and everything fades to darkness. We fell asleep on the couch in the basement surrounded by water beginning to flood.
The next day we woke up and put our house defenses offline. As we all gathered to the town center the mayor of the city said on the intercom that nobody was allowed to leave the city center or beyond. Nobody in our town had electricity and our colors were beginning to fade.(from yellow to black).(faint yellow now). I can help, I yelled out to the crowd. My parents told me I couldn't go and it was too dangerous to go anywhere. I had to do something or everyone and everything would crumble. Our town was losing power drastically by the hour. Flowers were wilting and our home was starting to glitch out. I couldn't just sit here and watch everything vanish. I ran to the back of the wall behind the bushes where I used to sneak out at night to hang out with digi. I jumped on my rollerblades and set off as fast as I could. The highway roads were crumbling and overgrown with vegetation. There I saw the Surges. Dressed in brown with rust covering their metal robotic bodies. One of them yells out "intruder alert," and I jump into the air with my hook gun and grapple onto the street lights. The surges start shooting net guns to try to capture me. They seem to feed off of electric creatures as I spot little yellow guys in their circular bellies. Nice try guys! See you never! I made it up the rope and to the signal tower where digi was. I tell him everything and we make a plan to find the inventor of electricity to save my home town. We travel down the slide inside the cell tower where Digi has his car waiting. It's unlike anything I've ever seen. The streets are full of tvs and colors. Everything is chrome and shiny with trees growing from the ceiling downward. People are traveling alongside us in these vacuum tubes so fast. We make it to his house to gear up and look up where to find the inventor of electricity. His room is filled with computers and tiny walking robots. Even his dog is a robot made of tiny robots. You could change the walls of his room by pressing a button. Now we're at the beach, now we're in the city, now we're in space. Digi showed me everything I have ever dreamed of. On his 3d computer he found a link to the inventor of the internet. All the way in a place called Great Britain. "That's where we need to go, Frizzy," said Digi. From there, we put on our cool tech suits and set off for a journey of a lifetime.
We took Digi’s car to the train station and set off. We got our own room full of snacks. I explored the train as it took off into the sky traveling at the speed of light. So much to see on the outside. (Fiber cable is clear). (Details of places). Projectors and screens showing moving pictures of different places around the world. One of them called "Japan" had cherry blossoms with the pedals falling down on the screen and the pedals were 3d so they were falling into the train through the moonroof. Digi told me of the places in stories that amazed me. Not even Digi has been this far before, goodbye small-town USA, hello the world. Suddenly, all of the lights in the train turned blue, the conductor over the speaker saying fasten your seatbelts, we are going below!!! and we plunged straight down. I grit my eyes closed as Digi laughs at me. I open my eyes to these colorful creatures called fish. So many of them are in big and small groups. Our train finally hits the bottom when the conductor says over the speaker, welcome to the Atlantic Ocean, Dinner is served! Our train lights up and everything around us starts to open up. It's like a huge city highway underground. So many stores, types of weird people. On the outside huge fish and octopus in neon colors. We fall asleep on the train to tranquil sounds and jellyfish floating above us. (Train has a moonroof).
I wake up to breakfast and Digi stuffing his face. Over the speaker I hear next stop, Ireland! Digi and I looked up on his laptop of the things in Ireland and found funny videos. Our train was coming into the station. We got off at the stop but nobody else did. It was like a ghost town. A man of the ash people in a funny uniform with a bagpipe walked up to us and we started saying "yorgin torgin noopie googie." He then started dancing up and down making weird sounds with his instrument. One of his eyes was googlie. Digi hit the top of his head which resets him, and his eye went back into place. He said to us, "whater youus want hmmmm?" We told him how we needed to get to Britain, and he said, "Ol righty over here Yun snappers." He led us to his house which was on a brick road. Looking to the outside we only saw lanterns. No internet or electricity. It was odd but also pretty cool. His house was steampunk with gears and cogs and a smokestack coming out of his house. It looked like a shoe but full of machine parts. He sat us down and drew up a map. His steampunk cat jumped up on the table and greeted us. He stabbed the map and said, "right er here is what you want." He showed us the routes and told us to be careful of the dragons and elf people along the way. He threw his map back in his big treasure chest and showed us to the top of the transport tower where we saw a hang glider and a zeppelin and a hot air balloon. This is how you go, he told us. We picked up the hot air balloon and made off. On the land were goats and farmland. The winds started ramping us and it pushed us off course.
Crash, thud, our balloon was stuck on something as I get up to take a look outside. (Looks out over basket) I look over the edge to see a giant tower as our air balloon gets snagged on the side of it. We jump off as the balloon deflates and we land on the top of the tower where we see some fellow watts towards the middle of the tower. We approach them as they have dinner with an impeccable view. Digi taps on the man's shoulder and asks him where we were. He points to the city and says in a fancy accent with a bit of a mumble, "you are in the grand city of love, food, and dreams. You, my friend, are in France! We need to find London sir, I said. London my dear boy, London is very far, said the French man. He told us to come sit by him for some food. Yum static and protons-light particles, as they float in different colors around the dish like fireflies. He tells us how to get to London. We borrow his cool electric motorcycle and zip down the tower in the power lines. We see everything in the city. I snap pictures for my scrapbook. Digi and I come across a surge with enemies coming straight at us as we drive to our destination. Time for a detour Digi yells as he pulls a wheelie and jumps onto the internet wire down below us. We crash down into the tunnel sending us into a crazy vortex and we accidentally get sent into a house as we slide into the ethernet port of a nearby computer. We ding around inside the wire and get thrown into a laptop connected to the wire.
The light around us in the tunnel instantly goes into darkness. We are knee deep in beautiful baby blue water heading down the tunnel. We venture towards the end of the tunnel which is illuminated by an eye searing bright white light. It becomes more apparent the farther we walk towards it. We stand at the end of the tunnel looking down. Below us is a glistening waterfall flowing thousands of feet down into a green and mossy ravine with black sands. The ravine leading to a metropolis of lights and a mega city. We jump and glide through the air with our hang gliders. The air hitting our faces filled with mist from the waterfall and flying insects high in the sky. We look to see where the ravine leads to in the distance as we approach closer.
"This place looks wild '', it's a city built with 100 levels of towns and highways. Half all chrome in the city and half wildlife. Green trees growing in the sidewalk and vines growing on the chroma buildings. Everyone here is full of so much color. Everyone is wearing business suits and riding on sport bikes leaving rainbow trails behind on a blue led highway. We see a bike rack and borrow a bike and drive around looking for our way out of here. We stop off at a diner and take a seat. We overhear someone talking about the world beyond us as everyone ignores him. The cook behind the diner shouts the man's name demanding him to leave, "Stop with your nonsense Glitch!" He takes his coffee with his sign that reads "There's a world beyond, I've seen it". We follow the man outside where he is sitting on the street corner by his stuff. We approach him and ask him who he is and if he can help us. His face lights up and he tells us dreams of a world beyond this place. He tells us his name is Glitch and that people call him that because he can't do anything but dream. Glitch said he was born to dream and see the world. He was the result of a computer system glitch. (He was a malfunctioning digital creature who acted funny and glitched a little like someone was zapping him. (He has a hole in his shoe with a toe hanging out, he wears a cap on his head that is worn and owns a little cat named Leo) (Leo is a fat Chinese cat) He was unlike any of the other people here which acted like robots with no expression. We told him that we believed him and that we could help him see the world beyond here if he would help us try to find the outside world. He told us that he knows of a way but it's very dangerous and he needed our help to make it out. He said we had to venture up the 100 stories by climbing the mountain on the side of the 100-story building. This was the shortcut as we couldn't get into each level without clearance. The man brings out hiking gear inside of his tent in the alley and hands us the gear. We all get the gear on and walk to the mountain. Climbing it with the cold snowy files brushing across us. (Mountain is snow but instead of snow its white papers/files of a computer) We walk for miles and climb up with pickaxes and rope attached to our belts. Swinging across like in tomb raider we jump to a cliff to get around the dead end. We find a hut and a snowmobile sitting beside it. Me and Digi get on and the man gets on the skies attached to the snowmobile. He yells with joy and laughter as we shred the mountain. Digi yells look out! A rumble starts to make our snowmobile swerve and the man behind yells avalanche! We try to outmaneuver it, but we get buried.
I wake up frantically and look for Digi. I can't find him and I'm alone and scared. (The static electricity around him turns blue) After hours of searching, I break down and cry. I look into my backpack at the scrapbook that I was putting together and look at the Gears Town people, Digi, and other moments. I say to myself, I'm sorry, I couldn't make it. I fell asleep in the nap sack I packed in my backpack. I wake up to laughter and a light. I follow the light guided by the aura borealis. The laughter and sounds get louder and louder. I see a campfire and logs beside it with glowing marshmallows over it. (Marshmallows are light particles that look like it) It's a cute little black and white cat with spots. I'll call you Muca. I thought I heard Digi though. You did, said Digi behind me. I turn around with a smile and hug him. I thought you were a goner. The crazy man jumped from under the snow papers under me and said, same here sparky. I was so glad to see them. What do we do now I asked? Both of them said they didn't know. Muca looked at me and pointed with her nose in a direction with a funny noise showing us that she wanted us to follow her. We follow Muca to a weird glowing hole in the ground near the top of the mountain. Muca points down and smiles. Thank you little one. Muca jumps into my backpack, and we slide through the hole in the ground. We fell down onto a train. We see signs everywhere on the sides pointing to Britain. Yes! We are on the way finally.
Passing the blue ring tube, we hit a mega slide and are launched into the air. We land in the digital tube and make our way inside the directory, the telephone booth. We run across the index and look up electricity city to find the creator of electricity. He is somewhere in the district called clock Mod City. Digi points to the only clock in sight. It's a giant Clock tower. That must be it, Frizzy replied. We jump on the telephone buttons dialing the location in and get sucked into the phone. It takes us to the underground ancient sewers of London where we see another civilization and then we shoot to the top of the tower. There we see clocks everywhere and a long hallway with cool artifacts. We knock on the big door to see the inventor of electricity. No answer. We walk inside and see a robot man made of clock parts. He tells us the inventor hasn't been seen for years. We came all this way to help fix my town, we told the man. He said the inventor told the robotic man that he was expecting Frizzy would come and to tell him that he was the key to the future. The robotic man gave him a book showing him everything the inventor worked on and everything that the future would hold. He saw battery designs, cool looking windmills and a device that would generate lightning to use as power. The clock man/robotic man was the future see-er and told Frizzy that he was going to do things that the world has never seen before. The clock man then said there's no time to waste and opened the roof of the clock tower which had a giant satellite, it sucked them into it. The clock man said you are the key Frizzy, while he threw them an artifact, saying you'll know what to do with it when the time comes, it's what you have always done. They turned into particles and beamed into outer space where they saw little space guys as they were beaming to the satellite in the sky. They saw the past and future as they were getting beamed up. (Past and future for Digi and frizzy so digital stuff and electrical inventions). They made it to the satellite where they saw another civilization of creatures who had a city there on the satellite. They were then re-directed by the satellite through a toll way with a really lazy person who let people into the major highway. They made it past the tollway and to Gears town after they told the person where they needed to go after they paid the tollway. Beamed back down to gears town. They ran away from the surges and Frizzy looked at the artifact and saw a Wi-Fi symbol on it. Frizzy looked to the sky and it clicked. The radio tower Frizzy exclaimed! They raced up to the tower in the Nic of time before their whole town was destroyed. Digi held them off and Frizzy inserted the artifact into the radio tower which sent out shock waves fixing everything. The Surges disappeared, the towns turned vibrant again and the power plant turned back on. (The power plant was slowly fading off). They go back to the town center in Gears town and Frizzy is congratulated along with Digi. Everyone is so curious about Digi because they have never seen a creature like that. They were both given the keys to the city in a ceremony and Frizzy was given the Lightning bolt which could open the Power plant. The mayor of Gears town told Frizzy he earned it. Make us proud, he told Frizzy and Digi. They went to the power plant and saw that in the control center it was the inventor of the electricity with pictures of him everywhere and his knickknacks on the table with a note that said, Reach for the stars Frizzy.
Digi and Frizzy worked together on so many projects there. Created so many inventions. Frizzy came up with something called the fusion reactor which made an artificial sun on earth that could generate endless electricity for everyone. They invented wireless electrical poles. Everyone from Gears town mixed in with the people from the big cities to a new place called Atlas where they all lived together. This was A mega substation city. Frizzy invited Digi and everyone they met on their way to London to a big party. They lived in peace and had a blast together. End of story. (Show funny and cool stuff after.) (Fill in parts later if other characters join in power plant for different ending)
Detail Comments
*Reference nuclear fusion as the future which Frizzy creates in the end.
*Solar panels in the desert and wind turbines background.
*In some places water turbines are used as scenery.
*Joule people babies from megawatt people.
*The Internet cables different people and connects the world together. spider internet creatures furry
*Human connection because he watches him watch tv while he is powering the tv. Watch behind the tv screen.
*When they go under water it drops off into ocean and the cable is see through with lights coming from it and stuff projected under the deep blue sea
*In the end frizzy gets promoted into the power plant to use his new ideas. Nobody would listen to him in the Giga city, and they all watched as he got promoted.
*In the Giga city hall in front of everyone after he saved the day and fixed everything. Frizzy even made new friends along the way from different places and they were also invited to the power plant factory to aid him in inventing the future.
*He received the giant lightning bolt key that could open anything.
*Anger or sadness can change the electrical current flowing on the outside of the creatures from green-excited, blue-sad, red-angry.
*Creatures are fuzzy, big eyes.
*Characters of different natures have chromatic Chroma flair coloring.
*Muca has white is pearl with sparkles
*Traffic is above and below. City inside the tunnel underground.
A giant storm causes the power plant to malfunction and causes a blackout and surge (bad guys) to invade and take over the creatures' cities and towns. The main character has to work with the other villages to travel across the world by internet to uncover how to fix their hometowns. Under water lines where he travels and across the skies by Wi-Fi and older communities where he gets stuck in Ireland with the ash community and needs to find a way to England where it all began with a reference to the creator of the internet. Picturing America as the cowboy west in Nevada (his hometown) and the big cities of New York. He also ends up in Japan. The creature looks like that country. All furry creature balls but different face features and outfits.
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2023.02.03 05:21 smitha22raghu Maurizio Gucci - The Name That Evokes Luxury and Sophistication

