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2023.02.03 04:33 lunorpra I’m thinking of quitting.

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I’m thinking of quitting my job. I’m currently employed as a sitter as my first job in healthcare. The thing is, during the employment process they made it seem like I would be doing patient transport while doing patient sitting from time to time, but I am always scheduled to sit. I’ve only worked here for a few months, and I want to transfer to a CNA role but I can’t do that until I’ve worked here for 6 months. The thing is I don’t think I can stay in this position for 6 months. I’m working full time nights and every night I come in my anxiety makes me want to vomit for at least the first hour I’m here. I feel like I have to sit there and stress the entire 12 hours about if the patient is going to wake up and try to start hitting me/yelling. I’m also going to school full time and having to switch from nights to days with only 24 hours to make the switch is difficult. I’ve really enjoyed working in a hospital and all of the employees are great, but having to sit with patients for 12 hours 3 nights in a row has been very mentally taxing. I’m also float pool so I don’t have a home unit/people that I can fall back on when I’m having a stressful shift. Should I put in my 2 weeks and hope they’ll let me come back in the summer for a different role that they will train me for like 6+ weeks or should I stay to make sure I can work here over the summer but struggle with school+my mental health? I know that transferring to a CNA role won’t be a walk in the park, but I plan on switching to part time instead of full time and they will put me through a formal training program which will make me feel competent in the work I will be doing.
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2023.02.03 04:33 agentrnge How bad would buying a former rental car be?

Recently saw a listing for a G30 540i that seems pretty nice, low mileage.. According to the carfax it spent its first 4 months as a rental car, where it had 10k miles put on it. Next owner did 7k miles over 3 years. What horrible red-flags does this raise for you?
I ordinarily wouldn't even ever consider a rental, but just wondering how bad it could be. With all those miles in such a short time at least it probably was not short trips. Buckets of highway miles? Could it have been an uber-black scenario? A dealer loaner? Thoughts?
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2023.02.03 04:33 jelk151 Hinderer Price drops and ZT

  1. Hinderer XM-18 3.5 no choil slicer with battle black M390 blade. Full Ti with a metonboss scale. I'm at least the second owner, and the blade appears to be unsharpened. Centering seems to favor the show side. There are some wear marks above the pivot screw that show up in the picture and video, but no visible marks on the lockbar side. Included are box, triway parts, liner and g10 scale (shown in picture). SV: $525
  1. Hinderer XM-18 3.5 spearpoint with M390 blade. Full stonewashed blue TI with brushed metonboss scale. Again, at least the second owner, but doesn't appear to have been sharpened. Only wear that I can see is on the pocket clip with polishing on the edges. Included are box, triway parts, liner and g10 scale (shown in picture). SV $550
  1. ZT 0452TIBLU. This one is a user and has been sharpened, im at least the second owner. The scales started out blue but came to me pretty warn, so I removed the ano with whinks and it turned out great. There are snails on the blade, and scale and pocket clip show wear from use. Centering favors the show side as seen in the picture. SV: $160. I planned to carry this one but found that I like the 0450 much better. Only the knife in this one, no box or papers included.
Yolo beats pm, but again, shoot me a chat if I'm off. I'm not looking for any trades at this time and payment via PayPal FF. Can ship tomorrow if purchased tonight.
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2023.02.03 04:33 bunnybadger21 I thought they stopped calling him dad. That's what you said here anyway..LIES 🤣🤣

I thought they stopped calling him dad. That's what you said here anyway..LIES 🤣🤣 submitted by bunnybadger21 to Tzlioness [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:33 ImoutoCompAlex Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Theater Leaks Mega-thread

Discuss, theorize, and feel free to collect and compile images and what clips you can on Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3's Swordsmith Village Japanese Premiere in this thread. This is a special theatrical showing across the world that will air episodes 10 and 11 of season 2’s Red Light District Arc, and then the first episode of Swordsmith Village Arc early in theaters.
Here are the Theater Screening Dates:
Remember to follow the rules, and please do not try to cause drama and unnecessary arguments.
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2023.02.03 04:33 jamalev If I'm holding a field upgrade and buy a loadout drop marker, it should replace my current field upgrade and drop the one I'm currently carrying

Why would the game prioritize the tactical camera I'm holding and not the thing I just spent thousands of dollars on? I just basically lost a game because my loadout marker was sitting on the ground at the buy station and I didn't notice for 3 minutes.
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2023.02.03 04:32 304stoned Fast Mutations

I always spit the meteors that spawn from the father tree into 3 generations. I went to one site and inspected the meteor and then went back to base. I passed a generation so all babies that were at the meteor with me got a mutation and then I made 6 more babies and went back to the second site and repeated that but I didn’t take those babies to the next meteor, instead I just evolved with literally all 6 elders and all 6 adults having a mutation. Then after I evolved I hit the 3rd site and had another 6 elders with mutations the next time I evolved. Idk if anyone else has figured this out or not tho because I’ve never actually seen anyone mention it before. I kinda accidentally stumbled on it when I dropped babies off and it said they both gained a mutation, I thought it was random but I checked the other 4 I took with me to the meteor and they all gained a mutation from just inspecting the site. I can’t be the only one that’s accidentally bumped into this method but I’ve never seen anyone mention it in a video or anything else. If you look up meteors most of the results are how to find them or how to get the 24 reinforcement points which i feel like is kinda wasting a much bigger opportunity for evolution. You still get the same amount of reinforcement points with this method AND you get 18 mutated apes to further progress your lineage. Btw if you try this, don’t hit the third meteor until you evolve, mutations don’t stick unless the ape matures to adult or elder.
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2023.02.03 04:32 AcrosticSD City of Madison Snow Plow Naming Ends 8pm Friday

