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BlackMarketDolphins presents:

2016.05.02 02:36 BlackMarketDolphins presents:


2019.03.31 05:42 hpenney2 RealNameChecksOut

Like UsernameChecksOut but in real life Born from this post: https://www.reddit.com/UsernameChecksOut/comments/b7fh62/irl_user_name_checks_out/

2023.02.03 05:58 LeftoversR4theweak I Asked ChatGPT Where The Bodies Were, And Got This Response

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2023.02.03 05:50 Cranky-Novelist Real name of Bruno

I kind of like Bruno. His tactics may be a little unusual, but he's a good guy. The guy who plays him looks and sounds so familiar. I'm certain I've seen him in something else, but I can't place where. Naturally, google isn't helping. They've got people who were on the show for one episode years ago under their cast list, but not Bruno.
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2023.02.03 05:47 HectorO760 Pilpil ji Karote: Mon 12

Episode 12: Autumn Clearout - Pepper&Carrot (peppercarrot.com)
Episode 12: Autumn Clearout
Mon 12: Safegi fe Xuhamosem
Laughing Potions, Mega-Hairgrowth Potions, Stink-bubble Potions, "Bright-Side" Potions, Smoke Potions...
Iksir fe Haha, Iksir fe Belo-Dayxunjan, Iksir fe Burnasacu-bulbula, Iksir fe Otimaismo, Iksir fe Dudan
... to name just a few!
... cel na zekaru sol bannumer to!
Yeah, I know:
Si, mi jixi:
"Real jumunyen of Kaosa ger no krea hin tipo fe iksir."
Clang, Cling, Clong
Klang, Kling, Klong
Exactly. As well it should be.
Preciso. To ingay na sen hinmaner.
I need to go to the market in Komona.
Mi haja na idi cel bazar in Komona.
Make all this disappear while I'm gone; it wouldn't be good for little jokers to find it and play around with it.
Am awgi moy hinto durki mi sen awsenti; to ger no sen bon eger lil humoryen ewreka hinto, ji ete karar na yuxi yon to.
Make it disappear? Easy! Yipee!
Kam mi am awgi to? Asan! Hura!
Bury everything?!
Kam na inturan moyto?!
But that will take hours, not to mention the blisters we'll have by the end of it!
Mas, dento ger dure plu satu, ji mi am no zekaru pifu-bulbula hu imi ger hare da fe fini!
"And by no means use magic. A true witch of Chaosah does not use magic for daily chores."
"Ji am no yongu magika fe he ban halu. Real jumunyen of Kaosa no yongu magika cel moydinli ergomon."
CARROT! Book seven of Chaosah: "Gravitational Fields"... ... without delay!
KAROTE! Kitabu sabe de Kaosa: "junluku-medan"... ...fori!
I'll show that old busy-body crow what a true witch of Chaosah is!
Mi xa onexa tas den lao ganxopune kraw ku real jumunyen of Kaosa sen kepul te!
Tam Tam
Tam Tam
... A Chaosahn Black Hole?!
... Syahe-hongu fe Kaosa?!
... That's really what you understand by: "don't use magic"?
... Dento real sen to hu yu aham da yon: "am no yongu magika"?
... Hey... Weren't you supposed to be at the market?
... Hey... Kam yu no ingay na sen in bazar?
Of course not! And I was right too; it's simply impossible to leave you without constant surveillance!
Mimbay no! Ji maxpul, mi le sahiloga; to jandan sen nenible na resta yu nenyon estokal supraoko!
... Just look at this. Insufficient mass! Weak gravitational field differential! Even the closest stable circular orbit is too small!
... Am sol oko hinto. Nenkufi mase! Daif diferensyal fe junluku-medan! Hata maxim ner andin dayrapul weydao sen godomo lil!
And there you go: Nearly everything will gravitate to stable orbits or Lagrange points and stay floating around.
Ji prehay: Kriban moyto xa junluku cel andin weydao or Lagranjli tyan, ji to xa resta fe na weyflota.
Even only a slightly larger Event Horizon would have done the trick!
Hata sol lilmo maxmo day okurxey-ufuku ger le sen suksespul!
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2023.02.03 05:45 EinfachNurFinn Story-driven game like FireWatch, with horror aspects and Mental-Health in the focus

Foreword: This is a really long text, and I dont expect anyone to take their time and read this. But I would really appreciate some Feedback/Ideas. I have written a short summary at the end, if you dont want to read this whole mess:⬇️
If you arent interested, thats okay. But I would really appreciate any input!
so I played some Hours Firewatch (Day 37) and as a unsuccessful GameDev I thought: I WANT THIS
So I thought to myself. What do I like about this game, which I want to implement into mine?
-You are given multiple choices (what you say and how you interact) which makes the game really immersive and makes you care for the protagonist! (Thats why I wanted to make the protagonist to deal with mental-health-problems) -I really liked the art-style. Im also a huge fan of the Synty-Assets and would love to make the game in this art-style -I liked the subtile horror (things that gives you the creep, but no jumpscares or stuff like this)
I want to make this clear. I dont want or would even be able to do a Firewatch-Clone! I just liked some mechanics (which are also used in other games)
So what is my question?
I have an Idea (maybe bad, maybe really bad) but definitley out of my league (but this is a problem for future me).
My Idea: Its about a student, with some problems. Panick-Atacks etc. These are implemented as an Quick-Time-Event. Everytime something bad happens a reaper-like-something appears.
For example: You wake up. Its too late. You could run down and catch the bus, or brush teeth and get the next. This opens 2 paths with kids making fun of you in school (too late/smell bad). Then the paths connect again, when you are heading to maths class. You are sitting there in the room, trying to solve some things. Then the Teacher asks you: "[Name] Do you want to present your solutions?" You are in a dark room, you are in the spotlights and you can see the teacher coming to you. You have like 3 seconds to answer. 1. Admit you dont have anything 2. Improvise To be honest it doesnt change a thing, because both just trigger the same quick-time-event where you have to smash some buttons but just stutter and stutter. The teacher comes to you, picks up your sheet, looks at it, laughs and tear it appart. Then cut. Just another daydream, she repeats her question from the beginning in a super nice way. "[Name] Do you want to present your solutions?" and you realise it didnt happen, just an panick-attack.
The reaper appears in the back of the class, stares and you and goes right through the wall. And this would go on. After some time its not just imaginations. It starts to get real. Talking with friends, reaper appears. You are being chased by it through a forrest. (It just flies like a dementor from harry potter).
In the evening everything is always fine. The player will get to know, that your room is sort of your safe-space. You dont have this pressure, these panick-attacks. Just like in Firewatch the Tower. Everyday you come home in your house and you can go to your desk and then sleep. On like day 20, you are sitting at your desk doing homework, you look out of the window. And there he is, the reaper, starring at you. Starring right into your eyes.