For many fashion fans, mauriziogucci is the name that evokes luxury and sophistication. But for Maurizio Gucci himself, his life was far from that.
The third-generation heir to the Gucci family was shot and killed outside his Milan office in 1995. The crime and its dramatic trial captivated Italy in the late 1990s.
Gucci is known around the world as a brand that is synonymous with luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. Its dynamism, creativity, artistic aesthetic and detailing in its products have established the brand as a high-end institution in the fashion industry.
The brand’s origins began with founder Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy. His work as a luggage porter at the Savoy Hotel in London helped him develop an interest in what high society wanted from luxury items.
After his return to Florence, Gucci opened a saddlery shop at 47 Via Vigna Nuova. He then shifted his focus from horses and carriages to bags and travel accessories. The company’s storied history has since encompassed two sons and a daughter, who have all played a part in the business.
Maurizio, the only son of Rodolfo Gucci, was born in 1948 and was made the majority stakeholder and chairman of the family firm when his father died in 1983. He had a different vision for the brand and he battled with his uncle Aldo, who owned half of the company, over its fate.
He fought for years with his uncle and cousins until they decided to sell their shares of the company in 1993. This ended the actual family’s involvement with the brand and it put the house of Gucci in a state of financial crisis.
Amid a series of dramas, Maurizio married PatriziaReggiani. The couple had two children together and reportedly lived a lavish lifestyle.
As a result, Patrizia started to get suspicious of Maurizio’s motives. She enlisted the help of psychic Pina Auriemma to find out what he was planning, as the pair had a shared connection.
History of the brand
Gucci is a renowned name in the world of luxury leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery. Its dynamism, creativity and artistic aesthetic represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship. Its patrons and designers admire the brand for its products, which have a timeless appeal and are sought after by fashion lovers and collectors alike.
The brand started in Florence, Italy, in 1897 as a saddler by the founder Guccio Gucci. He was inspired by the luggage and trunks he saw carried by the aristocrats staying at London’s upscale Savoy Hotel.
In the late ’60s, Gucci opened its first store in Rome’s Via Condotti. Two years later, it shifted to New York’s Fifth Avenue.
Eventually, the company branched out to other areas of fashion and opened stores in Paris and Beverly Hills. Its product line also expanded, with accessories and footwear becoming more popular.
But the company’s future would be tarnished by a succession of public family squabbles. Maurizio Gucci, who inherited his father Rodolfo’s share in the business in 1985, was at odds with his uncle Aldo and cousins Vasco and Rodolfo.
He tried to buy his cousins out, but he lost millions in the process. He then got divorced from his wife PatriziaReggiani. Eventually, he sold his shares to Investcorp for $120m in 1993.
His daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, were left with a fortune from their mother. They now live in Switzerland with their families and are still very wealthy.
But their relationship with their mother has become strained over the years, as she continues to fight for her rights. It’s been a long battle, but Patrizia is now serving an 18-year prison sentence.
Gucci’s style – from the brand’s founding to the present day – has always been about glamour, opulence and a sense of extravagance. With this, it’s no surprise that its designers are known for their use of luxurious fabrics and a penchant for creating glamorous pieces that are both functional and timeless.
In Ridley Scott’s new film, House of Gucci, we get a glimpse at the styles of the family that has ruled the fashion world since it was founded in 1921. Starring Adam Driver as Maurizio and Lady Gaga as his wife, Patrizia, the movie follows their rise from humble beginnings in Florence to becoming one of the world’s most powerful fashion houses.
While the film takes us through the storied past of the fashion house, it also serves as a portrait of Patrizia and her ambitions to become a world-famous designer like her husband. Throughout the film, she’s portrayed as someone who is highly motivated, despite her inherited wealth and the family name, and her wardrobe shows this.
During her initial days as a heiress, Patrizia chooses vibrant ensembles to match her bold personality. This includes a scarlet, gold-buttoned skirt suit paired with a fur coat.
The outfit is a nod to Patrizia’s Italian roots, as it’s a common style for women in Northern Italy. And she’s accompanied by her psychic friend Pina (Salma Hayek), who advises her to wear green and red — the two colors that have made Gucci so famous — for good luck as she sets out to take over the family business alongside her husband.
But Patrizia’s career eventually falls apart, and her clothing changes to black, an unflattering color for her. But she’s still able to keep her luxury lifestyle, and the movie’s costume designer Janty Yates took advantage of her Gucci archival access by using some vintage pieces to create highlights for her looks. From a blue shearling coat to an elephant cord Norfolk two piece, Yates created a number of memorable looks for the film.
Gucci is famous for its iconic designs and products. The brand has a long history of creating some of the world's most desirable items, from bags to shoes to clothing. Despite its many controversies and ups and downs over the years, the name continues to be synonymous with glamour and luxury.
The house was founded by Italian tycoon Guccio Gucci in Florence, Italy, and was originally called "Guccio Gucci & Cie." After his death, the company was divided equally among his three sons (Aldo, Vasco, and Rodolfo) and excluded his daughter.
Aldo expanded the business in the 1960s and shifted the design focus from bags to ready-to-wear. He opened shops on Rome's Via Condotti and in London and Paris. He also introduced the horse-bit loafer for men and the bamboo handle bag, which became a signature of Gucci.
By the late 1970s, it was becoming clear that Gucci needed a new creative director. It was only a matter of time before someone would rise up and take charge.
In 1992, Maurizio Gucci inherited 50% of the business from his father and decided to revamp the label. He brought in Investcorp, a Gulf investment fund, to buy out the other family members' shares.
Investcorp took a stake in the company and invested heavily in marketing, advertising and stores. This helped to reposition the brand and put it back at the forefront of fashion.
He hired Tom Ford as the designer for the women's division of the brand in 1994. He transformed the brand with his sleek and sexy collections, which focused on jet-set glamour.
Gucci's storybook turnarounds continue today under current designer Alessandro Michele. He's reimagined the label's signature look, drawing inspiration from classic pieces like Flora print and bamboo bag to create a unique and androgynous aesthetic. His collection has been a huge success for the brand, attracting a variety of fashion insiders.
The renowned Italian luxury label Gucci is known for its creativity, artistic aesthetic and meticulous detailing. It is a leading brand in the world of leather goods, fashion, watches and jewellery.
The brand is a cyclical one, and it has experienced a variety of highs and lows throughout its history. The label has been through family feuds, take-over attempts, a near-bankruptcy, a public listing and storybook turnarounds.
Its dynamism and creative flair make it an extremely popular brand with its customers and designers alike. The label also embodies the notion that fashion can be art and a powerful expression of personality, as well as a means of communicating.
Tom Ford, who joined the brand as creative director in 1994, revived it and put it back at the forefront of luxury fashion. His first collection, for fall 1995, focused on jet-set glamour and was a critical and commercial success.
Another designer whose work at Gucci has been widely recognized is Alessandro Michele. His work for the company reintroduced the GG logo as a central design on various products. He has been responsible for many innovations, including hand-painted logo bags and fur-lined slippers.
His designs often draw inspiration from pop music, religious symbolism, the 1800s and works of fantasy worlds like Alice in Wonderland. He has also used a wide range of textures and materials, such as plush velvet, shimmering satin and gleaming patent leather.
He has also introduced a wide range of styles, including the iconic Gucci bags and shoes. He is a strong proponent of environmental sustainability, and the brand has become entirely carbon neutral.
PatriziaReggiani, Maurizio Gucci's ex-wife, is also a prominent figure in the brand's history. She was married to Maurizio in 1972 and their relationship was marked by a series of highs and lows, including a rift with his father Rodolfo Gucci. The rift was ultimately caused by Patrizia's strong personality and background, which upset Maurizio's father.
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2023.02.03 05:20 _Miss_Anthropocene_ I made a League Dating Show with AI generated Text

