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How to deal with guests who expect a caretaker

2023.02.03 04:35 RaiseVast How to deal with guests who expect a caretaker

Venting today about our experience with guests who have a lot of problems following house rules and, in many cases, have literally expected us to take care of them and act as an in-home caretaker. Over the past several years, we have seen a typical pattern with a guest who may be described a needing the host to act as a caretaker.
To summarize what we have seen over several such stays, in many cases the guest will have an AirBNB account but someone else will have assisted them in making the booking. We have self check-in, and in every case we've seen the guest will have not read the check-in instructions and in some cases will have no clue how to even use their own AirBNB account. This results in a lot of problems getting them checked-in, especially if we are not home. Just had a case of this where a woman sat outside our house for two hours, hadn't even attempted to open the door, thinking someone was going to let her in. After we got home we asked her if she knew about self check-in, how to use the door code she was provided, and she acted completely oblivious and needed a lot of help getting into the house.
House rules - completely ignored. The guests who fit into this category typically experience serious issues with violating house rules like walking into our office (back of the house off limits to guests), leaving bags and other personal items stored in public areas of the house, and even trying to enter our bedroom. Once had such a guest walk into the living room while we were eating dinner, wearing a t-shirt and underwear because he needed something trivial. Also, we have a separate pantry for our own food, kept separate from the guest area of the kitchen, and such guests have simply helped themselves to our food and one even left a bad review when he said we had not provided him food to eat or cooked him dinner (AirBNB removed that review as not something that was in the listing).
The big issue is a lot of expectations to be a caretaker, remain home with them at all times, go with them on outings to make sure they are okay, and even chauffeur them around to the store or other local places they need to go. We try our best to explain to such guests these aren't things we do as hosts and about a year ago, to protect ourselves from one such guest who we thought was going to leave a very bad review, we added to our listing that we are not "Experiences Hosts" and don't take guests out to do things during the day. (I recommend all hosts do that who are not hands-on with your guests and routinely spend time with them - it can spare you a bad review from someone expecting you to take them out on the town to sight see.)
Lastly, in every case, really bad reviews from the guest. Often for the points raised above - didn't act as a caretaker, didn't take them on outings, weren't home to meet them at check-in (even though we have self check-in)
Hard to explain really, but it's just a pattern we have seen with certain guests we've hosted. If they need a caretaker or someone to spend the day with them, that's fine, they should make such arrangements. But, booking with us and expecting us to provide these services is not apporpriate.
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2023.02.03 04:34 DistantDubstep (Extremely late) Hill I'll Die On: Skyline Chili sucks

On my walk to work I just happened to be listening to the episode where Wade mentions how much he LOVES Skyline Chili while walking past a Skyline and I call bullshit. I may not have grown up eating it cuz I was born in Missouri but I've lived in Ohio for about 8 years now and have given the fabled Skyline MULTIPLE chances and every time it tasted as bad as Mexican food tastes to Wade. Also I'm not 1 of the ppl who says it's not chili cuz it doesn't have beans cuz beanless chili is a thing, no, I say it's not chili CUZ IT DOESN'T TASTE LIKE CHILI! Skyline has the worst "chili" I've ever eaten and I stand by that WADE.
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2023.02.03 04:27 Kapples14 DR fanganronpa concept and cast

Danganronpa Fan Idea: City of the Lost
Across the world, young and bright students who have excelled in certain fields will be recognized by their countries as Ultimates. These Ultimates will then be sent to the Buchanan Institute for Growth and Development: considered by many to be one of the most revolutionary academies in human history. With funding and support from numerous nations' governments, Ultimates will be placed into Student Bodies of 16-20 in order to form close bonds with one another in order to collaborate and hone their crafts.
This hypothetical story would follow Charlie Cabot, the Ultimate Diplomat, who was placed into the 25th Student Body who are to be sent to Buchanan's Institute via a luxury cruise ship. However, this all changes when Charlie and his class mysteriously wake up on the shores of a large city stranded in the middle of nowhere. As it turns out, the 25th Student Body have been sent to the smog-coated city of iron and stone pillars, Vongerlach City. Here, under the many piercing eyes of a mysterious masked individual known as Mr. Jupiter, the class will now be forced to participate in a game show known as the Killing Game Extravaganza, where the only way out of the city's cold clutch is to kill one of their own and get away with it. With little chance of escape, Charlie has gone from becoming a rising star and into one of many poor souls who may be snuffed out in an instant.

Ultimate Economist: Aina Masayoshi
The world of finances has never been more lively and energetic since Aina came to the scene with her hit teen magazine, Wow, Money!, that has brought economic insight to her peers and friend groups. After saving her father's multi-million dollar company from bankruptcy, Aina has become an iconic economic prodigy thanks in part to her energetic and bubbly personality. This sunny, flirtatious, fast talker is someone who is always looking to bring the best out of every situation, even if it comes from very minute or exaggerated details. She is always trying to find the best opportunity in each situation, seeing the world's darkest corners as being the untapped wells for something truly fabulous.

