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2023.02.02 22:21 Pup_Persimmon76 I've been invited to a pregnancy anouncement brunch

Not been to one before and I'm over-thinking it. His missus won't be there, which somehow makes it more awkward.
First off, what do I say to the guy? Best I got so far is: "well done on the persistent cum, mate" / "wheeeyyyy show us them prize-winning plums!" / "did you save up a massive overwhelming load, or was it a steady supply of small ones?". Do I pat his todger and say "well done"?
Second; are gifts expected, like at weddings? If so, what do I get? I figured a biscuit decorating kit, as he's a redhead and the joke is she's "gingerbred" (He let me take a box of wine from his wedding, we're cool enough to have bants, I think.)
Third; is this something I can avoid going to at all without feelings been hurt? Not to undermine his acheivement or anything, but I've had a few break-throughs sexually as well of late, but I'm not taking time out of other people's limited days-off to brag about it.
Feedback is appreciated.
(P.S. If youre reading this thinking "hey, I'm doing a pregnancy-brunch this weekend"; it's not about you it's about somebody else, don't worry it's fine.)
(PS 2: please don't ban me I'm drunk and I didn't mean it)
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2023.02.02 22:21 druidicfae Character Creation Help

Hi Reddit!
Please let me know if this is the right flair? I don't know which flairs to use ever...😅
I'm sadly not the most creative when it comes to character creation and I want to change that.
I want to create compelling background stories, motivation and personalities. I've so far created two D&D characters and I like them a lot, and they are fun for me to play, but they are by no means original ideas at all. (An insecure wild magic fairy barbarian, and a kind-hearted glamour college harengon bard.) Now, I'm about to be part of a third campaign soonish and I'm working on my character for it currently.
I want to be able to make characters which aren't only fun for me, but also fun for the other players (including the DM). I want my DM to be excited about including story bits, quests or whatever for my character based on who they are and their backstory, and I want the other players to have fun with my character as well. So, any good tools or anything like that for creating characters? Any DMs out there who would tell me what kind of characters they enjoy DMing for? 😊
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2023.02.02 22:21 corylulu Palafox and Travis get in a heated argument about what it means to lose a game you should win

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2023.02.02 22:20 scottybandit101 I've given up completely.

I'm throwing in the towel. I'm an irrefutable burden on everyone. I have no reason to continue this sisyphean task of trying to make myself better. You can't improve on nothing and is precisely what I am. I have no means of killing myself but I will make do with torturing myself. After all that's what I deserve.
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2023.02.02 22:20 tongueinloftuscheek Everything you need to know before Double Gameweek 22.