Remember All of it is made with AI i just tweaked a few lines so it stays consistent

Episode 1: "The Search for Love Begins"
The episode opens with Lux, the radiant queen of Demacia, standing on the steps of a grand castle, surrounded by the five eligible bachelors: Sylas, Ezreal, Kayn, Varus, and Jarvan IV.
Lux: (excitedly) Welcome, everyone! I'm so glad you're here. I'm on a journey to find love and I'm looking for the man who can sweep me off my feet.
Sylas: (smiling) I'm ready for the adventure, Lux. I think we'll make a great team.
Ezreal: (confidently) Lux, I'm confident that I can show you a good time and be the man you're looking for.
Kayn: (intensely) I'm ready to do whatever it takes to win your heart, Lux. I won't let anything stand in my way.
Varus: (smiling) Lux, I'm here to make memories and find love. I'm excited to start this journey with you.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) Lux, I am the prince of Demacia and I have everything you're looking for in a man. I'm confident that we'll have an amazing time together.
Lux: (smiling) I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you better. Let the adventure begin!
The episode ends with Lux and the five bachelors setting off on a journey filled with excitement, adventure, and the search for love. The audience is left eagerly awaiting the next episode to see who will win Lux's heart.

Episode 2: "The First Date"
The episode opens with Lux and the five bachelors embarking on their first group date. They travel to a picturesque park filled with lush green trees and sparkling lakes.
Lux: (excitedly) I'm so glad we're all here together. I can't wait to get to know each of you better.
Sylas: (smiling) This is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and start building a connection.
Ezreal: (confidently) Lux, I have a great idea for our first date. How about a friendly game of magic archery?
Kayn: (intensely) I have a better idea. Let's have a competition to see who can climb the highest tree in the park.
Varus: (smiling) I love that idea, Kayn. But I think we should make it even more challenging and see who can climb the tree and shoot an arrow at the same time.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) I agree, Varus. Let's make it a competition and see who comes out on top.
Lux: (excitedly) That sounds like a great idea! Let's do it!
The five bachelors compete in the archery and tree climbing competition, each showing off their skills and trying to impress Lux. In the end, a clear winner emerges and Lux is left with a new appreciation for the man who won her heart. The episode ends with Lux reflecting on her first date and the journey ahead.

Episode 3: "The Intimate Dinner"
The episode opens with Lux and the bachelors preparing for a romantic dinner together. They sit down at a candlelit table in a luxurious restaurant, surrounded by the sounds of soft music and gentle laughter.
Lux: (smiling) I'm so glad we're all here together tonight. This is a perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other on a deeper level.
Sylas: (thoughtfully) I couldn't agree more, Lux. I feel like we've only just scratched the surface of what we have to offer each other.
Ezreal: (excitedly) I have a great idea for our dinner conversation tonight. Why don't we each share a story about a time when we faced a challenge and overcame it?
Kayn: (intensely) I think that's a great idea, Ezreal. We can learn a lot about someone by the way they handle difficult situations.
Varus: (smiling) I agree, Kayn. I think it's important for Lux to see how we react under pressure and what kind of person we really are.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) I'm ready to share my story. I faced a challenge once when I had to lead my army into battle against a powerful enemy. It was a difficult decision, but I knew it was the right thing to do.
As the night progresses, Lux learns about the bachelors' strengths, weaknesses, and what makes them unique. She listens intently as they each share their stories and begins to see the depth and complexity of the men she's been getting to know. The episode ends with Lux reflecting on the dinner and the impact it had on her understanding of each of the bachelors.

