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2023.02.03 06:44 osubusmaj Thank You, Stranger

(If this needs to be in a different sub, please let me know. Thanks.)
This happened eight or nine years ago. I (42m) was about 33 at the time, living in Tulsa and had gotten out of a nine year relationship months earlier. I was starting to date again and was meeting up with a guy (who I had met on a dating app) at a gay bar near downtown.
I show up at the bar around 10:30pm, find my date, and we chat and get to know each other. He’s very nice, short, slim, a nurse - and unfortunately, not my type at all. I don’t think I was his type either because we both sorta went our separate ways. I was hanging out on the other side of the bar by myself waiting for anyone I knew to show up.
When I went to the bathroom, I committed a cardinal sin and I left my drink on a table unattended. I came back from the bathroom, downed my drink, and I don’t remember anything else until the next morning.
I wake up in a bed with someone next to me in a place I’ve never seen before. I think for a few minutes trying to remember anything about how I got there. I sit up and realize it’s the nurse from last night. I start to panic a little bit because I didn’t plan on going home with this guy… and I still can’t remember anything. I start to get up and get dressed, and the guy wakes up.
He starts telling me about how I found him last night when he was leaving the bar. He told me that I kept saying that I thought I’d been drugged over and over. He took me to his apartment where I ended up puking all over his bathroom and living room.
He tells me that I was obviously out of it and he agreed that I’d been drugged. This guy brought me to his home, took care of me while I puked, cleaned me up, cleaned up all of my puke, got me to bed and made sure I was safe. There was water on the bedside table and he’d washed my clothes because I puked on them.
So while he’s recounting everything, I perform a mental scan of my body and everything feels normal - nothing feels sore. My thoughts are racing: Where am I? Where is my car? Do I have my wallet? Is my dog ok at home? Who drugged me? Did this guy drug me?
I just wanted to get home ASAP. I told the guy thanks and took off. He offered to give me a ride to my car, but I didn’t want to be around anyone, so I walked for like half an hour in 30° weather until I figure out where I am and make my way back to the bar.
I get home, and I spend a lot of time thinking about what happened, trying to remember anyone acting creepily or following me around, but no one stands out. I worry about who spiked my drink and about what could’ve happened if not for my nurse friend. Zero memories resurfaced, and I tried to put it out of my mind.
Years later, I was given ketamine as a sedative for a medical procedure. It made me extremely nauseous, and I got sick, and it was the same sort of sick feeling I felt when my drink had been spiked. So I assume it was ketamine in my drink.
I’m thankful nothing bad happened to me that night. I’m thankful that I had planned to meet someone at the bar instead of being there totally alone. I’m thankful that I’m alive and was unharmed. And I’m so so thankful that this guy I met for 30 minutes, who happened to be a nurse, realized I was in a lot of trouble and took care of me when I needed it most.
I went on with life not thinking about it much. When it did pop into my head months later, I tried to find my nurse friend’s name so I could properly thank him for everything he did for me, but I couldn’t find our previous chats. I moved some years later to another state.
I hope my nurse friend finds this. And if he does, I want him to know that he saved me from something horrible and traumatic, and could very well have saved my life - I have no idea how close I came to some really terrible shit. I hope he knows that I think about that night and his selflessness a lot, and that it means so much to me.
Be safe out there. It only takes one mistake.
Two things that might remind him: 1. He said I puked all over his bathroom and living room floors. Probably pretty memorable. 2. He lived in an apartment complex near Riverside. It’s kinda famous in Tulsa cuz it’s a circular building and all of the apartment units are pie-shaped. (Fun fact: a famous murder took place there like 10 years ago when a pregnant woman pushed her military husband through a plate glass window to his death. It was all over Dateline.)
Whoever and wherever you are, thanks so much for saving my life. I hope you are happy, healthy and successful.
TL;DR: My date didn’t work out, but he (likely) saved my life.
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2023.02.03 06:44 ColorbloxChameleon My brother (17M) just came out as straight, AITA for cutting all ties with him?

I just feel like I’ve been totally gaslit by the worlds biggest narcissist. I mean, we grew up together, there was never a question that he would be LGBT+ like the rest of the family. Mom and Dad informed both of us that we would need to pick something from the various LGBT+ options to identify with as soon as we were old enough to speak! So there’s no excuse for him to suddenly betray us like this now, we did nothing to make him hate us so much. My family is now utterly torn apart. He’s actually trying to manipulate us by crying that this isn’t his choice and is just the way he was born! Literally accusing our parents of having defective genetics- I’m so livid I can’t see straight. Plus some nonsense about “wanting to live as his authentic self”! The narcissism is unbelievable!! I’ve already lost 12 followers on Instagram because of this, triggering 4 of my phobias and acute depressive disorder, but he doesn’t care about me at all obviously. Since he made the choice to hurt our family like this, I see no reason to continue the relationship, but my mom doesn’t want to give up and thinks we should try sending him to conversion therapy first. AITA for just wanting to write him off for good?
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2023.02.03 06:43 Hyperion_Industries A Suspiciously Unplanned Adventure, Part 2

<-- [Read Part 1!] [Kiyoshi's Build]

