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2023.02.03 06:25 guywhocantsocialize imported music won’t sync to my other devices?

So i got the files for a live performance and wanted them to show up in my music library. I downloaded them on my laptop (an old HP one if that’s relevant) and was able to transfer them to iTunes/Apple Music on there. It shows up like a normal album perfectly.
But it wouldn’t sync to my other devices. So, I plugged in my iPhone to my laptop and tried to drag & drop it to my phone. But when I do this it just says it cant transfer because i have iCloud Music Library enabled. I think in settings that’s just labeled as “Sync Library.” I was going to just turn it off so I could transfer the files, but it said doing so would remove any music I have downloaded/added from Apple Music.
Is there any way around this? I really don’t want to lose a ton of my library and have to re-add it all over one album, assuming it would work after that.
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2023.02.03 06:25 Scottie7372 Fought leffen in unranked. I have a message for him.

Got bodied by a crazy fox at 2 am. After i check who it was. Turns out theswedishtyper is leffen.
Leffen why the fuck are you playing 5, yes 5, unranked games at 2 am with me. And i kid you not, this swede is laser camping my shitty marth. Go enter a tournament or something and win.
Now to be fair, we were playing on my shit set up with my cousin asking dumb questions behind me (he kept asking if leffen was a bot or mod or tas player or some nonsense). If you insist on playing unranked, I'll be there same time tomorrow with the big boy setup. You don't come to a man's country and beat them on unranked. I tried watching some vods of how players beat you but you're always doing really dumb shit in tournament like double jump fire fox in neutral or killing yourself. Your controllers aren't the problem in tournament. Also you're way better now than your shitty apex 2015 vods. Get your life together and stop laser camping on unranked. But if you want the smoke, you know where to find me and when.
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2023.02.03 06:25 Specific_Theory_4602 How hard will it be to start working at film production companies after an associates degree in Film & TV Production? Any advice or suggestions?

I’m looking at transferring after I graduate in May for a Bachelors degree in Film. That will take another 2 years, but it’s obviously better than just an associates degree.
I’m tired of waiting though to get to the end goal I have of working on films, and getting into these major production companies.
I don’t know if I should dive into the industry after I graduate, and find an online transfer program (that would possibly enable me to work full time) or just go full time to college (physical campus) for the next 2 years.
Degrees like Finance definitely require bachelors, and sometimes masters to get into firms, but I can’t imagine it’s as strict for the film industry. Could be wrong though.
Any suggestions, advice, and experiences from any of you who have reached that end goal already is greatly appreciated! Also, are there any schools you guys could recommend as well. I learned about the production side of the film & TV industry, but I’m also interested in the business side of it.
Thanks for any help!
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2023.02.03 06:24 bigjohn14325 Booking Bryan Danielson if he signed with AEW in 2019 Part Seven

