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Sup people. How you guys doing. Could someone help me fix this glitch? I started today trying to hack moves for WWF on Mercy. I tried to do Jay Driller but in the end it looks like this.
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2023.02.03 05:44 yongjoop Avoid using email for important matters

Please read this post carefully since it contains important information that may or may have impacted your life, unknowingly. I am an assistant professor in the computer science department, and this post shares a critical bug currently present in our university email system.

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Then, the email never arrives in your mailbox, not in your junk folder, not in your weekly spam digest. The email simply never appears. This failed delivery not only occurs when an email includes such an attachment but also when an email contains certain contents of the attachment. I do not know the exact condition triggering this behavior; however, if there is a chance that the companies or the graduate schools --- you have applied to or will apply to --- send you emails containing something that triggers the issue, the same situation can happen to you: those emails never appear in your mailbox, and moreover, the university email system never tells you the fact that it discarded them. For example, you won't know that you received a job offer or an admission, or you won't know they have requested additional information for further consideration. Note that the attachment I'm using for the test is a regular research discussion with external collaborators, which is far from malware. It is possible that this issue occurred only for the people I have performed tests with, or maybe it will be fixed in a few days or in a few weeks after a regular software update. However, it is at least happening at this very moment possibly to you and your friends. If you observe the same issue, please share it as comments so we can have more data points. If you experience the issue, please share this post with your friends so they can take appropriate action.

# Will the university fix this?
I recently reported this issue to the university IT, when its email team decided to ignore it because its existing spam filter system --- which acts before our emails hit Outlook --- is "standard" and my repeated attempts to explain the significance of this situation were not polite. Nevertheless, I wanted to share this information with the other members of the university as promptly as possible because, again, this is something that can (or may already have) impact your life. When I asked about an alternative, the university IT keeps saying I can share the attachment/information using Box, but I still don't understand how an arbitrary sender, say Google or Meta, knows they should have sent it using such a tool. Again, we even do not know we have failed to receive emails.
I am a little afraid to share this information as an untenured faculty member of the university since this may be portrayed as criticizing the university. However, I would like to clarify that it is not my intention. U of I is a very strong university, comprising excellent staff and faculty members as well as excellent students like you. Nevertheless, anyone in the community must not miss valuable opportunities due to this university email problem, unknowingly.
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2023.02.03 04:12 green_apple_sea71 Came so close to relapsing

So like the title says, today I almost officially relapsed. Today was rough. But it started yesterday. I’ve been sober from acting out, sexually, since this past August. This past November, I cut off all contact with my former AP. We had been “just friends” the past three years (the affair ended in 2019). But I never got over her. She was the one to break it off, because it had become too hard for her to continue as “the other woman.” We were in love and she eventually wanted and needed more than I was willing to give. So back in November I told her I couldn’t have any contact with her anymore. It was just too difficult for me, emotionally. I really did (and still do) love her. But I blocked her, and that was that. I didn’t hear from her at all…until yesterday. She emailed me to see if I was doing ok, and also to tell me about a family member who had passed away. A family member of her’s that I knew. Hearing from her out of nowhere after two months rattled me. I knew I shouldn’t have responded, but I did. Even after calling my sponsor on it. It was just a few back and forth pleasantries, nothing inappropriate. Ok fine. But it brought all my feelings for her back up to the surface.
Fast forward to today, and I wind up obsessively and compulsively downloading a couple of the hook up apps I used the past two years (until last August when I got sexually sober). Bam. I was right back in it. I spent the entire day obsessively trying to connect with someone to plan a NSA hookup. Hours wasted. The entire time knowing that if I do engage with anyone in a sexual manner, IRL or online, I’ve then broken my sobriety. That’s my inner circle behavior. I know better, but could not stop myself. I felt possessed.
Thankfully, I never engaged with anyone (no matches or responses). And I just deleted the apps. But, I came so close. I don’t want to be that guy anymore. But today the addiction was so powerful, even having the tools of recovery that I have, I just didn’t care. I even went to a meeting in the afternoon and came right home and got right back on the apps. I know this was all triggered by those brief email communications with my former AP, yesterday. It had me feeling so anxious, so irritable and so lonely.
I just needed to get this out and tell on myself. Ughhhh this sex addiction is so hard to recover from. I am grateful I pulled myself back from the edge of relapse. But, I’m disappointed in myself that I came so close to throwing it all away after over 5 months of sobriety.
I hope this war between good and evil that’s in my head subsides one day. It’s exhausting.
submitted by green_apple_sea71 to SexAddiction [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 03:05 Rikki1256 English Subtitle for Video [Netflix Makes An Incredibly Stupid Decision... ]

00:00:0,0 00:00:9,56
Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar and I'm gonna bet my left nut today that there are more people sharing Netflix accounts than actual venereal diseases these days.

00:00:9,56 00:00:15,36
And the reason I'm mentioning this is because if you're a family member, you're in a family and you have one streaming service,

00:00:15,36 00:00:17,64
only one person is paying for it, okay?

00:00:17,64 00:00:20,28
Streaming services get shared around all the time.

00:00:20,28 00:00:23,72
Netflix accounts, my family's only got one, that's mine.

00:00:23,72 00:00:26,40
Disney Plus, my family's got none of that.

00:00:26,40 00:00:28,56
HBO Max, I'm a Canadian.

00:00:28,56 00:00:30,16
I don't get the luxury.

00:00:30,16 00:00:32,83
Brazzers, me and my uncle share that.

00:00:32,83 00:00:38,0
Ladies and gentlemen, families share all of their streaming services together.

00:00:38,0 00:00:47,0
You will never find me a family where I swear to God Netflix is shared or like everyone has their own individual Netflix account unless that family is super strange.

00:00:47,0 00:00:48,8
Then things change around, okay?

00:00:48,8 00:00:52,23
But of course, Netflix password cracking was something that was going to come in.

00:00:52,23 00:00:54,4
It was basically announced like a year ago.

00:00:54,4 00:00:60,8
Netflix was going to jump in and today they've announced some of the dumbest changes that they're going to do with this password sharing.

00:00:60,8 00:00:66,8
Now to understand, I am one of those individuals that understands why password sharing is a problem.

00:00:66,8 00:00:71,6
If 90 users are using one Netflix account, that's a lot of money Netflix is losing.

00:00:71,6 00:00:80,88
Now, of course, it's because of these changes and how Netflix is going to adopt them that I've literally made my own virtual private network off of virtual machines in my server downstairs,

00:00:80,88 00:00:90,0
just so that I can actually use my Netflix account from various parts of the world and Netflix will none be the wiser that I have left my house, okay?

00:00:90,0 00:00:91,52
I'm not touching grass.

00:00:91,52 00:00:94,72
Every device that I have is connected through my home network.

00:00:94,72 00:00:96,88
I'm not saying that anybody does that.