Fallout: New Vegas

I may not have spurs that jingle jangle, but I do go so merrily along, and I do arrive in town with a big iron on my hip. The fact that I have an insane amount of technology on me does make it easier to resolve problems as well. I may not be able to do anything cool with my body, (well not anything more) but I can still use the massive amount of nanobots I have in a pocket of my suitcase to do wacky things like not die of radiation, or remove third arms that may appear due to said radiation (poor Vault boy) or other such things. I can’t make any more, considering the lack of advanced technology here in Nevada, but hey it’s helpful for me.
Oh, and I am rocking this look. Yeah, I’ve made this a journal now, deal with it. Not only are longcoats amazing, but this one is armored, and it comes with the most amazing helmet, and did I mention that I have sweet guns? I have sweet guns. The Pancor “ThIs gUN DoEsn’T ExISt” Jackhammer, the famous Big Iron (really a ranger sequoia, but don’t tell anyone) and That Gun. I call it the PKD, but nobody can agree on what to call it.
As for accomplishments, I’ve just finished ousting Fantastic from Helios One, and while the ARCHIMEDES II was very tempting, I know that it’ll be completely useless in the future, so I decided to reroute power to the greater Vegas area like Ignatio wanted. I’ve already rewritten Primm Slim to give Primm a sheriff (I may have a thing for friendly robots), I’ve gotten Boone to kill Jeanie May, since she’s a bitch, and while he refused to follow me around (fair enough) I do have my faithful ED-E to keep me company.
OH MY GOD SHUT UP. While normally the hilarity of repeating the memes of New Vegas would be great, it’s a lot less humorous when you’re stuck in an NCR base for several days and EVERY TIME you walk through a door, “We won’t go quietly…” starts up! I get it already! The worst part is that this looks exactly like a meme. Everyone I talk to knows that they’re being annoying and that it’s repetitive, but they refuse to stop because of how funny they find it. If I don’t take a vacation somewhere cold soon, I will go insane.
This is not what I meant, but ok. I am now stuck in a crater on the border between California and Nevada that is filled with ROBO-SCORPIONS (I’m sorry, but saying it like that is required) and idiotic cyborgs that think that fingers are micropenises. Oh, and I’m actually a brain in a jar that’s hoping that my body can deal with lacking a primary controller long enough to rescue me. Heh. At least I can talk to Mobius. Oh god he’s high. Maybe I’ll come back later…
Thank goodness that’s all sorted. Luckily, since I’m not limited by the original game, I was able to both gain the trust of most of the scientists and kill Klein and Borous. Mobius will eventually run out of drugs, and even when he’s high he can usually handle the others, minus Klein. And the benefit of all of this? Besides SCIENCE!? Well, I’m immune to heart attacks, poison, and having my back crippled (well, not really, but my spine is made of metal now). Oh, and I’m being followed by Mobius’ X-42 ROBO-SCORPION. Yeah, it’s cool. It might also just be Mobius in a jar in a robot. Who knows? It’s SCIENCE!
After getting some more supplies and some Dragon’s Breath for my jackhammer, I’ve walked the Lonesome Road, nuked everything, heartlessly let that other eyebot die, and then shot Ulysses in the face for being a huge douchebag that tried to nuke the world for a second time. And I got Red Glare, since it’s awesome. This place is hell, and I hate it. I’m going back to Vegas.
I do have to deal with all of the minor factions, as is tradition, but I know it’s going to be very painful. I’m not all that good at convincing people, and even if my years of trying to resolve situations peacefully have been fruitful, being nice doesn’t always cut it, especially when the people here are so much less reasonable. Ah well. I’m heading to Hidden Valley by way of 188 Trading Post and Veronica to try to negotiate with the Brotherhood. I anticipate that it will not go well.
It did not go well. Veronica was more than willing to try to get the rest of the Brotherhood to help the NCR, but she was the only one, and that group of idiotic paladins refused to believe that her intentions were noble and followed us out. Luckily I’m quick on the draw, so when they refused to listen to the very obvious “we do not want to fight you we are literally asking for peace” and opened fire, I was able to punch through the first one’s armor and incapacitate the second before ED-E jumped into action. One quick weapon change later and the last pair felt the wrath of multiple missiles in rapid succession. I only suffered a couple glancing hits on my armor, and minus the burn marks nothing was too tough to fix up. Bah. The Brotherhood is such a pain.
I may not agree with the Boomers, but they agree with me, and that’s good enough. They’re surprisingly quick to trust, and after raising their plane for them they agreed to help the NCR on my behalf. Oh, and I got past their artillery because I’m insanely fast. Yeah I’m cool.
I think I’ve gotten everything I could ever want from the Mojave. ED-E is doing better than ever, I’ve got all of the iconic guns I could ever want, I have boxes of ammo and bottle caps, and I’ve heard enough memes to fill several books. I’ve cleared Vault 22, I’ve survived at least a dozen Cazador attacks, I’ve murdered Mortimer for being a cannibal, I’ve helped Cass bring the Van Graffs and Crimson Caravan to justice (no murder please, I am a lawman), I’ve revealed to the Great Khans that the Legion sucks ass, and I’ve ignored the hell out of Father Elijah. The only things that are left are Zion, House, Benny, and the Hoover Dam. I’ll start with Benny and House.
Turns out having way too many pockets and a mountain of evidence pays off, since I was able to prove to the Chairmen that Benny tried to kill me and betrayed House. With Benny rightfully murdered (using his own gun of course, with gratuitous revenge dialogue) I now have the Platinum Chip and a smoking wreck that used to be Yes Man.
House is creepy. His giant monitor and cadre of robots makes the Lucky 38 surreal. No matter though, since I’ve completed my actual job by returning the chip to him, I’ve been given a tidy sum and the freedom to never talk to the man again. Freaky lich.
Am I ready? I think so. I’ve got my armor, my shield, my arsenal, my ED-E, my ROBO-SCORPION, my allies, and the might of the NCR. It’s time for the Second Battle Of Hoover Dam. Well, it’s time to sit on top of Hoover Dam and wait for the Legion, since the battle isn’t a trigger-able quest in real life. I am prepared to be bored.
I was not bored for long. The Legion attacked just a week after I set up, and it was rough. Not so much that the legionaries were difficult to take down, but that there were a lot of them. Only the fact that I’m stupid fast and roughly the same strength as the praetorians kept me from getting thermal-lanced to death. During the counterattack into Caesar’s camp, I abused the ROBO-SCORPION’s massive size to ride up the hill and rain Red Glare’s rockets down into the compound from the tail. Worked pretty well, all things considered. Caesar and his men were turned into paste and ash. Poor X-42 got some dinks from the praetorians’ ballistic fists, but nothing I can’t repair. Now for the Legate, I didn’t even bother. Anti-Materiel Rifle with explosive rounds from quite far away, then switched to the Sequoia when he somehow survived that and charged me with his sword. ED-E saved my bacon there, got the kill.
After that, everything quieted down rather quickly as the NCR took over the wasteland. Not everyone was happy about it, but they shut up rather quickly once the NCR’s infrastructure was set up properly. I don’t have much to do now, so I’ll spend my time reorganizing my apartment.

