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The Dan O'Malley Show on 97.1 FM The Mighty Eagle radio in Dallas, TX. Weekdays afternoons 3-7 Pm Ct / 7-11 Am Ct on Talk Radio 1190 AM

2023.02.03 05:14 rockbottam It’s honestly pretty shocking that Karl hasn’t gotten any royalties, or even a ‘special thanks’ from Charlie Brooker and Black Mirror

It’s clear that he knows of Karl and The Ricky Gervais show. And they are both Brits. And these ideas are so specific that just doesn’t add up. Feels like plagiarism.
If you don’t recall the ideas I’m talking about;
  1. - the concept of downloading your consciousness onto a computer so you can live forever.
    1. - the dead partner film concept with Clive Warren and Dr. Morgan Freeman.
    2. - A doctor who can feel what his patients are going through to better identify the source of the ailment.
Of course, it could be a coincidence but it just seems weird to have 3 seemingly original ideas in your show, both already brought into the either by an odd little round-headed manc twat on an obscure radio show.
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2023.02.03 04:56 Soft-Mathematician87 What to start

Hello I’m just getting into the otr and I’m already a fan of yours truly Johnny dollar but am looking for other old radio shows and if anyone knows good old radio movie broadcast as well
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2023.02.03 04:55 Ok-Sea9672 I remember there being a solo dan bejar show shot in black and white on YouTube, did it get deleted?

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2023.02.03 04:55 Slight_Garbage5622 The Complex (Ch1)

