Straight cargo pants women's


2021.03.07 02:44 CrystalisedRaindrops Superlesbianism

Against super straight. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Enby people are enby. Sit down and stop being creepy about what’s in people’s pants; trans people don’t want to date you transphobes. Trans women can be and some are lesbians.

2023.02.03 05:53 Extrevious Can anyone give me some thoughts on the best joggers?

I really need some joggers that’re good lounging pants and also are just breathable and flowy. I have the balancer pant on my list because their shorts are amazing but are there any other suggestions? I’m a guy as well but I don’t really care if they’re women’s or men’s type, I’m just wanting something that practical and works really well. :)
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2023.02.03 05:49 rollerwho Would there be any interest in a Women + LGBTQ+ Mountain Biking group?

I've really struggled to make friends in the MTB community and have found it generally hostile to queer folk. My interactions so far have consisted of mostly cis straight bros being dudes, and often didn't feel like a safe space. Of course, I'm sure there are many queer people/allies, but I haven't had much luck finding them yet.
There are 2 really amazing cycling groups that are organized for women + queer people:
However, there is a distinct lack of a mountain biking community/organized rides for queer folk.
Hence my poll!
View Poll
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2023.02.03 05:31 CupOfKwofy Is there anything that can be done about the growing number of men who feel sexually worthless?

I think it's a problem but I don't know if there's a solution. As a bi man with moderate success (I feel for the brothers who don't have as much option as I do, don't what I'd do if I was straight), it seems like everywhere I look, no matter what I do, I'm always a dime a dozen. Even though I put a lot of effort into my appearance and my "game", getting sex comes down to getting lucky 99% of the time.

And it not only happens in the regular sex scene, the trend is identical in the kink scene as well. Basically if you're masculine, you're a the bottom of the barrel. Those kink websites are just tons of men wanting nothing more than a bit of fun but instead are met with disdain and alienation, no matter where they turn. You should see some of those posts, it's a sad sight... The only women who hang around those places are just looking to make a quick buck off of em. Now that I think about it, it's lowkey a microcosm of real life lol. I'm not sure if there's a solution to this problem but I feel for those struggling with the issue. Feeling worthless is not a fun feeling to wrestle with, it eats at you, slowly but surely.
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2023.02.03 05:30 quote_emperor Athleta Women's Dark Grey Bettona Jegging Legging Gym Yoga Fitness Pant Size L

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2023.02.03 05:17 Hotel_Earth Jargon, shaming and tripwires - from the perspective of a newcomer (to this subreddit, not to polyamory)