00:00:96,88 00:00:98,47
Never share your account on Netflix.

00:00:98,47 00:00:99,28
That is a no-no.

00:00:99,28 00:00:100,3
That is haram.

00:00:100,3 00:00:101,1
Don't do that.

00:00:101,1 00:00:108,3
That goes against Netflix's rules and I can never promote any form of disingenuous computer usage on my channel or ever.

00:00:108,4 00:00:111,1
That is actually something I come from from the heart.

00:00:111,1 00:00:113,1
But of course, I wanted to look into this real quick.

00:00:113,1 00:00:119,6
Okay, so Netflix is, you know, information again, I use the wayback machine because they've been changing some things around.

00:00:119,6 00:00:125,9
Netflix account is meant to be shared in one household, meaning people who live in one location.

00:00:125,9 00:00:127,5
So who can use your Netflix account?

00:00:127,5 00:00:128,8
Anybody in your household.

00:00:128,8 00:00:130,0
So anybody can use it.

00:00:130,0 00:00:138,3
But to ensure that that person is there, the devices that you use, the device lock will actually be required to connect to the same wi fi.

00:00:138,3 00:00:139,9
Add your location.

00:00:139,9 00:00:144,1
Basically, you open the Netflix site there, watch something every 31 days.

00:00:144,1 00:00:147,8
Okay, like some traditional draconian Xbox one level checking.

00:00:147,8 00:00:151,0
So what if you share your account with somebody who doesn't live with you?

00:00:151,0 00:00:154,0
They're going to have to buy their own Netflix account.

00:00:154,0 00:00:156,3
And of course, subscriptions have been getting more expensive.

00:00:156,3 00:00:161,6
And even with Netflix stuff, it's kind of debatable if the shit that they make is even worth paying for.

00:00:161,6 00:00:164,4
Like should you even bother getting a Netflix subscription?

00:00:164,4 00:00:166,7
Because I haven't signed into mine for like months.

00:00:166,7 00:00:170,4
I think my mom uses it to watch like a movie every time every now and again.

00:00:170,4 00:00:174,8
And I think given the fact that that's me sharing the account, I'm not allowed to do that.

00:00:174,8 00:00:179,2
So Netflix would probably terminate me, which again would be no skin off my back.

00:00:179,2 00:00:180,4
Okay, I do not care.

00:00:180,4 00:00:187,3
So of course, it comes down to what if somebody is using your your Netflix account outside their device could actually be blocked.

00:00:187,3 00:00:193,1
So if you're blocked, you literally either have to sign up for a new account or you can request a temporary code,

00:00:193,1 00:00:196,5
which will give you access to Netflix for like seven days.

00:00:196,5 00:00:201,8
So again, to understand Netflix does allow you to watch your content from different locations.

00:00:202,5 00:00:206,8
Again, if you're doing this for an extended period of time, they'll probably tell you,

00:00:206,8 00:00:210,9
hey, confirm if that person is legitimately using your account.

00:00:210,9 00:00:212,9
Are you sharing? No.

00:00:212,9 00:00:214,4
Okay, good. Are you?

00:00:214,4 00:00:215,4
Get out of here.

00:00:215,4 00:00:217,1
Buy a new subscription.

00:00:217,1 00:00:221,5
So again, it really does exempt people who are traveling like I travel a fair bit.

00:00:221,5 00:00:226,0
So if I'm going to connect my Netflix account, me and the wife, I'm going to lose a Netflix service

00:00:226,0 00:00:228,4
because we decided to watch it from a different part of the world.

00:00:228,4 00:00:229,3
That would be dumb.

00:00:229,3 00:00:237,0
Now, of course, Netflix is using your IP addresses, device IDs and various account activity to discover how Netflix is being used.

00:00:237,0 00:00:242,0
So I'm sure obviously the identifiers is they want to make sure that you're connecting through the same IP address.

00:00:242,0 00:00:243,2
You're not changing things around.

00:00:243,2 00:00:244,6
That would be a dead giveaway.

00:00:244,6 00:00:251,9
They want to make sure that the devices that you are using to watch the content are using that are connected through that IP address period.

00:00:251,9 00:00:257,4
And of course, they're probably also going to look for location services if they have access to make sure that,

00:00:257,4 00:00:262,0
you know, the account, the device, the various devices aren't connecting from like the US,

00:00:262,0 00:00:264,0
Chile, Taiwan, whatever, you name it.

00:00:264,0 00:00:267,2
They want to make sure that it's in the same general location.

00:00:267,2 00:00:270,5
Okay. Otherwise, it would be a severe no-no for Netflix.

00:00:270,5 00:00:276,3
Now, this move really comes across as desperation for Netflix, especially when they've had other elves recently.

00:00:276,3 00:00:282,6
If you didn't know, Netflix Japan recently made a anime movie called The Boy and His Dog or something like that,

00:00:282,6 00:00:286,1
where they actually used AI art in the backgrounds for this.

00:00:286,1 00:00:292,0
And of course, they claim that it's because of a labor shortage in the industry.

00:00:292,0 00:00:298,3
Well, Netflix, I think it's not so much a labor shortage as it is a fucking wage problem.

00:00:298,3 00:00:301,0
You know, if you watch anime or any animated materials,

00:00:301,0 00:00:306,0
you probably know that the people who produce the content that you love and the content that makes

00:00:306,0 00:00:308,3
billions of dollars a year.

00:00:308,3 00:00:312,8
Some of those people make as little as $200 an actual month.

00:00:312,8 00:00:319,6
In fact, some of the best earning animators period or animators in general make like a thousand bucks

00:00:319,6 00:00:327,0
to like $3,000, $4,000 a month, which again, given how things are rising and cost is not enough.

00:00:327,0 00:00:332,4
So again, for animators in the industry, it's either do I produce more anime or do I eat

00:00:333,0 00:00:335,8
and provide for my family if I have one.

00:00:335,8 00:00:341,5
Obviously, they're not going to go with the stress that comes with anime if they're not getting paid,

00:00:341,5 00:00:346,5
if they're getting given like literal peanuts crumbs when the actual executives behind it

00:00:346,5 00:00:351,2
are making billions of dollars and the companies who are leasing or like financing these animes

00:00:351,2 00:00:356,9
are taking the lion's share without even paying a livable wage to the people that make it possible

00:00:356,9 00:00:358,2
in the first place.

00:00:358,2 00:00:361,5
It's a truly wild industry to get into.

00:00:361,5 00:00:366,0
And of course, for Netflix to even claim there's a labor shortage while true,

00:00:366,0 00:00:370,5
they haven't actually addressed that by using these AI art tools, which again,

00:00:370,5 00:00:373,2
don't even create the best backgrounds in the first place.