Warehouse Contents:

  1. Enough miscellaneous lego bricks to build a basic three story house or small space ship.
  2. One medium-sized spaceship with private rooms for 10 crewmates, a small kitchen, a lounge, and a decent-sized cargo hold.
  3. Vault 42, a fully populated control vault that recognizes me as Overseer. {Fiat}

Garage Contents:

  1. The Mach 5, in Lego form. Sits pretty on one end, taking up a lot of space and being beautiful. {Fiat}
  2. Some lovely pictures of outer space and of my squad.
  3. An armoire filled with dozens of different tonics, syringes, pills, and other such things. All of them will probably turn you into some kind of furry or alien.
  4. A drawer full of medical nanobot ‘microsurgeons’ in convenient syringes. Not for emergency use. {Fiat}
  5. A ticket to any kind of public transportation available. {Fiat}
  6. A small tablet with all of the information on everything from Jump #2. {Fiat}
  7. An area roughly 1 meter across that is filled with different advanced technology, but which is covered by a shower curtain.
  8. A portable generator that produces infinite clean power that is capable of partially (half) powering the #2 ship in the Warehouse.
  9. A Pancor Jackhammer, leaned against a desk. {Fiat}
Author's Note: Whoops, I'm about an hour late with this one! Sorry about that. Kiyoshi had a great time in New Vegas, even though they hate deserts and heat. I'm starting to realize that I haven't described them physically yet. I hope that's not too much of a bother, but I'll probably write one up for the beginning of Part 4, or put it in Kiyoshi's build document. I hope you liked this part!
<-- [Read Part 1!] [Kiyoshi's Build]
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2023.02.03 06:39 camfamman Is it legal to require religious affiliation to rent a space?

Is it legal to require religious affiliation to rent a space?
This is in a high density mormon state.
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2023.02.03 06:39 HHHLLLHHH ELI5: Coinsurance Provision

I'm filling out insurance applications for general liability for a local non-profit I help run. One question reads " Will the Policy have a coinsurance provision (for a reduced premium)?" If we work in a rented space where the building owner certainly has their own general liability, would that count as coinsurance?
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2023.02.03 06:39 Ok_Flan_5164 I (28F) want my boyfriend (24M) of 4 years relationship to rent a place with me

I moved from my country abroad to complete my masters and to also live with my boyfriend as he is abroad but as my university was in town I stayed on campus to complete my courses. My boyfriend stays at his family's house in their basement. Long story short I completed my masters and me and my bf end of the year 2022 were looking for places to rent together in the city. However last min he canceled on me and I had to do the moving and stuff all alone and ended up renting sharing with another girl. However this girl lays rules on no men and no overnight stay and keeps her bf over for long periods and her sister literally lives here at this point. As I'm not appreciative of this I decided again to move away to another part closer to the main city in March and again have asked my boyfriend if he wants to rent with me. However his mother and father keep telling him not to and I guess that's the reason why he doesn't want to but he is again telling me he will irregardless what they say but idk what to do or trust anymore. I don't need him for finance I'm capable of doing that and have my family support back home. Also renting is costly but I'm open to being with him and sharing a house too if it's money his family is concerned but I don't feel that's the reason anymore. Point being I only wanted to be with him cuz of bad roommates but I guess I'll just have to try my luck again in case he ditches on me. I'm tired of this process of him telling yes and then with his parents after him refusing last minute. I just want some advice on what to do. I know rent is ridiculous and stuff but the place would be closer to him for work too where I'm looking and I do really miss him and family. I'm not much of an extrovert so it's been difficult for me to get friends and I'm currently still seeing jobs too but hopefully I feel ill be able to get part time closer to the main city. Any advice would be appreciated. I just need some direction because I'm tired and I'm not getting younger either. P.S. this is like my 8th relationship so yes you can guess all the previous dudes left too with no approach to being with me in a forever way this is why I'm so skeptical tbh. I know I may be a bit unreasonable asking this but we dated online for 4 years - 2 years from my home country and 2 years here till I did masters meeting occasionally. He has lived with me few weeks when he visited me too so its not like we have never stayed together lol. Thanks again for letting me rant and any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.02.03 06:39 stormilydefray The websites of my three competitors have suddenly boosted in ratio. What should I do?

