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2023.02.03 04:58 triplea1999 6th Grade Math edTPA

Hi everyone! I am working on my edTPA right now and have a question about the lesson plan.
I am reading the handbook and can't tell if I should write out the math problems I am using in the lesson plan or attach them at the end. For example we will have morning work on one of the days; should I type out the problem in the plan or make reference to a page at the end of the document?
Also, I welcome any and all advice.
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2023.02.03 04:51 ArielGilks Can someone please help me with this math question

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2023.02.03 04:32 etrudia Returning Player --- Please HELP!!

First off, I want to say a huge thanks to this community!! I've been playing MD for a couple years and have lurked this forum almost daily for tips and suggestions! Thanks to all that post, and now that I have finally made an account, I hope to be able to contribute to the knowledge base.
So, I took the summer off because of kids, vacations, and the fact that my tablet was getting to the point of not being able to run MD anymore without crashing. Got a new tablet in December, and after some help from support in getting the new tablet to connect to facebook, we were successful in getting my game on the new tablet (Amazon Kindle Fire to a Galaxy Tab). Support was fantastic and super responsive, I do have to say.
Now I'm back playing, but I'm having a hard time finding info about the new mini-games in camp. I appreciate any help or advice!!!

I've unlocked a bit of Arcadia, level 9, I think. I've created two of the level 5 shrines...(thank you all for letting us know how to collect the Arcane Dragons, btw!)...and then harvested them with the cloned dragons, level 4 moon and level 3 passion I think.
The dragon portal now says upgrade the portal by increasing your dragon level in camp. So, if I get a level 5 Moon dragon, the portal clones the new dragon? Does the portal do that automatically, or do I have to do something to 'upgrade' it? And then, what does an 'upgraded' portal actually provide?

Dragon Missions:
So, the missions have not been a problem getting started, but my question lies in the scrolls you get in the rewards. I've been playing the same 7 energy, 6 scroll quest that takes 5 hours to complete for days now. I auto-pick dragons to supercharge the mission, but the last 4 completions I've gotten 10 scrolls, ZERO scrolls, 10 scrolls, and 10 scrolls. The progress bar hasn't even budged! How is it determined the reward package that you get? ie. sometimes you get 1 uncommon, sometimes you get 1 rare and 2 uncommons...and it doesn't seem to be mission based, as it seems that you can get a different prize 'package' in subsequent runs of the same mission. Is this just a bad string of prizes for me, or is there a trick that I'm missing? Should I not be auto-picking the dragons? Does a different combination of dragons give you better results on the rewards? Just kind of confusing, imo.
I haven't replayed missions often enough to figure it out myself yet, but do the replay rewards ever change or is the same reward every time?

Dragon Homes:
I've barely started in dragon homes. Cleared the first room and got a few chests from the dust store. It seems like the only thing I can buy with dust is the itsy-bitsy chests. Now that I'm out of merges in there, do I just keep buying itsy-bitsy chests and then sit on them to merge them up? Do you ever buy anything else with dust, (I know Kala has the individual random individual items, but they seem pretty pricey...I seen posts say only use that as an option if it's a rare chain, you really need one piece)?
Basically, what do I do next, am I just stuck in a collecting dust phase to buy itsy-bitsy chests?
I've read the posts about the sweet spot for Arcadia chests, early game versus late game...awesome math to the posters on those!! Is there a sweet spot for Dragon Home chests, or just level 'em up to 4s?
Then, how are the Ash Bunny dragons acquired? Granted, I've only barely started (only purchased 4 or 5 itsy bitsy chests and waiting to get more dust), but I haven't seen anywhere to claim? Are they purchased for dust?

I appreciate any advice, y'all!!
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2023.02.03 03:56 synntel ap world history or ap human geo?

so, i am an upcoming freshman, and during this time of year, people at my middle school are being introduced to what types of classes we're able to attend in hs as showcased through letters and emails. all the other options are pretty basic and limited; though what i've been focusing on the most is the social studies section, which grants the opportunity to either attend ap world history or ap human geography.
so far, i've looked into what ap world history has to offer through short videos, and i'm getting the main idea of the class which seems at least slightly intriguing to me. though the essay part that comes with it at the end of the year is what's making me contemplate this decision due to how exhausting and incommodious it can be for the amount of time that it takes to complete each section, especially for someone who had just gotten out of middle school which is supposed to be a breeze (however, i am still an honors student in both math and ela, and i'm able to do exceptionally well in my social studies class. writing is also a strength of mine). i am also aware through minimal research that most schools offer students to take ap world history in 10th grade, so it's quite peculiar that the ap class that's regarded as the 10th most difficult is offered to freshmen.
i haven't dived as deep into ap human geography as i've done with ap world history; though i can see the idea of it which i am sort of indifferent towards honestly. i have also noticed that it is more of a beginner ap class, which makes me wonder if colleges necessarily care if you take it as i've seen a comment about some of them being impassive about it due to its leniency.
but really these are just the questions that i'm wondering: which is more captivating for the average student regardless of special interest? is one more impressive towards colleges? what type of work is mandatory for each separate class? how many hours of work or studying are you estimated to indulge in each separate class throughout an average day or week? what skills should you master or already be good at before attending one of the classes? would it be better to just take the easier one (ap human geo) or would it be more beneficial for the future if i discipline myself and take the more difficult one (ap world history)?
my friend's brother also acquired a 4 on the ap world history exam throughout freshman year, so i know that it is possible. i also have half a year before i start my journey in either one of these classes, so although i may be unprepared, i would be pleased to spend some of my free time figuring out the essentials so that i can succeed.
please offer any links or guidance that can be effective to utilize for studies or class topics if you have any. thank you.
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2023.02.03 03:51 arrogantpoop I’m starting to get a bit frustrated with Kumon as a parent.