Hi mods, I’ve gone over the following with a fine-toothed comb, and I feel confident that it falls well within both the spirit and letter of the sub rules. It is critical and very long, but offered with the best of intentions - I hope you’ll let it through.
TL;DR hidden subreddit norms and highly specified language are causing some problems, especially for newcomers to the subreddit; I talk about these at preposterous length. Some subreddit drama is rehashed in a way that I hope is both constructive and more broadly relevant, but if this sounds tedious to you, consider skipping this post.
Happy Thursday everyone! The following is directed primarily towards curious or distressed people who might land here in the future, and the many posters who generously provide the benefit of their experience to others. If you are new to polyamory and find yourself startled by the apparent ubiquity of some fairly extreme viewpoints on this subreddit, I hope you will find my perspective both helpful and encouraging. I have little hope of changing any minds among the more hard-line contingent, but if any of you happen to have woken up on the right side of the bed this morning, I encourage you to read on.
This subreddit is, of course, composed of many thousands of people, who inhabit a wide range of viewpoints. Many of these people are considerate, and much of their advice is good, or at least well-intended. In a more archival mode, this sub can be a treasure trove of good ideas and useful perspectives. There is, however, a marked culture, one that often creates a minefield around certain topics. One needn't look far in order to encounter an appalling degree of vitriolic shaming, often triggered when new posters unfamiliar with specific tripwires unwittingly stumble across them. It is news to no one that some people are jerks, and that some people are bigger jerks on the internet than they might be in other contexts; at best, careful moderation can calm the waters, nudging discussions back on course when they begin to founder.
Here, the opposite effect is apparent: piety, condescension and a highly specified pseudo-academic lexicon converge to convey the impression that the norms found here are monolithic and widely accepted, when many of them in fact bear little resemblance to those of broader poly contexts. It’s a big world, and this subreddit is a bubble: despite its prominence in search results (many of you, I imagine, will have found your way here in the same manner I did) and the appearance of a fairly authoritative consensus on many topics, this sub contains its share of blind spots. While there are plenty of common poly pitfalls, especially for beginners, and many more wrong answers than right ones, there are also many more right answers than the fairly narrow window of tolerance within this subreddit will often indicate. If you and your partners are happy, secure and communicating well most of the time, you are not doing it wrong.
On the topic of security, I’m certainly not the only one to have found the almost total lack of regard displayed here for the virtues of devotion, loyalty and commitment surprising. While it is true that relationships can only change over time, and with new partners, one could be forgiven for concluding based on the contents of this subreddit that this change can only be one of fracturing, growing apart and letting go - and perhaps that one should not only feel bad about their part in this, but also feel bad about feeling bad about it. This terribly sad, lonely perspective serves to elevate a certain brand of detached avoidance to the status of some sort of fundamental poly axiom, encompassing none of the deep security that foundations of years, built on trust accumulated over time, can provide. Perhaps a little known secret to those less experienced: much of the time, polyamory is kind of easy among partners who communicate well. These are underrepresented here: I imagine many of them are simply living their lives rather than posting, for reasons I am beginning to understand very well.
Don’t let a person deep in the chaos of their own disorganized attachments bully you into doubting your own perceptions because they don’t like the way that their encounters with secure attachment perturb their own self-image! The jargon often runs deep here, and while highly specified language can certainly add clarity and facilitate concision, it is too often employed to the opposite purpose. Notice the rhetorical gymnastics on display. Wherever you encounter an idea that could have been communicated effectively in a plain sentence or two, but which instead inhabits an entire jargon-laced paragraph, you will often find a personal preference disguised as a norm. ‘I don’t like it when couples are too couple-y’ doesn’t sound nearly as authoritative as ‘the unexamined couple privilege on display here is very problematic, and a clear example of mononormative ideology infiltrating poly spaces and implicitly devaluing queerplatonic relationship paradigms.’
The exact same behavior will just as often be lauded or condemned, based only on the terminology employed to describe it. Observe the convolutions: to avoid labeling anything a rule or a hierarchy, even when its function is by any sane definition indistinguishable from one. To cast absolutely everything in the mold of some idealized free-agent autonomy, even in cases where basic tenets of simple decency - often of the sort that pass unremarked between casual acquaintances, let alone lovers - are clearly being violated. Consider that many of the people best-versed in this jargon use it primarily as a tool of manipulation, coercion and abuse - and pass unnoticed - while others who are simply trying to navigate a complex topic openly, in public, become instant pariahs. There often seems to be a sort of lexical ninja task force, waiting in the rafters for a chance to descend in full force upon any likely punching bag at the slightest provocation.
This pseudo-academic jargon serves as a barrier to entry, but also as a movable fortress for those best able to wield it. When operated in alignment with the veiled ideological tides I’ve described, it becomes a source of shifting, infinitely replenishable moral high ground for those in the know, like a force field of smug contempt from behind which they can rain vitriol down upon the uninitiated. It is of course natural for any community to develop its own norms, but some of these ones are toxic, unexamined and unexaminable, or at least needlessly proscriptive. After all, people will be much more likely to let you deconstruct their beliefs and motivations if you can first convince them that they are operating from a place of unexamined privilege!
The selective emphasis on certain types of privilege, and even the axis along which privilege is tabulated, deserve closer scrutiny as well. I find the emphasis on couple privilege particularly myopic, in that many of these so-called privileges are in fact a matter of necessity and even survival for many. If you or a partner haven’t experienced severe illness or injury, immigration difficulties, or threats to your basic safety, that is a very lucky thing. To claim that marriage, for instance, is inherently unethical in a poly context because only one partner can marry, or to suggest that these considerations should even be on the table when a partner’s citizenship, home, safety or access to medical care might be at stake, is to have truly lost the thread. Especially in queer, trans and immigrant circles, these are among the only tools on hand to navigate an often overtly hostile culture and apparatus of state; the true privilege is to not have to worry about these things.
It also strikes me as odd that, at least within this subreddit, those at the furthest extreme of the personal autonomy axis - and I’m primarily referring to self-labeled relationship anarchists here - are often the most vocal in their attempts to restrict the behavior or shame the preferences of others. The tired refrain ‘it’s not my job to educate you’ serves as a poor substitute for coherent argumentation, often bookending some absurd blanket edict (‘there are no couples in polyamory’), delivered without any context or support. I want to be clear that I have nothing at all against relationship anarchy, and have found much there to be of value, both in the literature and in conversation. I am bewildered, however, by the extent to which some among this sub’s RA contingent, who value autonomy so highly for themselves, seem inclined to grant other people so little of it.
The degree to which some of the louder voices in this crowd mistake their own preferences for some kind of universal moral truth is truly surprising: they should be among the least likely to make such a mistake. One suspects a great many relationship objectivists or neoreactionaries, if there can be such a thing, hiding among these self-labeled anarchists. There is a deep irony here: nominally anarchist politics eventuate in effectively authoritarian aims and practices, complete with an eager avant-cop goon squad to enforce them. This doesn’t really look like anarchism to me; the anarchism I know has a whole lot more to do with solidarity, mutual aid and community. My previous entry on this topic was described as ‘pseudo-intellectual ranting’ by a moderator, but I’m genuinely curious: in what sense is this doctrine of total self-reliance anarchist?
In any case, it’s revealing that such uncompromising relational ethics within one subset of interaction can fail so utterly to translate to others: many of these people seem plainly eager for any opportunity to dole out beatings under the guise of tough love. I wonder how many poly novices, having been so badly burnt on this subreddit for crossing an invisible tripwire in a moment of vulnerability, end up turning back to the mainstream again for years, or for good? How many more have at least internalized the careless, toxic ramblings of some overeager poly keyboard cop? That number is certainly not zero; there is real harm being done here.
I am glad to have many friends in the wild, both mono and poly, who when faced with discomfort around other people’s ideas are reasonably capable of producing ‘that’s definitely not for me, but knock yourself out’ as a plausible alternative hypothesis to ‘this person is clearly evil and needs to be punished immediately.’ I wish the same were more often the case here. Instead, the pattern is often that of a purity spiral, or a struggle session. Controversial topics quickly become impossible to discuss. A wire gets tripped, and the subreddit immune system activates: if either total submission or the right lexical credentials are not immediately produced by the offender, the worst possible intentions are assumed. Labels are thrown out until one of them sticks, the public shaming commences, and the conversation is effectively over, regardless of its contents: the heretics are ritually burned, and the community once again made safe.
After all, no one wants to be problematic, or unethical; those are bad things! Why would anyone need to question the terms, unless they’re up to no good? The result is a fractured epistemology, one in which much of the foundational terminology admits of no easy definition, but also brooks no examination. This is an impossible basis for any kind of open discourse.
On the topic of thorny, ambiguous terms, and at the risk of totally derailing this conversation: let’s talk about unicorns, autonomy, and an interesting pattern of reactions I’ve noticed on this sub over the past few days.
To provide a little context: I (a somewhat masc andro AMAB nonbinary) posted my Feeld profile for review a few days ago. I received a number of very sweet comments, a good deal of constructive criticism, some harsh but helpful advice, and a couple of nasty comments which I ignored. (That post is still up; if you’re curious, you can see it here:
My spouse and anchor partner Claire (a femme AFAB nonbinary), who I’m currently staying with, was so excited about how much helpful feedback I got that they asked me to post their Feeld profile, too (they don’t have a reddit account, and after the ensuing fiasco that seems likely to remain a permanent state of affairs). I can’t link to that post, because it was removed by the moderators, but although Claire’s post was very similar to mine, the reaction couldn’t have been more different. With the exception of a few constructive entries, the comments were overwhelmingly harsh from the beginning.
