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2023.02.02 23:31 Cellifal Struggling to compare two jobs apples to apples

About six months ago, I left my full-time role at a company because I had a recruiter reach out to me and offer ~4x more money for a consulting role (~$31 / hr -> ~$120 / hr).
I've now been doing the job for about six months, and honestly the money is the only good thing about it. It's essentially an IT role that requires me to travel about 3 hours away to be on-site 3 days a week, the work isn't interesting, and it feels like I've actually taken a step down in responsibilities. As a consultant through a recruiting firm, I don't get PTO, a bonus, I can't contribute to a 401k, no stock options, etc - typical contractor arrangement, trading salary for benefits.
I'm currently sharing an apartment with a cousin near the site so I have a place to stay when I come out every week - he finishes grad school in around 6 months, so I'm considering leaving this job at that point rather than either paying for an apartment on my own or living with a random roommate, and I have a handful of people from my old company offering me jobs. The trouble I'm having is with comparing the two roles apples to apples to figure out how much I would need to get paid at the new job to "break even." This is what I've come up with so far (all numbers are monthly, salaries are gross rather than net):
Full-Time Role Consulting Role
Salary $9200 $16,666
Rent 0 -1600
Food 0 -400
Commuting Cost 0 -400
Health Insurance -100 -300
401k 500 0
Bonus 700 0
PTO 1200 0
Stock Options/Grants 150 0
Driving Time 0 -2000
Monthly Total $11,650 $11,966
Some notes here:
Would love to hear if anyone thinks I did this differently from how I should have or overlooked something, but it seems like $110k is about the break-even point on the full-time role. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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2023.02.02 23:29 Common-Conclusion-59 Walmart new pin pads/Samsung Pay

I want to rant about Walmart's policy against paying by phone. For the past few years, My Walmart stopped accepting Samsugpay. They offered Walmrtpay but its not help. I had to subscribe to WalmartPLUS in order to use the scan-and-go option because Walmart Pay only works at a few registers at my Walmart, and you have to guess which ones accept it because if it doesn't have a QR code on it, then that register won't take Walmart Pay (learned this the hard way when I was holiday shopping and had to transfer my order to another register since the one I was checking out on didn't have a QR code and I waited forever because of the lines).
But, last week I went to my Walmart, and they had new card readers on Self-check. I decided to try my luck and pay with SamsungPay. It didn't work on the first 2 tries, it kept saying, please use a different form of payment. Then a manager noticed me trying and came up to me to tell me they don't accept any phone pay. I told him I just wanted to try it since it looked like you guys changed your pin pads. He told me other people have tried Apple pay and Google Pay with the new pin pad but it didn't work for them. Well, I didn't listen to him, and I decided to tap my phone a third time while he stood there, and Viola! It worked! He was very surprised. I got my receipt, and he asked if he could look at it. He said, "I know you paid (he literally was standing right next to me when it was approved) but" I just want to see what it says on the receipt because we have never accepted phone pay here before". I said ok, and I think he took a picture of the receipt. I thought it was a little weird, but he then gave it back, told me to have a good day, and that was that.
Well, this week I returned to Walmart, and I tried using SamsungPay again, and it just wouldn't work! I tried it about 6 times, and it kept saying something like "invalid payment method". An employee saw me trying and asked if she could help me with anything, I said no, and my friend paid with her card. It was very upsetting because it finally worked for me last week. I don't know why this happened, but part of me wants to blame the manager; I feel like he could have done something or told someone to disable the option to pay with SamsungPay. But then again, why would he care? I just might have to start carrying actual physical cards around lol, but who am I kidding I won't! I will give it another try next time I go to Walmart, and maybe I will try using different registers.
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2023.02.02 23:21 askmeboutmycats Thanks for dashing! …. SIKE!!! Wtf?! Anyone else have this issue with promo codes?

Thanks for dashing! …. SIKE!!! Wtf?! Anyone else have this issue with promo codes? submitted by askmeboutmycats to doordash [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 23:15 jipseaWitch Has anyone else had this issue? Afterpay is not available. I’m in California. My phone is updated and so is the app.

Has anyone else had this issue? Afterpay is not available. I’m in California. My phone is updated and so is the app. submitted by jipseaWitch to SHEIN_ [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 23:14 FrenchBelgianFries Macbook air 13' fan turn for 10s and bootloop with no display (even with light trough the apple logo) when charger unplugged (not on with charger too)

So this is it :
My father gave me his macbook air 2017 13 inches and when I power it on, the fan starts spinning, the cpu heats, but after 10s the fan stops and restarts 5 seconds later (a 15s loop). No chime, no display, nothing... The LED on the SSD flashes once every fan start.
The weird part starts when I plug the charger in : The fan starts spinning for 10s, stops 5 seconds, restarts 10s, stops again and THEN it restarts and does not stop back again.
It runs for HOURS like that , with SSD and CPU heating up like they should (not too much) and STILL no display, no chime, no backlight nor picture ( if you shine light through the lighting up apple logo behind the screen you can see a portion of the display like if it was backlit).
The battery can be fully charged. I tried and succeeded no problem. The LED on the charger says that it's full.
My father said that he modified the Magsafe 2 adapter to fit magsafe 1 and in fact they fit great. I hope that didn't damage something. He said that it was not a problem because there are magsafe to magsafe 2 adapters. Same power and same voltages he said... Is it true? He never tried it but I tried when he gave me because I didn't have Magsafe II at home and he threw the old away because it was broken (reason why he stopped using the bacbook air). He did this preventive if he lost his charger in a plane.
I have tried a lot of things like resetting the PRam, NVRam and other things like unplugging the charger when the fan spins continuously (it still spins for hours unplugged but nothing on display) or booting without SSD or wifi/airport card (no difference)
Reddit is full of great helping people. I hope I can find one who can help me, or he find me
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2023.02.02 23:01 NIKOLAPAVIC S.H.I.E.L.D Agents cards seem pretty weak

By that i mean:
I have tried making a deck revolving around Quinjet and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but it seams to be really subpar no matter what i do to it.
The deck does involve cards like the Collector, Cable and White Queen. But still it falls short cause it doesn't have any game winning combo, all you are trying to do is out value the opponent. But the problem here is that a well placed combo of lets say just 4 cards, massively outperforms anything you can do with the random cards you get.
The discount from Quinjet just doesn't feel all that strong, feels like Zabu is just straight up superior, and most importantly consistent.
Suggestion: having the Quinjet have maybe a -2 decrease on created cards, and making it a 2 cost, might help the deck archetype, or maybe giving the cards or Quinjet, the effect of "generated cards have +1 power", then you at least have some benefit of generating random cards, instead of just making a consistent deck.
The more i try to improve the deck and change the cards, the more i stray from the specific archetype that the S.H.I.E.L.D Agent cards represent, so maybe it can be made into a average deck... by just adding straight up better cards instead of the agents, which kind of defeats the point.
Note: i currently do not have Agent Coulson and Helicarrier, so i cant tell if they are any better, but judging by the rest of their cards... they cant be all that better.
Here is one of the variations of the deck. Maybe I'm just really bad with deckbuilding, but I'm leaning more on the feeling that the archetype is just really bad, and that they are more of a flavor cards than anything.
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2023.02.02 23:00 MercurialMermaid Rosemary Questions