Ultimate Scuba Diver: Ringo Egawa
The deepest depths of the seas and lakes hold untold mysteries, but no mystery can escape the reach of the Ultimate Scuba Diver. Ever since his youngest days, Ringo's been on a personal journey to find a supposed "Great Treasure" he is certain is out there. While not the sharpest tooth in the shark's jaw, he's as loyal and sincere as they can get. Ringo's beloved in the oceanic world for his easy-going and mellow personality, but this very same lax attitude has gotten him into many bizarre and precarious situations whenever he's left to his own devices. Despite this, Ringo has been able to perform many complex activities and operations while underwater, having a keen sense of problem-solving skills whenever he puts his all into whatever he finds most important.

Ultimate Mathematician: Tora Ito
The top of the top, Tora Ito is someone who will ensure that you remember his importance. Ito's computer-like intellect is only matched by his sheer vanity and pride. Ever since he was a child, Tora has been considered by many to be the next successor to his family's research company, Ito Scientific Developments & Technological Advancements. Ito, having lived his entire life among the upper crust of Japanese society, has fallen into a strange territory within the 25th Student Body of Buchanan's Institute for Growth and Development, considering the diverse body of students ranging from his more familiar brand of upper-class citizens, as compared to those from much more modest and rural communities. Ito often prefers to remain in solitude, only socializing with those who are either on his level, or can offer something of value to him.

Ultimate Saucier???: Yoshi Yamamoto
The life of the Ultimate Saucier may be shocking to some, but Yoshi Yamamoto is a living testament to how intense the food world can be. The son of a mafia's personal chef, Yoshi has honed his craft to the absolute peak within the culinary world. Hardened to the core through his time cooking for the mob, Yoshi has long since left his criminal upbringing to share his skills with the world. Despite this, many rumors have spread that his acceptance into Hope's Peak University wasn't for his cooking skills; however, Yoshi will fiercely defend his title against any skeptics. This intimidating giant may come off as unapproachable, but deep within lies the heart of a true artist and connoisseur of culinary arts.

Ultimate Escape Artist: Aldo Adesso
From the great Pavarotti Family Circus, Aldo Adesso is the latest in a long line of experts in the performing arts that has dominated Italian culture for the last 500 years. Aldo has conquered over 100 different forms of traps, puzzles, and death-defying challenges for adoring audiences, all without suffering as much as a scar on his body. This suave and charismatic star has left the circus life to pursue a grander path in life to reshape the world of entertainment. This pursuit has enabled Adesso to adopt a wide array of skills and resources that will provide him all the opportunity he needs to ensure that his mark will be burnt into history.

Ultimate Filmmaker: Ruth Weine
After entering the film world with her dramatically intense psychological-thriller, Dreaming While Awake, Ruth has managed to create several award-winning films with a modestly-sized crew and budget. Despite her humble upbringings, Ruth was still able to find an avenue into the complex world of cinema. She is often very quite, cold, and strictly professional in all relationships, but can become quick to light up when people around her show interest in her works. She is often focused on following a strict and meticulous routine, but often tries to break free of this lifestyle to avoid falling into the same tragic fates as many great artists. Ruth can be rather strict in what she determines as good cinema, having an astute knowledge of all aspects of the filming process after working extensively in each of those positions.

Ultimate Diplomat: Charlie Cabot
It's not easy living under your parents' shadows, but it's an even greater challenge when you've outshined them. Being the son of two Hope's Peak alumni, Charlie went from being a top student to a world-renowned sensation for his incredible skills in diplomacy and gift for foreign policy. Charlie may not be very certain on whether or not he believes that he is meant to change the world, but is determined to do so for the sake of the world. As a result, he's become much more ambitious in his pursuits to unite the world, even if he's not the most passionate about it.

Ultimate Figure Skater: Nikita Sugiyama
With the grace of winter's snow, and speed of a chilling wind, Nikita Sugiyama has become a top recruit for some of Serbia's greatest trainers and coaches. This quiet and melancholic poet has made a name for themselves not only for their talents, but also for the shocking contrast to their jolly blowhard father, a well-known military hero and ambassador who has worked extensively to aid his daughter in their journey to one day compete in the Olympics. Despite being one to prefer staying out of petty conflict, Nikita has been caught up in some controversies where they spoke out on issues often bigger than what they're more capable of handling. Regardless, the Ultimate Figure Skater is still recognized for their graceful and resilient spirit in the face of adversity.

Ultimate Gardener: Blaire Bouchard
The beauty of gardening has become far more abstract under Blaire's hands. With a supposed connection to the mystical arts, flowers and plantlife seem to thrive only days after she tends to them. After years of serving as the president her school's gardening club, she has developed a reputation of strict perfectionism in order to ensure the peak level of natural performance. However, many members of her club have left under mysterious circumstances, with rumors circulating that Blaire has created a harmful and abusive environment within the club that has led to many leaving in either protest or fear of Blaire's influence. Those who doubt her self-proclaimed connections to the mystical are often the most likely to see Blaire's true colors.

Ultimate Fashion Designer: Izumi Shima
The fashion scene fired up with a new sense of beauty when Izumi Shima, the Baroness of Boutiques, hit the scenes. After rising from poverty, Izumi Shima became the apprentice to one of Japan's top fashion designers. With a keen eye for detail and a mastery of the needle and thread, this determined fashionista has taken the internet by storm with her direct, but eloquent, personality. With legions of fans and patrons clamoring for her every word and action, the Baroness' Hall has reached international levels with Shima's clothes and accessories being shipped to some of the most high end department stores in the world. It's not often that Shima does interviews or exclusives, so there is some rumors to the history of this young designer and just who she really is underneath the layers of chique fabrics.

