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2023.02.02 22:19 NoAbbreviations2961 Just passed my SHRM-CP and here are my thoughts/tips for those who are studying

I found out last night that I officially passed my SHRM-CP exam! Woof, what a journey. I thought I would share my thoughts & tips on the entire studying process in hopes that it helps someone. I’ll also answer any questions that anyone may have. I’ve also included a TLDR at the end end because this is A LOT. (Obligatory apologizes as I’m doing this from the app and formatting may be weird.)
Background: I have over 10 years of HR experience and currently work as an HR Manager. Previous roles have included: generalist, specialist, recruiter. I’ve worked in a variety of industries: manufacturing, non profit healthcare, hospitality, cannabis, beauty in both union and non union environments. I have an associates degree that I completed in 2020 (went into the military after high school and skipped 4 year college).
Study Items Used:
Studying Timeline: Late November, I scheduled my exam for Jan 30th.
Pretest: I scored 71% overall with Workplace being my weakest area with a score of 56% (the other 3 areas I scored in the low-mid 70 range).
The Learning System (LS) gives you two options for self study path once you complete your pretest: Content Order or Recommended Order. I chose neither and created my own plan to follow based on time commitments each week.
The online LS provides the time it will take to get through each section within a Competency. For example, Communication has 3 section and each is listed as 5 minutes, 13 minutes, and 12 minutes respectively. I quickly found out that my learning style of reading & note taking was essentially doubling the times listed (also, I have ADHD lol) I was finding myself getting stressed out because it was taking me so much longer to get through these sections. I also opted to study at the library away from distractions at home and would like to brown noise in my headphones (again I have ADHD and needed to remove as many distractions as possible).
Flash forward to January — I realized I had not been studying like I should and was very far behind on the schedule I laid out for myself. So I decided to focus my studies on the Competencies specific module over the last 3 weeks. During this time I was also listening to the book I listed above and was trying to complete daily quizzes on the app (listed above). On the LS quizzes, I was scoring between 66-80% (you need to score 80% for the competency to be marked as complete as SHRM considers this passing).
A week before my exam, I’m a wreck with nerves. In December, I didn’t prioritize studying like I felt I should have.
The Saturday before my exam, i take the practice exam in the LS with the intent of using this info to determine what i should try to cram on Sunday (day before exam). I scored 200 and my weakest area was People so I decide to use my time on Sunday to review that section of competencies. Well later that evening I decided to take the post-test (I skipped that and went straight to the practice exam) to see if it will give me any additional insights. I take the test and I score 66%— worse than my pre-test! Y’all I was immediately discouraged.
The next day comes and I stick with my plan to focus on the People section which just felt so easy but then I would retake a quiz and couldn’t hit that 80% mark.
I come to peace that I’m probably going to fail my exam but at least I’ll know what I’m getting myself into the next time & know what to focus my studying on & give myself more time.
Day of the Exam: I opted for in-person at a Prometric office. If you’re taking the exam in person at a Prometric site, I strongly recommend going to their website and watching their “what to expect” video. Important to note, you cannot take anything into the exam room like not even water. They have lockers available to store your belongings so consider bringing a snack bar & water bottle for your break. My location also provided noise reducing ear muff things.
The exam is broken up into 2 parts. Each part is 110 minutes and each contain a mixture of knowledge questions and situational questions. You have the option to “flag” questions for review— use this feature!! You only have 110 minutes to get through 67 questions. That’s like 1.5 minutes per question. If you get stuck on a question, select an answer, flag it and then come back to it after you’ve made it through the entire section. Don’t waste time because your time is limited.
When you finish your first section & have completed your review and if you have time left on the clock — use this time as your break. You get one 15 minute break. Just take it - go to the bathroom, get a drink of water, eat a snack, just stretch your legs. Seriously, take the break if you have time left after your first section. I had about 30 minutes left so I reviewed all my questions to make sure I answered them all and then took my break. If you decide to take a break, do not submit your first part until after your break. If you submit and Part 2 starts, your 110 minutes resets and any left over time does not carry over.
For Part 2, same advice. Answer the questions and flag the ones that are stumping you to review after you’re done before submitting.
After your submit your answers, there’s a survey SHRM requires you to fill out. After your survey, you will/should find out on the screen if you passed/did not pass. This is just the preliminary result.
Results: After you complete your exam, you should receive an email confirming your preliminary results and that your official results will come via email in 3 weeks. I didn’t have to wait the 3 weeks as my official results came two days after. I received 4 different emails notifying me that my results were ready and to login to the SHRM certification site. Here you can view your results and feedback report.
I find it super interesting that my results show different areas of strength compared to the practice exam.
Final Thoughts: If you have more administrative, handling the day to day experience, I recommend giving yourself more time to study like at least 3 months to fully absorb the information. There is a global aspect to the exam and I encountered a lot of material I just wasn’t familiar with at all (Corporate Social Responsibility, Managing a Global Workforce, Organizational Effectiveness & Development) — high level strategy items that I just haven’t had to encounter in my career until recently.
In my opinion and based on my final exam results, the study materials are much harder than the actual exam so do not stress out if you’re feeling overwhelmed (not to say it’s going to be a walk in the park). It’s important to understand that SHRM wants you to think of the situation questions in the “SHRM Way” and when answering really focus on the what the question is asking. I would get tied up with just answering the question that I wasn’t taking the time to read what is being asked.
Example (not a direct question but a paraphrase of one): An HR Manager wants to implement a new employee benefit and has a meeting with their director to sell the idea. How should the HRM prepare for the meeting? You’re given 4 choices and they may all seem like reasonable answers but you need to think what is the very first basic step that is needed in this process and how is it the most appropriate response relating to the director and that specific meeting.
Reading the materials and taking the quizzes will help train your brain how to think about these questions and how to answer them. The questions on the quizzes come from actual SHRM exams so these are the types of questions you’ll be answering. The quizzes in the Competency module is the best exposure for the Situational questions on the test. If I hadn’t spent extra time studying those, I don’t think I would have passed the exam.
I’m happy to help or share more about my experience if anyone has any questions.
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2023.02.02 22:07 adogcalledstray Despite the messaging for inclusivity, ending racism, and all sorts of DEI and sensitivity training becoming more and more mainstream, it has not lived up to its promise of giving me (a POC) more of a voice in the workplace, or anywhere for that matter. In some ways it has made it worse.