We had both written in our profiles that we were open to dating together or separately, and that we were open to being unicorns for other queer couples. This didn’t really make any waves in my profile review thread, but for some reason Claire’s set people off right away. The thread really caught on fire when Claire used the word ‘throuple’ in a comment (Claire speaks excellent english, among four other languages, but it is not their first language, and highly specific context-dependent terminology can sometimes be a little foggy - can you see another mode of gatekeeping at work here?).
It was clear from the post and our comments that we both have separate long term poly relationships with people of various genders, some of which relationships have endured from well before we met each other, and that dating people separately was in no way new to us. Nonetheless, things continued to heat up. I was criticized for responding, rather than just taking the beating (a favorite tactic of bullies everywhere), and once the label ‘unicorn hunter’ started flying around, there was no containing the flames - the post was quickly removed by the moderators.
I was initially hesitant to dig into this topic, but upon examining some past posts on this sub, I became aware of the likelihood that if I didn’t address it I would likely be written off as a salty unicorn hunter; I don’t want to make it quite that easy. I’m not interested in re-litigating the exact arguments from that post, but I think their outline is a useful lens through which to examine the dynamic I’ve outlined above. There are some terms I want to unpack here, because there are multiple conflicting definitions operating concurrently, and watching while Claire and I were publicly shamed - after being herded into the gap between a narrow, explicit definition and a much wider operational one - was extremely illuminating.
I’ll start with the narrow, explicit definition: that one’s easy, because the criteria are outlined in both the subreddit rules and some of the linked literature.
From the sub rules:
“Personal ads and the like are not allowed. If you post asking for people in your area, or anything looking like a personals ad, it will be removed. Same with commenting anywhere attempting to do the same.
This includes asking [how to find "a third", “a unicorn”, or multiple women to date only you and maybe each other.”
OK! That’s looking pretty good; everything about this seems very sensible. But wait, there’s another link! Maybe this will describe unicorn hunters in more detail? Once again, we’re in luck:
“If you don't know what a "unicorn hunter" is, that's simply an established couple, a heterosexual man and bisexual woman, that's searching for a bisexual woman\* that is open to a relationship with both the man and the woman in the existing relationship (but no one else), who will love them both equally, and agree to the rules that the couple has already decided are healthy for their relationship. She is expected to fit in to their relationship without changing the existing relationship with the couple, and if they feel that she's not following any rule, she's out, to protect The Couple.”
Great! This is looking good too. We’re going to take the asterisk into account and assume this describes any potential triad, regardless of gender and orientation. Obligation to date both of us? Nope. Exclusivity? Nope. Expectations of equal feelings? Rules new partners have to follow? Noooope. Expectations that our relationship won’t change? Rules or veto power from within the couple? No, and no.
Alright - looking good! We aren’t unicorn hunters, by any accepted definition that anyone can point to. We’re interested in dating or playing with someone new together, which we haven’t done much of, and also enjoy playing unicorn with other couples, separately. Anyone who cares to look can easily see that we’ve both been poly and happily partnered in a number of concurrent relationships for many years, even though we’re not up to speed on the subreddit-specific jargon. This should go pretty well, right?
About the strongest reasonable claim anyone made was that any premeditated desire to date another person together was a recipe for heartbreak. While it can certainly go that way, that hasn’t been the majority of my experience with other couples. But I get it - lots of people have been burnt by shitty couples - fair enough. There was a bunch of criticism from people who could tell that we were a couple and didn’t like that - kind of tangential, but under the same umbrella - ok, sure.
The bulk of the vitriol, though, was in regard to unicorn hunting. This is interesting, because by any reading of the narrow, explicit definition above, neither Claire or I are unicorn hunters. None of this should be controversial. What’s going on here?
It seems that there is another, hidden definition of unicorn hunting that comes into play when the unspoken norms of the sub are questioned. This definition is not explicit, and I can only trace its outline by examining the tripwires I triggered around it, but I have a hunch it might look something like this: ‘unicorn hunting is when people I might want to date if they were single or solo are in a couple, and they are talking about dating people together.’ I’m not pulling this out of thin air - most of the more energetic negative comments, especially on Claire’s posts, followed roughly the format: ‘I would totally swipe right if [X], but I’ll pass / you suck / byeeeee because [Y].’
While the impact of our preferences on others' self-conception was a noteworthy feature of those comments, it seemed central to another theme that surfaced later on. Near the end of that thread’s short, messy life, Claire and I received another healthy round of shaming, for saying that we both enjoy playing, solo, with other couples, as self-identified unicorns. Particularly distressing was the implication that a sexually confident femme could not meaningfully determine their own boundaries or needs; that either of us unicorning at all was (from the perspective of the unicorn!) definitionally unethical. I find this deeply troubling. Some of the comments I encountered on this topic seemed to point toward what I can only describe as some kind of victimless breach of an undefined and unspoken sexual code of poly ethics.
Unspoken, and highly resistant to questioning: this line of inquiry led more or less directly to the post’s removal. The proscription of victimless ‘unethical’ behavior doesn’t protect anyone, and indeed can only exist as an instrument of normative enforcement - after all, if no one is harmed by a behavior, who can its prohibition possibly hope to protect? This position seems strangely puritanical, for a poly subreddit: I’m reminded, bleakly, of extremist Christian prohibitions on masturbation as ‘self-rape.’ To anticipate any possible retort that unicorn-hunting couples harm people all the time, I want to emphasize that it was claimed that we were harming ourselves, in some manner we were not aware of, by unicorning with other couples - and that my attempts to point this concern trolling out led directly to the post being removed.
Is discomfort harm? Who, exactly, is being protected here? What are they being protected from? What is it about confident, self-assured unicorns that certain poly identities find so existentially threatening? Why does a community founded on the principles of negotiation and mutual agreement adopt a posture that can be accurately described as ‘do what we say, or else, no questions!’ when certain of its unwritten rules are challenged? The answers to these questions are left as an exercise for the reader.
I expect this kind of reactive posturing from the straight world; it’s disappointing to find it here, too. My experience above is only a single case, but even a cursory inventory of this sub’s contents will demonstrate that the underlying principle generalizes. There are too many examples here of shaming, of vitriol aimed at newcomers over perfectly understandable difficulties. Vitriol delivered with such piety, as though the ultimate poly goal is to burn all interdependence away at the altar of total autonomy. This is a shame. One doesn’t need to completely dismantle the basic machinery of attachment (as though such a thing is even possible) in order to practice ethical polyamory. There is a lot of good to be found in lifelong commitment for those who seek it, even in poly relationships.
It is possible to be married and ethically poly. Don’t mistake the gospel of avoidance from those who are triggered by secure attachment for some bitter but necessary pill to swallow. That is total bullshit. If you truly believe that you can exist alongside other people - let alone in relationship with other people - without anyone ever owing anyone else anything - you are delusional. At best, this mentality is indicative of a thoroughly unexamined lack of personal accountability; at worst, it is a direct instrument of manipulation and abuse. Sometimes pain is something to sit with alone; sometimes it’s a signal that support and co-regulation are needed; and sometimes it’s a sign that what you are doing is hurting you, and you should stop. All that matters, ultimately, is what works well for you and your partners.
I am not convinced that I am right on all counts, but I will offer that I am not anonymous here. I am willing to stand behind, defend and also re-examine my own beliefs. The same, you will find, is often not true of those most assiduously toeing the party line, although I am sure many will be eager to tell you differently. And there is a party line, enforced by group pressure and by unbalanced moderation served with a heaping tablespoon of condescension. An appeal to those I’ve spoken harshly of here: even from a perspective of self-interest, shaming people and tearing them down is not going to get the result you want. You certainly don’t owe anyone kindness, or any response at all, but at least have enough self-awareness to realize when you’re getting yourself off on some human punching bag kink - don’t think of it as helpful.
To those just starting out, or seeking some extra support in a difficult moment, please don’t be fooled by the funhouse mirror effect this subreddit can have, and please, please, please don’t let some internet strangers’ weird hangups prevent you from exploring anything safe, sane, consensual and fun. We’re all still in the early days of building a shared map for the territory of polyamory. I’m reminded of a thought from Brian Eno: “Avant-garde music is a sort of research music. You’re glad someone’s done it but you don’t necessarily want to listen to it. It’s similar to the way I’m very happy people have gone to the North Pole. It extends my concept of the planet to know it exists, but I don’t want to live there, or even go there actually. But it’s a boundary condition.”
The most uncompromising perspectives on personal autonomy are fascinating, but you don’t need to visit the outpost in order to benefit from the research. Polyamory, as a relational framework and social phenomenon, is still nascent. Our shared understandings around this topic are very much a work in progress, and anyone throwing down an extreme viewpoint with a surfeit of confidence is likely trying harder to convince themselves than you. Projection is rampant, especially when one’s own behavior is taken by others as a challenge to their own self-conception. If shame is the primary response you experience to someone’s ‘advice,’ the odds are good that they’re not really trying to help you. Take the best and ignore the rest.
Happily, much of the linked external literature recommended here is excellent, and not nearly so proscriptive or judgemental as you might imagine based on its disjunct and distorted parroting by many posters. I have found “Polysecure” by Jessica Fern particularly helpful, and return to it often. For my part, I am not sure whether I will be back here. It will be interesting to see the subreddit immune system in action, and I’m always ready for a pleasant surprise.
In the meantime, be kind to yourselves, take care of each other, and remember to drink plenty of water.
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2023.02.03 05:17 fook75 What if women just stopped having sex?