Post PoP, don't read if you care about spoilers
Molly caught herself on the rail with an audible thunk. The slippery coating of ice covering the staircase beneath her reflected the green hue of dumb energy she had surrounded herself with, just incase her slip had turned ìnto a tumble. She took a moment to steady her feet and glanced behind her. A snowy mountain range stretched out before her, an ocean of evergreen trees with no civilization in sight, save for the cold metal staircase she was climbing. In the sky, she spotted Darkstar's drone zooming back and forth between Molly and the compound, ready to alert her if any people were headed her way. She flashed it a quick thumbs up, gripped the straps of her backpack, took a deep breath, and continued her climb up the staircase.
It took nearly ten minutes for Molly to finally reach the end of the staircase. It should have taken her only 3 or 4, only she had kept slipping and nearing falling on the way up. She shivered at the thought of going back down, but she had a job to do. Boss was relying on her, after all. Molly looked up at the compound she had only ever seen in aerial photos from the drone. It was a massive thing, nearly eight stories tall and wide as a city block.
Only one road led to this remote part of Taiga country, a dirt road veering off the I-15 highway. That road was nearly a 3 hours drive and led straight to here, although all the maps said neither the road or the compound existed. It was stuffed full of security cameras and hidden checkpoints to warn the gray building ahead of any vehicles headed in.
It had been a lucky break to find the unused dirt trail that led to the back access stairs. Sylvie had been the one to make that discovery, about a week prior, figuring that there must've been at least some smokers among the 20000 workers in the very health conscious research complex. Giovanni had hoisted Sylvie up onto his shoulders and chanted celebrations, then, much to Sylvie's protest.
Molly smiled at the memory, before casting a silence bubble around herself and heading off to the gray building ahead.
"Okay Beartrap, guard patrol ahead. Looks like Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino." came Darkstar's voice from the headset.
"Thanks" Molly replied, heading into a bush for cover. Major Nose Hair and Corporal Albino Dino weren't their actual names. None of "Giovanni's Evil Organisation" (name still pending), plus Sylvie and Phoenica, knew any of the guards actual names. They had spent about two week cataloging every person and thing they could find through the drone and scouting missions, which had frustrated Giovanni in particular as he wanted to simply burst through the front door "Bulldozer Style!™". He had consoled himself by giving all the guards they spotted funny nicknames and insisted on using them in every strategy meeting. Sylvie hadn't approved but he was heavily outnumbered, given that about 8 of the 10 people in their group were either Giovanni's minions or Honorary minions. Molly thought the names were better than whatever they actually were anyways.
"Looks like they've gone past" Darkstar's voice called, pulling Molly out of her thoughts. She leaped from the bush and sprinted to the rusted back door as fast as she could, making sure to dumb the pressure of her feet down so as to not leave visible footprints.
"Employees Only!" The sign on the door read. Molly ignored it and poured Trixie and Rick's "Hacker" potion on the keycard reader. It sparked and fizzled for a few seconds before the door swung wide open.
"I'm in" Molly said into the earpiece, closing the door behind her. Now she just had to rendezvous with Boss and Trixie, who had already snuck their way in.
"Great job, Beartrap" said the man himself, "Me and Shortstacks are loitering in a staff break room right now"
"Just say 'in a', why'd you add loitering? I feel, like, soooo uncool now" said Trixie.
"Loitering IS cool!"
Molly felt she could almost hear Trixie's eye roll through the headset.
"Oi, the radio is for vital communications only. Cut the chatter" Sylvie's garbled voice interrupted.
"Radio? This is a phone call" Phoenica pointed out. Sylvie grumbled slightly, but seemed to accept the correction.
"Nerd" Giovanni muttered. Whether this was directed at Sylvie or Phoenica, Molly couldn't tell. Maybe it was both. She shook her head and turned on a makeshift bodycam feed for Darkstar's benefit.
The hallway was the same sterile gray as the outside of the building, though it was clearly made of drywall or plastic rather than the hard bricks and cement of the exterior. Harsh fluorescent lights blared above. Molly found it difficult to believe that people worked here, let alone did mentally intensive science here. Maybe the offices were nicer? She shook her head again, it didn't matter. She reached into her backpack and pulled out the crude map of what they thought the facility looked like. They hadn't ever been inside yet, and so were forced to try to extrapolate the interior by peeking in through windows form the outside. The map had many question marks on it.
"Which staff room?" She asked. Twenty thousand people worked here after all, it was so remote and secretive that some even lived here. It must've have had tons of staff rooms, the map alone had 4 marked.
"Second floor, it's next to a staircase marked B5- wha- hey! No, no, no Shortstacks! You're doing it wrong. Ya don't reach into vending machine from the bottom! That never works. Step aside, I'll break the glass" Giovanni replied. A thud sounded "Ow".
B5… Molly glanced around, a fire exit sign hung over the door she had just come from, but she saw no staircases. She gripped the straps of her backpack tighter and headed down the hall.
Door after door passed by. The map was already proving to be less than accurate. According to the crayon marking, Molly should have been standing in front of a storage closet right now, instead, she was standing in front of a conference room with giant windows! How did the two get mixed up? And wasn't there supposed to be a T-section to the left? That hallway led to a lobby- Wait… a lobby? A Lobby!
Molly froze, Darkstar's video delayed gasp followed. This had been a key point in all the strategy meetings. Lobbies meant people, people meant phones, phones meant guards. She had to get out of here. Molly zipped around a corner before anyone could see and doubled her silence bubble. She stood stock still, listening for any indication that she was spotted.
Nothing, she was in the clear. Molly let out a big sigh, then a groan. This was going to be a long day.
Sylvie mentally kicked himself. It had been his idea for everyone to go into the compound one by one, rather than as a group. He'd pitched it as a way to make it easier to hide from the guard patrols outside the building, but really it was self preservation. He was a hundred percent sure one of Giovanni's cretins "minions" were gonna screw up and he didn't want to be nearby when that happened. Now he was really regretting it. He hadn't accounted for how difficult it would be to regroup once they were actually inside. Now Molly was, according to the panicked directions from Darkstar, god only knows where in there and in 15 minutes it was his turn to go up. He hadn't expected the maps to be that bad!
He watched mutely as Fred (he refuses to address the criminals by their fake names) scampered up the staircase. Something about his worry must have shown on his face because Phoenica was prodding him.
"You, uh, look a little stressed" she said. For once her bells weren't jingling with her, they were lying on the snow. Stealth was the name of the game here, and her unnatural ability to sneak up on people would undoubtedly be helpful. Sylvie considered her for a moment. He remembered the day when he had first met Molly's other friends, Phoenica had immediately bombarded him with questions regarding his sheep summons and making soup opera-like imitations of "flirting". Then the twenty-something, who Sylvie had initially mistaken for a cardboard cutout due to thus unchanging smile, had asked to be his friend in the most threatening manner possible. In the present, Rick was trying to understand the concept of an evergreen tree while he waited his turn. Apparently Ocean country had no trees at all, and it had taken him a lot to understand seasonal trees. Sylvie remembered he hadn't responded and quickly sprung to life.
"Huh- oh yeah, yeah. I'm, uh. I'm good"
"Do not lie. Lying is bad!"
"You spent the last two weeks plotting to break and enter into a private research facility, you can't use morality as an argument"
"Yes, I can! Those are bad guys planning to do bad things. So I. am. justified" Phoenica puffed, then sighed. She tried a line her mother did to her, once. "You really don't want to tell me what's wrong?"
Sylvie looked down at his feet. He knew that tone, and that line. Those were the words of someone who wasn't going to let it go.
"It's just- something is going to seriously wrong, and its going to be my fault." He paused, trying to find the right words "Groups are inherently more stable than long individuals. They can react to situations with a wide tool set, cover each others weaknesses, splitting up like this-". He looked up, nervously tapping his finger against his leg. "It was my idea to split up, what if that-"
"Are you a seer?" Phoenica interjected
"Huh?" Where did that come from?
"Are you a seer?" She repeated
"Um, no?"
"Then how do you know something is going to go wrong?"
"Well, I-"
"It's going to be fine" She said, decisively. There was no real argument, no logical reasoning, just a declaration. It was enough. Sylvie nodded. Yeah. It's going to be fine
"A seer, you say?" Rick said suddenly. It seems he had finally internalized the concept of evergreens, or at least that they didn't taste good. "Did I hear that correctly good friend, you are a seer of prophecy?"
Sylvie opened his mouth to correct him, then paused. "Yes" he lied. "Partially". Phoenica gasped at the lie but said nothing.
"Wonderful!" Rick barked an unsettling laugh, something between a sinister cackle and his trademark cannon fire laugh. Black lightning danced through the air, and he rose his hands like a priest in the middle of an emotional Sermon "I Declare Befunuthemdul will lose the mayoral election!"
"I didn't think there was a Befunuthemdul running for mayor this term" Sylvie questioned
"Oh no, not this term. He hasn't even been born yet"
"So… when?" Phoenica tilted her head
"I don't know! My seer powers are only partial, you know"
Sylvie chuckled and glanced at his watch. Eight minutes. He steeled himself.
"Car crash, stay down. Two dudes and a dude-ette to your right" crackled the headset. Molly was internally panicking, she needed to find either boss or Rick soon or the plan was ruined.
The plan was fairly simple; Sylvie was supposed to make his way to the ventilation system, where he would spread his sleep powder across the entire facility while everyone else would shelter around Rick or Giovanni's Demon Aura Energy while Molly dumbed down the alarm.
Testing (which had consisted of slingshotting moldy garlic onto the rooftop) showed that the vents reached everywhere in the building relatively quickly. Workers and guards quickly leaving the building were complaining about "that horrible smell" within five minutes that day. The problem was, that test had added an extra route to the guards patrol route, with guards taking a detour to the ventilation to make sure no other nasty smelling objects lodged themselves in. That meant that once Sylve made his way up there, he had to enact his part immediately and couldn't wait for anyone.
Molly had crumpled up the map and stuffed it into her bag, it wasn't much use anyway. She was getting deeply frustrated at the lack of any signs or directional markings. Apparently this place expected you to memorize its layout. She must've passed dozens of hallways by now and still couldn't find a staircase. At the very least the walls were no longer that drab gray color. She must've wandered into a different section of the building. Oddly, she found that these hallways occasionally had benches on the side. They were the only thing that had an accent of a different color, splotches of blue over an ocean of white. She took a seat in one of them to catch her breath.
Footsteps rang out. Molly bolted up, her heart hammering as the footsteps drew nearer. She searched for any place to hide, the doors all needed keywords to enter and she only had three "Hacker" potions. Whoever was coming would have noticed the damaged keyword reader anyway. She definitely didn't have time to hide behind a corner, this hallway was far too long.
Deciding that standing was no longer an option, she slid underneath the bench and pulled her hood up, so her colorful and bright marshmallow hair was obscured (as well as the "glow in the dark' phytoplankton she harbored in exchange for a government paycheck). Her stomach churned as a pair of leather shoes came into view, lab coat trailing behind. She meekly held up a hand, ready to knock them out with a wave of dumb energy at the first sign she was spotted.
The shoes kept walking until it turned a corner and disappeared from view.
Molly let out a breath she hadn't known she was holding and slid out from under the bench.
"You alright Beartrap?" Darkstar's voice sounded. Oh right, the body cam would have only had a view of the floor that whole time. Molly nodded reassuringly, before realizing the camera couldn't see that either
"Yeah" Came her own meek voice. She winced at how breathless it sounded.
"I'm in" Car Crash called out. Good, at least everyone else was on schedule. Molly started to feel guilty, she was dragging everyone down again. She stood up, she had a job to do. Everyone else was doing there part so she had to do hers. Molly continued walking the halls.
This is a fanfic rough draft I wanted to get out there before I second guess myself and delete it permanently. Any advice on how to improve my, frankly, awful attempt at characterization would be much appreciated
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2023.02.03 04:54 Foxfire_vixen My coworker accused me of the worst.