I am a POC. Male. Straight. First generation Canadian, having moved here as an adolescent 26 years ago.
Between that time to the present day, I have personally witnessed how the messaging for inclusivity, ending racism, and all sorts of DEI and sensitivity training have become more and more mainstream. From something virtually unheard of, to something that slowly permeated the corporate world to become part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) directives, to something that's gotten more traction, more widely recognized, and is now part of daily discourse in most professional settings, inclusivity, ending racism, and all sorts of racial sensitivity issues are now out there, so to speak.
Yet despite all these changes, I do not feel as though I have any more voice than before. In some ways, I have less. Much less. Here are some of my reasons why
The messaging for anti racism is now in the hands of people and organizations who wouldn't have touched it before it had gotten mainstream. This may sound like gatekeeping in my part - "I was anti-racist before it was cool" - but I have serious trust issues due to experiences I have had regarding some people and certain organizations doing a complete about face regarding the matter of anti-racism. My experiences could fill a book, but one stands out the most in my TV and entertainment career which, at some point, has involved newsreporting.
Years ago, I once pitched a story of a woman candidate who wore a religious head covering and whose election campaign posters had been defaced with the label of "terrorist". The associate producers I pitched this to were two white women. I thought this was an easy "in", y'know? Woman candidate. Women producers. Issue about racism, dignity, and respect. Plus, I really truly believed this was an unfair treatment that needed to be reported on. Angle: Racism is still alive and well, even in these modern times. Besides interviewing said religious minority woman candidate, I had planned to interview rival candidates (because it was guaranteed they'd say something about how racism has no place in modern society, let alone elections). Also lined up were religious leaders, anti racist organizations, the incumbent who wasn't running again, vox pops... basically, this was a complete story I had outlined and planned. All that was needed was that it get greenlit.
Except it didn't. To my shock this was in fact labeled by the white women producers as a non story. I was pretty much accused of pulling the race card and making something out of nothing. "Bla bla bla.. shut the fuck up stray" was pretty much what I heard. I do not now remember how I handled it, but I guess I managed to move on. Details are hazy because the rest of the news meeting likely had me fuming.
A day or two later, someone else pitched the same story (I guess they were elsewhere when i was doing the pitching) and I just about witnessed the biggest about-face from the same white women producers who had rejected my pitch earlier. "Oh wow yea, this is now an important story that needs attention, thank you woman reporter, who is also white". I called them out on it, but only got the weakest, lamest squirming apology ever that they should have known better.
Well, NOW they knew better, thanks to other newsrooms taking on the story, other white people saying the same thing I did, ...and so on and so forth. It's funny: I have many other anecdotes of individuals and organizations doing an about-face, but they at least took some time to do a 180. There's a plausible excuse of "it's not the messenger; we just weren't ready for the message".
This one, on the other hand, with the incidents merely separated only by a day or so, was the clearest reminder to me that it is about the messenger. That there are those out there who don't really give a fuck about carrying the anti-racism banner if it weren't so cool and hip nowadays to do so. These are the types who, by themselves, wouldn't have arrived at the conclusion that everyone deserves dignity and respect. They first need it to be popular and repeated by many of their contemporaries. They need it to be brought up by a fellow white - A fellow white woman at that. Otherwise, it's "shut the fuck up, you're pulling the race card!"
The messaging for inclusivity is now in the hands of people who think this is a zero sum game. These are the types who, because they have spared effort on being kind and respectful towards certain groups they were told in DEI training to be kind and respectful towards, that there must necessarily be other types they need to antagonize and disrespect. It's almost like their tank of kindness so very easily runs dry that, immediately they're running on asshole fumes as soon as they're not facing the people they've been taught 'to protect'.
Look, I don't begrudge anyone for playing favourites, because I probably do it too. There certainly are people I like, and people I don't like. However, I am conscious about whether my disdain or favouritism is based on the character of people I interact with, or whether it is guided by my own personal prejudices.
It too is interesting that I use the words 'to protect', almost alluding to the white supremacist discourse of how political correctness has created a society that selectively favours protected groups, creating safe spaces for them, and in turn disenfranchises whites. "More deserving whites" according to white hegemony.
Unfortunately, the types who think all of this as a zero sum game certainly end up playing into this white supremacist narrative that white people are now the victimized ones. The surprising part is that - by my experiences - the people who think this way (that inclusivity is a zero sum game) overwhelmingly tend to be straight white men and women. It's almost like they're trying to make up for something (see #1). I've witnessed managers, school instructors, and the like in other positions of authority outright spell out their personal policy that pretty much reads as fuck the straight white man. I've seen it in practice too; That sudden switch. That sudden turn. That transformation from all smiles and accommodation and kindness when facing their favoured groups, to "Ugh! This white guy."
To me this is so disappointing because, to start with, it is insultingly simplistic and does not realize my true gripe: I, as a POC, do not begrudge white people; I, as a POC, hate white supremacy. Inclusivity to the underprivileged shouldn't be about vengeance or cruelty to those who have traditionally been privileged.
Besides, from a personal self interest perspective, its not like I necessarily always benefit from this kind of skewed philosophy. Some of these types have narrowed down their protected groups to the point that I, a POC, am excluded simply because I am straight, and I am a man. As I've gotten older, I've shed enough social anxiety to the point that I can now act like I belong here. I guess I am not in the demographic a white knight feels is worth rescuing.
At least not anymore.
There certainly was a time when I was worth protecting - according to the weird rules of this game I am only coming to understand now. There was a time when I was very young and new to Canada.
However, that sudden turn, that lightswitch, is what still gets me to this day. It's almost as though as a straight, male POC, I'm not allowed to have too much say, to have too much influence, to have too much self belief - or else these white knight types would just group me with the straight white men they so despise.
There are no in-betweens.
Am I envious? Yes. Fuck yeah. Because when I was part of the protected classes, there seemed to be a horizon where I thought I could see a future where I was past the cringeworthy coddling and I was just... mainstream, I guess?
My being in the protected group never lasted, yet I was never able to and was never going to become part of the straight white hegemonic ruling class.
If anything, I always end up taking the brunt of the heat from white fragility and straight white men who feel disenfranchised.
As a straight male POC, it's not only that I am not the beneficiary of the kindness of white knights/authority figures, it's not only that I am excluded from the protection of all this anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion having become mainstream, I am also the target of people who feel threatened by it all.
None of the benefits. All of the blowback.
It would be one thing if all of this were a simple case of anti-racism and the mainstream treatment of DEI, simply overlooking the straight male POC demographic. However, I have been noticing that allyship is now in the hands of white knights and authority figures being manipulated into further serving white supremacy, instead of dismantling it.
If that cliche of having a black friend is a common trope amongst white progressives, having a white ally is also a thing for POC. This is especially true for POC populations stemming from the colonized world, POC populations with a healthy dose of inferiority complex, and of having colonial mentality, for whom everything is cooler and awesomer if it comes from the west. I know this because I come from a place that produces this kind of POC. For these types, nothing is more validating than the approval and friendship of white people.
Normally, I view any form of communication, cooperation, collaboration, friendship, and perhaps even fraternization between cultures in a positive light. Sooner or later it'll be a tool for learning about each other, right? Growing pains there may be, but who cares?
Well, I kind of do, mostly because right now, by my observations and experiences, quite an amount of POC are using white knights and authority figures to hitch a ride so that they may gain acceptance in the greater white social sphere. Mostly, I blame white supremacy in that its lingering after effects has POC wanting in on that whole scheme. Whiteness is something to aspire towards. Because the end goal is to simply find an "in" on a white majority culture, the whole interaction is based on regressive end goals (as opposed to being progressive).
To start with, the whole hierarchy these types of POC have constructed in their heads still follows the colonial playbook: Whites are up top, and "if I play my cards right, I can be one of the favoured ones - 2nd tier. Everyone else can be below." The key is to be as kiss-assy and suck-uppish to whites as much as possible. Might even throw their own kind under the bus just to get ahead. Injustices being carried against their own kind? That's ok, "I'm different" they'll say. "I'm not like that. I am a law abiding, pro establishment POC ally to you, kind sir!". "If only they cooperated with the police, they wouldn't have been killed."
And what do the white knights and authority figures get in return? A black friend. An Asian friend. A brown friend... etc. Which then gives them the ability so say, "What? Me? Racist? NO way! Have you seen my POC friend?"
It's a very mutually beneficial relationship, that's why it still happens to this day.
Representation as another buzzword has been gaining a lot of traction, but the messaging for representation is being handled by people who have no idea what representation truly means. Or at the very least, has a very shallow, surface level, and limited understanding of it all.
Let me take you through a journey of what I went through, from the late 90's to today.
Around 26 years ago, I was but a handful few of my kind in junior high. No matter. I took that as a challenge to adapt and absorb the dominant Canadian culture as much as I can. And I did this without any real malice towards my kind. Unlike the types described in the previous point, my intentions had no underpinnings of colonial mentality. I wasn't trying to pursue whiteness per se. I was just studying how to be hyphenated Canadian.
At least that's what I recall now. I concede that I may now be viewing my past self a little too flatteringly. Was I really that progressive as a kid?
Perhaps not. But nevertheless, I have confidence in saying that class had a lot to do with it. No sense dancing around it or denying it: I probably came from an ever so slightly more privileged background than the average foreign newcomer from abroad at that school during that time. So I had no shame or embarrassment for what I was. Save for some level of baseline social anxiety, I didn't feel intimidated by the dominant white culture. As well, I had been exposed to English as a language of instruction ever since I was a kid, I had already been consuming western (white) culture well before my family had made the decision to move to Canada. In fact, that's pretty much what I was raised on.
Anyway, being that I was the newcomer, they were all quite surprised about my English language abilities and knowledge of Western pop culture. I kind of threw a curve ball, far and away from their expectations. This was very weird for me, because I am not unique in the sense that my type was rare. Nope! Not at all. It just so happened that this Jr. High had a very small sample of my kind to draw legitimate conclusions from.
Beyond that, there was the case of my apparently passing for something else.
For the first few weeks, the principal and teachers kept on having me shadow kids they picked out as good candidates from whom i could learn a lot from. And learn I did. I'd like to think that I got along with most everyone. Learned the ways of Canadian Jr. High life. Learned the social mores of being an adolescent in Canada. etc.
After the end of what was deemed an appropriate adjustment period for me, I became aware that the kids they used as ambassadors weren't picked at random. They were all keeners, to use a Canadian slang - so that was good. But they also all could have passed for my kind. Or to put it another way: I could have passed for their kind. Except, that was all the similarities we had.
The teachers and the principal were well meaning, but hilariously far off the mark. Me and the ambassadors were from the same continent, but not at all the same ethnic group as me. Different culture. Different native languages, etc.. This was their idea of representation: "Y'all look the same to me. Let's put the two of yous together".
Time would pass and I found myself in Senior High school, University, tech school.... it would follow the same basic script when it comes to those in positions of authority trying to make representation happen. The difference being that because these are bigger institutions, I could find more and more of my kind the more schooling I did. However, it basically still boiled down to how truly representative of me are others of my kind, and vice versa?
At the surface level? Sure. No contest. Same basic ancestral and cultural history, right? Maybe some shared mannerisms. Cultural touchstones. But then you get to the categories of class and social status in the old country - it's quite a socially stratified place, so depending on where you were in the hierarchy when you left, your experiences could be completely different. Time/Year of departure from the old country and arrival in Canada matters a lot as well, considering the old country is rapidly developing, leaving it in the late 90's is also drastically different from leaving it in the early 2000's. Canada had also been rapidly evolving its reception towards immigrants. Arriving here in the 90's is a completely different experience than arriving here in the 2000's.
etc etc...
In Gist: There are so many possible points of differentiation and demarcation.
It's funny because Canadian society loves to harp on its diversity, yet fails to acknowledge the diversity of other cultures. There's a certain you people categorization happening with visible minorities here - a certain assumption that everyone else who isn't Canadian is monolithic and monocultural. It's like Star Trek Original Series rules: One Planet, one Culture (in this case, one country)
The bottomline: I would feel incredibly uncomfortable if I were made to be the poster boy for representing my kind here in Canada. We are too many and too diverse at this point that I simply wouldn't do it justice. Yet there always seems to be this hand wavey dismissiveness coming from corporate entities, organizations, and specific people in positions of power who have been either tasked or have taken it upon themselves to find someone of my kind to represent us in their institution. "Find one who looks the part. They're all the same" presumably goes the hiring brief.
And again, it's not lost on me that this is kind of arriving towards the same white supremacist protestations against the diversity hire. It looks that way at first glance, but that's not what I'm getting at. It sucks, because I for one actually believe in representation. I just hate how it is being utterly mishandled by so many at this point.
Because anti-racism, representation, inclusion, equality, diversity, and all the rest which fall in this category are now mainstream, it is now in the hands of so many people and organizations - people and organizations who have never handled it before. Normally a good thing - for something to be transformative, a lot of people have to be in on it.
Nevertheless, I can't help but gatekeep a bit: All of this is now in the hands of people who aren't doing it justice. Who are only doing it because it's the hip and cool thing to do nowadays. Or that it's now a way to get vengeance. Or are being used to bolster and build up an outsider's acceptance in mainstream white culture using old timey colonial power dynamics. Or to put forth a public image that is supposed to reflect Canadian society's ethnic makeup (yet failing at it terribly).
It used to be that before all these were mainstream, protecting and arming myself was a simple of matter of identifying who had malicious intent and who didn't. And of those who meant genuine harm, you could then further group them into overt, subtle, or closet racists. Nowadays I'm not always sure whether its good intentions gone awry or progressive ideals purposefully mishandled and sabotaged.
Don't get me wrong. I don't want to go back to old timey racism. But there certainly was simplicity in dealing with the whole subject before it was mainstream.
Presently, equity has been weaponized against me. Inclusivity has been used to exclude me. I have no voice in the anti racism discourse. I have trouble seeing allyship as anything beneficial anymore. And everyone they've trotted out as supposed to represent me, i cannot find much anything in common with culturally and experientially.
As a result of all this, I haven't received what felt like the empowerment and voice that I had been promised regarding the popularization of the anti racist ideas and concepts. This was all supposed to make things better, but it seems to be veering to some kind of sick and twisted territory. Worst of all, I'm not allowed to complain about it. Because this is aaaaallll for me. I should just be thankful me and my kind are being accommodated at all. "Can't you see how much we've done for you?!" I should just shut up and move on and count all the blessings I've been given...
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2023.02.02 21:51 greatmagni How do you navigate the gym-studio life?