Summary (for the lazy folks): Its about a student, with some problems. Panick-Atacks etc. These are implemented as an Quick-Time-Event. Everytime something bad happens a reaper-like-something appears. This reaper stands metaphorically for the students problems. It has some action-sequences (unlike firewatch) and also delivers a subitle horror (with just a few jumpscares)
So, what do you think. Any recommendations, how this could go on? How I can deliver this feeling of a panick-attack? (Heart pounding sound and fov effect, red vignette). I would love to get any input! Is this a stupid Idea? How can you make the player feel and genuinley care for the protagonist? How can I make this world look and feel alive? I know this game is way out of my league, but I would love to make it. What do you think?
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2023.02.03 05:44 SimplyTennessee One of these is not like the others

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2023.02.03 05:44 nonewnonsense It feels like my TBM wife is living in a different universe

I have talked to her about the damage and pain the church has caused me as an autistic person, how much it hurts LGBTQ+ people, black people, as well as many others. I mention terrible things leaders have done and said in the name of god. From the apostles and prophets down to the local bishops.
I expected her to think it’s all anti Mormon lies. But she agrees it is real and it is wrong. She agrees the church should apologize and make changes. But she still goes and takes our kid. She thinks there is more good than bad.
I want to move on and heal old wounds. But I can’t because no matter what we have a kid together.
I feel like I’ve been used and abused by the church. And to me it feels like she is basically saying, I know they abused you and a lot of other people, but they are nice to me so I want that in my life and will trust our kid with them. Our kid is also autistic, and already not fitting into any binary gender box like the church pushes. Autistic people are more likely to be LGBTQ+. I have trans siblings, and want to be an ally but feel terrible my wife is part of and paying money to the church.
I can’t understand her. As an autistic person, I have a lot of black and white thinking. I think that was also fed by the church. I was a literal believer. As soon as I allowed myself to look into the bad, I was quick to be totally out. I believe it’s harmful and want nothing to do with the church. I don’t want that for my kid.
I know a lot of people in this sub are able to accept their spouse believing and being active with their kids. But I struggle to see how I can. My therapist basically said, I might be able to work through some of that black and white thinking, but based on how my brain works it could be difficult. I think that’s accurate, I’ve been out like five years now and still just don’t get her.
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2023.02.03 05:42 drhorribles Steve Jobbs?

i used to remember his name being spelled jobbs as i KNEW it wasnt spelled like the real word jobs. but now his name has always been jobs? is it just me or does anyone else remember the former spelling? or am i just crazy. i even searched the name and suggestions came up for the spelling jobbs
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2023.02.03 05:42 teriaavibes How to take a Microsoft Exam

How to take a Microsoft Exam
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of certifications
  3. Creating certification Profile
  4. Ordering an exam and how to redeem exam vouchers
  5. Microsoft Certification dashboard and PearsonVUE portal
  6. How to take a Microsoft Exam
  7. Official Microsoft study materials
  8. Free or discounted voucher opportunities
  9. Opportunities for students
  10. Certification Renewal
  11. Information for Microsoft Partner Employees