Hi there!

I hope it's OK if I post here. I need decent advice on what I should do, and this sub seems like the right place for it.

I'm not an SEO expert. But I know you constantly need to monitor your website's rank and try different SEO techniques to boost it. Since I'm a dummy in this niche, I decided to solve this problem by hiring an SEO agency.

My business is in a highly competitive niche. Basically, my business is a food delivery service. It might seem that in the big city, there is plenty of fish in the ocean. But in reality, you need to compete to be on the top. When hungry people need food, they click on the first 3-5 links to find a restaurant to make a reservation or to order food online. Especially during lunch hours when people have to eat at their desks, they don't have time to browse websites to find something they like.

So, as you can see, being at the top of Google search output is vital for my business. That's one of the main reasons I invest my money in SEO and look for reliable partners.

But recently, I've spotted something unusual with my website. I usually check it out by entering the most common keywords to find my service. Everything was more or less OK. I'm typically in the top 3, which is great. But this time, I went down to the 7th position in the search output. What happened to my website? Besides, it seems like a couple of new players have appeared.

What should I do? Was the strategy developed by the SEO agency wrong or no longer relevant to my business niche? I wanted to dig out for the truth myself. So, I googled some trendiest SEO strategies and ran into one blog post about SEO competitive analysis process. They have some excellent points. Besides, they are right that when you're asleep, your enemies (aka competitors) don't stay still. This time, I need to pay attention to my competitors' websites, apart from my own website. Otherwise, I might be out of the business.

Still, what should I do with my current website? I think that my current agency is not going to suggest anything new. Perhaps, I should look for something else. I suppose I need to find someone who can offer a renovation solution for my issue.
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2023.02.03 06:37 NewOrleansBrees Girlfriends apartment has no ventilation and flooded with ignored calls

Hello, I had trouble figuring it out from google but is ventilation required in Florida buildings? My girlfriends bathroom in her apartment only has a shitty little window and no fan or any other sort ventilation. The window also looks straight outside where people can look in.
Also, her place flooded today and the complex was already closed at 4:30 when they close at 5. She left 5 messages for emergency maitenance but nobody came or called. So her place is disgusting and roaches/hair etc have flowed up out of the drains. Any advice here?
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2023.02.03 06:37 Purple_Ad_1962 I (24m) am uncomfortable when my gf (26f) talks about her ex

We've been in a relationship for just over a year now; overall, everything is great. But she often brings up her ex when our conversations mildly relate to him, and she's been doing it more often. I understand her ex was abusive, and they were together for about 5 years before I met her. She's told me how traumatizing it was to be with him, and I don't want her to suppress how she feels. But, I hate hearing about him. I hate how often I hear about him. Last week, she brought him up 4 days in a row, multiple times throughout the days. One of the things she said was, "My ex was a terrible person and had a really shitty way of showing that he cared, but other times, he loved me better then anyone else every could." And that honestly hurt to hear. I don't want to hear about the ex or how he loved her better then anyone else could. She's talking about a guy who was/is homeless, unemployed, an alcoholic, beats and starves animals, beat her multiple times, cheated and stole her money and car. I'm not someone who gets get upset easily. But this hearing that the alcoholic abusive bum made her "feel the more loved than anyone else could" hurt a lot. I'm so frustrated I don't know what to do. I don't want to lose her, but I feel like I'm being compared to a terrible human being, and it really bothers me. I've never raised my voice or even said anything hurtful to her. I work 50 to 80 hours a week. I pay the rent and I have my own car. I spend as much time with her as often as I can.
Am I just being sensitive or looking into it too deep? Should I confront her about it or just let it go??
Sorry kinda long
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2023.02.03 06:36 where_did_I_put Indecision - Help! 99% Spend is International/Overseas Use, Trying to Bank More SUBS for Award Travel

I've been trying to make a decision on this for weeks, but I'm still not there so hoping for some personal recommendations based on others experience and my particulars. As mentioned in the title almost 99% of my spend is usually international. (Although I do have some spend coming next month in the US including 3-4 x2ppl domestic flights to purchase.) But, qualifying the value of a cards regular earnings if it doesn't bonus on international charges or has a FTF it is useful for me outside the SUB (assuming I can meet that if not useful overseas).
Also, I just dropped down to Chase 4/24 on Feb 1. However, if I get a new personal card from them or anyone else that will put me at 5/24 until June 2024. Otherwise, I would need to stick with business cards until then. Which while I know is technically viable, despite being self-employed I don't currently have any business cards. I did apply for one recently, Barclay's AAdvantage Aviator but was declined and the letter mentioned lack of recent installment loan, length of time accounts have been established, delinquent accounts (old, but not off report and hasn't held me back recently) pulled TU 702 ,12/19/22. Not overly surprising based on DP's I reviewed in advance.
I'm indecisive of whether the business cards out there are worth walking away from the personal cards. But, this is heavily influenced by almost all of my spend being international. Chase Inks are tempting, but I get concerned about meeting the spend, even though it shouldn't be an issue.