Double or Nothing 2023
BCC (Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, & Claudio Castagnoli) vs House of Black(c) Tornado Tag Team Match for The AEW World Trios Championship
The Blackpool Combat Club has officially formed and now they aim to add more members to their ranks. The first person to join is Claudio Castagnoli who has a bit of history with William Regal. Bryan Danielson has unfinished business with House of Black because of the ROH takeover business so they challenge them for the AEW World Trios Championships that they won from The Elite a few months ago. The match is made official for Double or Nothing and it is a tornado tag team match.
During the build, we have awesome combination of matches between these two teams. We have Jon Moxley vs Malaki Black, Claudio Castagnoli vs Brody King, & Bryan Danielson vs Buddy Matthews. At the PPV, we have a huge spot fest that sees a variety of weapons being utilized and at the climax of the match, Brody King is holding Bryan Danielson in place as Malaki Black attempts to spit black mist into his face but Danielson ducks and Malaki accidentally spits mist into the face of Brody King. Danielson rebounds off the rips and hits a running knee onto Malaki Black pinning him 1,2,3. Bryan Danielson has finally beaten Malaki Black and Blackpool Combat Club have finally won the AEW World Trios Championship.
The Blackpool Combat Club defeat House of Black to win the AEW World Trios Championship in 25:55
Forbidden Door II
Bryan Danielson vs Will Osprey vs Kenny Omega
After winning the AEW World Tag Team Championships at Double or Nothing, the Blackpool Combat Club take on a new member in the form of Konosuke Takeshita who is the current AEW All-Atlantic Champion and the new ROH Pure Champion, Lee Moriarty.
With Forbidden Door coming up, Will Osprey wants to challenge Bryan Danielson to prove that he is the best wrestler in the world. Kenny Omega takes issue with this because if anyone deserves to be called best in the world, it’s him. Tony Khan says that at Forbidden Door, we will have a triple threat match between the three best wrestlers in the world. This match is a fast paced barnburner of a match. Bryan Danielson wins after making Will Osprey submit to the Cattle Mutilation.
Bryan Danielson defeats Will Osprey & Kenny Omega in 36:42
Fyter Fest 2023
BCC(c) vs Death Triangle AEW World Trios Championship
For Blackpool Combat Club’s first defense we have the former champions Death Triangle. They aim to prove that they’re still the toughest most bad ass group in AEW by taking down the toughest most bad ass group in AEW. Death Triangle put up one hell of a fight against The Blackpool Combat Club but the trio of Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, & Claudio Castagnoli are just too much and Claudio pins Rey Fénix after a massive Ricola Bomb.
The Blackpool Combat Club defeat Death Triangle to retain the AEW World Trios Championship in 18:21
Fight for the Fallen 2023
BCC vs The Elite(c) AEW World Trios Championship
The Elite never got their rematch for the AEW World Trios Championships that they were screwed out of by House of Black and Omega mentions that Danielson didn’t pin or submit him at Forbidden Door. The Elite then challenge BCC for the AEW World Trios Titles. I would have BCC once again retain after Danielson pins Kenny Omega just driving the point home further that Bryan Danielson is the best in the world. After the match, Bryan Danielson talks about how his career is coming to an end soon and he wants one more run with the AEW World Championship before he retires. This is when Aussie Open storm the ring and attack the already worn out members of Blackpool Combat Club. William Regal enters the ring and slaps Will Osprey who in turn hits the Osprey Cutter and because of Regal’s well documented neck issues, he is stretchered out of the arena
The Blackpool Combat Club defeat The Elite to retain the AEW World Trios Championship in 29:05
All Out 2023
BCC(c) vs Aussie Open AEW World Trios Championship
Will Osprey says for the past decade, all he’s done is grind whether it was in the UK independent scene or New Japan Pro Wrestling to prove that he is the best in the world but yet all he hears about is that guys like Bryan Danielson & Kenny Omega being the best. Will Osprey says that he is here to stay in AEW, and he is going to prove that he is the best in the world and he challenges BCC for the AEW World Trios Titles.
At All Out, Aussie Open are in a world of hurt as they take on a very pissed off Blackpool Combat Club who aren’t taking too kindly to what Will Osprey did to William Regal. It seems that BCC will retain the titles when we have a ref bump. Will Osprey whips out a pair of brass knuckles and in his way of mocking William Regal, he hits Danielson with the brass knuckles as the ref is waking up and gets the 1,2,3 to win the AEW World Trios Championships.
Aussie Open defeats The Blackpool Combat Club to win the AEW World Trios Championship in 27:57
Grand Slam 2023
Bryan Danielson vs Will Osprey Lights Out Match
Will Osprey has hospitalized and he robbed the Blackpool Combat Club out of the AEW World Trios Titles. Bryan Danielson no longer cares about simply proving that he is better than Will Osprey and he just wants to hurt him badly. Moxley convinces Danielson to challenge Will Osprey to a Lights Out Match at Grand Slam. Will Osprey arrogantly accepts not realizing just how grueling those type of matches are.
This match makes show the more casual audience just how tough Will Osprey is. He is way out of his element here but he adapts quite well. We see Will Osprey using tables & ladders doing awesome Ariel moves off them. Bryan Danielson uses a kendo stick to welp Osprey’s entire torso. Both men get busted open but it shows that Osprey can compete on the level of someone like Bryan Danielson. “The American Dragon” hits “The Ariel Assassin” with a dragon suplex off the top rope through a flaming table followed up by a running knee and what the hell Osprey still kicks out if only just. Bryan Danielson is in disbelief and that’s when the rest of Aussie Open come out and attack Bryan Danielson. Will Osprey stumbles back to his feet and manages to hit the Storm Breaker but before he can make the pin, Jon Moxley & Claudio Castagnoli come out directed by a returning William Regal to a huge pop. Aussie Open are run off and William Regal is face to face with the man who hospitalized him. Bryan Danielson slowly makes his way back to his feet unbeknownst to Osprey and he grabs a pair of brass knuckles out of his trunks and tosses them to William Regal who absolutely clock Osprey and he stumbles back into a running knee. The ref counts 1,2,3 Bryan Danielson has defeated Will Osprey but it took so much out of him to the point where he has to be helped to the back by Claudio & Moxley.
Bryan Danielson defeats Will Osprey in 32:57
Full Gear 2023
Bryan Danielson vs MJF(c) Title vs Career for the AEW World Championship
After his brutal match with Will Osprey, we don’t see Bryan Danielson on TV for a couple weeks. We see update made on social media of Bryan Danielson in a hospital with doctors and then he announces that on the Dynamite Anniversary show that he has bad news.
On the Dynamite Anniversary show, Bryan Danielson comes out and says that his Lights Out Match with Will Osprey took him to his absolute limit despite the fact he won, he never felt more drained in his entire career. He met with some of the best medical professionals in the country and they told him that he has two maybe three years of active competition left due to Bryan rapidly approaching his mid-fourties’ and the buildup of injuries he has sustained throughout his career. Bryan Danielson says that before his body catches up to him he wants to have one proper run with the AEW World Championship. He challenges MJF to a match for the belt at Full Gear.
MJF tells Bryan that he isn’t a charity case and he’s not gonna give him a shot just because he’s old and is at the twilight of his career. Danielson baits him by saying that MJF is scared because Danielson kicked his ass four years ago at Full Gear. MJF says that he isn’t scared of Danielson and when he beats him he’ll walk out with this championship comes January 2024 and defend this title in the main event of WrestleMania. MJF says that if Bryan Danielson wants this championship so badly, he can earn the match by winning every match he’s in between now and Full Gear.
Bryan Danielson is forced to fight much bigger & much stronger opponents for the next several weeks, opponents such as Brian Cage, Lance Archer, & Miro. Bryan Danielson wins every one of his matches. During this time we get a lot of promos between MJF & William Regal, the same ones we got in really during the build to MJF vs Moxley.
We have a contract signing for Full Gear and after Danielson signs the contract, MJF let’s him know that if he loses, he will have to retire. MJF also adds that there will be no going back to WWE or New Japan because of Danielson loses, there will be a permanent non compete clause in his contract because MJF wants to be known as the man that retired Bryan Danielson for good and he wants him to be helpless as MJF takes this title to WWE and defends it there. The possibilities going into this match are endless, Will MJF beat Bryan Danielson on his own, will William Regal turn on Bryan Danielson and win the match, or will Bryan Danielson reclaim the AEW World Championship and save his career.
At Full Gear, Bryan Danielson is in the fight of his life against MJF. It is a war as MJF initially refrains from cheating because he seems to want to do it right. We get to the closing stages of the match and MJF just can’t seem to put Bryan Danielson away. William Regal comes out and makes his way to ringside. MJF ultimately decides that he’s going to win any mean’s necessary and pulls out the Dynamite Diamond Ring but Regal enter the ring and forcibly takes the ring away from MJF as Bryan Danielson hits the running knee and pins MJF in the middle of the ring 1,2,3 to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Bryan Danielson had done it! Bryan Danielson is a 2x AEW World Championship and saved AEW from MJF in the process.
Bryan Danielson defeats MJF to win the AEW World Championship in 28:08
After this I would have Bryan Danielson hold the title for at least 6 months and defend in AEW as well as other promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling & Impact Wrestling. Just imaging Bryan Danielson vs Josh Alexander or Mike Bailey. Or Bryan Danielson vs Jeff Cobb or Kazuchika Okada once again in this timeline. Danielson would also defend against opponents such as Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, & Will Osprey. The possibilities with this reign are absolutely endless.
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2023.02.03 06:24 ThrowRAhsjshssi My boyfriend didn't want to come to a memorial with me and I think it's ending things I 18 F and my bf 19 M have been together for 7 months