If you haven’t ranked your choices yet at the Wisconsin Salt Wise website, you have until 8pm February 3.
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2023.02.03 04:32 Reality_Choice I thought this was super cute - while it wouldn't help you find the building or apartment it was still funny. it turned out I delivered Uber eats there before so I found it no problem 😉

I thought this was super cute - while it wouldn't help you find the building or apartment it was still funny. it turned out I delivered Uber eats there before so I found it no problem 😉 submitted by Reality_Choice to InstacartShoppers [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:32 Money-Savvy-Wannabe Real estate courses or school recos in the PH

Hello. I already am a career woman, at it for 10 years now. College grad and malapit na rin mag grad sa master's ko. However recently Ive been taking interest into real estate brokerage. I read na ngayon kailangan mo nang maging BSREM grad na in order to take the licensure exam, hnd kagaya dati na basta maipasa mo ung exam e goods kana.
Ayoko rin naman na mag take ng 4 years na BSREM kasi parang too much nmn n kumuha pa ako ng undergrad course ngayon.
Are there any short courses I can take pra makapag licensure exam or if wala naman, maaccredit ba ung mga units ko para hnd naman ako mag four years sa BSREM? Any school recos po?
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2023.02.03 04:32 DidSomeoneSayCats I need advice on handling a problem employee in a business with almost no current policies in place yet

For context-I was hired to help a small business (30 employees in 3 locations) formalize their practices as well as manage benefits and payroll. I’ve only been at the company a little over two months and with my focus being on learning business needs and straightening their benefits program, I’ve not been able to officially roll out many policies. My goal is to write a handbook and have some clear policies on conduct, attendance, etc to help with issues like one we are currently having. But I’m not there yet.
We hired a new girl 1 month ago to work in our retail store. Her performance has not been great and she’s been late about 6 times and called out 3 times. We had a verbal counseling with her about a week ago in regards to her performance but hadn’t caught on at the time that she had been late so often. Today at work she left a few minutes in after claiming she had a miscarriage. We treated it delicately and with comfort, but I’ve asked her to bring a note from the doctor explaining how much time she may need and possible accommodations we might have to make. She told me then that it turned out to not be that and she is returning to work tomorrow. Her manager is very frustrated because there have been so many instances like this with her. How would you proceed at this point given that there is no written policy yet? We are an at-will state.
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2023.02.03 04:31 marhide What are the arguments in favor of “native speakerism”?

I don’t work in TEFL at the moment, but I came across a post on LinkedIn today about this subject that I think is very interesting. I’ll post part of it here:
“The term used in sociolinguistics to name the ideology that privileges native English teachers over non-native English teachers is “native-speakerism.” This ideology has been heavily discussed in the ELT (English Language Teaching) industry due to the discrimination some English teachers have suffered. On the internet, It is easy to find ESL teaching position jobs that require candidates to be native speakers. Some positions accept non-native speakers but offer native speakers a higher salary or more perks. Not only recruiters but also students and even teachers oftentimes value native- English-speaking teachers more than non-native English-speaking teachers (Alvarez, 2020).”
Native-speakerism has negatively affected non-native English teachers who despite their qualifications, have been considered inferior to their peers whose first language is English. And YOU, as a student or even as an ELT instructor, can help fight native-speakerism. Here are a few things you can do:
1) STOP stereotyping native and non-native teachers. 2) Value all teachers based on their skills. Native teachers are not necessarily better than non-native teachers. 3) If you are a teacher, discuss native-speakerism in class. Oftentimes our students are fooled by the media.
I worked in TEFL for years and have a graduate degree in applied linguistics and I’ve published research in Q1 academic journals, so I’m tuned in to this debate.
However, out of interest—as an intellectual exercise, so to speak—I’d like to hear arguments from the opposing side. I have no strong opinions on this, but my feeling is that this debate is partly a theoretical extension of the postcolonial victim/oppressor ideology that permeates so much of the social sciences.
I feel that there must be something underpinning this desire for native speakers that goes beyond mere prejudice.
Even if there are no good arguments for favoring native speakers, just try to play devil’s advocate.
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2023.02.03 04:31 SudoCheese I think I’m leaving my alcoholic fiancée tomorrow

