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growing up- my firsthand experiences

2023.02.03 05:03 fiend4drpepper growing up- my firsthand experiences

When I was growing up, I lived on a beautiful island called Guam. My father was in the military, so we lived on a military base. The house I lived in was nice and sizeable. The only issue was I was terrified to sleep in my own room- for valid reasons I will go through and share with you below.
Because I was terrified to sleep in my own bedroom, I would sleep in my parents bedroom on the floor on a makeshift bed. One particular evening, I was trying to fall asleep and having a hard time doing so. I decided to shift around my pillows a bit. Moving them around, I noticed a finger- not a normal looking finger mind you- this one looked like it belonged on a corpse. It was pale and purple looking. I looked at it in horror not knowing what to do. While staring at it, it slowly retreated back under the bed. I covered where it was with a pillow and tried my hardest to go to sleep, to no avail. I remember looking under my parents bed and seeing bright yellow glowing eyes one particular day. I thought it might be one of my cats- but it was not one of my cats. This thing was staring me down and I felt uneasy; like I wasn't safe and I wasn't meant to have seen whatever it was doing.
While living in that house I would hear noises that would sound like plates and glasses breaking in the kitchen. Only to go out and investigate and discover nothing had been broken. I would hear heavy running footsteps up and down the hallway. My sister would regularly see a person hanging from a noose in my parents bedroom from the corner of her eye, then look at it- only to have it disappear moments later.
I would see shadow people running around in shadowy areas of the house such as the hallway. My father would have to tell the spirits that lived in that house to go in peace- and we would be ok for maybe a week, then things would go weird again... Amongst many other experiences, these are only a few that I can recollect clearly that really left an impression on me.
I think of these experiences I had as a child now as an adult and think that whatever I was experiencing was definitely one that was paranormal. I still am not entirely sure of what to think of what I experienced in that house.
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2023.02.03 05:03 PokerClubsUS Poker Clubs USA - Message the Facebook page in the comments to join the main US poker room with games running 24/7! #PokerClubsUSA

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2023.02.03 05:03 CHARGINGCHARGED [Fanservant] Jeanne la Pucelle (Rider)