00:00:373,2 00:00:377,1
They're actually starving an artist out of any funds that they could have

00:00:377,1 00:00:381,6
while using a very controversial tool that might already be breaking copyrights

00:00:381,6 00:00:383,4
in what it generates.

00:00:383,4 00:00:386,6
But again, that's just another Netflix common ill.

00:00:386,6 00:00:389,3
And I think a lot of these moves that have been happening just scream

00:00:389,3 00:00:393,4
desperation for the company like is Netflix really losing money for a company

00:00:393,4 00:00:398,1
whose business model was basically centered around throwing away burning billions of dollars

00:00:398,1 00:00:402,5
to make original programming and then forgetting to realize that years down the road,

00:00:402,5 00:00:407,2
there would be so much competition in the space that they would just be one other streaming service

00:00:407,2 00:00:411,1
is something nobody was prepared for, especially Netflix.

00:00:411,1 00:00:416,9
So a lot of these crackdowns that are happening also do spell a lot of inconvenience for users.

00:00:416,9 00:00:419,7
So if you ever actually remember like the thing with steam,

00:00:419,7 00:00:423,8
steam Russian gamers for a while used to be gamers that would be like the biggest

00:00:423,8 00:00:426,2
pirateers of PC games imaginable.

00:00:426,2 00:00:430,7
Like shit would just be like the the why the seven C's out there.

00:00:430,7 00:00:435,2
And until steam came in and a lot of these digital distribution services that priced

00:00:435,2 00:00:438,4
games accordingly and provided better distribution,

00:00:438,4 00:00:444,2
piracy went down in the country because an actual usable alternative was made.

00:00:444,2 00:00:449,1
The reason the way you combat piracy specially is by providing a usable service.

00:00:449,1 00:00:449,7
All right.

00:00:449,7 00:00:453,8
Sometimes it's a lot easier to spend a dollar than it is to deal with potential

00:00:453,8 00:00:457,7
malware to download files from some shady service, you name it.

00:00:457,7 00:00:462,4
Now, of course, by Netflix doing this, a lot of those households that share Netflix accounts,

00:00:462,4 00:00:464,6
like could you imagine being like a college student?

00:00:464,6 00:00:468,2
You have the family Netflix account, you take your Xbox at home,

00:00:468,2 00:00:472,3
go to your college dorm and all of a sudden you have to keep going back and forth to sign

00:00:472,3 00:00:475,6
into Netflix or else you don't use that service at college.

00:00:476,3 00:00:478,4
Dude, people are just going to cancel their service.

00:00:478,4 00:00:483,5
You literally don't understand how easy it is to access your content for free on the internet

00:00:483,5 00:00:484,8
through various sites.

00:00:484,8 00:00:490,0
Anyways, again, it's only going to push people to cancel their subscription and then watch your

00:00:490,0 00:00:492,8
original programming for free somewhere else.

00:00:492,8 00:00:496,8
Not that I condone it, but generally when you make things harder to access,

00:00:496,8 00:00:499,5
people are going to turn to piracy anyways.

00:00:499,5 00:00:504,3
Piracy, in most cases, is usually a problem that comes with convenience,

00:00:504,3 00:00:508,0
not necessarily users who just can't afford your content period.

00:00:508,0 00:00:512,2
If you reasonably price your content and distributed it very easily,

00:00:512,2 00:00:514,4
a lot of people would just pay for it.

00:00:514,4 00:00:518,2
But Netflix is literally going out of their way to just bite the hand,

00:00:518,2 00:00:523,2
absolutely go burn bridges, and cost people to just cancel their subs altogether because

00:00:523,2 00:00:525,1
they can't share it between each other.

00:00:525,1 00:00:528,8
Whatever side you stand on, it's just bad for Netflix.

00:00:528,8 00:00:533,1
Ladies and gentlemen, maybe it's a desperate move, maybe something wild is going on,

00:00:533,1 00:00:535,8
but honestly, I'm just here to watch the world burn.

00:00:535,8 00:00:540,2
Ladies and gentlemen, I got some GTA 5 security patches to cover,

00:00:540,2 00:00:543,7
and to be honest with you, I've got some checklists to look into.

00:00:543,7 00:00:547,6
Checklists that may end up getting me disappeared.

00:00:547,6 00:00:550,0
Ladies and gentlemen, this is me, Mudhar, and if you like what you saw,

00:00:550,0 00:00:551,3
please like, comment, and subscribe.

00:00:551,3 00:00:552,5
Just like if you dislike it.

00:00:552,5 00:00:554,3
Massive L for Netflix.

00:00:554,3 00:00:562,0
Massive W for my... I just can't wait to watch it burn, dude.

00:00:562,0 00:00:585,5
Anyways, I'm out.
submitted by Rikki1256 to SomeOrdinaryGmrs [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:57 IngwiePhoenix Backing up... correctly. 2x Windows, 3x Linux, 1x Android and one NAS and Wasabi storage.

Hello everyone! =)
So for the past few months I have finally constructed my homelab to a point where I would consider it "stable" but "rolling release" esque. It works, but I keep doing minor adjustments to it as new versions come out and as I fine-tune settings. But, it does what I need it to. And now I want to preserve that - and I want to do that real good.
First, a bit about my setup:
My plan is to set up a backup repository on my NAS and then send that into my Wasabi storage as an off-site solution with the encryption keys stored separately as a copy in Proton Drive and on a spare USB key so I can restore, or at least access, those backups whenever required with a worst-case situation having to download/access them over the internet.
Whilst on Linux I can easily set up workflows based on Restic to automate this (dump DBs, select specific files, obtain package lists, ...), I have no idea how to properly do these things on Windows; especially since I used Apple Time Maschine for years and absolutely loved it's mechamisms; bootable backups, in-install migration from said backups and a few other small but unimportant nicities like viewing various versions of specific files and folders.
I would like to replicate this on Windows, as much as I can, at least.
Now, I am not "dead set" on using Restic, it just seems to do what I really need it to and has pretty good documentation and also supports S3 (in my case, Wasabi's S3 endpoint) for storage. Which is neat, since this is basically going to be my "vault". But I would also like to store backups locally first, so I can restore via the network if needed to.
I have looked at Acronis and Macrium for this, but it seems very much like - aside from being filled with features I don't think I really need - it might not be what I need. So I have been browsing several Subreddits to see and look for potential alternatives to implement a better strategy.
The key feature I want for my Windows backups is, that I would love to be able to install a fresh OS and import my user profile from a backup to very quickly set up everything I need. Handling winget packages is a different story, and I could probably do by adding the package lists and just using a little bit of PowerShell-fu to make it work out. But: Acronis and Macrium both promise to make full disk images - which is a little beyond what I want. What I want to have, is the ability to install a clean, fresh untouched copy of Windows, plug my settings and important files - like AppData/Local - in and go from there. And, as mentioned before, I would love for those backups to be able to be sent to my NAS and cloned to Wasabi.
After I realized that full disk backups might not be what I need, I looked into creating my own Windows PE image that had a proper tool pre-installed to handle the restoring part - but I have yet to figure out how to make that image able to also install Windows itself - and then create a new user to plug my backup into.
Are you aware of a tool that would possibly help? If nothing comes to mind, it's totally fine - this is, after all, quite specific. But I thought I'd at least ask around :)
If I forgot to mention anything, please do let me know, so I can update this post accurately! After all, re-installing Windows clean once a year is a chore, and I would love to not just make it a little more efficient, but also possible to keep prepared passively whilst keeping my files save.
BTW, as for network booting, I am working on setting up as a way to have several useful tools and my potential WinPE image at hand when needed.
Thank you very much and have a nice day!
Kind regards, Ingwie
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2023.02.03 02:31 HomeRenoAccount On average I make about 140 orders a year on amazon using prime. I'm wondering if that's considered a lot should I maybe looking into getting the rewards Mastercard?

