Absorption distribution metabolism and excretion



After 3 days of opening the snapshot voting, our community came up with the final decision:
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Thank you so much for raising your voice.
📍Following the community wisdom, $4,327 (35% of the investment profit) will be distributed to TOD holders. The more TOD you hold, the more share you will get.
⚔️ We will soon distribute TOD to holders (with advance notice). Thus, don’t forget to turn on the notification to be updated.
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2023.02.03 05:16 Ready_Statement_1749 Need $108, PLEASE help.

(I DONT DO MOBILE CHECK DEPOSITS) Hey everyone. Honestly its embarassing that ive come on here again asking for help, knowing that i have done so the past month. I could really use the help of $108 for a payment that im also able to provide proof of. I feel bad that i have to ask for help again, it makes me feel less. If anyone is able to even lend $20 or even $10 to go towards that amount, it will help alot. I do apologize, I was homeless months ago, but got blessed with a job, but living paycheck to paycheck currently, so everytime when i get paid, its gone by the same or next day. Trying to look for more jobs ontop of the job i have now so i can make ends meet and get my life together so i dont have to always ask. I do have an interview coming up to work at a distribution center that pays $18/hr. So im hoping i do get that job so my life can start looking and being bright again. I'll be sure to pay it forward or could even pay back if you would like.
venmo: landenaomi / paypal AND cashapp: naomilande
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2023.02.03 05:13 Alphaally27 RP Server OpZ Gaming US PC Chernarus

Official Factions Currently Recruiting
Are you looking for a new community to call home? A group to join and teach you the ropes? Come and check out OpZ Gaming! It is a modded, whitelisted community that is always taking in new members, whether you are new to the game, a veteran, or new to roleplay. The following factions are currently recruiting. Join today to learn more!
Brothers of Tyr
The world is in tatters. Bandits roam around unchecked, unchallenged, wreaking havoc everywhere. The wave of infected dominates the land. Yet hope prevails, and civilization can return from the ashes. The Brothers of Tyr is that hope! We will fight to rebuild civilization, return the world to order, and help all those in need, for the human race is a commodity that should no longer be left to waste, or ruin.
YOU can be part of this effort! The Brothers of Tyr are looking for those who seek to help rebuild, instead of destroy, who wish to rid this world of the infection, instead of accept their presence.
Our mission in rebuilding Civilization the way it should be includes the following activities:
- Zombie Purges in our Territory and beyond. (No quarter for the infected)
- Seek out and ensure the safety and success of the citizens of this land.
- Security/Patrols for our Territory
- Checkpoints to ensure people are safe, and stop the distribution of destructive substances.
- Investigate and research the infection and the toxic areas to determine causes and find solutions.
Interested in joining? Contact Gen. George Gallan via PDA, through letter (Discord), or make your way to Novodmitrovsk and inquire with one of the Brotherhood's members.

Yōkai is a pseudo-anarchy community that prefers to help each other rather than be helped by outside sources! Our job is to focus on those who need help getting started in their new life on the island. We are here to build our community together and build strength in the numbers and trust in ourselves. We do not like drama nor do we promote Banditry, Cannibalism, Or crimes against humanity these are very shamed here. If you want a group that's less demanding, loose on the rules, and led by the best doctor in Chenarus Look no further and contact Dr. Luss in encrypted directly (discord) , By Luss, or by going to Polyana!
P.s you also get a cool mask

There is also a few slots available for you to start your own official faction as well, which comes with specific perks for the group!
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2023.02.03 05:11 sburgess86 Comprehensive summary of steroid metabolism in Comamonas testosteroni TA441; entire degradation process of basic four rings and removal of C12 hydroxyl group

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2023.02.03 05:10 Mattysgraveyard Does detoxify xxtra clean actually work?

I’ve been smoking about a oz of weed a week minimum for probably about 5 years now out of only bongs, and I’m curious how long I’ll have to quit with the detox drink to pass a test. The mill I recently worked at has shut down so I’m trying to get clean in the event I need to pass a drug test for my next job (which is basically a 99% chance) and I’d be lying to all of you if I told you I’ve been able to quit cold turkey lol now that being said I have cut down to 1 very small bong hoot before bed every night for the last week but I don’t have the willpower to go more than about 24 hours without being ready to kill everyone and that’s no fair to my family and friends hahaha how long does it usually take to get clean piss after being a 5 year chronic? And I’m talking like 2 bong hoots every hour from the second I get home till I go to bed and usually 5-10 to put me to sleep so maybe I’m not as chronic as I think I am idk. Don’t really drink maybe get drunk once every couple months with the boys don’t do any other drugs but man do I sure love my weed lmao. Anyone had any luck with these drinks? 5,11 probably about 200 lbs with I think a decent metabolism so I’m hoping I’ll be able to pass after a month or so but that’s if I’m even able to ever quit lol do the drinks just make you pass a piss test or do they help you quit? Thanks in advance hopefully don’t get too much hate on this just trying to keep my sanity while keeping food on the table 🤘🏻
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2023.02.03 05:08 Hanzerd I’m so upset! Avatar is hot stamp only no signed cards this is saddest news everrr

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2023.02.03 05:07 According_Regret2264 Panicking, will I pass?

I have a test in a week (feb 9th) I’m 5’1, 115lbs 18yrs old. I stopped smoking carts two days ago after smoking them multiple times a day, everyday for like 4 months. Pretty fast metabolism. I’ve been working out and drinking lots of water will this be enough?
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2023.02.03 05:05 Bailey_Mon_ The back

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2023.02.03 05:01 RowdyFortnite Summary of President George Washington's 2nd term // Rowdy Alternate Election Series

Summary of President George Washington's 2nd term // Rowdy Alternate Election Series

1st President of the United States, George Washington
Vice President: John Adams
Secretary of State: John Jay (resigned in 1795 to become Gov. of NY) replaced by Thomas Pinckney
Secretary of the Treasury: Alexander Hamilton
Secretary of War: Henry Knox (resigned his post following the conclusion of the Northwest Indian War) replaced by Timothy Pickering
Attorney General: Edmund Randolph (resigned quietly in 1795) replaced by John Marshall
\Position of Postmaster General was demoted out of the cabinet by Washington to start the 2nd term*
Coming into his 2nd term Washington retained much of his original cabinet, however over time much of the cabinet moved on. Following the end of the 1st term Thomas Jefferson resigned his post as Secretary of State to start organizing a new political party (Democratic-Republican Party) and was replaced by Chief Justice John Jay who resigned from the Supreme Court. As SoS Jay negotiated the "Jay Treaty" before resigning in 1795 after winning election as Gov. of NY. Jay would be replaced by Minister to Britain Thomas Pinckney as SoS who would conclude his own treaty the "Pinckney Treaty". Henry Knox was another original member of the cabinet, who after the conclusion of the Northwest Indian War announced his retirement and was replaced by Postmaster General Timothy Pickering. The final member of the original cabinet (excluding Adams/Hamilton) to resign was AG Edmund Randolph who had served as an effective mediator for Washington between Hamilton and Jefferson. However after Jefferson's departure Washington mostly gravitated towards Hamilton and only occasionally took Randolph's input. As such he quietly resigned his post in 1795 and was replaced by his cousin and Constitutionalist organizer John Marshall.

Domestic Policies / Events
-In 1793 President Washington laid the cornerstone for the new U.S. Capitol in the new city of Washington, meanwhile construction on the President's House began around the same time. Construction on the initial buildings in the city are expected to be complete around the turn of the century.
-Following the passage of the 1791 whiskey tax, farmers in the west and south fiercely protested and refused to pay the tax. As such the tax was scarcely enforced until 1794 when Washington ordered a crackdown on the tax evaders. Local Democratic-Republican leaders whipped crowds into a frenzy at the supposed overreach of Washington's Constitutionalist administration. As such numerous tax collectors were beaten or killed across the frontier with local militias soon taking matters into their own hands. The situation reached a boiling point when militias began arresting federal officials and having shootouts with federal troops sent to maintain peace. Washington was furious at the growing insurrection and ordered a massive federal force made up of state militias to march on the largest of these insurrectionist camps in Western Pennsylvania. Washington's advisors feared the call for troops would not be heeded without Washington's personal involvement and as such Washington announced he would take command of the combined force. Washington with cabinet members Hamilton and Knox then marched the force to Pennsylvania, where after a brief showdown the insurrectionists surrendered. Over the next few weeks state militias across the country were rounded up by Washington's commanders and marched on these insurrectionist militias. Quickly the resistance collapsed and with minimal casualties the crisis was over. The rebellion was a major blow for the Democratic-Republican party as Constitutionalists accused them of sparking the rebellion, Democratic-Republicans in turn accused the Constitutionalists of displaying excessive force, arguing the situation could have been handled through negotiations.
-Over the period of Washington's 2nd term, political parties began to dominate politics. The former Pro Constitution group was formed into the Constitutionalist party led by Sec. of Treasury Alexander Hamilton and other members of Washington's cabinet as well as local leaders across the country (one example being Washington's 2nd AG John Marshall who led the Constitutionalists in Virginia). The Anti Constitution group was formed into the Democratic-Republican party by former Sec. of State Thomas Jefferson following his departure from the cabinet. Washington himself remained independent and is notably wary of political parties, however has denounced the Democratic-Republicans for their role in the Whiskey Rebellion and is seen as a Constitutionalist icon. Some believe the Democratic-Republicans are planning on launching a challenger to Washington should he run again in 1796, though this would likely only hamper the party.
-In 1794 the 11th amendment was ratified by the required number of states making it official. The amendment clarified judicial power over foreign nationals as well as severely limited the ability of citizens to sue states under federal law.
-In 1796 Tennessee was admitted to the US as the 16th US State, they will be voting in the 1796 Presidential and Congressional elections as their own state.
-Congress passed 2 acts during Washington's second term relating to slavery, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 as well as the Slave Trade Act of 1794. The first act made it illegal to assist escaping slaves and the second limited US participation in the global slave trade. Both were signed by Washington.