For this reason… I hope some of you can help answer some of my questions.
  1. Is it normal for parents to not be able to view the classroom at all? I understand that my child’s Kumon center asks parents to wait in their cars while the child is in class, but occasionally shouldn’t we be able to see how they’re being taught or see in what manner their worksheets are being completed?
  2. Shouldn’t Kumon at least let the children stay inside during harsh weather if their parents are not readily available to pick up the child? I feel awful for these children who are waiting for their parents in the freezing cold (although this is also the parents fault but couldn’t they be a bit more sympathetic?)
  3. Are the instructors/assistants even checking on the students while they complete the worksheets? My child is 5 and in a large classroom setting of about 50 tables (peaked through closed blinds) and sometimes she would be in there 2.5 hours for 5 pages of C math and BI reading. I asked the instructor what was going on and I was told that she was being taught something new… but 2.5 hours for 10pages seems very long. She’s often in there for over an hour and pushing 2 hours most days. At home she takes maybe an hour for both if she’s slow or 30mins if she’s fast depending on the material.
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2023.02.03 03:42 Flowergirllover I am so dumb

Probably not the best subreddit to post this but I am in my 3rd year of university and I can’t even do basic math that 5th graders can do. I was just with my tutor who is also in 3rd year and he was trying to hold in his laughter. He was asking me questions like “what’s the square root of 2 multiplied by the square root of 2?” And I couldn’t answer. This is so embarrassing. I have no critical or logical thinking skills. My IQ is probably 0. He was able to think critically and problem solve the application questions. I couldn’t even THINK properly. How do I get better at math? Is there any hope for me? Like this is so embarrassing, my ex did the right thing breaking up with me. Because clearly my thinking skills are at the level of a 3rd grader.
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2023.02.03 03:41 Flowergirllover I am so dumb

Probably not the best subreddit to post this but I am in my 3rd year of university and I can’t even do basic math that 5th graders can do. I was just with my tutor who is also in 3rd year and he was trying to hold in his laughter. He was asking me questions like “what’s the square root of 2 multiplied by the square root of 2?” And I couldn’t answer. This is so embarrassing. I have no critical or logical thinking skills. My IQ is probably 0. He was able to think critically and problem solve the application questions. I couldn’t even THINK properly. How do I get better at math? Is there any hope for me? Like this is so embarrassing, my ex did the right thing breaking up with me. Because clearly my thinking skills are at the level of a 3rd grader.
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2023.02.03 03:40 Flowergirllover I am so dumb

Probably not the best subreddit to post this but I am in my 3rd year of university and I can’t even do basic math that 5th graders can do. I was just with my tutor who is also in 3rd year and he was trying to hold in his laughter. He was asking me questions like “what’s the square root of 2 multiplied by the square root of 2?” And I couldn’t answer. This is so embarrassing. I have no critical or logical thinking skills. My IQ is probably 0. He was able to think critically and problem solve the application questions. I couldn’t even THINK properly. How do I get better at math? Is there any hope for me? Like this is so embarrassing, my ex did the right thing breaking up with me. Because clearly my thinking skills are at the level of a 3rd grader.
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2023.02.03 03:39 Flowergirllover I’m so dumb

Probably not the best subreddit to post this but I am in my 3rd year of university and I can’t even do basic math that 5th graders can do. I was just with my tutor who is also in 3rd year and he was trying to hold in his laughter. He was asking me questions like “what’s the square root of 2 multiplied by the square root of 2?” And I couldn’t answer. This is so embarrassing. I have no critical or logical thinking skills. My IQ is probably 0. He was able to think critically and problem solve the application questions. I couldn’t even THINK properly. How do I get better at math? Is there any hope for me? Like this is so embarrassing, my ex did the right thing breaking up with me. Because clearly my thinking skills are at the level of a 3rd grader.
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2023.02.03 03:34 Flowergirllover I’m so dumb

I am in third year of university and I can’t do basic math that 5th graders can do. Like basic algebra. I have a tutor for my calculus class and I realized how stupid I acc was. He would ask me questions “what’s square root of 2 multiplied by square root of 2” and I couldn’t answer. I don’t have any critical or logical thinking skills. My IQ is probably 0. He was able to think critically and problem solve the questions and I couldn’t even THINK. Like I feel so embarrassed by how stupid I actually am.
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2023.02.03 03:25 GloxyVI NUS/NTU/SMU 'A' Level AMA 2023!

NUS/NTU/SMU 'A' Level AMA 2023!
Hi everyone!
Firstly, let me congratulate y'all on completing your 'A" levels. It hasn't been easy and we all know the release date will be dawning on us soon.
With that, a total of 24 (27 if you count proxy) of your seniors from NUS/NTU/SMU that have taken the time to answer your questions that you might not else get during Open House. These guys (an gals) are at the end of their journey (Y3) or are working, and the main goal is to give a completed view of everything as well as a safe space to ask questions you won't normally ask in person (if any).
This is done before 'A' level results as we've seen the sub get flooded with 'O' level posts after it's release. So we wanna avoid being burried too soon.
How to ask a question:
  1. Find the school/course you wanna ask about.
  2. Type u/"username" then whatever your questions are.
  3. Do remember to state the course you are asking about so other commenters will know. It will also allow others to ctrl+f to find the relevant questions they are looking for.
  4. Example: u/GloxyVI IPM/PFM - Why PF1101 prof so handsum? or IPM/PFM - Why I no get A?
  5. Something like that. For (Proxy) please give me a few days to get back, as they may be too busy to reply asap.
  6. If you want to ask a generic question, just fire away!
To kick start sample questions:
  • Does X have alot of math?
  • Is there alot of group work for X?
  • What are the job opportunities for X now?
  • How hard/easy is it to get a job for X under current circumstances?
  • Is it true if I don't find a bf/gf in uni I will be alone forever?!
  • Does being in semicon mean I can't switch jobs because there is too little companies around?
  • Can I solo mods in X even during group work?
  • Should I do a PHD after X?
  • Does a scholarship give me an escalator in civil service? (answer is no, not anymore)
With that, play nice and don't fret the grades. There are always options.