I have some questions about the new season mode on Android.
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2023.02.02 22:50 ComplaintSharp7622 Utopia p2p for private messaging, encrypted E-mail, and website hosting with high levels of privacy and security

Utopia p2p for private messaging, encrypted E-mail, and website hosting with high levels of privacy and security
Utopia is a secure, decentralized ecosystem that utilizes unique peer-to-peer network architecture. There is no central server involved, meaning that there is no single point of failure that, if it failed, would stop the entire system from functioning. Your messages and files will never be stored on third-party servers. A truly decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem with no point of failure.
Send and receive instant text and voice messages. All communication is secure and protected by Curve25519 high-speed elliptic curve cryptography while local storage is encrypted by 256-bit AES. Big Brother is no longer watching you!
Financial functionality can be found in Utopia's built-in uWallet. Make and accept payments denominated in Utopia's own cryptocurrency called Crypton, accept payments at your website, pay by Crypto Cards without revealing your Public Key or bill fellow Utopia users for your services. All of this while remaining anonymous.
Utopia rewards users that support the ecosystem through Mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run mining bot you will receive your share of a collective reward. Mining does not slow your computer down and is environmentally friendly. You may also run a number of bots at several servers or computers to multiply the Crypton mining speed.
The Utopia P2P Network is a true peer-to-peer network where each user participates in the transmission of data. Anonymously surf the Utopia ecosystem using the built-in Idyll browser. Make your website available within the Utopia network to protect your privacy and reach the ecosystem's user base. Tunnel data between the user who owns a uNS name and any other network user, this allows websites to be hosted inside Utopia.
Some of Utopia’s key benefits:
  1. No network congestion by design through P2P infrastructure.
  2. No KYC or transaction limits within the ecosystem.
  3. High liquidity and internal exchange for fast transfers in/out of the ecosystem.
  4. Crypto cards for simpler payments and invoicing.
  5. Voucher code generation and redemption enable offline and paper money transfers.
  6. Desktop GUI and console software, built-in API and tools for merchants.
Other Utopia ecosystem components include a decentralized form of DNS (domain registry), multiplayer games, Tor alternative secure network, and Idyll browser created to surf deep sites hosted inside Utopia ecosystem. Utopia USD (UUSD) stablecoin and Crypton are built upon Utopia’s serverless, peer-to-peer blockсhain, which currently powers an all-in-one kit for secure instant messaging, encrypted email, voice communication and private web browsing.
Utopia’s desktop application is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux in 29 languages. The ecosystem has been developed by a group of networking technology enthusiasts. To eliminate any impact on the project, developers of Utopia will forever remain anonymous.
Utopia’s blockchain is based on Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Resources algorithms. Nodes are located around the globe and participate in packet routing and validation receiving a reward every 15 minutes (block generation time) by providing internet connectivity, RAM, and CPU resources. Each ecosystem user’s privacy is protected by utilizing a dynamic multi-link routing engine with MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack protection. Curve25519, XSalsa20 and Poly1305 algorithms are used to encrypt, sign and authenticate packets, objects, and connections between peers.
The high speed of transaction processing (less than 1 second) combined with outstanding privacy, anonymity, and security provides the ecosystem with bullet-proof financial transaction capabilities. Add Interest payments, Crypto Cards, Merchant Invoices, and uVouchers to this and you get the most advanced decentralized payment system.
Official Utopia website:
Download Utopia:
Crypton Exchange:
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2023.02.02 22:45 -PVL93- As a GLB main, temporarily starting a new account on JP is actually kind of a fun experience

Obviously you get the benefit of rerolling as many times as you like compared to someone who'd just download Dokkan and start playing proper, being a veteran player and all, but there's a certain "magic" to the process
You get to relive the dark days of an empty box, you're climbing through the ranks to unlock all the features, you're completing the Quest mode all over again, you do the Shenron wishes (RIP to this feature), hell you even see practically all of your units in SSR-UR state for a long time since no medals are available right off the bat and the weaker teams means grinding away at the Dokkan Events is also initially taking much longer
Granted with Dokkan now being 8 years old there's a SHITTON of content available from day one and I could easily see this being rather overwhelming, plus you can't deny that this game takes a while to really get rolling in terms of progression (mostly due to stuff like specific unit/category restrictions for higher end events), but still: lotsa content = lotsa stones to throw, and there's almost no better time to spend those precious DS like during the anniversary celebration
It's also a neat way to fill in the dead air during the slower celebrations like what's going to be happening for the next couple of months here, and it's a chance to play around with the newest anni headliners while you wait for the 8th Anni debut on GLB in July
I'll probably uninstall in about a week once I'm satisfied with the account (plus it's another 8 gigs of data to store on my device), but it is cool to observe what would be the New Dokkan Player Experience in 2023.
Definitely wouldn't do this on GLB however, I'm not willing to just reset all the sweat and tears spent over the years to complete all those damn missions and stages like Red Zone, ESBR, the nuking etc, not to mention every single bonus that a longterm player could have such as the wallpapers, more box space, exclusive special cards, gifts, and clearing out certain Baba Shop currencies
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2023.02.02 22:40 ShonanShinjukuSen Is speaking to a manager not a thing in Japan?