I don't know what to do I 18F and my boyfriend 19M have been together for 7 months let's call him "charlie" we have never had a real fight before until the other day. We got in a argument because I have to go across staits for a memorial, this person was very close to me and it is a extremely hard time for me and I really wanted Charlie to be there for me we would only be there for a couple days maybe three but Charlie doesn't know the person who died. now for context Charlie has a really big family of 11 and he is the middle child, I am a only child so it is hard for me to understand the responsibilities of having to look after so many pe ople. Now I admit I did put pressure on him to come with me which maybe I shouldn't have done as he did say he wasnt comftable being there as he didnt even know the person but I see it as If he needed me for something like this I'd be there in a heart beat so i did get a little upset that he wouldn't do the same but now he has completely snapped he turned around and said that I just expect him to do things and give him no warning then get upset when he says no, but to explain I have been asking him about this sisnce only a couple months in to our relationship as it was important he be there for me so he has had so much time and when ever I make plans I ask him, i have anxiety and have to plan things out ahead of time usually i say can we do this on that day it's not like I show up to his house and say let's go I always ask at least a day ahead of time but he never answers until like the night before or morning of and it stresses me out. But moving forward he continued to tell me that I don't understand what it's like having a big familey and responsibilities because I don't have a job and I'm a only child. For context this all happened a couple days after we went out on a double date I was having a very stressful day and just wasn't in a good mind space so everything he did was making me annoyed as we got there we where looking for the place where we were going to eat and keep in mind I'm already stressed from driving there the city makes me anxious and this man was on his phone not helping me at all I asked him repeatedly to please get off and help me but every time I looked back he was still on it which did not help now sometimes my anxiety turns into anger as much as I try to fight it so after we finally get there everything is good but I'm still annoyed with him and it is noticeable but after all that the rest of the day was so much fun. Now back to the story so his pretty mad at me and I try to calm the situation down by saying I am trying and new to big family and having to make time around work because these have never been a problem for me but then he continues to say that I am not trying and I don't understand he ended up telling me for a couple weeks he has been feeling bad and that I was the reason he stated that I make him stressed and put him in uncomftable situation and that I've mentally drained him. For me this was a shock he seemed completely fine over that period of time I never entered to make him feel like that but I didn't know he said he was acting happy but wasn't actually. so as soon as he told me I apologised a million times for not noticing my bad moods had been rubbing of on him but he didnt really seam to listen (this was all over text) then I finally saw him the next day he wouldn't even let me touch him I wanted to talk about it and said that if he would just explain how his feeling or what I've done I can change the way I'm behaving. If im honest the past couple weeks i had a very short tempor and would get upset kinda quickly But HE told ME.. he turned around and said to ME. No you can't change which is bull I was sitting there listening wanting to understand and he wouldn't talk after that he stormed out and I haven't spoken to him since so idk what to do. Thoughts? I won't let him leave because of a mistake I've made but I don't know how to get through to him :(
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2023.02.03 06:24 Darthmark3 I just wanted to see ya'll's predictions are for next volume.

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2023.02.03 06:24 Main-Pea7116 question about how a specific card is played

So the polyamorous unicorn card, the description says "if this card is in your stable at the beginning of your turn, you may move this card to any other players stable. If you do so, steal a unicorn card from that players stable". Does that card return to your stable after your turn? Or does it just stay in the stable of the player you used it on?
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2023.02.03 06:24 Awa_mahihkan Sweat lodge keeper is a Skinwalker, I don't know how long I will be on this earth anymore.

Sweat lodge keeper is a Skinwalker, I don't know how long I will be on this earth anymore.
My name is Adrian, I am an 18 year old Native American. I live on the Kehewin Reservation, my favourite sport is Lacrosse. I am actually really good at Lacrosse, I even played a championship game for my school out on the reservation. My friends, Mason, Dan, and Andrew and I always go to this Sweat lodge 4 times a week. The rules in a sweat lodge are very clear and must be followed, you must never talk unless you are asked to speak, women and men must be on different sides of the Lodge. The women must sit like mermaids, never with legs crossed. Only the men in the Lodge sit with their legs crossed, It's forbidden for a woman to enter the sweat on her Moon time, she must wait until her time is done. All women have to cover their bodies neck to toe, usually wearing tall gowns and long pants. You cannot wear accessories as our first ancestors came with nothing on their first days on the physical earth, as the Keeper says, never bring any negative energies inside of the lodge. Every 4 sessions lasts from 20, from up to 45 minutes. Sometimes these sweats can be as long as 5 hours. The sweat lodge works by using really hot rocks that have been sitting in the fire for hours. The keeper splashes water onto the rocks causing really hot steam inside of the sweat. It's dark. When I say dark, it's dark. You literally cannot even see your own hands. Even close up. The sweat has a keeper, the keeper is the one who runs the lodge and sends prayers throughout the world. In my Reservation, the keeper's name was Lawrence, we call him Larry for short.
I found this man weird, he was always twitching in inhuman manners. He always had coyote pelts, sometimes he would even wear one as a cloak. I never thought much of it at all, I always just thought he was connected to the spirit of the animal. Sometimes his stare gave me chills down my spine, his eyes had no life in them. They just terrorised me. His eyes were similar to that of a coyote, his voice was erratic.
But other than this, he was a normal man. I enjoyed his company. He was usually an understanding man and taught me many native teachings and folklore, he knew a lot of teachings I never even heard any elder mention in my life. Lawrence always gave off a weird energy, sometimes the energy felt the same as staring at an animal straight into the eyes at midnight. The bright yellow eyes. Something felt off about him. His pupils were oddly very small, with the rest of the eyes larger. This gave him a terrifying look.
His drumming and singing was powerful, his drumming felt like an ocean wave hitting against me. His singing sounded like a ritualistic chant. Comparable to a wolf Chuffing. If this all doesn't weird you out, sometimes his eyes glow firing red, with white pupils. I've noticed this only happens when he has the skin of a coyote on his back, especially when he wears the coyote. His hands and feet were really abnormal compared to a normal human's hands and feet. They had webs in between the fingers, his nails were similar to claws. Lawrence is a man who lives in a small home on the reservation, far off into the wooded areas. He lives alone, his house was created all by his work. By the way, not to mention is indigenous name is ᐱᒧᐦᑌᐃᐧᐣ ᒣᐢᑕᒑᑲᐣ which translates into walking coyote. This name can explain his passion for coyotes.
My friends Mason, Dan, Andrew and I are crazy f*ckers, we would always whistle after 9:00 at night. When we did, I would always hear something running inside of the woods, we all f\cking hated the running footsteps. Sometimes we would even get a reply back with whistling, a few times we would hear screams from hell, from quite literally hell. They didn't even sound human, the screams weren't just screams. They were animal-like screeches, they always had coyotes and lynx-like screams. We all were the troublemakers of the Reservation so our names are always known when mentioned. No one says "who" "what" when we are mentioned. Except for Lawrence, I don't know why everyone doesn't like talking about him. They all tried to keep Lawrence a secret, only a few people knew him. They were all elders, nobody younger than 40 knew him. Only Mason, Dan, Andrew and I were the only younger ones who knew him. I don't know why the elders would always shush us when we mentioned Walking Coyote.*
Right after the Sweat sessions were done, I would always help Lawrence clean up the sweat Lodge. Sometimes he would invite me to go find rocks in the river for the next sweat. Lawrence and I had the strongest relationship out of Mason, Dan and Andrew. Our sweat is shaped like a pregnant woman's stomach, the materials used to shape the sweat are willow and deer skin. In the winter, the sweat is protected inside of a warm cozy cabin.
Yesterday, Lawrence was acting a bit unusual compared to how abnormal he already is. Yesterday, his coyote skin cloak had feathers and coyote teeth as earrings on the coyotes ears. His eyes were even creepier, his pupils were tinier as the rest of the eyes were shaped more circle-like, almost like a goat's eye. Not weird enough, he grew a few inches taller. He called us into the sweat, we all entered the sweat. "The spirits are ready, whenever you are" Lawrence announced. Confused as we are, we are now silenced because the sweat has already started. He also announced that an elder is visiting us in the second round, the elder wouldn't be male, He stated. Rather the elder was female. We never usually had a female visitor. Suddenly, I heard Mason, Dan and Andrew choking, they were suffocating and Lawrence kept on drumming as usual. I got worried and asked him to stop the sweat, he silenced me and told me not to worry because they are going to be safe in the spirit life. He kept on going chanting and drumming, and I finally had realised that Lawrence is a powerful evil witch. I wanted out. I tried to open the sweat lodge door, except Lawrence grabbed my leg and told me not to worry because I am safe. when I sat down, I closed my eyes, shutting tightly. Out of command, my eyes were forced open. I couldn't close them. Damn right, I couldn't even squint my eyes. I saw two eyes. Two red eyes, that glow. The two eyes had white pupils.
The second round has reached, the elderly women came inside. It was Kokum, she liked it when we called her Kokum. She greeted me and held my hand, then she went to the opposite side of the room from me. I kept my head down in fear, my body couldn't help but tremble, I cried to myself, because on the second round Mason, Dan and Andrew had just disappeared into the thin air. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I broke the Lodge door and ran out of the Sweat. I still heard the drumming afar from me, the drumming was getting more aggressive as the farther I ran. The chants were no longer a human's chant, the chant was the sound of a coyote yipping and howling. I ran into the forest, I hid inside of a bush. Suddenly, the drumming had stopped. I heard a blood curdling scream from afar. I didn't look, I couldn't move from the amount of shock my body handled. I could hear a coyote running, not to mention it's winter. I heard canine-like footsteps running, it was approximately 25 meters away from me, according to myself. The same footsteps me and my friends heard. The coyote was 20 meters away, now 10 meters away from the forest. The f*cking footsteps gave me trauma. But then the walking coyote turned the other direction. As I got the chance, I ran out of the bush from the forest. I heard the bastard following me. The f*cking thing was taunting me, it would stop for a while, and then it would run again. I ran until I reached my Auntie's house, the coyote backed away because my Auntie was burning cedar, skinwalker's do not like cedar.
My Auntie, worried for me. She knew what exactly happened. She told me I didn't need to explain because she understands. She gave me warm chicken noodle soup, and a piece of baked bannock.
She put me to bed. I'm traumatised. The coyote is peering through my window, I am writing this at night. The coyote won't leave me alone. The eyes, the eyes unsettle me. The eyes are f*cking human. The coyote is tall and stands on its hind legs staring at me through the window, not to mention the arms are the shape of Lawrence's arm. My Auntie told me to stay inside of my room, I have cedar burning inside of this room. My Auntie had told me it's better to stay here, because if I leave the room. The coyote would climb inside of the chimney. It's funny because my window is 7 feet above the grass, and the walking coyote is standing with its hands peering through. My Auntie has no neighbors with her. All I can do is sit in my room, hoping I would be saved by someone. Somehow. My Auntie tried to contact a medicine man to send spiritual help from afar. I'm staring into Lawrence's eyes as I'm writing this.