I’ve(28M) been with my fiancée (29F) for 3 years and 9 months. I was aware that she drank a lot but never thought she had a real problem.
Random days she would be blackout drunk on the couch before I would wake up. I’ve bathed her when she’s too drunk to stand in a shower alone.
I’ve taken her to the hospital multiple times at all hours of the night or day. First time was when she was in severe pain for a few days and I finally forced her to the ER. She couldn’t walk straight. I had to carry her to the car. Screaming in pain. She had pancreatitis caused by liver enzymes or something from heavy drinking.
She was hospitalized for 2 weeks sipping broth and eating ice chips. I was at her bedside everyday. All hours. Everything she needed I did.
I moved across the country with her so she could go to the only university that accept her with her felony DUI. I got us an apartment that accepted felons.
She failed one of her classes because she had too many days drunk or withdrawing. She wasted 15k her parents money to have to repeat the class.
More recent:
She’s stolen money from me after she lost her job.
I forced her to choose between detox (5 days) and me leaving her. She finally did detox and was grateful when it was over. I pointed her to AA and joined a group.
She was sober a few days and then relapsed over Christmas. She slept in her car for 5 days while getting wasted. Where we live it was 5F and she was only wearing nursing scrubs. I found her car when it was on empty. She could have froze to death.
She was sober for 2 weeks after that, but then didn’t come home after a meeting. She ended up driving to a house in the next state over and stayed there for a week. She only came home after I threatened to throw away all her belongings. She still hasn’t told me who’s house it was.
She’s currently on her second relapse. She’s lied about everywhere she’s been all this week. She said she was going to a meeting today, but she went to two liquor stores and two bars.
I confronted her at the bar just a few hours ago around 1700.
She was drinking alone, a single beer, without her engagement ring on. I talked with her the best I could, but she kept going between wanting to be independent by staying with a friend. And then saying that she’s excite for our 4 year anniversary and having kids some day.
I had enough of the talk. I took back the ring that she kept in her purse. I gave her mine.
I told her do whatever you want tonight. “You’ve already lied enough today, it won’t matter what you say. But tomorrow you come home and we go to an AA meeting together and work through this shit. If not, her stuff is already in bags and will be thrown out.
I came home and cried. It feels so unfair. I gave her everything I could. I supported her through everything. I pushed her into getting help with alcoholism. And all she said was she has friends she can move in with.
And here I am. In our bed. Surrounded by her stuff. It feels like a nightmare. I want to vomit. I want to sleep for work tomorrow, but I don’t want to close my eyes without her laying on my chest.
Yesterday we celebrated my college degree being approved. We made plans to watch the new last of us show tonight. I bought us tickets to a rage room so she could break stuff.
She’s still out at the bar. She’s turned off our location sharing.
Part of me wants her to not show up tomorrow. Because I know I will want to take her back. And if she doesn’t, it forces my hand.
I don’t want to be in the apartment. We moved in together, decorated it all, bought everything together. This place is me and her. I have to move back to California. But I spent nearly all my savings moving us here.
I still owe money on our stupid bed. We just bought really nice bedding for it too. I’m rambling.
I hate this disease. I’m so broken by her.
I’ve been sober since November 25 2020.
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2023.02.03 04:31 TBL256 Need serious Answers!!!

Ok so I’ve been with my wife for a little over two years and married a little over 1. Back in august of last year I said some hurtful things to her and through the relationship I was hard to deal with at times. Had a hard time apologizing, fighting fairly, brought up divorce, took off ring, etc. after august I did a lot of self evaluation because she was done and wanted a divorce. I changed my ways and never did the things I used to do because I finally felt what it was like to be on the opposite end. We decided to go to counseling and have been reading through Gottmans 8 dates. We made it through 3, and of course we have had minor conflict through the way but have worked through it. About a month ago we were on the brink of divorce and she had moved out for a little over a week. I caught her snapchatting a guy she went to high school with and she tried to delete the convo but he still showed up as a best friend. She swore up and down nothing inappropriate was said and said that she was venting about us because she felt like she didn’t have anyone. He reached out after seeing a sad FB post. Well we mended for the most part after that but Saturday I questioned a guy she followed and followed her on tiktok due to the recent insecurity about Snapchat. Her tiktok was public but after I questioned her about it she made the tiktok private to where I couldn’t see anything anymore. I told her marriage is about transparency and to accept my follow but she denied because of how I was acting. Out of nowhere really it’s like she absolutely hates me, is very ugly to me, and has said some of the most hurtful things imaginable. I mean I know there could be someone else, could be depression, but in the end I really don’t know. Anyone had a similar experience?
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2023.02.03 04:31 Money-Savvy-Wannabe Real estate courses or school recos

Hello. I already am a career woman, at it for 10 years now. College grad and malapit na rin mag grad sa master's ko. However recently Ive been taking interest into real estate brokerage. I read na ngayon kailangan mo nang maging BSREM grad na in order to take the licensure exam, hnd kagaya dati na basta maipasa mo ung exam e goods kana.
Ayoko rin naman na mag take ng 4 years na BSREM kasi parang too much nmn n kumuha pa ako ng undergrad course ngayon.
Are there any short courses I can take pra makapag licensure exam or if wala naman, maaccredit ba ung mga units ko para hnd naman ako mag four years sa BSREM? Any school recos po?
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2023.02.03 04:31 julm22 Vacation after FET?