Field Uni/Course (Job if applicable) Username
School of Law - -
Law SMU Law (Proxy) u/GloxyVI
School of Medicine
Medicine* Duke-NUS Medicine Post Grad.NUS Life Sciences Undergrad. u/Resophii
College of Design & Engineering - -
Engineering NUS Chem Eng (Pharm and Oil) u/gachaboi123
NUS Civil Engineering u/Rich_Annual5467
NTU EEE (Cyber) u/swjs00
NTU EEE (Tech Consulting) u/throw2503
NUS Materials Science and Engineering u/TransportationGold14
NUS Mech Engineering Aerospace u/hmongxu
NUS Mech Engineering Robotics u/selva_
NUS Infrastructure & Project Management (Data Analyst) u/GloxyVI
School of Computing - -
Computing (Business Analytics) NUS Business Analytics u/dyingj2artsstudent
Computing (Computer Science) NUS CS (Quant Dev) u/Wegetable
NUS CS (SWE Quant) u/throwawaySgrean
College of Humanities and Sciences - -
Humanities & Sciences(from AY2021/22) NTU Biological Sciences (Research lab) u/laverania
NUS Communications and New Media u/gunnercoyg
NUS Economics u/byechemistry
NUS Geography and Political Science u/phandamquan
NUS Math (Proxy) u/GloxyVI
NUS Physics (Graduate School/Academia) u/fzy325
NUS Physics (Quantum Machine Learning) u/BlackforestCheesecak
NUS Psych & Econs (Second Major) u/Saikang_didi
NUS Psychology u/trashyfam
SMU Politics, Law, Economics (Proxy) u/GloxyVI
NTU Natural Sciences (changed industry) u/thethinkingbrain
School of Business - -
Business Administration NTU Business Finance u/fatsong711
Real Estate NUS Real Estate u/Kodecynite

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2023.02.03 03:12 PsychologySpirited59 C214 OA Versions

Does anyone have any insight on the C214 OA versions? I failed the first attempt and it was math heavy. I knew all the concept questions. I had the same experience on my first attempt in accounting but the second attempt was less math heavy and more concept based (thank God). I'm just wondering if anyone took a version of the C214 OA that was less math problems than maybe the one I took. I swear it was like 50% of the questions. I am not trying to take this a third time. I've wasted MONTHS on this.
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2023.02.03 02:31 Free_Elk7469 My real Landa numbers

I’ve seen so much FUD about Landa on here recently. I have been using it for nearly a year, and heavily so for about the last three months. I thought I’d address what I can here with real numbers. I’ll put what I think is helpful, and if you have questions or would like more info, just ask.
I’m up 5%, with the vast majority of my investments made from around Thanksgiving to now. That would be nearly a 20% annualized return.
The property I’m up the most on from purchases in that timeframe is Creekwood (39%).
The property I’m down the most on is 8668 Ashley (-13%).
I’ve bought shares on both IPO and the open market. I’ve sold shares on the open market. I’ve pulled cash out successfully.
The dividends vary. I’m averaging 8% annualized across my shares.
There’s an art to working the open market shares. You have to take into account the listed dividend, the highest current buy amount, then lowest selling amount, and what the share has successfully sold for in the last few days. You’ll probably want to look at how often the tenant pays on time, and when the lease is up. You can look on Zillow to see if you think the lease will renew for a higher amount or not. While Reddit was busy making fun of how bad the pictures looked in the app for 729 Winter, I was looking at the shiny pics of the renovated listing for it on Zillow, which was listed for rent at a 50% increase. I loaded up on that one, and am happy with my 11% increase in two short months. I’m currently playing the same game on 6440 Woodstone.
This hasn’t all been smooth sailing.
I’ve overpaid on some of these and will have to sit and collect dividends until I’m not upside down on them.
Sometimes they’ll renew a lease for less than market rates (Oakview!).
The open market transaction fees are too high. This will mess with my day trading for a while until folks get used to them.
The app is buggy. The support staff are slow with actual resolutions. These are the two biggest complaints I see on this subreddit, and I completely agree with these criticisms. No pushback here.
What I do push back on are the complaints that just aren’t true:
  1. You can’t sell your shares - yes, you can. I have several times. You can’t ask for the moon, though. Just match an offer in the order book and you’re set. Just like stocks, there has to be a buyer willing to pay your price.
  2. The dividends are low - this all depends on what you pay. Watch the order book. Do your math. Yes, some of them suck. Don’t buy those.
  3. The dividends reduce over time on the IPO properties - this one is dumb. Do your math to figure out what it will be when all the shares are sold. Want to own it at that rate? Buy the share and enjoy extra returns for a while. Don’t want it at that rate? Don’t buy it.
All in all, I’m pleased with Landa. I’ve never gotten into real estate before because I didn’t want to spend buckets of cash and be a landlord. Landa fixes both issues for me.
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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2023.02.03 02:05 StudyPrep SAT Math Test 3 Question 1
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2023.02.03 01:54 ReExperienceUrSenses I finally think the concept of AGI is misleading, fueled by all the hype, and will never happen