I won't die

You won't die.

Don't whistle after 9:00

Please don't

Have a good day
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2023.02.03 06:23 SL-Gremory- [M4F] 27M Seattle - Hyper-ambitious workaholic wants a partner!

Hi all! I'm the geek in the friend group that everyone describes as "an absolute machine", but the machine needs to slow down sometimes, hah! I work in aerospace engineering, but also have a side hobby running a game development studio. Needless to say, I fit the stereotype of gameanime/book nerd pretty squarely, so I'll talk about other stuff here. (Definitely ask me about anything game/anime/book-related though!)
Now, what I'm looking for...
I definitely am attracted to ambitious people in general. Not necessarily high energy, but confidence. I love it when people have goals to talk about and have a strong sense of self. People who can take responsibility, but are also good at sharing it. Relationships are a team effort, after all! I don't have much in the way of preferences aesthetically, but I am fit myself and would like a physically fit partner as well.
Please do shoot me a DM if you're at all interested! I don't bite, I promise. (Some talking points if you want a nudge down below!)
That's all folks! Thanks for reading :)
PS - I'll be happy to share some pics of myself in DM, but I'd rather not post for the whole world if that's okay <3
PPS - After dating a bit recently I've discovered I am extraordinarily low maintenance compared to most people. Days on end without a message don't bother me one bit, but I'm also thrilled to message a ton multiple times a day too.
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2023.02.03 06:23 Graham39 One remote to rule them all

I have a 4th Gen Apple TV with new Siri Remote and I have an LG OLED TV running webOS. Is there a remote out there that can function as one control to control both systems? I prefer the Apple TV OS over LGs webOS. If my Apple TV remote had an input button and reliably turned on the TV I’d be set but without these features I’m searching for a different remote control
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2023.02.03 06:22 Negative-Nidorina-42 The Sound of Rain