Foreign Affairs
-The Northwest Indian war was the one major conflict that had plagued the Washington administration his entire presidency, the war began after native tribes were reported to be attacking groups of American settlers moving through the newly acquired American Northwest. Washington ordered Sec. Knox to protect American settlers which led Knox to organize several unsuccessful campaigns led by militia generals such as Josiah Harmar and Arthur St. Clair. At the end of Washington's 1st term Knox had appointed General Anthony Wayne to lead a new American force against the native coalition. Washington made several personal visits to Wayne and his forces while they drilled and trained in Pennsylvania. Wayne's forces struck out in 1794 and re-setup the defensive positions lost by St. Clair's forces. After successfully defending these positions and holding Fort Recovery, Wayne's forces marched further through forested territory held by the natives. Mere miles away from the British Fort Miami the natives led by leader Blue Jacket made a stand against Wayne's forces. At first Wayne's forces were pushed back and the front lines destroyed, however after a quick regroup the American cavalry flanked and routed Blue Jacket's forces. The native forces quickly drew back to Fort Miami where they had been supplied and set out from, however the British had closed the fort and refused to aid Blue Jacket and his forces against the incoming American army. The native forces were massacred just outside the fort and Wayne led his forces on a multi week campaign burning and destroying native villages and lands until finally the native coalition leaders agreed to meet for peace talks. The tribes ceded much of their Ohio land to the US and agreed to recognize the US as the official ruling authority in the region. This along with the Jay Treaty gave the US sole authority in the region. After the conclusion of the war Sec. of War Henry Knox announced his retirement after finally winning the war. General Wayne was revered as a war hero and President Washington finally secured peace along with an American victory in the region.
-The French Revolution has continued to rage over the course of Washington's 2nd term. Mere weeks before Washington's 2nd inauguration, French declared themselves a republic and executed King Louis XVI. This execution was followed waves of similar executions by the French government including many French commanders and allies who helped America during the American Revolution. While the country originally was heavily behind the French revolutionaries, after the recent bloodshed the country is now divided mostly along partisan lines. The Democratic-Republicans continue to favor supporting France specifically in their war with Britain. Meanwhile the Constitutionalists have denounced the "senseless bloodshed" and favor closer ties to Britain instead. Many Constitutionalists warn that if Democratic-Republicans are allowed to take the Presidency they will institute the same mob rule and senseless bloodshed that is taking place in France. Washington continues to pledge to remain neutral, however he has denounced French efforts to sway the American public opinion through the use of local Democratic-Republican chapters. Reports of French produced leaflets being distributed have drawn criticism of the party.
-The other side of the European coin is that of Britain. Upon the beginning of the British war with France, Britain started intercepting France-bound ships including hundreds of American merchant ships. The public outrage to this helped propel the popularity of the Democratic-Republicans. In response to this Washington tasked his new SoS John Jay with coming to an agreement with Britain. After weeks of negotiating a treaty was crafted which would be dubbed the "Jay Treaty". In the treaty the US would receive full control of the Northwest territory, access to West Indies ports and set up a commission to arbitrate on American claims of compensation for stolen ships and British claims of pre-1775 debts. Britain would also receive assurances of American neutrality and closer economic ties to themselves over France. After weeks of deliberations, Washington (in collaboration with the Senate) agreed to sign the treaty. The Democratic-Republicans were outraged and protests rocked the capitol city of Philadelphia and across the country. Jay was branded a traitor and became public enemy #1 of the Democratic-Republicans. In one incident, a home he rented in Philadelphia was burned to the ground. Jay was not in the house at the time. In the months since the passage of the treaty, both parties have engaged in public propaganda campaigns to sway public opinion ahead of the Presidential election.
-Following attacks on American merchant ships in the Atlantic by Barbary pirates, Congress authorized the creation of 6 new warships to defend American shipping. While those ships are being constructed, the state department is offering large rewards to privateers to shepherd American ships through hostile waters. Reports of bounties being placed on the heads of both American and Barbary ships seems to indicate a rapid escalation of the conflict.
-In 1794 Spain (which controls the land of Florida to the south of Georgia) joined Britain in their war against France. Fearing that a hostile Spain could wreck havoc on the deep south (much like Britain did by inciting native tribes in the Northwest), Washington dispatched his new SoS Thomas Pinckney to negotiate a treaty with Spain much like his previous SoS John Jay had with Britain. In the final treaty, Pinckney had secured massive gains for the US, such as new land in West Florida that Spain agreed to relinquish, a guarantee from Spain to drop support of native tribes within US territory and most importantly access to the Mississippi river. The treaty, dubbed the "Pinckney Treaty" proved to be a bipartisan popular victory for the Washington administration.
Supreme Court
-Chief Justice John Jay (resigned 1793) replaced by Associate Justice John Rutledge (resigned in 1795) replaced by Associate Justice Oliver Ellsworth
-John Rutledge (appointed Chief in 1793) replaced by CT Senator Oliver Ellsworth (appointed Chief in 1795) replaced by former MD Gov. Thomas Johnson
-William Cushing
-John Blair Jr
-James Iredell
-James Wilson *(6th seat left vacant for Washington's first term, filled by Wilson at the beginning of the 2nd)
At the start of his 2nd term Washington was left to pick a new Chief Justice as John Jay became SoS, Washington selected Associate Justice John Rutledge. Rutledge held the position until 1795 when he vocally voiced his opposition to the Jay Treaty. Rutledge was scorned and threatened with impeachment by the Constitutionalists who ran a propaganda campaign to force his resignation. Rutledge caved and resigned after a public slander campaign that targeted his mental state and supposed alcohol addiction. Rutledge leapt from a wharf into the Charleston harbor days later and was saved only by a pair of slaves who had witnessed the scene. He was replaced as Chief Justice by Oliver Ellsworth. Washington also established the 6th Justice in 1793, appointing James Wilson.
3rd Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth
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2023.02.03 04:54 Elaphe21 Metabolon? Cant remember an author or term... Can anyone redirect me. Any help appreciated.

So, while writing my dissertation ~15 years ago, I went down a rabbit hole in regards to regulation of biochemical pathways. My PI was big on negative/positive feedback loops and (non)competitive enzymatic inhibition and introduced me to a Hungarian researcher that was working on the integration of multiple pathways...
Basically, how the TCA cycle doesn't really happen (in a vacuum) the way its written/taught, and different substrates are used by other pathways (i.e Cory Cycle, Fatty Acid metabolism...). This shunting of substrate concentrations made everything MUCH more complex. The way all these pathways are influenced by each other, and/or shunted (either by the cell or organism), would have a regulatory effect on these and other aspects of metabolism.
Did anything ever develop regarding this line of work? Is there a better term then "Metabolon" (that's just from my memory).
I am not longer a Biochemist (went into veterinary medicine), but I have an itch to relearn a lot of what I forgot and wanted to delve back into something, and this field caught my interest.
Thank you for reading!
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2023.02.03 04:49 rach_lizzy Advice needed for expectations/support/resources.