Ultimate Football Player: Carlos Barbaroza
Tragedy has followed the Barbaroza family for as long as Carlos can remember, having witnessed the woes and losses of many close relatives and loved ones. This has left Carlos determined to bring fame and fortune to his family as a skilled athlete, hoping that this would alleviate and mitigate the constant heartbreak and misfortune that has plagued his loved ones. With a heavily goal-focused mindset, Carlos has quickly lead his team to national levels through his athletic capabilities, winning several consecutive championships throughout his tenure. However, this career has turned him into a fiercely competitive, hostile, and materialistic diva more focused on the benefits he can gain from sports.

Ultimate Paintball Captain: Warren Kutsuki
As leader of the Fisheye Fighters, Ryu has turned a ragtag high school team of paintball players into an online sensation with their revolutionary strategies and close bonds. With his crew, paintball rifle, and lucky binoculars, Ryu has been able to led his team to complete international challenges and competitions with flying colors. This confident commando has been considered by his peers to be a brilliant strategist who could potentially reach the same heights of leadership as some of history's strongest military leaders. There are few challenges that the Ultimate Paintball Captain will back down from, because for as long as his ambitions lie forward, he will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Ultimate Mountain Climber: Mei Takayama
A natural survivor, Mei has become the inspiration to many after conquering both life-threatening illnesses and treacherous mountains. With passion, undying perseverance, and a hardy grin, she has shown that true strength comes to those who work the hardest for it. After climbing numerous mountains most would consider too intimidating for even the most daring of adventurers, Mei has built up a legendary status and brand to inspire young children to never give up and to always reach for the top. With both natural grace and raw strength, she has developed a genuine belief that no challenge will ever go unbeaten, even when the sacrifice begins to feel just as insurmountable.

Ultimate Engineer: Adeline Charbonnier
Within the streets of Paris, one small building is constantly lit with the sparks of machinery whenever Adeline Charbonnier finds her team on a new project. Whether it's toys, cars, home appliances, solar panels, factory machines, or computers, Adeline will make sure that that she and her team are on the go. You'd be hard to find this fiery thinker doing anything unrelated to her work thanks to her undying sense of humanitarianism. However, this has led to too many sleepless nights, causing the bright star to become overwhelmed with her workload. She truly wants to do her best in helping out her friends, but she's struggling to find the best possible way to balance her work and the rest of her life.

Ultimate Archivist: Setsuko Shimoda
Whether it's history, politics, finances, criminology, or scientific research, there isn't an article or document that Suzume can find. With an analytical mind and a steady heart, this mousy young lady has risen from working with student council and to serving with local politicians thanks to her incredible skills. As the Ultimate Archivist, Setsuko lives by a personal code of utmost transparency and 100% accuracy regarding any and all records that fall under her fingers. She is quite well known by friends and coworkers for her sweet, if somewhat stubborn, demeanor that can leave anyone anyone disarmed. Be sure not to get in her way when she's in the middle of work, however, or else you may end up with a lecture so stern your ears will be left ringing.

Ultimate Fisherman: Ken Sawai
Ken is a simple guy: he likes fishing, good food, and quiet lakes. Ken is somewhat of an awkward, if well-meaning, guy who is relatively new to the idea of Ultimates and becoming a global figure, having primarily worked within his community and limited social spaces due for most of his life. Ken has managed to win numerous fishing competitions, contributed his talents and knowledge towards conservational projects, and has aided in nurturing the populations of numerous endangered species of fish. However, this kindhearted slowpoke can find himself overwhelmed by modern and urban cultures with how fast and energized they are. In such environments, Ken prefers to lean on to those around him who may be much more capable in these times, never being too confident that he could truly survive in such a stressful environment.

Host of the Killing Game Extravaganza: Mr. Jupiter
Dancing like Gene Kelly, charming like Steve Allen, and psychotic as Lee Harvey Oswald, Mr. Jupiter has it all. This mysterious entertainer is not only the host of the Killing Game Extravaganza, but he is also the Mayor of Vongerlach City. In the pursuit of a truly extravagant Killing Game, Mr. Jupiter has managed to construct a masterful plan to psychologically isolate and weaken the wills of his contestants. With a mask of vanity, opportunism, and aloofness, Mr. Jupiter exercises his vast scope of power with a more upbeat and humorous disposition, seeing the various misfortunes and drama presented by the Killing Game as great opportunities to liven up the show. Rumor has it that this mysterious show host has a connection to the Buchanan Institute that may go back many years.

Ultimate Chaperone: Monoleo
Within Vongerlach City's iron jaws lies a small glimmer of hope, a fiery star of guidance, and a self-appointed leader who may be able to help the contestants survive the Killing Game. Monoleo believes he is the last line of defense between the Ultimate Student Body and Mr. Jupiter's sinister desires, although he is far more over his head than he knows. This proud blowhard will stop at nothing to overthrow his cynical rival, Monotora. However, Monoleo often forgets that he is just as powerless as the very contestants he's supposed to protect. Even so, there is nothing that Monoleo won't do to try and be the hero that he believes he can be.

Ultimate Backstage Manager: Monotora
Every good show host needs a manager, and a talent agent, and a producer, and a cleanup crew, and a caterer, and a makeup artist, and just about any job that Monotora will be willing to take.... which is all of them. This sleezy cat will tell you about all the work he does through the puffs of smoke if he has the time. As Mr. Jupiter's backstage manager, Monotora works to monitor the Killing Game and its crew. Why he does this is pretty much unknown considering that a robot tiger has no real need for money, but he seems to be perfectly content taking the credit for the show's success whenever his boss is not in the room.