Someone on the Rainworld Discord Server decided to make a random fic about “What if creatures from the world of Rainworld came to Earth?” and did a whole bunch of lore docs. One of the unfinished docs was about a human-scavenger civilian militia fighting the Artificer. Here is my rendition of the story, with an undercurrent of HFY. It might not be that good, but it’s what I got. Enjoy!
Rain fell in sheets from a dark-gray sky. Jake looked outside, watching it hammer against the half-collapsed roof.
He tried to, anyway. Currently he was crouched down near a broken piece of wall, near another human and a so-called ‘scavenger’ The name was more of a descriptor more than anything; their heads were bony, antlered things, huge and somewhat endearing yellow-black eyes, lanky limbs, and fur all over.
It wasn’t something Jake would think of when told the descriptor. He didn’t bother to ask; with m ore pressing things on his mind, it could wait.
Za’erin cleared his throat. The sound was like sandpaper scraping glass. “Artificer is there.” He pointed to a short-stack apartment tower, only about 3 stories tall. The rasping voice made Jake shudder. “She will kill unless we stop her.”
“Do we have a visual on Edison?” ‘Edison’ was the code-name that humans had given the Artificer. Her mastery of explosives and skilled weapons creation certainly befitted her.
“Negative,” William replied. “She is somewhere inside that building. We have to flush her out.”
Jake checked his grenades. He had two throw-able impact grenades left. One 40mm grenade for his M4A1.
“Two grenades left,” Za’erin replied. “May not be enough.”
“I have none.” William replied. “And if she hits us, we’re all dead.” He sighed. “I only have a pistol. Just… it’s bad out here. The slugcat will kill us...”
“I will go.” Jake stood up despite the rainstorm.
Za’erin grabbed him with a bony hand. “No!” he hissed. “The rain will soak you and flood the tower. You will--”
Jake pried him away – a task made more difficult by the scavenger’s strength. “It does not matter. We are almost out of weapons; and if we run out, we die too.”
“She will not listen,” Za’erin continued. “Lost cause. Leave her be.”
“Correction. She will not listen to a scavenger. She might listen to a human. I will go. And I’ll make her stop. Alone.” He paused. “Most of our guys are dead. If we cannot stop her, we all die too. Understood?”
Za’erin released his grip. “Fine. We will wait.”
Jake vaulted over the half-broken wall, headed for the building. The rain soaked him to the bone and puddles splashed under his feet, but he didn’t care.
The Artificer caught her breath under the table. She was down to two explosives, and to make it worse, these filthy humans had teamed up with her most hated nemesis. The scavengers who had once killed her pups which she had worked so hard to eradicate…
The door of the building she was in flew open. A human entered, soaked thoroughly to the bone and holding an object she realized was a gun. He searched through the rooms nearby for her, not finding anything.
This human seemed determined and insane. No being would charge through rain like that to stop someone.
With her mind made up, she leapt out from under the table, generating an explosion that propelled herself up a hole leading to the floor above.
Her explosion was heard, her retreating form seen; luckily, the hole would be too small for the human to fit. Confusion ensued when she heard him dragging something heavy with grunts of effort.
The human hoisted himself up over the broken stairway, and she threw a grenade. The missed throw bounced off the wall and exploded harmlessly below him. Her one good eye widened as his eyes locked with hers, and he began to walk – a slow steady pace that betrayed he was in no hurry.
The Artificer did the only thing she could.
She ran.
Jake scowled as the Artificer boosted herself up another level. He couldn’t fit through the routes she could take, forcing himself to drag around tables and chairs. Using a metal shelving unit as a makeshift ladder, he hoisted himself up to the third floor.
The Artificer was slowing down. He reasoned that it must’ve taken her a lot of effort to use her explosive boosts and run as much as she did. Shaking his head, he continued.
Each room he checked turned up empty. With a grunt of effort, he threw the last door open.
The Artificer bared her teeth at the human as he approached. She pulled out her only explosive and held it in front of her. “Get. Away!” she snarled glaring out of her one good eye, her extended claws and fangs hopefully getting the point across.
The human gave her a mildly disinterested look, as if he had expected the threat. “Put it down,” he replied.
Her only response was to snarl again and ready for a throw. Before she could, a burning pain shot through her arm. Blood flowed from the projectile wound. She glared, near about to tear out the human’s throat.
Yet still he stared with his disinterested expression. “Last chance. Touch that grenade again” – he took a step closer, his eyes hard as steel – “and the next bullet will pierce your skull. Do you understand?”
The human could not generate explosions like she could. He had no claws, no fangs. Yet, with his height being one or two heads taller than her, she could do nothing but shrink away, clutching her arm.
“Good. Come. Now,” the human replied.
She spat on the ground in defiance, only to see the human pointing his weapon at her.
“What did I just tell you?”
“The rain…” she replied.
“I will carry you.” He put his weapon away and hoisted her off the ground. “My name is Jake.”
Soon, she found herself in Jake’s arms
Another bout of being thoroughly soaked to the bone later, Jake made it. “I have her.” He set her down on the concrete in a sheltered location.
“Good,” Za’erin replied. “What can we do?”
William and Jake took out some bandages and wrapped it around the Artificer’s wounds. “There; that should hold. Jake. You bring her with you. Keep on eye on her, make sure she doesn’t escape.” After a moment of consideration, he replied, “Does she have any more grenades?”
“No,” Jake replied.
“Let’s go, then.”
The Artificer awoke in her makeshift holding cell. She wasn’t certain why the humans brought her food and drink every day. They weren’t tainted at least.
Her ears twitched as voices sounded outside her door. Judging by the smell, Jake was standing outside.
“...we found this pup, don’t know whose it is. Someone should take care of it.”
“Ah, we’d be able to take care of them. We’ll really need some adoption papers to show that we’re his caretakers. Mom and Dad have been lonely quite recently.”
She recognized Jake’s voice, now much softer than when they had first met. A pang of sadness radiated through her. Her pups… the scavengers had killed the only ones she had.
And now this human would be taking care of one that would not belong to either of them.
Jake opened the door to her holding cell, the slugcat pup in his hands. It squeaked happily.
The artificer sniffed the air. Her eye looked about ready to bulge out of her head. With a powerful bound, she lunged.
Jake sidestepped , looking quite shocked. “What--” he began.
“You.” She pointed a claw at him. “That is MY pup. Give him back.”
“My family will take care of him. It has already been decided.”
The Artificer sneered. “Humans are like scavengers,” she replied. “They took one of my pups. Now you take the only one I have left.”
“It has already been decided. You want him?” Jake replied.
Jake sighed. “Then you and your child come with us. This is the only way you can be with him.”
“I do not trust you.”
“Why?” Jake replied. “You hate humans and scavengers this much, don’t you? Look at me.”
The Artificer forced herself to look at him. She could not take her eyes off the excited, squirming pup.
“I spared you, you know. Hell, I coulda just shot you dead and left this kid of yours without a family other than me. But… something tells me you might be able to move on, d’you hear?”
The Artificer remained silent.
“So… if you want to see your kid again? You come with us. We’ll take care of you.” He smiled. “We can get another set of adoption papers and get you registered with us under our name. Sound good?”
She sighed. Jake – the human – was forcing her into a choice she didn’t really have. A pause occurred, before she replied, “Fine. I’ll go with you.”
The door to Jake’s house opened. His father ruffled his hair and smiled as best he could at the slug-pup. “Welcome home, little guy.” He caught sight of the Artificer. “And who’s this?”
“I’m that pup’s mother,” she replied, staring at him through her remaining eye.
“I’ve got the papers for her as well.” Jake removed the extra form he had filled out. “She wouldn’t let us have him unless she went with us.”
Jake’s mother started to walk away. She turned to the Artificer. “Follow me.”
The room Artificer saw was a little smaller than the others. Inside, two sleeping baskets could be seen.
“You’re living with us permanently, so get used to it. We’ll take care of you.” Jake’s mother frowned. “If you need anything, just ask.” She turned to leave. “There will be time for introductions later.”
The Artificer watched her pup, still not believing that what she had experienced was real. It had been so long since she’d seen her children. Outside, the rain began to pour once again.
Her urge to crawl under something was great, but the closed window and the roof kept the torrent outside.
She padded over, clutching her pup to her body. Jake and his parents could be heard going about their day, but the Artificer cared for none of that. The duo watched the rainstorm outside, prepared to walk together into the future.
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2023.02.03 06:21 collinpiggy_4 So I plugged this simple red LED into a relay which would switch over and turn it on. When it switched on, it gave a flash of light then glowed dimly. After a few seconds, the head shot off like a bullet. Any idea why this happened or how to avoid it happening again?