Okay before everyone calls me a Karen let me explain the situation.
I bought an iPhone at the Apple Store a while back. I paid for it in full by card. It was therefore unlocked and I could take it to any cell phone service provider I want right? Well I found a provider and used them for a while before I decided I wanted to switch.
I get set up with my new provider, but they are all like arara, your phone is still locked to your old provider. You need to resolve this before we can get you set up.
Thus began my seven hour circle of doom.
I call the old provider to explain. Hey I need you to unlock my phone so that I can sign up with my new carrier. I didn’t even buy the phone from you and have paid off any statements so there should be no problem.
They tell me they haven’t locked my phone and that Apple has so I need to call Apple to resolve this issue. I call Apple and they say that no such locking ability exists on their end because they don’t have the power to lock or unlock carrier settings so I need to go back to old provider. I go back to old provider and they tell me the same thing. I go back to Apple and they tell me the same thing. I do this like three or four more times. Apple has escalated my case each time I’ve called and passed it on to a more senior technical support officer to ensure they haven’t messed up. I notice that old provider does not do this. I always get whoever picks up the phone first and it ends with them.
So I ask. Hey can I speak to your manager? The guy seems shocked that I would ask this and says no. I told him he wasn’t helping me and I’ve talked to a handful of other people about this and I can’t keep going in a circle so please I’m begging you to pass this conversation up the chain. He shuts off completely and will no longer say anything except for the same scripted line of sorry we cannot help you this is not our issue. I asked him if I could drop this issue and instead file a complaint with the company. He again seems shocked that I would even ask this and says there’s nobody for me to speak to.
The story pretty much ends there but in case anybody is wondering after a couple more calls and speaking to more reps there, it was indeed old provider who had locked my phone and they unlocked it for me so that I could start with my new provider.
But anyways my question is — do they not do the speak to a manager thing in Japan?? Honestly power move on his part. Once he said no I was kinda so surprised by it that I didn’t know what to say next. I didn’t know what to do LMAO. But I feel like this is a fairly universal concept.
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2023.02.02 22:15 New-Combination895 I-485 Approved!

Family based I-485 we don’t have a lawyer, I filled out the forms, we sent hundreds of pictures, no medical until RFE was sent. No interview. My husband came over on a B1/2 visa and overstayed for 4 years before we met.
February 1, 2023 Case Was Approved
January 31, 2023 We ordered your new card.
June 15, 2021 We are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, for an interview.
June 14, 2021 The fingerprints relating to your Form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, were taken.
February 23, 2021 We accepted the fingerprint fee for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Our National Benefits Center location is working on your case.
Medical RFE was sent out early November, we responded December 16. Forgot to include a copy of the RFE document in the package with the medical exam.
EAD and travel document were approved October 6, 2021
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2023.02.02 22:07 adogcalledstray Despite the messaging for inclusivity, ending racism, and all sorts of DEI and sensitivity training becoming more and more mainstream, it has not lived up to its promise of giving me (a POC) more of a voice in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter. In some ways it has made it worse.