This is just a hypothetical fanganronpa I was thinking of. I'd love to hear what people think of it. I'm not really looking to turn this into a legitimate game (no skills, no time, no money, etc.), but I still wanted to at least throw this idea onto paper to see what people think.
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2023.02.03 03:41 MrsSwanson I am traveling from Ohio in May and I want to know what the local favorites are.

Hi! I am traveling to Denver for the first time in May and I will be staying for 3 days. I would like to experience the Denver food scene to the best of my ability in the short time I will be here. I would like to avoid touristy spots if possible, but at the same time I would like to get things that aren’t readily available in Ohio like elk, Colorado green chilli, etc. (although I realize finding these items at non-touristy spots may not be possible). Anyway, please let me know what spots capture the Denver food scene the best, while also tasting the most delicious. Restaurants that locally source would be even better! Thank you so very much!
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2023.02.03 02:33 aroseisaroseisabitch Thursday Nightly Hangout Thread - Feb 2, 2033

Welcome to tonight’s thread! If you haven’t been around before, here is a quick explanation of these threads for you to peruse!
The Daily/Nightly thread is a place for you to enjoy the company of your fellow RAOAers in one place! This thread is for many fun things such as:
Plus many more risky happenings!
So come on in, grab a blanket, and get cozy.
QOTD:What have you accomplished recently that you’re proud of?
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2023.02.03 02:00 AutoModerator Northeast Ohio Chapter Meeting Thu., 9 Feb. 2023 at 7 PM

Northeast Ohio Chapter Meeting
Join our Northeast Ohio Chapter Meeting to help raise local awareness and support for Ranked-Choice Voting! We're building a team of volunteers from so we can work together on relational organizing and in-person outreach — like canvassing at local events, speaking engagements, and house parties.
All are welcome to join us immediately afterward for food/drinks at Ray's Place!
RSVP for more details and/or for the link to join remotely via Zoom.
When: Thursday, 9 February 2023 from 7:00 to 8:00 PM ET
Where: Kent Free Library
Contact: Kyle Herman · [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.02.03 01:15 FoodBoxHQ Food Box MEGA-List: Meal Delivery, Meat Delivery, Snacks, Smoothies, Desserts, Drinks, & More!

Tired of buying the same thing over and over at your local grocery store? You're in the right place.
We're curating all of the different types of foods you can purchase on the internet.
Whether you're looking for tastier late night snacks or a very specific allergen-friendly meal delivery service, you'll find it here.
Know of a food box that isn't listed? Let us know in the comments!

Meal Kits

Pre-Made Meal Delivery Services

Meat Boxes

Seafood Boxes

Food Marketplaces

Grocery Delivery

Fruit & Vegetable Boxes

Snack Boxes (Subscription)

Snack Boxes (No Subscription)

Pasta Boxes

Smoothie Boxes (Subscription)

Desserts & Candies



Coffee Boxes

Mushroom Coffee

Tea Boxes


Emergency Foods


\This list is continually being updated. Be sure to come back for updates!*
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2023.02.03 01:08 lostinluster2791 Not slimy or smelly but discolored white mushrooms. Got these at a food pantry and would like to use them but want to know if they’re safe!

Not slimy or smelly but discolored white mushrooms. Got these at a food pantry and would like to use them but want to know if they’re safe! submitted by lostinluster2791 to foodsafety [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 00:47 ImNewHerr Anyone know how I can score a City contract?

I would like to be paid hundreds of grand per year for removing the snow from my bird feeder and occasionally waking up before noon.
Do I just go ask the assembly or do I have to write a proposal?
Can I just say I’m building a food pantry but invest it in dividend paying stocks?
Thanks for your help!
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2023.02.03 00:37 BuckeyeReason Yelp current reviewer ratings of 10 best Cleveland restaurants suggest a post-pandemic transformation of the Cleveland dining scene

Here are the currently top 10-rated Cleveland restaurants, as rated by Yelp reviewers:
  1. 1330 on the River; 2) Jaja; 3) Amba; 4) Noble Beast Brewing; 5) Cordelia; 6) ALEA; 7) Agave & Rye - Cleveland; 8) Pioneer; 9) Collision Bend Brewing Company; and 10) Butcher and the Brewer.
Many of these are only recently opened, including Jaja and Pioneer in the new INTRO mixed-use complex.'s-intro-building
The Yelp algorithm must more heavily weight recent reviews, as the differences between the Yelp list and the Tripadvisor top ten Cleveland restaurants are striking, as not a single restaurant makes both top 10 lists. Here are the Tripadvisor current top 10 rankings:
  1. Marble Room; 2) Slyman's Deli; 3) Blue Point Grille; 4) Taza; 5) Bourbon Street Barrel Room; 6) L'Albatros; 7) Momocho; 8) Mia Bella; 9) EDWINS; and 10) Grumpy's Cafe.
It's possible also that Tripadvisor puts a heavier weighting on menu prices, or has a more budget-conscious reviewer profile.
The fact that Butcher & Brewer is the only Yelp top 10 restaurant to make the top 30 of Tripadvisor restaurants suggests that the difference is indeed a much more heavy emphasis by Yelp on more recent reviews. Noble Beast was the only additional Yelp top ten restaurant to make the top 50 Tripadvisor list!
Momocho is 14 on the Yelp list, Bourbon Street Barrel Room is 17, Taza 18, Blue Point Grille 19, and Marble Room 30 on the Yelp list.
Fascinating. it will be interesting to see if the Yelp and Tripadvisor top 10 lists eventually converge, and if so how many months or years will pass before they do resemble one another.
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2023.02.02 23:24 ndcc-2022 Would this bother you?