Everything you need to know before Double Gameweek 22.
Quick caveat: this is lifted from a free newsletter I write every gameweek. If you sign up, you'll get a light-hearted summary of everything you need to know 24h before each deadline. 17,000+ managers enjoy getting it in their inboxes.
First, a quick summary for the lazy:
⏰ Double Gameweek 22's deadline is 18:30, Friday 3rd February
😍 Man United and Leeds will Double in Gameweek 22
⛔️ Brighton, Man United, Brentford and Newcastle will blank in Gameweek 25
🤝 Deadline day sees more players added and removed from the game
This time of the season feels a bit like that bog that the hobbits have to navigate through to get to Mordor.
Managers are stuck knee-deep in a quagmire of double and blank gameweek sludge, trying to wade through with nowt but a couple of chips and a spindly, schizophrenic creature to guide them.
Of course, in this allegory, I am the Golem in your quest. Come now, my precious, and let's take a trip to Mount Doom.
Some new arrivals
The January transfer window has been and gone. Struggled to keep up with the drama of deadline day? You're not the only one.
Luckily, the Premier League itself has created a list of every new player and how much they'll cost if you want them in your fantasy team.
Some highlights include:
🇪🇸 Pedro Porro (Spurs, defender, £5.0m) - a right-back in a Conte team is always worthy of note.
🇦🇷 Enzo Fernandez (Chelsea, midfielder, £5.0m) - probably not an FPL pick but broke the British transfer record, which has got to be worthy of note.
🇳🇬 Paul Onuachu (Southampton, forward, £5.5m) - a 6"8 beast of a man who has averaged 0.88 goals per 90 over his last four seasons.
I tend to take the position that new signings are crap until proven excellent (with perhaps a few, Haaland-shaped exceptions). There are usually just too many variables to trust them as an asset.
It's cynical, but it works.
Jorginho to Arsenal
One transfer that has been particularly fretted over by FPL managers is Jorginho's move to Arsenal.
It's likely that Saka's brief but fiery romance with Arsenal's penalties will fizzle out with the arrival of Jorginho: the man that no penalty-taking duties can resist.
But that's not the huge problem that some are making it out to be. Arsenal are currently joint-bottom this season for Premier League penalties awarded, with just one penalty to their name (incidentally, Fulham are top with 7).
So if you're a Saka owner, you can rest easy. He probably wasn't due another penalty this season anyway.
Player departures
Transfer deadline day giveth and it taketh away. After the sensational news that Joao Cancelo was due to depart on loan to Bayern Munich, news that Matt Doherty has followed in Kieran Trippier's intrepid footsteps and gone to Atletico quickly followed.
With Cancelo at around ~40% owned at the time of his departure, and Matt Doherty more owned than ever after Spurs' double in Gameweek 20, this means plenty of managers will have a fire to put out before Double Gameweek 22 gets underway. Expect more hits then usual.
Oh, and spare a thought for this manager, who moved Cancelo out for Doherty in the no-man's-land between the news breaking.
The injury room
Leeds' Rodrigo is out for two months.
Christian Eriksen is also out until April/May, according to Man United (who are probably quite a reliable source).
John Stones could be out for a period after pulling up with a hamstring injury during the FA Cup tie against Arsenal.
Evan Ferguson's injury isn't as bad as first feared, but the young Brighton forward could still be out for a few weeks.
How to cook your chips
Here's a quick chip strategy you can use if you like. I won't even take legal action.
Blank Gameweek 25 - ride it
Likely Big Blank Gameweek 28 - it'll probably be a big one, but use free transfers to navigate it
Likely Big Double Gameweek 29 - Wildcard
Likely Big Blank Gameweek 32 - use your Free Hit (better teams will likely blank than in 28)
Likely Big Double Gameweek 34 - Bench Boost
Likely Big Double Gameweek 37 - Triple Captain if you still have it
As we keep reiterating, this plan hinges on variables which, at the moment, are hard to forecast. Here's Ben Crellin's current spreadsheet up to GW32:
But at the very least, what we can take from this is that you shouldn't even be contemplating a Free Hit in Gameweek 25, despite the news that Brighton, Man United, Brentford and Newcastle will blank. You'll almost certainly have a better use for it later in the season.
The key stats
Here are all the most important stats:
Like I said, this is part of a newsletter I write every gameweek. It'll give you everything you need to know 24h before every gameweek deadline, and it's totally free to sign up.
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2023.02.02 22:20 NewBell8174 Ethics of Starting Firm

Any advice here for smoothly transitioning from working with a client at your current employer to starting your own firm with that same client? Client is open to working with me but I want to make this transition as ethically as possible.
Perfect scenario in terms of economic security for my family would be getting a full service contract with them to start. However, that would mean my current firm would likely be doing the concept work and I would be “stealing” a project. We have done this to other architects, and the client has more than enough work to share, but still questioning if this is the right route.
Sometimes there can be a large gap of time, especially in this type of economic climate, between concept and start of full service. I could work on the concept on the side while employed but that doesn't seem ethical.
What is the best way to handle this?
Thanks for any advice from others who have made a similar jump.
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2023.02.02 22:20 DenaPhoenix The tragic bean fallacy - or how do I deal with my blorbo's trauma when they might not even have it in canon?