I'm talking more about the hands-on, learning type of studios.
For example, a karate dojo/mma branch or a salsa/dance studio?
I say that if you want to get into this path, it's a lifestyle (a bit) and just make sure you stay away from the main corporate types. Such as UFC gym (for mma etc.) or an Arthur Murray school (for dance). I'm only saying this because they are very notorious for subtly pressure their regular members to take in more classes or private lessons.
Going back to the studio gym talk, things have a chance of going super awkward.
For one, I made a rule to myself to never flirt with anyone in the studio. This only really makes things a bit more distracting. But I think if you two can work things out, it wouldn't be too bad. Because, both of you will always have to be in physical contact w/ anyone, and in dance studios, it's especially intimate.
Another advice I can share is to not quite befriend the instructors. I wish I could have just idly stand on the sidelines but once they notice you, you've a painted target, idk. I just don't like getting hustled about promotions or private classes. It makes for an awkward experience once after you keep going to their classes. I think being a bit unknown is really better since you can also sneak into upgraded classes or you give yourself the time and freedom to choose for yourself without getting pressured and suckered in.
It's also good to know the path or your intentions of going to such "studios". Only saying this because I know two friends who got this into their heads far too much. One is in debt, and has a permanent injury, he got into bjj, boxing without careful watch or having developed trusting sparring partners, got into tournaments but they all cost money (food, gas including) and it left him broke, this part of the lifestyle took over his life. In the dance studio, my friend has i'll say suckered into taking private lessons (they cost $180 per hour) did he get better?? In my opinion, it can be quite subjective but if you pick your friends correctly, you can have mutual, platonic practice partners (or not) and I think that's better if you're not super rich.
For those who have gotten a "studio" membership and have been in it as a sort of hobby or lifestyle, any advice on what's the best approach to making non-awkard, sticky, relationships with instructors and classmates alike?
It's just better to just go in and go out. Leave the more serious types of socialization outside of the studio in my opinion.
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2023.02.02 21:46 RB334698 I always hear people say, when large corporations have donations, it’s a tax write off, how does that work?

I’m mostly referring to when check out at places like Walmart, target and other large corporations, sometimes you get a prompt saying “would you like to donate/round up to donate to X charity?” I’ve heard people say that this is just a tax write off, and I’ve even caught myself saying it, but I’m not sure how it works, I do not want to be spreading information, I do not understand. Can someone explain?
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2023.02.02 21:26 A_Cat12886475 Should I switch roles to escape work I don’t enjoy if it means climbing backwards on the career ladder into a mission I believe in more?

I’m trying to think through some next steps in my career and would like some perspective.
My company recently went through a reorganization and I was shuffled into another team where the work is a little different but related to my previous role. I retained a couple projects from my past role during the move. I’m currently not happy where I am. It’s mainly one of my retained projects. I hate it, but I’m told I’ll be taken off that work at the end of the year. I also feel a bit of instability since it’s a new team and they are figuring out their future. The outlook isn’t bad, but it’s still questionable. I also don’t particularly enjoy this type of work. It involves corporate politics and a lot of reading in between the lines.
The dilemma: I recently applied to another role in the same company. It is work I’m sure I can do but it might derail my professional development because it’s a like moving backward in my career ladder. It does pay 20% more. I might like the work better. Is it a good move? I might not even get selected so maybe it doesn’t matter. I won’t really gain any new experience in this role. It’s just a combination of different skills from past roles. Would taking this role stop my professional growth? I worked hard to get out of a dead end role. Not sure I’d be lucky enough to do it again.
Thanks for any perspective you can share!
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2023.02.02 21:17 Icy_Lavishness_5517 WWE No Mercy 2023 (September PLE) Fantasy Booking (based on past bookings)

No. 1 Contenders Match for The WWE Undisputed Universal Championship: Edge Vs Drew McIntyre
- These two men have some mild history with each other dating back to Drew’s earlier years in the company with Edge playing that off as Drew as being billed as the next top guy as a handpicked star, while Edge had to bust his ass so hard to be the top man in this industry that it cost him 9 years of his career and a lifetime of neck problems. Drew (who is still a heel) says that he had God given talent that could have been seen from miles away, something Edge had to work for, Drew already had. Edge also harkens back that he wants that one last title run before he hangs up his boots at Wrestlemania 40. That is the simple feud for these two men as the Scottish Psychopath and Rated R Superstar go hell for leather with a fire 18 minute opener that has Drew be an ass and target Edge’s neck throughout the match and realistically dominates most of the match as the younger stud with great hope spots from Edge that see him hit things that he for sure shouldn’t be doing at his age. The final sequence of this match is simple, after each man has kicked out of their respective finishers for some crazy near falls, Drew goes for one last final Claymore, which is simply caught by Edge early with a devastating spear that sees the Ultimate Opportunist get his opportunity to fulfill his final goal in the WWE. 
Carmelo Hayes Vs Seth Rollins
- After dropping his NXT title belt during the Summerslam NXT event (either to Grayson Waller or Tyler Bate in my booking head), Carmelo debuts on the Raw after Summerslam along with his boy Trick and begins to bolster that Melo don’t miss and that he is HIM. He immediately wants to make a big splash on the main roster and begins to antagonize Seth saying that he has lost a step, so much so he couldn’t even get a match at Summerslam. This excites Seth to come out and put Melo in his place, but still gassing him up as an NXT champion, but that he can’t even hold a candle to what the Visionary has done on the main roster and tells Melo he’ll be lucky to even have half of the success that Seth has had during his career. That is the simple build of the young gun going straight for one of the top dogs in the industry, trying to prove himself in the main even scene. These two have a 16 minute non-stop barn burner that falls into dream match scenarios between an NXT and main roster star. They just have the most athletic match on the show that is the show stealer, with this bout emulating the Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin match on raw in the mid-2000s, with Melo getting the better of Seth when they have technical mix-ups, but Seth veteran savvy is able to persevere at the end of the day. The end sequence sees Seth go for his buckle bomb, but gets reversed by a hurricanrana into the corner and Melo hits his suplex cutter move to set up his top rope leg drop finisher but Seth fully catches Melo in a power bomb, then keeps his hand locked and transition into the buckle bomb into the seat nail that is the curb stop to see the veteran get the victory. Seth gives faces oof exasperation to put over the difficulty it was to beat Melo. Seth picks Melo up to shake his hand and Melo takes the handshake, but then hits a wicked superkick to Seth, saying he doesn’t need his respect and that he’ll get his win back sooner rather than later. 
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Way (c) Vs Toxic Attraction
- Toxic has been working their way up in the tag division and with the guidance of Sonya, has seen their stock skyrocket and begin their quest to be the “hottest commodities” in the WWE, with The Way trying to keep all the tag team gold (DIY has reformed and won the tag titles on the Raw after Summerslam). Toxic and The Way have a great 15 minute bout that is a showcase of all the woman’s strength, with Toxic Attraction becoming the new women’s tag team champions after a miscue from The Way because of Sonya’s disruption and Toxic his a high/low on Indi to get the victory and give the new women on the block some gold to solidify their time on the main roster. 
WWE United States Title: Logan Paul (c) Vs AJ Styles
- Just a fun match concept that will be a great banger and test Logan against the best veteran on the roster in AJ Styles. Logan makes fun of AJ and how he just had to grind for over a decade just to get in the WWE, while AJ says at least he doesn’t have videos of him looking like an asshole all over the Internet. Not the most emotional build but not every match has to be. These two put on a 15 minute banger that sees AJ turn back the clock and it some wild old school TNA moves (you still got it chants ensue) and Logan being his classic dirtbag self. Gotta do an awesome springboard superman punch from Logan and AJ phenomenal forearm just meeting in the middle of the ring would be stupid, but cool stupid. The match ends with Logan going for a massive moonsault, but AJ rolls out the way and immediately pounces for a Styles Clash, but as he has him up and ready for it, Logan rolls through for a pitfall, with some help from the second rope and retains his title with some great in ring heel work from the Youtube star. 
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2023.02.02 21:05 KirstencullenSharma Kirsten Cullen Sharma

Kirsten Cullen Sharma is a highly accomplished and successful businesswoman, renowned for her innovative ideas and exceptional leadership skills. With over two decades of experience in the corporate world, she has built a reputation as a trailblazer in the industry and has inspired countless individuals to follow in her footsteps.
Born in New York City, Kirsten developed an early interest in business and entrepreneurship. She attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a degree in finance and economics. After graduation, she joined a prestigious investment banking firm and quickly rose through the ranks, earning recognition for her strategic thinking and analytical skills.
In 2000, Kirsten founded her own consultancy firm, which quickly gained a reputation as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the industry. Her unique approach to business combined traditional financial analysis with a deep understanding of the latest technological advancements and trends. This combination proved to be highly successful, and her firm soon became one of the most sought-after consultants in the country.
Throughout her career, Kirsten has been a strong advocate for women in business. She has mentored countless young women and has been a driving force behind numerous initiatives aimed at promoting gender equality in the workplace. She is also a staunch supporter of diversity and inclusion, and has been a vocal advocate for policies that promote equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their race, gender, or background.
Kirsten's success and influence have earned her numerous accolades and recognition. She has been featured in leading business publications, such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and has been recognized as one of the top female executives in the country. In addition, she has been honored with several awards, including the prestigious Businesswoman of the Year award and the Women in Business Leadership Award.
Despite her impressive accomplishments, Kirsten remains humble and dedicated to her work. She is passionate about helping businesses succeed and is committed to creating a better future for everyone. She is also an avid philanthropist, and has supported numerous charitable organizations and causes throughout her career.
In conclusion, Kirsten Cullen Sharma is a remarkable business leader and an inspiration to all those who aspire to achieve great things. Her exceptional leadership skills, innovative ideas, and unwavering dedication to her work have earned her a reputation as one of the most influential figures in the business world. She continues to be a driving force behind many important initiatives, and her impact on the industry will be felt for years to come. With her unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world, Kirsten Cullen Sharma will continue to be a shining example of what can be achieved with hard work, determination, and a
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2023.02.02 21:04 ladypascal i wish i was able to know more abt other career paths before i enrolled in college

i wish i could turn back time and let myself choose what i think is for me rather than what they've expected me to be.
i am a consistent honor student since elementary. i was one of the representatives of our school for interschool math competitions until high school and i am active at other extra-curricular activities. i was also a campus journalist until high school.
when i was young, i've always dreamt of becoming a TV reporter. i'm not thinking anything about salary or seeing it as a career. i just know i want it and that's where i see myself.
being involved in maths before, i would often hear from my parents and relatives that i should be an engineer someday since it's a good paying job back then. they would often tell me that among my siblings, i am that kid perceived to be "mag-aangat sa pamilya" (idk why our relatives always think that school honors are accurate basis of success in the future lol).
until i went to high school with only two target careers in mind: TV reporter or engineer. i feel like it's just one way or another. this in time with that phase where i am starting to have a vision of what kind of life do i want. i want to be rich, i want to have money enough to not worry about living. to make the story short, i took up STEM and eventually enrolled to an engineering degree.
fuck it. the question of "why didn't i give myself a lot of time to think about my degree?"
i love math. i really do. but fuck engineering, now i am sick of being with something i really love before. i made myself believe that i am good at this and now im realizing i aint. i am close to failing two math subjects which will technically lead to termination of my scholarship (my number 1 source of fund for schooling).
guess im now into my mid-college crisis. i should've explored other programs before choosing :))))
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2023.02.02 20:52 SaxManSteve Excerpt from a new academic book chapter by Dr. William Rees (renown population ecologist) titled "Why Large Cities Won't Survive the Twenty-First Century".