I know… I know… I would be rolling my eyes too, but hear me out.
We have been through so much the past few years (as I’m sure many of you have with just fertility treatments alone). My father in law passed away shockingly and suddenly, my mother in law got diagnosed with terminal cancer…
In terms of IVF we are on year 3 with no LC. My wife went into this extremely healthy and ended a few weeks ago being told she can never carry. Ever (even confirmed by a reproductive immunologist). She got diagnosed along the way with a blood clotting disorder, rheumatoid arthritis, and brain tumors which lead to neurosurgery this past summer. She has had 3 miscarriages of 4 PGT tested embryos.
We, as a lot of you can relate, have put our entire lives on hold for these treatments as well as other outside tragedies we have experienced.
We are a lesbian couple so I am planning on doing a transfer in a few weeks. We never planned on this since I have my own health issues but I am willing to do anything at this point (that’s safe, of course) to carry us to potential parenthood.
In June we planned a trip to the Bahamas for this February. Now I have a transfer days before this trip. I feel foolish and selfish if it is risky at all to travel especially because my wife has already sacrificed so much thus far, I don’t want to mess this cycle up if it will be detrimental to travel. However, a vacation sounds really really really good for our mental health. It’s also too late to push back a transfer because we already paid for and started prepping for it.
Has anyone traveled or vacationed after an FET or during the TWW? I’m sorry if this sounds like a dramatic sad story, but I just really could use the break with my wife and I also want to make sure I’m not being “reckless” (if reckless is laying pool side and reading a bunch of books 🤣)
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2023.02.03 04:30 PostChecklist Hey there, u/PostChecklist here!

Hello! This should give you the brief what, and why’s on this account, or possibly answer the questions you may have.


I’m an account managed by u/YawnMcie (typical,) and for bloxymemes, to try and tidy the mess of a subreddit we use now. No, this account cannot do anything else other than criticize, I am not a moderator. I’m simply here to try my best to fix this subreddit up and am still, just like you, an average user. Just dont push aside the things I say just because it’s unofficial, those points still stand.


Now you can always remove posts that don’t fit the subreddit’s criteria, but the person who created that post might not learn to be better, or realize why that post was taken down. Without proper punishment such as bans, the OP might not change and could (and in a lot of cases have) post another post just like the removed one, or even worse. As a low tier user of the sub, there’s nothing I can do but watch, and watch as more posts like these get posted. The mods can continue removing posts, but the posters wont change. So I decided why not leave a detailed review on each post and explain why it’s either good, or bad? This could either, if good, encourage the OP to post more like such, or if bad, explain to OP why it’s bad, and possibly teach them. Other than punishing, the best way to have someone change, is to teach them. I decided to praise the good posts and criticize the bad ones and made this account, u/QualityChecklist. For far too long bad posts have plagued this subreddit, and although this account probably won’t help, it’s best to try.


I plan on following a specific format to when I comment to make things clear for everyone. Obviously since I’m still just a user of the subreddit I’m technically obligated to follow it’s rules, and yeah I definitely don’t agree with a lot of them, and think that more should be added, but it’s best to follow the mods’ wishes. This means the comment will state the following:
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The comment will then end off with the traditional “I am a bot and this action was performed automatically!” text, although since it’s manually operated it’ll be slightly different. An opt out note will also be displayed. If you don’t want to receive these comments on your post then simply reply to the comment with “!optout” (or anything similar, like “opt out,” or even “stop commenting this”,) and I will gladly block your account. This is so your post won’t ever appear on this account’s feed. Don’t worry, it won’t be a disadvantage either as I won’t ever be upvoting any posts on this account. There will also be a link to this exact post (hey, you clicked that!) just because.

And finally…

Thank you for taking the time to read this, or even click on the link. This does take some effort, but I’m willing to do such, because uh, I don’t know this subreddit is cool enough I guess.
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2023.02.03 04:30 Seek2Destroy117 thank you!

thank you!
thank you to all those who gave me tips and tricks on how to play yesterday, i’m now on week 13 and i haven’t lost a single hero! i am currently running a bit low on gold though. going to have to rush a few dungeons to bump it back up
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2023.02.03 04:30 Money-Savvy-Wannabe Real Estate courses or school recos

Hello. I already am a career woman, at it for 10 years now. College grad and malapit na rin mag grad sa master's ko. However recently Ive been taking interest into real estate brokerage. I read na ngayon kailangan mo nang maging BSREM grad na in order to take the licensure exam, hnd kagaya dati na basta maipasa mo ung exam e goods kana.
Ayoko rin naman na mag take ng 4 years na BSREM kasi parang too much nmn n kumuha pa ako ng undergrad course ngayon.
Are there any short courses I can take pra makapag licensure exam or if wala naman, maaccredit ba ung mga units ko para hnd naman ako mag four years sa BSREM? Any school recos po?
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2023.02.03 04:30 Reality_Choice would everybody know that this is short for 'trailer' because I figured it out but it took me a few seconds...

would everybody know that this is short for 'trailer' because I figured it out but it took me a few seconds... submitted by Reality_Choice to UberEatsDrivers [link] [comments]

2023.02.03 04:30 Adanooos Plusliga recap/update after January

Current league standings:

1. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów 18 Wins - 4 Loses 53 points
2. Jastrzębski Węgiel 16 W - 6 L 52 p
3. Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie 17 W - 5 L 48 p
4. Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle 16 W - 6 L 46 p
5. Projekt Warszawa 14 W - 8 L 40 p
6. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn 14 W - 8 L 40 p
7. Trefl Gdańsk 13 W - 8 L 38 p
8. LUK Lublin 12 W - 10 L 34 p
9. PSG Stal Nysa 11 W - 11 L 34 p
10. Ślepsk Malow Suwałki 10 W - 12 L 32 p
11. PGE Skra Bełchatów 8 W - 14 L 29 p
12. Barkom Kazany Lviv 6 W - 16 L 24 p
13. Cuprum Lubin 8 W -13 L 20 p
14. GKS Katowice 8 W - 14 L 20 p
15. Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom 2 W - 20 L 10 p
16. BBTS Bielsko-Biała 2 W - 20 L 5 p

Individual numbers:

Most MVPs:
  1. Uros Kovacevic - 6
  2. Taylor Averill - 6
  3. Bartosz Kwolek, Jakub Kochanowski, Jakub Jarosz, Stephane Boyer, Barłomiej Bołądź, TJ Defalco - 5

Most Blocks:
  1. Dmytro Pashytskyy - 61
  2. Vladyslav Shchurov - 60
  3. Karol Kłos - 56
  4. Jakub Kochanowski - 55
  5. Mateusz Bieniek - 54

Most blocks (wingers):
  1. Wassim Ben Tara - 39
  2. TJ Defalco - 37
  3. Wojciech Włodarczyk - 36
  4. Uros Kovacevic - 34
  5. Tomasz Fornal - 33

Most aces:
  1. Karol Butryn - 50
  2. Mateusz Bieniek - 48
  3. Bartosz Kwolek - 37
  4. Mikołaj Sawicki - 36
  5. Nicholas Szerszeń - 35

Best passers:
  1. Luke Perry - 66,47%
  2. Jan Martinez - 55,66%
  3. Santiago Danani - 53,64%
  4. Dustin Watten - 53,07%
  5. Mateusz Czunkiewicz - 52,68%

Top scorers:
  1. Wassim Ben Tara - 381
  2. Vasyl Tupchii - 377
  3. Bartosz Filipiak - 375
  4. Bartłomiej Bołądź - 371
  5. Uros Kovacevic - 356

Top scorers (middles):
  1. Mateusz Bieniek - 286
  2. Taylor Averill - 233
  3. Jakub Kochanowski - 200
  4. Dmytro Pashytskyy - 196
  5. Bartłomiej Lemański, Karol Kłos - 193

Team Stats:

Most aces:
  1. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn - 1,83
  2. Trefl Gdańsk - 1,79
  3. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 1,76

Most blocks:
  1. Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle - 2,75
  2. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - 2,63
  3. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 2,29

Best passing:
  1. Trefl Gdańsk - 49,14%
  2. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 47,31%
  3. Ślepsk Malow Suwałki - 47,05%

Best spiking:
  1. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - 55,08%
  2. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 52,98%
  3. Indykpol AZS Olsztyn - 51,31%

Most efficient spiking:
  1. Asseco Resovia Rzeszów - 42,04%
  2. Jastrzębski Węgiel - 38,62%
  3. Projekt Warszawa - 37,38%

My Team of the month:

Jan Firlej - Projekt Warszawa started to performing way better in 2nd half of the season. Their wingers stepped up, so their rise through the ranks cannot be attributed just to Firlej, but he clearly plays a huge role in Projekt's recent good results. His setting is very difficult to read, completely unpredictable for other blockers, while he is decent to good in serving and blocking as well and his defensive abilities in backrow are also great. Overall, Janek has been key player of his team and once his wingers finally got healthy and 100% ready to play, Projekt, under Firlej's command, started to win more and rose through the ranks.
Bartłomiej Bołądź - Trefl continues to achieve good results and stays on a road to another top 8 finish with a solid chance of keeping 5th place they had after 1st half of the season. Just like Luke Perry is leader of their defense, Bartek Bołądź is leader of their offense. Over 5 points scored per set, with addition of great service and good blocking make him one of the best (if not the best) opposite in Plusliga so far. This month he led Trefl to wins over Skra and Zaksa, in addition to expected win over Radom.
TJ Defalco - American outside is Resovia's best player and difference between Resovia with Defalco playing well and Resovia without him or with TJ playing poorly is massive. This differrence was quite clear, when he played worse than normally against Cuprum and that was one of 2 loses Resovia had this month. The other one, against Zaksa, was in no way his fault, since Defalco played well in that match. TJ would also be my MVP of this season (if I had to choose one right now), since he averages almost 57% kills, he is one of the best blocking players in the league, his service is great and he does a lot of dirty work impossible to find in stats, like filling in as a secondary setter (setting when Drzyzga defends or cannot get the ball).
Artur Szalpuk - Artur Szalpuk came back to Plusliga this season and didn't start amazingly well, but once he dealt with his injury and took a starting spot away from Igor Grobelny, he has started to perform at the highest level we have ever seen from him. His passing is not that bad, his blocking has always been good and it's not different now, he improved his service, even though his jumping serve is not insanely dangerous, it's more than acceptable and he doesn't make a ton of errors. But what has always been his strenght - his spiking, got even better. He is super effective and efficient (58% kills and 45% efficiency so far) in that part of the game and often becomes top scorer of his team. It looks like playing with Firlej is great for him, just like having Artur on the left is good for Firlej.
Taylor Averill - Player of the month for sure. Taylor is currently in insane form. His service and blocking are good, but his spiking stands out for sure. In last 3 games he got 36 kills out of 42 spikes (that's 86% kills) with one of them being pipe attack against Warta Zawiercie. AZS Olsztyn got 3 super important wins this month and Averill went home with MVP awards in all of them, which shows how well he played and how important he is for his club.
Jan Nowakowski - Selecting second middle was much more difficult. In the end, I chose Jan Nowakowski for his consistent, good showings in all games this month. He has been reliable spiker in last games, averaging 69% kills and over 0,7 blocks per set in last 4 games (all he played this month). His teammates haven't been as consistent as him, just like other middles haven't been regularly good in previous month, so in my opinion Jan deserves some recognition for his current form.
Luke Perry - No changes here. Luke is the best performing libero, not just in Plusliga, but in the whole World. He continued to play like a mad man in January and it doesn't look like he is about to stop anytime soon.