So, you have studied, ordered an exam and now the exam itself has started. Here is what you can expect.
The tests themselves are divided into multiple sections - General questions, Case Studies and Labs. You can't skip between them. Once you complete a section, you are unable to return to it.
Before you get to the actual exam questions, Microsoft will first ask you about your experience. This is not graded and it doesn't matter what you answer there.
After that you will be shown information about the exam itself. Be sure to read the total number of questions because sometimes you don't get a lab or case study at the beginning which means that you need to save time at the end for them.
Welcome Exam screen
Other useful information to know: On the bottom of page there are various tools that can help you
Exam Tools
Specifically, the Calculator and Take a Break options.
Calculator is useful when you need to count SLAs or other stuff that would take too long to do in your head.
Take a Break allows you to exit the room to go refresh or other stuff you forgot to do before an exam. After taking the break: Timer will continue and you won't be able to return to any of the previous questions. So, cheating won't help you.
On the top side:
Exam tools
First on the left is Review button. You can use it to navigate between the questions easily.
Then there is Review later box. If you aren't sure about your answer, you can toggle this and return to it from the Review screen if you have extra time.
Leave Feedback is not that important. If you toggle this on questions, you can then tell Microsoft when you finish the exam how bad the question was. Not relevant to the exam.
And lastly on the right, is the timer. This timer tracks only the current section, so if you see there are 38 questions in total on there, that means for the current section. If there is lab or case study outside it is only mentioned on the Welcome to the exam page at the start. So don't be surprised when you finish and there is still a case study or lab waiting for you.
There are 3 requirements that are always present in exams and required:
  • Solution must be as cheap as possible
  • Administrative role must be of the least privilege
  • Must be the simplest to implement
Here are the question types (you can find most of these in the exam demo simulating how the real exam looks like, https://aka.ms/examdemo):
Active Screen/Best answer/Multiple Choice: I grouped these together because the strategy is the same. Choose the best answer. You can usually discard 2 answers because you either haven't heard of it or you know it is wrong. So, you are left with 50/50 choice. If you feel like both are correct, think of the more elegant solution. Abide by the 3 rules I mentioned in bold earlier.
Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice, Multiple Select
Hot Area/Active Screen: It can be screenshot of basically any menu or portal that is related to the exam. AAD Connect configuration, home of azure portal, creating VM for example. Your task will be to answer the question by toggling option/s in the screenshot.
Hot Area
It is really useful to know the menu you are interacting with and not going in blind.
Drag and Drop: As the name says, pretty self-explanatory. Drag an answer from left to right.
Usually there aren't more of the same answers on the right so if you have 3 on the left and 3 on the right and have no idea, there is a good chance that all answers will be used once. That isn't the case with some questions but most I encountered used this pattern.
Drag and Drop
The question types below will only appear in non-fundamental exams.
Build List: Similar to the Drag and Drop, but now you are making a list. So, you will also need to order it correctly. Don't forget about the basics, like resource providers in PowerShell or create resource button in Azure Portal.
Build List
Repeated answer choices: Probably the strangest and most confusing question type you will encounter if you haven't heard about it yet. You will be presented with one scenario. There will be a possible solution and you will be asked if it is a full solution to the scenario and problem. There will be multiple questions presenting the same scenario but different solutions. After answering the question, you may not return to it. There are usually around 4 questions in a scenario.
The strategy here is simple, if you aren't 100% sure, pick false. There are 3 patterns, there either isn't presented correct answer, there is only one and there are 2. From my own experience the chance there are 2 answers is really low. So statistically it is best to always pick false unless you are sure it is correct.
Simulations/Labs: You will enter a virtual environment and will have to complete a series of tasks there. You are scored both on completeness of the solution and how effective you were at it. Once you turn it in, you can't return to it.
So randomly clicking through blades until you find the one with the setting in it, is not recommended. Labs take longer to score so you will not receive your score immediately.
Case Studies: You will be shown a screen with a lot of tabs and screens with tons of information in them. The important thing here: Don't read it all! The first screen doesn't contain the question, so you will have to go to the next one. Only after reading the question, start going through the relevant materials.
Case Studies
After you finish all your questions in the section, you will be presented with the Review screen (also accessible from the top tool bar)
Review Screen
This doesn't necessarily mean it is the end of the exam as there may be case study or lab after. Here you can see how you and can easily access questions you didn't answer or marked for review. Always answer all questions, even if you have no clue. You don't get negative points for guessing. If you finish the review screen and there are still unanswered questions, you've done it wrong.
After finishing the whole exam, it still isn't over. Once you get to this window and don't want to leave feedback to the questions (or are just really anxious about how you did). Ignore it. In the bottom right there is Exit button.
Question Feedback Screen
This will take you to the result page (if you had a lab, you won't get your result immediately).
Result Page
On the next page you will see your score report (no need to read it now, can access it from PearsonVue later on. And only once you hit the End button there, you finished the exam.
This is especially important when taking a test from home so you don't get failed for leaving the screen before this.
Score Report
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2023.02.03 05:41 Firm-Truck3317 Gorilla tag ghost

Name: D3pth
Danger: 7/10
Fakeness: 5/10
Rarity 2.5
Description: A dangerous black gorilla who hides in city I only know 1 area it spawns in which is 3rd floor city
Abilities: Banning kicking lagging teleporting
Where to find: the code dakness5
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2023.02.03 05:40 B1TBR0 Shilan, the Viskar Support

- Call Sign
- Real Name
Spawn line
Allow me to assist in your fight!
- Strategy
Provide small protection for allies as well as of healing and assisting on their strikes
- Story Beats
A Vishkar Omnic that wanted to be more than a sitting asset.
- Role
- Size
Reaper - Pharah
- Difficulty
- Speed
- Health
200 (100/0/100)
- Age
- Kit
-- Primary Fire (M1, R2, RT)
Photon Rifle
Moderate damage, High range but somewhat slow projectile. Automatic Photon Rifle, that takes the mechanics of Symmetra’s alt fire with wind up time before shots and small hitbox
Type: Projectile
Accuracy: pinpoint
30 dmg
Rof 1 bullet every 0.75s
Mag 25
Reload 1.5s
-- Secondary Fire (M2, L2, LT)
Hard Light Protection / Technological Enhancement Beam
Beam that connects to a targeted ally, with two possible outcomes, depending on the stance (Shift) state. (Looks like old Symmetra/Mercy beam) HLP - Providing them up to 50 Shield, giving 25S/s and healing for 20H/s, if Shilan stops the beam, the shield given remains as an overshield for 15s. Overshields will regenerate, like normal shields, but as long as it hasn’t been all spent. (If you take 49dmg, it can start regenerating because of the 1 shield remaining).
TEB - Provides tethered ally a bonus in fire rate/tick rate of 50%.
Type: Beam
50 Total 25/s 20/s
RoF 1/s up Shared 25 Mag.
Reload 1.5s
-- Ability 1 (Shift,L1,LB)
Stance: Generate / Enhance
Like Lúcio, Shilan will alter their modes, providing Shield or Fire Rate, through all of their abilities.
At will
-- Ability 2 (E, R1, RB)
Assistance Stations
Like Symmetra, deploys turrets that have the same amount of HP, but the turrets act based on the Stance active. Has up to 2 turrets, they Provide the same amount of max shield than Shilan’s secondary fire, but the rate of it is decreased, Generating 10S/s and 10H/s and the enhancement provided is halved, Going to a rate of 25% per Station. Turrets can stack the Enhancement and the Healing rates, but won’t stack with the secondary fire. (Stacking up to 50% Fire rate.) Can be replaced by recalling them with interaction key, like Torb’s turrets, if so, cooldown is reduced to 5s Type: Deployable Health: 50
50 total
10/s 10/s
15s each
5s recall
-- Ultimate (Q, ∆, Y)
Amplified Generation
Shilan turns themselves into a Generator, Amplifying Fire rate and Generating Shield to allies inside a 10m radius.
Turrets can still be placed in other locations, maybe assisting long range allies that won’t get the full effect of the ult, and the stations will be acting upon an active stance.
Type: Area of Effect Enhancement Fire rate 50%
75 total (not stackable with secondary fire or Stations) 25/s
- Strengths
Team play, communicating with ults and assisting anyone around corners as well
- Aesthetics
Kind of a mix between Ramattra, Echo and Symmetra. Close to the image linked below
- Weaknesses
Can protect themselves, but some players might play them too offensively
- Personality
Bold outgoing sincere to the point of being comical but doesn't play up for comedy.
- Base of Operations
Utopaea, India
- Occupation
Vishkar Architect and Scientist
- Nationality
- Affiliation
- Comp
Backline, assisting and providing overshield
- Overview Blurb
They weren’t fond of seeing the risks of not having the best protection to Overwatch, and were scared of the others hurting themselves more than expected.
- Backstory
Shilan is an Omnic Vishkar Operative that is actively developing new technologies, and upon resting at providing hard light protection to those who need, they decided he’d take matters to their own hand, since they didn’t want to spend the time they had by helping after matters happened, dealing with much more pain than if they'd be to intervene beforehand.
- Notes
Overshield would be re-added, but reworked since the state of it in Overwatch wasn’t much of a thing
Overshield will regenerate if at least 1 Shield is still active, at the same rate as the normal shield.
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2023.02.03 05:40 LDM4ever AITA for asking my husband to do more around the house