So, with 3 years of waiting, and the INSANE amount of fanfiction, I was just wondering, if anyone else is struggling to separate the original, humorous characters from the tragic beans they tend to be in fanfics?
Like, at this point, I feel like I can't conceptualize any of them as anything than tragic beans. Angel with his homophobic family who has spent God knows how many years doing sex work for the worst human being since Dolores Umbridge, Vaggie with her el-Salvadorean slum past, Husk with his PTSD from fighting in the war, Niffty with her abusive husband, Alastor with his neglectful father growing up mixed race in the south and so on and so forth. I mean, most of that isn't even canon, or at least I don't think, but, like, that's just in my head now.
I don't know how I'll be able to deal with it when we're getting half-hour animated, musical, sit-com hell shenanigans at this point.
Do any of you have similar fears? If so, have you got plans for how to adapt? What is your favorite tragic bean
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2023.02.02 22:20 holliealicia I'm 5 months PO - am I ok to go swimming?

Title says it all really; little one wants to go swimming this weekend - with my scar and healing (healing really well) and what not, would I be able to go to a public pool? In the UK if that means anything.
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2023.02.02 22:20 TinyKing87 Wild Rift: Early Game Solo Trading

Don't know if this is appropriate to ask here since it's about Wild Rift, but I've been curious on advice for early game Top Lane trading. I say early game but I mean by around level 5 where my opponent will have all their skills. What advice do I get when I'm someone like Darius that has a few slower skills (Decimate has a short hesitation when activating, Crippling Strike requires an auto attack to hit) against someone who has explosive attacks out the gate. There's been a few times where my opponent is running, so I hook them, slow them with 2, then start up with 1 and get absolutely blown up when we're similar levels. Plus for Darius the majority of his kit requires auto attacking to build up stacks, but usually that means I'm chasing past minions and nearly under the turret. Any advice?
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2023.02.02 22:19 seabeek Test results clarification assistance

I received a series of blood test results back from a rheumatologist. He is unable to explain the results to me for 8-12 weeks, in which time the numbers could change dramatically. I was hoping someone could help me determine what these flagged results could mean, so that I may move forward with another provider who can see me sooner, if necessary. I would sincerely appreciate some help clarifying all of this.
Age- 45 Sex- F Weight- 187 Height- 5’7”
Current medications: Lithium, Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Entecavir, Lamictal, Levothyroxine
Recent thyroidectomy with thyroid cancer detected. Cancer was removed with thyroid.
Current symptoms- Months of Fatigue, soreness in knees, hips, shoulders and hands. Sometimes shooting pain radiating from feet up through knees, sometime shooting pain radiating from shoulder to fingertips.
Test results that were flagged are as follows:
WBC- 12.7 x10E3 u/L Standard- 3.4-10.8 x 10E3 u/L
Neutros Abs- 9.4 x 10E3 u/L Standard- 1.4-7.0 x10E3 u/L
Complement C4, Serum- 45mg/dL Standard- 12-38mg/dL
Sedimentation Rate-Westergren- 61mm/hr Standard- 0-32 mm/hr
Myoglobin- <21 ng/mL Standard- 25-58 ng/mL
I’m happy to provide more information as needed. I’d just appreciate any insight. Thank you.
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2023.02.02 22:19 Magnus_Hotshot What does it mean in reddit with a negative number as an upvote let's say I upvote my own comment it's at -3 and the n downvote it's negative -5 what do the negative numbers mean?