I am a POC. Male. Straight. First generation Canadian, having moved here as an adolescent 26 years ago.
Between that time to the present day, I have personally witnessed how the messaging for inclusivity, ending racism, and all sorts of DEI and sensitivity training have become more and more mainstream. From something virtually unheard of, to something that slowly permeated the corporate world to become part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) directives, to something that's gotten more traction, more widely recognized, and is now part of daily discourse in most professional settings, inclusivity, ending racism, and all sorts of racial sensitivity issues are now out there, so to speak.
Yet despite all these changes, I do not feel as though I have any more voice than before. In some ways, I have less. Much less. Here are some of my reasons why
The messaging for anti racism is now in the hands of people and organizations who wouldn't have touched it before it had gotten mainstream. This may sound like gatekeeping in my part - "I was anti-racist before it was cool" - but I have serious trust issues due to experiences I have had regarding some people and certain organizations doing a complete about face regarding the matter of anti-racism. My experiences could fill a book, but one stands out the most in my TV and entertainment career which, at some point, has involved newsreporting.
Years ago, I once pitched a story of a woman candidate who wore a religious head covering and whose election campaign posters had been defaced with the label of "terrorist". The associate producers I pitched this to were two white women. I thought this was an easy "in", y'know? Woman candidate. Women producers. Issue about racism, dignity, and respect. Plus, I really truly believed this was an unfair treatment that needed to be reported on. Angle: Racism is still alive and well, even in these modern times. Besides interviewing said religious minority woman candidate, I had planned to interview rival candidates (because it was guaranteed they'd say something about how racism has no place in modern society, let alone elections). Also lined up were religious leaders, anti racist organizations, the incumbent who wasn't running again, vox pops... basically, this was a complete story I had outlined and planned. All that was needed was that it get greenlit.
Except it didn't. To my shock this was in fact labeled by the white women producers as a non story. I was pretty much accused of pulling the race card and making something out of nothing. "Bla bla bla.. shut the fuck up stray" was pretty much what I heard. I do not now remember how I handled it, but I guess I managed to move on. Details are hazy because the rest of the news meeting likely had me fuming.
A day or two later, someone else pitched the same story (I guess they were elsewhere when i was doing the pitching) and I just about witnessed the biggest about-face from the same white women producers who had rejected my pitch earlier. "Oh wow yea, this is now an important story that needs attention, thank you woman reporter, who is also white". I called them out on it, but only got the weakest, lamest squirming apology ever that they should have known better.
Well, NOW they knew better, thanks to other newsrooms taking on the story, other white people saying the same thing I did, ...and so on and so forth. It's funny: I have many other anecdotes of individuals and organizations doing an about-face, but they at least took some time to do a 180. There's a plausible excuse of "it's not the messenger; we just weren't ready for the message".
This one, on the other hand, with the incidents merely separated only by a day or so, was the clearest reminder to me that it is about the messenger. That there are those out there who don't really give a fuck about carrying the anti-racism banner if it weren't so cool and hip nowadays to do so. These are the types who, by themselves, wouldn't have arrived at the conclusion that everyone deserves dignity and respect. They first need it to be popular and repeated by many of their contemporaries. They need it to be brought up by a fellow white - A fellow white woman at that. Otherwise, it's "shut the fuck up, you're pulling the race card!"
The messaging for inclusivity is now in the hands of people who think this is a zero sum game. These are the types who, because they have spared effort on being kind and respectful towards certain groups they were told in DEI training to be kind and respectful towards, that there must necessarily be other types they need to antagonize and disrespect. It's almost like their tank of kindness so very easily runs dry that, immediately they're running on asshole fumes as soon as they're not facing the people they've been taught 'to protect'.
Look, I don't begrudge anyone for playing favourites, because I probably do it too. There certainly are people I like, and people I don't like. However, I am conscious about whether my disdain or favouritism is based on the character of people I interact with, or whether it is guided by my own personal prejudices.
It too is interesting that I use the words 'to protect', almost alluding to the white supremacist discourse of how political correctness has created a society that selectively favours protected groups, creating safe spaces for them, and in turn disenfranchises whites. "More deserving whites" according to white hegemony.
Unfortunately, the types who think all of this as a zero sum game certainly end up playing into this white supremacist narrative that white people are now the victimized ones. The surprising part is that - by my experiences - the people who think this way (that inclusivity is a zero sum game) overwhelmingly tend to be straight white men and women. It's almost like they're trying to make up for something (see #1). I've witnessed managers, school instructors, and the like in other positions of authority outright spell out their personal policy that pretty much reads as fuck the straight white man. I've seen it in practice too; That sudden switch. That sudden turn. That transformation from all smiles and accommodation and kindness when facing their favoured groups, to "Ugh! This white guy."
To me this is so disappointing because, to start with, it is insultingly simplistic and does not realize my true gripe: I, as a POC, do not begrudge white people; I, as a POC, hate white supremacy. Inclusivity to the underprivileged shouldn't be about vengeance or cruelty to those who have traditionally been privileged.
Besides, from a personal self interest perspective, its not like I necessarily always benefit from this kind of skewed philosophy. Some of these types have narrowed down their protected groups to the point that I, a POC, am excluded simply because I am straight, and I am a man. As I've gotten older, I've shed enough social anxiety to the point that I can now act like I belong here. I guess I am not in the demographic a white knight feels is worth rescuing.
At least not anymore.
There certainly was a time when I was worth protecting - according to the weird rules of this game I am only coming to understand now. There was a time when I was very young and new to Canada.
However, that sudden turn, that lightswitch, is what still gets me to this day. It's almost as though as a straight, male POC, I'm not allowed to have too much say, to have too much influence, to have too much self belief - or else these white knight types would just group me with the straight white men they so despise.
There are no in-betweens.
Am I envious? Yes. Fuck yeah. Because when I was part of the protected classes, there seemed to be a horizon where I thought I could see a future where I was past the cringeworthy coddling and I was just... mainstream, I guess?
My being in the protected group never lasted, yet I was never able to and was never going to become part of the straight white hegemonic ruling class.
If anything, I always end up taking the brunt of the heat from white fragility and straight white men who feel disenfranchised.
As a straight male POC, it's not only that I am not the beneficiary of the kindness of white knights/authority figures, it's not only that I am excluded from the protection of all this anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion having become mainstream, I am also the target of people who feel threatened by it all.
None of the benefits. All of the blowback.
It would be one thing if all of this were a simple case of anti-racism and the mainstream treatment of DEI, simply overlooking the straight male POC demographic. However, I have been noticing that allyship is now in the hands of white knights and authority figures being manipulated into further serving white supremacy, instead of dismantling it.
If that cliche of having a black friend is a common trope amongst white progressives, having a white ally is also a thing for POC. This is especially true for POC populations stemming from the colonized world, POC populations with a healthy dose of inferiority complex, and of having colonial mentality, for whom everything is cooler and awesomer if it comes from the west. I know this because I come from a place that produces this kind of POC. For these types, nothing is more validating than the approval and friendship of white people.
Normally, I view any form of communication, cooperation, collaboration, friendship, and perhaps even fraternization between cultures in a positive light. Sooner or later it'll be a tool for learning about each other, right? Growing pains there may be, but who cares?
Well, I kind of do, mostly because right now, by my observations and experiences, quite an amount of POC are using white knights and authority figures to hitch a ride so that they may gain acceptance in the greater white social sphere. Mostly, I blame white supremacy in that its lingering after effects has POC wanting in on that whole scheme. Whiteness is something to aspire towards. Because the end goal is to simply find an "in" on a white majority culture, the whole interaction is based on regressive end goals (as opposed to being progressive).
To start with, the whole hierarchy these types of POC have constructed in their heads still follows the colonial playbook: Whites are up top, and "if I play my cards right, I can be one of the favoured ones - 2nd tier. Everyone else can be below." The key is to be as kiss-assy and suck-uppish to whites as much as possible. Might even throw their own kind under the bus just to get ahead. Injustices being carried against their own kind? That's ok, "I'm different" they'll say. "I'm not like that. I am a law abiding, pro establishment POC ally to you, kind sir!". "If only they cooperated with the police, they wouldn't have been killed."
And what do the white knights and authority figures get in return? A black friend. An Asian friend. A brown friend... etc. Which then gives them the ability so say, "What? Me? Racist? NO way! Have you seen my POC friend?"
It's a very mutually beneficial relationship, that's why it still happens to this day.
Representation as another buzzword has been gaining a lot of traction, but the messaging for representation is being handled by people who have no idea what representation truly means. Or at the very least, has a very shallow, surface level, and limited understanding of it all.
Let me take you through a journey of what I went through, from the late 90's to today.
Around 26 years ago, I was but a handful few of my kind in junior high. No matter. I took that as a challenge to adapt and absorb the dominant Canadian culture as much as I can. And I did this without any real malice towards my kind. Unlike the types described in the previous point, my intentions had no underpinnings of colonial mentality. I wasn't trying to pursue whiteness per se. I was just studying how to be hyphenated Canadian.
At least that's what I recall now. I concede that I may now be viewing my past self a little too flatteringly. Was I really that progressive as a kid?
Perhaps not. But nevertheless, I have confidence in saying that class had a lot to do with it. No sense dancing around it or denying it: I probably came from an ever so slightly more privileged background than the average foreign newcomer from abroad at that school during that time. So I had no shame or embarrassment for what I was. Save for some level of baseline social anxiety, I didn't feel intimidated by the dominant white culture. As well, I had been exposed to English as a language of instruction ever since I was a kid, I had already been consuming western (white) culture well before my family had made the decision to move to Canada. In fact, that's pretty much what I was raised on.
Anyway, being that I was the newcomer, they were all quite surprised about my English language abilities and knowledge of Western pop culture. I kind of threw a curve ball, far and away from their expectations. This was very weird for me, because I am not unique in the sense that my type was rare. Nope! Not at all. It just so happened that this Jr. High had a very small sample of my kind to draw legitimate conclusions from.
Beyond that, there was the case of my apparently passing for something else.
For the first few weeks, the principal and teachers kept on having me shadow kids they picked out as good candidates from whom i could learn a lot from. And learn I did. I'd like to think that I got along with most everyone. Learned the ways of Canadian Jr. High life. Learned the social mores of being an adolescent in Canada. etc.
After the end of what was deemed an appropriate adjustment period for me, I became aware that the kids they used as ambassadors weren't picked at random. They were all keeners, to use a Canadian slang - so that was good. But they also all could have passed for my kind. Or to put it another way: I could have passed for their kind. Except, that was all the similarities we had.
The teachers and the principal were well meaning, but hilariously far off the mark. Me and the ambassadors were from the same continent, but not at all the same ethnic group as me. Different culture. Different native languages, etc.. This was their idea of representation: "Y'all look the same to me. Let's put the two of yous together".
Time would pass and I found myself in Senior High school, University, tech school.... it would follow the same basic script when it comes to those in positions of authority trying to make representation happen. The difference being that because these are bigger institutions, I could find more and more of my kind the more schooling I did. However, it basically still boiled down to how truly representative of me are others of my kind, and vice versa?
At the surface level? Sure. No contest. Same basic ancestral and cultural history, right? Maybe some shared mannerisms. Cultural touchstones. But then you get to the categories of class and social status in the old country - it's quite a socially stratified place, so depending on where you were in the hierarchy when you left, your experiences could be completely different. Time/Year of departure from the old country and arrival in Canada matters a lot as well, considering the old country is rapidly developing, leaving it in the late 90's is also drastically different from leaving it in the early 2000's. Canada had also been rapidly evolving its reception towards immigrants. Arriving here in the 90's is a completely different experience than arriving here in the 2000's.
etc etc...
In Gist: There are so many possible points of differentiation and demarcation.
It's funny because Canadian society loves to harp on its diversity, yet fails to acknowledge the diversity of other cultures. There's a certain you people categorization happening with visible minorities here - a certain assumption that everyone else who isn't Canadian is monolithic and monocultural. It's like Star Trek Original Series rules: One Planet (in this case: One country of origin), one Culture.
The bottomline: I would feel incredibly uncomfortable if I were made to be the poster boy for representing my kind here in Canada. We are too many and too diverse at this point that I simply wouldn't do it justice. Yet there always seems to be this hand wavey dismissiveness coming from corporate entities, organizations, and specific people in positions of power who have been either tasked or have taken it upon themselves to find someone of my kind to represent us in their institution. "Find one who looks the part. They're all the same" presumably goes the hiring brief.
And again, it's not lost on me that this is kind of arriving towards the same white supremacist protestations against the diversity hire. It looks that way at first glance, but that's not what I'm getting at. It sucks, because I for one actually believe in representation. I just hate how it is being utterly mishandled by so many at this point.
Because anti-racism, representation, inclusion, equality, diversity, and all the rest which fall in this category are now mainstream, it is now in the hands of so many people and organizations - people and organizations who have never handled it before. Normally a good thing - for something to be transformative, a lot of people have to be in on it.
Nevertheless, I can't help but gatekeep a bit: All of this is now in the hands of people who aren't doing it justice. Who are only doing it because it's the hip and cool thing to do nowadays. Or that it's now a way to get vengeance. Or are being used to bolster and build up an outsider's acceptance in mainstream white culture using old timey colonial power dynamics. Or to put forth a public image that is supposed to reflect Canadian society's ethnic makeup (yet failing at it terribly).
It used to be that before all these were mainstream, protecting and arming myself was a simple of matter of identifying who had malicious intent and who didn't. And of those who meant genuine harm, you could then further group them into overt, subtle, or closet racists. Nowadays I'm not always sure whether its good intentions gone awry or progressive ideals purposefully mishandled and sabotaged.
Don't get me wrong. I don't want to go back to old timey racism. But there certainly was simplicity in dealing with the whole subject before it was mainstream.
Presently, equity has been weaponized against me. Inclusivity has been used to exclude me. I have no voice in the anti racism discourse. I have trouble seeing allyship as anything beneficial anymore. And everyone they've trotted out as supposed to represent me, i cannot find much anything in common with culturally and experientially.
As a result of all this, I haven't received what felt like the empowerment and voice that I had been promised regarding the popularization of the anti racist ideas and concepts. This was all supposed to make things better, but it seems to be veering to some kind of sick and twisted territory. Worst of all, I'm not allowed to complain about it. Because this is aaaaallll for me. I should just be thankful me and my kind are being accommodated at all. "Can't you see how much we've done for you?!" I should just shut up and move on and count all the blessings I've been given...
Edit to add:
I think what makes this all the more difficult to rant about, is how this whole sentiment can easily be hijacked by white supremacy to dismantle anti-racism, inclusivity, equity, and diversity initiatives. "Look! POC themselves hate it!"
It's not that I hate it. I just don't like who's handling it right now and where it's headed. There has to be a better way.
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2023.02.02 22:04 Acrobatic-You-3279 Sapphire Reserve Downgrade