I’ve NEVER had this happen before and I honestly have no idea how to feel about it.
I (23F) work at a fairly well know green siren coffee shop. It’s located in a hotel that’s in my towns “old town business district”. Lots of historic buildings with new upcoming restaurants,businesses you name it. The hospital is also right next to us. I see business men/women, hospital doctors,nurses and staff,hotel guests from all over with every job you can think. Just to give you an idea of the clientele that I serve. It just so happens that I have come to know and become close with a lot of my regulars that I see on a weekly basis and sometimes daily! Because of this we know each other by name. We know about our jobs,hobby’s and more. I’ve spent many breaks talking with most of them.
However, I’m fairly close with a gentleman “S” (40’s M)that comes in almost daily. He’s one of our many radio talk show hosts. He does so much for the community,raising money, giving back to others and more that even I can’t keep up. He’s wonderful. Definitely a great husband and father to his family as well. I will say we did become close fast but in a friendly manner. Nothing flirty or of the sort. I have my own bf whom I’m happy with.
However, a few months ago we hired a new girl “A”(22F). She been… so to speak, a character. She seemed great really she did at first. Until her true colors came out when her bf left her and their child. He was in a whole other state for the military(that part she told me) but it was told to me through others that she got left shortly before she was leaving to move where he was. Literally a week before. I felt bad really I did. But it brought out the worst. It started with her making comments about one coworkers sexuality. Saying him being gay was a sin (she’s VERY religious). Then messaging a coworker about another’s location after they’d gone home ill earlier in the day (she’d fainted at work but felt better some 6 hours later and went to dinner with her husband). But it all came to a head when she started her drama with me.
In December a few days before Christmas we had a Christmas party with the hotel staff. We were able to participate in gift giving so long as we brought a gift. So, I bought some stuff from work to take. I was fairly early and sat in the cafe until my boss headed to the party. While I waited I was on the phone with my mom. Telling her my bf and I were spending time with my brother (35M) for the holidays. I wasn’t being loud and had no need to be. I could barely hear myself with the music we were playing in the cafe. coincidentally my brother shares the SAME name with my favorite regular “S”.
I went to my work party with no issues. However my weekend with ny brother didn’t go well, it came to the point that alcohol was a heavy factor for my brother (I was sober ) and after an altercation I cut him out of my life.
A few weeks roll by and I’m still having trauma from the events with ny brother. Nothing crazy but I was fearful that he’d show up. During a shift “A” asked to speak to me,but she was whispering about it and would stop if she walked away. I was on edge as usually the quiet whispery tone isn’t ever good. I asked her what she wanted to speak about and she flat out asked me “ are you and “S” hanging out outside of your work hours. You know that’s not allowed”. I was confused and asked her what she meant to which she replied “come on [my name]. I over heard your conversation the day of the Christmas party. You said that you were going to hang out with “S” and have a good time. So are you having an affair with him? How would you bf feel?” I instantly saw red. I’ve never in my 23 years been accused of having an affair. I stood there looking at her coldly before asking her “ are you telling me that you easedropped my f-ing phone call and now your accusing me of having an affair!?” She nodded to which I said “ for 1. My phone calls are none of your business. 2. “S” is a married man whom I’ve never hung out with outside of work and 3. For your information I was on the phone with my MOTHER telling her my bf and I would be with my BROTHER for the holidays. It just so happens to be that “S” and my brother share the same damn name”
The color seemed to have drained from her,but since then I’ve had not cared to be around her or partake in anything with her. It’s driving me mad but I don’t show it. Im unsure as what to do as I’ve told my family and bf,but she has tried getting me in trouble at work this week as well. But I’m more frustrated about the affair situation.
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2023.02.03 04:44 zoo1514 Not really sure about this show yet

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2023.02.03 04:40 alltherach_ 230203 TXT mentioned BTS during their radio segment on G-Park Radio Show

all trans by translatingTXT; the recording will be uploaded later onto KBS' YouTube channel.
(🐰 = soobin, 🦊 = yeonjun, 🧸 = beomgyu, 🐿 = taehyun, 🐧 = hueningkai)
part 1
👤 soobin, i heard you went to bts rm’s house to get advice; is his house big?
🐰 …it’s really huge
🐧 i’m really curious now!!
👤 what did you guys talk about?
🐰 there was a time last year when i was really doubting myself as an artist and he gave me really good advice
🐰 so going to hyung’s house really made me think “i should work really hard”
👤 you felt that after looking at his house?
🐰 🤣🤣🤣🤣
part 2
👤 are any of the rest of you close to any seniors?
🐿️ mine’s bts sunbaenim too!
🐿️ suga hyung, jimin hyung, hobi hyung..
👤 have you been to their house?
🐿️ i’ve been to suga hyung’s house!
👤 is it big?
🐿️ it’s reallllly big
👤 (like soobin) did you also think think “i should work really hard”
🐿️ i did!!
👤 you’re all feeling like this after looking at their house, right?
part 3
👤 you guys ended the initial sales with over 2.16 million sales and you’re at #4, what is ‘initial sales’?
🧸 the number of copies sold in the first week!!
🧸 the tracking just ended yesterday
👤 who is #1?
🧸 bts!
👤 #2?
🧸 bts!
👤 #3?
🧸 bts!
👤 and you’re #4!!!
part 4
👤 your company building is really crazy
🦊 we get really good food there
🐿️ there’s even a gym
👤 a gym??!
🐿️ there’s a separate artist gym
👤 so what’s the difference?
🐿️ it’s the same but when you enter, there’s bts inside
👤 so they’ll kick me out if i go?
🦊 we can invite you!!
👤 but if i go without your invitation, they’d kick me out and be like “who is this dude 🤨”
part 5
🦊 i’m not just saying this but my role model is bts
🦊 i’ve seen them practice since our company was really small and they’ve worked so so hard
part 6 & 7
🧸 my role model is bts too! particularly v sunbaenim
👤 what do you usually call him?
🧸 i call him hyung
🧸 i used to look up his videos for reference and to this day, i still look up his videos to see if there’s anything i can refer to
🧸 i think taehyun has really big eyes but v hyung has HUGE eyes like they’re no joke

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2023.02.03 04:35 drugslovenothing Ricky and steve show alot of sarcastic anger in the radio show

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2023.02.03 04:34 tjk911 JournalismJobs posted the week of 27 January, 2023

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2023.02.03 04:24 flavorlesstree Key-Lime Surprise

The following is a transcribed excerpt from Episode #237 of ‘Midwestern Wild World,’ a radio show in which Midwesterners called in to tell strange stories about their lives. It was hosted by the late Graham Sandiland. The episode originally aired August 8, 1976 at 4:30 pm. The episodes usually lasted about an hour, but this one only lasted 15 minutes. Sandiland’s publicity team sent out various apologies to disgruntled listeners, who mainly complained about how ‘this is supposed to be a family show.’ The show was also sued for slander and defamation. This was the last ever episode of Midwestern Wild World.