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2023.02.02 22:19 BabyGirl1302 Overthinking

I'm (20F) in a relationship with a guy I really love, but my grandmother told me this guy I knew as a kid who was well and truly my first love was looking for me. This is obviously the least complicated version of what happened because the full story would be a novel. Since I found out, I've been trying to get in contact with the childhood crush but I haven't told my boyfriend about it at all. My bf and I have been in a very rocky place for a few months and breaking up has been in the back of my mind but I've been avoiding that, because we live together and breaking up would mean totally uprooting my whole life. I found out about crush guy and it felt like a weird timing, and it feels cringey to say fate like but... I believe everything happens for a reason so all of this feels weirdly specific. Anyway I'm just hoping I can get in contact with the crush and get to know him again before I decide this is something bigger than me telling me to completely change my life, and not tell my boyfriend at all. I know that's crappy but I don't want him to start getting wildly jealous and ridiculous when currently all I want is to get in touch with an old friend. Anyways, Im going to keep overthinking and daydreaming, this was just an emotional dumping ground. Thanks if you cared to read this
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2023.02.02 22:19 2much4ree Ranked rant

Ranked makes no sense, I'm sure you all know that but I just wanna rant a bit bc I lost a fuck ton of points and I just don't get it. After they fixed ranked matchmaking at the beginning of the split, I started playing and got Really good points until I was high d2. The last few days however have been fucking terrible. The third parties were insane, actually I'd rather say fourth or fifth parties and while this is an issue one can mostly avoid by landing safe and being the third party, I just can't help but feel angry. Aside from that, I constantly have to play against cheaters cuz anti cheat is shit and preds or smurfs. I mean like yeah I understand that preds need to be placed in these lobbies or else they would have insane queue times, but is it really fair? No. What am I as a master player supposed to do against the top ranking players and three stacks in the game. And I'm actually used to that by now, but Holy Lord there are still a lot of plats in the lobbies. This must be hell for them God damn. K yea just a bit of a ranked rant cuz I'm angry (and yes I already thought about if the problem was me, but I got to the conclusion: ain't no way. I'm playing fairly well consistently)
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2023.02.02 22:18 dilligaff123 not sure exactly what it means by “we’ve restricted the account you reported” because he’s still able to go live ??

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2023.02.02 22:18 Memzsimulator Anyone know what this colour means?

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2023.02.02 22:18 TheDizzleDazzle Deferral

(Copy/Pasted from applyingtocollege)
I was deferred from NC State (and outright rejected from UNC lmfao) as an in-state student. It’s my #1 school.
I was wondering what their position of sending letters of deferral is; I’ve seen someone advising against it, stating that the school explicitly says to not send these letters; however, all I’ve seen is, “sending a letter of continued interest/ deferral is not necessary.” Nothing stating you shouldn’t do it; just that you don’t have to. I’ve slightly improved my GPA, became captain of the track team, and joined and become a head lawyer on a Mock Trial Team in the mean time, as well as a few other things.
Also, my grades for my first semester were certainly subpar; one A, like 4 B’s, and a C. However, to provide some context, my partner of 1.5 years father recently passed due to breast cancer, and my mother was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer, though she is doing well. There are also a couple of other things that may have impacted my grades. I was seeking advice on whether to inform the admissions office on this; not to inspire pity, but to provide context. I don’t want it to look like I want pity.
Also, I was thinking of changing my second choice major (first choice is Psychology) to education. Both to help my application, and also because I do enjoy helping people and teaching, and think it’d be a worthwhile career path.
Any advice would be appreciated.
(For reference: 4.16 GPA (now 4.2), 3.63 GPA unweighted (formerly), 33 ACT, roughly ~30% of class last I checked (something like 158/525), and a good amount of ECs, club in sports, though it isn’t super coherent).
Thanks guys.
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2023.02.02 22:18 KarenFromClovis Death During Divorce

We live in Clovis, NM. My brother recently passed away toward the end of divorce proceedings. During the proceedings, he was unable to change his life insurance policy beneficiary (per filed documents). He has three adult children, not related to his wife. They had been married for 5 years (they are both close to retirement age).
Is there any chance the policy ($150,000) could be modified post death to reflect his adult children as the beneficiaries? I found something that might pertain below, but I'm not sure what it means.
Also, the only signed will in existence names his wife as the executor (written 4 years ago), but his oldest son (43) as the executor in the case that she is unable to be the executor - would an initiated divorce prevent his estranged wife from becoming executor? She seems to think that because the divorce wasn't final, she is both executor and beneficiary of all assets. My brother had emailed an updated will and testament to his divorce lawyer, but failed to sign it formally or file it. It lists his intentions very clearly (including the desire but inability to change that life insurance policy beneficiary).
We have a meeting with a lawyer, but there's not many attorneys here in our city that have experience with this type of litigation.
Thank you for your time and for reading.