Class: Rider
Aliases: Jeanne d'Arc, Joan of Arc, la Pucelle, Maiden of Orleans
True Name: Jeanne la Pucelle
Gender: Female
Height/Weight: 159 cm / 44 kg
NP: B++
Traits: Brynhildr's Beloved, Hominidae Servant, Humanoid, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish,
Passive Skills
Magic Resistance A- Increase Debuff Resist by 20%
Riding B+- Increase [Quick] card effectiveness by 10%
Witch of the Armagnacs A: Party deals 15% extra damage to [English] enemies when Jeanne la Pucelle is on the field.
Active Skills
Warcry of the Maiden A- Increase the party's attack by (10-21%) for 3 turns. Decrease all enemies' attack by (20-50%) for 3 turns. Increase all [Crowned] Allies' NP gauge by 30%.
Aid from the Heavens B- Apply 50% attack modifier against [King] enemies to all allies. Apply [English] trait to all enemies (Debuff). Apply Pierce invincibility for 3 turns to all allies.
Protection from Arrows (False) C- Apply Invincibility to self (1 time). Apply delayed buff [When hit by an attack, apply defense up (50-100%) for 2 turns] to self. Apply [Resistance to NP] buff (20-50%) to all [Crowned] allies.
Noble Phantasm
Le Couronnement- The Crowning of the True King
Rank: B++
Type: Anti-King (Self)
Card Type: Arts
Effect: (Can only be used when at least one other ally is on the field.) Apply [Crowned] trait to the first ally except self (Activates first). Increase [Arts], [Quick], and [Buster] card effectiveness (20-50%). for all Crowned allies for 3 turns. Increase all allies' NP gauge by 20% except self. Decrease attack by 100% for self [Demerit, Unremovable] for 3 turns.
Jeanne floats a few feet into the air, heavenly beams streaming from her face. She points towards the camera as three pairs of angelic wings sprout from her back.
"Behold, Oh most noble Reims, your true king, the one true ruler of the most Christian Kingdom!"
Default: An aspect of Jeanne d'Arc, the general who constantly demanded the full-scale, reckless, and merciless invasion of Anglo-Burgundian France. A side buried underneath her numerous legends. She dons an elaborate and customized suit of armor akin to that of male soldier from 15th-century France, and her black hair is cut short above the ears, in the typical style of princes. Sheathed at her side was the Holy Sword of Fierbois (associated with St. Catherine), and strapped to her back was the iconic standard, the golden fleur-de-lis of France sown across a white field and the Latin words Jhesum Maria inscribed underneath. Summoned with Jeanne is her steed, a horse given by the inhabitants of Vaucouleurs, that she rode to Chinon.
Bond 1: Jeanne didn't have or use a last name during her life. The surname of her father, d'Arc, was given to her postmortem. She called herself Jeanne la Pucelle (the Maid) when talking or writing, a fact reflected in this version's True Name. In Chaldea, she refers to herself as la Pucelle to help distinguish her from the other Jeanne.
Bond 2: Warcry of the Maiden A- At and after the Battle of Orleans, Jeanne's warcry inspired courage in her allies and cowardice in her enemies. So great was her presence, that the English abandoned all but one of their forts in Orleans after only one encounter against her.
Aid from the Heavens A- According to Jeanne, St. Catherine of Alexandria, St. Margaret of Scotland, and St. Michael the Archangel appeared to her in visions and apparitions. This skill borrows the skills/authorities of these three figures to aid in her allies' offense.
Bond 3: Witch of the Armagnacs A- Declared a witch, a whore, and a heretic by the English, they despised Jeanne outside the battlefield just as much as they feared her in battle, if not more so. This secondary reputation grants Jeanne la Pucelle a conceptual advantage against any who hail from the lands of England, regardless of the time period.
Protection of Arrows (False) C-minus- Unlike Cu Chulainn, Jeanne was not magically granted protection of arrows. Yet records show that Jeanne took arrows or stones near her vitals or appendages without succumbing to those wounds, inspiring her shocked allies with another warcry. While somewhat similar to battle continuation, this skill takes the name Protection of Arrows in reference to these records.
Bond 4: Le Couronnement- The Crowning of the True King
Jeanne declared her mission to be the coronation of dauphin Charles (crowned as King Charles VII), the unification of the French court, and the expulsion of the English from France. In her lifetime, Jeanne only witnessed one of these events. During Jeanne's time period, the King of France held the title, "The most Christian King of the most Christian Kingdom." And the coronation of King Charles VII was the (literal) crowning moment for both Jeanne and her contemporaries. In this Noble Phantasm, Jeanne crowns an ally, bestowing the blessings of the angels and the authorities of the most Christian king upon them. Once they are crowned, Jeanne's skills have a greater effect on them.
Bond 5: In the embellishment of her legend, Jeanne lost some of her humanity, of her character. Her anger, impatience, and mercilessness seem incompatible with the hero she eventually became. Protecting others was something Jeanne knew little about. She beckoned her soldiers to charge with impunity, for with the will of God seemingly on her side, Jeanne had nothing to fear. Unlike her Ruler counterpart, this Jeanne feared capture and the stake, to the point where she even denied her own visions and mission. Yet like the Ruler, she ultimately chose to burn at the stake, to die instead of denying her purpose. She died in despair of seemingly failing her mission, of God seemingly abandoning her. She could only hope that God could forgive her failures.
Bond Lines-
Bond 1: I am Jeanne la Pucelle, here to dispel the enemies of the world. . . .Eh? d'Arc? That is the surname of my father, but please call me la Pucelle or the Maid, if that's easier. I look forward to fighting with you and your allies, Master.
Bond 2: Master, why do you spend so much time farming? Do you doubt the strength of your allies? You have the will of the World on your side, with all these heroes at your disposal! I should be charging down the enemy lines, not doing these menial tasks!
Bond 3: . . . Apologies Master. It seems I have spoken out of turn. I understand that we should take as few risks as possible, but. . . where's the risk if your victory is all but certain?
Bond 4: I admire you, Master. Even in a situation like this, you never once let doubt or fear cloud your judgment. You heed caution, yes, but you know when to make your stand. . . I really admire that about you. . . I wish I could say the same about myself.
Bond 5: This may not mean much to you, but as the Maiden of Orleans, I know that the will of the Lord is on your side. Mankind's victory shall come by your own hands. Never doubt the strength of your bonds, the strength in yourself, and the future will be yours again. I swear it, on the banner of St. Michael.
My Room Lines
Dialogue 1: Thank you for inviting me into your room, Master. I brought some wine and glasses to enjoy while we chat. . . . You can't drink because you're too young? I assure you, wine is harmless in moderation. We're about the same age physically, so you can trust me on this. Besides, you have to try this wine that Gilles gave me. He somehow managed to procure my favorite from the Professor.
Dialogue 2 (Clear First Singularity)- Even during the darkest days of my imprisonment, I never blamed King Charles for my predicament. I knew that the Lord would deliver me from my plight someday. . . That damned Dragon Witch! How dare she burn the king she herself cornonated! Slaughter the people of Orleans who never forgot her! . . . Who never forgot us, even when the whole world thought us a heretic.
Dialogue 3 [Jeanne d'Arc (Ruler)]- It's definitely peculiar, seeing myself with long, flowing golden lockes and in such feminine armor. I didn't even know they made armor for women. . . Oh, sorry for the rude comments. I'm still not used to there. . . you know. . . being another me. I have to ask, though, your Noble Phantasm certainly is beautiful, but with such protection at your side, why do you just stand there? Why not charge into the enemy, knowing that the Lord will protect you and your allies?
Dialogue 4 [Jeanne d'Arc (Archer)]- You know. . . I refrained from judging your normal battle armor, but why do you wear such indecent clothes? There's no need to tempt our allies any more than you already do! . . . O-of course, you're very pretty (blushes), but that's exactly why you have to dress more modestly!
Dialogue 5 [Jeanne d'Arc Alter (AvengeBerserker)]- You! . . . My other, more saintly self may forgive what you did in Orleans. I don't even know if you even remember the event of that singularity, but that doesn't change that you have foresaken the very purpose of our lives, the immense gratitude of those people. . . I don't care if you're not actually Jeanne d'Arc. What you did was unforgivable, especially since you bear her name and face.
Dialogue 6 [Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily]- Be calm, I don't hate you as much as your older self. It seems that the two of you are distinct beings. . . Why do I look so happy? Well, winter was always hard for me, before and after I joined the army. It's nice to know that the people of this era can celebrate the Lord's birth without fear of hunger or plague.
Dialogue 7 [Gilles de Rais (Saber)]- Gilles! It's nice to see a familiar face. . . Eh? You don't recognize me? I am Jeanne la Pucelle, your ally, no? Are you the Gilles from Jeanne d'Arc's world? . . . I see. Well in that case, I don't mind starting over. Let's head over to the Professor's bar. We can chat over wine, just like old times.
Dialogue 8 [Gilles de Rais (Caster)]- So . . . this is the final fate of one of my most trusted allies? How could you fall to such depths? Was your faith in the Lord so feeble?! The trust in your king so weak?! You don't even recognize me, do you? . . . It hardly mattered last time, but I think it's for the best that I avoid you. For the sake of my own sanity.
Dialogue 9 [Georgios]- St. George! What a great privilege it is to speak with you! I may have fought those whose banners bear your cross, but I hold no ill will against the English. I just did what the Lord commanded me. . . If you wouldn't mind, could you show me some of your photos? I hear that you're Chaldea's resident photographer, and I've never seen a camera before.
Diaglogue 10 [Charlemagne]- Oh! My apologies most holy King Charlamagne! I should have been more humble in your presence; though, you are younger than I imagined you to be. . . Huh? You're not the King from history, and you barely even remember your rule? I see. . . No, it matters not that you. You wield the Joyeuse, yes? Much of my life as the Maid was in pursuit of your holy sword, and the fact that you carry it proves that you are indeed the most Christian king. . . If that makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps we can be friends? I would like to know more of your adventures. I grew up with those stories after all. And besides, we're kind of similar, no? Overshadowed by more prominent sides of ourselves.
Dialogue 11 [Marie Antoinette (RideCaster)]- Ah, Queen Marie, do you require something from me? Eh? You admire me? Do you not mean my Ruler self? . . . You admire both of us equally, and want to get to know me better? Hm . . . Well, I was about to go and pray for a while. Would you mind chatting over some wine after dinner? . . . Of course! I wouldn't mind drinking with you and my other self in the future. I want to learn about her too.
Dialogue 12 [Charles-Henri Sanson]- What? You expected me to be mad for executing the French royalty of your era? It's true that they died by your hands, but you were just a tool in someone else's hands, no? And while I can't say for certain, I can believe the Lord witheld His blessings from the royalty of that era, if they were as sinful as the records indicate.
Dialogue 13 [Napoleon]- As a fellow commander, I respect your very offensive tactics General Napoleon; though, the number of casualties is less admirable. For restoring order and the Church to France, I am sure the Lord blessed you on the battlefield. You marched through imperial lands, including what I knew as Burgundy, with such ease! If my victories at Orleans made me a hero, yours must have even more so!
Dialogue 14 [Artoria Pendragon (Saber)]- Hey Jeannette. . . . Oh! My apologies, you looked so much like my other self that I seemed to have mistaken you for her. I am Jeanne la Pucelle. May I ask for your name? . . . Pendragon? Are you King Arthur! I-I never knew King Arthur was a woman. . . No, no that's not a slight against your abilities as either a warrior or a king. My strongest political backer was a woman after all. I am just surprised is all, to meet such a famous figure as you.
Dialogue 15 [Merlin]- Are you the wise sage Merlin? I have a question to ask of you. The theologians of my day said that you prophesized that "a virgin ascends the backs of archers, and hides the flower of her virginity." Many of them said that prophesy foretold my arrival. I have always doubted that claim, so I must ask if your words actually concerns me. . . What? You won't answer? But why? Wait a moment, why are you running? No! I can't let you leave before answering. COME BACK HERE!
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2023.02.03 05:02 thepelliclepelican I made Pine Kombucha!