Hello! Credit card noob here. I have had a Chase Sapphire Reserve for over 4 years now and have over 200K points.
For me, the benefits of this card do not justify the $550 annual fee anymore.
I would like to stay with Chase, keep my points, but not have to pay this fee (and ideally any fee). In addition, I would also like to keep things super simple: just one downgrade.
One important caveat is that I currently have no income due to starting my own business (I have a lot of savings, however). I presume they would ask me about this? Can I even downgrade with this caveat?
Is there a card for me? Thank you!
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2023.02.02 22:01 uuhhhhhhhhcool Concerns over Concerns over estranged parent possibly using adult child's identity?

Hi, this is not about me but my (informally) adopted sistefriend who came to live with my family after her abusive mom kicked her out at 17. It's been like 9-10 years now and she's applying for a new job that brought up something strange on her background check--ties to a small town across the country that she's never even visited but her mom moved to a few years ago. I guess it just tied her to an apartment address that her mom and adult sister were asked to leave from (she got that info after calling the apartment management, but they confirmed her name was not on the lease). Apparently after asking she was told that anything that tied her name out there could be the cause (loans, utilities, claims) but they didn't have any specifics. Her mom refused to give her her social security card or birth certificate when she turned 18 so she definitely still has copies of everything, but my friend has never noticed any weird marks on her credit report and her mom's MO was typically more manipulation with some government fraud (she has been unemployed AFAIK for like at least 15 years and living off benefits, child support until my friend turned 18, occasional temp work, and stealing from/manipulating her children--she moved across the country on her other daughter's dime to live with her after being diagnosed with cancer), rather than more explicitly/seriously illegal things like CC fraud.
We're just brainstorming trying to figure out what could be the cause and if she should be concerned enough to look more closely. She's called around a bit to check if her info was connected to things like EBT or on the lease for the apartment but so far hasn't gotten any solid info. Her sister is a smart and relatively normal/nice enough person, approximately 30 y/o and married with no kids, had poor experiences with the mother also but she was the clear favorite in their household and didn't see 95% of the abuse because it really went downhill after she went away to college and my friend was left alone with their mother. They went NC a few years ago because she took their mom's side and did not believe how bad it got after she left, and had no interest in repairing the relationship. There's no good way to contact her to figure out what might have happened, and even if we found a way that she would respond to, their mother was always highly skilled at hiding the more....improper things from her, as she never looked too closely or asked too many questions. Is there anything you would do to follow up that we haven't? Asking for her because she doesn't have a reddit.
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2023.02.02 21:51 MenSanitas It is time to go natural - Avoid Premature Ejaculation.