On average I make about 140 orders a year on amazon. I'm wondering if that's considered a lot and should I maybe looking into getting the rewards Mastercard? I also just downloaded a tool that shows how much I've spent and last year apparently I spent close to 10K on amazon.
Please let me know!
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2023.02.03 02:09 InidarReddit Pokemon SV+ is BACK and better than ever. Includes QOL changes, trainer overhaul, new post game, catchable home exclusives, restored Pokedex and much more! Screenshots inside

Pokémon SV+ is back!

And better than ever.
Due to difficulties with our old host, we have now moved to Nexus Mods. And after weeks of crunch time, we are finally ready for re-release!!
Pokémon SV+ is the first Pokemon Scarlet & Violet rom hack and aims to provide a Vanilla+ experience, with QOL changes, trainer overhaul, new post game, and much more. With this mod, you will be able to catch every single Pokemon in the Paldean Pokedex and all variations for the first time!
Works with both 1.0.1 and 1.1.0, on your Nintendo Switch console or on emulator, and can be added halfway through playing or for a brand new playthrough.

Click here to Download Pokemon SV+

Title screen and thumbnails were created with art by baku-inu and used with permission -- to see more, check them out on pixiv.
End credits song created by Zebra And The Bandit -- to see more, check out their Youtube channel
Note 1: Only connect to other Pokemon SV+ or Pokemon Compass players while you are using this mod. Do not use otherwise unobtainable items or Pokemon from SV+ online in any way or you may be banned.
Note 2: Save frequently and keep backup saves. This mod was thoroughly tested, but we are a small team and the base game is already notorious for crashing.
Note 3: Pokémon SV+ DOES NOT INCLUDE THE ACTUAL GAME. You will still need to buy your own copy.
Want to chat about this mod or learn how it was made?
Click here to join Inidar Academy on Discord


1. Post Game+

All 5 star raids have been replaced with 50+ currently unobtainable Legendary/Mythical Pokémon as well as opposite version Paradox Pokémon
This large scale mod will be the base of Pokemon SV+ and aims to recreate the feel of Hoopa portals from OAS and increase playability post-game.
Legendaries will battle you at level 85, but will be level 70 when caught. They will be tough, so don't show up underprepared.
Each Legendary will be holding its special item (such as Griseous Core for Giratina) when applicable.

2. Trainer Overhaul

All trainers and static event Pokemon have had their levels increased by 40%. This change is meant to make the game more challenging while keeping the original difficulty curve and progression order intact

3. Alternate Evolutions

Adds alternate method for trade evolutions, Hisuian Pokémon, and Espeon/Umbreon/Sylveon. Also allows Spewpas to evolve into any patterned Vivillon, and adds new evolution items for purchase at Delibird Presents.
This section was created in collaboration with Aria Seri & Kas Seri and is designed to allow players to link to their upcoming rom hack called Pokémon Spectrum, so make sure to check that out too when it's released!
Notes: Evolution Stones require a minimum of 3 Victory Road Gym badges to purchase. Auspicious Armor, Malicious Armor, Galarica Cuff, Galarica Wreath, and Strange Mirror require a minimum of 4 Victory Road Gym badges to purchase.

4. Expanded Wild Pokemon OR No Version Exclusives

Re-adds all wild Pokémon that normally spawn exclusively in one version.
Also adds 50+ HOME transferrable Pokémon to the wild, including regional forms and the various starters.
This section was created in collaboration with Aria Seri & Kas Seri and is designed to allow players to link to their upcoming rom hack called Pokémon Spectrum, so make sure to check that out too when it's released!
To see all changes made, please see description on Nexus Mods
Warning: This part of the mod creates many illegal Pokemon that should not be used online. To remove it and only allow Paldean exclusive Pokemon to spawn, download and paste its contents into the world folder of SV+.
This will replace the original SV+ pokedata_array.bin located at the world\data\encount\pokedata\pokedata with the alternate, and can be done at any time -- either before or after combining mods with Trinity.

6. Pokedex Restoration

Restores the Pokedex and all Pokedex entries for previously home-exclusive Pokemon.

7. Better Map Markers

Adds markers, borders and level ranges to the in game map. Also adds level Ranges for each area, and makes area names stay visible while zoomed in.
Added Markers:
  • Watchtowers
  • Pokemon League Reps
  • Ominous Stakes

8. Faster Battles

Battles have been sped up by removing or reducing unnecessary action delays.

9. Blind Pokemon Battles

Trainers no longer broadcast what Pokémon they're going to throw out next. Originally part of Aria Seri's Blind Battles mod.

10. Raid Tweaks

Increases the difficulty of 1-4 star Raid battles and smooths out star ratings for mid to late game raids and increases the frequency of higher star raids. Raid assist trainers have also been overhauled to match the increased difficulty
Mid Game
Old Rate New Rate
20% 30%
★★ 20% 30%
★★★ 30% 50%
★★★★ 30% 20%
Mid-Late Game
Old Rate New Rate
★★★ 40% 25%
★★★★ 35% 50%
★★★★★ 25% 25%
Late/Post Game
Old Rate New Rate
★★★ 30% 0%
★★★★ 40% 40%
★★★★★ 30% 60%

11. Better Picnics

Eggs will now spawn significantly faster while picnicking.

12. Better Player movement

  • Player movement has been increased by 25%
  • Slope tolerance has been increased (no more slipping!)

13. Better Ride Pokemon

  • Glide forever! Drop off while gliding has been reduced to zero. Full stalls are now possible (To do: fix the auto-return to floor when stalling in place for too long)
  • Gliding and Gliding speed have been increased
  • Sprint speed has been slightly increased
These changes were all made with control and balance in mind. You will be faster, but still be able to move precisely when needed.

14. Shiny Lock Removal

Shiny locks have been removed from from Starters, Legendaries, Gift Pokemon, Battled Pokemon, and Event Pokemon.