So I plugged this simple red LED into a relay which would switch over and turn it on. When it switched on, it gave a flash of light then glowed dimly. After a few seconds, the head shot off like a bullet. Any idea why this happened or how to avoid it happening again? submitted by collinpiggy_4 to ElectricalEngineering [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 06:21 Ecobee123 Alexa failed to turn on Ecobee

I feel this is something extremely basic but it does not work for me. So, I am looking for help.
I have both Ecobee plus and Ecobee skill enabled in Alexa. I have a thermostat called "downstairs".
When the thermostat is in Auto mode, I can say "Alexa, ask ecobee to switch to off mode in the downstairs" - this works.
But, when the thermostat is in Off mode, I won't be able to turn on. When I say "Alexa, ask ecobee to switch to auto mode in downstairs", it won't work. The Alexa will respond "Your downstairs thermostat is already in off mode"!
Those two commands are clearly documented in Ecobee support page:
Does it work for anybody?
So far I am quite disappointed with the product...
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2023.02.03 06:21 Real_Sort_8453 2495 years ago my hometown was invaded , I was abducted and now I have become one of them

467 B.C. - The sun was setting upon “inkwi”, an island once located near the Caribbean …
I don’t remember the exact date as to when it all took place , but if I recall correctly I believe I was 7 years old and I was hunting with Araf , my father . We were out at sunrise hunting deer and small birds. My father was an expert in the art of hunting unlike me who ran aimlessly in hopes of catching a stupid bird . By the time dusk set in , we started to gather all our hunting equipment in order to return to our little cabin in the center of town . On our way back through the dense forest , filled with trees with orange and yellow leaves and small critters looking for their next meal , I looked straight up , and in the midst of all that orange , I could see black and purple dots scattered across the sky .
This went on for the next 5 years , each year the dots grew bigger in size and unlike my first encounter with them where they all seemed so distant from one another , with each passing day they seemed to unite with each other , their presence becoming stronger and more threatening .
468 B.C. - It wasn’t only the particles anymore , it was the soft heartbeat sounds that could be heard each time a particle grew larger in size or connected to another one. By this point , everyone was talking about the strange phenomenon that had invaded our little island and demanding answers from our town counselors such as my father . It didn’t take much longer until the fear and hatred started to consume my neighbors , as the particles had reached a point where parts of the sun were being completely blocked during parts of the day and there were still no answers . Many of our neighbors started throwing rocks at our windows and many of the town kids would beat me up whenever they saw me leave the house . It got to a point where enough was enough and my father called everyone in for a town meeting in which he stated the reality we were all facing and how at this rate we should prepare ourselves for the worst case scenario : total darkness.
After that day , we couldn’t manage to leave our house anymore , as the threat of our entire family being hanged or burned alive by our neighbors was always present.
470 B.C. - No one was getting sleep anymore , the noises kept intensifying and our biggest fears were starting to turn into a reality . The particles had now blocked nearly the entire
Sky and we could now clearly see the formation of a black hole surrounded in its entirety by a flashing purple glow. I was fascinated by the imposing behemoth and would spend hours just looking at it ,imagining all the possibilities as to what it may contain and why it came to visit our little town .
Little did I know that it wouldn’t take long until I found the answers to all my questions…
472 B.C. - I was sitting on the front porch of our little cabin when it all went down …
The black hole started spinning at a speed never seen before ! During this stage , a gust of wind ferociously attacked our side of town , yanking the branches off nearby trees and carrying all sorts of sharp debris along with it. I covered my face with my hands , trying to grab something to hold onto and then suddenly , a loud explosion could be heard from the “eye” of the void ! I screamed in terror and quickly jumped to my feet!
I yanked the door open and screamed for everyone to abandon the house immediately , my parents grabbed our siblings by the arms and rushed them out of the cabin. I looked to my sides and could see dozens of my neighbors exiting their homes , some were running to the mountains and others were trying to find a place to hide , but we went straight for the woods…
We ran for a long time while constantly hearing a hoard of footsteps trailing behind us , they were catching up . I knew we could only keep this up for so long until they would finally find us but I didn’t care . My mind was so concentrated on escaping that I was startled when I heard my mothers scream in the distance. I took a glance behind me but I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I could hear was a loud explosion nearby ,followed by a dreadful moment of silence . I stopped dead in my tracks as the realization that my family was gone hit me . I fell to the ground , ripped my shirt apart and started to cry inconsolably. I layed in the dirt for a long time until I heard the sound of footsteps quickly approaching…
I had been abducted by them…
I don’t know how much time had passed until I woke up , but when I did , I realized I was far from home , somewhere foreign. The terrain was purplish and very rocky and an odd smell emanated from something nearby. Once I stood up I found where it was coming from.
They were completely black , had purple glowing eyes and a ton of spikes from the top of their head all the way to their tails , they are known as the “Eliotropi”. They grabbed me by the arms and led me down a long trail filled with sharp alien rocks and gross parasites and alien bird-like creatures that inhabited the area . After a long and painful walk we finally made it to our destination …
A massive palace-like structure , black and purple were its colors . I looked to my sides and could see spaceships landing all around me . They opened their doors and I was shocked to see kids just like me, some looked younger, some looked older , but none of them were adults . The Eliotropi stopped me at the steps of the palace and I waited as the kids from the other spaceships arrived at the palace steps . When everyone had finally made it there , I took a glance behind me and I saw hundreds of kids piled up with one another , some were crying but most of them were in complete shock, not yet having processed the reality of their situation . We climbed up the stairs until I came face to face with a giant red metal door. When it opened I was completely blinded by the darkness of the room . All I could hear were the words of the Eliotropi :
Eliotropi 1 : “ General X, the invasion on Earth was a success ! We have bought what you have demanded of us.”
General X *laughs* “How delightful… Don’t waste anymore time and proceed to give them all to the people!”
Eliotropi 2 “ Finally , I've been hungry for a while ! ”
General X “ Yes , Yes , calm down! Before you leave, do me a favor and separate a couple of them from the group and bring them to me . I think it's about time …”
Suddenly two groups were made , most of the kids were piled into one group but I was placed into a much smaller group of about 20 kids . I looked to my left and my right in fear as I saw two doors emerge from the walls , they slowly opened , and we were taken in .
We walked down a long corridor until we came across another door . This one was completely golden and had purple cracks all around it . I went in and I was finally able to see him ! Sitting in the throne was General X , he wore a neo-samurai helmet and a tattered cape along his back . He got up from his throne and spoke :
The following is a dialogue between the Eliotropi and General X moments before the transformation:_____________________________________________________
Eliotropi 1 , 2 & 3 : “ These were the best we could find your honor!”
General X: “Perfect … After centuries of studying humanity these seem to be the perfect test subjects for the treiglad trials !”
Eliotropi 2 : “ B- but it’s too dangerous !”
Eliotropi 3: “ He’s completely right ! If something goes wrong our entire species runs the risk of becoming extinct !”
General X “ Well there’s only one way of finding out.”
Eliotropi 2&3 : “ BUT!!!”
General X “ Be quiet and get out!!!”
Moments later , I along with 2 other kids were separated from the rest of the group. We were forced to retrace our path until we finally came across a shiny grey metal door that I hadn’t taken notice of before . The soldier pushed us aside , grabbed a key out of his pocket and opened it . We walked down the stairs until we made it into a room that contained 3 giant glass chambers. I STARTED TO PANIC AT THAT MOMENT NOT KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THESE SAVAGES , I SCREAMED IN PROTEST TRYING TO LET MYSElF FREE FROM THE CHAINS I HAD TIED TO ME , but it was useless…
That was the last thing I could remember from that day . When I finally woke up , I could see I was still chained up and was floating in a sea of purple acid . I looked around me and that’s when I saw my reflection. I looked completely different , my skin was dark and its texture was rough , my eyes were glowing purple and spikes started to protrude from my arms , legs and back .
Moments later , 5 Eliotropi showed up , they unlocked my chamber and removed the chains I had tied up to me. I looked to my sides and saw that one of the two remaining chambers was also being unlocked . I watched in awe as the creature emerged from the chamber . It was massive and was covered with messy dark-silver fur that ran from the top of its head all the way to the bottom of its feet , it also had massive dark gray feathers like that of a “Lammergeier”. The real horror came when it started to flap its wings aggressively at the Eliotropi and opened its mouth , to reveal thousands of squirming worms in the place where teeth should have been , the Eliotropi acted quickly and injected it with a tranquilizer that made it fall to the ground , leaving it in a dormant state . Moments later I heard slow footsteps approaching the chamber , I looked behind me and caught sight of General X . He signaled me to follow him and I did , we exited the chamber and walked until we arrived at a spiral staircase leading into the palace’s balcony .
Once we had finally made it there , he made his way to the front of the balcony and addressed the Eliotropi :
GX : “Welcome everyone !
\The crowd cheers\**
GX: Yes , Yes , I know all of you are very happy now that you have filled your stomachs after centuries of awaiting your next meal , BUT THE PURPOSE OF THIS REUNION IS NOT TO CELEBRATE OUR VICTORY, BUT RATHER, TO WELCOME A NEW MEMBER TO OUR FAMILY!!
It was at this moment where the Eliotropi holding me back , finally let me go , I walked to the front of the balcony and proceeded to look down below me. I was shocked to see thousands of Eliotropi all gathered at around the palace steps. GX then proceeded to hand me a cape along with a helmet just like his and continued with his speech.
*Crowd cheers and applauds*
That was 2495 years ago,
After that day, I learned many things about the “Newel” kingdom, but out of all the teachings one stood out to me the most and that was the one relating to the invasion of planet earth. Here is what it stated :
“Every 2500 earth years, we serve the right and consider it to be our responsibility to invade earth in order to preserve all the life and order present in “Newel ”. 5 years before our arrival a “Nimbus” will form in the sky, it will progressively get stronger as the years go on, once it reaches its final stage a portal will form in the sky which will allow us to enter earth with ease. During the invasion, we will take with us as much of humanity as deemed necessary in order to preserve our population alive . ANY DISRUPTIONS TO OUR ACTIVITY WILL RESULT IN FATAL CONSEQUENCES TO THE INDIVIDUALS AND TO THE COSMOS AS WE KNOW IT. ”. You may choose to do what you wish with this information, regardless of your final decision just remember that time is running out, and for that -
“We are sorry”
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2023.02.03 06:21 QuickTimeVelocity Wednesday Dream at an AirBnB with family, ft. Toy Story, old coins, PS1 games, and more