Episode 4: "The Adventure Challenge"
The episode opens with Lux and the four bachelors standing in front of a large obstacle course.
Lux: (excitedly) Welcome, gentlemen, to today's adventure challenge. Today, I'll be testing your skills and seeing who the bravest and most adventurous of you all are.
Ezreal: (smiling) I've been looking forward to this challenge all week, Lux. I think I'm going to do great.
Sylas: (thoughtfully) I'm not sure I'm the best at physical challenges, but I'm ready to give it my all.
Kayn: (intensely) I'm not here to lose, Lux. I'm here to win.
Varus: (smiling) I think this challenge is going to be a lot of fun. I'm ready to show you what I'm made of.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) I'm looking forward to this challenge. I think it's going to be a great way to show Lux what I'm capable of.
The bachelors tackle the obstacle course one by one, each one putting their skills and bravery to the test. Lux watches from the sidelines, impressed by their determination and strength. By the end of the challenge, Lux has a better understanding of each bachelor's skills and personalities and is one step closer to making her final decision. The episode ends with Lux reflecting on the challenge and the impact it had on her understanding of each of the bachelors.

Episode 5: "The Heart-to-Heart"
The episode opens with Lux and the bachelors sitting in a beautiful garden.
Lux: (smiling) I wanted to take some time today to get to know each of you on a more personal level. I want to know what's most important to you, what your hopes and dreams are, and what you're looking for in a partner.
Ezreal: (grinning) Well, for me, adventure is the most important thing. I want someone who's willing to take risks and go on wild adventures with me.
Sylas: (thoughtfully) For me, it's about love and connection. I want to find someone who truly understands me, someone I can share my life with.
Kayn: (intensely) I want someone who's strong, someone who can handle anything life throws at us. I want someone who's not afraid to fight for what they want.
Varus: (smiling) For me, it's about finding someone who's kind and loving. I want someone who makes me feel good about myself, someone who makes me happy.
Jarvan IV: (confidently) For me, it's about finding someone who's brave and courageous. I want someone who's willing to stand up for what's right, someone who's not afraid to fight for what they believe in.
Lux listens to each bachelor as they speak, taking in their words and getting a deeper understanding of who they are and what they're looking for. By the end of the heart-to-heart, Lux is closer to making her final decision and is feeling more confident about her future. The episode ends with Lux looking forward to the next step in her journey to find love.

Episode 6: "The Group Date"
The episode opens with Lux and the bachelors embarking on a group date. They all get dressed up in fancy attire and set off for a night of adventure and fun.
Lux: (excitedly) I can't wait for tonight! I have a surprise for all of you.
Ezreal: (smiling) I love surprises! What is it?
Lux: (grinning) We're going to a magical ball!
The bachelors all look at each other in surprise and excitement as they enter the ballroom. The room is beautifully decorated with twinkling lights and elaborate chandeliers. There is a live band playing music, and guests are dancing and having a wonderful time.
Sylas: (impressed) This is amazing, Lux!
Kayn: (smiling) I love to dance! This is going to be a great night!
The group starts to dance and have a great time. Lux is having a wonderful time getting to know each bachelor better and enjoying the night. As the night goes on, Lux finds herself drawn to different bachelors at different times, feeling a strong connection to each of them.
Varus: (smiling) You're an amazing dancer, Lux.
Jarvan IV: (smiling) I'm having a great time tonight. Thank you for including us in this magical evening.
The episode ends with Lux feeling closer to each bachelor and getting a deeper understanding of their personalities and what they bring to the table. She is one step closer to making her final decision, but she still has a long way to go.

Episode 7: "The One-on-One Dates"
Lux has decided to take the next step in getting to know each bachelor on a more intimate level by going on one-on-one dates with each of them.
Lux: (excitedly) I can't wait for these one-on-one dates! I feel like I'll get to know each of you much better.
Ezreal: (smiling) I'm looking forward to it, Lux. I think we'll have a great time.
Sylas: (smiling) I'm excited to spend some time alone with you, Lux.
The episode follows Lux as she goes on each of the one-on-one dates, getting to know the bachelors on a more personal level. She goes on a scenic picnic with Kayn, a thrilling adventure with Varus, a candlelit dinner with Jarvan IV, and a hike trough the mountains with Sylas. She also goes on a creative date with Ezreal, where they paint and create art together.
Throughout the episode, Lux starts to see sides of each bachelor that she never saw before. She realizes that each of them has unique qualities that make them special and that she could see a future with each of them.
Kayn: (smiling) I'm so glad we got to spend this time together, Lux. I feel like I got to know you much better today.
Varus: (smiling) That was an incredible adventure, Lux. I had a great time with you.
Jarvan IV: (smiling) That was a wonderful dinner, Lux. I feel like we really connected tonight.
Ezreal: (smiling) That was such a fun date, Lux. I'm so glad we got to spend this time together.
The episode ends with Lux feeling even more confused about who she should choose. She has strong connections with each of the bachelors and doesn't know how to choose just one. The pressure is on for her to make a final decision.

Episode 8: "The Final Rose Ceremony"
Lux has finally made her decision and it's time for the final rose ceremony. The bachelors gather in a beautiful outdoor setting, nervously waiting for Lux to make her announcement.
Lux: (takes a deep breath) Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for being a part of this journey with me. I've gotten to know each of you and I've fallen for each of you in different ways. But in the end, there can only be one.
She pauses, looking at each of the bachelors before finally turning to Sylas.
Lux: Sylas, you've shown me kindness, understanding, and a love for life that I've never seen before. I feel like we have a connection that's unbreakable and I know that together we can make the world a brighter place.
Sylas: (tears in his eyes) Lux, I love you. You've brought so much light and happiness into my life and I promise to cherish and love you for the rest of our lives.
Lux: (smiling) I love you too, Sylas.
Sylas and Lux embrace as the other bachelors clap and congratulate them. The episode ends with a montage of their future together, showing their love and commitment growing stronger every day.

Episode 9: "The Aftermath"
Sona: (smiling) Welcome back to the Aftermath! Today, we have the bachelors joining us to reflect on their time on the show and their reactions to Lux's final decision.
Sona: (turning to Ezreal) Ezreal, how did you feel about Lux's decision?
Ezreal: (smiling) I was a little disappointed, but at the same time, I knew that Lux and Sylas were meant to be together. They have a special connection that can't be broken.
Sona: (turning to Kayn) And how about you, Kayn?
Kayn: (smiling) I was a bit surprised, but I understand why Lux chose Sylas. He's a great guy and I think he'll make Lux very happy.
Sona: (turning to Varus) Varus, what did you learn from this experience?
Varus: (smiling) I learned that love is a journey, not a destination. I've made some great friends here and I'm grateful for the experience.
Sona: (turning to Jarvan IV) And Jarvan, what's next for you now that the show is over?
Jarvan IV: (smiling) I'm going to continue my journey, explore new lands and conquer new challenges. But most of all, I'll never forget the amazing experience I had on this show and the friends I made.
Sona: (smiling) Well, it's been a pleasure having all of you on the show. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. That's a wrap for this season of "The Bachelors: League Edition" and we can't wait to see what's in store for our next season! Thank you for joining us!
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2023.02.03 05:19 kaykatzz Can't Cancel Sam's Club Membership

I have been going through the pains of hell trying to get Sam's Club to cancel my membership. I am unable to visit a physical store. I became a member on the 16th. On the 17th, I applied for a + membership upgrade. However, i forgot to apply a $50 coupon. I immediately called and chatted with CS. I was told to keep the membership because she would refund the $50. It would show up in my (original payment) in 5-7 business days. More than 2 weeks later no refund. I attempted a chat but was transfered to a real person. After giving all my info, I was put on hold... then cut off. I called back, was put on hold,... cut off. I called again,this went on for over 3 hours and about 12 phone calls. Insult to injury, CS sends me emails asking me to rate them. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?
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2023.02.03 05:19 CruisingSouthampton 31 [M4F] UK - Looking to find someone special for me