15. Extra Features

  • Custom title card
  • Custom intro music
  • Custom end credits song

Future Features

  • More Trainer Improvements
  • Fixing trade exclusives and other exclusive content
  • Lots more

SV+ Patches

Since Pokemon SV+ is meant to be a Vanilla+ mod, many changes that could be fun to add don't fit into the main download. SV+ patches fix this problem by extending the mod in many -- sometimes radically -- different ways.
Want your own mod listed here? Contact me on Discord and I will share the files you'll need to make it compatible with SV+

1. Instant Eggs

Makes eggs spawn instantly while picknicking. To use, download the Trinity Version of Instant Eggs During Picnic then drop the ZIP contents into the SV+ romfs.
Download Link (Instant Eggs)

2. Faster Player Speed

This patch increases player speed beyond what is included in this mod. To use, download any Trinity version of Run Speed and Slope Tolerance then drop the ZIP contents into the SV+ romfs.
Download Link (Faster Player Speed)

3. Stronger Eeveelutions

Created by Likara, Stronger Eevelutions vastly increases the stats of Eevee and all its evolutions.
Eevee itself has a BST of 570, while its evolutions have a BST of 670! This puts them at the same BST as Legends. This also makes Eevee itself viable to use without evolving. Each one, including Eevee, has also gained an extra move at level 60, in line with its typing. To see all changes made, see their mod description
Note: Must be combined with SV+ using Trinity Mod Loader -- make sure you use the version listed as compatible with SV+!
Download Link (Stronger Eeveelutions)

4. Shiny Wild Pokemon Indicator

Adds glowing eyes to all shiny Pokemon that can be seen from afar so you never miss another shiny during a hunt.
Especially useful for shiny Pokemon with only subtle changes like Pikachu. This change will be active as long as you have the mod installed, even for Pokemon in your party. So unless you love the laser-eyes look, you will have to uninstall/reinstall this mod in between shiny hunts.
Note: Must be combined with SV+ using Trinity Mod Loader (tutorial link in Installation Instructions)
Download Link (Shiny Wild Pokemon Indicator)
More patches coming soon!

Installation Instructions:

See mod page for details.
If you want to combine SV+ with other mods or make your own, here are 2 tutorials. Both show the same method, but the written one has more details.
Link to Written Version
Link to Video Version

Feedback & Acknowledgments

Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this mod possible:
  • Aria & Kas Seri: This project is designed to link with their rom hack called Pokémon Compass and uses modified elements of their mods Expanded Wild Pokemon & Raid Tweaks, so make sure to check that out too!
  • baku-inu: Original artist of the Koraidon and Miraidon used to make the in game title screen and thumbnails
  • Zebra And The Bandit: Created end credits song
  • Reisyukaku & mv_oripoke: Creators of Trinity Mod Loader
  • Fokson: Tool used to create Better Map Markers
  • Duckdoom5: For general advice and support
  • All my supporters, including Jamorhi, VulgrPixel, itskurtly, Omegatron3423, TheSnorlaxBoi, H3roDude, Ænigma, TTiN, Ph30n1xFl4r3, SaintSolo, and Quill: Thank you for sticking with me through these slower times while I was still working on SV+ and releasing nothing!
  • Everyone in Inidar Academy ♥
If you have any suggestions for future updates, leave them in the comments below.
Hope you enjoy :)
submitted by InidarReddit to PokemonROMhacks [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 02:06 Key-Raisin-5602 how can i track my partner’s text messages and phone

You may have encountered a situation in your or someone else's life and you want to determine your loyalty to others. This is why people increasingly need to know how to monitor their partners without their knowledge. If you want to know the overall situation of your partner and the people you talk to, you can use the spy app to track your partner's phone.
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How to use the app to track partner calls There are several ways to track your partner. Here, we would like to introduce you to a simple, secure and reliable way to access any content on your partner's phone without your knowledge. The app is one of the most amazing and popular apps, it allows you to track your partner's activities, not only parents or even partners can use this app so they can look after their children and monitor their activities. A powerful phone tracking solution that allows you to access the real-time location of your target device. You'll find a variety of features in this monitoring tool that make it powerful and easy to use. You can monitor messages, locations, contacts, call logs, keyloggers, applications, emails, etc. on any Android device
Why choose this as your partner phone tracker Track phone activity: call history, messages, emails, documents, calendars, photos, videos, apps, etc. Track current location: GPS, geofence, WiFi recorder Monitor social apps: Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, etc. Remote Control: Application Blocker, Schedule Limit Application function
Track your partner calls What happens when you track your partner’s phone number Know his call history, You can view the creation time of all incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, call type, such as incoming, outgoing, missed or rejected calls, contact name, phone number.
Track your partner call history Track sent/received text messages on partner phones You can view a complete record of all sent and received SMS / iMessages, check the sender and recipient names, and the number of messages per chat, and download image or video attachments from SMS messages.
Track your partner text messages Access real-time location This application allows you to check the route history of your device and accurately determine the whereabouts of your device in real time. So you can track the partner's location to find out where he is.
If you are looking for how to check someone's call history online, you need a reliable hacker for this. A reliable hacker in terms of how safe they are, how well it works in stealth mode, and what other features they offers.
This post introduced the various methods you can use to check someone's call history online. But, if you want that reliable hacker by your side, try using [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) today. They have all you need to check someone's call history and other features at your disposal at a user-friendly dashboard and is easy to use.
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2023.02.03 02:03 Trick-Blueberry8584 UTOPIA P2P: One of the most user-friendly apps and the biggest solution of the future.

Utopia P2P is a decentralized peer-to-peer network, With Utopia, you can send instant text and voice messages, transfer files, create group chats and channels, send emails' and conduct private discussions.
Currently, Utopia is an application for Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android which offers all the features within one application. Utopia users get on their ‘Utopia ecosystem‘as the application also provides a built-in Idyll browser to view websites within Utopia peer-to-peer network.
Utopia comes with a Cryptocurrency which is called ‘Crypton' and is Proof-of-Stake. uWallet allows you to store, transfer your Crypton (CRP) or even create vouchers and credit cards.
Utopia Network includes Utopia Name System (UNS) which is a decentralized registry of names that are impossible to expropriate, freeze or corrupt by 3rd-party as no one has control over the system rather its self-governed by rules set in place that are applicable to everyone.
It is important to note that Utopia is not a whitepaper, some abstract idea or statement of intent. This is a fully functional software product ready to be used. This makes Utopia a one-of-a-kind decentralized ecosystem with no true alternative or comparison. Key Privacy features of the Utopia ecosystem:
Official Website:
Download Utopia app:
Crypton Exchange:
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2023.02.03 02:00 A33Bot [Opinion] how to optimize pc @ 2023-02-02 16:00