I made Pine Kombucha!
TLDR: An arduous process for minimal flavor
I made pine-flavored kombucha! I live in a very pine-dense area, so I collected a good handful of pine needles from the Eastern White Pines behind my apartment. I spread the love, taking needles from different trees/branches/areas to minimize my impact on the local flora.
I removed the needles from the branches and washed them, using a colander and a splash of white vinegar, rinsing vigorously.
Once clean, I snipped them into smaller pieces to expose the inside of the needles. I added water until covered and brought it to a boil.
I let the pine needles boil for a few minutes to make sure whatever harmful bacteria were hanging out were dead. And then I let it simmer. For a long time. Close to an hour.
After I'd simmered, I strained the needles out, and I was left with this cloudy green tea. I added just a touch of honey to the hot tea to give the F2 something to work on.
I bottled them and let F2 sit outside of the fridge for 4 days. For reference, there's about an inch of pine tea in these 12-oz bottles.
I popped them after 2 days in the fridge.
Not a crazy fizz, but definitely a tingle on the tongue.
Almost no pine flavor came through. The tea tasted pretty strongly of pine, but I either didn't add enough, didn't let it get concentrated enough (85% sure this isn't the issue) or pine just isn't a viable flavoring option for a strong brew like booch.
All that said, pine tea was a fun, if time-consuming, ritual on its own, so I'll definitely make it again. Just not as kombucha.
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2023.02.03 05:02 marienelson125 Tired of Elementary School Working Conditions

Building crumbling (I've had legitimate floods in my room from the ceiling going out) Rat/cockroach infestations Sharing classrooms with after school programs that are very noisy during my 20 minute planning period Overcrowding Cold bathrooms (no heat, no warm water) Having to be the janitosubstitute/translatoovertime yard duty because of staff shortages Micromanagement (submitting needless reports)
Next year, I'm being asked to -move classrooms -work 60 percent at my school and 40 percent at another school (but still do the full time workload I have now as 100 percent at my school...no reduction in responsibilities just 40 percent more work for same pay and I'd have to travel)
When you put it out on paper, it all sounds rediculous . Why are these things the norm in Elementary schools? (In California at least...)
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2023.02.03 05:02 AcanthisittaOk9497 Apartment Fire - what are my options?