TL;DR: (and it's long)
What I am trying to argue here is that “intelligence” is complex enough to be inseparable from the physical processes that give rise to it, and if that is not convincing, the “computing” power necessary to mimic it is unobtainable with any of the machinery we have created to date and nothing is on the horizon. Anything from the future that would match up could not even be called a computer at that point because the inner workings would have to be radically different. Also some criticisms of Large Language Models and neural networks in general. They don't work the way people seem to think.
I make this post not because I’m trying to get into a “debate” where I try to beat everyone's opinion down or to be a doom n' gloom downer, but because I'm hoping for a discussion to work through my thoughts and maybe yours. I have been mulling over some problems with the field of Artificial Intelligence and in the process I have found myself convinced that it’s never going to happen.
So I present some questions and ideas to people who still believe the hype and those who may not be into the current hype but still believe it will happen eventually. I want to refine my thinking and see if there are holes in my reasoning because of anything I have missed. I’m perfectly willing to change my mind, I just need a convincing argument and some good evidence.
So with that out of the way we’ll start with this:
Nobody would ever say that a simulated star gives us a nuclear fusion reactor, yet we assume a simulated or emulated brain will give us a mind? Why? I know many of you are itching to trot out “we don’t flap wings to make planes fly! Do submarines SWIM?” but there is a massive flaw in this reasoning. We’ve worked out the principles that govern flight and underwater traversal, so we can create alternative methods towards these ends. We have NOT worked out the fundamental principles necessary to create intelligence/cognition/perception by any other means, all we're working with is what it feels like to think, which is very subjective. Neural networks are also not a simulation of neurons in any sense, neither replicating any of their “base” functionality in an abstract form nor trying to accurately model their attributes.
The limits of the current paradigm, and any future one, come from what I think is a fundamental misunderstanding of "the symbol grounding problem", or rather, what has to be dealt with in order to overcome the grounding problem. Without solving this, they will not have any generalized reasoning ability or common sense. Language models give us the illusion that we can solve this with words, and I think I can articulate why this is not the case. Word association is not enough.
How are our minds “grounded?” How do you define the meaning of the words we use, how do you define what anything actually IS. Words and definitions of words are meaningless symbols without us to interpret them. Definitions of words can be created endlessly, because the words within those definitions also need to be defined. You are stuck in an unending recursive loop, as there is no base case, only more arbitrary symbols. You can scale to infinite parameters for these “neural” networks and it will not matter. Imagine trying to make sense of a word cloud written in a foreign language that does not use your alphabet. The base case, the MEANING comes from visceral experience. So what are the fundamental things that make up an experience of reality, making a common sense understanding of things like cause and effect possible?
Much like a star, our brains are a real, physical object undergoing complicated processes. In a star, the fusion of atoms results in a massive release of heat and energy, and that release is what we want to capture in a reactor. In the cells of our brains, immensely complex biochemistry is carried out by the interactions of a vast number of molecular machines. Matter is being moved about and broken down for energy to carry out the construction of new materials and other processes.
We have grounding because in order to experience reality, we are both transformed by it and transformers of it. All of the activity carried out by a cell is the result of the laws of physics and chemistry playing out, natural selection iteratively refining the form and function of the molecules that prove useful in their environment for metabolism and self-replication.
Your brain isn’t taking in data to be used by algorithms, neurons are NOT passive logic circuit elements! Action potentials are not like clock cycles in computers, shunting voltage about along rigid paths of logic gated circuitry; their purpose is to activate a variety of other intracellular processes.
The cells of your brain and body are being literally transformed by their own contents and interactions with their environment, shaping and reshaping every moment of their activity. Photons of light hit the cells in your eye, triggering a sequential activation of the tiny finite state machines known as signal transduction proteins. The internal state of the cell transforms and neurotransmitter gets released, once again triggering sequential activation of signaling proteins in other cells downstream in the process. This is real chemical and mechanical transformation, a complex exchange of matter and energy between you and your environment. You understand cause and effect because every aspect of your being down to the molecule depends on and is molded by it. An experience is defined by the sum total of all of this activity happening not just in the cells of your brain but everywhere in your entire body. Perception and cognition are probably inseparable for this reason.
There is no need for models of anything in the brain. Nothing has to be abstracted out and processed by algorithms to produce a desired result. The physical activity and shifting state ARE the result, no further interpretation necessary.
Now let us examine what is actually happening in a deep learning system. The activity of neural networks is arbitrary-symbol manipulation. WE hand craft the constraints to retrieve desired results. Don’t let the fancy words and mathy-math of the blackbox impress you (or convince you to speculate that something deeper is happening), focus on examining the inputs and the outputs.
The fundamental flaw of a Large Language Model remains the same as the flaw of the expert systems. This flaw is again, the grounding problem, how it is that words get their meanings. The training dataset is the exact same thing as the prior art of hand coded logic rules and examples. Human beings are ranking the outputs of the chatbot for the value system the reinforcement mechanism will use to pick the most viable answer given a prompt. The black box is just averaging all of this together to be able match a statistically relevant output to the input. There is no reasoning going on here, these systems don't even handle simple negation well. It just appears like reasoning in an LLM because the structure of the words looks good to us, from the use of the vast corpus of text to find frequencies that words appear together.
Ask any linguist or psychologist, humans do not learn language like this, humans do not make and use language like this. I must emphasize that we are NOT just doing next word prediction in our heads. Kids won't pick up up language from passive exposure, even with tv.
You cannot attempt to use extra data sources like images to overcome this problem with labeled associations either. Which pixel values are the ones that represent the thing you are trying to associate, and why? Human beings are going into these data sets and labeling the images. Human beings are going in and setting the constraints of the games(possible state space, how to transition between states, formalization of the problem). Human interpretation is hiding somewhere in all of these deep learning systems, we have not actually devised any methods that work without us.
While the individual human beings labeling the data attempt to define what red is for the machine, with words and pixel values, merely even thinking about “red” is literally altering the chemistry all across their brain in order to re-experience incidents where they encountered that wavelength of electromagnetic radiation and what transpired after.
This is why there cannot be grounding and common sense in these systems; the NN cant ever “just know” like life can because it cannot directly experience reality without it being interpreted first by us. It’s a big bunch of matrix math that only has a statistical model of tokens of text and pixel values by averaging symbols of our experience of reality. Even the output only has meaning because the output is meaningful to us. They do absolutely NOTHING on their own. How can they perform dynamic tasks in unstructured environments without us to painstakingly define and structure everything first?
Change the labels? You change the whole outcome.
You cant change the laws of physics.
We exist in the moments when molecules bump into each other. You can’t simulate that you have to DO it. Because the variance in how these bumps occur produces all of our differences and fallibility and flexibility.
The molecular dynamics are not only still too unknown to distill into an algorithm, but too complex to even simulate in real time. There isn’t enough computing power on the planet to simulate all of the the action in a single cell let alone the trillions that we are made of, in a human time frame with reliable accuracy.
Bonus: Moravec’s paradox is still kicking our ass. Single celled organisms (eukaryotic specifically) and the individual cells in our immune system navigate unstructured environments and complete specific and complex tasks in a manner that puts all of our robots to shame. Remember cells as tiny molecular robots composed of the assemblage of an incredible amount of complex, nested finite state machines, and then watch the Kurzgesagt videos about the immune system. The “computing” power on display is unmatched.
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2023.02.03 01:31 sariup Is it worth it/is it too late to change from A level English lit to geography now?