My husband (37m) and I (30f) got a puppy 2 weeks ago.
I got laid off in October but I still contribute 40% to all our monthly bills (mortgage, joint CC, etc) and he pays 60% - this was based on the ratio of how much I made vs he made. I don’t make any money now, but I still pay. But I do not pay for anything related to the dog because I can’t afford any new expenses and he’s fine with paying everything until I get a job again. Because I am unemployed, all the housework falls on me. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, you name it. He takes out the trash and settles the bills every month.
Now that we have our dog, we take morning and night shifts house training and taking care of him. But during the day, I watch him while my husband works. I consider raising a puppy a full time job - it is A LOT of work and early mornings and late nights. I also have to cook and clean for every meal, and apply for jobs, network, prepare for interviews, actually interview etc. I have the night shift right now, and right when it turns 5pm, he gives me the dog but I still have to cook dinner and wash all the dishes while watching him and making sure he doesn’t pee or poop in the house. It’s getting too overwhelming for me and I asked my husband if we could go back to our old chores systems, how things used to be - as if we both have full time jobs - and for him to cook and clean again - AKA when he cooks, I was dishes and when I cook, he cleans. Currently, when he makes breakfast FOR HIMSELF, I have to wash the dishes. When I spend all day outside with my girlfriends (before we had the puppy) and I don’t use a single dish, I come home to a stack of unwashed dishes that’s waiting for me to clean. He flipped out on me when he heard my request. He said why? It doesn’t make sense. You still are unemployed and don’t have a job. He said I am unable to take on more responsibility and said how am I going to handle an “actual” full time job, watching our puppy and having kids? He said I am not ready for kids and the real reason why he got this dog is to test out whether I’d have the ability to handle this before we have kids. He said I am currently a stay at home mom and I need to do it all - there are women out there that would love to be in my position - playing with a puppy all day and doing housework, not working. (Uh.. from my understanding, stay at home moms don’t contribute to household bills?) He said I’m living off him and he supporting my living because he’s been paying 10% more this whole time.
AITA for asking him to help with cooking and cleaning? Was it too much to ask for? Should I just suck it up and do everything? Do I deserve this type of treatment just because I’m unemployed and am doing everything I possibly can to get a job? And for the record, I do NOT want to be a stay at home mom.
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2023.02.03 05:37 Grasker358 join.thefrequency.au [FREQ] Worldwide 18+ Gaming Community Based in OCE

join.thefrequency.au [FREQ] Worldwide 18+ Gaming Community Based in OCE

Who We Are

TheFrequency is a friendly, Worldwide Gaming Community based in Oceania that was created with the goal of always having someone to play games with, no matter the game or platform at any time of day. We run Events, Monthly Giveaways, Gaming Servers, End of Year Awards, as well as Competing in scrims and competitions for those who are looking for that kind of thing. Since our inception we have always put an emphasis on teamwork and having fun. If you get angered easily, or like to boss other people around, this is not the community for you.
We play a large variety of games within the community, too many to name here, but whatever you play chances are there is someone here who is looking for more people to play with.
* Regularly In the top 5 Clans globally LookingForAClan.com (https://lookingforclan.com/clans/top)
* Large Community
* Casual atmosphere
* Retro Game Nights
* Prizes and Giveaways
* Custom Gaming Servers
* Movie Nights
* Poker Nights
* End of year Awards - Hall of Fame
* Loads of Discord/Member perks
* FREE Curiositystream Subscription Streaming 24/7
* Custom, Youtube and Spotify Music Bots with integrated search functions, Exclusive to out Discord
* Live Radio Streams 24/7 - DEFCON Radio, BadRadio.nz, Death.fm and FREQFM
* Free PREMIUM Midjourney A.I. art creation Bot for all members
* Earn In-house Currency in Discord to spend on real world items
* A Discord that caters for a variety of interests well over and above just Gaming.
* Note we play a variety of games that aren't on the LFC.com list such as Hell Let Loose, Battlefield 4 and DCS.

New Recruit Checklist - No Application or Tryouts.

* Mature (At least 18+ years old)
* Competent human being
* Discord
* Once in Discord:
1/ Accept Rules (You may need to Scroll down on the Welcome screen).
2/ React to at least 2 roles/interests in #_channel_access_(You won’t be able to see any channels until you do, choose as many as you would like to have access to.).
3/ Check out #_info for more information to learn more about the community, including info on representing [FREQ].