Honorable Mentions:
Marcin Komenda
Linus Weber
Kevin Tillie
Filippo Lanza
Jakub Kochanowski
Michał Szalacha
Kuba Hawryluk
Marcin Komenda did a great job this month, leading LUK Lublin to some important victories, even though his wingers have been rather unpredictable and their performances varied from below average to great depending on the day. Linus Weber is fully healthy and after his recovery he finally started to play like Projekt fans wanted, we will see whether he will continue to be good. Kevin Tillie still is super important for his team. Not only he is key part of their defense, but he also adds quite a bit of points, often in the most important moments of sets or games. Filippo Lanza is the best Skra player this month, he had some really, really good performances, where he led their offense. It looks like playing with Vasina and Musiał somehow gave him a chance to step up and play way bigger role, which he took and shocked a lot of viewers. Kuba Kochanowski is not in peak form, but his blocking was on point this month. His spiking was also allright and ignoring Zaksa game, he has been serving rather well. Michała Szalacha had 2 great games this month and he starts to look like a player that got his chance to debut in NT back in 2019. His recent form is definitely a great information for Warta, since their middles have been lackluster so far this season. Finally, Kuba Hawryluk - young Polish libero waited long time to finally get his chance, but once Javier Weber gave him an opportunity to play, he proved he is one of the biggest prospects in Polish volleyball. Very solid passing, even though he didn't have Andringa next to him in every game, loads of digs and MVP award proves his class.

What do I have to say about teams, their performances and roster updates (if there were any):
Asseco Resovia Rzeszów
Resovia rejoined title competition (finally) and they are currently on their way to win regular season. Unlike 3 teams behind them, they didn't have to play in Europe, but if they continue to play well, it won't be the case next season. Resovia is the best spiking in the league this season and it's mainly due to TJ Defalco, who is fantastic so far. Maciej Muzaj and Klemen Cebulj are also doing quite well. However, recent news about Thibault Rossard getting seriously injured and missing the rest of the season might be problematic for Resovia, French player quite often helped the team and calmed down the rest of the squad when Defalco or Cebulj were struggling. You might be wondering whether the club found a replacement for Rossard. Yes, they did. But I have no idea what they are smoking in Rzeszów, since they went and signed... Mauricio Borges from Czarni Radom. Yes, guy that got relegated to the bench in 15th team of the league. The only saving grace is his passing, something potentially usefull for Resovia, but besides that Mauricio in Radom was horrendous. However, this season is great for the club, fans are finally coming back to their arena, atmosphere is good once again and they are about to fight for Polish Cup this month and then for medals in play-offs.

Jastrzębski Węgiel
With Jurij Gladyr back and addition of Moustapha M'Baye, Jastrzębski started to show signs of live again. Boyer is not back to his insane level from first months, but Fornal and Clevenot started to play better, their middle got stronger and they started to collect victories again. After losing 4 games in December, they've won 3 and lost just one this month. Jastrzębski definitely is getting stronger at the moment, they should continue to become even better in near future and fight with Resovia for 1st place in regular season.

Aluron CMC Warta Zawiercie
Warta had a tough month and unlike JW, their performances were certainly not good and they were clearly worse compared to previous months. They were leaders of Plusliga after first half of the season, but now they dropped to 3rd after disappoiting month (in league and Champions League) and worrying loss 3:0 to GKS Katowice, without Uros Kovacevic and Santiago Danani. Both players are currently injured, but they should be back pretty soon. The only positive was big improvement by Michał Szalacha. However, season is not even close to being over and they should start playing better once Uros and Danani recover. I don't think they can drop out of top 4 anyways and by the time play-off starts, their form might be completely different.

Zaksa Kędzierzyn-Koźle
This season will have 2 stages for Zaksa. Before Bednorz and after Bednorz. Because his arrival was not only (very late) necessary Semeniuk's replacement, but it transformed Zaksa from struggling top team into a Zaksa we saw in previous years. It was not immidiate, as loss to Trefl shows, but addition of Bartek Bednorz turned Zaksa from a team that can get a medal if things go well, into one of main title contenders. Really good game against Trentino with 2 sets of complete demolition of Italian team, followed by solid win over Resovia proved Zaksa is back. This makes me think that they will keep at least top 4 position in regular season and they will challange top Italian teams in Champions League this season.