The overall impressions of how to optimize a PC are:
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2023.02.03 01:43 snoutandtruffle Public Regulation and Private Insurance: How Blackberry is poised to take advantage of changing market dynamics

Public Regulation and Private Insurance: How Blackberry is poised to take advantage of changing market dynamics
As most of us know, Blackberry operates in two highly growing market segments: IOT and Cybersecurity. But something that doesn’t get discussed much is how public regulation and private insurance requirements are creating market changing dynamics in these industries. Blackberry’s products are well positioned to take advantage of a changing public regulation and private insurance requirements.
Personally, my original interest in Blackberry as an investment opportunity started once I realized that the regulatory environment was going to change in 2021 and those changes would eventually alter the market dynamics of both the cybersecurity and IOT industries. The Biden Cybersecurity EO was the first hint of that change for me.
I found it encouraging that Blackberry viewed their business in a similar light:
One of the unique opportunities about this company, in my view, is that trust is such an important component of the business model. I won’t get into how trust plays a role in my evaluation of the company here, but I will say that I think it is the key to understanding the company and managing your investment expectation.
Anyway, let’s get into some of the regulatory dynamics that are ongoing.
Example 1: Automotive Safety Standards and Enforcement Actions: A Classic Example of Market Failure and New Potential Requirements that Create Opportunity Blackberry
One of the classic examples of market failures of the 20th century involved Automobile Safety Standards. Books like “Unsafe at Any Speed” by Consumer Advocate and One-time Presidential Candidate and Bush v. Gore spoiler, Ralph Nader highlighted the “designed in dangers” of automobiles in the United States. The book was so successful that it led to the creation of the Department of Transportation and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. These agencies were instrumental in developing safety standards for automobiles that saved many thousands of lives over the years (source: Google it). It wasn’t that long ago that fewer than 20% of automobile occupants wore seatbelts and there weren’t mandates to enforce seatbelt usage.
Today, a technological revolution is underway in the automobile industry. The Software Defined Vehicle is bringing computer vision, computation, advanced driver assistance, artificial intelligence, and other risks to the "intelligent edge". With these changes in the vehicle, there’s a huge opportunity to decrease safety with poor design or increase it with good design. As Volvo's CEO Jim Rowan said recently "digital software is a digital seatbelt" for a new era.
These days, instead of looking at seatbelts and airbags for these new vehicles, the NHTSA and Department of Transportation are highly concerned with cybersecurity and reliability at the edge (aka in the car). Speaking at the AUTO-ISAC Cybersecurity Summit, Ann Carlson (the current Acting Administrator of the NHTSA and the general counsel at the time of her keynote address) had this to say:
“It seems clear that a secure future is a safer future. Ensuring the public’s trust in vehicle technologies is paramount to their adoption. As automation and innovation progress, the industry must stand ready to combat any cyber threats that could endanger the public. It only takes one attack to shatter confidence, trust, and safety.
NHTSA stands ready to help you in your quest to strengthen vehicle cybersecurity. I am pleased to share that today we published our updated Cybersecurity Best Practices for the Safety of Motor Vehicles.
The two standards that impact Blackberry most clearly are ISO26262 for foundational safety in automobiles and ISO21434 for cybersecurity. Blackberry currently touts their ISO26262 ASIL-D functional safety certifications that provide a huge advantage over its competitors. But ISO21434 addresses cybersecurity in the vehicle and is also critically important. Blackberry addresses both of these standards and it’s why they work with 24 of the 25 EV OEMs.
Notably, the only OEM that doesn’t work with Blackberry is Tesla. Tesla's vehicles are not ISO26262 certified. As you may or may not know, Tesla (the only QNX holdout) is currently under investigation by the NHTSA and the DOJ (not to mention the SEC). Ann Carlson, our friendly Acting Administrator of the NHTSA, recently gave a public statement regarding NHTSA’s investigation into Tesla:
“We're investing a lot of resources," said NHTSA acting head Ann Carlson in comments to reporters on the sidelines of an event in Washington. She declined to commit to a particular timeframe on when the probe will be resolved. "The resources require a lot of technical expertise, actually some legal novelty and so we're moving as quickly as we can, but we also want to be careful and make sure we have all the information we need." - Source: Reuters
Is it possible Tesla might be pushed into adopting safety standards that they don’t currently employ? According to page 9 of their latest 10-K, it’s certainly a possibility.
“Certain Investigations and Other Matters
We receive requests for information from regulators and governmental authorities, such as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the SEC, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and various state, federal, and international agencies. We routinely cooperate with such regulatory and governmental requests, including subpoenas, formal and informal requests and other investigations and inquiries….the company has received requests from the DOJ for documents related to Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD features. To our knowledge no government agency in any ongoing investigation has concluded that any wrongdoing occurred. We cannot predict the outcome or impact of any ongoing matters. Should the government decide to pursue an enforcement action, there exists the possibility of a material adverse impact on our business, results of operation, prospects, cash flows and financial position.” - source: Tesla 10-K
If an enforcement action were to occur against Tesla related to their full-self driving and Autopilot, how would they respond? According to John Wall, COO of QNX, Blackberry could help them out which would make Blackberry a provider of safety software for 25 of 25 EV manufacturers. Additionally, if Blackberry is able to capture Tesla as a customer due to regulatory enforcement by the DOJ or NHTSA, then it will be the dominant market player with strict barriers to entry creating a substantial and durable competitive moat.
There is no known timeline for DOJ or NHTSA enforcement or implementation of new Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Most EV OEMs are already complying voluntarily with ISO26262.
For more information to understand ISO26262 and FMVSS: Check out this NHTSA Report: “Assessment of Safety Standards for Automotive Electronic Control Systems”
Some additional NHTSA reference documentation:
Example 2 - Medical Software Bills of Materials - SBOM Requirement Starts in less than 90 days
Cybersecurity is paramount for connected medical devices. An overview of the concerns about medical device cybersecurity can be found in this FDA video on medical device cybersecurity concerns and this video on Cybersecurity Awareness for Medical Devices.
The FDA’s Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committees highlights the national security need for cybersecurity in medical devices and the lack of SBOM requirements for medical devices. Section 3505 of the Congressional Appropriations bill mandated that medical device manufacturers submit software bills of materials to the FDA to ensure cybersecurity of these devices. This mandate goes into effect at the end of March 2023 and represents an opportunity for Blackberry's Jarvis product.
That said, might the next frontier for mandatory SBOMs might be in the Automotive Industry? It’s a good bet. Blackberry partner Visteon (and Qualcomm partner) is using Blackberry Jarvis for their digital cockpit technology.
Here’s some BB Jarvis background: Blackberry Jarvis - SBOM (Blackberry Jarvis Video).
Timeline for Medical Device SBOM Mandate: March 2023.
Example 3 - Market Failures in the Cyber Insurance Industry: Cyberattacks, Ransomware, and Blackberry’s Ongoing Awareness Campaign and Insurance Partnerships
In my opinion, one of the most interesting dynamics at play related to Blackberry’s product portfolio right now is the state of the Cybersecurity insurance market and how Blackberry might be involved going forward. Since August 2022, Blackberry and Corvus Insurance, a startup InsureTech company, have been working together on a number of studies and research focused on the market failure occurring across all industries hoping to purchase cyber insurance coverage.