My mini fridge caught on fire today in my room while I was away (I suspect a faulty outlet because it was the only thing plugged into that outlet) and flooded the downstairs neighbors apartment. Building wants to charge me $100k in damages. I don’t have renters insurance. What are my options here / what should my next steps be?
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2023.02.03 05:02 agmillss my dad constantly judges me and criticizes what i do

i just wish he'd take out his anger some other way than by using his family as a subtle punching bag. it's not like he physically or verbally abuses us, but sometimes he makes me feel horrible about myself. i feel like he projects his feelings out to everyone around him, like some kind of reverse empath, getting everyone else to feel how he feels. and that's just extreme anxiety and restlessness, all of the time. i get it, he's a ceo, he has a lot of problems to take care of in the workplace. but i just can't see how my mom can justify his irritability as a reasonable outlet of anxiety, or at most a flaw in his character that can be dealt with. i've just felt anger towards him recently. he didn't move out of colorado with my mom when her vocal chords were ruined and she went into a major depression from being away from all her friends and family. he didn't even move out with her when the doctor warned if she stayed there longer, she'd get throat cancer. and his family is so shitty. they've gotten so much better, but they were the ones who made my mom feel completely isolated. they were disgusted by kids, and they never treated her like part of the family. it was the clearest form of a narcissistic family structure i've ever seen. we're doing better now, we live in my mom's home state and she's sober again (during the last two years of living in colorado, my mom relapsed and was in and out of my life. worst years of my life, seventh and eighth grade). my mom just got a foot surgery, and my dad's been extra high anxiety. i keep trying to hold out understanding for him, but i'm going through my own emotional turmoil right now. i'm having all this irritability build up that hasn't been there in years, and i know it's because it feels like i'm not being listened to when i talk. this might be selfish, i dont know. i just rarely open up about the things that interest me, and it feels like if a parent realizes i'm opening up, they should prioritize that over most anything else. and yet my dad seems wholly disinterested in the things i say. and he makes jokes about the fact i never work, and i really really try to work. i have MDD and it's hard for me to get the motivation to do much of anything. but because i'm medicated and have learned coping skills, my struggle with doing work is entirely unexcused and wrongful. i did a shit ton of school today and he still acts like i'm lazy and don't do anything hard. it just feels so flattening. and they wonder why i never want to come down from my room. downstairs, when my dad is there, is so constantly filled with so much anxiety, i'm just completely uncomfortable and anxious while i'm down there. i don't know if he'll be mad at me because i haven't done something he thinks i should have done, or so hyper that it in itself stresses me out because i'm sensitive to loud noises. there's just so much. i feel like he's not making enough of an effort to understand me or what i'm going through. and all because he has some kind of pride that can't be broken by his being wrong about something. to top it all off, the entire rest of my family has acclimated to he/him pronouns, but sometimes he still uses "she." he tries to play it off as a joke after, which would be okay if he didn't do that every single time. one day, he kept calling me she because i was wearing a pink sweatshirt. and i just have awful voice dysphoria, so when i speak in a higher tone of voice around him, all i can think about is how much he still believes i'm a girl. i'm gonna stop venting now because reddit is lagging very bad, but there's just so much bullshit. it makes me sad and angry and triggers feelings of self loathing.
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2023.02.03 05:01 randomguy1ws Free 2 night stay question

I recently used a free two night stay at Aria reward. I know you can only use one reward at a time, but is there a limit to how soon after you can use another free room?
I usually stay in Vegas for almost 2 weeks at a time. So I was wondering if I could use a free two night stay at the start of my trip and one at the end of my trip? Or if theres a time min between using them. I noticed when I landed back home the free 2 night options were back and i was able to use them.
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2023.02.03 05:01 TML1988 Questions about Ouyang's Relationships in The Young Doctor

In the 2014 drama "The Young Doctor," the main female doctor is named Ouyang, with two competing love interests in the form of fellow doctors: Cheng and Shen. As I understand the plot, Ouyang had previously known Shen from their days in med school and had developed an admiration for him, but then Shen went to the US to further his career; however, because Ouyang still had Shen in her heart, she repeatedly rejected Cheng's advances toward her during their time together at the hospital. Then, when Shen returned to China, Ouyang initially turned him down because they had been out of touch for years. However, Shen later joined the same hospital as Cheng & Ouyang, and when Ouyang later had to pick a boyfriend, she chose Shen, and Cheng chose to bow out of this love triangle, although some people around Ouyang occasionally tried to persuade her to switch to Cheng instead. However, just as the relationship between Ouyang & Shen had seemingly reached its zenith (when the two were about to officially register their marriage), Shen suddenly announced that he felt he was not suitable for her and that she should instead switch to Cheng. Thereafter, it is implied that Cheng & Ouyang officially became a couple despite the lack of a formal announcement to that effect.
Based on my observation of these developments, it seems to me that Ouyang never had room in her heart for anyone other than Shen. As such, I can understand why she repeatedly rejected Cheng's advances regardless of whether Shen was present or not. However, after Shen dumped her, Ouyang told Cheng (while he was caring for her injuries) that she was apparently incapable of loving anyone. Based on this, I think she only begrudgingly accepted Cheng's subsequent advances toward her.
My questions about this are as follows:
-In real life, would it make sense to switch from someone who had just dumped you (and whom you have feelings toward) to someone whose advances you previously rejected within such a short timespan?
-During Shen's breakup conversation with Ouyang, he mentioned that Cheng had actually occupied a space within Ouyang's heart, even though she might not have realized it. Do you guys agree with that statement? (I personally have a hard time seeing Ouyang having any kind of feelings toward Cheng, so I think Cheng & Ouyang's relationship may face an uncertain future.)
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2023.02.03 05:01 EATLOCALABQ Where to find Caramel Apples..