I'm in Y12, currently doing biology, maths and Eng lit and it's 5 months into the year. I used to do psych and Eng language & lit but swapped them; Eng lit shortly after the 2-week deadline, and maths at the beginning of the 2nd half term which the woman in charge of subject changes was not happy about as their last cohort did poorly, but I self-studied the first 7 chapters and sat some assessments and did as well as their current students, so they let me in.
I was extremely indecisive at the beginning of the year about which subjects I wanted to do and the subjects I was doing never felt right in terms of my future - I felt very unsatisfied.
I've always really wanted to do geography, it's always been so interesting to me, and I really liked the idea of fieldwork and studying a mix of humanities and sciences, and now that I'm reading through the geography textbooks and developing my own passion, I realise just how much I want to do it, and it's for the same reason I picked bio (mainly for the ecology topic which is a very small portion of bio).
I realise that I’d rather keep english as a hobby. It almost feels like a chore and reminder of my stupidity, and although the texts are alright I feel like the subject is pretty much adapting the ideas of people online who've already thought about the text better than you have, and it's something I can do myself without even needing to attend class, a huge waste of time and very unproductive. I am never excited to attend.
I think I could cope, as I got 8 with no revision at GCSE and while I am prepared to revise now ik it is a subject with a comparatively lighter workload than my other subjects, and whilst I'm doing 3 heavy subjects with no real relevance to each other, I think bio, maths and geography streamline my future more and would help me focus on the field I'm genuinely interested in and lessen the confusion. I do like my subjects but I just feel so bored with them and would like one genuinely interesting and laid-back subject that has some relevance to modern society, and I don't know why I deliberately make choices that my heart doesn't want, and I want a chance to amend my mistake and not live with the regret for the rest of my life. English lit is not the worst thing however, it does come naturally to me, I just think I would enjoy my 2 years in sixth form college more and my mental health would be better if I was doing geography instead of a subject I don't know what to do with, now that I finally know what I want to do.
I also have a question: which one is more worth it?
I love geography so much but the reason I never went with it initially is that I didn't like many of the career prospects I saw, like town planning, and thought it wasn't valuable in the job market. I like environmental work but I'm concerned about the salary. But I also realise that is not as much of a concern now, that school life would be more enjoyable doing something fun like geography or geography-related, and in uni if I did go with geography I could pick modules that are more tech/data science/GIS/econ related so I would still have an employable degree that I could go into a high-paying field with, and English lit is not really much better in terms of being safe… right?
But I also have stayed with English because my mom said I could do an English degree and teach English abroad but I just can't see myself investing in an English degree in this economy, I like lit but I prefer social/life/healthcare sciences. Can anyone tell me if English is better to stick with at this point? Is it more beneficial to unis as a strong essay subject?
so... should I try to switch to geography or just stick with English lit? (sorry for how long this was)
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2023.02.03 01:21 Dramatic_Economist42 *REPOST* Can anyone please help me?? It's really important and urgent!!!