Twitter: @ Freqplatoon
Discord: Discord.gg/thefrequency

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2023.02.03 05:37 HairyThrowawayAcc My friend is caught up in a weird rental scam

Hello everyone. On a throwaway account because this has some identifying stuff. Please try to be kind, I know a lot of this stuff is infuriating. I was upset too.
I live in the San Diego area. I have a family friend who has been having trouble with what is likely a rental scam. My family friend doesn’t have employment except for occasional babysitting when her kid is at school, but it’s a small kid so they aren’t at school very long. Dad is not in the picture. She’s undocumented (her kid is not).
She got an eviction notice from the people she was renting a room from on January 1st because their son was moving back in. She had 30 days to look for a place for her and her kid. After many rejections, she found a room on Facebook Marketplace. She messaged the guy and went to go check it out. It looked fine to her, and she was desperate to find housing for her kid, so she gave the guy first month’s rent ($850 cash). She gave him the money on January 25.
Of course, something was fishy because the dude kept posting the ad. I messaged him and he let me come check it out, same room. Place was hardly furnished, rooms were messy, and he somehow had 4 pitbulls in the apartment, though he said they were his brothers and they don’t live there (hmmm). I told her about this, and on January 27, she asked him if she could get the key already. He texted sure, on Feb 1st . We wanted to see how this played out. Feb 1st comes, and he says his “family member” died. Typical. He says he can give either the key or the rent back on Feb 2nd. Family friend asks for the rent money back. He says ok. Well, today he says that he had a family emergency, can we wait another day? We give up. He’s just giving us the runaround. Contact has ceased for now.
How is this dude comfortable with letting people into his apartment all the time? Could it be he’s just renting a sublet and he’s going to disappear soon? Or he lives somewhere else? He is most likely using a fake name as well. When I drive by his place (I’ve been snooping around and the unit is easy to see from the street) I see lots of different crackhead-looking folks going in and out, as well as unsuspecting tenants-to-be checking his place out.
It’s obvious she got scammed and is very distraught because she has no income except from government support. She’s staying at my place for the month, but I don’t have a lot of space, especially for a growing kiddo. She says she realizes how foolish she was by ignoring all the red flags, but she was scared of being homeless with her kid. She says she’ll go to the county office to see if she can get hotel vouchers because she doesn’t want to impose. I feel bad for her but don’t know how to help her. Police have told us we can file a report but most likely nothing will happen. We’ve accepted we will most likely never see that money again. My questions are:

  1. Should this go to small claims court? We have a lot of text screenshots, voice recordings, and pictures that I sneaked when I went to go check it out. She also has a picture of a very shoddy rental agreement (it’s on a scrap of paper) that has their signatures indicating that he accepted the $850. I'm concerned it's not enough and it'll be a lot of he-said-she-said.
  2. If we tell the landlord what will happen? We’re worried the dude's just going to disappear once he realizes he’s been found out. Can the landlord legally tell us the dude's real name? Apparently subletting is not allowed in those apartments, if that is what he is doing.
  3. We’re worried about her undocumented status getting in the way with seeking legal action. Is this a valid concern? She doesn’t have a bank account either, if that matters. She’s fluent in English.

He said he belongs to the Mormon church. Friend said she did see some missionaries eating inside when she went one time (wtf?). Would it be advisable to report him to his church? Kind of grasping at straws for anything to hurt him, I guess. Though I doubt he's actually part of the church...
I just don’t want anyone else to get scammed by this loser, especially desperate people like my family friend. San Diego is already a difficult city to find housing in.
Thanks for reading all of this. I appreciate any advice or general support.
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2023.02.03 05:36 Careful-Mushroom-264 My Chibidoki Movie

It would be so awesome.
It would be so cool.
It would be the most incredible Twitch girl streamer movie the world has ever seen
The screens would light up, with real explosions
And special effects
Like, tons and tons of special effects
My super dragon wings would be special effects
And it would BLOW YOUR MIIIIIND!!!
'Cause it's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
It's all about me, yeah
It's all about me
It's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
They'll be lining up to see a movie all about me
No longer a Twitch thot, no, that's not me
Picture my booty up in 3D
I'll shake my booty in my own movie
It's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
They'll be lining up to see a movie all about me
I'd have the most disgusting, cringe and scary
Ugly Bastard adversary
But not to worry, I'm the girl in charge
Yeah, I'd have an alter ego
I'd be a billionaire
Standing tall with some yaoi hands
And gorgeous hair (Gorgeous hair)
'Cause it's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
It's all about me, yeah
It's all about me
It's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
They'll be lining up to see a movie all about me
No longer the Twitch-thot (Begone, ye thot!)
Now I'm a fuckin’ dragon settin’ neckbeards aflame
Chi-Bi-Do-Ki Bitch is the name!
Ooo, and I'd have my own kickass music too
It'd go bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, boom!
It would play everytime that I entered a room
Then I'd say my sweet and ominous catchphrase
It's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
It's all about me, yeah
It's all about me
It's my movie, my movie
My Chibidoki movie
· They'll be lining up to see a movie all about me
· It's my movie, my movie
· My Chibidoki movie
· It's all about me
· (It's all about me) It's all about me
· (My movie, my movie) My movie, my Chibidoki movie
· (Lining up to see)
(All about me) Yeah, it's all about me
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2023.02.03 05:35 thecountofceciltucky WIN BOOTS, Member Contest Ideas for R/Communityfunds!

As promised, I've been noodling through how to make the community more interactive and get all of us engaged and involved through some type of contest; while I'd like to do something small rather quickly for everyone, what I'd really like to do is GO BIG and give away a SOME PAIRS OF CUSTOM REDDIT-THEMED Cowboy boots! I'm not sure how many of you have seen the Communityfunds subreddit (give it a look) but I feel like our niche little community has grown so much in the last few years that we should give it a shot! I've got some ideas ginned up for fostering a spirit of competition and togetherness while promoting our Sub to the World!
So what does cowboyboots need from you? I'd like to borrow some of your collective brain power and help kick around some design ideas, identify (reasonably priced) custom makers, as well as some more basic ideas for the contest such as what would constitute a winner (e.g. most up-voted post), or if we go with a more generic sweepstakes theme and choose winners at random based on subscribers/submissions which might help open up the pool of contestants to those who cannot afford boots themselves or do not have the means to seriously get into the hobby, potentially giving everyone an equal chance at winning a really spectacular prize. I can see some Snoo-inlay black shafts with a user or subreddit name across the back and some wicked custom hand-stitched toe bugs...
This is meant to bring us together and empower Redditors so I can also imagine a scenario where we'd bring the community together in a virtual event of sorts and possibly bring in a western personality/YouTuber to have a live contest and read out winners during the event, or it could be something more low-key where we simply pick the names out of a hat and present them in a stickied post but I like the idea of bringing a few hundred of us together! I do tend to think big though, so I'll willing to work as hard as folks are willing to engage on ideas.
I've got some thoughts and price ranges jotted down as I work through the submission form and we certainly need to think about risks and challenges but I'd love nothing more than to see this group continue to thrive. None of this happens without an amazing community's support; if we get sufficient interest we can make this into a real thing!
I'll leave this here. Please, feel free to let us know what you think!
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2023.02.03 05:29 emillang1000 Players wanna gamble? Try Bastard's Fool!