Hello friends!
I am seeking advice for how to ask my superior for one of three things: expectations, support, or resources.
I currently work part-time for a non-profit organization on a three person development team. The team consists of myself as a "marketing associate", my coworker who is the funds manager, and our supervisor who is the Director of Development and Marketing.
[Enter the big rant about what I do]
I am responsible for creating all elements for our social media content (graphics, photography, copy) with an expectation of sharing original content 3-5 times per week, and managing and fostering our social engagement.
I am responsible for creating the content for and distributing our monthly email newsletter, and keeping our subscriber list clean and updated manually as the integration between our donor management software and software we use for our newsletter were never correctly integrated.
I am responsible for creating the print marketing materials, mailers, event collateral for the entire organization barring 2 events each year, gear and apparel, and any other materials for the program itself.
I am responsible for event management for outreach and local partnerships, finding the partnerships, creating the terms and conditions for them, coordinating, promoting, reporting on outcome.
I am responsible for our press releases (I typically write a release, submit it for review, and usually get sent back a complete rewrite but this has nothing to do with my supervisor, our executive director has more intimate knowledge of what I am asked to write about and steps in the day before sending it out with additions.) I also am the point person for our interaction with media outlets, so I also am responsible for contacting news stations, radio, editors, etc. I have to submit releases at minimum once a quarter in addition to submitting for community fundraisers, major program announcements, and large scale public events.
I am responsible for maintaining our organization's website, working with our developers, keeping the website content current including program changes, addressing errors in function, etc.
I am also responsible for our footprint on other databases that aggregate information about different nonprofits, ensuring that they feature accurate and up to date tax information, hours, etc.
Additionally I have metrics to meet for likes, follows, engagement, etc.
[End the big rant]
I am feeling stretched pretty thin, and my work is often nit picked for things like a spacing before a comma on a social media post (this happens sometimes when creating a post in Meta to go on both Instagram and Facebook and having to swap out the handles), or a project isn't moving fast enough.
I don't have a budget (not in the cool unlimited way) and I am hired for 20 hours a week. As we approach the upcoming fiscal year, I can't ask for more hours, more resources, and more support. I can realistically ask for 1 of those things, maybe 2.
Where do I even start? I fear if I ask for any of the above, I'll just be given more work and not the ability to make the existing work better.
But I really would like to have the time or money or both to run A/B testing on posts, ads, and emails and be able to build journeys and automations and correct the messed up integrations. I would really like a dedicated work phone for pictures, communication with the press and local partners, and for social. I would really like to upgrade to paid versions of software I am given to work with, or a new social media planning tool.
I'm losing the plot of why I started this post, but if anybody has suggestions on what is the first thing I can tackle in asking for help or support I would really appreciate it.
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2023.02.03 04:49 PostingLoudly idiocracy

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2023.02.03 04:48 mrmyrth Fix the Shit (FtS) : post MOASS I’m good for at least a senator, maybe a couple reps. How about you?

If MOASS decimates old money, reduces new money capital, and distributes wealth to the apes - these “representatives of the people” will be looking for new donors. If they can be so easily bought, and we’re so very - very - fucking wealthy, wouldn’t this be the time to overhaul the system?
Transparency in markets. Climate change and social reform programs that actually help.
We could be the new shapers of the world. Hopefully for the better. (Edit) shapers of the world not driven wholly by greed, simply to have the most…
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2023.02.03 04:45 OniLink303 Ganon's wish in ALttP: A deeper look

When it comes to the basis of the lore of the Zelda series, ALttP is usually at the forefront of varied discussions pertaining to its expositions to frame its rather dynamic backstory. Often subject to scrutiny in how a lot of scenarios unfolds--not only within the scope of the game, but also paradigmatically within the broader scale of the Zelda timeline--the backstory of ALttP has for years been a contentious topic on the theory side of things. One of the widely observed aspects of its backstory that frequently raises eyebrows is the efficacy of Ganon's wish, and its projection to his ambitions of ruling the world. Not only does it raises questions in the context of Ganon's desires, but also underpins how the Triforce responds/executes wishes of the wisher, in which in the case of Ganon, is interpreted to be fulfilled in a roundabout manner in ALttP's backstory.
The common belief and consensus among many is that the Triforce grant Ganon's wish indirectly to where the Triforce gives Ganon "the tools" to intermittently accomplish his desires in a step-by-step gradual process. This is inferred by the fact that the Triforce itself at the end of the game remarks that Ganon's wish was to conquer the world, which in turn, changed the Golden Land into the Dark World. The Triforce follows up this statement by mentioning that Ganon intended to go on to the light world to fulfill that wish, thereby making it relatively clear that the Triforce granted Ganon a circuitous method of supplying him with the means to make his wish happen rather than making it happen outright. This may not be the full case here. In fact, upon reevaluation of Ganon's desires, and several proponents that accompany it, the contrary to this common belief may not actually be true and that the Triforce does directly grant Ganon's wish in a previously unexplored subtle way.

To reiterate the previous point, the Triforce itself says that Ganon's wish was to claim the world, and the Sacred Realm transformed into the Dark World as a result. Ganon himself remarks that he will go on to the light world to fulfill his wish of ruling both worlds; this is consistent with the follow up statement of the Triforce mentioning that Ganon's intent was to go on to the light world to fulfill his wish:

"Ganon's wish was to claim the world. That evil wish changed the sacred land into the World of Darkness. Once he had stored up power there, Ganon intended come out into the World of Light in order to fulfill his wish." ~ Essence of the Triforce

Conversely however, the instruction manual indicates that the details of Ganon's wish is unknown:

"Ganon acquired the Triforce, but no one knows what Ganon wished for."~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

The objective narrative flow of the instruction manual, being in so that it relays several key points in the backstory with acute detail and transitional subjectivity, strongly gives the impression that the backstory is being told in third person with both limited and omniscient properties. The former being that it clearly tells the reader that no one, not even the narrator, knows what Ganon wished for. This denotes that the contents of Ganon's wish relative to what Ganon himself and the Triforce states, are generalized in-game to match up with the results of his intentions in the aftermath, ergo, nothing can be said on what exactly did he wish for in application to how the Triforce would execute that wish. What can only be inferred is that, on a priori reasoning, he wished to have both worlds. This proceeds to beg the question, a posteriori, the definite details of what Ganon wanted to be done from that wish, in which case, it becomes necessary to analyze his exact intentions and rather or not the Triforce conforms to the details.

So there are several things that can be probed from what Ganon wishes to do with the world. For starters, Ganon in some games, including ALttP, is passively referred to as the *"Demon King of Darkness"* in the Japanese text. This title is more or less instrumental to his agenda and goals to how he wants the world to be, particularly, the world to be inset in darkness. In fact, several games collectively establishes that Ganon's aspirations are to cover the world in darkness:

"One day, however, the Great Demon King Ganon, who sought to rule the world with darkness and fear, invaded this kingdom with his evil army and stole the Triforce of Power." ~ The Hyrule Fantasy insruction manual

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom where the power of the gods was said to sleep. That country was a fair place rich in green. But an evil one coveted and then took the power of the gods. Through evil forces, he covered the kingdom with darkness." ~ The Wind Waker prologue

"And my god has one desire. For light and shadow to become one darkness!!" ~ Zant
If plunging the world into darkness is his motive as the demon king, then it follows that the Triforce fastidiously complies to that desire, in which it factually turned the Sacred Realm into the Dark World. However, Ganon's desire is to rule both worlds and if it stands that his intention is to assimilate the light world into the Dark World, then it too follows that the Triforce would turn the light world that occupies Hyrule into a Dark World. Does the Triforce accomplish this verbatim? It can be argued that indeed it did. The instruction manual states that Hyrule was blanketed by "dark clouds" that "always covered the skies":

"Dark clouds always covered the sky, and unlucky incidents; one after another, also attacked Hyrule." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

At first glance this may not seem to carry much weight, but there is contextual applicability with "dark clouds" that coincides with Ganon's overall desires. Turning back to the aforementioned TWW quote the Japanese text states that darkness was "spread through evil forces", which is relatively vague as to what the cause is (even though it is rather obvious based upon the prior statements of him taking the power of the gods, its still rather implicated to be through other means). The english localization, on the other hand, mentions that the cause of the darkness spreading is the Triforce part being used by Ganondorf outright:

"But one day a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself. With its strength at his command he spread darkness across the kingdom." ~ The Wind Waker prologue

As a sort of unwritten rule in the orthodoxy of Zelda theorizing, the Japanese text tends take priority over english localization. Although this is definitely the more faithful and correct approach (and rightfully so), there are occasions where sometimes the Japanese may be too vague to pin a definitive explanation, and thus we're left with mere guesswork. In this instance, the english text is specifying that the darkness came from Ganondorf obtaining and using the Triforce to spread the darkness across the land, and there is at the very least a moment in OoT that matches this description quite accurately. So it would be more pragmatic to say the english text may be the more 'accurate' in this case (ironic as that may be), insofar as to just simply contextualize "evil force" rather than try to disprove it, and there is no reason to believe the original script and localized script can't coexist on a matter with a slightly different approach so long as there is no severe contradiction (as rare as that may be).
This becomes pretty noteworthy because the Hylian language thats written on the tapestry featured in TWW's prologue, alludes to dark clouds once again appearing over Hyrule in a manner that portends to Ganon's return:

"A little time after it had seemed that peace had returned, dark clouds hung over the kingdom once again." ~ Translated Hylian on the scroll in The Wind Waker's prologue