I really need help with these math homework questions. This is only problem set B, and it's due tomorrow night at the latest.
Please help!! It's really important and urgent.. this is the only community where I can come to.
All answers and processes are appreciated!
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2023.02.03 01:19 DeezelWeazel PhD right after a BSc

Hi everyone! I’m a recent Computer Science grad from a university in UK. I plan on pursuing a PhD in SE/CS (or something relevant) straight after my BSc. I do have a few questions.
For more background, after graduation till now, I’ve been working as a Mobile Dev where I’ve also been writing a review paper. I’ve been holding back on the thought of applying for PhDs based on the status of this review mainly because I have very little research experience apart from a wacky second year project (published on IEEE), my final year project (paper in writing) and this survey. The review paper was just accepted into a top journal in CS, so I’ve made the call to start applying. So the questions/concerns I have are:
  1. Is a review paper considered research. More importantly, since it was accepted to a journal ranked in the top 5 in CS (IF ~15), will that provide me enough merit, since I’m still documenting my Final project?
  2. Our bachelors degree’s modules were very application oriented with basically no theory. Will this significantly impact my performance assuming that i start a PhD?
  3. Related to point number 2, we had barely any theory, so we barely had to use math/understand much math. So I’ve forgotten a lot about it. I’ve seen a lot of papers with mathematical conclusions so will my now reduced knowledge on math effect me adversely?
I would appreciate any response that can help me clarify these questions. Thank you very much in advance :)
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2023.02.03 01:15 Ok_Challenge_1674 Chapter 1 - ما هو الخطأ معها؟ (What's Wrong With Her?)