Some of my players expressed interest in playing gambling minigames aboard their ship during resting hours in our Skull & Shackles game. This is a little easier said than done because Book 1 glosses over it with a "figure it out" handwaved despite this being where the most hardcore downtime is to be had in the AP.
HOWEVER... the basic rules for a gambling minigame named Bastard's Fool in Book 3 are detailed out, do to it being an integral part of the first mission therein. They're basic rules are... fine... a little less strategic for my liking, but the framework isn't bad.
So I modified the game as they're heading into Alternate Book 2 (aka Plunder & Peril), and it looks to be a pretty solid & quick, yet strategic, minigame (which is good, because P&P deals with ship tasks & activities in somewhat the same way Wormwood Mutiny does it.
BASTARD'S FOOL A game played with any number of cards; each player brings any number of cards to the table, shuffling all cards together in a communal deck.
Bastard's Fool is a "card" game similar to both Black Jack and Poker. The goal of the game is to assemble a hand of 3 cards as close to 20 without going over as possible (note that the "cards" are actually d12s in real life, to simulate the chaotic nature of the game)
The first player Buys In at 2 high, second and all others 1 to begin. • Each players rolls 3d12 and keeps it hidden. The first round of Bidding begins, with at least 1 being the opening bid; players may match, raise, or fold • Each player may reroll one of their d12s. * Each player may also roll one of the following (DC15): Bluff, Profession (Gambler), Sense Motive. If they pass, they may adjust their score or another player's score by +1 or -1, +1/-1 for every 5 they beat the check buy. • A player may also attempt a DC20 Sleight of Hand. Change 1 d12 result of theirs on success; get caught & lose the game on failure. The second round of Bidding begins, doubled to at least 2; players may match, raise, or fold • Each player may reroll one of their d12s. * Each player may also roll one of the following (DC15): Bluff, Profession (Gambler), Sense Motive. If they pass, they may adjust their score or another player's score by +1 or -1, +1/-1 for every 5 they beat the check by. • A player may also attempt a DC20 Sleight of Hand. Change 1 die result of theirs on success; get caught & lose the game on failure. The final round of Bidding begins, tripled to at least 3; players may match, raise, fold, or go All In. • Players then reveal their hand of Dice and all applicable adjustments. The player closest to 20 without going over wins. • In case of a tie, the player with the highest die revealed wins; in case the score is still tied (if two or more players reveal the highest single value), consult the second-highest die, then third if necessary. • If the result still ends in a complete tie, split the pot.
Play as many hands as you like, though, for brevity's sake, I'd leave it at 1 hand per in-game evening - multiple hands should be used only when you need to play a Casino Royale style game.
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2023.02.03 05:25 ReturnOfTheSammyboy Nightmares, File 1

While there are of course many natural variants there are also quite a few man made variants. One such unsettling variant type is that of the nightmares. It is believed that nightmares were created either by a Fazbear Genetics competitor or from generations of illegal underground fights. There are also other theories about the William Afton creating them but that man is most certainly dead.
Nightmares are essentially more dangerous versions of their normal counterparts, aside from a few color variations. Nightmares are often very torn up from fighting and may have bones sticking out or large patches of skin with no fur.
Even though these creatures are very illegal and not made by Fazbear Genetics they have begun to make merchandise of these creatures. While I can’t deny that the plushies are very cute I find it despicable that they would embrace these freaks into their brand.
A large part of what makes nightmares unique is their strange hunting method, which is where they get their names from. Once a nightmare sees prey they release a nightmare inducing chemical into the air. The exit point for the chemicals is different for each nightmare creature but gashes in the skin or the mouth are fairly common. Once their prey had inhaled the chemicals, they leave, or at the least stalk their prey from a distance. The nightmares produced are described as very intense by those who survive nightmare attacks.
These nightmares normally seem fairly sensical, or at the least have a set of rules. The nightmares will normally take place in the victims house, or a lightly altered version of their house. In the victims house will be terrible monsters, normally described as very animalistic and with features similar to a nightmare. During a nightmare victims will be hunted by these creatures. Nobody alive knows what happens if they catch you so it’s assumed that you are somehow killed in real life but of course we don’t know how that works exactly.
After about a week of these nightmares the nightmare creature will come for one final attack on their victim. If the victim survives the attack they are usually left alone.
Nightmares prefer to attack those who are young, sick, or old. While they can definitely fight they are scavengers at heart. Especially the marionette de calamar. A Frenchman who survived a nightmare attack vowed some sort of revenge on all Faz creatures and in his madness created the first marionette de calamar. This creature wasn’t supposed to be able to survive but it did and asexually reproduced. Now there is a steadily growing population of them. Their offspring often appear to be nothing but bundles of tentacles because of how oversized their tentacles are. These creatures almost exclusively get their food by stealing kills from other nightmares.
There are more ape related nightmare creatures I would like to touch on but I think that this is enough information for file 1.
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2023.02.03 05:23 throwaway8675309665 Am I Paranoid ?