Sandiland: Hello? Anybody out there? If you’re with us, please say “Holy Whiskers, Batman!”
Caller: Holy Whiskers, Batman.
Sandiland: Hello! What’s your name, and where are you calling from?
Caller: My name is Georgina. I am calling from [REDACTED].
Sandiland: Well, nice to meet you, Georgina. May I call you Georgie?
Caller: No.
Sandiland: Alright, well, Georgina. What story are we in for today?
Caller: I would like to talk of my time at [REDACTED]. It was a very prevalent processed food manufacturer; I had worked in the product development department.
Sandiland: What did you say it was called?
Caller: [REDACTED].
Sandiland: You know, my father would never even let me taste the stuff growing up. I remember, I always wanted those strawberry stude-
Caller: If you’ll excuse me, Mr. Sandiland. I would simply like to tell my story and go. I share my allotted phone time with three other women, and I’m afraid I will not have time if we chat too much.
Sandiland: Um. Fine. Sure. Yes. Please. Go ahead, Georgie.
Caller: My placement in the company was very unusual for the time. There were often rumors about me because of my status as a divorcee. I did not have any friends. My reputation was horrid, and yet. I worked as a secretary for thirteen years, before they promoted me to head assistant of the Chief Development Officer. I would often sit in on the most important meetings.
Sandiland: Was [REDACTED] in [REDACTED]?
Caller: Yes. In fact, the story I’m telling concerns the newest product we were developing which we created to combat the startling scurvy rates in the city! It was canned key-lime Jell-O, which would be titled ‘Key-Lime Surprise.’
Sandiland: I remember I was in [REDACTED] for a conference. The only food a guy could get around there were hotdogs and rat poison.
\Disappointed trumpet sound effect**
Caller:...Well, you see, lots of testing and refining would be done for the Key-Lime Surprise. We were in the golden age of food processing, scientists everyday finding new ways to use our corn surplus, to make foods more delicious, to last longer. And to help our poor, scurvy-ridden customers, the executives knew we just had to make sure the Key-Lime Surprise was almost addictively scrumptious.
Sandiland: I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone describe Jell-O as ‘addictively scrumptious,’ except to their mother maybe.
Caller: ...The first focus group went poorly. You see, we had a one-way mirror so we could watch the participants without them ever feeling self-conscious. I know I would feel a bit bashful if I knew a group of executives were watching me eat a dessert. Anyway, the proctor explained what was expected of them, and then…Yes? What…
Sandiland: Everything super, Georgie?
Caller: Please, just a few more minutes.

Caller: Yes, I promise. Go watch your show. I’ll be done soon. You old bat.
Sandiland: Woah, now.
\fighting cats sound effect**
Caller: …Anyway, they ate it. Their faces didn’t indicate any disgust. As the proctor was handing out the questionnaires…Well, the participants vomited. I will not go into the lurid details, but it was quite a repulsive sight. The executives decided to refine the Key-Lime Surprise for another month, and the next meeting to discuss the product was set then, too. I remember that meeting very vividly. It was a Tuesday afternoon. I had my notebook and good fountain pen ready, my philosophy being, even if I had to write foul things, I would do so with elegance.
Sandiland: Now that’s class.
Caller:..I remember very distinctly walking into the conference room. The table was a long rich mahogany. At the head of it, where my boss sat, was a tiny plastic cup of the neon green Key-Lime Surprise. I sat down in my seat, and only until I opened my notebook did I notice my hands were sweating. The executives filtered in, my boss next to me. They began to discuss what the issue was, something about the dye they were using. I took my notes, kept my head down as usual. And then my boss stood up, raising the Jell-O cup in his hand as if he were about to make a toast with it.

Sandiland: Georgie?
Caller: He said that it would be his honor if I, his most trusted companion, would have a taste of the all new, absolutely perfected, addictively scrumptious Key-Lime Surprise. That I deserved a reward for all my hard work. It was the first time he truly acknowledged me in one of these meetings, except when he wanted a glass of water or coffee. I didn’t know what I was feeling, only that my heart was beating incredibly fast. He held it out to me, along with a plastic spoon he had taken from his pocket. ‘Go on,’ I remember he said. ‘Go on, Georgie.’
Sandiland: You ate it?
Caller: What else was I to do? I was not in a place to refuse. I remember as I took each bite, the executives were all staring at me with these wide, almost delirious expressions. When I was done, I quietly disposed of the cup and spoon in the wastebasket. Their eyes followed me. They asked me what I thought of it, and I said it was lovely. They frowned when I said it was a bit sour for my liking, though. After a few moments more of questioning, they moved on to how it would be branded. The art department entered and began their presentation. I waited to vomit. I waited for…something. But it never happened.
Sandiland: That oddly reminds me of what I feel eating my wife’s cooking.
\disappointed trumpet sound effect**
Caller: ...Three days passed with relative quietness. I went about my administrative duties. Until one day, when I was typing a letter to one of our associates in [REDACTED]. I suddenly felt this immense sore feeling in my mouth, and I ran to the bathroom. I examined myself in the mirror above the sinks. My gums had turned this absolutely horrid purple color. I pressed at them, and they felt…looser than they usually did. I almost yelped with pain when I touched them. When I took my hand away, I saw a small dent where my finger was on the gums. I went back to my desk. For some reason, I felt this urge deep in my stomach to cry. I finished the letter. By lunchtime, though, my mouth began to fill with this bitter liquid. It tasted absolutely awful, like batteries and cough syrup. I went back to the bathroom, back to the mirror. I spit all the liquid into the sink. It was that same purple. When I examined my mouth again, then I really did yell. I screamed louder than I thought I ever could. My gums had completely melted away, only the skeleton beneath was left inside, along with my teeth.
Sandiland: …

Caller: They paid for my dental treatment. After I signed a variety of Non-Disclosure Agreements, I was finally allowed back at the company. My first day back, I sat down at my desk. My boss peered out of his office, gave me the most amiable grin. “Welcome back, Georgie. We missed you!”

…He never lost that delirious look in his eye, the rest of the time I worked there.
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2023.02.03 03:38 uselesschat Dan at the end of his show.

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2023.02.03 03:32 Nadinegeorgiax 37 years ago yesterday Anita Cobby was murdered in Sydney, Australia.