In this Blog Post from August 10, 2022 called “The Cyber Insurance Gap: What is it, and how can we close it? Blackberry and Corvus Insurance highlight the problem (market failure) of underinsurance in the SMB market. Only 55% of survey respondents had cyber insurance and only 20% had $600,000 worth of insurance coverage (the median cost of a cybersecurity incident). The post goes on to illustrate the business risks of not carrying this insurance and how it ultimately impacts the bottom line. Corvus and Blackberry have gone on to partner on several other live videos, reports, and blog posts.
Corvus and Blackberry are driving home through their insurance research press releases that small to medium sized businesses don’t have the resources necessary to gain comprehensive cyber insurance coverage and it’s driving up costs and lowering coverage availability to customers. Although Corvus and Blackberry haven’t formally announced a partnership, the tailwinds in the insurance industry are such that we should start to see stronger growth in Blackberry’s Cybersecurity products, potentially larger than the 10% that Blackberry offered to it’s investors at the investor day earlier this year.
A rosy(ish) outlook on the Cybersecurity Business
In previous earnings calls, John Chen has stated that he believes Cybersecurity will return to profitability at the start of FY24 (in the Q3 earnings call he pushed that back 6 months to 2H FY24). Why might he feel that Blackberry’s cybersecurity products are positioned well to compete next fiscal year?
In my view, the rosy-ish outlook has something to do with upcoming change in the Cyber Insurance Industry. As has been well-reported here, here, here, and here. What these articles boil down to is that starting in March 2023 (next month), Cyber insurance companies will no longer be covering nation-state backed cyber attacks.
But private insurance companies that are partnering (in some way) with cybersecurity vendors are coming in to fill the gap. Companies like Corvus Insurance, Coalition Insurance, At-Bay Insurance are all well-financed start-up companies that are filling in the cyber insurance gaps with a risk-based approach to cybersecurity. Companies like SafeBreach (Blackberry Partner and 2022 Security Summit presenter) offer tools to assess the security posture of organizations using automated technologies.
A couple of intriguing facts
Intriguingly, Corvus Insurance (Blackberry’s partner in crime on these research reports) is strongly connected to a group of Prem Watsa/Fairfax Financial owned insurance companies including: Axis, Hudson Insurance Group, and Crum Forster. Both Corvus and Coalition are connected to Lloyds.
Since Nation-State Cyberattacks won’t be covered any longer, it’s a good bet that Blackberry’s product portfolio which includes government and financial services clients (two group that are in most need of the best cybersecurity products) will compete well for new customers. Partnerships between Blackberry and these insurance companies would be good news for Blackberry.
Just this last week, BB Cybersecurity CTO Shisir Singh joined a podcast to discuss cyber risk and accountability.
Timeline to Changes in the Insurance Market: March 2023
Bonus Example: Ivy and Insurance: The next frontier?
How might this connect to Blackberry’s automotive business? Well, we know that both State Farm (linkedin posts one and two) and Geico are Blackberry IVY Partners. We also know that Automobiles are at risk for cyberattacks (see: DEFCON - Hacking into Automotive Clouds, DEFCON - Hacking the Tesla Model S, DEFCON - Breaking into a JEEP, Remote Exploitation of a Vehicle , Ed Markey Senate Office Report). We also know that insurance companies are stopping automobile insurance coverage because of vehicle security issues.
Thankfully, Blackberry has a head start because it offers a product (Cylance AI) that they’ve demonstrated in vehicles running QNX as early as CES 2020 and have had three years to perfect. Which reminds me that we haven’t heard much about their budding Cylance AI OEM Partner business. I wrote about the Cylance AI business a while back.
Timeline: None. But don’t be surprised if fleet customers start pre-loading Cylance AI products via Blackberry IVY.
Example 4 - From Cell Phones to App Stores: a New Era of Antitrust Enforcement?
As we all know now from personal experience or this CNBC documentary What happened to Blackberry? or this Business Insider video on The Rise and Fall of Blackberry, Blackberry fell behind after Apple unveiled the iPhone and its walled-garden app store which catapulted the iPhone with its superior set of apps that Blackberry wasn’t able to access. The app ecosystem proved too much for Blackberry to overcome and the market was left with just two dominant players: Apple and Google, a classic duopoly market structure. Indeed, the Verge reported that Google and Apple control 99.6% of the iPhone market in 2017 and that number hasn’t changed much according to this January 2023 data from StatsCounter.
Today, both Apple and Google are facing major civil antitrust litigation. Apple is battling Epic games in Antitrust court. As of November, the trial was still underway and the US Department of Justice, the State of California, and a number of other states were participating in the trial to present their arguments for the proper legal framework of how to evaluate the Antitrust complaints brought forth in the suit. There’s also reporting that the Department of Justice is in the initial phases of bringing a separate lawsuit against Apple.
In a separate lawsuit brought against Google, the US DOJ Antitrust division is currently taking on Google’s AdTech business which shows that the administration is serious about taking these lawsuits forward. That said, these agencies often have major budget constraints and may not be able to finance every antitrust suit they see merit in bringing forward.
How Blackberry Fits in
This week, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) published a report “Competition in the Mobile Application Ecosystem” recommending Antitrust enforcement over app stores more broadly. The report recommends a number of changes in the mobile application ecosystem including “encourage tools and standards to increase operability and reduce developer costs” and addresses security deficiencies within the Google and Apple app stores.
Although Blackberry doesn’t make phones any longer, they still operate a modest app store marketplace that you can see on their website. From a cursory look at the Blackberry enterprise marketplace, it’s clear that they can’t compete. Most of the apps are for enterprise (understandable considering Blackberry is a B2B company). But it begs the question: with antitrust enforcement, could Blackberry launch a competitive enterprise app store focused on app security? At last October’s Blackberry 2022 Security Summit, there were several enterprise marketplace app developers who presented including Blue Cedar which offers a tool to create Blackberry secured versions of apps with a no-code tool.
Timeline: no timeline but meaningful antitrust enforcement could enable Blackberry to offer a secure enterprise applicatino marketplace differentiated based on their security differentiation.
These are just a few examples of regulatory changes that are playing out favorably to Blackberry. There are certainly other examples as well.
TL;DR - Blackberry operates in highly regulated industries and proposed regulations and enforcement actions will only push Blackberry’s products to greater and more widespread adoption over time. Some might take years to develop (e.g. Antitrust actions) others (e.g. Private insurance changes, Medical SBOM requirements) will likely start changing market dynamics as early as March 2023.
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Gathering rates start at x1 and can be increased using skills to upgrade diffrent player abilities allowing you to tailor your game style to your liking! Check out our custom menu GUI with all the available plugins for you to enjoy! Raid bases, collect loot, protect your base from NPCs and everything in between with our custom server events! Happy Hunting!
Discord: Join for a free kit !
Map Size: 3400
Wipe Schedule:* Monthly Wipe
Next Wipe: February 2nd
Player Kits:
  1. No Offline Raiding
  2. No Monument & Player Base Camping or Monument Blocking
  3. Respect Everyone - No Racism - No Political & Religion Topics
  4. Max Team Size of 3
Plugins List
Invite Friends and Earn Rewards! Refferals
Vote to Earn Premium Items for Free! Vote
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2023.02.03 01:29 Fallspirit71 Download the app