If the darkness that spread to Hyrule was caused by Ganondorf's evil usage of the Triforce, then the dark clouds that "once again" covered Hyrule is an intended outcome of his usage of the Triforce's power for his evil desire as an extension to that (since he still has the Triforce of Power). This gives hypothetical similarities with the details of what Ganondorf would likely have wished for in ALttP, which essentially would be he wants a world of darkness, if its withstanding that Ganondorf is actively seeking to shroud the worlds in darkness. TP gives a more punctuated example as to what the contextual details would possibly be like for Ganon's wish in ALttP:

"I have one wish. With this abominable sword to bury all the light." ~ Ganondorf Twilight Princess

This in tandem with the earlier quote regarding Zant and him advocating for Ganondorf's "wish" of creating darkness, largely tells two things in correlation to the unknown details of Ganon's wish in ALttP: 1.) That it reinforces Ganon's desire for two worlds of darkness. 2.) The way to execute it is to simply "blot out the light." If these are the details that Ganondorf requested for his wish on the Triforce, then its rational to say that the Triforce grants Ganondorf that wish in earnest with no extraneous conditions to make it come to pass. Rather, it abides veraciously to the wish by blotting out the light with dark clouds which the manual states. It seems uncanny, but not at all unlikely, as Zelda's prophetic dream symbolizes Ganondorf's rule through the allegory of dark clouds:

"I had a dream. Hyrule was covered in black clouds and it kept getting darker and darker[…] The other hint in my prophetic dream… The black clouds… They are that man… Will you peek in too?" ~ Zelda Ocarina of Time

"My name is Ganondorf! The man who will rule the world!!" ~ Ganondorf Ocarina of Time

TWW in-game also attests to the distinction of the absence of light from the latter portions of the game, that is induced by the endless storm brought about by what Jabun states is stemmed from Ganondorf's evil.

"As I thought, that ominous rain and never-ending night were Ganon's curse. He wants to turn this land into a land of darkness as well?" ~ King of Red Lions

Since OoT retrospectively shows that Ganondorf uses the Triforce of Power to spread darkness, with TWW's localized prologue and Hylian transcript as an extrapolation, it can be safely concluded that the endless storm is oriented around Ganondorf's evil exploitations of the Triforce of Power.
This sets the framework of the premise that the Triforce in the ALttP backstory functionally grants Ganondorf's wish, in which its possible to gauge the actual context beyond rule the worlds, and that it fulfilled that wish by transforming both the Sacred Realm and Hyrule into Dark Worlds; the product of what Ganon consistently desires throughout the series. It can therefore be interpreted that the mention of Ganon intending to fulfill his wish at the dawn of the Seal War, is a matter of him consummating that wish by being there in person to claim his reward. As a analogy, it can be viewed with some similarity to the state of presidency that follows an election; a candidate is elected president, external preparations are made for the newly elected president to take office in person, the president is sworn into office at the White House in person. But because the Swamp Palace maiden mentions that Ganon couldn't figure a way out of the Sacred Realm, he couldn't claim it in the flesh and had to resort to alternative means.

Additionally, the scope of the wish's reach is justified as well given that the manual also specifies that Ganondorf's laugh echoed throughout the totality of the Sacred Realm's spacetime boundaries, and extended through Hyrule as well:

"The leader smiled, and the echo of his laugh echoed across time and space and even to the far away land of Hyrule." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

This is a strong indication that the boundaries between the Sacred Realm and Hyrule relative to Ganondorf's laugh being pervasive to both worlds, are effectively correspondent to the scope of Ganondorf's wish to have both worlds (to which again can be rationally contextualized as worlds of darkness). This is pretty integral to the argument that the Triforce does technically grant Ganon's wish in full, because a potential counterpoint can be positioned that the dark clouds only came about as a result of Ganon gradually building up his power as a part of his plan to rule the light world, instead of it being directly tied to the scope of the Triforce's power to grant his wish.

"Once he had stored up power there, Ganon intended come out into the World of Light in order to fulfill his wish." ~ Essence of the Triforce

However, it is mentioned in game by the Misery Mire maiden that Ganon's power alone was not enough to break the seal, which required additional means of gathering the maidens and extracting their power, with Agahnim being used to do so:

"Ganon collecting us was because with Ganon's power, the seal of the Seven Sages could not be broken. Accordingly, using the priest Aghanim, he had the seven maidens who inherit the power of the Sages fed into the Dark World. After he used our power and broke the seal, we, whose usefulness was over, were sealed in crystals and presented to monsters." ~ Misery Mire maiden

This is coupled by the fact that the Palace of Darkness maiden remarks that with their powers, he intended to open a pathway of even greater power:

"It seems that he plotted to also rule our Light World once he had built up power. Then, using we seven maidens who inherit the power of the Seven Sages as the key, he broke the seal, and furthermore, he intends to open a passage of greater power near the castle. However, that passage has not yet completely opened." ~ Palace of Darkness maiden

These statements by both the Misery Mire and Palace of Darkness maidens greatly suggests that Ganon's "plan" to go on to the light world to fulfill his wish is stemmed from his machinations of using the maidens' powers to enhance his own, rather than from the framework of the timeframe of when the wish was made for it to be fulfilled. This line of reasoning makes the supposition that the Triforce granted Ganon's wish for worlds of darkness, in which the idea that his voice resonated all throughout both Hyrule and the Sacred Realm as being a facet to that wish and that dark clouds covered Hyrule, all the more persuasive.
There is one last major caveat to this interpretation and that is the properties of the Dark World. ALttP establishes that the effects of the Dark World transforms any inhabitant into a form that reflects their heart. Given that this is a chief aspect of the nature of the Dark World, it therefore becomes necessary to address if said characteristics are the same behind the claim that the dark clouds beset over Hyrule, are the same as the Sacred Realm-transformed-Dark World with those properties. In the attempt to tackle this, it must be stated foremost that Ganon's power being centered on the Triforce should fundamentally be different from the Triforce's own potency to grant wishes. This is an important distinction because the former is what in-game text classifies as demonic/evil power, which serves as a contrast to the manual's description of the Triforce as being morally neutral:

"The entrance to the sacred land where the gold was hidden was discovered in that Hyrule Kingdom, and many people fought, and vanished into the sacred land. However, there were none who returned. Worse, evil power came gushing forth from there." ~ A Link to the Past prologue

"Ho, ho, ho.... That means that with this, even the seal of the Seven Sages seal has been successfully dissolved. It is only a matter of time before demonic power engulfs this country..." ~ Agahnim

"The Triforce cannot itself judge good and evil. That is because only gods judge good and evil." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

Because the Triforce cannot itself judge between good and evil wishes is indicative that it does not have an inherent moral alignment under its own accord. Rather, ownership of the Triforce from a person with a moral compass is ultimately deterministic on how its powers will be used, in which case in point, the Triforce's power is simply an outlet for a person to project their will on. It therefore would be inaccurate to deduce that the Triforce itself is evil under Ganon's influence, but that the power it bestowed upon Ganon is mutable to his evil nature, and that said power would logically be what transformed him into the Demon King than from the wish itself. This concurs with how OoT distinguishes that the Triforce of Power's power as an outlet became Ganondorf's power as the Demon King:

"He acquired the Triforce in the center of this Sacred Land...in this Temple of Light. And with that power he became the Maou [Demon King]." ~ Rauru

"His magic power continued to flow out of the temples and in only seven years the entire land of Hyrule was turned into a land of monsters..." ~ Rauru

To sort of dichotimize it with an example, Zelda's powers in BoTW is oriented around the power of the Triforce, but her powers likely does not account for the potency of its wishing capabilites. This is because comparatively in TMC, Zelda with the last remnants of the Light Force and the Mage's Cap, was able to concentrate the force in them into thought (Ezlo urges Zelda to make a wish), whose outcome resulted into all of the demons occupying Hyrule to be completely erased from existence and the damages done in Hyrule to be fixed. Zelda exercising the power of the Triforce in BoTW does not reach the same scale of power to incontrovertibly fix all of Hyrule and eradicate all of the demons occupying it, which strongly suggests that its powers distributed to a person is different from its wish granting potency. This positions a critical point to posit the idea that the Dark World's transformative properties are derived from Ganon's power as the Demon King rather than from the wish, ergo, *"demonic/evil power coming from the entrance."*

The Japanese text of the instruction manual classifies that evil power to be an extension of Ganon's aura that seeped into the light world and gradually advanced to the royal palace:

"However, the situation was urgent as the malignant Ganon's noxious gas pressed on towards the royal palace." ~ A Link to the Past instruction manual

This is preceded by the statement in the manual that mentions said aura to have ensnared greedy men who disappeared into the gathering smoke:

"Greedy persons vanished into this powerful gathering smoke." A Link to the Past instruction manual

Because it makes a descriptive note for coining the people who disappeared into it to be greedy, it stands to reason to propose that the method of Ganon building his army is achieved through his evil aura that permeated into Hyrule. This is effectively supported on noticeably similar grounds that Rauru mentions in OoT regarding Ganondorf's power radiating into the temples of Hyrule:

"His magic power continued to flow out of the temples and in only seven years the entire land of Hyrule was turned into a land of monsters..." ~ Rauru

Since SS also reinforces that a demonic poweaura from an eminent demon is enough to have influential effects on indigineous lifeforms, the idea of Ganon's noxious gas transforming these greedy men into demons becomes soundly justified under that basis:

"There's no denying that when I was a demon, I must have radiated a fiendish power into my surroundings. Now that I'm human, it seems that most-unpleasant aura has completely faded from this place, like an odious aroma in the wind!" ~ Batreaux

What's especially noteworthy regarding this characteristic is that it, from a pragmatic standpoint, is a descriptive component for defining a makai. A makai is a Japanese term that loosely translates into a type of underworld or world of spirits, but Japanese mainstream media in fictional works typically attributes it more so as a domain for demonic inhabitants. The term is used on a number of occasions in Zelda to describe said characteristics where a haven of demon residency is prominent. But in the more special cases, so to speak, a makai's boundaries is not necessarily exclusive to a specific world, but can collectively account for a world that sustains the conditions that identifies it as a makai:

"He obtained the power of the gods, planned on transforming the world into a Makai of darkness, and was sealed by the power of the gods." ~ King of Red Lions

The KoRL states that Ganondorf actively attempted to turn Hyrule into a makai of darkness. This naturally coincides with Rauru's statments about Ganondorf's evil power radiating into Hyrule and spawning demons that inhabited Hyrule in the process, despite Zelda in OoT mentioning that the Sacred Realm was already transformed into a makai as well:

"Ganondorf turned into a Maou [Demon King], and the Sacred Realm was transformed into a Makai [Demon World]. All these disasters were entirely fortuitous..." Zelda Ocarina of Time

Another special case is that the Red Knight in FSA conflates the state of the Dark World with the essence of what constitutes a makai:

"We, the group of Hyrule Knights, were felled by a man with a mighty weapon, and were dropped into the Makai along with the jewels. Right after that, among the black shadows, we and the jewels were scattered all over the place. Here I am?, a Hyrule Knight who served the royal family for generations, and then both failed to carry out his mission and was turned into a monster!" ~ Red Knight Four Swords Adventures

In FSA, the Lost Woods is titled the Dark World and its purported transformative properties in FSA also boasts a similar approach to the essence of a makai. This opens up the possibility that not only the Dark World and makai classifications can be interchangeable if the proper conditions are present, but it also conveys the idea that its reach can expand beyond limited boundaries; a realization that Twinrova in OoX raises:

"Veran has extended the Dark Realm's reach, giving us what we seek--echoing cries of sorrow! Spread, darkness! Spread, sorrow!" ~ Twinrova Oracles

" Soon, Lord Ganon's power will change all of Hyrule's forests into Lost Woods!" ~ Deku Scrub Four Swords Adventures

"The Lost Woods is our birthplace! If you wander lost here for too long, you too can become a Deku Scrub." ~ Deku Scrub Four Swords Adventures

In overall hindsight, if the description conforms to what axiomatically describes a makai, based on the proponents of what's provided about the nature of a makai and how one can functionally be created from the aura of a prodigious demon, then Ganon in ALttP also created a makai from his demonic power that seeped from the Sacred Realm into Hyrule in the attempt to convert Hyrule into one. What this then establishes, under the context of what can be retroactively inferred from what Ganon desires in how he wants to rule the worlds (blot out the light, i.e. worlds of darkness), is that the Triforce grants him that wish by turning the Sacred Realm and Hyrule into dark worlds. But because he couldn't escape from the Sacred Realm-Dark World to claim the Hyrule-Dark World, he was left only with the option to rely on his evil aura to integrate a world of demons into both worlds who would claim the Hyrule-Dark World in his name.
To really internalize this, Hyrule Warriors' opening scenes gives a likely depiction of how Ganon's evil aura advances in Hyrule whilst having the land be a Dark World

In Summary/TLDR;
Ganon's wish is what can logically be argued as having been fulfilled directly with no roundabout tactics on the part of the Triforce to make it a reality. His wish in question pragmatically is to enshroud the worlds in darkness and there is substantial reason to believe the Triforce accomplishes this in earnest. The evidence in favor of this follows accordingly:

⦁ The manual states that no ones knows what Ganon wished for exactly, therefore the remarks of Ganon's wish to conqueclaim the world are generalized with nothing to say of the contents of how the wish came to pass verbatim.
⦁ Ganon throughout the series has consistently carried an agenda to spread/cover the world in literal darkness. This gives a strong precedent of the context of what he desired.
⦁ Ganondorf's laugh resonated all throughout both Hyrule and the Sacred Realm when he claims the Triforce. This is tantamount towards portraying the scope of his wish to rule both worlds.
⦁ The manual states that "dark clouds always covered Hyrule." Dark clouds are what OoT and TWW vehemently establishes to be an omen of Ganon's rule. This melds remarkably well with the context of Ganondorf announcing his desires in the english localized version of TP to be simply "to blot out the light forever."
⦁ Ganon couldn't figure a way out of the Sacred Realm-Dark World to claim the Hyrule-Dark World as his own. He needed to find an alternative way to do so in his absence.
⦁ Demonic/evil power rushed forth from the entrance. This evil power is likened to be Ganon's evil aura in the manual.
⦁ The Triforce cannot judge between good and evil, therefore it does not harbor a true moral agenda on its own accord, making the evil power seeping out into Hyrule to rationally be a result of Ganon's evil disposition that the Triforce merely supplies indiscriminately.
⦁ A strong demonic aura conjures demons, which is instrumental for cultivating a makai (demon world) as both the KoRL and Rauru's statements collectively implies. This functionally serves as the alternative method for how Ganon would consummate his wish in the absence of him doing it himself; integrate a makai with the Dark World using his demonic aura and have the demons claim the Hyrule-Dark World in Ganon's name.
⦁ The potency of a "Triforce wish" is likely not equal to the "powers of the Triforce" allocated to a person.
⦁ FSA and TWW implies a Makai and Dark World can be interchangeable. Or at the very least the properties of both are mutually compatible with each other, making it possible that Ganon's demonic aura as being responsible for the Dark World's transformative properties.
⦁ Ganon building up his power to go on to the light world is what's more likely to be alluding to his plan to break the seal by using the maiden's powers, as his power alone was not sufficient enough to do so. This harks back to the notion of a Triforce wish =/= Triforce powers distributed to a person as having the same magnitude.

Whether or not my evaluation of Ganon's wish to be likened to his desire to turn Hyrule into a Dark World as a wish the Triforce grants in full, whilst attempting to claim said Hyrule-Dark World in the flesh, but couldn't, is true, I think it can be said that the motives of Ganon's objective for darkness to cover the world throughout the franchise as a premise gives the interpretation strong merits.
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2023.02.03 04:40 Anzalia Damage Hero Concept: Haunt

Hero Description

Hero Name: Haunt
Real Name: Dr. Malcom Haunt
Age: 59
Gender: Male
Role: Damage
Nationality: British, English
Affiliation: Alderbridge Academy (previous), Talon (current)
Dr. Malcom Haunt was a leading figure in biotics at Alderbridge Academy for many decades whos advances in medical research helped develop technology used all around the globe, including by Overwatch agents Ana Amari and Angela Ziegler.
His obsession for improvement, however, would prove to be his undoing when one afternoon an experiment tragically backfired, leaving him horribly disfigured and his personality corrupted. The healing solution he was aiming to perfect took on opposing properties, resulting in the creation of an incredibly potent toxin.
The incident resulted in his dismissal and his name stricken from the record from all of his previous accolades, leaving him distraught and consumed by rage. Opportunity presented itself months later when he was approached by an enigmatic Talon scientist who showed keen interest in his expertise and his ability to manufacture deadly substances.