It is time to go natural - Avoid Premature Ejaculation. submitted by MenSanitas to u/MenSanitas [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 21:48 Irreversible_Tide Whale Guide To The Most Disgusting "Wallet-Warrior" Galactus Deck

Whale Guide To The Most Disgusting
Hello, fellow whales.
Do you have too much money and/or free time to spend playing this game? Do you find that despite throwing your kid's college fund into advancing your collection and copping sweet variants, you still have trouble on ladder? Well I have the deck for YOU.
I've climbed from rank 50 to rank 75 over the past week playing this, and it's working really well especially with the featured location.
Here's the breakdown:
Yondu: Excellent 1-drop. Provides tempo T1, and advances two goals: feeding our Knull, and plumbing for information about our opponent's deck. Snipe a Leech or Leader? Great, plan on filling Yondu's lane and leave 2 lanes open for Galactus to avoid Aero. Hit a Deathlok? Now you know to watch out for T6 Death and avoid snapping unless you have Knull in hand after dropping Galactus. Even just sniping a Chavez advances Knull to a great degree, and allows your opponent to falsely gain confidence with their thinned deck. The great thing about 12-card decks in SNAP is that a number of cards are distinctive and can clearly point to an archetype, so use this to your advantage.
Titania: Excellent T1 drop, especially followed by Adam Warlock (80% of the time, an opponent will jump at the opportunity T2 to stuff that lane and snag her, then Adam swings her back and draws down your deck.) It's important to remember that she should only be played on the lane you DON'T plan on dropping Galactus, as his ability is cancelled out by her's whether or not she is on your side when big G drops. Post-Galactus, she can be played alongside Knull if you've electro'd beforehand, and can lead to some great tactical decisions if your opponent is short on space. (I.E.: they have 2 cards facing your Galactus going into T6. If you drop Titania last, there's no possible scenario she ends up on your opponent's side if you play Knull+Titania.) All in all, even when she's on your opponent's side early game you don't really care, because it will A) force them to contest and add power to that lane, which we will later destroy and B) be giving opponents false confidence when you just want her 5 power feeding your Knull later on.
Adam Warlock: Absolutely clutch, but is usually the biggest tell to our opponent that we're playing a Galactus list. Because of this, if I already have Galactus in hand by T2 and Knull, or Galactus + a ramp card, I generally won't put him on board to avoid spoiling the surprise. Because our other early drops have such high power, though, snagging an extra draw alongside Lizard, Cloak, Titania, or an about-to-be-dead Attuma is very common and will really help you draw to Galactus by T5. I always plan on placing him in my ramp lane, and will generally contest one lane for as long as possible to avoid showing which of the other 2 lanes I want to play Galactus.
Psylocke/Electro/Wave: The ramp that allows us to drop Galactus on T5! Having all 3 makes it almost certain that when you have Galactus in hand you'll have the energy to play him. When choosing between multiple options, T3 or T4 Electro is usually ideal if you haven't played your other 1-drops, as this will allow you to have 7 energy to play both Knull and a 1-drop on T6. [It's important to note that Wave doesn't work as well with the featured location, as Galactus needs to actually cost 6 energy to be dropped on Plunder Castle.] If you have Psylocke, Electro and Attuma in hand T2, then T2 Psylocke>T3 Attuma>T4 Electro is a great line, as well. Generally, if I have Wave + Galactus in hand on T3, I will almost never do T3 Wave into T4 Galactus. This lowers our ability to pump up Knull, discount Death, and greatly widens our opponent's ability to counterplay (Spiderman, Shang, etc.)
Attuma: I know what you're thinking. WHY?! Why play a card that will usually die? I originally added him as a weak flex spot--and while I would still consider him the easiest card to sub out--(would probably do Chavez for deck thinning)--his niche uses can really come in clutch, especially when bluffing. T3 Electro> T4 Attuma will be your most common use case, but T2 Psylocke> T3 Attuma >T4 Electro/Wave happens fairly often as well. Generally when I play him in these scenarios, I will drop him in the same lane as other cards, emote "AAARRRGHH" and 9 times out of 10 you can bait a snap that you can re-snap right before dropping Galactus. This sneakily also allows us to avoid committing to a 2nd lane, and gives us more options for Galactus later on. And if you hit Knull after Galactus, his power will usually give you the edge to win even against heavier late-game decks. Another key interaction with Attuma is Adam Warlock: Even though Attuma is destroyed end-of-turn, Adam's ability will trigger first, which can help when you desperately need to draw Galactus but already have Electro on board.
Cloak/Lizard: Just excellent Energy-to-power ratio, which is what we want to both A) have priority going into turns 3 and 4, when we'll be dropping our ramp cards and don't want to get Cosmo'd, and B) power up our endgame Knull drop. Cloak has the added benefit of being able to move cards we don't want out of our Galactus lane, like squirrels or rocks. He will often get opponents to move higher-power cards into his lane to contest, which can clear a lane for you to Galactus more confidently. If I have the opportunity to drop either Adam Warlock or one of these two on T2, I usually lead with these, and will play Adam T3 to widen my options and surprise factor. This is doubly true if I can drop Adam+ a 1-drop on T3.
Knull/Death: Absolutely irreplaceable, and the key cards the rest of our deck is setting up for on T6. Knull can outright win games with certain locations (Lamentis-1, Sinister Bar), and certain matchups (Anything Destroy-focused) Because he's not as common, I will assume most people who aren't also running Galactus don't have him in their destroy deck and will snap accordingly.
Galactus: Welp, you know the plan by now. If anything, the nerf to Galactus was actually a buff, as we generally don't want priority going into T6 to avoid getting Shang-Chi'd. The Leader nerf was the final nail that made this deck so much better, as he is no longer the bogey-man he once was. With the featured location, I have also had success dropping him T6 against Zabu/Serasurf, as they generally don't run 6-drops to contest. But generally speaking, if we don't have Galactus in hand by T5 we always retreat, and even if we have ramp on 4 we'll fold to any snap without him in hand.
A final note on snapping:
When I first started playing Galactus, it was my instinct to always snap when I had him in hand early with or without ramp, as I can usually trust to draw into ramp by T4. I have found that this almost always leads to a victory-by-retreat, netting a paltry 2 cubes and moving to the next game. Because this deck often has to retreat at 1-cube due to locations/cosmo/debrii, etc, I have since revised my strategy to be a bit more manipulative.
The key to climbing with this deck is maximizing cube-gain, and generally speaking my goal is to use emotes (and the title DO NOT EMOTE) to goad my opponent into snapping before/during T5, which I will swiftly re-snap and punish with a 4-cube retreat or an 8-cube Knull Stomp after I drop Galactus. This is especially effective when "accidentally" dropping Attuma to be destroyed after dropping Electro T3. If the emotes don't work, I will reluctantly first-snap late on T4/T5 with Galactus in hand and ramp on board. If an opponent plays a T3 Zabu I won't automatically retreat/fold to a snap, but will be very careful the following turns to try and stick to 1 ramp-lane to avoid getting spider-man stuffed going into T5.
Playstyle-wise, it's almost always better to focus on stacking 1 lane early-game, to give ourselves more options for our Galactus turn, and to stack beefy power down for our Adam Warlock draws.
Best of luck, and I hope you have as much success as I have had! Happy to answer any questions, but will say in advance that there is not much room for substitutions; this is an expensive deck made carefully to maximize opponent agony :D
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2023.02.02 21:41 knockinforthesugar Received informal offer from job, didn't hear anything for a month and never received a formal offer with details about the position. Then, suddenly got an email asking to come in on Monday. LOL.