My in-laws, who are generally very good to us/likeable but somewhat judgmental of others/gossipy, recently visited. They visit four times a year for a week. They live far away and it's easier for them to travel to us for many reasons.
I'm the type of person who doesn't put on a show for others; I am who I am, and if you visit, I'm not changing our lifestyle around outside of making sure the house is clean and providing food.
Anyway, my husband and I went out for an overnight and came back to a lot of organization. It was actually my father-in-law who did it. I feel weird about it. I'm not going to make a stink about it because they are good to us and our kids, but I'm just curious if my feelings would be shared.
Our entire pantry was organized, our storage containers were organized, my kids' drawers were organized (pointless because my kids rummage through their drawers- they're early elementary age), and our linen closet was organized. My FIL also made a small comment that we'd be able to easily find things now. I'm not sure how I feel about this... Should I be thankful? I'm of the opinion that you don't go through people's things or change them around when you visit. Helping with dishes or laundry is appreciated, but anything else feels a little too much. I admit I'm a little messy with all of the above, but it's because our lives are hectic so I don't care about things being in a certain place or neatly put away. Thoughts??
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2023.02.02 22:47 Beat_Saber_Music Have any of you read the fantasy story of a war between Ohio and Michigan?

There was this post somewhere on the internet like DeviantArt or such about a fantasy North America, where a conflict between the kingdoms of Ohio and Michigan over the Toledo led to a massive conflict, where all kinds of factions like the nomadic horse riders of a place like Wisconsing joining the battle while also involving magic users.
It was such an amazing world and short story, and I'd like to get a link to it if somebody has it, as I haven't been able to find it.
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2023.02.02 22:38 shemp33 It doesn't look like we're getting our Halal Guys (from NYC) store here anytime soon

It was about a year ago (2/4/22) that this was announced, and then later announced they would be moving in at 6181 Sawmill Rd - That's an out-lot in front of the Meijer. I drove by today, and the MOD pizza and 5-guys is there. The two inner stores -One was a Curry-Up which looks to be closed, and the other store (no name or sign) is still sitting empty with an "Available" sign in the window. After a year, and the location still saying "Available" that doesn't seem like good progress. The news articles said 7 locations. I hope this is just a temporary setback.
Meanwhile, with no disrespect to the guy in the food truck on Cleveland Ave (which is very good), I guess we continue to wait.
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2023.02.02 22:23 MiezMiez4ever January report

Just wanted to share my January progress!
Necessary categories
Not strictly necessary categories (low buy)
Regarding food
I didn’t set any specific goals when it comes to food, since I suffered from terrible IBS for almost a decade. It’s only recently improved and I’m finally able to eat (pretty much) normally again, so I just want to enjoy my meals. I do however want to keep a sensible budget regarding “outside food” (take away, restaurants, cafes, and bars) of around $100 per month and be more conscious about what exactly I’m buying in general and avoiding food waste at home.
I spent $290 in total ($176 for groceries and $114 for “outside food”), which is alright for a very high cost area/country (also, my boyfriend ate several times at my place from this budget). I saved a bunch of new recipes that I want to try in February.
Bonus: I used up all my old (still edible) food in the pantry and cleared out everything that wasn’t good anymore. Felt pretty guilty when throwing out the old food, but it’s made me more conscious about buying in small amounts even if it’s more expensive, but not having to throw anything away.
Planned spending in February:
I hope February goes as planned! Good luck to everyone out there on their no-buy journey!
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2023.02.02 21:49 Ok-Writer6322 What’s the best place to host an adult birthday dinner/drinks?

My wife is turning 30. I’d like to take her out for dinner and drinks with some family and friends. Maybe 15-25 people altogether. Anywhere in the Toledo or surrounding areas for something like this you all enjoy? She’s not picky about food!
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2023.02.02 21:46 asiyanaaz 3 Pack Glass Food Storage Jars, 64 oz Glass Food Storage Containers with Airtight Bamboo Lids, Pantry Organization Jar for Spice, Flour & Sugar Container, Canister Set for Kitchen Counter $ 21.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me for more details

3 Pack Glass Food Storage Jars, 64 oz Glass Food Storage Containers with Airtight Bamboo Lids, Pantry Organization Jar for Spice, Flour & Sugar Container, Canister Set for Kitchen Counter $ 21.99 For AMAZ0N USA 🇺🇸 Testers DM me for more details submitted by asiyanaaz to AmazonItemGuide [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 21:30 orcus74 Be like u/kingpiranha

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2023.02.02 20:48 MissDollEyez Best precooked meal delivery service for seniors