But.. not just a plain ‘ole caramel apple. I wouldn’t be silly enough to get on here for something I could google so easily.
My SO and I moved here from Albuquerque, NM that has a chocolate shop with a caramel apple dipped in white chocolate and rolled in cinnamon sugar. They call it their biscochito apple. Does anyone know anywhere that sells anything like this here in Vegas?
Heck, at this point I’d also settle for a shop that just has the same ingredients on hand and I’ll call them and beg them to make me one.
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2023.02.03 05:01 Holmeesss I'm (18M) tired of being all alone and trying to look strong.

First of all, English is not my first language sorry for all the mistakes that I'm about to do. Today my ex who has a bf was drunk and called me I was studying. I stopped studying for her because she wasn't okay. I did everything to make sure she is okay. She told me that she wants to stay friends with me. I said I can't, I have feelings for you and I can't be around you while you have a bf. I really tried hard to make sure she is okay. I told her it was enough please slow down she cursed me I again said please don't drink anymore you are drunk she cursed again. I called, I texted I said I can come if you need. She said that her bf didn't even care. Anyways, a few hours later I was drunk and I texted her. She was nice at first. Then she told me to stop drinking I said no, she again cursed me and told me to go fuck myself. It was okay she always was that kind of a person. We continued texting then my phone fell and broke. So I took my friends phone and told her I'm okay my phone just broke you are everything to me (I probably shouldn't have said that). She didn't reply and then I realized as a man I don't have anybody I don't have anybody to tell it so I'm telling it to online strangers. I don't have anybody to come pick me when I'm drunk I don't have anybody that I can trust. My friend that I was drinking with me. He told me her mom said "I'm going to kill myself" and for about 6 months he has alarms that ring at 01.00 am 02.00 am 03.00 am.. to make sure her mom is okay. I don't know many times my hands shake while I was opening the kitchen door to make sure my mom is okay. My brother couldn't sleep because he was crying I waited him to sleep at his room for months. He was 10 and I was 11. I was going to school with 5 hours of sleep. For all these years I have tried to be strong at least look strong. For my mom for my brother. My dad wasn't even there for me when I was 16 really far from home and a 50 years old man tried to abuse me. I called my father and said please pick me he didn't it was cold, it was raining it was scary. So today I tried to cry I really wanted to but I couldn't. My dad has money but thats it and just because he has money everybody thinkink that I have a great life. I just finished studying and it is 05.45 am in my country. I have just become 18 and I don't remember when was the last time that I was able to be a kid. Now I have anger issues and I don't think I did anything to deserve all of this. Thank you for your time I'm sorry it is a little bit long.
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2023.02.03 05:00 flickingmywrist Why do I get nervous around lesbians I'm not even attracted to?

So there was this woman today, I can't say for sure she was gay, but her tattoos and fingernails gave me a hint. I have a certain admiration for long-haired mascs that I'm not sure is attraction, but the women I truly fall for are femmes.
Anyway, this woman walks into the room and I look at her and I'm like "oh, she seems cool." Then she decides to sit next to me, and immediately I'm nervous. She starts talking to me, and this is the first person in a long while where I feel eager to share some of my personality. I think eventually I annoyed her with my constant interjections lol, but I was fantasizing about being her friend and holding her close.
Maybe it was the tats? I just really, really wanted her to think I'm cool, and wanted an older lesbian mentor in my life. I know this is kinda pathetic and I literally only saw her for three hours, but I had to get this out of my system.
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2023.02.03 05:00 JoChiCat A complete timeline of Lilith and Satan's relationship, complete with wild speculation and theories

Struck by a toxic feeling of nostalgia, I decided to go through the archives to piece together Lilith and Satan’s romance, and by extension, Lil’E’s past. The less said about watching Tatsuya’s ideological meltdown in time-lapse form the better, because while I could write an essay on the topic, there are limits to my masochism.
So without further ado, here is the timeline as I have managed to piece together:
That’s not even including any speculation about Vainglorious’s paternity, or the timeline implications of Lilith and Kate’s classmate being an elderly grandmother while they’re both clearly pretty youthful. It can probably be chalked up to magic, somehow. Honestly, I’d have assumed that Lilith got knocked up soon after graduation, but with her kid currently being 12 at the oldest, and Kate’s being in his late teens/early 20s, that isn’t possible without tying the timeline into a knot.
Another interesting note: while it’s sometimes implied that both devil people and witchcraft in general face some prejudice in the present, that bigotry was obviously a lot worse in the past. Clearly this society’s views have shifted over time. Not really relevant, but makes me wonder.
So that’s what I’ve got. Lilith and Satan started dating pretty young, lived together for an unknown amount of time, had a kid at some point, and split up when that kid was roughly toddler-aged. Satan obviously wasn’t at all involved in Lil’E’s upbringing after the split, even when Lilith died/disappeared/whatever, so it must have been pretty nasty.
It's fairly easy to extrapolate from this why Lilith and Satan split up; Lilith didn't seem to approve of Satan's behaviour around Lil'E, judging by the events of the picnic, and she certainly wouldn't have put up with his obvious disappointment with their son's lack of powers and softer disposition. It seems likely that she would have decided Lil'E was better off without a father and initiated the split, though I suppose it's also possible that it was a mutual decision, depending on how power-hungry Satan had gotten at that point. He may have decided to cut his losses, as it were.
There's also the theory that Satan cheated on Lilith, which I've seen thrown around this sub. While it's not impossible, I don't like this theory very much. Partly because the only strip that could even vaguely stand as evidence is the engagement one (which as I've mentioned, does not vibe with established lore), and partly because I'm tired of the "men are scum who will stick their dick in anything warm and female-shaped" narrative that Sinfest has been propping up since 2011. Let's give Satan's general failures as a husband and as a father some depth, yeah?
...and that's that on that. Thoughts? Criticisms? Anything I've missed? Please give me feedback, I've spent too much time on this stupid essay and am desperate for validation.
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2023.02.03 05:00 OutrageousMatter [IANAL] OP admits to robbing people for hotel.