The Climate Change – Energy Conundrum

Cities’ profound dependence on fossil fuels (FFs) raises several issues bearing on the future of urbanization and urban life. First, the fossil-fueled expansion of the human enterprise has taken us well into potentially fatal ecological overshoot (EO). Without abundant cheap energy, the overexploitation of both ecosystems and non-renewable resources (including FFs themselves) would not have been possible. Second, FFs are a major source of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. CO2 is an unavoidable entropic product of fossil fuel combustion and the principal driver of the most obvious sympom of overshoot, anthropogenic climate change.
To meet the 1.5 C challenge, carbon emissions (basically fossil fuel use) would have to be reduced by ~50% by 2030 on the way to full decarbonization by 2050 (Rockström et al. 2017;IPCC 2018). Some authorities argue that complete decarbonization must be achieved by 2030 (Spratt et al. 2020). (Meanwhile, the voluntary emissions reduction commitments – nationally determined contributions – made in Paris constitute only a third of the reductions needed to limit warming to even 2 C.)
The Paris targets obviously pose an unprecedented challenge to a world primarily powered by fossil fuels. So-called modern renewable energy (RE), mostly wind turbines and solar PV, has made significant inroads displacing FF (mainly coal) in electricity production. However, in 2020, a year in which FF use and emissions actually declined by over 6% due to the CoViD-19 pandemic, FF still provided 83% of primary energy while wind and solar (where most invesment in renewables is going) the equivalent of only 4.4%. FF even accounted for 61% of electricity generation while wind and solar provided only 9.1%, or less than 2% of total final energy consumption (data from BP 2021).
Any political leader who moved aggressively to cut FF use by the minimal 50% in this decade without viable substitutes and a comprehensive socioeconomic restructuring plan would be courting economic and political disaster. Most countries would suffer the pain of strict rationing of energy to essential uses, serious energy shortages and shrinking economies. With reduced services and goods production and the collapse of tourism, we would see declining incomes, rampant unemployment and rising inequality. Reduced agricultural output, combined with broken international supply lines and failing intercity transportation, would lead to local famines and global food shortages. The expected 60%+ expansion of cities (by 2050) could not occur; it would likely even be impossible to maintain large cities and mega-cities. Whither their existing populations? Civil disorder and geopolitical tension would rise perhaps to the breaking point. All would be complicated by continuing climate change – even if atmospheric GHG concentrations stabilize, there is already an additional 0.5 C warming “in the pipe” due to the thermal inertia of the oceans.
All of which explains why global modern-techno-industrial MTI society has taken an alternative course. Most senior governments, urban administrations, international organizations, many academic analysts and even environmental organizations have bought into a new mythic construct, the so-called green renewable energy (RE) transition as reflected in such concepts as the Green New Deal, the circular economy and green growth. Numerous promotional brochures and formal studies argue that falling costs and increasing efficiency make 100% renewable energy – mainly wind turbines and solar photovoltaics, but now also hydrogen – possible, by no later than 2050. “Net zero by 2050” (meaning no new manmade additions to atmospheric CO2) is part of the new energy mantra. It seems we can eat the climate challenge and have our energy cake too – what’s not to like?
Plenty, as it turns out. Most of these ebullient assessments are incomplete analyses that ignore important technical issues, material supply problems, land shortages, ecological and social impacts, and the overall scale of the exercise. Seibert and Rees (2021) review the evidence showing that modern REs are actually not renewable (merely replaceable); that their production from mine-head to installation is itself fossil energy-intensive; that they cannot deliver the same quantity and quality of energy as FFs (in much of the world, there are inadequate energy returns on energy invested); and that their life cycles entail egregious social injustice and significant ecological degradation. Moreover, according to Michaux (2021), there are simply not enough key material resources or time to replace the existing fossil fuel powered system with renewable technologies on the schedule set by the IPCC. Some climate scientists refer to net zero by 2050 as an illusion or dangerous trap that, at best, unnecessarily extends the FF era (Dyke et al. 2021; Spratt and Dunlop 2021).
Consider just one dimension of the scaling-up problem. In 2020, fossil fuels supplied 462.9 exajoules (Ej) of primary energy to the world. To displace 50% of this quantitatively with wind and solar electricity by 2030 implies constructing new wind and solar capacity sufficient to displace 25.7 Ej of FF energy each year for the next 9 years (231.5 Ej/9 years). If we (generously) assume a conversion ratio of 2.47:1 for wind and solar energy (i.e., one unit of wind/ solar electricity ¼ 2.47 units of fossil energy when converted to electricity), we would need to construct 10.4 Ej of new wind and solar generation capacity annually through 2030. But this increment exceeds the entire 8.8 Ej of wind and solar generation in 2020. In short, to replace just half of fossil fuel usage with electricity by 2030 would require that the world construct every year for almost a decade, more than the entire global multi-decade cumulative physical stock of wind turbines and solar panels (energy data from BP 2021). We must also assume that many difficult or impossible to electrify uses of FF will be electrified, that there is no need for the high-heat and other special qualities of FF in multiple end-uses, that the demand for investment capital in an already stressed market doesn’t collapse the economy, and that there will be no growth in demand for energy. (In fact, analysts expect demand to grow by 40%+ by 2050.) This last is an important consideration – in recent years, growth in electricity consumption alone has exceeded new renewable supply, a problem that is anticipated to resume in 2021 as demand rebounds from the pandemic slump. A smooth transition away from fossil fuels is an impossibility theorem.
Just what is going on here? Mainstream governments, major corporations and their allies are behaving as exemplary discounters: they prefer to accept the uncertain risk of future catastrophic climate change which (they hope) will mainly affect other people somewhere else, rather than the immediate certain risk of economic and social chaos at home. Moreover, they are bound to seek solutions self-referentially from within the neoliberal techno-expansionist paradigm. Assertive policies that would actually work to reduce carbon emissions but create energy supply shortages or other threats to economic growth are inadmissible; population or family planning is still taboo; significant lifestyle changes are not on the table. The only politically feasible “solutions” to climate change – high-tech wind turbines, solar photovoltaics, hydrogen fuels, electric vehicles, and as yet unproved (and totally impractical) carbon-capture and storage technologies all require major capital investment. These techno-fixes serve as stimulants for economic growth, provide well-paying jobs and generate opportunities for profit. However, far from addressing our eco-predicament, these technologies would extend the status quo. As Spash (2016) and others have observed, acceptable “climate action” makes capitalist growth economies appear to be the solution to, rather than the cause of, our ecological crisis. The mainstream is essentially promoting business-as usual-by-alternative-means; this will not “solve” climate change and does not even acknowledge overshoot.
It also means, of course, that fossil fuel use will continue for years and decades to come (as long recognized by the International Energy Agency, the US Energy Information Administration, Canada’s Energy Regulator, and similar national entities). Some argue that even the IPCC has long been politically motivated to underestimate the scale of the problem. Thus, contrary to the Paris Accord, there is no chance the world can avoid 1.5 C mean global warming and we will likely see a potentially disastrous 2 C increase by 2050. Indeed, a prudent course would assume no remaining carbon budget even for the 2 C target (Spratt et al. 2020).
Why so? Because even 2 C warming may well trigger irreversible runaway “hothouse Earth” conditions (Steffen et al. 2018). In coming years, we will see an ice-free Arctic Ocean, more rapidly melting permafrost, methane releases, an increase in wildfires, and other short-term positive feedbacks that could put climate change on steroids.
Even in the best case, the world can expect more and longer heat waves and droughts, more violent tropical storms, extended wild-fire seasons, accelerating desertification, water shortages, crippled agriculture, food shortages, rising sea levels, and broken supply lines. Coastal cities will be flooded and some may eventually be abandoned. Many other cities are likely to be cut off from food-lands, energy, and other essential resources with the breakdown of national highway and marine transportation networks; this alone would make urban life untenable. According to the recent Environmental Risk Outlook 2021 (2021), at least 414 cities with a total 1.4 billion plus inhabitants, are at high or extreme risk from a combination of pollution, dwindling water supplies, extreme heat stress, and other dimensions of climate change.
From this perspective, it appears that the sun is setting on the era of urbanization – how can anyone think seriously that we can build out cities to accommodate an additional 2.5 billion people? (Using what source of energy?). Devoid of cheap energy and economically drained, existing large cities and megacities will succumb to the entropy law. No longer able to remain “far from equilibrium,” or even feed their human inhabitants, they can only contract or be abandoned. Many will not survive the end of the century. In the more vulnerable parts of the world, severe heat and drought will render even rural regions uninhabitable. Various studies estimate there could be mass migrations involving one to two billion eco-refugees by mid to late century (see Baker 2021). Domestic chaos and widespread geopolitical conflict is inevitable.
Link to full length article PDF
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2023.02.02 20:47 Wolfonmainstreet Motivation or Sadistic?