Anita Lorraine Cobbywas a 26-year-old Australian woman from Blacktown, New South Wales who was kidnapped while walking home from Blacktown railway station just before 10:00 p.m. on 2 February 1986, and subsequently sexually assaulted and murdered.
Two days after being reported missing, Cobby's body was discovered on a farm in Prospect. Investigations led to the arrest of five men who were later convicted of her abduction, rape and murder on 10 June 1987 and each sentenced to life imprisonment, without the possibility of parole, on 16 June 1987.
Cobby worked in Sydney and commuted daily from her home in Blacktown. On the day of the murder, she finished work at Sydney Hospital at 3 p.m. and met friends for dinner in nearby Redfern. Cobby then caught a train from Central railway station to Blacktown station. Arriving at Blacktown, she would usually ring her father who would pick her up. On the day of her death, she most likely decided to walk home after finding the phone to be out of order and no taxis available at the taxi rank. Aside from her killers, only two witnesses saw Cobby after she left the train station.
Cobby was walking alone from the station along Newton Road, Blacktown around 10 p.m., when the gang of five men drove up beside her and stopped their stolen white HT Holden Kingswood. Two men leapt from the car and dragged her into the vehicle, as she kicked and screamed. A teenage boy, his younger sister, and his mother heard someone screaming from the street in front of their house and had gone outside in time to see Cobby forced into the attackers' car.
The boy ran across the road to help, but the car drove off before he reached it. Returning home, he telephoned the police to report what he had seen. A few minutes later, their neighbour and his girlfriend arrived home and, after being told of the abduction, drove off to search for the car. They eventually drove down Reen Road (now known as Peter Brock Drive), Prospect and stopped by the now-empty Holden, where the man used a spotlight to search the adjacent paddock. Seeing nothing in the paddock and believing the car he was looking for was a different model Holden, he returned home. The attackers later stated that they had hidden in the long grass to avoid the spotlight and waited for the man to leave.
Once inside the car on Newton Road, Cobby had been ordered to strip off her clothes but refused, begging her attackers to let her go and saying she was married and also menstruating. Her attackers punched Cobby repeatedly, breaking her nose and both cheekbones, before forcing her to perform fellatio on all five men. The attackers then drove to a service station to purchase fuel using money stolen from Cobby's purse.
Cobby was then driven down Reen Road to the secluded paddock, while being held down in the car, raped repeatedly, and being continually beaten by her five attackers. They then dragged the brutally beaten Cobby into the paddock along a barbed wire fence, where they dumped her and continued to sexually and physically abuse her for some time. According to his taped confession, one of the attackers, John Travers, then became concerned that Cobby could identify them because she had seen their faces and heard their names, and convinced the other attackers to kill her. Urged on by the others, Travers slit her throat, almost severing her head.
When Cobby did not return home, her family initially thought she was staying overnight with a friend, but after learning that she failed to appear at work the next day, they reported her missing on 3 February. On the morning of 4 February, her naked body was found in the paddock by a farmer investigating what his cows were milling around. Cobby's body was initially identified by her distinctive wedding ring, which was still on her finger when she was found. Her estranged husband John was initially suspected of her murder, but was quickly cleared.
The Australian public reacted with anger upon hearing details of Cobby's murder. On 6 February, the NSW State Government posted a A$50,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Cobby's killers. Also on 6 February, morning radio host John Laws obtained a leaked copy of Cobby's autopsy report, which contained explicit details of her injuries, and read it live on the air, both shocking and galvanising public sentiment. In a 2016 interview with Seven News, Laws said he did it because he felt "the general public ought to know" and that "it incited anger in the public that murders like this were happening and we weren't being given the full details".
According to the medical examiner's report, Cobby's body showed extensive bruising on her head, breasts, face, shoulders, groin, thighs and legs consistent with "a systematic beating", including a "blow of considerable force around the right eye". She also had lacerations on her hips, thighs and legs from the barbed wire, several cuts to her neck resulting in the severing of her ear and windpipe and near decapitation, and many cuts to her hands and fingers, resulting in the near severing of three of her fingers, which likely occurred when she raised her hands to her face trying to protect herself from the knife. The medical examiner later testified that after Cobby's throat was cut, she would have died within two minutes. He also testified that some radio bulletins purportedly based on his own report contained misinformation about the type and extent of Cobby's injuries.She was not mutilated apart from the slashing of her throat and hands, there had been no attack with a knife on her stomach or genitals, and her shoulders had not been dislocated.
Following a tip-off from a police informant regarding the stolen Holden, police started searching for Travers, Michael Murdoch, and brothers Les, Michael, and Gary Murphy after they discovered that some of them had a history of violence, and that Travers had a reputation for carrying a knife. On 21 February, police arrested Travers and Murdoch at the home of Travers' uncle and Les Murphy at Travers' own house. Murdoch and Murphy were charged with offences relating to stolen cars and released on police bail. Travers, who admitted that he had stolen a car, made conflicting statements about the murder and was detained in police custody. While in custody, he requested that a friend be called so she could bring him cigarettes. The phone number was handed to the investigating police who contacted the friend, a woman.
The five men charged, who later all pleaded guilty or were convicted of the murder, had over fifty prior convictions for offences including armed robbery, assault, larceny, car theft, breaking and entering, drug use, escaping lawful custody, receiving stolen goods and rape.
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2023.02.03 03:12 spacewxyz Why is Bomani Jones game theory getting promoted so much on HBO max?

I don't understand why Bomani Jones Game Theory is getting promoted again and again by HBO. His previous viewership ratings were terrible despite being shown right after the popular John Oliver show.
Meanwhile, Jones did terribly on radio, and he attempted to blame the lack of chemistry with his cohost for his previous show's (before game theory) poor performance, views, and ratings.
So I really don't understand why the show is getting a season 2 and is being blasted all over the internet. Why is HBO pushing this money losing show and spending millions on adverts?
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2023.02.03 02:56 thatboyishaunted What We Left Behind Radio

I'm starting a new radio show via Gutsy Radio starting tomorrow night then every other Friday night from 6 - 8 PM PST (8 - 10 CST, 9 - 11 EST), and I'm planning on playing a lot of screamo, emo, hardcore but straying a bit more from the usual names in the general conversations we have. I'd love for you to check it out. You can follow us on Instagram @whatweleftbehindradio for more info. Hope you can check it out!
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2023.02.03 02:52 silver_soul115 VSA button

my s2000 is a 2007 which means it has traction control/ VSA?? well the button doesn't work and doesn't even light up or do anything when i press it, weirdly enough the light doesn't even show up on the dash to tell me something is wrong or anything its just like its not there, now the weird part, the other day i tried to swing it and the light flashed and cut power causing me to stop spinning, i looked it up and it seemed to be that so i have no clue whats up, i did one time see a loose green cable when poking around the abs/radio slot and couldn't figure out what it was for i just kinda assumed it was for the radio but i dont have one so im wondering if that related, any help is appreciated thank you
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2023.02.03 02:47 TheTree_43 Position Group Outlooks #3: Pass Catchers