As you can see I'm a bit all over the place. Feel free to through an option out there I missed.
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2023.02.03 06:36 Darkwriter_94 [Suggestion] PC suggestions for Video and photo editing, School work, Zoom.

I posted on the discord but haven’t received any responses so I thought I post here.
My current setup is the HP spectre 360 (2017) which worked really well for me until the motherboard burnt out. Since I never take it out of my apartment I thought I’d switch to a desktop. I was considering the Dell XPS 8950 but have read mixed reviews.
Many of the major brand prebuilts were said to have heating problems but those reviews were mostly from gamers. If I don’t plan to do extensive gaming, would this be a problem for me?
Wanted to check here to see if anyone had any better suggestions.
  1. What is your budget and country of purchase? -$1200-1500 USA
  2. What is the main purpose of this computer? -School work, video and photo editing
  3. Please list any intensive non-gaming programs you'd be running. -Entire adobe suite -Zoom and other video conferencing apps
  4. If this computer is for gaming, list which games. -Sims 4 only
  5. What is the resolution (1080p, 1440p, or 4K) and refresh rate (in Hz) of your monitor? -I use two monitors. Both have a max resolution of 1920x1080 Refresh rate for both is 60 HZ
  6. If you're in the US, do you have a Microcenter nearby? -No
  7. How soon do you need everything? -Not immediately but preferably before the end of February
  8. Do you have any noise, size, or aesthetic requirements? -Would prefer something with isn’t noisy. -No size requirements. -The only aesthetic requirements are that I would prefer something in black or dark gray and something that wouldn’t stand out in an office setting
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.02.03 06:36 Ok-Cauliflower2900 [Story] I have succeeded both mine and my parents’ expectations by 18.

My mom had me at 16. Dropped out of high school, tried to go to college a few times, never got through it. Her taste in men has always been terrible and any father figure I had was either an addict, abusive, or never around. Her last husband, who is now my legal dad through adoption although they aren’t together and has had the biggest influence on my life, is an emotionally abusive alcoholic who dropped out of high school and never bothered to get his GED.
Now that you have backstory, here we go. Neither of my parents ever expected me to get far in life. I was the daughter of a teenage mom and raised by substance abusers. I could’ve so easily been a statistic. Nobody thought I’d be successful, maybe a manager or entry-level office job at most.
At 18, I am making $37k a year and just signed the lease for my first apartment. I’ve been accepted to nursing school. I have a great steady job as an aide at a nursing home. For reference, at 26, my mom was making $10/hour as a repo agent. I’m making $18/hour at 18.
I am successful bc of the hard work that I put in, despite everyone telling me otherwise and the odds being against me.
While I’ve struggled with addiction and mental health before, I am at my best. I am over a year sober and doing the best I ever have mentally.
No matter what anyone tells you, you can make it happen.
Good luck on your journey <3
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2023.02.03 06:36 Briana001 Vent/Question

It feels like no matter how "bad" I cut it's never enough. I've had scars that lasted for a year now but it still feels like they could be worse. I relapsed maybe 2 weeks ago or so and even though it was the "deepest" I ever remember cutting it still feels like it's not enough. It's frustrating because sometimes I want the damage to be worse and other times I wish it would just go away. Everytime I look at the most recent scars I can't help but pick apart every detail, looking over them over and over and over just tearing myself apart over it. I don't know if it's just me being a perfectionist so I'm irritated by the uneven deepness or length or position to one another, but something about it just drives me crazy in that sort of sense. It's confusing, I do believe that the main reason is because it's "never enough" though. It's hard to explain but I'm sure that you guys will understand in one way or another.
Ps. My most recent cuts are just healed up but I don't know if they are possibly infected or not. Around the scars I have small skin colored bumps and when I pinch them some pus comes out and the head of the bumb turns red. They just look like small shin colored bumps but I pinch them and they go red and swell up into a bigger bump and get sore. If I leave it alone afterwords for some time it's fine and they go back to normal but I'm just curious on what it is. I've never had them before and they only appear around my cuts. Does anyone know what it is? Just wondering if it's something serious like an infection. Can't seem to find a straight Google answer or anything like that.
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2023.02.03 06:36 NewOrleansBrees Is ventilation required?