First off, thank you for sharing your thoughts and opening your mind to the world. We need this from you and many others who listen, analyze and criticize other influential people throughout the world.
My question today comes from deep self-reflection. I was listening to you speak about Sadastic traits and theory. I looked deeper into this as I thought I might have some of this in me. As I don't have the textbook definition of "deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others." In a sense that I love watching people suffe, I do have a push and feel happiness when I see myself, friends and family all struggling to stay afloat in this big world of ours and succeed.
We each have different choices and pathes we take. We all choose different educational routes, occupations and daily spending choices. That being said, I do recieve pleasure in seeing how the choices I made compared to those who came from where I did (ecomonically, spiritually and physically) paid off in much larger dividends later and were the "correct" options. I don't love to see them suffer but by seeing them not succeed long term in playing the long game in making large decisions helps me stay in the line I'm in.
For example, they may brag about buying a very nice big house, a new car, getting a fancy job and staying close to family and where they grew up. It hurts when they try to show they made the successful decisions and I have not. I chose a different career, moved put of state and am renting due to an inflated housing market. Now we are at a point where they are struggling since house payments and car payments are stretching them too thin, they hate their job and where they live, etc. Seeing this and many other scenarios with different friends and families makes me realize what may hurt in the moment pays off later in dividends. I get a little bit of pride and puffed up inside when I want to say "I told you so". I feel like this may fall into the category of being Sadistic. Am I wrong or is this a great thought process that may help me succeed in life if I keep resetting my targets (people I watch/compare to in all aspects of life).
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2023.02.02 20:36 plscanibeanon123 I hate how companies prey on young college graduates to underpay for 9-5 corporate office work

I went to university and graduated a year ago. Basically did everything that you're supposed to do. I loved school and have no regrets going. I've been looking for a job for over a year now, but in the meantime took a 9-5 corporate job while I continued my search. It's not the industry or career title I ultimately want to be in, but I figured I could make some money, get some transferable skills, and not have a resume gap while I continued my search. Well maybe that was actually a terrible idea.
What was meant to be super temporary has now turned into something I am desperately trying to escape.
I am paid less than a McDonald's employee, have learned nothing, and commute 2 hours a day. Only pro is that I don't have to really talk to anyone, which has been a relief since I despised food service.
I later found out that I was hired for this job because the man in charge of the company purposefully wanted to hire "young ladies", in particular, fresh out of college to underpay them. This was confirmed by the HR lady who has since quit. Thankfully I was already applying for new jobs before I even found this out, but this information just added fuel to the fire.
A year into looking, I finally got a job offer at another company, only for them to want to pay even LESS than what I currently am making. I honestly was shocked especially because it is insanely below market average for that job title and experience level. I declined it because I don't want to repeat the past.
I honestly don't know what to do anymore. 9-5 isn't for me, I am exhausted, and have no idea what I am even doing with my life. I feel like post-college corporate work has destroyed my sense of who I am as a person. It doesn't help that I am still looking for a job. But now, I not only have being a young college graduate working against me, but I also now have experience in a totally different field than what I am interested in, so I am now treated as someone trying to make a "career change" (which imo doesn't make sense because I was always under the impression your first job out of college didn't have to be perfect?) I don't know what to do anymore.
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2023.02.02 20:36 peaceman14 Humans Don't do magic. Chapter 4: The Orcs