Hey, I am sending you 1 CNX! CoinX-Miner App is a new tool where you can mine and earn coins for free for a limited amount of time. To claim your CNX, you have to download the following app: After you downloaded the miner app, you can use BooGirl as invitation code. Hurry up! Just a limited amount of people can mine.
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2023.02.03 01:23 Alnournour_ trading news signals in forex

trading news signals in forex
Trading on news signals in the forex market can be a profitable strategy if done correctly. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to trade forex news signals:
Understand the economic calendar: Before you can trade on news signals, you need to be familiar with the economic calendar. This calendar lists important economic events, such as interest rate decisions and GDP releases, along with the expected impact on the market.
Users of WikiFX's forex broker investigation tool may access all broker licenses and regulatory documentation, review and rate brokers, keep up with forex news, and learn about currency trading. Both the App Store and Google Play have the app for download.
Identify high-impact news events: Not all news events are created equal. Some events, such as interest rate decisions, are likely to have a bigger impact on the market than others. Identify the events that are likely to have the biggest impact on the market and focus on those.
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2023.02.03 00:58 nKephalos Using containers (or something similar) to manage apps across Activities?

I have posted several times in recent weeks about my experiences with Activities, and in short I love them, but am having a hard time getting them to properly restore.
I'm thinking I might be able to do much of what I want kactivities-cli. However, that will still be limited by the ability of the applications themselves to keep track of several parallel instances. For example browsers themselves are annoying in how they manage the history of multiple windows, so I don't see how Activities could do everything I want on its own.
So I am wondering if I could make container for each workspace and include in it the apps for which I expect I will want history and preferences to stay tied to the workspace. Ideally, the app binaries and libraries would all be shared with the system as much as possible.
However I can also anticipate some possible problems. 1. Uploading/Downloading files: When I am in my browser, I want to arbitrarily upload to and download from any location on my machine. There is probably a solution with shared folders, but I really want the fact that the app is running in a container to be transparent. 2. Moving/sharing app windows (which in this case would be container windows) between Activities. If I plan well, I shouldn't need to do this, but the flexibility would be nice. 3. Might be too heavy if I have to package too much stuff with each container. 4. Copy/pasting need to be transparent. I realize there are clipboard sharing tools, but if they didn't work reliably it would be a huge pain.
What do y'all think about the feasibility of the idea and my list of potential pitfalls? Would Docker be the most suitable tool for this job?
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2023.02.03 00:37 JimmyRecard How to run the Steam version of Trackmania 2020 on your Steam Deck (including Openplanet)

I figured I'd throw up this guide for anyone trying to run the new Steam version of TM2020 on Steam Deck, given the Ubisoft's shenanigans with launcher breaking. I'll also walk you though how to install Openplanet.
You will need to download:
Getting the game running Steps:
  1. Switch the game to Proton Experimental. You can do so by going into game properties -> Compatibility -> Force the use of specific Steam Play compatibility tool -> select Proton Experimental. If Proton Experimental is not in the list, you did not download it from Steam Store. Do so. Note: If you've downloaded the game and attempted to run it straight away (without switching to Proton Experimental first), you might have gotten an error that looks like this. This error, shown even once, will cause Proton Experimental not to work, even if you switch to it. To fix it, go to /home/deck/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/ and delete the folder 2225070. This will wipe the slate clean, and then when you switch to Proton Experimental, it will launch the Ubisoft Connect and the game correctly.
  2. Start the game once. Adjust the settings. If you get any resolution weirdness, restarting the game should fix it.
Getting Openplanet working (all steps performed in Steam Deck desktop interface) Steps:
  1. Find the vc_redist.x64.exe in your Downloads, right click -> Open With -> Protontricks launcher. If you don't have Protontricks Launcher in your Open With, you did not install it. Install it from Discover store. In the new window that pops up, select Trackmania (2225070) -> OK. Run through the installation like normal. Proceed to next step when the install is done.
  2. Find the openplanet install file (OpenplanetNext_1.25.21.exe at the time of writing) and also right click it -> Open With -> Protontricks launcher. Again, select Trackmania (2225070) -> OK. Run throught the installer like normal. When it asks you for the installation location, enter this: Z:\home\deck\.local\share\Steam\steamapps\common\Trackmania. Finish the installer like normal.
  3. Open Protontricks again, this time using the start menu icon. Trackmania (2225070) -> OK. Then Select the default wine prefix -> OK. Select Run winecfg -> OK. New window pops up, looks like a Windows properties menu. Select the Libraries tab -> in New override for library put dinput8 -> Add -> Apply - Ok. Close any remaining Protontrick windows. Note: This same step 3 should be achievable by just adding WINEDLLOVERRIDES="dinput8=n,b" to launch properties of the game in Steam. This, however, did not work for me, but you can try if it works for you.
Run the game, and the familiar Openplanet overlay should show up.
Conclusion: Why is this necessary? Well, Ubisoft, in its infinite wisdom, broke Ubisoft Connect when running through Proton, just a day before the Trackmania 2020 Steam launch. That's why Proton Experimental is necessary. In the near future, the fix that is currently in Experimental, should be pushed to default Proton version, so hopefully the switch to Experimental switch won't be needed for long.
I'm off to bed now, so I won't be able to respond to any questions straight away, but I'll check-in (my) tomorrow in case anyone gets stuck at any point.
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2023.02.03 00:11 bounoq Anyone else having problems with zippy share? First time this has happened so I don't really know what's going on.

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2023.02.03 00:09 Beneficial-Limit7610 WTS FULLERMOE MASTER BUNDLE -$350 VALUE

$100 OBO ( will provide proof of purchase from official website )
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2023.02.03 00:06 Due-Succotash6850 Editing part in free theme

Hello guys, I can't find how to edit html part on the code. It shows me only the . Im using "Jaxon" theme and my code looks something like this, as it starts right off with body part.
Thank you for reading.
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