Hi All!
I’m in a bit of a pickle. I went to visit my retired grandfather (73). I usually visit him once or twice a year as we live ~500 miles away from one another. The issue is he doesn’t have any friends and none of my other family checks on him and I’m starting to get worried.
My visit last summer his fridge was relatively decently filled (as much as you can expect for single old man) but this time I noticed his fridge was filled with a weeks worth of 7/11 sandwiches so I’m assuming he goes there and get a bunch of sandwiches to eat on every week. Nothing is in his freezer and his pantry is barebones. Money is not an issue for him so I think he’s just stop caring to cook.
If I lived nearby, I would meal prep for him, heck I would even mail it but I’m not sure that would be economical or safe. I am wondering if there are any meal delivery services that could ship him or deliver him precooked meals he just have to heat up in the microwave weekly.
I looked into services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sun basket etc but he has dietary restrictions & preferences.
Because I do not have any health issues I never paid attention to nutrition labels so I have no idea what too much sodium is or what too much cholesterol is. I won’t be young forever so going forward I’ll likely start doing more research on these things

What I need help with is I am wondering if someone could direct me to a food service that can deliver precooked meals that have no sodium or very very little, no cholesterol or very very little. No tomatoes, no spices (such as chilies and peppers , he loves herbs through!) and no cruciferous veggies. I would rather not spend $200 or more a week on this but it’s my grandfather so money isn’t an issue if need be. He also lives within the DMV area on the east coast if that can help.

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2023.02.02 20:40 Philodendronphan What do you think a judge would do?

Backstory: I (35f) was married to my husband (39m) for almost 4 years when I found out that he had been having an affair with a coworker for at least 2.5 years. I had been a teacher, but spent the past year and a half as a SAHM because he said he was bringing in at least $10k a month. He worked Monday through Saturday from 8:30AM-9PM or later. On Sundays he would always claim to be so tired from working that we couldn’t ever do anything. He would go and run errands for four hours or so. He also would really talk up covid and how risky it would be to expose our daughter (3f) to the world and specifically my family.
When I found out about the affair and their one year old, I left the house because I didn’t know what he would do to me. I’ve watched enough Dateline to know that a double life can lead to a dead spouse. My family got as much stuff out as we could and had police with us just to be safe (some were family and friends) and then determined to leave everything else.
My husband was supposedly going on an interview in a different state and had been doing that a lot recently. I found out that he was just across town with his girlfriend. He had stopped paying my phone bill and car payment, and I never had access to his bank account. He sent me money for “retail therapy” in the past and paid for everything else. So I was in a bad spot, beyond my investments.
I didn’t hear from him for well over a month, until I told him I needed to know where he was to serve him papers. He wouldn’t tell me. He still hasn’t told me where he is, but I assume it’s a different state based on what people have been able to find out. He has a picture of our daughter and his son on Facebook, but he never contacted me unless I asked something about the divorce or asked for child support. The answer for child support has been “no” since November. He also has not asked how our daughter is, to talk to her on the phoneFaceTime, or for pictures. The only way he wanted to see her is if he could take her overnight. Since I don’t know where he actually lives or works (or has a job… he lied about that and having health insurance for well over a month) my attorney said that I could be held responsible if he did anything to harm our daughter. I also don’t believe he would bring her back to me.
He told me multiple times that he would give me full physical and legal custody if he could have her from Saturday night through Sunday night, when he came into town. He drank heavily at night when he thought I was getting ready for bed and spent hours with his girlfriend instead of spending time with our daughter. Sometimes he would only see her once a week, so the relationship was fairly minimal.
In his documents from his attorney, he said we would have joint custody, I would not get any spousal support, and would have to drop the TRO I filed for.
I had my attorney say that we agreed to me having sole custody and I requested: $5k to set up a new home (apartment) for our daughter, for him to pay child support and 70% of medical expenses, to pay for half of a future pet and its necessities, and he could have supervised visits at family member’s houses from 10-3 on Sundays, when he came back to town. He would need to give me a week’s notice and then confirm the day before so our daughter didn’t have to sit around waiting for him to show or not.
He got the response from his attorney and then lost it in text messages. I was using our daughter as a pawn, he had prepared a case against me for months, I was so messed up and over medicated (lol I was fueled by hot fury), I was a terrible mother (he always said I was the best), and my mom had clearly been writing and deleting my texts and I didn’t realize any of it because I was so sad. The kicker was that he said he would now file for sole physical and legal custody ON PRINCIPLE and I would never see her and owe him child support. He said he was the consistent parent and a great father and had tons of people willing to testify against me. (Remember that I was isolated and couldn’t see my family?)
He also has been to prison for stealing thousands from a food pantry.
My SIL knows everything about how he treated me (blaming me for his dog dying, making me scared to tell anyone how overwhelmed I was, etc.) and is happy to speak for me.
We’re divorcing in a no fault state. Neither of us live there anymore because he moved us out of state a few months before all of this happened. I’m just forty minutes from where we lived and am with my parents.
What do you think a judge would say?
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2023.02.02 20:39 MissDollEyez Best precooked meal delivery service for seniors