The Elven empire has capitulated, the remnants of their militaries which did not join the Human Empire scattered across the planet, some stayed on the Archipelago continuing their fight as small unorganised bands of terrorist cells targeting mostly civilian human convies and infrastructure coming into the islands.While others slipped through the grasps of human patrol ships and sought refuge amongst the Dwarves and Orcs, rejoining the fray as volunteer corps.
In the North, human forces pushed steadily now partially unbound by the needs of a terrestrial supply chain.While In the East, forces saw tremendous progress at first, enchanted power armour combined with flamethrowers, incendiary rounds from artillery and reliable close in air support ensured that the undead hordes, Orc, animal or human alike stayed dead. It was so successful to the point where high command had to change kill count quotas in the east for field promotions. As infantrymen that were averaging 10 to 20 kills before, were now hitting closer to 100 to 120 kills per engagement with their new enchanted equipment. With artillery crews and pilots having kills numbering in the thousands to tens of thousands.
That was until the liberation forces began to reach the outskirts of their first major city of Guangzhou. Only to find nothing, but lush green plains. Large open plains that were, before flooded with waves upon waves of never ending undead were now empty. The 40th Terran Armoured regiment was the first to contact this anomaly.
“Do you see anything Commander?” Driver Sam called from below the armoured hull.
“That’s just it, There’s nothing” Tank commander Eric replied,scanning the forest in the distance with the periscope of their tank. It was a standard MBT, equipped with a standard 7.62 MG5 as a coaxial machine gun, and a 125 mm cannon which was capable of loading High explosive as well as armour piercing ammunition types. Both of which are fully automated, allowing all the crew to be stationed in the hull. 50 more were parked alongside them, forming a long line of steel elephants perched atop a hill, ready to decimate any undead attempting to approach. They were of course escorted by powered infantry behind them, armed with flamethrowers and the new standard issue for powered infantry, a 50 calibre machine gun.
“Heh, maybe they gave up.” Chimed Gunner Don.
“I doubt it” He dismissed, Scanning the area once more, he spotted something peculiar. A bush in the distance, just moved. A puff of smoke, a distant crackle,followed by a streak of light rocketing towards his vehicle. Slamming into the enchanted turret, the glyphs burned to life, but quickly fizzled out. Allowing the enchanted depleted uranium dart to promptly embed itself into the coaxial machine gun.
“Holy shit!” Eric yelled
“ Gunner! AP!”
“ Ready!”
“ Dial in my azimuth”
“ Send!”
Deafening booms echoed across the hill, as the line tanks rocked back from the recoil. Releasing a volley of depleted Uranium Shell projectiles at Supersonic speeds at the estimated target. Penetrating through the thin foliage the glyphs of the shells glowed as it slammed into the enchanted steel hull of the other vehicle, Fizzling out quickly the shells penetrated the the target’s turret and hull, turned their crew into a splatter of blood and entrails, A few others penetrated the steel blast door, slamming into their ammohold.
The gunner watched, through his scope, as 2 large fire spouts burst out from the back of the target’s turret.
“ Target destroyed ” Don announced.
“ Holy crap! You guys ok?” A voice crackled over the radio.
“ Yea! The coax is down and our enchantments are fizzled out. But we’re ok ” Eric answered,
“ Wait… Shit… Contact Front!” The voice yelled, leaning forward the commander looked through the Periscope, watching as hundreds of outdated human armoured vehicles poured out of the forest,Their front line was made up of hundreds of T34s and Shermans from the second World War, with more modern MBTs from the cold war and early information era being spotted in the backline taking aim on their position, all sporting glyphs on their hulls.
Loud booms and crackles echoed throughout the vast plains, cannons fired, shells hit, munitions exploded, and radios crackled to life as The 40th battalion attempted to keep a tidal wave of steel from crashing upon them. The frontline made of ancient equipment climbed the hill with breakneck speed similar to the undead hordes that normally assaulted human positions, but now ever more resilient, strengthened by the engineering, and craftsmanship of our very own ancestors.
These old but resilient machines of war would ram themselves into advanced vehicles that made up the line,their enchantments redirecting the collision energy into our own creating a feedback loop. Though their enchantments were weaker and would fizzle out far before ours another would ram into the back of the depleted enemy tank to continue the loop. Quickly fizzling out our enchantments and stunning the crew. After which the undead crews of these tanks would exit their vehicles and begin to board the disabled human tank killing the crew inside when they finally breach the armoured hatches, All this while the still outdated but more advanced early information era and cold war vehicles poured fire on the human position from a distance. The powered infantry, stationed behind the line of heavy armour, had scrambled back to their armoured fighting vehicles and had begun assisting the MBTs however they can with their autocannons.
“ Pull back! We’ve lost- ” The raucous sound of bending and tearing metal interrupted the transmission “ Shit!,” A deafening Crack, “ Get back, you-” Gunfire, “AAhhh, fuck you” a gun shot. “ retreat…they’re coming round…The sides…”He ordered breathing now heavy, Undead groans could be heard in the background. “Commander…Nick… Signing out” A thunderous boom echoed both over the radio and across the battlefield, A vehicle encapsulated by both the hulls of old human tanks and the bodies of long dead soldiers exploded, disintegrating the undead and sending its turret flying high into the air, The shockwave flipping the few vehicles.
Whilst another vehicle was hit by a round, causing its turret’s blast panels burst open propelled by a sprout of pure flame, but still it continued to reverse back down the hill. Alongside the many other armoured vehicles that were now in a fighting retreat, attempting to outmanoeuvre the swarm of outdated AFVs that had taken advantage of the chaos of battle and had begun to sweep round the sides of the unsuspecting battalion. AFVs that had pulled ahead of the retreating MBTs have engaged the flanking forces and are attempting to hold a retreat corridor open, The corridor did not hold for long as many of the retreating human forces were being taken out or disabled by either swarms javelins and tow-missiles fired from the flanking AFVs or the AFVs themselves ramming into them.
Once the Encapsulation was complete, the slaughter began. The swarm of older AFVs now positioned behind the surrounded human forces began unloading swarms of undead infantry, all armed with the equipment of their time, Rifles, Javelins launchers or grenades. Quickly pulling the battlefield into chaos, as powered infantry engaged undead soldiers in the open whilst being fired upon by the autocannons of the wall of armour that now encapsulates them.
“ Gunner! Hit that- AHh” Eric cried as his tank was rammed by a 25ton WW2 era vehicle, which had instantaneously crushed his vehicle’s gun barrel and knocked out his driver. Another deafening bang, as the hatch above his head was torn open. Pulling out his pistol, he aimed upwards and shot, killing the undead soldier instantly. He climbed out of the tank and shot 4 more rounds around him killing 4 more. Before a shot tore through his chest and punctured his lung. Holding the entry wound Eric collapsed onto the back of his vehicle
The world around him is a blaze, soldiers screaming in pain, lying on the ground in a mess of bloodied entrails and broken metals. Tanks and other vehicles lay ablaze or buried beneath a tide of steel. Coming down from the hill they had once been stationed on, standing atop a Centurion MBT was a 2m tall figure, it wore a tailor made recreation of a human general’s uniform. Its skin was green,and its shoulders were wide . The smoking barrel of its chrome 1911 was aimed at Eric. The relentless tide of ancient warmachines parting around him like an ocean around an island. Its centurion parked alongside Eric’s tank, and he hopped aboard. Gasping heavily and holding onto his chest, Eric watched in terror as the Orc grabbed the radio headset from his head, and with a perfect imitation of his Commanding officers voice, mannerisms and character spoke into it’s mic.
“High Command this is Tango Alpha, Romeo, The Orcish resistance was unexpected but we have crushed them with acceptable losses. All elements are go, for Operation Hammer and Anvil.” Coughing, Eric struggled to shout out, to interrupt him. To somehow let command know of the Orc’s ploy. But all that came from his mouth and muffled gurgles as he began to choke on his own blood.
“Commander? Why aren’t you using assigned comns device” A voice called back
“My device was damaged in battle.”
“Understood commander. Any other updates?” The voice acknowledged
“ None, over and out.”
“Understood over and out.” The voice replied, the Orc then placed the headset back into the vehicle. He walked over the Eric knelt down beside him.
“ You fought well, my friend.” The Orc smiled at Eric placing a hand on his chest. “ So I will give you the warrior’s honour. I will absorb your soul and put it to good use.” The Orc concentrated on Eric’s mind, absorbing his personality, struggles, his memories and experiences and even skills. All of it began to surge into the Orc’s vast mind, which by this time was more of a library filled with the memories, personalities, stratagems and intellect of every single human soldier, scientist, historian,teacher or officer that he had cared to absorb.
“Why do you bother? Is a soldier’s soul not extremely bitter to you orcs?” A dwarf commented, his steel helmet peeking out from the centurion’s driver’s hatch.
“Their experiences may prove useful.”
“Hmph, for a species made up of magicless vermin their experiences should mean nothing.”
“ Careful, Thalgrim, that is the same kind of arrogance that got the Elves destroyed.”
“ My apologies Archmage Talandar.”
“ At ease Thalgrim I took no offence, it was simply a reminder.” Talandar said, watching the distant ambers of battle slowly die. As the final terran soldier fell.
“ Now to bring them all back under my command.” He declared a magical wooden staff appearing in his hand. It shone with green energy as he slammed it onto the metal steel hull. A wave of green energy washed over the battlefield Instantly reviving the fallen human soldiers as shambling undead. The body of Eric comes to life once more along side the countless new shambling husks all still equipped with their respective weapons, armour and most importantly experiences, all bound to the will of the Archmage that had revived them.
“ This enough to get you replicating?”
“Aye, that would do.”
High above the battlefield, on orbital station geneva, Marshall Jean had recovered from her battle with the Elves and now stood ready to lead humanity on to another victory.
“ Marshall, your tactical map has been updated, you would be pleased to note that forces in the west and north have made great progress during your absence. Science division has also made a breakthrough regarding gene soldiers with the help of the captured Elven Archmage’s brain” The voice on the intercom informed her as she entered the tactical board room once more. Her generals have begun leading their campaigns on the ground taking charge of each front as necessary.
A holo display booted up in front of her, showing a 2D map of the continent, and their frontlines. The riots in the Elven archipelago have been quelled, Admiral Nimtz after his successful campaign in the south is being rerouted to support the Northern front. Reports in the north showed liberation forces taking control of many vital cities and have completely liberated the old human nations of Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, parts of Italy, parts of Switzerland are currently pushing up into the City of Bern and retaking the Lichtenstein. While in the east forces have made immense progress liberating grounds all the way up Xian and are attempting to push towards Beijing to cut off Orcish supply routes to Shanghai, Guangzhou and Taiwan.
Though forces in the east seem to be some anomalies. It seems that following the liberation of many Orcish concentration camps, many of the people kept in these concentration camps are begging to be put back in, resulting in a drop of morale of the soldiers on the frontlines as these people struggle to reintegrate back into society. These camps were reported to host a sort of deep dive VR system made from the combining captured human VR tech and Orcish spiritual magic. Apparently the people kept at these camps were put into these machines which simulated an incredibly realistic, full, happy and fulfilling life in the span of a few days. Pulling a user out was akin to telling a person that has achieved all their hopes and dreams that everything they have built, everything they have achieved and fought for was fake, and surmounted to nothing. As such many liberated captives, either, begged to be put back in or broke down mentally. A constant repeat of this with every liberated camp has heavily impacted the morale of our frontline troops and generals and commanders are resorting to swapping out soldiers on the eastern front with the northern one.
Jean reviewed the information thoroughly before scrolling over to the siege of Guangzhou, the 40th armoured regiment has encountered slight resistance but has seemingly overcome and is moving into Guangzhou,
The Anvil is in place and now she will drop the Hammer. The orbital strike battalion would drop on the city with the support of low orbital spacecraft to resupply, reinforce and medivac out wounded or liberated.
“ Officer, execute operation Hammer and Anvil.”
“ Yes Ma’am.” The officer acknowledged. Instantly her tactical map shifted showing thousands of drop pods and spacecraft beginning to descend onto the city below. Together with the battalion of tanks and AFVs moving into the city, the force would create a perfect pincer, crushing all expected resistance.
“Uhm Commander? We’re picking up missile launches from Guangzhou,” The officer’s asked through the intercom
“ Multiple patriot missile defence batteries have come online across the city.”
Back on the ground,bright orange streaks punched through the blanket of grey clouds above Guangzhou. Whilst hundreds of white streaks rose from the ground to meet them. Inside one of these pods Ramirez, held on tight to his seatbelt, praying he would at least make it to the ground. Looking through the small viewport above the head of his squadmate Tyrus, he could see another burning through the atmosphere alongside him. Feeling the bumps and hearing the muffled explosions around his pod he could only assume many others were not as lucky as theirs. He looked towards the altimeter on the door, watching as its numbers slowly spun towards 0, Yearning for it to spin a little faster. Hoping to reach the ground.1000, 900, 800, 700, 600,
A Deafening roar echoed through the pod, as the jets activated, slowing their rapid descent, 400, 300. Another deafening roar, but this time from a much more unfriendly engine. Instantly a missile tore through the pod beside him detonating with an ear-splitting boom, tearing apart both his and his neighbour’s metal shell. Sending him and his squad rocketing towards the ground.
“Warning, Su… su.. suit condition critical, eject.Eject” The Ai crackled over his in suit speaker, Ramirez found himself laying on his back. Opening his eyes, he found his pod blown half open as grey cloudy skies greeted him as opposed to the steel shell of the landing pod. Struggling, he pushed open the panel on his suit's right arm, and pushed the ejection button 3 times. Quickly the suit opened up, pushing off the metal suit he slowly got to his feet. Grabbing an enchanted rifle, a pistol and a small earpiece off the suit’s opened shoulder,
Distant gunfire and explosions indicated the battle was still ongoing.Picking up a few grenades from one of the pod’s still intact supply cabinet, Ramirez mounted his earpiece on his ear and gripped his rifle tightly. Cautiously and silently he exited the broken pod and walked out into the ruined streets of Guangzhou. All of his squadmates were dead, their mangled bodies littering the streets. Some died on impact while others died fighting as indicated by the small bullet holes in their power suits.
“Ahh, Shit.” he muttered to himself, slowly making his way deeper into the city. Tapping on his earpiece, he activates his radio to try and contact the command.
“The assault has failed. All forces are to retreat and regroup at Tian he stadium. ” A voice crackled through his earpiece, before repeating itself.
Pulling out his touchscreen device from his pocket, he noted that he was in what was called the HaiZhu district, a district that was surrounded by 2 rivers. If wanted to get to the stadium he needed to go north and cross the Guangzhou bridge. Holding his rifle in hand, he stuck close to the abandoned buildings, Ramirez looked at the wrecked city around him,before letting out a sigh. “Ahh shit, I best get moving.” He muttered to himself before creeping down the road towards the bridges. The area around him was quiet, distant gunfire and explosions a constant reminder of the imminent danger. Creeping through the buildings he spotted shambling corpses in a building across the street from him. They wore old urban camouflage uniforms and had kevlar vests and outdated rifles. He believed they were once called kalashnikovs. These husks still patrolled around the building with purpose minds bound to their training, rifles slung around in front of their chest. Their eyes scanned the surroundings robotically.
Hiding behind a wrecked car, Ramirez just managed to evade the gaze of the undead guard. Peaking, up above the car, Ramirez watched as the undead continued to survey the street. Knowing he couldn’t move from behind this car without alerting the everwatching guard. He slowly and silently took aim with his weapon. Bracing himself for a gunfight, holding his breath he aligned the scope to the undead guard’s head. Only then did he notice a distant roar of ajet engine getting louder and louder. Until it was deafening. Almost instantly an advanced ground attack jet rocketed through the air above the building behind him, crashing into the building he was taking aim at in a fiery explosion.Instinctively Ramirez ducked behind the wrecked car once more. Shortly after an old era F16 blasted past him and the wrecked craft, Quickly climbing up into sky and disappearing the clouds above.
Peeking his head out, he watched as the damaged structure began to collapse on whats left of the grey chassis of the ground attack craft. Its tail was already missing. Its sturdy wings gone, and its cockpit crushed. Its glyph enhanced hull, disappearing into the falling debris of the building. The undead guard which had been there had no doubt been obliterated by the blast. Gripping his rifle tighter Ramirez continued his push towards the bridge.
The distinct crackle and pops of gunfire got louder and louder as he approached the bridge. Realising this, he began to stick close to the apartment block that flanked the narrow and approached. As he got closer to the bridge the sounds of battle got deafeningly loud. The crackle of rifles firing, defeaning booms of cannons going off and explosions landing were paired with the telltale sign of an engine rumbling, getting closer and closer. Hiding inside the apartment block now, he watched the empty street from the window, soon the high pitched screech of a turbocharged engine could be heard. A new generation MBT rumbled down the street. Its turret bore the eagle insignia of the 40th, its paint was heavily scratched and its flat turret had a large hole where the coaxial machine gun should be mounted.The glyphs on its hull were pitch black rather than the dim white shimmer it usually gives off. The high pitched screeching descended into a low rumble once more, the tank slowed but continued on its way towards the bridge.
“Heyo! Wait up!...” Jumping out from the building, and running to the centre of the street Ramirez yelled at the moving vehicle. The low rumbling of the engine wound down, as the vehicle jerked forward, stopping in its tracks. “Finally! You guys cannot believe…guys?!” The high pitched wiring of an electric motor, and the turret began to turn towards him.Its long barrel swiftly turned to face him. Something was wrong, and he knew it. Quickly jumping out of the way, a loud boom echoed through the street, the cannon had let loose a depleted uranium shell, sending it rocketing down the street and impacting a wrecked truck far down the road. The turret turned, its gun training itself on the wreck Ramirez was attempting to hide behind. Jumping and rolling over to another wrecked vehicle, he narrowly avoided the speedy projectile, as it blasted through the steel wreckage and cut through the reinforced concrete wall behind it, before quickly detonating in the apartment it had entered. Wrecking everything that was left behind after the evacuation. Running forward, and towards the vehicle Ramirez took out the grenades from his pockets and tore off a piece of his shirt, quickly stopping dead in his tracks.To Let another destructive projectile blast past him, and destroy another unfortunate ground floor apartment, behind him. Sprinting at full speed he ran parallel to the armoured vehicle. Making sure to strafe unpredictably, so as to make it as difficult as possible for the turret to track him.Tying the grenade together with his shirt to make a bundle. He sprinted towards the vehicle parked vehicle, sliding down, at the last second as the barrel finally met his gaze and let out a thunderous boom, the projectile missed him entirely but the sound of the cannon firing so close to him made his ears ring. Pulling the pin from one of the grenades. He chucked his makeshift explosive over the gunner’s hatch, before quickly dropping down on his belly and placing both his hands over his neck. The bundle of grenades exploded ringing through his ears once more. Getting to his feet. He quickly climbed onto the blown open gunner’s hatch and emptied a few rounds into the tank, before chucking one more grenade into the open hatch. Instantly killing whatever undead crew were left and destroying the controls.
Sitting on the side of the smoking vehicle, Ramirez breathed a sigh of relief, before grabbing his rifle and continuing down the road, thanking his lucky stars that its machine gun had been taken out.
The sounds of battle had died down, walking down the long bridge he heard the distant roar of jet engines.Looking up high above the city, trails of smoke punched holes into the grey cloud blanket,marking the paths of wreckages of aircraft on both sides falling from the skies . The road was still littered with bodies, and wrecked vehicles, their fires still crackling softly. Turning his gaze back forward, he realised he could now see the stadium. Gun fire poured out its sides in rapid, precise yellow streaks towards the ground below, quickly being returned by similar yellow streaks coming from the ground. Seeing this, he began to pick up the pace, breaking into jog towards the stadium. Knowing it is only a matter of time before his final retreat point falls or he gets left behind
Ramirez was in awe when he finally arrived at the stadium, corpses and wrecks created a wall of blood and steel around the stadium. The entrances were reinforced and barricaded. Quietly, climbed over the wall of debris and bodies.
“Halt!” A voice called from atop the stadium. Holding his hands up in the air, looked up at the soldier. His large calibre rifle was pointed straight at him. The Glyphs on his armour varied between a range of dimly glowing, to black and burnt out.
“ Whoa, whoa whoa,I’m Human, I’m human.” Ramirez yelled, the man lowered his rifle, before retreating into the stadium. Shortly after, the reinforced doors let out an ear wrenching screech as it was pulled open. Two soldiers in power armour stood at the doors,closing it once. Ramirez had entered the stadium. Their visors were down so their faces were completely concealed. The room inside was completely dark, turning almost pitch black once the doors were closed. The only light came through the entrance to the open pitch at the centre of the stadium where multiple large spacecraft had landed. they were heavy duty transport craft sent down by command to evacuate multiple tanks at a time.The sound of their jet engines drowned out everything else. But something seemed off; the area around the vehicles seemed awkwardly abandoned. Normally there would be soldiers scrambling round for ammo, medics treating the wounded. Soldiers shouting at others to hurry up and get on, but here there was none of that. Just 4 large spacecraft parked perfectly at the centre of the pitch.
“Corporal Ramirez, you made it.” A commander called. Walking towards him from the stands that were behind him. His uniform was soaked in blood. The emblem on its shoulder was that of the 40th. His rifle was slung round his shoulder. He put a shoulder round Ramriez, and began escorting the man towards the shuttles.
Ramirez bashed the commander's face with the butt of his rifle. Knocking the man to the ground and pointing his rifle at him.
“How do you know my name?” He yelled. Instantly, Ramirez fell onto the ground, dropping his gun in front of him His legs turning to jelly as the water was drained from them. The commander’s face flickered before revealing his true self, A green faced and large fanged orc. Behind him the 2 powered armour suits opened up to show 2 elven mages, the droplets of water being removed from Ramirez drawn into their hands forming a small ball of moisture.
“ Heh, when you have absorbed as many souls as I have…” The orc began, getting back onto his feet. “ You start to forgot who’s memories belong to who’s” He explained, kicking the rifle away from Ramirez who was crawling to grip on to it. Whilst fighting the immense pain of having one's entire body water content drained from them.
“” he muttered, breathing heavier and heavier, his face shrivelling up, becoming more and more wrinkled as the rest of the moisture left his body.
“ These humans have such spirit.” The archmage commented, absorbing his soul.
“Heh, they have as much spirit as they have mana.” One of the elves added
“ You elves are always so arrogant.”
“ Am I wrong? These soulless automata have less magical abilities than a new born baby.”
“ And yet your nation still lost to them.” The Orcish Archmage retorted, silencing the elf.
“I for one will not make the mistake of underestimating them. They may have no magical abilities but they sure as hell have spirit. Not to mention brains.” He said,picking up the rifle Ramirez dropped. “ The things these humans come up with…” He commented examining the weapon in his hands. “ Incredible, who would have thought they would use you like this my old rival.”He said,Tapping the shimmering glyphs on the gun, before shoving the rifle in the arms of one of the elves. “Take it, you'll need it.”
“Why would I need such an infernal contraption.” The elven mage yelled.
The Orc let out a sigh, “You elves never learn do you.” He muttered to himself, “ It’s up to you, don’t start complaining about honour when they start shooting you up there.”
“Up there?” The elf repeated, clearly confused about what this entails
“ Hais, up there!” the orc pointed at the sky. “ Where the humans are coming from, a station above the clouds, in an area they call space. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed”
“ Proposterous, were these humans not just using their poor imitations of elven gliders?”
“ No wonder your people lost.” The Orc said, before raising his staff in the air, quickly, hordes of undead soldiers began pouring in from the various entrances into the pitch, falling in, in neat boxes in front of the large spacecraft.
“ S…Sir..O..ur s-s-quadron has e-e-entered h-h-hostile a-airspace.” A course raspy voice crackled over the Orc’s earpiece. It struggled to maintain its sentences, each word coming off with some pain in them.
“ Maintain your current heading squad leader, and hit those power plants with everything you’ve got.”
“ Understood sir.” It acknowledged,
Command had gotten one thing wrong about the Orcs: they did not feed on human flesh, they fed on human souls. Making all their experience, their memories and their skills a part of them. They had once done the same with the Elves and Dwarves, this had ignited a long and drawn out war between the Orcs and the 2 other races that had resulted in their defeat. From then on the Orcish population dropped tremendously, as their population starved with no souls to eat. So when humanity had arrived and the Elves and Dwarves united against them. The Orcs wasted no time in getting a share of the spoils. Though unlike the Elves and Dwarves the Orcs treated humanity differently. Since our emotions and memories represented flavours to them, each good memory was sweet, each bad one bitter, with each human emotion representing a different taste. With a combination of our captured VR technology and their souls magic they could have a human live out an entire fulfilling and happy life in the span of a few days before being harvested. But despite this, humans were still not forced into these VR machines. Determined to make as many good memories as possible, the Orcs gave humans under their rule a choice, live a long fulfilling happy life virtually, or live a short but comfortable one in the real world. Humans that chose the latter would be led to what was once the country of Japan. Where the Orcs, having absorbed the experiences and skills of architects, have reconstructed the entire country to be a paradise island. Where one's needs were always met as undead servants did your every bidding. Humans who chose neither and still resisted were harvested immediately.
Similar to the differences in human treatment, the Orcish archmage was unlike the Elven and Dwarven one. He was not a brawler,or a frontline fighter he more resembled a tactician, a general. As the Elven and Dwarven archmage charged to their deaths. He opted to stay hidden, raising legions of undead to push into the humans and absorbing the souls of high ranking officers and captured scientists to learn of our command structures, our cultures and most importantly, our tactics.
Still unknown to high command this looming threat has deceived them into giving him exactly what he needs to bring down humanity. Equipment. Now with these new craft high command was so kind as to bestow upon him. He would strike humanity at the heart, taking control of high commands precious station absorb their souls and make humanity his puppet.
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2023.02.02 20:21 MudGroundbreaking $TGT Awaiting Short Signal based off 56 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.02.02 20:11 ThrowRA651651651 I'm feeling guilt and confusion over whether or not it's right to leave my [48M] wife [48F].