Hear me out.
Some men treat women like shit. If a man treats you like shit, why have sex with him?
Divorce or dump his ass. Don't have sex with him. Ever. He treats you like shit? No loving.
Maybe if all the straights went on sex strike things would change.
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2023.02.03 05:09 Space_Kitty69 TIL my spine was crooked.

Well, not today but yesterday. Yesterday, I had a scheduled C-Section (February 1st) for my twin boys. I was super nervous going into it and kept asking everyone around me if having an epidural hurts. Some said “it depends on your pain tolerance,” others said “It happen so fast, it didn’t even hurt!” And a lot of people said “I was already in so much pain, it didn’t even phase me!”
Well, let me tell you… I went to a Women’s&Infants instead of a regular hospital. I did this because at W&I, there is a doctor on 24/7, and since my twins are 6 weeks early, if they needed extra care in the NICU, they have more room than a general hospital and a bigger team to specialize in the care.
Back to the main point… I get into the labor room to get the epidural. They sit me up, tell me to hunch over like a shrimp / scared cat, the usual instruction. Well… I guess my spine felt straight but it wasn’t. It took them ONE HOUR to properly give me the epidural. I almost fainted from the pain of my spine being poked a million times. I think I had like 3 nurses hold cold packs on my necks, chest and arms. 100/10 on the pain scale.
Good news: Once I was finally numb, they laid me on the table and got to work. As they are putting up the curtain, the bring my boyfriend. Clearly he knew something was wrong with me when they said something that took. 10-20 mins, took a bit over an hour. As soon as his but hit the seat next to me, we heard baby A cry. My boyfriend and I both looked at each other in pure shock and happiness. Exactly one minute after, we hear Baby B cry. The nurses and anesthesiologists apologized profusely about what happen with the epidural. I laughed it off and just thanked them for everything. All in all, they were very nice people and I appreciate every single one of them to the core.
After recovery, I texted my mom letting her know the horror story of the epidural, to her response was “I could’ve told you that you have a crooked spine.” And I was so shocked because I never had spine problems growing up (that I knew of?).
This morning, I went to go change out my Jonny and take off the bandage from the epidural. My boyfriend saw my back and was horrified. He knew they had a rough time, but didn’t realize how bad they poked up my back. (Will post a pic in the comments when I have time)
February 1st @1:29pm - Baby Jackson was born ~ Followed by his little brother Baby Sylas @1:30pm. I love them so much already.
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2023.02.03 05:05 RingoRatman [TOMT] [2000s] [Live Action Kids Show] Christian VHS series w/animal puppet

This is my first time actually posting on reddit, and I don't typically like posting on forums in general, but this has been bugging me for the better part of fifteen years.
When I was a kid, my grandparents would go to church every sunday, and often my cousin and I would spend the night with them on saturdays, accompanying them to church in the morning. One summer, our parents and grandparents thought it would be nice for us to join the church’s sunday school; we didn’t mind it, it was actually kinda fun as we would watch a short film/episode of a show, and then do an activity that related to that day’s episode. I believe there were many seasons of this series, each one with an overarching theme and biblical/religious lessons.
The biggest part that I remember is the main character: a puppet that was some sort of small mammal/rodent. I’m fairly certain he was a groundhog, but he could have been a beaver or gopher. His design was very simplistic, a fluffy brown creature – maybe with rodent teeth – and eyes, so he could have been any animal that is the size of a cat or small dog. I will attach a shitty sketch of what I think he roughly looked like. The puppet’s name may have been an alliteration with his species, like Greg the Groundhog or Barry the Beaver, but I’m not certain.
The puppet had a friend co-main character played by an irl young lady who joined him in his biblical-themed shenanigans. I don’t remember any specific characteristics of the lady, tbh; but one scene of this show is so damn vivid in my mind, that it’s stuck out in my mind for well over a decade.
The scene I remember is a short transitional scene: the groundhog and lady were about to enter a wild west like town in a desert, and they exchange some lines I can’t recall – likely something along the lines of “oh i’m worried about this!” and the lady responding with “it’ll be fine!” because as they go to walk off the right side of the screen, towards the town, a wanted poster of the groundhog is stapled to the pole the main characters were standing in front of while talking.
This series was, what I believe to be, a straight to VHS show. Each episode probably wasn’t more than half an hour, and I’m pretty sure it was serial with episodic elements; an overarching storyline over the season, but a mini plot in each episode. Probably similar to recent kids’ shows like Gravity Falls or The Owl House, where an episode on its own could be watched standalone, but watching each one in order reveals the bigger plot of that season.
This series would have been made in the early 2000s, I don’t think it was quite ‘90s quality, but it very well could have been produced in the late late ‘90s. Estimated years that I probably saw this is around 2006-2009, probably closer to the former as I don’t think I had started elementary school yet, but was likely just about to. The kids in the group were probably around my and my cousin’s age, so the targeted audience of this series was likely 5-9 or so.
The theme of the season we watched that year was in some way or another related to sea creatures. I think, at least lol. Because each class they would give us a little rubbery-plastic toy of the sea creature that related to that day’s lessons. I specifically remember a crab, but in all honesty this bit about sea creatures actually relating to the series is a bit of an assumption on my part, because I don’t remember much about the show. It could have been
I am not sure if this next bit is entirely relevant, but because it was the mid 2000s, and I haven’t been able to find any information on this series, it was likely not a widely watched show across the country. I grew up in central pennsylvania and the branch of the church was the “church of the brethren” which are like two steps away from amish (it goes amish, then mennonite who use some electricity and cars but they have to be utilitarian and plain colors like beige or black. Then it’s The Brethren who are still very religious, but allow electronics and other modern luxuries at a family’s own discretion, but still live very “plain” lives, typically dressing modestly with the women sometimes wearing those sheer head coverings that look like tiny bonnets.) So needless to say, this wouldn’t have been some very progressive christian or extremely strict catholicism; probably more in the middle of religious potency, more chill than a lot of christians in the middle of bumfuck nowhere pennsylvania, but likely very focused on empathy and turning the other cheek, as The Brethren share those values with the amish. The church is christian and honestly very lax, which is why we could have a little tv cart and vhs player, even if we were close to toeing the line of mennonite.
Thank you to anyone willing to give suggestions or comments on this!