Projekt Warszawa
Projekt had a very slow start, but after firing Santili and giving Graban a chance as a first coach and some key players recovery (Szalpuk, Tillie and Weber had injuries) they started to play really well and their rise in table is the best proof of their improvement. Tillie and Wojtaszek provide good passing, Jan Firlej is setting well and Weber with Szalpuk give Projekt their good offensive power. Wrona and Nowakowski, supported by Semeniuk, are one of the most experienced and effective blocking duos in Plusliga too. All in all, Warszawa look really solid now and they should easily stay in top 8. They won't be without chances to win their quaterfinal in play-offs as well.

Indykpol AZS Olsztyn
AZS is a bit unlucky, they have been dealing with some injuries, but their results are good and with their remaining schedule they should also keep their play-off spot. Even after losing Joshua Tuaniga and replacing him with very solid and reliable setter - Grzegorz Pająk. Luckily, even without their starting setter, they were looking fine. Karol Butryn and Bartłomiej Lipiński are a bit better than they were, Kuba Hawryluk continues to impress at libero, but the biggest start of AZS Olsztyn is Taylor Averill. American middle is on fire, he consistently carries his team and demolishes every opponent he meets. They still have a lot of room for improvements, especially offensively, but even without those, AZS should stay within top 8.

Trefl Gdańsk
Trefl continues to be super solid team with quite high lows. Their defense, built around Luke Perry and Jan Martinez, is absolutely fantastic. Bartłomiej Bołądź is performing really well and carries most of offensive load, with Mikołaj Sawicki supporting him nicely with decent offense and great service. They also finally signed another outside, who is probably replacing Piotr Orczyk, who got injured months ago - this new player is Jingyin Zhang. Chinese outside will bring some more physical power to the team and possibly improve their offense (if needed), however, he will be available only once other foreign player (Kampa, Perry or Martinez) sits on the bench. Overall, Trefl is very solid and reliable, so I don't think they will have any problems with staying in top 8, keeping 5th position they had after 1st half of the season is possible, but it will be difficult.

LUK Lublin
LUK had some real problems early on this season. They started with 6 loses, then they had just 2 wins in first 10 games, only to step it up once their players came back from injuries and they currently sit 8th with 12 wins and 10 defeats. It means they went 10-2 in last 12 games. Those 10 wins included victories over Zaksa, JW, Warta Zawiercie and AZS Olsztyn. Their key man is Nicholas Szerszeń, who is very solid in backrow, serves amazingly well and scores very efficiently when it comes to spiking. Szymon Romać, their starting opposite, is one of the biggest surprises of the league, he took over as a starter when Mateusz Malinowski was injured and so far kept his spot through very good performances. Add very solid Nowakowski and super offensive Jeffrey Jendryk in the middle, good duo of liberos (Watten and Gregorowicz) and Marcin Komenda, who distributes the ball really well and that's a good team. Which is why I kept faith in them after poor start and I think they will defend their spot in top 8 now that Nicholas Szerszeń should be back from another injury.

PSG Stal Nysa
Stal Nysa is much, much better than they were last year. Instead of relegation fight, they compete for top 8 this season. Some smart, solid signings, good job done by their coach, Daniel Pliński and massive support from their fans led them to this huge improvement. They had a slump in late November - early December, but they got back on track pretty quickly. Stal offense still heavily relies on Ben Tara (especially) and Gierżot (slightly less). Whenever they are both playing well, Stal is a huge threat for almost every team. They are able to deal with Gierżot's bad days, by subbing in El Graoui, but whenever Wassim Ben Tara is playing poorly, Stal is struggling and usually loses. They are also very rarely playing through the middle, without looking at stats, I would predict that they are using their middles the least in Plusliga. Their terrible passing definitely plays a role here, but it looks like Tsimafei Zhoukovski doesn't trust Abramowicz and Jankowski too much and Zerba is getting set only a bit more. All in all, I think they are too inconsistent to get into top 8 this season, but they definitely have a chance to surprise me and overtake one of teams above them.

Ślepsk Malow Suwałki
Ślepsk finished first half of the season 6th, now they are 10th, but only 2 points behind 8th LUK Lublin. Last month they lost to Resovia, as expected, but getting completely demolished by Projekt and dropping 2 points against Cuprum is somewhat disappointing for a team aiming at top 8. Wins over struggling GKS and Barkom are valueable, but they need to score more points, if they want to climb back into top 6 or top 8. Ślepsk wingers are doing rather well, especially Bartosz Filipiak, who is one of the best performing opposites in Plusliga. Mateusz Czunkiewicz improved again and I wouldn't be surprised if he makes the NT squad for VNL. Matias Sanchez is great setter, but his height is also obvious problem, often abused by his opponents. Looking at their recent form and remaining schedule, I don't see how they can make play-offs, since they still have a lot of really strong opponents left to play and they are already behind their competition.