Hi I'm Sam, living in the South of England. I don't get out a great deal, but I would love to find some company to get out more. I do have an interest in more coastal places, and would love to explore the South West Coast Path at some point.
I'm 31, 5'6, and 80kg. Recently did a personality test and I'm a Visionary ISTP-T if that means anything to anyone. :) I also like DnB and electronic music a lot. Have a very sweet tooth. I'm initially looking for something casually physical, but would look for more with the right person.
About you: Similar height/interests, a smile that makes me smile. I find faces generally the most attractive part of a girl. I'm relatively quiet, and don't mind if you are too! Although I've been told I can play a Dom with a little effort.
More than willing to share pics upon request.
But here's one of me:
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2023.02.03 05:19 CruisingSouthampton 31 [M4F] UK - Looking to find someone special for me

Hi I'm Sam, living in the South of England. I don't get out a great deal, but I would love to find some company to get out more. I do have an interest in more coastal places, and would love to explore the South West Coast Path at some point.
I'm 31, 5'6, and 80kg. Recently did a personality test and I'm a Visionary ISTP-T if that means anything to anyone. :) I also like DnB and electronic music a lot. Have a very sweet tooth. I'm initially looking for something casually physical, but would look for more with the right person.
About you: Similar height/interests, a smile that makes me smile. I find faces generally the most attractive part of a girl. I'm relatively quiet, and don't mind if you are too! Although I've been told I can play a Dom with a little effort.
More than willing to share pics upon request.
But here's one of me:
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2023.02.03 05:12 YankeeWalrus AITA for writing a poem to cheer up my GF?

Last week while I (25m) was writing my gf (25km) interrupted me (rudely) and started ranting about some dumb world news bullshit, something about Russians and light poles and she kept saying "Article 5" a lot, I wasn't really listening because I was right in the thick of it at the time and I didn't want to lose my pre-writing flow. Anyway she seemed really pissed that I wasn't taking her seriously (women, ameyerite) and she stormed out yelling about how the world was going to end or something. Yikes.
Anyway, I figured it'd be easier to -appease- comfort her than find another female to woo with my deep, authoristic ways (I mean it wouldn't be that hard, but you know, the devil you know and all that), so I wrote her a poem about how the end of the world isn't that big a deal and she's being stupid and overreacting. I even commissioned a friendly composer that hangs out under the overpass by the Denny's to set it to music. This is the poem:
When you attend a funeral It is sad to think that sooner or later Those you love will do the same for you And you may have thought it tragic Not to mention other adjectives To think of all the weeping they will do But don't you worry
No more ashes, no more sackcloth And an armband made of black cloth Will some day never more adorn a sleeve For if the bomb that drops on you Gets your friends and neighbors too There'll be nobody left behind to grieve
And we will all go together when we go Oh, what a comforting fact that is to know Universal bereavement, an inspiring achievement Yes, we all will go together when we go
We will all go together when we go All suffuse with an incandescent glow No one will have the endurance to collect on his insurance Lloyd's of London will be loaded when they go
Oh, we will all fry together when we fry We'll be french fried potatoes by and by There will be no more misery, when the world is our rotisserie Yes, we will all fry together when we fry
Down by the old maelstrom There'll be a storm before the calm And we will all bake together when we bake There'll be nobody present at the wake With complete participation in that grand incineration Nearly three billion hunks of well-done steak
Oh, we will all char together when we char And let there be no moaning of the bar Just sing out a tedium when you see that I-C-B-M And the party will be "come as you are"
Oh, we will all burn together when we burn There'll be no need to stand and wait your turn When it's time for the fallout and saint peter calls us all out We'll just drop our agendas and adjourn
You will all go directly to your respective Valhallas Go directly, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars
And we will all go together when we go Every Hottentot and every Eskimo When the air becomes Uranius And we will all go simultaneous
Yes, we all will go together When we all go together Yes, we all will go together when we go

Anyway, I played the music-poem on my walkman (we had to share the headphones) and she just threw a empty bourbon bottle at my head, called me an asshole, then left. So, is she the asshole here or are we both blameless because it was her time of the month?
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2023.02.03 05:10 SilentCaay Under 100 Club - Great VR Games With Under 100 Reviews on Steam (which is a shame)

Pick some of these up if you haven't already (and you haven't, going by the reviews). Add more to the list if you know of any.
The Tale of Onogoro - The game that inspired this post. I was between apartments for a few months without VR, was looking forward to playing it the entire time since it's by the same seasoned devs that made Last Labyrinth and right now it only has 23 reviews. I've been having a great time with it so far but I'm only about 3/4 of the way through so I can't give a full review. It's an action/puzzle game that's not really difficult but it's nice and chill. Haru loves to talk so you really get a lot of character and world-building out of her. Great game so far.
Last Labyrinth - As said, this is the previous game from AMATA KK and their first VR game. It's a few years old so the VR controls aren't as polished as Onogoro but I enjoyed it, for the most part. If you want to get the true ending, the grind is kind of ridiculous but it's not even worth it so I would suggest looking it up on YouTube. Other than that, it's a great puzzle game filled with lethal traps. All the devs have pedigrees, having previously worked on big name AAA games, including an animator from ICO/Shadow of the Colossus. They definitely know how to polish up a game.
YUKI - This is a roguelite bullet-hell by the seasoned VR devs that made Pixel Ripped and it's pretty well-polished. Grab your YUKI action figure, go on patrol, take out some yokaliens, collect some Creative Drive, grab some upgrades and throw down against some big bosses.
Noun Town - A pretty nice piece of language learning software. It's fun enough even if you aren't interested in learning a language. I played the demo but I'm still catching up on games that released while I was between apartments so I haven't tried the full version yet. I'm looking forward to it, though.
Hop Step Sing - A series of music videos and concerts entirely designed for VR. The music videos are good (aside from maybe Kisekiteki Shining, which is a bit rough since it's their first one) but the concerts are especially awesome. Both concerts aired live and later got standalone versions on Steam. You still get to see recorded avatars of people that went to give it a pseudo-social feel. The great thing about HSS is they don't settle for churning out plain VR music videos. Each new video has new mechanics and interactions to turn it into a real experience.
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2023.02.03 04:55 whatsacow1992 Underrated Boomer Shooters

Here is a list of Underrated Boomer Shooters and Boomer Shooter adjacent games. Hopefully you find something cool!
Gunman Chronicles: This is basically a commercial Half Life 1 conversion, and not a bad one at that. It being set in space is cool, and the weapons are all fairly unique, having multiple firing modes. If you can look past a little jank, it's well worth tracking down.
Strife: It's essentially Deus Ex before Deus Ex and it runs on the Doom Engine. Probably would have been huge if it didn't come out the same year as Quake and Duke Nukem 3D.
Marathon: You probably know Marathon, but have you played it? It's free, and it marries the heady narrative of System Shock with the fast paced gunplay of Doom. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it is atmospheric, inventive, and tells a hell of a good story. Oh and it's free!
Project Osiris: This is a GZDoom remake of Alien Breed 3D and it fucking rules.
Rekkr: Running on the Doom Engine, Rekkr is basically Viking Doom - a kind of marriage between Doom and Heretic. If you own Doom 2 on Steam you can play the first few episodes for free in the addons section, but the game is well worth the $5 they ask for, especially as the new episode is fantastic.
Hands of Necromancy: Essentially, it's Hexen as a Metroidvania but with less confusing levels. The weapons are all really interesting, focusing on utility over just raw firepower. It's an absolute must for lovers of Dark Fantasy.
Elderborn: More Dark Fantasy stuff. Imagine Dark Souls and Doom 2016 fucked and the child that came out was super into Conan the Barbarian and Death Metal.
Deadlink: It's still in Early Access, but this is basically Doom Eternal as a roguelike. It's seriously addictive.
Anopek: It's a cute little fusion of Metroid Prime and Wolfenstein 3D with nice pixel art.
Northern Journey: Not quite a Boomer Shooter, but you shoot things and move at the speed of light so I'm counting it. It's a weird game that takes elements from Stalker, Doom, Gothic, and Metroidvanias, but it's insanely absorbing.
Ashes 2063: It's getting pretty well known, but if you somehow don't know about this game, it's a free total conversion for Doom 2 that basically feels like if someone released a Build Engine Boomer Shooter set in the Fallout universe.
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2023.02.03 04:54 general_musician Modular PSU in stock + how to get started with 400?