EDIT just realized i forgot to link the sketch, my bad lol
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2023.02.03 05:01 North_Kiwi901 (23M) Managed to arrange a date for the first time ever, but...

I moved to a small town for a new job and used Hinge to match with a girl (23F) there and set up a cute walking date type thing where she shows me the sights.
Problem is, I harbour quite a bit of deeply ingrained resentment toward women and have no feelings of attraction left toward them despite being straight.
I'm not sure how to reconcile with this and am worried that this is basically one of my last chances before complete disillusionment and loss of interest in women all together. I don't know what to do or how to act on the date, I do not want to be cold and boring but also find it impossible to 'flirt' and don't know what this would entail
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2023.02.03 04:52 OrangePhilosophy 29 [M4M] [Dallas] Other Straight Dudes: Let’s talk about NFL!

THE NFL. Annoying typo.
I’m going to step outside my traditional M4F posts and try something new tonight.
I know that for some of us, the primary concern is sometimes simply having a conversation. Ideally, we would prefer to have it with a female responder but since that can be scarce on here and it is largely left to uncontrollable circumstances, there are a lot of empty message boxes for male users. Additionally, F4M posts are completely swamped with male responders, forcing your message to get post in the mix
Well, fear no more. I am looking for a friend. Someone to “shoot the shit” with. Someone to talk about life shit with, sports, and most importantly women. I tend to be available most of the time but I am mainly on and more attentive at night.
Here are some topics we could consider:
For the record, I am completely and totally straight. I’m simply looking for someone to talk to on here when the replies are scarce. Don’t hesitate to contact me!
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2023.02.03 04:47 HellomynameisKuuro Xy's(men) who fetishize lesbians are the worst and it needs to be less socially acceptable

This is a rant, not something trying to change the world.
Xy's seem to have this bs idea that lesbians will ever be attracted to the or change their minds, or that lesbian means a woman attracted to women instead of exclusively attracted to women. Then there's that shit with "corrective rape" and every time a lesbiangets mad she's told that it's not all men(congratulations, you added nothing to the conversation!) or that never actually happens and we're making it up. Also, people seem to see lesbianism as something unnatural. Well I will say that I had crushes on girls since I was 9, long before I knew there was a word for it. Lesbianism is not inheritaly sexual or inappropriate the same way straightness isn't. But a lot of people also seem to have the idea that either lesbianism is sexual and inappropriate or that lesbians who feel sexual feelings are just as bad as men. Also, a dick is not the same as a dildo. Lesbians dont like dicks and no dick will ever gave the power to do anything but make a lesbian upset.
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2023.02.03 04:34 _Fuckit_ It seems like most women age 24-32 have kids already.

I really don't want to date single moms, but in some areas you have no choice, literally 90-95% of women have kids. So if you want to date women age 24-32 with no kids, i'm guessing you have to move to a major metro area. How is dating in the Atlanta area for a straight male?
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2023.02.03 04:23 eyebustem69 I actually don't regret is one relapse

TL;DR: I had a relapse and I think it's because i suppress my urges and they turn into compressed energy that gets heavy on my shoulders, almost like constipation (terrible analogy but I don't know what else to say lmao).
It was last night, I was in bed had some urges and decided to peak (worst mistake). I ended up busting a nut after almost 30 days. I went a month straight and so I didn't mind THAT much.
I still felt like shit. It didn't feel GOOD. It's just didn't feel as bad as when I used to do it every other day.
I also tried to avoid developing an addiction (again) and decided to bust to a gif on bing images and not a video on the hub. I did this cuz it's much less stimulating. Like I haven't been on the hub in so long and I took a peak a few months back and found myself night after night binge watching. THE HUB IS THE MOST DANGEROUS FOR PORN CONSUMPTION.
I felt like I released a constraint from that session, however. I feel like if I had been meditating more I wouldn't have busted. Because the urge wasn't that big of a deal, I decided not to defeat it.
I would also criticize my method of defeating urges. I just suppress them. From now on I will circulate and transmutate the little burst I feel.
I don't feel too bad writing this, because when I used to fap daily I would sexualize women left and right, but I haven't at all this past month, not even after busting.
I DONT want another relapse. And I hope you all prosper on this journey!
My perceived mistake: I should circulate the energy and not just compress it into a ball and push it downwards.
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2023.02.03 04:20 idkyallmfs Estimated price list for tomorrow

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2023.02.03 04:17 ObviousDream3887 Gym Crush

Forgive the formatting cause this is being written on my phone. But I started going to the gym this year! My gym offers a free month at the beginning of the year, so it started out insanely packed with new faces every day, but after a few weeks i’ve started to see a lot of familiar faces. I work full time so i’m there at around 6:00 pm every day.
Now there’s plenty of women who appear to be in my age range at this gym, but one in particular has caught my eye. Every time we are both there we exchange eye contact at least once, but usually several times. Yesterday I was walking through the gym, looking at my phone, and i looked up to see her two feet away from me and already looking at me. It was like she knocked the words straight out of my head. We passed right by each other and I said nothing.
Now I know girls don’t go to the gym to get hit on, and i’m a generally quiet person so that makes it hard to approach people randomly. I don’t like to convince myself of anything, but after weeks of making eye contact i’m really starting to think there may be some interest on both ends. I guess i’m just wondering if it sounds like this girl has any interest in me. I had a friend who had a note put on his car last summer outside the same gym, so i thought about stealing that move, but I don’t want to jump the gun and make things uncomfortable or awkward.
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2023.02.03 04:16 8005764377 27 [M4F] Michigan - Short dude looking for a pet-free single mom