)×()×()×()×()×()×()×()×()×()×( #S-27-0157639 )×()×()×()×()×()×()×()×()×(

><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> 2065 - Present Time ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><
. . . One . . . Two . . . Three . . . Four . . . Five . . . Six . . . Seven . . .
I woke up with a startle. Darkness began invading my field of vision.
. . . My goodness, so dramatic.
I stood up, feeling groggy, and lifted my hand to the cold, Qovant-metal wall. It lit lightly as I placed my palm on it, giving me a subtle pins-and-needles feeling. I started dragging my hand across a wide area as a dull blue light followed both my fingers and my feet, then slowly faded. It should be around . . .
Eventually, my hand glided across some scratches. Here it is, I thought as I inspected them with my fingers, feeling the tiny crevices inhabiting this section of the wall. Let's see where we left off, shall we, Hollow?
My eyes had been adjusting to the darkness, though it didn't help much; this box was tightly sealed, so no light could come in. Only the pale blue broke through the darkness. Still, I could see my marks more clearly than before. Several tallies were on the wall with some random Arabic abjad thrown in as well; they represented the number of times I've been in the Hollow and a separate section for the total number of days.
Seventy-two visits . . . I bet no one's beat that! I bragged to my conscious, failing to give myself some sense of confidence. I reached into my suit's inventory, took out my old pocket knife, then slammed my fist on the wall, which created an area of pathetic illuminance. Better than nothing. Now, math time . . .
"Every sentence is five days, and I've been here, not counting this visit, seventy-two times," I muttered as I carved my calculations into the wall. "It's been 433,012 seconds since I was thrown in here, meaning it has already passed the five-day mark. So in total, I have been here for . . ."
I raised my knife and started to scratch, slamming my fist again to reset the light. As I finished, it finally dawned on me how much of my life consisted of being thrown in the Hollow. ". . . a total of 365 days. Happy Anniversary, I guess . . . Should be getting out soon." I raised it again and scratched off the old numbers from the last time I was here. Don't need you anymore.
As I was doing that, I started thinking about my time here. Not in the Hollow, I mean in the entirety of GORO. I thought about the trouble I've caused the people working here, although I wouldn't actually change anything. But then I started thinking, What was it like before all of this? I've been here for so long, and from such a young age, my memories from before were turning hazy. I could remember the 'special' things, like my dad's role in the family and my sister's upright attitude and overprotectiveness. But all that was when I was six. How do I know they haven't changed since then? Or maybe a better question would be . . .
. . . How do I know they still think about me?
I was about to enter a state of wistfulness when I heard whirring electricity all around me. The entire cell pulsated with a light blue wave, illuminating the 15-meter cube that encased me. I felt the slight shift of the Hollow and then the cell going up. Finally, I thought. I was starting to think they were gonna keep me here. As much as I loved the idea of being a perma-guest to greet future Hollow inhabitants, I'd rather get 15 more stigmas.
The cell continued to move upward until the sudden stall caused me to fall to the floor. I was never able to get used to that. As I pushed myself up, the ceiling opened and retreated into its slot in the wall, showing a sliver of light slowly growing and consuming the darkness inhabiting the Hollow.
Man, I am being so dramatic today.
The walls fell, pulsating one final time before completely disappearing, revealing a trio of Sentries standing in front of an RHL--short for Reject Hover Lift--, who looked as if they'd been waiting for a while. Their whole purpose for being here, no joke, is to 'read my rights' and escort me back to my cell.
Wait, I just realized they brought an H-Lyft. Are they that lazy? We're not that far away from my cell! It didn't matter that much, though. I was finally let out again, and the good news was . . .
I can finally talk to someone again. Well, more like 'tease' and 'annoy,' but still.
The patrols walked towards me, blank expressions on their faces visible through their visors. The smallest of the trio looked at my knife and stepped back. I wouldn't blame them; I'm not known for being passive, this knife is really rusty, and they wouldn't be that hard to take down. Not like I actually would do it; I already felt tired from standing up just a minute ago. I quickly put it back in my repository before the other two noticed it.
The front guard--an 'old friend'--walked up to me and projected a holo from her gauntlet of the record for whatever I did this time, along with my face. I was too tired to remember what I did, but I did notice they used possibly the worst holo of me in the system. Hair in front of my eyes, teeth snarling, and a sentry lying on the floor behind me, holding his groin.
Holo-bombers . . .
But enough about me; it seemed she had changed a few things about herself since the last time. Her hair's gone from an undercut to a wavy lob, with white fades for her newly-augmented jade-colored hair instead of her previous blonde (I have to say, jade is a perfect color for her).
If I didn't love annoying her so much, I'd say it looks cute . . .
"I think you know what I'm going to say," she griped. She's had to deal with me since I started acting out and visiting the Hollow, and I have made her life complete chaos since then.
"I don't know; you're so unpredictable sometimes. Besides, I'm too tired to answer riddles."
She stared at me for a while, but I swear I heard her mumble, "Not your best quip." She then reminded me of the 'system' I had heard about over 70 times.
"GORO's Reject Management System - Section 3, paragraph 2, 'Any action made by Rejects that impedes the efficiency and/or order of GORO's Sentinel Force or disrupts other Rejects will cause the Reject in question-'"
"'. . . to be sentenced three days to the Hollow, lest the severity of said action requires a larger penalty, in which case the number of days can be increased accordingly,' blah, blah, blah, 'Ordo est Lex,' blah, blah, blah."
"Thank you for making my job so much easier! But you still need to listen to the pardon." She stepped back and let another Sentry continue, a tall guard with a blonde stubble and blue eyes barely visible through his tinted helmet. He activated his visor, revealing flowing text on the screen of the holo-receipt shown earlier, and started.
"#S-27-0157639, because of your insulting and assaulting a GORO Sentry, you were sentenced to the Hollow."
Oh, yeah . . . Heh, now I remember. She had it coming, though.
"Now that you've served your time, you have been pardoned of-"
"Sorry to interrupt your monologue, but do you guys have any food on you?" As much as I wanted to stand there for another five days, I was hungry. "I haven't eaten anything since I went in there."
The tall guard looked at me sternly, then slowly scooted backward toward Shumu (I never learned her name, but I think it fits pretty well, considering her hair is her only distinctive feature). He leaned over and whispered, "Do we have any food?"
Shumu looked at him with a face of disbelief. "Dude. They give them food while they're in there."
The smallest one reached into his repository and pulled out a box. "I have mini sandwiches . . ."
". . . Why . . .?" Obviously, she was baffled, but I didn't care. Anything was better than the food they made here.
"Yeah, sure, I'll take those." He gave me three of the eight he had, offered some to the other Sentries, put the rest away, and ate slowly. I do the same. Eating slowly, I mean. "Thanks."
Zara (He's tall, like a giraffe, so . . . Yeah) continued. "Where was- Ah, right . . . You have been pardoned for your actions. We are now ordered to stigmatize you as a final punishment, then escort you to your personal cell and assign you a new sen-"
"Mmm, these are good. What did you put in these?" I was being honest; it was the best food I had tasted in the eight years I've been here.
The little one (I'm going to call him 'Alfar' from now on) brightened a bit, accidentally letting his Germanic accent bleed through his speech. "Oh, a friend gave me his recipe! It has cheese, lettuce, some tomatoes, mayo, and I even added some pepper and salt for a little ki-"