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.
This is a throw away account obviously. Years ago I was homeless and I had this old beater truck that wasn't really worth much. It was my home as well as my vehicle at the time. Maybe worth like $1500-2000 max, it was a complete rust bucket but it did run okay.
I listed it on Craigslist and got people to make offers to me on it. I would accept their offers regardless of how low ball their offer was and let them test drive it with me in the car. I would only meet up with these people at like 10 or 11 PM. I'd let them enjoy the vehicle for a few minutes and then say "Hey, look I need to drive it home since i don't have a ride and my wife won't want to come get me because it's late. When I get home I'll get my stuff out of it. How about you give me half of the payment now so that way I don't sell it to anyone else in the meantime, and meet me at this address first thing in the morning and you can get the car."
The address was always for a randomly chosen McDonald's.
Sometimes it took 5-10 tries but I would always eventually get someone who was willing to do this. I would then flee to the next county over, buy myself a hotel room for the night, and do the process over again a few days later when I ran out of money for the hotel room and food.
I never got caught somehow. I think part of that is that I always used a burner number on a burner phone paid for in cash from the last person's money I stole. I also never met anywhere in a dense part of town, it was always a little more in the country where there would be less cameras around than if I met them in the middle of a city.
I have my life on track now and I don't do this anymore. Hoenstly if I were in the same situation again I would probably try my best to find a more ethical way to make money. I still feel really bad inside thinking about how pissed I would be if someone did this to me, but at the same time if I hadn't done this I wouldn't have had anything to eat or anything to sleep.
Crimes OP admits to robbing over $1000 dollars which in the state of california is grand theft that can have a sentence of up to 3 years in prison.
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2023.02.03 05:00 fiend4drpepper growing up...

When I was growing up, I lived on a beautiful island called Guam. My father was in the military, so we lived on a military base. The house I lived in was nice and sizeable. The only issue was I was terrified to sleep in my own room- for valid reasons I will go through and share with you below.
Because I was terrified to sleep in my own bedroom, I would sleep in my parents bedroom on the floor on a makeshift bed. One particular evening, I was trying to fall asleep and having a hard time doing so. I decided to shift around my pillows a bit. Moving them around, I noticed a finger- not a normal looking finger mind you- this one looked like it belonged on a corpse. It was pale and purple looking. I looked at it in horror not knowing what to do. While staring at it, it slowly retreated back under the bed. I covered where it was with a pillow and tried my hardest to go to sleep, to no avail. I remember looking under my parents bed and seeing bright yellow glowing eyes one particular day. I thought it might be one of my cats- but it was not one of my cats. This thing was staring me down and I felt uneasy; like I wasn't safe and I wasn't meant to have seen whatever it was doing.
While living in that house I would hear noises that would sound like plates and glasses breaking in the kitchen. Only to go out and investigate and discover nothing had been broken. I would hear heavy running footsteps up and down the hallway. My sister would regularly see a person hanging from a noose in my parents bedroom from the corner of her eye, then look at it- only to have it disappear moments later.
I would see shadow people running around in shadowy areas of the house such as the hallway. My father would have to tell the spirits that lived in that house to go in peace- and we would be ok for maybe a week, then things would go weird again... Amongst many other experiences, these are only a few that I can recollect clearly that really left an impression on me.
I think of these experiences I had as a child now as an adult and think that whatever I was experiencing was definitely one that was paranormal. I still am not entirely sure of what to think of what I experienced in that house.
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2023.02.03 05:00 Sullengar The Magi's Society - By Sullengar - Chapter 5: The Maw, Part 1