Cliche "have lots of love to give but no one to give it to" post. Anyways the title is specific and blunt because I have allergies and hate dogs and cats. But even if I didn't have allergies, I still hate them. Also I'm short. Not like any of this matters cause this place is a sausage fest and will just get lost in a sea of....well, sausages. If you couldn't tell already, I'm a pessimist. :p
Anyways, I'm looking for a woman to date and get to know. Well, technically I'm a closeted bisexual, but you didn't hear it from me! I've recently "discovered" that I have a desire for single moms. Part of it is because I am very fond of motherly women, and the other part of it is because I had a vasectomy and never want to have biological children, but would consider being a stepfather. Way, way, way, way, WAY down the line. Mostly just food for thought at this point! Although I will say that So yes, I'm absolutely okay with women with no kids. But, I never want to have pets. Ever. Especially mammals or birds. Never ever.
About me: I'm 27 years old, 5'2", 140lbs, brown-skinned, and extremely average-looking. Tiny glimpse of me in my profile picture if you're using new reddit. Bonus points if you're old reddit squad, cause the new reddit sucks :3 I'm from metro Detroit and I recently purchased a house in the hood-adjacent suburbs. I started a job, bought a house, and car all within the last few months, so that's exciting, I suppose! Currently I travel a lot for the aforementioned job. Sooooo you would have to be okay with me being away for periods of time. Eventually though, I would love to have someone travel with me for business trips! Aside from all the dog crap (no pun intended), the work I do is actually pretty cool and definitely has its perks. Hell, because I've been so lonely lately, I'd straight up be willing to have a "working husband and housewife" marriage type of thing. I know that most women in these times choose not to do that, but I saw a post in this subreddit recently describing just that, so, you never know, I guess. I have a ton of hobbies, including but not limited to: art, painting, songwriting, composing, listening to music, programming, vidya games, technology, working out, and running. I was also in the military for a few years, so I like to try and stay fit and healthy where possible, so I'm looking for someone with a similar lifestyle. I am fresh out of the water in the sense that I haven't really dated anyone as an adult, so I'm putting myself out there and hope to find a good person.
Some stuff I strongly dislike: dogs, cats, dog-and-cat-obsessed people, conceit, racism, heightism, sexism, mirrors, and dry monosyllabic responses on reddit chats. Only half-kidding with that last one. ;p
Qualities that I admire in people: humility, sensitivity, compassion, sensuality and sense of humor. I could go on with this, but I think I enjoy those qualities the most. I'm into all races, colors, and cultures. I also love tall statures and short statures alike.
Sadly I comes with the Baggage. :( Speaking of which, I love that game show! Has anyone seen that? Anyways, I have a lot of crap that I'm dealing with in my personal life, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, low self-esteem. It'd be nice if there was someone out there that could at least kind of relate to me. inb4youhavetoloveyourselfbeforeyouloveanyoneelse
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2023.02.03 03:57 Paraphnalia Where’s a good place to get baggy cargo pants men

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2023.02.03 03:49 Swimming-Potato-300 No idea how to handle my rage

Long story short: bf has major history of saving images of white blonde women in folder titled Jailbait. Later on, bf kept his blonde exes away from me in college. As in, he would talk to us at separate times even though we dated the girls would flee as soon as they saw me walking toward him to hang out for that night. Okay whatever. Fast forward, I discover bf saves cam girl videos and pays them through some scammer discord server shit. Whatever We break up. Horribly. I’m permanently scarred and traumatized over being an idiot. I know. I’m an idiot. So whatever fucking wage fever Just now after years of having broken up and gotten back together I find fucking seven YouTube reels of some woman doing construction work in things and bikinis. Blonde and white and opposite of me. Mexican with dark hair and brown eyes and all. I knew it. I knew he couldn’t change. I’m going crazy and I just need any outside thoughts. I am not losing my mind over him any more, but after trying to trust again it hurts badly. Someone level me out. I’m not thinking straight.
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2023.02.03 03:49 Ghostofcanty News digest//Artsakh news//Army reforms//Pashinyan goes to Kazakhstan//etc

Armenian Prime Minister arrives in Kazakhstan

PM Pashinyan will participate in the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council session and the Digital Almaty Awards 2023 forum.

Red Cross facilitates transfer of 6 patients from Artsakh to Armenia for treatment

"7 children remain in the neonatal and intensive care units of the Arevik medical centre."
"12 patients remain in the intensive care unit of the Republican Medical Centre, 5 of them in critical condition."
"A total of 64 patients have been transported so far from Artsakh to Armenia with the mediation and support of the International Committee of the Red Cross,” the ministry said."

ICRC works to ensure the "continuity of emergency health, ambulance services” along Lachin Corridor

“We are working to ensure the continuity of emergency health and ambulance services along the Lachin Corridor. We have facilitated the safe passage of 60 patients needing urgent medical care. Our teams have also delivered medicine, baby formula, and food to health facilities,” the ICRC tweeted on February 1."

Russia screws up Armenia again (from January 4th)

"Following the meeting, Armenia and France had continued to get the body to issue a joint press statement. But an Armenian news site, Factor TV, reported (citing unnamed “diplomatic sources”) on December 30 that the effort failed after long negotiations when Russia introduced several amendments at the last minute, “knowing very well that they would not be accepted by the other members, which in fact happened.”
"An Armenian foreign ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Eurasianet that the Factor story was “quite an accurate description of what happened."

International Court of Justice leaves for deliberation room to make a decision on the cases of Armenia and Azerbaijan

"Armenia’s Representative for International Legal Matters Yeghishe Kirakosyan informed on his Facebook page, adding that after making the decision, the Court will read it during an open and online broadcast session. The Court will inform the parties about the date of reading the decision. According to the Court, the decision should be taken as soon as possible."
"On January 30-31, hearings on requests to apply interim measures in the cases of Armenia v. Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan v. Armenia were held at the International Court of Justice. Both parties substantiated their claims for interim measures, brought evidence in support of them, and then presented objections to each other's claims."
"Note that Armenia requested to apply the following interim measures:"
"Azerbaijan shall cease its orchestration and support of the alleged ‘protests’ blocking uninterrupted free movement along the Lachin Corridor in both directions."
"Azerbaijan shall ensure uninterrupted free movement of all persons, vehicles, and cargo along the Lachin Corridor in both directions."
"Azerbaijan shall immediately fully restore and refrain from disrupting or obstructing the supply of natural gas and other utility services to Nagorno-Karabakh," said Yeghishe Kirakosyan."

Armenian military plans new standard issue uniforms

"As part of ongoing reforms in the military, authorities plan to introduce new standard issue uniforms in the armed forces, including combat uniform, dress uniform, mess uniform, cadet uniforms and other types."
"The Defense Ministry said it will seek consultative services for developing the designs of the uniforms."

Armenian government approves new round of training for military reservists

"Up to 3,281 citizens who are listed in the reserve will be called up (2,897 citizens having the rank of private and warrant officers, 152 chief warrant officers and 232 officers with rocket-artillery and combined-arms specialties.)"
"Each citizen will be called up for a 25-day training course."