59A-20-15. Beneficiary, industrial policies.
An industrial life insurance policy shall have the name of the beneficiary designated thereon with a reservation of the right to change the beneficiary after the issuance of the policy. The policy may also provide that no designation or change of beneficiary shall be binding on the insurer until endorsed on the policy by the insurer, and that the insurer may refuse to endorse the name of any proposed beneficiary who does not appear to the insurer to have an insurable interest in the life of the insured. The policy may also provide that if the beneficiary designated in the policy does not make a claim under the policy or does not surrender the policy with due proof of death within the period stated in the policy, which shall not be less than thirty (30) days after the death of the insured, or if the beneficiary is the estate of the insured, or is a minor, or dies before the insured, or is not legally competent to give a valid release, then the insurer may make any payment thereunder to the executor or administrator of the insured, or to any relative of the insured by blood or legal adoption or connection by marriage, or to any person appearing to the insurer to be equitably entitled thereto by reason of having been named beneficiary or by reason of having incurred expense for the maintenance, medical attention or burial of the insured. The policy may also include a similar provision applicable to any other payment due under the policy.
History: Laws 1984, ch. 127, § 380.
Am. Jur. 2d, A.L.R. and C.J.S. references. — Property settlement agreement as affecting divorced spouse's right to recover as named beneficiary under former spouse's life insurance policy, 31 A.L.R.4th 59.
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2023.02.02 22:18 Aggravating-Staff-96 Been given the opportunity to purchase the freehold for my flat / block of flats – Advice needed

Hi Everyone,
Just receive the attached letter through the post offering to purchase the leasehold of my flat ( or the whole block I am not exactly sure). The wording of it is a bit confusing to me and am not sure what exactly it all means -
Would this be worth it? / Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Some context:
Block of 8 flats
The original lease was 125 years and the flat was built in 2007
Currently paying £125 per year ground rent
I purchased in 2020 for £160k
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2023.02.02 22:18 220McKenz Is our adjuster correct? Is this an appropriate small claims scenario?

This is WA state (event actually occurred in OR).
My wife was the victim of a hit and run. The man who hit her initially stopped to check on her but drove away when he learned she was on the phone with emergency services.
Our vehicle has several cameras that record concurrently, so we were able to get the license plate from those. Our insurance’s adjuster was able to connect that plate to a person and discovered the car was insured by State Farm at the time of the loss.
The insurance fight is a very long and frustrating story, but the result is that State Farm says this guy claims he “sold the vehicle” and he wasn’t involved in this. We have evidence to the contrary, but that’s not what I’m here for. That is State Farm’s official position.
Our insurance covers our rental car for 30 days. But we will need a rental car far beyond that. Our vehicle is a Tesla, and Tesla-certified body shops are few. The ones out there are backlogged for months in advance. Our ESTIMATE appointment isn’t until after the 30 days ends. Some places were booked out to summer. So by the end of this, we’re going to have paid several thousand dollars of rental car fees.
Our insurance adjuster has suggested we look at small claims as a means of recouping some of that since State Farm is not covering this.
I don’t have any context for the types of things that small claims handles. Can this idiot show up and say “I wasn’t there” just like he did to State Farm?
If helpful: our evidence includes a police report corroborating all that occurred, vehicle records for this vehicle showing no recent sale has occurred, a line in the police report saying “registered owner physical description seems to match suspect from video.”
We also have video evidence of the event, though it is dash cam quality stuff. Here is a still of the suspect, for example.. I have edited out his face to meet the rules of this subreddit, but just giving you an idea of what we are working with.
At some point, this is probably squeezing water from rock. But I’m looking for guidance from people who know better than I. Thanks.
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2023.02.02 22:17 jaxeline I (23F) hate my boyfriend’s (26M) last name.