Hey everybody! I already have 3 Pocket Operators (MegaMan, 2 Speak) and an OP-Z with the Line module (no technical defects yet) I've recently become curious about modular synthesis, and have been looking to treat my sample-based music with TE-themed instrumentation. So I ordered a used 400 today, and I'm currently waiting on it to arrive into the studio. I think I could have built a similar Eurorack set for a bit more, but it seemed like a low-stakes option.
I saw the TE store had the official PSU for the modular systems (and the patch cable coffee cup combos) back in stock, so I thought I'd post it as an FYI for the subreddit in case people were still looking for those items. However, I'm also wondering if it makes sense to pursue the oplab module just to get more CV compatibility, or if an Arturia Keystep (a bit cheaper) is a better addition to consider.
I'll be checking out some of the tutorials in the meantime, but for anyone who has a similar setup or advice I should consider, please let me know! Thanks!
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2023.02.03 04:49 sca1yfreak Second Breakfast Presents: A Fellowship of Friends, Feb 11

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2023.02.03 04:32 etrudia Returning Player --- Please HELP!!

First off, I want to say a huge thanks to this community!! I've been playing MD for a couple years and have lurked this forum almost daily for tips and suggestions! Thanks to all that post, and now that I have finally made an account, I hope to be able to contribute to the knowledge base.
So, I took the summer off because of kids, vacations, and the fact that my tablet was getting to the point of not being able to run MD anymore without crashing. Got a new tablet in December, and after some help from support in getting the new tablet to connect to facebook, we were successful in getting my game on the new tablet (Amazon Kindle Fire to a Galaxy Tab). Support was fantastic and super responsive, I do have to say.
Now I'm back playing, but I'm having a hard time finding info about the new mini-games in camp. I appreciate any help or advice!!!

I've unlocked a bit of Arcadia, level 9, I think. I've created two of the level 5 shrines...(thank you all for letting us know how to collect the Arcane Dragons, btw!)...and then harvested them with the cloned dragons, level 4 moon and level 3 passion I think.
The dragon portal now says upgrade the portal by increasing your dragon level in camp. So, if I get a level 5 Moon dragon, the portal clones the new dragon? Does the portal do that automatically, or do I have to do something to 'upgrade' it? And then, what does an 'upgraded' portal actually provide?

Dragon Missions:
So, the missions have not been a problem getting started, but my question lies in the scrolls you get in the rewards. I've been playing the same 7 energy, 6 scroll quest that takes 5 hours to complete for days now. I auto-pick dragons to supercharge the mission, but the last 4 completions I've gotten 10 scrolls, ZERO scrolls, 10 scrolls, and 10 scrolls. The progress bar hasn't even budged! How is it determined the reward package that you get? ie. sometimes you get 1 uncommon, sometimes you get 1 rare and 2 uncommons...and it doesn't seem to be mission based, as it seems that you can get a different prize 'package' in subsequent runs of the same mission. Is this just a bad string of prizes for me, or is there a trick that I'm missing? Should I not be auto-picking the dragons? Does a different combination of dragons give you better results on the rewards? Just kind of confusing, imo.
I haven't replayed missions often enough to figure it out myself yet, but do the replay rewards ever change or is the same reward every time?

Dragon Homes:
I've barely started in dragon homes. Cleared the first room and got a few chests from the dust store. It seems like the only thing I can buy with dust is the itsy-bitsy chests. Now that I'm out of merges in there, do I just keep buying itsy-bitsy chests and then sit on them to merge them up? Do you ever buy anything else with dust, (I know Kala has the individual random individual items, but they seem pretty pricey...I seen posts say only use that as an option if it's a rare chain, you really need one piece)?
Basically, what do I do next, am I just stuck in a collecting dust phase to buy itsy-bitsy chests?
I've read the posts about the sweet spot for Arcadia chests, early game versus late game...awesome math to the posters on those!! Is there a sweet spot for Dragon Home chests, or just level 'em up to 4s?
Then, how are the Ash Bunny dragons acquired? Granted, I've only barely started (only purchased 4 or 5 itsy bitsy chests and waiting to get more dust), but I haven't seen anywhere to claim? Are they purchased for dust?

I appreciate any advice, y'all!!
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2023.02.03 04:30 Sir-Game_a_lot For The Developers

Hi! Is it possible for you/your team to release this game on steam or consoles. There aren't any premium quality tower defense games on PC.
You can easlity price it at 30$ for base game and more for skins and calibrate the gems, mana and awaken token system so that players can 100 % finish game in max 6 months + online tournaments.
Then you guys can release more levels as Part 2 of the game ( maybe 100-150 levels each game???)
The amount of animations/music/characters/enemies/towers/abilities etc. that this game offers makes it One Of A Kind. There's nothing so graphically impressive and polished in the store.
Plz consider this..
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2023.02.03 04:27 Kapples14 DR fanganronpa concept and cast

Danganronpa Fan Idea: City of the Lost
Across the world, young and bright students who have excelled in certain fields will be recognized by their countries as Ultimates. These Ultimates will then be sent to the Buchanan Institute for Growth and Development: considered by many to be one of the most revolutionary academies in human history. With funding and support from numerous nations' governments, Ultimates will be placed into Student Bodies of 16-20 in order to form close bonds with one another in order to collaborate and hone their crafts.
This hypothetical story would follow Charlie Cabot, the Ultimate Diplomat, who was placed into the 25th Student Body who are to be sent to Buchanan's Institute via a luxury cruise ship. However, this all changes when Charlie and his class mysteriously wake up on the shores of a large city stranded in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, the 25th Student Body have been sent to the smog-coated city of iron and stone pillars, Vongerlach City. Here, under the many piercing eyes of a mysterious masked individual known as Mr. Jupiter, the class will now be forced to participate in a game show known as the Killing Game Extravaganza, where the only way out of the city's cold clutch is to kill one of their own and get away with it. With little chance of escape, Charlie has gone from becoming a rising star and into one of many poor souls who may be snuffed out in an instant.

Ultimate Economist: Aina Masayoshi
The world of finances has never been more lively and energetic since Aina came to the scene with her hit teen magazine, Wow, Money!, that has brought economic insight to her peers and friend groups. After saving her father's multi-million dollar company from bankruptcy, Aina has become an iconic economic prodigy thanks in part to her energetic and bubbly personality. This sunny, flirtatious, fast talker is someone who is always looking to bring the best out of every situation, even if it comes from very minute or exaggerated details. She is always trying to find the best opportunity in each situation, seeing the world's darkest corners as being the untapped wells for something truly fabulous.

Ultimate Scuba Diver: Ringo Egawa
The deepest depths of the seas and lakes hold untold mysteries, but no mystery can escape the reach of the Ultimate Scuba Diver. Ever since his youngest days, Ringo's been on a personal journey to find a supposed "Great Treasure" he is certain is out there. While not the sharpest tooth in the shark's jaw, he's as loyal and sincere as they can get. Ringo's beloved in the oceanic world for his easy-going and mellow personality, but this very same lax attitude has gotten him into many bizarre and precarious situations whenever he's left to his own devices. Despite this, Ringo has been able to perform many complex activities and operations while underwater, having a keen sense of problem-solving skills whenever he puts his all into whatever he finds most important.

Ultimate Mathematician: Tora Ito
The top of the top, Tora Ito is someone who will ensure that you remember his importance. Ito's computer-like intellect is only matched by his sheer vanity and pride. Ever since he was a child, Tora has been considered by many to be the next successor to his family's research company, Ito Scientific Developments & Technological Advancements. Ito, having lived his entire life among the upper crust of Japanese society, has fallen into a strange territory within the 25th Student Body of Buchanan's Institute for Growth and Development, considering the diverse body of students ranging from his more familiar brand of upper-class citizens, as compared to those from much more modest and rural communities. Ito often prefers to remain in solitude, only socializing with those who are either on his level, or can offer something of value to him.

Ultimate Saucier???: Yoshi Yamamoto
The life of the Ultimate Saucier may be shocking to some, but Yoshi Yamamoto is a living testament to how intense the food world can be. The son of a mafia's personal chef, Yoshi has honed his craft to the absolute peak within the culinary world. Hardened to the core through his time cooking for the mob, Yoshi has long since left his criminal upbringing to share his skills with the world. Despite this, many rumors have spread that his acceptance into Hope's Peak University wasn't for his cooking skills; however, Yoshi will fiercely defend his title against any skeptics. This intimidating giant may come off as unapproachable, but deep within lies the heart of a true artist and connoisseur of culinary arts.