Hello, I had trouble figuring it out from google but is ventilation required in Florida buildings? My girlfriends bathroom in her apartment only has a shitty little window and no fan or any other sort ventilation. The window also looks straight outside where people can look in.
Also, her place flooded today and the complex was already closed at 4:30 when they close at 5. She left 5 messages for emergency maitenance but nobody came or called. So her place is disgusting and roaches/hair etc have flowed up out of the drains. Any advice here?
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2023.02.03 06:35 pranavconstrutions Experience Spacious Living and the Finest Amenities at PCPL

Experience Spacious Living and the Finest Amenities at PCPL
In the dream city of Mumbai, everyone’s dream is to have their own place that is called home. The luxury and comfort that can be found in your own home cannot be replaced by a rented one for sure. On that note, we build dreams at PCPL. PCPL (Pranav Constructions Private Limited) is Real Estate Developers in Mumbai with a ten-year history of producing homes of the finest quality.
Many ongoing and future residential projects in Mumbai are quickly becoming the epitome of luxury and elegance, according to today's real estate market. They are attractively created with the cost of real estate and the demand for spacious living in mind.
We like to show off some of the prime facilities and modern amenities that you will get in our Ongoing Projects in Mumbai.
· Spacious Floor layout:
The floor plans of PCPL projects are designed with the needs of potential home purchasers in mind. Potential purchasers can plan the house decor based on the available space. Each of these houses is built to provide a beautiful view of nature and its surroundings.
· Parking facilities:
Advanced parking facilities look like a boon in a fast pace going city like Mumbai. At PCPL’s projects, there's no need to park on the street or in front of the flat. PCPL offers a world-class experience in next-level parking. Some of our building sites include mechanised stack parking.
· Acupressure Routes:
Acupressure pathways are well-known for their capacity to treat a variety of conditions. It is not only soothing but also beneficial to your health. Even if you aren't comfortable enough to visit the fitness facility on a regular basis, you can still benefit from a walk along the acupressure routes.
· Infrastructure:
Most residential real estate projects rely heavily on infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure, each project should adhere to state government regulations. Declaring that all of PCPL's ongoing projects in Mumbai adhere to the MAHARERA-enacted legislation. Our 1 BHK Flats in Mumbai and 2 BHK Flats in Mumbai follow the same.
Final words:
It is essential to have a proper plan and budget to buy flat in Mumbai. If you are searching for your dream home, then visit PCPL’s ongoing projects now. We have everything that you are looking for in your dream home. Come and pay a visit or contact us through the website. We are here to help.
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2023.02.03 06:33 Accomplished-Lock-33 Psychotic break?

Mmm so I realize I'm a 20-year-old kid who just found out they have NPD and I'm falling apart and that's kind of obnoxious to hear about all the time, I've been posting on here a lot and right now it kind of feels like that's all I've got so I'm overusing it as a resource, I'll try to cut back but bear with me.
I've posted on here recently that I feel like I'm going into I really unfortunate state of mind, I haven't been able to break the narcissistic cycle that I'm in, I feel more withdrawn from other people, my ego is more fragile and it's reached a point that I just sort of always feel like I'm spiraling. When I'm driving I find myself just staring unblinking at the road for 5 to 10 minutes feeling like I'm going crazy, like nothing is really real and I don't have any valid thoughts or feelings because all of them are a goal set somewhere internally that I don't have any control over.
Honestly my first line of defense right now is logically understanding that some of the things I think/feel just aren't true. When I feel like all my memories are fading and that nothing I've done really happened, and other people are worthless, I just keep telling myself that that is obviously not true so I'm just not in a good state of mind and at some point it's going to change and all be better, except for I have no idea when it's going to change or how and not only is it not getting better it's getting so much worse.
On the way home today I started feeling like I was having a psychotic break, a little bit angry and violent feeling, mostly just feeling like everything is so messed up that nothing's really messed up at all, just laughing at how absurd my reality is, I don't know if any of you associate with this at all or if you have anything in your experience that would be helpful, I wish I could convey in words how much it feels like I'm losing this battle right now, I'm really sick of being this person and I am only hating it more and more everyday, which just gets into this absurd cycle and just thinking positive thoughts and knowing what's happening inside of my head isn't really helping.
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2023.02.03 06:33 11Aris Should I move out from a friend's place at the expense of our friendship?

I'm a college student in a third-world country. My parents live in a first-world country. I receive about $200 a month from my parents, 1/3 of that used to go to rent, 1/3 to food and the rest to transport, I lived frugally.
A friend of mine from college who's my only friend and the son of a rich bureaucrat offered me a place at his mansion. So basically zero expense for me except that I don't feel good about it. He lied to his parents and to me about the arrangement, telling them that I was going to stay only for a few days and telling me they don't mind me staying for months on end. Later, he told them I couldn't find a place so they let him host me.
I had to hide the fact from my parents too since they would never approve, it was a question of self-respect for them. However, since summer is approaching, his dad asked him to tell me that I'll be paying for my own electricity bill. I'm cool with that but I feel bad about scamming him into this arrangement.
I can sublet an apartment next month if I want, however, I will have to arrange my own transport, and food and revert to a frugal lifestyle. What should I do, continue living like this or move out?
Pros (of moving out):
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2023.02.03 06:33 Apprehensive_Trip352 Narc Parents Feel Like a Curse