Columbia University panel focuses on preventing a second Armenian Genocide in Artsakh

"For over 50 days, Azerbaijan has imposed a blockade on the region, cutting people off from deliveries of food, medicine, and other daily necessities,” he said, noting that among those stranded are 30,000 Armenian children, 20,000 Armenian elderly, and 9,000 Armenians with disabilities."
“We’re witnessing a rising humanitarian crisis and we can’t remain silent in the face of these malign transgressions,” continued Senator Van Hollen, who has joined his Senate colleagues to urge Secretary of State Antony Blinken to stop U.S. assistance to Azerbaijan and continues to “call upon the Biden Administration to promote peace.”
“The U.S. must be prepared to take action to hold Azerbaijan accountable,” Senator Van Hollen stated, while committing to work with his colleagues to “end the blockade and ensure to do everything we can to promote the basic principles of justice, peace, and human rights.”

At a meeting with Russian PM, Armenia’s Pashinyan draws attention to the closure of Lachin corridor

"We traditionally support the unblocking of economic and transport ties in the South Caucasus, we consider it important to ensure the implementation of the agreements reached by the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan,” said the Russian Prime Minister. He emphasized that “the creation of new transport and infrastructure routes meets the interests of all states of the region.”
"Pashinyan, in turn, drew attention to the problem of the Lachin corridor, noting that “a humanitarian crisis is developing in Nagorno-Karabakh.” At the same time, he emphasized that “the Russian Federation is a key partner in the sphere of security for the Republic of Armenia.”

Armenian FM, Russian Ambassador discuss issues of regional security and stability

EAEU PMs discuss implementation of digital agenda

"In particular, reference was made to the operation of the EAEU internal market, the financing of industrial cooperation, the development of the agro-industrial complex, and cooperation in the energy sector."
"The implementation of the digital agenda, in particular, the improvement of the integration information system of the Union, was highlighted."

Armenia climbs seven positions to rank 82nd in the Economist’s 2022 Democracy Index

"A total of 16 countries in Eastern Europe improve their score in the Democracy Index in 2022, with Montenegro and Albania registering the biggest improvements. Six countries suffer a deterioration in their score, with Russia facing the largest decline (the largest of any country in the index in 2022). There are still no “full democracies’’ in the region: of the 28 countries, there are 16 “flawed democracies’’ (comprising EU eastern member states and most of the western Balkans), four “hybrid regimes” (Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Ukraine), and eight “authoritarian regimes” (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Russia and all of the Central Asian Commonwealth of Independent States member nations)."

European Central Bank lifts interest rates by half-point to 2.5%

"Policymakers, as expected, raised the deposit rate to 2.5%, the highest since 2008. They warned that the most aggressive bout of monetary tightening in ECB history isn’t done — even as energy prices plunge and the Federal Reserve moderates the pace of its own hikes."
“The Governing Council intends to raise interest rates by another 50 basis points at its next monetary policy meeting in March,” the ECB said in a statement. “It will then evaluate the subsequent path of its monetary policy.”
"Alongside its commitment on rates, the ECB also gave more details on how it intends to shrink its €5 trillion ($5.4 trillion) bond portfolio, reaffirming a monthly cap of €15 billion between March and June on maturing debt that’s allowed to expire."

Proposal for deployment of CSTO mission remains in force – Lavrov

“I think that the fact that in this difficult situation the CSTO prepared a plan for the deployment of a peacekeeping mission [on the border of Armenia and Azerbaijan], was a very important achievement. This proposal is still on the table. And if our Armenian allies, friends are still interested, this mission can be deployed within just one or two days,” Lavrov said."

Former minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport appointed advisor to President Khachaturyan

"Dumanyan was the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport from 2020 until his resignation in December 2022."

Government approves concept of gradual introduction of national health insurance

"The system is designed to provide healthcare services to every citizen."
"The mandatory insurance plan will be introduced gradually and 2023 will be the preparatory phase."
"In 2023 the insurance plan options and the prices will be finalized and the universal health insurance system will be mandatory starting 2027. Before that, citizens will be offered to join the coverage voluntarily. Starting 2025, the system will cover pensioners."

AIHGS, NSW Ecumenical Council call on Australian federal government to support indigenous Armenian people of Artsakh

"The Open Letter said,” At the time when Australian Defence Forces are actively engaged in support of Ukraine, the least we, as Australians, can hope for, are public statements from the Australian Federal Government in support of the indigenous Armenian people of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), in support of ending the inhumane and illegal blockade of civilians, of men, women and children. Now is the time for public action in support of the people of Artsakh.”
"Reverend Myung Hwa Park, President of the NSW Ecumenical Council who attended the ANC-AU Friends of Artsakh Extraordinary Meeting with the country’s Human Rights Defender and former Foreign Minister, also appealed to the government to help bring an end to this mass humanitarian catastrophe."
"The NSW Ecumenical Council letter read: “This ruthless tactic, a ‘disguised environmentalist protesters signal that the blockade is a coordinated attack against the Republic of Artsakh to manufacture irreversible humanitarian consequences for the population, with the clear intent of making life untenable for the Armenians of Artsakh and to achieve the thinly veiled objective of their ethnic cleansing.”

Two on-duty waste collectors stabbed in Yerevan

“Two on-duty employees of the Yerevan Municipal Waste Disposal and Sanitation Department were stabbed, they are now hospitalized. Fortunately they are in non-life threatening condition. I thank the first-responder medics and police officers for their rapid reaction. I wish speedy recovery to our colleagues,” Avinyan said on social media."

U.S. to “continue to remain deeply engaged on” Armenia-Azerbaijan issue – State Department spox

"On the subject of Mr. Bono, he is the lead for U.S. engagement to promote peace and stability for the South Caucasus. And he also represents the United States in the OSCE Minsk Group co-chair format, as his predecessors have in this role. Specifically, what I will say, though, about his qualifications – as I just said, this is an enduring priority for the Biden administration. And Mr. Bono is a senior leader in the department with significant experience working on challenging and complex issues. And he has the personal confidence of Secretary Blinken and this department in taking on this new role,” Patel said"

CoE responds to Armenian legislator’s letters on humanitarian disaster in Artsakh resulting from Azerbaijani blockade