Have people lost all common sense? I received in an informal offer and agreed to go to the next steps. I then did not hear literally anything for a month. I figured they were just playing their cards and were juggling multiple candidates so I kept interviewing and applying.
Next thing I know, out of the blue I get a welcome email telling me to come in on Monday. I haven't received any formal offers from HR. No info regarding salary, benefits, handbook. Nada, literally zilch.
I also need to give my current job notice so it's not like I can just show up with less than a week's notice. Lmao I just really don't understand the chucking of social norms that seems to be going on these days. Who in their right mind would just accept a job without literally having any confirmation on the details? Talk about red flags.
Anyone been through anything similar?
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2023.02.02 21:29 worldclassmathlete The battle of the under-display cameras: Which is the best phone?

The battle of the under-display cameras: Which is the best phone?
The battle of the under-display cameras: Which is the best phone? The battle of the under-display cameras. The cameras that are completely underneath phone screens rather than just embedded in them—remain a rarity. Which, however, performs best for the few phones that feature them?Since Apple reduced the bezel on the iPhone X and added the controversial notch, under-display cameras have become the standard for selfies. This paved the way for the current trend of "punch-hole" selfie camera cut-outs that float free of the phone's bezel. Quickly working to reduce the notch to its most minor and least noticeable form, major Android makers rapidly followed suit.
A few businesses were experimenting with ways to eliminate the facing camera from the display, giving users a phone with a real full-screen experience. Pop-up cameras, concealed within the phone's body and sliding up when necessary, were born as a result.
What will you see here?Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3ZTE Axon 40 UltraXiaomi Mi Mix 4Under-display camera by OppoZTE Axon 30 5G UDCRedMagic 7 ProThe competitorsWhat is the goal of an under-display camera?What are the advantages of under-display cameras?What are the disadvantages of under-display cameras?ConclusionRead more
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
We've seen many previous Samsung phones keep the colorful photo processing approach. However, Samsung gives far more warm colors than ZTE.It's a little astonishing that Samsung is delivering this camera with a phone that starts at £1,599/US$1,799 on the market. A hexagonal array of widely spread pixels makes the camera even more noticeable than ZTE's original design.You may assume that because the camera is more prominent, Samsung has focused on photo quality in opposition to Xiaomi. However, the 4Mp sensor in use struggles from the same soft atmosphere and subpar exposure afflicting every other model of this technology currently available.
Buy now $1,089.99*(US/CA/MX)
ZTE Axon 40 Ultra
The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra, a conventional, non-folding smartphone with an under-display selfie camera, was only recently released. More versions with UDCs available in other nations and a few idea models have also been displayed. Still, for buyers in the United States and the United Kingdom, these are the two options now available.
However, the ZTE does have a significant advantage in terms of brightness because its sensor has a larger resolution. The ZTE has an additional advantage over theSamsungbecause its under-display camera allows for portrait-mode selfies.
Buy now $799.00*(US/CA/MX)
Xiaomi Mi Mix 4
Xiaomi used innovative micro-diamond pixel technology and redesigned algorithms to ensure the least amount of light refraction. The display has FHD+ resolution, a 120Hz refresh rate, and Gorilla Glass Victus protection. Even the most minor writing is legible, thanks to the 400ppi density of the region above the camera.
An equally excellent 1/1.33-inch 108MP ISOCELL HMX primary sensor with OIS makes up the rear camera system. A 5x optical zoom, 8MP periscope modules with optical stabilization, and 120mm comparable focal length are attached. The trio is completed with a 13MP ultrawide camera with free-form lenses and a claimed 1% edge distortion.Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has launched in China, but there is no update on when it will release outside.
Checkout now
Under-display camera by Oppo
Although many of these strategies are ingenious from a design perspective, they have all considered engineering compromises. Because no one wants a scratch or pinhole cut on their gorgeous phone. Still, they will accept one if they are forced to. Oppo has not yet said when we may expect to see their under-display camera technology in a customer phone.
Now that Oppo has announced that it has solved the phone pop-up selfie problem, it appears that sacrifice is about to be a different story.Opporevealed a universe look at their under-display cameras in a video released to Twitter.
However, the corporation has a history of increasing technology swiftly and bringing it to market. We may likely be able to use this technology sooner than expected. In The Battle of the Under under-display cameras, the under-display camera by Oppo is also included.
Under-display camera phone of Oppo is yet to be released.
Checkout now
ZTE Axon 30 5G UDC
A ZTE Axon 30 Ultra 5G is a good smartphone that prioritizes high-end specifications above cutting-edge features. Although the phone's cameras are a great attribute, its software might use some work, making it feel less sophisticated than the top smartphones.
A ZTE Axon 30 5G Ultra returned to a straightforward punch-hole for its camera module and chose a 6.67-inch screen, moving the design toward more commonplace smartphones. Even so, the display's 144Hz refresh rate leads the industry.
There may not be a hole-punch or notch on the panel like many full-screen options, but that doesn't mean there isn't a camera. The ZTE Axon 30 has an under-display camera, just like the Axon 20 from a year ago, but there have been major improvements.
Buy now $499.00*(US/CA/MX)
RedMagic 7 Pro
The RedMagic 7 Pro is Nubia's top gaming smartphone to date. It has the most powerful hardware an Android phone can provide and genuinely practical features like improved cooling with shoulder triggers. However, some consumers will be well off with devices such as the OnePlus 10 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max due to their lower battery life and unimpressive cameras.
Even though the Red Magic 7 had thin bezels, the 7 Pro goes even further. An outstanding screen-to-body ratio of 87.1 percent for a gaming phone enables the same enormous 6.8-inch display in a more compact package. It is substantially simpler to be used one-handed and so more portable.
The Red Magic 7 is similarly large and imposing, with flat sides, a conspicuous vent, and a cold, stark steel frame. Whether you're using it like a smartphone or a controller, it's bulky, heavy, and difficult to grasp.
Buy now $1,199.99*(US/CA/MX)
Buy now £939.00*(UK/eu)
The competitors
The Galaxy Z Fold is a $1,800 folding phone with a big inner display that also houses the company’s debut under-display camera, despite having a dismally low-res 4MP sensor. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 may soon be released with several enhancements.Since the 2020 Axon 20, ZTE has been incorporating under-display cameras into their phones. The sensor, as in the $799 Axon 40 Ultra, not only benefits from additional years of improvement but also offers a 16MP resolution, similar to many of the cameras found on the average phone.
What is the goal of an under-display camera?
Few recent phones have the under-display camera feature, which enables front cameras to capture images even when displays hide them. The first phone with the under-display was the ZTE Axon 20 5G, which was released in 2020.
What are the advantages of under-display cameras?
A phone with an under-display camera has a few benefits. One of the advantages of having a full screen to appreciate movies and games is that there won’t be any cameras or notch blocking the view. Additionally, a pop-up selfie camera won’t have any extra thickness or weight, which has a history of malfunctioning due to normal wear and tear. However, there is A battle of the under-display cameras going between various phones.
What are the disadvantages of under-display cameras?
Under-display cameras’ first-generation technology has a few significant limitations. For instance, the cameras are less sharp, and the area positioned in the picture was still somewhat visible due to the reduced pixel count. Despite the battle of the under-display cameras, the disadvantages remain the same. However, the most recent second-generation under-display display technology has addressed and improved these concerns.
Although the internal camera of the Z Fold 3 performs well for video conferencing. Although, it would be preferable if it had the additional adaptability of a ZTE Axon 40 Ultra. The Z Fold uses a less developed variation from the same technology and faces the challenge of being foldable. Whereas the Axon does not. However, given the price people pay for the right to own this phone, you'd expect it to feature world-class technology throughout. Although it costs just under half as much as the Z Fold, an Axon 40 Ultra significantly outperforms one of its characteristics.
Read more
ZTE Axon 40 Ultra - Premium Flagship Phone With Under-display Camera!Level up your gaming experience with the best gaming phones in 2023!Samsung galaxy Z fold 3: Best foldable phone with S Pen support!Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 review- The amazing foldable phone!Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 - Here's Everything We So Far About Next Flip! #battle_kamera #battle_royal #breaking_the_barriers_of_your_mind #camera #camera_battle #camera_comparison #canon_drop_7_in_camera_sales #galaxy_s22_ultra_vs_oppo_find_x5_pro_camera_test #nikon_drop_14_in_camera_sales #samsung_a32_camera_test #sony_is_1st_in_full_frame_camera_sales #sony_takes_the_title_as_1_full_frame_camera_manufacture #sony_wins_mirrorless_camera_war #the_battle_you_need_to_win_every_day #what_is_the_newest_huawei_nova #winnie_the_war_winner #Electronics #Gadgets #Mobiles #Samsung #Technology
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2023.02.02 21:29 deviltrombone Anyone using AirPods Pro 2 with a PC, particularly Windows 11?