Ultimate Escape Artist: Aldo Adesso
From the great Pavarotti Family Circus, Aldo Adesso is the latest in a long line of experts in the performing arts that has dominated Italian culture for the last 500 years. Aldo has conquered over 100 different forms of traps, puzzles, and death-defying challenges for adoring audiences, all without suffering as much as a scar on his body. This suave and charismatic star has left the circus life to pursue a grander path in life to reshape the world of entertainment. This pursuit has enabled Adesso to adopt a wide array of skills and resources that will provide him all the opportunity he needs to ensure that his mark will be burnt into history.

Ultimate Filmmaker: Ruth Weine
After entering the film world with her dramatically intense psychological-thriller, Dreaming While Awake, Ruth has managed to create several award-winning films with a modestly-sized crew and budget. Despite her humble upbringings, Ruth was still able to find an avenue into the complex world of cinema. She is often very quite, cold, and strictly professional in all relationships, but can become quick to light up when people around her show interest in her works. She is often focused on following a strict and meticulous routine, but often tries to break free of this lifestyle to avoid falling into the same tragic fates as many great artists. Ruth can be rather strict in what she determines as good cinema, having an astute knowledge of all aspects of the filming process after working extensively in each of those positions.

Ultimate Diplomat: Charlie Cabot
It's not easy living under your parents' shadows, but it's an even greater challenge when you've outshined them. Being the son of two Hope's Peak alumni, Charlie went from being a top student to a world-renowned sensation for his incredible skills in diplomacy and gift for foreign policy. Charlie may not be very certain on whether or not he believes that he is meant to change the world, but is determined to do so for the sake of the world. As a result, he's become much more ambitious in his pursuits to unite the world, even if he's not the most passionate about it.

Ultimate Figure Skater: Nikita Sugiyama
With the grace of winter's snow, and speed of a chilling wind, Nikita Sugiyama has become a top recruit for some of Serbia's greatest trainers and coaches. This quiet and melancholic poet has made a name for themselves not only for their talents, but also for the shocking contrast to their jolly blowhard father, a well-known military hero and ambassador who has worked extensively to aid his daughter in their journey to one day compete in the Olympics. Despite being one to prefer staying out of petty conflict, Nikita has been caught up in some controversies where they spoke out on issues often bigger than what they're more capable of handling. Regardless, the Ultimate Figure Skater is still recognized for their graceful and resilient spirit in the face of adversity.

Ultimate Gardener: Blaire Bouchard
The beauty of gardening has become far more abstract under Blaire's hands. With a supposed connection to the mystical arts, flowers and plantlife seem to thrive only days after she tends to them. After years of serving as the president her school's gardening club, she has developed a reputation of strict perfectionism in order to ensure the peak level of natural performance. However, many members of her club have left under mysterious circumstances, with rumors circulating that Blaire has created a harmful and abusive environment within the club that has led to many leaving in either protest or fear of Blaire's influence. Those who doubt her self-proclaimed connections to the mystical are often the most likely to see Blaire's true colors.

Ultimate Fashion Designer: Izumi Shima
The fashion scene fired up with a new sense of beauty when Izumi Shima, the Baroness of Boutiques, hit the scenes. After rising from poverty, Izumi Shima became the apprentice to one of Japan's top fashion designers. With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of the needle and thread, this determined fashionista has taken the internet by storm with her direct, but eloquent, personality. With legions of fans and patrons clamoring for her every word and action, the Baroness' Hall has reached international levels with Shima's clothes and accessories being shipped to some of the most high end department stores in the world. It's not often that Shima does interviews or exclusives, so there is some rumors to the history of this young designer and just who she really is underneath the layers of chique fabrics.

Ultimate Football Player: Carlos Barbaroza
Tragedy has followed the Barbaroza family for as long as Carlos can remember, having witnessed the woes and losses of many close relatives and loved ones. This has left Carlos determined to bring fame and fortune to his family as a skilled athlete, hoping that this would alleviate and mitigate the constant heartbreak and misfortune that has plagued his loved ones. With a heavily goal-focused mindset, Carlos has quickly lead his team to national levels through his athletic capabilities, winning several consecutive championships throughout his tenure. However, this career has turned him into a fiercely competitive, hostile, and materialistic diva more focused on the benefits he can gain from sports.

Ultimate Paintball Captain: Warren Kutsuki
As leader of the Fisheye Fighters, Ryu has turned a ragtag high school team of paintball players into an online sensation with their revolutionary strategies and close bonds. With his crew, paintball rifle, and lucky binoculars, Ryu has been able to led his team to complete international challenges and competitions with flying colors. This confident commando has been considered by his peers to be a brilliant strategist who could potentially reach the same heights of leadership as some of history's strongest military leaders. There are few challenges that the Ultimate Paintball Captain will back down from, because for as long as his ambitions lie forward, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Ultimate Mountain Climber: Mei Takayama
A natural survivor, Mei has become the inspiration to many after conquering both life-threatening illnesses and treacherous mountains. With passion, undying perseverance, and a hardy grin, she has shown that true strength comes to those who work the hardest for it. After climbing numerous mountains most would consider too intimidating for even the most daring of adventurers, Mei has built up a legendary status and brand to inspire young children to never give up and to always reach for the top. With both natural grace and raw strength, she has developed a genuine belief that no challenge will ever go unbeaten, even when the sacrifice begins to feel just as insurmountable.

Ultimate Engineer: Adeline Charbonnier
Within the streets of Paris, one small building is constantly lit with the sparks of machinery whenever Adeline Charbonnier finds her team on a new project. Whether it's toys, cars, home appliances, solar panels, factory machines, or computers, Adeline will make sure that that she and her team are on the go. You'd be hard to find this fiery thinker doing anything unrelated to her work thanks to her undying sense of humanitarianism. However, this has led to too many sleepless nights, causing the bright star to become overwhelmed with her workload. She truly wants to do her best in helping out her friends, but she's struggling to find the best possible way to balance her work and the rest of her life.

Ultimate Archivist: Setsuko Shimoda
Whether it's history, politics, finances, criminology, or scientific research, there isn't an article or document that Suzume can find. With an analytical mind and a steady heart, this mousy young lady has risen from working with student council and to serving with local politicians thanks to her incredible skills. As the Ultimate Archivist, Setsuko lives by a personal code of utmost transparency and 100% accuracy regarding any and all records that fall under her fingers. She is quite well known by friends and coworkers for her sweet, if somewhat stubborn, demeanor that can leave anyone anyone disarmed. Be sure not to get in her way when she's in the middle of work, however, or else you may end up with a lecture so stern your ears will be left ringing.

Ultimate Fisherman: Ken Sawai
Ken is a simple guy: he likes fishing, good food, and quiet lakes. Ken is somewhat of an awkward, if well-meaning, guy who is relatively new to the idea of Ultimates and becoming a global figure, having primarily worked within his community and limited social spaces due for most of his life. Ken has managed to win numerous fishing competitions, contributed his talents and knowledge towards conservational projects, and has aided in nurturing the populations of numerous endangered species of fish. However, this kindhearted slowpoke can find himself overwhelmed by modern and urban cultures with how fast and energized they are. In such environments, Ken prefers to lean on to those around him who may be much more capable in these times, never being too confident that he could truly survive in such a stressful environment.

Host of the Killing Game Extravaganza: Mr. Jupiter
Dancing like Gene Kelly, charming like Steve Allen, and psychotic as Lee Harvey Oswald, Mr. Jupiter has it all. This mysterious entertainer is not only the host of the Killing Game Extravaganza, but he is also the Mayor of Vongerlach City. In the pursuit of a truly extravagant Killing Game, Mr. Jupiter has managed to construct a masterful plan to psychologically isolate and weaken the wills of his contestants. With a mask of vanity, opportunism, and aloofness, Mr. Jupiter exercises his vast scope of power with a more upbeat and humorous disposition, seeing the various misfortunes and drama presented by the Killing Game as great opportunities to liven up the show. Rumor has it that this mysterious show host has a connection to the Buchanan Institute that may go back many years.

Ultimate Chaperone: Monoleo
Within Vongerlach City's iron jaws lies a small glimmer of hope, a fiery star of guidance, and a self-appointed leader who may be able to help the contestants survive the Killing Game. Monoleo believes he is the last line of defense between the Ultimate Student Body and Mr. Jupiter's sinister desires, although he is far more over his head than he knows. This proud blowhard will stop at nothing to overthrow his cynical rival, Monotora. However, Monoleo often forgets that he is just as powerless as the very contestants he's supposed to protect. Even so, there is nothing that Monoleo won't do to try and be the hero that he believes he can be.