Hero Kit

Primary Fire (LMB): Dispenser Rifle
Haunt's modified hunting rifle fires projectile darts that damage enemies and generate poison stacks. When enough stacks are applied they become posioned for a short duration, slowly receiving damage over time.
- Mid ranged, single shot projectile weapon
- 3 poison stacks inflict poisoning with body shots applying 1 and critical shots applying 2
- Poisoning can be cleansed by abilities and health packs
- 12 rounds of ammunition
Secondary Fire (RMB): Miasma
Haunt cracks open an experimental canister and expels a stream of potent gas that drains the health of enemies within range and continuously applies poison stacks under exposure.
- Channeled, short ranged ability
- Can be self-interrupted to cancel the ability early
- Blocked by barriers
- Applies one stack of poison for every second of exposure
- 3.5 second duration and 12 second cooldown
Ability 1 (E): Sap Grenade
Haunt throws a grenade that bounces off surfaces that explodes shortly after, damaging nearby enemies and inflicting them with a slowing effect that decreases attack speed by half for a short time.
- Rolls and bounces off environmental surfaces before exploding 2 seconds after it's thrown
- Initial explosion deals minor damage
- Attack speed debuff lasts 4 seconds
- 15 second cooldown
Ability 2 (Shift): Smokescreen
Haunt projects a ring of smoke around his position that turns himself and his allies invisible for a few seconds.
- Taking damage, attacking or using an ability will reveal an invisible ally
- Cleanses Haunt's debuffs
- 18 second cooldown
Passive Ability: Infector
Targets weakened by Haunt's poisons have their locations and health status revealed to him.
- Poisoned enemies in critical condition have their low health indicators revealed to Haunt
Ultimate Ability (Q): Chokehold
Haunt releases his special concoction into his surroundings, a powerful nerve toxin that wreaks havoc upon the immune systems of those unfortunate enough to inhale it. Enemies are immediately poisoned and all healing received is converted into damage whilst they remain within the toxic cloud.
- Creates a zone around Haunt that lingers on the map for 6 seconds
- Received healing is instead converted into damage for targets affected
- Appears purple for allies and red for enemies
- Ultimate is transparent while active on the field
- Ultimate voice lines are: "Choke on this!" (friendly) and "Breathe in despair!" (hostile)

Creator's Notes:
- Haunt's main playstyle is eliminating his targets by stacking poison and utilizing the various ranges his kit offers, whether it's close up or from a distance
- Miasma is used as a deterrent for enemies nearby who are punished more the longer they remain close to him
- Sap Grenade is incredibly powerful and can be bounced around closed corners, however skill and anticipation is required to predict the explosion which is determined by the 2 second timer
- Smokescreen is a multi-functional ability that can be used as an escape or a means to flank enemies for himself and his team mates whilst also doubling as a self-cleanse
- Infector rewards Haunt for applying poison onto the enemy team as it allows him to scout out their positions and determine low health targets
- Chokehold is a powerful zoning Ultimate that creates a trap for those who are trying to pounce on Haunt's team, deterring them with deadly status effects that will punish those who don't immediately leave the area
- Quite literally a mad scientist in his current role at Talon, I wanted existing healing abilities to be the base of his kit but with the twist that they have been modified by Haunt to spread his poisonous substances
- Haunt's Dispenser Rifle is based on the weapon used by Ana but lacks a scope
- Miasma canisters are a modified version of Roadhog's "Take a Breather"
- Chokehold's poison distribution is designed around Baptiste's "Healing Burst"
- Moira was the Talon agent who approached Haunt for his services in his past
submitted by Anzalia to OverwatchHeroConcepts [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:31 evokereads Looking for Input - Overview of How I Feel Currently + Recent Labs Before Possible TRT

Looking for Input - Overview of How I Feel Currently + Recent Labs Before Possible TRT
Hello! Quick back story and stage setting of where I'm at today. I started a bit late in my fitness journey around 27, skinny for most of my teen and college years, and gaining some fluff as I graduated and moved into the workforce.
As of today, I'm 36 (m), 6'1" and weigh 195-200lbs and 13-14% bodyfat per the scale in my bathroom (I know that's just an approx). I have leaner genetics, but I've worked hard to be in what I believe is great shape for my age. I work out 5 times a week for around 60 minutes (weightlifting/bodybuilding), active on the weekends thanks to my kids and other things, and do more cardio and all in the summer. I've essentially been doing this for the past 10 years straight with appropriate time off here and there.
Last year I figured it was time to start developing more of a baseline for health moving forward. I had a full physical, heart EKG, and metabolic panel done. Things looked pretty solid across the board. As we rolled into 2023 and talking with a buddy of mine (41, m) who started TRT - he was having issues in various areas and did some explorative work to find the root cause - low T.
Now, I have zero issues - not really lethargic, sex drive is fine, and I feel great in the gym. However, I decided to also get labs done so I knew where my test levels were at. While I know I ain't no spring chicken anymore, I was a bit surprised with the results.

I spoke with the nurse practitioner today and I'm definitely a candidate for TRT. She explained they'd like to get my free test up between 20-30 and what they'd prescribe which all seemed solid to me:
  • Test Cyp, 150mg a week split into 2 shots
  • Enclomiphene to support testicular function
  • Anastrozole, only if needed - suggested to wait and see based on current estrogen levels
I also thought it was interesting that my IGF is elevated - she even asked me if I was taking anything (which I am not and have never - lifetime natty baby).
TLDR - Based on my test/lab results above and the fact that I have zero symptoms or issues, what are your thoughts? I'm merely looking for input - they haven't been pushy and said it's really up to me. I also *think* I feel great. But could I feel even better?
Thanks, everyone :)
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2023.02.03 04:30 Adanooos Plusliga recap/update after January

Current league standings:

1. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 18 Wins - 4 Loses 53 points
2. Jastrzębski Węgiel 16 W - 6 L 52 p
3. Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 17 W - 5 L 48 p
4. Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle 16 W - 6 L 46 p
5. Projekt Warszawa 14 W - 8 L 40 p
6. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 14 W - 8 L 40 p
7. Trefl Gdańsk 13 W - 8 L 38 p
8. LUK Lublin 12 W - 10 L 34 p
9. PSG Stal Nysa 11 W - 11 L 34 p
10. Ślepsk Malow Suwałki 10 W - 12 L 32 p
11. PGE Skra Bełchatów 8 W - 14 L 29 p
12. Barkom Kazany Lviv 6 W - 16 L 24 p
13. Cuprum Lubin 8 W -13 L 20 p
14. GKS Katowice 8 W - 14 L 20 p
15. Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 2 W - 20 L 10 p
16. BBTS Bielsko-Biała 2 W - 20 L 5 p

Individual numbers:

Most MVPs:
  1. Uros Kovacevic - 6
  2. Taylor Averill - 6
  3. Bartosz Kwolek, Jakub Kochanowski, Jakub Jarosz, Stephane Boyer, Barłomiej Bołądź, TJ Defalco - 5

Most Blocks:
  1. Dmytro Pashytskyy - 61
  2. Vladyslav Shchurov - 60
  3. Karol Kłos - 56
  4. Jakub Kochanowski - 55
  5. Mateusz Bieniek - 54

Most blocks (wingers):
  1. Wassim Ben Tara - 39
  2. TJ Defalco - 37
  3. Wojciech Włodarczyk - 36
  4. Uros Kovacevic - 34
  5. Tomasz Fornal - 33

Most aces:
  1. Karol Butryn - 50
  2. Mateusz Bieniek - 48
  3. Bartosz Kwolek - 37
  4. Mikołaj Sawicki - 36
  5. Nicholas Szerszeń - 35

Best passers:
  1. Luke Perry - 66,47%
  2. Jan Martinez - 55,66%
  3. Santiago Danani - 53,64%
  4. Dustin Watten - 53,07%
  5. Mateusz Czunkiewicz - 52,68%

Top scorers:
  1. Wassim Ben Tara - 381
  2. Vasyl Tupchii - 377
  3. Bartosz Filipiak - 375
  4. Bartłomiej Bołądź - 371
  5. Uros Kovacevic - 356

Top scorers (middles):
  1. Mateusz Bieniek - 286
  2. Taylor Averill - 233
  3. Jakub Kochanowski - 200
  4. Dmytro Pashytskyy - 196
  5. Bartłomiej Lemański, Karol Kłos - 193

Team Stats:

Most aces:
  1. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn - 1,83
  2. Trefl Gdańsk - 1,79
  3. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 1,76

Most blocks:
  1. Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle - 2,75
  2. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - 2,63
  3. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 2,29

Best passing:
  1. Trefl Gdańsk - 49,14%
  2. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 47,31%
  3. Ślepsk Malow Suwałki - 47,05%

Best spiking:
  1. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - 55,08%
  2. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 52,98%
  3. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn - 51,31%

Most efficient spiking:
  1. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - 42,04%
  2. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 38,62%
  3. Projekt Warszawa - 37,38%

My Team of the month:

Jan Firlej - Projekt Warszawa started to performing way better in 2nd half of the season. Their wingers stepped up, so their rise through the ranks cannot be attributed just to Firlej, but he clearly plays a huge role in Projekt's recent good results. His setting is very difficult to read, completely unpredictable for other blockers, while he is decent to good in serving and blocking as well and his defensive abilities in backrow are also great. Overall, Janek has been key player of his team and once his wingers finally got healthy and 100% ready to play, Projekt, under Firlej's command, started to win more and rose through the ranks.
Bartłomiej Bołądź - Trefl continues to achieve good results and stays on a road to another top 8 finish with a solid chance of keeping 5th place they had after 1st half of the season. Just like Luke Perry is leader of their defense, Bartek Bołądź is leader of their offense. Over 5 points scored per set, with addition of great service and good blocking make him one of the best (if not the best) opposite in Plusliga so far. This month he led Trefl to wins over Skra and Zaksa, in addition to expected win over Radom.
TJ Defalco - American outside is Resovia's best player and difference between Resovia with Defalco playing well and Resovia without him or with TJ playing poorly is massive. This differrence was quite clear, when he played worse than normally against Cuprum and that was one of 2 loses Resovia had this month. The other one, against Zaksa, was in no way his fault, since Defalco played well in that match. TJ would also be my MVP of this season (if I had to choose one right now), since he averages almost 57% kills, he is one of the best blocking players in the league, his service is great and he does a lot of dirty work impossible to find in stats, like filling in as a secondary setter (setting when Drzyzga defends or cannot get the ball).
Artur Szalpuk - Artur Szalpuk came back to Plusliga this season and didn't start amazingly well, but once he dealt with his injury and took a starting spot away from Igor Grobelny, he has started to perform at the highest level we have ever seen from him. His passing is not that bad, his blocking has always been good and it's not different now, he improved his service, even though his jumping serve is not insanely dangerous, it's more than acceptable and he doesn't make a ton of errors. But what has always been his strenght - his spiking, got even better. He is super effective and efficient (58% kills and 45% efficiency so far) in that part of the game and often becomes top scorer of his team. It looks like playing with Firlej is great for him, just like having Artur on the left is good for Firlej.
Taylor Averill - Player of the month for sure. Taylor is currently in insane form. His service and blocking are good, but his spiking stands out for sure. In last 3 games he got 36 kills out of 42 spikes (that's 86% kills) with one of them being pipe attack against Warta Zawiercie. AZS Olsztyn got 3 super important wins this month and Averill went home with MVP awards in all of them, which shows how well he played and how important he is for his club.
Jan Nowakowski - Selecting second middle was much more difficult. In the end, I chose Jan Nowakowski for his consistent, good showings in all games this month. He has been reliable spiker in last games, averaging 69% kills and over 0,7 blocks per set in last 4 games (all he played this month). His teammates haven't been as consistent as him, just like other middles haven't been regularly good in previous month, so in my opinion Jan deserves some recognition for his current form.
Luke Perry - No changes here. Luke is the best performing libero, not just in Plusliga, but in the whole World. He continued to play like a mad man in January and it doesn't look like he is about to stop anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions:
Marcin Komenda
Linus Weber
Kevin Tillie
Filippo Lanza
Jakub Kochanowski
Michał Szalacha
Kuba Hawryluk
Marcin Komenda did a great job this month, leading LUK Lublin to some important victories, even though his wingers have been rather unpredictable and their performances varied from below average to great depending on the day. Linus Weber is fully healthy and after his recovery he finally started to play like Projekt fans wanted, we will see whether he will continue to be good. Kevin Tillie still is super important for his team. Not only he is key part of their defense, but he also adds quite a bit of points, often in the most important moments of sets or games. Filippo Lanza is the best Skra player this month, he had some really, really good performances, where he led their offense. It looks like playing with Vasina and Musiał somehow gave him a chance to step up and play way bigger role, which he took and shocked a lot of viewers. Kuba Kochanowski is not in peak form, but his blocking was on point this month. His spiking was also allright and ignoring Zaksa game, he has been serving rather well. Michała Szalacha had 2 great games this month and he starts to look like a player that got his chance to debut in NT back in 2019. His recent form is definitely a great information for Warta, since their middles have been lackluster so far this season. Finally, Kuba Hawryluk - young Polish libero waited long time to finally get his chance, but once Javier Weber gave him an opportunity to play, he proved he is one of the biggest prospects in Polish volleyball. Very solid passing, even though he didn't have Andringa next to him in every game, loads of digs and MVP award proves his class.

What do I have to say about teams, their performances and roster updates (if there were any):
Asseco Resovia Rzeszów
Resovia rejoined title competition (finally) and they are currently on their way to win regular season. Unlike 3 teams behind them, they didn't have to play in Europe, but if they continue to play well, it won't be the case next season. Resovia is the best spiking in the league this season and it's mainly due to TJ Defalco, who is fantastic so far. Maciej Muzaj and Klemen Cebulj are also doing quite well. However, recent news about Thibault Rossard getting seriously injured and missing the rest of the season might be problematic for Resovia, French player quite often helped the team and calmed down the rest of the squad when Defalco or Cebulj were struggling. You might be wondering whether the club found a replacement for Rossard. Yes, they did. But I have no idea what they are smoking in Rzeszów, since they went and signed... Mauricio Borges from Czarni Radom. Yes, guy that got relegated to the bench in 15th team of the league. The only saving grace is his passing, something potentially usefull for Resovia, but besides that Mauricio in Radom was horrendous. However, this season is great for the club, fans are finally coming back to their arena, atmosphere is good once again and they are about to fight for Polish Cup this month and then for medals in play-offs.

Jastrzębski Węgiel
With Jurij Gladyr back and addition of Moustapha M'Baye, Jastrzębski started to show signs of live again. Boyer is not back to his insane level from first months, but Fornal and Clevenot started to play better, their middle got stronger and they started to collect victories again. After losing 4 games in December, they've won 3 and lost just one this month. Jastrzębski definitely is getting stronger at the moment, they should continue to become even better in near future and fight with Resovia for 1st place in regular season.

Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie
Warta had a tough month and unlike JW, their performances were certainly not good and they were clearly worse compared to previous months. They were leaders of Plusliga after first half of the season, but now they dropped to 3rd after disappoiting month (in league and Champions League) and worrying loss 3:0 to GKS Katowice, without Uros Kovacevic and Santiago Danani. Both players are currently injured, but they should be back pretty soon. The only positive was big improvement by Michał Szalacha. However, season is not even close to being over and they should start playing better once Uros and Danani recover. I don't think they can drop out of top 4 anyways and by the time play-off starts, their form might be completely different.

Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle
This season will have 2 stages for Zaksa. Before Bednorz and after Bednorz. Because his arrival was not only (very late) necessary Semeniuk's replacement, but it transformed Zaksa from struggling top team into a Zaksa we saw in previous years. It was not immidiate, as loss to Trefl shows, but addition of Bartek Bednorz turned Zaksa from a team that can get a medal if things go well, into one of main title contenders. Really good game against Trentino with 2 sets of complete demolition of Italian team, followed by solid win over Resovia proved Zaksa is back. This makes me think that they will keep at least top 4 position in regular season and they will challange top Italian teams in Champions League this season.

Projekt Warszawa
Projekt had a very slow start, but after firing Santili and giving Graban a chance as a first coach and some key players recovery (Szalpuk, Tillie and Weber had injuries) they started to play really well and their rise in table is the best proof of their improvement. Tillie and Wojtaszek provide good passing, Jan Firlej is setting well and Weber with Szalpuk give Projekt their good offensive power. Wrona and Nowakowski, supported by Semeniuk, are one of the most experienced and effective blocking duos in Plusliga too. All in all, Warszawa look really solid now and they should easily stay in top 8. They won't be without chances to win their quaterfinal in play-offs as well.

Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
AZS is a bit unlucky, they have been dealing with some injuries, but their results are good and with their remaining schedule they should also keep their play-off spot. Even after losing Joshua Tuaniga and replacing him with very solid and reliable setter - Grzegorz Pająk. Luckily, even without their starting setter, they were looking fine. Karol Butryn and Bartłomiej Lipiński are a bit better than they were, Kuba Hawryluk continues to impress at libero, but the biggest start of AZS Olsztyn is Taylor Averill. American middle is on fire, he consistently carries his team and demolishes every opponent he meets. They still have a lot of room for improvements, especially offensively, but even without those, AZS should stay within top 8.

Trefl Gdańsk
Trefl continues to be super solid team with quite high lows. Their defense, built around Luke Perry and Jan Martinez, is absolutely fantastic. Bartłomiej Bołądź is performing really well and carries most of offensive load, with Mikołaj Sawicki supporting him nicely with decent offense and great service. They also finally signed another outside, who is probably replacing Piotr Orczyk, who got injured months ago - this new player is Jingyin Zhang. Chinese outside will bring some more physical power to the team and possibly improve their offense (if needed), however, he will be available only once other foreign player (Kampa, Perry or Martinez) sits on the bench. Overall, Trefl is very solid and reliable, so I don't think they will have any problems with staying in top 8, keeping 5th position they had after 1st half of the season is possible, but it will be difficult.

LUK Lublin
LUK had some real problems early on this season. They started with 6 loses, then they had just 2 wins in first 10 games, only to step it up once their players came back from injuries and they currently sit 8th with 12 wins and 10 defeats. It means they went 10-2 in last 12 games. Those 10 wins included victories over Zaksa, JW, Warta Zawiercie and AZS Olsztyn. Their key man is Nicholas Szerszeń, who is very solid in backrow, serves amazingly well and scores very efficiently when it comes to spiking. Szymon Romać, their starting opposite, is one of the biggest surprises of the league, he took over as a starter when Mateusz Malinowski was injured and so far kept his spot through very good performances. Add very solid Nowakowski and super offensive Jeffrey Jendryk in the middle, good duo of liberos (Watten and Gregorowicz) and Marcin Komenda, who distributes the ball really well and that's a good team. Which is why I kept faith in them after poor start and I think they will defend their spot in top 8 now that Nicholas Szerszeń should be back from another injury.