Mevi drifted in and out of fitful visions. Ideas, dreams, and memories clouding or crashing together. What was real or what wasn’t could not be comprehended. Only that she was commanded, by a dark-golden god and obeyed. But what was its will? What was she doing floating is the dark abyss of empathic thought? She grasped at her memories, vainly attempting to retain something of herself and what was happening. The ocean of empty, formless, dark was surrounding her, battering her against what little she could recall. The endless void threw her to and fro in its endless waves of chaotic confusion.
In the darkness Mevi struggled, and reached out for anything to grasp and understand. The god-like figure her only salvation of thought and mind. She writhed against the desire to give in and accept her salvation. She didn’t know why, but this shining beacon of black horror felt wrong and she fought against its inky tendrils grasping at her. In her fitful state she reached in all directions hoping for something or someone that wasn’t her proclaimed salvation. A dim light beaming under the inky ocean waves. Away from and without the figure looming, reaching, and strangling her. Mevi strained against her own instinct, knowing that her surroundings were wrong and can’t be accepted. The straining, the reaching, and fighting pushed her away from the salvation. Away from where her mind echoed that she should accept fate. She flew away and through the dark maelstrom spiraling her mind into incoherent thought. Fought to reach and grasp the only source of light in the abyssal plane she lost herself in.
Mevi grasped the light. Suddenly tearing her eyes open, breathing heavy and fitful. Moving to sit up but straining against something. Her eyes blurry, bright beaming light completely blinding her like the Baes sunrises she waited so longingly for. Mevi couldn’t see, and she fought against the binds that held her to something hard and cold. Muffled voices echoed around her, a shout stabbed pain through her ears. She struggled for freedom as her vision slowly adjusted to the blinding light.
Mevi could see, wanting to cry and in a panic. Was she tied to some sort of table? Bright lights filled the room she was held in, golden walls shine with brilliant radiance in the overwhelming light. She suddenly craved the dark again, she could faintly make out figures wearing similar robes of gold, silver, and black, as to the Emissary. Less godly and without covered faces, but her eyes were too blurry to make out features. She was trying to yell, but something was covering her own face and mouth. She looked closer, and tried to inspect her surroundings. As she looked outward she noticed a faint blue haze encapsulated her, she was looking through something. Or she was inside of something?
The realization filled Mevi suddenly, she was inside of some kind of, sarcophagus made of glass and steel. She was tied and unable to move and couldn’t scream for help. Her horror of being led to her death was beginning to be realized. Trapped in her own mind again, and being carried away by the Emissary of death in her own personal grave. Mevi gave up struggling, straining against her bonds would probably only anger her captors and not likely to promise escape. She watched, in the blurred vision and blinding light, as figures moved performing unknown tasks and burdens.
Mevi watched for a while, unwilling to return to unconsciousness for fear of the consuming dark. So she waited, and tried to strain her vision and senses against the light and blue haze.
Mevi wasn’t sure how much time passed, but she felt as if nothing in the world had moved for a long time. Even on Baes she could mostly feel the slow movement of the moon beneath her, as the strong forces in the system and planet tore at the colony at all times. But here, in her demise, all things were quiet and still. An unsettling feeling that alerted her to every insignificant movement and muffled sound. She wasn’t sure how long her purgatory lasted, but eventually a clear bubbling sound reverberated around her. A current downward? Indeed it felt as if liquid of some kind was streaming across her skin and through her robes. Only when she looked up and saw a waving breach in the blue haze did she realize she was submerged.
The blue liquid she resided in started to slowly drain downward. Strangely, as the substance passed over her, she didn’t feel wet or any sensation like there was any residue remaining on her. The liquid drained away, leaving her just as dry as she was at the selection. Her vision cleared all but for the bright lights still shining into her strange capsule. A sudden suction of air as the last of the liquid drained, and a pop when her prison opened. The front glass being pulled upward and revealing an unobscured vision of the outside. A strange circular chamber, with odd cylindrical capsules made from gold, with wires and tubes stretching behind and into the black hull of the room Mevi resided in. Her eyes still adjusting to the overwhelming light, she could see a feminine figure in front of her, bearing a light-born halo as she protected Mevi’s view from the overpowering aura with her form. They seemed to be looking at something, deliberately looking towards the floor with their eyes quickly scanning back and forth as if intently investigating something. Mevi wondered if something was wrong, if this figure was here to sentence her permanently. But the figure soon dismissed their intense investigation and looked up into Mevi’s face and their eyes met.
Mevi was panicked and scared, not sure what was happening and this silent investigator said nothing to her for comfort or explanation. The woman spoke strange words to her, and without understanding their meaning Mevi could only look on confused and concerned. The woman continued to speak, in a slow deliberate way, enunciating carefully and loudly. The sounds rang in Mevi’s ears, and she winced in pain. But as the woman’s voice continued on some of the words began to make some sense. ‘Understand’? ‘Calibrate’? ‘Working?’ The words flooded in fitfully but she could understand them, though not all she could decipher correctly. The woman’s voice continued, and eventually Mevi could understand, “should be working soon. Its calibration takes a few moments after initial application. But soon you should be understanding me. The device should be working soon… Its calibration… Seems to have finished.” With a smile the woman waved her hand in front of her, and with the motion Mevi’s bindings came loose and she tumbled to the ground.
Looking up at her savior, as strange as the circumstances were, Mevi was almost relieved. Despite her black robes, with gold tabard lined with silver sigils, the woman looked normal. If you ignored her orange-red hair.
“Good, you are coherent. Your eyes will adjust to the light soon. You are commanded by his lord, the Magi, to attend to him. I will show you the way. You will follow me.” The woman commanded.
Confused, but still getting up and clamoring after the woman, Mevi asked, “The Magi? What is a Magi?”
The two pass through the chamber filled with, to Mevi’s horror, the children that were given to the Emissary as they sleep in the strange capsules. The both of them pass into a long corridor with a short ceiling and coal-colored walls curving into a sort of tube. The woman’s pace is quick, and with no other people around, Mevi has little choice but to follow as fast as she can behind.
The woman speaks up again as they pass through the corridor, that seems to have no end, “The Magi are our lords and masters. You follow their will and do as you are told. You do not question, speak only when spoken to, and show the utmost respect. If you do this, nothing will happen to you and you may be rewarded.”
Mevi is still confused, “I thought the Barges were in charge?”
The woman scoffs, “The Barges are controlled and operated by the Magi. Their will is absolute, and your survival depends on if you can submit to them as they demand. Whenever they demand.”
Mevi’s realization started slow but soon came to the forefront of her thoughts, “Was.. ‘The Emissary’ a Magi?”
“Yes. He is known as lord Falcier. Fal-si-er. Always address him as, ‘My lord Magi’, ‘My Lord’, or ‘Lord Falcier’. Unless told otherwise by him or another Magi.” The demanding reply ending as the woman turns suddenly and the corridor’s wall stretches to open like a yawning mouth.
Mevi yelps, and stumbles backwards and stammers, “What was that, how did that happen? There was no door there before, no seam or sign!”
The woman waits for only a few moments before rolling her eyes and turning to walk through the opened passage, “Get used to it. Also, control your noises and yells. The Magi do not appreciate outbursts.”
Mevi quickly darts into the gap, “I am sorry. I will do my best not to displease.”
The two were now in a more open room. A hallway of sorts winding around a large open space, held aloft several meters above the floor below. A pulsing light of a dim pink glows all throughout the floor below them. Giving the entire room, and the hallway the pair walked, a strange tint.
As the woman continues their walk, unimpeded by awe or curiosity, Mevi’s temptation wins and she asks, “Ma’am, what is your name? You are… helping me, and I don’t know what to call you.”
The woman stops for a moment to appraise Mevi, “Hmmm… Ma’am is fine, has a nice ring to it. But my name is Kalesi.” Her stride resumes immediately after.
Mevi is emboldened, few have ever given her real responses or conversation, “Kalesi, ma’am, where is everyone else? We wonder these halls and I haven’t seen a single other soul. I remember seeing several figures in the chamber before you retrieved me, unless I imagined them.”
Kalesi seems to pick up her pace as they have made it to the other side of the large pink room, another door opens and they both walk through, “The others are around. Most are below, with the Sentinels, doling out Mana. We haven’t left yet, not until our supply is delivered.”
Mevi isn’t sure of the answer she received. She yearns to talk more, this Kalesi, seems to be mostly pleasant. At least she is respecting Mevi, however firm and commanding she is. Yet Mevi can’t think of any clever conversations or additional questions. The overwhelming nature of the situation has her mind straining to come to grips with her surroundings. Mevi can’t even fathom where they are or how they are there, she can barely comprehend the doors of this strange… building? Could Mevi possibly be aboard the large ship that stopped above the colony?
Before Mevi could gather herself for additional questions, they had already passed through several winding hallways and doors. The appearance of sudden entryways less surprising but each time making her flinch. Suddenly Mevi walks into a stopped Kalesi. Apologizing and backing up, she is steadied by Kalesi’s firm hands grasping Mevi’s shoulders.
Kalesi looks serious and down at Mevi, who notices suddenly how she is quite a bit taller than her, at least two or three heads taller than her. Kalesi speaks in a hushed tone, as if sharing some important secret, “Listen girl. Do well to listen and obey. Whatever the Magi says, is law. You must tell me you understand this.”
Mevi is almost worried, “I… I understand. I won’t disobey him.”
Kalesi corrects her, “No. Only obey. Do only what you are asked. Stand where you are placed. Speak when commanded to speak. Listen at all times. Do you understand?”
Mevi is remembering the intimidating presence of the Emissary, now known as Falcier, “Yes. I will do only as I am told… But, what do I do when I go inside?” Kalesi shows kindness and care for the first time, looking down at Mevi like a small animal that is doing something adorable but silly, “Just step through the door. Stand there, just past the threshold and wait for a command. Even if the Lord Magi isn’t in the room. Wait and do not move. Try your best to not look around, and don’t touch anything.”
Mevi gives a short nod in understanding. Kalesi turns and places a hand on the blank wall in front of them. Her eyes dart back and forth as if reading or looking over something like they did before. After a few moments the maw opens wide, and a pitch black interior is revealed. The misting darkness almost seems to drain the light of the hallway. Kalesi looks to Mevi and gestures with her head for her to enter. A few steps forward and the door suddenly shuts, with a slam the others hadn’t displayed before. Only unpierceable darkness remained.
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2023.02.03 04:59 Outrageous-Eye2431 So this happened in Bangalore