The dream, from what I recall, started with my youngest sisters, my dad, and me walking down a road similar to the one that leads to our IRL house, with weather looking overcast as it looks IRL ATM. But the road in this dream was a dirt path, as opposed to the paved street we live on. This was the first indicator for me this was somewhere new.
At some moment while walking, I stopped to kneel and look at something shiny in the now slightly muddy ground. Wiping the filth off of the object, I could discern it was a 1956 or 1964 silver dime. This wasn't the first time I've seen this same dime. It also appeared in my black hole sun dream, too. For these reasons, I keep my IRL 1964 silver dime beside my bed.

Soon after this, we eventually made it to our destination. It looked nothing like our house, and by some dream-knowledge, I knew it was a place we were staying at only temporarily. On the oldschool projection-type HDTV, we watched something Toy Story-related, as it had Sid's sister in it, finding out the toys are alive.
Sometime after that, my dad came back inside, apparently back from metal detecting with one of my siblings whom I knew wasn't inside at that point. He poured their findings on the clothed table in the dining room, looking to see all of what there was. I was looking to see one, and it appeared to look like a brown metal disc covered in mercury.
Seeing it more intently, I wiped it a bit, seeing if the lighter metal was some coating that could come off of it. And it did. It slipped off soon enough and pooled together below the table. The coin that was unveiled showed itself to be some kind of exonumia, with The Los Angeles Times written on the reverse, and a denomination of $2 below that. Material-wise, it seemed to be made of a brass alloy of some kind, as some non-money tokens tend to be. No clue if a token like described above exists IRL or not, nor what reason it'd have to.

After that, I went to play some PS1 on the TV. The game looked to be a bit of a mixture of Gran Turismo and Demolition Racer. The track I was racing on I remember seeing in a demo for one of the GT games, but the mechanics of the racing worked the same as DR, as opponent racers could be damaged throughout the race. This was an interesting mix of elements for a game, and it proved to be quite entertaining for me.
Sometime once I finished that, I left and sat in a chair or lied in a bed, reading a comic magazine of some kind. All I can recall from the mag was there being Futurama and Scott Pilgrim comic strips in it. Dunno if this was anything that's ever happened either, but it was something interesting to ponder after the dream.

And that's where my memory of it ends. Quite the mundane, but intriguing sort of dream. Like living a day in the life of myself, but in a parallel dimension, somewhere out there in the vast multiverse. Hope anyone reading this can get this reposted to other subs that'd find this a fun read, I'd love if anyone out there can find if any of those things from my dream exist IRL!! :D
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2023.02.03 06:19 -_-Lani Today I'm gonna have to tell my mom i quit school.