"ENOUGH WITH THE FOOD!" Shumu finally showed her temper. ". . . Let's just do our job, and get on with it . . . Please?"
As she prepared her gauntlet to stigmatize me, I took this moment to retort quickly. "Careful, Shumu. I think you aged a couple decades . . ."
She stopped in her tracks and slowly lifted her head. ". . . What did you call me?"
I kept quiet, simply replying with a sneer and a sideways glance. She scoffed as she finished setting up her gauntlet. She leaned close to my ear as she took off the back piece of my uniform.
"You really should try to hold that tongue of yours, especially since . . ."
She pushed her gauntlet, and a sharp, smoldering pain introduced itself to a new part of my back. It was so surprising, and I almost dropped my sandwiches. I clenched my teeth and held my food close to my chest as I groaned through the torment.
"AGGHH! NGGHHaaahhh . . .!"
". . . you have really crappy timing."
Why is she pushing it ha-AGH-rder into my ba-ACK?
As I looked up with small tears, I noticed the other two were facing away from me. Maybe they didn't want to see the stigmatization, maybe they didn't want to see me squirm, but there's no point. They could still hear my screams.
Once she had enough, Shumu finally lifted her gauntlet, reset it, and walked toward the other two. I swear I saw a smile on her face, although briefly.
God, I should have called her Mara instead of Shumu. I can't believe I now have seventy-three of these things . . .
"A-alright," Zafa stuttered. "Now that the stigmatization is over, we must escort you to your cell."
They all rushed to their sides to leave a clear opening between them. I was supposed to walk through toward the RHL and back to my cell. Instead, to spite them, I sat down and continued eating. While Alfar was happy I liked them, Shumu had already reached her limit.
"Are you f-"
She stormed over, activated my tether, and, before I could react, yanked me away; the sudden action caused me to stumble forward and drop the minis.
Noo! My food . . .
I was too tired to walk or deal with her, so I slowly fell and let her drag me on the floor and onto the H-Lyft.
As she turned the RHL on, Alfar began murmuring to Zafa. ". . . Was ist falsch mit ihr? Sie macht auf sich aufmerksam."
[What's wrong with her? She's drawing attention to herself]
"Ich weiss," replied the other. "Ich kann spüren, wie die anderen Wachen uns anstarren."
[I know. I can feel the other Sentries staring at us]
I recognized the language as German, my sixth personal favorite. I was a bit rusty, but . . .
"Wie soll sich jemand verhalten, wenn er fünf Tage isoliert ist?"
[How should someone behave when they are isolated for five days?]
They stopped the H-Lyft and slowly turned their heads to me.
"Hallo," I greeted, waving slightly.
Alfar leaned over and asked me, "Y-you know German?" I was about to answer, but then he began ranting about how the minis probably caused this (?). He was my favorite, but I couldn't deal with this nonsense.
"No, I learned it. You know, like a normal person. Besides, I could only eat one, thanks to you three." After saying that, he offered me another mini before Shumu slapped it out of his hand.
"But how?" asked Zara. It seemed he was the most confused. "You couldn't have just learned from another German." Shumu was mumbling about regretting reporting to work today as she rested her head on her palms.
"What makes you say that? You don't know what I do when the guards aren't looking . . . By the way, my cell is the third in front of us."
They finally dropped it and brought me over to my cell. I think the Hollow finally got to me because I actually missed this thing. I've forgotten how much better 10 meters is than 15. Alfar walked over and messed with the Info Terminal near my cell while Zafa turned off my tether, picked me up, and led me closer to the cell.
"Uhm, hey, Larisa? Can you look at this?"
"Why, what's . . . wrong . . .? Why isn't there any . . . Give me a sec here," said Larisa. I wasn't expecting that to be her name. Anyway, Larisa stayed by the terminal while Alfar moved closer to Zafa and me.
"Was ist falsch? Was macht Larisa?" Zafa asked. I wanted to ask the same thing, actually.
[What's wrong? What is Larisa doing?]
" . . . The kid's still here." Wow, rude. They bickered about what to do about me, but Larisa came over.
"Alright, here's the situation. There isn't any guard assigned to her cell, yet. Now, I don't know why, but it's not our job to actually worry about that. You guys go back to the Repose; I'll see you there."
She turned to me. "Sigh . . . We have a bit more time to kill together, don't we?"
". . . You're kidding," I groaned. "Oh, fun! Just great. Can't wait, Shum-"
Her voice shocked me and the other two as it boomed through the dark field of cells. Several sentries turned their eyes our way like curious little meerkats. She treaded toward me and looked me down in the eye.
". . . You do not get to give me some stupid nickname, understand? I let it go the first time because I honestly couldn't have cared less, but you shouldn't start getting comfortable . . . You will only know me by my identification, and I, the same to you, got it?"
I nodded, and she walked over to the other two.
Well, this will be interesting . . .
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
// Accessing Chapter Glossary //
// Qovant - A Type Of Metal Infused With Hype-Tech That Makes Up The Majority Of GORO Cells, Including The Hollow; It Is Hypersensitive To Human Touch, Capable Of Illuminating And Understanding Commands Based On Contact; Can Be Encrypted By Saving Handprints //
// The Hollow - A Place For Rejects To Be Disciplined For Actions Done Against The Order Of GORO //
// Personal Depository - A Storage Unit Installation For The Suits Of The Sentinel Force As Well As Rejects, But Sentries Have Larger And Less Filtered Storage //
// GORO - Cannot Open Description Due To Low Clearance Level; Necessary Clearance Level = Mid-Level Sentry //
// RHL - A Form Of Transportation Commonly Used By The Sentinel Force In GORO //
// Visors - Specifically Worn By The Sentinel Force; They Have Many General Functions, Including ID Recognition, Reject History, Rec Mode, Personal Augmentation, And Sentinel Line For Instant Communication Between Sentries //
// Stigmatization - A Branding Punishment Given After Finishing A Hollow Penalty //
// Tethers - A Hardlight Installation For The Reject's Suit; When Activated, Prevents Reject Straying From Sentries; Length Can Be Changed, And Will Emit Luminescent Blue //
// Information Terminal - A Terminal Placed Near Every Reject Cell That Holds All The Necessary Information Concerning The Statistics Of The Cell As Well As The Rejects Themselves; Cannot Open Advanced Description Due To Low Clearance Level; Necessary Clearance Level = Sentinel Captain //
// The Repose - Cannot Open Description Due To Low Clearance Level; Necessary Clearance Level = Low-Level Sentry //
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2023.02.03 01:03 kurt_46 [E] Will the statistics tenure-track market in academia be the same in 5-10 years?

I’ve spoken to so many professors who say that they are envious of statistics Ph.D.s wanting to get into academia because there are so many positions available. My university recently hired a statistics professor out of around 80 applications whereas pure / applied mathematics professorships brought in around 700 applications. You can check MathJobs and see that the majority of institutions are hiring for statistics / data science professors.
My question is: will it still be this way in 5-10 years? I am looking to start a Ph.D. in statistics soon and want to know if academia is a reasonable goal come graduation. If it turns the way academia has for other fields, I’d obviously just pivot to industry.
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2023.02.03 01:02 cooldogs420 Can a non-architect design a home and have the ideas fixed by an architect?

Maybe this is a weird question, but I've wondered for a while if this is a thing that happens. I love the idea of designing my own house, but I don't really have the right memorization/math brain for architecture, despite my appreciation of it.
And so I wondered: if I designed my own house and showed it to an architect, with the understanding that I know nothing about actual architecture, would you be willing to take those ideas and turn them into something usable? Is that common at all? For all I know that's the norm, I've never really looked into it since it seems like it would be incredibly expensive.
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2023.02.03 00:33 Fantastic_vibe 6 math questions

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