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2023.02.03 04:59 thedoormansdoorman The soundtrack reminds me of Shelf in the Room by Days of the New.

It's really not the same song, but there is one of the songs that does remind me of this song.
It was bothering me the first few days I was paying the demo. I had to find what song it was. I thought it could be Pearl Jam, or Alice in Chains. I was wrong. It was Days of the New.
Sheriff in the Room.
I love this game
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2023.02.03 04:59 pineappleprincess101 Replacing a fellow tenant who won’t let us access room for viewings

I’m looking for information on our tenant to tenant rights. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
We are all on a periodic tenancy and have just served notice to terminate because one of the tenants is making everyone very uncomfortable and we have been unsuccessful trying to sort it out - it was not a decision made lightly. The landlord has agreed to re-sign us with a new person.
The outgoing tenant is saying we cannot enter their room to do viewings and so will need to wait until the four weeks are up and they have moved out. Can they do this?
We’re trying to make this as amicable as possible and want to be considerate of their privacy and space, but need to also show the room.
I’m keen to understand everyone’s rights and our options
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2023.02.03 04:59 whiplash10 A simple (obvious) question, would Skel & Po be stupid enough to try to hunt Shadow for a reward?

1) They really are THAT stupid.
2) They instantly crap themselves and run and hide in their rooms.
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2023.02.03 04:59 BlasterZX Living in the Stronghold requires a nice storage room! (Hardcore)

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2023.02.03 04:58 LazyAnthony A creeper blew up my....

I went exploring in a cave and was super excited to find a skeleton spawner literally 2 blocks off a spider spawner. I lit up the place and turned my back for a second to fix my inventory. Turned around and a creeper stood in between the 2 spawners and DESTROYED THEM! I have so much regrets for turning my back for literally 3 seconds in a LIT UP ROOM. I'm only about 4 days in but I don't want to restart :(
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