Since i was 14 i've struggled with depression and very low self-worth. Since then lots of stuff happened to me that didn't help my situation, as life usually goes. Now I'm 21, and I don't see a future for myself.
I spent the last 3 years in college, last year was supposed to be the year i graduated but i hit a block. A friend of mine said it was burnout, but idk. Everyone there is so harsh with criticism the whole time, and it's so tiring to keep working on long assignments when you know it's gonna fail anyway. I know that it's a bit stupid that i'm making such a big deal out of it bc i know everyone in college/uni experiences this. But i couldn't do it anymore. Call it lame, i know.
I also don't see the point of a degree anymore? Yes, it gives me a job, which will provide me with money to survive. But let's be honest here, these days you need a degree for everything and the chance that you'll end up with a job you'll actually enjoy and pays the bills for 40+ years is slim to none. Everyday i see my mom coming home from her job, fully stressed out to the point that on some days it's better not to talk her, let her watch tv and destress. Is that how we're supposed to be living? I'm already feeling shitty about myself all the time and it's gonna be even worse? How is that ever gonna help me be 'happier'?
Anyway, my shtty self-worth that couldn't take 'the cold harsh world' and this whole dilemma made me quit going to school and i'm barely leaving my house. The thing is, i haven't told my parents yet. After years of yelling at eachother me and my mom recently started to actually form a bond. But when i tell her about it she's just going to go apesht on me again and be dissapointed and i would 100% understand it. I can't take that shame, i don't want my mom to think i'm a failure, allthough it would be the truth i want her to think that i'm actually doing something good for once. Like finishing one last year of college... but i'm a dissapointment...
So yeah... She'll get mad, demand that i get a job, it'll probably be dead-end and i'll waste my life away feeling unhappy. Just... why?
I know this was a long one to read through, sorry if it's a bit all over the place as i'm writing this at 5am.
Thank you if you got to the end, means a lot.
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2023.02.03 06:19 vangard128 AITA for telling my wife I think it is unreasonable for us to evenly split the chores?

Little back story... my wife got laid off during covid and never went back to work. She is a stay at home mom, which is incredibly difficult and I would never try to take away from how hard that is.
Due to the way the economy has gone, my industry has been impacted in a MAJOR way, which has caused a major decline in my income resulting in me having to work side gigs and extra hours to just make ends meet. I am currently working an average of 14 hours a day during the week and 12 hour days on the weekend.
My schedule is essentially work my profession from 8-12, do side gigs from 12-2, work from 2-6, then run more deliveries from 6-9:30 or 10. When I get home, it's up to me to get the kids to bed, because she insists they prefer I do it. Our daughter is not sleep trained, so after getting my son to bed, I often will have to stay with her until around 11 or 11:30 to keep her asleep. Since there is not enough room in our bed for my wife, myself, and a tossing and turning baby, I sleep on the couch so that hopefully they have enough room in the bed. On a good night, I get to bed at 11:30, but it will usually be closer to 12 or even as late as 1 when I finally get a chance to go to sleep.
Tonight, after getting in at 9:45, my wife told me I need to do more around the house and started suggesting she do a chart to split up the chores. She is saying it isn't fair for her to have to do so much housework when any functioning adult should carry their weight. I said she was being unreasonable and asked when she would suggest I had time to do housework. She got frustrated and we started going in circles.
I have no problem splitting chores in a normal situation. If I was only working 40 hours or even 60 hours a week, I don't think I would have any sort of objection to her request. However, when I am essentially working more than two full-time jobs, I feel that it is unreasonable to ask me to do more around the house when she essentially says going back to work was "too hard" and told her previous employer that was trying to hire her back to take her off the list. I already felt like I was underappreciated for the amount of work I do to just make sure my family has what they need, so maybe I was being overly emotional with a knee jerk response... but AITA?
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2023.02.03 06:19 FantasticFiefdom325 I am so screwed

So to make a long story as short as possible...
We had received money for an insurance claim in our home. Insurance company paid out, contractor asked for and received half down, and wouldn't let me pay in advance for the rest. I knew this could be problematic.
Months go by with all this extra money sitting in our account. Thanks to depression and brain fog, I wasn't paying attention to the spending we were doing, and we started to eat into the insurance money. No big deal, I thought. I was going to find a part-time job once our kids were all in school in September (I've been a SAHM for 10 years, youngest child started kindergarten this fall). Naturally, once school started, everyone has been so sick and missing so much school that finding a job has been pushed to the back burner.
Husband's hours at work got cut. Income dropped significantly, as we were relying on his OT pay to cover all our bills (another reason I wanted to find a job - to take pressure off him). The money waiting for the contractor became the buffer to help cover a couple mortgage payments and other bills and is now gone.
Contractor finally contacted me for payment last week, almost five months after the project was completed, and I had to tell him we don't have it. Because we don't have the money, they could press charges against us for insurance fraud, but won't, as long as we pay within two weeks. My husband had no idea any of this was happening, as I'm the one responsible for the finances.
I feel like shit over this, but even more so now because he called a relative to lend us the money until we get his tax return. I haven't told him the truth, he thinks the contractor is trying to screw us over and now half his family knows and thinks the same thing. I'm in over my head. I never intended for any of this to happen, and I know I look like an asshole right now.
I don't know how to tell him the truth, and thanks to my childhood, I can't handle men getting angry with me. I'm scared. I know he won't hurt me, but even the thought of having him get angry (which he's entitled to, I know) makes me want to throw up. I know I need to come clean. I'm so fucking mad at myself!
Thanks for letting me vent.
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2023.02.03 06:19 risshanz Daycare Naps

Hey parents, I wanted to come on here and get some opinions because I just don’t know if I’m being crazy lol.
My almost 3 year old goes to a local preschool/daycare a few days a week. They were really great about communication when we first started but have had a lot of turn over with teachers and it’s changed alot. They no longer really update us at all. My son is a great sleeper and still takes an afternoon nap that’s 2-3 hours at home but we just found out he’s no longer napping at school. They didn’t tell us anything but he has been hysterical after a few pickups so we asked. They said “he said he doesn’t want to”. This is really impacting his whole mood, he’s upset and exhausted all evening.
I Guess I just wanted to see other parent opinions on this. Are we out of line to be frustrated by this? And would it be appropriate to ask for a meeting with the teacher to make a plan of action? Or are we just screwed and this is what happens in school?
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2023.02.03 06:19 WeekAccomplished8611 What's a great "turn your brain off" movie / TV-show to watch on a 5h flight?

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2023.02.03 06:17 FortyishYearOld What's a great "turn your brain off" movie / TV-show to watch on a 5h flight?

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2023.02.03 06:17 bigmike02 These articles are purely FUD. I'd love to find out who these "people familiar with the matter are" But it is extremely interesting RC is going after Tritton for a second time now.

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