I've started writing about the outlook for each position group for 2023. I started in the trenches, partially because a team is built around the trenches, and perhaps moreso because the outlooks were pretty simple. On the Offensive Line, Bradbury is a UFA. On the Defensive Line, Dalvin Tomlinson is a void-UFA. Moving to Tight Ends and Wide Receivers, we have to talk about our first cap-casualty candidate. Slather up those hands with stick-em and let's talk ball.
TLDR: SPEED. With or without Thielen, the 2023 roster needs to have a field stretcher who wasn't on the 2022 roster.
Justin Jefferson - The best all around receiver on the planet. I expect him to get a lucrative contract extension
Adam Thielen - Cap-Casualty candidate. Minnesota's golden boy has seen his production slip. With cap hits of $19.97M and $21.66M in the last two years of his deal, Thielen is in line for a restructure, or trade/cut (likely post June-1). I don't want to over-react to his wife's comments on Instagram that took place immediately after a frustrating playoff loss, so I'm not going to assume that he wants out. Though his 1200+ and even 900+ yard days are probably behind him, he has put up ~70 catches for >700 yds in each of the last two seasons. I think Thielen's play style ages well. He's never relied on top end speed or ungodly shiftiness. He's made his name off of good positioning to run good routes and strong hands to bring the ball in. If he's willing to rework his contract to be more team friendly, he could continue to be a quality possession receiver and redzone threat to round out the group.
KJ Osborn - We'll probably have 50 threads this offseason about whether he's ready to be the outright WR2 in this offense. I really think he's best suited for slot/z duties where he doesn't have to fight to get off press man. You like to move JJ all around the field, so you really need your WR2 to be able to consistently get into his routes from the split end position. He can go deep occasionally, but does his best work underneath. He's a tough runner, and proved during the middle quarters of the Indy game that he is a heartbeat type of guy.
Jalen Reagor - I do not expect him to be on the team next year, regardless of what happens with Thielen. He was a poor punt returner, averaging a measly 6.4 yards per return (max of 25), and fumbled on 4 of his 26 attempts. When you add it him completely breaking the trust of both the play caller and pass thrower towards the end of the year, the only question is if we can find a team desperate enough to throw a late day 3 pick our way for him.
Jalen Nailor - We saw little of him for most of the year, but he flashed at the end. Sound familiar? I thought the same thing about Ihmir Smith Marsette last year. Circumstances obviously are not the same, as the current HC/GM drafted Nailor, but I've learned from ISM to not put too much stock into meaningless games/garbage time. I really hope Nailor takes an Osborn like step forward, but relying on that to happen seems foolish. If I could give him a word of advise, it would be to catch like 100 punts a day this offseason. He can damn near guarantee his spot on the 53 next August if he can be trusted to return punts.
TJ Hockenson - Man, that midseason trade really turned a problem position into a really-not-a-problem position. His $9.33M fifth year option cap hit could be brought down with an extension, and I think he will be extended, because, like, obviously.
Irv Smith Jr. - (UFA) The one who never was. The whipping boy (maybe we would have beat Philly and be going to the superbowl if he'd just caught that pass). Mr. August. I don't expect him to be back, and with the addition of Hockenson, we will probably be fine without him. I do just want to make the case for why there is a chance that things may align for a return. 1) The FA TE market is pretty flush with talent. 2) He is truly an H-back, and had a disappointing year battling injuries and trying to play out of position at Y. 3) O'Connell seemed legitimately excited to get him back at the end of the year, mentioning what his return could do for the offense unprompted at a press conference, and even scheming up a 13 personnel TD to him in the playoffs (https://youtu.be/xU_G-l9IKg8?t=437, hurryup, corner behind JJ to the flat from the backfield. That's designed for Irv all day). Putting this all together - Irv may wish to stay in a familiar scheme for 1 more year and show that he can still be the talented #2 move TE that he was behind Rudolph and up his market value for next offseason. If he walks, we will need a pass catching backup to pair with Mundt anyway, so if Irv is an inexpensive option, why not stay in-house? And with WR2 questions, we may see more 12 personnel, just like '19 and '20.
Johnny Mundt - He's gonna be back, he's gonna block, he's gonna make teams play base, he's gonna be completely uncovered for dumpoffs and shallow crossers on bootlegs, and he might even catch a waggle TD. I'm pretty sure he's on at least a couple special teams units too. At $1.23M to the cap, you can't ask for much more out of your heavy 12 guy.
Nick Muse - We saw very little of him on offense, though he got run on special teams at times. He's got good size (6'5 259lb), and his draft profiles praised his 'competitive blocking'. I struggle to see the fit on this roster. The opening in the TE room really is the light 12 guy and I'm not sure he's that guy. Perhaps he can spend another year on and off the practice squad and be the next David Morgan or Johnny Mundt (is there something to Vikings blocking TEs and having "M" last names?)

I guess it comes down to the 5th skill player. Most of the time, there will be a running back, Justin Jefferson, KJ Osborn, and TJ Hockenson. Who will be the 5th? Adam Thielen? Irv Smith? My bet is on someone currently outside of the building. If Thielen is gone, I would like to see a free agent acquisition (DJ Chark is a name that has been thrown out there) so that a potential draft pick has to earn playing time rather than have it thrust upon him. I suppose Nailor could support that philosophy - I'll defer to McCardell and O'Connell. I also think it is imperative to look for a field stretcher in the draft. Day 1, Jordan Addison has been described as more of a #2 vertical threat than a full route tree #1. We've got one of those already so if that causes him to fall to us, I say we happily clean up the scraps (remember when JJ fell because he was a "slot only" prospect? lol). Day 2 I see Kayshon Boutte and Marvin Mims as options. The guy who is quickly becoming my Day 3 draft crush is Andrei Iosivas, who is 6'3 and expected to run sub 4.3. Think Dan Chisena but actually has played football.
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2023.02.03 02:43 kfc_with_rice Google drive with radio show English subs!

From tikkitokki22 on twitter.
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2023.02.03 02:37 6ca The Brothers Grim, greatest sibling rivalry I've ever seen