Background: I love my wife. We fight a lot due to both of us having issues we aren't addressing. I started therapy recently, she admits she needs some but hasn't done anything about it. I can't imagine my life without her or our two toddlers.
So she has been traveling for work recently. We are very open and she admitted when she was in her late teens and early 20s she cheated on her first real boyfriend when she traveled for work. All the time. She just started traveling for work at the end of last year. She is 40 now and we have been together for 6 years. She has a very intense sales job. But when she was away, she didn't even attempt to call our kids to say goodnight or check in or anything. She would text me at night after midnight our home time, two hours ahead of the place she was at. Just to say she was at her hotel after an event or she has been busy, etc etc.
I foolishly got paranoid and went through her phone. On one of the nights she was there she got a text with an unsaved contact at 2:00 am with just a room number and hotel name. She didn't reply. Me being paranoid since our marriage is kind of on the rocks and sexless I told her I was paranoid she was back to her old tricks. She attempted to assure me that wasn't happening. And reminded me of reasons why she isn't into sex anymore such as hating her body after having children.
A couple of days after going through her phone (I know sketchy) and seeing the text I kept saying I didn't believe no one hit on her or gave her their number or vice versa. She kept saying no one wants her since she isnt as pretty as she was and it's all married men at these conferences. She is definitely still very pretty even if she gained some weight and doesn't have that model body anymore.
Am I just making myself paranoid as I usually do or is this weird?
Pretty much only have sex once a month. Her past is her past. She says she would never jeopardize her family like her mother did by cheating with children. We have been fighting A LOT. No calls to say goodnight to the 2.5 and 4.5 year old when she is gone for a week. They are very attached to her and she loves them dearly. Not admitting she gave her number to someone that invited her to her room (that's the vibe I got from the text). Honestly I wouldn't care if she flirted. We all want to feel wanted, but if I go out I admit to her if someone was flirting with me but she keeps saying she isn't "a young hot girl anymore".
It just isn't sitting right with me. But I'm also very paranoid after having being cheated on in my first marriage. If you were a male in this situation, both sides, what would your thoughts be? If you were a female in this situation, both sides, what would your thoughts be?
She is out now for a happy hour with some old coworkers and was supposed to be home and hour ago. I don't know if I'm crazy. If it could be nothing. Or I should be cautious.
The worst part is I love her more than I show (I can be a dick sometimes...ok, a lot of the times), but I feel like I may have pushed her away and she gets what she needs sexually somewhere else now.
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2023.02.03 05:23 pichael288 Recently added to gamepass isn't there anymore.

It looks like it is, but when selected it says "new additions to the EA play list" and it's just a bunch of garbage EA games. How do I see the real recently added? There's a game on there I want but forget the name of
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2023.02.03 05:18 OldMysteries Combining crackpot theories

I made a comment under someone else's post where I combined two of my old crackpot theories, and I've decided to make it its own post and expand a little.
First, I can't seem to find it, but I made a post a long time ago throwing out the idea that Auri is what's supposed to be behind the Four-Plate Door and she got out through the back wall. Someone commented "Val-auri-tas."
Second, here is a post I made about a year ago where I speculate Felurian and Auri are broken pieces of Lyra. https://www.reddit.com/KingkillerChronicle/comments/md2mwb/my_favorite_crackpot_theory/
I don't have any real confidence in this idea, it's crackpot, but it's a lot of fun.
Here's a partial copy-paste (with minor changes) to explain:
"I believe the play Daeonica is about Lanre/Halliax. I can't take credit for that idea. Numerous other people have written posts about it. Here is one of the better posts, the best one I could find:
Daeonica is a tragic love story between a character named Tarsus and Felurian. Taurus dies and is raised from the dead. There are blue flames, suggestion Chandrian. There's an exorcism scene that closely mirrors the confrontation between Lanre and Selitos as Myr Tariniel falls. (ADDITION: There is a part where Kvothe finds a book where the names of the Chandrian are given and Kvothe dismesses them because he says they are taken from Daeonica.)
The important part for now is that, if this is the case, it implies Felurian is Lyra.
(Have to wonder why the Chandrian don't object to it.)
Third, (this is where we start making jumps) for the purposes of this theory, let's assume in the story of Jax that the moon is both the literal moon and a woman Jax desired and that the woman is Lyra/Felurian.
Jax only manages to take part of her name.
Finally, it's crackpot time: Lyra/Felurian got split into two pieces, both of which have broken minds but both are broken in different ways. One side of her is trapped in the Fae and is just a sex-crazed id. The other part is Fel-Auri-n..."
Third, as I was writing the above-mentioned comment, it dawned on me that if (and this is a big if) both of those ideas are true, then the most logical conclusion would be that the Four-Plate Door is the "small iron box" from the story of Jax and the Moon.
In the story of Jax, it says the box "meant for keeping things inside" which is similar to how Kvothe described the Four-Plate Door.
...This actually fits nicely with a lot of other ideas I have.
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2023.02.03 05:17 kikkogaming My girlfriend (17) had an obsessed autistic guy (34) chasing her and now he has entered a relationship with her autistic sister (19)