PGE Skra Bełchatów
Their transformation from the most disappointing team to clowns of the league got completed. In 2nd half of regular season they got just 1 win and it was against BBTS Bielsko-Biała, team that scored points 3! times (twice against 15th Radom and once against Skra), proceeding to lose the rest of 7 games they played so far. Yes, they weren't terrible against Projekt Warszawa, but then they lost 3:0 to Barkom. Once Mateusz Bieniek stopped playing like a mad man, Skra started to struggle even more than before. Add Atanasijevic's injury and Kooy's problems to see complete disaster that is Skra Bełchatów at the moment. They just fired Joel Banks and hired Andrea Gardini, so it looks like they want to end the season on higher note and maybe even try to pull off a massive comeback into top 8. It's not impossible, they are just 5 points behind 8th LUK Lublin, but they need to start playing much, much better. They have easier games ahead of them now (Ślepsk, Cuprum, GKS and Czarni), before 4 more difficult, but also more important games (Zaksa, JW, AZS, LUK), so their schedule is pretty good to rebuild their morale and attempt a massive comeback. However, I don't have faith and I think they will miss play-offs for the first time in their history (they debuted in Plusliga in 2001/2002 season)

Barkom Kazany Lviv
New addition to the league. There was a lot of questions regarding this team, many people thought they will be really bad, however Barkom built a really decent team and even though they needed some time to get their first win, they are definitely far from the worst team in Plusliga this season. Solid 3 wins in January, over GKS, Cuprum and Skra allowed them to climb to 12th position. Their number 1 star is Vasyl Tupchii, Ukrainian opposite is one of the highest scoring players in the league, keeping his spiking at good 50% kills, while adding pretty good blocking and serving. Another stand out performer is Murat Yenipazar, Turkish setter is another positive surprise and it looks like his performance might lead him to another, higher ranked Plusliga team next season. Their duo of young and experienced middles provide really good blocking, but their spiking and serving is average at best. Overall, this team relies super heavily on Tupchii (almost 8 sets per set and over 4,5 points per set), but they are playing some solid volleyball and despite worries of some volleyball fans in Poland, they are a good addition to Plusliga. They proved their worth.

Cuprum Lubin
Cuprum has pretty underwhelming season, they continue to often lose decisively a bit too often, but then they pull off some impressive games out of nowhere and get wins strong teams like Resovia or JW (earlier). As of right now they realised they are not getting into play-offs, but they are also not getting relegated, so they let Moustapha M'Baye go to JW and Grzegorz Pająk to AZS Olsztyn, which kind of shows how they are just waiting for this season to end. Luckily, it means that Kajetan Kubicki will get to play a lot more and since he is probably the most promising Polish setter, I have got to be happy about that. Cuprum definitely started to play better after Berger returned and Paweł Rusek started to give Adam Lorenc more chances as a starter. Those 2 play a big role in this, just like Paweł Pietraszko, who together with their other starting middle, Florian Krage, quietly collected some great performances and are statistically one of the best middle duos in the league. Overall, Curpum might get a spot higher or lower, but they are not dangerously close to relegation fight (10 points ahead of Radom) and they are even further away (12 points) from top 8, so there is not a lot to fight for.

GKS Katowice
GKS was doing really well early on, they collected 7 wins in first 11 games, only to completely collapse in December and lose next 10 games, getting their 8th win against Warta Zawiercie of all teams in last game they played. Yeah, Jakub Szymański missed some games and once he came back they let Tomas Rousseaux go, but it really doesn't explain how they failed to score even 1 point in 10 games. Another issue (besides missing Szymański and losing Rousseaux) was Jakub Jarosz. His form dropped off a cliff and since he was their top scorer and best player when they were winning (5 MVP awards), it hurt the team. Losing Micah Ma'a was a big hit and Georgi Seganov was unable to really replace him long term. Now, GKS is waiting for this season to end, just like Cuprum. They have safe gap over Radom and play-offs ran away from them, so they will play remaining games with no pressure.

Cerrad Enea Czarni Radom
I didn't expect too much and I'm still disappointed. Czarni continue to lose game after game, they even managed to lose to BBTS. Again. They had moments, when they looked competitive, but overall they are lucky BBTS is worse, otherwise they would finish last and get relegated. Of course, the threat is still there, since 15th team will have to face 2nd place team from 1. Liga and looking at current Radom, I'm not so sure they will win. Bartosz Firszt is their most consistent performer, this Polish outside actually has a decent season, clearly better than previous ones. Bartek Lemański and Piotr Łukasik had some promising performances too. Wiktor Nowak isn't too bad either. But that's just not enough to regularly score points and climb out of the hole they are in. I think they might cause an upset and win a game, maybe score some more points, but in the end keep 15th place.

BBTS Bielsko-Biała
They are the worst team in the league by a mile. They are bottom 3 in all team rankings, they've lost Zimmerman, then let Pujol go, just like they allowed Urbanowicz to leave. Basically, they gave up. They somehow got 2 wins over Radom and recently scored 1 point against Skra, but most of the time they are not really competitive and they are winning sets when their opponents are losing concentration after easily beating them in previous set. Their best player and probably the only one worthy of starting in Plusliga is Jake Hanes. American opposite scores a ton of points and usually keeps the score at acceptable level almost by himself. The rest of the team is (or was) just not good enough. Letting some of their starting players go shows that they basically gave up, so I don't think they will score even one more point. I'm pretty sure only a miracle can save them from finishing last and getting relegated.
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