Tl;dr you play a lot of seasons, you see some fun stuff the random number generator does
The Brothers Grim
Coming into the year 2356, I'd spotted a set of twin brothers on my draft scouting report. Brothers are not rare, but I'd hardly ever seen two that both played the same position, came out the same university, and were equally touted. Two one-and-done combo guards out of Pacific University--Dan Grim, a 6-3 uber-athlete with impressive shooting ability, and Conner Grim, a polished 6-1 lead guard with all-around skills.
On draft night, Dan (53/72) was picked 1st overall by San Diego. Conner (51/71) was picked 2nd overall and headed across the country to Detroit. Their starts to the league were about as different as the weather in their cities. Dan immediately established himself as the top young guard in the league, averaging 21/2/7 and making the All-Star Game as a rookie on his way to ROY. His second year in the league he was already a top-5 player and MVP candidate. On the other hand, Conner had to watch from afar as he got off to a shaky start in the Motor City, never really finding his shot but showing some promise as a playmaker. After year 3, Detroit let him walk and I picked him up to my Chicago Whirlwinds as a prospect.
Folk tales and fairy tale endings?
What ensued was one of the most fun 15 season stretches I've had in this game (and that's saying a lot). Dan Grim turned into an individual monster, averaging over 30 PPG for the next 15 seasons and winning 12 MVP awards, peaking at a ridiculous 90/90. He was the first of the two brothers to lead his team to the finals in 2360, but it would take him eight more years to actually lift the trophy. That's because at the same time, Conner had come into his own as an elite playmaker and defender, and the Whirlwinds had become the elite force in the East. For five straight seasons from 2361 to 2365, Dan, the undisputed league MVP, would drag his San Diego Pandas all the way to the finals, only to meet his twin brother there....and lose. Their rivalry extended to the All-Star Game, where they faced off as captains an incredible 8 times! While Dan was consistently the better individual performer, Conner threw down his magnum opus season in 2365, finally managing to surpass his brother on an individual basis, averaging 26/8/11 and collecting the DPOY and FMVP awards in addition to finally squeaking by his brother for his lone MVP award to complete the Triple Crown.
Chicago would ultimately win 7 straight titles before Conner's surrounding cast began to deteriorate. The Whirlwinds fell short of the Finals in 2368 and 2369, and Dan took full advantage, leading San Diego to back-to-back titles.
By 2375 it was obvious a new generation had arrived and the league no longer belonged to the Brothers Grim. Dan did continue to thrill the league with incendiary long-distance shooting, winning the 3pt contest a wild 15 times and never averaging fewer than 20 PPG. He retired in 2378 at age 41 having made the All-Star Team a record 22 straight seasons. Father Time caught up to Conner a little quicker, and he stuck around for a few seasons ring-chasing on a rebuilt Chicago team which managed to reach the Finals but come up short in both 2377 and 2379.
The final tally:
Dan Grim: 22 seasons, HOF, 12x MVP, 2x Champion (2-8 record in the Finals), 3x FMVP, 9x SFMVP, 2x DPOY, ROY, 20x All-League (19x 1st), 10x All-Defensive, All-Rookie, 4x ASMVP, 22x All-Star, 6x Dunk Contest, 15x Three-Point Contest, 15x Scoring Leader, 7x Steals Leader. 530.2 EWA, 398.5 WS
Conner Grim: 23 seasons, HOF, 1x MVP, 7x Champion (7-2 record in the Finals), 6x FMVP, 6x SFMVP, 3x DPOY, 14x All-League (12x 1st), 9x All-Defensive, 4x ASMVP, 14x All-Star, 7x Assists Leader, 2x Steals Leader, 1x Triple Crown. 332.3 EWA, 321.3 WS
League: 2x decades for the story books
Brothers Grim: 1x pair of legends
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2023.02.03 02:11 ramanidavidito My Supermix Seems Broken - How to fix?

My Supermix only updates every once in a while, and when it does, it exclusively shows songs that I’ve listened to before.
It’s gone from being a reliable, always updating little radio station that mixes old and new songs and to just another replay mix, and one that never updates at that.
Anybody have a fix for this?
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2023.02.03 02:09 aiwhisper Changing faces (CH12)

Location-unknown ship
“Captain did you feel that?” Wash was talking to her on the internal intranet they had established before being separated.
“Yeah I felt it, it felt worse than the last jump.”
“Do you think the ship took to much damage from the fight?” Zoe asked.
“No this feels more like degradation. I mean the creatures that captured us don’t look sized properly for this ship, it’s all too big, and I doubt they can change their bodies like we can.”
Zoe and Wash gave mental nods when Ent joined in, ”Captain we believe you are correct.” He had taken it upon himself to speak for the science team as they all communicated to fast for her, in computer code, and on a separate channel.
“From the internal simulations we have been running using our shared processing power, this ship was created by yet another race, different from those we have all seen so far onboard. The crew also does not look to be doing to well with maintenance as we have noticed a slight dimming of the lights indicating a loss of power efficiency in the system. According to our simulations this ship probably has only a few more jumps left if proper maintenance is not preformed.”
Taylor would have been surprised but she was feeling the temperature fluctuate lately in her area and had to compensate with her nanites. “Ok, well hang in there everyone. Try to not draw any more attention to yourself like last time.” She mentally looked at Wash, “and keep your power reserves topped off using the lights. If this ship is in trouble, I don’t want any of us low on power.”
Everyone gave her the affirmative and Ent went back to the science team’s channel while the other three resumed their earlier conversations.
“I still think it would be a good idea to just take the ship, especially now that it looks to be falling apart, captain.” Zoe picked up right where they left off.
“We can’t just take the ship; we have no idea how to operate it if we did take over. I don’t doubt you and Wash’s piloting skills except for when you have to deal with an unknown language and control system. Hell, we don’t even know where we are, this ship has jumped, what, three times already since we got here. I doubt we can just throw it in reverse and hope for the best.”
Zoe and Wash both laughed a bit at that and conceded to her point.
Wash then chimed up “Fine, lets just go back to cards then but this time I’m dealing. You two have busted randomizers, I always get bad cards.” The two women laughed this time but acquiesced and they all went back to playing VR poker on their intranet but kept conversing about ideas to safely escape.
The Ops room was on edge, the entire solar system was probably on edge, all ship traffic had stopped. The alien fighters that had entered the system had blockaded Every human habitat and began broadcasting the signal on a loop. It only took moments for one of the techs to notice it came with a countdown that would expire in just under a day.
Minka, her team, and the director were all currently sitting in the conference room linked in with the Terran Central council members and a few Military Admirals in another location. All of them were watching the video feeds from across the solar system of the alien ships.
“Why are they just sitting there?” Earth was the first to break the silence that had settled over the meeting.
“Well madam president,” Minka was a bit surprised with herself but continued even as the director shot her a look. “We speculate that these aliens are a separate race from the ones that first entered our system. This group must have had something stolen by them and probably think we either helped them, hired them, or… something, and are expecting a reply before the timer runs out.”
“Yes but what kind of reply should we give them?” Mars asked.
“I assume an honest one. ‘We don’t have whatever it is your looking for and they stole something from us as well’.” Minka replied. That got the council members talking and they disconnected the feed.
Minka took break in conversation to check her messages, when she read the latest from Faraday. The message made her a bit jealous that he and Aires had met up. I would much prefer to be with them than stuck here in meetings sitting on my paws.
Aires and Faraday were both watching the small alien craft with trepid curiosity. After initially showing up and broadcasting its message it had done nothing else except power shields when they powered their own.
“Hmm, do you think we should reply?” Aires asked.
They shared looks, “I don’t see why not, it looks like they expect one soon anyway.” He pulled up the timer.
He broadcast a message back. We did not steal anything from you.
It took a few moments then they received a reply. What is your relation to this ship. A small energy blast hit the wreck of the first alien ship.
He thought it best to keep it simple and replied. Hostile.
Suddenly they were being scanned and a half dozen other ships arrived at their location with one being slightly larger than the rest. Once the scan was completed the larger one moved forward and broadcast. We would like to meet you, prepare docking location? The broadcast had a different, tone, but he wasn't quit sure how he knew that.
The sudden question threw them both off and he was unsure what to do until Aires excitedly said. “Well, what are you waiting for?”
She then proceeded to illuminate one of the docking ports and send docking instructions. They both watched for a moment as the ship made its way over and then they both headed down to meet it.
“Can you believe it? We get to meat real live aliens in person!” Aires was practically jumping for joy, in fact she did jump and decided to fly towards the airlock instead of just walk. He tried to grab her tail and slow her down but was dragged along instead when his magnetic lock to the floor broke.
“Aires, wait. You’re forgetting first contact protocol!” He yelled, already transforming himself back into his un-modded form.
“What? But that’s so borrring.” She landed about halfway towards the airlock though and stopped to remove her mods. It took her some time since she had more going on but once they were both finished, they looked like ordinary humans again.
Faraday took on his original appearance of an average human male with tan skin, brown hair, and green eyes. Aires went with human female with lighter skin, black hair, and silver eyes. She kept the Dragon slit eyes and her above average height as an act of defiance towards protocol. They only did this since Humanity had decided they should look, themselves, when meeting aliens for the first time then ease them into their modding abilities.
“Do you remember the training by the way?” As NASA ‘Spacers’ they had both been trained on first contact protocols but that had been years ago.
“Most of it, it boils down to be straightforward and stick to facts when speaking, don’t give away humanities secrets, and don’t make assumptions about the other parties body language or actions.” She said flatly.
“Yeah, I think that about sums it up and I can’t remember anything else myself at the moment.” He replied as they reached the airlock. Training just isn't the same as the real thing.
As the ship outside finished getting into position, he sent a command to the Searcher and let the nanites in that area form a nice sealed docking tunnel. Once the ships were connected, he opened the airlock and greeted their new guests both verbally and via a radio signal.
“Welcome to the TES-Searcher”
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2023.02.03 02:06 Sofa_Critic Wolf Alice's next album - how should it sound?