Is anyone using AirPods Pro 2 with Windows 11? I've been through two RealTek USB adapters (BT 5.0) and an Intel AX210 PCIe card (BT 5.3), and the APP2 have horrible connectivity issues with all of them, including poor range and cutting out. They're unusable with the same equipment that works great with AirPods Max, AirPods 2nd gen, and a host of other BT headphones/earbuds from Bose, Sony, EarFun, etc. I've tried disabling the Windows 11 AAC codec, but that didn't help anything. The same APP2 work great with my iPhone, Apple TV, and Samsung tablet. Thus, I think this is a very weird incompatibility between Windows and the APP2, but I'd be interested to hear what others have experienced.
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2023.02.02 21:27 grumblegrim To use or not use rewards cards?

I have a couple of crypto-back cards with both Shakepay and Wealthsimple and am wondering, for simplifying YNAB, if I should bother using them? I'm hopefult that crypto makes a return so I can cash out, though is it worth the hassle of wrangling three (debit included) cards for the sake of this?
For what it's worth, I do everything manually and don't sync.
Does anyone have any strong opinions on using what (might be) superfluous prepaid cards? Is the benefit there, or is it just another distraction?
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2023.02.02 21:27 Stepped_on_caltrop0 Does anyone else feel like they are only playing against bots?

Ever since the update I feel like I've o ly played against bots, every game is the same 3 scenarios. it's either an infinaut, apocalypse, or hela deck and either I get absolutely destroyed because they seem to play everything that would stop me, or if I'm going to win turn 6 with some weird whatever they retreat, or if I think I'm going to win then they play some move that no normal person would ever do because it doesn't benefit them at all unless they know exactly what I'm going to do... My buddy has said the same exact thing. Does anyone else feel this way? Like I just played one and I had 0 cards in the left spot, but they kept playing all their destroy options Deadpool, wolverine, carnage etc in the empty spot. I was winning the other 2 locations from turn 3 on and they completely ignored them. They even snapped on turn 4.... I don't get it.
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2023.02.02 21:22 hayleybeatrix Apple Card Number Suspended for “Fraudulent” Spending

Hi all, wanted to know if anyone has gone through this and what your experience was like.
I went to purchase a flight today, and was looking at a few different apps/websites to compare prices. I thought I was going to use hopper, and put my apple card information in, but typed one number of the security code wrong (purely a typo). Hopper charged my card $1, which was declined. I typed in the correct information, and everything was fine. I decided to use a different website to find flights (spirit…ugh, but it’s cheap), and when I went to purchase my flight, the $200 charge was declined. My account was suspended for “fraudulent activity”. I reached out to support and they tried to verify my identity, but for some reason the code texted to my phone never came through. I sent them my drivers license number, and still nothing. I was transferred between people and was eventually told that my account was under review.
I decided to call and talk with a real person. After speaking to several people and verifying my identity (and approving a verification on my phone), I finally was able to speak with someone at Goldman Sachs’s. She told me my account was under review, she couldn’t help me, and she wasn’t sure what the timeline would be. I was told anywhere from “the end of the day today to a couple of days.”
I guess my question is…has anyone here experienced this? What happened, and how long did it take to get everything back to normal or at least get a resolution? Any advice? I’m feeling pretty anxious about all of this and would greatly appreciate any knowledge.
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