“The Council of Europe has responded my letters on the humanitarian disaster emerged as a consequence of the full blockade of Artsakh by Azerbaijan,” Tovmasyan said in a statement on social media. I have addressed the CoE Secretary General many times voicing a number of concerns on the blatant violations of International Law by Azerbaijan. In particular, I have alarmed Ms. Marija Pejčinović Burić, the Secretary General of the leading human rights organization, about the statement by Z. Orcu, Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament of Azerbaijan on taking over Yerevan, which is the capital of the Republic of Armenia, the subject of the International Law. Since the blockade of Berdzor Corridor the issues on the necessity to satisfy the vital needs of 120.000 Artsakh Armenians arising as a consequence of the humanitarian disaster in Artsakh, as well as issues on cutting off the electricity and gas supplies to Artsakh by Azerbaijan and the violation of the fundamental rights of the people of Artsakh have been the core of my letters. I have also specially touched the unacceptable incident on subjecting 19 Armenian children to psychological and emotional violence by Azerbaijan, which should be a subject to investigation by relevant international institutions. Regarding the mentioned letters, I have got responses by Mr. Miroslav Papa, the Director of the Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, in which: The Council of Europe shall continue assisting reconciliation efforts between Armenia and Azerbaijan in its sphere of competence, Referring to the statement by the Icelandic Presidency of the Committee of Ministers on 19 January on the humanitarian situation around the Lachin (Berdzor) Corridor, they rest us assured that CoE Secretary General shall continue to follow the situation closely, CoE Secretary General has expressed concerns and has underlined the need to avoid escalating tensions. I would like to extend thanks to the Private Office of the Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General and specially Ms. Burić and Mr. Papa for responding my urgent letters. Simultaneously I would like to stress the need for effective steps by International Community towards preventing the genocidal policy of Azerbaijan. Condemnations are not enough, sanctions against Azerbaijan are needed.”

Barracks fire: 3 hospitalized servicemen in non-life-threatening condition

“Patients with burns usually undergo rather lengthy course of treatment. In some cases we also have a rehabilitation course, a course of several surgeries. Right now the necessary treatment is being provided and everything necessary for their full recovery will be implemented,” Avanesyan said."
"She added that the servicemen are in non-life-threatening condition."
"15 troops died and 7 others were injured in the January 19 fire at the military barracks in Azat village. 4 of the 7 survivors were discharged after treatment but the other three remain hospitalized."

Armenian family welcomes its 9th child in Azerbaijan blockaded Karabakh

"The ninth child was born in the Khosrovyan family in Azerbaijani blockaded Artsakh"
"But the bay’s mother is concerned, there is a shortage of baby food and diapers in the blockaded Artsakh."
"At the moment, there is no diaper in Chartar [town]. Even if there is, it ends in a very short time," says Arevik Grigoryan."
"Before the birth of the child, Arevik had moved to Artsakh capital Stepanakert with two of her eight kids. Arevik's husband, however, could not go to Stepanakert from Chartar due to lack of fuel." Arevik will return home to her six children and her husband in a few days."
"During the 44-day war in 2020, the Khosrovyan family was forced to relocate from Kashatagh to Armenia. But after living in Armenia for a year, they had returned to Artsakh, to Chartar town."
"They said, 'Stay [in Armenia]. You have lost two houses. They will give [you] a certificate [in return].' I said, 'We don't need anything. We are going back to Artsakh!'" says Arevik."

Donate to help our heros
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2023.02.03 03:42 skyman583 When you want love and affection, but can’t get a girl to reciprocate

Lately I’ve been wanting affection and sex, but because I’m a man I can’t admit this to anyone without being viewed as pathetic or weak by others. It’s saddening that I can’t open up and talk to anyone about my feelings because I know there gonna judge me. I haven’t had sex in a long time and forgotten what it’s liked to be touched or wanted. I’m tired of porn, I don’t even like it, I just use it as a substitute because you can’t force someone to like you or have sex with you. It’s very frustrating and I don’t know how to deal with this feeling. I know that my personality is very counterproductive today dating culture where lying and cheating and being selfish are normalized. My attitude is the complete opposite honest, loyal and straight forward, but women tend to look at those men as boring. I’m honestly thinking about just giving and baptize my self in the bullshit in order to get what I want, even if it’s by not so good means. What should I do?
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2023.02.03 03:35 Ravey-gravy confused lebsian sounds

So I'm a 19 year old autistic lesbian. I wanted to work on my social skills so I started going to this board game night club thingy. I met this one girl and I liked her. We hung out outside of the board game night too. I find out she's straight but I find it very odd because she gave me a hug once when we hung out. I don't usually hug my other friends. My personal confort is hugging family and partners. (Unless a friend is sad or I haven't seen them in a million years.)
This also doenst help the fact that alot of straight women call each other girlfriend. It's so confusing.
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2023.02.03 03:33 OpalsTransJourney Coming Out

Coming Out
Holy shit, I just came out to my shrink. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! I asked her to keep this off my official record. She was cool with that. It started when I landed in her waiting room. I spied a cute looking book and opened it to a page that matched how I'm feeling. I looked at a few more pages and I got hit in the feels. It's already rocked my world enough that I'm gonna buy it. I attached a few pics from it to this post. I told her that a particular image and in fact the whole book spoke to my soul. She asked why. I told her the book was a bit feminine and a bit gay, and that I think I am too. She was pleasantly surprised, but maybe she already knew and was verbally holding my hand as I stumbled my way there. So we spent time talking about identity, gender, sexuality, sensuality, the type of girl I want to become. I felt uncomfortable talking about the sex part, but it needs to be addressed, albeit briefly when discussing attractions. I also raised the possibility of being an absolute fucking fraud. As my ADHD spectrum diagnosis looms, I am becoming acutely aware that I latch onto new hobbies, obsess over them, explore them inside and out, swear to myself and others that this time the hobby/project/life path is the real deal. Then I get distracted by something and it falls by the wayside. Months or years later people ask me how any given process is going, and I sheepishly tell them that it is stalled. This terrifies me with respect to coming out. The next shrink chat (she's the only one who knows btw) could be awkward, but I did address the ADHD aspect with her, and that my big girly explore through the rainbow 🌈 may in fact lead right back to being mostly straight. I'm open to that. I'm also open to trans, trans dyke, gay, closeted crossdresser, and the many I haven't even heard of. I intend to stay open to the enormous, diverse community. I need to find my people, and in doing so find myself.
A fun part about being open to being wrong is that I'll learn a whole lot. In fact, I've already learn a wee bit. Firstly, complimenting women; they (we) love it.
The quickest way to this girl's heart? - Flowers? Maybe. - Chocolates? I'm listening. - Can I buy you a espresso martini? Hell yeah!
But what if - instead of that - you asked me about my pretty earrings? Why thanks for noticing! - And that they compliment and highlight my freshly foiled pixie cut bangs? Aww thanks. - And your pretty summer dress is cute as. Sploosh. - Oh, and here's the flowers, chocolates and espresso martini I mentioned earlier. Get your coat, you've scored. Our uber will be turning up as soon as I've savoured and swallowed your cocktail. More to come later.
Well anyway, that's my recently blokey girl take on it. I'll look back on it in a year's time and see if/how hard I cringe.
Stay healthy and safe until next post you goddesses!
Love, Opal
You can make your heart sparkle and sing 💖💓 🎶🎶
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