TLDR: My wife and I do not really get along anymore and she is basically without employment, income, or support without me. Her issues have really started taking a toll on me and I'm worried I'm a bad person if I leave.
We've been together 12 years, married for 10. When we first met, she had a corporate career, her own apartment, a big group of friends, and took care of herself at 35 years old. At first, we were like a match made in heaven. We shared so much in common due to being the same age, enjoyed the same music, activities, etc. At the time, she would have an occasional (maybe 2 - 3 times a year) meltdown in certain situations like being in crowds or due to a bad interaction with a coworker for family member. I was completely sympathetic and really took her side in those matters.
About 5 years into the marriage, she started becoming increasingly unable to handle work situations and she was going to be moved under a new boss in their department with a history of misogyny and firing his subordinates on a whim. Based on that, I agreed to let her quit her job without another job in place since I could support us both on our income. She interviewed for a few jobs over the next year without a single offer, however I now suspect she was tanking the interviews or not following up in a manner that was expected. She always expressed how uninterested she was in getting the job. Then she got a job through a contact of mine that she worked about a year before coming home crying every night and having frequent meltdowns because of issues at THAT job. So again, I let her quit without a backup job. Right after that, she started doing freelance work in an industry she's always wanted to work in. She was excited, engaged and back to her old self. We were getting along great. She wasn't earning enough money to contribute to the house or her health insurance in any way, but that didn't matter to me. I saw her improving and doing something she loved and I was proud of her.
Starting about the pandemic, her anxiety/depression started becoming all consuming. I'd say she was normal 50% of the time and incapacitated with anxiety/depression 50% of the time. In that time, we've dealt with: pandemic, her going no contact with her narcissist mother, loss of a beloved 18 year old pet, my father's death, my mother getting diagnosed with terminal cancer a month after my father died, and her freelance work has completely dried up. She is now all but bedridden 4-5 days a week. While I work to pay for house, utilities, all meals, groceries, expenses, both our insurance, etc. Things like going to the grocery store are too much for her. She will guilt herself into it every couple of weeks and will try to cook dinner some nights, but most times I'm heating up something for myself.
To top this off, she is EXTREMELY sensitive and if I'm not constantly cooing or fawning over her, she feels that I don't love her. She constantly declares: "I want a date night". And when I try to make it happen, she's not in the mood that day, or having a anxiety/depressive episode. Yesterday morning she got mad at me because I didn't touch her hand the night before and I said, "hey what's up?" when she came downstairs. That led to her shining a flashlight in my face (our power was out) telling me that she's tired of not feeling welcome in her home and that she was going to "go upstairs and take 6 xanax and sleep all day" because of how I treated her. I cite this as one example of dozens of our interactions over the past 3 years. When we argue, occasionally she’ll say she wants to leave or “it’s over”. The last time I kind of called her bluff and said I’ll go and then she begged me to stay.
What really galls me is that there were a few times I could have used some support last year dealing with my father's death and mother's illness and she wasn't able to be there because of her issues. I just did those things without her because the last thing I needed was for her to have a meltdown when I'm dealing with memorials and cancer treatments etc. So I just say, "that's ok honey, I can handle this on my own."
I just feel like our last interaction is the final straw for me. I can safely say that dealing with her was the most miserable thing I endured last year. I'm starting to understand that anxiety and depression can be contagious as it is starting to impact me as well. I feel that my cup is full almost all the time. I find myself wanting to retreat and withdraw. I cringe and tense up when I hear her coming downstairs because I don't know what I'm about to be dealing with. She's tried therapy. She used to be on SSRI's but she doesn't want to go back on them because they make her gain weight and turn her into a zombie. She's been trying non-western medicine and meditation and journaling and painting and those things make her happy for a short time. But then all of a sudden, she has a meltdown, claims nothing works and takes her frustrations out on me to where everything I do and say are over scrutinized or analyzed. I'm really starting to wonder if she's not a malignant narcissist. Some of the behaviors she does to me parallel the behaviors her mother did to her that led to her going non-contact. But the co-dependent part of me is worried that she really has become an invalid and that if I leave her she'll wind up homeless under a bridge. That's how helpless she presents herself. I'm really struggling with what my responsibilities are here. I tell myself that she's sick and that I wouldn't leave her if she got cancer or paralyzed in a car accident, so I shouldn't leave her over mental illness. Also, I worry that I'll be all alone the rest of my life. I admit I have my own self-esteem issues, which probably makes me a sucker and easily taken advantage of.
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2023.02.02 20:00 xendistar This weeks Speedway Star has a USA v ROW preview