My Nmom re-homed my older sister 22 years ago when I was 3/4 years old. She's actually my biological cousin. I was talking to my aunt (her biological mother) today about it and she repeated, word-for-word the same BS justification my Nmom gave me years ago. Basically, that my sister almost caused a fire because she left the stove on (something I've done countless times as a teen and adult. Something my Nparents have done countless times too). The stove was eventually turned off and minimal damage was done to the apartment we lived in at the time and, most importantly, no one was hurt. But they decided to send her back anyway. They never warned her that she was going back to West-Africa. They just packed her bags and set her on a plane. Apparently, my aunt has forgiven my Nmom for all of this. But the issue is still a sore spot for my cousin/sister since she's now been abandoned by two mother figures.
I was threatened with being sent to West-Africa whenever I did anything wrong during my childhood. This also resurfaced as an issue because my sister couldn't come to my wedding in part because my parents had sent her back when she was a permanent resident of the country where I was getting married. The visa office saw this and flagged her visa application. It was always awkward explaining that I had a cousin who was more like a sister that lived with us for a while and then was rehomed.
Anyway, that aunt has been a flying monkey as of late. She's been demanding that I ask my Nparents for forgiveness because she's been culturally brainwashed to believe that parental benediction is everything. I see this as a way to absolve abusers and keep children under foot even as adults. What she doesn't know is that being in contact with my parents has always felt like a curse. I'm finally feeling blessed now that they're out of my life. In fact, a lot of good things have happened that my Nparents can't take credit for and I think it drives them crazy.
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2023.02.03 06:33 Boorobford How a big and popular "social life" can actually stop you from dating attractive women in the west as an Asian man.