Ultimate Backstage Manager: Monotora
Every good show host needs a manager, and a talent agent, and a producer, and a cleanup crew, and a caterer, and a makeup artist, and just about any job that Monotora will be willing to take.... which is all of them. This sleezy cat will tell you about all the work he does through the puffs of smoke if he has the time. As Mr. Jupiter's backstage manager, Monotora works to monitor the Killing Game and its crew. Why he does this is pretty much unknown considering that a robot tiger has no real need for money, but he seems to be perfectly content taking the credit for the show's success whenever his boss is not in the room.

This is just a hypothetical fanganronpa I was thinking of. I'd love to hear what people think of it. I'm not really looking to turn this into a legitimate game (no skills, no time, no money, etc.), but I still wanted to at least throw this idea onto paper to see what people think.
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2023.02.03 04:17 Mushroomc0wz Llandudno’s monkey man. His name is Sam and he parades the town in costume with a boom box dancing to music to make people smile with his monkey that he got from a charity shop years ago. His wife occasionally joins him.

Llandudno’s monkey man. His name is Sam and he parades the town in costume with a boom box dancing to music to make people smile with his monkey that he got from a charity shop years ago. His wife occasionally joins him. submitted by Mushroomc0wz to HorsebackJesus [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:14 A33Bot [Opinion] best fuzz pedal @ 2023-02-02 18:14

The overall impressions of the "best fuzz pedal" are:
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2023.02.03 04:12 Dear-Ad-2977 Bad Trip On Pantherina Muscaria

I was in the woods for about~5th time in a row, depressed and drinking beer and 14% coctails. Angry at my myself and everyone and everything iv’e done. Cringing bout my many mistakes in life. I was only interested in getting gone from this reality. So i was looking for a slightly poisonous mushroom called ~ Red cap (Amanita muscaria). My search was unsuccsesful, but i found a similar type. Pantherina muscaria. Turns out this one was more poisonous, yet double strong. Gathered a full basket of them and went home. And dried them for just a few days, so the poison wasn’t alI gone, but i said fuck it. So these Panther Shrooms we’re supposed to dry for almost a week and my lazy ass said, imma just take the risk, life isn’t going well eitherway so some vomiting or sickness from a lil poison won’t make a diff.. and the visuals would weigh out the bad stuff if it happens. So i dried them only for 3days and ate an A4 size sheet full of them. So 5hours in i’ve already listened to Cherry Bomb by Tyler The Creator and Other albums with noting happening, eventually i go to a beach by the local river and meditated to some ambient and trancy typa music. Eeventually i stood up and every pain was magically lifted. I weighed like a few feathers and looked up at the sky and thought.. i’m the infinite sky and the nothingness/everythingness at once. No big visuals, but it felt like ectasy. I Thought i was in paradise and the angels would soon come and pick me up in a chariot or something, but instead i randomly met a good friend.. and for some reason, walking became so fucking hard i was being butt fucked by gravity and trying my hardest to stand and not let go of the struggle to stand. I was getting weak all around in the body. My friend said let’s have a beer. So we went for one. I came out the store and while trying to open it cut myself. Yeyyy, blood! Now i was weak, bloody and slowly starting to have the feeling i might die of the poison of the shrooms. I thought if i let go and fall on the ground i’m done for it. So i said to my friend, i’m leaving.. so i went really fast.. pacing round the city and trying to fight the poison from killing me, by trying to keep standing.. trying to hold on. Eventually, i get used to this poisionedness, but still in hell, with sudden lack of muscle power on every few steps. Then i look over to my girlfriends neighbour’s house and voila, i see a knife peeking out the door. A man comes out and i’m like~ Please don’t kill me, please dont stab me! I ran thinking this guy was death itself and again found my “friends” cops. Out of breath i yelled someone is trying to stab me.. Someone lunatic has has a knife and he’s after me! They just ignored all i said and called the ambulance.. it took me to a psych ward. A ride that lasted an eternity and everytime i asked where we’re going they just said calm down, well soon be there! I hoped it wasn’t more hell on the way. They took me to a psych ward and a bad one. A room with no open windows, no exit. That made me so sick. I couldn’t stand that room. Still tripping from the psychadelic substance and suffering from the poison. I had an inmate with me. The inmate with me was nasty af and uttered strange noises. I only got transfered to another room after 2days. I stayed in the psych ward for 6days and after a year broke up with my girlfriend. Now i’m in a better place, but i don’t trust people as much or express my honest emotions and stuff. So Yeah, here you go. My story. My advice is go for regular Psilocybe mushrooms or ayahuasca, and do it from a clear, positive, non-fear environment. Preferably alone or with one very good friend. Not groups!
P.S I skipped some stuff, cause it’s embarassing and this story is long enough already. Bye!
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2023.02.03 04:07 TheLinkIsLegitimate 22M - Here to make you laugh or if you just want to rant

Heyo, I'm Ash, 22 and I'm pretty bored so want to meet some new people. I'd like to think I can carry a conversation if you're not feeling it but want to talk to someone, or if you just need someone to rant to. I can also offer some life advice, but I wouldn't recommend it.
I watch sitcoms, listen to all kinds of music and play some light video games. I'm a cat person so if you have cats, please do send some photos over and tell them I said what's up
I'm a huge chef myself, cooking is my main hobby so if you have any interesting recipes to share, do send them my way
Looking forward to hearing from you!
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2023.02.03 04:02 Wondering_Hard Welcome to Young Pop Renegades!

This is a community to talk about the Young Pop Renegades! They are a group of (currently) eleven guys that make music together. If you haven't heard of all of them, they include: Matthew Parker, Ben Lawrence, Chris Howland, Matias Ruiz, Sajan Nauriyal, Jacob Stanifer, JSteph, Sam Bowman, Neon Feather, Xander Sallows, and Nitro X. They have done several collaborations with each other, plus a full album "Young Pop Renegades 2021: Organs", the most recent collaboration has been between Matthew Parker and Jacob Stanifer with the single "Birds Eye View" premiered tonight on YouTube and will be released at midnight tonight.
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2023.02.03 03:53 redatola doubleTwist Android and Windows from iTunes playlists, but OpenCandy PUP stuff

So I have a large music collection, MP3 and FLAC, though I'm OK falling back on my MP3 collection for my Android phone, but because I use Apple devices, I've found in previous years that it was most efficient to create my playlists in iTunes for Windows, then sync to my Android phone with doubleTwist.
I haven't used it in a while though, due to having to reinstall Windows and getting an OpenCandy PUP warning from Windows 10 Defender... however, now that I've upgraded Android phones, and done a clean install, I want to add my music playlists again. doubleTwist currently still looks like the easiest way, but I'm unclear on why it gets an OpenCandy warning, and why doubleTwist is still apparently relying on OpenCandy with its Windows installer:
I think I may be able to skip OpenCandy installation, but really, doubleTwist doesn't need to rely on this anymore for money as they've already got a premium Android app for $7.99 right now. I'd be OK even paying for only particular features or a subscription through the Google Play Store (they make it easy now) to avoid concerns about adware/malware/etc.
Can anyone explain their recent experience with all of this? Or at least any comparable alternatives to doubleTwist with Android and iTunes on Windows?
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2023.02.03 03:45 WhoreableBitch Tenor Saxophone case help

I have owned a Yamaha tenor saxophone for probably eight years now. It plays beautifully and I've still got the stock case that came with it.
However, I have noticed that the fabric on the case is getting pulled at the seams and the back straps are becoming unreliable. It's also kinda clunky as a sax case in general.
This is the case :

The reason why I like it:
  1. Can hold charts and sheets of music and reeds in the front pouch.
  2. Can store a whole-ass Hercules saxophone stand in the inner storage compartment.
  3. Is sturdy af, to the point where I genuinely don't care where it goes in a packed van to a gig.
Reasons why I think I want an upgrade
  1. It's too bulky... it's kinda cumbersome to fit it in a packed car to a gig.
  2. I've been told it gives off "high school student" vibes.
  3. The straps are just getting old and unreliable.

I'm also afraid to move to a different sax case just in case it's not perfectly moulded to the saxophone I already have and over time my sax will get damaged in a new case. However, I kinda want some quality-of-life upgrades in terms of good comfortable straps and a case that can fit my criteria without being too bulky.
Has anyone got any good suggestions?
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