Yes you read that right, let me start by explaining the obsessed autistic guy. We’ll call him Fred. Like 8 months ago my gf met this Fred on Discord and they started talking. Now note that she is just a very nice and pure person and wants to see the good in people. Fred at the time was addicted to weed, she helped him get sober and he even turned to the Bible. Fast forward a couple of months and this guy is just telling her he loves her and in Minecraft he would put books in het inv. with texts like “I love you” in different languages. Let me add that i did not know about this, she has a lot of online friends on Discord. They had a group of multiple people including my gf and Fred where they just play Minecraft on Fred’s server. Next thing you know she texts me saying this Fred got a tattoo with the first initial of her name in a heart shape. Then i found out what was going down with this guy. He had an audio clip of her saying “Fred! Fred wake up! You need to go to work!” (she sent it on WhatsApp once), and this guy used that as his alarm for God knows how many months. He was obsessed and in love with her. When I found out I immediatly told her to block him. At first she didn’t want to because Fred has no social life and just kept telling my gf that he needed her in his life so she got scared he would hurt himself. Long story short she blocked him on every platform and finally was able to see that he was in love and obsessed with her. (I know how this may look, like my gf was doing it on purpose, just believe me when i say she didn’t want any of this.)
Now, my gf’s sister also has autism and is 24/7 holed up in her room playing Minecraft, only goes out for school and work. She can’t communicate with people, so she plays with younger people. Now this Fred was also playing with alot of young people, kids. Reminder that this guy is 34. My gf introduced her sister to the group with Fred before it got weird so she was also part of it. The sister is weird. She didn’t really seem to care that much about Fred being a pedophile towards her younger sister and just kept on playing with him after the whole scandal. In the beginning she would often ask questions to my gf that Fred asked, knowing she had blocked him and doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore. Fast forward a couple of weeks and this Fred gets invited to my gf’s home by the sister. Parents approved it because God knows why, they hadn’t really thought too much about the whole thing with my gf. Luckily my gf wasn’t home when he arrived, she hadn’t seen him and i want to keep it that way (not just me but my gf aswell)
Now comes the whole advice part. You see Fred lives like a hour and 45 minutes away from my gf. He doesn’t have his own car yet, but the sister uses the parents’ car to get there. Though the parents aren’t exactly happy with this relationship (they now see what he did to my gf) they are not trying to stop it. The mom doesn’t know what to do, because it will make it more exciting for the sister if she isn’t allowed to see him. They’re saying shit like “We’ll make sure he won’t come over if you’re home” to my gf, but let’s be real here he shouldn’t come there at all. Also note that for like 2/3 months the sister and Fred have been gaming together nonstop. Every night she is still in a Discord call with him, my gf explained that because both Fred and the sister have autism they sort of get connected with each other. They feel like they are the only person that understands each other. Now i have some options laid out. I could go to her close neighbour (she sees my gf as her little princess) and tell her the story about this Fred, who he really is, and have her charge in her home and throw it around (she is in the position to do that), but my gf prefers to keep that option as a joker card. I could also go to the police with my gf and show all the evidence (enough screenshots and photo’s of the tattoo), i don’t know how far that’ll get me but i’m aiming at a prohibition order where he won’t even be allowed near the house. The only problem then is that i don’t know what the sister will do then. I can totally see it happen that she will move to his house if she isn’t allowed to see him, and my gf is more sad about the part that Fred got his claws set on her sister instead of the part that Fred stays in her life. Fred is also already calling my gf’s little brother HIS little brother. He’s also good friends already with a close nephew of the family and had the phone number of her aunt, so everyone already likes him while no one (except for the parents and the sister) knows what fucked up shit he did. Now i really just want to go over to her house and open my mouth about the situation but I am not really in the position to do that, JUST JET. We’ve been dating for almost 2 years now so I can give my opinion, but i’ve never started an argument there before. Note that everyone there is very sensitive, so I also have to be careful with what I say to prevent disaster. 1 wrong sentence and they will side with Fred instead of me.
So that brings another option, wait for it to go wrong (Fred walks in unannounced and sees my gf) and start a justified argument. I guess it’s hard to explain why i can’t really do that now, every person in her family is mentally different and have a lot of weak spots. I already know that if I call Fred a pedophile the sister will freak out and start screaming at me, as she is completely manipulated by him (She called the whole being obsessed and in love thing just a big mistake). So yeah, that’s about it. Should i wait for it to go wrong and have a justified argument with her family (as in, going all out). Should i tell the close neighbour and have her barge in and (hopefully) solve it. Should I go to the police and keep him as far away as possible? The aunt’s family likes Fred, they don’t seem to know what he tried with my gf, the cousin also has already visited Fred’s home twice with the sister. If I would ask the neighbour for help she would not only get mad at the sister but also at the mom (which is not justified right now but i’d say if the mom let’s the sister do what she wants then the mom also deserves an earful). Going to the police could make the sister make very bad life changing decisions. She can’t take care of herself so it would be pretty bad.
What’s also important is that my gf absolutely cannot come face to face with Fred. My gf is like 164 cm tall and this guy is over 2 meters tall, even taller than me (i’m like 198 cm), he’s very big. My gf is scared to death for Fred, and to be honest, i’m scared of him too. I will do everything to defend my gf, but this guy is a big deal and probably way stronger than I am.
If you have read this entirely, thank you, I would like to hear your opinion on this subject. Also feel free to ask any questions if there’s any info missing. I wrote it pretty quickly so it might be a bit messy overall.
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2023.02.03 05:13 ToothGlass4486 can i refund a buyer and cancel the order because they have been stalking me?

okay so story time. there's been this person in real life who's been stalking me across multiple media platforms for the last few years. our mutual friends have noticed that they started to decorate their room with similar items in my room, and also they started dressing similarly to my usual styles, even bought the same car that i have. i have blocked them on every social media and basically tried my best to forget about this person for the last couple years and just live my life.
fast-forward to today, i just sold a vintage sweater 1 hour after listing it on depop, the buyer looked like a brand new account with no buy/sell history, no followers and no likes. i saw that their shipping address was in the same city as my stalker and got a bad gut feeling, so i asked our mutual friend if they knew this person. he told me he doesn't recognize the name but he looked that name up, turns out the person with the name on the address and my stalker follow each other on both Facebook and Instagram. so i got more suspicious. then we looked up the buyers address on Google street view and we could see the same model of my car parked right outside the building lmao. im now 100% convinced that this is my stalker either trying to buy my sweater through someone else they live with, or they made a fake account pretending to be someone else. either way it makes me feel really grossed out
so the question is... could i just refund the buyer and not give an explanation before relisting the sweater for sale, without getting trouble with depop? i had never refused to sell anything to anyone as long as they agreed to my price and i feel wrong to do this, but i really don't feel comfortable selling them this sweater given their history of being weird & obsessive.
any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
update: so uhhhh we just found my stalker's main depop account and apparently less than 2 weeks ago another seller left them a negative feedback saying they were harassing them for a sweater from 2 different accounts..... guess which sweater it was?? same sweater as the one i just sold!!!! ahhhh this is getting WEIRD
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