I (23F) do not like my boyfriend’s (26M) last name, but I’ve heard him mention it before that it’s important to him for me to take it if we were to be married. I love him and our relationship dearly, but the thought of taking his last name if we were to be married makes me shudder. Generally speaking, I’ve always been conflicted at the thought of changing my maiden name once I am married. I feel very attached too it.. there’s just so much significance. It was originally my grandfather’s first name (dad took his name instead when we moved to america) and I feel very close to him even after his death. I was very politically involved in college, and my maiden name has several news articles attached to achievements I am very passionate about and worked very hard on. Even the meaning of my name translated from the ***** -confidential- language holds a precious significance to me (translates to “great” and first name means “gift” so my name literally means the “great gift,” as I was born around my parent’s anniversary) so giving up my maiden name feels like a big decision to make. It doesn’t help that I also do not like my bf’s name very much. Does that make me an asshole? I will likely pursue a phD or MD and it makes me sad that I can’t just enjoy the thought of being regarded by my husbands last name. I don’t even know how to tell him this or if I should just suck it up and see what happens; don’t want to hurt him unnecessarily when we’re not even anywhere near being ready for marriage yet.
Advice would be most appreciated.
tl;dr I hate the thought of taking my boyfriends last name because I don’t like how it sounds and I’m attached to my maiden name.
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2023.02.02 22:17 Cabo_Refugee The Ferrari Parable

Many years ago, I was reading and interesting story by a Ferrari enthusiast that got into the collecting and restoration of old Ferraris. And there is no more dogmatic segment of of car enthusiasts than the Ferrari guys, and this aspect was something this writer was starting to discover. It wasn't just an interest for many; it was a RELIGION. Evidently, sometime back in the 80's one of the preeminent Ferrari Owners clubs in US put together this large conference/banquet for all the members. And a keynote speaker was to address the assembled club members. He was one of the original workers/constructors of the Ferrari Works from the humble beginnings. Back when assembling these cars in facilities that were little more than barns. From his experience working for Ferrari, both the man and the company that bears his name, he had a lot of useful knowledge to owners and restorers. There was a Q&A segment. I guess, there had been a long debate in the restoration community of what tone of yellow paint Ferrari used to mark their bolts and nuts. Yellow paint was applied after they were tightened down. With someone saying it's this tone of yellow and others saying it was other types of yellow. The featured guest was a bit confused and even amused and said, "If we needed yellow paint for something like that, we just went down to a hardware store and bought yellow paint. It wasn't specific. Whatever yellow paint was laying around." So the color tone of yellow was as random as it could be and could differ between cars and years. Some of the assembled were more devastated to hear it wasn't something specific. Others were elated and amused that something so stupid was finally broken down as pedantic and meaningless.
Anyway, I never forgot this story and would think about it every fucking time Gospel Doctrine class would bog down into back-and-forth discussions on "the gospel according to me." And it would seem to me, the lessons that got bogged down, were doctrines that allowed certain personal interpretation of the doctrine/rules. I'm pretty sure every Word of Wisdom Lesson got bogged down on, "Well my grandfather drinks coke and he's personal friends with President Monson," type rhetoric. I remember Rated R movies was another and everyone's interpretation of that. I thought it all amusing then "Oh, here we go - arguing about what color of yellow paint, again." Today, I find it hilarious. People wasting their time, energy, talents and money on things that absolutely have no meaning. It's all made up because a farm boy didn't want to farm in the mud and dirt any more. He figured out that religion was far easier way to fleece people of their money than stone looking. lol
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2023.02.02 22:17 croakonut What did she mean by this

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