Alright Asian Masculinity, appreciate the rewards you all gave me on my last submission sharing my experiences as an Indian guy in Europe. I also have my own sub FarEastAlphas up and running if any of you want to check it out but I do warn you, it is quite radical in its views and not for everyone so no need to subscribe. For today's post, I am going to take a break from my offensive takes on other nationalities, we will get back to that on other posts :)
You probably wanted that busy and popular social life.
If you are the typical Asian American, you grew up with overbearing parents that forced you to stay indoors more and not socialize like the American kids did. In high school and even in college, this may have cost you chances and opportunities with women. I know because I was that guy too. I had overbearing parents and that hurt me mentally to where my social life was impacted even when I was independent in college because I had some issues to work through, I was playing catch up.
When I moved to NYC after my college years, I lucked into a great social life through a mixture of dating a girl that was popular, co-ed sports, intramural sports, living in an apartment community with a lot of younger people in it, being a regular at a few bars, getting along well with former coworkers, and it just came together. Brunch every weekend, going out with friends, going out to bars and clubs with a big crew, social events in a large group, big dinners, and you name it.
For a while, it did feel good. I do feel like this is something all people should experience at some point as it gives meaning to life to a degree. The feeling of a community is one heck of a feeling and it can feel empowering. While not every man needs to chase the kind of social life I had, I think every guy should have somewhat of a social life even if it is a handful of friends.
However, if you hope to be the masculine Asian guy that pulls attractive women or even dates one, it can get in the way.
A big social life gives you the downward pull of the group. Overtime, you start to realize a reality behind the group. You might see that big group at a nightclub or that big group at brunch and see it all sunshines and rainbows but you realize that there is a lot more going on to the group than meets the eye. Here are some ways that big robust social life will actually stop you from meeting and dating attractive women.
Bad habits due to socializing.
Those Mimosas at brunch and pizzas after drinking add up over the months. You go out more and have more surprise events that involve you drinking and eating junk food. You might say no, fine, but temptation will kick in and friends will tempt you. Some will say you can get a healthy group to socialize with but I have found that those groups tend to be less fun and more judgmental, that is just my experience. The drinking, partying, and eating junk food mean you can't keep a fit body as easily as you used to be able to.
It discourages cold approach and other avenues for meeting women.
A social circle is good for an LTR but when you are out with friends or a popular guy in the neighborhood who is a regular face (this does happen in certain NYC neighborhoods), you run into a lot of familiar faces. Doing cold approaches during the day or even at bars build you that reputation. Who is going to hate that? The WOMEN in your social circle who realize that you are his creepy, sleazy, or perverted guy trying to get laid. You will also feel shameful for doing cold approach and may think you might not have to because you are so hooked on girls in your social circle. Even at clubs you go out to, you do not want to break from your group and talk to random women as much because your group will start to give you extra eyes and wonder what you are up to.
It is a lot more drama than you would expect and not everyone likes each other.
Social life is drama and you may think it is all big happy family, it is not. A lot of people in that social crew tend to hate each other and gossip about each other. People are obsessed with the drama that goes on and when you put in alcohol, not a good mix. I found that a lot of fights that happened at nightclubs actually happened between guys in the same social circles. What you end up finding is that in a big social circle, there are only a handful of people you actually get along with while the rest you just tolerate.
It is not really an EASY in for dating hot girls.
People claim that being in a big social circle, especially with hot girls, makes it easy to date them. I have not found this to be true. I found that most hot girls in our social circles dated guys they met outside of the social circle whether on an app or at a bar. Even in a social circle, I found that the hot girls were not exactly receptive to all guys and were just there to scope out the top guys who were the guys they'd normally go with. Unless you had a lot of money or connections to special nightlife, you were not acknowledged that easily. In fact, some were not even going to big group events, only to ones that proved beneficial to them (had cool people in them, were exclusive, etc.).
It's different if you have a Dan Bilzerian kind of a situation but that's just escorts at that point lol.
Finally, as an Asian guy, not everyone will be okay with you breaking the stereotype.
Sure, people will like a Ken Jeong or Bobby Lee type of Asian dude in a social circle no doubt. However, if you want to be that alpha Asian guy who is pulling girls of different races, well different opinions might intervene. People won't openly point to race but it will be more subtle such as how you are "on a mission" or "need to find a good girl instead of a hot one" or "not be so shallow". To some degree, by being in a big social circle, you will have to FIT IN and that involves fitting in with American society unless your social circle is all foreigners which even in a big city can be tough to do.
Hate to sound vain but even if you do it, you might not like the results. As an Indian guy who tried making Indian only friends, my social circle were a lot of Fobby Indian dudes with bad BO who could not talk to girls and creeped them out. My Korean friend had a similar experience back in the day with Fobby Koreans but it has likely gotten better there though. My point being if you want friends that you can show off as your cool friends, it is going to require fitting in and that means fitting in with American media and society. The same one that is against an Asian guy dating hot girls of other races.
You will even start to become the Uncle Chan you hate.
You might not think it but you will. You will have friends that are all trying to fit in and overtime, you will start to feel high and mighty. You will look down on the Asian men who are alone and doing things like cold approaching women because you are so high and mighty with your big friend group. Overtime, you will start caring about the next TV Drama or Football game because the crew is. You will start to care about mainstream Bro-ey stuff and hate anything that is more fringe or radical, such as this sub here! You don't think you will but you will, I know I did but am glad I broke out of it.
So what is the alternative?
Should you just be a shut in with no friends? That will be even worse! We all need friends and you can't be a lone wolf, at least most men can't. Instead, I recommend a better alternative.
1 - Find a solid group of friends that is small, ideally guys and maybe a girl or two (FWB).
You guys ever watch that movie Don Jon's Addiction with Joseph Gordon Levitt? The guy is a bartender at a nightclub but only has two solid friends. IMO, if you have 3 to 5 solid guy friends you can hang out and catch a drink with, that is ideal. Think more Family Guy where there are 4 guys in a group that occasionally have fun times. I don't even like Family Guy due to some of its Asian racism but I am trying to make an example here.
Get a handful of solid guy friends that are cool with you chasing women, are great wingmen, want you to get laid, and help make you a better version of yourself. Some of the women you meet and fuck? Have em as friends with benefits, they might have friends who are look good and are down for some action.
Have a small circle of friends, almost like your inner circle.
2 - Keep others as acquaintances.
Maybe join them for a drink here and there but don't get too tangled up in their groups. Chat with them and if there are hot girls in that group who like you, get that IG and DM them later on if they look down. Oddly enough, the hottest women in my big social circles were ALL dating guys they met outside of that social circle. If the people are good but not exactly friend material, treat them just well enough and have them as someone you know. You can come through for them if you are able and some will come through for you as well. However, they are not your inner circle.
3 - Learn cold approach.
As an Asian guy, you must learn how to cold approach. The traditional route of social circles might work for a rich WASPy white guy but for you as an Asian guy to get the hottest women, you must risk the cold approach. You must learn how to do it right, talk to women in a smooth way, and not come off as just some weird PUA loser.
Outside of cold approach, have top tier online dating photos and learn how to meet women through bars and nightclubs too. Obviously max out your looks as well but daygame is a game changer of a thing to learn.
I have found that for most men who master cold approaching, they never bother with social circles for meeting women because they know that majority of the time, it is a waste of time.
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2023.02.03 06:32 Karosi Searching on how to do something like a rent to own where the deed is transferred at the beginning

Hi all,
This is a bit of an odd question and we will 100% be using an estate and real estate lawyer, but I was hoping for a bit of guidance of what to be asking for before our meeting with the actual lawyer.
The short story is that my Grandfather passed away and his house was left to my Father and two Uncles. They have since opened an estate and all 3 of them have agreed that they would like for me to buy the house from them at a very reasonable price, since I grew up in the home and would make it my main residence to keep it in the family.
Now, we have agreed on the basic terms of how much I would owe and they all want me to pay them monthly over the course of 10 years. They and I both prefer to do it this way instead of using a mortgage so that they don’t have to hassle with the additional cost and requirements that it would create by involving a bank.
So, we are basically at a private rent to own situation. However, they would like to go ahead and put the title in my name, but would also like some type of assurance that they would get the house back if anything were to happen to me. Is there any sort of thing that would make this possible? For instance, could we put the deed in my name and then immediately make the three of them lien holders? Or would a simple contract work?
Thanks in advance for any help. Again, we will be using an attorney, but want to know about what we should be asking for. Also, this is in North Carolina.
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2023.02.03 06:32 Scytheris Is this Roxy by Kotobukiya a castoff? Crunchyroll denied it but it clearly shows the seam lines.

Is this Roxy by Kotobukiya a castoff? Crunchyroll denied it but it clearly shows the seam lines. submitted by Scytheris to AnimeFigures [link] [comments]