Just wanted to get your thoughts on Wolf Alice's next album. I'm predicting a Q1 release in 2024, assuming the band takes 2023 to record.
As much as I loved the music on Blue Weekend, I was not a fan of the visuals that accompanied it - particularly the music videos. They ensured that WA would remain in the indie space and not break into the mainstream. If they want that "shot for a spot at the top", then they would do well to present themselves better on the visual side going forward.
Being that they are the greatest rock band on the planet, they need everything to click on the next record: Amazing songs, appealing videos, album covers and merch. A stunning light show (for larger venues) and a couple FM-radio hits to expand their audience.
Personally, I want them to move out of the indie world and firmly into the rock mainstream (without compromising their artistic integrity). The music on Blue Weekend approached a Beatles-level of quality on songs like 'Delicious Things' (particularly the orchestral version), 'Lipstick on the Glass' and "Last Man on Earth'. There's not a bad track on the album.
I think they will continue with the hard rock / pop hybrid that we heard on Blue Weekend, but their songwriting chops will be that much better. We're bound to get another killer punk tune, and I'm all for that. I'd like the band to dispense with the rap-singing heard on 'Smile'. They also need to work on the awkward transitions (e.g. "...wind her up and this honeybee stings" into "Ahh ahh ahh ahh, Sun and the shine...") and the "hey, is Mum there, it's just me, I felt like calling" section of 'Delicious Things'. Pretty had to complain about anything on Blue Weekend though.
My feeling is that Wolf Alice deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with the all-time greats (Led Zeppelin, The Who, U2, R.E.M. etc.). They can only do that with can't-miss songs that get FM radio play. I want as many people as possible to experience this band. They've had their indie phase. Now it's time for something much bigger.
Your thoughts? What should should Wolf Alice 4 sound like?
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2023.02.03 01:57 Icy-Research7159 scared for my life: batch from hell!!

scared for my life: batch from hell!!
I blind swiped an order because it was $50, only to find out it was a double order, and that the second address was one hour away. I wanted to cancel so bad, but my cancellation rate is 9%, and so I decided that I might as well enjoy the long drive.
I shopped and dropped off the first order no problem.
As I drove to the second house, all signs of life became to slowly fade away. Soon, all my radio stations were not working, and then my cell and wifi were down. There were no houses, just trees and snow.
The GPS on the phone was still working (although not connected to the Internet), and 10 minutes from arriving, it told me to take a small road. This is winter, of course, and the road was covered in snow, but recently plowed. I took the road, thinking it would connect eventually a large one. However, I became more worried as time passed by, as it just kept going and going. Finally, I knew something was very wrong, and looked for a place to do a 3 point turn, but there was none, as the road was so narrow, and there were never any empty spaces on the side of the road to turn. I finally decided to stop in the middle of nowhere, and try to to multiple 3 point turns, to gradually turn the car around. However, the tires got stuck after a ferw turns, and I was in the middle of nowhere.
I began to panic as it was getting dark, and where I live, New Brunswick Canada, there is going to be an incredibly cold Arctic front coming down, bringing down the temperature to a low of below -30 degrees Celcius (-22 F). I was literally in the middle of nowhere. I knew I should wait in the car for help, but I panicked and ran back down the road. I kept going for almost 30 minutes, running and running. All I could think of was the young family who got stuck in snow by taking a wrong road. The husband went looking for help, and died.
I remember seeing a number sign on the side of the road. I was sure it was a house, and so I thought I could go up and bang on the door, and ask for help. I was so relieved and happy to finally see it! There on the side of the road was a blue sign, with the number 22. However, my heart sank. It read: 22 KM. I began to run faster and faster. I had a bottle of water with me, and took gulps now and then to quench my thirst.
Finally after in full panic mode, I saw a snowmobile approaching. I stood and waved my arms. It turned out to be two snomobiles, a young couple. They were very friendly and the guy knew what he was doing. He broke off some branches and put them umder my rear wheels (it's rear wheel drive). He then told his girlfrined to drive and turn, while we pushed the rear end sideways to spin it around.
After 15 minutes we finally got it out. I was SO grateful!
I wanted to go home so bad, but I felt bad for the customer, so I went to a gas station nearby, asked for their wifi, and got the delivery info from the app again (it was not showing up due to no connection). The phone GPS would not work properly, so I used my Garmin, and delivered to the address. They were elderly couple, very nice.
The drive home was harrowing, as there was a snowstorm. And of course, even the Garmin GPS told me to take some small road. I was not stupid enough to take it, and was able to make it home safely.
After being 20 minutes from my house, and seeing signs of civilization, I knew I was safe, and was incredibly relieved.
I reported the incident to Instacart, and said that the address was extremely dangerous, and that somone will eventually fnd themselves in trouble, especially during a snowstorm. There is no way to contact help because there is no cell or internet service. The GPS will take you to take a very small road meant for snowmobiles, and in the winter during a snowstorm, there is no way the average car can make it through the terrain in such a remote location with tiny dirt roads.
I feel bad for the couple if Instacart does remove them from the delivery list, but I definitely think that no one should be delivering to such a dangerous and remote location in the winter.
Anway, I am so happy to be home safe. Lessons I learned; -Don't hesitate to cancel a batch if your gut tells you to. It's not worth risking your life or safety.
-Be very careful delivering to bad weather, especially remote locations with bad roads
-NEVER trust the GPS! If it tells you to take a small unpaved road in a remote location, DON'T! You could get stuck and stranded. In bad weather, it could be deadly.
-Always have a backup GPS that uses satellite in case there is no reception

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