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2023.02.02 19:57 JennC1544 LOU AND JONBENÉT: A Legendary Lawman’s Quest To Solve A Child Beauty Queen’s Murder

The book, written by John Wesley Anderson, will be released on February 28. I've already pre-ordered the kindle edition.
The author is a really interesting person, in my opinion:
John Wesley Anderson, MBA, is a published author, storyteller, and TEDx speaker. He enjoyed a 30-year law enforcement career and was twice elected Sheriff for El Paso County, Colorado (1995-2003). Prior to serving as Sheriff, John was employed with the Colorado Springs Police Department and retired at the rank of sergeant (1972-1995). After being term-limited as Sheriff, in 2003, John went to work for the Lockheed Martin Corporation, where he focused on corporate and homeland security initiatives and advanced technology development. In 2012, he retired from the corporate world to launch a consulting company, JW Anderson & Associates, LTD., allowing him the freedom to pursue his passion for writing, history and the arts. Although John has traveled around the world, including several adventures on a catamaran sailing the Caribbean, three corporate security assignments into a combat zone on the Horn of Africa, and landing on an aircraft carrier at sea in the Pacific Ocean, he remains most fascinated by the rich history and art discovered in his own backyard in the American Southwest.
I'm looking forward to reading the book!
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2023.02.02 19:57 Melon-leaf_5228 Would it be bad and anti feminist of me to quit working at 33 and live off my husbands income?

My immigrant parents always taught me to work hard and not depend on a man for money so I worked (sometimes too hard at times) to climb the corporate ladder and I did, making six figures and working professionally for over 10 years.
My husband never not worked but a bad decision to study fine art in his youth, the recession in 2008 and family circumstances lead him down a winding road of a career path, so I’ve been the breadwinner in our relationship while he went back to school and changed careers. He now makes six figures and has been working in his new career for about three years and is very stable.
I was laid off of my job in November and I’m completely jaded about work, exhausted emotionally, but I’ve been applying anyways because I love getting that paycheck. I’m so tired of recruiters ghosting me, rejection and disappointed in the lowball offers I’m getting. Would I be a bad feminist if I basically retired or semi-retired? I’m also concerned about him getting sick or laid off and potentially having a huge gap in my resume if I do decide to work again.
We don’t want children and we’re very sensible and careful with our money. I also have some decent investments which provide me with some monthly passive income. I’m 33 and he’s 37 for context.
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2023.02.02 19:53 Intelligent-Movie846 MPP programs - worth the investment?

Cross-posted on GradAdmissions and publicpolicy, here for more perspective:
For context, I've been in the workforce for about 5 years — mostly in nonprofits, now in people operations at a global tech startup. In the short/medium-term, I imagine nonprofit/social impact consulting or philanthropy/corporate responsibility.
I was a low-income, first-gen traditional student and thankfully didn't have to take out a ton in loans (will be paid off this year). I'm grateful to have reached a salary of $85k, and haven't found that a master's is necessary anywhere I've applied. I primarily want to get a master's for the experience, to be a student again and take classes I wish I did as an undergrad, and to elevate and future-proof my career. I also care about building community and networks, so I feel like a full-time program would be much more valuable than a part-time program.
Got my first acceptance, but with ~50% tuition scholarship. That would mean ~$70K still to pay/borrow, not incl. living expenses — and I was also considering applying to add on an MBA once matriculated (I now think I should've applied for both programs at the same time so I'd know the full aid/debt picture to make the best informed decision), so not incl. those costs either.
Plus, I've recently been concerned by reading a lot more about how many grad programs are essentially cash cows for schools. I have little interest in pursuing a PhD.
Tl;dr: I'm hesitant about taking on so much debt. How have you (or someone you know) decided if the degree was worth the time & money? Did you regret your decision, or wish you approached it differently?
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2023.02.02 19:52 GentleGiantGus The Government Is Allowed to Use Propaganda against You. It is actually legal to smear whistleblowers, and witnesses of government and corporate crimes! No wonder Joe Biden thinks it's just fine to violate federal immigration laws and the constitution. Those who expose him will be targeted by FBI

The Government Is Allowed to Use Propaganda against You. It is actually legal to smear whistleblowers, and witnesses of government and corporate crimes! No wonder Joe Biden thinks it's just fine to violate federal immigration laws and the constitution. Those who expose him will be targeted by FBI submitted by GentleGiantGus to FightingFakeNews [link] [comments]

2023.02.02 19:50 ArcanaMinor Quick ?

Do sbux inside hotels or targets (licensed stores) get the same benefits as corporate partners? Lyra, SAP, all that jazz?
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2023.02.02 19:49 Intelligent-Movie846 MPP programs - worth the investment?

Cross-posted from GradAdmissions, here for more perspective:
For context, I've been in the workforce for about 5 years — mostly in nonprofits, now in people operations at a global tech startup. In the short/medium-term, I imagine nonprofit/social impact consulting or philanthropy/corporate responsibility.
I was a low-income, first-gen traditional student and thankfully didn't have to take out a ton in loans (will be paid off this year). I'm grateful to have reached a salary of $85k, and haven't found that a master's is necessary anywhere I've applied. I primarily want to get a master's for the experience, to be a student again and take classes I wish I did as an undergrad, and to elevate and future-proof my career. I also care about building community and networks, so I feel like a full-time program would be much more valuable than a part-time program.
Got my first acceptance, but with ~50% tuition scholarship. That would mean ~$70K still to pay/borrow, not incl. living expenses — and I was also considering applying to add on an MBA once matriculated (I now think I should've applied for both programs at the same time so I'd know the full aid/debt picture to make the best informed decision), so not incl. those costs either.
Plus, I've recently been concerned by reading a lot more about how many grad programs are essentially cash cows for schools. I have little interest in pursuing a PhD.
Tl;dr: I'm hesitant about taking on so much debt. How have you (or someone you know) decided if the degree was worth the time & money? Did you regret your decision, or wish you approached it differently?
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2023.02.02 19:48 LordAngwin New RSI Partnership Provides Access to Growing Indian Market, Updating Model with 2024 Estimates; Reit Buy, PT to $3.50

Investors beginning to recognize meaningful long-term opportunity in DPRO shares. Shares of Draganfly, Inc. have increased 95.5% since January 20, compared to a far more modest 5.2% increase in the Russell 2000. While we believed it would take a quarter, or potentially two, of improving financial results to attract investor attention, it appears many investors have been able to extrapolate the positive impact of recent corporate announcements and are beginning to give the business some credit ahead of better operating results. This includes an announced strategic agreement for the development, manufacturing, and distribution of drones in the large, and growing, Indian market. Coupled with previously announced product orders and other strategic agreements, we believe the company is positioned to meaningfully grow revenue in both 2023 and 2024. In addition, we believe these announced transactions add further credibility to the company’s drone products and services and are likely to be a powerful marketing tool in driving additional product orders over time. As a result, we believe 2023 represents an inflection point as the business should see significant revenue growth and begin to realize the operating leverage in the model. This may drive positive adj. quarterly EBITDA as early as 2H24. Improved visibility on revenue growth and a timeline to profitability should continue to attract new investors to DPRO shares.

Draganfly enters large and growing Indian market with new strategic agreement. On January 31, Draganfly announced it has signed a strategic agreement for the development of manufacturing and distribution of drones for the Indian market. The agreement is signed with Remote Sensing Instruments, a geospatial technology company in India working in the field of remote sensing and geographic information systems. While the potential economic benefits of this agreement are difficult to determine at this time, access to one of the largest drone markets in the world, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 10.0% through 2028, is a clear positive and should drive meaningful incremental revenue over time. We expect to get greater detail on this, and other recently announced agreements, when the company reports 4Q23 results in March.

No change to 2023 estimates, introducing 2024, price target to $3.50 from $2.00. We are not making any changes to our 2023 estimates at this time as we suspect the upside to recent announcements will be only a modest contributor in 2023 and likely have a more significant impact beginning in 2024. We are currently modeling 2023 revenue growth of 72.2% to C$15.0M. For 2024, our initial revenue estimate is C$27.0M, representing 80.0% growth from expected 2023 levels. This acceleration from 2023 is driven by a combination of recent announcements as well as strong underlying secular demand, which we expect to continue for the next several years. As revenue scales, we believe the company should begin to see improving operating leverage in the model, driving incremental gross margin expansion in 2024 and moving the business towards operating profitability. We believe the company could begin to generate positive adj. EBITDA on a quarterly basis by the 2H24. On accelerating revenue growth and improving profitability visibility, we are increasing our price target to $3.50 from $2.00.

Valuation. We are valuing DPRO shares at $3.50, reflecting a 5.0x EV/revenue multiple on our 2024 revenue estimate of C$27.0M. Our $3.50 price target provides approximately 62.0% upside from recent trading levels. Our 5.0x EV/revenue multiple is largely consistent with unmanned aerial aircraft system peers, which currently trade at an average revenue multiple of approximately 4.0x 2024 Street revenue estimates. While we do not anticipate meaningful multiple expansion from our 5.0x target, we do expect meaningful revenue growth beginning in 2023 and 2024, which should drive shares higher over time. In addition, the company maintains a comfortable cash position, suggesting the business is unlikely to require additional capital near-term. As the company demonstrates its ability to drive meaningful revenue growth through additional product and service sales, accelerated by clear FAA guidelines for commercial drones, we believe more favorable financial results should drive new investor interest for DPRO shares. As a result, we expect shares to begin to move towards our $3.50 price target.

Risks. (1) Dilution risk should the company raise additional capital; (2) high levels of industry competition from peers with much greater resources; (3) technology and execution risks; (4) M&A and integration risk; (5) adverse macroeconomic conditions; and (6) share volatility may potentially limit the pool of potential investors.
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