Hi All!
I’m in a bit of a pickle. I went to visit my retired grandfather (73). I usually visit him once or twice a year as we live ~500 miles away from one another. The issue is he doesn’t have any friends and none of my other family checks on him and I’m starting to get worried.
My visit last summer his fridge was relatively decently filled (as much as you can expect for single old man) but this time I noticed his fridge was filled with a weeks worth of 7/11 sandwiches so I’m assuming he goes there and get a bunch of sandwiches to eat on every week. Nothing is in his freezer and his pantry is barebones. Money is not an issue for him so I think he’s just stop caring to cook.
If I lived nearby, I would meal prep for him, heck I would even mail it but I’m not sure that would be economical or safe. I am wondering if there are any meal delivery services that could ship him or deliver him precooked meals he just have to heat up in the microwave weekly.
I looked into services like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sun basket etc but he has dietary restrictions & preferences.
Because I do not have any health issues I never paid attention to nutrition labels so I have no idea what too much sodium is or what too much cholesterol is. I won’t be young forever so going forward I’ll likely start doing more research on these things

What I need help with is I am wondering if someone could direct me to a food service that can deliver precooked meals that have no sodium or very very little, no cholesterol or very very little. No tomatoes, no spices (such as chilies and peppers , he loves herbs through!) and no cruciferous veggies. I would rather not spend $200 or more a week on this but it’s my grandfather so money isn’t an issue if need be. He also lives within the DMV area on the east coast if that can help.

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2023.02.02 18:55 LIS1050010 Guide: Rabbit starvation - Why you can die even with a stomach full of lean meat

“You’ll starve to death if you only eat rabbit meat” is one of those common refrains you learn when getting into survival. It’s a fun fact you might share over a beer or to show off how woodsy you are to your LARPer friends.
And while it’s actually true and worth understanding why, it doesn’t actually happen much anymore — we’ve struggled to find modern documented cases.
This was far more common in the wild frontier days when people were starving for food over the winter, which happens to also be when wild animals are at their leanest because they’ve burned off their fat. These frontiersmen also didn’t understand local vegetation and habitats the way indigenous people did.
Commonly called “rabbit starvation” or “mal de caribou” but officially called “protein poisoning,” it happens when you eat too much protein without enough fat and/or carbohydrates, which leaves your stomach full but your body malnourished. Excessive protein can overwhelm your liver and kidneys, leading to excess ammonia, urea, and amino acids in your blood. It’s a serious condition that can kill you.
It’s similar to hyponatremia “water poisoning,” where people can actually drink themselves to death with water. But the water itself isn’t the problem, it’s the lack of salts/electrolytes to balance out the body’s chemistry.


Protein starvation symptoms

Diarrhea seems to be the most commonly reported symptom.
In many modern anecdotes, what people thought was rabbit starvation was actually something else. If you only eat the muscular parts of a rabbit, for example, you’re not getting the Vitamin C stored in its organs, which can lead to scurvy.
That’s the trickiest part about diagnosing rabbit starvation. These symptoms are very similar to the symptoms of other common problems people experience in these kinds of austere survival scenarios.
So if you have digestive problems and aren’t sure why:

Actual cases of rabbit starvation

There aren’t actually that many recorded cases of rabbit starvation or protein poisoning. The earliest is from Appian’s Roman History:
Their soldiers were sick from watching and want of sleep, and because of the unaccustomed food which the country afforded. They had no wine, no salt, no vinegar, no oil, but lived on wheat and barley, and quantities of venison and rabbits’ flesh boiled without salt, which caused dysentery, from which many died.
The SAS Survival Handbook discusses rabbit starvation (emphasis mine) among Hudson Bay Company trappers in the Canadian frontier wilderness:
Rabbits can provide the easiest of meals but their flesh lacks fat and vitamins essential to man. The Hudson Bay Company recorded cases of trappers dying of starvation although eating well on an easily available diet of rabbit. The body uses its own vitamins and minerals to digest the rabbit and these are then passed out in the faeces. If they are not replaced, weakness and other symptoms of vitamin deficiency appear. If more rabbit is eaten, the condition becomes worse. Trappers literally ate themselves to death when eating vegetation would have ensured their survival. This situation often occurs when vegetation has been buried by snow and survivors rely on rabbits for food.
Charles Darwin wrote about mild cases of rabbit starvation in The Voyage of the Beagle:
​​We were here able to buy some biscuit. I had now been several days without tasting anything besides meat: I did not at all dislike this new regimen; but I felt as if it would only have agreed with me with hard exercise. I have heard that patients in England, when desired to confine themselves exclusively to an animal diet, even with the hope of life before their eyes, have hardly been able to endure it. Yet the Gaucho in the Pampas, for months together, touches nothing but beef. But they eat, I observe, a very large proportion of fat, which is of a less animalized nature; and they particularly dislike dry meat, such as that of the Agouti. Dr. Richardson also, has remarked, “that when people have fed for a long time solely upon lean animal food, the desire for fat becomes so insatiable, that they can consume a large quantity of unmixed and even oily fat without nausea:” this appears to me a curious physiological fact. It is, perhaps, from their meat regimen that the Gauchos, like other carnivorous animals, can abstain long from food. I was told that at Tandeel, some troops voluntarily pursued a party of Indians for three days, without eating or drinking.
Much of what we know of rabbit starvation comes from arctic explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson, who wrote in Not by Bread Alone in 1946:
The groups that depend on the blubber animals are the most fortunate in the hunting way of life, for they never suffer from fat-hunger. This trouble is worst, so far as North America is concerned, among those forest Indians who depend at times on rabbits, the leanest animal in the North, and who develop the extreme fat-hunger known as rabbit-starvation. Rabbit eaters, if they have no fat from another source—beaver, moose, fish—will develop diarrhea in about a week, with headache, lassitude and vague discomfort. If there are enough rabbits, the people eat till their stomachs are distended; but no matter how much they eat they feel unsatisfied. Some think a man will die sooner if he eats continually of fat-free meat than if he eats nothing, but this is a belief on which sufficient evidence for a decision has not been gathered in the North. Deaths from rabbit-starvation, or from the eating of other skinny meat, are rare; for everyone understands the principle, and any possible preventive steps are naturally taken.
Stefansson lived for years with the Inuit people, admiring their good health and becoming an early proponent of a carnivore diet. Eating nothing but meat and fat was considered barbaric at the time, so Stefansson submitted himself to a year-long study in 1928 in which he ate nothing but meat. He was perfectly fine at the end of the year, minus a calcium deficiency.
At one point, Stefansson intentionally put himself into rabbit starvation76842-7/pdf), but recovered quickly once he started eating fat again:
At our request he began eating lean meat only, although he had previously noted, in the North, that very lean meat sometimes produced digestive disturbances. On the 3rd day nausea and diarrhea developed. When fat meat was added to the diet, a full recovery was made in 2 days. This disturbance was followed by a period of persistent constipation lasting 10 days.
Explorer and author Farley Mowat experienced rabbit starvation while living among the Ilhalmiut people of Canada. He was cured when his guide had him drink lard.
A possible case of rabbit starvation occurred in the case of Chris McCandless, subject of the book Into the Wild, who was found dead in the wilds of Alaska in 1992. Author Jon Krakauer speculated in the book that McCandless was a victim of protein poisoning.
However, McCandless’s own journal blamed seeds from wild potatoes. His actual cause of death has been hotly debated over the years since wild potato seed wasn’t thought to be poisonous. However, after decades of research, Krakauer now believes that McCandless suffered from paralysis caused by the potato seed, exacerbated by malnutrition. While rabbit starvation may have been a contributing factor, it likely wasn’t the specific cause of death.
A recent case of protein poisoning dates back to 2017 when a 25-year-old Australian bodybuilder died from what basically amounted to an overdose of protein shakes in an attempt to build muscle. However, the culprit was a rare genetic condition called Urea Cycle Disorder that prevented her body from breaking down protein, leading to a buildup of ammonia in her blood. Tragic, but a rare perfect storm of events.
We don’t necessarily know if rabbit starvation was the true cause of these documented cases, as other conditions can cause these symptoms. For example, ketogenic diets have been all the rage for years, because when you cut carbs out of your diet, your body burns fat at a high rate. I lost 50 pounds in a summer on keto. And there aren’t a lot of carbs in the wild, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to lose a great deal of weight on a wildcraft diet, even if you were getting enough fat.
Other causes of diarrhea could be bacteria or parasites. Even typically benign, yet unfamiliar, bacteria, could cause problems. Often called “Montezuma’s revenge,” “Nile runs,” or “Delhi belly,” or the more-professional “travelers’ diarrhea.” In other words, you go to a strange place where you aren’t adapted to the local microfauna and you get the squirts. Travelers’ diarrhea could explain why the Roman soldiers caught dysentery despite having access to grains that should have warded off protein poisoning.

Eat fat and don’t solely rely on protein

Based on anecdotes and tradition, the key really seems to be fat intake. Contrary to decades of faulty marketing and dietary advice, you need fat in your diet, as indicated by both tradition and contemporary science. And that’s especially true in survival situations.
If you want to get more precise, your goal is to eat less than 35% of your daily calories from protein — by eating a mix of foods, you’re more likely to get the nutrients you need.
When stocking your survival pantry, think about shelf-stable fats like:
I much prefer animal fats like butter and lard to industrial seed oils, but I still stock several cans of Crisco because it lasts for years.
Also, learn how to make your own lard and tallow to use in cooking. If you homestead, consider raising chickens for eggs, keeping fatty animals like pigs, raising milk animals like goats, and growing fatty plants like sunflowers and nut trees.
Many rabbit breeders doubt that you would suffer rabbit starvation when eating domestic rabbits. Being a rabbit breeder myself, I can tell you from experience that rabbits get fat from commercial rabbit food all too easily.
What about if you’re in the wild? One trick is to extract every bit of fat from animals you eat. Boil the bones to extract previous fatty marrow in a broth. Eat the internal organs, like the liver, that most of us usually turn our nose up at. A good source of fat is brains, which can be up to 60% fat. An easier source of fat in the wild is nuts, like acorns. Acorns from white oaks are preferable since they’re lower in tannins that can make you sick. To eat acorns, you need to boil them repeatedly to remove the tannins.

Article Source
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2023.02.02 18:52 JWang03 Is my EC fine/ suggestions on how I can improve?

I'm a freshman and currently I'm a little lost on my EC without feeling like I'm checking boxes. Currently, I have/will have - planning out events for a program at my uni (leadership) - Research (just applied, waiting for response) - Scribing (will have opportunity this summer) - volunteering at food pantry (3hr every weekend) - volunteering with dementia and Alzheimer patients (3hr every weekend)
As you can see, I feel like everything I have is just checking off boxes and I don't know what else to do. I tried to get out of my bubble to do things like interacting with dementia patients and applying for leadership because I have always been an extremely introverted person and I'm trying to get out of that bubble. Planning on joining badminton club as something I enjoy (I'm not good at it) but I just feel like what I have is not enough.
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