PSG Stal Nysa
Stal Nysa is much, much better than they were last year. Instead of relegation fight, they compete for top 8 this season. Some smart, solid signings, good job done by their coach, Daniel Pliński and massive support from their fans led them to this huge improvement. They had a slump in late November - early December, but they got back on track pretty quickly. Stal offense still heavily relies on Ben Tara (especially) and Gierżot (slightly less). Whenever they are both playing well, Stal is a huge threat for almost every team. They are able to deal with Gierżot's bad days, by subbing in El Graoui, but whenever Wassim Ben Tara is playing poorly, Stal is struggling and usually loses. They are also very rarely playing through the middle, without looking at stats, I would predict that they are using their middles the least in Plusliga. Their terrible passing definitely plays a role here, but it looks like Tsimafei Zhoukovski doesn't trust Abramowicz and Jankowski too much and Zerba is getting set only a bit more. All in all, I think they are too inconsistent to get into top 8 this season, but they definitely have a chance to surprise me and overtake one of teams above them.

Ślepsk Malow Suwałki
Ślepsk finished first half of the season 6th, now they are 10th, but only 2 points behind 8th LUK Lublin. Last month they lost to Resovia, as expected, but getting completely demolished by Projekt and dropping 2 points against Cuprum is somewhat disappointing for a team aiming at top 8. Wins over struggling GKS and Barkom are valueable, but they need to score more points, if they want to climb back into top 6 or top 8. Ślepsk wingers are doing rather well, especially Bartosz Filipiak, who is one of the best performing opposites in Plusliga. Mateusz Czunkiewicz improved again and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes the NT squad for VNL. Matias Sanchez is great setter, but his height is also obvious problem, often abused by his opponents. Looking at their recent form and remaining schedule, I don't see how they can make play-offs, since they still have a lot of really strong opponents left to play and they are already behind their competition.

PGE Skra Bełchatów
Their transformation from the most disappointing team to clowns of the league got completed. In 2nd half of regular season they got just 1 win and it was against BBTS Bielsko-Biała, team that scored points 3! times (twice against 15th Radom and once against Skra), proceeding to lose the rest of 7 games they played so far. Yes, they weren't terrible against Projekt Warszawa, but then they lost 3:0 to Barkom. Once Mateusz Bieniek stopped playing like a mad man, Skra started to struggle even more than before. Add Atanasijevic's injury and Kooy's problems to see complete disaster that is Skra Bełchatów at the moment. They just fired Joel Banks and hired Andrea Gardini, so it looks like they want to end the season on higher note and maybe even try to pull off a massive comeback into top 8. It's not impossible, they are just 5 points behind 8th LUK Lublin, but they need to start playing much, much better. They have easier games ahead of them now (Ślepsk, Cuprum, GKS and Czarni), before 4 more difficult, but also more important games (Zaksa, JW, AZS, LUK), so their schedule is pretty good to rebuild their morale and attempt a massive comeback. However, I don't have faith and I think they will miss play-offs for the first time in their history (they debuted in Plusliga in 2001/2002 season)

Barkom Kazany Lviv
New addition to the league. There was a lot of questions regarding this team, many people thought they will be really bad, however Barkom built a really decent team and even though they needed some time to get their first win, they are definitely far from the worst team in Plusliga this season. Solid 3 wins in January, over GKS, Cuprum and Skra allowed them to climb to 12th position. Their number 1 star is Vasyl Tupchii, Ukrainian opposite is one of the highest scoring players in the league, keeping his spiking at good 50% kills, while adding pretty good blocking and serving. Another stand out performer is Murat Yenipazar, Turkish setter is another positive surprise and it looks like his performance might lead him to another, higher ranked Plusliga team next season. Their duo of young and experienced middles provide really good blocking, but their spiking and serving is average at best. Overall, this team relies super heavily on Tupchii (almost 8 sets per set and over 4,5 points per set), but they are playing some solid volleyball and despite worries of some volleyball fans in Poland, they are a good addition to Plusliga. They proved their worth.

Cuprum Lubin
Cuprum has pretty underwhelming season, they continue to often lose decisively a bit too often, but then they pull off some impressive games out of nowhere and get wins strong teams like Resovia or JW (earlier). As of right now they realised they are not getting into play-offs, but they are also not getting relegated, so they let Moustapha M'Baye go to JW and Grzegorz Pająk to AZS Olsztyn, which kind of shows how they are just waiting for this season to end. Luckily, it means that Kajetan Kubicki will get to play a lot more and since he is probably the most promising Polish setter, I have got to be happy about that. Cuprum definitely started to play better after Berger returned and Paweł Rusek started to give Adam Lorenc more chances as a starter. Those 2 play a big role in this, just like Paweł Pietraszko, who together with their other starting middle, Florian Krage, quietly collected some great performances and are statistically one of the best middle duos in the league. Overall, Curpum might get a spot higher or lower, but they are not dangerously close to relegation fight (10 points ahead of Radom) and they are even further away (12 points) from top 8, so there is not a lot to fight for.

GKS Katowice
GKS was doing really well early on, they collected 7 wins in first 11 games, only to completely collapse in December and lose next 10 games, getting their 8th win against Warta Zawiercie of all teams in last game they played. Yeah, Jakub Szymański missed some games and once he came back they let Tomas Rousseaux go, but it really doesn't explain how they failed to score even 1 point in 10 games. Another issue (besides missing Szymański and losing Rousseaux) was Jakub Jarosz. His form dropped off a cliff and since he was their top scorer and best player when they were winning (5 MVP awards), it hurt the team. Losing Micah Ma'a was a big hit and Georgi Seganov was unable to really replace him long term. Now, GKS is waiting for this season to end, just like Cuprum. They have safe gap over Radom and play-offs ran away from them, so they will play remaining games with no pressure.

Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom
I didn't expect too much and I'm still disappointed. Czarni continue to lose game after game, they even managed to lose to BBTS. Again. They had moments, when they looked competitive, but overall they are lucky BBTS is worse, otherwise they would finish last and get relegated. Of course, the threat is still there, since 15th team will have to face 2nd place team from 1. Liga and looking at current Radom, I'm not so sure they will win. Bartosz Firszt is their most consistent performer, this Polish outside actually has a decent season, clearly better than previous ones. Bartek Lemański and Piotr Łukasik had some promising performances too. Wiktor Nowak isn't too bad either. But that's just not enough to regularly score points and climb out of the hole they are in. I think they might cause an upset and win a game, maybe score some more points, but in the end keep 15th place.

BBTS Bielsko-Biała
They are the worst team in the league by a mile. They are bottom 3 in all team rankings, they've lost Zimmerman, then let Pujol go, just like they allowed Urbanowicz to leave. Basically, they gave up. They somehow got 2 wins over Radom and recently scored 1 point against Skra, but most of the time they are not really competitive and they are winning sets when their opponents are losing concentration after easily beating them in previous set. Their best player and probably the only one worthy of starting in Plusliga is Jake Hanes. American opposite scores a ton of points and usually keeps the score at acceptable level almost by himself. The rest of the team is (or was) just not good enough. Letting some of their starting players go shows that they basically gave up, so I don't think they will score even one more point. I'm pretty sure only a miracle can save them from finishing last and getting relegated.
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went to denver this past weekend and my appetite was so low when i was there. barely eating enough for my body’s needs, which is not my norm. two days later back, at sea level, my appetite is rampant again. looked it up and apparently it’s true and also increases metabolism. now i want to live in the mountains
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OTC Braces & Supports Market by Product (Knee, Ankle, Spine, Shoulder, Neck, Elbow, Wrist, Facial), Application (Ligament (ACL, LCL), Preventive, OA, Compression), Distribution channel (Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmacies, E-Commerce) and Region submitted by akshayAdc65 to u/akshayAdc65 [link] [comments]

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Hey everyone,
I'm in my second semester of a distributed learning program with CNA and one of my instructors seems to have decided that asynchronous = stupid hours. We have an open book test every 2 chapters of the textbook. These tests are listed on the course schedule as being open on particular weeks. Last semester if an instructor assigned an open book test to a particular week with no exact date, the test was open to complete any time that week. This one? Nope! The test opens Saturday morning and closes Sunday night. He just announced that the latest one will open Saturday morning this evening, Thursday, and this test is listed under next week on the course schedule. I'm getting sick of it! I have other courses to work on and other tests coming up. This wasn't in the plan for this weekend and I can't knock it out early tomorrow.
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